October 17, 2023


Ep. 354 - It's Easy as ABC: A 10-Night Southern Caribbean Sailing on the Disney Fantasy

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Brian Sam
Ep. 354 - It's Easy as ABC: A 10-Night Southern Caribbean Sailing on the Disney Fantasy
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 354 - It's Easy as ABC: A 10-Night Southern Caribbean Sailing on the Disney Fantasy

Oct 17 2023 | 01:11:59


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On this episode we're chatting with Nikki and Adrian all about their fabulous Disney Cruise Line 10-night Southern Carribbean aboard the Disney Fantasy. The Southern Caribbean is one of our all-time favorite itineraries, and listening to Nikki and Adrian, you'll understand why. From amazing port adventures to world-class beaches, we couldn't wait to re-live our own Southern Caribbean experience, and we know this episode will make you want to book your own fabulous sailing to Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao!!

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Episode Transcript

00:00.12 dclduo Welcome back, everybody to this week's episode of the dcl duo podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and Sam I think we need a little jackson 5 in the background because we're headed to the 8 b cs that's right Aruba bon air and carraau for a little 10 nights southern caribbean sailing maybe the beach boys would be more appropriate. A little coomo I guess but 1 of our favorite itineraries from the from the past on Disney Cruise line and can't wait to talk about it tonight. 00:21.80 Sam Ah. 00:26.42 Sam I know I am so jealous of our guests because they got to do this amazing ten night southern caribbean itinerary hours that we did in 2019 I think was actually an eleven night Southern Caribbean so we had one more night on the disney fantasy but I'm really. Jealous of anyone who gets to spend more than 7 nights in a row on the disney fantasy because that is just like the epitome I think of Disney cruising and of relaxation. But before we get into the substance of the show. We've got to welcome our guests nikki and Adriene to the show. Welcome guys. 00:58.80 Nikki and Adrian Um, hey hello excited to be here. 01:02.27 Sam Yeah, thanks for being with us today. You know as we always do on this show. We have to talk about your Disney credentials and your Disney Cruise line credentials and I need to applaud you guys because you guys just like started with a bang and just kind of. Kept on it. You have ah a good number of cruises in a very short period of time which means you are someone just like Brian and I because we racked up our cruises in a very short succession so congratulations. But why don't you tell folks? um, sort of how you became. Ah, involved with Disney and then how you start you know, plunged into Disney Cruise line 01:44.27 Nikki and Adrian Yeah, we definitely got a bit by the cruise bug but we started with ah Disney back when for me when I was 6 going to the parks in Florida. And then once I met Adrian I made sure that he was added in and started taking him to the parks for Christmas with my family. We actually ended up getting married at the Japan pa billionion in epcot seven years ago yeah eight years ago yeah 02:06.92 Sam And that's awesome. Wow. 02:13.17 Nikki and Adrian So um, yeah, and then last year we said you saw a commercial for Disney Cruise line and I was like oh you know what? it's a sign. That's all I need. No yeah, you know you you think about it. We started cruising in Twenty Mid Twenty Twenty two right so sounds like. Feels like a lifetime ago. But it's just last year but you know we're mostly cooped up during the covid time. So we're really wanting to get out and do something different because you've you've been cooped up and and I don't know for yeah of all the things. Let's go back travel and let's just get on a cruise boat right? Ah, but. 02:49.34 Sam Um, yeah. 02:51.64 Nikki and Adrian It was eye openingen and we question or at least I question myself like why haven't we done this sooner I mean we love dcl but any cruise line I've never been on a boat but it has been life changing and to your point I mean we've able to squeeze in Fort Cruises and in a and a year pretty much once a quarter and Be'll be graded. We can keep up that rate you know to try to you know, get a platinum soon and now you know pearls out there. So yeah I mean wherere we're we're set to have our daughter you know, pretty much be pearl by the time she's 10 or so like that's the goal right now. 03:17.59 Sam Um, yeah. 03:22.64 dclduo And well well now we're all chasing up now. We're all chasing a plaque on casto a key so you know there's that yeah. 03:24.39 Sam Um, yeah, and get her. That's right. 03:30.59 Nikki and Adrian Um I saw that yes. 03:32.99 Sam Yeah, when your 5 year old gets a plaque for 50 cruises a castaway key. You know she is part of the dcl family for life I mean I love it. So you said you got you've done 4 now or actually this was your fifth or this was your fourth that you went on. 03:40.34 Nikki and Adrian Um, ah so. 03:47.65 Nikki and Adrian This was our four. Fourth. 03:51.19 Sam Nice, what were the other itineraries or what was the first one that sort of how do you plunge headfirst into Disney Cruise line 03:55.24 Nikki and Adrian Yeah, so we did a five night we thought that was a good length. It was long enough that if we liked it. We would have time to you know, explore the ship but not too long. In case, we didn't so it was a five night fantasy eastern here no western western we went down called close samel and then. Castaway yeah, and then we found a really great gty rate on one of the Christmas cruises on the dream. It was a a double dip over Thanksgiving and so we did that and then we went on the wish for my birthday for a fortnight back in april. 04:21.51 Sam Oh swede. 04:30.10 Sam Awesome now you have a 5 year old what made you decide to plunge into a ten night cruise like that's a long time to be on a boat with a little one. Um, what was how was that decision made. 04:44.29 Nikki and Adrian I would say um I had a mousestone earth day turned 40 so we had several options out there and you know this we're looking at the Transatlantic flight you know going eastward towards Europe and this 10 day. 04:49.80 Sam Oh happy birthday. 05:02.69 Nikki and Adrian Tonight Southern Caribbean so we just ended up there thinking you know it's not like the fifth fantasy does this itinerary once a year from from our understanding so we're like oh this is the time to do it before? Yeah I mean it was I guess I was. 05:09.86 Sam Right. 05:21.41 Nikki and Adrian Just excited. It's it's sounded fun and what's what's interesting now I'm never been a real beach person but the more I've been Castaway has kind of reinvented like brought that out of me again of like liking the beach like just point me to the umbrella in the beach chair and I'm sad. 05:25.10 Sam E. 05:40.49 Nikki and Adrian Right? So this sounded like we're going to have a lot of opportunities for that and really going to these smaller islands. Each one has their own identity and and get a little bit more taste to the culture versus you know we've been to Nasa several times and then just kind of want it something a little bit different. 05:41.65 Sam Ah. 05:46.44 Sam Oh. 05:59.17 Nikki and Adrian Nasa I think a little bit too close to home this this was you know closer to South America than Florida so Southskra and our 5 year old really took to the cruises very quickly. She in fact. 06:02.95 Sam Right? nice. 06:11.90 Nikki and Adrian Remember you saying this about Nathan that he didn't really like kids' club at first until he went on the wish and harper was the same. She loved kids club once she was on the wish and then somehow having that great experience on the wish made her much more open to it on a fantasy. So. 06:13.60 Sam Here. 06:26.16 Sam He. 06:28.75 Nikki and Adrian She had a great experience on the fantasy I think too it being a longer crew. She was able to make some friendships and see familiar faces after a few days there so she loved it. 06:37.67 Sam Oh that's awesome. Yeah, the wish has the best kids club and and I think I think also with time and repetition. The kids also can get more comfortable with the kids club because Nathan was the same age as harper for his first cruise and so I think you know 5 when they get more comfortable. You know they're they're willing to be a little bit more independent but when he first went to the you know his first cruise he was not there yet and so I think it just you know, even just that little bit of repetition probably helps with ah. That sort of hesitation to be away from mom and dad for a little bit but that's awesome. What a great What a great itinerary to take her on though. 07:15.82 Nikki and Adrian Oh yeah, ah yeah, you know going back back to the kids club I remember our first cruise we went on the fantasy. We got a brunch reservation at Apollo and you know we dropped harper off in the kids club. 07:28.48 Sam Is. 07:35.36 Nikki and Adrian You know we went upstairs to what's at deck 12 to go to pallo we sit down and get her. You know our our mimosa and then you get the infamous text says Harper will like to be I'm like you got to be kidney right? but. 07:44.58 Sam Message. Ah. 07:50.70 Nikki and Adrian But I'll give you know props to to the the cast members on the ship because I told them like you know we' we're trying to have good brunchier Apollo and and they're like don't worry, we'll we'll take care harper. We'll give her some you know additional, you know, make sure we spent some good quality time with her to make her feel comfortable and you know they they they always come through. 08:07.57 Sam Yeah, that's a great point I think you know folks out there should know if you are going you know to an adult meal particularly for the first time on the ship and your kid is a little bit hesitant or you're worried about how long they'll so you know be willing to stay. 08:09.51 Nikki and Adrian So. 08:24.22 Sam In the kids club if you talk to the staff and let them know that that's what you're doing. They will really make an extra effort particularly for kid comes to them and says I want to leave to try and rope them into some kind of activity or get them. You know redirected. Um, of course if your kid's having a total meltdown and really needs you to come. They will let you know that too and you you may have to cut your meal short but generally speaking they will really try to accommodate and really try to get your kid engaged so that you don't have to leave your lovely adult brunch or dinner. Or or dessert or whatever you're doing to come and attend to your to your child so they do a really great job with that. So let's talk about this ten night itinerary um obviously this is a a more port heavy itinerary than let's say a seven night on the fantasy eastern or western caribbean um. You know I think people are going to want to know about the excursions in particular and what what you did at each port. So let's start there. We'll start with talking about what was your first port of call after leaving port canaveral. 