December 29, 2023


Ep. 378 - Castles, Marble and Fancy Things: A Northern European Cruise on Disney Cruise Line

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Brian Sam
Ep. 378 - Castles, Marble and Fancy Things: A Northern European Cruise on Disney Cruise Line
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 378 - Castles, Marble and Fancy Things: A Northern European Cruise on Disney Cruise Line

Dec 29 2023 | 01:11:49


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Our good friends Kelly and Craig join us to chat all about their Disney Cruise Line adventure to Northern Europe aboard the Disney Dream. Was Europe ready for the Dream? Yes and no, according to Kelly and Craig. We're chatting all about their experience with shore excursions, ports of call, food, shows and so much more on this jam-packed DCL adventure! You can follow along with more of Craig and Kelly's adventures as the Cruising DCL Family on Twitter and Instagram.

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Episode Transcript

00:00.00 dclduo Welcome back everybody to this week's episode of the DCL duo podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and Sam we got another review to read on the air you excited. Yeah, even under the weather. The. 00:13.21 Sam Yay You know I Love these reviews. 00:16.52 dclduo Even though Sam is a bit under the weather these reviews bring her some joy. So thank you for that. So this one today comes from island walker who writes the real scoop this is where you go for insightful comments and everything you need to know for your dcl investment. So thank you for that island walker short to the point we love it. Ah, thank you for that review. Yeah, everyone knows the answer to that question. Everyone knows the answer to that question. Ah I also just wanted to take a minute to acknowledge some very very special folks who help make this show possible each and every month 00:35.97 Sam Yay I'm I the insightful one or is Brian the insightful one. That's what I want to know inquiring minds. 00:52.93 dclduo And that is our patreons if you have if you have not heard of our Patreon program if you'd like to help support this show. You can always head over to duo to check it out. 00:56.12 Sam Yay Pete Hans 01:05.63 dclduo And what I want to do really fast is just acknowledge our patreons on the air as we like to do from time to time as a thank you for all the support that they bring to our show all right hold on one second I got to actually find the list. Ah. 01:23.95 dclduo Go active so in no particular order here I just want to thank Derek Sassman Sean Burns Thomas Rogers and Whitton Dennis Keithley Robbie and Jillian Abney Lauren ricerying call Ashley darling Sidney Leichner Doug young Ashley Norton Adrian Avan Zuli and Emily Van zuli Drew Curry and Haley Curry of course a Ct week Christopher Vorabe daily mtb writer who we know as Josh Wilson the villain of the show Dave Hale brett grusham Chad swindall Jonathan Hyle stevereasy Jeffrey Fetderson Jennifer Swart Chris Braga and Steve elsis a thank you all so much for your support and again if you're interested in helping to support the show head over to duo with that. We got some great guests line up tonight. Don't we Sam. 02:16.78 Sam Yeah, we have friends here I love this. These are friends. We met cruising on dcl um back in December I can't believe we have only known them for about nine months now it seems like we've known them forever but we met them on 1 of our Christmas sailings on the wonder. And funny enough when we met them we had realized that we had actually been on several of the same sailings prior to that. Um, and now we've sailed with them a couple of times on intentionally um and so we're very happy. Well I say intentionally meaning that not just sort of random accidentally. But I'm really excited to welcome to the show Craig and Kelly welcome you guys. 02:57.79 Craig Thanks and you know the other day I went back in my photos and I was like wait that's Brian on castoy key way back when we didn't know you and I was laughing that we just seem to be fitted to meet each other eventually and we did and it's been great. 03:13.72 dclduo Yes, we should. 03:15.84 Sam Right? I feel like it was meant to be Kelly we're so excited to have you on the show as well. Um, for the very first time we should also mention at the top of the show. You are now a travel agent with my path unwinding travel as well. So welcome to the show. 03:19.71 Kelly Ah. 03:27.28 Kelly I Am thank you so much. It's great to be here. 03:31.66 dclduo Well, we are excited because we're gonna be talking about a northern european cruise that you all did that we got to follow along with a bit and loved every second of it. But as we are prone to do before we dive into talking about your specific cruise you have to give us your extensive Disney Cruise line brack background maybe in you said again, but before we do we have to get your I know rather extensive Disney Cruise line background perhaps an abbreviated form because it might take us all night to get through all the cruises that you all have done ah life goals here for us, but let us know what you're. 03:52.62 Kelly A. 04:09.90 dclduo Background is with Disney cruising. Let me throw that over to you Craig because I know you have it memorized by heart by now. 04:14.72 Craig Ah, well you know I thought it was 34 but it's 33 as of what two weeks ago and today Kelly said we have to go on 1 in two weeks life goals your wife just texts you and you go on a curse right? We have been yeah I have a party off. 04:27.41 Kelly We have a Friday off that. 04:32.16 Craig So you know where it's supposed. Go to correct correct I been on all all of Disneys Ships were on the maiden on the wish and have some really cool things like the fourteen night Panama which is what really hooked us was 14 nights on the wonder. 04:33.13 Sam Yeah, ah so you just have to crew is obviously. 04:33.49 Kelly Exactly. 04:49.48 Craig After which we didn't turn back. 04:50.80 dclduo Nice and you've you've been on. You've been on all 5 ships have you done any other well you couldn't have I don't think you've done any other Maiden Voyages that that's probably not in the cards. 04:54.47 Kelly Or. 05:02.11 Craig Note in fact I said we had 33 voyages I probably shouldn't say 33 voyages and like oh I don't know 5 years something like that was it 6 at most. Um. 05:02.88 Kelly Are. 05:08.76 Kelly Well. 05:09.66 dclduo Wow out, you're outpacing us and people think we're crazy so there you go. Ah. 05:11.00 Sam Ah. 05:15.20 Sam Well to to be fair, you all do live in the Orlando area and so getting down to port canaveral for a three night sailing is a lot more convenient. Let's say for you all than for us. But you used to live. In Washington not too far from us and so it is still pretty amazing. How many cruises you guys have done in in that amount of time. Um, but you also have like we you mentioned the Panama canal cruising. This cruising and several other you know seven night or um, you know longer than three night cruisings 05:47.62 Kelly But. 05:49.93 Craig Yeah, we did a bunch of 7 nights on the fantasy, especially after restart think 23 of our cruises are since covid restart if that'll give you an idea of how quickly it accelerated once we moved to Florida we had 10 before that. 05:55.61 Kelly Oh. 06:07.33 Craig And they were mostly longer because out of Seattle we went down to San Diego usually and would take a seven night or that's where Panama started from it just wasn't worth the trip. In fact, one time we did a two night we will never do that again that that was not worth it. Anybody's asked. It's not worth it. You get on the ship you get off and and you cry at the end. Trust me, you really cry. So you're on me pray. 06:36.96 Sam Yeah, Brian you're on mute Kelly put yourself and then Kelly put yourself on mute. But. 06:37.10 dclduo And I got I got well I can't I can't begrudge people a two night sailing because it puts them one step closer to pearl status potentially so you know if that's what you're going for I agree. It's a sad day when you can get on the cruise ship with just a backpack but you know it is what it is. But anyway. We're going to be talking about a extended Northern Europe sailing this time around and so a fabulous fabulous Cruise. Let's start with how did you all land on this sailing and why don't you give folks a preview of the sort of the length of the cruise and and where it went. 07:16.19 Kelly Ah, we did 7 Nights Copenhagen round trip and it went to stockholm oslo fredericia and. 07:31.95 Craig Keel journey. 07:33.90 Kelly Heal and it wasn't my dream cruise to be honest, but I've never been to the Nerdic countries and I just wanted to see Europe It's long time. 07:49.86 dclduo No I think Sam accidentally muted Kelly when she tried to mute herself. 