August 30, 2023


Ep. 341 - Bonus - Eastbound and Down: An Eastbound Transatlantic Sailing on the Dream

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Brian Sam
Ep. 341 - Bonus - Eastbound and Down: An Eastbound Transatlantic Sailing on the Dream
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 341 - Bonus - Eastbound and Down: An Eastbound Transatlantic Sailing on the Dream

Aug 30 2023 | 00:56:17


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It's Transatlantic week here at the DCL Duo!! We're bringing you two great trip reports from two different families who sailed on Disney Cruise Line's eastbound transatlantic crossing aboard the Disney Dream. It was the Dream's first time back in Europe since a drydock several years ago, and she hasn't been back to some of these ports since she was built. We wanted to know with so many sea days, was there enough onboard to keep folks interested? So we were so excited when Jessica reached out to be a guest on the show and share her family's experience on this amazing 13-night itinerary. We talked to Jessica about what she got up to onboard and some of the amazing shore excursions she did on the back-end of the sailing. Come find out if an extended voyage on DCL might be right for you!!

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Episode Transcript

00:00.00 dclduo Welcome back everybody to this week's bonus episode of the DCL duo podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and Sam we're headed out on the open ocean exploring the atlantic right? is that what we're up to. 00:09.82 Sam I know we are I am so excited I this is one of the cruise itineraries that I've been dying to do I don't know if and when it is in our future because these itineraries always seem to occur. During the school year. Thanks so much Disney and to be fair on other cruise lines. They also occur during the school year but we're talking transatlantic sailing. We're talking headed from the United States from Florida to be specific all the way across to Europe. And so we're excited to welcome Jessica for the first time to the show. Welcome Jessica yeah, we're excited to have you? Um, why don't you tell folks? what your background is with cruising generally and of course with. 00:50.29 Jessica Thank you! I'm excited to be here. 00:56.91 dclduo Yep. 01:04.68 Sam Disney Cruising specifically 01:05.22 Jessica So in general the very first cruise I ever got to go on was actually on the QETwo when I was 10 years old so my very first experience. Yeah was cunard and I was. 01:12.34 dclduo Very cool. 01:21.45 Jessica Just in love with the totally spoiled I was in love with the whole idea from the get-go my brother was younger and so he got to see like they took him up to the bridge and all sorts of fun things like that I got to go to high tea every day which you know as a ten year old 01:21.92 Sam Spoiled spoiled. But. 01:40.51 Jessica Maybe not so interesting. But for me I loved it. Um, and that was just you know an amazing experience. So later on when we were kind of looking around to celebrate my grandmother's ninetieth birthday. We did another cruise on celebrity this time. Again with my family but this more extended family and that was a lot of fun. But um, then we were looking around in basically 16 for something different to do for Christmas we had had a lot of life changes and. We landed on the wonder going out of Galveston as a way to celebrate Christmas and you know start a new kind of tradition and the kids were young at the time they were 4 and 7 and we were kind of like ah you know celebrity was. 02:21.43 Sam Nice. 02:37.78 Jessica and and I right like are they going to care about here's the baked Alaska like cool. Um, so we ended up finding the disney ship. 02:38.12 Sam Ah, was great for Grandma's ninetieth birthday do we want to take a 4 and seven year old on it. Probably not. 02:55.75 Jessica Out of Galveston which is actually very convenient for us. We just drove down to the port and the kids absolutely adored it. This was the time when they were still having the character breakfast and my daughter was kind of not into it all these other characters that she had watched on tv were there. 03:00.48 Sam Um, nice. 03:05.58 Sam M. 03:15.90 Jessica And then Mickey comes in and it was all over she was smiling. She was happy. She had a dress for every princess that she met she would be so embarrassed now because now she's 11 and she doesn't do that anymore. Um. 03:16.72 Sam Ah. 03:17.26 dclduo Um, a. 03:29.91 dclduo Um. 03:31.10 Jessica But yeah, we were. We were ah hooked from the get go. So that was an amazing first experience was also very merry time. Um, and it was it was just it was beautiful. It was wonderful. So yeah. 03:37.71 Sam Oh yeah. 03:44.61 Sam Um, awesome and how many how many cruises have you guys done on Disney since. 03:49.10 Jessica So the kids are now going to be gold. So the kids have done 5 and I think Casey and I are up to 8 So yay. 03:59.90 Sam Nice So you like us have taken some cruises without the kids. 04:01.30 dclduo Nice. 04:05.35 Jessica Yes, that was actually kind of how this started was we decided kind of after the reopening and kind of returned to cruising. We were like let's just check it out and kind of see how it is but also. We didn't really get to celebrate or have any vacations just the 2 of us during covid and so we actually went on the wonder ourselves out of Galveston and loved it. We were like oh my gosh we're doing this again and so we did. 04:22.45 Sam Me. 04:33.37 Sam Nest. 04:37.93 Jessica Um, and we actually did that this past Christmas in 2022 on the magic that was our first time on the magic and we kind of came off of that one and went that was just that was it's so nice to just get some time the 2 of us. 04:42.83 Sam Nice. 04:55.32 Jessica And then we saw the transatlantic go onto the guaranteed stateroom rates. 04:58.42 Sam Oh yes, yes and so that's how that's I guess the story then of how you settled on doing the transatlantic was that that guarantee rate was just too good to pass up huh. 05:11.30 Jessica It really was and this had been another year of kind of change around as far as our kids activities and so in kind of looking at it my last week of school was over the time that we would be away. 05:18.89 Sam Me. 05:29.11 Jessica But usually that last week is always for finals and and that kind of process so I didn't necessarily have to be there and that was kind of a first time and forever kind of thing and ah my husband Casey basically said. 05:29.48 Sam Um. 05:43.90 dclduo Um. 05:48.37 Jessica Let's just do it. Why not let's just do it like honestly the basically two weeks of this vacation for the 2 of us is basically half the cost of what it would be to take the 4 of us on a one week vacation. Yeah. 06:00.18 Sam Oh yeah, that's amazing now. 06:00.90 dclduo Well can I kind of back up and ask about your experience on Kennard like how how old were you on canard because it's like it's famous for being one of the. Remaining cruise lines that really enforces dress codes I mean it is the definition of white glove service because they are actually wearing the white gloves. So. So yeah I mean like what was that like. 06:15.20 Jessica The. 06:19.71 Sam Yeah. 06:24.34 Jessica It was amazing. I was only 10 um, but I have grown up in the dance world I took ballet as a kid and you know I was very lucky to be taken to Broadway shows when I was you know, very young. Um, my first attendance at a ballet was actually when I was 2 and my mom likes to tell the story that there were these 2 women who were sitting behind us and at the end they said when you walked in with her. We were very nervous. 06:43.50 Sam Wow. 06:55.85 Jessica But then we saw sleeping beauty through her eyes and how enraptured she was and we loved it twice as much so that's always kind of been my thing I know it's not a lot of people's kind of thing. Um. 06:57.16 Sam Oh. Oh yeah. Well yeah, you have to you have to be very graceful and formal as a dancer and you're used to dressing up and being proper and and I and I don't mean that in a negative way. That's it. It is a totally normal way for a dancer. 