October 09, 2023


Ep. 352 - There's Gelato Everywhere: An 11-Night Disney Cruise Line Mediterranean Sailing on the Dream

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Brian Sam
Ep. 352 - There's Gelato Everywhere: An 11-Night Disney Cruise Line Mediterranean Sailing on the Dream
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Ep. 352 - There's Gelato Everywhere: An 11-Night Disney Cruise Line Mediterranean Sailing on the Dream

Oct 09 2023 | 01:16:24


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This week we're chatting with Lynn, all about her fabulous 11-Night Mediterranean Disney Cruise Line adventured aboard the Disney Dream. We're discussing everything from the stunning ports of call to the challenges of finding gluten-free dining options while abroad. Lynn's unique perspective as a parent traveling with special needs children added an extra layer of depth to our discussion. She offered invaluable strategies for preparing for a long cruise, from creating a reward system to using handheld electronic games. Her honest insights into the challenges and triumphs of international travel with special needs kids are as heartwarming as they are informative. If you're thinking about sailing DCL to the Mediterranean, you won't want to miss this episode!

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Episode Transcript

00:01.88 dclduo Heylin I'm curious as you've picked some of these short excursions with you know again going back to sort of special needs. Kids side of things. How did you evaluate the excursions for I think so work with my kids that will not work with my kids. 00:10.69 Lynn Wu Um, and. 00:15.88 Lynn Wu Yeah, great great question um so I highly highly recommend joining the Cruise Facebook group that was where I got a lot of my information and so there's there's one general. 00:25.19 Sam Here. 00:28.95 Lynn Wu Disney Cruise line Facebook group for Mediterranean and european cruises just in general. So for people across the board and then there was 1 specific to our ceiling. So and I also learned a lot from our group from last year's sailing the one that we didn't get to go on and so. 00:32.40 dclduo Earth. 00:32.91 Sam E. 00:44.58 Lynn Wu Just hear people reporting back as they you know went on these different excursions and what they like didn't like so I think it was really just doing a lot of that research and um and just kind of making a judgment call at the end of the day on what was going to work and and then also really trying to. 00:44.78 Sam Um, oh yeah. 00:56.92 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 01:03.41 Lynn Wu Be mindful to not do you know seven days of 10 hour excursions right? So which I think we would all be dead by the end of the the cruise. Yeah. 01:06.89 dclduo No. 01:07.79 Sam Right. 01:11.35 dclduo I Was gonna say again. There would be no difference between me and a special. Yeah well I was go say again. There'd be no difference between me and a special needs child at that point because I would hate to myself. So yeah, ah, ah. 01:15.17 Sam Ah, or or you would hate each other. 01:20.81 Lynn Wu Like exactly because it's it's exhausting. So so so for some of these and what's nice with the disney excursions is it tells you exactly how much time you're going to be away and when they say 5 hours that's including the transport time. So if you're meeting at 8 am m and it's 5 hours 01:21.30 Sam I. 01:35.64 dclduo He. 01:36.50 Sam Is he. 01:40.54 Lynn Wu You you can be pretty assured. You'll be back on the ship around one o'clock or so so that that was very helpful and um, yeah, so that was I would definitely recommend the Facebook groups though that was probably our biggest source of information. 01:54.65 dclduo Um, nice. 01:55.61 Sam Yeah, now your next. Ah port if I'm not ah if I'm not screwing this up your next port was Santaini which is as you mentioned tenderport and as I mentioned a funicula in addition to the tender. Why don't you tell. Ah, tell our listeners What I'm talking about with that. 02:13.25 Lynn Wu All right? So santaini is is really interesting because I think most of the tours. So first of all, you have to you tender when to to get off the ship and so that means you take a small boat to the land. And we actually did book a disney excursion. So I'm not sure if you were to go on your own I would imagine you would then need to figure out a way to get into the town of Fira from there and I believe your options are cable car or I don't know if the donkeys go up I know going down you can take a cable car down and take a donkey down or you can. 02:40.33 Sam Um. 02:48.94 Lynn Wu Or you can walk which is probably about a 30 minute walk from what we heard from different people. So um, so you just need to make sure you budget enough time coming back that you're not cutting it too close to your you know all aboard time because there usually is a very quite a long line for the cable car which is the option that we chose and. 02:52.64 Sam Yeah. 03:08.98 Lynn Wu Um, yeah, and it was probably I want to say maybe 45 minutes to an hour wait something like that. Um, you know so the good news is there's a lot of shops around so you can kind of take turns waiting in line and. 03:15.94 Sam Yeah. 03:21.88 Sam I think. 03:23.72 Lynn Wu Looking around a little bit. Um, so really wasn't too bad but there are people who chose to take the walk down. Um just beware of the donkey poop on the way down, but we did hear from a few folks. So um and I think if you have kids I probably would not recommend walking down so you know. 03:31.30 dclduo You know. 03:34.86 Sam Ah, ah. 03:41.54 Lynn Wu I Think cable car is probably your best option. But. 03:41.97 Sam Um, yeah, now tell us what you what? you all booked in Santorini and and did you book it through disney. 03:50.51 Lynn Wu Yes, we did book a disney short excursion just mainly because I was a little nervous about how if we were to book something external. How would we meet up with that group so we did book Disney just for the ease. Um gosh I'm trying to remember the name of it. It was something it was that included like. 03:56.99 Sam Yeah. 04:06.89 Lynn Wu It was called Greek Fiesta was in the name of it but essentially the tour stopped at a winery where we got to have some snacks and then it took us to the town of ea which is o I a it's pronounced ea I think and then you know for some free time there and then then it takes you to feara. 04:20.43 Sam He. 04:26.78 Lynn Wu Where you have also free time and then you can come back to the ship at your leisure once you get to Fira and they gave us some ticket our tour came with some tickets for the cable car. Otherwise you have to buy those tickets separately. So. 04:36.84 Sam You see. 04:40.94 Lynn Wu So we booked it through Disney and you know I think that there were some major delays in I don't know if we got into the port a little bit late but I believe our shortcursion was scheduled for an eleven thirty meeting time at the Walt Disney theater and so we arrived there. It was another hour-long plus wait before we were actually able to leave the theater to you know, actually get off the ship and so so it was um, it was delayed and that was the only only port where I remembered that happening. So. 04:59.26 Sam Oh wow. 05:11.81 Sam E. 05:13.15 Lynn Wu But just something just something to be aware of I think Santorini is just probably one of more difficult ports to get to and um, they only have so many tender boats so there was I think they just got a little bit backlogged. 05:26.51 Sam Yeah, it's funny you as you're describing the excursion you you went on our friends that we were just talking to and again just recorded a show with that'll come out. You know a week or two before this show so it will just when this airs at Hol Health just come out. Um. 05:32.13 Lynn Wu Um. 05:44.47 Sam And so it's ah interesting because they I think were booked on the exact same excursion as you you know a couple weeks before you're sailing. Um, but their so theirs got canceled so they never actually got to do this excursion So I'd love to hear what you thought about the excursion sounds like it would be. 05:46.95 Lynn Wu I call. 05:55.63 Lynn Wu Um. 05:58.60 Lynn Wu Oh actually you know, Actually you know what now that you're mentioning this I think our original one did get canceled and I had to book this one instead and I I Just don't remember the name of the second one we booked because as I'm. 06:02.36 Sam Quite a fun one. 06:08.21 Sam Oh interesting. 