January 02, 2024


Ep. 379 - It's a Kind of Magic: A 4-Night Sailing on the Disney Magic from Miami

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Brian Sam
Ep. 379 - It's a Kind of Magic: A 4-Night Sailing on the Disney Magic from Miami
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 379 - It's a Kind of Magic: A 4-Night Sailing on the Disney Magic from Miami

Jan 02 2024 | 01:08:20


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Sean joins us to share his experience on of the Disney's Magic's and Disney Cruise Line's final sailings out of the Port of Miami this past summer. Come hear what Sean thought about the Magic post-drydock, as well as his experience sailing out of Miami. With DCL's shift to Fort Lauderdale, it may be the last time any Disney ship sails out of this iconic port. Come relive the experience with Sean, on this week's episode.

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Episode Transcript

00:00.00 dclduo Welcome back everybody to this week's episode of the Dc L Duo Podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and Sam I got another review for you another review. 00:09.84 Sam Oh yay, Yeah, oh. 00:12.43 dclduo I said this on the last time we record I'm gonna make you start reading these because they're your favorite thing and they they make me self-conscious. So well I'm fairly self-conscious about pronouncing this name because it's either King Shag or you can make that king plural and tell me what it is I'm not going to. Ah. 00:17.30 Sam Yeah, I'm not self-conscious I'm like give it to me give it to me I Love hearing it. But. 00:30.81 Sam Ah, either way, it's a little riskque I like it you. 00:31.59 dclduo Not going to go there right now. But yeah, hey King S H a g ah it reads the dcl podcast you are looking for apparently where the droids people are looking for sam they write I never write reviews but felt compelled to do so. I have spent a very long time looking for a dcl podcast I can listen to without getting bored and finally found one I've listened to probably 10 to 15 podcasts since I found this podcast and can't wait to listen to more if you're looking for a high quality dcl podcast here. It is well. Thank you for that review. Sam is diligently chewing her food right now because it is lunchtime where we are otherwise she would chime in with all kinds of praise. 01:07.67 Sam Um, but I am trying going to chime in I just swallowed my last bite really quickly so that I could jump in and say thank you so much for that review that really means a lot to us and we're glad that you found us. So thanks for listening. 01:21.63 dclduo Yeah, and so I'm gonna throw it right back to you. We got a great guest today. A great topic so you want to introduce the guest in the topic a little bit. 01:26.71 Sam We? Yeah, absolutely we are excited. We're always excited to welcome new guests to the show. Not that we don't love our repeat guests. But it's always nice to talk to somebody new and Sean has been I believe a longtime listener of our show and reach out to us to come and talk to us about his latest. Cruise adventure. So welcome to the show. Sean. 01:47.83 Sean __ Well thank you so much for calling me great. It is great to be here with you guys I am a big fan of the show. As soon as I booked my second cruise I feel like I binged through almost all of your content. So. It's just a little surreal to be here. Forgive me if I you know. Fan out a little bit. 02:08.39 dclduo If you made it back to the early episodes and didn't just hit unsubscribe I'm surprised. So yeah, but thank you, thank you for listening Sean before we dive into talking about your cruise as you probably know we love to get folks as Disney Cruise line background their creds with Disney Cruise line in all things Disney so you want to. 02:08.50 Sam Ah I love that. Ah, you're like making my heart so happy John. Ah. 02:27.75 dclduo Tell folks, what your what your Disney Cruise line background's like 02:29.20 Sean __ Absolutely so I come from more of a parks family. We visited in o four and o five when I was you know 6 and seven years old and then we went to the parks in 14 and my parents actually became members of the Hilton Vacation Club so right now is not a great time is non-resort stays to go to the parks but we went in 2021 because there was nothing else to do because all all the world was still kind of close at that point. But my friends went on their first Disney Cruise in April of that year and they said or April of last year and they said to me. Okay, we're going on a Disney Cruise and right after they came back. They said we're doing another one in December and you're coming with us and at that point I did like you do with when your friends try to make plans and I said okay, yeah, sure, get back to me and then they actually did and I wasn't going to go. 03:21.48 Sam I Love it. 03:26.74 Sean __ But then he kind of pulled me aside and he said okay I'm going to propose on this trip. So you you need to be there and I looked at him and I went oh nuts. Okay, we're going on a cruise I thought it was going to be a 1 time thing I got home I had the best time we were on the wonder and then like two weeks later I was sitting at my desk and I went. 03:30.22 Sam Oh. 03:46.48 Sean __ Ah, we got to do that again. So thankfully I had exactly it was it was the wonder that made me fall um with the Disney Cruise line ah that. 03:46.87 Sam And of course you fell in love was the wonder. 03:53.31 dclduo So so you promptly found 2 more friends who needed to get married booked on the wonder and had them propose. That's seems like a strategy winning strategy. 04:00.55 Sean __ Um, it's tough. Ah so I work for the government and my vacation schedule isn't all that flexible ah throughout the year so my parents were going to go to Colorado on the family vacation this year and that just was not something that I was very interested in so I called my friend who works actually directly across the street from me. 04:07.97 Sam Um. 04:16.20 Sam Um. 04:20.15 Sean __ And I said hey you know I can get a really great deal on this war night Cruise are you in and we were going to go to the parks in 2020 for our college graduation that obviously got canceled ah but she said you know what we're going to do this so we were off to the races. We had a great travel agent and it was really. 04:29.37 Sam It didn't happen. Yeah. 04:39.34 Sean __ I Think one of the best vacations of my life but don't tell my parents because they weren't there. They're going to be listening to this too So they're. 04:43.69 Sam Well tell them you was gonna say hope they don't listen then so mom and dad sean is lying. He wishes that he was with you in Colorado on whatever land vacation you had that didn't include Mickey Mo so there I love it. 04:57.50 Sean __ I made them a shutterfly book from Colorado so it's it's okay. 05:03.47 Sam Love it. So you're hooked. It sounds like already after 2 cruises this is gonna be your new your new vacation style cruising. 05:11.30 Sean __ Yeah I think I'll have more to say on that in rapid fire. But you know I am a sucker for the words limited edition. So as soon as that silver anniversary at c was announced I had 1 of those moments of oh dang. That's the one we got to do that. 05:17.82 Sam Yeah. 05:25.61 Sam I Love it. So let's talk about exactly that why you chose this cruise in particular fortnight itinerary on the magic having of course sailed on the wonder did that play into your you know Calculus of what cruise or what ship I want to be on what ports I want to go from. 05:43.10 Sean __ Yeah I really liked the fact that the wonder was so much smaller than you know some of the other ships in the fleet and I really loved kind of that intimate setting that you have when you can you know see people over and over again and you kind of get friendly with them and so. 05:43.41 Sam That sort of a thing and. 06:00.10 Sean __ It was really tough to kind of make that call because we don't have tons of vacation time to burn. So it was either I forget where the wonder was but when we saw that the magic was going out of Florida that was a lot easier of a flight than what we did on the wonder which was going all the way to San Diego so I'm not a big person for picking ports. Um I was not that big. A fan of Nasa but for me, it was more just you know, being on a ship was the big thing that I wanted to do and I found things to do along the way. So. 06:29.30 Sam Yeah, that makes sense I mean you're coming from new england um, and so going down to Florida is a lot easier than flying out to San Diego of course and so that that definitely you know? ah. 06:43.93 Sam Definitely pun plays into the calculus and then of course just timing right? Sometimes it's just like the timing of the itineraries the number of days that sort of a thing that dictates what cruise you're going to be on. But you said this was a silver anniversary at sea where you then super psyched so that this was you know going to be your second cruise and you were going to get to celebrate. You know the magic and her twenty fifth anniversary in particular. 07:05.14 Sean __ It. It was so exciting for me because the first cruise that we went on was a merry time. So the silver anniversary kind of filled. You know some of that theming that I loved from last time and when Youtube were on your trip that was the first week of September right? so. 07:21.46 Sam So that's right? yep. 07:24.37 Sean __ I was sitting at the port ah scrolling through my phone because boarding was delayed and I saw that you had tweeted that you were in Miami on the magic too and I have one of those moments of wait wait wait wait wait way wait because I was really hoping that you know maybe by some accident at a timeline we were going to be on the same cruise together didn't work out. Um, but. It was just really cool to be there and to celebrate it because the magic and I are the same age but you know I feel like the 1 the magic is in really great condition. But I feel like I'm the world's oldest 25 year old. So I can't I can't knock the magic for it. 07:56.11 Sam Yeah I love that here's such a baby. You're only yeah, you're a baby only 25 years old my goodness. Yeah I love that well I love that you got to celebrate the magic's birthday essentially but let's talk about um your sort of planning on your trip and. You know, booking things ahead of time you were a silver cruiser at the time that you had booked this or you had just finished your first cruise you know how did that onboard or sorry how did that online pre-booking go for you? Um, did you get things that you wanted did you not care to book anything because it was you know, just your second cruise. Or were there things that you were hoping for that you weren't able to get and. 08:39.51 Sean __ Yeah, ah so I'm not a big port adventures guy I'm really not for me. It's just about being you know on the ship like I said before but the 1 thing that my friend and I really wanted was that coveted apollo brunch and we got to the midnight you know booking window. 