September 01, 2023


Ep. 342 - Sea Days for Days: Heading East Across the Atlantic on the Disney Dream

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Brian Sam
Ep. 342 - Sea Days for Days: Heading East Across the Atlantic on the Disney Dream
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 342 - Sea Days for Days: Heading East Across the Atlantic on the Disney Dream

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Adrian and Emily join us this week for our second episode about the Disney Dream's eastbound transatlantic sailing this year. Emily, Adrian and their daughter Morgan join us to share all the fun their family had onboard the Dream. With so many sea days, we couldn't wait to hear how they filled their time! Did they get bored? You'll have to find out. Come hear about the amazing experiences they had onboard and in port as we sail with Disney Cruise Line (DCL) across the Atlantic!

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Episode Transcript

00:00.00 dclduo Welcome back everybody to this week's episode of the Dc L Duo Podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and Sam we're going for days at sea today. Lots of days at sea. 00:13.19 Sam I know I'm really really jealous of our guests because I don't think there's really anything better on Disney Cruise line or really any cruise ship for that matter. Um, having back to back days at sea. That's like just the ultimate in my mind. Maybe the only thing that beats it is like if you had back to back days it cast to a key I mean that might be it. But yeah, super excited. Um, of course we've had these guests on before but it's been a while we were just talking. It's been over a year since we've had them on the show. So welcome Adrian and Emily so good to talk to you guys again before we dive into talking about your eastbound transatlantic cruise we need to remind our listeners and actually update our listeners because. 00:45.71 Adrian and Emily Hi Guys hello. 01:04.26 Sam Since we last talked to you you have been on more cruises but let's start with um Emily how many cruises have you guys been on what itineraries what ships that sort of a thing. 01:15.46 Adrian and Emily Right? So now that it's finally available on the Disney website I can tell you exactly so my first cruise was actually in Ninety Ninety nine with my parents I went on the magic. Um I would have been 16 like and now everybody knows my age but and then the next one was in 2003 I went on the wonder. Um, and then I went again with my family in 2006 and then we had a bit of a bit of a break we got married we had 2 children. We went on a cruise. Um, also with my family. It was a mexican riviera cruise um in 2012 so that you actually don't really remember much of it I yes little we had two little kids and we've had this like adrians but like yeah I remember we did this like I don't remember any of it we i' even remember that it was a seven night cruise yeah apparently it was how long it was but it was a seven night cruise ah and so then. 01:52.62 Sam Ah. 02:05.40 Adrian and Emily Once we had a third child which moved us into you know, only family size rooms and just more expensive categories. Basically we took another another bit of a break. Um, so ah, a bit as in a tenure break last year in may we did a three night cruise on the magic and then. A week later a three night cruise on the dream with all of our kids with Disney world in the middle. Um, and then last september adrianne and I did just another three night but it was on the wish we went with the um, the Disney Disney yeah the Disney dish cast podcast cruise. Um, which was so much fun. So our kids have not been on the wish which that was you know that was pretty sad. We left them and went on the wish and then this one the transatlantic. 02:46.72 Sam Ooh That's rough. Yeah awesome. Well, you're gonna have to get your kids on the wish because as we've said on the podcast before personally we think that the wish is the best ah ship for kids. Particularly kids that are ocean years club age because that kids club is just over the top. Amazing! fantastic. 03:10.15 Adrian and Emily We love the wish I love going down that slide I did it twice myself during during open house. But we we really love the wish we thought it was a great show. 03:18.15 Sam Yeah, it is fantastic. Well. 03:22.44 dclduo Well tell us how you landed on an eastbound transatlantic because that's a pretty unique sailing. Um, what's peakd your interests. How do you decide to book an eastbound transatlanta cruise. 03:31.20 Adrian and Emily Well, we didn't have it booked at first we were thinking of doing another cruise and we actually had an Eastern Caribbean Cruise booked and it was also going to be around mother's day so we thought hey Emily turned. Ah, certain milestone age this year forty I already said it's our 40 we all calculated and it was Goingnna be mother's day and we wanted to sort of complete our getting on all the shallo if it's a grandla or a quinella or what we're calling it now but we wanted to get on all 5 ships. We wanted to go on the fantasy so we had a southern or Eastern Caribbean bucked and then my parents happened it was right after the paid and full day. So of course just perfect timing. My parents happened to be out here and we were talking to them. Ah they live in Florida they live in Tampa we were talking to them about going on a cruise and how they could get to Europe even on a cruise and um. 04:05.64 Sam Yeah, yeah. 04:18.87 Adrian and Emily Maybe they would enjoy. They've never been on a cruise before my mom has some medical issues so each she doesn't necessarily eat. She has ah the other accommodations for that. So we thought it could be really a really easy experience for them and they said oh we we would do something like that and we said well you know there's actually a cruise coming up that would take you to Europe um. 04:33.20 Sam Yes. 04:37.20 Adrian and Emily And we can switch to that if you would want to and they said yeah sure that sounds like a good idea like I didn't nowhere and we were like ah what? so we talked to our travel agent and we were able to actually switch our crews for a various small penalty and we booked. 04:42.74 Sam Um, oh my god. 04:52.74 Adrian and Emily And there were guarantee rates at the time so we booked my parents in a room. We booked 2 rooms for us and then some friends we actually made on the the wish on the disney dish cruise um, we're sailing on it as well. So then we all sailed together. 05:04.15 Sam Oh that's awesome I mean cruising with friends is the only thing better than just cruising right? So we love that. That's awesome. Well were you excited to hear that the dream was going to be the you know sort of european ship for this season. Um, ah, of course we know that the magic used to be the ship that went over to Europe um, you know was that ah a plus a minus or just a you know whatever ship. We don't really care. 05:33.69 Adrian and Emily I Think for me, it was a little bit of both because I don't know if you remember but I love the Aqua dunk on the magic. So I would have loved that. But the the food and again we have a lot of allergies. So the food was better for us on the dream than on the magic. 05:37.82 Sam The. 05:48.50 Adrian and Emily I actually feel like the food was better for us on the dream than on the wish honestly so we were pretty excited when we found out that it was going to be the dream on that ceiling I was just excited because I've always thought that's such a cool I don't know just feel so classic like traveling the atlantic you know traveling the sea on a. An ocean linr I mean you know that kind of thing but um and I just didn't think we would ever do it. But the guarantee rates were great and when Adrian's parents said they would be interested. We said just it was just thrilled that it all worked out basically his dad grew up in Northern Italy and so for years we've wanted to go with our kids and take them to where he was from and so this was kind of all wrapped up in that we'd wanted to go Adrian's mom had some health issues didn't work out that it was pandemic and that didn't work. 06:32.90 Sam Um, okay. 06:34.71 Adrian and Emily And his dad's in his um, early eighty s and so we just kind of felt like hey we really wanted to prioritize this and make it happen so that that was kind of the other factor that was playing into it for us. So we um, we probably won't have time to get into it. But at the end of the cruise we actually flew to Northern Italy and spent a week and a half there with family and friends and. Um, we're able to see where he's from and show our kids where he grew up and all that too so that was the other kind of factor in all of it. Yeah, it can get combined 2 different trips right? We wanted to go on the cruise and then we also wanted to go with my parents to Europe so we're able to do both. 06:59.24 Sam That's awesome. 07:04.35 Sam Yeah, well and it it cuts down on. Of course your flight expenses of course the cruise is very expensive but you don't have you know 2 wo-way flights to Europe so at least you're you know, sort of killing 2 birds with 1 stone right? when you're fly I guess you have to fly. 07:20.86 Adrian and Emily Well to get around because from we went from Spain to italy but actually to fly back from Europe it was cheaper for us to book a roundtri ticket than a 1 ne-way ticket so we technically right now have a return flight to heathrow. 07:20.87 Sam Probably had to fly within Europe though. Yeah yeah. 07:33.17 Sam Um, wow. 07:37.73 Adrian and Emily For Thanksgiving so I think we're spending Thanksgiving in London since obviously you don't want to waste a flight right? You know so the logical answer is to you know go so we'll see. 07:39.90 Sam Um, ah listen if you know listen um you already you have a bunch of children and I know I'm older than Emily but would you like. To adopt me and I'll come with you for Thanksgiving to London. 07:58.90 Adrian and Emily But well I am going to go to Penhaigan's to go pick up some soaps so I can pick up some free bri. 08:04.73 Sam Yes, yes, yeah, Brian loves that place. Um you and you must do and I won't go into all of the London recommendations but you must do fortham and Mason high. You must do the high tea there. It's the best. We love it. We're obsessed so anyway. But we have to talk about this trip to Europe not your next trip to Europe first let's actually start with um how what are the ages of your kids because I know you you got a big bunch of them. Um, and I know that you're able to go ah mentioned we talked about this earlier you homeschool your kids and so you're not limited by. 08:25.90 Adrian and Emily She is. 08:39.32 Sam School vacation times which is fantastic and I'm super jealous of but I'm also not organized enough to do the homeschool thing for our kids. So yeah, tell us how old are your your kids and um and what rooms did you end up booking I know you said you you did. You know 3 different rooms one for your folks Adrian and then two for your family. 09:00.63 Adrian and Emily So we our oldest is 14 and then we have a 12 year old a 10 year old and a six year old also our friends who are traveling with us Jason and Benjamin their daughter is 7 so she fit really nicely kind of in with our kids and they all had a great time together. Don't explain the rooms. Yeah, and we actually all had book guaranteed rates and we had our travel agents link them all together. So Disney has always done us a solid with guaranteed rates I know that some people don't really get what they're looking for but my parents had booked an interior room the other. 09:23.31 Sam Um, no. 09:29.63 Sam Me. 09:38.48 Adrian and Emily 3 rooms so our 2 rooms and our friends were all veranda staterooms and the funny thing was I think at the time of my parents booking. It was only a $700 difference on a thirteen night cruise to go from interior to veranda but they didn't feel like it was worth it to them. We kept trying to convince them but they said no and they and they were happy. 09:49.19 Sam Wow Wow. Okay. 09:56.81 Adrian and Emily With it. So it was okay but actually booked us so disney assigned us 3 veranda rooms in a row two of them connecting for us and across the hallway an interior room for my parents so we had 95 21 interior for them. Ninety five eighteen and 20 for us and 95 22 for our friends. 10:05.40 Sam Wow. 10:13.34 Adrian and Emily It could not have been more is amazing. We were right by the laundry room right by the forward elevators. It was fantastic. 2 decks just below the spa. So we'd like run up to the gym pop over to the rainforest I mean it was like had the rainforest pass for the thation cruise it was amazing. It was the best location. 10:13.56 Sam That's amazing. Yeah. 10:21.34 Sam I Love that. Yeah,, That's our favorite.. That's our favorite location and our favorite deck by the way on the fantasy and the dream We Love to be forward on Deck Nine If if we can get that. That's where we're going. 10:36.38 Adrian and Emily Are. 10:40.98 Sam Whether it's ocean view or veranda we're kind of open to to both of those categories we like them on on the on the ah dream class I was about to call it wish class but dream class ships. Well that's awesome. I'm glad that um Disney made it so easy for you guys um. So tell us where did you sail out of and how did you get there. 