October 14, 2023


Ep. 353 - Bonus - An Unofficial Podcast: Chatting with Erin Foster About the Disney Treasure

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Brian Sam
Ep. 353 - Bonus - An Unofficial Podcast: Chatting with Erin Foster About the Disney Treasure
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 353 - Bonus - An Unofficial Podcast: Chatting with Erin Foster About the Disney Treasure

Oct 14 2023 | 00:54:10


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Erin Foster literally writes the book on Disney Cruise Line. As the co-author to the Unofficial Guide to Disney Cruise Line, we love having her on to share her knowledge and expertise with our listeners. We couldn't wait to get her take on the Disney Treasure, and some of the other announcements DCL had made over the past year. We're talking the Treasure, the Adventure, Lighthouse Point and so much more! You can find Erin on Twitter (aka X) or the Touring Plans Blog, or pre-order the 2024 Edition of the Unofficial Guide to Disney Cruise Line on Amazon, or wherever you like to shop for books. 

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Episode Transcript

00:00.00 dclduo Welcome back everybody to this week's bonus episode of the Dc L Duo Podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and Sam I know you love a good 5 star review. So I've got 1 q. 00:09.92 Sam Yes. 00:10.95 dclduo Up for you this week just a big thank you to everyone out there leaving these reviews again. This one's dating back now. To February we're making progress forward progress here on these reviews. So this 1 comes from Grover Loaf who writes a great show for disney fans old and new. This show is great. It's not only a fun and entertaining listen but full of useful information for disney newbies like me and for those who have been going to the parks and on cruises for decades Sam and Brian are a delight to listen to so there you go, you're delightful. Sam you're delightful. But. 00:37.40 Sam Oh oh, thank you I like being delightful. Um I wonder if it Grover's name has anything to do with the Muppet Grover who I adore from sesame street. So. 00:47.40 dclduo It would seem like a sure bet for a Disney fan. Ah so yes, but speaking of delightful people. We have a delightful guest today. 1 of our favorites Aaron Foster the co-author of the unofficial guide for Disney Cruise line is returned to our show and i. 00:51.46 Sam Um, yes, right. 00:55.66 Erin Ah. 01:02.20 dclduo Have to start by just welcoming you back Aaron Nice to see you. 01:02.65 Erin Thank you I'll take delight any day appreciate it. 01:04.48 Sam Yeah, well. 01:06.69 dclduo I think we've described you now as delightful and comparable. There are many adjectives we could use to describe Aaron all of them positive. But. 01:11.51 Erin Anything good I'll take you know. 01:13.25 Sam Yeah, the premier Disney Cruise line expert because she literally writes the book on it. Ok, but. 01:19.16 Erin I Write the book there. You go. 01:19.60 dclduo There you go there, you go there, you go? Well Aaron we're not going to dive into your ah prolific background with the cruise line if anyone's interested folks can head back in our catalog we've had Aaron on several times. Suffice it to say as Sam just said she writes the book on Disney Cruise line each every year with some help we know she's a co-author with some help and for those of you watching. Ah you can see the magnificent number of unofficial guides in the background of her video right now. It's a guide that we love and we own we just preordered ours. So. 01:47.60 Erin These are me. 01:54.13 dclduo We brought Aaron on because of all of the recent announcements about the treasure. The big reveal and love to get her early thoughts. We did this with the wish we wanted to do it again with the treasure so wanted to get her early thoughts on the treasure Aaron maybe let me start at the top with just overall first impression. Excited. Or underwhelmed I guess would be the 2 categories. 02:13.89 Erin Um, the treasure to me that my headline is wish two point zero. You know I mean it's just it's it's the wish with a little different paint job I think um, which is. 02:20.46 Sam Yep. 02:27.52 Erin Good and bad I mean there's lots of good things about the wish and there's some things I wish were different about the wish. Um, and um, you know overall slightly underwhelmed mostly because we were expecting a lot I was expecting. 02:45.48 Erin A lot more new and exciting. Um, and it seems to be and and I completely understand why they didn't change things you know that that the the ship is built. You know the plans were built but there were some of the things that I didn't love about the wish I wish that they. 02:45.66 Sam Yeah. 03:03.55 Erin Had had an opportunity to change and they didn't I'm excited about some of the theming of the new spaces and that sort of thing but you know mine and I think um, a lot of people's bugaboo is the lack of the full walking track and that's just the same. So um. 03:16.65 dclduo Whoa! yeah. 03:17.20 Sam And I I hate literally hate that like that I if I had to list the things I dislike about the wish that would be number 1 on that list I don't mind even if it was partial but partial track like a you. 03:21.32 Erin Yeah I. 03:25.15 Erin Yeah, yeah, absolutely. 03:34.36 Erin Yeah, yep, yeah. 03:34.71 Sam But you could actually complete the you I would be okay with it. But you can't even complete the you and then you've got the stairs. It's just all. Yeah, it's all a mess in my opinion. Yeah. 03:42.26 Erin Right? right? So so that part's frustrating and um I think there is still some accessibility issues for um people with mobility issues that. Um, I wish they had found another way to address. But again those appear to be baked into the the plans. Um, there are things that I am excited about um I am excited about the um, the jungle cruise bar. Um, that sounds fun. Um, and. You know while they haven't officially announced it yet. There seems to be a haunted mansion space coming which also um, seems fun and I'm excited to see what the the third ah of the stage shows will be hopefully that'll be something new and different. Um, but it's wish two point zero. 04:18.18 dclduo Yep. 04:31.93 Erin Which is sad in some ways you know. 04:34.23 dclduo Yeah, we actually heard from the media presentation that they did on board The wish about the treasure that they essentially advise folks like if we don't tell you differently. It's exactly the same as on the wish and so you totally agree. Wish two point zero is definitely do you think? um. 04:42.99 Erin Yeah, yeah, so. 04:51.40 dclduo Skipping ahead for just a second. Do you think Disney will just make it wish three point zero for the next ship I mean that seems to be the direction. They're heading but that would be the ship where they actually would have had enough lead time to make some structural changes. Potentially. 05:04.29 Erin Um, my guess is that if they're not going to spend the money if it's working for them if if the ships are selling Um, and so it doesn't lead unless you want to fill a certain time period for your travel. It doesn't. Give people a particular imperative to try the different ships. You know to get the you know, not the not the Grand Slam Whatever they're calling the the you know. 05:27.93 dclduo Yeah, we're going to call it. We call the current one the fab 5 I think we're going to try to name the next one. The what was it the big hero 6 sam to get the 6 in there and then we got the 7 dwarves and all bets are off and we get to 8 I don't know what I don't know what to do with 8 yeah. 05:35.29 Erin Ah. 05:39.25 Sam That that's right a big hero big hero 6 Um yeah. 05:40.34 Erin Ah, okay. 05:47.37 dclduo But yeah, do it? What did you Aaron so one of the so the running track is a consistent theme that we've heard the adult space is a consistent theme that we've heard on the wish. Yeah, which yeah, which by the way, let me stop there for a second on the adult side of the. 05:51.42 Erin Yeah, dont speak. Ah, yeah, yeah, with my. 05:55.15 Sam The adult pool area to be specific. Yeah. 06:05.00 dclduo Wish I assume you've heard the same feedback we have but I don't know if that feedback has muted over time as people have gotten used to the design. It does strike me as interesting that Disney kind of really shrunk that space down because if I think about it, you're talking about a bunch of adults getting on ships with kids and they're going to want to put their kids in the kids club. At least part of the time and then go experience some adult areas of the ship not be locked into like I got to see by the funnel vision in the pool. Um to I mean do you think that that's a is that a design feature of the wish that over time people have just yeah now works it works or are you still seeing hearing complaints from people that it's just too small and too crowded. 06:26.31 Erin Right. 06:40.64 Erin I will say that I mean I saw you on the on the Maiden voyage and I was overwhelmed by how small and claustrophobic that area was on that particular sailing and then I went back a few months later to sort of like a more normal sailing with a more normal mix of adults and children. 06:58.67 Sam Thank you. 07:00.15 Erin And I didn't love the location. Um, but I didn't find it as stifling when I went back with a normal mix of um you know adults and kids I Still think it's too small I don't love the location I don't love that there are no snacks in the cove cafe. Um, but. 07:15.84 dclduo Yeah. 07:16.38 Sam And I forgot about that. You're right? That is a big fail that you know we've got the cove cafe on all 4 other ships. You've got like the charcotery and pastries and stuff. And yeah oh god that's terrible. 07:19.60 Erin Yeah. 07:25.90 Erin Right. 07:27.78 dclduo When it's not a short walk from that area down to like Cabananas or something like you think if you're I was saying it this way if you're supplying alcohol. You need to supply some food for people and there's yeah, no. 07:32.49 Sam Yeah, yeah. 07:33.18 Erin Right. 07:40.64 Erin I mean I'm trying to remember I don't even think there were like bags of chips you could get or anything you know which right? you know you need a little something to absorb the ah to absorb the alcohol. 