November 29, 2023


Ep. 368 - Bonus - Chim Chim Cher-ee: A UK Ship Spotter Shares His Experience Sailing Disney Cruise Line

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Brian Sam
Ep. 368 - Bonus - Chim Chim Cher-ee: A UK Ship Spotter Shares His Experience Sailing Disney Cruise Line
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Ep. 368 - Bonus - Chim Chim Cher-ee: A UK Ship Spotter Shares His Experience Sailing Disney Cruise Line

Nov 29 2023 | 01:09:12


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On this episode, Sam is joined by Andrew McAlpine a UK "ship spotter" who lives near and works at the Port of Southampton. Andrew takes some of the most intresting and beautiful shots of various cruise ships as they come in and out of port - we absolutely love following him on X - @CruiseshipP. Andrew shared with Sam his most recent experience sailing on the Disney Dream on a 4-night sailing from Southampton. We couldnt' wait to get Andrew's thoughts on his experience, and his reactions on DCL as compared to some of the other lines he's sailed.

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Episode Transcript

00:00.00 dclduo Welcome back. Everyone to another bonus episode of the dcl duo podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel as you can tell Brian is not with me here today hosting I am solo hosting but I am very excited because we have a great show planned for you today I am talking with a. Cruise ship expert I'm going to call him I'm going to welcome Andrew from cruise ship profiles. Welcome Andrew yeah, thanks for joining me today Andrew I of course introduced you as an expert. 00:28.34 Andrew Ah, hello hi there and hello to all your listeners. 00:36.48 dclduo Um, and I I think you're an expert you I mean you photograph ships like every single day you work at a shipyard right? And so um, but why don't you tell our audience a little bit about yourself and about your cruising credentials I'll say. 00:52.78 Andrew Okay, yeah, well say very nice to um, be back on here. So lovely to chat to you? Um, so first of all, um, I'm in Southampton in the Uk which is probably about the busiest north north european cruise port and certainly the bus in the Uk. Um, I'm very lucky as well because I work in the port itself actually work at the container town. But what that does afford me to do is be in the right place at the right time to capture the ah or the cruise ship arrivals and departures normally very early in the morning and and kind of late evening. So I'm quite lucky with that. Um, in terms of how i. Got to being where I yeah how got to do what I do base I all started off I was class myself more as a ships spotter always been interested in ships from a young age. Um, and how I got into kind of more the cruise ship blogging is just writing little bits and pieces articles for magazines. Um, and then obviously with the advent of social media it then becomes easier to you know, get your photographs and bits and pieces and information out there and it's just kind of grown from there. So I've kind of grown from a hobby to ah to kind of a definite passion to be fair. 02:04.29 dclduo And I love that I love that and you have now for I feel like years taken these amazing photographs of of many different cruise ships but of especially I love your photographs of the Disney magic as she has visited. Um the uk obviously multiple times. And now of course this summer we had the Disney dream coming over to Europe I think since the or for the first time since she first was built obviously and had to come across because she did did come over from Europe but since she was built she hadn't returned and so now you've got all these great photographs of the Disney dream. 02:29.50 Andrew Um, yes, yes. 02:40.30 dclduo Over in the U K What's it like to photograph ships you know coming into port or at port and and sort of what's your what's your setup look like like what kind of camera are you using are using drones like what what is the technology look like. 02:51.39 Andrew So okay, will in camp. Well the first thing with photographing anything in the Uk is the weather. So and so hampton can have good days. But yes. 02:58.53 dclduo That that's a very good point Andrew but. 03:03.30 Andrew But the main thing is with the Southampton is it's renowned, especially with all the sort of local ships, spotters and photographers that if there's a new ship coming in on its main voyage or never been in before normally Southapton does let us down with the weather. So that's always the the first and foremost is a thing you are worry about. But. 03:20.20 dclduo Ah, mother nature. 03:20.55 Andrew Ah, shooting mother nature I know it's wonderful. Isn't it but assuming the weather is good. Um I've always used canon um sl ah Dslr so I've always I've got a canon um canva that I use. Um, I do quite a bit on my phone. Um I've got an iphone I think it's just great because I've always got some kind of camera with me if it's my phone or you know another smaller cameras I've always got something but the phone I think is great because of the angles you can get and it's just so easy to use and now the quality is just so good. You know for social media. Whatever you know you can get pictures out there really quickly. Um, for the last two years I have been using a drone so I do a lot of drone photography um in Southampton and my sort of images. Both from the drone and my other photographs have been used by cruise ships and I do stuff for all the shipping companies and the port itself. Um, and of course I've also got things like instta 3 60 for any kind of doing tours and bits and pieces on board. So. I've yous got a well-packed Camel Bag if there's something about what I'm on board ship. So. It's normally the first thing I'd pack to be fair. It's what I call my essential packing list. Yeah, ah, ah it certainly is always ready to go. That's right? yes. 04:27.40 dclduo Yeah, but it's like your go bag right? like in? yeah ah power is ready. 04:34.48 Andrew Believe me there has been occasions where I've got down to somewhere I want to photograph something and I've realized I've left an Sd card or a card at home and you only do that once? never again. Ah. 04:40.55 dclduo Um, ah but I will tell you this happened to us on I think it was our last cruise Brian had brought or maybe it wasn't it was the cruise before our last one Brian had brought um I think his like the 3 60 camera. 04:56.40 Andrew Yeah, no. 04:58.25 dclduo And forgot the sd card. We ended up borrowing one from another cruiser. But then I was able to even find 1 in the gift shop on board. But that's you got to be lucky and and the gift shop doesn't open until after you're away from port. So then of course you've missed if you wanted to take any. 05:05.29 Andrew Yeah, yeah. 05:14.27 dclduo You know footage at Sail away or whatnot. Ah. 05:16.77 Andrew Exactly that. That's right? Yes, So yeah, we've all done it I'm sure any listeners that you know like to take photographs and bits and pieces of being there and done that so it's ah yeah, it's such an easy thing to do. 05:25.17 dclduo Yes, yeah, now how much time. Ah, do you spend on ships meaning how many and when I say ships I don't mean commercial. Let's talk Cruise lineships you know how often do you get to cruise yourself with your family that sort of a thing. 05:41.27 Andrew Yeah, so I'd certainly say not as much as I'd like because of course having a young family and work and everything the day-to-day things of life do get in a way but um, at least once or twice a year I'll try try and do something last year um I ah away once with Mac but this year I've done a couple I've actually done 3 this year so I've been quite lucky um this year. So but yeah, normally 2 yeah normally 2 or 3 that I can do um and sometimes because I do stuff obviously for the blog and whatever it might be a press trip. So I'm invited away. So. 06:08.10 dclduo Um, yeah. 06:16.82 Andrew Um, quite happy. You know, from'm now on my own kind of doing things because and I you know I can don't worry about timings and whatever I can just go get all the footage and and if I had a step counter for the amount of steps that I doing I on board ship I must be literally be into the thousands because I'm always off trying to get different shops. You know whether it's in the morning and in the evening or whatever. 06:29.10 dclduo Oh yeah. 06:36.77 Andrew Um, but ah, we did but we obviously the the dream which I'm going to talk about was me and my son. Um so which is good and obviously I did magic a couple years ago with my sister so and we've done a couple of family cruises as well. So we'd love to do it more but um, like everything you know. 06:44.85 dclduo Right. 06:53.74 dclduo Life gets in the way but no absolutely let's talk about what? Um, what lines that you have sailed on because I think this is helpful for you know the American cruising Community to. 06:54.00 Andrew We can't always give our passenger all the time we want can we? ah. 07:07.77 dclduo Understand what sort of is available to you over in the U K I feel like you guys have way more number of lines than we have over here in the state. 07:17.70 Andrew I think we do in our 30 think I certainly think it's increasing as well. So first of a cruise to did was with royal car being. We did the harmony of the seas on her inaugural to north you up and back so that was a family crews. Um, then after that we've done a couple of ones on piano. So P Cruise is obviously big in the Uk. Um, now I've done so the ships I've done I've done ventu and I've done the now sort of sold a couple of years ago but did all we are now as well with p and o I've done a couple of Norwegian Cruise lines again, there are press trips when the breakaway class. Normally what happens is those ships are built in Germany and they'll do ah a press trip and a sail over to the Uk so've done a couple with nc for that um a couple with emmassy emissia very big. Um the uk now of the last two years they've certainly increased their presence. Um, and a lot of their new ships. You know they've got a good couple of new ships virtuosa which has been homeported in the Uk and in South Hampton now for the last couple of years um I've done a couple of short ones kind of overnight with Fred Olson which was different. Um, nice little small cruise ships as well. 08:12.36 dclduo Right. 08:28.83 Andrew Um, herter gruten. So although it wasn't an expedition cruise it was in a Rat It was around the yeah Uk Cruise which was literally just before the lockdown when we're on. 08:32.75 dclduo You know, cool. Yeah, right? but. 08:39.23 Andrew When we're on board that so it was early february 2019 and of course we're on board and we are hearing about all the things that's happening and literally we got off the ship and a couple of days later kind of the pandemic hit so I was very lucky because then they got cancelled after that so I was very lucky to do that. 08:51.47 dclduo Or you mean 2020 then February Twenty right yeah 08:55.61 Andrew So actually that would have been 2020 yes yeah that's right? Yeah, um, so yeah, so emsc so that's it so far and obviously then I've gotten a couple with Disney as well. So. 09:02.67 dclduo Um, yeah, yeah, so obviously you know you got to sail on the dream this summer when she came over for her first as I mentioned first time to Europe since she had been built. Ah, what? Cruise did you book and why did you land on that particular itinerary. 