10:59.39 Adrian and Emily We sail it out of the beautiful port of Miami which was let's call it a minor disaster from embarkation. So bad miamis there were 6 ships that day and their computer systems were all down. 11:10.33 Sam Ah. 11:12.75 Sam Oh my gosh. No gosh. So. 11:18.79 Adrian and Emily So getting to the terminal was a challenge. Um, they couldn't do the luggage properly. So everyone's suitcases were just outside piles piles and piles. Um, but we sailed out of Miami but and everybody's like at least as far as we know everybody's luggage got on board. 11:27.36 Sam Oh gosh that's terrifying. 11:35.47 Adrian and Emily So we flew into Orlando and then we drove our rental car down to Miami and dropped off there and sail out of the aircraft carrier hanger that is Miami and yes we chose Orlando so that we could just have. we' we flew in Friday we lefted on a Sunday so we flew in Friday night into Orlando just because we're crazy and we wanted a little tiny bit of you know Disney World time we honestly had to go get some bigners and Scott Katz at Port Orlean that was really why we flew into Orlando. 11:56.95 Sam Right. 12:04.79 Sam Ah, well they don't have benyas on board the dream. So I understand you know if you had been on wish or wonder you would have been able to get your bees um on board and so you could have waited. But yeah you know priorities you guys you know? ah. 12:19.90 Adrian and Emily But it's it's what's important now. 12:24.80 Sam So it sounds like okay so the port thing was a disaster but how did actual boarding go like about what time. Do you think you actually got on board the Disney dream. 12:34.34 Adrian and Emily We all had fairly early port arrival times like Eleven forty five the traffic was so bad but rather bad a bit after that. Yeah we were winding through just to go through security for probably a good 30 minutes or so but then once we got in it was pretty smooth. Assigned us our room and we just walked right on and we probably got onto the ship that one is about one o'clock yeah when we went on they did not have us go in to the main like atrium which I was a little bummed about because this was Adrian's parents the Adrian's parents had never been on a cruise period. So. They chose a thirteen night transatlantic cruise as their first time on a ship. so so I was they they just had us get on like at the deck deck the deck for um, you know the walking deck. We just we just got on there and then we walked in from there. It was kind of funny once just got through sort of the. 13:15.15 Sam Um, wow. 13:23.67 Sam Oh interesting. 13:30.60 Adrian and Emily Chaos of the terminal. It was pretty smooth challenges getting on the ship. 13:33.78 Sam Yeah, yeah, now how many days at sea did you have before you hit your first port. Um, right? because there isn't any I don't think there's any port like that you go to close to Miami right? You just start out across the Atlantic. 13:45.32 Adrian and Emily Know know we left. Yeah, we left Miami and then six days at sea beautiful six days of sea. Amazing. So good. It was the best. Yeah, that was the best part. 13:54.10 Sam Um, wow. Oh my? Yeah yeah, so let's talk about okay, what are some of the highlights from we're not that we won't go through day by day of course because that would take probably 3 shows to cover at least? um. But what were some of the highlights from your days at sea and of course we have to know what were the seas like because people are always concerned about that when you're out in the middle of the Atlantic or the pacific of course when they do transpacific cruisings. What is that like um, you know weather wise and. Seasickness-wise. 14:28.72 Adrian and Emily Um, we had pretty good luck with the weather and I I mean we'd heard from people who had done this before because there's kind of a contingent of people who do ebt is the yeah the ebata like every year like I think there was a couple people that we spoke to who this was like their 6 ebta so they kind of are retired and this is what they love to do so kind of interesting. But. 14:39.34 Sam Wow. 14:46.60 Adrian and Emily Um, so we've heard that they do have a bit of leeway. You know if they go more north or more south depending on the weather so we had one day where it was raining but the sea was smooth. It was glass on some dayss where it was really odd. You thought that you were out on a lake so we had very little. Um. 14:58.33 Sam Wow. 15:04.12 Adrian and Emily Anything honestly at all and I get very very very seasick. So I came well-stocked and there were no issues for anyone at all I don't care how seasick you get this cruise was the smoothest you could have ah ever possibly imagine smoother than any Bahamian crews that we've gone. 15:10.42 Sam Let's name. 15:21.77 Sam Um, wow. 15:21.79 Adrian and Emily The only thing once we were in Europe there was one night between port stops where there was like a storm went through but other but yeah, but across the atlantic nothing again, a little bit of rain but it wasn't even that cold i't I don't get that cold. But um, but it was it was fine. So in those days were just glorious just doing. 15:30.27 Sam Um, wow. 15:34.66 Sam Yeah now. 15:40.97 Adrian and Emily Bingo and going to listen to seminars was there was so much they packed so much and so many special things in that you wouldn't get on another cruise because you don't have the time. Um, that was just really amazing. The things that they offered on this cruise I want to get to that I wanted to say the 1 negative that we found of all the c days is the time change. 15:52.44 Sam Um, yeah. 15:58.89 Sam And. 16:00.96 Adrian and Emily So of course you're moving ahead I think we had a total of six five yeah 6 right by the end by the end. Yeah, by the end it was 6 6 1 hour changes ahead. So that was weird that was a little different I think it would be a lot nicer coming the other direction obviously where you're gaining an hour or getting an extra hour of sleep. 16:09.42 Sam Right. 16:18.54 Adrian and Emily Um, that was a lot and we felt bad for the crew honestly in that situation because they I mean that's just that's just hard. We talk on everybody. Yeah, every side and we heard from our stateroom host that they would then on those nights allow them to start up 30 minutes later 16:21.72 Sam Yeah, they're just losing an hour of rest. Yeah, every day. 16:31.86 Sam Nice. 16:33.51 Adrian and Emily But still that was so that was a little tricky for us. So like I can't imagine for them too. but anyway but yes overall the special things that we got to do I kind of thought oh we'll relax I don't know. Do you get bored with six days at sea. No. There were so many things that Disney had planned and then a lot of stuff. It was this like. Well, what are my chances to ever get to do these kind of experiences again because they only do them on longer sailings right? So I was like I mean there was a couple days where I was like rushing from one activity to the next one and I was coming in but it was like what is this I thought this was going to be this thirteen night easy cruise 16:56.62 Sam Um. 17:02.80 dclduo So so what were what? what? what? What were some of those activities you've you've mentioned some special activities. What what were some of those activities. 17:09.00 Sam Yeah, you said seminars. Yeah, we'd love to hear some about some of those. 17:12.35 Adrian and Emily Yeah, so the big one they had um Bruce Kimrell who I don't I don't even know I think he's had like he worked for the Disney company for 40 years he worked on jewel he said he worked in I think 18 different roles or something along those lines so he um I think is like it does now it's what he does. He is just a a. Wealth of knowledge about all things Disney so he had a series of four or five hour plus seminars talking about the history of Disneyland and just a variety of topics where you know he's just going into these deep cuts. He actually um has a piece of carpet. Carpet from waltz apartment like original carpet from what and he brought it out on the he's like and if you want to come up and touch it. You can come up and touch it. This is. 17:51.91 Sam Oh that's so cool. 17:59.78 Adrian and Emily Brand work. He's he's going into some just arcane details that you you're not going to really understand anywhere like they replace the trees on main street every eight years because it's 5 8 scale and the trees will get too big and that'll mess with the scale right? It's things like it's things like that where you're like that's super interesting. So if you're a Disney nerd. 18:12.92 Sam Um, oh my God Yeah yeah. 18:18.26 Adrian and Emily If you love it because it is just where do you get this from? Yeah oh there was 1 thing about when they first built disneyland the land almost all of the land that Disneyland is on Disney only actually owns a very small stretch of it I think you said it was from like pirates to no I'm going to mix that up. But anyway somewhere in that area. They do actually own the land. But most of it is actually rented. They rented it from the farmers that owned the original land they had assigned a 99 year lease initially and then I don't remember how long ago it was at some point they then signed another 99 year lease and he's joking. He's like at all of those families live in Newport Coast 18:51.63 Sam Yeah, yeah, all of the get the re the reipping of that lease they became really wealthy probably that that first least they signed that first least they sign was a yeah wow. 18:55.12 Adrian and Emily So I'm sure. Yeah, probably not the first. Yeah, it's like I never knew that that that land is actually rented land disney is not on the land that um anyway, just it was like little tidbits like that so that was the big thing. There are also. Real cooking seminars. They had a morning show called what good morning Disney Dream yeah or every morning they would have a little morning show where you can go watch in person and they would sort of kick off the day with what's going on just nice little things like that and then of course um, a lot There were. 19:16.73 Sam Um, oh cool. 19:27.16 Adrian and Emily Several performers aside from just the you know like the mainstream they chose. Yeah they had several special performers that they actually brought new ones on let me hit our first first or second port and then brought another series of performers on they had just some really interesting things like that too which we can go into. 19:38.78 Sam Oh askum. 19:45.89 Sam Yeah, did they have some of the Broadway um, you know performers so they always have like 1 There's usually 1 Broadway visiting you know artist or whatever but that person's on for like a two month or three month contract but often on these longer sailings they will bring on some other. 19:47.15 Adrian and Emily They also have. 20:02.93 Sam Broadway or Broadway Caliber performers to do some special nighttime shows curious about I'm curious about those because that's something obviously that I'm obsessed with and love oh awesome. Oh. 20:10.80 Adrian and Emily Yeah, yes, we knew you would be so they brought Mark is it Mark Edwards on who was gased on and beauty and the beast and he played guest on on the ship so that was really neat so that was fun and then they also had Michelle Knight and she might just be the person who because hers was a whole night. We actually didn't go to that one I think we went to Paulo that night. 20:21.59 Sam That's awesome. 20:29.85 Adrian and Emily Um, and so we didn't see hers but she that was that was the it was just her singing was the mainstage performance. Um, that night so we did have a few other things that were related to the theater that I took special notes in my phone just for you Sam because as I was watching it I was like Sam with love this. Okay, so thing. 20:35.79 Sam On the torsal. 20:45.13 Sam Yay! Ah, hi yeah. 20:49.18 Adrian and Emily They had a few like kind of behind the scenes things specifically related to beauty and the beast. Um, so they had We didn't go to this one I don't remember why but there was um, a puppeteering workshop where I think what I understood it to be was they were going to bring out the big puppets and kind of show how they worked and to demonstrate how that worked and then they had a costuming workshop. 20:54.15 Sam Um, yeah. 21:07.30 Adrian and Emily And this was again. There was in the middle of the afternoon but in the the big theater. Um, and so they had you know the woman who's in charge of like wigs and makeup come out and talk about her responsibilities and somebody to come talk about like the even who repairs the costumes and who keeps them in order. 21:21.80 Sam Right. 21:23.82 Adrian and Emily And how many costumes they need to have on the ship in case, there's a problem and um and then they had a bunch of the performers. The main speech performers come out in their Br guest outfits and kind of show and then you could go up at the end and kind of look pretty I mean like not touch it but get pretty close to them and be able to see how it was um, like see how they were. 21:25.97 Sam Oh my god. 21:41.37 Adrian and Emily And then um, they also had a mainstage q and a at one point this was the one that I was rushing to I came in late I stayed for the end of that and then rushed to a Bruce Kimrell q and a like because it was just the end. Um because they talkeds that they had 4 or five five of the main stage performers and then also the stage manager. 21:43.30 Sam Oh my goodness. 