November 12, 2023


Ep. 362 - Sigling to Reykjavik: An Icelandic Cruise on Disney Cruise Line

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Brian Sam
Ep. 362 - Sigling to Reykjavik: An Icelandic Cruise on Disney Cruise Line
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 362 - Sigling to Reykjavik: An Icelandic Cruise on Disney Cruise Line

Nov 12 2023 | 01:09:55


Show Notes

Chris joins us on this episode to share his family's amazing experience sailing the Disney Dream for 10-nights to Iceland. This is definitely a bucket-list Disney Cruise Line saiing and couldn't wait to hear about the ports, shore excursions, food and enterintment that Chris and his family were able to experience on this amazing DCL sailing.

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Episode Transcript

00:00.00 dclduo Welcome back, everybody to this week's episode of the Dc L Duo Podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and Sam we got more reviews to read on the air. We're going to keep putting them up front for now just as. Big. Thank you to everyone who's leaving us a review. We're so close by the way to 300 reviews I think we're 19 reviews away from 300 reviews which is unbelievable to me so everyone out there. Well it well, it's at least 300 I guess ah. 00:17.21 Sam Wow That many people are listening to us at least. 00:27.53 dclduo Few of those have probably dropped off over time you know, but now we're we're more than that I know I watch the listener stats but let's leave but let's read this excellent review that came in from s eba s e e b zero two a. Ah, we said again, but. Let's read this wonderful review that came in from s e b zero two a so so so but sobutu ah sobutua. Yeah, ah, anyway, it reads excellent podcast sam and Brian are so knowledgeable and really help you feel prepared for your next dcl adventure. Plus their excitement is contagious so you can't help but get excited about your upcoming travels I can't recommend them enough. What do you think? Sam good review. 01:03.57 Sam I Love it. Thanks! Thank you listener I appreciate it. 01:07.26 dclduo all right? all right well if you head over to Apple Podcasts and leave us a 5 star review I don't I don't read the other reviews on the air with a 5 star. You read it on the air. But. With that we got to dive into a really fun show this evening with a longtime listener right? Sam. 01:24.50 Sam Yes, I'm super excited. Our guest today is Chris who has been listening to us from the very beginning who has been a member of our Facebook group from the very beginning who has been like very active with us on social media. And I feel like I know him already. Um, although we've never met before today's recording in any way other than interacting on social media. But welcome Chris to the show. 01:54.94 CT Swiech Thank you so much. Thank you guys so much for the show too like it's been so great like planning the vacation time that we plan together. Um, the time we spend in that is priceless to me So Any resource that's out there doing work to. To help us better that time that we get to spend together I Really greatly Appreciate. So Thank you. 02:10.31 Sam Oh you're so welcome. 02:12.60 dclduo Well and I I want to point our listeners to something really fun that Chris shared with us way back when ah probably about a year ago now almost ah you did an at home cruise for your wife. And I just thought that that was so neat and so fun and we shared some photos in our Facebook group. So if you want to check those out. You can head over to Facebook I will try to tag them in some way or move them up the queue so we can all see them again because ah we were reminiscing about them today before the show. But what a fun idea. Yeah Chris. 02:39.97 CT Swiech Yeah, you know I just wanted to you know during the days where everyone was staying at home and I just wanted to. We're going to miss some family for holidays and it was a great way to to pick her up and give her something to stay focused on every day you know, just that's what it's about right? like just having fun together right? Whether it's on the ship Or. Or pretending you're on the ship I Guess in that case. 03:01.00 Sam Listen I'm going to say I'm going to say whole husband goals Brian Take note all right. 03:02.60 dclduo Um I don't know Sam and I usually just oh you mean you mean the homer Simpson Bart Simpson strangling one another that we do in our household isn't isn't that I am kidding I'm kidding everyone out there Sam only strangles me I would never I would never yeah I would never hurt her. Ah. 03:16.12 Sam Um, child abuse is not okay. 03:20.18 dclduo Well, we're excited because this cruise that you went on Chris is one that I really want to do but before we dive into talking about that cruise specifically we have to get your. Disney Cruise line creds your background with Disney Cruise line so how many cruises you've been on which ships what kind of itineraries tell folks all about your Disney cruising background. 03:39.20 CT Swiech So real quick I was blessed enough just to be a Disney kid like we always went to Disney world. My parents had annual passes for a while when we lived close down that way always at fort wilderness and you know when I walked on main street today I get all these vivid memories of me with my brothers and sisters or my mom or my dad. So. 03:54.56 Sam No no. 03:57.86 CT Swiech Ah, just Disney's got a special place in our heart we became dvc members back in 2011 and kind of set our course to become some serious travelers and since then I've been able to you know Disney's allowed me to plan a trip to Hawaii or California or Florida and then we've been on 7 cruises now and. 04:05.70 Sam Other. 04:16.84 CT Swiech None of them have gone to the same place other than a couple of stops at Castaway key so we've really taken advantage of that kind of we're we're always searching for what's the next itinerary that's different than the one we've done before although we hear Alaska calling us back. So. 04:31.60 dclduo Yeah, we we have not of all cruises I think we just said this on the on a show recently we have not to Alaska and we're like 3 hours away from the port. So we have to make this happen. We have slated it for 2025 because we're going to take. 04:38.54 Sam Yeah. 04:45.72 dclduo Ah, Sam's mom Nathan should be old enough to do all the short excursions that we want to do so we're excited to have it now kind of planned into the schedule because yeah I've been to Alaska before but I've never cruised in Alaska. Yes, yes, yes, many hit times. 04:47.30 Sam Yeah. 04:55.67 CT Swiech Have you guys been up to Vancouver that okay, because there's some great spots in Vancouver that's a fun city. So. 04:55.99 Sam Oh yeah, yes. Yeah, we we love it. 05:04.20 dclduo Oh yes, for sure. Yeah, well let's talk about this cruise you took it was an iceland cruise 9 nights. Do I have that right. 05:11.57 CT Swiech Um, no actually was a ten night that did France Iceland in Norway leaving out a Southampton and open ended into copenhagen. 05:14.45 Sam Yeah, amazing. 05:16.60 dclduo Ah. 05:19.72 dclduo And some of these ports were new for dcl or first time for Dcl I think is that right? yes. 05:25.97 CT Swiech Ah, well, they're all new for the dream because the dream is not done Europe except for the dry dock. It did during covid so um Sherbur France I think the magic had been there once before um rekjavik obviously has been done on the magic. 05:36.35 dclduo Okay, yes, yes, yes. 05:43.19 CT Swiech And you guys have been to ol listen. So first time for for the dream but not ah, not Disney but some of them are farther and fewer between for Disney. So so my wife and I had a trip planned in 2020 05:43.19 Sam Yes. 05:51.57 dclduo Well, how'd you land on this cruise Chris what attracted you to it. 06:00.65 CT Swiech Um, and that got canceled. Um obviously because of covid and that trip was out of New York going up the canadian coastline and that was that's kind of a that was the honeymoon. We ended up not doing so it's still that we're going to get back to that one one day for sure. But then after that we just kind of put a placeholder on A. Caribbean Cruise and then um from that it went we were actually on the last trip that was canceled for the wish so it actually overlapped with what was the first cruise that was the dvc one I guess it was the second public sailing. It would have been. Um, so that got canceled and with that Mickey issued a 50% off and when this cruise came out. Yeah, yeah, yeah for sure. So when this cruise came out. It had Normandy which is top of my bucket list. 06:43.96 Sam And that make you generous. You know at least from those curs. 06:53.39 Sam So. 06:55.70 CT Swiech It had Iceland which is the top of my wife's bucket list so we just kind of you know is one of those where you look at each other and you just hope the other one's going to say yes. 07:04.93 dclduo Nice, nice. So so give us the stops 1 more time that you that this crew stopped at. 07:12.65 CT Swiech Okay, so after it left out of Southampton the first stop the very next day was sherbourg France so the north of France um, popular there was obviously for us was to see Normandy then after that it was a couple of days at sea and it went to rekjavik. 07:15.71 dclduo Okay. 07:27.79 dclduo Okay. 07:29.91 CT Swiech The next day was supposed to be ice in fjoorder I'm sure I'm saying these wrong but I'm trying my best I promise ice in fjoordar and that was canceled. They're doing some dredging at the port there in in the harbor area and it is not done yet and a lot of cruises have been canceled over the the period of this summer 07:37.22 dclduo Okay. 07:48.54 CT Swiech Ah, for a lot of different companies trying to cruise through there and then ah so that one was canceled. It ended up being an extra day at sea and then we had acuriri which is in the North East part of Iceland and then a day at sea to olistund. 07:50.80 dclduo Okay. Okay. 08:03.17 dclduo Um, yeah. 08:06.70 CT Swiech Which is a beautiful little town and then a day at sea before landing in Copenhagen. 08:11.30 dclduo Okay, wow, that's that's a lot of area for the the dream to cover. So that's a that's a long sailing for sure. Well let's start off in sherbourg you said you did a visit to Normandy did you did you book that excursion through Disney or did you strike out on your own. 08:28.27 CT Swiech No I went on my own and that's actually the first time we've done ah any kind of excursion out on our own that wasn't covered by Disney so in all of our 7 cruises. We've always other cruises. We've always booked another port adventure or a port adventure through Disney. And this one right away I was looking and noticed that it was going to be a Sunday in France which is not the ideal time to be there in a cruise ship as a tourist. Ah even during the peak tourist season especially when they get out in the countryside of France ah, they like their Sunday time. Um. 08:48.82 dclduo Are. 08:59.26 Sam And Sunday family time Sunday church time that sort of thing. Yeah. 09:02.53 CT Swiech So lot. Yeah, but very traditional there still and so we ah and just time off right? like it's just important to recharge your battery. So um, but we ah I ended up looking and found through viator a tour guide his name was Mike. Um, and this will be a theme. We had a a dutch tour guide who spent most of his time in London before coming to Normandy so ah, not, you'll see how that's a recurring theme. Ah but he runs ah allied victory tours. 