09:26.43 Nikki and Adrian Sure so day. Four was our first excursion we had 2 at sea days and then we were at Aruba first and all the excursions we booked were through Disney we haven't got to the point where we're really ready to be adventurous and and find our own outside of that. But I am. All about the research I spent a ton of time looking through excursions because we kind of had a dud when we had gone on excursions through Disney and in Prepa previous crewise. So I just wanted to make sure that we really were taking advantage of learning about the island and doing something that we would all enjoy which can sometimes be challenging for something that both an adult and a 5 ive-year-old um, we love and we also knew that all the ports we were at were really well known for their beaches so we wanted to make sure that we you know, found something like that. So for Aruba it was an excursion called the best of Aruba and kind of hit the highlights around the island I will say just. As an aside, we had ah a very difficult time booking excursions because we had so many platinum members on this cruise. So when our window opened. Everything was gone and even gold said the same thing so it was a lot of just continuously going back and checking the app we had it. 10:30.35 Sam So you know good point. 10:36.15 Sam Are. 10:42.73 Nikki and Adrian Super active Facebook group that would post whenever they dropped things so that you could pick them up so that's how we were able to get every excursion that we wanted across five days I know a lot of people get super dejected if they don't immediately see what they want. So try. Try again was really the motto for this to get what we wanted and we absolutely loved all of our excursions. We had a fantastic tour guy that for Aruba that had lived on the island his whole life was super knowledgeable as we rode the bus around talked about. The history of the island the education system healthcare system their ties to the Netherlands and took us around to I think it was like 3 stops right? The natural it was like a natural bridge. We went to a lighthouse and Arashi beach. Yeah, and then we also made a stop at a. A big rock in the center of the island find out the best way to describe. It's big rock that that hats off to him as a driver because I recall it was basically ah squeezing in a you know a twelve foot wide bus in a thirteen foot wide street and it was a. Ah know it was like a big shind dig a big party because I think the next day was ah a holiday so there was just a lot of loud music but but this was a neat place because bus stop but stopped and it's a good photo op where you you go up a you know it's really a big boulder that's like about eighty foot tall 12:00.44 Sam Oh. 12:14.37 Nikki and Adrian Yeah, like the natural rock yeah formation like a natural rock formation and and um, you know that's when I kind of hit you because that was pretty much our first time out somewhere foreign and you start seeing iguanas and and different terrain and. And different bugs and stuff and then harper Loved you know she was happy being a kid chasing iguana and I would say me too right? I'm oh wow, there's a ijuana but but it was just just such a great great opportunity to let that be the first introduction right? and. 12:45.33 Sam Yeah I Love that. 12:50.28 Nikki and Adrian But I would say um like this this excursion and we went to the beach right? So you have beach gear but then you kind of do some I would say this is more like hiking so you kind of have to kind of you don't want to have a lot of gear with you and you go anywhere but you you kind of have to like think about that but it was Fun. I Loved it. 13:10.96 Sam That's awesome nikki you brought up such a great point about excursions I think folks don't always realize that these more unique itineraries like a ten night Southern Caribbean like a transatlantic or transpacific or Hawaii itinerary. Um. And even actually Alaska Itineraries you do tend to have more platinum and now Pearl of course with the addition of pearl um cruisers who. Will get an earlier and concierge as well who will get an earlier booking date for excursions than everybody else, right? It's tiered booking for all of those things and so a lot of the excursions will get booked up before the gold or the silver or the newbie cruisers. Even um, get a chance to book. But as you mentioned a lot of people do drop excursions. They book everything at the beginning as sort of the just in case, right? and then they sort of as um, as time goes on they say I probably don't want to do an excursion at every port or they change their mind about which excursion they want to do and then that becomes available to everybody else. Know I wanted to ask a follow-up question about that because it you said you were able to get everything that you had wanted from the from sort of the get go did did that happen before your cruise or were there even ones that you booked when you were on board because I always try and tell people hey even if you are at the point of. 14:35.84 Sam You know you're boarding your ship. It is very often the case that people canceled even on board I mean we've had it happen where we've been allowed to cancel a couple days in advance of an excursion if there was somebody who wanted that excursion. And so you can sort of wait list something at Port Adventure's desk on board. How did it work out for you guys. 14:56.10 Nikki and Adrian We actually were able to get everything before we boarded I think that there were a lot of people that were waiting until we got on board. There was a lot of people at that port of interest ask pretty consistently for the first few days. 15:03.74 Sam I see. 15:09.28 Sam Yeah. 15:11.30 Nikki and Adrian But yeah, everything everything was done ahead of time and and what I would do is I would piecemeal it. So if there was an excursion we wanted but it was only one like there was only one available I would just go ahead and book it for that one person and then wait and until I could get all 3 of us on it. Yeah, but yeah, but the one up I guess. 15:22.30 Sam Yeah, really good point. 15:30.10 Nikki and Adrian Thing that I observe though is say for tastings for you know wine tasting champagne tastings. All that were pretty much all those were booked prior you know prior to the cruise. But ah as soon as we got on board. There were openings for almost every event. 15:49.71 Nikki and Adrian Within I guess on the ship so that that that was a little that was a pleasant surprise because you know that. 15:51.86 Sam Yep yet, they don't prebook all of those the port port adventures are a little bit different. They do actually presell those I think to completion or close to completion. We don't know. 16:01.37 dclduo Yeah, well we we don't know we don't know what they hold back and they don't hold back. But yes, yeah. 16:07.18 Sam We don't know for sure. But I suspect based on sort of how things work that they sell most of those port excursions ahead of time or sort of close to their capacity. But I know Adrian that they don't sell all of the spots for all of the drink tastings on board and they even sometimes add drink tastings. 16:25.56 Nikki and Adrian Yeah, yeah, yeah, and that's something that that we observed and you know we're able to get like a noon we're like importing group 3 no but 6 or I mean we're one of the first ones on board. So. 16:26.10 Sam After if they have sold a lot of spots. So um, it's certain. 16:39.50 Sam The who. 16:42.70 Nikki and Adrian I Would say you you always talk about if you're an early border or you're one of the last groups I mean as soon as you get the wi-fi on the boat. It's like start looking and see what see what you can book right? because that's almost it's it's second wind. Ah where that's some of the. 16:52.53 Sam Ah. 16:59.94 Nikki and Adrian Advantages if you can actually get on on the network of you know the fantasy network and and kind of see what's available. 17:04.29 Sam Awesome! Well sounds like you had a great day in Aruba what was your second port stop. 17:11.80 Nikki and Adrian So second da second second port was bonenare um, which was I didn't mention we were at a ruben until 10PM that was the all aboard time because bone air's so close so then bonena we were only there to like three o'clock but that one a lot of the tours are based where you can either explore the north side of the island or the south side of the island and and they're about two and a half hours because you're not there as long. It's it's kind of hard to find ones that do all of the island. But. Bonena was probably our favorite island it has just got the the chillest vibe of any island. Everyone there like nobody's has telling you like they're just like hey you want to come like see my stuff I have for sale great if not like have a great day but beautiful area. Um, we did the southern one when we woke up in the morning. The first sight that Adrian Saul were wild flaminos flying by the cruise ship which was yeah, you don't even think about flamminos flying. No yeah I was just like man. What What's what's that pink and black over there and then I realized. 18:07.45 Sam No way. Yeah. 18:20.63 Nikki and Adrian Um, my gosh that's tough that a Flamingo which what is it we we found out that they a group of flamingos is it a flamboyance flamboyant. Yeah, ah you learn something right? The flamboyant. Yeah flaminos going by it was once again, that's one of them where you're like wow. 18:28.22 Sam I. 18:39.80 Nikki and Adrian We're somewhere else because that's something you don't see every day so this tour took us down to the salt mines which was super interesting. There. The water's pink down there. Ah, from how they basically extract the salt from the ocean water and so we were able to basically do a tour all the way around the grounds because it's owned by 1 company but you think actually let you take little pieces of salt rocks with you which is really cool. 19:04.22 Sam Oh cool. 19:07.45 Nikki and Adrian Um, and then there's wild flamingos that kind of stay all over that area too because it's a sanctuary so we were able to see a lot of wildlife there. Yeah, which wildlife in bone air is Donkeys Thank go. Yeah, it's Flamingo Donkeys or goats. Yeah, we we joked to the tour guide because everyone on the bus would get excited when we would see a donkey or it would be in the road and we're like what donkey watch out. They're like another donkey like it's another day. Another Donkey. It's just donkey is like but but. 19:23.25 Sam Ah I. 19:37.52 Sam Ah, what did harper think of the wildlife the Donkeys the filmingos. Oh. 19:40.36 Nikki and Adrian Oh my gosh. The flamingos are her favorite animal so she was in heaven. Yeah, so anytime we would see a few she would be so excited. She was also very concerned about the donkeys in the road and would make sure the driver was alerted to know and. Now you know one 1 thing about bonenaire. You know it's it's resource poor like ah you know it's tourism and salt and you know what's needed for that but they have to import everything they have to import everything but they they maximize what they have and artists on the island end up making little. 20:03.76 Sam E. 20:17.73 Nikki and Adrian Um, know sculptures or exhibits of driftwood that washes up but sea and dead coral so you would see all these little mounds of coral and just random logs you know with like they would just say look That's some local art of bonenair and you're like you need to see? Yeah yeah. 20:18.87 Sam M. 20:31.16 Sam No. 20:36.67 Nikki and Adrian So It was just just so neat and I would say we went to I forgot forget the name of the little Bay We went to.. It's like ah I was some some bear. Yeah it It was just as beautiful Calm Calm waters and they do a lot of wind surfing out there. So. It's just kind of this surreal. It's a real place that's just beautiful. 