November 17, 2023


Ep. 364 - A Krause Mouse Adventure: Talking Disney Cruise Line with the Krause Family

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Brian Sam
Ep. 364 - A Krause Mouse Adventure: Talking Disney Cruise Line with the Krause Family
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 364 - A Krause Mouse Adventure: Talking Disney Cruise Line with the Krause Family

Nov 17 2023 | 01:09:49


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Alan and Rachael from the Krause Mouse Adventure vlog join us this week to chat about their family's recent Disney Cruise Line adventure, a 7-night Western Caribbean sailing on the Disney Fantasy. Come hear what they think about DCL, and what they got up to on their most recent Disney cruise vaction. From ports to food, shows to onboard activities, we're cover it all with this fun dynamic duo.


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Episode Transcript

00:01.25 dclduo Welcome back, everybody to this week's episode of the dcl duo podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and Sam we got another review lined up this week I guess I want to highlight these reviews are from like December of 2022. That's how many we have to get through here. So ah, but I hope you're ready. This one comes from booker d who writes great stories and great insight. Lots of valuable content about all things dcl and beyond I love the combination of news updates trip reports and always lots of laughs. Well we do aim to bring a little humor to the show mostly for me say I'm not so good with a humor I'm kidding. But. 00:20.59 Sam Ah I'm ready. 00:37.21 Sam Um, hey yeah, you're so rude. 00:38.75 dclduo Ah see I'm already laughing so I'm bringing the humor there you go? Um, but we have a fun show aligned up today with some fabulous guests. The brains and talent behind Kraus Mouse adventures on Youtube I want to start by. Welcoming the Krause family to the show. Welcome guys. 00:58.65 Alan _ Rachael Hello Good to see you hi happy to be here. 01:03.32 Sam Yeah, thanks for coming you guys. This is awesome. We love talking to fellow Disney content creators and fellow lovers of Disney Cruise line of course. Um, why don't you Alan why don't we start with you. Why don't you tell folks, you're Disney and Disney cruising. Background. 01:22.40 Alan _ Rachael Sure? Well um I grew up in San Diego which is pretty close to Disneyland and my dad was a dentist and every year we'd go to the anaheim convention center which was right across street from Disneyland so of course we'd have to go to Disneyland and that kind of started me on my Disney Journey and then right now we live in Irvine which is about 15 minutes from Disneyland so we take our kids there a bunch. Um, we've been to Disney World a few times with them and on a couple Disney cruises and to alani and enjoy sharing our Disney experiences on Youtube. 01:51.30 Sam Awesome Rachel what about? Um, why don't you tell us how many cruises you all have been on with Disney Cruise line and then if you have any other cruising background. 01:58.40 Alan _ Rachael Sure so this would be actually this was our my third cruise their second cruise I did one cruise earlier before we were married. It was a eastern caribbean on norwegian with a friend. I didn't remember too much from the cruise we'll just put it that way. Yeah, so I couldn't say if I loved it. Didn't love it. Would go back again. But then it is a family we decided I don't even know exactly how we said we wanted to do a cruise but in 2019. 02:14.47 Sam Nice Ah, you were is young and single at the time. Ah. 02:33.80 Alan _ Rachael Our girls at the time were 7 and nine and we thought yeah it was a perfect age. We thought okay let's do this cruise and we all loved it. Got you had to at that time. Do the placeholder in person. Um, and we got the placeholder and we thought okay somewhere in the next two years we will do another cruise. 02:34.15 Sam Not perfect age. 02:44.65 Sam Who. 02:53.59 Alan _ Rachael However, we all know the pandemic hit and we did not do a cruise unfortunately because I really had a fear of getting stuck on a cruise ship like I know other people would I enjoy that but I have to get back to work. There's no way I could be gone for like 2 plus extra weeks and just. But that out of our minds and then this time our daughter was having her bot mitzvah and she said she really wanted to do a Disney Cruise to celebrate and that's how we ended up doing this cruise. 03:17.98 Sam Oh I Love that. 03:22.46 dclduo Well mazel hav to your daughter and celebrating bat mitzvah. Yes, our son is on path to well soon we'll be on path for a bar mitzh and what 3 years Sam for four years three years three years yeah 03:23.88 Sam Awesome! yes. 03:30.50 Alan _ Rachael Um, page. 03:33.63 Sam Yeah, three years it should be through well yeah should be 3 years from this fall. So yeah. 03:34.42 Alan _ Rachael Service. 03:37.37 dclduo I too am pushing for a Disney Cruise to celebrate I have been told we cannot hold the ceremony or the party on board the ship which is really cramping my style but you know we'll have to figure that one figure that one out. 03:42.48 Alan _ Rachael Ah, yeah, ah well we had a small celebration at our house but our main celebration was on the cruise and I think that's what we'll do with our second daughter who is 11 03:52.92 dclduo Nice. 03:54.70 Sam Um, yeah. 04:02.24 Alan _ Rachael And she wants to do the treasure. 04:03.10 Sam Nice So good timing. She's got just a couple years and so the treasure will have been out for a little bit by then that'll kind of be perfect. 04:09.26 dclduo Party may have to be a lot smaller too given the pricing on the treasury come out right now. But yeah, ah, ah, ah, ah, that's the one we're looking at and yes it hurts my heart actually hurts my pocketbook more but yes, ah, very pricey, very pricey. Well. 04:10.58 Alan _ Rachael And it will be like spring Oh gosh. Yeah yeah, very true, especially when we were looking at the spring break one that was still pretty pricey. 04:18.65 Sam Ah. 04:28.62 dclduo So this fantasy crews we're going to talk about seven night western caribbean if I've got it right? Ah was your second cruise then and you're probably your was it your first cruise on the fantasy then. 04:34.37 Alan _ Rachael Um, yeah. 04:38.94 Alan _ Rachael Yeah, it's first time on the fantasy. My second cruise our second Disney Cruise Rachel's third cruise total but second Disney Cruise 04:43.17 dclduo All right? and and obviously presumably second one well yes second 1 for the kids. So ah yeah, so all right? Well, that's that's amazing. What led you to do the fantasy this time around or was it just the seven night itinerary or time of year. Yeah, what pushed you toward the fantasy in the seven night 04:45.75 Sam Nice. 04:50.34 Alan _ Rachael Um, right. 05:00.75 Alan _ Rachael Co definitely wanted to do since we did the magic we wanted to do either like the dreamer or the fantasy to try those out and we wanted seven night and we want to cast away so it made it pretty easy that it was either gonna be eastern or western and. 05:01.80 dclduo Western. 05:19.64 Alan _ Rachael I Think for us we pick Western because you did Grand Caymans Really enjoy that as a regular trip and it just worked out better on the timeline too. 05:26.00 dclduo Nice, nice. Well what what kind of stateroom did you get on board for a family of 4 05:36.24 Alan _ Rachael I went yeah sure we did the deluxe family Ocean Stateroom we didn't do a veranda and we didn't do Aranda the first time around I think for us we found like we're barely in the room and um I just figured I'll put that extra cost. And actually I think the prize was very similar to a regular veranda. We wanted extra space which definitely helped um and then I think the room actually worked out really well for us. Even though we do have 2 like older, not full teenagers because ah 11 and 13 year old but space worked out fine. 06:09.24 dclduo Yeah, yeah, well you might not, you might have less so fighting over the bunk bed I suppose at 11 and 13 but I'm not I'm not sure we're not there yet. So ah, yeah, nice night. Well. 06:17.88 Alan _ Rachael They just they just alternate they yeah. 06:22.14 Sam Um, ah, smart. 06:23.44 dclduo The beauty of our only child set up as he can have the bunk bed whenever he wants and well except some of the rooms we sail in. Don't have it which you can just see the look of disappointment come across his face. Yeah, it. 06:27.64 Alan _ Rachael And but. 06:32.48 Sam He gets disappointed when he sees that the room doesn't have a bunk bed he like he really likes that bunk bed and. 06:32.62 Alan _ Rachael Now. 06:36.47 dclduo Like the first thing he does I don't know if you've noticed saying when he walks in the door. He like looks in the ceiling to see if there's a bunk bed. So yeah, yeah, yeah. 06:41.00 Alan _ Rachael Oh and and we did have a Murphy bed. We just never used it. They asked them what would they like and they said they wanted it as bunks. 06:41.45 Sam Right? versus the Murphy bed or the sofa bed or whatever the arrangement is yeah oh yeah. 06:52.91 dclduo Well there you go there, you go well did you travel down to or travel across I should say since you're in California you travel across ah a day early or spend some time in the parks before you hit up the cruise line. What was the ah experience getting there like. 06:52.93 Sam Nice. Yeah I Love that. 07:10.18 Alan _ Rachael Yeah, we we got there a few days earlier spent some time in the parks. We actually did two nighttime events a nighttime event at epcot and one at Hollywood Studios and then a full day at magic kingdom and um, we had ah a great transportation system to the cruise line. 07:16.90 dclduo Least. 07:28.22 Alan _ Rachael Um, Rachel learned that if we use the Disney transportation. We can get an earlier boarding group so do want talk about that? Yes, well we stayed all back up to we also stayed at the polynesian which was wonderful. We love Hawaii and not feel and really enjoy that location. 07:33.10 Sam And yes. 07:33.20 dclduo Um, yeah. 07:46.60 Alan _ Rachael And then I think I might have heard from you guys for Facebook group that you could get boarding group 2 um because we are silver so we knew we wanted the the longest time on the ship possible and it worked out perfect. They got us. Well, they told us we had to have everything like ready by 7 07:52.92 dclduo Um, yeah. 07:56.30 Sam Yeah, yeah. 08:04.11 Alan _ Rachael Which is annoying because they actually knocked on her door before 7 um and everyone else was still sleeping but I had to like sneak over and let them in to get our luggage so and it's nice. They do transfer your luggage so you don't have to worry about that at all. Um, and we had to be in the lobby at eight thirty and then we ended up. 08:10.64 Sam Yeah. 08:17.14 Sam Yeah. 08:24.25 Alan _ Rachael They're trying to be and up there. We boarded at 1145 and um, it was. It was really nice because we were able to get on the ship right before a thunderstorm came and they actually had a they had to stop the boarding. Um, right after we got on because of lightning. 