09:32.36 Sam Yeah, okay, yeah. 09:38.35 CT Swiech And runs a bed and breakfast with his wife there in Normandy and I will tell you if you're seeing Normandy without Mike you're getting whatever second best Mike was an absolute great tour guide. He does reenactments for world war ii battles in his free time. So he's kind of living and breathing it right next to their bed and breakfast. 09:46.21 Sam And wow. 09:57.50 CT Swiech Where they stay in the 1940 s like like it's blocked in time there and they they dress and do everything in that that style at the bed and breakfast and then right next to that. There's a woman in world war ii museum that they curate themselves and take care of themselves. It's. 10:01.38 Sam Wow. 10:14.74 CT Swiech It's ah supposed to be really great out that way I've read some really good reviews and then ah, but then he does the tours in between and he picked us up and took us out to the church at Saint Mary Glace took us out to see a couple of different monuments 1 to teddy roosevelt junior took us out to Utah beach took us out to the dick winters leadership memorial another memorial for easy company and the 5 up five sixth and then he took us out actually ah to omaha beach but on the way to Omaha Beach we stopped in a little town in France called. 10:30.43 Sam Um, no wow. 10:49.59 CT Swiech Ah, Insignney Do you know what Insignia is known for that's actually where the Disney family comes from and that's their history. So the family started there and came to the state. So that's where like the ancestral home of. 10:52.39 Sam No. 10:56.26 dclduo Oh. 10:57.52 Sam Oh that's crazy. Oh wow. 11:05.60 CT Swiech Walt Disney's family so we went by there and he talked about that a little bit which was a nice little. Ah, you know there was a little extra something because we were coming off the dream that he had worked out that stop and then you know we saw the american cemetery there at Omaha beach which was ah a very ah humbling experience. You know this isn't a day I would call his fun or great. But my wife and I both agree. This is the most important day we've ever spent on a vacation. So we ah we both had to really? Ah, we really value our time that we had that day and Mike did an excellent job so I can't ah. 11:26.95 Sam Isn't. 11:41.81 CT Swiech Ah, can't say enough good things about Mike. 11:41.98 Sam Well, that's fantastic. Yeah I mean you you think about you know going to Europe and people of course want to see like in the med they want to see the ruins. But if you're going anywhere near normandy I don't know how you can you know, go without. Digging into some world war ii history right without seeing where our you know where our men landed on the beaches you know and without sort of going to those museums and visiting those those cemeteries just those places of all those memories. And then to top it off, you get to see some malt Disney history too. That's pretty darn cool I mean like you said, maybe not fun in the way you think of vacation. Fun. But I don't know I mean I spent a day I remember when Brian and I went to um, our first time on a wahoo we went and saw the Uss Arizona right I mean it's like you've got to see. Parts of our history and these are important parts. 12:38.88 CT Swiech Yeah, absolutely I will say another popular stop there and my wife and I I'm already planning our trip back so we can see more of Normandy and then get to the next? Ah, ah lot of people tried to make their way out to is it called Mont St Michelle it's a castle in church that's out on the water there in Northern France it's just on the other side of I guess the cape that chairbog's on, um, another really popular spot. 12:53.68 dclduo Um, yeah. 13:00.26 dclduo Yeah, it's famous because the it's famous because the tide comes in and out in such a way that you can walk to the island for a portion of the day and then it becomes a true island for the rest of the day. Yeah, yeah, it's very iconic, very iconic. How did you? you said you found the excursion you did on viader which is. 13:09.55 CT Swiech He yep. 13:19.47 dclduo Great site. Um, but what what made you decide to strike out on your own as opposed to booking something through Disney was that that Disney didn't have the excursion you were looking for or cost like yeah. 13:28.72 CT Swiech So because Disney doesn't go into sher borg a whole lot. There wasn't a lot that was listed on the site and it was coming down and I was it was too important for me and my wife you know, even then when they posted like the HalfDay dd tour which was substantially cheaper. 13:34.98 dclduo Who. 13:46.61 CT Swiech Right? Then what we pay for our private tour. My wife said no no, no, this is way too important to you like don't even talk to like the dollars mean nothing at this point like do the right? do what? the right day is going to be um so that was part of it. The other thing and this is kind of a recurring thing I have this in my notes maybe to bring up later but it's worth bringing up now. Ah, the Disney dreams a little big for some of these ports so I will tell you if you're planning one of these trips. Um, ah sale concierge or be platinum or higher because a ice in fjordor. For example, there was nothing left when the gold. 14:10.31 dclduo Um, yeah. 14:13.60 Sam That's a good point. 14:15.78 dclduo Who. 14:25.33 CT Swiech Ah, booking window opened for excursions there were there were there were some but they weren't the ones that you know it wasn't to go see puffins or go see you know, go whale watching or do the things you wanted to do It was like go to a fishing village and smell fish. You know it was It wasn't anything that we were interested in I ended up looking. 14:27.19 Sam Um, Wow like no excursions at all and but people want right. 14:38.44 dclduo 12 14:44.96 CT Swiech For a third party and was waitlisted to go see a waterfall that was there because that was the only thing we could really find that ah we were interested since everything was gone so the Disney dream is a larger ship but Disney still bringing it through some of these smaller ports. So. 14:56.33 Sam Um, right, which is your I mean a big mixed bag right? It's nice to be on a bigger ship. You've got more amenities on the bigger ship than on the smellerships but you've got you know 1500 more people vying for excursions. And if the ports really small. Um, they really they can't ramp up their tourist industry for your ship for one day. It's just not possible. Yeah. 15:21.67 CT Swiech Correct. So the other thing too is Disney was doing their best job in sherbourg they were trying to add stuff. So even after like the 60 day mark we saw it like the 30 day and even the 20 day Mark we saw them add either more. Um. And it was clearly that there were ads and not people dropping off because of ah there were different descriptions and what we were seeing for some of the other ones that are booked early or so. 15:46.89 dclduo I forgot to ask Chris upfront. Um, we haven't had too many people on who've sailed out of Southampton because Disney when the magic was over there sailed out of dover in Southampton is a newer sort of departure port for them. How was the the. 15:55.34 CT Swiech You see. 16:02.34 dclduo Port itself and the experience of boarding the ship to feel organized and you know speedy or were there any snags and sort of getting on board. The ship in Southampton. 16:11.18 CT Swiech You know it was so quick and we got there about an hour after our port arrival time I don't remember being in the port very long at all like it. It was so quick that I remember taking the picture and getting on the boat. So ah, it felt like it was together really well. But we yeah we transferred from. 16:22.17 Sam Yeah, yeah. 16:28.61 CT Swiech Ah, London via stonehenge and saw stonehenge on the way out to Southampton which is a great way to see it because it's like 2 two and a half hours out of the city and making that round trip just to see it as a lot um to take the picture right? like so. 16:34.13 Sam Right. 16:42.46 Sam Yeah, and it's just like ah a very short detour as I understand in that sort of route from London to Southampton but I think Brian to your point I'm just going to answer Brian's question because I heard from another listener who we talked about who sailed out of Southampton that it was pretty smooth. And I do think that one of the you know one of the things that helped with that is they did those Uk stacations and they did some of them out of Southampton. So now they've got practice in multiple ports out of the u k. From doing that sort of pandemic time ukccations I think that probably helped. 17:17.79 CT Swiech I will say that coming in there. It felt like they had maybe 6 to 8 lanes open for security checks and that's usually a place where you bottleneck at at least the last time we went on a port canaveral that was a huge bottleneck for getting into the facility. Um. 17:26.11 Sam Um, wow. 17:33.98 Sam Yep. 17:34.65 CT Swiech And then since our number had already been called. It was very quick for us to get on after that. 17:37.56 Sam Awesome! So let's. 17:37.63 dclduo Nice all right? Well next up is wrecky a vik iceland would you get up to in Wrecky Vi was it a dcl excursion or one on your own and and would you do. 17:50.85 CT Swiech So this was a yep This was a dcl excursion that we did a ported venture through them. It's called the Golden circle and we did the adult only track for it. Um, it went through man these Pronunciationsingerville National Park which is a beautiful area where. 17:57.76 dclduo Okay, yeah. 18:07.66 CT Swiech Plates are literally ripping apart there on Iceland between the atlantic plate and the plate that the rest of Iceland sits on towards Europe and because of that there's these very dramatic cliffs. Um, it just is a beautiful area. It also so happens to be where iceland decided they wanted their independence. 