08:51.90 Sam Oh yeah. 08:56.88 Sean __ And I you know had my war pain on and I was ready to go through and we didn't get it So I got to the point of you know, constantly checking every single day and one day we had just gone to the movies I was getting home and I had to make some dinner and I just said you know what? to heck with it I'm just going to check one time. 09:00.29 Sam Yeah, yeah. 09:16.20 Sean __ And it came up and I did like a touchdown dance it was it was amazing and I ate so much food I think we ordered like 6 entrees and like the whole dessert menu so that was worth it and then exactly and. 09:27.86 Sam Ah, for just 2 of you for 2 of you. Yeah. 09:33.73 Sean __ The other thing that we really want to do that. We didn't have any trouble at all was on the paddle boarding. Um I did the 5 k on castaway k and that was like the big thing that I wanted to do this trip and maybe paddle boarding was a little bit of a mistake because my knees just started to kind of give out at that point was a lot of running. 09:36.32 Sam So oh yeah. 09:49.66 Sam Oh yeah, yeah, that is for sure, especially in the heat ah cast away. It's just the heat and humidity down there for those of us who don't I feel like for people who live in Florida and run in Florida they're like I cast away. It's fine because they're used to that weather. But for any of us who live. I don't know in the northern part of the United States we're like dying and dying in that heat and that humidity well sounds like you had some you know, really good ah thoughts for for you know online booking. We try to tell people. You know if at first you don't succeed try try again because things do open up people do cancel and then the other tip is always on board booking that you know things are held back and so if you go right away when you board you are likely to get. Stuff that you were unable to get althoughpollo brunch is one of those things that's probably the hardest on these shorter itinerary cruises because you really only have you know a c day and maybe a Nasa day for brunch. Yep. 10:46.75 dclduo Jet just keep asking. This is a case where the worst thing that's going to happen is they tell you? no I mean if you don't get it on the first day after you board then head up to Palo at some point when they're open. In the middle of the cruise and see if they can squeeze you in on the day that you want brunch like the people cancel on them all the time. So yeah, this is a place where you just got to keep asking if it's something you really want. So yeah. 11:11.59 Sam And yeah and you can go up there to have drinks. Even if you don't have a reservation for you know, ah around dinner time or in the evening and so that's one way to then make friends with the manager at Apollo and they might be able to figure out a way to kind of squeeze you into their schedule all right? so. 11:25.77 Sean __ I didn't know that so I've learned my new thing of the day. Okay worth I think we're done here. 11:29.90 Sam Yeah, there you go? yeah right I love it well yeah I mean if you go up there. Um, even like I said without a did a reservation. They'll sit you at the bar you can have it. You know a drink you might even be able to order some food there as well. Um, but yeah, you just make friends with them and. If you make friends with them. They're more likely to find you a spot. Let's put it that way all right? So Sean we've got you know you had pre-booking. You had online checkin um was that a you know cluster as it often is although it's gotten a little bit better now that it we're a little bit more staggered in the ah check-in times. 12:06.68 Sean __ I was really worried about it but we were able to get I think it was boarding group 7 ah that when the day came everything was delayed by about thirty forty minutes so it didn't really kind of matter in the end but it was not as bad as it could have been I mean I've I've heard the horror stories of people. 12:10.42 Sam Good. Yep. 12:24.61 Sean __ Ah, you know before they started staggering you know, getting locked out and you know the site crashing. But thankfully we we didn't have any problems and I'm kind of glad I don't have a story about this. 12:31.94 Sam That good listen no news is good news on that front both for any kind of pre-booking check-in no news is good news all right? So let's talk about you getting down to ah to Miami right? The sale this magic. Ah, sailing was out of Miami as well. Um, did you get in ahead of time day of what was sort of your plan of action. 12:53.94 Sean __ This is this is the part where I'm going to get a lot of hate from the audience I was really willing to roll the dice and fly in the day of I looked with my travel agent who was absolutely wonderful and I kind of tracked. 13:00.90 Sam Ah. 13:03.95 Sam Wow. 13:11.71 Sean __ You know what was was the on time percentage of the different flights that were available to us and even the farthest behind the flight that we ever picked was in the last six months it still got in before they would cut off the boarding groups. Ah so I I was kind of risky and I picked the same day fly in. But. 13:14.41 Sam No yeah. 13:23.79 Sam E. 13:31.68 Sean __ It paid off. We actually got there about a half an hour early so we had to wait a little bit which was fantastic. 13:38.46 Sam Yeah wow okay well brave of you not ah, not the recommended way to do it. But you know if I guess if you're if you are leaving from somewhere that has you know a major airport and has a lot of flights. It's a little less risky than if you're let's say flying from across the country like we are from Seattle. To Florida that's we would never ever do that. But if you're on the East Coast and you're near a major airport. You probably have a lot more options if something gets delayed or canceled. So all right? you get down to Florida you're there early. You don't have to stay in Miami obviously overnight because you're there in the morning. Um, how did the boarding process go in the Miami terminal. 14:20.11 Sean __ It was not the best that it could have been. It was around 45 minutes behind but ah, we all were kind of wondering what was going on because we weren't seeing that much movement. But then once in a while you'd see you know a cast member kind of scurrying frantically in the background. But it was really nice because that was one of those moments where everyone in the crowd is in it together so we were able to kind of make friends with a couple different people. We got you know some photos with the backgrounds. Ah, and after the morning that we had because to leave Boston to get down to Miami we had to be awake at 3 am so even having like that 20 minute ability to just kind of nod off a little bit in your seat that that paid off. 14:58.93 Sam Oh good. Yeah so I would say Miami is not quite as efficient as port canaveral. Um, and it's not unusual for them to have some delays with customs. Usually those things are out outside of Disney's control but we had kind of a similar experience. We did not. Sort of board on time but it's fine. No big deal. You roll with the punches all right? you get? you know you you get called your boarding group gets called you are on the gangway you are about to enter the beautiful Disney magic and then you walk into her atrium. That looks strikingly similar to the wonders atrium with a little bit different decor. What do you think. 15:39.45 Sean __ You know, being there for my friends First time walking onto a Disney Cruise ship that made it so much more magical I think after that first time I kind of knew what to expect but just being able to you know, see her face and record that on my phone that's. 1 of those core memories I'm not going to be forgetting anytime soon. 15:56.65 Sam Oh I Love that? Yeah I love it when you get to introduce somebody to that new experience and like you said sort of watch it through their eyes right? because you know they're goingnna announce your you know, whatever name you tell them to announce Whoop What was that dinging. 16:16.50 dclduo And I don't know I must have hit. We have a ah sound board in here just I don't know why that happened I We also have we also have. 16:16.26 Sam Ah, but ah, that was hilarious. Did you hear that sea that was holy yeah, yeah, as. 16:24.32 Sean __ Fired a warning shot for me I got a. 16:30.64 dclduo I just I just deleted that so I've deleted our soundboard because we don't need any of those I don't know I must have hit a keyboard or something anyway, start over Sam. 16:34.24 Sam Um, you know? yeah, that's hilarious anyway. Um now I love that magical moment where you get to introduce somebody else to you know Disney Cruise line and sort of see it again through their eyes because I mean you know that you know they're gonna announce. Whatever. You know, family name you give them but your friend maybe doesn't know that and then you get to sort of watch them experience that for the first time. Super super super excuse me super fun to watch. Um, okay so what was your plan of action. Do you go straight to Kabana's did you have you know business to take care of as far as you know making spa appointments or or dealing with any kind of dining issues or are you headed to sit down lunch. What was your plan of action. 