20:57.29 Sam Awesome! Did you get any beach time on this excursion. 21:03.20 Nikki and Adrian Ah, that one was supposed to be like 30 minutes at the beach but it got cut short so it was really just like a you know dip your toes in and leave it's they do kite surfing there. It's like like 1 of the most. 21:08.54 Sam See the beach right. 21:17.55 Nikki and Adrian Like worlded renowned places do do kite surfing because of the way that the the beach is formed. Um, and so we were able to you know, see that for a while you can get lessons there and such no no, no. 21:28.55 Sam Cool but I take it no kite surfing for the 3 of you. Ah. 21:35.30 Nikki and Adrian Nope. 21:35.83 Sam Ah, and so that was a shorter stop right? You said the the all of word time was kind of earlier where were where was the ship headed next. 21:42.43 Nikki and Adrian Yeah, so we had an at sea day after that and then the next stop was Antigua which I would say it's that that was a heated conversation or topic on the boat is it Antigua or Antigua. 21:49.54 Sam Nice. What did. 22:00.71 Nikki and Adrian But yeah, yeah, this series director would start the ah the mains stage show asking surveying the audience. Do you say Antigua or Antigua and she she said that um it was like fifty fifty basically so when we got off the ship they were saying Antigua. But then. 22:08.18 Sam Oh my god. 22:19.48 Nikki and Adrian We found out that the spanish pronunciation is Antigua so you're anyone out there. You can say either basically. 22:21.84 Sam Oh so Ok yeah I mean I always say I try to say whatever the locals say right? like if I I know that there our American pronunciation of things is usually butchering the name of something some try I Try my best to remember how is it that the locals say it. 22:29.11 Nikki and Adrian Behind. 22:40.65 Sam But it sounds like the locals say it both ways so that's not really helpful there. Well I like that the Cruise director played into that. That's ah, really fun who was your cruise director by the way. Oh she's wonderful. Yeah, she did the very she did the maiden voyage of the wish and then she. 22:41.28 Nikki and Adrian Um, yeah. 22:52.70 Nikki and Adrian Ashley no yeah, we really. 22:59.66 Sam Left to go to 1 of the other shifts but she's fantastic. Love her. Awesome! So what did you guys get up to in an and I'm going to say Antigua just for now. 23:11.92 Nikki and Adrian So this one was a beach rendezvous and it was basically an all day beach day at a place called Mystic Beach it's a privately owned beach and it's about a pretty short drive I'd say like 15 minutes away um the beach was beautiful ah super soft sand nobody else there. It was just our ah ourr bus and then I think 1 other one came but it was 6 hours at the beach and then it included ah like um, a lunch which was like a local caribbean food. Um, which was delicious. And then they had like a shack area where like a bar area where you could get like two free drinks for the day or a fruit punch and then there was also like if you wanted to purchase additional like snacks or drinks. You could do that they had wi-fi and then it included like ah a beach umbrella. And in chairs for you so that you are set but super calm waves. So that's one other thing I'll say is I never worried about having like strong waves with with Harper around. It was super calm water. Not a lot of like shells to have to worry about hurting yourself as you're walking or anything. Yeah, there was a horseback riding nearby that was another excursion. You could have done the dcl wasn't offering it but I noticed that was going on on that beach too. Yeah and to to what Nicki said it's funny because. 24:37.62 Nikki and Adrian We're on the fantasy and there was a norton Norwegian Cruise line ship and we're kind of just following each other port to port so and they would always be yeah and they would always. Yeah. 24:41.95 Sam You Oh nice you like waving to them and and having horn fights and and your horn is better. Our horn is better than your horn. Of course kind of a thing. 24:54.44 Nikki and Adrian Yeah, and and they would just leave just before us so that they would always just be this to the next sport you know that they always had the other better seats or the the better spots and all the exhibits and our excursions but but overall I you know it was fun those it was good I would say ah ah, antiguga Arta. Um. 25:03.64 Sam Ah. 25:12.39 Nikki and Adrian Had in my opinion. The softest softest sand the clearest water and it was very I would say nonoururisty where we went. It was more of a rustic vibe with which was nice I would say they had more a sea glass than seashells. 25:15.10 Sam Yeah. 25:31.86 Nikki and Adrian From what I noticed which apparently see see Glass is is is a thing go out there and collect glass that has been just you know, washed up on Shore which we enjoyed that you know to so it nice. 25:41.38 Sam Yeah, yeah, well I feel like those southern ports are just amazing in the sense that that you talked about Adriene is that they they really are less touristy than those eastern or western caribbean ports perhaps because they get less cruise ships. Perhaps they're just sort of less a little bit. Quieter than sort of the eastern and western itineraries that dcl goes to so regularly but such and such beautiful calm waters as you mentioned too. Niki I love that now is harper a good swimmer or did she did or do you bring floaties for her or is she. 26:09.63 Nikki and Adrian Yeah, yeah, okay. 26:18.20 Sam You know, pretty good without that stuff. Nah. 26:20.60 Nikki and Adrian She's a little water baby So you got she? ah she gets She doesn't like it when we have her wear the lifeests but that yeah the the water was shallow enough going out pretty far so she was able to get you know. 26:33.67 Sam Um. 26:35.50 Nikki and Adrian Wasn't like 1 of those were just drops off right away so we didn't have to to worry about that at all even having floaties I think the only time we had her in them was that castaway. 26:43.39 Sam Oh nice, yeah, all right? So you've got your full beach day at Antigua where does the disney fantasy go next. 26:52.40 Nikki and Adrian Yeah, so the next one was St Thomas one thing we didn't learn about st thomas when we were there is they were telling us that this is actually their offseason right now so they weren't actually dealing with as many cruise ships as what they would typically do which also worked in our favor for. 27:02.80 Sam O e. 27:09.74 Nikki and Adrian I'm just having a little bit more space as we explore different areas St Thomas was great because of the fact that you got a few of your you know creature comforts. You know we were able to turn on that ah cell phone service again when we got there which was great. Um, and we did another day that kind of took us around to some different popular spots I really wanted to check out. Megan's Bay Beach because it's one of the top beaches in the world. So we picked an excursion that included a stop there and then also did the the sky ride which is really close. Within walking distance from the cruise ship and then it takes you up to be able to see kind of these really amazing panoramic views of the island. Um, the other stop that was kind of on the opposite side was Drake's seat which is another spot where um, you're able to to look down and see a really. 27:59.16 Sam Um. 28:02.64 Nikki and Adrian Amazing view of of the island which you're actually looking down at Megan's bay and then you take it down so st thomas is such different terrain than the other islands. 28:11.25 Sam Me. 28:14.72 Nikki and Adrian You know bone airon and Aruba you're getting all those like that desert and the cacti and everything and then St Thomas is so mountainous and all these trees and ah both equally beautiful, but it was really neat to kind of see the variety of of islands there and. We had a great time trying a bushhacker which is like a popular drink there that has ah what is it's like Baily's and kalua banana and the Quora think cinnamon just just it. It was moderately tasty. It was so good. So yeah, yeah. 28:37.68 Sam Um. 28:48.90 dclduo I Meghan. Meghan's Bay is one of my favorite beaches to visit is so pleasant and I remember the the site you're talking about because the excursion we usually take drives you up there. You get like. 28:50.73 Nikki and Adrian Have had a come. 28:58.79 Sam Yeah. 29:03.37 dclduo 20 minutes to take photos and usually there's someone wandering around with like a monkey or something that you can you know have sit on your shoulder or whatever and get pictures with and then they take you down to Megan's bay I think it's so accessible from the port to that. It's a beach that you could probably just grab a cab and head over there and I'd I'd be curious. They had a bar over at the beach. Ah when we were there last which was well before the pandemic is that still open because that would be the thing that I would hinge taking a cab over there on if the bar is still there then I know I could call a cab to get me back ah to the ship if I needed to. 29:35.26 Nikki and Adrian That that's where bushwacker number one and 2 were were tour bad. Yeah yeah. 29:38.54 dclduo Perfect. 29:41.11 Sam I love it. I love it. They're so great there too. They had I mean we've obviously we've been a couple times but as Brian said it, it's it was pre pandemic. We haven't been back to St Thomas since before the pandemic and um, their bartenders were fantastic. And the folks who just work there and help you with um, setting up an umbrella because the it doesn't the excursion didn't include an umbrella but you could pay some extra money and they will dig into the sand and stake that umbrella up for you next to your beach chair because it of course includes a beach chair. Um. And drinks were not included and food was not included from my memory on that on the seurs and we did um but it's still a well worth it. Stop. You're really basically paying for transportation around the island and to the beach and the safety and security of knowing that the ship will wait for you. But i. I love that you visited Macon's bay because as Brian mentioned it's definitely one of our favorites all right? Well after you hit up st thomas one of the only I guess us port other than your um embarkation and debbarkation stops in Port Canaveral where were you headed next. 30:50.53 Nikki and Adrian Yeah, so they saved the best for last right? It was cast away key was our last one. Yep yeah for the record he said it is key I'm sorry almost said K because after the have key yeah waiting. 30:56.67 Sam No love it. Oh. You? Yeah and thanks, she got it right? She got it right? Adrian you because you know because you know I'm only going to say key I'm never going to say cast to a k no, it's. 31:10.26 Nikki and Adrian Um. 31:11.85 dclduo Okay, you just you just have to remember Royal Caribbean is perfect day at Coco K and's cast a key go with pronunciations are correct. Both pronunciations are correct. Take it. 31:18.68 Sam No, it's Coco key I don't care how Royal Caribbean says it it's coco key. That's how the no that's how the bahamians would say it they say key. That's how I'm going to say it. Ah. 31:18.89 Nikki and Adrian Um, but. 31:29.16 dclduo take it up with Merriam Webster Sam take it up with Merriam Webster 31:32.28 Nikki and Adrian Ah. 31:34.29 Sam Ah, anyway, so let's talk about your day at Castaway I mean of course you don't have to do any excursions at Castaway because there's plenty to do just you know, hanging out sitting on the beach. But what did you guys decide to do a castaway for your day. Oh no. 31:46.37 Nikki and Adrian Yeah, so we did snorrkkeling for the first time we've never snorkled in our life and we thought you know what I feel like Castaway would be like a good like intro to it and make sure we like it. We had an absolute blast. 