07:12.79 Jessica But yeah I Loved. Exactly. 07:26.57 Jessica I. 07:28.33 Sam Ah, trained dancer to be right? and so that makes complete sense to me that if you that's how you you know were from a young age and I can tell now. Obviously you are that way today as well like it makes sense. The Cunard would be like the perfect and you would be probably. Perfect as a child going on celebrity too right? Like oh I would I would I don't love dressing. Yeah yes I don't love dressing up but I would dress up for high tea every single day. 07:48.96 dclduo Sam would go on canard just for high t so let's just be honest, if you you do a transatlantic on canard and have like 7 straight days of high tea. You'd be there. 07:51.20 Jessica Um, right are 100% 08:00.54 Jessica Yeah, yeah. 08:06.89 Sam Yeah, absolutely for those sandwiches and scones. Yeah, no question and the tea frankly I do love tea. 08:07.73 Jessica Well I loved the dressing up on Cunard and I still dress up right on the on the disney on disney I always take my dresses and I always change for dinner. 08:17.10 Sam On Disney. Yeah yeah. 08:24.78 Jessica And even if Casey doesn't do it even if the kids don't do it I always do it just because it makes me feel you know like I'm um I'm on a cruise. 08:31.72 Sam Yeah I love that you know what's funny I never dress up in it at home like except for when I have to for court or something. Um, but on a cruise I also tend to dress up I don't go super formal like I'm not wearing ever you know? ah a. 08:44.97 Jessica Threaten. 08:48.68 Sam Full lengthth ball gown or anything but I like to wear a dress to dinner or a skirt and blouse or something I do like to dress up for dinner I feel like it is it. It is a little bit of an event and it's a nice you know I don't know it's just a little nice touch to have even though I'm not going to be dressed in in super formal wear. So I appreciate that as well. 09:06.10 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah. 09:06.27 Jessica Yeah, yeah. 09:08.24 Sam Okay, so what do you do with the kids for two weeks you're you know you're doing this transatlantic cruise you've got travel time on both ends because you had to fly to Florida from Texas and you've got to fly back from Barcelona after the cruise. 09:15.35 Jessica Do here. 09:25.64 Sam So yeah, what who's taking care of the kids. Nice nice. 09:28.70 Jessica That would be my dad so we were very very lucky. Um, we've kind of gotten into this rhythm of he kind of comes down every may because that's usually a very very busy time for us schedule wise and so we basically said hey. We're going to do this and when he looked at it. He's like I want to go to? Um, so I know I was like I'm so sorry. But yeah, so he he came down and ah he actually met me in San Antonio 09:53.96 Sam I So sorry dad. Ah. 10:05.39 Jessica Where I was with my daughter at a swim meet and then I drove up met up with Casey and we went to the airport so it was it was a bit of kind of back and forth and then mason's older so he was actually he wasn't going to stay overnight but he was actually home by himself for a little bit so we we had. 10:05.87 Sam E. Oh My goodness. 10:24.97 Jessica Granddad come in and basically spend the the two weeks with him and I kind of lamented as I was taking him back to the airport. Um that you know I got the shortest amount of time with him. So. 10:35.66 Sam Yeah, yeah, good. 10:38.41 dclduo Please. 10:40.25 Jessica But yeah, it was. We were very very lucky to to have him come and stay with them. 10:42.96 dclduo Um, what? what made you land on the transatlantic. 10:44.70 Sam That's awesome. 10:48.53 Jessica We'd always wanted to do it so the other one we really want to do is Panama canal and just the way the way this one fell being the end of my semester Casey was able to get you know, kind of that time because it's not super super busy at work yet. 10:53.45 dclduo Um. 10:53.49 Sam Um. 11:04.00 Sam And. 11:06.17 Jessica Um, but we're also out of like the the holiday and the spring season when new things are happening and this just kind of worked out the best at first there was not a swim meet. 11:20.88 Jessica That that granddad was gonna have to worry about. But then that did come up last minute so thankfully everything did kind of work out. But yeah, it had always been something. We wanted to do we love c days as you could probably tell from Cunard right? and that whole experience. It's like 1 of our favorite. Times is actually getting to explore the ship or you know go to the remy dessert which we did yay um, and and have kind of those those experiences so this really felt like 2 cruises in 1 We were very very lucky because we had basically a sea day Cruise. That happened and then we had our european vacation that happened so it was really nice. 12:02.20 Sam So that's amazing I Love it I Love it. 12:02.90 dclduo Nice What what kind what kind of room did you end up with on board. 12:08.28 Jessica So we did a guaranteed stateroom and it was a verandas we did a guaranteed veranda and um, we ended up with a room on the ninth floor and it it was it was beautiful 12:18.10 Sam Oh fantastic. 12:22.87 Jessica Were a little worried being so high up you know that maybe cciness would kind of kick in a little bit more um but it didn't the the waters were really really smooth. We didn't have any issues the most rocking we had was I believe it was between basically. 12:42.80 Sam E. 12:42.78 Jessica Um, to delgado the azors and lisbon so there was just one morning where we heard the hangers going in the closet and it was like dang it forgot to take those down. Um and and you know once we took them down I was fine I think Casey kind of felt the rocking more. But. 12:46.90 Sam In the closet. 12:50.97 dclduo Um, when. 13:02.52 Jessica I Love the rocking of the ship so I was fine. Oh. 13:03.20 dclduo Ah I want to flesh out that tip for a second because I don't know if we ever talked about on the show but it was something that a friend of ours told us on our very first sailing because we you know on the last night we were on the fantasy it was last night you were going from castoey key back to port canaveral and they actually. 13:19.48 Jessica Okay. 13:20.16 dclduo Move at a pretty decent clip to get you back to poor canaverreal early and he told us just take all the hangers in your closet off the the rack or off the bar and put them in the floor of the closet Trust me Otherwise all you're going to hear all that is the hangers banging into the closet towards the ship is rocking back and forth So Pro tip if you've had that problem. And you didn't know that trick or if you haven't sailed before it's a great trick when the hangers are empty and they bang against the closet door just put them down on the floor. So anyway, um well I'm curious. Let's segue into what you got up to on board because it is a lot of sea days So you. 13:44.81 Jessica Yeah. 13:54.88 dclduo Got to you know have a lot of action going on onboard the ship and so I'm curious what you got up to onboard the ship to you know pass the time I think a lot of people get concerned like oh my gosh 6 straight sea days or you know over me sea days in a row I'm going to get just completely bored. Ah, but. Don't think that's the case. So what did you get up to and what were some of the like the special things that they offered throughout the cruise on board. 