07:45.64 dclduo No yeah. 07:48.71 Sam And you do have that in the other bar spaces right? So like in Nightingales they'll give you either like pretzels or those little baked Fava beans and same in like hyperspace lounge. We had like chocolate covered pretzels Actually that were delicious in hyperspace lounge. 07:54.52 Erin Um, ah. 08:03.35 Erin And you in the um in the sports bar you can buy you know your $8 sliders or big pretzel or whatever you know. 08:03.60 dclduo Um, ah. 08:06.43 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah, what about? um the 1 thing that stood out to me so they talked about how the wish was purpose built three night fornnight sailings and so that. 08:06.68 Sam Right. Yeah, yeah. 08:20.70 dclduo You know, allowed people to forgive a lot of sins here right? Okay, like you don't need a running track because you know you're only going for 3 or 4 nights you run on a treadmill that sort of thing 7 nights a little different sure but 7 nights is different and I don't I don't know that I've heard the same refrain around the treasures being built for purpose built for seven night sailings 08:20.77 Erin Yeah, yeah. 08:27.90 Sam Or run on Castaway right. 08:30.79 Erin Very different. 08:40.90 dclduo Which one of the big things that I had an issue with on the wish was the amount of storage in the staterooms that was becoming an issue just on 3 and fortnite sailing so on seven night sailings I got to imagine that compounds I haven't seen anything that suggests they've improved that situation for the treasure. Yeah well. 08:55.38 Erin But no I have not either. Um I I heard one person who I don't know how well informed they were said that we're going to make them some of the spaces drawers as opposed to just those shelves. But um, you know the second time I went I knew to bring like packing cubes to. Be able to separate my stuff a little better but then even then they would get sort of shoved in the back it was. It's very hard to organize. You're sort of more living out of your suitcase and pulling the suitcase out from under the bed more? Um, yeah, that that is a design flaw I agree on on the wish. 09:14.85 dclduo Beautiful. 09:29.50 dclduo Yeah, well, what are we excited about. So you mentioned the Skipper Society lounge bar is I think it is called the Skipper Society I'm really hoping we see like some crew training there to be Punny actually with a pee. Um. 09:35.82 Erin Yeah I'm. Absolutely yeah, yeah, well when I first like it when the announcement was happening and I first started to hear about it before I realized it was Jungle Cruise I thought it was going to be Adventurers club and I was like. 09:46.45 dclduo Yeah, what are you hoping to see out of that space. 09:58.16 Erin Oh My God that would be amazing. Um, and it's clearly not exactly that. But I I hope it gives a little of that flavor where there's you know the the crew cast members. There are really trained to play up the the environment. Um. Even more so than maybe the folks in the um, the hyperspace lounge on the wish um which they do some of it. But maybe it's maker break for that space If The crew isn't really doing the shtick. You know, Um, otherwise it's just it's just another bar. You know. 10:15.81 dclduo Yes. 10:27.85 dclduo Um, yeah, yeah, exactly. 10:28.96 Sam And yeah I really they really need to do what they do at Trader Sam's on land or what they do on the jungle cruise ride in either park which is you've got the you know you've got your skipper who's telling you ridiculously cheesy jokes throughout the whole thing. 10:33.76 Erin Yeah, yeah. 10:47.83 Sam And the names of the drinks I Also I really think I don't know what you guys think but I really think they've got to translate the bar you know drinks from Trader Sams to skipper society because they have all these like crazy names and they make jokes based on the names like the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Whatever you know like it's like. 10:56.32 Erin Yes. 11:07.25 Sam And and you have to say the right number of tikis or and where the or the waiter makes fun of you basically. 11:10.54 Erin Or or even like the fun glassware like at Nightingales they had those little cute little birds that I think disappeared after a while because they were walking away I don't know but but stuff like the the barware makes a big difference in something that's supposed to be very highly themed. You know. 11:12.18 dclduo Um, yeah. 11:24.87 dclduo Left. It seems like a no brainer by the way for them to put Tiki glasses in there and sell them like that just seems like a no rainer. Yeah, um I was yeah. 11:31.49 Erin So absolutely. Yeah. 11:35.84 Sam And and they do that in hyperspace on the wish like you can. There are some glass there is some glass where you can buy and so um I I think you're right I think they'll do that? yeah. 11:42.93 dclduo Speaking of that I was actually kind of surprised so I agree with you 100% Aaron about because Arthur Quinn I think was kind of supposed to be a part of the adventure society like that's how I was taking his role in this whole announcement and everything so like I was kind of surprised by that. But then when they announced a skipper society I thought for a second like oh maybe that will be. 11:52.83 Erin The he's been. 12:02.83 dclduo The replacement for hyperspace because if you think about things like Trader Sam's or the tiki room or those sorts of things. It's really just screens and like a ah space it would like work well to show you know the volcano erupting and the rain coming and all that sort of stuff. So. 12:09.75 Erin Greens and speak. Yeah, it's a shirt. Yeah, that's rest. So. 12:17.66 dclduo Um, it will be interesting to see what they do with hyperspace to go back to your comment earlier in the show I think we're all waiting with bated breath to hear it's going to be some transformed into some kind of haunted mansion themed bar but they were so silent in everything they so they sent out leading up to the big reveal nothing on the treasure map really haunted mansion theme that we could find. Nothing in the announcements. Um I doubt they've abandoned it but I I would suspect. It's going to be in hyper space match. 12:42.48 Erin I I rewatched this this morning just in prep for this the like the the 3 minute version of the announcement and there was you know there were the ghosts there and um, you know in the the media packages I saw that a lot of people had there was ghosty stuff on it. Um. 12:51.90 dclduo Um, yeah. 12:56.67 Sam Right on the box. Yeah. 12:58.98 Erin And something it. It made me worried that something's not ready or the tech isn't but they still they still have like a whole year to fix the darn thing but um, it makes me wonder if there's a glitch that they don't want to tell anybody about which is why they didn't you know because that would be a a. 13:05.70 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah. 13:18.51 Erin Good selling point you know other than the length of the itinerary. You've got to really they they really have to give some people an incentive why they want to try out this other ship other than I mean the only things that are different are 1 restaurant. Potentially 1 stage show and a couple of bars and that's. 13:35.81 dclduo Yeah, yeah I So I am interested to see what they do with hyperspace I Actually wonder if they're going to in some way you know because in hyperspace you sit at that long bar you have that. 13:38.40 Erin That's the only difference you know. 13:41.14 Sam That's a great point. 13:48.90 Erin And I. 13:48.78 dclduo Big view screen in front of you I instantly thought if they're putting haunted mansion in there wouldn't it be really fun if when you're sitting at the bar they could interpose the ghosts next to you So you're almost looking in a mirror with the hitchhiking ghost while you're sitting at the bar. Yeah I thought that would be really fun. But and maybe that's maybe that's what they're trying to do in the tech just isn't working for them I don't I don't know. 13:56.46 Erin Right? Like at the end of the ride. Yeah yeah. 14:01.51 Sam Right? Well and they've got to have booths that look like doom buggies If we're gonna you know if we're actually gonna theme this space like haunted mansion. 14:11.57 dclduo Yeah, they have a model here for this I've said this a couple times the the when they retheme the Dvc lounge at top of the world to the villain's layer. They introduced a whole new menu of drinks and food and glassware and all of this sort of stuff that I think. 14:11.76 Erin Yeah, think. 14:21.81 Sam A. 14:29.16 dclduo Instantly translates into haunted mansion. Um, so. 14:29.88 Erin I haven't been there yet and I'm going for a long trip at the end of October so that you just put that on my list I got to I got to go over there. 14:35.88 Sam Yeah I haven't been in there either I. 14:38.90 dclduo Yeah, well I Also noticed they they have these cocktail glasses ah in that lounge for the drinks that I have noticed sitting in Hook's barbary. So like they have them out as decorative in some of the spaces on the ship and it just immediately brought to mind just throw that all into ah like into a bar and you might you might have the ah the roadmap for what it looks like. 14:50.33 Erin Okay, I'm writing this down islands there. 14:56.49 Sam Yeah, now one thing I think we we don't know which you know we don't know if it's going to be hyperspace lounge that is transformed into a haunted mansion theme bar. Um, but we so it's possible that space could be something else right. 15:02.55 dclduo We don't We don't. 15:09.33 Erin And. 15:11.36 Sam And it's also possible that Nightingales could be the bar that is transformed into the haunted mansion bar. Although I'm still suspicious that it won't be because nightingaless really is like an adult space and sort of the size and the shape of it is not really conducive to making it a haunted mansion themed space at least. 