22:00.18 Adrian and Emily Up and you could just ask them any questions you wanted to about their previous experience or how it was I Just it was really I don't know if there's like any little tidbits I could tell you just make to keep it quick but um and then the other one they had was a whole I don't really call it behind the scenes for Beauty and the bees we got to see sort of the behind the scenes camera work and hear all of it. 22:03.73 Sam Ah, so cool. 22:18.56 Sam Um, oh cool. Yeah. 22:19.33 Adrian and Emily Stage direction that was being given to the performers so they showed us what it all looks like behind the scenes while the show is going on so it was yeah yeah. 22:26.29 Sam Right? So how they change scenes the sets and things like that. We've just seen one of those for Aladdin um I on I think it was on the I guess it must have been on the fantasy years ago, but we haven't seen anything like it since like the first or second time we sailed? yeah. 22:40.97 Adrian and Emily Yeah I had heard that that was something that they hadn't done basically since pre Pandemic and this was like an invite only like you had to be like gold or above to get to go to it so we had to like bring our little you know our little paper for it. Um, and yeah, they went into all kinds of stuff that hold on there. Um, let me pull my notes. 22:45.35 Sam Um, yeah, yep. 22:55.58 Sam Yeah, they used to do that as that it was as the Gold Platinum reception. They did that pre pandemic but you're right I don't think they've done it I mean maybe they're starting to bring it back now but they only did it on like longer cruises and you know pre Pandemic So it's great to hear they're bringing that kind of stuff back. 22:57.67 Adrian and Emily 1 that think that I thought was yes, yes, yeah. 23:15.41 Sam Awesome! um. 23:15.44 Adrian and Emily Yeah, they brought out the backstage crew and show you know so everybody could say what they did talked about that there was all kinds of little interesting tidbits with it. But um, yeah, just that was really really interesting and then like Adriene was saying they performed um be our guest. But where on the big screens they had I think it was like a split view with like 4 different cameras showing so like 1 was like a camera view on the lower level so you could see what was getting prepared to come up on the lift and then they had the whole crew like whatever that was on their headset so they were playing it over all the speakers. 23:38.88 Sam Oh cool. 23:46.54 Adrian and Emily We could hear what the crew was saying you know so it was like So-andso in position go on lift B and then like you would see the lift I mean it was. It was really neat. It was really really cool. 23:54.80 Sam That's awesome. Oh my god I'm so jealous I feel like these longer cruises though you always get like these kinds of specialty performances specialty seminars. This is why you know people love these longer itineraries and of course. You know, just being at sea for 6 days that's incredible. 24:10.87 Adrian and Emily Right? Just that much. There was also um, one of the nights in evolution for the adults they did mainstage cabaret so it was any of the mains stage performers could come I mean I don't know how they set it up but but there was probably 10 of them or so. 24:18.39 Sam Um, the call. 24:25.50 Adrian and Emily And so they would get up. They would talk about like why this particular song was meaningful to them and so so was kind of sharing some things about their life and then they would just perform a song so they weren't all disney they were mostly broadway-ish songs but from different musicals and some of them was like you know this was the first musical they performed on stage and you know it was different things so that was really neat just to get to hear them. 24:41.55 Sam Um I Love that. 24:42.45 Adrian and Emily Kind of a little more in a relaxed way but just to hear them singing and performing was neat. There's even a a dance performance too. They did the uso show which I guess was part of like the Marvel day at seat days the one. Yes, yeah yeah, um, we did officer hide and seek. 24:51.48 Sam Yes, so it's the Steve Rogers Captain America yes 25:01.71 Adrian and Emily Was something else. They did on 1 of the last days so it's the last one so see day. No, it could have been I don't I don't remember which toward the end but they did also so ah, several officers line up on the stairs and then they are they go. They have 5 minutes or so to hide and they. 25:01.87 Sam What is that. 25:19.41 Adrian and Emily Can hide. However, and wherever they want so they will do costume changes and they will be anywhere in the ship nowhere is off limits other than backsage so you had like any guest area so you had like Cruise director Lee he ended up changing clothes and then he was over at the cafe serving croissance to people. 25:26.49 Sam Right? So any guest areas basically of the ship. 25:38.64 Sam Ah, what he looked like. 25:38.66 Adrian and Emily You had to know what Lee looked like right and someone else was dressed up in I think they were a lifeguard then they were up on cool deck. So it's just random stuff like that where the kids were just running around having a great time. 25:48.32 Sam Oh my God that sounds like so much fun I Love that I'm so jealous all these C day activities and how many how many times a day were they doing Bingo because he had of all these days C so they can do Bingo every single day I'm I'll be honest I don't. 26:04.90 Adrian and Emily Ah I played. 26:06.57 Sam Don't do Bingo so much on the ship because I'll spend all of our money that way if I do it So I try to actually avoid Bingo But yeah. 26:11.15 Adrian and Emily So I think there were five days of bingo because I did all of them except for one and the one I didn't do was the one where the person won the super jackpot at the end for $5600 so it wasn't bingo every day but every day that they had bingo I essentially did it. 26:32.83 Sam Ah, nice. 26:33.69 dclduo I'm curious so to hearken back to something you said because you know a lot of folks will say oh don't you get bored six days at sea clearly you all did it. But how the kids do ah did did. 26:40.70 Adrian and Emily Is. 26:47.40 dclduo Did they keep themselves fully occupied for six full days at sea or were they starting to get a little stir crazy in the cabin. 26:50.51 Adrian and Emily No, not at all. They had fun. So the older two went to edge mostly the oldest went to vibe a little bit as well. Um, and then the younger 2 were at the lab or I mean they yeah they liked the lab more than the club with our friends are but but anyway yeah, but with our friend's daughter as well. So yeah, the 3 of them would. And that was like a big privilege for them. We would say okay they could go check themselves in at the club and they had a great time. They I mean I mean maybe a handful of times. Our youngest was like kind of done and just was like I want to see you too. It was very cute. Sad sad, sad but cute. Um, so that we try to do a little more together the next day but and. 27:23.16 Sam Yeah, ah. 27:28.30 Adrian and Emily Still would because we were going swimming. Obviously we'd have lunch together. So I mean we were still still doing just regular family stuff as well. In addition to all of these other and other things and my parents did a lot less than we did right? They're older and again on a cruise like this I think we had like 2743 guests 27:30.86 Sam Um, right. 27:45.17 Sam Um, Wow. Wow. 27:46.84 Adrian and Emily And only four hundred kids so it was a lot of adults. Um, so my parents would sit on pool deck and play cards or chat with people or you know just relax a lot. So um, they said they never got bored um and we obviously didn't get bored because we were busy the whole time. 27:56.40 Sam Yeah. 28:02.44 Sam Yeah, now how did your folks like the you know six days in a row at sea considering they had never been on a cruise before that that is as we said that's kind of jumping into the deep end of cruise and. 28:17.16 Adrian and Emily Um, they really seemed to enjoy it. They didn't have any anything negative to say about it. They said they loved it. They would do it Again. Um, it was a great experience for them. They really enjoyed just everything that the cruise ship offered they did go to some of the um. Some of the activities as well too. My Dad played Bingo a few times he won one of the little Bingo raffles and then he shared that with our kiddos. Um, they went to the shows with us every night even like when we were Apollo they went to so they enjoyed the shows to like the nighttime entertainment was was good Obviously um yeah, they were just slower paced but absolutely enjoyed it. All. 28:35.81 Sam Now. Nice. 28:50.42 Sam Awesome. 28:50.61 dclduo Did did you get a sense of if they did you you you know you mentioned they had more activities or felt like they had more stuff going on on the ship because it was 6 straight days at sea I know we're going to be talking to who are we talking to at the end. Sorry let me start that over who are we talking to at the end Morgan. Okay. 28:50.71 Adrian and Emily So everything was good. 29:06.83 Sam Their 14 year old to Morgan. 29:08.78 Adrian and Emily Morgan Morgan our fortune told. 29:10.37 dclduo Um, I know we're going to be talking to Morgan a little bit later on the show about you know feedback about the kids club but I'm curious. Did you get a sense. They have more stuff going on in the kids club. 29:19.21 Adrian and Emily I think that? Well yeah, we adopt dozen them I mean they they still more of the same I think you know it was like they had pirate or heroes and villains that they play it was just that there were lots of different um individual components that I don't know. Yeah, we'd have to probably ask her for for better information on it but they see. Pretty entertained. They obviously made friends every day they were willinging to go off because there was something else happening they're doing heroes and villains again or they were doing some other activity after dinner. Yeah, even late at night they were out until like 11 after 11 1 time at like eleven thirty I had to go drag our twelve year old out of there I was like you really need to come to bed now we lose an hour you know like. 29:56.18 Sam Ah, right? So it's midnight. Basically. 29:56.66 Adrian and Emily It was right right? which was kind of a different experience I was like okay I wasn't quite ready to have to go like find my kid and but you know but it was good. It was good for them So good for them and us. 30:04.76 Sam Ah. 30:07.52 Sam It is nice. So let's start talking about ports because of course you know any european crews ports are a huge highlight because they're not places that typically people are going every day or at least not us us americans are going every day. What was the first ports. Stop and what did you guys get up to there. 30:28.40 Adrian and Emily So our first after the six days of sea. We stopped in pota delgata which is part of the aores islands that are part of Portugal. Um, and they they kept seeing this the Hawaii of Europe um, I think I'd sort of vaguely heard of it before but certainly not in a way to be at all familiar with it. Um, but they're all volcanic islands so created by volcanoes and it's right on the edge of the plates between the european the atlantic and the african plates so I didn't know that either. But so there's several ah tremors every day. Yeah, basically because they're right there where these ah where these meet and there's still a few active volcanoes. 31:00.39 Sam And wow. 31:05.30 Adrian and Emily Um, so like you know our tour guide was like no so it can be anytime we're like oh that's lovely. We're stuck in the middle of the Atlantic and there's an active volcano. But um, so we took a tour there. It's actually the only one that we took a tour um and it was the furnace hot springs and botanical garden tour and so we took a bus. From the city ponta delgata around the island I can't remember the name of the island but and you go thank you? Um, and it was really neat. So other than all folks a little nauseated on the roads winding around the islands. Our kids were a little displeased with that part so we stopped at a couple of places where there were just these I mean I mean amazing, amazing views. We will send you some some pictures I just have never seen anything it looked like Hawaii some of the prettiest vistas and scenery that I've I've seen in my life. We want to retire there is what we keep joking about because it was so beautiful. So nice. Um, and then we went to some hot springs which you know again. So by this point, nobody's feeling fantastic after the bus and then you get out to rather sulfuric smelling hot springs. So if you ask for children they will say oh that was the stinky place. we're like we're retiring it was amazing and our kids are like it's stunk. So you know, but they're not wrong. It was pretty bad smelling and then we went to a botanical garden. Um, and again just just with a mineral speed there as well too. So there's people bathing there and it was just beautiful. Someone had built it up over time. 32:20.52 dclduo So. 32:35.57 Adrian and Emily Um, and they brought in vegetation from all over the world. So it was just this really lush beautiful area where you can just walk around and explore there's actually a hotel there on site too that people stay at and we were there for probably an hour and a half or something it was and just um, didn't even see all of it. It was so it was just huge and. Beautiful. 