17:19.81 Sean __ Thankfully, we didn't have to do any you know last minute operations to go get any reservations but I was dreaming of those empanadas at the embarkation lunch like that was the thing that I kept telling my friend about I I was saying they were amazing and the sauce that it comes with I. 17:26.95 Sam Oh yeah. 17:35.93 Sean __ So we went right to that. But as we were walking through pluto came out to meet people and there was no one in line so it was like the record went off the table and I said okay, no nope no, we're doing this first. So then we then we went to the lunch but it was really funny. It was the second that we sat down to lunch. I joined the Facebook group but my friend doesn't really use Facebook at all. So I had known a lot of these people from talking online for months and the second we sit down about 7 or 8 people ran over and they were all saying is is that Sean ah because I'd made these little stickers and they said you know. 17:56.40 Sam E. 18:12.23 Sean __ I met sean on a Disney Cruise and I told people the first ten people to get me get a sticker and so all these people are coming to me and they want to take photos together and the person at the table next to us leans over to my friend who also doesn't know what's happening and he says to her is he like. 18:13.41 Sam No yeah I. 18:25.93 Sam Yeah. 18:31.13 Sean __ Ah, Youtuber or something and she looks back at him and just goes no but later she said oh I should have said yes, just to see what happened. 18:40.37 Sam I love that oh my god okay I want a sticker that says I met Sean on my Disney Cruise line podcast so ah I love that Sean I think that's a great idea. Yeah tell so tell us. 18:46.82 Sean __ Um I I will absolutely send you 1 18:56.80 Sam How you came up with that idea and you know how you sort of interacted with people in the Facebook group did you did you run the Facebook group as an admin or did were you just in it. So. 19:06.63 Sean __ Yeah I admin the Facebook group with 2 really lovely other people. Ah Bailey and Beth and they are yeah shout out guys I hope you listen to this ah they were just absolutely wonderful. 19:11.00 Sam Shout out baile in death. 19:19.54 Sean __ And I started just as a regular member you know trying to contribute and keep the conversation going because from my merrytime cruise I learned you know the more you talk to people the easier it is on board and you know you get those friends and actually one of the people on our trip was someone from my merryitime cruise named Anne Net and 19:22.64 Sam And. 19:34.58 Sam Oh fun. 19:37.78 Sean __ She was celebrating her birthday and it was just absolutely magical getting to see her again. Ah so it was you know, really just my attempt to kind of say okay, you know we're gonna be together on this ship for four days we should all try to you know, get to know each other a little bit. It'll make it more fun and I really think it. 19:40.32 Sam Long will. 19:54.86 Sean __ Paid off because everywhere we went people were saying oh yeah, that you know there's Sean and his friend and it was like we were kind of the closest to being celebrities that we were ever going to get. 20:03.11 Sam Yeah, you are totally Facebook group celebrities I love that. 20:07.87 dclduo so so so wait what cruise number is this that you've decided to dive into adminning of Facebook group. Yeah, that's what I thought that's bold move that is a bold move. Ah. 20:12.11 Sam Yeah, this is number 2 Brian. 20:12.17 Sean __ This was number 2 Yeah yeah, it and you know what? no one called my bluff on it. So. 20:19.44 Sam I Love it. That's right right? Listen I Um, yeah. 20:22.20 dclduo I think it took us I think it took us like pass platinum for sam to like admin her first Facebook group and now she's getting to the point where I'm telling her like never admin a Facebook group again, but you know, ah amazing. Yeah. 20:34.24 Sam Um, it's just a lot of work. It's a lot of work. It is I think it's it's ah it's less work if you are not sort of the primary admin if you're like the secondary or or third at admin. Um, so meaning you don't have to do the fish extender exchange because that's probably. 20:48.94 Sean __ I Did that actually I did that. 20:52.50 Sam You did that I feel like that's the most complicated part because people are I'm just going to put it out there and say people are really flaky and they'll sign up, you know months in advance and then at the last minute they bow out and then it's really disappointing for others in the group who you know have personalized. Gifts and things like that or people who sign up and have no idea like what it is and they until the last minute and then they're like and then they go and get some like really cheap dollar store stuff. Um, and I'm not saying that you had to spend a lot of money on fish Extenders. You really don't. Um, but I do think it's important to put some thought into whatever gifts you're giving because others will for sure have put you know a great deal of thought into those gifts. 21:36.54 dclduo I I love that you're begrudging the dollar store when you can't pass the dollar aisle and target without a full shopping cart. So like let's be clear. There are no rules to fish extenders other than have fun and you know yeah. 21:42.68 Sam True. Yeah, like no I Love No. Ah. I know I'm with you I have no problem with I have no problem with some things in the fish extender gift being from the dollar or I'm just saying and right I'm just. 21:55.97 dclduo You're just do. There's a there's a shovel in your hands right? now that's digging a hole sand that you can't get out of let's just say Sam's going out sam's going out with a bang because she is ad admitting the treasure maiden voyage Facebook group the largest one that and I ah I I've ended up doing a lot of the posting. But. But I was like I can't believe she's doing this like I want to hear but I want to hear I when you Sean wait no no no I want to hear Sean's experience of adminning a Facebook group so you got into this and how much work did it end up being for you Sean that that's I feel like it's a lot of work. 22:15.38 Sam Brian Wait one second 22:24.86 Sean __ So I have a degree in communications and I studied a lot of social media management in college and I don't actually I work for the government so that's not exactly what I do for a living primarily but it was pretty easy. Once everyone kind of found their rhythm. Ah, so even with the fish extenders when we created the form for it. I found that the trick was you know you have to have those giant warnings right? You have to say okay, this is a reciprocal you know gift exchange. It's going to be expected that you know you give to people but they're going to give you back and I do a lot of work on canva. Ah so you know making those different graphics. It was. Really about you know, trying to get people's attention and getting them excited about this experience that we were going to share so you know once people started to open up and say you know I'm really excited to do this then you know I could kind of keep notes and say okay this is what people want to talk about. You know it's 1 thing if I want to kind of shout into the darkness you know and just. Kind of yell around. But you know I find that it's really trying to have that discussion with people. 23:24.60 Sam I absolutely I love that all right I'm going to have you Sean send me your form that you used for fish extender signups because I find that to be 1 of the hardest things to create each time. Um, and I I would love somebody else's template because I don't feel like I've got a great 1 right now. and and I have in the past used just excel and had people fill out information and inevitably people leave out information. So I think it's better to do it in a sort of a forms way and make everybody have to put something in each field and so I'm going to I'm going to see what you've got in that respect. But yeah I love it all right? So let's talk. 23:58.45 Sean __ Damon. 24:01.10 Sam About your sort of onboard experience. Um, you did obviously we know Castaway you did paddle boredom you did um the five k and I'm sure you spent some time relaxing on the beach. But as you mentioned this for you this cruise was about the ship and less about the ports I know you went to Nasa and Castaway. So let's talk about you know onboard experience what kind of stuff did you you know get up to let's talk about first sort of daytime activities and you're sort of showing your friend around the ship as well. So I'd love to know what kinds of things you felt like it was necessary to schlep her to yeah. 24:33.83 Sean __ That that's really the fun part about taking someone on their first cruise right? It's because I was able to kind of say okay these were the best things that I did and we're going to see if you like them too and you know that food coma after pao brunch that that took a couple hours out of the day. 24:37.24 Sam Yeah, so. 24:49.39 Sam I Of course of course. 24:51.79 Sean __ Ah, and it was a lot of fun getting to meet the characters in those silver anniversary outfits because you know that's the picture that you got to post on Facebook to make everyone back home just a little bit jealous. Um, and I found that it was really nice to have that Facebook experience because. 25:03.75 Sam So totally. 25:10.41 Sean __ Even if we didn't love the activities that we were doing. You know we still had fun getting to talk to the people around us and that was what made it all the more memorable. We didn't get to trivia we tried to do the drawing class to make mickey and then I did group later on in the cruise and I will tell you we do not have a future working for Disney Animation 25:21.93 Sam Um. 25:30.30 Sean __ Um, and I'm also not going to lie I think that I did spend my life savings at the gift shop so we did a lot of time just searching through trying to get all that different merchandise. Ah yeah. 25:43.42 Sam But what were some of your favorite purchases from the gift shop because that's one of those things where um I will say I don't spend as much time in the gift shops anymore. But I used to spend a ton of time there when I was a new cruiser I wanted all the merch and now I'm like much more picky about what I buy. Ah, but yeah, what kinds of stuff were you looking for like are you a spirit Jersey guy or other stuff. 