18:10.65 dclduo Um, there were. 18:27.20 CT Swiech So as you're walking through the national park there. There's a spot where you can see that there's ah, kind of an area that almost looks like an auditorium seating where the the stones shaped that way and they've they've placed something on top of that now. But um, there's the icelandic flag there and that was actually where they decided that they wanted to be. An independent country. So there's a lot of really good history for the people of Iceland that are there as well. So that was the first stop the stop after that took us out to the great geyser there. Um I will tell you that that is one of the most reliable consistent I know old reliable old old reliable and kind of goes off by. 18:46.25 Sam Oh cool. 19:03.67 CT Swiech Least in our experience like clockwork 25 to 40 minutes this one goes off about every 5 minutes not nearly as dramatic is old faithful is although the tour guide claimed that it got to the same height I did not see that why we were there. It is a beautiful part of Iceland and they certainly have. 19:07.47 Sam Um, oh my goodness. 19:19.99 Sam Ah. 19:22.86 CT Swiech Ah, some really great consistency out of theirs. But you know maybe we could swap names. We can be the great geyser and they can be old fateful I don't know but um, it was ah, not not nearly as high as what we've seen out of old fateful. So after that we went on to ah Gulf Foss waterfall. 19:30.43 Sam I like it. A little bit. 19:41.45 CT Swiech Which was just absolutely breathtaking. It was a beautiful waterfall out there. Um, huge kind of that horseshoe style much like ah what you see when you're at um Niagara falls you know, just beautiful waterfall wrapped around. There's a great hike up to the top of it. A great hike. 19:53.49 dclduo Nice, nice. 20:00.62 CT Swiech If You want to get up close to it at a lower Elevation. We went down to that lower one there and then right after that they have kind of a gift shop and restaurant there and part of the excursion was to have lunch there before moving on to the next stop So We had like a time where we had to be back from the waterfall. And we sat down. Um, it's not a bad dining room. They offered you know tea and coffee and people had you know water and soft drinks I but I think they brought some you know beverages you know alcoholic beverages to folks who wanted to order and pay extra for it. Ah, but we had ah like a tomato soup and salmon lunch there that was that was nice. It was It was good. Ah from there we went on to geothermal power station as part of it and they talked about how geothermal power so much. They. 20:45.58 Sam Awesome. 20:45.90 dclduo Nice. 20:50.43 Sam No cool. 20:57.12 CT Swiech Pump out water through the whole country. Ah as heating from single spots because it will stay that warm because of what's happening underground and stuff like that and the temperature that it's coming out at but then they also release some of that into ah steam that turns turbines and they create all their energy off of it. So energy is very cheap there. 20:58.93 Sam Wow wow. 21:16.74 CT Swiech Heating is very cheap there um all because of what they're able to do with the geothermal activity that happens there in Iceland. 21:22.16 Sam Wow I Imagine their carbon footprint is probably pretty small too. 21:27.88 CT Swiech Ah, it is ah the problem is is in order for us to do that here. There's only a couple places where we could make that a reality and they're places that we've we've protected with you know National parks and stuff like that. So it's a little different. 21:33.00 Sam Right? right? We don't have enough geothermal energy right. 21:41.83 CT Swiech I will say different from there when you're looking at you know we went out to all these beautiful waterfalls and we're on the bus for a while out to these places because this is a long day excursion the golden circle. It's like ah it was an eight seven and a half hour 8 hour day that we were on the bus going from each of these stops. Um, and I would say that. 21:49.85 Sam Um. 22:00.57 CT Swiech Not as much wildlife as you see you know going to similar places here in the states or the places we've been because the only thing that's native the only native mammal to Iceland is the Arctic Fox everything else. That's there has been introduced like horses and um. 22:04.14 Sam How interesting. 22:18.68 CT Swiech Even mice or rats like that's all from coming off of ships and things like that. So I mean they've got birds and plenty of birds. But as far as mammals go. It's just the Arctic fox at least that's what we got from the tour guide. So. 22:29.42 Sam Wow! So you're not not seeing like Moose and things like that all around. Yeah interesting I wonder if they probably have some goats but they're probably like farmed goats I would imagine not yeah yeah, interesting. 22:37.44 CT Swiech No kind of different they have goats and cheap there but they're all part of you know, farming and agriculture. So um, after that. Ah they dropped us off ah kind of writing by this. Harpa Opera house in rekjaick there. So my wife and I who I'm telling you the pronunciation of these things. Um, we went and we kind of went into some of the shops there but then we hike kind of up a hill to a Helm Grim Ski Bell tower 23:11.33 Sam Sure we don't know how it's pronounce. So let's call it. We'll call it the Bell tower. Ah. 23:12.20 CT Swiech How house Crim House Sc crimgees ah I'm sure that's not the pronunciation right's so there's this beautiful church. That's an old church there in ah rekjavik it's kind of shaped like a triangle a very tall dramatic triangle with edges on it. Um, there's a statue out in front of it of. 23:26.27 Sam You. 23:31.85 CT Swiech A famous viking I feel terrible for not remembering the name ah leaf Erickson there's a statue of leak leaf erickson right in front of the church. Um, you can go up to the top of the bell tower and see the rest of the city from the top which was beautiful. My wife and I did that luckily there is an elevator. 23:37.71 Sam No. 23:39.77 dclduo Um, yeah, yeah. 23:51.20 CT Swiech Um, if there were stairs I would have gone anyway for her and then ah and then we went back to the harpa opera house where Disney ran a bus back and forth from the port to the opera house to get people down to kind of the cultural area of downtown reykjavik. So we did that went back and forth. So. 23:55.19 Sam Ah, ah. 24:08.41 Sam Was the was the port then in more of it like an industrial area nearby instead of like right in the city. 24:10.15 CT Swiech We went back to the ship after that. 24:18.51 CT Swiech Correct it was yeah it was a little more. It was a very big port that's out there for them. So the the bus is almost necessary to get anywhere where you can do and see things that are worthwhile to see and do while you're on vacation for sure. Um. 24:23.27 Sam Gotcha. 24:31.45 Sam Yeah, sounds like this was a pretty active excursion would you say or am I maybe misinterpreting. Yeah. 24:38.21 dclduo Me. 24:38.66 CT Swiech There was quite a hike. Yeah, there was quite a hike at some of the places not like I doing um is it the path of the trolls in Olsen is that what it's called. 24:45.69 Sam Oh well? Well we did. We didn't do the path of the trolls but we did the Pulpit Rock excursion in Steve Ongar but yes that's another one that is a longer a longer hike. Yeah. 24:47.91 dclduo Yes, but that yeah yeah. 24:57.73 CT Swiech Yeah, yeah, so not not as not as much of a hike as that but it was ah it was still a pretty good hike at different spots along the way, especially with some of the short windows we had so you could either stroll and see less or you could move it and see more. Um, it was a long day by the time we'd gotten to the Opera house before hiking up to the Church. We'd already known we were going to miss our main seating dining so we decided to you know Forego that we did what we you know we wanted to see Rekjavik and do those things because we had already missed dinner and then we went back to the ship and we caught you know, just chicken tenders from flows. 25:17.35 Sam News. 25:31.93 Sam Yeah. 25:34.62 CT Swiech Seemed to do the trick that night um Disney did do a good job of not scheduling anything in the ah the main theater that evening that was a you know a must see. 25:43.59 Sam Right? because you had a later all aboard time I presume ah you know? Ah yeah, oh Wow So you could really like you could go out to dinner. You know what in the town rather than go back to the ship. Yeah I bet the diners were empty. 25:45.66 CT Swiech Correct it is a later one there. It was like 9 or ten o'clock yeah yes and we did see that and a lot of the restaurants up and down the street that were to the church. It's kind of this engled road that cuts right through rekjavik that goes up the hill. 26:04.00 Sam Um, okay. 26:04.66 CT Swiech Ah, there are a lot of restaurants on both sides and we you know familiar faces from ah the the cruise ship for sure as we were walking by each of those ah those dining spots. It was 7 or 8 hours so it was a good full day. 26:11.49 Sam Awesome. 26:11.52 dclduo How long was the excursion you took wow. Okay, yeah, that's a full day yeah it looks like the ship was in from 9 a m to ten p m so that's a a 13 hour day for the ship. So that's that's a good chunk of time for sure. Um. 26:18.30 Sam Yeah. 26:29.95 dclduo All right? Well we know you missed your next port or the the dredging cause that port to be missed and then you went to and I'm going to butcher it now for you. Ah a carra Iceland um a acarri Acarri Iceland ah, would you there you go? What would you get up to there. 26:40.42 Sam Akariri acarri. 26:44.37 CT Swiech Sam's got it. Um, we actually did another similar day so it was another long day. It was a ported venture through Disney and we did what's called the jewels of the north um, another day of you know my wife and I you know like. 26:54.46 Sam M. 27:00.70 CT Swiech Kind of the contrast. You know we were in a couple of places where we saw like historical cities and did all that but we knew we wanted to just embrace the beatle kind of the beautiful world that god's given us why we were in Iceland so um, we went out and that port adventure takes you out to godfas waterfall. Which has a wonderful history. There. Um, we don't need to do a history lesson here but a beautiful area that's ah, certainly significant to that area in the people of Iceland. Absolutely beautiful waterfall that was a great day because we also had a photo pass member with us on that day. So. As we were hopping to the different stops. There were someone to take pictures of us along the way which was super great. 27:39.43 dclduo Oh Wow they sent the photopath showgrapher out on an excursion. That's I haven't heard about that before that's amazing. 27:42.78 Sam That's awesome. 