32:54.68 Sam And that sounds me amazing. 32:54.76 dclduo And and how big of a how big of a port was this. 32:58.52 Adrian and Emily The city itself was not that big. So after I think our tour was until about lunchtime. We actually went back to the ship to eat lunch and then we went back our kids wanted to stay because they were kind of tired and wanted to go back to the kids clubs I guess. Um, so maybe that's your answer of if they got bored. Um, even after our first stop finally getting some kind of land and they just want to go back? Um, but the the port was so small. Yeah, pretty small. There were it was a special celebration that day. It's like a local It's a religious celebration. And so the streets were all lined with designs of um they weren't all flowers but was like Chi I don't know how to explain it again. We'll have to share pictures with you but it was this thing where they have a procession that goes through the town. So we just happen to get lucky. It's just once a year that they have this. It was a Sunday afternoon um so it was really neat. It was decorated and. And we got to walk around and see that it's a small town but nice, they're just beautiful and I think there there may have been one other ship in port with us. It was so it was a very small port. 33:59.53 dclduo Okay, after the azors is the azors are cut say I get what's him. Yeah. 34:03.76 Sam Um, azores. Ah I think now. Okay. 34:06.52 Adrian and Emily You know said it both ways we we heard it said both ways. So I think you're both correct. Actually we kept trying to figure out the correct one and we're still not sure if there is a correct or I think it's like 1 is english and 1 is in portuguese you know I don't know. 34:18.33 Sam Yes I think azores is the way the Portuguese pronunciation is and I think Azors is the way that Americans pronounce it I don't know if the English let's we shall find out how the English pronounce it I feel like that's like the middle ground. But. 34:18.91 dclduo Yeah. 34:24.76 dclduo Well sit. 34:33.20 dclduo Well I've always heard it azor so I'm going to go with azor. So ah, so after the azores which is I mean it's just a grouping of islands off the coast of Spain sort of like the first place you could land the ship before before hitting the main continent here. 34:33.23 Adrian and Emily Um. 34:36.80 Adrian and Emily Um. 34:42.60 Adrian and Emily In. 34:46.84 dclduo Where where did you head next are you off to Portugal or lisbon or where'd you go okay gotcha gotcha and so what did you get up to in Lisbon. 34:48.54 Adrian and Emily We had another c day and then we got from lisbon portugal in Lisbon. We went to a castle There's a lot of Hills in Lisbon if you haven't been to lisbon so lots of walking lots of steps that day we went to a castle where. Apparently you could have bought tickets online and not had to stand in the 30 minute ticket line but their website wasn't working properly but it was it was real beautiful up on the top of the hill and you can see the the city and the port all around you and then we also went to a cathedral in Portugal as well too which was quite nice. There were also tuck tucks a lot of people just you know you just walk off the ship and hire a tuck tuck to drive you around. We were with Adrian's parents that day. So I mean there was 8 of us and I don't know felt awkward didn't speak portuguese so we just walked so I don't know if that was the the better answer but we got a lot of exercise that day. Um, going up and down the hills and I was was really nice. We really really liked lisbon as well. 35:48.85 dclduo And in in the azor is in and lisbon Disney excursions or were you just kind of out wandering on your own. Okay. 35:56.24 Adrian and Emily And pumped got it. That was a disney excursion in Lisden we walked out on our own by ourselves and it was the port is close enough to be able to do that. There were some who took excursions a little further off. So yeah. If. We go back. We'll know what to do now where you would need to take an excursion and take a bus to get to it but there was plenty to do right around the pork. We actually ate there. Um, wasn't that in listen to 2 of us and Morgan we had lunch there as well too and it was. For something right by the pork. Very good and relatively inexpensive. 36:30.23 dclduo Do it. Do we lose you see him either. 36:34.19 Sam I No I was just on mute I didn't realize I was still on mute and then I was like oh I got to do that? Um, well, what. 36:37.57 Adrian and Emily What. 36:41.13 Sam What did the younger kids do if you and Morgan were having you know having lunch near the port did they stay on board with the grandparents or what were they up to. 36:49.21 Adrian and Emily They did They were with us for the well so and they kind of did the same thing they were with us for the morning. Basically we wiped them out by dragging them to this castle and going up and down the Hill and you know plenty of complaints and. 36:58.80 Sam Right. 37:03.52 Adrian and Emily And you know and he knew was pretty warm and anyway so they went back and and the other grandparents said. Um oh we'll take them back and we said great. So again, 1 thing that was really nice about pretty much all of these cities was that the port was really close to the town so it was very easy to just we walked them back to the ship got them on board. I think we used the restroom and filled our water bottles and then turned around and walked right back off and it was you know 3 minutes in your back to um, you know, really the the city so it was very accessible, really convenient. 37:32.52 Sam Yeah, well and that's a really nice sort of european itinerary because we know that there are some other european itineraries and we've talked to some other folks. We've talked ah Haley and Drew about ah the itinerary that they did um which you know was one of the med cruises out of Barcelona and there's. Quite a lot of bus travel involved in those because you are quite a you know for a lot of the ports. Not all of them. But you're quite far from you know, major cities sounds like your itinerary or you were closer to major cities. Um or at least you know, decent excrusions nearby. The port so was the next port. 38:04.74 Adrian and Emily Um, every port Every port was very close to city. 38:09.14 Sam Ah, yeah, so what was the next port that you guys went to. 38:15.66 Adrian and Emily And we stopped at cadiz next. So then we went um it was in Spain so we stopped at Spain yeah and Caz Spain and then um and all the rest of them were in spain. Do you want to talk about that because yeah, so my cousin actually moved to ah terrifa. In spain relatively recently and tersha is between cadiz and malaga so on both of those days. We actually got to spend time in the cities with him and his wife so we got to explore kadi so we didn't do any excursions there. We went to ah. 38:38.20 Sam A wow. 38:45.54 Adrian and Emily Cathedral and climbed up the Bell Tower which was a lot of steps and and yeah, yeah, basically the theme of dragging the kids up to look at interesting places from high you know, climb up high to look at interesting places and. 38:50.56 Sam Um, but the kids love that. Ah. 39:00.70 Adrian and Emily And and you know we would always go to their central market where they would have you know tons of fish stalls and things along those lines just to try to experience there. Um, and that was good. They just walking around wandering seeing what they found a cafe there. We actually wound up playing I think for like 45 minutes at a playground um because our kids were really excited about a playground so you know hey why not. 39:15.59 Sam Um, yeah. 39:19.79 Adrian and Emily Um, and Adrian's cousin played with them which was fun. Played a lot of tag with them around the playground so which was good because they never met him. Um, it's a cousin who is from Spain I'm sorry excuse me from italy um, who had just moved in the past couple years to to Spain so that was another minor factor in why we liked this. Itinerary so much was because not only would we get to see the rest of the family in italy but we would also be able to see this cousin who had moved to Spain so anyway and then we also as we do in every stop we try to find a place and buy some chocolates and bring them back because we love chocolate especially from europe. 39:51.24 Sam Ah I mean who doesn't love chocolate right? Yes, It's way better so you had so the next port that you went to I'm sorry if we're forgot the name of it. But it's another portugal or sorry another Spanish Port. Where your cousin joined you. What did you do with that port. 40:06.28 Adrian and Emily So that was um Malaga so in the night in between we went through the strait of gibraltar which was pretty cool and we were I was particularly excited about I kept joking I was like I don't care if it's one in the morning I'm staying up and saying hi to Africa so it was. 40:13.68 Sam Um, oh cool. 40:22.42 Sam Um, wow. 40:22.69 Adrian and Emily And it one it was about 1 in the morning and but there were tons of people. We didn't even stay up late enough because I think by the time we actually went through the straight it was like 2 am m or something wasn't I think we kind of threw in the toal like we we were like we we can't get up and function in the morning if we're if we're staying up too late, but there were. 40:37.68 Sam Um, yeah. 40:41.10 Adrian and Emily 5200 people up on deck up on what would that be deck 12 I guess at the very front 13 oh 13 yeah who I mean it was like a party atmosphere in the middle of the night because so many people were staying up to see the strait of gibraltar as we went through but we could see I mean it was. Um I can't think of the name of the city right now in Africa what would that have been um Morocco I miss Morocco I just can't think of the name anyway, it wasn't casa blanco it was um also with a t I can't believe I can't well anyway without thank you Thank you Okay this what happens when you're on the spot train to trying to think is stuff. 41:03.13 dclduo Oh casablanca. 41:11.11 dclduo Oh to ah 10 years 41:17.29 Adrian and Emily So so we could see the lights for a good hour before that and as we got close so it was like that was enough it was like all right I feel like I've seen it I'm not I don't need to stay up and see a lighthouse in the dark that tells me we've technically gone past gibralgar. So anyway, but a lot of people did and I said it really it was It was very windy. It was very cold up on. 41:20.50 Sam Um, mccool. 41:35.58 Adrian and Emily Ah, on the top but a lot of people were up there just for the experience that was kind of neat. Um, and then so in Malaga we um that was the actually where it kind of started to get a little bit rough that next night was when a kind of storm came in so it was kind of threatening rain all day we wound up not doing a ton because then it started raining and it was kind of like a well or. Trying to not get soaked and by the time we got back on the ship I mean we were we were like drenched I think by the time we got back? um on the ship so mostly was just walking around the town a little bit. They had a huge central market. We went to um, it was called the alcazaba it was kind of a moorish influence I don't know if it was a fortress or like a castle. Um, but it was it was built up onto. It was another hill another time dragging everybody out going going uphill? Um, but it was beautiful and so we went ah six years ago seven years ago um to the alhambra and like to those areas in Spain and so it kind of had a little bit of that field to it. Not not quite the same but still part of that. 42:18.97 Sam Ah. 42:27.86 Sam You hear. 42:34.70 Adrian and Emily Sort of more more influence in in Spain so that was really neat. 42:38.46 Sam Awesome! How is the food in that area I feel like I I imagine it would be quite good. Yeah. 42:43.97 Adrian and Emily The food was all good everywhere. It was. It was really good. Yeah, again being on the coast. You're getting a lot of seafood. A lot of fresh seafood again. Very reasonably priced everywhere in Portugal and Spain my parents or maybe more my dad. 42:51.44 Sam Um, yeah. 42:59.34 Adrian and Emily Has been talking about. Oh maybe we should move to Spain. So my mother is tolerating those conversations for now we'll see what happens. 43:06.24 dclduo I just read an article the other day that lots of americans are retiring to Portugal these days. So so there you go um I forgot to ask in Portugal. Do you get a chance to try Portugal's famous for port wine as I recall so ah, do you get to try any port wine in Portugal. 43:10.38 Adrian and Emily Hello. That's right. 43:11.49 Sam Um, yeah. 43:19.15 Adrian and Emily We passed a shop but oh we of course it should be yet. We don't drink so we didn't but we did pass a shop for it I Don't think you did your dad? No but I did buy several cans of very expensive fancy sardines which I love like it. That's. 43:19.25 Sam With the chocolate of course. 