08:32.87 Sam Oh god. 08:41.50 Alan _ Rachael And so we went to cabbanas and Cabannos was we ah we literally were the only almost the only people in there. Yeah, we're looking around like oh my goodness is amazing now the downside of that is that our plan was to go to the pool right after cabbanas and we had our bathing suits ready to go but the pool was closed. It was thundering. 08:42.35 Sam Empty. Yeah. 08:43.62 dclduo Oh wow. 08:59.18 Alan _ Rachael So but at least we got to spend some time kind of alone in cabanas and enjoy our our lunch there. 09:00.75 dclduo Nice, nice. 09:04.85 Sam That's awesome I mean and that's a really great tip for those who either have not sailed or are silver status or even gold status. Um, if you want to get on the ship early. That's probably your best bet for being able to get a low boarding group and getting on the ship. You know as one of the first people. Um, taking that Disney transportation because you do get to the port early you might have to sit around for a while it sounds like you probably all did and and you might have to take a longer um bus ride meaning you might get picked up first and go to several other resorts to pick up passengers as well and then head to port canaveral. But um, you know regardless of the extra waiting you're going to get more time on the ship and you know you're paying for 7 nights but you don't get a full eight days so um you know it's really nice to get those extra couple of hours on well what did you? all. 09:52.20 dclduo I'm curious I'm curious pre cruise since you're silver were you able to book some of the things that you wanted to get booked on board or was that a real challenge for you being Silver is on the ceiling. 10:05.48 Alan _ Rachael It actually our ceiling was pretty full I think it was completely full. Um, and we did it at pallo initially on the second c day I kind of wanted to change the time but it was impossible. But. I went the first day especially because everyone was still with the thunder I went and I was able to change Paula to the first day. Easy. No problem. Um, and we got all the excursions we wanted and the funny thing is too. We were actually at an event so I'm seeing her on my phone trying to book all these things. Um. But we got everything everything we wanted even being silver. Yeah, we read a bought missva party and she's trying to book the excursions like right then? Um, and the reason we changed Paulo is because we found she found out when the Mickey Chiurro waffles were going to be served and we didn't want to miss those and so um, so she was able to go to guest services and change that to the other c day. 10:47.93 Sam Oh. 10:56.59 Alan _ Rachael And we got paulllo brunch so that was great andpollo brunch on father's day which was seen. Yeah, it was an amazing father's day. Um I also learned that they'll serve so I'm gluten free. So I learned that they'll make gluten free Mickey Surera waffles so the day before I told our server and those were ready to go so that was really nice. We also. 10:57.92 dclduo Nice, nice. 11:02.41 Sam Ah, yeah. 11:09.50 Sam Ah. 11:13.90 Sam That's awesome. 11:15.26 Alan _ Rachael Yeah, we also were able to book on that same C day couples massage so we just went to Census Spa and they had them even though they weren't available online ahead of time but where they had saved some spaces so we're able to get that. 11:24.60 Sam Um. 11:24.67 dclduo Yeah I want to give a pro tip about the couple's massage really quick which is they're always sold out online and then they're always available on board. The number of times they have we have gone into like the conciiers lunch or just gone to the spa about changing a spa appointment and they've said. 11:28.50 Sam That's fantastic. Yeah. 11:36.40 Alan _ Rachael Ah. 11:40.95 dclduo Would you like to convert this to a couples with I'm like I didn't think anywhere available because they're all sold on like Nope Nope they're all available. So I don't know they must put one out there or something because yeah, they're always available. 11:47.94 Alan _ Rachael You have to serve. 11:49.57 Sam Yeah, they definitely. Yeah, they they definitely don't put out all of the availability for the spa like they don't put out all of thee all of the availability for the drink tastings. Um I think the only thing that they might. Put out all the availability for or most of it is the port adventures I that's my guess I don't know that first for certain but that seems to be the case but glad to hear that you were able to get all the things that you wanted 1 pro tip about the Churo waffles. 12:10.45 Alan _ Rachael Um. 12:21.15 Sam Ah, you can get them on days that they are not actually being offered in cabanas. But you've got to beg and plead your server or really your um your dining area manager the night before and they won't do it on like embarkation day. Um and they might not do it on castaway day either. But you can. 12:29.25 Alan _ Rachael Ah. 12:40.83 Sam Get them to do it for you on you know one of your regular. Let's say sea days or 1 of your regular port days. Um, but you've got to like beg and plead and and ask the night before. Yeah yeah, because we have doubly missed. Um. 12:49.92 Alan _ Rachael Yeah, it's good to know so we don't miss that in the future. 12:56.76 Sam Sure a waffled day in the dining room and still been able to get them so all right? Well let's talk about boarding the ship you all? Um, you get of course to the beautiful terminal at port canaveral. Um, your first time sailing on the magic did you sail out of port canaveral or someplace else. 13:12.16 Alan _ Rachael No, we sat out in Miami. 13:12.57 dclduo Um, well. 13:15.97 Sam Oh so this is your first time in Disney's terminal and ah, presumably your first time seeing the beautiful Disney fantasy in person. What did you all? think you're on that bus you're coming over the causeways and you see port canaveral and you see the beautiful ship in the distance what is going through your mind at that point. 13:33.16 Alan _ Rachael Super excited and very happy to explore it and it is really nice that you can see it from a pretty far distance I think we're on one of the bridges I'm like look it builds anticipation it. Yeah, it's very exciting to. 13:42.32 Sam Yeah, absolutely. 13:42.37 dclduo For sure. 13:49.71 Alan _ Rachael See that beautiful ship come closer and closer. 13:52.26 Sam Yeah, we love that we let we like? um we like renting a car and driving ourselves down. We've done the bus as well from the we've done the bus from the airport several times as well and private transportation a couple of times but I I Just love that drive when you first see you know, whatever ship you're getting on. 14:07.24 dclduo You know we we stopped doing the bus in part because we were staying at the resort. We'd heard such terrible things about the time the pickup times but sounds like you all had a very early pickup time which was helpful so that's that's good to hear maybe things have changed a bit with the buses from the resorts out to the port. So yeah. 14:07.55 Sam And and then you and then it disappears and then you see it again. You know it's just kind of awesome. 14:08.78 Alan _ Rachael Perfect. 14:19.61 Alan _ Rachael Yeah. Yeah, was super smooth. It only did the Grand California I mean it's sorry grand floridian it had the grand flooriddian people on it first and we we went on it. The kids got to watch cartoons and yeah it was comfortable. It was easy. Yes, yeah, they had a little trivia on the screens. 14:31.55 Sam Ok. 14:41.12 dclduo Um, yeah, nice. Nice. 14:41.74 Sam Perfect. Love it all right? So you get to port canaveral. What's the boarding process like was it organized a mess something in between you. Never we never know what we're going to hear. 14:43.82 Alan _ Rachael It's great experience. 14:51.78 Alan _ Rachael Think for us it was super smooth because we were probably maybe only one other bus I got there so we went pretty much they just held us out for like a minute or two then they put us in the terminal and we went straight through the security up. 15:01.97 Sam Um. 15:11.41 Alan _ Rachael Yeah, no, no, it was 5 minutes it was really easy and then we just waited for our boarding group. Yeah very smooth. 15:16.44 Sam Awesome! All right? So you are boarding the Disney fantasy and walking into her beautiful atrium and your family name gets announced. What's that moment like and what did you think of the fantasies atrium. 15:33.74 Alan _ Rachael Yeah, it gives you chills in your hair hear them announce your family and you look at the beautiful atrium and it's larger than the magic. So you know it's It's a more of a Wow factor and we were lucky because when they stopped the boarding after us they stopped calling the names because they just wanted to get those people on as fast as possible. 15:41.16 Sam Yes, yes. 15:51.28 Sam Oh. 15:53.44 Alan _ Rachael So fortunately we had an early boarding group. We got that whole experience. Other people were just kind of rushed on. Yeah, they do like 10 groups at a time or something and just said welcome aboard so they if that was your first cruise they missed that experience which is sad and I do had to say that atrium is gorgeous. 15:56.41 dclduo Oh Wow Yeah, yeah, that is said that is said. 16:05.57 Sam Not That's a bummer all yeah. 16:11.51 Alan _ Rachael I Love the colors and the whole like peacock theme it. It was so beautiful. 16:15.58 Sam I love that it's so awesome now on I can't wait for you all to experience the Disney wish because you enter into an even bigger atrium on the wish to the grand hall they're all beautiful and I think the the fantasy and the dream especially when you've been on one of these classic ships. 16:24.54 Alan _ Rachael Power. 16:34.71 Sam The wonder of the magic and you go into the fantasy dream. You're like Wow this is like twice the size right? It it really is and then you go to the Grand Hall and it's another twice the size basically on the wish and should be on on the treasure all right? Well let's start talking about these ports of call that you all went to um. 16:44.72 Alan _ Rachael Um, power. 16:52.62 Sam Because I know that was part of the reason why you chose this itinerary tell us where your western Caribbean Itinerary was going to. 16:58.72 Alan _ Rachael Sure we first went to Cosmo you want me just list the order or talk to each one. Okay and then after cut sure after Cosmo we into Grand Cayman islands and then Jamaica and then from there. We. 17:04.79 Sam Yeah, let's tell us the order and then we'll go through him 1 by 1 17:17.31 Alan _ Rachael Had a C day and then we had castaway. 