09:22.00 Andrew Yeah, so I've always I've always because because I like ships I've always liked the Disney Ships um and before we had the Disney magic but she used to call in it dover and at the time there weren't any cruises that were kind of based out to the Uk. It would be a port stop. Um, and obviously the young family. You know it? However, nice. It would be to flow which are the states and do a Disney Cruise obviously in you know, cost terms. You know, yeah, there are the higher costs kind of perspective. Um, so haven't done magic a couple of years ago I then heard that dream was coming over um to do a couple of cruises in the u k. Um, so straight away I was eager to book so I booked um, there's a couple of cruises you could choose from there' was a free night from Southampton down to La Shao or there are a couple of four night cruises down to bill bow so that's when I booked booked on the first of those. 10:11.81 dclduo I Not perfect. No. 10:13.59 Andrew Um, and I think I booked litzy within a couple of days then being announced you know and getting on sale so a bit like I did with magic you know as soon as I saw they were and a thought well I don't know when I'm going to be able to yeah have a chance a cruise on Disney from the Uk so I've booked it more or less straight away. 10:26.19 dclduo Right? Yeah and the UKCruise I remember when we talked to you last the UKCruise that you did on the magic was one of those staycation cruises am I right am I remembering that correctly. 10:36.77 Andrew Yes, yeah, you are correct. That's right? So that was a three night cruise and it literally staycation Cruise there was a cruise to nowhere. We just went out in the channel and sort of cruise up and down and literally just followed the sun that was the whole itinerary was wherever the sun is. We'll try and find it That's what the captain kept saying every day. And he did a good job so there was some so that was good. It was yes yeah, it was August yeah, yeah. 10:54.74 dclduo Um, Ah, yeah, yeah, well it was summertime right? or it was either summertime or yeah or into early September I Think yeah, yeah, nice, very nice. Well you said you sailed this time on the dream with your son. How old is your son perfect. 11:10.36 Andrew Yeah, um, so my son is 9 um, yeah, perfect. So the original plan was it was gonna be me my sister and the son but unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances kind of last minute. Unfortunately my sister had to drop out. Um, which is a shame but we were determined that it was just gonna be ah, a boys ah boys' Dayle yeah boys trip away. so um so yeah he's 9 and well yeah, absolutely loved it. Absolutely loved it. 11:34.39 dclduo Um, yeah, it's the perfect 8 people always ask us like what's the what's the perfect age for Disney Cruise and this is obviously dependent upon the kid but I feel like anywhere from like. 11:45.20 Andrew Yet. 11:49.72 dclduo 6 to 10 is kind of that sweet spot of where they're gonna they're gonna remember the crews they are gonna be into the the characters the movies the interactiveness like they you know they might actually enjoy even the shows because the shows aren't 3 hours long like a Broadway or west end show are. 12:05.34 Andrew Yeah, yeah, yeah. 12:08.40 dclduo You know all of the it's really the activities are more catered towards that age as opposed to the really young I mean really young kids can enjoy it of course as well. Depending upon if they like you know the characters the princesses or superheroes. Whatever but I still think that sweet spot is that elementary school age child is is kind of. 12:16.89 Andrew Ah. 12:27.27 Andrew Yeah, yeah, oh yeah, I'll completely agree. Yeah, absolute perfect age to it. So yeah and it and it showed and yeah, how much he enjoyed it and and everything you know I mean when we got on board we gave we went get obviously checked out the kids clubs. Um, so we signed him up said right. 12:27.92 dclduo Perfect. Yeah. 12:38.42 dclduo E. 12:43.60 Andrew If you want to it any time at all, you can go in and you can spend time there but literally we just spent the whole four days together running around the ship doing bits and pieces and so yeah, but it was absolutely yeah, good is it is a good age I mean I think at any at any age is good but I do agree with you. There's a sweet spot certainly for children and that would. 13:00.51 dclduo Awesome! Well what did you guys choose as far as stateroom went. 13:00.76 Andrew You know that's it for sure. 13:06.57 Andrew So yes, so we went for deluxe veranda. So last last time when we cruise we we chose an ocean view but we we were lucky to get upgraded as you may remember. But this time we booked a deluxe veranda. Um, so and that was that was good. Although fair, there. Not much time you spent in there because of course we're out exploring the ship but there's it was quite nice in the morning we were lucky with the weather so it was quite nice in the morning or in the evening you know this sat in the veranda and enjoy it. But yeah, that's what we went for this time we thought we try make use of it going down to Spain you know, try and yeah, get some use out of it which you know which we did. 13:39.44 dclduo Perfect. Yeah, we always tell people you know, whatever room you can get and you can afford is going to be fine because you are going to spend so much time outside of your room but you know. 13:46.43 Andrew Yes, yeah. 13:50.31 dclduo People do love those verandas, especially if you've got good weather. It's beautiful to sit outside with a cup of coffee in the morning I mean I don't know anything better. 13:55.80 Andrew It? Yeah no exactly did that. That's right, Yeah, we did that? yeah we did that when we arrived in bed bow we up early for why boyer it was up early and we just sat for a good couple of hours just sat as we came into bill bow and waiting to go down for breakfast. So yeah, that was perfect. That's when it came into its into its own. But yeah, we mean we would have been happy with an ocean view as well as you say it's ah it's a time on the ship. Yeah, you're necessarily going to spend so much time in the in the cabinet. All. 14:14.98 dclduo Um, ah. 14:23.50 dclduo Yeah, now did you did you just have one port of call or did you have multiple ports of call on this. This is a short itinerary. 14:30.14 Andrew Ah, so it's just one. Yeah, it was just one portic. So basically obviously we sold then there was a day at sea. Then there was a day in port another day at sea and then back to Southampton. Yeah. 14:40.54 dclduo Nice. So what did you all get up to in bill bow Spain did you and did you book a Disney Shore excursion or did you decide to kind of venture out on your own. 14:51.70 Andrew Yeah, literally we didn't um I'm not really one for sure excursions as such everything I've done I'll always like to and I kind of like to look see what's there and you know, kind of do my own thing. You know it's always and it was interesting to see because I was ah on a Facebook group beforehand. 15:04.66 dclduo If it. 15:06.84 Andrew And there's a lot of talk and discussion before about whether because the port that you actually go into is probably about half an hour away from the town 10 to Bill Bell um and beforehand there wasn't any mention whether there'd be kind of free shuttle buses or anything. 15:16.38 dclduo Ah, here. 15:21.59 dclduo Ah. 15:22.47 Andrew And there was a lot of talk on the Facebook group and for our research that I've done that obviously normally it is something that is a rained and it was like a rains on the lava shell cruises beforehand but thought would kind of play it by year. Um, and we got there the night before Disney um, they did announce that there'd be free shuttle buses. 15:30.63 dclduo With the. 15:39.85 dclduo How fantastic. 15:41.82 Andrew So we may yeah, wish was good so we made use of that got on very early um, headed into the town. First thing I wanted to do. They got the Guggenheim museum there. So I thought so we went there we spent fit about an hour there and then just a walk around the town little bit of shopping a little bit of sightseeing and just. 15:49.70 dclduo Oh yeah, so. 15:59.65 Andrew Just kind of chilled out sat down few ice creams. So we say for for it and ah, it's got to be done I mean it was very hot there as well. I think when we were there it was I think a good 32 so it was a nice. It was nice and hot. It was nice and warm day. Yeah, so it was just a nice town. You nice city to look around the Guggenheim was good. 16:05.66 dclduo Ah. 16:09.33 dclduo Yeah, nice warm day. 16:18.70 Andrew Um, that was interesting and it's kind of interactive as well. So you know the stuff that's good for children. You know they can go into school areas where they can talk actually touch the art and it's moving art and yeah, so which is good so it's not just like a. 16:22.14 dclduo Um, and. 16:26.30 dclduo Touch things. Yeah. 16:32.10 Andrew An art gallery where you just says they're looking at paintings. So I'll kind of researched that and thought that'd be an interesting thing to do um and then after that. Yeah just let wander around the town have something to eat and then we headed back. We got back to the ship about half 2 three o'clock in the afternoon. Um, and then from there just hit the pools to be fair. 16:33.16 dclduo Um, yeah. 16:51.94 dclduo Yeah, nice. Well if it's a warm day right? That's the best thing you can do and there's probably still people out at at the port and so it's a much quieter on the pool deck during that time. Ah fantastic now. Did you notice with. 16:52.23 Andrew Ah, yeah, it was. It was perfect. Yes, yes yeah, it was yet. Yeah, it definitely was. 17:06.50 dclduo Regard to the passengers on board. Could you tell were they're mostly americans were they mostly folks from the u k did you have a lot of folks from mainland Europe what was it? What is the makeup of the folks on the ship. 17:17.33 Andrew Yeah I would say predominantly from the yeah uk I mean I'm trying to think so we so I'm trying to remember what her capacity is so she's only about a hundred less than full capacity and I'm going to say they were predominantly british. 17:27.88 dclduo Here right. 17:33.47 Andrew Yeah I think yeah, a couple of americans but I'm going to say yeah mostly british and from Facebook group group. You know Facebook groups before I could see there are a lot of british that were you know on the groups talking about it. So yeah, which is a bit like the magic staycation cruise as well. 17:36.73 dclduo Interesting. 