07:50.46 Craig You're cutting in in enough Kelly for some reason you're um, okay. 07:59.39 Sam It wasn't me I didn't touch my computer I. 08:01.56 dclduo All right? Ill somehow it muted Kelly Mute muted so anyway keep going Kelly. 08:05.94 Kelly Oh oh? Okay, so um, it was just a fun opportunity and I heard great things about Copenhagen. So off we went. 08:14.97 dclduo Well, it may not have been your dream cruise but it was on the dream. That's that's for sure. So so who had the who had the idea to do this sailing was it. You Craig. 08:19.84 Craig That in. 08:19.97 Kelly Yes, it was. 08:25.52 Craig Well Kelly loves Europe and I must say that I was looking at the special offers just come out every Friday so I might every Friday refresh the website for some reason and it popped up and it was a year of sailing 7 nights and had an amazing deal on Veronica it's like okay. That state room makes sense for us. We can get there now. What I didn't do which was a mistake is look at how expensive airfare was until after I paid for the cruise we'll talk about that later. But um I knew that Kelly would want to go to the nordex. But why it wasn't her dream cruise was she really wanted. 08:50.91 dclduo O. 09:03.24 Craig Ten night out of Southampton not the seven night but kids are back in school at that point for us as we just can't make it work because we really want to do all the way up in Iceland and a little bit longer Cruise when we do it. 09:03.88 dclduo Who. 09:17.30 dclduo Yeah, that that makes some sense that makes some sense for sure. What Um, why do you? let folks know who's in your sailing party for this cruise. 09:28.90 Craig So myself Kelly then we have our now ten year old. She was two weeks from turning 10 when we went on the cruise so it was partially her birthday cruise fully my birthday cruise. The other reason we picked this one was my birthday was on board and then our. Soon to be eight year Olds should be 8 in two weeks when we record this so that's our our traveling party I am outnumbered now mostly females in the house but we have a lot of fun when we get to Chris. 09:59.89 dclduo And was this the first time for your kids to head over to Europe. 10:09.40 Kelly Ah, no, it's not we did a ten night mediterranean on the magic in 2019 and it was the hottest summer and Emma had just broken her leg and. 10:23.84 dclduo Oh ah. 10:25.90 Kelly It was terrible. Um, we went to Pompei and Pompeii is not recommended for wheelchairs. But it's also not recommended for strollers and it was a terrible experience so we have to go back. 10:36.60 Craig Yeah, yeah. 10:40.74 dclduo No. 10:44.50 Craig Yeah, so. 10:44.66 Kelly To make it better. 10:45.75 dclduo How did the kids do with the the flight over like how how did you get over there. You mentioned some challenges with airfare Craig how early did you arrive did you spend in some time in copenhagen in advance. You know all that sort of lead up to the cruise. 11:01.78 Craig So you know I figured we'd spoil the family and and so we said okay you know what the kids might not sleep as well. Unless we get him a bed so we did live flat seats I fly a lot for work so mostly use points it made sense. What I didn't realize is the kids left about an hour. On the flight they just they just wouldn't settle down especially Emma she got maybe an hour hou hour hou hour and a half sleep. So we planned to get there a day early. Get there around noon one o'clock and spend the day exploring copenhagen. Ah we got there at that time went to the hotel and didn't want to leave. 11:36.89 dclduo Yeah. 11:38.64 Craig We were just too tired because the kids didn't get much sleep and we'd had a layover in Paris and they were just just exhausted so best lay plants didn't quite work out but we were lucky when we got there. We prebooked our hotel through Disney and our room was ready. 11:46.96 dclduo Yeah. 11:56.48 dclduo Nice. 11:58.41 Craig Which was a blessing we got to go right to the room spend some time there and then we we walked around the city a little bit and I can't remember what we did that day for food, we walked around the canal area I think we just ended up eating at the hotel and copenhagen I will say is a beautiful. City. Oh yeah, we at the hard rock that night because of course you eat american food when you're in Denmark and there's ah ah, a plaza in Copenhagen right? over by Tiverly Gardens which if you don't know is the is the amusement park that I jokingly called American Plaza because everything on the plaza. Was an american chain from seven eleven through Mcdonald's on the other side. It was just all american food and american chains. So that's why we went that first night and then just slept really hit hope the kids would get more sleep though. 12:52.73 Sam Yeah, listen when you've got kids traveling with you particularly younger kids you just eat wherever they're going to eat even if you want to explore local cuisine. You sometimes have to pivot. Now did the crews leave the next morning or did you have another day to actually do some touristy stuff. 13:10.12 Craig The crews left the next morning and we had an earlier booking group. They had just kind of in stealth rolled out the boarding group 2 for pearl so they hadn't announced it but our boarding group changed from 11 to 2 without us doing anything. And so we went from having a late boarding time to an earlier boarding time and I'll say if if my boarding time says early I'm going to get on the ship because that's where I want to be I love it there so we went fairly early the next day. 13:39.18 dclduo And and how did you get from the hotel to the port assume since you book the hotel through Disney used Disney transportation. 13:47.44 Craig So we booked Disney transportation and then we didn't end up taking it from the hotel which is ah a funny funny thing there we had every plan to and we had him take our luggage and there were just so many people downstairs there were probably a couple hundred people downstairs waiting for the buses. And there were taxis lined up out front and we just did kind of the math in our head of it's gonna take it probably close to 2 hours to get a bus and get to the fort or the port's 15 minutes wait by taxi. We verified that they were gonna take our bags they said yes, we'll still take your backs. They'll meet you on the ship and then we just. 14:11.11 dclduo Oh. 14:24.28 Craig We ended up taking a taxi which turned out to be very easy in Copenhagen. That's probably what I would do next time rather than the pre-booked Disney transfers at least to this show I don't know what you would say to that to. 14:30.77 dclduo Yeah. 14:33.84 Kelly Oh also we stayed at the Marriott and there was only one set of elevator banks and it didn't go all the way or you had. People leaving to go on ships and then you had people coming from cruises and so you had people wanting to go downstairs and people wanting to go upstairs and there is such a backlog of guests wanting to use the elevators we thought we would use the stairs. But the stairs don't go all the way to the lobby without sounding an alarm and then we were trapped. 15:08.76 dclduo No. 15:11.66 Craig Um, it would Well it reminded me of the wish when you take an elevator up to go down because they're so full. That's what we ended up doing. 15:18.71 Sam Yeah, yeah. 15:19.40 dclduo Yeah, well and you european elevators are notoriously small too. So it's like it's impossible to get all your luggage in I mean Sam and I have been in an elevator in London where it was like us our 2 suitcases and that was that was pushing the limits of the elevator as it was so I can only only imagine um. Kelly how was the port experience out of Copenhagen was it pretty smooth and seamless process or was there some disorganization there like how did how did Disney do with the embark experience out of the copenhagen port. 15:49.53 Kelly It was not very organized, um Copenhagen's not a big part but they do get cruises and it didn't seem like they were ready for us and we waited like. 15:59.16 dclduo Oh. 16:06.70 Kelly You had to wait outside in lines and it was about 45 minutes to an hour before they would let you go inside the terminal. They let the the concierge staff go in or they let the concierge guests go in. 16:12.57 dclduo So what. 16:24.90 Kelly And then they held everybody and it was another 30 minutes before they let anyone else go in. 16:29.40 dclduo And what was your port arrival time and and what time did you get into the terminal and then what time did you board. 16:39.26 Kelly Um, was it eleven fifteen or 1130 and it was afternoon before we could even go inside a building. 