17:20.55 Sam And nice. We have not done this itinerary ourselves we have done western caribbean but only when they had the modified itineraries because of covid so we've gotten to do cosml and Costa Maya but we've never gotten to do Grand Cayman or Jamaica. Um, let's start with let's start an order and talk about cosml first. Um, what were you all interested in doing in cosml and what did you end up booking either through Disney or elsewhere or did you do cosml on your own. 17:49.96 Alan _ Rachael So I'll just say I also decided for all the ports to do through Disney because when I'm in my other crews and we went to the key west right? Key west I was like well this is the United States I can do port of ven I own no problem. But. 17:54.62 Sam Is. 18:03.50 Sam Right? right. 18:07.96 Alan _ Rachael Know in caribbean it's caribbean time I'm not relying on taxis to get me back to the ship so we did them all through Disney in in Cosmo we wanted to do at least I really thought we should see the mine ruin. So I thought this is something unique. You can't go and do this other places. Well not many other places so we did a combination of my ruins chocolate making as well as playamea which is a beach club. Yeah so the the mayan ruins experience. It was very very hot and our ah tour guide. 18:32.74 dclduo Oh nice. 18:44.94 Alan _ Rachael Ah, gave us multiple layers of bugggery ps put on and he said don't stop moving because ah the mosquitoes will bite you um, but we still got bitten. In fact, Rachel got been under her shirt somehow. so so um it was really cool seeing the historical buildings but the the weather and the bugs. 18:49.78 Sam Ah, ah, ah. 18:51.18 dclduo Oh geez. 19:03.85 Alan _ Rachael Kind of took away from that. Um, yeah, so we can say we've done it but ah and I think I thought I would get a little bit more history Personally, even though we have kids they would have liked it too I feel like he just kind of showed us each site and told us a little bit about it. But I think I wanted to know more about the culture. That's just being personally yeah. 19:14.51 Sam Um. 19:20.19 Sam Yeah. 19:23.36 Alan _ Rachael And then the yeah we went to the my cacao chocolate company. Um, which was a little different than I wasn't expecting. Um, it was also very hot there and um, they I thought they would give us kind of like a platter of many different types of chocolates but it was more just kind of. Wait in this line and get 1 sample at the end of the tour. So I was a little dispointed in that experience. Um, they showed us how they made the chocolate and they gave us a little taste remember Keele with our youngest was saying that she thought they would explain more How do you get the chocolate and rather than just like oh all, we did was grind it in front of you. 19:42.24 Sam Um, yeah. 19:53.23 Sam Um, know and right the process of of getting the cocoa beans and harvesting them and heat cooking them or whatever they do in order to yeah, got. 19:57.60 dclduo Yeah. 19:58.58 Alan _ Rachael He actually wanted to hear more about like the whole making of it. Yeah exactly I think I honestly think this was just to sell their chocolate. But yeah because they bring you to the gift shop and give you 1 sample and say you can you can buy as much as you want? Um, but then. The third part of the excursion which was the best was plyama so the water was gorgeous and warm and it was so nice to get into that warm water. Um, after we're sweating in the in the mayan ruins and the myica cowo company and so they had this big inflatable play structure out in the water so we got to jump around on that. 20:18.55 dclduo Dep. 20:21.11 Sam Ah, ah. 20:36.83 Alan _ Rachael Kids love that they gave us free smoothies or included smoothies. So if I were to do this again I'd probably just spend my time there. Um probably just bypass the other other parts or you said snorkel. Yeah, or snorkel. Yeah I would have done something more in the water because the water there looks amazing. 20:43.11 Sam Yeah, yeah. 20:54.77 Sam Yeah, we've actually done the excursion that was just plya mia through Disney um, in cosimel I think once or twice I can't remember first. Yes. 20:58.79 dclduo But it was like right after the pandemic restarts it was not anywhere near as as yeah. 21:07.38 Sam It was just a beach day. Basically it was a beach day and I think they had a little bit of a buffet and you got a couple of drink tickets. But there were none of the um water none of like the other water activities in the bouncy thing. None of that was available to us. Um, but it was a nice beach day to be perfectly, honest and and as you mentioned the waters. 21:10.26 Alan _ Rachael Um. 21:26.56 Sam You know, beautiful and clear there. So um I would definitely recommend plying Mia as well. Um, ok so it sounds like really the the first the ruins. Ah maybe a me and or really more than mosquitoes and the door more of a met than the ruins themselves. 21:38.15 dclduo Um. 21:40.30 Alan _ Rachael Um, yeah, right? We we actually thought you could just connect sneak out of the chocolate and then just go straight to plyia because it's right next door. 21:45.79 Sam And the chocolate was a sales pitch. Oh that's not that far off I feel it? Yeah oh okay. 21:56.92 Alan _ Rachael But we did not know that so we kind of in hindsight if you're anyone's ever on that tour just walk away from go straight there because they just give you a ticket and you get more time there because I know we didn't get enough time at the beach at all. 22:07.12 Sam Ah I like it. 22:11.10 Sam Oh yeah, yeah, are so what? Oh yeah, that's a good question. 22:11.78 dclduo Um, yeah, yeah, how how long did you get at the beach. Ah yeah. 22:15.23 Alan _ Rachael Maybe an hour. Yeah roughly yeah and then by the time like you know my our kidss wanted to be on the obstacle course probably the entire time but we never did to do anything else or actually have a couple pools and waterslide and. 22:28.63 Sam Um. 22:31.79 dclduo Yeah, yeah, the hour is a tough a tough 1 for sure we I think we had like 4 hours there and it was you know it was kind of perfect because we were lounging around. We got in the water a bit I mean we didn't have access to the same activities. Yeah. 22:34.13 Sam Yeah, yeah. 22:34.19 Alan _ Rachael They could have spent all day there for sure. 22:43.73 Sam We didn't have the water park though. Yeah, the water park was I think it was open maybe but not for like they kept us in a bubble right? like it was a Disney Cruise line bubble so we didn't get to use the water park at all. So but you know it is what it is. That's what covid sailing was like it was just. 22:52.17 Alan _ Rachael Are. 23:03.32 Sam You know, reduced availability of a lot of things. Um. 23:05.98 Alan _ Rachael Right? Nothing about the chocolate place is that there were a lot of people there so it was very slow moving through the whole process. So we're just kind of doing a lot of waiting but we get dick and a teach I'm sorry actually we get to eat the taco remember yeah they gave us they made us ah a fresh corn talk. 23:21.70 dclduo Nice. 23:22.78 Alan _ Rachael Tortilla with ah with some salsas that was that was nice. Yeah yeah. 23:23.93 Sam Oh nice was there lunch at the beach or anything or did this not include like a real lunch. 23:30.96 Alan _ Rachael It wasn't supposed to but I think in retrospect we probably could' have just gotten something because they didn't even ask for our drink tickets. But maybe that was for alcohol we don't even know. Yeah, yeah to give us smoothies. They didn't ask for our tickets and they had food outs which we assumed you had to pay for. Um. 23:39.73 Sam Yeah. 23:48.61 Sam Um, okay, all right? So your next port was was it grand Cayman or Jamaica and came in and you've been to grand Kayman you said before. 23:48.72 Alan _ Rachael But it wasn't It wasn't supposed to be included in the tour. 23:57.30 Alan _ Rachael Grand Grand came in yeah I was yeah I was once as ah as a kid there and so this was my favorite stop out of all the stops This was incredible. So my older daughter and I went to Stingray city. 24:09.88 Sam No call. 24:11.93 Alan _ Rachael Um, our younger daughter decided swim swimming with stingrays wasn't her jam and she wanted to do something different. So um, so Rebecca and I took a boat to Stingray City and the water was gorgeous. It was warm stingrays around we were feeding them squid. And it's just such a fun experience. They they tell us that if you kiss a sting Ray you get 7 years of good luck. So of course we each had to kiss a stingray and um I don't know if they just made that up. But um, we did it anyway and then the second part of that excursion was snorkeling. 24:36.40 Sam Ah. 24:41.50 Sam Um, oh nice. 24:41.55 Alan _ Rachael And so they they took us on the boat to a slightly different spot and the the water was just so clear and there was so many fish and coral and it was really a great experience I really liked that a lot and then we decided my younger daughter and I to go to seven mile beach 24:49.65 Sam Awesome. 24:56.14 Sam Oh nice. 24:58.60 Alan _ Rachael And at that point I thought I don't need to do an excursion this one's actually super simple. You just get off the port. There are like cabs there but it's interesting because it's actually like a van that puts like maybe 15 people on they actually completely fill it up before they move, but it's cheap. It's like $6 a person and it. 25:09.10 Sam I. 25:17.80 Alan _ Rachael Takes you directly to an area in some mile beach I don't even know which 1 they drop you off that. But just one spot and that was beautiful. The water was super nice. We just lounged in the water I think initially I thought we'd get chairs. But I thought we're not going to sit in the chair. We're just going to be in the water so we just. 25:21.10 Sam M. 25:32.79 Sam Right. 25:36.61 Alan _ Rachael Um, we're in the water for a while and they took the the taxi back which was also super easy. Yeah so grand cameman is a tenderport. So um, we had a wait for the tenor boat and it took I think it took Rachel and calen almost an hour. 25:43.65 Sam Um, awesome. 25:53.34 Alan _ Rachael From waiting in the Wal Disney theater to actually getting to Grand Cayman so people should kind of keep that in mind that you do need to set aside a lot of time to get to the island. That's when I texted him because they are. They didn't get any special treatment with their port of venture. Even though it was with Disney we had heard like you would get on the. 25:54.69 Sam Right. 26:11.52 Sam Um, oh yeah, yeah. 26:11.54 Alan _ Rachael Tender earlier but they didn't offer it maybe because it was an afternoon excursion I don't know the reason for it but I didn't want them to miss it. So I texted come now because you may be an hour from now they were I don't know I think we were at the bulk of the everyone wanting to go so ours was like the worst time. 26:15.94 Sam Probably. 