17:43.76 dclduo Yeah, right I think those you had to be like a UK citizen even to do I don't even think they yeah right? it was the reopening. It was sort of the beginning of the reopening for even Disney Cruise line at that point. 17:50.74 Andrew Yes, yeah, actually you did yeah because of course that was still just after the you know just half the pandemic. Yes, yeah, yes, yeah. 18:02.89 dclduo Yeah. 18:03.31 Andrew It was yeah so certainly on this one to say she was need for capacity. but yeah but yeah I'd say maybe Ninety ninety five percent from what I could see british yeah. 18:10.10 dclduo Yeah, well now you you know you did your cruise on the magic during the staycations and I would say generally speaking the operations were were very different than they are today because they still had so many things restricted um and you know there were a lot of things that weren't at sort of. 18:22.70 Andrew Yeah, yeah. 18:28.58 dclduo Well full capacity of course on the ship was was not there yet and and some of the activities were limited and the offerings were certainly more limited and during that sort of reopen time as they are today but I'm curious to kind of talk and do a little compare and contrast about you know Disney Cruise line based on your experience on the dream as a. 18:32.17 Andrew Yep yep. 18:47.85 dclduo Posed to some of the other cruise lines that are either uk or European Cruise lines and on because I do think there's some differences. Um and you obviously have a lot of experience cruising over in Europe and cruising out of the u k that we certainly do not have although we have sailed once out of dover. 18:53.10 Andrew Um, yeah. 19:07.68 Andrew You did yeah because that was shortly that was shortly after I think we spoke last so when I remember you talking about the magic then yes, that's it. Yes yes, and they said our da but that's it. Yes yeah, ah yeah, ah, ah. 19:07.71 dclduo On the magic. Yes, yes, it was that was a fantastic cruise but it was to Norway. We didn't spend we spent time in London and then we sailed out of Dover. We didn't spend. Yeah, that was about it. No, not too much and we're you know, sad we did not get to sail out of Southampton because we had both been to dover before we had neither of us had ever been to Southampton. So yeah, we would have gotten to maybe meet you in person as well. Then yeah next time. Absolutely. 19:27.25 Andrew Yeah, yeah, oh yeah, that would have been good. Yeah, that would have been good. Oh hundred yeah hundred percent yeah a diffly arrang that yeah as the next time next time. Yeah. 19:43.68 dclduo But yeah, so let's talk sort of the some of the differences I'm I'm wondering um, starting with ah sort of what's included and what's not included and ah obviously we're going to talk in sort of general terms and there are variations when you know even between the different cruise lines but what would you say as far as you know. What are some things that are either included or not included on Disney that are really different from a lot of the other cruise lines you've been on. 20:10.13 Andrew Um, I'll say I wouldn't say the 2 necessarily 2 different. Obviously there's things like drinks packages. Um, which you can get which you can get on. You know some other cruise lines as well and depending on what you know with its soft drink package. You know our college drink package and it's the same obviously with Disney I think. 20:21.43 dclduo If any just. 20:27.51 Andrew I Think the main the main difference is the rotational dining which I think is I I do really like that. Um, and it's It's nice and obviously where the servers follow you around as rouse I think that's probably the main difference. Certainly the service is I would say you know the best I've seen. 20:34.40 dclduo Um, a is new. 20:46.91 dclduo Wow. 20:47.80 Andrew Most definitely yeah I think the service and and you know you know compared to all the crews all the cruise lines are ah there and they're coming up. You know princes are very good and nc good. But I think Disney still just just has it just tips it you know and probably that might be you know where your servers are following you so they yeah they know. 21:01.73 dclduo Um I. 21:05.50 Andrew You know they know you they sort of you know, Conversely, we get a little bit more. So I think that kind of you know, just tops you know, somebody of the cruise lines I would say um with yeah with things that were included I'd say I'd say the very similar. Obviously they you have obviously. 21:07.43 dclduo Yeah. Interesting. 21:21.19 Andrew Extra restaurants you can go to which you can pay a fee for which a lot of the cruise lines do now so we didn't do although we went and just had look. We didn't do the parallel or wear me at all. We just stuck to you know the meals and obviously the but Cabaanas and whatever. 21:24.73 dclduo Right. 21:30.16 dclduo Right? right? Well and your son. Yeah, your son would have been able to go. You would have been but eating by yourself because those are adult like I think that. 21:36.22 Andrew Just for just for ease Really do know me I don't think you know how a nice that would have been in yes exact. Yeah yes. 21:46.33 dclduo And that's one difference right? on a lot of the other cruise lines the the optional restaurants that you do pay and up charge for are often all ages and Disney only has the the 2 adult only options. 21:56.10 Andrew Yes, those 2 for the adult. Yeah, that's right so that yet so that is one difference. Um, so but yeah I think it's the service which really does stand out for me which yeah was just as good as as the magic I mean the ship was a lot busier. 22:04.96 dclduo Um, yeah. 22:09.71 dclduo It is. 22:11.62 Andrew Um, and you could see that for yeah obviously Reasonss from the for the magic cruise but um, it was certainly yeah I think the services is is still there. Yeah, most definitely Yeah yeah. 22:17.20 dclduo Um, yeah, yeah, good I like hearing that. So let's talk about entertainment because obviously we know Disney has their broadway style shows I wonder did you all get to go to any of the the shows in the Walt Disney theater and. And what did you think of them in comparison to you know, similar or stage shows on other cruises that you've been on. 22:38.62 Andrew Yeah, so so yeah, we did so we went to the show on the fer on on the um on the first day and on the last night. Um, and the first time original. My son thought he just thought we were going to cinema he didn't realize it go be a stage show. So of course you walk in. He kind of thinks and then obviously then the characters come on. 22:54.39 dclduo oh I love that yeah oh yes it's the the Golden Mickey is yes. 22:58.26 Andrew And it was kind I'm trying to think the name of it. But I think it's like the Disney Oscars um so the golden mickeys that's right yeah that's it um so then obviously the characters come on and it was he hes literally he was kind of just sat there watching eyes wide open mouth to car just like. Wow Dan in halfway food is like oh dad I didn't realize it was gonna be like this that was brilliant so you know but everything you know the pro technics and the things that go on so the shows were brilliant again, some of the best shows I've seen at um at see I think princess have seen some shows of princess which are very good. Um, and ncl their shows a goodwin I did the and nc shows. Um and a couple of the msc ones which are kind of like they kind of like the acrobatic ones. Yeah because they had cer de so like yeah exactly that that's right and now they've got kind of their own version. So. 23:46.15 dclduo Ah, yeah, like a sort just sole kind of a yeah. 23:53.22 Andrew Ah, very good. Yeah I mean very well up there and certainly Broadway kind of you know that kind of feel and that kind of style and you know that kind of kind of quality I would say yeah and yeah, you can just tell that everybody's there enjoying it and because a not too long as well. It's you. 24:01.42 dclduo Yeah. 24:09.51 Andrew Yeah, they time it I mean Disney do things very well. They know you know they know their market. They know who they're entertaining and they just enough time to keep everyone entertained, especially the children and then that's it. It's it ends and and that's set you on to the next thing so that was good. Yeah yeah. 24:13.27 dclduo Yes. 24:25.92 dclduo Yeah I love that about Disney because you know my my kid can't sit through I mean he has a hard time sitting through even an hour long show. There's no, there's just no way he can sit through ah a 2 or two and a half hour broadway show 24:32.79 Andrew Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. 24:40.56 Andrew I'd say exactly the same. Yeah, it's exactly the same. That's right? Yeah yeah. 24:42.19 dclduo yeah yeah I love that. So um, let's talk a little bit about characters. Um, obviously you know Disney has characters that you can meet aboard. Its you know ships um, have you been on. 24:55.27 Andrew Yeah, yeah. 24:58.76 dclduo Other cruise lines that have anything comparable I I think I think is it royal somebody has like some of the maybe the Spongebob characters I can't remember but have have you experienced any other cruise line that does have other kinds of characters. 25:10.30 Andrew Yeah, so I do so Emsc have there and I'm trying to remember the know now but Emmac have their character. Um, that's on their kind of like the blue. It's kind of like their logo you know, kind of like the blue and I'm trying to think of the name I'm thinking of the name but they have their character which you often see kind of popping around but really, that's the. 25:16.89 dclduo Okay. Okay. 25:28.77 Andrew You know there's nothing else on kind of piano and or or anything like that. Um as such so it's yeah so the couches the couches are good but we did notice on this one. The the cues were long. They were long so we didn't kind of. We didn't a couple of times we bumped in took out to just. 25:42.46 dclduo We're long. Oh yeah, yes. 25:48.58 Andrew So go along the Pom deck and lets your door opens and yeah, my son's favorite is goofy so goofier come down the corner or do you'll just see him disappearing into a back room and get ah you know, get ah get a wave and something from him So that's good. So that's always a surprise you know when you suddenly do see a character. 25:49.34 dclduo Yes. 25:58.86 dclduo Yes. Yeah. 26:05.54 Andrew Um, so you know over there who's that Mickey mouses or that and whatever but they are the queuees for very long. Obviously we did we did stand sometimes in the um in the atrium and watch them when they're doing that you know, kind of the shows you know, um the last night and but we didn't kind of wait to do any of the meets because the queuees were. 26:13.80 dclduo Is it. 26:22.91 Andrew And we did hear that some of the queues were at least an hour long so you know yes. 26:24.00 dclduo Yeah, that doesn't surprise me because you've got a shorter cruise out of the u k you've got the mostly u k cruisers. So a lot of first time cruisers or maybe. 