16:42.31 Craig Um, ah are our port arrival was the earliest which was eleven. We got let inside at 1145 but the funny part is we got let inside it at 1145 had some difficulties at the check encounter because in in Europe they have everybody go up to a counter. Check your passports. They couldn't find this so we'd been checkeding outside. We get up to the checking counter there that the person helping us just can't find us and we end up having to flag down a Disney and actual Disney employee. Goes. Oh yeah, they're on the wrong voyage. So I think it was people aren't used to Disney there suddenly do 2 cruises a year out of Copenhagen and so not used to it once we were through that I think it was only about 10 minutes before everybody was on the ship. It was just that initial getting everybody through and to where we were seated. Took a really long time for everybody. 17:40.12 dclduo Yeah, and just just to clarify because we've I know we've talked about this before when you say they were on the wrong voyage. The staff checking people in had loaded the wrong voyage and we're trying to check people in against the manifest that nobody was on because they were on the wrong sailing. Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah. 17:47.27 Craig Yes. Yes, correct. Yeah, so their little ipad was on the sailing before the sailing after somehow and we gave them our cabin number or save room number. They're like no, that's not you? What's your last name. Yeah, your last name is not on the manifest. 17:59.76 dclduo Um, yeah. 18:09.30 Craig And it's funny because in europe feeble I'm sure you're used to. This are very matter of fact and so that's how matter of fact, they were I said well we got in the door and they checked us in. She's like well my supervisor can't find you and I finally had to say could you please go ask that person right? there now. I'll admit we sail a lot so we kind of knew the person that from Disney that was there because we'd seen him before and so he came over. It was about 10 seconds and it was all cleared up and and off we went. 18:27.35 dclduo Oh. 18:34.95 dclduo Yeah I forgot to ask in the hotel that Disney booked you into were you able to stay in one room or did you have to get 2 rooms because I know sometimes the hotels have smaller rooms in Europe that won't necessarily accommodate families of 4 easily. 18:52.73 Kelly Um, I think that's why we stayed at the Marriott because that was the only hotel that was still available that wasn't the house of the night and it would hold all of us so it had 2 double beds. Which was planning for one night 19:11.64 Craig And it wasn't available except through Disney so that's the other thing like there were no who hotels that would hold us in 1 room available at all even months out except through the cruise line. 19:14.50 dclduo Right. 19:30.29 Craig You're right? It's really common in Europe hard to find a 4 our-person hotel room. 19:31.65 dclduo Yeah, what? what kind of stateroom did Jenna booking on the ship itself for the the voyage I'll throw that one to Kelly. 19:45.78 Kelly Um, we got a veronda and it was a pretty good price. We were hoping to upgrade but there are no upgrades at part so we stayed in our veronda. 20:00.39 dclduo Um, it was It was it a regular family or family deluxe. You remember. 20:02.37 Kelly I Think it was a regular family. 20:06.80 Craig And so it's a a regular veronda not even a family so it's just a regular forronnda although I won't complain. We booked a vgt fornda guaranteed rate so very inexpensive and we got a 5 a and if you never familiar which is the highest category of fricular. 20:12.35 dclduo Ah, okay. 20:26.19 Craig Umda Interesting A lot of folks did end up with that book that rate got family rooms I don't complain. We got a great room I mean we got a great location. Um little bit smaller but hey, ah. 20:32.70 dclduo Yeah. 20:41.86 Craig I'm used to being close to my family I guess. 20:44.30 dclduo Yeah, well and in Europe I think the room kind of matters less as long as it can hold everyone comfortably because you're spending usually so much time in the ports. Although I know from talking to you recently on board. The wish she had a least one port where that was ah, not the case we can talk about and a second. But. Let's ah, let's dive into kind of the ports. We always like to the ports or stars of the show in Europe and so remind me what was your first port of call after Copenhagen. 21:11.51 Kelly It was keel in Germany and it was the very next day and it is the gateway to Hamburg but I didn't go to Hamburg I I did a Disney portventure to lubeck. 21:21.74 dclduo Okay. 21:30.76 Kelly Which it was a mide full megacity and it looked pretty and I went by myself and so it was nice to explore a city on my own without. Having to worry about kids being upset or hungry or tired. 21:50.83 dclduo So so wait Kelly Kelly went on a port adventure Craig did you stay on the ship with ah with the kids then. 21:51.80 Craig That's the other thing you. I did so one of the things about Europe is the excursions are really long or the port adventures are really long in general. So as an 8 hour port adventure we didn't see anything that we thought the kids would like. In fact, I tried to get them to do a port adventure. 21:56.83 Kelly Want them and 50 higher. 22:10.22 Craig A candy making factory and they said no I want to stay on the ship funny so I stayed on the ship that whole day we just explored the ship went to the pool. A little bit had a couple good meals and relaxed. Well Kelly had a lot of fun injur me and. 22:25.41 dclduo Yeah, so Kelly Kelly what did the short excursion entail so you went to this medieval city but like for that's a lengthy excursion. So what kinds of things did you get up to on the shore excursion itself. 22:33.76 Kelly Um, it was a half day and we went to the hansa museum which sounds very exciting. Um, so like Loft Hannsa Hansa means a group of people traveling together. 22:43.76 dclduo Um. 22:50.45 Kelly And it made sense back in medieval times. Um, and it was more like trade and um the hansa like was in control of city life back then and lube was. Like the jewel of the hansa and it was interesting. Um, the guide was dressed up in like seventeenth century clothing and we went through this museum. And um, there wasn't much time. It was pretty quick. You were guided through and I had like 5 minutes to eat something from a cafe and I wanted to practice my german and it was really upsetting when they heard my accent and switched to english and this is not why I came to Germany. Um. 23:55.86 dclduo Ah. 23:56.86 Kelly And then we did a tour of Lubeck which is a beautiful city. Sadly, you didn't have much time on your own. 24:09.85 Kelly I Understand um the whole city was built out of stone because they had so many fires and so um. 24:21.82 dclduo Up Kelly we lost you again. 24:29.96 Kelly And um, I just looked at buildings made out of brick and learned that the wealthy were upset that the poor had. Brick buildings and so then they had the black brick buildings and that's supposed to be fancier and and then they came back. 24:54.60 Craig And now mind you mind you Kelly comes back and tells me it's the most ex exciting port of venture. She's ever been on right? She gives you this she loves history. You know she's amazing pictures. Actually you know I love pictures and and it it look like a lot of fun. Um, but yeah, it doesn't sound it when you think. What are you doing and so I will say. Yeah yeah. 25:15.42 dclduo So it was more. It was more of a his it was more of a historical city tour. Basically you got through a museum and a city tour. It doesn't sound like they sit so wait. How long was the tour. Overall. 25:26.27 Kelly It was less than 5 hours and my main concern with excursions on this cruise they didn't allow for any on in your own time and maybe. 25:30.14 dclduo Okay. 25:44.90 Kelly They didn't. 25:45.62 dclduo Up Kelly somehow you muted again. 25:50.80 Craig Yes, yeah I don't know if she can't hear us I can walk over there a second walk over there. We go you mut it again. 25:53.74 dclduo Yeah I Wonder if there's something going on with her computer disconnecting. 26:01.20 Kelly Yeah I didn't do it. It keeps doing it. Um, yeah, so it was It wasn't very long and it was way too quick. It was. 26:03.69 dclduo Ah. 26:17.27 Kelly Ah, small sample and I wanted more? yeah. 26:21.70 dclduo Um, it also doesn't sound like they gave you much time to eat which is kind of interesting I would think on a shore on a shore excursion that crossed a meal period They would give you some you know time to eat or plan in a meal but it doesn't sound like that happened which is Unfortunate. Um. Well you you got back to the ship was there anything to do in and around the port itself. Ah or was it a pretty like industrial area that you couldn't just kind of step off and kind of be in a town. 26:48.19 Kelly Um, there wasn't very much. Um there I did walk to Starbucks to look for mugs but they were all out and I did get to practice my german. 