26:30.31 Alan _ Rachael And actually someone on my taxi that reminds me had an excursion but they had missed it because it took them too long so they were taking the taxi to go to like the hotel to do like the reverse of the excursion. 26:30.62 Sam Um. 26:38.70 Sam Um, oh wow. 26:45.42 Sam Oh wow yeah, yeah, that's a really good point though about tender ports in general. Um, if you well. So usually if you have a morning excursion with Disney They will usually get you priority onto the tender because you'll be meeting. Somewhere on board. The ship for your excursion right? But if you've got an excursion that's an afternoon one that's meeting off the ship which is often the case then there is none you have got to find your way on the tender yourself. So that's just something to keep in mind but in general if you're if you're getting off at a tenderport. Give yourself extra time to get on and off the ship. Um, because at the end of the day you don't want to miss the ship because you got there. You know right? after the last tender has left. You do not want to be. You do not want to be stuck in a foreign port. 27:30.63 Alan _ Rachael Yeah. 27:35.13 Sam And watch your cruise ship sail away but I would be no, no, no, um, you know, but I would have been with Rachel I would have been with you and Caitlin at the beach and not at the stingray excursion. Um i. 27:35.49 dclduo Not not high on not high on your bucket lisum. Yeah no, not high on mine either? yeah. 27:37.49 Alan _ Rachael Right? ah. 27:51.69 Sam Have no desire to kiss or feed a sting right? whatsoever I got freaked out at the one we did sign up 1 time in Castaway key we signed up for the stingray excursion for all 3 of us and the only one who ended up feeding the stingray was Brian. Both Nathan and I got into the water. We saw those stingeries come like within a couple feet of us and we're like nope we're out a peace out stingras. Ah so but you know to each his own right? Okay, so your next port then is ah is Jamaica. 28:17.42 Alan _ Rachael A. Jim Yeah right. 28:24.35 Sam Before you get to castaway then yeah, okay so tell us what did you guys decide to do in Jamaica. 28:27.65 Alan _ Rachael So I had heard to do the done Rivers Fall like I knew that had to be something on our list to do and they had multiple excursions with either just done Rivers adding it on with something else and I thought. 28:30.69 Sam Oh yes. 28:43.35 Alan _ Rachael Okay I saw the jamaican Bob sled well, where else can you do a Jamaica Bob sled so we decided to do that one? Um, and yeah, yes, exactly and the kids at already e seen cool runnings and kind of had a good concept of what was to be coming and the dun rivers. Okay I have to say. 28:47.21 Sam Nice cool runnings. 29:02.82 Alan _ Rachael We're used to like hiking. We're big hikers. We've Hiped the nepali coves and we're not used to doing these things in a tour so with lots of people who are going very slow. A little frustrating I guess I I do know you have to pack your patients. 29:16.86 dclduo Um, let. 29:19.85 Sam Right? Amateur hikers though? yeah. 29:21.75 Alan _ Rachael But pretty much but we also had no idea that you were going to get completely drench. It did not say anywhere on the paperwork. It just said where water shootes right? So yeah I thought water shoes. Okay, my feet will get wet I can still bring my backpack and everything. 29:37.64 Sam Oh no. 29:38.59 Alan _ Rachael But no, it was a you had the option of a full body immersion and even if you didn't want to do the full body immersion you were definiteffly up to your waist in water. Um there I think yeah, he locked it on the um on yeah I just took my gopro but I had my hat on so and I didn't want to get underwater completely. 29:43.20 dclduo Oh Jesus. 29:44.50 Sam Yeah, so you're kind of holding your backpack over your head I take it then? yeah. 29:55.70 Sam Yeah. 29:57.37 Alan _ Rachael Um, yeah I think there was another cruise ship at the Island too So that made it very crowded, very slow. Um, it was a very cool experience. A very beautiful. It's I mean when can you hike up a waterfall and and go up a a River so it was a very cool experience getting there. Um I think it took like an hour drive to get there and we had a. 30:01.10 Sam Yes. 30:15.50 Alan _ Rachael Ah, tour guide tell us a little bit about the history on the way. Um, there's a lot of vendors Once you're there. They're pretty aggressive so just be aware that you know if you make eye contact or start talking to them. They're going to really ramp up the yeah yeah, exactly. 30:22.42 Sam Um. 30:25.33 Sam Hard sell. Yep. 30:29.79 Alan _ Rachael Um, so you just have to kind of go by and and I felt kind of rude just kind of walking by them and not looking at them. But you just got to go walk by. Um, there's photographers there also who try to sell you the photos. Um, so just be aware that I'll try to get money from tourists. Ah. 30:40.80 dclduo I Feel like they have the monkeys or the Lizards or something a snake that they just sort of put on you and take a picture and then charge you for it? Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah. 30:47.48 Sam Um, yeah. 30:49.62 Alan _ Rachael Right? Yeah, that would have been next. But yeah, see that? yeah so that was so then next we went to the Bob Sled it's it's called um, the mystic mountain and so it takes you take a chair liftft up there a very slow chair left. You get ah a view of the ocean and in kind of the jungle which was really pretty aha. 31:00.13 Sam Um. 31:08.73 Alan _ Rachael Yeah, and but but because it was so crowded. There. We waited about an hour and 45 minutes in line for the bosside ride. Um, which was not the ride was fun but it was a pretty quick ride and it wasn't worth waiting in line hour and 45 minutes so in hindsight. Maybe we would have just done the the waterfall and gone back to the ship. Um, and I think they said initially it was 7 hour tour something like that or six and a half hour but we barely made it back before our the boat was supposed to leave and now we left at 7 in the morning. It was an all day. 31:39.44 Sam Oh Wow Oh Wow! So really long. Yeah yeah, um. 31:43.40 Alan _ Rachael Yeah, yeah, we got room service that day so we could be out early and we got back late and yeah I was surprised how long that took that was a very long excursion. Everyone was wiped by the end of that 1 31:51.27 Sam Um, yeah, oh yeah, I bet I bet all right? then your last port of call is of course Disney's Private Island Castaway key um, did you guys book pre book anything it Castaway. People always ask this question to us like and. Frankly I always tell them that you don't need to book anything it cast away. It's the amazing port and if you want to rent something when you're there. You can always do that. But what did you all decide. 32:12.80 Alan _ Rachael Um, yeah. 32:18.88 Alan _ Rachael We did not book anything and this was the time we thought we'll do the 5 k so we got out bright and early but it was still very hot but we were determined to do it so all 4 of us did the five k ah, and then we did snorkling and we brought our own. 32:23.96 Sam Um. 32:27.33 Sam Oh Gosh good on you? yeah. So. 32:36.46 Alan _ Rachael Snorkel equipment because one I'm very particular with my snorkel Mask. So I Just always bring it I think you can rent it. They still had the rentals no problem and we did the snorrkkeling and we also just did like a little bit of the water slides and just relaxed on the chairs. But. Yeah,, there's plenty to do to. You can spend the whole day. There. You don't need to book anything So yeah, actually our daughter said we did everything that was free on the island. Yeah. 32:57.72 Sam Yeah I love it I Love it now with snorrkkeeling they do make you wear their vests right for the it's just they they're like a highlighter color Yellow Basically um, and that's for visibility and that those are free. So if you bring your own snorkel gear and you just have to get the. 32:58.23 dclduo Um, ever. 33:04.10 Alan _ Rachael Yeah, right. 33:09.62 Alan _ Rachael Pass right. 33:16.90 Sam The vest and I know this myself because I Also if I'm going to go snorrkkeling I bring my own mask I don't own fins I just own a mask but it's just because I have prescription you know lenses in my snorkel mask because I can't see and there's no point in me going into the going snorkeling without a prescription mask. So but. 33:26.74 Alan _ Rachael M. 33:33.48 Alan _ Rachael Right? So it's fun trying to find all the different sunken treasures and Disney characters and they have little buoys to Mark where they are. They're kind of far out some of them. You have to. It's a good swim to get out to them. But that was a lot of fun seeing all those things a submarine and. 33:37.97 Sam E. Yeah. 33:50.37 Alan _ Rachael And boat and things underwater. Yeah yeah, no, we had no rain It was warm but it was beautiful like yeah, it's perfect day I mean I think if we had booked doing. 33:50.43 Sam Awesome! Sounds like a great day at Castaways Did you have nice weather did or did you end up with downpour I mean that you never know what you're going to get awesome. 34:08.70 Alan _ Rachael Pear saling. It would have been fine because I saw it going off I think all day. Yeah, and then we ate at cookies too and um Rachel and the kids made their own ice cream sandwich with with ah the big cookies from the restaurant and softs serveve and that was a little too much but we could all split 1 34:09.77 Sam Oh awesome. 34:16.49 dclduo With. 34:17.87 Sam Yeah. 34:24.79 Sam Ah, ah love it. That's the that's the right way to do it at Castaway you have to have the softser whether in a cone or on a cookie doesn't matter. You just have to have find some room for that. You know soft serve. It's like it's liquid so it finds all the empty crevices within your stomach. 