15:29.77 Erin Yeah, yes. 15:29.88 Sam My perspective and the and the windows and all of that whereas Hyperspace is a more fully enclosed and is right now open to kids during the day. 15:36.46 Erin Yeah, and also I also think yeah I think they also need a place that's an adult music venue. That's smaller. Um, and and that seems to lend itself more to the area that's nightingale's and um, another thing that I'm. 15:42.89 dclduo Yeah. 15:52.39 Erin A little disappointed that they didn't modify was the the luna space which is now sirabi is that right? Um, where that's one of the again. Ah, ah, in addition to the walking track. That's one of the places that I find most frustrating because there's so many interactive games that they're running there. 15:58.70 Sam Yep. 15:59.80 dclduo Yep. 16:11.95 Erin Um, even like Bingo or whatever. It's like in order to really fully participate. You need to be down below and they've got cast members up above but to get from one to the other you've got to go outside down the long haul down the stairs back down the long haul and it's just the people upstairs are not. Fully engaged in the experience I suppose if there's um, you know an interactive show or something that you don't want to participate. It's nice that you can hide upstairs. But um I you know, maybe if there were an internal staircase I guess that's something that they could do to to help that? Um, but that's a little frustrating area as well. 16:34.44 dclduo Yeah, for. There. 16:46.18 dclduo Well and in closing it. There was lots of feedback about not enclosing it and that seems like for me not doing that. That's not structural. That's not new. That's just literally putting windows up. 16:46.25 Sam So yeah, plus the app. 16:49.87 Erin Yeah. 16:54.40 Erin Right? right? Yeah yeah. 16:58.22 dclduo In spaces that exist right? So that was a little weird to me that they left it open because it sounds like it's caused them some operational challenges in addition to kind of just folks general frustration with the space. So yeah, well, they've had to at night because it's adult activities only we've heard rumors or not rumors. We've heard reports of. 16:59.15 Sam Yeah, yeah. 17:07.47 Erin Oh how? So yeah, yeah, yeah. 17:09.33 Sam Well noise. 17:17.49 dclduo You know crew members having to like you know shoe kids out of the hallways from walking yeah and and so you've blocked a hallway access between spaces on the ship that are adult and non-adults and they have to go up a floor and over or down a floor and over which you know that's that is kind of a pain for them. Yeah. 17:18.24 Erin Oh and during match ormate or whatever. Yeah, yeah. 17:20.48 Sam Yes. 17:25.78 Erin Okay. Okay I didn't realize they we're doing that have yep. 17:30.67 Sam Yeah, the yeah, the the other operational issue is just with the noise because you've got you know you've got the pub space right? right? there right outside and that pub space is trying to do trivia. 17:35.33 dclduo Yeah. 17:47.55 Sam Oftentimes while Bingo is going on and as you know Aaron bingo is like 1 of the loudest activities on the ship and so with that open space if you're doing a pub trivia and Bingo's going on at the same time. You're very much distracted and gearing right. 17:48.75 Erin Yeah, yep. 17:59.66 Erin Right? Or if there's a a big game on that people are cheering for and competing with the Bingo or whatever you know. 18:02.32 dclduo Yeah, yeah, speaking of pub spaces I will personally say one of the things I'm most excited about is this periscope pub I'm a little worried that it just won't live up to the artists renderings that they're doing. That's the part that concerns me based on hyperspace lounge. But. 18:06.49 Sam Exactly. 18:14.58 Erin Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. 18:21.58 dclduo What do you think about that new periscope pub I thought it was I would say this 1 more thing I thought it was telling it was the first time they themed it to like not an irish pulp and. 18:28.91 Erin Right? right? That's ah, exactly what I was going to say the others although they have different names. They're all basically the same thing you know some some cozy European Whatever um, um, it's. I Think it's nice that they're trying something different I'll believe it when I see it. You know?? Ah, right, right? right? right? right? or or it's the kind of thing that. 18:47.42 dclduo Ah, like I want those periscopes to actually work and show you something and I have a feeling that's the first thing that gets valued engineered out of this proposition is now they're just decorative. They're just decorative. 18:57.60 Erin Will be really cool for the first 4 sailings and then they'll break and it's the yeti all over again that never works you know. 19:00.40 dclduo Yeah, yeah I did hear some folks complain and it's an interesting complaint. They were like well if it's periscope and the ceiling means you're underwater then why are the portholes looking out on the ocean above water right? Like why wouldn't you have put screens in there to make it all. 19:11.92 Sam So right. 19:14.20 Erin Yeah, yes. 19:18.26 dclduo Submersed right? So that was kind of an interesting piece of feedback. 19:18.64 Sam I Also I do think it's a little strange that if you're gonna put some I p in the pub which they really haven't done a lot of although there in the wish there is little there are there is little I p you know elements in the in the pub. But. 19:26.19 Erin Well. 19:35.86 Erin Okay. 19:35.90 Sam Not in the other pubs on board. Um, the other ships but I did think it was a little weird of a selection to pick 20000 leagues under the sea because that's like really old. Let's put it another. Yeah I mean we know what it is and then actually. 19:45.19 Erin Not not a lot of people know what it is yeah. 19:47.64 dclduo Yeah. 19:52.90 Sam European Parks I don't you probably know better than I do Aaron but there I know there is like ah um, is it in Tokyo disney see there is like a ah Jules Verne themed ride or something like that. But in the United States it's just not that big right now. 20:06.80 Erin Yeah, yeah, it used to be. 20:07.82 dclduo Well, it used to be right? if you think about it. Yeah, if you think about it like the theme of the ship while it's adventure. The spaces are being themed to and they've been very specific about this. It's the rides right? it's. 20:11.65 Sam Yes. 20:20.42 dclduo It's not that skipper society is themed to some generic generic sort of like it's not the ip from the movies. It's the ride that they're trying to capture right? and so 20000 leagues under the sea I think is supposed to hearken back to when those submarine boats were not themed to Nemo or whatever they were. They were theme to Jules Verne so 20:33.65 Erin So yeah, but yeah. 20:34.60 Sam Yeah, but but they're not doing that in the atrium which is very Aladdin movie theme. They're not doing that in Saabi which is Lion King movie theme. They're not doing that in coco. Well, it's not the ride. It's done the ride and then in Coco the closet of coco there's no coco ride. We're gonna have cocoa. 20:42.77 dclduo We time out same they have the flying carpets of Aladdin They have a flying carpets very popular ride right? yeah. 20:53.83 Erin Yeah, now that you're saying this? um I I am baffled by the choice to put the Aladdin show on the wish and not on the treasure like what what is. 20:54.44 Sam Show. Yeah. 21:01.68 dclduo Hundred percent hundred percent yeah because the the theme of the wish is like princesses right? So like why wouldn't you have had like I don't know tangled not on there are beauty and the beast. Yeah, yeah, yeah. 21:01.70 Sam Yes. 21:09.19 Erin Like yeah, the beauty and the bees are yeah to what flip him or you know. 21:12.28 Sam You you're didn't the be mean the biggest is perfect. Yeah, they totally that would actually be smart to flip the 2 Um, they're not going to obviously know that they've announced it. But you know that would have been actually smart to say we're going to move aladdin onto the treasure. 21:20.94 Erin Now. 21:24.20 dclduo Well and and and. 21:29.62 Sam But we're going to bring Beauty and the beast onto the wish when. 21:31.38 dclduo Well in PS why didn't they name this ship. The adventure just out there like ah what what is going on there. Um, yeah. 21:33.82 Erin Thank you I don't love I mean you know people before when they announced the 3 ships however, many years ago it was like the imagine the wish that not the treasure. 21:40.50 Sam Ah. 21:46.94 dclduo Yeah, yeah, well actually before we keep going on spaces. Let's spend a second there. So some people have commented The reason she's named the treasure is the pricing. So ah, um, which I can I can fully get behind where you were you at all surprise of the pricing for this ship. So my my. 21:47.61 Sam I yeah. 21:56.96 Sam But. 21:59.86 Erin Now you got 3 22:06.12 dclduo My take on this is generally the three four night cruises are priced higher on a pernight basis than seven night sailings because that it doesn't give you the same sticker shock as a seven night sailing but you're still extracting kind of a little bit more cash out of people. This one is not following that. 22:18.52 Erin Still a and this one. 22:24.33 dclduo That model these cruises are pricey have you? Yeah, what are your thoughts on the this pricing see and and I'm hearing like the maiden voyage I haven't checked Today is not sold out. Yeah yeah. 22:26.99 Erin Big money big money. Um. 22:34.77 Erin It's not sold out I I checked this morning. Um, it was not sold out this morning. Um, you know I mean some of that I'm sure has to do with Christmas I personally did not book the maiden voyage because you know my my kids are young adults and they're still at the. 22:51.70 Erin They still want to be with me on on you know Christmas and we just my oldest daughter's married now we simply could not afford I mean 3 staterooms for that that um it was just sort of ridiculous. Um and so we'll go a little bit later. Um, but yeah I mean i. 22:58.52 Sam And all the right of the. 23:00.65 dclduo Um, yeah. 23:09.95 Erin The the pricing for that first one is sort of you know it's the compounding of the holiday and the the new ship and the I I keep thinking about their choice to do that I wonder if they almost did it on purpose to sort of dissuade some of us the. 23:28.96 dclduo Yeah. 23:29.58 Erin Blogger Vlogger people from not doing that first sailing and letting them get some of the things worked out but then it's a little bit of a jip to the the people who are going to be on that because they're not I don't think going to get the whole Christmas tree gingerbread house. Um, holiday feel I don't know 100% sure. But it's not It's not booked as a or promoted as a maritime cruise you know, know. 23:47.84 dclduo Yeah. 23:55.66 dclduo I think if they don't have very merry time on that sailing. It's going to be a complete revolt because I think so've even so we're we're actually managing ah the big Facebook group for the maiden voyage and I will tell you the questions we're seeing of everyone who's like so excited to be on at Christmas time. Can't wait to experience Disney Christmas. Um I share your concern that they may not do it. But I'm just hoping what's going on is that they're going to release the next round of itineraries and then label out all the very maritime voyages that they're sort of waiting for that to happen. 