31:51.82 Sam East. Okay. 32:01.56 Nikki and Adrian Um, we've actually never booked an excursion on castaway because we just love going around the island. We do the 5 k every time we will um you know obviously you know spend time at the beach. We've done the buy rentals. Um, this was. 32:04.76 Sam Um, yeah. 32:16.29 Nikki and Adrian Probably the busiest I've ever seen Casta away which kind of surprised me I just figured a lot of you know people that have cruised with Disney a lot. Maybe they might stay on the ship but no it was it was a happening place. Um something I saw for the first time it cast away. 32:26.30 Sam Sure. 32:34.86 Nikki and Adrian They did a character dance party at 1 of the gazebos which was super fun. It was like right there in the middle of the way and the characters were like in their castway outfits and it was super cute. Um, but yeah, yeah, what? what's a little bit of a deviation was ah. 32:35.90 Sam Oh fun. 32:52.52 Nikki and Adrian St Thomas to Castaway is is pretty long hike. Um, we didn't arrive in castaway until it was almost 11 so whatever time you were yeah so so it was a little bit of a shorter day they were castaway. So if I feel like people were intentional about. 32:54.43 Sam Yeah. 33:00.54 Sam Oh wow that is a lead arrival. Yeah. 33:11.52 Nikki and Adrian Squeezing it much as they they can and I feel like that that could have been a driver as far as why it felt so so full. This was the first time that it didn't rain at all our entire time at castway either. We typically go and you know when we've gone in that summer you get those little showers and they're gone in like 5 minutes but we didn't deal with rain this entire trip. 33:11.81 Sam Um. 33:15.22 Sam Yeah. 33:23.38 Sam Um, yeah, oh that's awesome. 33:29.10 Nikki and Adrian Um, on any art excursion days which was un really nice. It only rain rain coming back from Castaway to port it rained on embarcation day and it rained me back? Yeah, um. 33:39.54 Sam But that's that sounds like a perfect cruise to me right now when you guys were on this cruise. Obviously it's summertime so it's it's July um, in the caribbean imagine. Temperatures are are pretty hot. Um, you still decided to run the 5 k are you 2 nuts. 33:59.44 Nikki and Adrian Now. Ah, there's a little bit of shade. You just go on the edges. The only the only bad part of it is when you're on that um Airstrip then it's like you're questioning your life decisions at that point. 34:06.94 Sam Yes, exactly exactly Brian and I do also love to go for a run at Castaway but we don't do it in the summer it doesn't matter what crews are on that we're. We're just not doing it in the summer it's just too much for our bodies so humid and so hot but kudos to you for getting that ah medal for the castaway key five k love it. So let's talk a little bit about. You know what was happening on the ship this is of course a twenty fifth anniversary sailing. It's a ten night sailing so you're probably going to have some special stuff on board of course the silver silver shimmering seas silver anniversary whatever we want to call it. Um. What twenty fifth anniversary happenings. Did you all go to and and what did you sort of see. 34:59.57 Nikki and Adrian Yeah, so I love the characters so I will see anything and everything with the characters I get very little else done because I will go and see do all the mean greats. So obviously all the characters were in their beautiful outfits. Um I was really impressed. We saw a lot of people that were. 35:04.50 Sam Yes. 35:17.77 Nikki and Adrian Had outfits to match them for the pictures which was so cool to see. Um, they also did. But yes. 35:22.30 Sam And I know I am not that coordinated but I am also so impressed when I see people who have like the matching outfits to match you know each or all of the character or the different outfits that the characters are wearing. It's it's phenomenal. Yeah. 35:39.60 Nikki and Adrian And they um so they did they did a few things specific for the for the anniversary they had like a little party and I really say little it was in the atrium and. Um, they showed. They had all the characters out. They had the Cruise director they played that song that they wrote for it. They showed a like a slideshow art saw slideshow. It's like that that video that basically they came out on Youtube that was like the music video for it and they released confetti. Um. 35:55.82 Sam A. 36:03.34 Sam A. 36:09.91 Nikki and Adrian They also did the fireworks so we had both the piranite fireworks and we also had the anniversary fireworks to that same song. They had some banners up around. Um we tried the special drink that you can get at the bars. That's really good. It tastes. 36:14.56 Sam Nice. 36:24.64 Sam Oh yeah. 36:29.62 Nikki and Adrian Very similar to the Dvc drink you can get yes, but. 36:30.40 Sam I I was going to say the exact same thing. It's basically the cousin of the welcome home cocktail which is the dvc cocktail I couldn't tell the difference between the 2 if you I mean I didn't have them side by side. 36:41.73 Nikki and Adrian Yeah. 36:45.36 Sam But I bet if you put them side by side I couldn't tell you the difference between the 2 36:47.41 Nikki and Adrian Yeah I Guess the only difference is is when you get the anniversary one. They give you a cool little coaster that you can keep. It's like a like a faux leather one. Oh. 36:55.30 Sam Yeah, we did not get the coaster. Let me just tell you we did not get the coaster. They did not have them on the wish. So I think they were out of them so I'm hoping because we're going on the magic in a couple of weeks that this episode will probably have come out after we've already been on the magic but. I'm hoping to be able to get a twenty fifth anniversary coaster I'm hoping that they're not out of them on all of the ships. But I don't know we'll see. 37:16.76 Nikki and Adrian Yeah, that's that's 1 thing that I I basically knew it would happen that if I didn't immediately go to the stores when they opened that I wasn't going to be getting any that merchandise and we had first seating which first dinner seating which basically makes it impossible because it's it's opening up during that time. So. 37:29.15 Sam Yep. 37:35.95 Nikki and Adrian Um I saw the silver anniversary merchandise for about 5 minutes through the window and then I never saw it again for the rest it was wiped out very quickly. 37:46.60 Sam Oh yeah, that's I mean I think that's we've heard that sort of across the fleet. Um, there are sometimes things that do stick around in the shops a little bit longer on the wish there were things that stuck around a little bit longer. However, um, they were. In sizes that most people don't wear right? So like they would have like an extra small or a small but they wouldn't have a large or an extra large right? So yeah, unfortunately, um, these merch hounds on Disney are no joke. No joke. Yeah. 38:02.45 Nikki and Adrian Camera. 38:16.60 Nikki and Adrian No joke. Yeah. 38:20.90 Sam So Let's talk about the sort of um, let's talk about the main stage performances because on this longer itinerary. Of course you're going to have your standard 3 main stage shows um, tell us what did they? well. Why don't you tell our audience what those were but then also what they had in addition to those regular main stage shows. 38:39.59 Nikki and Adrian So the 3 mains stage shows were frozen believe in aladdin they did what I did like is they offered some of those showings at like noon versus just offering it in the evenings and then we had a lot of mainstage variety acts. 38:51.53 Sam E. 38:57.37 Nikki and Adrian So we had ah John Armstrong who's a magician we had um or like buckets and boards buckets boards which is like a a comedian like drumming show. Um all that which is a um, male clogging group and. 39:04.69 Sam Oh nice. Yeah. 39:13.97 Sam Oh that's fun. How are they I've never heard of them. 39:16.72 Nikki and Adrian Yes, yeah I know and then we had a ventriloquist. Um, it was my least favorite of the ones. 39:23.88 Sam Nice, How was the male clogging group. Ah that's okay, listen they can't all be good. Not every variety act performer that we've seen has been Great. Um. Certainly And and ventriloquest wise some are better than others and you know same with Magicians. Some are better than others and so um, but it sounds like you had a nice variety. Did you have any, um, did the Broadway visiting Performer do any mains stage show or just a show for the adults or in the. And what is it called not evolution the tube. 39:59.52 Nikki and Adrian I am not sure I I might have missed if they did have it. It was one of the first couple nights and I didn't pay attention to it. 40:05.40 Sam Okay, sure sure one of the things I'll I'll give just a tip out there if you're on any of the longer sailings. They don't tend to do it on like 3 and four night sailings but even seven night sailings most of the ships have on board as one of their main stage performers. They call it a. Broadway visiting artist and that somebody who's been either in a Broadway production or in one of the national tours of a Broadway production and or I guess they could be in a west end production in London as well. And they will be in a couple of your mains stage shows. They won't typically be in all 3 I think they'll usually be in 2 out of the 3 and they'll have at least ah a starring role in one of the mains stage shows and they will perform sort of a cabaret. And give you some background about their story how they got to where they are and that sort of a thing they usually do it in 1 of the adult venues. Um, occasionally they will do a larger show on a longer sailing. Occasionally they'll do a main stage show but that would be something you would have noticed so you probably didn't miss that. Um, that would be something you would have notice. Because it would have been in the Walt Disney theater and you know it would have been advertised pretty well. So so let's talk about other things your what is your family like to do on sale I mean you've got a bunch of sea days here in addition to these amazing beautiful ports. 