November 15, 2023


Ep. 363 - Bonus - G'Day: DCL's Inaugural Transpacific Sailing and First Adventures by Disney Sydney Escape

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Brian Sam
Ep. 363 - Bonus - G'Day: DCL's Inaugural Transpacific Sailing and First Adventures by Disney Sydney Escape
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 363 - Bonus - G'Day: DCL's Inaugural Transpacific Sailing and First Adventures by Disney Sydney Escape

Nov 15 2023 | 01:59:25


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Mike and Connie join us this week to chat all about their amazing Disney Cruise Line Transpacific sailing from Honolulu to Sydney, and their Adventures by Disney Sydney Escape following the cruise. This was Disney's inaugural transpacific sailing and the first ABD Sydney Escape. Come hear all the fun Mike and Connie had from onboard experiences to shore excursions, food and more.

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Episode Transcript

00:00.00 dclduo Welcome back everybody to this week's episode of the Dc L Duo Podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and Sam we got friends joining us this week actually need to figure out how wait on a second I got to do that again. Yeah I'm not gonna slip tonight. 00:14.81 Sam That's what I was talking about. You didn't understand. 00:17.26 dclduo All right I'll take I'll take care of it hold on welcome back everybody this week's episode of the DCLDooPodcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and let's dive into a quick listener review before we get into the show this week sound good Sam. 00:29.62 Sam Sounds great. You know I love hearing all those compliments. 00:33.25 dclduo All right? then we'll do the review but all right? So we got a fantastic show this week returning guests Australia cruising adventures by Disney it is a jam packed episode. 00:46.29 Sam I love it and I'm so excited because we haven't had Mike and Connie on for I want to say over a year now the last time we spoke to them. We did an episode on multi-generational cruising with their daughter. Um, but I am so excited to welcome back Mike and Connie welcome. You guys. 01:04.66 Mike and Connie Thank you. 01:08.80 dclduo All right? and then let me just record a transition between the show we did and this one. Yeah. 01:11.88 Sam Um, okay, the magic of editing. Ah this is how the sauce gets made you guys. 01:16.40 Mike and Connie Um. But right I know to do this 3 hours of editing for a 1 hour show 3 oh no much more. 01:20.82 dclduo Ah. 01:25.38 Sam Ah, yeah, that's exactly right. 01:30.60 dclduo Let's see all right? Well we arere going to take a quick break to thank our show sponsor before we head into the second part of the show here which is talking up to Mike and Connie about their fabulous adventures by na trips about their fabulous adventures by Disney trip. So let's take a quick pause. All right? and we are back and ah Sam I don't know about you but I am really excited to hear all about about this amazing adventures by Disney trip that Mike and county coupled onto their oh Austria I want to say Alaska keep the a the the it's now asks. It's Austria. There are Australia crews and so Sam you excited to talk little ab d. 02:05.31 Sam I am so excited to talk ab d because I mean it's one of those things that I I am so excited to shock ab d because I really want to do all of the abds that are out there. And this was a I believe first for Disney or for abd in over in Australia so Mike and Connie you guys did the sydneyney short escape is that what it was called sidney escape okay and I take it. This was. 02:31.31 Mike and Connie Your Sydney escape. 02:37.69 Sam Created as it intended to sort of pair with your transatlantic cruise sorry Transpacific Cruise awesome will tell us about it as far as what the how how many days it was and what what was in. 02:44.00 Mike and Connie Yes. 02:54.67 Sam Included and by included I don't want you to get into the details of what you did yet. But you know does it include meals hotel transportation that sort of thing. 03:02.31 Mike and Connie It was three days and it included the hotel and it included most meals. Yes, yeah, and all sorts of excursions and the transportation from the port. 03:13.36 Sam Awesome! awesome. 03:19.98 Mike and Connie And then to the airport. 03:20.17 Sam Oh okay, so from the port to your your hotel or your the start of your chore and then after at the end of the tour to the the sydney internationally airport I take it awesome. 03:30.61 Mike and Connie Correct. Well we went we actually didn't go to the international airport went to the domestic airport because we were going on to Melbourne from there. 03:39.98 Sam Oh that's right and we do want to talk about that that as well. Um, you did Melbourne on your own so tell us about the sydney abd you get off the ship they pick you up where do they take you. 03:51.56 Mike and Connie How they met us in the trues terminal and divided us into two groups and we got on the bus and we both went on walking tours. But I think we went on opposite walking tours know 1 group started and the other group ended it. 04:11.14 Sam Awesome! Any specific highlights from the walking tours in I imagine this was sort of the downtown Sydney area. 04:11.24 Mike and Connie Ah, switch back and forth. 04:20.43 Mike and Connie It was the rocks What they call the Rocks So guess is downtown. Um, for me the most interesting thing was seeing how they'd taken what had been just a really rough and tuble warehouse area. Not a particularly nice area when. The ships were coming in and and turned it into just beautiful area and they were showing us where the shoreline was at different dates how that had been changed and some of the history around different people with different houses and different. When different buildings were constructed and what their purpose was originally. 05:01.38 Sam So nice. Awesome! What else did you guys get up to that day. 05:06.34 Mike and Connie So from there it was to the Harbor Bridge bike ride so we get on a bike with the intention of making it up to the bridge. 05:13.36 Sam Who. 05:22.20 Mike and Connie We didn't all make it up to the bridge Now let's not talk about that. Oh he went on without yes Yes, the spouse was left behind. 05:24.16 Sam Ah, tell us about that what it and yeah, tell us about bad Mike that's right. 05:26.83 dclduo Ah, no spouse left behind Connie no spouse. Ah ah, ah, ah oh no. 05:38.55 Sam Ah, ah for Connie oh no. 05:41.31 Mike and Connie Ah, Connie had an accident with somebody else on the tour and then the Disney guide very kindly walked me in the bicycle back to the shop. So my walk of shame. However, there was 1 person that ended up in the hospital. So I wasn't the worst. 05:45.38 dclduo Now now. 05:52.10 dclduo E. 05:54.33 Sam Ah. 05:58.79 dclduo Oh my hush All right. 05:58.96 Sam Oh my God was it the person you collided with. 06:01.47 Mike and Connie Um, no, no and that person collided with me. But anyway, um, but no, she unfortunately did that to herself. So. 06:05.83 Sam Oh okay, yeah, well thank you for that correction and I appreciate that I'm glad to hear that Connie I'm glad it wasn't your fault. Oh I'm sorry to hear that but you know the 1 thing that sounds like. Abd is amazing for is when a mishap happens they really take care of you. So um, did you experience that in the sense of you know Connie with somebody walking you back to the to the shop. But also you know, seeing that other the the other individual. 