27:00.81 dclduo There you go? yeah. 27:01.20 Craig So that so admitting that I also have a Starbucks mug obsession is what Kelly's doing we try and get one everywhere we go so she went to Starbucks to try and get a mog and it turns out people on our crews had gotten the last stuff done. 27:02.85 Kelly And the guy didn't switch to English so that was a call. 27:19.62 Craig Ah, so that's funny. Our career group was like oh yeah I got the last one which was fine. We were happy for them. Um, but Kelly walked all that way and then came back and it was it was just about all aboard time when she got back and. 27:19.73 dclduo Ah. 27:24.65 Sam Ah, that's a bummer. That's a bummer. 27:31.58 dclduo Ok, do you remember the? ah how long you were in port that day. 27:34.90 Craig You know it wasn't that long I think we laughed at three thirty four o'clock it was kind of an earlier departure. In fact, none of our you know times in port was that long. 27:39.27 dclduo Okay. 27:48.80 dclduo Okay. 27:49.86 Craig Which we were surprised by as we got on board I think our latest might been Kelly like five o'clock or six expected longer days in port but they had us going really all over so quickly that every night was 28:07.20 dclduo Okay, and and so where do you head next? What's your next port. Oh that's. 28:07.22 Craig Basically full speed to the next port. 28:11.37 Kelly Um, ah. 28:14.86 Craig Etsy our next and next sport was a c day which which was ah which was paulo day for us right? So it was keel and then we got to spend the whole day of at sea as we headed up to Stockholm. 28:23.70 Kelly So. 28:28.90 dclduo Okay, so next next port call is Stockholm. Did you do a Disney excursion there or what what happened in Stockholm. 28:40.10 Craig We did. We did ah a disney excursion. It sounded really fun. It talked about stone ships sore like hey this this sounds interesting. Um out of Stockholm. It turned out to be kind of was a 45 minute bus ride each way. So. 28:46.34 dclduo Oh yeah. 28:56.47 Craig Get on a bus about 45 minutes actually this wasn't the the stoneships was it. It was the historical museum then the palace is that the one we did that that yes, yeah I was just looking back at my notes so we we took about us about 45 minutes to Stockholm. And we really wanted some on your own time in Stockholm. In fact, it was on the schedule that we were going to get about 30 minutes on your own. We were like this great. It's gonna be power packed but we're gonna get 30 minutes take the bo 45 minutes what to an amazing museum. Ah. 29:20.57 dclduo Oh. 29:32.28 Craig I'm not the biggest history buff but we went to a ship museum Kelly tell me about that shift because I think it was really funny. The story of the ship. 29:43.10 Kelly Oh it's um, it was the vasa ship and it's this beautiful dutch made ship and the dutch were great at building ships at the time and it had like 2 woes of cannons. But. The sect the bottom cannon opening was too low and so it sank within 20 minutes of setting sail and was this beautiful ship and they found it hundreds of years later. 30:05.96 Craig Um, yeah, thin. 30:13.21 Craig Yeah, the and. 30:14.23 Sam Oh my goodness at least they recovered it. That's kind of fun so that people could see it and see what a obviously engineering failure. It was. But yeah, if it's beautiful is kind of cool though too to see. Yeah. 30:26.11 dclduo Yeah, for sure. 30:26.46 Craig They do 40 years rebuilding it so they spent 40 years rebuilding it. The story that made me laugh was the mast used to stand in the harbor in Stockholm and the king was so embarrassed that he went and had somebody cut the mast level with the water so he didn't have. 30:37.59 Sam Arrow. 30:46.24 Sam Ah, oh my goodness. 30:46.33 Craig His failure. Ah, but yeah that that was fun and then we got on the bus again they offered us maybe 10 minutes at the museum to look around after they had walked us around to use the bathroom and said hey there's no restrooms from here all the way until we get back to the ship right? There's New York 31:03.34 Sam What. 31:05.73 Craig No restrooms at the palace to use so make sure you use them which we did with kids you you use bathrooms anytime you can, but the kids ah we went to the whatup house in stockle Kelly how long we were there probably about an hour and a half walking around. Yeah. 31:09.91 dclduo Yes, yes yeah. 31:12.59 Sam Yeah. 31:21.28 Kelly It was too long I I love palaces. But I think even for me, especially for the kids you can only see so many wombs of porcelain and yeah. 31:25.60 Craig And. 31:26.20 Sam Ah, yeah. 31:26.46 dclduo Ah. 31:35.59 Sam Right? Marble? Yeah yeah, and those old style beds with the big posts on them. But they're like really short beds because people were much smaller than right. 31:37.57 Craig And sure. Yeah. 31:39.60 dclduo Fancy people slept here. Yeah, ah. 31:40.37 Kelly Exactly I am. 31:43.99 dclduo Yeah. Yeah, yeah. 31:51.48 Craig And no air conditioning and it's ° outside so the windows are open. It's hot. It's stuffy. You're walking around with all these people. Um, so it's probably an hour and a half two hours and walked out and like yes this is our on your own time. 31:54.28 Sam Ah, ah. 32:09.50 Craig We're going to take the 30 minutes we're going to see stockholm and the guide goes. We're going to oldtown and you would think we're going to old town that's really cool. Um, it was maybe 10 steps away. We walked through and there were still some really cool sites. They showed the the executioner's house. We get we got but 5 minutes on your own. 32:23.18 Sam Yeah. 32:26.00 dclduo Ah. 32:27.56 Sam What. 32:28.55 Craig In the end um correct and then everybody was late for the boss because there was no um your own time that everybody was expecting. Yeah. 32:30.75 dclduo That's barely enough time to take a photo. 32:37.65 Sam Right? because everybody essentially took on your own time even though they weren't supposed to yeah. 32:43.70 dclduo Yeah, how how did the kids do overall with this excursion I'm just I'm curious because you know this is a lot of ah you know Museum touring Palace touring. 32:46.85 Craig If. 32:54.30 dclduo Ah, which I which I think I'm thinking of our own son. He'd be like bored out of his mind at some point but how are the kids doing. 33:00.30 Craig They loved the first museum In fact, there was this great moment when the the guide asks. How do you think this ship sank and Emma goes. Oh those holes are too close to the water right. And the guy was like shocked Emma is our our 7 year old at this point and Allie was worth this sport. She's like that's great. You got it and so that was fun about halfway through the palace I think I heard aren't we done yet close to a hundred times by the time we're done. Um. 33:34.85 dclduo Ah, are we are we? yeah, are we there yet? Are we there yet I'll turn this tour bus right around right now you know I get it? Yeah yeah, yeah, well, um. 33:35.35 Craig Mostly from the kids. Yeah. 33:43.50 dclduo The ship museum does sound interesting I did want to call out something you said that they spent 40 years rebuilding the ship. So if if any of you Disney Cruise line fans out there think they take a little too long to make ships these days. So imagine what it could have been. Um, so after ah, ah so the port for the ship that day me asked the same question asked before could you have gotten off and just wandered around someplace or is it again like a more industrialized port and so your best bet was an excursion. 34:11.64 Craig It was actually worse than keel in that respect so Stockholm actually has a port very close by but Disney was not at that port. Um, something really cool I'd never seen before was the gangway slash. 34:30.84 Craig Pier was motorized from the shore and moved on shows. It was a floating motorized thing that came over but this is a full industrial ferryport sixty kilometers away from from Stockholm. There were maybe 2 hotels. And a cafe I forget the name of the town. Kelly do you remember. Yeah, yeah, so nothing of no, in fact, you had to walk through parking in the ferry parking to get to even the closest like hotel. 34:55.52 Kelly Nineishham something like that. 34:56.42 dclduo Finger. 