27:45.97 CT Swiech They actually did that in Olson as well and actually the one we had in Olson was one of our favorite photopaths. Michelle was absolutely great. Ah, throughout the cruise there so she was ah you know that was one of the names I made sure I took down to get on the survey at the end. So if you're on the dream and Michelle's taking your picture. Um, she will take good care of you if you're nice and kind in return. So after we were done with ah godfass waterfall. We went out to there's some pseudo craters that are out there as they describe. So it's kind of a rolling green very green hill area where you can see some craters that are. 28:05.42 dclduo Wow. 28:05.44 Sam I Love that. 28:18.91 CT Swiech Ah, from time before but what it is is because of the wave ah from what I understand because of the way the lava moved underground kind of the ground caved in and created what looks like craters which is why they call it the pseudo crater area. Then oh boy, we went out to the dimu borderger dimmer borger lava field. Or otherwise known as dark castles. So if you search dark castles in Iceland you'll see it and it is there is an ancient lake that was there that had very cold water and it was very deep so there was a lot of water there and as the lava rolled across this lake the lake steamed and pushed the lava up into like. Tubes or pillars and these tubes and pillars are like 3 stories four stories high so it is absolutely It's very dramatic, very beautiful rock formations. It was absolutely beautiful. Well that's coming up next because my wife keeps calling. 28:58.70 dclduo Um, how. 29:03.55 dclduo Wow. 29:05.87 Sam And that's so cool. Sounds like something in a Star Wars I feel like you know. 29:16.60 CT Swiech Geothermal field at Heavy. Ah, she keeps calling the pictures tatting whenever we look at them because we went from this very green and dark rocked area to just over the hill and now all of a sudden.. Everything's very like tan and because of the mud pots and the the different. Ah um. Thermal geothermal features that are there that are you know, very like kind of ah sulfuring acidic. Um, if that makes sense so but another area that's beautiful in its own right? But every time the picture comes up on the rolling frame in the house. It's ah on the digital frame. She says oh look. It's us at tattooing. So. 29:42.40 Sam Um. 29:55.80 CT Swiech Which is great because she's not a Star Wars fan, but it's so on Brand Um, after that we went and had a sandwich over at this fo hotel in Mate Ma Maveton Ma it mave it maybe is how it said um the sandwich is actually made from this bread. 30:09.68 Sam Sure yeah. 30:13.93 CT Swiech That they make underground so they make the dough put it underground for several hours while the ground's warm enough and it cooks the bread and then they dig it back up and they make a sandwich with it. So yeah, so then ah. 30:21.26 dclduo Um, oh Wow Wow that that's that's different. Ah I mean I guess I guess the Hawaiians do the same thing with Pig right? I mean they buriey it in the bury in the sand. Yeah yeah. 30:27.99 Sam That's cool. Yeah. Yeah, listen, you can bury I mean you can put an egg on the ground and watch it fry if it's hot enough right. 30:33.91 CT Swiech Yeah. 30:37.90 dclduo The heart. Yeah, it. 30:39.14 CT Swiech You guys are going to get me in trouble because I'm going to talk my wife and a bearing something in her backyard and eatinging it this weekend. So after that yes, yes, very. 30:43.77 Sam And eating it. You know Kalu up work glue a pork is fantastic. It. 30:53.31 CT Swiech So after that we made our way. Ah back to the ship and had another evening on the ship. Um a couple shows that are worth talking about roller boys or we're in the Wal Disney theater um there were roller boys. There are a lot of folks that really enjoyed the concert I think it was definitely. 31:13.20 CT Swiech Are an event or a concert that the the younger crowd on the ship really really embraced and loved it. But it was a good pick I think they I think they operate out of London and they were on. Um. 31:16.50 Sam Wrote Roller Boys I've I've never heard of roller boys. You got to tell me a little bit more oh roller skates. 31:28.82 CT Swiech Well yeah, but what's the show. Ah Britain Britain's got talent but but they were on one of the talent shows. Yeah and they did pretty well on there and really they're singing Bruno Mars the backstreet boys in sync and moving around on roller skates not blades because they have more balance. 31:30.54 Sam Ah, oh yeah, like and look yeah Britain's got talent. Yeah. 31:30.80 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 31:48.24 CT Swiech Doing some of the choreography that they do but they're ah, kind of a cover cover Band they're boy Band on Roller skates I don't know. 31:54.73 Sam I Love it that sounds right up my alley I'm not joking I'm serious by the way. 32:05.65 CT Swiech See so that was a long day that was another like six and a half hour 7 hour day for that particular excursion and then ah yeah, we enjoyed. Ah we made it to dinner that night and had the show. 32:07.94 Sam Wow and then you had and then you and you had o listened as your final excursion before you hit Copenhagen. Of course what did what did you get up to in Olisten. We. We have been there on our Norway Cruise um and thought it was beautiful, but there's you know, obviously multiple excursions there. 32:32.90 CT Swiech Isn't olsson like 1 of the most beautiful like just picturesque towns that you can see anywhere right? Um, it was absolutely beautiful and I'll tell you after being in olassind. Um, we're we're putting a pin in ah you know a good like full nor regiongian fjord. 32:32.72 dclduo Oh yeah, this. 32:34.80 Sam Yes, picturesque. That's exactly the word picturesque. Yes. 32:48.61 Sam Um, yeah. 32:48.63 CT Swiech Excursion through Disney one day I don't know how that's going to work out with my wife being a teacher but it's on the list. Ah, but while we were there. We did another port adventure through dcl it was the giky in godo excursion. So we went to a lighthouse out on Godoy ass a beautiful lighthouse that's out there. 32:53.58 Sam Um, yeah. 32:58.81 dclduo Yeah. 33:05.48 Sam Um, this. 33:06.34 CT Swiech Um, and you actually go through several of the tunnels that go into the fjords to get there I don't know if you guys experienced that why you were there at all. But so so so there are what um, 240 33:12.90 dclduo No yeah, we stayed in the main. Yeah. 33:12.89 Sam We didn't do that excursion but I remember seeing that excursion. Yeah. 33:22.20 CT Swiech Thousand islands are 230000 islands that make up Norway and go around the country of Norway and there are like nine hundred tunnels half of those tunnels go under different parts of the fjords in different places to connect those communities together. So. 33:24.52 Sam Are you. 33:35.67 Sam Yeah. 33:37.63 CT Swiech Ollasund itself has actually spread out among 7 different islands that are out that way to make up the actual city limits or town itself and ah and or the 70000 people that live there and some of those ah tunnels can be as long as I think they said ten kilometers 33:44.35 Sam E. 33:54.88 Sam Wow. 33:57.55 CT Swiech Or was it twenty three kilometers and ten miles long is the longest I can't remember but we went through a bunch of the tunnels and even the tunnel like had a traffic circle in one of them which was crazy to see and then we went into you know, ah 2 tunnels later we were in a tunnel that was only 1 lane wide. 34:06.10 Sam If. 34:16.42 CT Swiech But had a couple of like poleovers and if you were if those poovers are on your right? It is your responsibility as you're driving down that tunnel to move over and park in that right shoulder and allow the car that's playing chicken with you to pass which was. 34:16.46 Sam It's crazy. 34:25.90 Sam Wow Wow! That's crazy. 34:28.58 dclduo Yeah. 34:33.44 CT Swiech Nuts for us to see because we're in North Dakota and there's plenty of passing space now you you can see your dog run for seven days um so 34:38.50 Sam Yeah, yeah, we we did get to. We did go through some tunnels in svangar when we were on our way out to where you do the hike to Pulpit rock. So we did see some of the some of the tunnels. But. 34:40.36 dclduo Yeah, it reminds me Sam We went to we? yeah. 34:52.80 Sam I Think the ones near olison. There's many more because as you mentioned there's just so many of these connecting or connected islands that are you know you have to go through the fewords. It's pretty cool. 35:04.26 CT Swiech Yeah, so we went out to ah Godoy and we went up to the top of this beautiful old lighthouse. That's there. Um, my wife it was one that she keyed in on right away because she loves seeing kind of old lighthouses and hearing the history of them and. 35:20.94 CT Swiech Just it's ah it's something she really enjoys. So um, why we were there again. We had a photo pass ah member there so we have some great pictures of us out by the water by the lighthouse and then after that um our excursion was supposed to then go to Gisky where we were going to go to. 35:23.63 dclduo Nice. 35:39.11 CT Swiech An old church that's on that island that's ah like very very old. Um, ah because we didn't go in I don't remember um but it's it's like the Oldest Church I want to say on that in that portion of the country. Um. But we didn't get to go in because there was a wedding that day. Um, so the the church had other things to do which was fine. Um, because we really wanted to see the lighthouse so but I know that there were some folks on the excursion that were you know they weren't weren't mad but they were certainly ah wish they had had the opportunity to see the church as well. 36:00.00 dclduo Blen. 36:15.20 CT Swiech Um, from there we went up to what's that high point right there in olsend. 36:18.52 dclduo Oh yeah, the overlook right over town I don't remember the name of it. But I know exactly what you're talking about we we took a picture from there of the ship. Yeah. 36:26.63 CT Swiech Yep, so we went up and took that same picture and in fact, after I'd seen you take the picture last year it had been something that like I was like photography goals right? like that I'm going to get up there I'm going to take a picture and there'll be pictures of us up there and we do have some great pictures of us from up there as well. Ah, we also you know again, the photo pass member Michelle that was moving with the excursions that day that we're going through there was up there and took some great pictures of my wife and I up that way after. 36:54.46 Sam Any any idea of like how Disney decides where to send a photo pass photographer or if I wonder if it has to do with what they're interested in doing you know themselves because they obviously then get to go along on the excursion probably at no cost because they're working while they are. Um, sure, no at no cost to them because they're working. But um, yeah, we we did not get to experience that we were of course on the magic. So. It's a little bit different. Um, but we did not experience any or and and did not hear of any photopath photographers going out on the excursions when we were in Norway. 