26:34.21 Andrew Yeah, yeah. 26:37.41 dclduo Maybe second time cruisers at the most you know, not people who've been on the ships a million times and have a million pictures already with Mickey on board especially in their special outfits for the twenty fifth anniversary and the pirate night outfits and all of you know. 26:44.60 Andrew Um, yes, yeah, that's right? Yes, yeah. 26:51.17 dclduo There are people who want Mickey in every single one of his outfits and so they'll wait in every single one of those lines. Yeah I I am not I did I will say I did wait in line recently quite a long period of time for a picture with chip and dale. 26:55.83 Andrew Yeah, yes, I'm sure. Yeah, that's right, Yeah, are you one of those bernie. Yeah yeah. 27:09.25 Andrew Okay, yeah I think I remember seeing that on social media I do remember reading that somewhere and commenting I did see that. Yes. 27:11.13 dclduo Because I really wanted a particular outfit picture with them. But yes, yes so I did wait a long time for that picture. But I don't typically wait. You know I'll wait. 27:24.79 Andrew Um, yeah, yeah, yeah, yes, yeah, even yeah, in fact. 27:25.96 dclduo 15 minutes but I don't I don't want to wait an hour for a character that to me, it's like being at the parks. It's like it. That's what you you want you wait in line an hour to see Mickey at Walt Disney World and I don't I don't need that picture that badly. 27:37.52 Andrew You don't need that. No no, that's right, yeah and you're right because it's because it's a shorter cruise and obviously're quite full you know and there's people not maybe cruise of Disney before or not so many times they're goingnna be busy and it's gonna be long. So yeah, so that that was understandable so we didn't but yeah, seeing the couches as always. Ah. 27:51.32 dclduo Yeah. 27:57.47 Andrew Is always fun. Yeah, it's always a surprise where they will pop up so that's ah yeah, that adds to it. 27:59.10 dclduo Yeah, yeah, well I'd love to talk onboard ship amenities because I do think this is an area where disney maybe is lower on the ah on the scale than some of the other cruise lines as far as you know, sort of physical things to. Do right? Disney has their pool deck and you've got the one the aqua duck on the dream. Um, and you've got the smaller yellow Mickey slide as well and sort of in that sort of kids area but we don't have things like. 28:19.97 Andrew Yeah, yeah, yeah. 28:27.13 Andrew That's right yet yet. 28:32.28 dclduo Go carts and climbing walls and escape rooms and ah you know some of the other things that you see on these other cruise lines I'm curious how you think Disney compares as far as the onboard amenities to these other cruise lines. 28:44.91 Andrew Yeah I think I think because they're smaller ships as well. If Disney were to start doing too many of these it would it would it would take away from the Disney ships and wouldn't kind of work I mean obviously with the venture coming along. It would be interesting to see you know what? the I imagineiners do with that. 28:54.65 dclduo You You know. 29:01.81 dclduo That Oh yeah, that's going to be crazy. 29:03.51 Andrew Um, and how that will compare to you know? Carly yeah, you're obviously the treasure in the we and in normal size. Um I mean the aqueduct so we wanted you to do the aqueduct. But um, we we tried doing it one day. Um, and then we got to the top. Um, and my son wasent like no can't do it too high and unfortunately needed 2 to go down because you liked sitting a rubber dingy and it was quite windy so he could only go downs too so he didn't manage to do it which was a chain but it's one of those things but he did go on the mickey side a few times and like that. But for him I mean for him. The pool was. 29:24.94 dclduo Ah, yeah. 29:30.54 dclduo Yeah. 29:38.17 dclduo Oh good. 29:39.50 Andrew Was brilliant. He absolutely loved the pools and actually it's not often that you can go on a Disney ship and at one point have the pool to yourself so on the last on the last night because we were late dining. Um we were doing bits and pieces throughout the day and we we went down the cabin and we thought oh most people gone down to a show. We didn't go and see this this show this time. 29:44.17 dclduo Yes, here. 29:58.32 Andrew Thought I'll just go on Deck just see what the pools are like anyway. So we walk up there literally The deck was empty just the lifeguard there. So like his eyes are I'm getting in that pool again. So he shot downstairs so got a photograph of him on the Disney Dream the pool on his own whereas I don't think too many. 30:01.87 dclduo Yes. 30:14.65 dclduo Oh I Love that? ah. 30:17.50 Andrew Ah, so that you're brilliant so he loved the pool. So amenity wise for us and and because it was a shorter cruise as well. Whether or not a longer cruise. Um you might you might think there is a lack of amenities but then depending on if you've got port stops and so on yeah like if you're on a cow Beingan Cruise 30:23.23 dclduo If he. 30:31.15 dclduo Right. 30:35.96 Andrew Might be one C day so you can use all the immunities then you import and might be a couple of days in port. So I think with what Disney do I don't think it detracts you know what royal car being do works for them and it yeah makes Disney different. 30:39.80 dclduo Yeah. 30:46.73 dclduo Right here. 30:51.61 Andrew Um, one thing we did do and we really enjoyed and it was actually one of the most enjoyable things that Airton did was the midship detective agency so we did a couple of those and he absolutely loved it and it's brilliant and literally it gets you going around the whole ship. You know you start off on the deck. Obviously. 31:00.31 dclduo Um, oh yes, ah I love that you got lots of steps. Yeah, you talked about the steps that you get when you're filming this shit. But. 31:10.16 Andrew Yes I did yes. Ah. 31:12.80 dclduo That's how I get my steps in on a Disney Cruise if I'm on the dream in the fantasy I'm doing the midship detective agency if I'm on the wish I'm doing. It's now the the uncharted adventure is the game on the on the wish. Yeah the magic and the wonder don't have one so then I have to go around. 31:15.20 Andrew Yes, doing the midship. Yes. 31:23.34 Andrew Um, that's why yes I've seen that? Yeah yeah, that's it picks you us see. Yeah, its that? Yeah, ah yeah. 31:30.34 dclduo Handing out magnets and just pixie dusting people to get my steps and but yeah I love that you guys did the midship detective agency because I think that's one of the best things about the dream and the fantasy and I I actually wish that they had put that on the wish instead of doing the new unchartered adventure it it. 31:40.75 Andrew It. 31:48.87 dclduo Very good in a lot of ways. But I really enjoy the midship detective agents which storyline did you do. 31:50.60 Andrew Yeah, it's yeah it is good. Yeah, ah so we did the paint so I'm trying to think we did the painting have gone missing. So I think it was Corella Deville and whatever you know they've stolen these my's missing paintings and whatever so we did yes so we did that. 32:03.16 dclduo Right? fantastic. 32:07.45 Andrew Um, and that was good and literally it gets you from 1 end of the ship from the top to the bottom and then it's good because you know you then bump into the same people that are doing it but they might be doing a different story and so that really workss really and that gets you then sort of chatting and yeah, obviously you meet all the people on board. So that's that's good. That's a laugh. Yeah. 32:23.86 dclduo Awesome I love that? Yeah I'm going to tell you next time you're on because a dream is coming back to Europe. So if you get on. Yeah, if you get on again I'm going to recommend doing the muppets one because it's even longer than the others. 32:26.56 Andrew Yeah, that is good. Yes, she is yes. 32:37.24 Andrew Now some now we didn't do the map that that was the one of the one and the muppets one someone now I'm trying to think there's something different with a mappp. Its one I can't remember whether you see a character or something or something happens isn't it. Yes, that's it. 32:44.51 dclduo Yes, there's 2 different things. There's a there's a door There's Pepe's door and there's and there's a showboard thing and so there's 2 things that are not that are sort of stationary objects that. Play into the solving the mystery right? So yeah, so it so it it takes a little bit longer because you have a couple of extra things that you're doing. It's it's probably it's the more if I was going to tell somebody with a younger kid to do it I would tell them to do either the the paintings or the puppies. 33:05.60 Andrew That's it yes. 33:10.76 Andrew Um, yes, yeah. 33:19.50 Andrew Yeah, yeah. 33:21.32 dclduo Um, because those are the more sort of straightforward Simpler storylines and then the Muppets one is a little bit more complex but it takes a little longer and I love it I mean they're all fantastic I will do ah what? yeah yeah. 33:27.35 Andrew It takes a little long. Yeah, that's right? Yeah, yeah, it's it's really good how they do that? Yeah because you wouldn't even like you know you're walking through you know from down the stairway. You wouldn't even realize that the mo the pictures they are moving are 4 something and then you realize you know the metal disk and the. 33:39.22 dclduo Yes. 33:43.82 Andrew That's why that's there. You just see you know you first go on there and you see these people standing in front of the picture just with this card up thinking what Earth are they doing. But it's yeah brilliant. So no, we really enjoyed that on Earthton They actually loved that So that was that was good. So. 33:48.63 dclduo Um, yeah, yeah, oh I Love that. 33:58.12 Andrew So yeah, a meanie tease I mean obviously they've got there. They got that it was sports deck you know I've got obviously the basketball court and obviously we love doing the we love doing the um, the crazy golf which is fun because coming back. It was so Windy Literally you're just chasing a golf ball around the deck most of the time. So ah, ah. 34:07.73 dclduo Um, oh yes. 34:13.38 dclduo Ah, yeah, yeah, this the idea of doing a putt putt or miniature golf. That's what we call it in the states. Um, you know at sea It is a little. It's a little crazy. It's a little crazy. Yeah yeah. 34:18.45 Andrew Um, yeah, yes, yeah, it is. That's right? Yeah, that's right you seeing golf balls just come flying past you. So yeah, so I didn't so we didn't We didn't feel. There was any time where we were kind of. 34:34.88 dclduo Right. 