35:05.41 dclduo The. 35:11.75 dclduo Okay, well, that's ah yeah, so so you're basically at the mercy of a shore excursion for that port. It sounds like um well you get out of ah Stockholm. Ah what's your next ah next port 35:31.70 Kelly We went to ah fetaishha Denmark and I think this part is close to lego land which may be an option in the future. Um. 35:32.75 dclduo Okay. 35:42.48 dclduo Ah. 35:47.14 Kelly Because what we did was not exciting. It was a port adventure. Um, but ah I must say that the welcome and the sendoff by the people of Federishia was amazing I think we were the first cruise ship and the. The first time the dream ever went there and when we left there are like easily a thousand people saying good waving goodbye and there was a band and was a party atmosphere. 36:12.94 Craig Yeah, if. 36:20.37 Craig It felt like the whole town came out out and actually Brian I can ask you this question have you ever been greeted by a canon. 36:31.65 dclduo No I don't think ever want to be on the business end of a canon. But yeah, ah. 36:35.68 Craig We were greeted by a cannon greeting coming into town and this was a town Honestly I wish we had just walked around. Um it was beautiful. Everything was walkable. Ah, we picked a ah short excursion that sounded fun. Um, the description definitely didn't line up to what it actually was and so this one we actually had the most on your own time. 36:57.74 dclduo Or. 37:07.75 Craig And we were in a town where everything was closed because it was a Sunday when we did the excursion so we took about 60 minutes away the only thing opened was the museum. We went to everything else was closed except the church which was right there so we got. 37:10.47 dclduo Oh no. 37:24.25 Craig 90 minutes of on your own time to tour this museum and it was a cute little town I would have loved to tour but in Europe pretty much everything is closed on Sunday and that was a sunday. 37:34.68 dclduo Um, ok, well that's that's frustrating. Um, what were there. Did you hear about any short excursions that people are like oh I loved it because Kelly I think prefaced it with this was a boring boring sure excursion and so. Did anyone come back on board that you talked to they are like oh we love this short excursion because lego land seems like a stretch for Disney to do because then they'd be supporting another theme park property. Ah which seems a little out of character for them. Ah, but I'm curious if anyone had if you heard about any short excursions that people really liked. 38:08.22 Craig So we did and actually it's funny that you say Legoland is a stretch because the next cruise the longer crews that went to fredericia they did offer lego land as an excursion but we went into town later and left earlier. 38:19.30 dclduo Oh interesting. 38:27.51 Craig So there wasn't enough time to get to lego land for Disney's likeking some people actually a lot of people came back with legobacks they they got themselves to legoend. There was a group that actually chartered a bus and took it to leg on them themselves so chartered their own bus about 40 or 50 people. Um. 38:47.12 Craig Honestly, people that said they had the best time stayed in town. A lot of folks loved fredeicia and just the farmers market that was there the local crafts and a lot of stuff there and then most of the other excursions were around. Yeah, here's a private car. We'll drive you places and then there was one Kelly didn't a lot of people like this this one that was called fairy tales on stream. 39:19.40 Kelly Oh I have no idea this. Maybe. 39:22.97 Craig Yeah, there were a couple people and Kelly can hear Emma right? there? Um, that went on this ah little boat that had things from Hans Christian in yourcent that commented that it was really really fun. 39:35.40 dclduo No interesting Sam Do you have any questions here I'm I'm doing all the questions people want to hear your voice. Do. 39:43.78 Sam I no because I I know but I lost check of where we were because I was trying to deal with the dogs but I can't get it I can't get Isabelle in just keep going and I'll jump in at some point. 39:54.64 dclduo Um, okay, um, let's see any well um, anything else to add about this particular port stop or are we ready to move on to the next one 40:07.16 Craig I Guess the only other thing I'll say is this was the first port I've ever seen Disney not be ready for everybody to get back on board. 40:15.19 dclduo Oh that's right, you sent us some interesting photos of a huge line backed up at about 5 minutes before the ship was 2 to depart. So yes I remember you saying this port was just not ready for the crowd that Disney brought yeah was this it was this was a were all of these ports that you stopped at. Ah, ports with peers and that you dock the ship or were they were there any tender ports. 40:36.41 Craig Me all had peers and this definitely had a peer but every short sport ger bus came back within about 10 minutes of each other so over half the time. Yeah. 40:50.96 Sam they so they didn't coordinate. yeah so they didn't coordinate well the timing and then probably didn't have enough like port staff to deal with the number of people 1 follow up question on that. Do you feel like you know these ports in general were they ready for us a ship the size of the dream because. Previously obviously the magic had been in Europe and I I imagine I don't know for sure. But I imagine that the magic had been to several of these ports if not all of them before um, do you know one? if that's the case. And then two if it was really just an issue of you know 2500 passengers versus 4000 passengers. That's a pretty big increase in numbers and they just weren't sort of ready for that. So. 41:38.18 Kelly Um. 41:45.44 Kelly Oh. 41:45.83 Craig Ah, gar ah I'll say for me it was the number of people right? The magic had definitely been there to most of and so they just weren't ready for the the doubling or're not quite doubling but the large increase in size and that's why Disney had to use the part port further away from Stockholm as well. 41:49.39 dclduo Oh. 42:03.42 Craig Because the close import can't handle a ship the size of the dream. So so tradeoffs right? The the dream has a lot more to do but the ports in Northern Europe just aren't used to the really larger ships like that with 3000 passengers and. 42:09.35 dclduo New. 42:21.84 dclduo It's interesting because the norway sailing went on. We stopped at 2 so ports to small towns where you know one of them I think we were quadrupling the size of the town overnight and we weren't the only ship there we were anchored off. Actually we got to dock and there was a. I'm forgetting the name of the cruise line they have the smiling lips on the front of their their ships but it's an Italian Cruise line and they were you know, docked out in the harbor and tendering folks in but that port it seemed like a smooth operation there they were like ready to go there. Plenty of short excursions. Um, so yeah, it's just it's interesting I don't know why. You know some of these smaller ports in some places seem less able to accommodate the ships and yet some others seem able to I mean we've heard about small ports in Canada that had to muster every school bus in town and shut school down for the day because Disney Cruise line showed up in town. So. Ah, yeah, just it's interesting. It's interesting. The infrastructure some of these ports when what they're able to handle. But anyway well, what's your next port of call on this cruise then. 43:25.64 Kelly And ah, the last one was oslo and we docked white in Oslo next to akahus the fortress and it was amazing. Just how everything is so close to that part I'm not sure if it's gonna continue. Docking there but it was like that you have a nation for choice next to you, you. 43:48.18 dclduo Up Kelly you're cutting. You're cutting in and out again. 43:52.47 Sam You Your keep you keep muting and unm muting yourself I don't know if your hand is hovering above the or something. Yeah, you literally just went like mute unmute mute unmute like throughout what you were saying. Ah. 44:02.47 Kelly Oh I'm not even touching. Okay I don't know what's going on. Um, but Oslo isn't was ah, an amazing park that I don't think you need an excursion. 44:06.16 dclduo Keep keep going keep going. 44:09.00 Sam Ah. 44:17.67 Kelly Because everything was right there you had ockahu's fortress. You had the the National museum I think closing. 44:27.27 dclduo Up. It's happening again. 