06:36.65 Mike and Connie Yes, and after after he walked me back. He actually went to the hospital with her. Um, but he was so kind and did not make me feel like the goof that I was and. 06:40.17 dclduo Yeah. 06:40.22 Sam No. 06:48.90 Mike and Connie We talked about you from Australia and from that area so we talked about a lot of things on the way back I got a lot of insider information. He was very sweet. 06:57.82 Sam Ah, well Mike how is the rest of that bike ride after Connie left you. 07:01.35 Mike and Connie But I did make it to to the bridge. We went halfway across the bridge and then turn around and come back because we have to go back to the bank shop that was great I wound up with a different group than I had started off with because I had waited. Ah, for Andrew to take Connie back. But yes it was it was nice a little chilly a little bit of rain they did provide some little throwaway parkers for us to wear and and. 07:35.61 Sam Um. 07:38.63 Mike and Connie You know we made it back down and then off to our next adventure we went and turd walked over and tourd the gardens and by then the the rain and quit the botanical gardens just a little bit went to a lookout took pictures of the Sid Harbor and the. 07:41.12 Sam What was the next adventure. 07:57.88 Mike and Connie Um, the opera house and and we had lunch lunch now one of the deals about lunch is before our crews So this is about a month before get a phone call. What do you want to eat. 08:17.60 Mike and Connie So we have to go over our menu for a couple of meals and and 3 meals three meals yeah 08:24.10 Sam You Oh wow, That's a little hard that's ah that's a little difficult to pick your meal I mean I know we have you have to do it when you're invited to most weddings right? um a wedding that has a sit down dinner. You might have to choose your meal in advance. 08:30.98 Mike and Connie Right. 08:37.16 Sam Um, but for in general, it's kind of hard I don't know for me. It's always the meat if it's the meat versus fish but ah, um, what? no. 08:42.79 Mike and Connie Well, they also have vegetarian options and then they were willing to I have a really strange diet but they were willing to make other exceptions and mode modifications. 08:57.90 Sam And well that's good at least they can do that in advance as opposed to having to try and accommodate different dietary restrictions on the fly were they were they pretty good about that. Actually I feel like that's a ah good topic to cover because you know we do hear from folks with different food allergies. 09:03.71 Mike and Connie Yes. 09:14.65 Sam And how good dcl for the most part I know there's some issues oftentimes with ah if you need to last minute order versus ordering in advance. But yeah, yeah. 09:22.98 Mike and Connie Now they were very good when we got to the restaurant they had place cards with our name and they had on the other side what we had ordered so they were able to to sort everything out and and get the plates delivered. 09:29.87 Sam No nice. 09:39.88 Sam That's really helpful and um, how was how was the food overall I mean obviously you're eating at restaurants. It's not like Disney is making the food like you have on a cruise. Um. But we were you happy with sort of the quality of the restaurants and the quality of the food that was that was picked by 80 d. 09:58.94 Mike and Connie It's a lot fancier than what we eat. It's fancier than the cruise line. Um, most of the places. Yeah and having coming off the cruise you know we've already been through. 10:04.91 Sam Oh yeah. 10:14.70 Sam Right? You've been eating a lot. Yeah yeah. 10:15.18 Mike and Connie Fourteen days yeah fourteen days of food overload. It was it was a little hard to to go with that as a matter of fact and we had an opportunity to get dinner on our own. It's like let's go get a hamburger. 10:31.21 Sam Ah, you know sometimes it's a little much. Yeah I can understand that or you just want like a salad and I don't want like a whole big meal. Yeah I can definitely understand that. Well yeah. 10:42.70 Mike and Connie But lunch was good. We had lunch and then we're going back to get into the hotel course like abd our luggage is already in the room. Ah. 10:50.78 Sam Oh that's very nice. 10:55.98 Mike and Connie Just stop by the desk and put your card up for any incidentals you have but that you go in and they've already got your your room keys ready for you. You just pick that up stop by the desk set your leisure to make sure you have a card put up for any incidentals and have an opportunity to. 11:01.19 Sam Um. 11:14.60 Mike and Connie To freshen up some and and get our bags unpacked and get ready for the welcome dinner. So so then we we walked on our own during that time and might collect starbucks mugs from everywhere we go. We had to go find our closest Starbucks and a yeah. 11:18.81 Sam Oh awesome now. 11:26.38 Sam Oh love it. 11:32.20 Mike and Connie Souvenir shop that the guides had recommended. So yeah. 11:34.65 Sam Now Mike Do you get the sydneyney cup or do you get an Australia cup for your Starbucks mugs. Well I don't know that's what I'm asking. Do you get? the city are are you are okay so you're not just I listen a lot of people collect the the. 11:40.42 Mike and Connie You mean I have to only get one of those we got both. Ah. 11:52.95 Sam Been there or the you are here mugs right? Oh so a lot of people collect the the bin there or the you are here mugs but some people just collect cities. Some people just collect countries some people just collect Disney Parks or um. 11:55.87 Mike and Connie O. 12:03.20 Mike and Connie A. 12:08.88 Sam You know are I guess planets and from star wars now because they have those 2 Ah ok so you you are it sounds like an an all around um Starbucks but ok so I you guys. 12:10.35 Mike and Connie Right? Yes, we we have those 2 12:21.80 Mike and Connie Typically yes. 12:26.29 Sam You know take a walk around. Do some souvenir shopping. Get your Starbucks mugs where is the welcome dinner. 12:34.40 Mike and Connie At the hotel. They have a restaurant in the thirty fourth floor 36 36 floor excuse me with a view of the opera house and at this point ah a view of where the wonder has moved over to its It's new doc. 12:50.70 Sam Ah, oh that's right, you had mentioned that the the wonder was going to be switching to the to the nice new dock for all of its ah ceremonial staff as well as its embarkation. 12:58.68 Mike and Connie Yeah, so it was it was parked there and we all were staring looking out the window going. There's our to and and taking pictures beautiful pictures of the ship ball lit up and the opera house all lit up. 13:15.91 Sam It is awesome. Awesome You know, cool. Um I. 13:16.90 Mike and Connie And a very nice dinner. Very nice. 13:22.19 dclduo what's what's ah what's this is going to sound I guess somewhat ignorant on my part but what is like the local food in Australia I mean we've heard we're friends in New Zealand you know barbecue is a big thing over that not bar not like southern barbecue but like barbecuing grilling here in the Us but like. Was there local foods. You encountered there that were unique or different. 13:44.80 Mike and Connie No I think it'd be more like going to England there was a little bit of fish and chips ah with local fish indian. Ah, korean japanese yeah, very eclectic until typically we were in Sydney and then in Melbourne it was like any big city. Yeah, and subway and. 14:10.11 dclduo Oh. 14:13.40 Sam Nice lots of variety then so yeah, ah Mcdonald Ah that's right hungry jackcks ah no for the welcome dinner. Is there anything special. You guys have done abd before but is there anything. 