14:16.00 Jessica Yeah, so I found myself wanting more time right? because they actually put a number of things that I was interested in at the same time so it was really hard right? because it was like oh I really want to go to this. but I really want to go to this um so one of the most special things that I really enjoyed um and that I didn't miss any of Bruce Kimrell 1 of the you know imagineers from Disney was on our ship and he actually gave. Um, several talks on the sea days and he talked about the history his history with the Disney Company he talked about you know his history in Disneyland he talked about the flops and the successes he talked about Walt Disney's apartment. And in fact I was coming out of 1 of the shops as he was coming out of the theater after the Disney's Walt Disney's apartment conversation and he had the piece of carpet. From Walt Disney's apartment. So Bruce Camrell has a piece of carpet that was gifted to him when they redid Walt Disney's apartment in Disneyland and he shared it with us he he laid it down on the stage at the end of his talk and people were kind of coming up to it and I told him you know I took a picture of it. But. 15:42.59 Sam So cool. 15:46.86 Jessica I wasn't going to touch it right? I My my field is actually history right? So I deal a lot with kind of you know, respecting these old documents and things I'm used to wearing white gloves and being in the you know archives and things and so I was like oh I I can't touch it and he's like yeah you can. And he gave it to me and so there's a picture of me holding the Carpet. He's next to me and his wife was super sweet and she went in and took the picture for us and he was like you can totally touch I Do you can hold it and I was like oh my gosh So that was just an amazing treat to get to. Um. 16:14.72 Sam Oh. 16:25.41 Jessica You know, hear him kind of talk about his experiences. He had recordings of Walt Disney um and it was just you know that with that to me as kind of somebody who's interested in the history. Um I just I ate that up that was unfortunately put against the. 16:28.39 Sam E. 16:43.68 Jessica Um, Celebrity Chef that was on board and never actually got to go to any of his um you know events but they were packed I would we would finish Oh that's another fun thing they do they record the morning show live. 16:51.50 Sam Oh wow. 17:01.38 Jessica On the transatlantic at least on the sea days. So yeah, it was so much fun. So every morning about Nine o'clock you know, go have breakfast and then we would go into I think it's the d lounge on the on the dream and um. 17:01.62 Sam No cool. 17:02.94 dclduo Oh very cool. 17:20.83 Jessica We would you know Lee and Anthony Lee was our Cruise director Anthony was our Assistant Cruise director and then hashtag tony from Spain ah would come in and ah. 17:31.17 Sam Ah, we keep hearing about Tony for in Spain because he he used to be was he a cruise director or entertainment staff. Um, yeah, we never filled with him but he he is a I feel he is a celebrity on Disney Cruise line yeah 17:39.13 Jessica Entertainment staff and now he's now he's on. 17:48.65 Jessica Yeah, yeah, he really kind of has become a thing. Um and so they they did you know, just a great job. They would have the different guests. Um, so they had 2 different broadway performers on. Michelle Knight and Mark Edwards so the 2 of them. You know at various times were on and then all of the variety acts that they had on so there was a ventriloquist there was I'm going to call him a physical comedian. Um, all of these different acts would actually come. 18:17.91 Sam He. 18:23.63 Jessica On to the morning show and like ah Regis and Kelly yeah it was yeah right. 18:24.10 Sam Oh so like a morning like a regis and Kelly you know, yeah or Kathy Lee as used to you know, be are now or now Kelly and Mark I guess it is she and her husband but like yeah like so they're doing their normal morning show that they would film but also talking to guests. That's so fun. 18:43.15 Jessica Yeah, yeah, and so we got to be the live studio audience. Um and it was. It was great because you know they would you know, kind of throw questions around or you know they'd say who wants to go see this and we'd be like yeah right. 18:44.30 Sam I Love that. 18:58.59 Jessica Um, and they would ah show us the door of the day so there was always a door that won for decorating right? So the door of the day would get a prize and there were scavenger hunts. 19:06.51 Sam Oh cool. Did you see any doors of the day with maybe dcl duo magnets on them ah are. 19:12.79 dclduo Ah, yeah, ah. 19:16.59 Jessica I didn't I did keep a lookout though I did keep a lookout I did see a few dcl magnets around now they happen to be our neighbors. Um, but yeah it was. It was pretty cool. So. 19:25.72 Sam Ah. 19:29.58 dclduo Um, nice. 19:30.43 Jessica Yeah, they they gave an award for door of the day and then they also they had these scavenger hunts. It was basically a picture or you know 10 little pictures and you had to identify where they were and turn it in. And then they would award somebody the the award for the Scavenger Hunt Spoiler Alert It was a keychain because I got to win. Yeah. 19:52.23 dclduo Ya Jessica can ask who is the celebrity. You mentioned the celebrity chef who was the celebrity chef on board. 19:52.61 Sam A I I Love it. 20:02.54 Jessica I don't remember um I wrote his name down somewhere I will try and find it though but he was he was amazing. He was super sweet and I actually got to chat with him a little bit in the atrium. 20:07.11 dclduo Okay. 20:17.30 Jessica As we were disembarking because he was actually getting off in Lisbon and so you know I said I never got to make it but you know it was it sounds like it was amazing. He made the portuguese tarts like he talked about making the nata I think I'm pronouncing that right? Um, which are these custard tarts. 20:30.52 Sam Um, who. 20:37.17 Jessica That Portugal is known for and it was just he he was super sweet. But yeah, they always put him against ah Bruce Camrell and I was like ah um. 20:56.85 Sam no worries. no worries um yeah ah Brian Wedy do you want to move on different top. Do you want to talk about the special performances or do you want to talk about. Okay now I'm asking you if you want me. 20:57.13 Jessica Husband This can be cut. 21:08.27 dclduo Go ahead. Sam Ask a question I don't care ask ah ask away ask away. 21:12.30 Sam But you want me to talk? Yeah so Jessica let's talk about some of the special um performers the variety acts you mentioned a physical comedian a. Ventriloquist did you get to see any of these shows on board. 21:31.75 Jessica Yes, so we got to see um all of them actually so one of my favorites was Michelle Knight she was a singer and she didn't do a like a role in say beauty and the beast Mark Edwards did right? So he was actually guested on in beauty and the beast which was a lot of fun and correct. Although she also did 2 performances so she did a main stage performance. Um, which included a number of. 21:49.94 Sam Um, nice. Yeah so he was your Broadway visiting Performer um on the ship. Yeah, um. 22:08.73 Jessica Disney tunes. Yes, but also um, she did some swing and she also did defying gravity like it was amazing. She was amazing I was like I'm not I'm not crying. Um. 22:16.70 Sam Oh my God Yeah yeah, yeah, ah yeah. 22:20.29 dclduo Yeah. 22:25.78 Jessica So that was wonderful and then we came back I believe it was the next night she did her adults only performance. Um, where she's sang um, kind of I'll say more sort of like 90 s rock because she had that kind of sound. 22:29.99 Sam Oh nice. Yeah. 22:40.12 Sam Oh nice. Yeah, oh. 22:43.19 Jessica Um, and she had been in Jersey boys so that was kind of her her broadway cred kind of bringing her in um and then for the magician we got to see his um family show and then. I don't think we got to see his adult only show but his family show was was really fun and very sort of clever very similar to a lot of the magicians I've seen on disney you know, always interesting and and so quick. Um. He had this card trick. You know that he was playing with the kids and it was just like you. You cannot tell right? You can't you can't see what's happening and he's he's moving the camera too. He's like no no, no you you can't see like look at my hands right? Oh my goodness so it was it was very very impressive. Um. 23:24.52 Sam Ah, you like how the heck is this happening? yeah. 23:31.51 Sam Yeah, ah. 23:36.95 Jessica And then I did not get to see the physical comedian do his show in the main theater we got to see him in um, the evolution. Thank you and. 23:49.40 Sam In evolution. Yeah, of course. 