06:14.31 Lynn Wu Talking I was like yeah no, there wasn't really I think there were supposed to be greek dancing in the original excursion and this did not have it and so I think we yeah I think yeah I think we ended up booking this one. It's maybe called ea winery and Fira or something to that effect and. 06:19.13 Sam E. 06:30.80 Sam A. 06:32.68 Lynn Wu But yeah, you're right that first I I totally forgot about that that first excursion was canceled so we had to ah you know, go to the port excursion desk and just see what what our options were and um, yeah, then we we booked this one instead. So I had completely forgotten that. So oh. 06:48.37 Sam Oh interesting and how how was this excursion. 06:50.40 Lynn Wu That yeah it it was it was I would say it was it was great like because again we did a few stops but it was mostly you know you had sort of free time at each of the stops which again worked really well for our families. Um I will say 1 thing that my daughter just. 07:01.85 Sam E. 07:08.31 Lynn Wu Absolutely loved about um about grease was the cats. There are cats everywhere. She's like a big cat person so that was some that was so fun for her that at each of the stops. You know you know there they had just a lot a lot of cats everywhere so that was like it was really fun. So. 07:24.66 Sam Yeah, that's too good. 07:26.55 Lynn Wu Um, but I loved ia like it was. You know it's that's that stereotypical Instagram picture right? where you see white buildings with the blue roofs and it was just beautiful and you know so quaint. So cute, kind of reminded me of Laguna Beach if you've been kind of to Laguna Beach 07:34.47 Sam Yes. 07:42.40 Sam Yes. 07:43.14 dclduo And. 07:45.85 Lynn Wu Just really, really, really cute and um, lot of little shops and um, yeah, so it was it was enjoyable again like I wish we would have had maybe a little bit more time I think we had an hour or so there and then um, but but but it was great. I mean Santorina was probably 1 of my favorite stops. Um, that we went that that we ported at so really liked it. A lot. 08:07.32 Sam Awesome! All right? Well your next stop but was also in the Greek islands in beautiful island of micanos. What did you think of Micanos. 08:16.12 Lynn Wu Yeah Mikaos we we like Mianos a lot as well. We also did another disney excursion. We booked the Mikaos highlights and an o mara monastery excursion through Disney so I was meeting our group at 9 which is a little easier than the seven thirty 08:27.26 Sam E. 08:29.67 dclduo Um. 08:32.77 dclduo No. 08:35.58 Lynn Wu Prior and um, you know and and I think that no tender. Yeah we dot and and then we got on a big bus and first went to this you know little rest stop where we could take some photos with a nice view. 08:36.48 Sam Ah. 08:39.61 Sam And you docked right? No tender there. Ah yeah. 08:50.40 Lynn Wu Then they took us to the monastery and and and that was actually much more low-key than I thought it would be which was good. It was a hey you can explore it at your own pace and ah so we just took a quick peek and yeah it was not one of those like guided tours where they stop and tell you a lot of stuff along the way. 08:56.85 Sam A. 09:09.11 Lynn Wu Um, and then they fed us some snacks which was nice and um and we also saw again 5 or 6 cats both popsy up which you know my daughter loved and then then we were dropped off near the port and okay so here was where we had to ditch our group because at that point when we got to um. 09:13.80 Sam Um, more cats. Ah. 09:24.71 Sam Me. 09:28.45 Lynn Wu That sort of port area where there's that was they said you know there was going to be a 1 hour long walking tour and my daughter may have said in a very loud voice mom no walking tour really loud and so and I and just. 09:34.11 Sam Are. 09:43.50 dclduo Ah. 09:46.60 Sam Ah, ah. 09:47.70 Lynn Wu And I just kind of thought you know I don't think this is going to happen for us and so you know I Kindly let our tour guide you know I Kindly thank to our tour guide and said yeah, we're just going to go off on our own. So so so we diverged from the group at that point found found a place got some gelato. There's gelato and group apparently as well. 09:49.40 Sam Here. 10:01.39 Sam Yes. 10:04.45 Lynn Wu And then just you know, kind of leisurely strolled um and kind of looked at the little shops along the way and then there's actually a boat you take I I think Micanos um, there's a new port and an old port and so so depend. So I think the ship might have been docked at I forget it was. Whether it was old or new but it was the one that was away from the main town so to get back to the port the port where the ship was dued. You had to take a boat. So um, and that was actually included in our excursion costs. So we just so we so we did that and and then I think we got back on board. 10:25.37 Sam E. 10:33.56 Sam A. 10:39.47 Lynn Wu In the early afternoon so it was also this one was also a half day or five or six hours 10:40.55 Sam Street. Yeah, so you didn't have to then meet back up with the group. You just that you already had like the tickets for that boat or did you have to meet back up with the group to get back on that boat. 10:51.35 Lynn Wu No, we didn't have to meet back up with the group we were yeah we were just on our own by that point So who. 10:57.22 Sam Yeah, that's nice. That's helpful just you know I mean not that you I mean some people might want to go back with the tour group. But of course then you are at the mercy of wherever they're meeting and waiting for them and all of that and and that's not always I mean to your your point about. 11:10.36 Lynn Wu Yeah, exactly. 11:16.51 Sam You know what your kids are able to do and withstand as far as their patients I mean you know I think it's good to sort of know your family and know what they're going to be able to to you know do and and stand for that long. But. 11:19.39 Lynn Wu Are. 11:29.60 Lynn Wu It exactly exactly exactly and and and that was also a really good good time because we got back I think we went swimming that afternoon and did the aqueduct and and the poll was a lot less crowded as well as that was that was really nice to do that and yet. 11:42.90 Sam No nice right? Speaking of that how was the the weather of course this is summertime in Europe um, but you know did you have nice weather for most of it and. Of course, it's hot. But how hot are we talking. 11:59.23 Lynn Wu We were very very lucky with the weather I would say it was probably it I mean it was definitely hot but it was maybe mid 80 s on most days and a lot of the places we went so hot but bearable. Um I will say compared to our crews or. 12:08.33 Sam E. 12:16.25 Lynn Wu The time we were in Europe the prior year which was maybe a couple weeks later I felt like it was a lot hotter at that time of year kind of in that mid mid -july early to Mid -july time um versus this time I feel like we really lucked out with the weather so we were. You're fortunate. 12:34.51 Sam No awesome. Awesome! Okay, well your next port was of is of course famous for its pizza. So um I got to know what did you guys get up to in Naples did you book a Disney excursion and of course I must know. Did you eat pizza. 12:41.19 Lynn Wu Um, enough. 12:50.39 dclduo I. 12:51.49 Lynn Wu Yes, definitely you have to right? when you're enables opt to eat pizza. Very yeah, that's a must do we actually booked a private driver in napals so we did not go through Disney and it was in this one I was a little nervous about whether you know this was. 12:52.42 Sam Whether gluten free or not in Naples. Yeah yes. 13:11.30 Lynn Wu The person was going to show up and stuff because they took no deposit from us. We found out about this. Um this. Ah yeah, that the Mr Taxi cab like it's something like that was is how he's listed on on Facebook. 