43:23.52 dclduo Okay. 43:35.56 Sam I You know everybody's got their thing right? I don't touch sardines but you know I Also don't drink drink ah pork I like I do drink I Just don't drink pot. But um, but I would be all about that chocolate and you know probably some of the other seafood. So ah. 43:38.81 Adrian and Emily A. 43:46.94 Adrian and Emily Um, with this. 43:51.35 Adrian and Emily Um. 43:52.79 Sam All right? So you had 2 stops there in Spain both of which she got to see Adrienne's cousin what was your next stop. 43:59.30 Adrian and Emily And the last one was in Cartagena so one more stop before the final one. It was actually like a half day. We like all of board time I think was like twelve thirty twelve or 1230 or something so was so was a pretty early one. 44:09.57 Sam Um, go. 44:12.78 Adrian and Emily Um, so the kids actually did not even get off at that point. So another thing that was interesting about this and we kind of discussed this a lot with our friends who traveled because they've done way more cruises than we have um but how it was a little odd that you had six days at sea really then one stop and then another day I mean the first part was very. Slow in the sense that you weren't going it. Yeah, it was just very a very different feel than when you were doing what did we have then five days in a row of port days. Basically so those days were were pretty tiring because it was and they were warm other I mean even when it was raining. It wasn't actually that cold. They were pretty warm. 44:34.23 Sam Um, yeah. 44:40.28 Sam Um, yeah. 44:48.10 Adrian and Emily Um, and so our kids were pretty tired by that day. Um and it and it was a short one anyway. So they just stayed on board. Um, but Adrian and I got off again, it was I mean it was the the port was right there so it was very easy to get from the ship um into the city. So we just we walked around you and I got a little bit of ah food we walked just went into some shops. There was a Roman Amphitheater 45:05.84 Sam How cool. 45:07.61 Adrian and Emily So We walk to that there I think there were a few excursions that day but mostly they were like City tours. It seems like a lot of the excursions at all of these places. The Disney excursions at least we didn't really look into other options. But um, we're either. You know it's a. Hour or two Hou hour or two Hou hour bus drive somewhere out of the city or it was like a walking tour in the City. So. That's why we kind of felt like well we've never been to these places we'd like to see the cities but we might as well just take our own walking tour and then get to go where we want so that was kind of the the calculation there but I don't think there really could be that day because the stop was really so short. 45:38.41 dclduo He was gonna say it looks like it look. It looks like from the schedule you got in at 7 am m and then left it just past noon. Yeah why that's really short, especially that early? Yeah yeah. 45:40.35 Adrian and Emily Um, but we enjoyed it. Yeah yeah, so you can go and you can have an early lunch walk around buy some buy some things which we did I tried I almost I tried to buy us forco but they didn't have it in my size and I was disappointing So I found one in Italy later on. Um, but. 45:46.49 Sam Um, yeah. 45:57.80 Sam Hello. Ah. 45:59.97 Adrian and Emily That was really all you could do that day. 1 thing I forgot to mention about Malaga when we were in port. It's ah it's a more metropolitan city. That's where the airport is we were actually in port with the world residences at sea the cruise ship that has hundred and sixty five private residences so we were in port with them too so drive for. 46:08.12 Sam Um. 46:10.59 dclduo Oh yeah. 46:12.13 Sam Um, oh yeah. 46:18.54 Adrian and Emily Driving and past that on the bus because our terminal was a little further away was just stirred up a lot of conversation about like oh I wonder where they're going to next all those people who spent millions of dollars on that to live on the cruise ship that was pretty interesting. 46:28.87 dclduo Yeah, that would be yeah for sure for sure. Well, we've been talking a bit about food I'm always no they end in Barcelona after cartainia. Yeah yeah. 46:28.90 Sam Oh yeah. 46:36.91 Sam Well, what do we have one more port stop Brian right? Oh you end a marcelana okay, never. 46:40.86 Adrian and Emily Yeah, we just and and we did absolutely nothing because again our goal was to get to italy so it was kind of sad we waved at Barcelona from our transportation to the airport that was all we did in barceloto but as you mentioned before Sam Barcelona is one of those ports where there was not a lot around it. It is very industrial. So yeah, you. 46:50.50 dclduo Yeah. 46:57.86 Sam Yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely. 47:00.43 Adrian and Emily Couldn't do anything unless you wanted to take a journey somewhere anyway. 47:05.89 dclduo Well I'm I'm curious about food because these longer cruises they've got to you know, get past the standard rotational menus pretty quickly and I did see some ah some chatter online that they had some interesting new menu items that they might have been trying out a little bit on this cruise. Ah, did you get any special menus that you thought were particularly noteworthy. 47:24.71 Adrian and Emily We had a different menu every day for thirteen days which was great. We sort of felt we we were joking with our server team that they had I think it was 12 or 13 different outfits. It has somewhere seemed like its that laundry room was very busy. 47:29.54 Sam Um I Love that. 47:41.84 Adrian and Emily Well, they even brought in like we had the Aaron Del menu from the witch we like one night all of everybody had that and they had like their outfits were the Aaron's like I don't what weren't they they were yeah like so it was very. It was very interesting lot of yeah lot of that. 47:44.60 Sam Oh yeah, the frozen. Yeah. 47:58.25 Sam Well, they do that so that menu they do have historically done in Europe and in the Alaska season. So it's like ah coordinating with the frozen night at sea which they do obviously instead of pirate deck party for those listening. 48:05.90 Adrian and Emily Hello. Okay. 48:14.24 Sam Um, there's your european sailings typically have a frozen night at sea as do the Alaska sailings. They do not have fireworks accompanying them because of the locations of the ships typically um, well for sure not in Alaska but most parts of europe they don't as well. But there are some exceptions to that? Um, but yeah, they usually do have that menu that has the. Um, that amazing scallop dish with the puff pastry on top of it I'm obsessed with that thing. Um, but yeah I love that they have that. Um, but I but some of the other menus. It sounds like were even more new or different. Ah. 48:47.68 Adrian and Emily They had a special transatlantic menu. They had let the magic begin they had the regular rotational menu they had. We had a part night with fireworks then um, we had we. We. 48:58.27 Sam So you did have a pirate night. Also oh because yeah because you're in that part of Europe you can yeah or. 49:04.67 Adrian and Emily We had 2 different fireworks nights one was a pirate night and then one was our abbreviated twenty fifth anniversary shimmering seas celebration which we can get into later but that my favorite meal there was a venison loin on one of the nights all of the food overall and again we had. 49:21.12 Sam Ooh. 49:23.92 Adrian and Emily We were selling with what 11 people and I think 10 different special diets. Yeah, so we are not a fun group basically is is what so it was very challenging for our service team. Um, but they tried and for the most part. 49:27.90 Sam Um, oh my gosh. 49:31.99 dclduo Yeah. 49:42.75 Adrian and Emily Able to get some pretty good food. Some nights were better than others but there were never really any stinkers. Everything was pretty good. They had special desserts for us every night so we have our family has a bunch of allergies. Our friends that we were traveling with um are vegan and then and also have some allergies on top of that. 49:47.87 Sam Yeah, yeah. 49:59.30 Adrian and Emily And then um Adrian's mommy kind of alluded to before she actually um from her cancer treatments um has a feeding tube. Um, and so she really they would even bring her like some pure aid vegetables some night she has a really really difficult time swallowing. Um, and so they they really did a lot to accommodate a lot of. 50:11.76 Sam Um. 50:16.77 Adrian and Emily A lot of different um and challenging issues that were in there and the same we went to. We actually went to apollo 3 times. Um, first time just Adrian and I went and then we went his parents celebrated their fifty second anniversary while we were on this sailing and so we went that night us and then the 4 of us went together. 50:18.19 Sam Um, wow. 50:29.30 Sam Oh. 50:35.43 Adrian and Emily Um, and then it was one of my last nights we brought our friends along as well. So we went from 2 people the first night to 4 people the second night to 6 people the last night um and we we did not go to. 50:44.31 Sam Ah, now. How did how did that work with your mom at Pollo All right like I understand in the main dining right? They could bring her some purees and obviously she's not getting charged extra but how did that work with. Ah, did they make in a comment because she's not ordering you know a main you know menu or fixed price. Okay, okay, good. 51:02.46 Adrian and Emily Right? There was no charge for my mom at Paulo. Yeah, it was accommodating both and and we did all a card that night anyway we weren't doing the fix menu. so um so yeah either way it would have been fine, but um, yeah, no, they were ied the fix menu the second night though. Yes, the second time he did but they were they were accommodating each time and we mentioned it to them. 51:17.57 Sam Okay, okay. 51:20.87 Adrian and Emily In advance just like we had to mention all of our allergens and then we would talk to them each night atpollo two and we had the same server all 3 times so he knew the subsequent times exactly what we needed to do and what was there so they had special food prepared for us in advance that we had made request for like a gluten-fre yoki. 51:38.23 Sam Oh oh my goodness. 51:39.52 Adrian and Emily Um, glu-free vegan Yoke too. There was no egg in it either. So yeah, it was I mean they did so much to accommodate us it was It was Fantastic. It was really really good. They had the largest O so vcco that my my father grew up in the restaurant business. And spent his entire career in the restaurant business and they had the largest O of Buco that I think he'd ever seen in his life and they had it for all 3 of us so it was massive. It was. 52:00.60 dclduo I Tell you every time I order that dish it gets bigger. It went from like ah you know, ah a really large meatball size to like ah like a chipotle burrito size so it just gets bigger every time I get it every time I look at it and I go I can't eat all of that. So anyway. Ah. 52:13.25 Adrian and Emily Um. 52:16.83 Sam Yeah, well I think the problem is I I know it I It has been bigger certain times than other times. But I think the problem really is is that we just order like every course right? So we we do the salad we do? Well we you have the you know the salad the appetizer. Um. 52:25.35 Adrian and Emily Yes, no. 52:34.00 Sam That we like to have some pizz right? like week we have to have a pasta course and then we have our like meat or fish course and then we have we usually share dessert. That's the only thing I would say we like skimp on. Ah. 52:39.59 Adrian and Emily Um. 52:42.33 Adrian and Emily Yes, we always sharedness but now it all. We didn't even do that. But I mean yeah I think the final night I was what like a 3 well I don't know it. You know 3 4 hour meal that it wides up in Apollo because we ordered so much and it was I mean it was it was just really good. We really really enjoyed that and. 52:54.60 Sam Um, yeah. 52:59.76 Adrian and Emily Thank you and shoutout to our oldest who took care of all of the kids on that final night so that we could be good and our server team. Actually we server team was really great and we actually had requested our assistant server who we had a year ago on the dream and she was on again. So we had her. 53:14.42 Sam Oh that's awesome. Oh that's awesome I will say you know it might have been easier for your serving team that last night because they had less aller to accommodate. Ah. 53:16.57 Adrian and Emily Ah, for the entirety of the screws. So that was really nice too. So shout out to you. Justin. 53:27.38 Adrian and Emily It might have been. Yes, it may have yeah and they um they I think they had a bunch of ice cream that night too yeah probably 53:34.67 Sam I Love it I Love it. That's awesome. So what have we missed from this cruise were there some other highlights. Ah you know whether did you guys do any thing. Um, fun at the spa um were there other you know onboard things that we missed. 53:49.52 Adrian and Emily Okay, I'm looking through my stuff because yeah have things I forgot so okay, our our 10 year old wanted us to mention that she got to go to the bivity boffy boutique. She had been watching Youtube videos. She knew like which package she wanted and what the different things came in I mean she was like cracking us up. She'd been saving her money. 53:56.67 Sam Oh I Love that. 54:08.69 Adrian and Emily She This was like a big thing for her so she got to go along with um Catella Our friend's daughter. They um the two of them went together. Um, so it was you know it's very different cruise when there was mostly adults and not so many children and obviously as many nights as there were so we were the only people at the bibotiboti boutique when we were there. We asked. 