26:08.10 Sean __ I am not a spirit Jersey guy I I wish I were someone who could pull that look off I'm just not ah but they're so expensive. 26:15.11 dclduo That is that that is the that is the right answer they should all be burned in my opinion stop the spirit jersey madness although I did so you know look ah I hate to admit this on air I did just get a Christmas spirit Jersey to wear on a cruise. 26:19.41 Sam And they are so expensive. They're really expensive. 26:30.92 dclduo It may be the only spiritual well I guess I have that yoda that Baby Yoda won but I never wear it so gargo? Yeah, but ah yeah, so I guess my opinion does not count because I'm a hypocrite but I say burn them all burn I'll throw mine in the pile I'll throw mine in the pile. 26:31.20 Sam Um, group Ah grogo. Yeah. 26:39.14 Sam Yes, but. 26:45.25 Sean __ Ah, yeah, my ah my favorite thing I have the atrium statue on my shelf of all the different ships that I've been on so two of them. Ah so I have my little Helmsman Mickey and my Ariel and you know those are the things I can't help but look at them and just be happy and then. 26:45.84 Sam Ah, so. 26:54.43 Sam Yay! so. 27:01.91 Sean __ 1 of my favorite items that we got. They had the blue shimmering seas mug and when we you know got to the gift shop. The first day we kind of tried to peer in and it wasn't there and my friend and I were dead set like we were going to get these matching mugs and I was so sad but then. 27:04.99 Sam Oh yeah. 27:10.79 Sam Oh. 27:18.50 Sean __ You know I get up to the front of the line after people hunger games to grab everything and I said to the cast member. Oh you know I was so disappointed that you know I didn't see this and I was kind of hoping to get 1 and then she kind of looks at me and just goes wait a second I'll be right back and they had 1 left so I was able to get that. Ah, but then. 27:20.26 Sam Right. 27:33.31 Sam This um. 27:38.30 Sean __ The next day I was up at like 5 a m because I was just too excited to sleep in and I decided just go for a stroll around this ship and I walked by the gift shop just to see if anything was new and then they had 3 more mugs so I had that moment of I was lied to but hey I mean that's a great thing. 27:47.12 Sam No. 27:56.74 Sean __ So I got back to the room and I said to my friend. Okay, you know what get dressed we're we're rope dropp in the gift shop. We need that mug so exactly so we we got our matching mugs I think that those were you know some of my favorites and then you know I love that Captain Mickey print that they gave us. 28:00.97 Sam Yeah, this opens yeah to get you're matching mugs and we have 2 exactly I love it. 28:13.50 Sam Oh yeah. 28:15.54 Sean __ That's ah, proudly hanging on my wall now for my office so you know I'm just a sucker for the free stuff. 28:20.59 Sam Um I love it I Love it. Well I can see obviously as we're talking to you. You're on video. Although we're not recording and I can see you've got you know a light saber held behind you. You've got one of the ships behind you. You have a mickey picture behind you I can see some of your. 28:31.63 Sean __ Um I do. 28:37.25 Sam You know some of your array of Disney memorabilia. So love it. Love it. 28:41.52 Sean __ It's mostly there so that when my friends come over. It starts a conversation and I can you know just talk at them for forty straight minutes about the disney crew line. 28:49.62 Sam Ah I love it perfect? Well you know or they could just listen to this show. Ah so let's talk about um you know some evening time activities. Um you were traveling obviously adults only. So. 28:55.48 Sean __ Um. 29:04.21 Sam Um, you don't have to worry about putting kids to bed and stay out late and you know worry about them being cranky the next morning like we have to worry about but you know were you hanging out in what is it. It's not azure. It's um, what is the name of that lounge. 29:19.50 Sean __ Oh I can see it in my head and I can't think of what it's called. Yeah it is yep. 29:24.56 Sam Is it? no it is azure. It is azure because it's the same name. Yeah, that's right I was like trying to remember is it azure. It's azure and Keys and the pub. Um my oh no crown and fin crown and fin or is it O gills. 29:35.62 Sean __ Um, ogills. 29:36.34 dclduo Crown gets Kegan compass crown and fin or ogills I hold on we're to hold up wait. No no, no hold on. We're gonna get this right or else can't count ourselves as Disney Cruise line experts to hold on lounges. 29:42.42 Sam Ah, whatever, ok the pop. 29:50.35 Sam I. 29:50.58 Sean __ It's okay, the answer's not going to change. The answer is I think we grabbed the snack there but we didn't drink there. 29:54.30 dclduo If. 29:55.84 Sam Ah, all did you do any of the you know adult only no evening shows like the sort of they do some of the you you know the music trivia or the match your mate that sort of stuff. 30:08.58 Sean __ So I'm not going to lie I feel like the listeners are going to start to kind of figure this out I am the world's oldest man for someone who's only 25 so I have a bedtime of like eight thirty so usually by the time that dinner was done and I had you know eaten my body weight of food. 30:19.73 dclduo So. 30:26.93 Sean __ Was a little bit tired but ah, you know we really loved all the shows I have a couple opinions that I think are going to get me in more trouble with the audience. Ah, and then we you know, just kind of enjoyed going to the different deck parties. You know I Really loved the Soul Cat lounge. 30:32.97 Sam Oh no. 30:42.79 Sam Mm. 30:43.16 Sean __ Ah, tried that smoked old fashioned because after hearing about so many times on the show I kind of just said okay, we got to do it. Um, and then usually it was just kind of seeing what happened every night um you know the deck parties and the fireworks were always a huge plus. 30:54.20 Sam Um, yeah, oh awesome. Love that. 30:56.75 dclduo So Sam I have to get us accurate here. It is not azure. It is fathoms on the magic and it is ogills pub on the magic. So it is yes. 31:03.49 Sean __ Oh. 31:03.69 Sam Fathoms. Thank you thank you I can't remember all the names anymore they all just you know they all merged together because they're all the same basic. Exactlyally yeah, exactly exactly all right? So you're you hit all the you hit your deck parties. 31:09.91 Sean __ You can get drinks at all of them. That's the important part. 31:19.67 Sam You hit your dinners now you said you, you know you said you were basically an old man for a 25 year old but did you do early dinner or late dinner. 31:28.95 Sean __ I am a late dinner person I Ah you know I kind of just snacked my way through the day which is I feel like so easy with all the deck food. So I felt like I kind of need to distance my meals out or else I wasn't going to make it or you know I'd just be. 31:32.97 Sam Yeah, so. 31:43.76 Sean __ Hunger again and trying to do like dinner number 5 at Eleven o'clock so we were late dining people and I think it was really great because I think the first dining from what I've heard you know they try to rush you along because they have to fit the second dining in ah but you know at that second dining we really got to talk to. You know our weight team and. 31:54.67 Sam Yes, yep. 32:01.87 Sam Yeah, yes. 32:02.50 Sean __ To really know them and you know that was a really great experience I loved our weight team. We had Omar Vanessa and zocco were our weight team and they were just absolutely phenomenal. 32:12.83 Sam Oh I love that now. Did you get seated with other folks or was it just the 2 of you sitting together. Oh interesting. 32:18.61 Sean __ It was just the 2 of us. You know we had We had talked it through but I think for us it was you know having that quality time as best friends because now that we're not in college anymore We don't really get the chance to you know, have that much time so we put that special request in you know as soon as it was booked to try to. The first to the post. 32:38.20 Sam It interesting I am actually surprised Sean I would have guessed if you had asked me after talking to you at the beginning of this show I would have said Nope Sean decided that they were going to link up with somebody else. He met in the Facebook group and they were gonna make new twelve twelve new best friends basically. 32:57.10 Sean __ I Kind of wish that I had I think part of the calculation along the way became you know this idea that we were just constantly surrounded by friends. Ah so it was kind of nice to have that moment of you know, just quiet to have together even though the dcl restaurants are nothing but quiet. Um. 33:08.17 Sam Yeah. 33:14.36 Sean __ It was kind of nice to have that you know bf f time. 33:14.95 Sam Awesome I like that all right? So let's talk shows. You know you mentioned that you have some you know, maybe unpopular opinions and I'm curious to hear them. You're on the magic so you had I if. Correct me if I'm wrong I don't know if they switch it up but you normally have tangled twice charmed and ah Disney does it believe or dreams I can't remember dreams. Thank you? Yeah so what did you think of the show is it. Did you go to all 3 and obviously let's include the deck. 33:42.71 Sean __ Dreams. 33:50.72 Sam Ah, deck party in this as well. Oh okay. 33:52.72 Sean __ Okay, so I'm going to call it like two and a half on the shows. Ah so I absolutely love tangled that is one of my favorite Disney movies and I loved every second of it and twice charmed I was sitting there thinking to myself. Why have I heard this story before. And then I realized that there's like that direct to Dvd cinderella twist in time movie. Ah and like once that clicked I was just comparing it in my head the entire time. Um, and then the third night was believe and that was the castaway k day and you know after doing the 5 k and then the paddle boarding and then going to the beach. 