13:12.10 Sam Oh. 13:22.41 dclduo Now. 13:27.58 Lynn Wu And so you literally just message him through Facebook I found out about him through somebody had posted and said that Naples was probably their favorite port day and that this company was fantastic. So so essentially sent them a message and they emailed us a bunch of options but we basically got a private driver for the day for. I think a really reasonable rate I think they charged four hundred Euros for the day and we had them 8 hours yeah Yeah, exactly so I think it actually worked out cheaper than if we had booked something through Disney and so yeah, so ah, but we know we were. 13:48.46 dclduo Oh wow, That's really good. 13:50.83 Sam And Wow that's great for for a family of four That's fantastic. 14:04.38 Lynn Wu We needed to meet him early off the ship. So another sort of early morning six a m wake up. Um and but yeah, our driver was was great. You know he had a private Mercedes black van waiting for us and so um, so I opted for ah for us to stop by a number of. Ah, cities on the Amalfi Coast last year when we were in Europe I had ah once I was so I got covid first and then passed it to the rest of the family. But once I was past my quarantine window. Um I booked a one day Pompei Positano tour and did that solo last year. So. So and I knew pomeyi was just not going to be something the kids were going to be interested in so we just we opt to skip that and we just decided to do. He drove us first. She drove us to basically Rivero Aalfi and soento were the 3 cities that we visited. Um I will say the it was a wonderful day I will say the. The road was very very windy. So if you're prone to car sickness at all like really important to take I don't know some kind of dramamine or some kind of medication just to be just be aware of that. It's a really windy road. Um, and but the nice thing was at one point I think. I think it was my son who was actually feeling a little car sick. We. We just pulled off the side of the road and just you know all got out stretched our legs got a little bit of fresh air and that's one of the nice things when you are on a private tour. You can completely just customize it to your family's needs and so. 15:34.43 Lynn Wu Um, so that was so in the 3 towns were just wonderful. Um, riverla was the first one. It was really cute and not a very touristy town like you know you could see it was um, pretty relaxed and and so we stopped there for maybe you know 45 minutes or so and. And our driver was not guiding us and taking us on a chore. He he basically told us a few things especially along the way. But then once we got to the towns kind of gave us some time to explore on our own and um, so after we we spent about 45 minutes there um then we went to Amalfi where we had about an hour and um amalfi's a bit more popular. Um, so more people but you know we got gelato and walked around a little bit. Um and we after that we drove through positanno but did not stop. Positana is very very busy and ah, very hard to park as well. Um, we stopped for. Maybe just a quick scenic picture with the Amalfi Coast in the background and then went to sorrento for a couple of hours and and he recommended this restaurant called tess and it was interesting I don't know if um. You know it was interesting. There were a lot of people there that it seemed like they were all americans so I I wonder maybe in retrospect if it was perhaps a little bit of a tourist trap or if they give a kickback I don't know but you know I just conjecturing as. 16:53.58 Sam Yeah, that's what I was guessing that the kick back. Yeah. 16:57.53 Lynn Wu And I would and we had pizza but and I would say it was okay, but not amazing and I know it sounds a little disappointing right? You're in Naples and you know you want to eat amazing um amazing pizza but and it was okay I would say it was okay, but definitely not as good as the pizza we had in Rome and um. 17:01.18 Sam Oh. 17:14.46 Sam E. 17:15.94 Lynn Wu Other places so and they also charged a they have a copero which is a cover charge per person which was not advertised when we walked it? Yeah, so so I think it was $4 was a $4 a person just to so just to be there and just to sit. 17:25.24 Sam Um, really. 17:33.49 Sam What what? if you're what if you're or if you're even if you're ordering food I mean I understand if they have somebody who's sitting and not eat. But that's crazy. 17:33.54 Lynn Wu Or four euros yeah yeah, even if you're ordering food. Yeah, even if you're ordering food and um and the food was fairly reasonably prized I think the pizza was like ten Euros and you know? So so but then you add the cover charge and then of course you have to buy water whenever you're in Europe you don't really do the just tap water thing like you have to buy you pretty much end up buying still water. You know for the table. Um, so you know so it was okay. It was okay and then. And then we just walked around after that and then met up with our driver and um and yeah, got back on the ship at around four thirty in the afternoon. So it was a pretty cool day. Yeah, and if you asked my daughter she would tell you that. 18:12.67 dclduo Nice, nice. 18:21.33 Lynn Wu The naples day was her favorite she again. Actually even though we were in Italy we again saw a lot of cats at all the stop and so she's she's really excited about that and yeah and but but it it was a great day. It was a great day. So. 18:24.42 Sam Um, wow. 18:26.38 dclduo But. 18:37.87 dclduo Didn't drew say that he got to petti Cat Naples Sam wasn't that his highlight. Yeah there you go. 18:39.30 Sam Yes, yes, that was one of his highlights as well. he he I don't know what what it is about these italian and and Greek cats. But apparently they are really wonderful if you're a cat person which I will confess I am not a cat person. 19:00.14 Sam Ah, Brian loves cats so he kind of makes I mean he likes he loves dogs and cats. Um I I love kittens but I will leave it there and I'll say nothing about cats. But yes. 19:09.30 dclduo Is this. 19:11.46 Lynn Wu Um, so like I'm I'm more of a dog person myself Sam and you know grew up grew up having a dog but my daughter you know we actually we actually have a cat. We got her about a year and a half ago from the shelter and she's amazing. She's awesome. But I was not a cat person before we got her and. 19:17.42 Sam Yes. 19:26.70 Sam Um, ah wow. Yeah. 19:28.88 Lynn Wu And now I'm like you know cats are great. They're really easy, really easy. 19:32.13 Sam Yeah, well, that's there obviously the maintenance wise right? like they're so much more low maintenance than than dogs. We have 2 dogs who are a little bit high maintenance. So but but they're really really cute and I love them and you know. 19:46.94 Lynn Wu Law. 19:50.19 Sam Ah, will forever be a dog person sorry cats all right? Well we've got to talk. We've got 2 more ports I can't believe this is like the end of a seven day cruise right? Like if you had been on a seven day cruise it would have ended it probably would have ended after meek at Nos but then you had Naples. 19:54.62 Lynn Wu Or perfect. Yeah. 20:06.14 Lynn Wu Um, yeah. 20:07.16 Sam So now you you go to livorno so back in you know or again in italy it's kind of fun how you get to go back and forth between italy and Greece because they are so close but tell us tell us about livorno. 20:16.97 Lynn Wu Yeah, yeah, liorno was so lior know most people book go to Florence and maybe pizza. Um, that's the most popular. 20:25.72 Sam This is. 20:29.71 Lynn Wu And you know we did book an excursion through Disney my husband and I really wanted to see the chinquitterry like that was this bucket list. You know, looking at the photos and just how incredible it looks and so we we booked we booked excursion through disney. 20:34.24 Sam With. 20:44.34 Lynn Wu Um I will mention my daughter made friends with a couple of girls from the kids club and they were just like joined at the hip you know, kind of throughout the cruise and we found out that their family was booked on this excursion and the one after in Tuulon France and so 20:50.28 Sam Oh fine. Yeah. 20:59.38 Lynn Wu So it was really fun. So we met up with the family before we you know, kind of went into the ball Disney theater just to ensure we were all going to be on the same bus together. Yeah, the same group exactly. 