24:20.94 Erin Yeah, just. 24:25.95 dclduo I think it would be total revolt for people like I booked a Christmas Cruise and I'm just going to be in a non-decorated space like that's. 24:30.10 Sam I think I I think there's going to be Christmas stuff but I think it might be a little bit muted as opposed to what happens on the other ships like there might not be as many activities. 24:40.49 dclduo Although I I did like the comment I did like the comment our friend I do like the comment our friend Craig made those sam about how if they decorate it fully for Christmas they can do all the promotional photos and videos this year for next year right like they can. 24:51.38 Sam Yeah. 24:53.17 Erin Right? Yeah, pretty. 24:54.46 dclduo Like they sort of like they they've they've already got a plan for it a year out so they probably are going to have all those props ready to go and so why not put them up in the ship and then get your promo video and stuff and there'll be sailings beforehand to write with the yeah yeah. 25:02.93 Erin Right? right? Yeah yeah. 25:02.96 Sam Right? They'll be the preview sailings. Yeah I think there I think they're Goingnna have Christmas on the ship when I say Christmas on the ship I mean they'll have some Christmas decorations. We'll get to see the fab 5 in their Christmas outfits you know I bet santo right. 25:18.60 Erin They'll certainly have a Christmas meal. Yeah. 25:18.13 dclduo Yeah. 25:20.34 Sam I bet Santa and Mrs Clause will show up on Christmas day at least but they I will say they may not have the multitude of Christmas things not to sit frankly, they don't have as many events as they used to do I think pre covered anyway. 25:34.80 Erin Ah. 25:34.98 Sam But I think it will just be a slightly muted because we're going to have some special maiden voyage stuff going on. 25:41.00 dclduo I will pack my best dickensian ware to play scrooge if there are no Christmas decorations I'll just wander on the ship saying bah humbug um, well so setting the sort of prices aside. Let's go back to the ship for a second I think some of the most excitement that was generated out of these announcements was plaza to coco. 25:56.89 Erin Want stop know what. 25:58.41 dclduo Ah, what do you? What are your thoughts on Plaza to Coco Aaron are you is that an exciting space for you or. 26:03.71 Erin Um I I think it is um I ah as with all the the restaurants on dcl that have and you know live entertainment I worry about noise levels. Um. You know mariachi is horns to me and that you know the reverberating in the metallic spaces on border ship could be a lot. Um, even Tianas on the wonder can be kind of loud. You know, um I happen to love you know Mexican South American food that sort of thing. So. That works for me I hear a lot about people who are fussy about food and I wonder if they'll be nervous about it. Um, that's that's my take I the noise is is a concern of mine. Um I also wonder if it's going to be the same. Set up as Aarundelle with the stage in the center or if the mariachi stuff is going to roam a little more because the sightlines in that room can be quite problematic depending on where you're sitting. Yeah. 26:58.33 dclduo You. 27:03.90 dclduo Yeah I hope they are a bit more like I hope it's adventurous food like a Tiana's place that it's not just bland kind of you know mexican style food that they go a little bit you know toward the mortiana's place side of things with the food. 27:13.52 Erin So and on display side of. 27:21.19 dclduo Um, they're missing a sure bet by the way if the bread service is not chips, guacamole and salsa I think everyone is expecting that. Um you mentioned earlier though you know Aaron you you said that you know there's not a lot new here. 1 thought that has come to my mind is they will have to develop a whole second round of rotational dining menus for the treasure. 27:24.12 Erin Yeah, absolutely. 27:38.88 Erin I don't. 27:41.16 dclduo They don't have for the wish plaza coco it seems hard to not continue the theming of the space for that. But I worry a little bit that like in worlds of Marvel or 1923. It'll just be taking other menu items from other restaurants across a fleet and cobbling them together I don't do good. Any experience with what did how Disney has handled these like new menus when they've had to roll them out. 28:03.81 Erin Um, I think your point about them um taking menus from other ships or other nights or of ah you know I think that that's what will happen I do um you know I mean you've got ah your escargo in various forms on all the ships you know I mean there's. 28:11.90 dclduo Yeah. 28:16.49 Sam And yes I was going to say the royal court royal palace menu is going to go in 1923 for that other night that's what my guess is worlds of Marvel is a harder call and plat a coco is a harder call of what you put in those spaces but. 28:21.52 Erin But ah, yeah, yeah. 28:24.30 dclduo Yeah. 28:30.17 dclduo Yeah. 28:30.74 Erin Now that we're talking about Worlds of Marvel I'm I'm taken back to the announcement for the wish and a lot of the things that they promised for the wish that didn't come True. You know the there was a lot more. Oh The food's going to shrink and grow and whatever and you know that didn't really happen. Um or even their um description of Marcelene Market. It was like it was like the festival of foods and and we did this whole thing where we were calling. It. Not a food court. We were calling it. 28:52.26 dclduo Um, next. 29:02.75 dclduo Yeah. 29:03.71 Erin I don't know we we we had some other they described it like each land like we were thought there was going to be like the Zootopia window and the lion king window for your food and that was just it's just Kabanas with like different you know, different different stuff. So right? um I mean I will say that. 29:10.65 Sam Yup, so. 29:13.92 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah, with a coffee bar with a coffee bar. 29:18.37 Sam There's just a prettier cabanas in mine. 29:22.37 Erin The the food. The food is better on the wish than the other ships particularly in in that pool deck you know area but there was so much exciting on the wish that was announced that when it actually came true. It didn't It was good but not quite. What they had advertised and so now that the treasure is wish two point zero I'm wondering. Is it the same thing like did they mute it on purpose. Did they you know? is it going to. 29:50.27 dclduo Yeah. 29:54.55 Erin Is it going to match more directly with what actually happens on the ship or is it going to be a step down like the the periscopes they're saying it's going to do X Y Z but is it really going to do something entirely different because they you know like I wonder like I've learned to you know, expect that it's not. 30:06.67 dclduo Um, yeah. 30:11.93 Erin Going to be entirely the hype that the Pr people put out but I'm a little nervous about what is going to happen. You know between the the announcement and the actuality on this. 30:20.78 dclduo Yeah I I would be so like I'm okay with having similar spaces across the fleet like you know Animator's palette exists on every ship leading into the the wish class. So I get having worlds of Marvel come across but the difference for me is. 30:28.49 Erin A yeah. 30:37.18 dclduo Animator's palette you know supports 3 different shows depending on which ship you're on at any given time. Ah, if worlds of Marvel if the second show they develop is just more quantum core stuff like that's not interesting like where's the innovative thing to that restaurant right? like. 30:40.24 Erin A. 30:50.50 Erin Right? yeah. 30:53.23 dclduo You know you get turtle talk with crush at sea which was really innovative at the time or this you know animation magic like what's the thing you can do with Marvel that makes it better than just the quantum core show for the second the second show. So yeah I I do worry that it's just going to be a recycling of that kind of thing and um I actually you know. 31:02.17 Erin Right? right? right. 31:11.93 dclduo Again to the point like I don't mind some spaces being repeated. But I think to your point eron I'd love to see them like better like improved like the second title like this is version 2 so where can you take this in version to yeah yeah. 31:19.56 Erin Right? You'll have the the superheroes doing the dance on the screen as opposed to. But yeah. 31:20.39 Sam Um, yeah. 31:28.74 dclduo Yeah, or you know it's sort of a preview of like when the wish goes to dry dock. How will this space be upgraded to match what's new on the treasure right? like I'm not to your point with Marceeline Market I'm not seeing a lot of that it feels. 31:28.83 Sam Ah. 31:33.82 Erin Let's be 1 your worth working. 31:36.52 Sam I I think Marceline Market and the festival of foods are going to be cookie cutter exactly what we have on the wish you know they they haven't indicated. You know that there's going to be anything different there and my bet is there's going to be 0 difference. 