34:12.40 Sam Oh yeah. Oh. 34:29.10 Sean __ I Just started to get really kind of sunsick and you know being in one of those shows when you have that data headache was not a great idea so around halfway through I said okay I've seen this on the wonder before. So I'm just going to go die in a corner a little bit and go back and have a nap. 34:29.62 Sam Me. 34:35.10 Sam Oh yeah, no. Um, well and honestly, if you are a little bit sunsick and then the rocking of the ship use tend to feel more and if you're sitting sitting in the theater I Actually think that's one of the places where you might tend to feel it more as Well. So. Probably a good call to kind of bow out early on that. What did you think of the pirate Deck party I guess and the sale a wave party because that you you know you experienced the Sala wave party up both.. It's the same one on the magic and the wonder and the deck part Pirate Deck party should have been the same as well. But what? what did you think of them. 35:17.43 Sean __ Okay, this is another place I feel like I'm going to get in trouble I have never seen the sale wave party. Ah my trick to that was always okay, you know after that muster drill you have that little bit of time when everyone's going to go to the sale wait party but you know when you make your list of priorities. 35:28.53 Sam Yep. 35:33.92 Sean __ You got to figure out what's the most important um and the thing that was always most important in my head was I need that photo of Mickey Mouse to post online just for you know points on Instagram so what I will do with my friend is we were first in line to meet mickey first day and then we didn't have to worry about it. The rest of the trip. 35:34.80 Sam Yes. 35:43.27 Sam So. 35:51.44 Sam Yeah, yeah, that is actually really smart I think you know we try and tell people you aren't going to be able to do everything that you want to do on a Disney Cruise and you really have to set your priorities and make sure you get done those things that are like at the top of that priority list. 35:53.57 Sean __ And I have no regrets about that. 36:11.40 Sam And that's actually a ah great tip because you know the saila wave party is usually about four o'clock at night the first like meet and greets for Mickey or what like four 45 or five o'clock and if you don't get in line towards the beginning of that line. They do actually close the lines you know after about 15 minutes and some of those lines particularly Mickey. Um, and sometimes like chip and dale because they're you know you meet them together. You know sometimes those lines get closed and pretty quickly. So it's you know there's certainly many opportunities to meet and take a picture with Mickey but not always in the same out. So that's another thing people don't realize like you might see Mickey on night one in 1 outfit. Well on night. Two. He's going to be in a different outfit in night 3 he might be in another outfit and night 4 he might be in another outfit. So if you want all the different outfit pictures. You're gonna have to schedule all your time around that. Ah. 37:05.44 Sean __ Yeah, and the big problem was because it was that silver anniversary sailing you know for us it was that silver anniversary outfit or bust. So you know we went to meet mickey but 1 of my biggest mental problems of this trip was that you know we said walking into this. Okay, we're going to do the mickey picture. But. 37:12.44 Sam Yes, yes. 37:24.50 Sean __ You know, other than that there are other things we want to do but I just got so entrenched of okay now we're through the line but wait Minnie's here go back in line get you know, go meet mini get out of line Donald so you know it. It was a vicious cycle that we had to tear ourselves out of after a while. 37:38.25 Sam And I do the same thing Brian and Nathan get like so crazy with me because I'll say okay, we're going to take 1 picture with Mickey or with Minnie or whoever it is that I want to get the picture with and then but then I'll see across the way. Another care and it's like squirrel like a name I musk go over there and do that one. It's so close. Yeah, so it is. It's hard. It is one of those things you've got to tear yourself away all right? Well, we've got to talk about you know food. Um, you know we'll start with the let's talk cabananas a little bit first. Um I love that you chose to do sit down lunch instead of Kabanas um, you know and I but I imagine you probably went to kabbanas for some of your other meals maybe breakfast or anything. What do you think of Kabanas you know you've been on now the 2 both of the classic ships. 38:29.50 Sean __ You know when someone asks you a question and you just immediately forget all of your life experience that you've ever had I'm I'm tracing back through my head and I think we only went to cabanas on the day that we were in Nasa for lunch this time around I mean it's a buffet and. 38:42.82 Sam Oh wow. 38:47.27 Sean __ You know I can eat anyone under the table at a buffet like that's that's not a problem for me. But I think that this time around we just you know we wanted to do a sit down breakfast. We had the pao uprunch so we kind of sacrificed breakfast and a lunch to be hungry for pao um, but the one day that we were like ready to go to Ka Commandas was 39:06.52 Sam Yes. 39:07.17 Sean __ Chra waffle day and I we loaded up someone fish extended us some tupperware ah to fill with things from the buffet. So I we were already we did and. 39:15.44 Sam Ah, no worry. 39:16.54 dclduo You did it to go bag from the buffet. Oh man, Oh man. 39:23.52 Sean __ We were all ready to take home a couple mickey waffles each from the chro day and then we forgot it in the room so we were sitting down to the last breakfast I went Oh no ran back to the room they had already thrown it away. But I rescued the tupperware which is really cute because it had mickey on it. But. 39:30.77 dclduo Well, and. 39:43.00 Sean __ I didn't get my churro waffles to bring home. Ah, there was like a churro waffle mix at the grocery store last week I tried to make it and it's just it's not the same gotta go back on the ship to have them again. Yeah. 39:52.00 Sam Not the same. Yeah, ah that's la. 39:56.68 dclduo Well and I would say this I don't think you can actually bring the Chiro waffles off the ship and into the US that would be my guess could well ah customs and border protection are checking and it could be a very expensive waffle. Ah. 40:00.79 Sam You know what? you're not supposed to but who's checking if it's in your carry on luggage. No if it. 40:01.67 Sean __ So dang. 40:12.67 Sam It could be but if it's in your backpack and not in your if you're carrying it off the ship and they're not going to be checking your luggage but anything you're sending off the ship like in your larger luggage through that goes through customs. So Brian is right? You're not allowed to um, but. I doubt anybody would find your waffles if they were in your back. Yeah. 40:30.17 dclduo I Don't know. 40:30.38 Sean __ For legal reasons I should say we did not get the waffles in time. 40:34.58 Sam Yeah, you did not get them. They did not come ashore with you. That's hilarious. 40:38.98 dclduo I can see our dogs going crazy over ah a waffle in a backpack. So I think those dogs at security good as well. But that's just me. That's just me. 40:44.92 Sam Ah, ah, a fair point fair point. Okay, so not a lot of time spent at cabaana's I don't think that's I don't think that's an erroneous choice. Let me, but but know there. Um, there's plenty of food on the pool deck plenty of food in main dining restaurants I'd love to hear what you thought of the. Food in main dining and then of course the entertainment because you so you know mentioned this was obviously we we've mentioned this was your first time on the magic. So that means rapunsel's royal table animator's palate which you'd been in um before and then of course lumiere's which is very very similar to triton. But yeah, what did you think of the you know atmosphere the food, the shows that sort of thing. 41:26.10 Sean __ Okay, I'm gonna try to remember all my talking points for this. So the thing in wo yearss one of my friend' favoriteloggers talked about the lobster pasta and saying how bad it was so for months we kept saying to ourselves. Okay, we got to try the battle opster pasta. We took 1 bite and went yeah now this was just as bad as we imagined so that went back but I love the duck I feel like we don't give enough love to the duck at woy ears that is I I mean I am not like I work in a restaurant ah to you know, pay my way through college and. 41:55.34 Sam So oh yeah, good point. So. 42:05.42 Sean __ I am not adventurous enough as a home cook to make duck. So this is like the 1 time I'm going to get it and that was amazing. I loved Animator's palette just you know Disney knows how to give you an experience and so you know as they're doing the big montage I don't know if I should say spoiler alert but you know. Niagara falls over here. Ah and I will say but the 1 thing that I am really disappointed about was that repunss was the thing that I was most excited for because rapunsel is one of my favorite characters and that was the night I didn't make it to dinner. It wasn't oh but. 42:24.59 Sam Oh. 42:36.25 Sam Oh no. 42:44.12 Sean __ Thankfully my friend brought me back dessert so I did get to try the sweet bread and the night it was amazing I have I have no regrets about you know at least being able to try that but thankfully ah the night before on the I think it was the pirate night. They brought me the tangled pasta with the scallops which was. 42:46.94 Sam Oh yeah, the in the frying pan. 42:58.16 Sam Oh. 43:03.79 Sean __ Like the number 1 thing I wanted to try on this cruise. So I feel like I got enough to be able to say it was amazing enough. But yeah I really did love the food I mean where else are you going to be able to order that many things and try that much. 43:18.99 Sam Oh yeah I love that and I will say I love that tangled pasta as well. I think that's one of the best dishes on the magic. Um, you can't get it on the other ships because it's specific to Rapunzels. But it's a great dish and that dessert you know. I was actually really disappointed. We were on when we were on the magic as you mentioned over labor day. Um, we we went to repuns it happened to be pirate night and we wanted to get up onto the deck to see the fireworks and so we actually missed. It was only three night crews so it was you know we had. We didn't have the pirate menu we still had there wereuns menu. 43:52.85 Sean __ Oh. 43:52.86 Sam We missed the dessert we weren't able to get that. Um, yeah, the the sweet bread in the frying pan because otherwise we would have missed the fireworks so it was choosing dessert or fireworks and frankly for my waistline I think we chose the right way. 44:04.65 Sean __ Um, yeah I'll be honest I'll be honest, you know when it came to those deck parties and they had the soiree with the Captain's toast I probably would have taken the dessert over everything but those twenty fifth fireworks I was a little bit let down and you know the pirate fireworks their fireworks. 