37:29.78 CT Swiech So in our you know seven cruises. This is the first time we've ever seen the photo pass members out there but we tended to see them in the ones where there were relays coming from the boat right? like every 30 minutes there was a bus leaving you in the same itinerary. So for those excursions that were doing that that was where it was common. 37:35.28 Sam Yeah. 37:46.60 Sam Um, no. 37:49.39 CT Swiech Ah, to see a photo pass person. So I imagine they're usually the you know the the ones that are buses right? Obviously you don't want to be the last bus and you don't want to be the first bus you want to be in the middle somewhere. So you're at least catching those people as they're at each of those stops and have a little bit of overlap with them. But this is the first time we'd seen it. We saw it. Like I said we saw it in Iceland at acuriri and we saw it again at Olland and we were. We were super grateful for it because not only were there photopaths people out there but they were some of our favorites so that made for it made for a great time and you know a chance. Ah I always love the the relationships you build with some of those great cast members as always. 38:17.45 Sam Easy. 38:27.26 CT Swiech Something that's memorable I Think anybody that's listening to the show that's been on the cruise can think of somebody whether it's from their dining team or or from a character team That's ah, that's made their trip a little extra special. So. 38:37.21 Sam Totally I you know I wonder Also if it helps them sell the photo package just from like an economic standpoint right? Like if you've got not just pictures on the ship. 38:37.31 dclduo Yeah, for sure. 38:48.88 Sam With Mickey and Minnie were in front of those backdrops but you've got really good photos because you know it's a little awkward sometimes asking somebody to take a photo of you and I don't know how good your selfie skills are Chris but mine are not great. Brian's are better than mine I'll put that out there his photography skills in general are like. Leaps and bounds above mine. Um, but you know it's getting a good photograph at a really cool spot. It's really nice to have you know someone who with some professional experience doing that. 39:17.87 CT Swiech Yeah I absolutely agree you know we're we because we live in North Dakota and it's just me and my wife we don't do a lot of like we don't do the photo studio thing. So when we go on a cruise I just automatically on the spreadsheet the line item on there every time is. 39:28.10 Sam Right. 39:28.67 dclduo Yeah. 39:36.98 CT Swiech The photo pass because that's when we get those pictures. That's when we you know we do the white background the the dark backgrounds the the carrot you know the the ship backgrounds we you know we're usually pretty busy between dinner and the show of making sure we can get in the you know the pictures that we want to get so. 39:38.38 Sam Ray. 39:52.70 Sam Yeah, well you know I mean how else you going to get stuff to put on your Christmas card right. 39:58.44 CT Swiech Correct. Absolutely um, although I think my nieces are starting to think Mickey lives in our house. Um, so after he does he does. 39:59.82 dclduo Vice. 40:05.44 Sam Yeah I love it. Those are puts his hands in our pockets all the time. But. 40:06.57 dclduo He lives in all of our heart he lives in all of our hearts and bank accounts. That's where mickey lives. Yeah yeah. 40:16.90 CT Swiech So ah, but sometimes he hands out a coupon that gives you half off on a cruise. So so after the overlook there at olsen they took us back to the port and my wife and I decided to head back out because we had some time that was only about three and a half hour morning with them. 40:18.97 dclduo Yeah, there you go there, you go. 40:20.00 Sam That's that's right, We'll take it anytime he does that we'll take it. 40:32.50 Sam Me. 40:34.35 CT Swiech So we did some shopping and walking around Olson itself again, this was another Sunday so there were a lot of businesses and places closed so you know one of the things we left is feedback on the survey is really look at how you're scheduling these and if you're doing time in Europe with a ship this big. Um and you're going to these small towns. Maybe yeah. Maybe maybe see if you can shuffle around the days a little bit. Ah you know if these were Mondays instead of Sundays I think ah they probably had gotten a lot more guest satisfaction on some of the surveys they sent out. So. 40:53.13 Sam Right. 41:00.58 Sam Oh yeah, I mean you'd rather a sea day for you know if you've got to be there on a so if you got to be on the ship of course on a Sunday because you can't eliminate Sunday from the week but yeah give that as a sea day rather than a port day. 41:11.85 CT Swiech Yeah, yeah, um, so we got back. We did lunch on deck eleven spent some time in the stateroom. Um, we went out and that was the day they kind of did the twenty Fourth fifth anniversary pictures on that day because it was. The twenty fifth anniversary on the ship that day correct. 41:28.17 Sam Oh yeah, it was the twenty fifth anniversary of the magic right? So not just not just twenty fifth year right? which the whole season has been the celebrating of the twenty fifth year but it was actually the anniversary of when the magic first sailed. So. 41:30.28 dclduo Yep. 41:44.48 Sam Yeah, that must have been a nice little celebration. 41:45.59 CT Swiech It was. It was fun I like the extra touch I like the all the unique character pictures that you get on an event like that I will tell you that the hard part was is much like the crewise you guys went on because of where we were There were no fireworks on this cruise at all. 41:55.84 Sam Yep. 42:02.30 Sam Right. 42:04.68 CT Swiech Um, to include the twenty fifth or a pirate night. Um, so it was a little underwhelming. Obviously there was some chatter that it was ah on brand and part of you know, just like the fiftieth anniversary at Walt Disney world where it was. It was all merchandise and no you know in a couple of character. Costumes. 42:22.25 dclduo No. 42:23.41 Sam Right? ah. 42:23.82 CT Swiech So um, but you know I was grateful those that that's that's a planning thing that's for folks that are somewhere else. Ah when you're on the ship. You know we were just grateful that the cast members were working as hard as they could to make those opportunities available where they could for the families on on the ship. So um. 42:39.76 Sam And. 42:43.00 CT Swiech And then we had a ah ventloquis that night John Kimmens who was actually pretty good. We we enjoyed his show. It was pretty funny. So next day was a day at sea. 42:48.71 Sam Awesome! And then you're at Copenhagen I feel like we need to talk a little bit about what you got up to in Copenhagen and how long you spent there. 42:49.10 dclduo Nice race. 43:02.72 Sam Before we talk about of course some some of the other stuff that you got up to on board. The ship. 43:07.31 CT Swiech So we I will tell you I talked with Wes a little bit about this just to give you a heads up. We can talk about it for sure. But I just want to give you a fair warning there. Um, we just spent the one day in Copenhagen I'd made arrangements for a private transfer from the port to take us out to ah. Ah, New Haven which is the very picturesque um, different colored buildings that you see in every picture of copenhagen on that little harbor area there um, it was absolutely beautiful. A great spot in town to stay. Um I took her out to st. Peter's bakery was the first place I took her I was there we were there when they opened. 43:29.96 dclduo On. 43:41.67 Sam Oh cool. 43:43.75 CT Swiech Um, it is the oldest bakery in Denmark it's from like 1592 and their claim is that they made the first danish so I took my wife to have a danish danish um to make sure that and she absolutely she loved it. We we love that stop. 43:48.63 Sam Um, oh wow. 43:54.14 Sam Day. Ah. 43:55.45 dclduo Ah, religious, they just call it pastry there Chris. Ah. 44:01.00 CT Swiech I Don't you know I maybe maybe but they they were super great that I will tell you that it is worth going out and finding that place because it was very good. It was very good. It was special. Nope Never I've never had a better anything danish it was. It was very good. Um. 44:04.23 Sam Um, a. 44:08.55 dclduo Nice. 44:10.43 Sam Yeah, you never had a better danish danish. Yeah, ah. 44:18.61 CT Swiech We went out to the little mermaid statue after that again staying on brand since it was a ah Disney Cruise which is you know you take the picture and you move on and then we went through like an old military fort called ah the castalette went through Rosenberg castle which is kind of. 44:21.22 Sam Yeah. 44:35.24 CT Swiech I would say those the castalllette and Rosenberg castle together are a lot like the tower of London in two separate places. So the history is very similar so we were looking to mirror a lot of the things we did in London before the crews while we're in Copenhagen because they have royal families as well. So um, from there we went to the national museum. 44:37.67 Sam Is here. 44:47.93 Sam Cool. 44:53.39 CT Swiech Where we caught up with a tour guide that I had hired through viator um to take us around. Um we saw there. They've got a viking a new viking exhibit. They've always had 1 but they've refreshed it has these ah kind of these vignettes that are like you know 3 or 4 minute movies that are happening on the wall. And it's kind of this walking experience through it and they have an artifact from history. That's there in between for you to see and understanding. You kind of learned the life of this viking who was ah kind of a viking general that was trying to take the vikings around and invade rome. 45:28.88 Sam Oh wow. 45:30.83 CT Swiech Ah, to defeat. Ah the romans in the time that he was around but they never found Rome because rome's just not sitting on a coast right? So um, but you kind of hear the story of it and then it ends with showing you one of these ruined stones that were placed by this particular viking. They're telling the story. 