23:56.50 Jessica He was hilarious because this was now the adult show. Um Michelle Knight's adult show was actually in in the mainstage theater. It was just later in the evening. But yeah, it was it was it was amazing and so he was in there and. 23:57.28 Sam Yeah, right. Oh Wow! Interesting. Yeah. 24:14.20 Jessica You know that first they kind of bring out a suitcase and everyone's like looking at the suitcase and then he walks out and he's like I wonder if anyone's in there right? So it's just it was very clever. He did end up putting himself in the suitcase and yeah, yeah, putting himself through ah through a tennis racket. You know the the whole nine yards 24:25.70 Sam Um, himself in the suitcase. Oh my God But oh my goodness. 24:32.20 Jessica So he was he was really fun and then the vant triloquist. We only saw his mains stage show. Um, one of the funniest things that he did for that was he had 2 dads come up and of course the kids love it when the dads are up and he put and. 24:43.45 Sam Yeah. 24:48.90 Jessica I'll call them like mouths on them right? It was like a headset that had a mouth attached and then he was like manipulating the mouths and he was talking and talking for them and they ended up singing I'm a little teapot all three of them and the kids were. 24:50.85 Sam Ah, ah. 24:59.89 Sam I. 25:04.58 dclduo Ah, yeah, ah. 25:08.66 Jessica Dying it was It was wonderful. So he was He was really good. 25:10.66 Sam Ah, love it. That's amazing I mean the talent I have to say the talent of those variety act performers Disney just does such a good job of scouting like who's going to be appropriate for a Disney audience. 25:23.89 Jessica Hey. 25:26.27 Sam Who's really funny who's really good at what they do right? All of those things because I will say like I don't think I've seen a bad variety act performer ever on Disney Cruise line um there are some that are better than others. No question but I don't I would not say any of them were bad. 25:34.90 Jessica Like. 25:44.86 Sam I have to ask you know. Did you see the main stage shows. In addition, right? because as you mentioned beauty and the beast and guest on being the broadway visiting performer you know. Were were they did they live up to the your standards for Disney Cruise line made main stage shows and did you see all 3 of them. 26:06.20 Jessica Oh yes I saw all 3 of them I didn't I didn't miss a mainstage show if I could help it and um, yes, so we had um I believe it was I didn't write it down. But I believe it was the golden mickey's. 26:09.89 Sam Yeah, yeah, yeah. 26:10.12 dclduo Persist. This. 26:20.26 Sam Right? yes. 26:23.60 Jessica And then and and that was amazing. Um, you know they always do such a great job and it's always fun. It was a little kind of topical right? So It was kind of it was enjoyable and then we got to see Beauty and the beast of course and we were very very lucky because. The day before we actually got to do the behind the scenes because we were gold so we got to go in and and see some of how they make the the magic work behind the scenes in Beauty and the beast and that was amazing because. 26:45.33 Sam Oh nice. 27:00.31 Jessica Again, Spoiler but beating the beast is my favorite of of the shows. So I loved getting to see that. Yeah. 27:05.32 Sam That's correct. You just won rapid fire. You haven't even played rapid fire Justsica and you've already won because the correct answer on Disney Cruise line is always beauty in the beast. Okay yeah, did they do? What's another one. Is it. 27:15.24 Jessica Yeah I adored that so getting to see it. It's believe it's believe Yes, yeah, where he names it after his daughter in the end sorry spoiler. 27:22.30 Sam Ah, can't remember if is it believe or dream or dreams Believe right of the man in the flower. Yeah yeah. 27:32.92 Sam Oops. 27:35.15 Jessica But it is. It's it's super sweet and I we had a great genie. Um, he was phenomenal. We had seen he was la fou in beauty and the beast. So we had seen him before and he actually knew Mark Edwards so 27:37.40 Sam Yeah m. 27:42.72 Sam Oh nice. 27:48.88 Sam Oh wow. 27:51.80 Jessica They got to perform as lafu and gased on together and they had apparently been on the touring production as well. So that was really neat because he actually came in the lafu performer actually came in when Mark was talking to you know us in the d lounge. 27:58.37 Sam Oh wow. 28:10.21 Jessica And they kind of you know, went back and forth a little bit and that that was phenomenal. Um, so yeah, so he was He was a great genie and and I really enjoyed all of the shows. But yeah, it was really special to me especially to get to see the behind the scenes of. 28:13.52 Sam Oh that's awesome. 28:27.90 Jessica Beauty and the beast and then to see it actually happen. 28:30.63 Sam Yeah, we so we've heard um and actually there was some discussion of this in our Facebook group group recently this this the gold and platinum and now Pearl Gold Platinum pearl reception 28:39.40 Jessica He. 28:43.29 Sam That they have now brought back. It seems on most of the sailings and they always I think they always do it on the longer sailings I should say I don't believe they do it on the shorter sailing. So I'm talking 7 nights maybe but for sure on the sailings longer than 7 nights they do a gold. 28:49.45 Jessica Okay. 29:01.67 Sam Platinum and now pearl reception and it seems to be what they're bringing back is what they did pre pandemicic. Um, at least what we saw pre pandemicmic on the fantasy where we had ah they bring you into the main stage theater in the Walt Disney theater and they show you a behind the scenes look at what's going on backstage to do like a set change between 1 scene and another in in your case, you didn't the beast in our case, it was Aladdin and then they let you listen to what's going on on the mics. For the backstage for all the the backstage people and it's just really cool to kind of see how they make it happen and they have the performers on stage in costume and all of that so you're seeing this so they show you like a scene and then they show you the scene. Um. You know backstage or or vice versa and it's just ah, a really cool experience and then I think we got a drink and then maybe a rice crispy treat on the way out or something like that. 29:56.15 Jessica Yes, there was There was a rice crispy treat I managed to miss all of the free drinks I don't know how I did that but it's okay. 30:04.83 Sam Ah, yeah, it's like usually one of those blue drinks. That's not great Anyway, it's like a you know a drink of the day drink not the not the best drinks. Well it sounds like you had some really fantastic little extras on those seeds. But of course we need to talk a little bit about. 30:10.32 Jessica Yeah. 30:12.65 dclduo Yeah, well. 30:23.35 Sam Port days because you know you had I think 6 sea days in a row and then you have a bunch of port days in a row with I think one more c day mixed in. But ah, these are some really cool ports that disney doesn't get to go to every time they cruise in Europe of course Barcelona accept it because they go. In and out of Barcelona quite a bit. But yeah, tell us what you got up to at each of your port stops. We'll start with punta delgata in the azores or azores I forget how they say it. But yeah, tell us azor. Yeah, so tell us tell us how that port was and and what you got up to. 30:53.60 Jessica Azores I think they say yeah so that one was beautiful. We actually got off and did a bus tour that kind of went around. Um, and we were able to kind of go up and see they have these 2 lakes on the on the main island that we we stayed on the main island we didn't hop to one of the others. Um and it is actually one Lake but. The locals kind of have this story of the blue lake and the Green Lake and it comes from these 2 lovers who were parted in life but they're always together through their tears that merge under the bridge um in these in these lakes. Yeah, it was really beautiful. 