44:11.71 Sam So. 44:20.72 Sam Yes, yep. 44:22.86 Sean __ Um, but I just that that sweet bread I Just I think about it constantly. So. 44:27.81 Sam It's so good. Yeah, it's such a good dessert. Well speaking of that before we talk about Paulo you've reminded me. We haven't talked about fireworks in particular, you got to have two fireworks shows the pirate night fireworks and the twenty fifth anniversary fireworks Twenty Fifth anniversary fireworks are kind of short I think I try to warn people when you know or we tried to warn people don't expect too much not that it's not a good show just don't expect like as long of a show as the pirate show. But what? what did you think. 44:56.67 Sean __ Really so I feel like I had a little bit of an opposite experience. Ah you know on the wonder with the pirate fireworks that was one where I was thinking back in December. Okay, yeah, that was pretty short and especially being in new england you know with the fourth of July we get these big elaborate fireworks displays constantly. 44:58.11 Sam Oh. 45:14.90 Sean __ Ah, but you know the thing about the twenty fifth anniversary fireworks that really sold me was that song that they wrote for it I just I someone posted about it in the Facebook group after the fact right after I was able to get it out of my head. So I'll just be you know, like running on the gym trying to zone out and I'll find myself humming it in my head. So I think I'm going to take that song to the grave with me. Ah, but I really did love the twenty fifth fireworks you know the pirate fireworks were great. The the deck party. It's a deck party. You know when you've seen it once with the exception of the wish you. Seen it, you know all the times you really need to The only thing that really for that nighttime experience that really kind of disappointed me was that big get together in the atgram with the captain's toast I don't know what was going really on behind the scenes but it was a really quick kind of thing and the characters that they brought out were just Mickey. 45:49.90 Sam So yep. 45:57.78 Sam He. 46:08.61 Sean __ Um, Minnie and Donald who we had all met at that point so you know everyone was kind of cramped in right before dinner, but it was nice to get a free drink I mean when when else does didn't he give out free drinks. So. 46:11.58 Sam Yep. 46:18.43 Sam Absolutely so we had the same experience as you had on the magic with the shimmering seas soaee it was only I actually don't even think we had a third character I think we only had Mickey and Minnie and um whereas on the wish we had the fab 5 46:28.74 Sean __ Um. 46:33.69 Sam Plus daisy plus chip and Dale so there were like it spread people out a lot more I mean there was still a mad rush and you could there was no way you would be able to get a picture with all of the characters but because there were so many characters you could get you know your picture taken with several of them whereas with. 46:38.90 Sean __ Um, yeah. 46:50.74 Sam Um, on the magic it really you were lucky if you got your picture taken with one of the 3 or with 1 of the 2 for us characters. So yeah I think it's just there's just not a whole lot of space in obviously that atrium and on the magic or on the wonder so that you know makes sense all right? Well, we've got to talk about Apollo. Um, you obviously were able to snag that brunch by just vigilantly checking online. Did it live up to the hype. Did it live up to your expectations and did you do it on the sea day or on the nassau day. So. 47:22.80 Sean __ So we did it on the c day I mean we didn't really get to pick because it was you know whatever popped up first. My friends had done it on our first on my first cruise in December but it was the day after he had proposed so I was booked to go with them and I kind of went I'm gonna give you guys a moment but this time around. 47:35.98 Sam Oh. 47:41.65 Sean __ I was able to go and it lived up to every expectation I had that egg Benedict you know I was someone who kind of looked at the menu and said okay there are certain foods here that you know there foods that I kind of have regularly your eggs benedicts and your chicken pars of the world. Well I will concede. My pride got the best of me that was. Was absolutely amazing. I ah know all my family has to listen to all the time is about you know the pallo this and the pallo that it's I have no regrets and I think that was easily the best money we spent on that trip. 48:01.00 Sam Ah. 48:12.62 Sam Oh yeah I think people are like thinking. Oh why should I spend extra money well because you're going to get like really really good quality food and worth every penny at least with Paulo Brunch I'm not sure. But everybody would feel that way about some of the other you know meals whether it's you know, remy or anchantte brunch dinner or even Paulo dinner. But I think with Paulo brunch if you do it the right way meaning you're gonna try like a whole bunch of different stuff. Um and order a bunch of desserts as well. Um, and. Get breakfast and skip lunch and just have brunch. Yeah I think it's well worth the 45 or sorry $50 now the $50 price tag that it is right now. Um, what were what were your favorites. Ah, but beyond the eggs Benedict and the chicken palm. So. 49:00.30 Sean __ Oh okay, that's that's a great question I mean when I think about pollo in my head. It really was the dessert that really made it for me. They had that panacotta with like the strawberry popping pearls I finished that my friend took 1 bite and I went. Okay, nope I'm taking that. 49:09.80 Sam Google he. 49:19.16 Sean __ She took the souffle though. So I think that was that was a bargain that I was willing to make um but it was it was really you know, amazing. There was this other show that I was listening to when I was you know preparing for this trip where they said that the cruise line is the last place where that Disney difference is really thriving. 49:20.38 Sam Air trade. Yeah. 49:36.10 Sam 6 49:37.93 Sean __ And I think all you need to do is look at the staff at Paulo and you know that it's there. 49:42.89 Sam Absolutely and it's kind of amazing because the staff at pao they have to work in other parts of the ship as well like they staff cabanas on like on embarkation day or sorry not on embar they staff cabanas on debarcation. Um morning. They staff um the dining rooms on embarkation day. So whoever your servers were in the in the dining room on embaration day when you had those delicious empanatas were probably pollo staff staff so they have to really know the operations of Cabaanas um of cookies and cookies too. 50:13.82 Sean __ Um, what. 50:19.21 Sam And of Paulo you know and and of the main dining room. So it's a lot. Um, it's a I think a a pretty tough job as of course all of the dining staff have a pretty tough job. But yeah, it's such an amazing level of service and such an amazing level of food. 50:33.33 dclduo But the real question for Paulo Brun is I heard chicken par I did not hear lasagna I also heard I liked the desserts but I did not hear. Paulo Sticky bun so did either of those things make an appearance on the table and if not, you need to immediately book a cruise and go back. 50:53.10 Sean __ So I did try the lasagna my friend Emily she liked the lasagna a lot more than I did I did enjoy it I'm just not the biggest lasagna person. Um, but the sticky bun so we were right next to the window and the sun was shining right through us through the window onto us. And so by that point of the meal and you know you're almost full the idea of like another warm item just kind of I knew that if that had happened a 4 hour now was going to be involved so I sacrificed that one and put it on the next time list. 51:23.45 dclduo And I just I just plan for I just I just plan for a 4 hour nap in the rainforest room or something similar. So yes I feel your pain. Yeah. 51:23.69 Sam Um, right? because you only had a 2 hour nap right. 51:31.90 Sam There there is there is a lot of food coma whenever we leave paulllo and it is hard to like get moving I never plan like something right after apollo brunch I will plan to do like a massage or something before Apollo brunch but not right after because you know it's going to take you some time. Before everything works its way through your system I like to walk around the ship after apollo brunch I feel like that's the best use of my of my digestive but the time is walking around the ship. Well absolutely absolutely well. Any. 51:59.46 Sean __ Yeah I mean those C days are precious so you know. 52:06.79 Sam Yeah, um, highlights from castaway since we haven't talked about castaway yet. Um, you know you mentioned you planned on doing the 5 k you did the pedal boarding. You got some some sunstroke. Um, but any any. Sort of stand out things from Castaway that you wanted to mention. So. 52:23.58 Sean __ Yeah, okay, this is a little bit of a tangent here. So the first night that we were there I had one of those moments that no matter how much I had prepared for things I still kind of blanked a little bit so we were at like eight five and I forgot when dinner was. 52:38.82 Sam Yeah I. 52:40.60 Sean __ So we just asked the first cast member we could find ah what time was dinner and her name was lily from Mexico and she was absolutely lovely. Ah, she was a huge Taylor Swift fan my friend and I had just gone to see her tour earlier in the spring and so we had like a 20 minute conversation about that we were late for dinner. Um, and she ended up doing the art of a theme show tour and we actually got to exchange friendship bracelets because that's what all the taylors what fans are doing now. Um, but when we were doing the art of the theme show tour with her. The 1 thing she said that really stuck with me was you know I don't know why anyone would want to run on their vacation if you're running. 