45:36.92 dclduo I. 45:49.65 CT Swiech So that was kind of neat to see and then we spent some time looking at some of the different instruments they had from around the world in their collection with my wife being a music teacher. It's kind of something we always get after when we get into a museum that's filled with like kind of old culture like that. Um, from there we went to Christian Borg palace 45:56.22 Sam Yeah. 46:08.57 CT Swiech Which is really the center of all their government. The legislatures there. Their supreme court is there the the monarchy goes there and that's where their office is um, it's where there the monarchies like library and it's their palace. They don't live there right now today but they do have a lot of rooms that are like for them to have. Ah. 46:13.13 Sam Are. 46:28.10 CT Swiech A ball or ah, you know some type of state dinner or or when they you know do different coronations and things like that they use this palace for those types of events. So now you can also get to the top of that we used a copenhagen card. 46:43.64 Sam Oh yeah. 46:43.79 CT Swiech Which is like a lot of these city passes you see popping up in places these days where you can kind of play a fat flat rate and you then can use the card at multiple places and obviously it drives traffic for maybe some of the places they get less folks in but we use that at several of these places that I've mentioned but that helped us get to the top where you had. 46:43.91 dclduo Maybe move. 46:54.52 Sam It is. 47:03.20 CT Swiech Really one of the highest points in the city and had a great view of the city and you could even see the bridge that connects Sweden to Denmark which was a neat thing to see across there. Um, then? ah we went by the church of our savior. That's there in. Um, denmark it kind of has that in Copenhagen has that twist at the top that's very visible people go up to the top I wasn't going to the top of it because I'd had about twelve miles on my feet at this point and again I gave. Yeah I gave the opposite look to my wife the one where I looked at her and she knew right away. The answer was no. 47:21.46 dclduo Oh. 47:21.60 Sam Oh cool. 47:27.56 Sam Yeah, yeah, this sounds like a long day. My goodness. 47:35.90 Sam Yeah. 47:36.20 dclduo This. 47:38.33 CT Swiech So opposite of the cruise and then ah we went back out to na haven and hit a couple of shops so I could bring you know some danish chocolates back home to my family and for my wife and then ah we hit a local restaurant. There was it was a mcjoe's choice. It was called it was kind of a local pub. 47:44.68 Sam I mean. 47:56.55 CT Swiech Where my wife had schnitzel and I had this crispy pork which is the national dish of Denmark I I don't recommend it. Um, it was it was it was crispier than I was prepared for crispier than I was prepared for so anyway so that was copenhagen and then we flew out the next morning. 47:59.83 Sam Yum! Oh no bummer. Oh okay, all right interesting all right. 48:15.21 CT Swiech And we actually we flew through Paris and had an 8 hour layover there? Um, so we got I arranged for a tour company to pick us up take us around the city for about 4 hours and bring us back because after covid I wasn't wasting an opportunity if we were in Paris ah together for the first time. So. 48:17.33 Sam Nice. 48:30.52 dclduo Yeah. 48:30.73 Sam Yeah, oh that's awesome. Um, so I want I want to bring up 1 thing that we talked about you know before we started recording and I don't want to go through your entire um time pre-cruise in London because so we know that you. Actually did an episode recently with the dcl dude and covered all of those those fun things. But I want to highlight 1 thing that you did because I know you learned about it from this show. And that is tea at Fortnum and Mason and I hear it's now become a favorite of yours and of your wife's. 49:03.15 CT Swiech Yeah, that was a great experience. You know it was we were when I was planning that part of the trip that was the day we got off the flight where we got there at about seven thirty in the morning because we had a direct flight from Minneapolis and I wanted to plan a day that was. Ah, zero thought was needed only following the phone to the places we needed to be when we needed to be there so we went out and saw abbey road that morning and then from there we headed in and walked. Ah, we walked through this the shopping area. Um. 49:35.26 CT Swiech Forget the name of it. But it's right off the street. There's a couple of arcades that lead off of it and there's a variety of shops but it comes right in there to where fortnham and mason is um, Fortnham Mason that's a great little shop. We walked around for a while and kind of took in. You know what? the place looked like and. How it was and my wife looked at the cookbooks for a while and a little bit of time by the stationery and some of the different jams and jellies. You know, just kind of took in the store and then we went upstairs and man isn't it decorated so nicely with like the the butterflies and the piano going and. You know everything that they have up there on that that floor there. It's beautiful. 50:09.17 dclduo It's it's also really gorgeous at Christmas time. They're really known for their what they call their Christmas hampers which a hamper is ah like a wicker picnic basket that they deck out with a bunch of stuff and they unfortunately don't ship those to the US but ah, they're also known for I don't know if you caught. 50:17.51 Sam Yeah, yeah. 50:23.63 Sam You can buy them and take them back with you but you would have to put them in some kind of like box because they're huge right? So it's not like something you could easily like stick in your suitcase. True. 50:25.88 dclduo Chris yeah. 50:32.43 dclduo Well so some of that some of that stuff can't come into the us though Sam because of the the fresh fruits and vegetables and stuff like that. But anyway the other thing they're known for is they I thought they have some over the top chocolate displays like at easter time they have. 50:38.82 CT Swiech Depth. 50:45.45 CT Swiech Even if. 50:48.73 dclduo Not not your standard like Cadberry Easter Bunny but like things that are hand carved and stuff like that. So it it is a fabulous store is a fabulous store in my opinion. Yeah yeah. 50:57.83 CT Swiech Yeah, that's great and you know we did a lot of research on it after hearing it from you guys and like I booked that pretty early. Um the coronation chicken is right is second to none I love the coronation chicken and the scones I'm still dreaming about the scones I'm a clotted cream first. 51:06.12 Sam Yes, oh my God yes. 51:15.65 CT Swiech My wife is crazy as crazy as one can be because she did it both ways and was happy with it both ways and refused to pick either way. So she's an anarchist in our home now with her clotted cream. 51:20.95 Sam Ah, oh my goodness. Yeah, so she'll go jam first clotted cream first who to you know you know what I will tell you Chris I am a clotted cream only not just a first but an only. 51:25.29 dclduo No, no, there's there's a. 51:36.30 dclduo Oh ah, no, ah, that's worse it. Yeah yeah I was just yeah, that's worse that's worse than doing the cottic clotted cream Second Sam Oh that's so this clotted cream but a dollop of sour cream on a chip and eat it. That's what that sounds like oh. 51:38.74 Sam I Don't do the jams and jellies I Love Ah, but. 51:39.94 CT Swiech I'll take my anarchist I'll take my anarchist Brian. 51:44.32 Sam Now it's so good and you we do it all the time Bret. 51:51.97 CT Swiech I enjoyed the coronation blend. My wife had the Victoria Gray we both enjoyed them both. Um, it was yeah it was great. It really was and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention blessing and Ivan were the two we had that day and they were amazing. 51:52.56 dclduo Go. 51:54.66 Sam Yeah, all the teas are fabulous. Yeah. 52:06.93 dclduo Nice. 52:08.36 CT Swiech They were absolutely amazing and and made us feel very welcomed and you know, kind of walked into the place and we'd at that point I'd been up for about 38 hours and we're having afternoon tea and they just have a way of making you feel comfortable there. You know there's no. 52:08.52 Sam Um, ah. 52:15.45 Sam Sure. 52:24.73 CT Swiech It didn't feel like there were any prerequisites other than going and having an open mind to enjoy T and I don't I'm not a tea person at all before this moment but we've already ordered tea from fortnham and mason and had it delivered and I'm on my third cup. So oh wow. 52:35.31 Sam Ah I love it. Yes, our first time when we hit did it? yeah. 52:37.69 dclduo I signed up for a subscription t service after we got back from ah London the first time. Yeah, it's since gone out of business. But ah yeah, and we invested in a really nice teamaker too. So yeah. 52:46.53 CT Swiech Yeah, that's awesome. 52:46.79 Sam Yeah I I will say I highly recommend for anyone who's doing tea at fortnham and mason for the first time just do the regular afternoon tea service. You do not need to do any of the the add on ones unless you want you can do the one that has like champagne added on if you want that. But you don't need I would not recommend doing like the savory one I would recommend just doing the regular standard afternoon tea. It's so fabulous and the sandwiches the scones, the pastries the the cake every I mean it includes everything so you really. 53:21.97 CT Swiech And and anybody anybody who doesn't think it's enough like just let go of that. Let go of that like I'm ah sometimes I have a big appetite and I was worried that we were just going to grab something after and there was no room. We didn't even finish the top plate matter fact, we packed most of it up and took it back to our hotel. 53:24.12 dclduo And. 53:24.62 Sam Oh my God Yes, it's a it's a full meal. 53:34.63 Sam Yes, yes. 53:39.91 CT Swiech And finally got some great sleep in and that turned into a picnic at about eight thirty at night because we were too tired to go anywhere else. 53:45.55 Sam Ah, yeah, so well of the sandwiches. So the the sandwiches and the scones they'll bring you more of the the petti forres or or or pastries. 53:45.71 dclduo Well and and the hidden secret is they will bring you more of anything So it's yeah yes. 53:58.96 Sam Um, and the cake they don't but you do not need more of them because they give you like so the portions are really really generous. But yeah, the sandwiches if you for example, love the coronation chicken like we all. Do you just ask for more coronation chicken and they'll bring you a whole plate of just the head if you want for your second plate. So. Yeah, really fantastic stuff. 54:17.59 CT Swiech They did have a great like strawberry tart off on the side that they brought to us that was absolutely amazing as well. So um, yeah, go to fortnham in mason it's ah it is the experience. You want to have. We've already recommended it to a couple of friends that have gone through that area here. 54:21.88 Sam Who yum. 54:32.77 CT Swiech In the last month since we returned and they've enjoyed it as well. So. 54:34.36 Sam Nice. 54:35.81 dclduo Nice, go ahead Sam if you want to ask her. 54:40.11 Sam Ok, so Chris 1 thing you know we've talked a lot of course about what you did off ship. We haven't talked that very much about offship. But why don't you give us maybe like 2 or 3 highlights of things that you either did or maybe it's show you saw. Um, or something onboard that you thought was particularly memorable from this cruise. Obviously the ports are the stars when you're in Europe and and you know same goes for Alaska and some of these other destinations. But of course you're on the beautiful Disney dreams. So there's got to be some good stuff going on there and we you know we have talked about a couple of the. The variety acts but I'm curious. You know, maybe 3 favorite things. 