41:29.42 Sam What do you guys like to get up to when you're just kind of hanging out on the ship. 41:35.46 Nikki and Adrian Um, so I really this was our first time doing a longer sailing. So I knew there was a lot of like special things that they would do that you wouldn't typically get on the shorter ones. So basically before we even left. We came up with like a. 41:40.64 Sam Here. 41:48.30 Nikki and Adrian Ah, bucket list of like what are the things we want to make sure we do on the ship because we're not the type that just relax a lot on the ship we typically are I don't know maybe just from all the years of being in the parks. We're just like go go go check everything off like experience all of it. So um, we had yeah. 41:51.98 Sam You. 42:00.17 Sam Yeah that's me that's me that's not Brian Brian wants to sit by the pool with like some kind of rum drink and maybe read a magazine or book or work on editing the podcast. Um, but I am like. Where what's going on on the ship I want to try I want to see and do everything I want to anything especially things I haven't done before or things that are new I'm like where is it happening? Yeah so what kinds of things. Did you guys run around and do because I love hearing this stuff. Yes, yes. 42:26.81 Nikki and Adrian Yeah, it's like fomo. It's like so's going on even the characters I would I was like we would see all the characters within it was like if they had different outfits I would have to go back and make sure they weren't wearing a different outfit because I would need that photo. Um. So we did the trivia several times we won our first trivia ever. Super exciting. It was a villains villains clothess trivia that that was exciting. Yeah, and then um, we won on a I won on a. 42:47.46 Sam Woo which one Wow that's really good. You have to know your movies in order to do that one. Yeah good job. Nikki yeah. 43:00.30 Nikki and Adrian Ah, Disney like a general Disney Trivia one as well. So we did we did several trivia we did that anyone can cook. We went to that twice they did um like a lobster ravioli and then we went to a chocolate the chocolate lava cake one that they did. 43:01.30 Sam Oh wow. 43:09.28 Sam Oh fine. 43:16.60 Sam Oh yam. 43:19.60 Nikki and Adrian Um, we did some oh the photo challenges. We did those every day. Um, which I had never done before you can pick it up at the port adventures desk and it's like a themed scavenger hunt where you have to find the corresponding picture somewhere on the ship. So like um, one day it was like. Art around the ship or light fixtures around the ship and they will take all the people that submitted all the correct answers and they'll draw a winner for that day and so we actually won on one of the days and we got like ah 1 of those like drawstring bags. 43:55.61 Sam Oh yeah, yeah. 43:57.36 Nikki and Adrian And it was a hat a journal a medal um a luggage tag in it with like a note saying like congratulations from the entertainment team. 44:05.68 Sam Oh that's awesome. We've never done one of those I don't think they have them on all the ships but we've never done 1 of those scavenger hunts and I I feel like we need to do that Brian put that on your list of things that we're going to do and I'm going to drag you around to do. 44:20.66 Nikki and Adrian They're fine. They're challenging some of them are hard get more. 44:23.98 Sam Yeah. 44:24.39 dclduo I'm adding it right? Beyond what was it go to Tokyo Disney so you can buy duffy merchandise or Hong Kong Disney yeah, all right there you go. It's it's it's on that list. It's on that list. So. 44:28.24 Sam Yes, that's right, Yes, it's on that list that means is not getting done anytime soon. Let me just that that list is yeah I Love that. 44:38.94 Nikki and Adrian Yeah I I will tell you you don't know how many different types of light fixtures and carpets. There are on those ships until you get that list and you're walking around all all the different you know, flights the stairs you're you're looking at everywhere possible trying to find a certain piece of art and it's like. 44:49.50 Sam Um, oh yeah. 44:58.54 Nikki and Adrian That's when it hits you Wow These things are themed really well. But. 45:02.11 Sam Yes, carpet is a really interesting thing that you mentioned we did the art of the themeship tour I think it was on the Disney magic. Um, when we were in Norway or I did it I should say with our friends Haley and Drew I think Brian actually skipped it? Um, but they were saying there were I can't remember how many carpets they said those. Well over a hundred different types of carpet on the ship and that like was just in like the public spaces like did not count to like state rooms and did not count like crew areas. It was just incredible to think about how many you know how much. Detail goes into all of that design and when they have like let's say you know a carpet that gets stained and they need to replace it like they probably got to have a warehouse without all these things like digitally numbered to be able to find which carpet piece they need to replace it just. Yeah, it's it's crazy that level of detail. What kinds of stuff did harper like to get up to because we always love to know you know 5 year old at sea you know during the day. What are the things that she wanted to do because. I don't know if she's is she that into trivia is she that into the scavenger hunts or was she wanting to do something else. 46:13.95 Nikki and Adrian She loved doing kids club and so she did that a lot. Um, she obviously she loves to swim So anytime she could go swimming. She was up for that. Um. 46:19.88 Sam Yeah. 46:25.92 Nikki and Adrian She liked doing the trivia but she took it really hard if we didn't win. Um, but then ah oh 1 thing she did really like was the um. 46:28.40 Sam Oh yeah, yeah. 46:38.20 Nikki and Adrian I Don't remember what they call but the drawing classes where you would draw with characters. We went to a couple of those where we learned how to draw chipendale and mickey and she loved doing those with something life changing that we learned. Oh yeah, we'll tell you the fact we learned during the chippendale animation class. 46:38.69 Sam Oh yeah. 46:47.49 Sam I Love that. 46:57.30 Nikki and Adrian That you will never be able to unsee. So there's there's 4 ways you can tell chip and Dale apart. Um their their teeth their hair ah color nose the color of the nose and then the fourth. 46:59.62 Sam Ah, oh what is that. 47:09.12 Sam The color of the nose. That's the only way I know is the color of the nose. 47:12.54 dclduo Well on one of them one of them typically wears a jacket and the other wears a Hawaiian shirt on the least the rescue rangers. No yes yes. 47:18.91 Nikki and Adrian Is true. This one is on their face. Yeah, ah the last one is chip does not have any eyelids only Dale has eyelids. So if you ever see him. You're gonna be like it's like. 47:19.85 Sam Um, Rescue Ranger is fair but sorry was the fourth one. 47:32.99 dclduo So I'm I'm looking this up now I'm looking for a photo. 47:36.37 Nikki and Adrian Chip is like bad you know and it's just very disturb. Yeah. 47:38.43 Sam So chip is staring at you all the time chip is always watching is what you're saying and Dale actually can blink wow I did not know that. 47:45.66 Nikki and Adrian Um, yeah. 47:47.45 dclduo I I have a picture here of chip with I or so so wait who doesn't have the eyelids. 47:54.46 Nikki and Adrian Ah, it's it's more that Dale always has eyelids. 47:56.67 Sam Um, chip. But you're saying the costume but bill. We're talking about like the start the the characters in costume on the ship. 48:00.86 dclduo Ah, okay. 48:04.20 Nikki and Adrian The characters in the costumes and then typically when you see them in like like I have a plush of Dale and I like I see eyelids on him but there's like none on hip. 48:12.40 Sam A. 48:12.17 dclduo Okay I was to say I see an animated picture. Actually the first animated picture that comes up. It looks like it looks like chip has chip has some eyelids. Oh I guess Dale doesn't yeah this is fascinating all right now I'm I'm on the hunt I'm on the hunt. 48:27.80 Sam Yeah, ah, okay, but tell me I need to know what the teeth differences are and the hair differences too. 48:33.36 Nikki and Adrian Um, ah the Dale has 2 teeth that's where his name comes from because the space between 2 teeth is called a dale and chip. 48:37.81 Sam I did not know that right? that right I knew that I know chips nose is the chocolate chip. So that's how I that's how I tell them apart. What's the hair difference. Oh wow. 48:38.15 dclduo Who yeah. 48:42.23 Nikki and Adrian Chip's nose is like a chocolate chip. 48:46.75 Nikki and Adrian Yeah, and then chip just has 1 teeth one tooth I mean and then Dale has like hair like hair typically like a world fluff. Yeah, that's right. 48:55.44 dclduo Yes, yeah, he's got the calic going on for sure. Yeah. 48:57.39 Sam Oh yeah, like it sticks up little yeah a little fluff. Oh my God Yeah oh my goodness. Ah yeah, we're never going to be able and see this but I love it I Love it. Well, any. 49:07.79 Nikki and Adrian A play. Ah. 49:12.44 Sam Any other things that we didn't talk. Oh we didn't talk about food at all. Um, we've got to talk about food. Um, any what we we did. We just covered Mainsage shows. Um, and and we we talked about what what were what were offered I would I'll wait to ask favorites till we get to Rapid fire. 49:17.54 dclduo And you didn't talk about shows I don't feel like Sam ok. 49:32.35 Sam Um, but we've got to talk about food. We got to know one. You know what you thought of Paulo because was this your first time doing oh no, that was on a previous cruise. Let me let me let me set that up again. So we've got to talk about food and before we um. 49:41.32 Nikki and Adrian Yeah. 49:50.60 Sam Dig too deeply into it I got to ask? did you do any of the adult only dining because you did have a longer crew. So lots of opportunities to do adult only dining in remy or Apollo. 50:00.78 Nikki and Adrian I would say we did not but every time we looked they were completely bucked but you know we've been to Pallo several times and I know I look going to make a lot of enemies here but kind of wanted to break from it. 50:07.45 Sam Wow. 50:19.36 Nikki and Adrian I Can't believe I just said it right? It's delicious, but I kind of we kind of wanted to break. 50:23.31 Sam That's okay, listen There's so much good food on the ship I always tell people when they ask like you know, especially first time cruisers right? Should we do a paulllo or remy or on chate and it's like you really don't need to There's plenty you know to eat on board and plenty of really good food to eat on board. We tend to do at least? Well, let's be honest, we do at least 2 on pretty much every cruise because we just love it so much but I can understand you know I can understand skipping it. So let's talk um main dining and food in general any sort of. You know standouts for you guys from this itinerary you did have of course your standard rotational menus and of course all of the alternative menus for the 3 main dining rooms. But then you probably had a couple of um, additional menus like the I think they call it. The. Like the welcome aboard menu or um, the international menu. They you know have a couple of special special menus that they bring out for those longer cruises. 51:23.90 Nikki and Adrian Yeah, we had several right? We had our traditional 3 rotational dining. Um, we had several different one of them was the land and sea I believe which was really I mean we I would say we were worried about. 51:31.87 Sam Oh nice. 51:40.76 Nikki and Adrian Main dining for 10 nights because you start thinking? Well how many steaks or you know lamb chops or what knock have but I have to say I never once blinked food was delicious. The whole time I think food wise. 51:47.77 Sam You see. 51:59.48 Nikki and Adrian Think in general we prefer the food on the wish we think the it has a little bit more of a adventous menu but this was in my opinion though the service was spot on on the fantasy but the kitchen was spot on and I still think about that. 52:03.88 Sam Yep. 52:17.99 Nikki and Adrian Those cheesecakes on on the ship. Yeah yeah, yeah, this was probably the best experience we had as far as food being hot service being really great. Um. 52:19.60 Sam Yeah I love it. What about you? Nikki What? What would you say about main dining. 