21:07.42 Sam In the same. Yeah, the same boss the same group. Yeah, that's a really That's a great tip. Um, if you are is if you're linked with somebody already. Um you will um, eat well or if you're not linked with somebody. You actually need to go in together to wherever you're meeting. Place is whether that's the Walt Disney theater or some other excursion meeting place and to ensure that you get on the same bus. So even if you have the same tour time. There oftentimes are multiple buses for each tour group and you will not then necessarily travel together you might end up being separated. So if you meet someplace else or meet right outside the Walt Disney theater or wherever your meeting place is. And going together and instead of saying oh we're a party of 4 when you check in, you tell them? Oh we're a party of 8 or however, many and then you'll get. You'll get put together into the same group. So a very very smart and very good tip. So yeah, what was your so let's talk about this excursion. 21:51.28 Lynn Wu Exactly. 22:04.80 Lynn Wu It was chinqueterra and I think all of the excursion options for livorno are pretty much a long drive away from the actual port. So the chinquiterra is 90 minutes away and then to get to laspezia and then from laspezia you then have to take a 1 hour boat 22:04.31 Sam Um, well it lavor? no but it was chinquiterra. 22:12.30 Sam He. 22:23.96 Lynn Wu So um, in Florence is 2 hours away so so these these you know these sites are not close so it was a one and a half hour bus ride to livorno. They did a rest stop for bathroom and snacks along the way which was helpful and then at Laspezia we then got on a. 22:24.74 Sam I Wow yeah. 22:41.57 Lynn Wu Ah, smallish boat for the ride to chinquitera by small I mean I mean it probably fits maybe a hundred hundred people you know maybe yeah give or take um so small but I mean not not too small but it was extremely Bumpy. Um I would not recommend. Um, booking this excursion if especially if you have any sort of motion sickness issues. You know my my husband and daughter both took dramaine because they both are prone to it. But you know my so my son and I did not because I don't tend to get motion sick and he seemed to be feeling. Pretty sick I just tell for misexpress even though you couldn't verbally tell us. Um, so yeah, so it was not pleasant. Um and I could tell a lot of other passengers on the boat were feeling pretty queasy I think somebody went into the restroom and threw up and so it was not great. 23:22.27 dclduo Who. 23:22.50 Sam Oh we're saying. 23:34.61 dclduo Oh now. 23:37.92 Lynn Wu Yeah, so um, so finally we we got there and we stopped at this town monterosa which is one of the 5 towns. Um, it's the it's the town. That's the furthest the way and ah, you know we in here's where I had a had a really. 23:38.25 Sam Ah ahead. 23:48.26 Sam E. 23:54.79 Lynn Wu Not very pleasant encounter with um ah you know a public bathroom we were there and um, so just just for those who don't know in Europe you need to if it's a public restroom. That's not you know, not part of a coffee shop or something like that you often need to pay to use the restroom and usually they'll charge you know either 50 23:57.28 dclduo No. 23:58.58 Sam Oh. 24:10.90 Sam Might. 24:13.93 Lynn Wu Fifty cents or a euro you know to use the restroom and so this particular one charged a euro and so you always want to carry those euro coins. There was something weird with usually a lot of these restrooms. There's a there's a basket that you can just put your euro in but this one was a little fancier where there was kind of like a like a subway style subway kind of turn style. Yes, where you drop your coin in and then you go in and it opens it up for the 1 person and um, so so I dropped one in my daughter went in dropped another one in the thing didn't open up. 24:33.00 Sam Oh like a turnstile. Yeah I've seen those? yeah. 24:46.67 Lynn Wu So I dropped another coin in then it opened up and I tried to kind of then put 2 people in because the first time it didn't open up and then um, anyway, so then the person who was kind of stationed there. You know, got all upset and thought we were trying to get more people in without paying the full fare. 24:52.32 Sam Here. 25:03.22 Sam Um, oh but you had coined. Yeah. 25:05.58 Lynn Wu And I and again there's language barrier you know I'm trying to explain to her. No no, no, we did pay. We did pay four Euros I'm not I'm not here to cheat you out of your yeah out of your euro but it was ah it was a big you know it was. It was very unpleasant. Um, finally she kind of let us go but it was very really really weird so I would just. 25:13.30 Sam E. 25:24.72 Lynn Wu You know, just kind of caution. Um, you know if there is somebody station there make sure that they see you put the coin in just so there's no there. There's no question about whether you did or not so but yeah, that was that was that was kind of ah, not not so pleasant. But um, but then you know we then? um. 25:33.82 Sam Um, yeah. 25:42.59 Lynn Wu You know with this other family. We were walking around and we found a place to have lunch and we just randomly chose a place and I think we really lucked out because I think this was probably my favorite meal that I had the entire trip and the chinquiterra is really well known for their pests. 25:54.34 Sam Oh. 25:59.13 dclduo M. 26:00.25 Sam E. 26:00.32 Lynn Wu So so if you are pesto fan. You have to order something pesto in retrospect I really wish that we had found some pesto to buy and take home with us but I ordered their special which was a pesta lasagna and they had also recommended that as their special and it was just amazing. It was so good. So. Um, so yes, that was delicious. Great lunch and then we had you know it was a pretty short amount of time in that city. So we had about maybe 10 minutes to browse some more and then we had to head back to meet our group then we got back. On the boat and then we were supposed to stop by another one of the towns in the chinquiterra but the weather or there's something happening with the water that made it you know, unsafe for us to do that. So so they dropped us off at Porto Veneri which I found out later is not 1 of the 5 towns in the chinkpetera. But um, ah apparently Vernasa was the original plan but it was just maybe too bumpy to dock there. So. So so anyway port of an area was a very short stop only 40 minutes so it was just enough time to just get some gelato and walk around a tiny bit. Um. And you know my daughter took off her shoes and just kind of played There was a little tiny beach area. So she just sort of waded into the water a little bit and that was it and then we got back on the boat headed back to Laspecia and then took our bus back. So but really, it's about two and a half hours of travel each way because the boat. 27:23.50 dclduo So wow. 27:25.22 Lynn Wu Itself is an hour on a really bumpy boat and then it's you know an hour and a half in the bus and so it was a long day and we were I think exhausted by the yeah. 27:31.70 dclduo Yeah, that sounds like a long that sounds like a long day That's a lot of stops. Yeah, it sounds like a long day. It sounds um, wait. 27:38.29 Lynn Wu Yeah, so. 27:41.85 Sam And yeah, it seems like it seems like though it was probably more successful because you joined up with that other family that your daughter had become friends with because I I'm just like imagining how you know your daughter is um, you know dehydrated. 27:46.41 Lynn Wu Yes. 27:48.68 dclduo Yeah. 27:56.41 Lynn Wu Um, yeah. 27:57.43 Sam And of refusing to go up to the Acropolis and so I'm thinking that you might have had a similar experience. Maybe if not for this other family being there. 28:02.22 Lynn Wu A thousand percent you know when I heard that they were before I learned that they were going to be on this same tour with us I was looking at my husband and thinking. Okay, we all know how hard Athens was. What are we going to do about livorno because this is a seventh. This is an 11 hour 10 hour day 11 hour day like the longest day by far you know of any of the ports and we even contemplated. 