53:05.10 Sam No I Love that. 53:17.42 Sean __ Just no I'm going to be judging you just a little bit but I will hand you the metal. So I ah did the five k as soon as I got off the ship and this is when I really need to brag I did it in 32 minutes and 40 seconds um and I was the first person of the day and my mom just did not believe me after having to listen to me. 53:23.83 Sam E. Nice. Wow. 53:37.10 Sean __ Complaining about how much all my joints hurt all these months. Um, but we had to stop by later when we were going back to Castaway key after I had changed and just the look that I got from Lily when she was handing out the medals which just worth every second of the training that it took um. 53:53.79 Sam Ah. 53:55.25 Sean __ But I'll be honest and I don't know if this is a popular opinion or not I did not enjoy Serenity Bay Barbecue at all it was it was a really tough line system to get through I feel like it wasn't really built to get people through it. But ah, you know coming from new england and growing up in a beach town. 54:00.10 Sam Oh interesting, interesting. 54:13.92 Sean __ We know how to you know make hamburgers and hot dogs and that's a huge part of our diet in the summer it just didn't live up as much. 54:17.61 Sam Yeah I don't think the food is that great on Castaway in general I mean it's fine. It's you know it's burgers. There's not even French fries on the island which I'm like I don't understand that. 54:32.43 Sean __ Oh you're right. 54:36.50 Sam Yeah, the only way you get French fries if you if you have an allergy meal that you've requested you can get French fries with your food. But if you are not an allergy meal. No, there's no fries. It's just those chips right? like Lays potato chips which are fine but I'd rather have French fries. Yeah I don't know I Just don't think it's that good. The only thing that's. Better about the Serenity Bay Barbecue is that you have the steak as an option that you just don't have I cookies and cookies too. Yeah, yeah, So but yeah, it's it's serviceable barbecue. But it's not anything is you know the wish barbecue on the top deck better for Sure. Ah. 55:01.41 Sean __ Um, yeah, the steak was really great. Yeah. 55:12.26 Sean __ Um, yeah. 55:12.99 dclduo I Just don't I Just don't know if I want anything fancier than what they serve you know I guess we'll find out because we may get some fancier food at Royal Caribbean for perfect day. Ah depending on what we opt to do there. But. Um, I feel like burgers and hot dogs are there's just the right speed like for a beach vacation day. 55:28.77 Sam It's fine. It's they're fine. They're just not that great of burgers and hot dogs. Let's put it that way. Yes I agree. 55:32.93 Sean __ I feel like the deck hamburgers and hot dogs are better than the ones at Serenity Bay Barbecue that's 55:33.00 dclduo Okay I see I disagree there I like the because it feels like they've they're actually grilling the food you get the smoky flavor to it as opposed to like the gas grill flavor. Whatever they're using on the on the ship. So. 55:51.10 Sam They're doing that I like the the um, it's a flat top on this on the on the ship I I think it I actually I prefer the flat top I don't I don't prefer whatever they're doing on on the island to cook those burgers they are cooking them to death. So. 55:54.26 dclduo On the ship. Yeah, it's a grill. The. 55:55.60 Sean __ Um, yeah. 56:05.30 Sean __ I mean I still ate it I mean any meal that I don't need to cook myself right? it's. 56:10.34 Sam Ah, fair enough right? Anything you don't have to cook That's that's a good meal I'm with you there anything we missed before we subject you to a little bit of torture. 56:23.61 Sean __ You know? Ah oh the 1 thing. Ah that was a little bit funny was that the day that we were at Palo was the day that the treasure unveiling got rebooked for so we were all set to go watch that because we were thinking. Okay, you know when are we when are we ever going to get to have this same experience again. 56:30.49 Sam Oh yeah. 56:41.53 Sean __ But then we realized it was the same time that we were at brunch so that quickly transitioned to we're just going to ask someone what happened and no matter how many people we asked afterwards. Everyone just kind of went I don't know I didn't watch it So I don't know if it was a big thing or not. 56:42.63 Sam Oh gosh. 56:56.30 Sam Yeah I imagine it might not have been I mean when you're sort of let's your at is et sea. It's a C day I'm sure most people weren't paying for the internet to watch that while they're enjoying their beautiful C day so that kind of makes sense. 57:09.49 dclduo Well and and and who needs the reveal show Sam when they can just listen to the dcl duo talk all about it once you're back on plan so you know we we can get anybody caught up on the reveal. So there you go. 57:18.27 Sam That's right, That's absolutely right? ah. 57:19.90 Sean __ And I mean let's be honest I'm on a government salary. So I need those prices to go down about you know 40% before I'm even going to look at it. 57:30.14 Sam Ah, you could say that about the wish to the hands on. Yeah ah yeah, absolutely all right? Brian. 57:30.27 dclduo I I need those prices to go down 40% just to be insanity territory for like you know? yeah. 57:41.77 dclduo All right? Well Sean I've already subjected you to Sam enough I feel like we should just skip rapid fire and let you win just send us the stickers but Sam won't let me do that. She'll come in here and take over the microphone and produce the rest of this show which will be a nightmare for everyone so we have reached that point in the show. Where I need to hand you over to Sam for some arbitrary questions some arbitrary rules and a dash of judgment are the round. We know as a rapid fire so sam take it away. 58:08.76 Sam Why thank you for that lovely introduction Brian I will I will remember that later Sean Walk Shan welcome to rapidt fire I'm going to ask you some of your Disney favorites and then your Disney Cruise line favorites now you only have two ships. 58:16.55 dclduo And I will edit that out of the show. 58:27.61 Sam Choose from the magic or the wonder. So let's not talk about the wish the dream the fantasy or the soon to be treasure or the soon to be adventure as well. Okay, so we'll start with your favorite Disney character and character for. And yeah. So let's start with your favorite Disney character and Disney can mean anything that Disney owns so pretty much anything in the known universe. 58:48.76 dclduo And yeah, we haven't had anyone do a character from a live action movie from star wars from Marvel the simpsons. The simpsons are part of this now. 58:55.82 Sam So we have had folks choose Brian Brian you're wrong. We have had people choose Marvel characters and we've had people choose star wars characters but we haven't had somebody choose Simpson's character 58:57.41 Sean __ Hey target. 59:07.60 dclduo Here you go? okay. 59:08.00 Sean __ I was so excited for a second and then Sam you had to add that because I was going to say wait 5 seconds so I have Captain America's tattoo our captain there. So I have Captain America's shield tattooed on my back I wrote my thesis about him in college. But. 59:21.00 Sam Oh I Love that. 59:26.79 Sean __ I gotta go with dear Sweet grogu. 59:29.99 Sam Ah, you're going to choose grogel over cap. What but he's so cute. He is really. 59:31.55 dclduo So that's a winner. That's a winner That's a winner right? there you know, just all, you have to do is go to the video of the parks and look for a video of. 59:33.57 Sean __ I Just love him so much He is my son. 59:44.28 dclduo Mickey Mouse walking down the street versus a video of the manddalorian and grogu walking through the star wars area and which one has a larger ring mob around them and it's gonna be the manddaloian with grogu I think so yeah, yeah. 59:54.62 Sam That's true and that is a ah classic park experience. We've now gotten to to see grogu and mandalorian walking around in galaxy's edge and it's so fun. So cool anyway. Let's set that aside because we need to know what your favorite Disney movie is Sean and again same rules apply for Disney this could be anything Disney owns. 01:00:13.58 Sean __ Yeah, it's tangled I I can't even I can't even dispute I Love winner Soldier and the avengers so much. But it's it's tangled. 01:00:19.55 Sam Yes, it listen tangles a great movie. So no judgment there. Okay favorite Disney song. 01:00:28.51 Sean __ O Okay, this is the one that in my head I just couldn't pick one no matter how many times I thought about it but I have been on a big kick with the one from tangled the musical when she returns Ellen Macon He only writes bos. 01:00:34.64 Sam 6 01:00:41.10 Sam Oh yeah, totally love it. Awesome all right now we're gonna move on to Disney Cruise line ships and talk about your favorite. 