31:39.14 Sam All it's a Romeo and Juliet typo story right? They can't be. They can't fully be together. But for 1 moment they're together. Ah. 31:42.98 Jessica Totally is yeah and so this is like the like heart if you will of kind of the island and you know so we got to go up there and we stopped at a small town. That was nearby and we got to see you know, got to walk around the town a little bit and we actually got to see part of a festival that was happening so we were actually there on mother's day and one of our tablemates very cleverly took a picture. Of some of the festivities and basically sent it back. Um to his son and was like look at what I did for her for mother's day right? I lined the street with flowers and I don't mean like they're on the side I mean like there is a carpet of Flowers. You cannot walk. 32:30.94 Sam Um, ah with flowers. 32:36.93 Sam Have bluware. 32:40.93 Jessica Down the middle of the street without stepping on flowers. It was beautiful. Um, oh yeah, it was just it was amazing and you know and to see all of the you know the locals as well as the tourists were were out there just enjoying themselves and it was. 32:44.56 Sam Um, oh that's so cool I bet it smelled incredible too. 32:44.94 dclduo Ah, row. 33:00.76 Jessica You know we had really great weather. Also it wasn't too hot. It was you know, really kind of beautiful and it um, just kind of set the mood for for the for the day right? It was just you know, beautiful flowers and it was a celebration. Ah you know a religious celebration for them. 33:02.11 Sam Me. 33:18.93 Jessica And kind of getting to see them and all their finery and ah I'm going to say processing with you know their various vestimments and and then they warned us too. They were like you might hear fireworks but they're fireworks So don't get scared and they did. 33:23.62 Sam Yeah. 33:33.29 Sam Yeah I don't think. 33:36.56 Jessica Yeah, it was like at various points you know that the festivities would pause. You'd see a whole group and then fireworks would would go off like that's part of their of their celebration. So yeah, that was amazing I Really really want to go back? Um I kind of mentioned our table mates before we were actually. 33:42.30 Sam A cool. 33:56.19 Jessica So it was just the 2 of us on this cruise and so the first night we met our table mates. We were seated at a table for 8 but we really never saw the fourth couple but the other 2 couples we got to know very very well. We have already been in contact and um. 34:13.56 Sam Ah I Love that. 34:16.20 Jessica It was really neat to kind of hear one couple was actually on the the bus tour with us and then the other couple actually did some kayaking on those lakes that I was mentioning and they said it was you know, just amazing to be out there and um. 34:25.97 Sam Oh cool. 34:34.29 Jessica You know they didn't get to see as much of kind of the the festival. Um, but they really enjoyed kind of just being out in nature and getting to they learned kind of the same stories and things about the about the lakes so that was neat. 34:35.97 Sam Set. 34:48.36 Sam I love it. What was your second port I know it was in Portugal right? Or yeah I mean I think you had essentially 3 stops in Portugal including um your first stop being obviously an island stop. 34:53.60 Jessica Yes. 35:06.20 Sam Um, what was your second stop and and what did you all get up to there. So. 35:08.19 Jessica So our second stop was in lisbon and lisbon was wonderful. But I absolutely need to go back because we didn't really stay in lisbon. We opted to go up to Centra and kind of see. 35:17.57 dclduo Are. 35:26.62 Jessica More of the kind of history. There is a kind of Palace up there. Um, and then you can go up a little bit higher to a monastery and ah beautiful views from centra and we kind of came down. From there and stopped at another stopped at another town and had ah we had a great lunch so that was really that was really enjoyable and our guide you know was kind of telling us a little bit about the culture and you know what you want to have. 36:01.12 Sam E. 36:05.52 Jessica And I did manage to have my portuguese tart so I got to actually have that the real thing. Um and what I found kind of remarkable is they sell like you can buy the tart and a glass of port because why not you're in Portugal right. 36:07.11 Sam Nice. 36:17.82 Sam No, right when in portugal exactly exactly. 36:23.99 Jessica So that was that was really kind of neat and I really enjoyed that um, ended up getting another chart later on too because I was like oh these are so good. 36:32.30 Sam But you know you you know it's you have to do what the locals do right? You have to try their you know their foods and their wines in order to immerse yourself in their culture. 36:42.70 Jessica Exactly. 36:43.95 Sam Yeah I forgot to ask you for this excursion as well as the last one did you do disney excursions or did you book excursions on your own through a third party provider. 36:50.52 Jessica So except for Barcelona which was after the cruise everything we did was through Disney and that was because we had never been to these ports and so we didn't really know and we wanted to make sure that you know everything was kind of wind up. 36:54.54 Sam And he. 37:06.10 dclduo We. 37:06.29 Sam Sure. 37:08.80 Jessica Um, really glad we did do that in lisbon. Um, because one of the additional stops as we went out onto the coast. There's a giant cross That's erected that is the furthest furth this west of the European continent I believe um. 37:22.70 Sam Oh wow. 37:26.25 Jessica And so we went out there as a part of that and then we came back in and we basically like got back to the ship 15 minutes before boarding but they knew we were there and they knew we were coming um but we didn't really get to see much of lisbon except for you know, looking at it. 37:33.42 Sam Wow Yeah floor store. Yeah. 37:43.00 Sam Right? driving through? yeah. 37:45.24 Jessica Um, yeah, kind of driving and passing through and there was a bridge that we also went under coming into and out of lisbon and there happened to be a train going over when we were coming in and they did the horns and everything. So that that was really kind of fun for for lisbon. 38:02.45 Sam Awesome! Well, it definitely sounds like a city worth visiting and I'm sure even if you had spent all your time in the city. It still wouldn't have been enough time because it is I mean it's it is obviously a major city in Europe. So let's talk about your. 38:03.55 dclduo This. 38:07.10 Jessica Ahead. 38:16.21 Jessica Afraid. 38:21.13 Sam Third Poured what was your third port. 38:23.89 Jessica Our third port was actually cadiz so we actually went um from lisbon down and then I think cadiz is actually Spain. So um, we went into cadiz and Cadiz is. 38:36.50 Sam Ah, okay. 38:41.70 Jessica Basically a small town The the historical center is is really really small. You can walk from basically the port to the beach on the other side um easily and so we actually did basically a walking tour. 38:51.45 Sam Oh wow. 38:58.80 Jessica Um, in cadiz that included Tappas so we stopped at a couple of different place places and and tried yeah and we we learned that their version for us. It would be like a quiche but what did they keep calling it. Oh they called it a tortilla. Um. 39:02.38 Sam When in Spain made. 39:04.30 dclduo Are. 39:17.41 Sam Oh odd. 39:17.63 Jessica But yeah, they called it a tortilla and it was a potato kind of thing. Um, but it was like an inch thick and it was very very tasty. Um, and we got to try that and ah ah, several others and then we went to the flamenco because of course. 