55:22.31 CT Swiech Okay, I'm going to name. We'll name 3 things I don't know if they're favorite things. We'll name through things. Um, the first one. The Golden Mickeys We haven't seen it in a while because of the different chips. We've been On. We've spent a lot of time on the magic. Ah and the fantasy as our last few cruises. So. It was great to return to the Golden Mickeys We really enjoyed that. Um, we Also my wife really enjoys that anyone can cook so we did the anyone can cook several times on our sea days. Um, the highlights being. Ah. 55:46.16 dclduo Oh yeah, yeah. 55:54.94 CT Swiech The Apple strudel and the chocolate lava cake with ah chef jesmmin was super great. We also really enjoyed doing the midship detective agency because we hadn't done that in a while. It's just a great way to stretch your legs when you're at sea too if you can't find an activity you want to do. Ah, that's never it's never a waste of time It's always important to save puppies and find the missing props. Um, and then ah. 56:16.79 Sam Yes, that's right I mean especially spending your time with the muppets I don't know how anybody wouldn't want to spend their time with the muppets I will note Nathan keeps asking me because he can't remember what the dream and the fantasy look like because he hasn't been on them in a while and he keeps asking me which are. Ah, ships that have the midship detective agency because he really he remembers the midship to see detective agency but remembers nothing else about the dream of the fantasy. Yeah. 56:44.67 CT Swiech Yeah, so then the other one I'll bring up is the day between reckjaic and ay that turned into our extra day on the boat. Um I got hustled into doing the aqueduct in °F and um. 56:57.64 Sam Sweet. 57:02.21 CT Swiech That was that was cold that was cold that was cold but my wife wanted to go. 57:03.13 Sam I Love that. 57:04.80 dclduo I you know I meant I meant to ask you know I meant to ask Chris packing for this like how I mean you're it's ju it's July right? So you'd expect it to be warm in many places but how cold did it get on this cruise and like as. Suspect sherbog for instance would have been a fairly warm day. Ah, but iceland I don't know how cold it gets I've been to Alaska a few times or's been. You know ° in the middle of the summer and people always think of that as a cold place. But how do you think about packing and what was the weather like overall. 57:39.80 CT Swiech So it was pretty diverse. There were. 57:43.18 dclduo But sorry Chris I accidentally muted you sorry I was trying to mute me and I hit yours so you want to unmute and start again. The little um there you go start sort again. Sorry. 57:52.53 CT Swiech And got it so so there were olympic packers I will call them that we're talking about how they only packed in carryons I don't know how they did that because for us like I said with the pictures it was important for us to do. You know we tried to take advantage of as many of the opportunities that are on the ship and that includes semi-formal and formal night. Our our nights for us I think I wore a tuxon or a suit on 4 different nights just because that's when we get pictures. It's um, you know we don't have a lot of opportunities to do that and. Town we live in North Dakota so we take advantage of it whenever we travel and there's an opportunity where it makes sense to do it. So for us, we packed as much as you absolutely can I think we had 3 checked bags that were at max size and max weight that we were constantly shuffling stuff in between to. To keep it at weight and then we were trying to keep a carry on empty. So we could bring back? Um, whatever souvenirs we found along the way which then drove me to like you know at Fortnham and Mason take a good look at that lemon curd jar and decide I'd rather pay shipping for this. Ah, then take on the weight for packing so we were packed quite a bit. We both brought winter jackets. My wife did not bring a stocking cat even though I recommended it but magically there was 1 available for her made out of icelandic wool. 59:07.17 Sam Ah, yeah. 59:21.54 Sam Yeah, yeah. 59:23.78 CT Swiech As we were running through a port and she was grateful for it because we did have some colder days so there were some days where it was in the 40 s with ah a pretty healthy wind. So um, yeah, it was quite the ah um from warm days in London or sherborg all the way to. Ah, colder days in Iceland for sure. 59:40.78 Sam Yeah, yeah. 59:47.75 Sam Brian you're on mute. 59:51.16 CT Swiech We also ah you know another thing I packed up was ah again, the photography goal. So I don't know if you remember but I reached out on the Facebook group and I did do some so um, some time lapsed. 01:00:01.60 Sam Oh 3 60 video right or time lapse videos. That's right. 01:00:05.64 CT Swiech Time lapse videos of the ship coming into ollisten where actually ended up being the best ones I was able to get because the the light was at the right place the timing worked out good. There's plenty to see as you're coming in and out of that that area there around the the fjord so that actually turned out the best I think we had some a little bit of footage in Iceland. Ah, as far as the time lapse but I pack a lot of ah I pack a dgi pocket for a walking shooting when we're we're on our tours and then I use the ah gopro for some time lapse stuff as the ship moves. So. 01:00:29.79 dclduo M. 01:00:40.40 dclduo Yeah I had to find the setting to turn the blinking light off 1 time because it was up against the window and it was destroying the footage. But anyway, um, same anything else. You want to ask about here before I move us over to rapid fire all right. 01:00:47.17 CT Swiech That's funny. 01:00:49.72 Sam No I think you can yeah. 01:00:54.20 CT Swiech Um, can I mention before we go into rapid fire. There's 2 things um that I think that are worth. 01:00:55.61 Sam Sure. 01:00:58.24 dclduo Ah, yes, here, let's let's set let me set that up for you have a better question answer so Chris before we before we head into rapid fires subject you to Sam's torture anything from the crews that we miss he wanted to be sure to cover. 01:01:11.11 CT Swiech Yep, so the first thing is that I'll mention is they did the laundry service that you've been seeing on Twitter they did it twice so for 30 articles of clothing for $25 and they did it twice on this cruise. So it's popped up a couple times. Ah Wes has shared it out. 01:01:21.52 Sam Wow. 01:01:28.39 CT Swiech Ah, from the dcl dude ah Scott shared it out from the blog. Um, and that was super valuable for us. So when you talk about the packing and some of the some of the challenges with packing. It was nice to have that service so we took advantage of it both on day three and day seven where the 2 times they offered it on the cruise. 01:01:33.30 Sam Um, that's awesome. 01:01:47.36 CT Swiech And we did take advantage of that and that was really nice because it's a lot of people. There's not a lot of laundry facilities and it is a longer trek for sure, especially with the folks all coming over to Europe as well. So ah. 01:01:53.85 dclduo Yeah. 01:01:55.97 Sam And yes, yes, they do not have the fairy Tale Laundry room like on the wish it is and that is the best laundry room at sea it does it does. Ah. 01:02:04.15 dclduo Which just makes laundry so magical. Ah. 01:02:07.63 CT Swiech So then the other one I want to mention real quick if I can I mentioned Michelle from the photo team but I have to mention Erin from the entertainment team and the character team. She was so great and we saw so great with the families that were before us and after us and you know even though it was just me and my wife gave us the same magical experience. Anybody else had that was in line. So. 01:02:17.82 Sam I Love it. 01:02:26.75 CT Swiech Ah, we're really grateful for that too. So if you see Aaron on the Disney dream like know that you're in good hands and ah make sure that ah make sure you're gracious with those ah those cast members because they are super great. 01:02:36.38 Sam They are awesome. Shout out to Rebecca who's on the entertainment team on the Disney dream as well who has been on our show who's also fantastic. 01:02:36.52 dclduo Nice. 01:02:45.77 dclduo Yes, yes, even though Sam is diligently preparing paperwork to file a lawsuit over her rapid fire round against Rebecca Misappropriation of her intellectual property note Rebecca we love you I will be reaching out soon to have you back on the show. Well. 01:02:54.18 Sam That's right she did steal my rapid fire. That's right. 01:03:02.91 dclduo With that Chris I think we have reached that point in our show where I need to hand you over to Sam for some arbitrary questions some arbitrary rules and a dash of judgment or the round we call rapid fire so sam take it away. 01:03:11.90 Sam All right? Chris you've heard our show. You know what's coming you need to tell me your Disney favorites and Disney Cruise line favorites. Let's start with who is your yeah. 01:03:19.51 dclduo No, what no one knows what's coming Sam No one expects the Spanish inquisition all right? No one expects the Spanish inquisition. 01:03:24.87 CT Swiech No one has notes ready to go based on listening to previous episodes either Sam. 01:03:25.68 Sam Ah, are that's right? Well I do met listen I do mix it up on my questions. You know all right? Let's start with our standard though who's your favorite Disney character. 01:03:41.64 CT Swiech I really want to take some liberties here, but okay, so then I have Disney Marvel Pixar and star wars ready to go so we're gonna go chip andale from the rescue rangers Captain America the Lightfoot Brothers and po dammer and. 01:03:43.81 Sam You can listen anything that Disney owns counts as a disney character in my mind start. Yep you. 01:03:57.60 Sam Oh my goodness I love it. But Captain America he's also my favorite Marvel so I have to give you bonus points for that one. All right favorite Disney movie and again same rule. It doesn't matter what you know it doesn't matter what intellectual property group it's within if it's long as it's under the disney umbrella. 01:04:16.98 CT Swiech We'll do Aladdin we'll do Aladdin animated or live action. They're great. Ah, the the comedy from the genie. Ah the carpets dramatic pauses. 01:04:17.90 Sam You can even choose like Anastasia which became a disney after yeah, all right. 01:04:28.52 Sam Yeah. 01:04:31.53 CT Swiech Ah, you know the love story between Aladdin in Jasmine the all great all greats. 01:04:33.30 Sam Yeah, it's got everything. Yeah I disagree with you on the live action. But I'll but I'll I'll give you a win because I do love the animated original All right favorite. 