34:35.42 Andrew What should we do now kind of thing you know because it were a cut of times where we might just sit down. We get an ice cream get something. We just watch the world. Go by you know, watch everybody in the pool or or then go in the pool or the hot tub. So yeah, ameniity-wide I think Disney I think they do it. Think they do it. Well obviously you know there's there's yeah raw cabineans are nice and interesting but there could be and it'd be interesting to see with icon whether it's just too much. You know whether there's too many people and too much. So I think I think amenity wise yeah Disney are. 34:59.75 dclduo Um, yeah. 35:07.52 Andrew Go Thea The only would go had was would have liked to do the aqueduct. But maybe that's for next time. Ah. 35:09.36 dclduo Yeah, yes, yes, that's a good point you bring up about the aqueduc the the same thing happens with the aqua mouse as the aquaduct in in higher winds they do require 2 people. 35:20.33 Andrew Um, yes. 35:22.44 dclduo When when they're you're at port and the winds are not high. You can often go down just one person even though it's a double raft but they'll still let you go down 1 person. But if the winds are high then they need that extra weight to kind of hold that mouth right? You don't want to fly out. 35:27.62 Andrew Yes, they do yeah because there's like a part where there's It's far kind of open to the element so you going to go see people go flying out That's right? Yeah, but it would be That's right? Yes, yeah. 35:42.16 dclduo Is like parasaling at sea you know? ah. 35:45.76 Andrew Go over the pool deck you're fine if you go the other way. There's problems. Ah, ah, that's right? Yeah, ah. 35:50.52 dclduo Ah, yeah, that's terrifying terrifying. Ah so did you all get up to any of the um, any of the game shows on board because that's 1 thing of course that happens there's lots of these sort of family game shows happening. There's also. Bingo happening during the day. Did you engage any of those activities. Oh nice. 36:05.33 Andrew Yeah, we did so we did the we did the family bingo which is good I mean we didn't win unfortunately which my son was most disappointed about it where he was but we did the firm of Bingo and then we did one of the trivia. We did one of the marvel Trivias um, and we did disney trivia as well. 36:15.94 dclduo Ah. 36:18.61 dclduo Oh nice. 36:23.32 Andrew And we weren't so good at the Disney Trivia I got to say Marvel we weren't too bad but Disney we weren't so good yet. But ah, but half the fun is just being there and just it's the taking part and it's just it's nice and something different. So yes, so we did that and that's I like that as well. That's good because again it gets you. 36:28.92 dclduo Um, ah. 36:35.45 dclduo Um, yeah. 36:39.61 Andrew You know you sit you get chatting to people you know, especially yeah I mean you guys must know you know we got kids as well. You you know you just they go off playing. They find a friend and they start and you just you start chatting from there so and those kind of things are a good way of you know to awaken the ice kind of thing. 36:39.92 dclduo Right. 36:49.51 dclduo Um, yeah, absolutely oh awesome I Love that all right? Well we have to talk about food because it's. 36:55.94 Andrew So yeah, we didn't do that So we didn't we Yeah, we didn't enjoy that that was good. Yeah yes, yeah, of course it is yeah and. 37:04.70 dclduo Like my favorite thing to talk about when talking about cruising in general. but but um and and Disney you know they do food you mention rotational dining they do dining differently than other cruise lines. They don't have a buffet available twenty four seven like a lot of these other cruise lines have they don't have a buffet. 37:20.71 Andrew Um, yeah. 37:23.63 dclduo Any longer available for dinner even now it's only you know the dining room or you think there's some pool deck food available. Um and room services available if you don't want to go to the dining room. Yeah, but I'm I'm curious What you think about that sort of the the practice that they have as far as not having a buffet open all the time. 37:30.69 Andrew Yes, that's right yet. 37:42.41 dclduo And not having that available for dinner compared to the other cruise lines and then we'll talk about food quality out as well. 37:47.62 Andrew Yeah, yeah, so um I think I mean we didn't have an issue with that I mean obviously you got the pool side we did use um a little bit when I sat by the pool because that's quite good and we were late. We were late dining as well. Anyway, so you know of course by. You know by time you go running around the ship and whatever you know by six o'clock you're getting hungry naturally anyway, so would' go up and maybe get a hot dog or bur from there or slice to pezzs and whatever. So so that's good. Um Kabananas I mean Kabaanas was good. We use obviously in the morning mainly for breakfast and a couple of times during the day. Um, so that's good. 38:06.54 dclduo Yeah. 38:20.24 Andrew Don't really see an issue it not that it not being open. Um for you know, kind of you know, late into the evenings because again the pool side seems to be open to you know, kind of even after the late dining you know that was open to it seemed to be I'm trying to think what time but relatively like. 38:30.30 dclduo Right? Yeah pizza is usually open till 11 or 12 Yeah. 38:37.10 Andrew Yeah, it was quite It was quite late so that kind of makes up for you know, maybe having a whole buffet so that wasn't yeah wasn't issue 2 and as I mentioned before I do like the rotational dining and and their restaurants as well are just I mean they're just so good for the kids as well. Just you know, just the difference obviously um. Animator's palette was good, um, different to no I didn't realize I didn't I didn't realize it was different to the magic because obviously in magic yeah, you go on and obviously draw your character. 39:00.83 dclduo Oh yes, yes. 39:07.60 Andrew Whereas on the dream you get the couch comes around on the screen. So and that was good but that was brilliant because Airton loved that because they come right up to the screen and they start chatting to you know it's amazing how they know and how they do it but they start oh you in the blue t-shirt. What's your name and and everybody's there watching as well. 39:11.73 dclduo Um, right? yes. 39:18.47 dclduo Oh yeah, right? That's car. Yeah turtle talk with crush. Yeah, yeah, it's fantastic. Yeah yeah. 39:25.62 Andrew Yes, that's right? yes so that was really good. Yeah, that's good. So I think yeah I think they do that. Well yeah, right right? Okay, on the shore to one? yeah. 39:29.98 dclduo Yeah, they do both they do animation magic the drawing on the longer Cruise is when you're going to go there twice. They only but they only do the turtle talk on the shorter cruise where where you're only goingnna get to go to a well you might go to anim at met's palette twice but it's gonna be pirate night if you go there your second time. Yeah, so. 39:44.75 Andrew Yes, Yes, yeah, yeah, which actually talking about this talking about one of the things I did so they did do They did have the fireworks and they did have Pi at night. 39:49.64 dclduo Nice. 39:54.70 dclduo Oh nice. 39:57.40 Andrew So we did debate this before we went and we did so we thought well we had to do it so we did we all did our costumes and we dressed up as pirates. So that's it. So although haven't because it's been so hectic said to be about I haven't posted those yet but there will be some pictures of 2 pirates and but I mean pirate night was. 40:03.60 dclduo Ah, yes, but. 40:09.16 dclduo I Love that. 40:14.75 Andrew Brilliant and the fireworks were good as well. So that was yeah that was a really really enjoyable night and that was yeah that was good. 40:14.95 dclduo Yeah, oh I'm glad you got that because I know that in over in Europe They don't always do pirate night. It depends on the locations of where they are at sea and whether or not they're allowed to do fireworks at sea and and then I know uncertain. 40:25.45 Andrew Um, yes. 40:33.75 dclduo Cruises and in Europe they've previously done the frozen deck party and now they've introduced a new deck party called I think color the color something that that I've heard is not as good as more of a dance party than a deck birding. Yeah. 40:41.79 Andrew Yeah, that yeah, that's right I've read that That's right? Yeah so I think we were lucky if I remember I think I remember reading that they didn't do they didn't do the fireworks I think on the lower shower cruise because I think the wind was too. The weather is a bit rough. 40:53.89 dclduo Yeah, oh too high? yeah. 40:56.75 Andrew Yeah, and of course Bay a biscu so I don't think they'll bear a this guy I don't think they did their fireworks there but they we were lucky enough to see it and and the part night was brilliant and the pirate show was good that was yeah literally I mean if you don't get if you don't get involved in that. Well. 41:00.22 dclduo Yeah. 41:05.66 dclduo Right? So it's really fun. 41:12.83 Andrew Yeah, whether you're a big Disney fan or not. It's hard not to get involved in that so that was good. Yeah, we did draw that. 41:17.50 dclduo Yeah, did you get a feel. Um, did you get a feel for whether the folks on board were all just like die hard Disney fans or was this more of just like a casual. Oh the you know the Disney dream happens to be over here. You know it's an opportunity. We don't usually have let's just get on the ship and and try it out. 41:35.22 Andrew Um, I'm I'm going to say I would think the majority certainly seem to be diehard Disney fans from their Facebook group and all the conversations on there and there is a whatsapp group after that. 41:46.35 dclduo Nah. 41:49.20 Andrew And obviously everyone talking about pixie dusting and and and all that so it's like okay that was yeah, that's good. So you definitely definitely die hard Disney fans. Yeah, which yeah, so let's say the watch that group was. We're just thing with people hiding ducks or pixie dusting this and. 41:56.42 dclduo Oh I Love that I Love that. Um, yes, Ah, ah yeah, yeah, nice. 42:05.88 Andrew Magnets going disappearing from doors and being so that was which seemed to now be a thing. So yeah, so definitely die hard Disney fans I'd say yeah it was good. 42:15.20 dclduo Now Did you did you bring magnets to decorate your door I Love that you went full on on the pirate night but did you hide ducks hang magnets that sort of thing. 42:23.46 Andrew Ah, so we didn't do. We didn't do duckx all pit or pixie dusting this time whether we I'm debating whether we're going to go look at dream next year. Um. 42:29.64 dclduo Got. 42:32.90 Andrew Um, um, being on once it's like me being me, it's like oh just wish it a different if it's another ship then I'll be right? That's it straight but you know I mean to tick to tick that one off. But so in 2 Mars about that. But yeah, we did the magnet we put magnets on the door which unfortunately some of them did go missing. But it's just one of those things. But yeah, we did it before and I like that actually it's it's. 42:38.16 dclduo Another shift. Ah. 42:45.94 dclduo So all. Yeah. 42:52.29 Andrew It's nice and you know some of the you know some of the doors you walk past you know it's just incredible. Just you know what people do you know, especially being star wars fans as well. You know mandaloian magnets and Bob Fetmat and everything that's on the door. So some people you can tell really go to town. It's good. It's just another element which. 