31:52.32 Erin Also shocking that the kids space appears to have 0 different. You know. 31:53.47 Sam Between those 2 things. Yes, yes. 31:56.40 dclduo Yeah, yeah, it's exact. In fact, they they sort of it's exactly like they really specifically called out these are the exact same spaces is on the wish and I'm like we can't give the kids a little something new. 32:03.45 Erin Oh why is there? No you know instead of I don't know pick one the fairy tale. Why is that not Zootopia theme to make it a little different you know or something you know. 32:15.30 Sam Yeah I know well and Marvel like even if you want to keep it Marvel themed. Why don't we introduce some new Marvel characters in that Marvel themed space right? or something like that. There's ways to sort of put a spin on what they already have and just like you said make it. 32:16.61 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah for sure. 32:34.90 Sam Better I Mean for example, we haven't heard anything about uncharted adventure. My guess is we're going to have cookie cutter exactly what's on the wish on the treasure as far as uncharted adventure. So. 32:37.15 Erin Yeah. 32:42.22 dclduo That that feels like it's actually ripe for change and because even so on the wish you play this series of games. It leads to an ending and it's like keeping your progress because so we've gone back a couple times right? and if you open the app you've still got all your points. It shows what you've completed. You can do stuff again. 32:58.10 Erin Yeah, ah. 33:00.49 dclduo Like it does feel like that is ripe for like cookie cutter in the standpoint that you're going to have pictures up and stuff but the actual content of it I feel like could be easily changed is all software right? And so like give us a new experience. Something new to go out and find Maybe it's not the wishing star this time. Yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly. 33:09.49 Erin Yeah, like there's different Muppet games on the other you know I mean. 33:17.31 Sam And exactly. 33:20.39 dclduo Exactly what are you hoping for the new show Aaron I know you're a Broadway buff along with Sam like I should ask you both. What are you hoping out of a new show here. 33:24.82 Sam Yes. 33:26.65 Erin Ah, um, I'm guessing it's going to be Moana Maybe um I I don't know you know that I'm I'm looking forward to hearing that you know. 33:35.51 dclduo Yeah, yeah, what are you hoping for Sam I don't know if you've said. 33:44.20 Sam I yeah I'm hoping for mowanna to be perfectly. Honest, that would be I think the ideal for me. Um, you know, but we could see frozen too I know that sounds kind of strange. But I do think it's possible frozen too is so popular. Um, and we don't have that as a stage show. So I think that's a possibility. Um, you know I would I don't know there's there's that I yeah I think Moanana is the probably the most likely the other possible frankly is on in conto that's super popular. The music is super catchy. 34:12.82 Erin Um, and. 34:16.60 Sam And if they want to really do something different. Um and I think on Canto well oncanto and Mo on a both fit with the adventure theming Frankly I'm not I'm not sure which one is easier to do on stage. But yeah. 34:22.66 Erin Yeah. 34:29.44 dclduo They've hinted at Mowanna right? They've hinted at it several times and I think it wasn't wasn't milwaana one of the portholes that they it was a yes so I feel right. 34:35.57 Sam Yes, and that's what led us to believe there might be a mowaana themed restaurant like a lu al right? We talked about that in our sort of some episodes where we were sort of predicting what might be on the ship. We talked about that. But yeah, we haven't seen other than I think cove cafe has some. You know Moanana theme touches in it both on the wish and we expect that to sort of carry over to the um, the treasure but I can't remember if there's anything else. Oh there's like a hey hay coffee shop. Yeah so so there is so we do have I mean we. 35:03.79 Erin Right? A little coffee bar. 35:10.76 dclduo That'd be a lot of that be a lot of hype an announcement for a coffee bar with involving hey hey, but yeah. 35:13.22 Sam Yeah, but I think we did I think in that porthole window that Aaron was talking about on that first preview I think it was mowaana and hey hay in that window right? So it really it could just be the coffee bar and and cove cafe. But I really I'm hoping it's yeah. 35:19.69 dclduo It was. 35:20.48 Erin Here. 35:24.49 dclduo I Now I yeah like they have that with Jimmyy Cricket on the wish isn't he that one saying in the corner. Yeah yeah. 35:26.92 Erin With a with a little chicken on the bar it? Yeah yeah. 35:32.10 Sam Um, but I yes they have it at a wishing star cafe exactly so I'm hoping we're going to have the stage show like Aaron suggested I think that would be good and and that would be a nice variety of stage shows between sees the adventure. You know. 35:47.11 Erin Be the beast. 35:48.81 Sam Beauty and the beast and then one new show. You've got to have 1 new show. The 1 thing that I will be very upset if they do what they did on the wish which is not have the third show ready for the maiden voyage I thought you know it was okay on the wish because it was a shorter cruise. We only had a five night Maiden instead of having. 35:58.19 dclduo Who. 36:08.10 Sam Ah, seven night Maiden and then we had Jody Benson obviously performing on the maiden because of that I was not well I wasn't disappointed because it was also Aladdin that we didn't have which I'd seen on the fantasy of course and I've seen on Broadway but if the new show. 36:17.80 Erin Right. 36:25.14 Sam Whatever that third news show is if it's monna hope I'm crossing my fingers if that's not ready I'm gonna be really mad I'll be honest, yes, yeah. 36:26.69 Erin And. They they had the supply chain excuse you know and the delay of the the first couple sailings and whatever. But that's not going to fly this time. 36:40.98 dclduo Yeah I I don't think so like folks have said you know I actually have a friend to reach out said I'm going to I'm going to book the maiden because you know if they move it again I'll get that 50% I was like look they're putting it at Christmas that's a bold move. You don't cancel. People's Christmas plans if they decide to book with you like yeah. 36:52.98 Erin No no, that would really because you can't like spur the moment rebook Christmas week you know I mean that's just not going to happen. Yeah. 36:56.49 Sam Yeah, yep. 36:59.62 dclduo Yeah, yeah, well and I don't think a 50% discount would cut it for anybody. At that point, they'd be like you need to give me a free cruise at that at that point so like my perception is they pushed this maiden out based on their experience with the wish. 37:06.55 Erin Yes, yeah. 37:18.00 dclduo And they understand they have a target to hit they have to have a ship that is fully ready to go with all experiences lit up for that maiden voyage. It may still be a little rough on the pre-voyages leading into the maiden but my suspicion is they're taking delivery of this ship at some point in like september. 37:30.32 Erin Um, my suspicion is. 37:35.15 dclduo And they're spending the rest of the next several months getting her fully ready to go because the other part of the show problem right? Sam was they stage wasn't fully ready until like the eve of the main voyage and so they couldn't rehearse. Yeah. 37:43.30 Sam It correct it wasn't built. Yeah, the theater wasn't built. Basically they were still building the theater until like the very last minute and so you know the the the actors were able to rehearse and they they do all their pre show rehearsals in Toronto. 37:52.28 Erin Yeah, so. 38:02.39 Sam They don't do that on the ship but then they do get a chance they need to have a chance to use that actual space and work with the sets on board and work with the props on board and coming in the right doors and things like that that they don't have in Toronto and toronto they're just using like a plane probably an empty plane stage right? so. 38:16.84 Erin The the other thing for the performers that I'm very aware of is that they're on a moving vessel and you know if these people haven't been cruise performers in the past you know you come. Down wrong and the ship is in a slightly different position. There goes your ankle you know I mean so they need to practice and warm up on a moving vessel. Whether it's not safe for Them. You know? No. Yeah yeah. 38:35.26 dclduo Yeah. 38:35.30 Sam Yeah, oh yeah. 38:41.62 dclduo Yeah, well and that no. 38:41.90 Sam Yeah, now even Doc is not a good. It's it's not a good um practice to your point they need to be able to practice while the ship is at sea while things are moving. Um. 38:50.85 Erin And and. 38:51.20 dclduo Well and and on the wish a lot of the challenges they had are actually some of just the technical challenges in the theater like lifts not working lighting not working properly so again, that's all stuff. Yes, you test and adjust before you do your your Maiden. So I think they've built enough time in here to deliver I I don't think that. 38:57.30 Erin Not. Testimony Trust yeah, so. 39:10.62 dclduo They can recover and plan to sell a maiden voyage on a third ship if they can't get this 1 right? because then people will be like I tried it once with the wish and it didn't work I tried it once with the treasure it didn't work. You know what? let some other fool come along and book this maiden voyage I'll wait six months until everything's ready. 39:17.62 Erin Pretty much right that ones but the treasurey. 