14:17.84 Mike and Connie Kfc and hungry jacks instead of but burger king. 14:30.45 Sam Like special that they do at the welcome dinner that maybe our listeners have never heard about or don't know about what is what is a welcome dinner usually involve. 14:38.68 Mike and Connie Well that the guides got up and gave a little bit of of information about themselves because like I said we were split into two groups so we had our 2 guides and so we got to know the other two guides a little bit better that way. And they were helpful. It didn't matter who your assigned guide was but as far as most of your interaction was with your own guides. 15:04.83 Sam Work and how many people were on this abd if you know or approximately. 15:11.41 Mike and Connie I think there was about 70 we had two buses I think there were 34 on our bus. 15:22.17 Sam And and what would you say the demographics of the group look like I I mean I know you mentioned um that there were kids on the ship were there Also kids. You know on the the abd and and if so were their you know older kids younger kids What? what was sort of the age range of people and. 15:39.79 Mike and Connie A couple of kids I know there were 2 on the other bus I would say probably like 10 and thirteen maybe school age but not little you know. 15:53.48 Sam Yeah, yeah, yeah that so that sounds pretty consistent with abd more generally. Although you know oftentimes you hear about teenagers being on on Abds or not well. There usually is an age limit and then a recommended age as Well. Um. Ah, but so did you get to know the other folks on you know on your tour at these various meals or during the tours or sort of how does that work. 16:19.45 Mike and Connie Yeah, we had met 1 couple on the ship that they actually ended up being in the other group but we still managed to have you know time that was spent and talked with them but in that introductory dinner. As we were talking. We found out the people that were sitting right across from us live what ten miles away right? Yeah right? So we do have plans to meet back up with them. They were saying longer than we were. But yeah. 16:39.40 Sam You had to go all the way around the world just to find a neighbor. Oh how? nice. 16:53.10 Mike and Connie Have plans. Yeah, we got to know a few people they were probably the ones that we are going to stay in touch with. But you're talking about the demographics average age was probably plus of 50 a few younger people. 16:54.84 Sam That's awesome. 16:59.11 Sam Move. 17:07.92 Sam Um. 17:12.16 Mike and Connie But not a lot. Yeah, you have to consider all of these people that were there had been on the two week Cruise most had been in Hawaii a few days before that. Um. 17:12.31 Sam Yeah. 17:28.50 Mike and Connie And practically everybody was staying over and doing something else right? and so not a whole lot of people that are still working can take that much time off exactly. 17:34.45 Sam Right? right? and with school age kids that's hard also so and unless you're doing some kind of homeschool or something that would be very difficult I I know when these itineraries came out a lot of people asked us if we were going to do. 17:34.64 dclduo O. 17:50.22 Sam You know the transpacific crossing or if we were going to do one of the Vancouver to Hawaii or you know any of these things and we're like we wish we could but that much time off of work continuously because we wouldn't take the two week cruise over to Australia and then just fly back right? I mean you know we've never been to Australia. Of course you want to you want to see the country. It would. Be silly to spend all that time and then not actually be able to do any touring around. 18:13.61 Mike and Connie And now on the cruise I Saw a penny of people up on the deck seem to be working away but I don't recall anybody trying to work during the abd. No oh they keep you very busy. 18:22.61 dclduo So. 18:23.39 Sam Right too much too much going on I imagine for that? Yeah, okay, so you've got um your welcome dinner. Is there anything that happens after dinner or do you all go to bed I'm assuming that since it's been a long day packed. 18:35.33 Mike and Connie Yeah, it had been a pretty long day at that point I was still bummed that I hadn't gotten to go across the bridge and Mike was a little bummed that he didn't get to go all the way across the bridge. So the next morning we got up early and we walked across the bridge and back. 18:52.57 Sam Oh wow, That's a that's a big morning. What. 18:54.58 Mike and Connie Before breakfast. Yeah yeah, we had a little bit later. Yeah 45 minutes yeah 2 to get to the bridge was just a block away. Yeah from from the hotel. So. 18:57.36 dclduo How long do that take? okay. 19:08.10 Sam Oh nice. 19:13.40 Mike and Connie Oh it was it was easy to get to and that's a way he's across the bridge but we had a later we had a later start. We weren't starting till I think Eleven o'clock something like that. Yeah so breakfast was provided again in the same restaurant but it was. 19:16.40 Sam Speaking. 19:30.52 Sam Um. 19:31.86 Mike and Connie At our own time. We just go up there and give them our room number and have breakfast and they had serving breakfast until 1030 and I will say they picked a lovely hotel. It was fabulous. 19:42.54 Sam What was the hotel that that's actually what I was I was curious What hotel Nice awesome and well. 19:46.16 Mike and Connie The shangri law. 19:52.60 dclduo Well with a name like that it should be really not. It's ah. 19:54.44 Mike and Connie Know it was it was It was excellent and I've used to travel for work up stayed in a lot of places and this was just watchly it was. It was very well located ah for the different things we were doing. 20:01.67 Sam Oh awesome. It sounds like it was a great location to being so. 20:11.90 Sam Awesome! Well what was ah what was day 2 Ah like for you all what kinds of stuff did they have you doing that day. Ah oh that doesn't sound good Mike. 20:13.80 Mike and Connie Take do day two was very eventful. Well we're we're going to go canoeing So we're going to to this. 20:25.72 Sam Ok. 20:32.63 Mike and Connie Little village to go canoeing and pulling up to figure out where the bus is driver is pulling up to figure out where we're supposed to be going and directions from our guide and as he pulls into one space The left front tire gets. 20:49.23 Sam Oh my goodness. 20:49.89 Mike and Connie Stuck in a hole stuck in a hole down so low that the door will not open to the bus so they're actually calling the people that we're going on the canoeing trip with. 20:58.82 Sam Um, ah oh my goodness that sounds like an adventure. 21:08.16 Sam No. 21:08.49 Mike and Connie To ask for help and calling to get somebody. That's going to come in and tow the bus or get the bus unstuck they get somebody to come with a shovel to dig out a hole So we'll be able to open the door. 21:24.10 Sam Ah, well I guess it's better than nothing right? yeah. 21:27.60 Mike and Connie Right? Oh our guides handled it. So oh yeah, we're just we're just going along with it. Ah, the the tour company that's handling the canoeing then gets their vans and takes 3 trips to get everybody down. 21:39.83 Sam A wow. 21:42.13 Mike and Connie To to where we're going which is not far away and we're able to do a little a little canoe ride which is as they say a great test of your relationship. 