28:19.84 Sam Um, yeah, yeah. 28:27.76 Lynn Wu Do we can We leave her on the ship you know should just one of us go on the tour like we were really talking through that seriously about it. But then we also found out from I went by the port excursions desk and also found out. There's no refunds at that point So we we were We were paid. Yeah, it was too late. 28:28.36 dclduo Yeah. 28:28.94 Sam He. 28:39.83 Sam Oh it was too late. Yeah. 28:44.15 Lynn Wu They said that you the last day to cancel and this is good information for everyone for Disney Excursion you really need to cancel I think three days before you leave for the cruise. So there's there's kind of a cutoff time we're after that. Even if you're on board and it's a week. The excursion is a week away. It's too late for them to cancel you're committed. 28:53.72 Sam E. 29:02.90 dclduo I will say we have had some luck and some experience with if there's a list of people who want to get on the excursion and you need to cancel then Disney will generally refund you because I can put someone in your place. So if it's a very popular excursion. 29:03.50 Lynn Wu So. 29:12.36 Lynn Wu Um, ah of the. 29:18.54 dclduo Or if there weren't a lot of excursions offered the port I would still ask at the port adventures desk because if they have a waiting list. They will refund you because I have somebody to to take your ticket. So yeah, yeah, yeah, well. 29:26.84 Lynn Wu Ah, got it good to know good to know. So. 29:27.95 Sam Yeah. 29:30.81 dclduo Next up I think is too long in France to wind down your cruise here. What did you get up to and too long. 29:38.44 Lynn Wu Yeah, so too long. We booked a excursion through Disney called the picturesque village of cussy which is cass I s and ah in it was it was great. This was this was a shorter day. Maybe 4 four or five hours and um, so we took a bus. Um. And this is again with the other family in the bus. It was a 40 minute ride to get to cassy and then we took a train to the actual town so that was kind of fun even the little train ride. It was pretty short but it's a small harbor town and it reminded me a lot of like catalina it had a little bit of that vibe and. 30:06.34 Sam E. 30:12.00 Sam No I Love that. 30:13.88 Lynn Wu Yeah, and when we were there we we had about an hour of free time so it wasn't super long but but it was enough time to just walk around browse a little shops they had ah kind of a farmer's market going on that day and um, you know my daughter's really into candy so they had they had a candy shop. Um. 30:30.77 Sam Um. 30:31.40 Lynn Wu And then we again of course stopped by and got coffee in gelato just like kind of a recurrent theme. Um on this trip. Yeah. 30:32.45 dclduo No. 30:33.77 Sam Yes, when when in Italy you must pizza and you must gelato. That's basically the rules. Yes. 30:41.36 Lynn Wu Yeah, exactly and there's gelato everywhere. There's gelato in France and in Greece. Well so um and it was and it was really cute I forgot to mention the prior day that my my daughter and the two girls they had bought these matching cat t-shirts that they found in. In. Ah, um, and in in our first first stop Um, and monterosa so they were so so anyway, but here at too long. We found this magnet. It had you know three little girls and it said um, you know, best friends or something like that is really cute. So so each of the families. We each bought one and um, yeah. 31:11.44 Sam Oh. 31:17.83 Lynn Wu And it it was it was good. It was. It was a very relaxed day and only a half day as well. So we probably got back on the ship by you know one o'clock or so so those nights is good. 31:24.87 dclduo Nice, nice. 31:28.19 Sam Awesome now I I you know looking back on all of these excursions. Um I I think it would be um, sorry, let me see that again. Looking back at all these excursions as you've described them to me and to Brian um, and to our audience not to exclude anyone? Um I'm taking from this that you would have maybe either not done the excursion in liorno or done a different excursion in liorno. Were there any other ones that looking back, you're like I probably would have done something else or probably wouldn't have done that excursion again. 32:04.82 Lynn Wu Great. Great question. You know I think my overarching takeaway and and I had read this as well in the in the Facebook groups is private if you can private is definitely the way to go because it just gives you that flexibility to. 32:22.74 Sam Um. 32:24.31 Lynn Wu Go at your pace not get caught up in crowds in certain cases and you know if your your kid is having a meltdown you can stop or if you're or if you're car sick you can pull over and stop right? So things things like that and so because I do think that naples day was just a great day for that reason. Um, you know I. 32:40.64 Sam E. 32:44.12 Lynn Wu Feel like with lavorow. Yeah I I wouldn't book that tour again. Um I think I think other people probably enjoyed it and and I heard good reviews on that tour from others who had taken it in the past I think we just got so seasick taking that little boat. Um, so and I definitely want to go back to the chinqua terra. 32:54.55 dclduo Me. 33:01.16 Lynn Wu Someday it. It may not be the easiest to do with a cruise stop. But although maybe if we were to do it just with a one day import I might you know opt to figure out a train to laspezia and then from there I think you can take a train to the little towns and so. 33:16.55 Sam Oh. 33:18.16 Lynn Wu So that's what I had read and so so if you want to do chik guterra I'd probably recommend doing that we had um you know I had booked and then canceled a private tour from livorno where a driver takes you to not only the chinquiterra but also pisa. And um, it was just so expensive like it was probably double the cost of booking this through Disney and so we canceled it and decided to just roll the dice with the disney excursion. So but you know but I might just suck it up and do that next time. Um, ah, let me think what else I I think. 33:36.13 Sam Um, yeah. 33:47.47 Sam Here. 33:52.88 Lynn Wu We we mainly booked Disney just to get just to have the peace of mind that will make it back on time and just for the ease of meeting with the group and things like that. but but I do think the private tours were great I I wish the problem is you know you don't have a lot of time in a lot of these places and so. 33:57.68 Sam Yeah. 34:11.78 Lynn Wu I felt like there were places like santorini ea like I would have loved to have had more than an hour in ea just to look around and just be a little bit more leisurely and probably could have skipped that first stop at the winery because it was it was okay. It wasn't amazing. But um, but if you are you know going off on your own. You have a little bit more flexibility to. 34:16.34 Sam You hear. 34:31.29 Lynn Wu Cut things out or spend longer in certain places. So yeah. 34:34.22 Sam Absolutely absolutely. So of course you you did have a few Cds and I you know we won't get into you know every little detail of everything that you did on board because I'm sure that would take an entire other show for us to do that. But. 34:51.51 Lynn Wu Um. 34:53.20 Sam But I would I'd love to know you know some of the highlights ah of things that you guys got up to on board or you know what are the kinds of things your kids like to do on board. You guys have been on. You know, a lot quite a few disney cruises and you know did they do the same things in Europe as they do other places or was it really any different. 