42:59.73 dclduo Oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah. 43:11.21 Andrew Again is different from what you get at you know on other cruise ships and you know you don't get that. 43:13.51 dclduo Yeah I don't I have not heard yeah I've not heard of any other cruise line where people decorate their doors with maybe the exception of if it's like Christmas time I think sometimes people will do a little bit more to put up lights or something or Garland or something but not. 43:26.74 Andrew Yes, yeah, that's right, yeah and I think and I think depending what some some of the forms read. There might be the odd pineapple on some doors. But then that's a whole nother story apparently but you know. 43:31.19 dclduo Yeah, ah. 43:39.67 Andrew But yeah Disney is the only is the only one where people go to town on decorating the the doors and that which is it just good it just again adds to the to the difference of it I think it really? yeah, it just adds to it. 43:42.38 dclduo Oh yeah. 43:49.33 dclduo Yeah I've seen some pretty cool um like these raised like a wooden Millennium Falcon hanging on a door. The coolest thing with lights and everything. Oh yeah, just fantastic stuff. Yeah I hope. 43:54.80 Andrew Wow! Really brilliant. Wow They yeah people need a whole suitcase just for the pixie dusting and the magnets and that I reckon now. Yeah yeah, yeah. 44:06.24 dclduo They do. It's crazy. It's gotten a little a little overboard I I love decorating our door. Um, but I tend to use flat magnets I've just bought a wooden magnet that I'm really excited about um, it's got like the mickey concierge keys and our family name and it says Disney Cruise line and it's ah. 44:12.98 Andrew Yes, yes. 44:23.70 Andrew Nice. Ah. 44:24.81 dclduo And it lights up. It's fantastic. But I can only take it if I'm going on a longer cruise because I can't fit it in a carry on soups like with all Mys up. Yeah yes, yeah, absolutely I'd love to hear what you thought about the food quality because you've got a lot of comparisons from all these other cruise lines. 44:30.52 Andrew Yeah, oh wait. Okay I when look forward to seeing a picture of that then on your next on Cruise then yeah, ah. 44:44.56 dclduo And you know I do hear good things about the quality of food on princess I've heard mixed reviews about the quality of the food on royal um I really don't know much about Msc and their food quality I'm curious as to what you thought about the food quality and also the food choices because obviously it's It's more um american food. Um, yeah, and so I wonder how that sort of lands on the Uk palate. 45:03.71 Andrew Yeah, yeah, yeah. 45:09.70 Andrew Yeah, So um, food's obviously important when you go on on a cruise um and being vegan as Well. That's obviously something that's kind of important because I look you know you need to know that you can you know you're going to have choices. Um, so when it comes to food I mean the quality is I would say very good. Um, I Ah remember saying this before and I'm going to say it Again. It might seem a weird thing but um, when we did Magic. There's just one thing I I could sense to food could be warm man and don't see it might seem it makes him a weird thing but I did it was exactly the same on magic and I was interested to see if it was and it was the same on this one. It's just. 45:37.35 dclduo Yes. 45:44.58 dclduo Um, oh interesting. Yeah. 45:48.65 Andrew I don't know for me. It's just light. The food could be warmer whether however they serve it or whatever you know, whatever they do, but that's 1 thing but certainly quality was um yeah, certainly quality was good choice. Um, so. 45:52.21 dclduo Okay. 45:57.85 dclduo Okay. 46:04.23 Andrew Children and whatever I mean that's it The choices there. That's just easy. Be yeah, whatever, exactly whatever that that's right, yeah and and but for for vegan it was. It was a little bit difficult I felt it was a bit more difficult this time too on Magic I felt that the so was really. 46:06.65 dclduo That's easy beat the chicken fingers burgers. 46:15.54 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 46:23.66 Andrew Really kind of knew what needed they knew vegan and you know they had it all in in advance kind of thing you know they come up to me maybe the night before say right tomorrow you're gonna be here here's a whole vegan menu. This is what got didn't get it this time I found it was a little bit more. It's a little bit more difficult with things this time. Um. 46:28.43 dclduo A. 46:37.24 dclduo You're interesting you. 46:43.39 Andrew And it kind of came to heads from the last um from the very last morning. Obviously we had um, we went when animator's palate for the last for breakfast. Yeah, so obviously you you get the breakfast menu and I asked what vegan menu there was what vegan options. 46:51.56 dclduo With a breakfast. 47:01.47 Andrew And literally it was soaed potatoes and that was it So I literally I literally had a plate of like Soed potatoes and hash brown which I thought okay no, that's right Whereass on Magic I Felt that. 47:05.64 dclduo Um, that's it potatoes Oh my God So not even like a tofu scramble or something like that's. 47:20.76 Andrew You know had the you know vegan Mic Mickey waffles with I mentioned it and it seemed a bit just seemed to be a little bit more difficult this time which I'd say I was disappointed on that score if there's anything to be disappointed on it. Kind of the food was just and it was a little bit more difficult choice wise um there are certainly options on the menus and whatever. 47:25.53 dclduo Yeah. 47:34.80 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 47:40.34 Andrew And then obviously went up poolside obviously which which I do remember for magic Um, you've got obviously they do the Beyond burger. Um, and it's it's signposted vegetarian Vegan pizza vegetarian pizza everything and it's signposted so it's that's like kind of a go to right going to go up and get a Beyond burger. 47:46.20 dclduo Right. 47:55.37 dclduo Yeah. 47:59.48 Andrew Vegan hot dog. That's good, but the restaurants this time I thought it just seemed a little bit more difficult. It wasn't very clear or even though that said there might be vegan options when you looked at what was there, there wasn't so you had to and I know you can kind of ask? Oh actually why I had this last night can you go and do this from this restaurant. 48:04.66 dclduo Yeah, there really weren't. 48:18.20 Andrew But you know when you're on a table and we weren't sat on our own so we with other guests as well. You know on the table so you'd want to be sat there waiting for your as well. All the guests are eating and they're kind of waiting. So I'd say that was there a little bit of a downside and a little bit. Not perhaps as good as how I found it on magic this time. 48:21.47 dclduo Okay. 48:37.76 Andrew Which was yeah which which I did notice. Yeah. 48:37.77 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah, that is disappointing I know you know Disney is usually pretty good with dietary restrictions and allergies and whatnot ah that there nobody's perfect right? and I do think. 48:47.38 Andrew Yes, yeah, exactly exactly. 48:54.90 dclduo I think also I think there's just to be perfectly honest, there is not a ton of american vegans. There are a ton of american vegetarians but there aren't a ton of american vegans and I do think that it's um, Disney's not catering as much to that audience maybe because of that. So yeah. 49:04.36 Andrew Ah. 49:09.31 Andrew Yeah, yeah, yeah, quite possibly? Yeah, that's right and of course because now they've just started like doing the Uk base cruises. Yeah, this are kind of like the second season as such, you know that might improve and obviously with the feedback and that they get. But yeah, it might be exactly as you say because there's not so many. 49:13.80 dclduo It's It's a bummer though? yeah. 49:21.47 dclduo Yeah. 49:28.44 Andrew American vegans they're not yet up there with maybe some of the other lines and the other lines are getting better I mean first time a crued to emmaee that was difficult last time with Emmaee it was a lot better. 49:29.68 dclduo Yeah up there. 49:37.31 dclduo Um, yeah, oh well, that's good. 49:42.12 Andrew Um, I mean with emsc but again, but with them Ac there's I'd go into the restaurant and fit the same table every night although they don't do the rotational dining such at the same table so you get the same servers and they knew and it was only on the second night when I mentioned someone said oh would you like to see the vegan menu and it was like you have a whole vegan menu. 49:48.53 dclduo Right. 49:58.10 dclduo You have a vegan that's amazing. 50:01.48 Andrew But where was this and and I kind of highlight to this brilliant. That's really good. But when you walk into the restaurant menu you get given a menu you it's not there so you wouldn't necessarily to know you're just going to look to see what the options are exactly. 50:09.30 dclduo Right? You would know what's the vegan option on there right? like when you go to any any restaurant that is you know, not a vegetarian or vegan restaurant. You're just going to look at the different items. Yeah oh interesting. Yeah. 50:19.61 Andrew Yes, yeah, exactly and they're gonna be heartlighted. Yeah, so yes I think the lines are I think the lines are are improving but it's it's still. There's still a lot of improvement I think can be you know can be done for sure. 50:33.49 dclduo Yeah, so you know the the last sort of category I want to talk to you about which I definitely know that you're an expert on is sort of the the look of the ship. The cleanliness of the ship those kind of overall aesthetics of the ship. You've got. So much experience photographing ships out of South Southampton and being able to compare them I'm curious. What you think you know you've obviously you you had a lot of experience photographing and then being on the magic and now you've got the dream and. 51:02.57 Andrew Yeah, yeah, yeah. 51:06.77 dclduo You know they are they are different of course dreams quite a bit bigger than the magic and you know very similar lines though you know similar in the the shape of the ship and all of that I'm curious what you think about the aesthetics of the Disney ships as compared to other ships that you have photographed or sailed on. 51:12.48 Andrew Yes, yeah. 51:25.28 dclduo And then of course the upkeep of those ships as well. 51:25.71 Andrew Yeah, so certainly and it goes back for yeah, it goes back to yeah wanting to go on a Disney Cruise set way I think there's still some of the most the best looking cruise ships I think and I'm you know and this is and I'm you know. 1 of my handlers is maritime geek and it's because I like ships and that's ah I'm interested in that but the Disney Cruise ships to me. They go park back to kind of you know lines like the you know ships like the Normandy the q e two that's the kind of feel they look. Yes, they're modern cruise ships. But. 51:42.80 dclduo See. 51:51.10 dclduo Right. 