21:56.10 Sam Ah, let me guess you were canoeing together in a 2 person in. Yeah. 21:58.16 Mike and Connie Yeah, yes, yes, all the toughles were that was fun. Yes, what person even suggested that it's really better to canoe with somebody. You don't know. 22:09.48 Sam I Actually think that's probably right? Ah, you probably? you're less likely to yell at somebody you are you are not related to or married to than you are. 22:17.74 Mike and Connie And I don't think we yell. But yeah to this. We just want how and we did a lot of zig zagging down in the to have a little stream. 22:29.59 Sam Ah, so how long were you all canoeing for I guess. 22:32.36 Mike and Connie It it was it was just maybe an hour. Yeah it it wasn't very long because we went from there to the Alpaca Farm 22:41.62 Sam Oh fun. How is that. 22:47.50 Mike and Connie That was really nice. Um, they were very interesting explaining how they do different things they had ones that they brought up for us to take pictures with and Pat on and. And hug on that they said a local group of kids I think he said they were in the four h program had worked with and had tamed to where they were used to being with people. No they were they were sweet 23:11.14 Sam Ah, right? So they weren't going to spit on you or kick you or anything. Oh did you buy any Alpaca sweaters or socks or anything. 23:22.69 Mike and Connie No, no, but the place where we had our lunch back in the town. Um, they did sell Alpaca things. But no, we didn't. 23:32.79 Sam M. 23:39.49 Mike and Connie Yeah, the restaurant where we had our lunch was the wife of the of the alpaca head of the alpaca farm so the Apalca Farm was him and his daughter's venture and she had the restaurant in the village. 23:45.32 Sam So cool. 23:55.92 Sam Nice now. How what's happening with the buss while you all are while you all are canoeing. Oh ok so they were they got it. Oh gosh I Just feel. 24:00.46 Mike and Connie Oh wait. Yeah it it did because we rode that bus to the Apaca Farm so they they had. They picked us up from canoeing they it was it was fine just a challenging day for our driver. 24:15.40 Sam Yeah, just feel bad for them. Yeah, now when you're on an abd. Do you typically have you know the same driver the whole time along with your with your guides. Oh interesting. So they kept these switched it up depending upon what you were doing. 24:15.50 Mike and Connie Yeah, bless his heart he handled it well too. So. 24:24.79 Mike and Connie We did not. 24:34.23 Mike and Connie Probably yeah I don't yeah it was it was I think it was the same bus. Yeah I think it was the same buses. But um, the drivers were different I guess depending on their availability. 24:35.16 Sam Um, right? um. 24:46.57 Sam Um, yeah, so what? what's up after the Alpaca Farm well I guess the alpaca farm the restaurant. What's up after the restaurant. 24:54.70 Mike and Connie After the restaurant we had a little bit of time to shop there in the village um know and then then we went to Fitzroy Falls so it was ah a little park. 24:59.22 Sam Cue it. Any. Who What tell us about that one. 25:11.92 Mike and Connie Ah, there were some falls that were not the most amazing falls that we saw on this trip but we did get well yes, but but of Pg in Melbourne we had another another fall experience. Um, but we did go through. 25:16.44 Sam Well, you've been to Hawaii so you have seen falls. 2. 25:30.70 Mike and Connie We went through the forest and the area in the park there with the guide talking about the different plants and some of the different animals that were around some of the plants that were edible and you know. Give us an opportunity to if we wanted to chew on some leaves to see what they taste like um and you know describe some of the different things and and they had one fern there that they were talking about that. This is a fern that they had found originally some up in the blue mountains that. 25:48.32 Sam So. 26:05.84 Mike and Connie Hasn't changed for millions of years I said this these were around at the time of the dinosaurs. 26:10.80 Sam Oh wow, that's pretty cool. 26:14.75 Mike and Connie You know so that was ah that that was a real nice walk through it and of course our our guides I Guess maybe a a little fu Pa ah because they said okay, don't worry about going to the gift shop because you can go to the gift shopft after the after your tour. And we get back after the tour and the gift shops closed. 26:32.84 dclduo Nothing. 26:34.72 Sam Ah, bummer. Well it's you know more? Probably a bummer for the the place you were at than for you all I'm sure there are plenty of plenty of souvenir opportunities beyond just Starbucks mugs. Ah. 26:40.70 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 26:41.00 Mike and Connie Very different. 26:47.36 Mike and Connie Yes. 26:50.53 Sam Love it all right? Well So what's what's up next. That's a this a pack day. Ok and was that the day you guys got hamburgers. 26:53.97 Mike and Connie Yes, so so that was that was dinner on our own that night and don't even remember I think so I think that's I think that's what we did is okay or sandwiches now. Yeah. Something light. 27:14.40 Sam Yeah, it's yeah after all that cruise food I can understand not necessarily wanting like a full sit down meal did did you guys? um, have any any late night activities in Sydney or is most of the touring. Um, you know daytime hours. 27:34.59 Mike and Connie Think it's mostly daytime. Yeah yes, um. 27:36.52 Sam So what? what was on tap for day three then. 27:44.24 Mike and Connie Day three we started off with a Jetboat ride in the Harbor. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, something that I I never would have planned on doing. Oh yeah I never would have even thought of it. But. 27:48.77 Sam Oh cool. 27:57.85 Sam Yeah. Oh yeah, I But I bet it was thrilling and then you get probably great views of the opera house as well and the bridge. 28:02.92 Mike and Connie Boy was it fine. 28:09.95 Mike and Connie Opera house the bridge they were pointing out some of the homes around which you know could be easily had for a few million dollars 28:22.38 Sam Yeah, wow. 28:25.24 Mike and Connie So they're going very very fast and then he'll count down 3 2 1 and then they'll stop the boat and dip it and yeah and you get very wet now when we get there. They gave us an opportunity to put on this big thick raincoat type. Perka but the guides no don't worry about that because we've actually asked them to tone it down a little bit from what they would normally do if that was toned down. The group that came in before us looked like they had gotten pretty wet. We did not get too wet but did still was a little getting wet and they had you know course there's one of these deals. They're taking the pictures don't take your own pictures for that. But. 29:05.30 Sam Yeah, yeah. 29:17.13 Mike and Connie Abd did get the pictures for us and sent us the the link to download the pictures. It wasn't like an extra charge. Yeah, if you were if you were just going and taking the tour then it would have cost you ah 45 australian dollars I think it was for the pictures. 29:22.51 Sam Oh nice and they didn't It wasn't like ah you had to pay for the pictures. Yeah. 29:35.34 Mike and Connie That was all included for us. 29:35.56 Sam Now one? Ah yeah, no one of the great things I feel like we hear about ab D in general is that you um, you don't really have to worry so much about taking pictures because the guides will be taking pictures. Of you of you know the scenery and then they share with you the pictures or with everybody who's on your tour at the end did that was that your experience. 29:58.24 Mike and Connie Yes, like when we went canoeing they were up there taking pictures of everyone making sure they got everyone. 