39:27.36 Erin That they were you know I'm to your point they were advertising all along that it was going to be fall of 2024 and it's literally the last possible. Um, so you know I'm thinking they had ah originally wanted to say like October but they learned their lesson and. You know they're they're making sure all the the eyes are dotted and these are crossed you know. 39:44.59 dclduo Yeah, which which is not unusual right now for cruise lines taking delivery of new ships. Some of them are taking delivery and spending months kind of with them to get them ready to go So I I yeah. 39:56.25 Sam Well virgin virgin Voyages has now delayed one of their ships I don't even like know how long but multiple times we have ah a friend who is a Disney cruiser who was scheduled to be on virgin voyages for the first time on its brand new ship I don't even remember the name of it. Um, brilliant lady maybe not valiant lady because I know valiant lady is the one that's already out. But anyway, she's been delayed like 3 times and so you know for months so I don't know I don't know I'm sure there's a percentage off but how many times can you live? okay. 40:15.73 dclduo Yeah. 40:21.74 Erin What are they giving or do you know. 40:22.11 dclduo Um, yeah. 40:28.72 Erin Right? and. 40:30.36 dclduo A compounding percentage. Yeah as it as each delay gives you another 20% yeah Yeah eventually we're going to pay you to sail on this ship? Yeah, um. 40:32.81 Sam Ah, right? like how many times can you give a percent off right right? I mean to be fair, the the wish the 50% discount was huge I mean we were looking at the price you know as compared to the treasure and of course. 40:36.11 Erin Eight years ago 40:43.17 dclduo Um, yeah. 40:52.28 Sam Compare the price and there's already. There's sticker shock as there would be anyway because you're talking about seven night cruisers a five night cruise and you're talking about Christmas but then you compound that with the fact that we had 50% off the wish cruise because it got moved. It's crazy. 41:03.91 dclduo Yeah I really do wonder if Disney has hit a pricing wall or if this was just kind of an intentional thing to keep people off the main but even off of some of the other voyages or really make people think like you know do I want to go on some of these these voyages because you know the premium to get on the treasure for seven night cruise is not insignificant. As compared to like the fantasy right now. Erin. 41:23.33 Sam And well I was. 41:25.19 Erin Have you have you guys heard about what the fantasy is going to be doing and say you know a year after that are they going to keep just doing the seven night loops um 41:32.33 Sam We we haven't heard. 41:34.28 dclduo My my suspicion is the fantasy will move down to Fort Lauderdale because they need the um liquid natural gas refueling for the new ships up in um, port canaveral and they've made. Such big commitments to the port of Fort Lauderdale around number of ships are going to have sailing out of their year-round that my suspicion is the fantasy moves down there. Um, yeah. 41:48.82 Erin See. 41:57.21 Sam And but it and it might do that 4 4 5 pattern like the dream had been doing um you know and and I mean we'll see what they what they end up doing because obviously the dream only spends part of the year over in in Europe. Um. 42:02.79 Erin Ah. 42:06.71 dclduo Um, yeah. 42:12.17 Sam But yeah, it's I think it's still up in the air. We haven't heard what exactly that where where all of the ships frankly are going to be. We still don't know other than the wonder I think we all know like the wonder is going to be you know continue doing a last but. 42:17.27 Erin Like yeah, yeah. Doing the Australia and Alaska. 42:26.76 dclduo Yeah, although we've heard we've heard you know we did hear some rumors earlier this year Sam that the fantasy might make her way up to do Alaska sailings at some point which is fascinating to maybe great to see that ship out on. Yeah. 42:27.31 Sam Exactly and then so it'll in between. We'll get some. There will be some small number of West Coast sailings but not much. 42:39.89 Erin How how is she going to get there. You know like. 42:44.63 dclduo Yeah, well she can go through that they can go through the canal they can. She's she can fit through the new canal at least? Um, so yeah I mean because right now they don't even have Panama canal cruises I think for one of the years right? because none of the ships are repositioning through the canal. Yeah, so. 42:47.92 Erin Okay, yeah, so. 42:49.52 Sam she's yeah she's Panama size and. 42:55.97 Sam And for next year correct this year they've got the magic is going to be coming through the canal in just a couple weeks and making her way to the west coast and we're sailing on her for Thanksgiving and then obviously she'll head back down and she'll. 43:11.55 dclduo Yeah, it it is interesting Disney seems to be doing a port consolidation a little bit like I'm not sure if they'll continue in New Orleans in the next release cycle I don't know when their port agreement ends. But. 43:12.17 Sam Go back to you know Galveston and New Orleans and and whatnot and then eventually to Florida you know. 43:26.25 dclduo Like it seems like they've made huge commitments to galveston huge commitments to the Fort Lauderdale area and huge commitments to port canaveral and and San Diego is even up in the air these days. So. 43:35.17 Erin I'm going out of New York in a couple weeks um and I live you know half an hour from the port at New York and love it. Love love love sailing out of there. They're not booked to go there in 2024 and 43:46.52 Sam Right. 43:48.98 Erin You know I've got fingers crossed for 2025 because it's so incredibly convenient for me. Um. 43:52.15 dclduo Yeah I wouldn't I wouldn't be surprised here. 43:52.17 Sam I oh yeah and this is an iconic sailing out of New York right I mean whether you're going down to Bermuda or you're going up to Canada. It's just a iconic sailing out of New York city and 44:01.65 dclduo I wouldn't be surprised if some of these ports don't light back up once they have like a third ship in the mix here in the us like the the adventure over in in Asia really doesn't do much to help us. But once a third ship lights up in the US then it's like okay, well now we've got more capacity for more for more ports. But. 44:02.57 Erin Ah I would. 44:10.66 Erin Last first to put some. 44:19.16 dclduo And I wanted to ask you? What was most surprising to you out of the treasure reveal and and you know aside running track aside Perhaps what was the what was the thing that you were looking for that. You just didn't get out of the ah the announcements I've made. 44:24.62 Erin Suicide running around the side. 44:32.73 Erin Running track. Um, and also that the kids clubs were identical absolutely identical I found that shocking almost that they didn't just change up 1 or 2 of the rooms. You know. 44:43.85 Sam And yeah, any thoughts about the adult dining and you know we now we yeah I mean we knew we had heard actually when we were on board The wish from the chef that there was going to be no change I don't know if he was allowed to tell us that but that he was involved in. 44:43.95 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 44:49.20 Erin Oh yeah. 44:59.31 Erin No yeah, what. 45:00.75 dclduo What are they going to do get another 5 star michelin chef took or 3 star miche and chef to come in and cook. Yeah. 45:02.39 Sam You know? Yeah yeah, well, but he was talking about how the only changes were going to be things that the guests wouldn't see there was going to be some back of house changes. You know like where ah so a certain station might be so nothing that any of us would be aware of. 45:14.96 Erin Yeah, yeah. 45:20.70 Sam Um, that was just going that they sort of learned from the wish you know some things that needed to be slightly changed even like a door. There was some door that they said was a constant problem that they were going that they had actually fixed finally on the wish and they were going to. You know it was going to be fixed for the treasure as well. 45:29.12 Erin Yeah, yeah. 45:38.92 Sam Ah, but yeah, no new theming I guess I wasn't so I mean I wasn't surprised this. It's going to be paulllo but I don't know they couldnt couldn't they have I mean we've got different theming in Pollo on the wish could we have gotten a little bit of new theming through. 45:40.68 Erin Um, like I. 45:50.81 Erin I Mean remy is you know the same on the dream in the fantasy and I wasn't you know anchantte fine that they call it what they call it I Hope the decor isn't exactly the Same. Um I find that decor particularly at anantte to be non-res like in a way it almost. Feels like a spa. It's too right? It's too white like I've got food I want I'm not ordering red wine in a chate because you know I'm a clumsy person God Do you spill it and you think that you've burned the place down you know, like. 46:12.48 Sam It's like a bathroom the marble right. 46:13.96 dclduo Um. 46:26.77 dclduo Are. 46:27.15 Sam And but it is. It's very like clean sterile. Yeah, it's a little too sterile I'm with you I think a little bit warmer tones like you have in remy is better and and actually even in Palo next door right? You've got and in the rose you've got all these like warm reds and browns and whatnot. 46:29.90 Erin Um, it's scary. Yeah yeah. 46:41.77 Erin Yeah, yeah, yeah. 46:46.55 Sam And then you've got this like gray and white and a little bit of gold in that. Yeah in anchantte I'm with you I think it's a little bit sterile a little bit cold. It's beautiful, but it does feel like ah like a really beautiful bathroom or as you said ah but. 46:48.64 Erin Right. 46:57.52 Erin Right? It doesn't feel like a restaurant to me. Yeah. 47:02.24 dclduo Yeah, yeah, I'm just disappointed like I would love to see them. Palo's getting a little tired for me like to just be perfectly honest like it's on every ship I know people love it by sure would love to have seen a completely new concept. But that ship so to speak sailed with the wish. Ah. 47:08.23 Erin Yeah here I know. 47:15.98 Erin Shared services. Yeah yeah, thank you much. 47:19.23 dclduo Um, and you know ensantte and remy are great ads um you know are great restaurants I should say um I would love to see just more menu differentiation I guess like you know again I think you made this point early on Aaron like a reason to get on this ship that is not just the decor is different. 47:34.71 Erin Make like a sushi bar or a fondue place or something different. You know. 47:41.75 dclduo Yeah, what other cruise lines are doing frankly I mean Royal's been doing forever. Yeah, yeah, yeah, where's that where's the interesting experience and also I do wonder could we get away with opening up like Royal does those nice ad on and ah you know, ah restaurant experiences but they're open. 47:42.13 Sam So Haba Habaci grill. Yeah. 47:44.43 Erin Ah, like right? Yeah there. 