39:35.84 Sam Oh yeah, you have yeah well and as a as a dance professor I Imagine that's got to be a highlight for you or a low light I Guess if the if the dancers end up being not be so good. Um, ah. 39:36.81 Jessica I Had to see the flamenco. Yeah. 39:37.80 dclduo Very cool. 39:46.57 dclduo Yeah. 39:48.99 Jessica No, no, they were phenomenal. They did an amazing Job. It was just a male and female and they kind of followed what I'm going to call a traditional kind of dance format where they danced together and then they each had a solo. And then they kind of came back and and performed together as kind of a finale and one of the fun things about flamenco is when you are there. You are part of the flamenco right? So Flamenco is not just the music. It's not just the dance. It's the entire kind of atmosphere. So. 40:09.35 Sam No fun. 40:24.40 Jessica That's why if you ever go to a flamenco and they're like clap do it because they want that they feed off of that energy. Um, and they did an amazing job. So I was I was really impressed by both of them and and the musicians as well right? because that the singing is kind of part of it. 40:26.32 dclduo This is. 40:40.94 Sam Oh yeah, live musicians? Yeah, oh that's fantastic I Love that now. Um, you had this, You know this tour but did it include any kind of like sit down meal like maybe payea or something. 40:43.99 Jessica Yeah, it was. It was great. 40:53.70 Jessica No, not not for this one so this was several tapas stops I think we actually had 3 and then of course there were tapas at the flamenco performance as well. So that was really kind of enjoyable. 40:59.23 Sam No, not in oh nice. 41:11.20 Jessica Um, and one of the things I found really entertaining. We. We had wonderful guides for all of our our tours again you know Disney always kind of selects. Great people. Um, but our guide for this one in particular was just kind of funny and hilarious like he lived in the city and he's like oh go there tell them I sent you. Go there but don't tell them I sent you and you know he was he was kind of tossing out all these different options of where we might want to go and several in our in our group kind of did go to you know more of a sit down to have you know more tapas. We actually ended up going back to the ship. 41:30.54 Sam Yes, ah. 41:43.88 Sam Me. 41:50.15 Jessica Um, because we were you know, been walking right? This was a totally walking tour so we went back to the ship and had had lunch on on board. 41:53.49 Sam Um, yeah, it's a long day. Yeah. 41:58.86 Sam Nice and then we've got to talk about your last stop before you get to of course Barcelona which technically barcelona is your last stop but it's where you disembark so what was your last port stop on the cruise. 42:07.78 Jessica To. 42:14.71 Jessica Well so the last port stop was Cartagena um, and even before that we well, it's not. It's not really a port stop. But yes there there's another one after Cartagena um. 42:19.16 Sam Oh you have 2 more I missed one? Yeah, all right. 42:31.45 Jessica But we also did the straits of gibraltar and that's kind of unique to the transatlantic either I think maybe only eastbound because I don't I think westbound comes from England right? So they do the British isles and then so. 42:34.37 Sam Ah, that's right. 42:44.27 Sam Oh yes, Yes, you're right. 42:50.00 Jessica Yeah, we passed through the straits of gibraltar. Unfortunately it was at night. But this is the first time when I've ever been on a Disney Cruise and felt like oh my goodness it's like adult party ship. 43:02.81 Sam Um, wow. 43:03.77 Jessica It was it was kind of interesting. So now we did know because Lee had told us on one of the you know, very first shows welcome you know, good morning Disney dream. Um, he said there were only 400 children on board and this is between you know, babies and 17 43:13.48 Sam Me. 43:16.57 dclduo Are. 43:22.86 Jessica Um, but then you know the rest of us were all adults and so there were some kids that were out but we basically passed through the straits of gibraltar at about two o'clock in the morning and it was funny because everybody was up there wrapped in their blankets and whatnot. But then everyone got the picture of putting your arms out and it's like you know here's the african continent here's the european continent and you know I look like I'm kind of touching both of them. So yeah, so that was that was really kind of neat and then yeah, then we went to sleep because we had to get up. 43:44.90 Sam Oh that's so cool both at the same time. Wow. 43:57.83 Jessica Caria and in this one. Oh go ahead. 44:00.94 Sam We let me ask you 1 question you didn't get hit by any orcas I assume when you were going through the straits of gibraltar. Ah. 44:08.44 Jessica No, no unfortunately right? um and also I had oh have they really? okay. 44:10.34 Sam But because they've been hitting. They've been hitting all kinds of ships going that are going through the strait. Actually yeah yeah, so they've been I mean they've been actually causing huge damage to mostly yachts. Um, you know smaller They probably aren't likely to do much damage to ah a cruise ship but they've been. 44:21.60 Jessica Okay. 44:28.70 Sam Yeah, these orcas have been throwing themselves into these ships and there's been a lot of articles about it and they they've actually caused significant damage and and even um, caused several of the ships to sink. Yeah, it's kind of it's crazy. 44:30.55 Jessica Oh. 44:42.74 Jessica Oh no, oh that's terrible for both the orcas and the ships my goodness awful. Yeah, no, so we did not encounter that um, several like our tablemates got to see dolphins. 44:46.71 Sam Yeah, exactly. And. 44:56.72 Jessica Got great video of dolphins kind of traveling with us when we were out in the Atlantic. Um, there were um, what else did people see yeah people actually saw whales. Um I did not get to I kept wanting to one of our servers was like you'll see whales. 44:56.95 Sam Oh Austin. 45:07.31 Sam E. 45:15.36 Sam Me. 45:15.64 Jessica Because he had been on the magic doing the crossing several times and he was like I always see them I always see them I was like I didn't see them. He's like I'm sorry look at the draw. It's all good. Um, yeah, so so. 45:25.73 Sam Ah, luck of the draw right? it's. 45:31.51 Jessica It was it was kind of neat there were there was a lot of wildlife that I did not necessarily expect. So yeah in cartania we did some more tapas because again we're in Spain um, and walked a little bit more. We actually started by looking at the cathedral. So. 45:36.63 Sam Um, yeah. 45:47.17 Sam So. 45:50.35 Jessica I'm I'm a total history nerd right? So this is carthage reimagined on you know in in what is now Spain and um so you know it was really kind of fascinating to see this cathedral where you know people were they they loved. Cartageia and then they didn't love it and then they loved it again right? And so the the cathedral has like these 3 different layers of ah, kind of the building material right? Some is marble and then it's kind of like sandstone. Essentially it's like and here we go and then there's marble again on top. And ah we got to see some Roman ruins and actually kind of walk around um and see you know where they had kind of uncovered and they haven't done anything with it right? It's still kind of in its research phase. Um. 46:31.87 Sam Oh cool. 46:45.54 Sam It's amazing. 46:46.49 Jessica And it was just that was really really cool to see and there's a fort nearby that was actually free that day so it was like special museum day or something and you know we were at first like well we'll we'll just keep looking at the Roman ruins. 47:02.90 Sam He. 47:04.50 Jessica And then I read the sign and I was like I think gratia means free and sure enough they were like yeah come on in and and so we got to walk around the fort and get some great pictures. You know out to sea as well as of of the town so that was that was another really. 