30:07.43 Sam That's so nice. Well and it's nice. Ah, for you know I feel like when you're on vacation. Um, oftentimes you don't get you know a family picture or couple picture whatnot with the scenery because there isn't somebody. To ask to take your picture. But if you've got guides with you the whole time and that's part of their job then you don't feel so bad saying hey can you take a picture of us you know doing this? Yeah,, That's pretty nice. All right? So you you are do this crazy spell called Speedboat but this crazy speedboat ride. Um, and get a little wet. What's up next on the agenda. 30:41.73 Mike and Connie You walk in your wet clothes in the chilly weather over for lunch and we went through the Botanic gardens to get there. So lovely stroll. 30:49.30 Sam But oh yeah. 30:55.45 Sam Oh nice. Yeah. 31:00.74 Mike and Connie We had lunch at a restaurant which was a Italian restaurant so they had some pasta and pizza that they kept on bringing out and they brought out lemonade which they warned us. Okay, when they bring out Lemonade. It's not what you think of Lemonade Sprite. It's not sprite though. It's a flat sprite. Yeah, it's it's or it's more like so it's a lemon lime drink they have they have sprite and they have a schwes actually called Schwes Lemonade which is like a lemon lime like. 31:19.52 Sam Um, what's their lemonade. Ah. 31:19.61 dclduo Yeah, just a but it's spri and yeah. 31:29.17 Sam Mut needs. 31:31.18 dclduo Yeah. 31:34.50 Mike and Connie Sprite not quite yeah, not quite as much carbonation in it. 31:37.77 dclduo Yeah, schwep's bitter lemon is the popular I think lemonade in the u k so that's not surprising. Yeah and there's drinks. There's like mixed drinks like um. The pims cup which is really popular in the Uk they call for quote unquote lemonade but they're really talking about something more like sprite. So yeah, that's not surprising. Yeah. 31:54.64 Mike and Connie Ah, okay, but you know code seems to be pretty much universal. So yeah. 31:58.30 Sam Living. 32:01.16 dclduo Except they use the real sugar usually overseas and not ah corn syrup or they make this the sweetener syrup from something other than corn. So yeah, yeah. 32:07.68 Mike and Connie Yeah, yeah, so yeah, so we had that then we had the opportunity to either walk back to the hotel and send some time on our own or take the bus back to the hotel. 32:08.41 Sam You're like sugar cane Yeah, usually sugar cane like they do it like Mexican Coke Yeah, all right? Well okay see. 32:26.29 Mike and Connie And then afternoon on our own wasn't very long ago. No have way. Yeah I only had a little bit of time before getting ready to go to the Opera house. So we yes we had a lovely tour the Opera house. Really good guide. 32:35.46 Sam Oh. 32:43.50 Mike and Connie Got lots of great information. 32:46.48 Sam That's awesome. Did you get to see any kind of performance or is it just yeah. 32:48.28 Mike and Connie We did not. We did get to go into the main hall though where the huge organ is and where Paul Mccartney had been just a day or two before. Yeah. 33:01.50 Sam Oh wow, that's pretty cool. That's amazing now. Um does that's this is the last night right? This is day three. So after the the opera house. So what. 33:08.98 Mike and Connie Right is. 33:14.99 Sam Um, what do you guys? do is there some other activity and then your farewell dinner. Oh wow, That's really cool tell us about that. Yeah. 33:17.25 Mike and Connie Our farewell dinner was at the Opera house. Beautiful view, Really beautiful view. So. 33:29.10 Sam Where did they have you I mean where did they set you up to eat. Is there a restaurant there or did they just set up tables like in a room that's awesome and tell us about this farewell dinner. What what do they. 33:37.87 Mike and Connie Um, it was more like a hall they had tables set up in. 33:48.82 Sam What does a farewell dinner look like on adventures by Disney. 33:55.59 Mike and Connie Well ah like like the lunch they had you know place cards where you picked out what you had decided you wanted to eat a month ago but you know plenty of wine or beer or both coming around. 34:11.60 Mike and Connie Ah, they came by to see each of us with our plans for the morning. What our our time was to get picked up and the link for the pictures. Yes. 34:30.80 Mike and Connie So they actually sent that to us an image on our phones. Okay, here's here's where your what your pickup time is and here's your information on how to download all the pictures. 34:45.32 Sam That's super well organized. It seems I mean that's we've heard that from you guys them for from others as well that they they just are really on top of you know, making sure everybody's plans are set for the next day and that everybody's got all the information they need. 34:59.54 Mike and Connie And they were telling us. Okay, we'll be here. We're going to be downstairs from you know, seven thirty to eleven thirty or something like that. Although there were some people I think that were having to leave at 4 or 4 thirty in the morning. 35:16.30 Sam Ah, well is. 35:16.37 Mike and Connie And some people were going to be leaving later but they made sure that they were all clear on what time somebody is going to be there to pick them up and everything was organized for them. 35:25.51 Sam Now you all were heading to the airport. You said the domestic airport to head to Melbourne now when you were deciding you know on your plans for this trip. Did you did you work with any you know travel agent or travel planner. To figure out the Melbourne part of the strip because obviously this was on your own and not with adventures by Disney or Disney Cruise line or anything of the like. 35:54.13 Mike and Connie Right? So we worked with our daughter who is a travel agent who was with us on our last time we met with you and she sent us a link to ah tours that were available that we could take in Melbourne and once we had. 35:55.34 Sam Fantastic. 36:08.24 Sam Awesome. 36:11.44 Mike and Connie Decided on some of them then she came back with a hotel recommendation that was going to be convenient to the pickup location of all the tours that we were taking two of them. They actually picked us up at our hotel. So. 36:21.85 Sam Oh very smart, very smart. very smart so how many days did you? um plan for Melbourne and where did you stay. 36:32.35 Mike and Connie We were there four days and we stated the savoy which is also in the central business district. In fact, it was crossed from the southern cross railway station Brett for Starbucks is. Yes. 36:50.61 Sam Ah, well because you had to get your Melbourne the starbucks mug I'm sure in addition to since you already had your you know Australia one and your Sydney one you needed a Melbourne one am I right? Mike. 36:54.20 Mike and Connie Yeah. 37:01.71 Mike and Connie Yes, yeah, yes, and and in addition, then then they had some Disney bottles disgrained water bottles. They're only available in the south pacific. Starbucks yes, they're adorable so we had to get those for a daughter. Yeah 6 she? Yeah yes. 37:25.72 dclduo Wait disney branded water bottles in a Starbucks bizarre. 37:30.32 Sam Yes, in the south pacific. So maybe so you're saying we need to check when we're in Hawaii maybe no, not there this too. Yeah, okay sound too close. 37:38.30 Mike and Connie No no, that's America yeah um and you can look it up online and you'll see them their darling. They're Mickey and Minnie and yeah, all sorts of. 37:51.53 Mike and Connie Cute disney stuff that is not available and and somewhere along the line. There was some koala that came from a Starbucks yes, there is so so Si Sidney was all about. 