47:58.87 dclduo To families like you can bring your kid to the Habachi grill right? Um, it would have been interesting to see them kind of open that ability to have a nice dinner with your kiddo there as long as they're sort of well-behaved right? So yeah. 48:08.43 Erin I. 48:10.20 Sam Right? Well they could have done like an upscale like italian right? they could have had ah Apollo similar like an upscale italian that you can bring your kid to and maybe they have like a minimum age of right. 48:20.93 Erin Right? Make it 10 or 12 or something I mean that one of the most things that I'm I'm still the most salty about was my my oldest daughter we sailed um to Alaska when she was. 48:34.58 Erin Two weeks away from her eighteenth birthday. She had already graduated high school she you know and it was like they were just not going to let her into pao they were just not and it was like she's more well-behaved than I am she's she is sitting and like I'm not choking. She's way more mature than I am her manners are better than mine like. 48:35.43 Sam Oh. 48:53.84 Erin Like she's into college like she's she's better prepared than I am to go to this restaurant and they were like Nope not having it you know? um. 48:55.84 Sam She She's an adult. Yeah, go go a bomb her. 49:01.76 dclduo Yeah, yeah, I Also wish they would have re themed if they' were going to retheme anything I wish they would have rethemed the rose bar. It's a great bar on the wish and it has you know that great entrance and the rose under glass on or stuff. Ah that was an opportunity I feel like let's align that to the adventure theming like what's the adult. 49:08.33 Erin It's water. Yeah, give a great inference. 49:17.48 dclduo Barr you're going to put up there between these 2 restaurants that would align into your year of raw adventure theming. Um I got to ask Aaron what did you think about I mean I think we all knew they were going to continue the tower suite ah speaking speaking of things they should have swapped I don't know why the milwaana tower suite is on the. 49:18.46 Erin Yeah. 49:33.69 dclduo Wish and the you know generically themed Epcot Tower Suite is on the treasure I don't know what that has to do anything with adventure. Um, but any I mean I I guess probably you weren't surprised to see them continue that space But what did you think of the decision to theme it out to epcot. 49:36.42 Erin Ah, right? yeah right. 49:46.90 Erin No, no um I like you just said there just seems to be a mismatch between what when where like maybe the chochkes weren't ready so they couldn't do it on. No wish I don't know or or and I'm thinking like. 50:00.90 Sam Ah I. 50:03.30 Erin Does it have to do with adventure because they're reeeing epcot. You know I mean because they've got this world of water and whatever other stuff they're finally going to end up with at epcot like does that make epcot more adventurous. Um, but um. 50:13.84 dclduo Yeah. 50:14.59 Sam And I don't I just Don understand of of all the things to change I actually think that's a bad change right? like why? not just make it cookie cutter exactly like the Milana woman on the but get but get that heart of taffiti to actually work. 50:23.53 Erin Yeah, yeah. Right? right? Or if you're going to do an epcot thing make it available to more people literally.. There's only like one family per cruise that's ever going to see that and. 50:30.53 Sam Actually long about because that never has happened Apparently yeah. 50:42.58 Erin I Love epcot. Efcot's my favorite park I would like to have that integrated somewhere you know. 50:45.24 dclduo Yeah, well it is interesting to me with the tower suite again that space was sold out for the entire inaugural season within like a week of the cruises going on sale and it is still available on almost like on many many sailings sure currently it just makes me think. Disney overreached on some of this stuff. 51:05.59 Erin Do they do they book it for celebrities. Probably not. You know I mean or special guests or you know is that where Neil Patrick Harris stays when he sails or you know Jody Benson or whatever or. 51:19.14 dclduo I mean I haven't heard them pulling it I mean I'm sure I'm sure that there is some way that n ph's people could reach out to Disney is look at the sailing can you pull it out of inventory for I'm sure that that could happen. Um, but I mean i' I haven't heard of them like reserving it. It's always available. 51:22.75 Erin Yeah, like yeah sure. 51:32.90 Erin So yeah, yeah. 51:33.42 Sam Yeah, except for yeah, except for on those preview cruises because they used it for like tours and then of course um, our agency sponsor Karen she actually got. 51:34.68 dclduo Ah, book right? so. 51:41.34 Erin Tours. Ah. 51:48.11 Sam Ah, a free night and you know she got essentially upgraded for one night on that christening cruise to the tower suite um through like a raffle for travel agents so you know I I don't think that they take that out of inventory I do think that they use the other royal suites for that exact purpose. So like. 51:49.24 Erin My head. 51:57.80 dclduo Um, yeah. 51:57.30 Erin Ah, my. 52:02.48 Erin Yeah, yeah, yeah. 52:03.55 dclduo Yeah. 52:07.25 Sam Jody Benson was clearly in concierge on the maiden voyage I don't know what room she had but I imagine it was at least a 1 bedroom if not a 2 wo-b bedroom 52:12.99 Erin Yeah, we heard from Prince who. 52:14.59 dclduo Well and we heard from Chris who stayed in that suite and ah enabled us to sit and have a drink and tour it a little bit with him ah that he preferred the royal the 2 story royal suites to the tower suite. So I wouldn't be surprised if that's what they use for those kinds of guests because it's like. Right? there next to the concierge lounge. They don't even have to walk through public spaces on the ship to get there. You can be enscons and you're suite all the time like yeah, yeah for sure I wish they would have redesigned that a bit I I don't understand why they can't put a balcony off 1 side like. 52:33.16 Erin So it's also like a weird view. People can see into your you know. 52:44.51 Erin So yeah. 52:45.56 dclduo Private fireworks viewing for people staying in that suite. But yeah Disney seems to be adding more and more of that concieurs capacity and between the price of it and the amount of it and all that sort of stuff again I just like I'm I'm I'm starting to wonder if they've overreached a bit in this space. So yeah. 52:57.31 Sam Yeah, we speaking of concierge capacity. We have heard from onboard folks in the concierge lounge on the wish that or sorry actually it was on the magic. We heard this. That the fantasy and the dream are going to have when they go to dry dock next year and I'm wondering Aaron if you've heard anything about this that they're going to be converting more rooms on those ships to concierge and doing some kind of expansion to those concierge lounges. No. 53:26.56 Erin I hadn't heard that but it doesn't surprise me at all. Um and it I think um, it just makes people more frustrated about the castaway key experience too. Um, because they can't you know people think new people think they're going to get a cabana or whatever and that's. 53:42.18 Sam I I know and know I always feel bad in the Facebook I know I always feel bad in the Facebook groups when I see people posting ah but like in a crew specific Facebook groups. Um, and they're. 53:42.79 Erin Ha Ha who right. 53:43.96 dclduo But thank you for your money and you lose the Kabanna. Yeah. 53:52.52 Erin M. 53:56.80 Sam Usually first time cruisers or maybe second or third time cruisers so they're either no castaway status or Silver Castaway status posting about I hope I can get a Kabannna anybody know like if there's any available and it's like you're never going to get a Kabanna unless you're sailing with somebody who's concierge. Um. 54:00.65 Erin Fair. 54:09.51 Erin Ah, see yeah right. 54:14.99 Sam Or potentially on one of the smaller ships If you're sailing with folks who are platinum or sorry not Platinum Pearl now. Um you know there you have a chance if you're pearl beyond that there's no and and on the on the wish. Even if you're pearl. It's a. 54:17.63 Erin Yeah, pearl. Yeah. 54:30.10 Sam To be fair, you can you just have to be like your timing has to be impeccable. Somebody has to have canceled and you have to have logged on at the exact right time and pick the snag that um Cabbanna but generally speaking if you're outside of concierge on the wish and it will be the same on the treasury. You will not get a kabana. 54:31.22 Erin Yeah, yeah. 54:46.67 Sam And if you're outside of you know pearl on any of the ships. You will not get a cabana as well. So. 54:48.90 Erin And. 54:50.70 dclduo So speaking of Castaway Aaron surprised or not surprised that the treasure is not sailing to I got to get this right look out k at lighthouse point. 55:00.28 Erin Like at lighthouse point. Um I think that that's how they're getting people on the old chips. You know that's that's that's I'm I'm going to go on not on the the three night one where they the very first one and. 55:09.12 dclduo Yep. 55:17.62 Erin That's why I'm going on the magic to to get there and so that'll entice Disney Cruise line people for say two years maybe because they want to get to the New Island but I'm wondering what's going to happen to the magic specifically after that um you know. 55:34.16 dclduo Yeah. 55:36.62 Erin Len test of you know my my coauthor has said for a long time that Cruise ships have a a lifespan and that the magic and the wonder are getting toward the sort of you know the time when other cruise ships of that age would be sold to a smaller line or. 55:52.67 Sam Right. 55:55.14 Erin Repurposed or something like that and I I feel like using the magic at least this first year to get to lookout lighthouse um is gonna is a way to keep her in the mix. Um, but I'm curious what will happen after say a year or 2 of that. Um. 56:04.82 dclduo Um, you heard. 