54:21.70 Sam Um, oh yeah. 54:27.76 Adrian and Emily The fairy godmother apprentice who is helping her. We just we I don't remember what brought it up but just said oh it seems like you know, hopefully this cruise has still been okay for you guys and she said oh yeah, usually we have about 96 appointments a day she said today we have four and we were 2 of them and the two are it was like it was just so. 54:37.75 Sam Oh. 54:43.30 Sam What. 54:46.73 Adrian and Emily So different for them which 96 sounds crazy but she I mean but but I I guess if there's they do 4 or they have 6 chairs and they do I don't know I don't know how they do it but that was what she told us so it was thankfully that's not a tipped position because that was my only stress for them is I was like I really hope this is not like. 54:53.93 Sam Oh my God right. 55:03.79 Adrian and Emily For them. Hopefully that was and a nice break of a cruise where they're not working such crazy days rather than a negative another special thing that they had was they did these group photos with the characters and it was they did it on c days and so it was like the kind of the big 8 and they would all be in different outfits and so it was like at two o'clock on every c day. 55:05.30 Sam Sure. 55:13.72 Sam Hello. 55:23.37 Adrian and Emily And so it was just their classic outfits on formal night they were wearing their formal clothes and so you could go get a photo was on the stairs and so it was what like Mickey Mini Donald Daisy Goofy Pluto Chippendalle and they were all in their special clothes. But. This was one of those things on the cruise that clearly people knew about it and it turned into this crazy thing even on the navigator it got to where it only showed it as a 5 minute activity so if you were not in line within those 5 minutes you didn't get to do it and we heard from people that you would wait in line for like 45 minutes or an hour to get these pictures. So. 55:54.42 Sam Wow. 55:55.35 dclduo Wow. 55:57.32 Adrian and Emily I mean it looked really neat. We would watch from like the upstairs from upstairs and peek over the balcony and was like oh cool today they're in there like there was an italian outfit in pirate outfits just variety of outfits and there was actually a another guest on board who somehow. Had ah gotten information on what all of Minnie's outfits were for the entirety of the crewise and she coordinated perfectly with Mininie every day like and she photo with Mininie every single day. It was amazing. It was it was like an interesting thing to watch. We never met her and spoke to her but it was like ok I was I told her that it was impressive. Oh she did. 56:23.44 Sam Oh my god. 56:33.90 Sam That is amazing. She must have a friend who's not just a cast member but a cast member who is in the entertainment staff because those are the people who would be able to know that like sort of that level of detail. Um, but that's crazy. 56:33.17 Adrian and Emily But. 56:40.31 Adrian and Emily Must came. Yeah, yeah, so we never waited in line for that because looked neat but just was not something that I necessarily wanted to spend my time on but that was cool. It was a unique thing that for people who are into it I mean that's a cool thing that you can only do on these kind of sailings. The other thing out of. 56:49.92 Sam Wow. 56:56.10 Sam Well and if yeah, well and if they cut off the line after the first five minutes which ah to for those listening if if you don't understand what we're talking about. Let me just give a ah brief primer with character meet and greets on the ships. Sometimes they have them scheduled like 15 minutes apart in the same location. Usually they're like 30 minutes apart in the same location. So like Mickey might be at the on the deck 3 in the our deck four in the atrium at 10 a m and then Minnie's going to be there at ten thirty a m well. They're not going to let people continue to get in line after like 1020 so they'll usually cut off the line at about you know, ten fifteen 10 20 depending upon how many people are in line and then they start the line for mini maybe 15 minutes early and they do that because otherwise. And they let everybody in that mickey line Mickey will continue to be there past ten thirty and they can't have that because they've got it scheduled just so so that's what Adriene and Emily are talking about with this. Obviously this special character meet and greet which you've got the most popular you know 8 Disney characters. Everyone and their mother is going to want to take that picture and so if you're not there in the first five minutes you are not going to be able to get in line. Yeah, right. 58:12.98 Adrian and Emily And the challenge was they only did it once a day right? So the hope was that they would have done it more frequently on the flip side of that because this was a longer cruise with more time there were princesses roaming around and one day we happened to see raunzel walking around she stopped kneel down and was. Chatting with our kids for a solid 5 minutes or even more and we saw that happening multiple times with other children and families throughout the careers where they had more time to be flexible and to really interact with the guests. 58:41.52 Sam Yeah I love that those character interactions that are more impromptu versus the scheduled you know where you stand in line are I think generally better even though you might not get the perfect picture. You got to get your camera out for video because. You might you might catch a 5 to ten minute interaction between a character and your kid or somebody else's kid frankly but those are some of the best and and they don't tell you when those are going to happen. Do they have any unique characters out. Obviously what we've talked about are sort of the the standard characters that we see on the cruise. But. 59:04.73 Adrian and Emily Um, of it. 59:15.96 Sam I'm not I'm just curious I don't know if they do on these longer cruises. Um, you know if did you have any of the toy story characters or anything. Um. 59:21.45 Adrian and Emily I Think it was not that I remember I think it was more like unique costumes I stitch it stitch a lot but like it was even like stitch in a pirate outfit stitch. You know like it was kind of more where they would I think it was more that. 59:32.66 Sam Um, yeah. 59:36.70 Adrian and Emily I thought we had some Marvel characters or maybe it's Pixar characters at some point but I can't quite remember the other thing we need to talk about though are all of the main stage acts aside from the regular shows there was some there was some really great talent there and my favorite. Um, the entire cruise was the crew talent show that was amazing. 59:56.13 Sam Oh they did a crew talent show. Oh what kinds of things did they do like were they and and who performed were they just the mainsage folks or did you have like waitstaff and stuff. Oh wow. 01:00:06.73 Adrian and Emily No, no, it was no and I don't think it was any of the mains stage performers because they did that mainstage Cabaret a different night. There were a lot of entertainment staff. There was a brand human staff who did a duet with with someone. There was I think someone from The. Janiatorial Crew who did yoga. Yeah, he you know he was um, engineering I remember he was engineering and he got up and he demonstrated some yoga poses and explained like how this one would be beneficial to like your liver and this way I was I mean it was pretty interesting like um, just interesting Stuff. There was one person from. 01:00:27.55 dclduo Um. 01:00:42.49 Adrian and Emily Dining who did it. The challenge is of course they have to kind of be working during that time because it's during the opposite dinner right? But our um, our head server because we asked about that and she said no he chose to actually sit this cruise out like he was just kind of there and his back if there were more crew members than normal. 01:00:44.27 Sam Oh yeah. 01:00:56.62 Sam He probably did cabanas and stuff instead of do it. Yeah, he probably did that kind of. 01:01:01.21 Adrian and Emily Maybe yeah, but but specifically so that he could do the crew talent show because he wanted to be able to do it and he played I think he played the guitar right? was that him. Um and then now lot my favorite. My favorite one was there was a crew member from merchandising and I wish we remember of her name. But she's sang and you may know this sam the girl in 14 g Kristin Chenowi song she did a fantastic job. She brought the house down is awesome. 01:01:20.53 Sam Oh yeah, oh my goodness I and don't you love that that you have these awesome talented people who aren't even professional performers themselves but they're that good right? It's just kind of it just tells you like. 01:01:35.29 Adrian and Emily Yeah, yeah. 01:01:39.43 Sam I Mean it really tells you what caliber you have to be in order to like make it right in the in real you know showbiz. So it's crazy. There's so many amazing. 01:01:44.90 Adrian and Emily yeah yeah I mean they were. They're really talented and these were not people who were normally up you know, singing at all. Um, we also had I think was it who was the ventriloquist that was on your guys' show before I meant to look and see was it John kimmins. 01:01:57.32 Sam No, we had Taylor Mason 01:01:57.47 dclduo No Taylor Mason 01:02:01.43 Adrian and Emily Oh okay, okay, so we had John Kimmins he was. He was great too. I mean there was there was a few different ones but just the one that stood out too. So um Jonathan Burns I have never I don't think I've ever laughed that hard in my life. He was like a contortionist but a comedian. 01:02:13.26 Sam 6 01:02:15.44 Adrian and Emily Um, I mean we were crying even Adrian's mom she's behind us. She's good like it's so stupid. But I can't stop laughing I mean we were all crying like we were laughing so hard it was he was hilarious I just the the entertainment was and they and they always did a show over an evolution as well for the adults only too. 01:02:22.96 Sam Ah. 01:02:31.64 Sam Oh love that? awesome. 01:02:35.42 Adrian and Emily Was good. We also had the um so the twenty fifth anniversary fireworks adrian sort of alluded to this was the first twenty fifth anniversary sailing on the dream at least I don't know if other ships had it sooner. But um so I think it felt a little like even as they were trying to kind of do the pre-show like maybe they were not quite sure what they were doing. It was a little rocky even at the beginning. 01:02:39.77 Sam Um, oh yeah. 01:02:54.16 Adrian and Emily That was when I think we messaged you and said um Rebecca of dcll duo fame. Everybody was looking for on there. She did like a rapid fire she was they were just like interviewing random people again I think they were kind of stalling. Um and so she was asking them questions by yeah I was like hey that was things I called her on it too. 01:02:56.40 Sam Oh yes, was. 01:03:04.62 Sam She stole our rapid fire. We've we've done her a cease and desist. No I'm just kidding. But. 01:03:13.48 Adrian and Emily No, she was besides that I made it. It made that made it so fun for us to get to see her around the ship so that was great, but um, so they finally they got the fireworks going and the music's playing and that was fun and then they just stopped the fireworks just stopped and the music kept going but it never there was never really a finale and we were like well that was strange. And so we found out later and had on good authority from Crew members that some teenagers had jumped the barriers into the areas where you're not supposed to go during the fireworks show and so they had to just cut the show immediately. 01:03:39.70 Sam Oh no. 01:03:46.21 Adrian and Emily So a couple a couple nights later and this was again it was while we were doing our cdays it was like our day to after that we were talking about it after dinner once and someone happened to get in the elevator with us and said oh my child is friends with the couple of kids who had went through the barrier. And their entire parties are being removed at our first stop and we'll never be allowed to return Dc again. So we don't know if that's true, but so that was a that was a flat hand information. Yeah, but that is what we heard happened our Whatsapp group of cruisers was going crazy when this happened because this is. 01:04:10.76 Sam Wow. 01:04:16.64 Sam Wow. 01:04:25.42 Adrian and Emily Going to be most people's only experience an opportunity to see the the twenty fifth anniversary celebration and it got cut short so it was a little disappointing which you know from a safety perspective obviously for Disney that's that's a pretty huge one I mean that's ah, that's a total disaster if somebody got hurt from the firework that's that's. 01:04:31.97 Sam Yeah, right, they had to. 01:04:42.13 Adrian and Emily Clearly a major major problem So who knows if that if the results for those families was true, but um, but that is yeah so that was a bummer but. 01:04:46.30 Sam Wow! Well yeah I mean this is major pyrotechnics that they're doing at sea right? This is a to your point. Emily this is a big deal right? There's a safety wise a huge deal and it's a big part of that top deck that they. Cord and off so that nobody can go really anywhere close to where they shoot the fireworks off the ship. Um, and so wow I'll be honest I wouldn't be shocked if those people were actually removed at the port and banned from Disney Cruise line which is a ah tough. Pill to swallow. Um for the parents if it was caused by their teenagers to be perfectly. Honest, um, but I you know at at and who knows I would I also though wouldn't be surprised if Disney helped them with transportation type stuff though. So because even when you get punished by Disney. 