44:30.11 Sam If yeah. 44:31.36 Craig Yeah, and I think what Kelly was saying there is the national museum was closed that particular day but it was right there? Um, although we didn't need an excursion The funny thing was we had 1 booked and we canceled day of because. It was the worst weather in 100 years and no joke they said in 100 years we're getting more wind inrain than we've ever gotten. We got lucky that the morning was beautiful and so we got off the ship. We walked over if we got my Starbucks mus. In fact, we got some for other people on the ship as well. While we're off. 44:49.23 dclduo Um, no. 45:07.35 Craig Then we walked up to the palace of akrahus and if you know Kelly she loved palaces. So that's what we did. It is also if you recognize the name and if you're Disney fan, you may it is the palace that the restaurant in. The Norway Pavilion got its name from so that is ocker who's the real Aer who's correct. Yeah, so. 45:27.00 dclduo Little fun. 45:33.37 Sam And the one where you can have a dinner with the princess is yeah we've eaten there one time. Ah, years ago is actually like I think Nathan's first trip to Disney world and we ended up eating there I did not I will tell you I did not really enjoy the food there but the good princess interaction. So. But good to know it's actually named after a real place I love it. So what happened with your excursion and what happened with the rest of the day because I think that's kind of a I I know I will preview for the guests I I actually know what happened but I want you to tell our guests. 45:51.32 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 46:09.98 Sam So they know what happened and. 46:11.39 Craig So we canceled before they actually offered to let everybody cancel so our excursion we were supposed to take Kelly can probably correct me here. Um was supposed to go up to this ski jumping area. And then we were supposed to take a boat tour of you know, kind of land and sea view of Stockholm being on a boat when the winds are blowing fifty miles an hour did not sound very good to me. Um, so we self cancelled and they said well there'll be no refund um, turns out. When if we had gone into the Walt Disney theater and sat and waited they let people cancel because they were already having to start skipping things in the end we got a 50% refund which I think was very generous of Disney to just yeah, give 50% because about half of the excursion was canceled for everybody. They weren't able to do the boating portion of the excursion and so I gave 50% back and I think we had more fun than we would have had on the excursion in the rain in the wind. 47:20.39 dclduo Yes, I would say so I saw some of the pictures that you sent that looked like a major storm rolling through. So ah, glad you all elected to stay on the ship for the afternoon. Um. Well let's shift gears for a second. We can't cover everything that you did on board the ship while you were sailing. Ah, but now that we've kind of finished up with the ports and the excursions that you did. Ah, would love to hear some of the highlights from on Board. The ship anything that you got up to that was particularly interesting on the ah on the dream we haven't been on the dream and gosh over a year now. So anything interesting happened and did they do a pirate night or a frozen night on this ceiling. 48:02.49 Craig So let Kelly answer a few of the things. But 1 thing she didn't get to go to was in answer to your question. There was no frozen or pirate net couldn't do fireworks in the northern europe they just talkedt to him. They also didn't do a frozen night which was a first. I think for them in Northern Europe they added a deck party called color spin and it was just added like the week before we went um and we ran into a entertainment team name member her name Bailey. Ah, we met her on the wish we've seen her a bunch and so when we walked on board she's just such big huge smile gave us a hug and she said you have to go to Colorpan. It was a ten o'clock at night so only 1 of the two kids lasted which funny enough is our youngest made it until then. And I went up to color spend while Kelly stayed with with Ellie and it turned out to be fake. 49:00.72 Sam Yeah, I'm going to tell you that actually does not surprise me knowing Ellen and Emma does not surprise me that Emma is the one who actually made it up late. Yeah so. 49:08.30 Craig Yeah, Elie likes her sleep and so does Kelly so they they they slept em and I went up to colors fish. She lasted about half of it. It was a cute party with all of the fat five plus a few other characters. And the premise is that there is a color wheel that spins to music of the 80 s and 90 s and as the color hits as the wheel hits a color it determines what character pops out, you're not supposed to know who it is and it's quote unquote random. It's the same order. Um. But the characters come out and dance to their favorite song is that is the premise so it was really cute. Deck party had never seen before so it's it's good to see Disney doing something unique. So. 49:50.85 dclduo Since you're a Donald fan I got to know what song to Donald Dance to go man. 49:55.20 Craig I missed Donald which really kind of upset me them and he got tired and I had to go downstairs I saw del donald come out to with everybody but we made it through few and there were only little clips. They were only like ten seconds so I couldn't pick all the songs out. But I'm gonna have to go back and watch the video now figure out what Donald did because he is my favorite. 50:17.32 dclduo Yeah I would be I would just be curious I would be curious wasn't there a song in the 80 s that was like a duck theme sam or something. There was a whole movie about Howard de duck I feel like he had a song in there. Yeah, maybe that's what Donald Dan too 50:28.32 Sam And there was Howard the duck and there was a song Howard the duck. Yes, the theme song for the movie. Yeah I doubt it because it's about a different duck not the number one duck Donald yeah. 50:35.31 dclduo That's what bill needs to yeah. 50:41.15 Sam Kelly why don't you tell us some of the things you all got up to that you thought were particularly memorable or enjoyable on the dream and. 50:48.22 Kelly Oh well, we um, well. 50:52.38 Kelly They fatigue they are getting older and. 50:54.58 dclduo Up you you cut? Yes, yeah, yes. 50:56.74 Craig So why don't we have Kelly come in here I think that might be easier. Um, you can she just disconnect and then she can come in here and I'll switch to my speaker which will be a lot easier sam you're on mute. So. 51:08.61 dclduo Yeah. 00:00.50 Craig Um, okay so there was only one day that we went to the pool because it was cold and it was a lot colder than I thought it would be. It was high of 70 the whole time and. 00:00.12 Sam Memorable or Fa anyway, but okay and. 00:01.56 dclduo Yep, you're good to go. 00:15.18 Sam Youth. 00:19.71 dclduo Yeah. 00:19.85 Craig It was more like ° every day and that's not swimming weather and for living in Florida it was too cold to go swimming and we did not bring the proper clothing. 00:24.19 Sam No yeah. 00:35.40 Kelly That this. Um. 00:35.51 Craig Because half of our clothes were T tops and shorts and um, we had to do laundry quite a bit. Yeah I think one of the favorites for the kids was Bimi Bobbyy but you had a little tip there right? oh. 00:43.43 dclduo Oh wow. 00:52.15 Kelly Um, stuff up spot where people out but and so and but. 00:52.95 Sam Um, oh yeah. 00:54.00 Craig Um, so I bought dresses from a stir called jaie and Jack They had a little mermaid inspired line and it went on sale so it ended up costing less than a dress so bibity bobbyy. 00:59.37 Sam Is he. 01:11.84 Craig And hopefully they will wear it again but they looked beautiful. They danced with Donald and took pictures with Minnie. Um, yeah I mean ah Brian my favorite moment right? then was Donald just walked up in his evening. Best. 01:14.25 Kelly But it. Hit that bread Pipe Don Eat eat right? So not. 01:31.65 Craig It was formal night. So we right outside biitybo and Donald walked up and we got some family pictures there and then the girls I mean they always have fun getting there themselves dressed up but what we've realized is we've done it a few times at Kelly's tip there is 01:35.58 dclduo Nice. 01:48.23 Craig Getting the dresses on board is very expensive and so we yeah. 01:48.88 dclduo Oh oh. 01:49.31 Sam Yeah, they also can be limited in their sizes to it as I've heard from folks particularly if you have older or younger children meaning like very young or you know or. 01:51.58 Kelly And. 02:00.54 Craig See it. 02:06.75 Sam Maybe like 10 and up or a larger child or some larger or smaller child that they can they can run out of yeah they can run out of sizes. Um or their biggest size that might not fit your your little princess and so being prepared. 