35:10.65 Lynn Wu Yeah, no, the the great thing about being on a Disney Cruise in Europe is it's familiar. You know you're in a you know you're in these exotic countries and and there was something so nice about coming back to the familiarity of a Disney ship and knowing what to expect and having sort of your your routine so that worked really well for my kids. 35:11.42 Sam For the time that you were on the ship. 35:18.55 Sam Um. 35:24.25 Sam Here. 35:30.49 Lynn Wu Ah, they loved the pool and you know my my son went on that yellow kids water slide for the very first time. Um, he really enjoyed that Nemo Reef area as well. But then he went on the the little yellow water slide and at one point it was not very crowded. It was him and maybe 1 other kid so the 2 of them just went on it. 35:38.23 Sam Um, oh yeah. 35:48.46 Lynn Wu On repeat over and over again and ah my daughter? Yeah, ah exactly he he's not a thrill ride person so he will not go on the aqueduct. Um I think it be and he doesn't like getting his face splash. So I think Aqueduc is probably out for the foreseeable future. 35:48.46 Sam Um, yeah, that sounds very familiar by the way. 36:05.70 Sam Um, is he here. 36:07.43 Lynn Wu My daughter loves the aqueduct. She just loved hanging out with her friends at the pool and and um, yeah, so we so we did a lot of pool time. But um I'm big on Trivia So that's ah and I do it bump like my family doesn't come along with me to that. My. 36:21.67 Sam A wow. 36:23.74 Lynn Wu Yeah, so I go to I I go to? um, ah as many of them as I can I'm I'm terrible at the decades music ones but pretty good at like the Disney ones. Um, and since I was by myself. Um, you know pro tip find someone to team up with and i. 36:32.88 Sam Oh nice. 36:39.34 Sam Yes. 36:40.84 Lynn Wu My yeah, my very first one which was the Dcl Cruise trivia um I found this couple that was just kind of by themselves and so I was like do you guys want to team up and they're like sure and then we ended up finding each other um I actually had 2 teams. Um, so I teamed up with them and I teamed up with another couple at a different 1 um, and so depending on the trivia if I noticed one of them was there. You know I would join their team and we won a few times which was really fun. So yeah. 37:03.37 Sam How perfect wow which which tri which trivia did you win I I love hearing I love hearing from winners because we don't win Trivia we're just not um, we we do okay at like the general pub trivia type stuff and and we do. 37:08.32 dclduo Um, nice. 37:22.33 Sam Okay, it's some of the music trivias um 90 s music trivia we're pretty we pretty good at um, no I know I'm saying listen I I I won not I won ninety s ah music trivia you know with a group. Um, but yeah I mean it's not. 37:22.86 Lynn Wu Um, oh I'm last impressive but. 37:26.76 dclduo Speak for yourself. Sam I won Pub Trivia 1 time on board Chris ah Chris and I did yeah. 37:40.36 Sam I would say in general we're not like we're not winning interestingly enough we don't win Disney Cruise line trivia and we don't win any other Disney trivia whatsoever. We're not. We're not good at Disney Trivia but yeah to know what your what are your strengths and what what did you win at. 37:53.93 Lynn Wu Okay, yeah, so the the Disney Cruise line trivia is one of my better categories. Um, and and we didn't win Disney tunes. We came pretty close. We were maybe one of the final teams on Disney Tunes I have won that one on past cruises before. 38:00.57 Sam Um, yeah, good for you. 38:06.24 Sam Nice. 38:10.73 Lynn Wu But yeah, but with with my new friends I made my new trivia friends. We won the heroes quotes one we won. Um I think we won the toy story trivia and we won the ultimate Disney Trivia which which kind of shocked me because I feel like that's a really hard 1 38:17.64 Sam Wow. 38:25.27 Sam Oh they're all really hard I feel like all the ones you described are really hard. 38:28.37 dclduo That's a tough one. That's a tough 1 38:29.60 Lynn Wu Yeah I think. 38:34.49 Lynn Wu And I will tell you the heroes quotes one was really was really hard and and and that one and the ultimate disney one we only got maybe 14 or 15 right out of 25 or something but I think the next highest group was even lower so it was just they were just really hard questions. Um. 38:48.11 Sam Um, Wow yeah. 38:50.10 Lynn Wu And then the ironic thing was even though we won Heroes quotes and I actually went to a different Hero's quotes trivia later in the cruise and it was the same questions and I couldn't remember what yeah I could not win that one because I was by myself on that one and I was like shoot I need my friends. They knew the answer to this one and I just. 39:01.65 dclduo Ah. 39:03.78 Sam Oh that's hilarious. 39:08.41 Lynn Wu So so teamwork is really big. Um, and so yes I love playing Trivia um, and you know and I'll go to you know I don't know some of the you know random like I love doing the ship tour the art of the theme show tour that was fun. Um, oh and this was really cool because it was a longer cruise. They had some special things for. 39:09.69 Sam Yeah. 39:21.44 Sam Um, yeah. 39:28.30 Lynn Wu Gold platinum and Pearl members and so one of them was a captain's reception where you could kind of meet a lot of the crew and then there was another one where they did a special sort of behind the scenes look at the beauty and the beast stage show and that was amazing where they showed. Um. 39:29.66 Sam E. 39:41.42 Sam Yes. 39:45.24 Lynn Wu You know they had the cameras showing like what was going on backstage and and that was a really really neat experience so they had those 2 things. Um and I did one I did go to the spa ones and booked a massage so that was that was very nice as well. 39:59.10 Sam Fantastic Are your kids So your kids do do they go to the kids club. Do they like the kids club. 40:04.70 Lynn Wu Yes, they really like the kids club. Yes, so they both go and I'm sitting here sad because my daughter is 11 right? So she's going to have a limited amount of time where she can still go I think once she turns 13 that's it. So but no, she she went and and she just. Would go for hours and hang out with her friends. My son really liked it too and so you know we could drop him off for a couple hours. He doesn't like using the restroom at the kids club I think it's maybe just he's afraid of hand dryers and so they'd have no hand dryers. But I think he's worried that they might so. 40:22.32 Sam Here. 40:31.47 Sam A. 40:39.90 Lynn Wu So usually you know with him we would get a text from the kids club when he's ready to be picked up which means he probably needs to use the restroom. So so he's good for a couple hours and um and and for us I think one of the reasons we cruise and love cruising so much is you know it's hard to find people who can watch our sun especially with his. 40:45.71 Sam Yeah, yeah. 40:55.62 dclduo M. 40:56.46 Sam E. 40:58.36 Lynn Wu Needs and so but the Disney staff is great and we we can drop him for a couple hours and he does great and and really enjoys it so here. 41:08.20 Sam That's fantastic and and he's able to somehow communicate with them and yeah, obviously you said he's mostly nonverbal but he is able to communicate that he wants to be picked up to the staff and they are able to sort of get the message when he goes to tell them that. 41:22.20 Lynn Wu I Think they can tell when he needs the bathroom or when he yeah or if he's like trying to seems like he's trying to exit then that's probably a fine um we have he has an ipad um that has you know for a communication device where he's yeah so he does have that. 41:24.32 dclduo And. 41:26.36 Sam Ah, okay, he. 41:34.85 dclduo And. 41:37.94 Sam Gotcha. 41:39.34 Lynn Wu Um, but he actually didn't even bring it to the kids club so he knows a few words so he can say some basic things like eat and you know what? not and so he he knows a handful of words but but others he's I think he's just pretty content to just be there. So um, yeah, so he he he did really well and we were. 41:51.24 Sam Um, yeah, that's awesome. That's fantastic. Well, your daughter does have a little bit more time at the kids club and then she can age out to the Tween club and. 41:56.35 dclduo Nice. 41:57.66 Lynn Wu That. 42:08.13 Sam And you can worry even more about her because there's like a lot of freedom in those in the tween club and it's very very different I think experience we have not yet of course experienced it with Nathan but um, you know we're only a little bit behind you in age. So yeah. 42:09.61 Lynn Wu Um, exactly. 