47:07.40 Sam Um, yes. 47:21.30 Sam Oh awesome did did you get a nice shot of you know the Disney dream sitting in port. Okay, okay. 47:23.52 Jessica Really beautiful day. Yeah. 47:29.96 Jessica Not from that one in Cadiz we did in Cadiz we were able to get a good a good picture of the dream. Um, and so that was that was pretty that was pretty I enjoyed that. 47:39.81 Sam Yeah I love that and then you said you had 1 more port after carttahania what was that port. 47:45.93 Jessica Yes, this port. 47:56.93 Jessica Have exactly what we did? Yep, There's the codfish fritters and then we did the aqueduct. See This is why it takes forever right? because people forget where they went. 48:17.64 Sam Ah. 48:29.85 Jessica Um, all right come on Jessica we need this. Let's go. 48:48.50 Jessica Here's our massage we did that we got a massage that was nice. 49:01.30 Jessica Shoot I know I took a picture of the whole thing. 49:08.20 dclduo Stories take time. No, you're fine I don't know that this this kind of stuff is easy to deal with. So Don't worry about it. 49:11.68 Jessica I'm sorry Brian I'm gonna make your job difficult. Okay I like to take screenshots of all the like itinerary. 49:23.82 Sam He yeah, he's he's good. Still just literally. He'll literally cut from like after I ask the question to once you find it. So it's like super is actually this is way easier than cutting out if 1 of us flubs a word or something like that. Yeah. 49:29.65 Jessica Oh perfect. 49:36.25 Jessica The. 49:44.57 Jessica We're on earth oh there's there's the carpet. There's Bruce okay I went too far. 49:53.97 Jessica Maybe it's even easier to find it this way. 50:15.70 Jessica I bet Emily remembered right? She knew. 50:18.94 dclduo Oh I don't don't worry about it all. 50:23.85 Jessica Out here. We go nope that's the wrong one that's Galveston. 51:07.34 Jessica Where on Earth did I put our itinary. 51:20.20 Jessica Yay! Okay, all right Miami C C C C C Puninal gada see lisbon cadiz oh Malaga I flipped them you were you were right sam so it is it's Malaga and then Cartta Heia and then Barcelona. Okay. 51:37.96 Sam Nice so tell us about Malaga no worries that we talked about cartia first everybody who just heard about cartia you're gonna flip this Malaga was first and then Cartagena. So yeah, tell us what? what did you get up to in Malaga. 51:47.13 Jessica The. 51:54.55 Jessica So in Malaga we actually had um, a lot of fun kind of touring around and visiting this Roman Amphitheater so the Roman Amphitheater um basically was discovered not too long ago. 52:03.25 Sam Google. 52:12.14 Jessica When these older women actually unfortunately passed away and they basically dedicated their house to becoming a I'm going to call it a handy crafts museum right? A museum of kind of ah. Weaving and yarn work and things like that and when they were demoing to kind of prepare for that they found Roman Ruins and unlike other places like in cadiz where the joke was like if it's Roman ah right? phoenician. 52:30.63 Sam Oh cool. 52:47.32 Jessica Okay, we care about that. We want to kind of check this out but Roman and whatever so they found this Roman Amphitheater where you can actually see that they had used different pieces from previous roman constructions right? so. 52:48.25 Sam Oh interesting. 53:05.88 Jessica Not only is this amphitheater like fascinating but it's also kind of modern right? It's modern Roman as opposed to ancient romans so you can actually see kind of the difference between the stone that was you know, originally used for some things and then they they used it now later for them right for. 53:25.51 Sam Interesting. 53:25.82 Jessica Us. It's all ancient in this in this amphitheater and I was kind of the obnoxious person because they actually did have it floored and we were kind of standing and very respectfully talking and she was saying you are welcome to tour Just don't go. You know where the ropes are right because the steps had. 53:44.19 Sam Sure. 53:44.59 Jessica You know, degraded over time right? So the the seating steps you just had to be kind of careful and and not go into those spaces but I said can we go on the stage and the tour guide said sure but you have to do something and I was like okay and no problem. 53:57.41 Sam Ah I love it. Did you dance but did you dance for your group. Ah you should have done some flamenco I feel like that would have you know you're in Spain. 54:02.84 Jessica I I I did I went up and I did a pirouette and I was like did can I go um I should have I should have tried it I should have that would have been cool I think I embarrassed Casey enough though at that point and he was kind of like oh bosh. 54:19.62 Sam Ah, ah yeah I'm the one who embarrasses Brian too just set way I ah. 54:23.40 Jessica Oh good, but it was really fascinating to kind of be up there because you got a very different perspective and you could actually kind of see they had reconstructed 1 side but not the other so by being up there. You could actually go and see kind of the pit where they had not. 54:23.30 dclduo Enough. 54:29.17 Sam New. 54:37.29 Sam Um, oh interesting. 54:42.23 Jessica Done the reconstruction and you could see kind of how things had fallen over and how they got to the reconstructed side on on the opposite side actually stage left right? So so it was really kind of remarkable to see like this is where you know the the. 54:47.00 Sam Um. 54:52.28 Sam Right? right. 55:00.35 Jessica Actors would have kind of gone behind and then come out a little different from kind of our interpretation but it was sort of that you know passing behind the column and kind of a passing of time so to me as kind of ah a lover of. Antiquities and things I found that really fascinating. Yeah, we got to walk then around the rest of the town and that 1 did include a very good sit down meal. We were kind of. 55:19.40 Sam Oh that's awesome I Love that. 55:33.90 Jessica Hid it squirrled away in this upstairs part of a restaurant and we know that it was good because we saw basically all of the entertainment cast eating downstairs so we were kind of like hi I know you and they're sort of like. 55:48.66 Sam And right you have there their time off. Yeah. 55:50.47 Jessica We're like okay, we're not, We're not gonna interrupt you but their time off exactly but we did. We saw a number of cast members out and about in all of the ports and it was wonderful because I had made friends with some of the other entertainment folks and. 56:00.41 Sam M. 56:09.33 Jessica So you know I have some pictures of of me kind of meeting them out and about I think I showed the picture with Rebecca um, and then you know there were there were several others so it was really nice to know. Okay, not only are we going to someplace good but like. 56:15.68 Sam M. 56:26.16 Sam Yeah, yeah, that is nice I mean I feel like the cast members especially 1 they know where those places are because they they will pass along to each other you know or perhaps those that were on the magic in previous years found this and now they have. 56:26.60 Jessica The cast likes it too. So. 56:43.51 Sam On the dream or they've talked to the cast members on the dream and and told them about these places but also they they've been at sea working for days and so for them this is their you know this is their opportunity to get a break when they have this precious little amount of time. 56:49.58 dclduo A a. 56:49.63 Jessica 30 57:00.54 Sam You know that they're not going to waste it on like some not so good food or not so good restaurant like they're going to find those you know those special places So that's always fun I Love that. 57:08.86 Jessica Yeah, it was. It was really neat and that was kind of something that we feel was maybe a little bit of a a miss because in each of the ports casey and I actually made a point every morning when we docked to kind of watch. Because this was the first time the Disney dream was actually visiting these ports and so we actually saw the dignitaries coming um with you know, various gifts and whatnot and they would be met and then they would be ushered onto the ship and we were kind of like. 57:28.55 Sam Right. 57:43.52 Jessica Want to see that on the stateroom tv like even if you just did you know 5 minutes from each of the the port welcomes if you will um but you know that would have been kind of neat from from my perspective. 