02:11.15 Craig Um, yeah Elie They they don't have yeah. 02:18.82 Craig Jeff. 02:22.47 Kelly So. 02:23.16 Sam With a dress from home whether it's a princess one that you've bought from you know shop Disney or from someplace else or I loved the Janey and Jack dresses. Um, we will definitely use those pictures I think to showcase this show because they're just super cute and they are as you said little mermaid inspired. Um, or little mermaid themed and so while they're not quite princess stresses in the sense of what you see coming out of bibbty body bo boutique um, they are I would say prettier and probably better quality than what you get from bibbity boby and certainly more reasonable from a cost perspective. So I think that's an excellent tip. Um. And something to remember if you know you have a princess who is going to want to address at their bibbity bobbyy boutique appointment. Yay. 03:09.28 Kelly Well, all like. 03:13.92 Craig And then we did pollo twice we did we did brunch on the first C day and we did dinner on the second DCDay which was my birthday. Um and one of the two I don't think we had booked to start. But then we we got it out. We did both. We booked both. 03:21.33 Sam Nice. 03:21.68 dclduo Nice. 03:31.10 Craig But beforehand and we had Eugene yeah Eugene from hung no romania romania yeah, both times. No no, that would have been even better. Um, but a funny moment we walked up ah and this happens. 03:38.89 Sam not Flynn not Flynn rider you say. 03:46.33 Kelly How policy and work here set bused with next. 03:49.90 Craig You know to all of us I think when we get on the ship if you've been on a bit and the manager looks at us and goes Craig and Kelly how are you one of our favorite servers was it had stepped up and was that the manager and her husband was actually our second server ever on disney. 04:06.14 Kelly As put government position neighbor. Um, so you built my and it. 04:07.94 Craig And so he's known us since our kids were like two so he came over later and we got to see him. Actually we saw him on an embarcation day. So you know that's one of the things we always love is we built some lifelong memories and friends on board and they just suppress us. And so another great reason to go to Pallo was just seeing them and who doesn't want birthday dinner at Apollo. 04:26.10 Kelly <unk> who doesn't talk your paper. 04:32.50 dclduo Home for sure for sure. Did it live up to expectations and how was the food overall in the ah the voyage. 04:36.37 Kelly Um, at court they help they and and. 04:41.81 Craig Um, at first it was hard to get food for the kids because they live off of chicken tenders and pizza and the pizza taste stiff foot in Europe and the chicken tenders had. Peppercorn on them and our kids are way too picky to try anything else. We heard a lot of times when asking questions. Yeah, we haven't had that since we weren't we went up to Southampton. Um. 05:14.84 Kelly Um, but we yeah. You So yeah of and. 05:16.50 Craig Weird things like they had no lemonade on board right? Allie loves lemonade. They had no lemonade in and so when we asked they said yeah we actually haven't had that since why we were in the med about three crews ago. Um, and then all of a sudden it popped up in cabanas but they didn't have it in the main dining room. 05:33.00 Sam Um, so it's just different provisioning I'm guessing like in Europe so they they have to they don't get their normal provisioner from you know that they have in port canaveral or in Miami or. 05:34.77 Kelly Up. Yeah. 05:35.20 Craig Ah, yeah. 05:45.84 Sam Wherever wherever else in the United States they've got to get a different provision or probably somewhere in the U K or somewhere else elsewhere in Europe probably probably several places in Europe throughout their ah european season. So it's interesting that that it makes sense that the chigin fingers would be different. You know we found when we were in um Norway I found at least. 06:04.75 Kelly Trump call you? well. 06:05.73 Sam That ice tea was not available on board. Yeah, they did to run. They ran had a beer that's right, they ran at it beer on tap Kegs so they had bottled beer. Yeah. 06:07.17 dclduo Well and remember they had no beer on board at the start of the sailing had no be well they sorry they didn't run out of beer. They ran out of Kegs beer on tap. Yeah, they had bottled beer but then yeah, but they they there was the excuse they gave was we just didn't realize we'd have such a. 06:15.85 Craig If death. 06:25.22 dclduo Heavy beer drinking crowd and I'm like you're going out of the u k for god's sake like of course you're going to have a heavy beer drinking crowd. But yeah, it seems like provisioning in Europe is a difficult thing for them. Did you have problems with the onboard merch. This was a twenty fifth anniversary sailing. 06:27.27 Craig Um, ah. 06:31.31 Kelly Um. 06:40.39 dclduo Of all things and so how was the onboard merch situation because if it's like the food situation I'm guessing it was slim pickings. 06:42.77 Kelly Um, smoothing all that up that but all that person quality shots smoking snap. Um. 06:48.13 Craig Not only was it slim pickings. Well actually I'll take a step back. The first night was awful. You couldn't even get in the shops. The lines were ridiculous. Everybody wanted it for twenty fifth anniversary stuff. Um. But the funniest thing was Brian you were looking for something on the wish and I found it on the dream right? They had the polos but most of the other stuff they didn't have and they had Polos in large and extra large but not small in medium and I think you said they had small and medium on the wish. 07:02.54 Kelly But they are right and right so that out a scale they have more water that that. 07:04.46 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 07:22.60 Craig And no large and extra large. Um, but Kelly could find nothing that she yeah. 07:22.20 Kelly Have. 07:26.12 Sam And correct and large and extra large. Let's be honest, large and extra large fit more people than small and medium for folks for most american men. Um, and that's what the polo shirts market is they are. It's a Nike polo shirt. 07:34.32 Kelly I Haven't said. 07:36.52 Craig Um, in fun. Yes. 07:39.59 Kelly My fault. 07:41.58 Sam It is not a women's Polo is is clearly int I should say intended to be women can wear it. But it's intended to be a men's polo. So yeah I think it's really interesting that they had completely opposite stuff and what you what you started to say. 07:47.37 Kelly Um. 07:55.39 Sam And what what? Kelly what were you looking for or what did you find or not find. 07:57.27 Kelly Um, you know, but that Europe seen and set of a mosted talk up. 07:59.14 Craig Um, I you literally found nothing right? like I found nothing the europe season stuff had been picked over and there really wasn't anything left and most of the twenty fifth anniversary was gone. Um. 08:15.73 Kelly We you are and says cook you would market and don't talk stuff. But. 08:15.85 Craig We weren't trying to get the speaker but they actually didn't have them on our sailing Anyway, they had run out before then um and so it was It was definitely a story of we don't have a lot of the stuff that you would expect because it didn't get here right? um. 08:29.92 dclduo Who. 08:33.62 Craig But I found what I wanted so I got I got the polo I wanted and that made me happy. You didn't want to buy it at first. Oh yeah, that is true Kelly convinced me to buy it and then Brian made me buy 2 more back from Europe but that's okay. 08:37.59 Kelly Your ah right? um. 08:41.98 dclduo With the. 08:46.60 Sam Um, let's be let's be honest, you just wanted to make sure that on our next sailing that you and Brian would match Craig because we are going to be by the time this episode airs we will probably have already been on the sailing with you all and you and Brian. 08:58.93 dclduo Right have been on 2 might have been on 2 09:01.26 Kelly Next But what did. 09:02.41 Sam Yeah, and you and Brian can match in your twenty fifth anniversary polos you can be twinsies. 09:07.16 Craig Um, ah yeah, did you wear this polo on purpose I didn't the funny part is so yes, we probably will wear and be twins I didn't even think about the fact that I'm wearing my wish Maiden Polo right now. 09:08.78 dclduo I. 09:10.62 Kelly Yeah, ah so so yeah, we are I gave about patient both happens. 09:21.95 Sam Yeah, with right? which is one Brian has as well. Yes. 09:23.92 Craig I just grabbed it. Yeah Brian did not wear it today little disappointed that we didn't mentally a lot. Oh I like it? Um, but yeah that that's truthfully the reason Kelly said I had to get it to match brian later. 09:26.56 Kelly This point? um ah spread. Yeah true run they know. 09:27.85 dclduo Where where my my Riviera pullover see good. 09:42.82 dclduo Oh I Actually don't have that Polo I don't think oh yes, Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes yes I Well I have it someplace but I have outgrown it I think is the polite way of saying? Yeah um, yeah. 09:43.51 Craig No, not this one. The twenty fifth one she made me get the yes you don't have the maiden. 