51:58.26 Andrew They look like a classic liner and I don't think I don't think anybody does funnels like Disney funnel that that those Disney funnels are just I mean the amount of photographs I got on this of just the Disney funnel in different light is just incredible. So. 52:02.43 dclduo Yes, yeah. 52:10.51 dclduo Just the finals. Ah. 52:14.21 Andrew I think yeah yeah know what they do and that's why also be so interesting obviously with wish and treasure. They've kept that kind of lay in there. They're modern ships but they've kept that aesthetic look you know you could see the silhouette of the ship and you know it's a Disney ship really interested to see what. 52:19.63 dclduo Yes. 52:26.60 dclduo Absolutely. 52:30.80 Andrew You know what happens with adventure and what they do with that because I kind of I've looked at kind of the oh I've looked at kind of some of the renderings I'm kind of like oh dear, it doesn't I Just hope the renderings are nothing like the ship's going to look like because I it's you know. 52:33.69 dclduo I Know I'm very sad about that. 52:47.33 dclduo I oh Andrew I'm with you. It doesn't look like a Disney ship to me right? and it just looks like a some monstrosity that they then put some Disney funnels on top of ah. 52:50.48 Andrew No. 52:55.79 Andrew Yes, that's right, yeah and I hope they're going to do you know a lot more to it and look disney do what they do so they probably will be fine, but the renderings I'm like oh dear I mean it's not so I wouldn't like to see it and even step on board. But as ships go that you know this? Um, um'm a big fan of the Disney ships and. 53:06.52 dclduo Ah. 53:15.28 Andrew Ah, loved ah loved magic. But I I think dream is probably 1 of the nice nicest ships of of being on in terms of cleanliness. absolutely absolutely faultless you couldn't yet there wasn't you know there wasn't any issue at all there constantly you know you constantly see the crew doing a marvellous job on there terms of up key. 53:24.24 dclduo Yeah. 53:34.91 Andrew You know again. Yeah, it's yeah, no issue no issues at all that cabin was cabin was clean, cabin was absolutely spotless. Um, and so yeah, no it. It's just basically kind of a bigger version of magic I Love Magic and I love I Love the bigger ship. Yeah, it's it's fantastic. Yeah. 53:40.80 dclduo Yeah. 53:48.72 dclduo Um, yeah. 53:51.13 dclduo I Love that. 53:52.90 Andrew It's yeah did yeah yeah didn enjoy it. Enjoy it getting around is easy some ships ah some ships take a little while to find yourself and to get around and find you know, get your bearings right? What deck is this on but literally you know within half a day 53:59.41 dclduo Oh interesting to get you your names. Yeah. 54:09.17 Andrew We we knew you know in even air soon we and we didn't I think we took the lift once and that was only to use a glass of it flis through all the time we're running up and down the stairwells. So that's it with your the children here. so yeah, so yeah and yeah, but I think there's some of the best ships at Sea I think cruise ships at sea for sure. Yeah, and I like the modern ships but Disney. 54:14.14 dclduo Oh yeah, um, it's beautiful. Yeah. 54:22.40 dclduo Oh. 54:28.77 Andrew To it. Wow and it's nice to see even with the newer ships. They're keeping that look even with the treasure they're keeping that which is interesting. It's the shame at gott camp because obviously the so we um crew or we would set we cruise on the thirtieth. 54:42.39 dclduo He. 54:44.31 Andrew And that was originally the day when they were going to do the announcement for the treasure wouldn't it so we were going to be on board and I think they were going to do a thing on board. But obviously then that that got canceled so that would have been interesting being sat on a Disney ship watching about watching the new one. Ah. 54:46.77 dclduo Oh yes, right? I got pushed. 54:58.82 dclduo Ah, yeah, well it's you know, of course it was on then on that following Tuesday and it's still online if you want to to see it of Matt was a fun video. Um, yeah, although i. 55:02.46 Andrew Yes, oh yes, yeah, and I've seen it. Yeah, that's right? Yeah, so yes, it was yeah. 55:12.33 dclduo You know there's obviously a lot of chatter in the community about it really being wished 2.0 and you know some folks are disappointed that it's not more different than the wish. Um and some folks are disappointed because they don't like the wish but you know we really we really enjoy it. Yeah. 55:19.35 Andrew Yes, yes. Yeah I have yeah I have seen that? Yeah yeah I have seen that yeah some people didn't yeah, didn't like the wish and I've heard a couple of times of people that been on the wish they've kind of said the so the quality of the furnishings and the fittings is it. Just feels a little bit cheaper than say the dream or the magic you know I mean it's just yeah and I've heard that from a couple of people. It's like oh that's interesting. Yeah. 55:48.67 dclduo Yeah, it's you know I think just the in the staterooms I don't think that's true across the whole ship but in the stateroom I Have to agree I Do think that the the quality of sort of the shelving in the cabinetry is a little bit less nice and. 56:04.50 Andrew Well I look at yeah. 56:07.18 dclduo Yeah, and it's also there's just not enough. It's not well designed as far as um, drawers and cabinets. It's there's just not enough storage in the staterooms even for a 3 or four night sailing which is what is doing and it's going to be interesting to see whether and I don't think it's going to improve on the treasure. 56:17.76 Andrew Yeah, really? Okay, yeah. 56:26.40 dclduo Which is disappointing because that's going to be doing the seven night sailings and that's ah and's gonna make for just a lot less organization. One of the things I love about Disney Cruise line and the furnishings is. They're generally very thoughtful and um, there's a you know? Yeah, we like to unpack like completely unpack everything and put things. 56:29.83 Andrew Um, yes. 56:33.32 Andrew Yeah, and he. 56:42.73 Andrew Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. 56:46.00 dclduo In drawers and hang them in the closet and and whatnot and I'm not sure that that's going to be possible on the treasure with 7 nights of stuff. Yeah, so we'll see. 56:51.99 Andrew Okay, yeah, with the light. Yeah and exactly that's right, yeah and certainly the cat uncertain are are so you know cabin on the um, the stateroom and the dream plenty of storage. Yes, there's only 2 of us. But I kind of you know, looking around I did a bit of view and can see even a few birth 3 even 4 of you on there. 57:02.20 dclduo Yes. 57:09.79 dclduo Um, yeah, yeah. 57:11.16 Andrew There's plenty you know plenty of storage and whatever so that oh that's interesting to to see that about the treasure. Especially here with the longer crews that's doing it have be interesting to see Yes, yeah yeah. 57:15.83 dclduo Yeah I storage on magic wonder dream and fantasy are all fantastic. All of them really really well organized. Well. Andrew is there any anything else about your cruise on the dream that we that you wanted to highlight that I haven't asked you about I you know obviously we've covered a lot of different topics and done some compare and contrasts. But you know I wasn't on the cruise with you I don't know. What were the you know the most amazing moments or even the worst moments frankly as well. I think those are sometimes important but anything else that I haven't asked you about that you wanted to highlight about it. 57:46.75 Andrew Um, yeah. 57:50.94 Andrew Um, I think I certainly enjoyed it get and I certainly enjoyed it again. Um I'd cruise on the dream again. Obviously she's back doing similar itineries next year so debating whether to do to do that or then maybe try a different line next year um 58:02.97 dclduo Um, yeah. 58:08.79 Andrew As I said perhaps if it had been a different ship. It would have been right? That's it booking straight away. But but we will see I think there's rumors that I think I've read on some of the forms and there's rumors that the following year might even be fantasy. The some I mean it's a long way ahead, but there might be there's rumors that it might be fantasy. It might come over so that'd be interesting to see. Um, it's good that Disney is still. 58:21.61 dclduo Um, oh yeah. 58:24.61 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 58:28.79 Andrew Cruising out the Uk Obviously I think it's proven that it's popular because I think the bookings Yeah, the the voyage is sold out very quickly. Um, in terms of okay in terms of the disappointment I suppose The only thing as I mentioned would be like the food on the on the final yeah on the final morning. It's a little bit. Oh that's. 58:30.88 dclduo Yes. 58:48.60 Andrew That's a shame but it was you know by no means room. The cruise is always gonna be highlights and low lights that would be the 1 thing um highlights would be we just we just had a fantastic time I've always wanted always wanted to take air and away on ah on a Disney Cruise so I've done it and he he loved it and. 58:49.88 dclduo Um, yeah. 59:04.79 dclduo I Love that. 59:07.25 Andrew Lisy and it was so nice because when we walked on there when we actually walked on their but the 2 highlights I'd say were basic from Airton when we went to walk on there and we're going up the airbridge and then he saw how big it was. He just looked at and he said wow it's just so big. 59:15.84 dclduo F. 59:21.90 Andrew And then on lips as we were walking off. It's like dad that was amazing. So and that's his 1 word when you're ask him like how' a Disney Crags and it's like amazing and that's what you want if they enjoy it then you enjoy it. You know what I means so that would definitely be the highlight. But. 59:26.61 dclduo Um, ah ah yeah, right? and you are okay with spending that kind of money ah is the ah well. 59:39.10 Andrew Yes, that's it Yeah, ah. 59:42.44 dclduo That's you know that's 1 thing we talk about a lot is you know the cost of a Disney Cruise is certainly a lot higher than other cruise lines. Um, even ones that are geared towards the same market like royal caribbean you mentioned. So yeah, it is hard to stomach. But. 59:49.13 Andrew Um, yes. 59:53.52 Andrew Yeah, yeah, yeah. 01:00:00.60 dclduo There is a reason why Disney can charge what they charge because when you come off and move off and you ask? Well we've come to that point in the show Andrew where I'm going to subject. 