42:14.64 Lynn Wu Person. Yeah, she she's been to edge. She actually enjoyed going to edge more than the kids club I think we went on 1 sailing right? after the reopening when things were more restricted and in the kids club they put you with a group of 6 kids and you sort of stick with that group. 42:19.79 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 42:35.59 Sam Right? so. 42:38.22 Lynn Wu She was in a group with really small kids and just did not enjoy that experience and so that particular cruise she ended up going to edge and we had to just sign a waiver I think she was 10 at the time. Um, but we were able to sign a waiver and let her go to edge. Um and we do give her check and check out privileges for kids clubs so she can kind of come and go. 42:46.70 Sam E. 42:56.34 Lynn Wu It's a little bit of a leap of faith because she doesn't have her own phone or a device to text us or anything so we just have to hope that she makes it back to the room. Um, you know at um at a decent time and um, they know but she she did well with that and so yeah. 43:07.22 Sam Um. 43:12.90 dclduo Well, that is fabulous to hear. Ah Lynn I think that we have gotten to that point in the show. There's so much we could cover. There is so much we could cover screws. Eleven night cruises don't lend themselves easily to a 1 hour show but we have reached that point in our show where I need to transition us over to rapid fire or the round that I like to describe as arbitrary questions arbitrary rules and a dash of judgment. So Sam take it away. 43:35.85 Sam Thank you all right? Lynn you are a longtime listener so you know the drill I'm going to ask you some Disney favorites I'm going to ask you some Disney Cruise line favorites and I don't care what anyone else in the family's favorites are I want your favorites. Okay, all right. 43:47.83 Lynn Wu Okay, got it. So. 43:52.94 Sam Tell me Lynn who is your favorite Disney or Pixar character. 43:54.76 Lynn Wu So I like duffy the Disney Bear and I like boo from monster's inc so it's kind of always fine. 44:01.74 dclduo Now. 44:02.41 Sam Oh my god we're best friends now. Can we be best friends? Yeah because I am I'm obsessed with duffy I don't know why more people don't know Duffy like he's ah he's the cutest. 44:09.13 Lynn Wu Meets you. 44:11.37 dclduo Well, there's an entire country of people that's obsessed with Duffy Sam but it's just not here. It's just not here. 44:11.93 Lynn Wu Um, we it from a back. 44:17.60 Sam That's true in Japan they're yeah in Japan they're really obsessed and in Adolani Duffy is kind of ah a major thing but not really and the american parks. But yeah I'm obsessed with duffy love him? Yes, right. 44:21.84 Lynn Wu Yes, they need to bring him here. 44:32.18 Sam We have Duffy. We have Shelley may and we have oluel from alwani so love them all. Ok, tell me what is your favorite Disney or pixar movie o that's an unusual one I like it all right. 44:42.80 Lynn Wu Um, enchanted. 44:49.86 Sam Um, what's your favorite Disney song. 44:52.15 Lynn Wu For song. It's it's really a tie I really love so close from enchanted and I also love out there from hunchback of Notre Dame um which I just get the chills anytime I hear that song. It's just so good. 44:56.70 Sam Oh yeah. 45:03.30 Sam Um, ah I love out there I love love love that pick that is such a great song one of the best 1 of the best is the movie songs. Um I thought you were going to say how do you know from enchanted because that's a really fun song too. Yeah yeah. 45:16.88 Lynn Wu Um, that's a good one too I Love that song too. 45:20.74 Sam How do you know that he loved you like all right? Well I could go on and on but I won't um, let's let's transition to on Disney Cruise line um what I'm really curious to know what is your favorite Disney Cruise line stage show. 45:38.59 Lynn Wu Okay, now I feel like I've seen them all. Um and prior to this cruise it was tangled I had not seen Beauty and the beast before but after Beauty and the beast I have to give that one the top spot it really just the production. 45:40.69 Sam Hey here. 45:46.51 Sam A. 45:54.42 Lynn Wu It was incredible I ah was just blown away by how wonderful it was so beauty and the beast first tangled a close second. 46:02.16 dclduo And. 46:02.90 Sam It's official. We are best friends Lynn that's it. That's it. We don't even have to go on with any more questions because you've already no, that's true. That's sure that's true. We did not even talk about food. Ok. 46:06.58 dclduo You haven't yet asked her her opinion on truffle per set Sam that might be a deal killer right? there. 46:12.36 Lynn Wu Oh yeah, you didn't even talk about food. Ah. 46:18.46 Sam Well let's keep going then let's see let's see how close of best friends we're going to be lyn let's see if we're going to be twinsiess. Okay so tell me what is your favorite bar on any of the Disney Cruise line chips that you've been on have you been on all 5 ships by the way. 46:19.49 Lynn Wu Okay, it's not okay. 46:32.27 Lynn Wu I have been on all I have been on all 5 ships. Yes, you know it's a great question. We you know we we don't really go to the bars I think well we really don't I mean I I like in terms of adult areas I love cove cafe. Um. 46:35.24 Sam Okay, what's yeah, what's your favorite bar space on board. 46:44.84 Sam Um, yeah, it's hard right? yeah. 46:49.47 Lynn Wu And't really sit there I just kind of just get my coffee and I leave so I'm just kind of I think I'm just always like going to activities and so I'm not really sitting. Oh you know what though I have a good answer I like the hyperspace lounge. Um, yeah, on the wish yes that was actually a pretty cool space. So although. 46:59.60 dclduo You know. 47:00.91 Sam Oh cool. Yeah, and that 1 is actually kid friendly during the day so that's yeah yeah yeah I I have to say I understand you know I feel your pain. It's it's hard to get some time in the adult spaces. 47:07.82 Lynn Wu This happened. 47:20.94 Sam When you've got young kids and when they will only tolerate the kids club for a few hours or they you know don't want to be up until midnight. So all right? What is ah a favorite onboard activity. Yeah, love it. 47:23.55 Lynn Wu Exactly. 47:24.44 dclduo Um. 47:32.86 Lynn Wu Well Trivia is my number for sure. 47:40.69 Sam What about with the family. Do you guys? do any of the family game shows or any of the other you know, sort of onboard stuff together. 47:46.89 Lynn Wu You know we we really we really haven't um and even just with the shows at night they it's a little hit or miss. My son generally doesn't enjoy or go to them. Um, my daughter will go to some but she kind of take it or leave it. So um. 47:55.93 Sam Easy easy. 48:02.50 Lynn Wu Yeah, in terms of family activities. We we really haven't gone to a lot of those I think I would say family activity would probably be the pool. The pool just going just spending time. There is probably. 48:11.34 Sam Um, yeah, yeah, Nathan is the same he would he would rather be up on the pool deck than be at like a family game show or something like that it will go if I drag him. But yeah, he's not that interested all right favor. 48:24.49 Lynn Wu Um, if. 48:26.25 Sam Rotational dining now that you've been on all the ships I mean this is tough because I think there's some really great rotational dining restaurants. 48:33.72 Lynn Wu Yeah, I'm going to give my favorite Overall the one that whenever I see that's coming up next I'm just happy to see it on um on the schedule for the day's animator's palette and um, yeah I just I Just love it. It's just so nostalgic and just gives you. 48:43.20 Sam Yeah. 48:50.11 Lynn Wu I don't know the warm fuzzy feelings when you're watching the show and so that's my favorite and then but I would say you know just since the wish doesn't have animator's palette on that ship I really loved Aaron Dell that was my favorite. 49:02.87 Sam Yeah I have to agree with you I I have animator's palette hat has a special place in my heart as well. I love the uniqueness of Tianas but animators is probably number one. Ah for me. 49:16.66 Lynn Wu Same. 49:16.74 Sam Most of the time I think I'll look forward to it more than anything else all right? We got to talk a little bit food so I need to know your favorite suite item on board a Disney Cruise and your favorite savory item on board at Disney Cruise let's start with the suite first. 