34:27.82 Alan _ Rachael And. 34:35.00 Alan _ Rachael Ah. 34:39.56 Alan _ Rachael We had wanted this officer right? after we finished the 5 k but it doesn't open till like eleven thirty so we had to wait. 34:43.28 Sam Yeah, but nice. Well I will say that 5 k you know it's fun to do and to get your medal but especially in the summertime it's brutal I just that's the 1 time of year that I just. Can't do the 5 k on the islands because it's so hot. 35:02.44 Alan _ Rachael Yeah, we were. We were pretty drenched and sweat and they have water along the way we brought our own water but they also have their own water that you can use and squirt yourself with and we just walked it. You know we didn't run or anything but we got there as early as we could we had got room service. We can get off the ship pretty fast and yeah. 35:21.60 Sam Awesome! Awesome! All right? Well let's talk onboard stuff. Um because and we've we've covered all the ports now which I think are are great to. We don't talk enough about the Caribbean ports I feel like because um. 35:21.79 Alan _ Rachael Good way to start the day. 35:33.83 Sam Well, a lot of the time folks we have on of just going to Nasa and Castaway and so they're you know those are not as nearly as interesting as some of these other western or eastern caribbean ports but let's talk about some of the onboard stuff now your girls are 11 and thirteen so they are edge age. Um. 35:46.22 Alan _ Rachael Yes. 35:51.76 Sam Ah, do they spend time at edge. Um are they interested in the kid. Well I'll call it kids club but the Tween club. Um, and what other kinds of family activities. Do you all get up to. 36:02.67 Alan _ Rachael So they went initially but they never spent any time in there because I said it was always super crowded I think there were a lot of kids on this cruise but we had earlier joined the Facebook group and the girls had already premade friends who were the sister same age. 36:16.15 dclduo Nice. 36:19.61 Sam Ah. 36:22.24 Alan _ Rachael So they just kind of wait to play hide and seek around the ship or do that midship detective or yeah, go get ice cream So I don't think they felt a need to ever be in there because it was just too crowded for them. Yeah, they or they just go in the aqueduct themselves. 36:27.12 Sam I Love that. 36:38.77 Sam Um, yeah. 36:39.64 Alan _ Rachael Um, Rachel and I actually went an edge during the open house. It wasn't very crowded at that time and it's really neat in there. They have it was vibe. Oh vibe that was vibe. Um, yeah was it was it was really neat. They had their own outdoor area I was vibe. Yeah, that's a team. Okay, they girls are yeah hey yeah. 36:49.64 Sam Oh yeah, yeah, that's vibe that is awesome on the dream and the fantasy that Teen club is the best because they have that the outdoor area with the little like pools and sundack. And yeah, oh that's an awesome area. Yeah. 37:04.10 Alan _ Rachael And our 11 year old did get her like but magic ban or whatever band you call that for the kids club but she never went in because she felt too old for the regular kids club at 11 37:09.46 Sam Here. Yeah, it's it's you know you can go there till 12 but I I can understand you know there's like 3 and four year olds running around right? So it's a little bit. You know they certainly have more in common with the tweens at 11 than they do with like 3 and four year olds so I'm curious to see. As Nathan Transitions because he he's 9 right now but he will be 10 very soon in the next couple months and it'll be interesting to see when he sort of transitions out of the ocean years club and into edge or just as your girls did making friends. You know. Ahead of time and and and wandering the ship. So he's sort of getting more and more towards that I think. 37:53.91 Alan _ Rachael Right? Yeah and our our first cruise they had those wave phones. So communication between people was a little tricky but now you can just I message easily so the kids could be off on their own. We could message them to meet up or find out where they are. 38:05.92 dclduo So nice. 38:08.14 Sam Yeah I think that's a that's a key that was why we got Nathan his his cell phone to be perfectly honest, we bought him his cell phone because of Disney cruising that might sound crazy but we are the Dc duo for a reason I guess well what all did you get? do ask? let me. 38:17.16 Alan _ Rachael Here here and study. 38:27.72 Sam Start that again. What all did you guys get up to on the ship when the girls are off hanging out with their new friends playing hide and seek what where are the spaces and places that you're hanging out in or activities you guys are doing nice. 38:39.65 Alan _ Rachael So we did the couples massage which was well you had never that had never done a massage ever. Yeah that we didn't get him to do one. So yeah, it was awesome. You got the ocean view it just it's so peaceful and relaxing it just you just melt there. It's great was. 38:47.81 Sam Wow. 38:56.70 Sam I Love that. 38:58.98 Alan _ Rachael Yeah, it was fabulous and I hadn't done massages but just never on a cruise ship and we really enjoyed that and then Pallo Yeah, we did a Paulllo brunch which is really nice. Um, yeah, we had some great food Apollo Brunch This beautiful morning there and we did the. 39:15.61 dclduo Are. 39:16.84 Alan _ Rachael What do they call the art. The themeship tour yeah out of the theme show tour. Yeah, which was. 39:18.91 Sam Oh yeah, how did you guys like that I mean that for those who haven't for those who don't know or haven't done it before it is and ah ah, a a tour of the ship essentially of all the different sort of theming and artwork of the ship. Um, but it's an adult only tour but what did you guys think about it. 39:35.37 Alan _ Rachael I thought it was great because we like the history we like learning I mean of course we enjoy seeing everything but to kind of know the background of where everything comes from and just to get like little bits of trivia to understand like. Oh why does the chandelier look this way in Paula to look like spaghetti meatballs and just little things like that I think was very entertaining and we enjoyed it a lot. Yeah, you walked us in the atrium and showed us how the marble and the carpet match and how they had to get the marble special and and just yeah, so many little tips and things that you didn't. 39:54.26 dclduo Um. 40:10.72 Alan _ Rachael Look at before like in front of the Walt Disney theater how you have the um, the different character Disney characters. Each one is a um, a zodiac sign and so just little things that I didn't notice and yeah, you just walk by not understand the detail. 40:20.94 Sam Um. 40:22.69 dclduo To did they share with you the artwork on the fantasy that that like the artwork signals. What's on the floor I Thought that was always really cool. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. 40:24.85 Sam Yeah, one the great thing. 40:30.85 Alan _ Rachael Yeah, yeah, right? Yeah, they have like the goofy playing sports next to the sports deck and a picture from Ratatoui next to remy so that was yeah that was really neat. 40:38.63 Sam Nope. 40:40.88 dclduo They have the one of ah like Jack and not Jack Peter Pan I think holding is a Peter pan somebody holding their umbrella up toward um up in the direction of the kids club so he knows you're walking up the steps like it's pointing you in the direction where the kids are so yeah, yeah. 40:51.00 Alan _ Rachael I Remember that one ah ah has the I come. 40:55.63 Sam Um, yeah, yeah, yeah I Also love that if you do that tour twice you will have a different experience right? because each person who who does the tour One of the entertainment staff. Um, that do the tours. 41:06.73 Alan _ Rachael Ah. 41:13.37 Sam They all get to kind of pick what they want to talk about there are probably some things that everybody talks about like the Monica Blue pants that the ship hull color comes from um, but in general you will get different. You know, different people like to talk about different elements of the theming or different elements of the artwork or. 41:21.36 Alan _ Rachael Um, ah. 41:33.24 Sam The lighting fixtures of the carpet. The marble all that kind of stuff so it's It's really fun. Um, so if you're on the fantasy again I would actually recommend doing that tour again with a different tour guide and you might have a completely different um point of view of different you know of different items on the on the ship. Do you guys. 41:50.79 Alan _ Rachael It's good to know one of the one of the tidbits that blew me away was when we were in remy they pointed out the bottle of wine that was in Ratatoui that Anton Ego was drinking and they said that they used. Yeah they they said they had 2 bottles of those originally. 41:52.20 Sam So sorry. 41:56.77 dclduo Yep. 41:59.13 Sam I Latin aator. 42:06.31 dclduo You know it's 2 different it was 2 different wines 1 of them was the wine that ego drinks at dinner and I think the other one is the wine bottle that the. 42:06.82 Alan _ Rachael And they go for $25000 now they just have 1 bottle left. So. 42:08.76 Sam It's yeah, it's crazy. 42:17.65 dclduo Chef Slash villain opens to try to get Luigi drunk and spill all of his ah his secrets. So yeah, yeah, yeah. 42:20.41 Alan _ Rachael Okay, and nice. 42:21.64 Sam Um, yeah, yes, yeah, love it. Love it. Well did you guys. Get into any of the adult venues. Um in the evenings and check out any of the programming in there like you know, match your mate or um, other the other game shows that are kind of put on in the adult areas. It does. 42:42.40 Alan _ Rachael So for adult Era I think we probably thought we would do more of it but to be honest, that starts pretty late and we were getting up early. Um, so we just made it only to one bar and we had to try to pick which one we wanted to do um so we did sky skyline. Yeah yeah, skyline lounge. 42:50.54 Sam Yeah. 42:59.80 Sam Um, yeah. 43:00.87 Alan _ Rachael Yes, that's really cool. You have all the different european cities. It's um I understand it's similar to the star wars lounge on the wish where the the scenery changes and the menu matches the city. So um, you can order from around Europe so that's really cool. That's they a nice and there. 43:09.70 Sam Um. 43:15.97 Sam Yeah, well that was a good choice. That's one of the best um I would say that and meridian I think are the 2 best on the fantasy. Yeah for sure. 43:24.92 Alan _ Rachael We did 1 trivia she's talking about it. Oh wasn't adulter day. Yeah, okay, we didn't do any. We pretty much went to bed when the kids did yeah it was still late. It was probably like ten o'clock at night or so but yeah. 43:31.75 Sam That's all right. 43:38.86 Sam Yeah, now did you all do um, late dining or early dining and what factored into that choice if it was a choice. 43:48.31 Alan _ Rachael So we did. We did early dining. Um I think primarily we thought the kids would still well 2 reasons one I kind of like to eat and then go see a show that's just my personal way of liking to do things and 2 I thought I don't know if we really want to eat dinner at Eight o'clock at night 44:01.26 dclduo Who. 44:05.45 Alan _ Rachael And then go to bed on a giant fool stomach right? We'd probably have to eat a snack before dinner then we'd end up eating more the downside of that I think there are a lot more kids in the theater and so we noticed that that was we definitely noticed that that like kids were around us you know making noise kicking and and that kind of thing. So. 44:22.46 Sam Yes, yes, the late dinner makes for a better theater experience I will tell you that now it's up. It's it's not perfect. Um, and I say perfect in quotations because of course you expect there's going to be children on any Disney Cruise line ship but there are. 44:24.64 Alan _ Rachael So change that experience a little bit. 44:40.55 Sam Less young children at that late dinner seating and thus less yeah less younger children at that first show than at the second show. So um I prefer late dining but also I think for us, it's just so if we're going back east to sale. It's. And if we don't get our bodies completely adjusted to East Coast time it's so early right? It's like three o'clock in the afternoon or two o'clock in the afternoon if your body feels it that way. But if you get take the time to get adjusted. It's you know it's fine. Um, so any other notables before we talk about food because I feel like we always have to talk about food. 44:59.87 Alan _ Rachael Mother. 