01:00:02.55 Andrew But there is a reason. Yes, exactly. Ah. 01:00:12.49 dclduo You too some arbitrary questions some arbitrary rules and a dash of judgment or the round we like to call rapid fire and so I am not all right I'm going to ask you some of your Disney favorites and Disney Cruise line favorites. 01:00:20.35 Andrew Okay I think I'm ready. Ah. 01:00:28.80 dclduo So we're going to start off with who is your favorite Disney character and when I say Disney that means anything Disney owns right now. 01:00:35.57 Andrew Ah, anything does it well then straight away. Let's probably change from one to send fort. So it's Bob a effect from star wars my favorite star wars character. So without a doubt that's it favorite Disney character yet. 01:00:43.15 dclduo Love it. Awesome! All right? Your favorite Disney movie. Yes, we did but you know now I'm we did ask you this before but we're opening it up to give you. 01:00:49.60 Andrew Oh now. Yeah I think you asked me this before and say um, oh you did. 01:00:58.53 dclduo More choices because you can choose anything from the Star Wars Universe now. 01:01:01.63 Andrew Yeah, world can teach anything from the stars. Oh dear. Um I gonna well I'm gonna say now I'm gonna say Rogue one I Really like Rogue one. So yeah, that's I'm gonna say that's yeah, that's that's there It is. 01:01:06.60 dclduo Oh I love that too. That's my favorite star wars movie. Not my favorite Disney but that's my favorite star wars yeah, love it. Our favorite Disney song. 01:01:14.11 Andrew It is mine as well. I've got to admit, yeah it is so yeah Rogue one for sure. Yep. 01:01:26.85 Andrew Do you know there's there's goodbom. Ah so I'm gonna um, gonna and I think on members So Fantasia is that the song from yeah that that's that's my favorite. Yeah from that that music from Fanasia is is my favorite. Yeah. 01:01:28.80 dclduo I know it's heart. Oh yes, oh love that. All right? Your favorite Disney Cruise line stage show now you've been on the magic and the dream you've seen a few different ones. What's your favorite of what you've seen. Ah. 01:01:50.54 Andrew Um, I'm going to say the Golden Mickey's because it was. It's the most recent probably uses but it but it was good. It was just good and it was it was what made it as well as just seeing the look on Edton's face when he realized it was a stage show. It wasn't like a cinema screen. 01:02:00.63 dclduo Um, yeah I love. 01:02:06.17 Andrew And these characters were coming on and all the piro techniques were happening. So yeah, definitely that because literally we were betty laughs and everything. So yeah, definitely that? Yeah, really enjoyed that. 01:02:11.87 dclduo Oh I Love that awesome. Well next time you're on the dream or if you're on the dream again I Would highly recommend you see Beauty in the beast. It may not be Erison's cupper tea but it will be yours. It's fantastic is one of the best stage shows at sea. 01:02:25.46 Andrew Okay, yeah. 01:02:30.23 dclduo Ah, in my opinion. It is the best 1 on Disney Cruise line just the sets the everything I mean it's just fantastic. Yeah. 01:02:35.60 Andrew Yeah, that's yeah, that was it. Yeah, that was the show that was there and it was literally was should go to the show or no, you've got the pool to yourself like was the poor winds so you know, but so. 01:02:45.65 dclduo And honestly that that pool decision is a great decision. We we like late dining as well and one of the things we love about late dining is that you can if you if you are skipping the show. Um. 01:02:49.86 Andrew Ah, yes. 01:02:57.75 dclduo It's a great time to hit the pool deck because the pools are empty. So yeah, we've done that ah ourselves a couple of times, especially we're on a ship where we've seen all the shows. Um, which is all which is now all of ah you know. 01:03:00.16 Andrew Um. 01:03:05.40 Andrew Yes, exactly So you don't necessarily use so you know you can do that? Yeah, so yeah, is yeah because it really when I still be late dining I was a little bit than thinking. Oh there's that yeah obviously with you know, Normally we don't normally eat that late at homes. It's like but it actually just worked because it was nice seeing the show beforehand. 01:03:17.37 dclduo Smart. 01:03:23.99 Andrew Then going for dining or whatever so there was yeah that really worked well so it would if we yeah if I when to do another one I'd probably opt for that or switch to that if I got the air and I think because that did work really? well. Yeah, um. 01:03:34.31 dclduo Yeah, yeah, absolutely all right Favorite Onboard activity is it just a favorite thing that you'd got to do together on board. 01:03:43.17 Andrew Got to do? yeah well I say midship detective agency that was good. Yeah, because it gets you around the whole ship and you see it's the ship that you might off Oh that's where that is so yeah, that was good. So yeah, we really enjoyed that that was fun that was fun. 01:03:47.49 dclduo Yeah, love that. 01:03:53.64 dclduo Awesome favorite rotational dining Now you can choose any of the restaurants that you went to on the magic or on the dream doesn't have to be just limited to the dream. So which was your favorite restaurant. 01:04:07.19 Andrew Um, let's trying to think Animator's palette I would say yeah on both and I did yeah animmate's palette. It's good because it's just it's just the whole atmosphere and you know whether you chew you know whether you a child or an adult. It's a nice fun. 01:04:10.24 dclduo Yeah. 01:04:22.95 Andrew Dining kind of scene and whatever an environment. So yeah, aim makes its pal out I think is is brilliant I think you know lines couldn't copy that. But I think I think othership of the lines can look at that and get queues for well. How can we maybe make the dining perhaps a little bit more interactive at it. 01:04:30.35 dclduo Um, yeah. 01:04:38.48 dclduo Um, yeah. 01:04:40.87 Andrew At times. So I think that's yeah, animated Palette would be my favorite. 01:04:43.90 dclduo Awesome. Okay, now you've been on one of the Disney classic ships meaning the magic class ships and you've been on a dream class the dreams ship you like better if you had to choose between the disney magic and the Disney dream which one would you pick. 01:04:54.17 Andrew Yep. 01:05:00.88 Andrew Ah I think it would be dream. Yeah, it just it just yeah magic was was was fantastic. But I think that's just that next classship I Just yeah, one of my favorite classesships I think of any. 01:05:02.86 dclduo Wow. 01:05:13.79 Andrew Of any passenger ship. So yeah, definitely the dream car definitely doing it. 01:05:17.78 dclduo Awesome! All right? This is going to be very controversial if you don't answer correctly. There may there may be consequences but um, tell me what is your favorite Cruise Line andrew. 01:05:22.58 Andrew Ah. 01:05:29.32 Andrew All my favorite clues on well I've really got to think about this haven't I now and but I've it. It's got to be Disney isn't it I mean it's just got to be Disney I don't want to cause contravertsy or anything you know? ah. 01:05:33.37 dclduo Um, yeah, ah, that's right? But what's. Favorite Cruise line after Disney what comes second if you were going to say I'm going to go on a cruise and I can't get on in Disney Cruise because they're not over here in Europe right now. What's what would be your second choice. 01:05:43.76 Andrew And after Disney. 01:05:50.46 Andrew So so my second choice I would say is one that I haven't been on yet but yesterday actually I was on board sky princess in Southampton because they had a family fun day. So basically the whole family could go on board and you could see what's there for and it was interesting to compare that obviously to Disney. 01:05:57.88 dclduo O O cool. 01:06:10.16 Andrew So I would say from from the ships and from the fuel I got it would be princess and I'm looking to that would be next year be looking either to maybe do princess or Disney it's I'd like to give princess cruisers a try. So and I think because the quality I think the quality on board certainly seems closer up there with Disney. 01:06:15.79 dclduo Wow. 01:06:25.98 dclduo Is he. 01:06:30.16 Andrew Um, and the technology they're using know with the medallion and things I think that's that's a good thing so princess even though i' not Cruise have been on a couple of their ships visits. So I think it's so yeah I think princess cruises. Yeah. 01:06:33.10 dclduo Oh yeah. 01:06:41.35 dclduo Awesome! Ok, the last question that I ask anyone who comes on the show and does rapid fire is your bucket list cruise and you know I I imagine this may have changed. You know it's constantly changing for me what my bucket list cruise is but. If you could go anywhere in the world and it could be on a Disney ship. Where do you want to go. 01:07:02.83 Andrew And now well I've kind of got to I definitely want to do Alaska so I think Alaska Alaska would be my family Alaskan Cruise um but then just above that would be Antarctica. 01:07:07.82 dclduo Um, oh yeah, yeah, oh yes, yes. 01:07:16.20 Andrew Think Antantarctica would be yeah and I don't think that's changed from from last time I think that is the definite. Yeah yeah, my definitely 2 bucket list crew is for sure. 01:07:23.50 dclduo Awesome Well, thanks so much Andrew for playing along for being a good sport even though I'm going to judge you a little bit for picking the Golden Mickey's instead of going to beauty and the beast blood but they're both real. You know it's a. Very fun show and frankly, if I was going to tell you 1 show to take iriton two I probably would have told you to take him to the Golden Mickey's it is a bit more of a kid pleaser perhaps than beauty and the beast. Um, so I'm glad you all had fun. But why don't you tell our listeners where they can follow along with your adventures where they can check out your blog. 01:07:45.90 Andrew Ah, yes, yeah, yeah, yeah. 01:07:58.61 dclduo And where you can be found on Instagram x all of the social media stuff. 01:08:04.30 Andrew Okay, so you can basically follow me everywhere on at cruise ship profiles. Um I'm on x as that and Instagram as cruise ship profiles as well. Um I've just started threads as well. So another yes, another social media. 01:08:16.99 dclduo Um, oh. 01:08:21.32 Andrew Outlet to try and keep up to date which I'm struggling to do at the best of times and I do have a Youtube channel as well and again you can either find that under my name Andrew Maccaine or just search cruise ship profiles and there's a lot of drone footage of the ships coming in and and out of South Hampton there so So come along and um if you're if coming from here do say hi. 01:08:41.37 dclduo Awesome! Thanks so much Andrew and thanks again for joining me today. 01:08:45.34 Andrew Absolute pleasure Lovely to chat to you and all your listeners.

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