49:32.55 Lynn Wu Okay, sweet item I think definitely soft surf ice cream but in terms of dining room the lava cake the chocolate lava cake. Yeah, and um, you know I know Paulo also has the um. 49:42.65 Sam Ooh That's a good one? yeah. 49:48.10 Lynn Wu The souffle So that's that's really good too. But in terms of main dining the chocolate lava cake for sure was my favorite. 49:50.71 Sam Um, nice all right now. More importantly, what's your favorite savory item. 49:59.35 Lynn Wu Um, savory. So yeah. 50:00.62 Sam You know where I stand I'm the savory one Brian's the sweet one I mean I'm not that I don't love some on decks off serve because that's you know that's probably 1 of my one of my favorite sweet items. But yeah I mean savory is is where it's at in my opinion. 50:14.74 Lynn Wu Yeah know I I do really love the truffle per sets. Um I in my my my son actually will eat several of them. Um, he calls them dumples. He calls them dumplings. But um I also love the fried brie. That's one of my well. 50:23.75 Sam Love lost. Ah, oh yeah, nice, awesome. Okay, now that you've been on all of the ships Aqua dunk. 50:29.25 Lynn Wu Pop favorites as well. Um, yeah I think I'll leave it at those 2 those 2 were great. 50:41.47 Sam versus Aqua Duck versus aqua mouse where do you stand? Yeah I'm with you I like the aqua mouse a lot I think it's close. Um, but aqua duck over aqua dunk that terrifying thing where you fall through the floor huh. 50:43.87 Lynn Wu Awkward duck. 50:57.74 Lynn Wu Yes, yes I would agree that that's my ranking as well. I I love the Aqua Mouse I Wish it was a little longer I feel like it are yeah but right when you're getting into it. It just stops and so it was so nice going on the Aqua duck after having been on the mouse. 51:00.84 Sam Ah. 51:07.76 Sam Yes, that's my only complaint is it's not long enough exactly yep. 51:17.27 Lynn Wu You know several months back and I was like oh this is it's continuing to go. You know it felt like a good media. 51:21.31 Sam Yeah, it feels like it ends. Yeah, the mouse feels like it ends just a little like prematurely or something it's because of that longer beginning part. Yeah. 51:27.63 Lynn Wu Exactly well like that beginning part of if they could shorten that somehow and still get you to the top and then you in then get you and then have a little bit more waterslide I think then it would be great. So. 51:37.65 Sam Um, yes, yeah, yeah, we're of 1 mind all right now. This is a really important question and quite controversial which one is your favorite ship. 51:46.32 dclduo Is. 51:49.41 Lynn Wu O you know and I I genuinely love all 5 like and whenever I'm on and I'm not complaining wishing I was on a different generally qualifie I will say not because of not because of the ship itself. But I my vote goes to the magic and it's. 51:59.26 Sam Right? Of course. 52:08.44 Lynn Wu Really because it's the original. It was the first disney ship we were on um and it was also the ship I went on my solo cruise on last year and I was just incredibly impressed. But I feel like the staff is just so warm. Um, and yeah I just I don't. 52:09.20 Sam Um, oh. 52:22.93 Sam You hear. 52:26.40 Lynn Wu And I love repun and tangled and and I and I like the intimacy of the smaller ships. So magic I think would be number 1 then wonder wish fantasy dream probably in that one here. 52:30.78 Sam Um, yeah. 52:35.83 Sam Nice and nice I like it all right? Well now I have to ask the question I ask everyone on this show. What is your bucket list. Cruise if you could go anywhere on Disney Cruise line and it doesn't even have to be someplace Disney Cruise line currently goes. Where are you going? Lynn. 52:53.34 Lynn Wu Yeah I yeah because it's not going accommodate school schedules. Um, you know I I would love to do and around the world Disney Cruise um but I will say that aside because that's that's probably. 52:55.30 Sam And you can leave the family at home if you want to I mean what right. 53:06.27 Sam Um, yeah. 53:09.50 Lynn Wu I don't think Disney will ever do that. That's just so long. But um I would love to do like an Asia cruise that stops by Japan and kind of tack on you know Tokyo Disney trip. Um to that and then if there's some way to also you know I don't know stop by and visit some of the other asian parks and. 53:11.84 Sam Um, yeah. 53:26.61 Lynn Wu Um, and just have like overnight ports so you can do that and that would be probably on my wish list if they ever I don't know if they'll ever do anything like that. But that would be cool. 53:36.46 Sam Nice, awesome! Well that sounds fantastic I'd be on that cruise for sure and you know welcome to being my new best friend Lynn you you won I mean I don't know if you could win any better than you did pretty much I mean. 53:43.51 dclduo And I. 53:45.89 Lynn Wu Yay Did I win with fire. 53:53.91 Sam You might have you know if you chose the wonder first instead of the magic that's probably and I'm not a big brief fan but I don't hate on it. It's just not my thing. So yeah I'm not sure. There's only a couple of ways you could have done like slightly better than how you did so pretty close to a hundred percent yeah 54:09.62 Lynn Wu What's what's your ah Cruise favorite cruise ship ranking 54:14.72 dclduo Well well wait wait wait that'll come out on our origin story I have a feeling Sam I will come up by popular demands by popular demand. 54:15.24 Sam Yeah, so I I would say ah okay, all right, all right? That's right, we' see we're saving that for ah we're saving that for a future episode but I'm gonna but I will say number 1 which is and we've said. 54:23.25 Lynn Wu Um, oh okay. 54:29.68 Sam Before and but but it probably has changed a little bit but the wonder for Brian and I both the wonder I don't think it has changed but I'm going to. Okay I'll speak for myself I'm going to speak for myself I'm going to speak for myself and just say that then the wonder takes the number 1 spot. 54:32.21 dclduo Oh you presume to speak for me for the wonder. Maybe mine is changed too. You don't know you don't know you don't know why? well the ends will have to wait to find out on the show that they have demanded yes and and and. 54:49.68 Sam But I love all the ships like you. 54:50.51 dclduo For anyone listening out there who's not in our Facebook group someone decided that we needed to do a show where we are the guests and that show is coming I said they had to get 100 positive votes before I would even consider doing it because we don't like to make ourselves the center of shows. But a hundred votes came despite my best efforts and so we are going to be putting out what we're calling the dcl duo origin show and a fan favorite Dc Duoville and Josh Wilson will be hosting that show. So I expect a very very interesting show to say the least. So but len. 55:15.58 Lynn Wu Um, more cook. 55:22.72 dclduo I appreciate you coming on this show and sharing your ah, let's say again. But Lyn I appreciate you coming on this show and sharing your families. What an amazing experience 11 nights in the mediterranean on Disney Cruise line I I don't know that much out there beats that kind of a sailing on Disney Cruise line at least and so. Really, really appreciate you taking the time to walk through the ports and all of the fun that you had with our listeners just thank you so much. 55:46.15 Lynn Wu Thank you for having me This is so much fun. 55:51.81 Sam And Lynn you have a ah Youtube do you want to tell folks if they would like to check out your Youtube channel about that. 55:57.14 Lynn Wu Well I haven't posted videos in a long time on it. But I do have a channel called loving everything Disney and there is ah some old video footage of an Alaska ceiling that we did. So maybe we'll get around to posting some other vlogs on there. Ah but I and unlike Brian I don't have the patience to edit so you'll just have. 56:10.22 Sam Um, ah. 56:16.54 Lynn Wu Yeah, with ah a pretty unfessional home video like footage. 56:19.38 dclduo Are hits. 56:20.16 Sam Love it. Love it.

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