38:00.56 Sam Yeah, so lots of Starbucks Merch 38:06.97 Mike and Connie Culture and is probably one of the cleanest cities I've ever been in um, culture and art and just all that Melbourne we picked because I love critters so it gave us the opportunity to be with the animals. 38:11.78 Sam Um. 38:18.29 Sam Is. 38:23.92 Sam Oh I love that So Koalas and Koatas and um and what Walla music. Oh my. Oh. 38:24.87 Mike and Connie Of Ausria. Yeah. 38:29.89 Mike and Connie And and wallabies and kangaroos and the blue little penguins and yes, well, the first day we got there because we're getting there. We get into our hotel and mission number one is laundry. Yes. 38:44.95 Sam Yes. 38:49.51 Mike and Connie So that was just a Google search. We found something just a couple of blocks away that was a laundry you paid for everything with a credit card and sat there for a little bit over an hour and had our laundry done and we're ready to go on and find us Starbucks. 39:06.54 Sam Oh nice and mine. Mr. Starbus. Ah. 39:09.47 Mike and Connie Well, there was a Starbucks and we were looking for a fabric store too or something so this is true but they did not have the fabric I wanted we were trying to find we're trying to find things that were. 39:15.72 Sam Oh. 39:21.87 Mike and Connie Authentic australian and you know so many times when you're going and you're looking for souvenirs. They're made in China or they're made in Thailand or made in Vietnam and we were looking for things that that weren't just designed in Australia but were actually made in Australia. 39:29.10 Sam Earning. 39:36.89 Sam Ah, that makes sense that makes sense. 39:38.99 Mike and Connie Which they do have a tag that's green triangle. It says you know made in Australia so we learn to look quickly for that. Um, so after that cool then the next day is the Yara Valerie 39:47.59 Sam Um. 39:57.73 Mike and Connie Wine tour so we went to 5 wineries and with a ah tasting at each. 39:59.82 Sam Ooh tell us about that. 40:10.73 Mike and Connie First one was probably my least favorite because it's ten o'clock in the morning and we're tasting wine and there's nothing to go with it I think all of our other ones they had some cheese or or something else to go with it that that we weren't just drinking wine without without something else. 40:16.40 Sam Yeah. 40:29.30 Sam Um. 40:30.42 Mike and Connie And then we had lunch lunch the launch of them and so I got to have Kangaroo he did. 40:39.50 Sam Oh you ate rue. Ah, oh that you're making me realize head fight. 40:46.81 Mike and Connie Ah, you know they talked about oh it's it's you know the Americans say it's similar to venison. Well, it's a lot tinder more tender than most of venison that I've had ah he has yes. 40:55.26 Sam Yeah, no, oh Mike I haven't eaten a clown fish ever. There's not much meat on them. 40:58.40 dclduo So he's eaten Ru and Bambi just to be clear. But that's okay because Sam's probably eat Nemo and yeah, ah. 41:11.16 dclduo You don't know what's in that press crabstick stuff that you get from the sushi placed. 41:14.16 Mike and Connie Ah, yeah, ah so that was ah that was a small tour. We're in a van. There were 4 other people with us. 41:15.15 Sam Ah, that is true. 41:26.44 Mike and Connie Um, and and we really didn't have a whole lot of interaction with them. We were usually just experiencing the the tasting and and what was going on. 41:35.87 Sam Um. 41:37.48 Mike and Connie Our guide was pointing out things as we went by. He was great. You know this hill and this hill is this and this is you know this area and what's happened as you know Australia grew up in some of the areas and it was it was a very very interesting. Enjoyable day. You know and dropped us off right back at the hotel. 41:57.30 Sam Um, so. 41:59.92 Sam Nice. That's awesome. All right? What's up for day 2 in Melbourne. 42:11.84 Mike and Connie Um, you want to so day tour day 2 is um, a bigger bus so we have a group of probably 2025 people yeah 42:24.69 Sam E. 42:28.92 Mike and Connie And we're going to see critters. Yeah, but we started we started at Brighton Beach right which has the old beach houses and I don't remember how many of them there were I remember. 42:33.33 Sam Yay. 42:39.94 Sam Oh cool. 42:47.20 Mike and Connie Like seventy or eighty seventy two eighty whatever these beach houses that were built like back in the 20 s or thirty s and in order to purchase one of those you have to be a resident of the city and I think the last one they said went up ah auction went for around half a million dollars 42:56.83 Sam Oh well. 43:06.81 Mike and Connie In the you know places in that city or you know seven hundred thousand to a million and a half dollars or whatever for the for the homes that were in that city but average. And and know he says yeah and and you know in the 70 s you could have gotten one of them for $20000 and and the little beach huts are what like 10 by 20 or something. Yeah there's just a little There's this these little beach huts right on the beach but they're painted. 43:23.77 Sam No, of course. 43:37.75 Mike and Connie You know the pretty pastel colors kind of like key West and then some of them have been painted just murals murals that are just amazing. 43:47.80 Sam Oh cool. 43:50.69 Mike and Connie Till we went down saw that then we went to a couple of different beaches like Woolamy Beach and the pyramid Rock Saw some different things I thought but we went to moonlit sanctuary that day. And that's where we got to get a Koala feed a kangaroo by hand and these are animals that are there because they've been injured or have some sort of thing that's happened to them and they can't survive in the wild. Um, we saw yes right. 44:13.37 Sam Who. 44:23.60 Sam Right? So ah, a rescue or or a preserve. Yeah. 44:29.63 Mike and Connie Um, so that was fun getting to Koala was very soft that was a surprise to me the kangaroo eating out of my hand was kind of like a rabbit nibbling very soft, very gentle. And and it was hard to entice the kangaroos to come over and feed because everybody was feeding the kangaroos so you took to find one that was hungry was a challenge but that that was nice would have we would have liked this stay there to be longer. 44:46.60 Sam Oh that's awesome. 45:00.56 Mike and Connie But I get the impression that when these tour companies are putting together their tours they have to give you a long list of things that you're going to see and because of that you don't get a whole lot of time at any of them and we did see their show that they did with the do go and the birds and yeah. 45:11.00 Sam And we are. 45:20.53 Mike and Connie Sort of thing so that was good. Yeah we we were there. What maybe an hour hou hour hou hour and a half an hour and yeah I could have stayed there all day because we know we saw the baby emus and we saw the little wallabies and yeah, lots of fun. Yeah. 45:29.34 Sam Yeah, did you Oh did did you get to did you get to see him pet a coate. No that they're so cute. 45:40.52 Mike and Connie No no and we never saw a platypus either. But they said they're very shy. They're mainly in the evening and yeah Irib Gad that we talked to says yeah I've never seen a platypus. 45:48.85 Sam Is. 45:54.58 Sam Wow. 45:58.26 Mike and Connie Well not in the wild anyway. So yeah, but then we went we went out to yeah, all right. 