52:35.83 Nikki and Adrian We got to experience some unique menus that they didn't bring out very often and we had a really great server that was able to guide us a little bit more than just like kind of your typical way that they might do where he would tell us you know like oh well order order the. 52:38.18 Sam Me. 52:52.62 Nikki and Adrian Ribs off of this salad and I'll give it to you as a side because those are really good and you know this dish is trash. Don't have this and like this with us so we could get the best and this is the first time where we kind of started to branch out and um, if we liked something off of last night's menu. We would do it again. 53:08.70 Sam E. 53:11.29 Nikki and Adrian Which we'd always heard about doing but I think we were always just a little gun try and actually doing it. Um, so when we got that ah that Captain's gaa menu that had that ah chicken breast with that allredo I was like every night every night. 53:15.78 Sam Um, yeah. 53:24.15 Sam Wow I love it by any chance was your server pete from Jamaica. Okay, okay. 53:31.74 Nikki and Adrian It wasn't we had poste from Columbia say from Columbia yeah, he he felt like family he he yeah he made me feel at home I would say yeah you know that's first time I ever ah hug. 53:39.70 Sam Oh I Love that. 53:46.67 Nikki and Adrian Someone on the way out, you know, like kind of after ten days you know you you kind of start developing more of a connection with folks. So so those nice. 53:51.53 Sam Totally. 53:51.85 dclduo Well we we we learned Pete is one of our favorite servers and he was with us on the fantasy several times we have not seen him since covid we were only on the fantasy once since the restart we haven't seen him so any of our listeners out. There are headed out on the fantasy. 54:03.60 Sam But we but yeah. 54:08.32 dclduo We know Pete is back on board in main dining pete from Jamaica Pete Gordon I believe was his was his name from Jamaica please tell him sam and Brian say hello. We have no idea who you're talking about by the way. But but we adore him. We adore him? yeah. 54:17.74 Sam Yeah, but if you show them? maybe maybe I show him a picture of us. Um, because we yeah we love him. But I the reason I bring him up and the reason I asked you is because nikki you said your server Jose Jose you said um he said you know something was trash. 54:18.79 Nikki and Adrian Um. 54:29.99 Nikki and Adrian Um, and. 54:35.74 Sam And Pete was that kind of server who would tell you if you were leaning towards something that just really wasn't very good. He would tell you that he said no trust me, you don't want that dish and then if you kind of insisted he would bring you that but he would also bring you a second dish because. 54:51.65 Nikki and Adrian Yeah, yeah. 54:53.23 Sam He knew that you weren't going to like that dish even though you wanted to order and you still wanted to taste it right? So um I feel like the the best servers do try and steer you especially after they've gotten to know you for a few nights and kind of see. What you seem to enjoy and what maybe you don't enjoy as much. Um, after you know the first 3 nights or so but a really good server I think steers you in in the right direction and if you do end up or if they don't. Sort of steer you at the time then they just bring you extra stuff knowing that what you ordered is probably not the best dish on the menu. Yeah. 55:28.19 Nikki and Adrian Yeah, because I would say I mean we love the the pirate night menu I mean that that's one of our favorite and that's a divisive statement. 55:35.37 Sam Um, it is It is listen to each his own I actually think the pirate night menu is a lot better than it was pre Pandemic I think they I think they changed it maybe right before the pandemic and it's a lot better than it used to be. I Think the jerk chicken is actually pretty good on there but it's still one of our least favorite menus overall and so that's one that we tend to skip. But I'm okay with other people liking it. 55:58.35 dclduo Ah I ascribed it I ascribed to 2 philosophies one of which is my father's ah the the first philosophy is not which is there's no one right way to do Disney that applies across Parks cruise line dvc everything no one right way to do it and my father's philosophy was know what you like. 56:08.30 Sam So. 56:16.41 dclduo Eat and drink what you like and don't let anybody tell you different. So if you like the pirate menu. There's a reason it exists. It's not me, but it's probably you so there you go. So. 56:17.23 Nikki and Adrian Um, so. 56:17.72 Sam Yes. 56:22.79 Nikki and Adrian Yeah, yeah, we were talking before boarding about this the parmesan crusted pork chop we're like oh a man can't wait to have that pork chop. It wasn't on the menu and and now I was you know giving Jose a hard time he was like well the best thing on the menu. There's some barbecue ribs or something that used to be on the menu. 56:23.15 Sam Yeah, bright. 56:33.66 Sam Oh. 56:40.22 Sam Um, yeah. 56:41.79 Nikki and Adrian But now it's offered on a lighter fare like as a salad topper so he's like I'll bring I'll bring you some of those on the side and then you know you're you're you're gonna realize what you've been missing out this whole time I I'm like okay you right? It's like you have those conversations you kind of load banter back and forth and it's like ah you you listen. 56:44.83 Sam Oh interesting. 56:54.35 Sam Ah, nice. Yeah, ah I Love that crusted pork chop that makes me so sad. Yeah, that makes me sad. That's one of my favorites in in animators. Um. 57:00.12 Nikki and Adrian So yeah. 57:10.25 Sam I do like the pasta bolognaise dish they have in animators too. So that's always sort of a good a good fallback option. But anyway I could talk food for hours and hours. Um, as I know every most of us could I mean one of the reasons we sail on dcl. Is that but you did mention nikki um, or sorry actually it was Adrian who mentioned that you think the food on the wish is a little bit more adventurous and I would totally agree with you I think main dining on the wish is a little bit more exotic and I like it probably even more than on the other ships. Um, but I think it's that's also divisive right? There are some people who don't like it because it is different from main dining on the other ships and there aren't a lot of carryovers to in fact, almost none from the first 4 ships to to the wish. So. Um, yeah I think if you're a little bit more out there and adventurous and your food tastese you probably like the wish more than the other ships and if you're just a loyalist to the original. Ah 4 ships then you got to stick with those I guess is there anything we haven't talked about that. You guys. Did or really enjoyed on this fantasy cruise that you know that maybe one of us hasn't hasn't thought of. 58:23.52 Nikki and Adrian Yeah, you know Nick Niki mentioned it going back to leaving Aruba at night it it was a neat experience to see everyone you know typically you see everyone as you leave port the little wavey goodbye but at nighttime everyone had their cell phones little flashlights. 58:31.61 Sam Um. 58:42.18 Nikki and Adrian So as you're leaving you would see basically this this just sea of flashlights are waving you as as you you leave and I thought that was a real neat experience to to see it from that side and contra on bone air. It. It's like. Ah, crowd started to gather and we're like Wow there There is a large crowd. Ah you know waiting basically trying to see us off and I just thought like Wow these guys just just don't get a lot of traffic on on the island and whatnot but later on we came to realize that. 59:17.23 Nikki and Adrian Let school out early that day because it's not every every day that did disney ship I guess is on port and it was fantasies. First time they're a boneaire so they actually got all the characters out deck 4 and were kind of giving to all the kids on the island basically a goodbye so it was ah it was a. 59:22.48 Sam E. 59:35.67 Nikki and Adrian A good experience to see all that energy right? So so nice. 59:36.67 Sam Oh that's awesome. 59:41.18 dclduo You you know I want to ask you mentioned earlier that you had the pirate night and the twenty fifth fireworks what did you think of the twenty fifth fireworks because we've heard some ah some mixed things about the twenty fifth fireworks is to you know how spectacular or not they are what did you think about them. 59:54.42 Nikki and Adrian Oh yeah, I'd say they're kind of underwhelming you know, um I mean I think part of it is. There's just no lead up to it either. You're kind of out there for that and then you're done and there's not as many fireworks being let off as there is for the pirate one. So. 01:00:00.58 Sam A. 01:00:06.56 Sam Right. 01:00:10.70 Nikki and Adrian I Think it's fun that they're doing it I personally have never been a big fireworks person So like even in general I'm just like ah but yeah. 01:00:19.70 dclduo Yeah. 01:00:21.50 Sam That's a good point. Yeah, what makes I feel like the pirate fireworks great is the lead up to it right? There's the Deck show Deck party and then nobody but even on the see and I. 01:00:26.71 dclduo Well the deck party on the wish the deck party on the wish to lead up is great I'm not I don't love the fantasy and the dream lead up if I'm honest. 01:00:36.28 Sam I I while I enjoy the one on the wish more I still enjoy the deck party in the show on the fantasy and the dream and frankly the magic and the wonder when you have them depending upon obviously the itinerary. 01:00:42.75 dclduo Yeah. 01:00:49.15 Sam So I I really enjoy them but I and then you've got the fireworks but to your point nikki the pirate fireworks are quite a bit longer than the twenty fifth anniversary I think the twenty fifth anniversary fireworks are like a minute and a half or something. It's a really really really short fireworks show and there isn't a deck party that leads into it. What did you think about it. Adrian. 01:01:08.56 Nikki and Adrian Right? That's what you said right? That's I mean we we've heard in in the lead up to the crews we we would play shimmering seas at home quite a bit. Um, you know so we get on Boat. On the boat and we hear it several times and now we see fireworks to it and I would say it really didn't share. It was okay so so many times I for that now it was a little bit duller. So yeah. 01:01:31.16 dclduo Um, yeah. 01:01:32.80 Sam It It didn't shim. It didn't shimmer so much anymore I Guess ah right I. 01:01:37.22 dclduo Could could you tell on your pirate night fireworks. We've heard some reports that so when we've seen pirate night fireworks on any ship except the wish they're all kind of coming from the Stern out over the ship on usually the starboard side or the starboard side. Yes starboard side. Ah, but. We've started hearing that maybe they're actually launching now from 2 points forward and aft. Could you tell whether to see like there were more fireworks for pirate night. 01:02:01.46 Nikki and Adrian Yeah, the the fantasy was shooting off from each tower and on court side which fantasy is the only ship that can do that is what they told us? Yeah, so for for the twenty fifth anniversary it was going off starboard thank starboardside the other ones report so that it. 01:02:05.80 dclduo Okay. 01:02:09.61 Sam Oh. 01:02:09.87 dclduo Oh. 01:02:18.80 dclduo Okay. 01:02:21.10 Nikki and Adrian It's neat. You know what? with the wish with the aqued Duct Sorry Aqua Ven most Aqua mouths look at that one. 01:02:24.93 dclduo A mouse glory I Just we just put out an episode this week that I mislabeled it so you're in good company. Yeah, keep doing. 