45:11.74 dclduo Yeah. 45:13.64 Alan _ Rachael F. 45:16.20 Sam Um, ah but any other notable. Um, you know experiences on board that you guys um, did that you really liked or anything frankly that you really didn't like that you thought well we we went to this and we kind of wish Disney did it differently. 45:32.50 Alan _ Rachael Well, it was part of their twenty fifth anniversary sailings. They had the special fireworks show so that was really neat um launching the fireworks from both the the bow and the Stern and they had a special reception where they had I didn't expect free alcohol to be passed around but they gave us margaritas I was like oh wow how nice. 45:42.19 dclduo With. 45:49.39 Alan _ Rachael And that was just because we were taking photos. We definitely mean a prior day to take photos especially before dinner we wanted to make sure we got a bunch of photos to kind of celebrate the whole trip and everything so that was probably we probably got almost every character. We just miss I think Daisy up just because the timing didn't work. 45:59.87 Sam Which yeah. 46:05.49 dclduo Where. 46:09.80 Sam Yeah, Poor daisy. Ah. 46:09.21 Alan _ Rachael Um, but yes I know but but we got a lot of the characters in the twenty fifth anniversary clothing so that was fun and many kind of her like flapper dress and it matches the statue which is really unique. We thought that was a unique character citing and we enjoyed all the characters. Our girls still are fine with. 46:16.42 Sam Yeah, yeah. 46:29.15 Sam Yeah, yeah. 46:29.19 Alan _ Rachael Being with the characters and another adult space that we really enjoyed was a cove cafe. It's just very relaxing in there and the the atmospheres is so nice you get to see the photos of walt on his travels and um, it's just yeah, it's great to have a coffee in there. 46:42.40 Sam Oh yeah, absolutely especially because I can't drink the swill that they serve on deck and call coffee. Ah I hope. 46:45.25 dclduo 1 these days sam someone's gonna write in about that complaint. But yeah. 46:53.32 Alan _ Rachael Some have have. 46:55.87 Sam I don't care listen I will drink there are joffys coffee blends that I will drink the Disney Cruise line one is not 1 of them just with it that way. Yeah. 47:03.13 Alan _ Rachael Then during the see days. We also took advantage of the the movies that were playing so we saw the third gardens of the galaxy and we saw elemental. That's nice to do that during the day we never talked about the pool but we did oh yeah, the aqueduc. Yeah, that's true. Um, yeah, that was a blast that all really enjoyed that. 47:10.59 Sam Nice. 47:23.10 Alan _ Rachael That's a fun water ride. No one really spent time actually in the pool because as you guys always say kid soup and definitely what it is um but I think my daughter would have written in that aqueduct over and over and over and over and over again which she did. Yeah yeah. 47:29.55 Sam Yeah, ah. 47:36.81 Sam Nice, nice now. Your first ship was the Disney magic so you had been on the aqua dunk then back in 2019 I 47:42.48 Alan _ Rachael Right? Yes, yeah, Rachel I did that the kids didn't want to do that. But um, why don't you think kila was old and okay, well she was at 7 but I don't know she and I did in I thought I don't think I'll ever do this again. But I might try it it 1 more time we'll see. Yeah. 48:00.37 Sam Um, ah, totally get that Awesome Yes, terrifying terrifying is. 48:02.44 Alan _ Rachael Yeah, it's yeah, it's pretty fine. It's fine. How Mickey counts down to you and it's quite thrilling for ah for a family ship. 48:12.90 dclduo Ah, they have food. 48:13.12 Sam All right? So we've got to talk about food now right? Brian have I missed anything else for oh I get actually I didn't ask you about the shows. So let me before we get to before we get to food ah shows Walt Disney theater stage shows did you go to all 3 of the main stage shows on the fantasy and what did you think sort of overall like. 48:17.50 Alan _ Rachael And. 48:29.59 Alan _ Rachael So we love theater. We've been to Broadway our kids actually saw their first musical was Aladdin in New York so it's definitely a priority for us to go to all the shows so we did all the shows and it's very amazing what they can do in this space. 48:38.72 Sam Oh cool. 48:49.49 Alan _ Rachael On a cruise ship that is's just when you think about it. It's pretty mind blowing. So yeah, just a priority for us the big sets that they're able to move so quickly and the pyrotechnics and the lighting and the talent is is really incredible. What they're able to put on. So yeah, we saw Aladdin frozen and believe and then they had a magician another knight. 48:55.65 dclduo Who. 49:09.20 Alan _ Rachael Um, which who was fun I mean you didn't go see the other like the bun there was like a Juggler or something something like that. Yeah yeah. 49:12.76 dclduo Now. 49:17.18 Sam So yeah, so the other variety acts. Yeah, that makes sense and then um, but and sounds like like you said you saw a couple of movies at sea which are always a fun fun experience to do ok well now I've asked you about shows. So now. The only thing we have left to talk about before I subject you to rapid fire is. Food um you you all only have one Disney Cruise to compare this to but it's from 2019 so it's you know somewhat recent? Um, what do you all? think of the food on board Disney Cruise line and let's let's not talk Paulo yet. Ah because I know you did enjoy Paulo. Um. But let's talk main dining I think we have you know we hear different things from people about what they think of Disney's food and I'm curious as to what you all think you are you all are Disney Parks pros so yeah what did you think of the food on board. 50:05.21 Alan _ Rachael Um, Overall I think the food is good, especially when it's getting to like the mass quantity I think for me particularly I like a little bit more flavor I do have to say that we like season on our food and some of it is a little toned down. But.. There's a good variety and lots of good choices and we all enjoyed it and I think it was nice. Our kids um, pretty much you usually all ordered off of the adult menu even maybe 1 or 2 times they got the kids stuff because they just didn't see anything. But it was very nice to have that all the options there. Yeah I agree if the quality was it was good I wouldn't say it was amazing and outstanding. But it was It was good and ah someone who eats Gluten free. They do a great job with the allergy options and accommodating you and making things that. 50:40.55 Sam Yeah, yeah. 50:50.61 Sam Um, yeah, so. 50:56.78 Alan _ Rachael Aren't necessary on the menu but they can come up with so I really appreciate all that they do for that. Um, and it's helps for you to? yeah yeah, yeah, so the night beef exactly yeah, um so that worked out really well and they get to know you and you know they're always bringing me ah bo free bread and are you know the drink preferences that we have. 51:00.72 Sam So did you preorder Allen did did you preorder your food the day before. Yeah. 51:16.48 Alan _ Rachael That's nice. Um, but 1 fun thing is that because you can order as much as you want, you can try different things that you wouldn't normally try so I tried s cargo um not something that I would normally ever order. Um, but figured hey this is the place to try it and it was okay I don't think I would get it again. It was basically just like butter and garlic. 51:21.50 dclduo Grace. 51:33.74 dclduo The the best part about escargo is dipping the bread in the butter and garlic. Yeah, it did the the snails are merely a delivery vehicle for the delicious butter that they said in. Yes, yeah. 51:35.28 Alan _ Rachael Um, but trying to get all of us to eat it. But we told him no yeah. Ah. 51:38.70 Sam Ah, we love the escargo. We love it. Ah yeah, ah yeah, we're big fans of the escargo. But I know it's not everybody's ah cup of tea. Um, and you know. 51:51.82 dclduo Didn't get it this last cruise that we were on say we we missed ah Lumie Airs Night so yeah 51:56.12 Sam We we that is true. We did not. We did not get it on our on this. Ah, last cruise that we were on but we have many more to look forward to Brian we don't have to get it on every single sailing. 52:05.82 Alan _ Rachael And her daughter Kalin love steak. So she got to get as much steak as she wanted from the adults menu. So yeah, the server brought her the prime rib he said okay, this is very big. You don't have to eat it all but she ate it all? Yeah yeah, that's fine. They come cut it for you. 52:11.60 Sam Ah I Love that. 52:16.86 Sam Yeah, she eat it all I love that that would have been yeah that would have been me like as a kid I mean I've I still love steak I'm not a big prime rib person but I still love steak but they could bring me like a big you know a steak bigger than my head and I would have eaten the whole thing and probably amazed the weight staff myself. 52:16.90 dclduo Nice. Oh. 52:31.25 dclduo Yeah. 52:34.61 Alan _ Rachael Um. 52:37.37 Sam Ah, but all right? So let's talk Paulo. Um, what did you all think of was this your first time in Paulo. Ok yeah. 52:44.28 Alan _ Rachael We had in Apollo dinner. Um, but never apollo brunch so we and we heard many great things about it so we wanted to experience it and I think it definitely lived up to our expectations. The service, the atmosphere and the food quality were just all amazing. 52:59.62 Sam Oh awesome. Oh yeah, okay. 53:02.35 Alan _ Rachael Yeah I got the pizza and veal and they did gluten free free right? Make sure's all gluten-f free then they try to get me to split the gluten-ree pizza because I said I wanted my pizza and I said no I know I'm not going to eat it all I'll probably just only eat 2 slices but I don't want my pizza to go to gluten free. 53:08.29 dclduo Um. 53:10.80 Sam No I'll have my own piece of thank you. But. 53:21.50 Sam Ah I have heard that the gluten free pizza dough in Paulo is is quite good. But I'm with you Rachel I would probably get my own pizza. 53:21.66 Alan _ Rachael And that. 53:28.60 Alan _ Rachael Um. 53:33.90 Alan _ Rachael Who I think you got the the um I Chicken Parmesan I got the chicken Parmesan and I love Chicken Parmesan and that was amazing because it definitely is different than other chicken Parmesan We have had um and then yes. 53:38.60 Sam Um. 53:44.30 Sam Yeah, and the risotto that they serve with it is so good too. It's which I think of chicken parmesan as being served with spaghetti at least that's you know I grew up in New York and every italian restaurant that's where what they serve with chicken parmesan is a plate of spaghetti um or bowl of spaghetti. 