46:03.42 dclduo We've only seen Barry the platypus on Unfinius and fur right? Sam. 46:07.38 Sam Um, yeah. 46:10.57 Mike and Connie But then we went out to Phillips Island and a couple of stops there we're we're looking at things and then we stop to eat so we stoped in a little town and he gives us some. Recommendations on where we can get fish and chips or we can get a sandwich or something and a couple of places there and we've got about a half an hour to to eat something and then from there we're going to see the penguins. 46:48.20 Sam Lou. 46:48.52 Mike and Connie So these little blue penguins are I'm sorry blue little penguins they called them are the smallest of the penguins. They're 12 to thirteen inches high and weigh about a kilogram. So. It's 2 £ 2.2 Yeah and they are out all day. Fishing um, and then they come in in the evening because their others are a dark blue so gritters don't see them that are after them as they're coming in they wait until the cover of darkness. 47:14.61 Sam Um. 47:23.60 Mike and Connie And as they come in they come in in groups of 15 or 20 or 25. Whatever they're coming in in little batches and they go up into the hills where their nests are and. I think the night before they had had 1824 they have people that count them. So I don't know how many were there that night but there were a lot. So after. 47:43.98 Sam My goodness a lot a lot more than countable. 47:53.46 Mike and Connie After they start coming in then you get up out your seat and you can go up to the Hills and you can hear them talking and finding their way and you are not allowed to use any pictures. You can't take use your phone. You can't use a camera or anything and they're very strict about it. They were looking for it. 48:10.47 Sam E. 48:13.13 Mike and Connie Um, it's It's a very controlled venue. There are stadium stadiums type seating or you can sit down in the sand but you actually have ah a marked off area where you can sit so that they have the places where the penguins can go. 48:14.98 Sam A. 48:27.96 Sam Wow. 48:30.30 Mike and Connie And the guides there are saying you know no pictures at all you know because of flash can disorient the penguins and how do you control a thousand people there that nobody's going to have a flash going off. So it's just. 48:41.43 Sam Right. 48:44.43 Mike and Connie No cameras. There was one person there that was taking pictures but it was somebody that was set up to do it for some publication or whatever. Yeah, so they had and they had something and they had somebody else with them to to control that situation. 48:52.87 Sam Um, a monitor. Yeah yeah. 48:59.79 Mike and Connie But then you have these walkways that are elevated walkways so you're going back up over where they have their burrows and you can watch them and their interaction. They said you know you may see a you know a parent and child. You may see neighbors squabbling. 49:06.72 Sam So. 49:13.52 Sam Oh. 49:16.30 Mike and Connie Ah, you may see a couple of guys having a fight over a girl. You know you don't know what you're going to see out here. But it's it's all natural their natural habitat. Well we did see some babies with their little gray Feathers little soft. Oh it's so cute. 49:19.64 Sam Is. 49:28.48 Sam Oh oh my goodness. The babies are the cutest. Oh my goodness I'm so jealous. This is what this is this is the reason to go to Australia people. It's all the critters. Yeah yeah. 49:40.26 Mike and Connie Right? Yes, yeah, so they knew about what time to expect them which was they were closed. They were about 10 minutes off yeah, was it 8 15 8 45 I don't know what they said eight fifteen it was about Eight Twenty five when they started coming a few trickled in at first and then they started really. 49:49.38 Sam Yeah. 49:59.83 Mike and Connie You know coming in right? So we had our time to get back to the to the bus back to the bus and there were several buses so he had made sure that we knew which bus because even that tour company had 3 or 4 buses that were there. 50:01.14 Sam That's amazing. 50:16.57 Sam Yeah. 50:19.68 Mike and Connie So he had made sure you make a note of the license plate number of this bus so that you know which one to get back on and so we were getting back to our hotel at like 11111130 yeah and we had a tour the next morning at 7 50:31.75 Sam So later night. Yeah. Who my what was the well you know sometimes it's it's what's available to though, right? I mean you wanted to do you. This is what you wanted to do so you know if you want to pack in a lot. It's It's not always the perfect. 50:37.23 Mike and Connie Yes, seven o'clock the next morning to put poor planning on our part. Very. 50:50.00 Mike and Connie Yes, and and I think at the time we were planning it that that like there was one of them that wasn't available one day so it's just the way it had to stack up that. 51:00.60 Sam Yeah, that makes sense all right? So what was the tour that you did your next day. 51:08.51 Mike and Connie It went out to they called it. The great ocean road and apparently that was kind of poor planning on our part too. We didn't realize how far out that was it turned out to be a 2 hour ride out there. Um. 51:19.83 Sam Oh wow. 51:24.37 Mike and Connie But we did see some amazing things. It started out at what they call the 12 apostles is stones that are arranged. So course they said there never had been 12 and one had fallen in fairly recently, but it was still gorgeous out there. Um, and then we saw and we got to dip our toe in the that was a different place but in the Southern Ocean yes well someone dipped his hands in the southern ocean and then I decided well base sounds like it would be a great thing to do. 52:02.11 Mike and Connie And I got a little bit too close so I was up to my knees within seconds when the tide Ti it came in. Yeah yes, just a bit cold. 52:05.99 Sam Yeah, yeah. A little bit of a wet pant situation then had cold water. Nice now. The 12 apostles is that like a like a rock formation like okay, yeah, but not actually 12 rocks. You said? okay. 52:21.15 Mike and Connie It is yes Yes, no, apparently it also used to be called the Sow and piglets So I don't know. 52:36.40 Sam Um, pigs and the babies. Yeah, okay, what what? what else did you get to do on this tour I mean obviously the long drive and and all his. Ah yeah. 52:42.83 Mike and Connie It was and and when we went down to the spot where we were seeing the ocean you know if you're looking south that you're looking towards Antarctica but it's still another What do you say. Two Thousand kilometers I mean it's still yeah, it's still way away. Yeah, but it's kind of cool to stand there and look over the horizon and know that's what's on the other side and that was 83 steps down. This was a very. 53:01.12 Sam Ah, it's still far. Yeah. 53:17.14 Mike and Connie And say busy and physical day eighty three steps down wasn't bad. It was coming back up that was yeah um, then we went to an experiment that they had done with redwoods. 53:26.13 Sam Um, listen next. 53:36.18 Mike and Connie So these beautiful California redwoods. She's just walking in there. Yeah somebody had decided you know ideal about we'll grow some redwoods for lumber then they figured out how long it takes redwoods to grow and. Decid that was not such a big idea. So now. It's a park but they are tall and they are big around. We did that then we went to some very nice falls there which was a lot of steps down then a lot more steps up than there were down I think 124 okay. 54:00.62 Sam Um. 54:09.63 Sam A Wow that's a lot of steps. 54:13.88 Mike and Connie They are and they are the steps like takes 2 steps to get across a step if you know what I mean yeah, it's stuff carved into a hillside. 54:19.95 Sam A. 54:28.66 Sam Was this ah was that this was your last day am I right. 