01:02:27.10 Sam Um, Aqua mouse. Ah. 01:02:31.53 Nikki and Adrian Yeah, with the Aqua mouse If you're not careful. It's like you have you know that conveyor portion and it does impede your your your line of sight and you really didn't quite get that on on on the fantasy or or the dream right? It's the old opera duck and you know they're seeing all the lights and all care tuing is is is. 01:02:39.10 dclduo Yeah. 01:02:39.11 Sam E. 01:02:50.55 Nikki and Adrian Is nice from that perspective. Yeah. 01:02:51.10 Sam Awesome. 01:02:52.25 dclduo No yeah I'm curious. Ah I'm curious what you thought of the longer cruise. Overall now you've gone through. We've gone through all the ports who talked about being on the ship. You know a lot of people would say 10 nights is glorious 12 nights is even better 14 I want to live on a cruise ship but some people get off and they're like. And we had this experience on our Southern Caribbean cruise we were sitting down to dinner on night seven I think it was with our friend and we all just sort of collectively said you know if the ship stopped tomorrow I'd feel like I could get off the ship and I had a good vacation I would there would be no complaints for me about this vacation. 01:03:16.36 Sam So yep. 01:03:27.97 dclduo Certainly happy to have the additional 3 nights that we have ahead of us but actually ours for ours was four. Ours was 4 That's right? Um, what did you think we you go back on longer sailings did you get the itch to like we want to do the fourteen night Panama canal next we want to head to Australia next what did you think about the longer sailing ofward. 01:03:29.24 Sam 4 nights 4 nights. Yeah yeah. 01:03:43.96 Nikki and Adrian We absolutely loved it and we're so sad to get off and I'm worried that I'll never be able to go back to shorter cruise and there's not many of the longer ones I'm gonna soil. 01:03:53.92 Sam Yeah I hear you nicki. 01:03:58.20 Nikki and Adrian And we we love talking to other cruisers. We we do that a lot when we sail so we talked to a lot of people and I didn't talk to a single person that was ready to get off the ship which I thought was a testament to just how great of a time we had and actually when we on our last day we try to like do a quick recording of each other just to like. 01:04:06.16 Sam Yeah. 01:04:17.74 Nikki and Adrian Memorialize the trip while it's fresh on our mind and talk about her favorites and I went back and listened to that and we were both like I can't say anything bad. There was nothing bad. This was the perfect cruise so you know we loved it now. The thing to consider. 01:04:18.90 Sam Oh. 01:04:25.71 Sam Oh I Love that. 01:04:31.96 Nikki and Adrian But longer cruises is how much luggage right? How much stuff do you take off board because. 01:04:34.97 Sam Right? And off right because there's more opportunity to shop for some souvenirs as well. But. 01:04:40.48 Nikki and Adrian Yes, now I would tell you for I guess it was people just on Dave when we left Antiga or antiqua I've I'm so confused little thinking about it. It is this mad rush to try everyone trying to do a load of laundry and it was just. 01:04:42.36 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 01:04:57.10 Sam He. 01:05:00.54 Nikki and Adrian Just crazy and that's where you know being on the wish it's having that larger laundry facility would would would be very ah helpful or beneficial because it was just just you know it kind of felt like college. Everyone's. Just waiting for someone to move their clothes from the washer to the dryer and then some people were actually actually moving. People's things out so they can do there so I was like Wow we got to that point. 01:05:22.50 dclduo Ah, yes, so the laundry room on the classic ships can provide no end to the entertainment. We actually had a stateroom right across from a laund room one time every it would ship. It was on and you could hear people complaining and slamming doors and you know all that sort of stuff but and interesting and interestingly enough. Yeah. 01:05:24.33 Sam Yes. 01:05:35.38 Sam Oh yeah, that was that was on the wonder that was on the wonder Brian. 01:05:40.98 dclduo And interestingly enough ah this last time with the wish on the fortnite I think Sam did laundry one night on the fortnite and the facilities on the wish were completely full like completely full so on a four night cruise 01:05:50.87 Sam Completely it was crazy I mean you you yeah you could I mean you could wait a few minutes like if you waited like 10 minutes for somebody to come and you know move their stuff like you would be able to get a machine. It wasn't a situation where you couldn't get a machine at all. But you were going to have to wait. Um, it. They were completely full. Not the dryers I noticed and I didn't notice this previously. There are additional dryers in order to be ada compliant they have well I don't know if it's to be ada compliant or to just be um, accommodating to folks in wheelchairs but there are. Because all of the washers are on the bottom and the dryers are up above but every sort of I don't know 10 washers. You'll see There's an extra dryer at the same level and with nothing above it and so they have they have more dryers than washers so getting a dryer not an issue getting a washer. Was an issue I think it's probably the same setup with the there are some extra dryers on the other ships as well. But that wish laundry room game changer I know there's only one and it's on deck eight so it's a little bit far for folks who are on deck two and it's a little bit far for folks who are on deck thirteen but there are more washers and dryers in that one laundry room than there are in the 3 laundry rooms that there are on the other ships. So yeah. 01:07:09.89 dclduo I'm just going to toss it out there for the treasure bar in the laundry room aim Changer Game changer. 01:07:13.51 Sam I Love it? Yes, yes because you know I love to hang out in the laundry room I Love to do laundry on a cruise because I don't want to come home with dirty clothes. That's me if there was like a hoax barbery. Yeah yeah, he. 01:07:17.61 Nikki and Adrian Um. 01:07:23.46 dclduo I do laundry if there was a bar in the laundry room I mean it's let's do it. Yeah, that's it there. It is Hoax Barbary next to the laundry room I get a shave while my washers' going you know, mid hot towel. Go. 01:07:23.61 Nikki and Adrian Yeah, talk with you go on tap right? Keep off. 01:07:31.94 Sam Ah, do put yes to ah no, but I want but as Adrianne said Topo Chico on tab I want fizzy water. It doesn't have to even be that you know right now I'm drinking my actually just finished my topo chico it doesn't even have to be alcoholic because I'm not even I'm not drinking alcoholic 1 right now. But um. 01:07:35.00 Nikki and Adrian The. 01:07:40.10 dclduo Well there you go. 01:07:47.26 dclduo That they can steal the machine from the lobby of the star cruiser because the star cruiser had the soda water the regular water and the and the room temperature water. So there you go there, you go? Well well I think Sam we have reached that point in the show where. 01:07:51.45 Sam Yeah Topa Chico on tap. 01:07:57.77 Sam It did it did It was awesome. 01:08:06.10 dclduo I need to subject Nikki and Adriene to some arbitrary questions some arbitrary rules in a dash of judgment or the round we know as a rapid fire so sam take it away. 01:08:14.35 Sam All right guys, you've listened to the show. You know the drill I'm going to ask you Disney favorites and Disney Cruise line favorites all right? So let's get started with your favorite Disney or Pixar or whatever disney property character niki. 01:08:29.48 Nikki and Adrian All right I have one for Disney which is Dale and then for Pixar Wally 01:08:35.60 Sam Oh I love it well and I love that you told us now how we can tell chip and Dale apart so we are going to be now experts on on Dale all right Adrian what about you. 01:08:45.70 Nikki and Adrian That's right I am a sucker for dogs. So I love Dante from coco. Love. 01:08:51.85 Sam Oh I thought you were going to say pluto and then don'tte I love that that's a great answer I I mean listen there are so many great Disney dogs. No they know or I know. 01:08:55.63 dclduo I I thought he was going to say Doug I thought I was going to say Doug from up. Yeah, yeah. 01:08:59.10 Nikki and Adrian See no one thinks of Coca. No one thinks of poor Dante right? Someone has filmed the love. 01:09:09.18 Sam Listen I have a sweatshirt that's got a bunch of different Disney dogs on it and I don't think Dante is on there. So I think we should start a protest to campaign Adrian to get Dante on the Disney dogs you know merch because he's not on there I'm pretty sure. Yeah. 01:09:20.72 Nikki and Adrian You go telling you. 01:09:24.64 Sam All right favorite Disney Movie Adrian will start with you this time. Ah yeah, you just want to hang down in New Orleans I know it I get it. 01:09:29.37 Nikki and Adrian Oo my I love princess and the frog. You know it's music. It's culture. Ah I dig it. So yeah, you know we've we've been wanting to catch a cruise. You know from New Orleans this hasn't worked out but that's definitely on the list. 01:09:47.23 Sam All right I love it I love it. We'll meet you there I we love sailing out of New Orleans all right nikki what's your favorite Disney movie. Ah I love it. Fantastic! Well, we're almost there. So let's keep going. 01:09:52.66 Nikki and Adrian I Actually have the same princess and the frog. 01:10:02.86 Sam What's your favorite Disney Song Nikki 01:10:06.27 Nikki and Adrian Ah, so so hard I today it's eye to eye from the goofy movies. 01:10:11.93 Sam Ah I love that I mean who doesn't love a little power line. You know. 01:10:17.96 Nikki and Adrian I Know right? You can't not smile when you hear that song and along oh man, that's a hard one. Um I am going to have to go with um. 01:10:20.26 Sam Like totally all right? Adrian what's your favorite song. 01:10:34.00 Nikki and Adrian Almost there from Princess and the frog. Yeah. 01:10:34.22 Sam Love it. Love it. So then you love the Disney Stage shows I bet because they you know there's a couple of them that do almost there. So I love it. 01:10:44.30 Nikki and Adrian Yeah, you know I was a late bloomer for Disney and and you do get caught up in that that magic element and I love the state shows because it does make you forget about everything else in the world and you just focus right there and feel the excitement I love it. 01:10:51.12 Sam Yeah. 01:10:58.92 Sam Awesome! All right? Adrian we're going to stick and talk about stick with talking about shows tell me what is your favorite Walt Disney theater mainstage show on any of the ships that you have been on I'm not going to limit it to this particular sailing. 01:11:15.27 Nikki and Adrian I am going to say believe is my favorite show same. 01:11:20.17 Sam All right? What about you Nicky. 01:11:26.49 Nikki and Adrian We love the Jukebox musical ones and we probably both love belief because they have that great number from Princess and the frog in there. So. 01:11:32.77 Sam Yeah I I had a feeling when you yeah I had a feeling we said almost there and that you love Princess and the frog. Yeah, that's it I mean it's listen believes not my favorite but you all haven't been on the dream yet right. 