53:50.79 Alan _ Rachael Yes. 54:00.41 Sam And I like that onboard you get a risotdo and it's delicious and all works together quite nicely. What about um the food in cabanas and the deck food. Um, obviously that's also you know sort of buffet Well buffet siling cabbanas and then of course the deck food is sort of the grill and whatnot but just curious as to. 54:19.33 Alan _ Rachael You didn't have any duck food right? right? I didn't have any deck food but I think a banners was was fine it it you know, filled me up and it was It was decent. Um did really enjoy the the glutenfree waffles and but in general was it was fine for me. 54:19.36 Sam What you all thought of you know the quality of that stuff and. 54:36.75 Sam Yeah. 54:38.58 Alan _ Rachael And I would say on the deck food. The only thing I did get was the chicken tenders and those were very good and the kids like that too. Um I don't think I don't I don't I don't think they make those gluten free. Maybe we should have tried to ask that was 1 thing. Ah. 54:43.21 dclduo Life changing life changing. That's what yeah, that's what the yeah they do. They have? yeah. 54:46.60 Sam So life kit. 54:55.10 Sam There are they they're different of course but you can yes you can special order gluten free um chicken fingers. Yeah, but they're not the same chicken fingers obviously because they have to have a different batter to them. So yeah, so. 54:57.57 Alan _ Rachael Yeah, 1 thing we didn't right and then kaba is was I think very enjoyable for breakfast. We only did that one twice I think and lunch was just on the first day. 55:13.15 Sam Yeah, yeah, well anything that I've missed Brian. 55:15.70 Alan _ Rachael So so. 55:19.83 dclduo Nothing you've missed I want to ask? Ah I want to ask ah our guests if they've if we've missed anything that they wanted to highlight from the from the show. So Alan Rachel anything we've missed that you want to be sure to highlight. 55:33.22 Alan _ Rachael Um, well some of the food standouts and oh you really enjoyed the pasta presettes at animators. Yeah, and so did our daughter too who is probably would never have eaten truffle but I told her you had truffle of fries you you can eat this and. 55:36.35 Sam Oh yes. 55:45.19 Sam Um, yeah I love it. Yeah a oh good. 55:50.93 Alan _ Rachael Did and she really liked it. The little one was resistant who actually eat's more adventurous Spo was just like no um, but she ate a soup and she enjoyed that and I do say the sea bass that was at enchanted Garden and I love Sea Bassup is my favorite fish with. 56:04.66 Sam Oh yeah, yeah. 56:10.32 Alan _ Rachael Kirk Perfect. That was my favorite like food in the rotational dining room I think. 56:13.47 Sam Oh yeah, that's a great dish if it comes out a little bit overdone though then it's like really dry and not nearly as good, but it's yeah you yeah overcooked fish in general right? Not good, but that is a really good dish when it's when it's cooked. 56:18.95 Alan _ Rachael Oh yeah, you don't. 56:21.73 dclduo No. 56:29.22 Sam Well right? when it's hooked. Perfect. It's really really good. Yeah. 56:32.66 Alan _ Rachael Right? And we said that the kids at the midship to tech agency rich when I did that Also that was fun to go around the ship and it's pretty amazing How the pictures look like they're paintings and all sudden. They come to life as quite cool technology so that was fun. Um, yeah I would say. 56:35.64 Sam Oh yeah. 56:40.54 dclduo Yeah. 56:50.43 Alan _ Rachael I actually like the animators palette on the magic more I like that show more than the crush show. We weren't in the best sitting area for seeing crush. We couldn't interact with them. But I really love going that the black and white to color show that they do on the magic is is really cool. Um, but I enjoyed animators a lot because the. The theme we were there for pirates night which was great for pirates night and yeah, we actually were in the vest restaurant for each night like on the formal night we were in lowenchantta garden right? which was still pretty nice and I think when we had the lobster. That's when we were in royal court. So I was like. 57:10.70 Sam Yeah. 57:26.72 dclduo Yeah, nice, nice. 57:26.81 Sam Oh nice. Ah, nice. Awesome. Awesome! Did you have you had animation magic then also right? yeah. 57:27.58 Alan _ Rachael I Think our theming was very nice. Yeah yeah, match nicely? Yeah, right? Yeah, that was fine I had we? yeah we had not experienced that that was cool that was a neat show. 57:42.15 Sam Yeah, you can do that now on. Um I think well I think all the ships that have animators now have animation magic are loaded on but they only do it on the longer sailings right? So if you're on a shorter sailing on like the magic. For example, you're you're not going to get that show in addition. So. 57:58.95 Alan _ Rachael And. 58:00.50 Sam Yeah, but it it's I think in addition to doing like the either the crush or the um or the one where mickey comes in and goes around the dining room. Yeah. 58:08.41 Alan _ Rachael He drew our waiter which the waiter got a kick out of that. Yeah I did. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's fun. 58:09.98 dclduo Yes. 58:13.73 Sam Ah, ah, that's fun. That's really fun. Love it. 58:17.65 dclduo Nice, well sounds like a fabulous cruise sounds like you had a good time. Um I'll save my last question for the ah the end my favorite question for the end but Sam I think we've reached that point in the show where I need to but you've been doing all the questioning on this show. So I feel like I'm just I'm just. You know, pushing you back or pushing them back into your ah your path of judgment here or something. But anyway we've reached that point in the show where I need to hand you back over to Sam for some arbitrary questions some arbitrary rules in a jast of judgment or the round we call rapid fire so sam take it away. 58:35.85 Alan _ Rachael And her. 58:43.38 Alan _ Rachael Um. 58:53.70 Sam All right? you guys I'm going to ask you some Disney favorites and then some Disney Cruise line favorites and you when I ask you about Disney Cruise line favorites. You're allowed to answer based on you know your time on the magic or based on the fantasy since you've been on 2 of the ships now. Um, but let's start with your Disney favorites. Who is your favorite Disney character and when I say disney I mean anything that Disney owns now. Okay, so Alan will start with you who's your favorite Disney character. 59:21.93 Alan _ Rachael Sure so this isn't ah ah a big character but on Mickey Minnie's run ofway railway. There's a little bird at the beginning the end and I love that little bird cheby is his name and I want a little cheby character but I know you can get them on your shoulders. They have like little shoulder ones. 59:31.40 Sam Yeah, yeah, ah yeah, you got to get the ears then too because they hate jubie has his own ears too and they've got a little like music notes they're really really cute I mean I don't know if you wear ears though. 59:37.88 Alan _ Rachael Um, but yeah I love that little bird. Ah ah, nice. 59:46.39 Alan _ Rachael Not really, but but you have it. That's a big cut. So I also have a kind of more obscure character too I like oluel from duffy and friends. 59:48.60 Sam You know, but ah all right Rachel who is your favorite Disney character. 59:57.51 Sam Um, yes oh ah I love all the anyone who is at Alani is one of my favorite characters basically and olu me is on that list. So all I love that okay favorite disney movie Rachel we're going to start with you this time. 01:00:03.71 Alan _ Rachael Oh. 01:00:14.00 Alan _ Rachael That's a very hard 1 But I think I might just go with cocoa because it just is one of my favorites and I'm born near Halloween so I just kind of like that time of the year yeah for sure I'm going with Aladdin. 01:00:23.40 Sam There you go I guess you're gonna have to get on the treasure then yeah, all right, all right? Alan what's your favorite Disney movie. Ah yeah, awesome. Okay favorite. 01:00:30.63 Alan _ Rachael Ah, love the story and the music and the show and saw that in Broadway. So yeah I love aladdin. 01:00:33.96 dclduo I keep waiting for someone to answer these questions with some of the the acquired Fox properties like the simpsons or something Homer Simpson is my favorite Disney character. Yeah there you go. 01:00:40.92 Alan _ Rachael I. 01:00:44.31 Sam Ah, like the simpsons movie right? right? right? All right. Favorite Disney Song Alan we're starting with you. 01:00:50.54 Alan _ Rachael Oh I'll stick with Aladdin say friend like me I think I'll go with Moana how far all goes up. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. 01:00:55.58 Sam Yeah that's a great one. What about you? Rachel? Ah yes, how far on go love it. Okay I won't start singing I'll stop. There. Okay. Favorite Disney Cruiseline stage show so you can pick something you saw in the magic or you can pick something you saw on the fantasy. Um, there will be judgment if you take the wrong show. So Rachel will start with you. What's your favorite dcl stage show. 01:01:22.34 Alan _ Rachael So I think I'll go with frozen um I can't quite remember all the details with tangle I know I did really enjoy it. But it was four years ago and the reason why I go with frozen one I kind of thought I'm not gonna like it I'm so sick of frozen we saw so much frozen. 01:01:29.15 Sam Yeah, sure. Yeah. 01:01:35.29 Sam That right, it's so good. It is so so good. It's on the wonder and the fantasy and I'm with you Rachel I'm not the biggest frozen fan like it is not of all the IP it is not my favorite. 01:01:39.30 Alan _ Rachael This is way overdone but it was just fabulous. 01:01:52.98 Sam Um, but it is such a good production and what they do and I won't spoil it for the audience who hasn't seen it what they do at the beginning of the show with when on and elsa our children is just brilliant and so well done all right? Sorry I went on my little diatribe there Alan What's your favorite dsal stage show. 01:02:05.28 Alan _ Rachael Yeah, very creative. Um I really enjoyed frozen as well. But I enjoyed aladin more. The genie is just so spectacular. The humor and the show elements that they have the the pyrotechnics and and everything is just. 01:02:22.48 Sam It Yeah it it really depends on the genie I Have to say if you have a good genie. The show is great If you don't have a good genie that show can be a total flop but it yeah but there are great special effects for sure. Okay, so let's chalk rotational dining. 