56:11.37 dclduo Yeah, although they only sort of got halfway through their dry dock improvements and we've heard that she's slated for yet another dry dock to kind of continue because so like the concieurs lounge got kind of halfway to what the wonder has and they stopped and the speculation is well. The. 56:21.39 Erin Yeah. 56:28.73 dclduo They framed it out to do everything that the wonder has they just didn't have a chance to build it so they'll do that the next round and I've so I've talked to a few folks where we've speculated like it would be hard for Disney to sell their ships down market like other cruise lines do because they're so they're designed so iconically and. 56:31.73 Erin Okay. 56:47.74 dclduo It would take a lot to rip a lot of the theming out of them to make them usable like Disney's not going to sell a ship that's like here's Disney light that you can go on for half the price with a budget cruise line and you know that sort of thing right? So and it feels like people. Yeah, yeah, 1 56:48.89 Erin Yeah, just so. 56:55.11 Erin They be ripping out all the iron work and all the light fixtures and you know yeah. 57:02.13 Sam They right? all those hidden Mickeys everywhere but they absolutely won't let anybody else use their I p right? So there's that's why it's so hard to know what they're gonna do. 57:07.96 Erin Yeah, that that's a fair point. Yeah. 57:09.95 dclduo But but and people love people. Love those smaller ships which makes me wonder if they're going to keep them in rotation just to keep that crowd going because I I Also wonder like when they retire them will they replace them or will they not and will they just replace them with the next round of like mega. 57:27.66 Erin Me. 57:28.42 dclduo Ship like which seems to be the trend in the industry but there's a lot of Disney fans who are like I love to sail the wonder and the magic because they are smaller and they can get into those smaller places that the other ships can't go. So yeah, yeah. 57:35.92 Sam Yeah, you're talking to 1 right here I like if I have to pick like now now that I've been on the magic since her dry dock I honestly would say I would I would pick the wonder or the magic first. 57:39.85 Erin Ah, yeah. 57:49.51 dclduo Um, yeah. 57:51.45 Sam Before I if I'm going to pick what ship to sail and now of course itinerary matters and you know shows matter and things like that. But I just love those smaller ships I Love the intimacy I Love you know the feel the warmth. But. 57:51.48 Erin Yeah. 58:05.51 Sam I think to your point Aaron at some point they do have to retire them I just don't know I don't think it's 2 years away or 3 years away but I don't think it's 15 years away 58:06.21 Erin Yeah. 58:12.69 dclduo Yeah, 3 58:13.38 Erin I mean like like to your point there are people at at Disney World that absolutely adore old key west you know and that's not the bells and whistles place but it feels like home to them and for lots of people the magic or the wonder feels like home. 58:29.86 dclduo Yeah, let me ah let me see if I can wind us down a little bit here with a bit of a kind of a rapid fire round with you Aaron because there's some bunch of other things that are in the mix. We've mentioned lighthouse points or sorry look out k or key at lighthouse point. Ah tm right? That's why they had to name it that um. 58:44.99 Erin Ah, you got to put the Disney's at the front of that. 58:46.71 dclduo What are you? yeah you go there, you go? Ah also the logo looks a lot like the um, the logo from what was that show the 7 hour tour um milllligans island yes, the logo looks a lot like that. So hopefully we want all get stuck there for hour tour. That's right the 3 hour tour 58:56.70 Erin Giiled's Island 3 hour tour 58:58.50 Sam I the 3 hour tour 3 hour tour 59:03.80 dclduo What are you most hoping to see as more information comes out about lighthouse point and from what you can tell right now like what are you I will say concerned about but what's catching your attention at like a I don't know if getting that 1 right. 59:17.51 Erin I'm concerned that there's going to be a lot more things that are up charges. Um a lot you know sort of I don't know if ah, you know a fancier water parky sort of thing that you got to pay an extra whatever for um, an ah. 59:21.82 dclduo Interesting. 59:35.44 Erin Ah, maybe a different restaurant that costs more or needs a reservation that sort of thing I'm a little nervous that the inclusiveness that happens at at Castaway will not fully be there at lighthouse look out light. Whatever it is um. 59:51.90 dclduo Yeah, that's an interesting idea just from the standpoint that you have the older ship sailing there and their price points are much lower than the newer ship. So it's a way to kind of extract that additional value that Disney seems to be finding ways to do what about the adventure Aaron ah. 59:52.40 Erin That makes me a little nervous. 01:00:08.99 dclduo Yeah, what that ship is such a mystery right now in terms of what it will be and I mean all we know right now is the name. The home port and I think that's about it. But what type of fuel fuel. She'll run on. But yeah. 01:00:17.30 Erin It know it's ah it's a different audience. It's a different I think it's going to be geared to an Asian audience I think there might be more smoking and a casino and all sorts of things that um are not. 01:00:33.89 Erin Disney in America um, you know I think there'll be certainly shows and I p and you know there will be the hidden mickeys and all that stuff because there is a ah big asian appetite for that. But I think that um you know, just like when um. 01:00:34.23 dclduo Um, yeah. 01:00:50.61 Erin Disney Paris opened and there wasn't wine and they were like that is not our culture I'm sorry um, you cannot have that. Um I think that they might have learned some lessons from that and it will be It will have things that the asian market wants. Um, and I also don't know how much. Crossover there will be from you know americans going over? Of course you know they'll be diehards. But that's not an inexpensive flight. That's not you know you're not just going for a three night cruise to go on the adventure. You're going to go. And and explore different parts of Asia if you're going to do that which is it's not ah, an easy undertaking for most americans. So um I have a feel right right? Um, and so I think it might almost be you know while it's part of Disney Cruise line it might. 01:01:28.56 Sam Yeah, you're gonna have to pair it with an ab D Yeah well. 01:01:40.99 Erin Almost feel like its own separate entity in a way. 01:01:44.56 dclduo Yeah, well certainly from a design standpoint a size standpoint. It's an outlier although maybe it ah portends where Disney will head with its next round of ships. Maybe they'll have a bunch built that look like ah the what was the global dream is kind of their next year yeah 01:01:54.12 Erin Know the global dream. Yeah. 01:01:59.90 Sam Gosh I Hope not. 01:02:00.19 dclduo I hope not to it. It is interesting to me from a strategy standpoint because if I think about it like royal uses its cruises outside the Us as a way to get its american cruising market at least in part over to Europe right? like let's let's get americans over to Europe and tour that way with royal caribbean of course theyre trying to advertise the local crowd too. But I think to your point here and this feels much more like a this is a ship for the asian market and for you know, the folks who live over there to sail on in the same way that like the Australia cruises. You know it's time of year dependent. But there's not a lot there if you wanted to head over and visit Australia and use Disney Cruise line as a way to see it It's not a great option. 01:02:28.93 Erin Ah. 01:02:35.58 Erin I I was hoping also um to hear at some point more about more River cruises more you know and and I know that partnership with National Geographic seems to be um, popular but again so expensive. So so expensive. Um, but there are other. 01:02:39.45 dclduo Who. 01:02:53.60 Erin Rivers almost you know I would it would be nice almost if they had an American River Cruise um I don't know. 01:02:59.81 dclduo To align to the rivers of America attraction. Perhaps yeah, but. 01:02:59.98 Sam That would that would be great. Yeah, that would be great I would love that. 01:03:05.80 Erin Ah, but there are river cruises that go down the Mississippi and so on you know, um that that might be I don't know if it's too low of a ah price point. Maybe for Disney I don't know. 01:03:07.80 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, for sure. Well Aaron we appreciate you taking time to come chat the treasure with us and want to give you a chance to talk about all the great ways that folks can connect with you and of course how they can go find a copy of the unofficial guide which is coming out soon. 01:03:30.13 Erin Soon it's soon um yes it's it's now at the printer. Um it will be available on Amazon and bartonnes and noble and places where you buy books. Um, the first week of December and it's certainly available for pre-order now the 2024 guide and if you're like on the fence should I buy it now should I wait. Will tell you honestly that the 2023 one that's on shelves now has a lot of the the covid stuff still in it. Um, and so um, it's it's not as up-to date as it could be so you know if you're if you're planning a trip for 2024 I would wait to get the the 2024 book um, but you know or get it get the ah old one at your library or or that sort of thing. Um and where can you find me I'm um Ms Aaron Foster on Twitter x whatever it is ah you can I blog a couple times a week on the touring plans. Blog um, often about cruises. Um, and yeah, that's where you can find me. 01:04:31.59 dclduo Amazing. Well thank you Aaron we've got our unofficial guide on preorder I think as I said earlier on maybe off air and so can't wait for it to arrive and I guess if you have the old copy rip the sections out about covid because we're all trying to forget about it now and ah. 01:04:41.63 Sam I Everythings most Covid yeah. 01:04:45.50 dclduo Yeah, and head and head out and get your new copy. But thank you so much Aaron for coming on. We really, really appreciate it I can't see the cursor in the glare there. We go. 01:04:48.20 Erin Thank you for having me always a pleasure.

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