01:05:28.20 Adrian and Emily Um, yeah. 01:05:35.46 Adrian and Emily Yeah I think. 01:05:39.74 Sam They also sometimes will help you get home. So. 01:05:40.90 Adrian and Emily The silver lining was they got removed from the ship in Ponta Delgata which we mentioned was very beautiful. So if there was stuck there for a few days. You know what it wasn't that we would have we would have stayed we thought about it so we did still get you know. 01:05:50.90 Sam Ah. 01:05:53.88 Sam Ah, well and and one one thing to sorry to interrupt you but 1 thing about those twenty fifth anniversary fireworks we heard. They're very short anyway. So you probably didn't miss too much of the show. But. 01:06:03.80 Adrian and Emily There you go. So maybe not and we still had our pirate night so that was fine. We still and like it's okay, we we weren't like upset about it. It was just that it was more like something is clearly off here. You know it was a little bit. It was a little bit more of that. 01:06:14.80 Sam Um, yeah. 01:06:20.23 Adrian and Emily Um, other thing we had an officers's ball. We had a captain's reception one night I mean they just they had all kinds of like unique and neat. Neat stuff that was going on I think that was kind of our thing. Oh Tony from Spain was on there. We were excited about that. Um, it's like they're just. 01:06:34.19 Sam Oh yeah. 01:06:38.57 Adrian and Emily He and he came out of retirement to actually host a show once so that was pretty well. He's now an officer so like but he came out and yeah, just just a lot of fun stuff. The trivia was um, crazy competitive on this particular sailing. 01:06:40.45 Sam Oh that's nice. Yeah yeah. 01:06:50.30 Sam Oh I bet. 01:06:53.40 Adrian and Emily Because you had so many people I guess and there were new medals that they were handing out. Yeah, the characters it was the character medals on this one which I guess for people who into it was a huge deal and so it was like you know it was that there was a daisy I don't know was there was a mickey mini. Yeah yes. 01:06:59.20 Sam Um. 01:07:06.34 Sam It's the fab 5 Basically yeah, there's one that has chip and dale on it together and then the rest is like yeah they Donald Daisy yeah Pluto Goofy Mickey mini yeah so the fab 5 plus yeah. 01:07:11.34 Adrian and Emily Yes, we saw that. 01:07:15.81 Adrian and Emily Very competitive. Some people had their phones out during the so we really kind of wondered like our 12 year old went to frozen trivia and she made it to like the final. The final thing it was down to like the tiebreaker around and one of the tiebreaker questions was. 01:07:21.65 Sam Oh yeah. 01:07:33.45 Adrian and Emily What is the running time in minutes of frozen the first frozen movie and like multiple people had it right? and she was like what what? So I don't know man there was either these are some serious Disney fans or what but I mean it was people were trading around. Could you get? Yeah yeah. 01:07:36.24 Sam Oh my god. 01:07:40.29 dclduo Yeah. 01:07:44.95 Sam Or they were cheating. 01:07:50.22 Adrian and Emily Could could you trade somebody to get the character metal that you wanted and if the ship metal was getting handed out that was like I don't know it was It was kind of a world. We enjoyed trivia but that was like a different a different level so that was kind of interesting. 01:07:54.98 Sam I am. Yeah, that's crazy. 01:08:01.23 dclduo Yeah, yeah, well Adrian Emily I think we could talk all afternoon about your fabulous eastbound transyletic cruise but we have reached that point in our show where. Need to hand you over to Sam for some arbitrary questions some arbitrary rules and a dash of judgment are the round. We know as a rapid fire so sam you will take it away. 01:08:24.39 Sam Well you guys you know it's been a while since you've been on the show and now you have hit your fab 5 that's what we're calling it Adrian you had mentioned earlier. You weren't sure what we're calling it. You've been on all 5 ships now and so I feel like we need to redo. Your favorites from Disney Cruise line so I hope that you've got you know some good answers I hope that you give me some right answers because otherwise obviously you face my judgment so I need. 01:08:54.59 Adrian and Emily Okay, so we do though need to tell you we have not we were going to do the fantasy we were booked on the fantasy but then had to change it for this one so we actually still have not quite so just so you know those things will not be in the running for our answers. No not yet achieve that set. 01:09:02.30 Sam Ah, ah, okay, never mind you haven't hit your fab 5 yet. But soon okay, but we're still gonna ask your favorites. 01:09:14.96 Adrian and Emily Ah, so. 01:09:17.96 Sam And it has to be limited to the ships you've been on. You cannot answer the fantasy for any of your answers. Okay, all right favorite onboard show. We're talking the mainstage shows Emily will start with you. 01:09:29.69 Adrian and Emily Be It has to be beauty in the beast I'm just trying to be fair and then not just be that just because we just saw it and we saw so many behind the scenes things about it but that was amazing I Love beating the beast Anyway, that was just really amazingly well done I think the Tangle shows mine repuns I Really enjoy that one. 01:09:47.52 Sam Those are both those are in the top running. Um I will say Emily and I are simpatico but I do love the tangled show as well. Okay, favorite adult space on board a disney ship. 01:10:04.99 Adrian and Emily You? Well I shouldn't answer for you I suppose but um, we spent a lot of time in evolution on this one because there were so many things at night and you had to fight for space by the way to get there. There were so many adults on it if you weren't there early. You didn't get it. But. Waiting for you to jump in I'm thinking about the wish actually ah your this is friendshipship right? Oh yeah, I really did like hyperspace lounge. So it's nibb and a popular answer. But no I enjoy I thought it was again. I've so I've gone to hyperspace lounge and I've gone to pogus cantina at Hollywood Studios more than once and I just. 01:10:24.14 Sam Yep, any ship. 01:10:39.58 Adrian and Emily Thought that hyperspace lounge was a more pleasant experience for someone who's a Star Wars fan I Love the little subtle rumble in there as well too. The the drinks the not even the non-alcoholic drinks I felt were good. 01:10:42.63 Sam M. 01:10:56.77 Adrian and Emily A good company small space. But that's probably my favorite. It's not like I love any of the adult spaces though. There's not one where it's like I need to go back there I Love that one so much but I did really enjoy Hyperspace non unless you count Pollo in which case. Oh yeah, that's obviously the adult space that wins everything. So yeah, yeah. 01:11:12.36 Sam The right answer? Yeah ah like that. Well you know that there's many right answers I think to this question but I Apollo is a great answer all right. 01:11:15.80 Adrian and Emily Forgot about that clearly there is only 1 answer. That's it. 01:11:24.69 Sam Your favorite rotational dining now you've been to quite a few of them Emily why don't we start with you. 01:11:34.59 Adrian and Emily Um, I'm I'm going to pick from the wish to maybe in say 1923 because I really really liked the the decor in there all the kind of Disney history and the little bit memorabilia that were in there. Um. 01:11:42.22 Sam No. 01:11:48.96 Adrian and Emily Again I'm trying to like force myself to not only just think about this cruise because we spent you know 5 or six whatever lots of nights in each of the main dining rooms on this one. But I think I might say that it's unique I I think I go with royal palace on this last cruise they had us in this little. 01:11:59.80 Sam Yeah, what about you? Adrian. 01:12:07.26 Adrian and Emily Little It was still a big room off to the side. It was nice. Um, which was really nice and just quiet. 01:12:12.22 Sam Nice all right favorite Onboard C day Activity Adrian will start with you. 01:12:21.49 dclduo No. 01:12:21.76 Adrian and Emily Bingo Bingo bingo bingo 01:12:25.27 Sam Ah, all right? Emily what about you. 01:12:27.58 Adrian and Emily Um, probably going to the spa. This was the first time we went to get um massages and that was really really nice. We also had the we had the rainforest entirey of the cruise. Yeah. 01:12:37.68 Sam Very nice. All right favorite sweet food item Adrian let's start with you. 01:12:51.79 Adrian and Emily Atpollo they made me a gluten free egg-free panaccota which was really nice. It had ah some raspberry pannacota with it and a mint foam. It was really nice and I had that I think. All 3 times so that's my favorite one so far I'm thinking of 2 things at the moment we kept getting the shake of vanelopies while we were on the ship this time that was very good. It was chocolate covered strawberry shake. Yes, we were. 01:13:10.00 Sam Wow. Um, yeah Emily what about you. 01:13:24.94 dclduo Now. Ah. 01:13:25.67 Adrian and Emily More times it was. It was really really good. Um, the other. The other thing I don't know was my favorite but just to mention on the sailing. They had different flavors of soft serve than I remember seeing like there was blueberry. There was mint I don't remember seeing those and 1 of the days I just mentioned to the guy because we were getting like the allergen friendly cone from him and I just said hey. 01:13:26.40 Sam Nice. 01:13:38.65 Sam Um, no. 01:13:45.58 Adrian and Emily This is really cool that you guys at different flavors. You know like I really liked the mint that was really neat like I like mint ice cream and then like two days later he saw me come over and he said hey did you see we have mint today like that and that's like just something about the people on a Disney Cruise that just like the guy who's in charge of the software station remembered that I like mint. 01:13:54.84 Sam He remembered. 01:14:04.49 Adrian and Emily They brought it out on another day and he wanted to make sure that I saw it was there like they're just they're amazing I saw you to sit obviously fine sure I mean of course dog I but those were like experiencesly. 01:14:09.20 Sam You're awesome like that. Yeah. 01:14:14.57 Sam Ah, all right favorite savory item Emily will start with you on this one? sure. 01:14:17.51 Adrian and Emily So if I'm allowed to say Paulo then I will say the yoki that we had there was I I don't even I don't know it was amazing I don't I don't have words okay, that's how that's how it was yeah the so buco. 01:14:26.78 dclduo Yeah. 01:14:29.79 Sam It's um, good. You know it's good when you don't have words what about you Adrianne. Ah there you go it kills it every time. Ok we already know Adrian's answer to this question. So I'm just going to ask Emily this question Aqua Dunk aqua duc 01:14:34.92 Adrian and Emily It's so good. It's so so so good. 01:14:40.77 Adrian and Emily Um, um I would still probably say the Aqua duck. However, it was a little bit chilly on this this sailing. It was fine out on deck and the pools were heated on most of the days I Only actually went on it once because it was. 01:14:45.89 Sam Aqua mouse. 01:15:00.30 Adrian and Emily Cold but I just like that it's longer than the Aqua mouse the awkward duck I did do once but once is good and I'm fine I don't need to scare myself that much in the future. 01:15:08.29 Sam Yeah, yeah, and we know for those who didn't hear earlier in the show. Adrian is aqua dunk like Brian they are crazy. Ok now I need to know now which is your favorite ship and this is a hard question because now that you've been on the wish. Um, you know there's obviously competition from the wish. But you also now spent how many nights on the dream and so I feel like that can you know 13 nights that can that can really change someone's perception of a ship just spending that much time. So yeah, which one is your favorite Adrian. 01:15:31.18 Adrian and Emily 13 now. 01:15:41.93 Adrian and Emily As a ship itself I will say the wish I actually thought that the wish was really nicely designed because it was unique and different. But when I consider everything itineraries especially because after this we are long. 01:15:51.49 Sam He. 01:16:00.79 Adrian and Emily Cruise fans We don't want to take any short cruises anymore and I have to factor in the food which I didn't think was fantastic on the wish but on the dream they have all of the food that we can eat in all of their pizzas. The allergy friendly pizza. So I'm going to save the dream. 01:16:06.38 Sam Yes. 01:16:14.40 Sam Wow! All right? Emily what about you. 01:16:17.21 Adrian and Emily Want to clarify about the food because the food on the wish like the deck food is really good. So we have a combination of allergies which gets tricky like Adriene can't have gluten but he also can't have egg and often the gluten free items have eggs. So that's why on the wish there were some limitations like the gluten-free pizza had egg in the crust. So anyway, that's why. Overall I think the wish is want to knock the food on the wish that was pretty good. That's all. Ah yeah, yeah. 01:16:40.00 Sam We are obsessed with the food on the wish let me just put that out there. So I understand there is a ah, very different perspective. You know from people in general but also with with that kind of allergy restriction. Of course there's going to be some places that just are better. 