54:31.98 Mike and Connie It's our last day there we're in this is ah this is a little van now the the tour company was very nice. We get there in the morning and they've got coffee and tea and snacks and we get in this. You know what they say you got 9 passenger van and we get in this passenger ran and look around and there's no cup holders. I said if this had been an american van there would have been twenty seven cup holders for 9 people. 54:53.66 Sam Yeah, ah. 55:01.40 Sam Ah, that's hilarious. Yeah. 55:01.83 Mike and Connie But but no cup holders in Australia I just looked up the name of that falls. It's called hope tune h o p e t o u n so if you ever get a chance. It was beautiful. 55:16.18 Sam Wonderful! Love that. 55:19.89 Mike and Connie Um, so the tour was nicely organized. Our tour guide wasn't as informative as the one had been Monday as we were driving by but then somebody had kind of lamented that we really hadn't seen kangaroos and he goes I know where I can find some kangaroos and he. 55:29.41 Sam Is. 55:39.83 Mike and Connie Pulls over to a golf course right? at Sunset and there's all these Kangaroos hanging out in the golf course and somebody playing through playing golf with all the Kangaroos right there And yeah I mean. 55:47.92 Sam Only in Australia you know. 55:54.30 Mike and Connie Kangaroos are lying around and their joeies are lying out of the pockets. You know, just enjoying the sunshine and they're I was surprised we were able to get as close to them as we were faking their pictures. It didn't seem faced by people at all the same guide. 56:10.40 Sam Glop. 56:12.16 Mike and Connie Of the ladies with us was with a ah school and she said she went to see Koalas so he drove us several places where we could see Koalas in the wild and you know we were having a hunt the Koala fest but successful. 56:24.16 Sam Wow that sounds. Yeah. 56:30.50 Mike and Connie Several places. Yeah, he get out there and point. Okay, others 1 right up there. 56:34.60 Sam Wow, that's amazing, well sounds like you guys had ah a really fantastic and successful time in Melbourne seeing all the critters that you wanted to see Connie I know Brian has a couple of ah rap up. 56:44.69 Mike and Connie Yes, okay. 56:49.10 Sam Questions for y'all. 56:49.57 dclduo Yeah I guess maybe I just wanted to ask and and maybe it's really just 1 wrap up question. Um, if someone came to you and said look I want to see Australia is this the way to do it is is it the cruise with the abd and then you know a little bit of time on your own or would you. You know, recommend a different strategy for folks because I think there's plenty of folks who are like interested in these trans-pacific sailings interested in Australia um, but I'll say at least on the cruise line side I struggle to see those sailings as the way the best way to see Australia if you haven't been before so I'm curious. What what would you recommend. 57:22.34 Mike and Connie Yeah, that'd be like saying it'd be like saying transatlantics a way to See Europe you you have a lot of at sea days which is really the cruise experience even when we were planning this we had to to stop and decide. Okay, we get to Australia what are we going to do. 57:26.17 dclduo Yeah. 57:30.33 dclduo M. 57:33.14 Sam Here. 57:39.41 Sam Is it is. 57:41.50 Mike and Connie We can't just turn around and come back. Although there were people that were doing that we need to take advantage and and there was a lot of things to choose. Do we want to go see that big rock. Do we want to go see Great barrier Reef The great barrier Reef Do we want to bright. 57:55.36 Sam Right? Do you want to go to the outback. Yeah. 58:00.44 Mike and Connie Ah, do we want to take the opportunity to just to to jump over New New Zealand which is it's more than that job. Yeah, it's it's it's a ways but still, you're that far. We even looked at oh do we go up to Japan well Japan is closer to Dallas. 58:10.15 Sam Yeah, yeah. 58:19.39 Mike and Connie Tokyo is closer to Dallas than it is to Sydney hard hard to get your wrap your mind around but that's the way it was says okay, that's not really an option. You know I would say for someone our age. That's you know, retired and and not as active as we used to be. It was a great way to see. 58:19.87 Sam Yeah. 58:26.90 Sam Yeah, yeah, yeah. 58:36.34 Sam It is. 58:38.85 Mike and Connie To do it because you didn't have to worry about the time zone changes on the ship. It was with a very gradual way to get there I know coming back that 14 hour flight did me in um, it was 2 or 3 days before I was back on my feet. Really. 58:44.82 Sam You. 58:56.14 Sam Yeah. 58:58.48 Mike and Connie Um, if I were younger I think it'd be more fun to see more of Australia but for us it was what we could do. 59:12.58 Sam Sounds great. Sounds like a fantastic trip you guys I'm um I'm very jealous. That's right, you willed it and Disney did it. So. 59:15.94 Mike and Connie Oh it was it was you know it'd been a long time coming. We've it's been on our bucket list for a long time so it was that's bright. Yes, and then when they were talking in the Ah Castaway Club gathering and they were talking about. You know we've been wanting to do this for a while and we're glad that we're finally able to do that and then they were talking about some of the things that they would like to see and they said now this is this is us personally this is not Disney saying we're looking at this. This is us saying. 59:41.36 Sam Move. 59:51.27 Mike and Connie We would like to do a around the world cruise but don't say that came from Disney this is just you know your your team here saying that's what we would like to do and got a lot of applause I think there'd be a lot of people interested in doing it. 59:51.74 Sam Right. 01:00:03.53 Sam Right? Yeah yeah, the hard part is finding people who can afford it and have enough time off of work to do it. Yeah true true. 01:00:14.77 Mike and Connie Right? And finding crew that could do that. 01:00:20.68 Sam It is yeah there are some cruise lines that do it. Disney is just not one of them. But yeah. 01:00:23.49 dclduo Yeah, yep, well not now or not not right now at least maybe in the future more ships coming who knows who knows what will happen who knows what the future holds so well. Mike and Connie has been fabulous chatting with you both about your fantastic. 01:00:29.31 Sam Yeah. 01:00:29.58 Mike and Connie Yeah, true true. 01:00:37.44 Sam Right? Brian do you want? Do you want to fake throw it to me for rapid fire because we did a rapid fire. Okay, okay, okay, yes, yes. 01:00:42.42 dclduo I don't need to do that because I already have a throw to rapid fire I got it? Yeah no sam was asking if I wanted to do a transition to rapid fire. But yeah, no, we got it and Sam let me do my job. Got it. 01:00:43.44 Mike and Connie We we we didn't we do a rapid. Yeah, we did the day. Yeah, oh sorry. 01:00:53.76 Sam That's a guy. Okay there. 01:00:57.50 dclduo Well Mike Connie has been a fabulous chatting with you both about your fabulous transpacific cruise your time with adventures by Disney And Sydney and your post adventures by Disney travels in Australia. What a fabulous time. It sounds like you all had and so. Thank you so much for coming on the show and sharing it with our audience. 01:01:17.25 Mike and Connie Thank you for allowing us. Thanks Brian and Sam we love listening to your program and dreaming of other cruises that we can take. 01:01:26.31 dclduo All right now I just have to find the window there. It is.

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