01:11:48.23 Nikki and Adrian We have the golden mickeys that's that's one that I think is a I a be golden mickeys ah, it's the old Mickey. Ah. 01:11:50.55 Sam No, he guys you guys the right answer is being in the beast I thought you had I was gonna I was gonna forgive you for not being on the dream but you've been on the dream and you still didn't choose beating the beast. Ok all right moving on. Let's talk about your favorite adult bar space on any of the ships that you've been on Nikki we're going to start with you. 01:12:12.79 Nikki and Adrian This is an unpopular opinion but hyperspace lounge. Um. 01:12:18.30 Sam Ah, that is an unpopular opinion specifically to Brian um, he is not a big fan. Um, it's ok, it's it's we liked it. The first time we went but ah totally I like. 01:12:28.67 dclduo Um, I'm a fan of what hyperspace lounge could have been and wasn't That's what I'm a fan of yeah yeah. 01:12:31.49 Nikki and Adrian I I totally get it and I see like people that have been on the galactic Star cruiser and seeing what they were able to do on that bar like I could get how like the wish would just be totally underwhelming but I will say I think like part of it is who you're with right? So we just had a really great experience. 01:12:45.41 Sam Guest. 01:12:49.35 Nikki and Adrian And I will say I loved the drinks there like they're so fun and anda that I could forgive like the under theming of that space. 01:12:50.48 Sam Me see. Fair if Nuno was your bartender then that is a good answer. Let me just put it there because she's amazing. She's like 1 of our favorite bartenders on the wish. Um she had was previously on the fantasy and we just got to see her and she happened to be in hyperspace lounge. So you know there are some you know there's some. Great bartenders all over the place and they can really in servers and they can make your experience even better. Of course all right? Adrian what's your favorite adult bar space. 01:13:24.51 Nikki and Adrian Oh my goodness. Um I am going to go with ola law I really like that voice. Yeah, it's nice and you know this was my first. 01:13:35.34 Sam Um, oh I love it. Yeah. 01:13:40.40 Nikki and Adrian Time going to a wine tasting and champagne tasting and I'm like I got I like the vibe right? And that's so and I'm I'm liking the bubbly now. So I'm starting to transition from ah from a malt from a beard to ah you know mimosa and champagne. So I guess. 01:13:46.20 Sam Yeah. 01:13:58.18 Sam I Love it you so fancy and ola lie. Love it all right? What is your favorite rotational dining restaurant ad dream will start with you. 01:13:58.47 Nikki and Adrian Ah, have a more refifieded palette Now if you will yeah. 01:14:10.71 Nikki and Adrian Oh um, I am this is a I Love animators. But I in my opinion that the best menu or from rotational is. The duck and the lamb from Royal Court and like a lot of people think that place is not not the favorite but I'm all for it. A lot of people won't be. 01:14:28.64 Sam Oh nice. 01:14:35.85 Sam Listen you can yeah meaning Nigie listen you can choose you know your your favorite rotational dining based on the food based on you know the entertainment you you get to decide nobody writes those rules except me all right? niki. 01:14:53.66 Nikki and Adrian Um, I think I got to go with animators. It just has the whole package. It's got good food. It's got fun show meat theming. It's a fun place to begin for pirate night too when you get to see all the the concept art for a different pirate. 01:14:53.69 Sam All right? Nikki What is your rotational favorite rotational dining. 01:15:01.58 Sam Um, yeah, love it. 01:15:10.30 Nikki and Adrian So I like what they do in that space. It's inventive. Yeah, and we've only been in. Yeah, we've only been in 5 nights and 4 nights so this was the first time we got to see the I guess the show. Yeah, the actual show there we always were seeing the the crush the turtle talk show every other time. 01:15:10.98 Sam Um, yeah, that's a that is a great point. 01:15:24.96 Sam Um, oh this. The first time you got animation magic. Oh fantastic. Yeah, that that does really help put animators over the top. But I think that's a good point. You mentioned nikki about pirate night if you were on a ship that does. 01:15:27.53 Nikki and Adrian Yeah. 01:15:38.31 Sam Ah, that's doing pirate night and you can be in Animators. That's that's a really a great match because you do get to see stuff on the screens. All right favorite space on the ship that we haven't talked about so let's put aside Hyperspace lounge. Um, Nikki What's another favorite space on the ship. 01:15:59.19 Nikki and Adrian Um, who probably cove cafe so we love coffee or big coffee drinkers. We love the relaxed vibes. They're just kind of hanging out. It's a nice space. Yeah. 01:16:01.60 Sam Yeah I mean. 01:16:11.70 Sam Awesome Adrianne She's still your answer. That's okay, you're allowed to have you're allowed to sometimes have the same answer okay have you all been on the magic yet. Okay, so that's the oneship but I'm mean I'm still. 01:16:15.51 Nikki and Adrian I sighed because I'm that's where I was going. But yeah. 01:16:26.35 Nikki and Adrian Now. 01:16:31.16 Sam Ask you this question I'm just going to have to alter it which is aqua duck versus Aqua Mouse adrian let's start with you. 01:16:39.76 Nikki and Adrian The duck I yeah cause it seems like it's it's just it's more classic and it's a little bit more more ride if you will because the time we've been on the wish its like you see the Tv screens but the little water sprayers weren't functional and whatnot so we haven't had the. 01:16:48.59 Sam Is it is it. 01:16:58.90 Nikki and Adrian That full experience but I will I Just love the awkward duck. Yeah I'm going to say Aqua mouse and it's for a really lazy answer. But as I was climbing those dang steps going all the way of the aquaducck. 01:17:02.39 Sam Nice. What about you Nicki. 01:17:15.77 Nikki and Adrian I was like oh it was so nice when I just walked up like 1 step 1 flight of stairs and I was there and the conveyor belt took me up. 01:17:25.86 Sam Ah, that's a fair point. The awkward the Aqua Mouse is a lazier person's ride, but they're both. They're both great All right. 01:17:29.35 Nikki and Adrian And. 01:17:35.70 Sam Now this is a very controversial question. Of course you have been now on 4 of the 5 ships. The only when you haven't been on is the original the magic what is your favorite ship of the ones you've been on Nicki. Oh oh, my goodness. Ok. 01:17:48.42 Nikki and Adrian Like we haven't been on the wonder yet either. We got to knock out both the classics. Um kinder right? yeah. 01:17:54.31 Sam Well, that's why you didn't choose Tiana's place so now I totally understand because I was a little surprised that Adrianne didn't choose Tiana's place for rotational dining but now it all makes sense. Okay, so from the 3 ships that you've been on which are the dream the fantasy and the wish. Which one is number 1. 01:18:14.88 Nikki and Adrian We were debating this a lot after we got off. Um I'm going to go with the wish I I think about the wish a lot since we went on like I that's someone I'm super excited to go back on again. The fantasy for me. 01:18:28.33 Sam Um, Adrian. 01:18:32.37 Nikki and Adrian I think that was our first that's our home boat is what I would say our first cruise and going back on it and I just liked it I like having multiple soda machines to get drink from and different spots you know and and here he goes. 01:18:48.00 Sam Ah. 01:18:51.45 Nikki and Adrian And having 3 yeah elevator banks. Wow right? Yeah something snub difference that does. 01:18:56.22 Sam Ah, you're you yeah, you're joking that three l the elev I want to put that out. There. The elevator banks really don't make a difference I'm with you on that Adrian like I I think now that we've been on the wish a bunch of times I can honestly say I don't think that the the. Elimination of that one bank of elevators really makes a difference in in my enjoyment of the cruise and there actually are more elevators between the 2 banks than there are between the 3 on the other ships. But anyway I diggrass let's talk bucketless crews this is of course as you know the final question of rapid fire and. In some ways the most important question because if you could go anywhere in the world on a Disney Cruise line ship where in the world. Are you going? Nikki let's start with you. 01:19:41.79 Nikki and Adrian I would love a ship that just went all around Japan um, that's my bucket list place. So if I could get a Disney Cruise it would just take me all around take me to Tokyo Disney and that would be pure magic. 01:19:45.80 Sam Um, yeah. 01:19:54.80 dclduo And you may be getting your wish very very soon with the global 1 project acquisition ship. Whatever they're calling it these days and their filings. But yeah. 01:19:54.10 Sam Sounds good. 01:20:01.28 Sam Yeah, nice, what about you? Adrian. 01:20:02.96 Nikki and Adrian I'm watching it closely I'm um I would like to go New Orleans to Sant Diego right and go do the Pama Comeal 01:20:15.43 Sam Ah, New Orleans though that would be amazing for a panama canal sailing I think I'm I'm with you. That's a great one I have not funny I have not heard that answer from anybody before Adrian but we've done Panama canal once not on Disney and that. That itinerary in particular sounds like perfect to me. 01:20:34.87 dclduo It'd be like the the 2 waterway wonders of the world kind of sailing right there because the you got the Mississippi River Delta over to the Panama canal. It'd be great to be great. Yeah for sure. Sure. 01:20:43.36 Sam Yeah, awesome. Well thank you for playing. Um I declare myself the winner of Rapid fire. Ah. 01:20:53.11 dclduo That's the dash of judgment right there. It's a it's that Sam that's Sam for you. So we always must. We always also like to ask what's next. Do you have a Disney Cruise lined up. 01:20:54.34 Nikki and Adrian Um. 01:20:54.72 Sam Um, no and just joking I'm just Jo yeah did your book book a placeholder or are you waiting for something. 01:21:03.50 Nikki and Adrian I think we have yeah we have a couple placeholders but we're really waiting to see what's happening with the treasure. We're kind of waiting on that before we decide what we do for next year but we are going to be out in Disneyland in October for Oie Boogie bash and then we're doing our second time out to alani over Christmas so those are our next 2 big trips. How my go. 01:21:17.67 Sam Nice. 01:21:24.40 dclduo We will be there as well. We will be there as well. Yeah, we are doing the insane trip of ah finishing our adventures by disney in buddap pe and then flying from budapest to London London to Los Angeles Los Angeles to Honolulu for our. 01:21:24.91 Sam We will be there. 01:21:40.34 Nikki and Adrian Um, oh my God qua. 01:21:41.34 dclduo Week fifty two stay at alani that we have every year so yes we will. We will be there. 01:21:45.74 Sam Yes, we will arrive late Christmas Eve um and then we will be there for a week basically following? Yeah so we'll have to make time to meet up and maybe introduce the Kiddos Nathan's a little bit older than harper. But. 01:21:49.66 dclduo Right? up to New Year's eve yeah right to New Year's eve yeah yeah Yeah, 01:21:56.86 Nikki and Adrian We've read that. 01:22:02.82 Sam You know he enjoys meeting other Disney kids and we would love to yeah, we'd love to meet up and hang out a little bit at a lani. 01:22:09.19 Nikki and Adrian That sounds amazing. 01:22:10.48 dclduo Absolutely absolutely well. No excuse me I didn't even drink a topo Chico um. 01:22:15.81 Nikki and Adrian That one. 01:22:19.38 dclduo Well Nikki Adrian we really really appreciate you taking time out of your day to come on our show and share a story with our listeners. We just so appreciate it. Thank you so much. 01:22:26.80 Nikki and Adrian Thank you so much. This is awesome.

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