01:16:40.16 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 01:16:50.95 Adrian and Emily And then. 01:16:57.50 Sam Then others for you? yeah. 01:16:58.86 Adrian and Emily Yeah, um I don't know I think I'm going to take the cop out answer I think of whichever one you're on but like I mean we I will say we still really. 01:17:03.41 Sam Yeah. 01:17:09.43 Adrian and Emily Loved the magic because there is kind of something about the smaller ships that is nice and I think we would feel the same way if we went on the wonder and I mean like Jason and Benjamin kept saying the same thing because they go. They're West Coast and so they go on the wonder a lot more and just really feel like that smaller ship has a different feel even with the the crew. Um, so. 01:17:10.72 Sam Me. 01:17:28.28 Adrian and Emily Yeah, maybe I might still say the match. That's that's just an impossible I don't know Yeah I'm sorry I know that's not a real answer. 01:17:32.27 Sam Yeah, all right? No, it's ok I Listen you're not the only person who has answered that way you know I I while I do have favorites I Yeah, it does kind of change depending upon which one I was on last so that that makes sense to me. 01:17:46.24 Adrian and Emily The distance. 01:17:50.34 Sam All right? Well thank you guys for playing. We appreciate your? um you know, humoring me on this I have to give Emily the win for her answer to beauty and the beast. Ah. 01:17:58.55 Adrian and Emily Um. 01:18:00.71 Adrian and Emily Who I say foie. 01:18:05.72 dclduo Well well say we should pause and do the segment. Yeah yeah. 01:18:10.21 Adrian and Emily Ge you Morgan here Morgan and we also booked this cruise for next year too we'll see but. 01:18:10.29 Sam Yes, yes. 01:18:19.19 Sam Yeah I was gonna I was gonna I was guessing that you were gonna say should we do a little should we do a little end thing here and then we'll put um Morgan section year earlier in the show when we talked about kids clubs or what do you want to do? okay. 01:18:21.60 dclduo We can ask the what's we. 01:18:28.80 dclduo Ah, it does it. Let's let's go and record the Morgan section then we can do the end stuff because it can splice it at any point. So yeah. 01:18:35.98 Sam Okay. 01:18:36.46 Adrian and Emily Sorry this is so long you have to cut a lot brand but all calls are. 01:18:41.89 dclduo Well we mentioned earlier in the show that we were going to have Morgan join us to talk about her experience in the the kids globe and on this eastbound transitlantic sailing and so Morgan welcome to our show hi well. 01:18:53.49 Adrian and Emily Hi. 01:18:58.49 dclduo What did you think of 6 straight days at sea. Did you find enough to occupy yourself on the ship or did you ah did you get a little bored. 01:19:06.72 Adrian and Emily Um I didn't really get too bored I felt like there was so much going on at the kids clubs that there's not very much time to get bored. 01:19:13.46 dclduo Yeah, what kind of stuff you like to do in the kids club. 01:19:15.64 Sam Yeah, ah. 01:19:20.76 Adrian and Emily Um I like the video games and just hanging out crafts. 01:19:27.60 Sam Awesome now you got to go to both vibe and edge. Um tell us because you're 14 so tell us what which 1 you liked better and maybe why and what sort of. Differentiates those 2 clubs because our son Nathan is only 9 so he's an oceanes club ocean ears lab kid so we have no experience and know very little about edge and vibes I would love to know? Yeah, what was better and what's kind of the difference. 01:19:57.89 Adrian and Emily Um, I personally preferred edge I Just it felt more like including and like at vibe when it was like in a scheduled activity or anything The kids didn't really want to participate in it. 01:20:11.52 Sam E. 01:20:13.97 Adrian and Emily Like the counselors really were likeel. 01:20:18.57 Sam That's a teenager thing I feel like right I mean they're like the older teenagers don't necessarily want to be involved in like the organized activity activity whereas the younger teenagers are more likely to engage am I am I. Maybe staying this correctly or but maybe I'm wrong I don't know okay, cool and now what kinds of activities. Do they do when you say they have like organized activities are they games are they shows like what are they doing in the in the clubs. 01:20:33.54 Adrian and Emily Yeah, that's correct. 01:20:47.87 Adrian and Emily Um, they like video games Bingo different like games with the fall. Um Karaoke just Heroes and villains just did a big provide variety. 01:20:53.96 Sam Oh nice. 01:21:00.92 Sam Oh awesome, cool. Well I'm jealous I feel like so they have some stuff that adults probably would want to do um now did you your siblings got to go to the oceane's club and Ocean Ears lab. 01:21:17.58 Sam And I know you used to go to those clubs when you were younger. Is there anything you miss from those clubs that they maybe don't have in the older clubs. 01:21:27.21 Adrian and Emily Um I don't think I I've never actually been to ocean ears club or lab. So but then your sister your 12 year old sister was able to go with you as well. Yeah, she goes to. 01:21:30.81 Sam Oh oh my goodness. Okay, you guys. 01:21:40.10 Sam Oh and which one did she like better. Do you think did she prefer to go to edge or did she prefer to go to the club Slash lab. Yeah, you have a lot more freedom in edge as opposed to the the kids club as I understand and. 01:21:44.44 Adrian and Emily Paper. 01:21:52.40 Adrian and Emily Um, I'm pretty sure she preferred edge. 01:22:00.30 Sam You don't have to like sign in and out right when you go into the club. You just kind of walk in and out or or how does that work. 01:22:04.30 Adrian and Emily Yeah, you can just weave whenever you want or come whenever you want but you have to have a sticker on your card. So. 01:22:13.67 Sam Gotcha now on the dream and the fantasy they have the one I would say the coolest um, Teen area is that outdoor area on the front of the ship. That has like a it's like a little pool deck with maybe a jacuzzi in there and some lounge chairs. Did you spend any time there. 01:22:34.34 Adrian and Emily Um, I really didn't I walked outside a little bit when and when edge invaded vibe but I didn't really hang out there at all. 01:22:44.30 Sam Okay, cool. Well I have to say I'm jealous of that area though in particular which is the area that your parents know was taken over on the wish by the rainforest room and so that's a really nice now adult area. Awesome! well. 01:22:55.78 Adrian and Emily Guests. 01:23:01.10 Sam Tell us what was your favorite thing about the cruise and and then I'm going to actually follow it up with another question. Yeah, what was your favorite thing about the cruise. 01:23:09.16 Adrian and Emily I Really liked the different shows and the crew talent show that was really cool. 01:23:14.83 Sam Awesome and which did you prefer a day at sea or day at 1 of the european ports. 01:23:25.64 Adrian and Emily Um, um. 01:23:29.48 Adrian and Emily Probably day at sea. 01:23:31.26 Sam Yeah, because your parents dragged you up all of these like towers and Hills and stuff and in the heat is that right. 01:23:36.37 Adrian and Emily Um, yeah, it was really hot. 01:23:37.25 dclduo Um, yeah. 01:23:44.25 Sam Ah, did you at least get rewarded like with ice cream or gelato or something good when you're in these like amazing European ports. Yeah, that's the reward grandpa likes what oh I Love it. 01:23:49.99 Adrian and Emily Yeah, we got gelato sometimes Grand likes he likes getting us gelato. 01:24:01.35 Sam Ah, love it. Awesome! Well thank you so much Morgan we really appreciate you coming on the show and um and telling us about edge and vibe and your experience it does not surprise me that a 14 year old enjoys sea days more than european fort days. Ah. 01:24:03.64 Adrian and Emily Thank you. 01:24:18.30 Sam Thanks. 01:24:21.49 Adrian and Emily Um, thank you Thanks! so. 01:24:21.64 dclduo Well Adrian Emily as we wrap up the show here. We'd be remiss in not asking. What's next. 01:24:31.30 Adrian and Emily What's next. So we wait. We told our we told our twelve year old we'd say this next is an at home cruise that our children have planned for us. So if you remember last time our twelve year old built a lego disney cruise ship. 01:24:44.60 Sam That's right? yeah. 01:24:45.65 Adrian and Emily So is her now she spends 11 then now she's 12 and and her plans have moved up. Um, she oh several are I mean she's they've written us questionnaires about you know what? our needs are what our preferences are do we want to be in a fish extender group. Do we want to? We got to choose the dates. Um, she has menus planned. She has been working for days and days on trivia for us to do. She has schedules written out and I keep telling them like you know we still have to like live normal life. You know like anyway. So I don't know she is this child with these amazing and huge plans. So. 01:25:09.95 Sam Right. 01:25:19.13 Adrian and Emily So we'll see so that is our next one I think that's coming up in August I believe is what that's planned for um. 01:25:23.77 Sam Um, we I have to say I I think you've got a future Cruise director in your household. 01:25:27.15 Adrian and Emily Yeah I think so I can see that so that one is that is departing from Leander Texas and it's just going to return right? back to Leander oh spa. She's got spa treatments planned for us. Ah yeah I mean she's she's really got it planned out so that's that's hot one next year on ships that actually go to sea. 01:25:42.28 Sam Oh my God I Love that. 01:25:46.60 Adrian and Emily Um, work. So we have the ebta reserve for next year next may we also have the westbound transatlantic on our schedule because we love these long crews so much and then part of what Emily said was what to be clear. But. 01:25:50.13 Sam Amazing. Yeah. 01:26:00.54 Sam So we you're going to go and fly back and then later on in the season you're going to fly over to Europe to come back. 01:26:07.60 Adrian and Emily I remember it's cheaper for us to get a round trip ticket to London than a one web to to be clear I think there's very little chance of us doing both. But yes as of right now we do have both reserved and we'll see and we'll see said remember the westbound. 01:26:12.70 Sam Ah, right right. 01:26:12.96 dclduo Ah, yeah. 01:26:22.80 Sam But I love Aian's answer there. 01:26:25.60 Adrian and Emily You start off with a couple of ports and then you just have all relaxation and then you go to lighthouse point. Yeah, so that's a big selling point the 2024 one then also goes to lighthouse point. So that's number 2 and then two weeks after that one would get back again. Have plans Puerto rico to Galveston. 01:26:27.40 Sam Yeah, yeah. 01:26:35.41 Sam Boo. 01:26:41.94 Adrian and Emily Ah, with lighthouse in cast away on that itinerary. So we'll see No yeah, this is what we're hoping for. There's a dream list and then there's all right? What are we gonna have to cut. But yes, that's the that's where it's at that one a cop print remember yeah. 01:26:48.58 Sam Oh my goodness so you've got may and then you've got what is that like September October October and then November okay wow. 01:26:58.43 Adrian and Emily November One is really appealing to us because it comes back to Galveston so if we just drive to Galveston leave our car there. We could just do one way and it's really neat. It just goes. It's lighthouse point castaway key and then three days at sea and comes back to Galveston so that sounds. 01:27:03.25 Sam Um. 01:27:10.98 Sam Yeah, yeah. 01:27:13.73 Adrian and Emily Kind of amazing and our friend Jason and Benjamin are gonna be on that one and it happens to sail over what would be my mother's seventy fifth birthday so then it would be that whole crew back together again. So so we're kind of hoping that would work out but I don't know. 01:27:25.30 Sam Oh my god that they all listen they all sound amazing. Whatever you nail down on. Obviously you have to come back on the show to talk about it or or them because it sounds like you're probably going to go on at least 2 I'm guessing that you're going on 2 out of the 3 01:27:31.39 Adrian and Emily Um, will. 01:27:44.68 Sam I think Adrian's pushing for 3 out of 3 That's that's just what I'm yeah yeah, and you and it is the dream right? So that you'd be sailing on at least on the the eastbound and the westbound. 01:27:47.72 Adrian and Emily Adrian's ah Adrian's a big dreamer is is what we can Disney Dream big 01:27:54.68 Adrian and Emily Great, Yeah, the other ones the magic. Yep yes, magic image. So. 01:28:00.78 Sam And then the other one must be the magic I Assume now nice. Well you guys you know like you said dream Big Emily I Love it. 01:28:09.22 Adrian and Emily Um, if. 01:28:09.49 dclduo Well thank you so much for spending some time with us today and sharing all of your fun experiences from your eastbound transatlantic cruise I really really appreciate it. 01:28:18.68 Adrian and Emily Thanks, It was great Beyond again. Thank you. 01:28:22.28 dclduo Alright.

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