57:43.60 Sam Yeah. 57:57.70 Jessica Ah, to kind of see that you know welcoming of the Disney dream to Europe for the very first time so not only were the cast members kind of getting a chance to get off the ship and get away and you know have have a moment. Um, but they were also you know getting to explore someplace possibly for the first time. 58:01.20 Sam Yeah. 58:16.00 Jessica Unless they had been lucky enough to be on the magic before. 58:17.34 Sam Yeah I I think that you know the dream probably hadn't been in Europe since she was built. 58:23.65 Jessica Right? Yeah, when we stopped in cart to hangia. They actually mentioned that like the last time she was here is when she was built and then she was coming over. Yeah. 58:34.53 Sam Wow Crazy crazy. 58:38.57 dclduo Well Jessica I think we have reached that point in the show where I need to hand you over to Sam for some arbitrary questions some arbitrary rules and a dash of judgment or the round we call a rapid fire so sam even though you've been asking all the question you've given me no time to ask questions today. Show. Just been like rapid fire already but take it away. 59:01.20 Jessica So. 59:01.67 Sam I'm sorry Brian you know I get really excited about these particularly about these shows where there's all these special onboard activities and especially special stuff on the Walt Disney stage or on the stage of evolution or the stage of the tube or or you know any of these adult the adult spaces I just love talking about that stuff and so I could go on and on and and you know obviously Jessica and I have that in common. So I just can't help myself so I'm going to ask you your Disney Cruise line favorites. Jessica. Um, since it's a bonus episode I'm going to do it abbreviated. We're going to skip over your favorite character movie and song and head right to the ship to find out actually already told us your favorite Disney Cruise line stage show at least on board. The Disney Dream will you tell me, please tell me that your favorite Disney. Mains stage show on all of the Disney ships that you've been on is also beauty and the beast. Ok all right? who who all right I don't have to take away your metal. Okay, or your key chain that you want on board. 01:00:00.66 Jessica It is. You're right? Yep hands down. 01:00:09.51 Jessica And oh yeah. 01:00:13.80 Sam Tell me what is your favorite rotational dining on any of the Disney Cruise line ships that you've been on. Yeah. 01:00:17.12 Jessica So that would actually be Tiana's love Tiana's we were very lucky. We actually got to be on it when they even had the lightup menus. So initially you could press a little button and you know it basically looked like Evangeline right. 01:00:27.24 Sam Oh cool. 01:00:33.95 Sam Oh that's so cool. All right tell love it. Tell me what's your favorite bar or adult space onboard a Disney Cruise lineship 01:00:35.47 Jessica Doing her little things. So yeah, but yes, so Tiana is always. 01:00:50.95 Jessica That's now gotten a lot harder. So I think ultimately it's the Cadillac lounge but I did really enjoy skyline and I had not really gotten to spend much time in it before. In fact. 01:00:51.91 Sam Who. 01:01:00.13 Sam Um, yeah. 01:01:08.51 Jessica Before this trip I really didn't even know where Meridian even was right? So we had not we right? We had not gotten to kind of explore any of that. Um, and so I think I think definitely you know as kind of a lounging. 01:01:10.50 Sam Oh my God That's a crime. 01:01:25.70 Jessica Hanging out a place where we've had wonderful tastings and stuff Cadillac. Yeah. 01:01:29.22 Sam Awesome! All right? Your favorite place to relax on a Disney crews lineship. 01:01:37.99 Jessica Mm that is a toss up between the spa and probably deck 4 right? just being able to sit in 1 of the chairs or even just taking ah a stroll kind of around deck 4 Um. 01:01:44.76 Sam Um, yeah. 01:01:55.14 Jessica Ah, we have not yet been on the wish. So I'm not sure how that'll play. But definitely you know, being able to hang out in the spa have a massage or just kind of relax in the in the chairs right. 01:02:07.50 Sam I love it that I love that promenade deck all right I need to know your favorite sweet item and your favorite savory item on Disney Cruise line doesn't have to be even on this particular cruise. But overall. 01:02:24.12 Jessica Well overall, it's the be yas and that's just because I love them and we can't really get them here in Texas. Um, so for those of you who have had other be yas, you're so lucky I will have be yaas all the time. Um, also the Mickey Turro waffles which we did get to have and that was so good. So I love those and then for sakery it's it's kind of a dark horse thing I couldn't even find the name of it because I can't find this menu but it is a beef dish. 01:02:42.74 Sam Oh nice. 01:03:01.20 Sam Oh interesting. 01:03:01.38 Jessica At Repunzels at lunch. Yeah, and it see it comes with I have a picture of it but it comes with like plantains and rice and then it's these you know well done or tasty, not well done like they they're good. Um, strips of of beef and and that was really remarkable I would not normally have chosen that but that's kind of my favorite savory. Yeah yes. 01:03:20.70 Sam Ah, yeah, um. 01:03:27.45 Sam Oh I love it. Well I love plantain so you can't go wrong with those as a aside anyway, all right now. Did you say you've been on the magic. Okay, and okay and the reason I ask is because it's a very important question I know you have it. You say you haven't been on the wish. So. 01:03:37.85 Jessica Yeah, we've been with the magic. 01:03:45.29 Sam Aqua Mouse is out of contention. But this is ah you know of course a really important question the aqua dunk versus the aqua duck which one is better. Thank god. 01:03:48.66 Jessica Who. 01:03:55.47 Jessica Aqua Duck all the way aqua dunk unfortunately causes you know all sorts of havoc terrifying. 01:04:04.45 Sam Ah, terrifying terrifying. 01:04:07.23 Jessica But I did it and it was fun and there is video of me screaming so there you go but Aqua duck all the way I would do that one a bunch. 01:04:11.70 Sam But I love it. Awesome! Okay, your favorite ship of the ones that you have been on so it sounds like you've been on the 4 the 4 originals let's put it that way. 01:04:26.67 Jessica We have not yet been on the fantasy but that is something we want to do um but even with that it's the wonder we've been. You know our first one was on the wonder and then we got to do the wonder to Alaska. 01:04:28.38 Sam Oh okay. 01:04:40.17 Jessica And the first time that Casey and I just were like okay, let's just try this the 2 of us and see how it goes it was the wonder. So yeah, she's our ship. 01:04:42.53 Sam Yeah. Oh I love it all right now. The last question I ask everyone? What is your bucket list. Cruise if you could go anywhere on Disney Cruise line even if Disney Cruise line doesn't currently go there. Where are you sailing. 01:05:03.50 Jessica So I'm actually going to borrow one from your previous guests because it was awesome I totally want to do like around. Um basically New Zealand and and Australia right? but I really want to kind of go around New Zealand 01:05:15.94 Sam Yeah. 01:05:19.95 Jessica Um, and then do the polynesian islands and end up in Hawaii so I would love to like do a back to back to back or something like that that would be amazing. Yeah. 01:05:22.44 Sam Oh yeah. 01:05:30.28 Sam Sounds perfect. Yeah, sounds that I'd be there I'd be there for sure except it would be during school. 01:05:38.24 Jessica I Know right? That's the problem. 01:05:41.97 dclduo Well Jessica we'll have to have you back. So Sam can add on the like 3 or 4 additional questions to the next rapid fire round. So you can find out your Disney favorites as well. But for now just want to thank you for taking the time to share your fabulous. Transatlantic crossing experience with all of our listeners and just really really appreciate you taking the time to share that with us. 01:06:00.31 Jessica Yeah, thank you.

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