01:00:45.74 Sean __ I gotta go with that. 01:00:55.54 Sam Main stage show so you can choose from the magic or the wonder. Yeah there. Yeah I mean there is you only have 2 ships to choose from. So you there's really 2 options that you have let's put it out that way. 01:00:58.21 Sean __ And I know that there is a correct answer for this now I will acknowledge that frozen is better. But I love tangled that just you know I just. I teared up I mean it's very easy to make me cry watching Disney content. But so I got to go with tangle that was you know a huge reason why we picked the magic. So. 01:01:18.81 Sam So. Yeah, listen, that's not a wrong answer I would have accepted either frozen or tangled for that question because both are such fantastic stage shows I'm with you I think I think the frozen show just technically speaking just a little bit better but they're. Both. So so so good and I like the storyline for tangled better as well. I like the movie better. You know if I'm picking between the 2 tangled but I'm yeah but I'm picking frozen on the stage is fantastic. Ok, let's move away from entertainment and talk well. Let's ah, move away from Walt Disney theater entertainment and talk activities. What is your favorite activity to do on board a Disney Cruise line ship. 01:02:09.59 Sean __ Oh that's a tough one I'm I'm this is the moment I might lose rapid fire I mean I loved the animation but that art of the theme show with our friend Lilly that was just amazing. Um, we even we ran into Mickey just by chance. So. 01:02:19.54 Sam Oh yeah. 01:02:25.76 Sean __ I mean being able to hear that history of the ship and go into that level of detail that's something that's right up my alley. 01:02:29.95 Sam Oh I love that. That's a great answer for those who don't know and who haven't heard us talk about this before the art of the themeship tour is an adults only tour that they do on I think all the ships accept the wish the wish has its own tour with a different name. And they will take you around the ship and point out different. You know, ah little art you know touches or design touches and sort of explain the meaning behind them and sort of they might explain about the carpets. You might explain about the lighting. It's really whatever the cast member. That is acting as your tour guide wants to talk about because there's so much to talk about but the design details and the building of the ship and all that kind of you know information is so so fantastic. So I love that answer Sean I think that's a great one. All right? Let's talk. Um, bar spaces now I know you didn't spend a lot of time in these spaces but what was your favorite of them. 01:03:24.87 Sean __ Oh I got to go with Keys I Think that's when we tried the Silver Anniversary cocktail and I am not very good at drinking like I'm a little bit of a lightweight. So the second I took a sip of that cocktail. It was strong and I remember just going like oh my gosh. It's like drinking gasoline here. So. 01:03:30.56 Sam Oh yeah, yeah. 01:03:44.53 Sean __ You know, heavy handed poor worth every cent and I got the coaster so that was awesome. Yeah. 01:03:46.85 Sam There there you go and it was a very pretty drink I would say I thought it was you know nice color and then like you said that beautiful coaster to go along with it all. 01:03:54.86 Sean __ And after a really long first day having that nice relaxed atmosphere that got me right ready for bedtime. 01:04:01.30 Sam Perfect! Love it. Okay, favorite space on the ship. We're not going to talk dining yet but another favorite space on the ship. 01:04:14.39 Sean __ Oh that's this is a question that I really was not prepared for I really did like the ah updated Soul Cat lounge. We saw a couple of the live singers there and the cocktail menu was outstanding that smoked old fashioned was awesome. 01:04:16.25 Sam Yeah, yeah. 01:04:28.15 Sam Um, yeah. 01:04:30.82 Sean __ So I think I got to go with that. It was a really great way to just refresh the space. 01:04:33.56 Sam Oh yeah I love it too. I think that's a great answer. Okay, rotational dining which one was your favorite or which one is your favorite Let's say of the the 6 that you've been in between the magic and the wonder understanding that animator's palette is. Pretty much the same between the 2 but yeah, which one is your favorite first. 01:04:53.48 Sean __ Um, right? right? It would have been repunzels if I had just hung on for that whole show. Ah so I feel like I don't have enough information to be able to you know count that one Tianas is amazing. But I think that just the memories of animator's palette with ah my friend Emily that just really is something I'm going to remember for the rest of my life. 01:05:08.43 Sam Yep, so. 01:05:14.25 Sam Oh I love that okay food items we're gonna talk a sweet item first and then a savory item second and it could be from anywhere on the ship and again it could be from the magic or the wonder. So what was a favorite sweet item on board. 01:05:31.70 Sean __ It's the be. Yes, that's that's the only right answer. 01:05:33.11 Sam Yeah I love I love that fantastic. So you got to go back to the french quarter lounge and on ah on the wonder or back to Tiana's place because you can only have what they're calling a zeppy in the soul cat lounge which is not the same. As the well it's very similar but not quite the same or you could go on the wish frankly, all right? What is a favorite savory item you had on board one of these 2 ships. Oh wow. 01:05:58.63 Sean __ It was the tangled pasta I think I really and this is another unpopular opinion I didn't mind the pirate menu that much but that tangled Pasta just that was something that I'm all about I can eat my body weight in scallops. 01:06:06.85 Sam Um, yeah. 01:06:13.77 Sam Oh I love it. Ah fantastic. They have to be cooked right? But if it's good. It's really good. Okay, well now that you've been on the wonder and the magic I got to ask you which 1 did you like better if you have to overall. Favorite between the 2 you know they're very similar in a lot of ways but they have different restaurants. They have different shows. There's different theming in the you know bar spaces and whatnot which one do like better. Yeah Brian he knows the right answer. 01:06:39.84 dclduo And there is a right answer here. There's the right answer. 01:06:45.53 Sean __ Um, I know what the right answer is but I'm gonna give you the wrong answer I think I think the amount of time we had to get to know the magic really played a role in that because even though it was just one day that was you know twenty four more hours we got um. 01:06:48.51 Sam I Love it. 01:07:00.24 Sam Yep. 01:07:00.71 Sean __ And we had a lot of Facebook friends on both cruises shout up to Annette from my merry time cruise. But I think that just you know having that extra repunzel theming and the silver anniversary it just it made that magic experience so much better. But I got a lot of love for the wonder and I think that I'll have. An answer that you guys will like soon. 01:07:20.30 Sam All right? Okay, well my last question of rapid fire which I know Brian is going to follow up after I finished rapid fire with what's next, but my next question is what? ah but my next question is. 01:07:26.73 dclduo Well wait to way to preview preempt the question Sam. 01:07:33.80 Sam Your bucket list. Cruise if you could go anywhere in the world on a Disney Cruise ship where are you going. 01:07:40.21 Sean __ When I was doing my homework for this that was the question I couldn't really ever find an answer for like I talked about earlier I'm not that big of a ah port person so it doesn't really matter as much for me on most itineraries. So for me, it's just whenever I'm on a Disney ship. 01:07:43.30 Sam Sure. So. 01:07:54.66 Sam Nice, Yeah, so more days probably would be better than less days. Yeah. 01:07:56.51 Sean __ You know that means I'm on vacation having the time of my life. Yeah, as long as they're good sees I am kind of susceptible to motion sickness. So you know the good people at Bony and got a lot of money out of me. 01:08:06.60 Sam So. 01:08:12.34 Sam I Love it. Well thank you for playing Rapid Fire Sean You have been an excellent sport I will say you didn't win but you didn't lose so well let's call it a draw. 01:08:25.34 Sean __ I'll take it. 01:08:26.15 dclduo Ah, well Sean as sam previewed unauuspiciously. Ah, what's next for you. 01:08:33.29 Sean __ So I put that two hundred and fifty dollars deposit down just so that I could have you know something to beat the post vacation blues and have it for the hope of it all and I really wasn't intending to using it because in 2024 I have like 8 weddings to go to so. 01:08:42.80 Sam Yes. 01:08:49.16 Sam Oh wow. 01:08:51.37 Sean __ My money's going to attending all of those but I talked to my family after I got back and I've been really trying to get them on the cruise line. So the 1 thing that my family all wanted to do was a cruise to Alaska now they haven't announced it for 25 yet but I have been looking and it. 01:08:57.24 Sam H. 01:09:03.64 Sam Oh fantastic. 01:09:11.33 Sean __ Does very much look like the wonders going back fingers crossed and now that I've said it. It's not going to happen. Ah, but I have Shanghai to them and just slowly been telling them like okay you know if we go and then the next day when we go and then you know I've just been trying to really get them on that idea that we're going to do Alaska. 01:09:24.31 Sam Yes. The power the power of suggestion. You just keep saying it and it will. You know it will become true. They'll start saying it themselves I love that. Well maybe we'll see you in Alaska because we are also hoping to book. 01:09:31.23 Sean __ Ah, in 2025 so 01:09:44.24 Sam And Alaskan Cruise on Disney Cruise line in 2025 so we'll see in person. 01:09:45.79 Sean __ But that would be awesome. We get to see each other in person and you know if if any listeners want to take up a collection to make that happen I'm I'm not going to complain. 01:09:57.00 Sam Ah I love it I Love it. 01:09:59.52 dclduo We will start the ah dcl duo. What do they call that sand what's the site that does all the the gofund me. We'll start the dcl duo fund me Cruise Cruise site ah but for now. 01:10:03.81 Sam Ah, go fund me. 01:10:11.00 dclduo Sean ah, thank you for taking the time to come on and share your fabulous cruise on the magic with all of our listeners out there. We really really appreciate it. 01:10:17.46 Sean __ Thanks for having me. It was great to finally be able to meet you guys. 01:10:20.56 Sam Yeah, you too. 01:10:21.89 dclduo Alright stop.

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