01:02:22.85 Alan _ Rachael Is a great show. 01:02:28.33 Alan _ Rachael Um, yeah. 01:02:40.27 Sam What is your favorite rotational dining restaurant Alan we're starting with you. 01:02:46.40 Alan _ Rachael Um, so I'll say animator's palette. Not so much for the food but I just love the Disney atmosphere. Um they we were there for pirates night as I said and it it's so immersive and cool for pirates night and um, it's just it's just a fun place. All the details like how the butter knife looks like a little painter's brush. 01:02:49.26 Sam Yeah, yeah. 01:03:03.91 Alan _ Rachael Um, it's It's a fun restaurant. 01:03:05.21 Sam And love it all right? Rachel what's your favorite rotational dining. It is a hard question. 01:03:10.63 Alan _ Rachael I Had to say I like them all. It's this a hard question it really I think it really depends on what you feel like at the time. Um I think I probably would go with theunsles one if I can remember correctly I think I just like the whole atmosphere of all in the best. 01:03:20.89 Sam So yeah, yeah, Repunsel's Royal Table. It's great I Love it with the the lanterns and it's just very well themed really really well done all right Favorite Onboard activity. So It's just you're on a C day. What are you doing on the ship. What's a favorite thing to do rachel. 01:03:40.59 Alan _ Rachael I would say kind of just walking around. Oh 1 thing we never talked about is I do like every morning just getting up and going on the walking track. That's just something I think is amazing. You get to see the ocean I do have to say I would that in probably Apollo. 01:03:49.97 Sam Yeah, yeah. 01:03:57.61 Sam Yeah, love. But both of those are great. All right? Alan what's your favorite. 01:03:58.72 Alan _ Rachael 2 best things. 01:04:03.63 Alan _ Rachael I'm gonna go with the Aque duck I think it's It's a really fun attraction. You get to go over the ocean a great view. Um, just a lot of fun. 01:04:10.27 Sam Awesome! Love that. Okay, we got to talk a little bit of food now. Favorite sweet item on board favorite savory item on board. Okay, so we'll start with the suite because I like the savory the best so Allen what's your favorite sweet item on board and it can be anywhere. 01:04:25.10 Alan _ Rachael My favorite. Yeah, my favorite sweet item was the the mickey Chiro Waffles I've never had him before and they were great and I love that they made him gluten free and it was just yeah I like those nice tree you too. There's not a lot of options to be honest with desserts. Yeah yeah. 01:04:30.17 Sam Yeah, yeah. 01:04:40.30 Sam Sure for breakfast. Especially yeah yeah. 01:04:44.44 Alan _ Rachael Right? So um, yeah, that was just a fun treat. Yeah yeah, I'd usually get ice cream for dessert but I really like those cherro waffles. 01:04:50.50 Sam Awesome! All right Rachel what's your favorite sweet item. 01:04:53.75 Alan _ Rachael My favorite sweet item was at animators or at least on our first night they had the cookie Sunday that had big pieces of oreo and cookie crumble and you cannot go wrong with that. 01:05:00.45 Sam Oh yeah. 01:05:07.81 Sam Yes, that is an excellent Sunday we just had that um on on our sailing on the magic as well. So ah, the oreo cheesecake. Yeah yeah. 01:05:11.45 Alan _ Rachael Ah, you also didn't really like like the cheesecake in the first day there was a yeah the or there are cheesecake I think the thing is anything Oreo I'm gonna like let's just put it that way but the Oreo cheesecake was delicious too. 01:05:24.31 Sam That's my so That's my favorite. My favorite dessert on board hands down is that oreo cheesecake on embarkation day. It's the only time you get it. It's fantastic. You get a big piece of it if you go to the main dining you get the smaller bites of it if you go to cabanas. But you know you can always get 3 or 4 of them if you want. But all right favorite savory item on board and we're going to start with you this time Rachel sure there's no rules. Yeah that's right, that's the right answer all right all and. 01:05:49.12 Alan _ Rachael Can I pick Pollo or does it have to be up then I'm getting you the chicken Parmesan that was my favorite was the sea Bassset enchanted Guardian I Really enjoyed that it's perfectly cooked really well flavored. 01:06:04.81 Sam Nice, awesome! Awesome! All right? Ok, this is a really important question. Um I already know Rachel's answer I think but I'm going to confirm it and then I'm going to ask Allen this question but aqua dunk versus aqua duck. 01:06:15.91 Alan _ Rachael Curf. 01:06:21.20 Alan _ Rachael Ah I you knew it. It's Aqua dark. 01:06:22.60 Sam Rachel we'll start with you? Yes, yeah yes, ok alllan, you're the one who seemed to like the aqua dunk but we didn't do a head to head comparison so aqua dunk versus aqua duck. No. 01:06:30.72 Alan _ Rachael Um, yeah I Yeah I would give it to the duck. Um, the dunk is ah is thrilling and a lot of fun but the duck is is fun and you get a great view and it just it's a great experience. 01:06:43.69 Sam Okay, all right now. My next question also controversial classic ship so magic class ship versus dream class ship because I'm not going to say favorite ship but I'll call it favorite class of ship because you've been on the magic and you've been on the fantasy. Yeah. Do you like the bigger ship or the smallership. Um Alan will start with you on this question. 01:07:06.31 Alan _ Rachael I Like the bigger ship. Um I like the the atrium just you get that Wow factor more and there's there's a lot to do. Um you know several years since we've been on the Magic. So I'm sure there was things I really enjoyed about the magic but and this was a more recent one on the fantasy. But I Yeah I enjoyed the bigger ship. Um. And I was a little worried about maybe it'd be too crowded getting off the ship or I cast away but I didn't find that it did take some time at the the tenderderport but other than that I didn't really notice the crowd. So I kind of think I might like the classic better because I do like the more intimate feel. 01:07:34.73 Sam Um, good what about you? Rachel. 01:07:44.10 Alan _ Rachael Um, where I think you get a little bit more attention you kind of get to know people a little bit more. Ah, 1 thing we didn't talk about. We met this couple who were carrying around duffy dolls and they were all couple and it was very interesting to see their history but like if we were in a smaller ship. We we ran into them a lot and that was on our fantasy. But if you're on smaller ship. 01:07:46.87 Sam And. 01:07:52.15 Sam Oh. 01:07:59.21 Sam Um, yeah. 01:08:03.56 Alan _ Rachael You get just more intimate feel I think that's yeah I see this right? yeah. 01:08:05.47 Sam Yeah that's definitely true. You see the same people kind of over and over and over again on the smaller ships even more so and same with the cast members too because it's a less less people overall less cast members less guests as well. Um, all right? Well my last question of rapid fire is the question I ask everybody. Which is bucket list. Cruise if you could go anywhere in the world on a Disney Cruise where would you go and it doesn't even have to be some place that Disney Cruise line currently sails all right. We'll start with you Rachel where are you going? Yeah yeah. 01:08:33.66 Alan _ Rachael I want to go to Fiji the the whole polynesian islands I've never been and I feel like that is a place I'd want to do yeah I agree that somewhere in the south pacific I don't know Fiji tahiti. 01:08:42.10 Sam Awesome! All right? Alan what about you. 01:08:49.47 Alan _ Rachael Um I think New Zealand would be awesome too. Not quite in the same spot but anything down there. Um, because we've been to Hawaii bunch so it'd be fun to sail around Hawaii but I think going somewhere brand new for us would be be really exciting. 01:08:51.31 Sam And. 01:09:02.00 Sam Awesome! All right? Well thank you for playing. Um, you didn't have any bad answers really? So um, so I'll say we all win then so it's a tie. Ah. 01:09:11.21 Alan _ Rachael Hooray Hey Nice just. 01:09:11.24 dclduo Ah, well I always like to ask folks. What's next did you do you have another cruise lined up or 1 you're eyeing in the future. Ah. 01:09:21.58 Alan _ Rachael Well, we actually have three. So do you want to tell? Yeah, so since since we're in orange county which is pretty close San Diego we found just a weekend cruise out of San Diego coming up in November and that's on the magic right. 01:09:24.83 Sam I Love that. So. 01:09:39.47 Alan _ Rachael Yeah, we thought we'd just take advantage of that even though that's just a two day and then our main one that we picked we already had it but before we did this cruise is we're gonna do a Southern Caribbean on the magic out of samlon. 01:09:39.93 Sam Yeah. 01:09:49.42 dclduo Fabulous. We have a we have a show in the back catalog from someone who just did that sailing not too long ago so you can go back and hear all the fun things that are in store for you for sure. Yeah, and we love that Southern Caribbean itinerary it's great 01:09:50.89 Sam Oh you're gonna love that Oh my goodness. 01:10:02.59 Sam Yeah, yes. 01:10:04.22 Alan _ Rachael Nice and then the third one that we actually have booked is Alaska on the wonder for next summer yeah ah 01:10:10.43 Sam Oh my goodness. You've got some great things on ah like on deck I am I am actually very jealous. We are hoping to do Alaska not next year but the year after so that's going to be amazing. Fantastic you guys i. 01:10:21.30 Alan _ Rachael Ah, and then as we mentioned earlier, we're eyeing the treasure but nothing nothing booked yet. That's yeah, we'll see how that goes. 01:10:27.11 dclduo Yeah, yeah, amazing. Well my reading oh I know? Yeah, ah sorry well Alan Rachel do you want to let folks know how they can find and follow your vlog for all of your. 01:10:27.46 Sam That awesome. 01:10:43.80 dclduo Disney Adventures and Disney Cruise line adventures because you cover it all. 01:10:47.57 Alan _ Rachael Yeah, sure so we're on krausemouse adventures on Youtube Krause is KR a us s e do a little posting on an x formerly Twitter and Instagram but but mostly Youtube is where I post my stuff. 01:10:59.75 dclduo Nice, nice. Yes, yeah I don't know what we we're supposed to call it now. Is it xing I'm mixing something I mean maui's joke in Moanana is going to go over. Everyone's head in about 10 years when he's when he does that if you write it with a bird. It's called a tweet. Um, well. 01:11:01.90 Sam Awesome! Fantastic! Well, we're ah. 01:11:07.58 Alan _ Rachael Ah, right? ah. 01:11:12.80 Sam Is. 01:11:13.94 dclduo Thank you so much for taking time every day to come share this amazing cruise experience with us and our listeners. It sounds like you had a lot of fun and would definitely encourage folks to head over and check out your ah your Youtube channel and subscribe and with that I'll just say thank you for joining us. Thank you for sharing the cruise. We just really really appreciate it. 01:11:30.91 Alan _ Rachael Thanks so much for having us. Yeah, thank you. We really appreciate it. 01:11:33.75 Sam Um, yeah, yeah.

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