01:04:44.90 dclduo Well as you know Sam I'm I'm going to start letting people pick I mean if you're going to go that wide I mean Chris said he was a big football fan. So maybe super bowl. Whatever off of vspn counts I mean that's a Disney owned property right? I mean at least for the time being. 01:04:55.38 CT Swiech I Have a mickey vinyl nation that is the new England Patriots here. It must be downstairs somewhere. 01:05:02.16 Sam Ah, all right, all right? Well let's let's not get too far afield. What's your favorite Disney Song Chris oh my god yes, ah. 01:05:10.38 CT Swiech Okay, ah stand out from the goofy movie is very great but going the distance and happily ever after have special places in my heart as well. 01:05:19.52 Sam Love all of those and power line forever. That's all I'm going to say all right I know you love songs I know you love shows. Obviously your wife is a music teacher. What is your favorite Disney Cruise line stage show and don't disappoint me Chris. 01:05:22.49 CT Swiech It gets. 01:05:37.50 CT Swiech Ah, for me, it's going to be tangled I Love all of the technical features of beauty and the beast but the thugs are amazing and and Maximus is amazing. I'm going to go with ah my. 01:05:38.32 Sam All right. 01:05:44.96 Sam Ah, they are amazing. Yes. 01:05:49.98 CT Swiech If I was going to pick an old one. My wife's favorite was toy story and that one was great too. It's rest in peace. But um I'm going to go with ah I think I get to go with tangled. 01:05:53.55 Sam Yes, all right? That's a good one listen I bonus points for you know Maximus I I think it's the the sort of I'll call it. Puppetry is fantastic. All right. What is your favorite rotational dining on any of the ships. You don't have to limit this to the dream. So any ship you've been on. Um. 01:06:18.32 CT Swiech So I'm going to go through a puzzles I'm going to follow that up like we like the classic ships we have not been on the disney wonder it's our original ship but we have not been back on it since Alaska so we haven't had a chance to enjoy tianas. 01:06:35.23 Sam Um, the on us. Yeah. 01:06:36.27 CT Swiech So we're looking forward to that at some point. But for right now I think I'm going to go with repuns. Um the characters The the menus for both the the birthday menu or the ah the other menu. They're both great I Love ah rapunso Yeah, the lanterns at the tables like how do you go wrong. 01:06:43.69 Sam Um, the thugs. Yeah yeah, a frying pan I mean who doesn't love the frying pan right? Yeah yeah, great. Great answer all right favorite space On. Any Disney ship. Yeah. 01:07:01.21 CT Swiech I'm going to go with the ah the quiet cove pool the adult pool sometimes I just like sitting out there and whether it's a conversation with somebody else who's also a Disney fan enjoying the cruise or it's ah you know wearing my headphones and listening to some great music and just ah getting a chance to. To let go I'm going to say my favorite space is the quiet cove pool. 01:07:21.39 Sam I Love it all right? We got to talk food now a little bit here. Favorite sweet item versus favorite savory item. So first let's start with your favorite sweet item. 01:07:30.36 CT Swiech Okay, so okay, so everybody's correct answer is Paulo souffle. We will also accept the chocolate chocolate it but we will also accept the Apple fritters. 01:07:38.43 Sam Chocolate or amaetto all right interesting. Oh what about the Oreo cheesecake on embarcation day lunch have you had that. 01:07:46.86 CT Swiech That they do at lunch at the royal palace if you've not had those before we tried those on this groove. Not as good as pelos who fly I'm sorry Sam I'll take the I'll take the lots of points there I'll take the negative points. 01:08:01.42 Sam Ah, all right? all right. Favorite savory item on board. 01:08:06.20 CT Swiech Um I have ah the anti ah pasto that you kind of have at Pallo you know the procheto and the palm and the the different oils are great. Um I Also really enjoy the pork chop at Animator's palette. 01:08:10.52 Sam Yeah. 01:08:16.83 Sam Yeah, that's a great one too. All right? This is a tough 1 wait have you been on the wish yet I can't remember not ok, ok awkward dunk. 01:08:27.51 CT Swiech I Have not. It's the only one we haven't been on. 01:08:34.87 Sam Versus aqua duck which one is better Aqua Duck thank you in your face Brian in your face all right favorite ship. Yes, exactly yes, exactly listen. 01:08:37.21 CT Swiech Aqueduct Aqueduct Easy Easy aqueduct. 01:08:45.13 dclduo Wait hold up hold up. You've taken to taunting me now and not just the guests. Okay, all right? Well I'll just make sure to leave in all your ums and os within this next. Edit there you go. 01:08:53.34 Sam I'm we're married for a reason. Okay I'm allowed to. 01:08:59.43 Sam Ah, favorite ship. Chris. 01:09:03.18 CT Swiech We really like the classic ships. They really are so great and you know, no one. Ah even the details like knowing that they've ah added a weld mark to the wonder. So it is truly the sistership to the magic like just those things there's a quaintness about it. There's something great about when those ships are in ports. 01:09:15.28 Sam Um, yeah, yeah. 01:09:20.90 CT Swiech Um, they're just beautiful ships and to even at 25 years old the magic is a beautiful ship at Disney's done such a great job taking care of her. 01:09:27.38 Sam She is she is I I wonder if you'll have a favorite really but well and I obviously the magic is essentially your favorite now because you haven't been on the wonder since she her updates that gave us the french quarter lounge and Tiana's place but I do wonder. If you will love the wonder even more than the magic. Once you see those spaces and experience Mardi Gra Knight in Tiana's place because it's fabulous. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. 01:09:51.68 CT Swiech I may but the treasure is pulling at so many heartstrings right now with the things that they're advertising and some of the things that have come out leading up into what what is now next week's event. So. 01:10:04.36 Sam Yeah, all right? Well more on that. Um on another show. So let's talk the last question of my rapid fire as you know is your bucket list. Cruise if you can go anywhere in the world on a Disney Cruise ship where are you going. 01:10:19.35 CT Swiech Ah, either a nor regionent fjod cruise or I would love an australian that's 7 nights or longer I know that there's an opportunity there to double dip I just want I want that good seven night itinerary that's hitting enough different places. So when Disney's done building market and they're. 01:10:25.95 Sam Um, yeah. 01:10:32.60 Sam Yes. 01:10:37.23 CT Swiech Doing seven night cruises there in Australia will be will be definitely looking for that. 01:10:43.65 Sam Awesome! Well thank you for playing Chris you did very well I'm going to say at rapid fire. Um, better than Brian would do I might say. 01:10:51.48 dclduo Hey hey, hey, hey hey hey come on now come on now be nice to your producer here I make the on air talent sound good I think so Chris I always like to ask at the end. What's next you got something. 01:11:01.82 Sam Fair enough. 01:11:08.39 dclduo Out there brewing and planned. 01:11:10.35 CT Swiech Um, you know I have a few right now I think our next we we're going to spend some time in South Dakota next year with my wife and her parents on a beautiful lake a Disney italianion though it is ah Sylvan Lake which is where they filmed. Ah. Entering into the city of gold in national treasure two. So there's the Disney tie in for that trip. But I have a trip coming up where we're going to take ah my sister and her nieces and put them up in our you know one of our dvc we're going to do a grandville either at the riviera. 01:11:29.67 Sam Oh cool. Yeah. 01:11:29.81 dclduo Oh yeah. 01:11:45.40 CT Swiech Or the animal kingdom lodges coming up here the year after next and we'll we'll probably my wife and I will escape away on a cruise after that whether it's a seven night or a for night I don't know yet, but we'll see we'll see but we have some other vacation goals that are in the hopper right now before we yeah. 01:11:46.32 Sam Well fantastic. 01:12:04.77 CT Swiech Before we're on another cruise ship but we will be. We do have a ah placeholder so we will be going again. So. 01:12:08.80 Sam Yeah, it sounds like you want to check out the treasure probably So oh yeah, lighthouse point. Although. 01:12:09.25 dclduo Nice, Nice. Yeah, yeah for sure lighthouse point. 01:12:13.52 CT Swiech And that new Island right? Lighthouse point is I've been looking at a lot of stuff there. 01:12:20.40 Sam Although unfortunately from reading the tea leaves. We don't believe that the treasure will be doing many stops at lighthouse point. That's not to say it will do none. Um, there will probably be some double dips kind of like the fantasy does with 2 double Dis to cast away key. However, um, we we anticipate the treasure will be. 01:12:33.79 CT Swiech Pain. 01:12:39.84 Sam Generally going to castaway and not going to lighthouse point. 01:12:42.93 dclduo Although it is so interesting to me about lighthouse point because lighthouse point is practically on the way back for the for the treasure on the Eastern Caribbean side of things. So. Maybe we'll see a few more double dips on that side of the house than we think. But um I'm sure it has to do with capacity and timing and all of that the cruises out of Miami so we'll have to wait for more itineraries from ah from Disney here in the near future. But. 01:12:57.14 CT Swiech Um, if. 01:13:06.17 dclduo Ah, Chris I just want to thank you for taking the time to ah to come on the show and share your fabulous cruise and and your experiences with the with Disney Cruise line we just really really appreciate it. 01:13:14.72 CT Swiech No I just want to thank you guys again? Seriously you know anybody who's investing time that leads to my wife and I getting a chance to reconnect she works so hard as a school teacher and all the other things she does with the music community hair in mind out that keeps her busy and my my work has me traveling quite a bit. Ah itself. So these these times that we get to reconnect and you know the the time that passes when we're working so hard listening you know to shows like this or like Wes's or you know even the the rope drop guys and are close to you guys as well. So those are all great resources that are out there and we appreciate you guys and. 01:13:47.70 Sam Um, yeah. 01:13:51.18 CT Swiech What you put into the show and I'm going to say real quick. They make it really easy to be a Patreon. So if you're not a patreron get out there and be a patron for Dc duo. 01:13:58.32 dclduo ah ah I more appreciate that we have any impact on anyone's vacation in a positive way because I'm sure some of our tips have led to personal ruin for some but anyway, but the nonetheless. Thank you Chris. 01:14:00.16 Sam Ah, thanks. Thanks! Chris. 01:14:05.39 CT Swiech Oh yes, Thank you.

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