09:46.00 Kelly Are here. 09:54.55 Sam Yes, exactly That's exactly right? He does have it but he he has outgrown it for now. 09:56.46 Craig I Know that's the only this. 09:57.43 Kelly Um, but but. 09:59.63 dclduo It I have become slightly wider since when I bought it and so we're working on that we're working on fitting back into the main voyage ball. But anyway. 10:04.14 Craig Um, and I am doing the same I'm working on getting back into a few my shirt so I get. 10:05.29 Kelly And I would point. 10:09.68 dclduo There you go? Well any highlights that we missed before I I have 1 more question to round us out before I hand you over to sam's or I say say subject you to Sam's Rapid fire round but any highlights office crews that you want to be sure to share that we missed. 10:17.72 Kelly That world. 10:24.10 Craig Well Ellie would be upset if we didn't say she won bingo this is true. We do love bingo. 10:24.27 Kelly Well that fit one finger that there's normal. 10:29.13 dclduo Ah, but actually technically she couldn't win bingo Craig or else you're gonna have to give that money back to Disney Cruise line only adults over the age of 18 can win bingo but Ellie played the bingo game and you collected the prize money I take it. 10:34.57 Craig Yes, yeah. 10:42.98 Craig Ah, yeah, but how many people won that game. Kelly oh like 1011 I took a note just to remind myself I yes it it paid $5 of the $80 that bingo was um, but yeah I mean Allie you need. 10:43.12 Kelly Um, yeah, older. But I yeah it back. But. 10:49.50 dclduo Ah, so you collected the $5 onboard credit. 10:55.39 dclduo Wow. 10:59.48 Sam That's hilarious. 11:00.99 Kelly Happen. Wish we really get order and stuff walkage. 11:01.12 Craig Allie had to play which we really try not to have her play because she's really upset if she doesn't win. Um, so she won that she was happy. Yes, yes, um, but I think that was the other. 11:08.15 dclduo You know, do not do not introduce her to gambling Oh my God that is a that is it be a that is gonna be a life of heartbreak. Ah yeah. 11:15.29 Kelly Yeah, ah back for expense I say that most of sacred so it took your serve. 11:18.28 Craig Other highlight. Everything else was normal except I will say that some kind of bug and they wouldn't say what hit a lot of the crew towards the end of the cruise and so we noticed our you know serving team change in a little bit and a few things happen not unexpected. 11:24.80 dclduo Oh. 11:32.79 Kelly Um, who was the that seems. 11:36.70 Craig Ah, but it definitely hit the crew towards the end like night five night six. 11:38.95 dclduo Well, that's too bad I hate to hear that because that that can really one you know crew safety is important and it's terrible when they're all sick and I hate to see that because also we learned that you know unless it's covered I think Mickey only gives them a night off. So that's rough. 11:45.40 Kelly Are. 11:53.93 Craig The up. 11:57.59 Kelly Um. 11:57.70 dclduo Ah, and yeah, and then it impacts passenger safety too If they're running around spreading stuff around so sorry to hear it. 12:00.69 Kelly Let me work so they're but you nothing we go to havela. 12:01.97 Craig It wasn't covered so they were all back the next day you right? but a lot of folks had a rough rough night which we we feel for too I mean the staff are some of our favorite people on board. So we hate decent sick. 12:08.74 dclduo Yeah. 12:13.98 dclduo You know one thing I forgot to you mentioned the weather conditions in 1 of the ports and so the weather conditions. Overall how are the sea conditions was it a rocky cruise for you all. 12:23.55 Craig Except for the oslo day. It was the most amazing still water. It was like a lake it I think on the baltic side. It was so still. 12:23.68 Kelly Um, it that off here one as on. Yeah, so here. 12:29.74 dclduo Wow wow. 12:39.46 Craig I commented one day I don't think I even feel the shit move at all in the Baltic like we didn't feel anything now coming out of oslo there were a lot of people going for the drama me. Let's just put it that way but everything else was great. 12:42.26 Kelly Yeah, now how that but. 12:55.80 dclduo You know it's bad when they put the um sanitary bags in the restrooms. That's when Disney Crews line yeah is anticipating a bit of ah upset on board. So yeah, ah we ah. 12:59.63 Sam Yeah, right when they're everywhere. Yeah. 13:03.17 Craig Um, yeah guests. 13:03.78 Kelly I put volumes. 13:06.94 Sam And by sanitary bags Brian means barf bags. Everyone. 13:10.47 Kelly They have you most have scan issue of but also no. 13:12.55 dclduo I was trying to be nice I was trying to be nice. Yeah yeah. 13:13.30 Craig Um, they were out that night we don't usually have a problem. It wasn't as bad as the worst night we've ever had which was actually out of Seattle going to Alaska through the straits and that was that was that rolled us out of our bed. But. 13:26.50 Sam If. 13:29.36 Craig No, it wasn't too bad and I think everybody was fine, people commented how nice and smooth. It was. 13:30.15 Kelly Like. 13:33.47 dclduo So let me ask this. This is my last question for you all which is just would you recommend this cruise to others you you mentioned at the front that you know look you've done a med cruise you were hoping for a lengthy air Cruise it sounds like some of the short excursions. You know. 13:42.15 Kelly Um, you like um. 13:50.27 dclduo Good but maybe disappointed a little bit from kind of not having enough free time to explore some of these amazing cities you were going to so you know a face with the choice of doing this cruise or another cruise would you choose this one again or recommend it to others. 13:54.37 Kelly Um. 14:00.84 Kelly Level. Um I didn't but it didn' very help was were at thought and the cur. But. 14:07.14 Craig Oh I would do it differently but I don't think it would be my top choice. The cities were amazing and I think stockholm and Oslo or beautiful cities I wanted to see more of but. Do the ten night which was the 1 right after ours which hit all of the same ports but spent more time in the ports and then ended in Southampton so where we had leave oslo at 4 or 3 I think it was like 2 or 3 yeah they stayed until 7 or 8. 14:24.93 Kelly But she often works had much right? So Lee cost or or except right. 14:29.12 Sam M. 14:42.15 Sam Yeah. 14:44.64 Craig So I think that's the the thing I missed the most on this cruise was just the shortened days in port didn't give us enough time to really experience the areas I would go to the cities again. Um for sure. 14:44.83 Kelly So the the group about sales I see first problem so that. 15:00.11 Craig But I think the ten night that they offered was what we would do instead. 15:02.86 dclduo Okay, that is totally fair. What Kelly you mentioned you do something differently the next time around if you did it what? what would you have done differently. 15:04.45 Kelly Sir A I need here and perfect I think. 15:13.36 Craig I think I would go on my own I would um in the ports in the ports I think I they well not you. 15:20.42 Sam I thought you meant you'd leave Craig and the kids at home completely I mean which I kind of understand. But. 15:22.68 dclduo Yeah I mean I was just I have I have that I have a dream every day. Yeah, no I. 15:23.87 Kelly Um, um, that and I. 15:31.50 Craig Um, yeah, um, that would be I guess yeah I want I think this is why I want to go on an adventures by Disney to really experience the ports and. 15:43.45 Kelly And with apartment and is you swa. 15:50.17 Craig I Feel like a cruise is like a sampler but this was to yeah, small of a sample. Yeah, exactly. 15:55.00 dclduo So so sort of wet your appetite. But now you want to go back and really experience these cities. Yeah so yeah, adventures by Disney might be a great way to do it. Um, you know, certainly maybe it sounds like doing some of your own shore excursions might have worked out better. Although it it also seems like you weren't in like. 16:01.47 Kelly Call. 16:13.70 dclduo The thing I likes about Norway we were in port for such a lengthy amount of time that if we wanted to do a Disney excursion and then explore on our own we could this actually sounds the opposite of that you were kind of import the normal amount of time you might get in the caribbean or something like that and in those ports. 16:16.20 Kelly Group Sell. Um. 16:30.30 dclduo You know it's a beach day and then back on board like the ship is still the center of attention in those ports and um so it sounds like maybe some of those shorter port times really did not work in Disney's favor for this itinerary. 16:39.75 Kelly That So got put read the opposite read. 16:42.10 Craig Well oslo is the great example because we got in at 7 or 8 I think we ended up getting in a little bit late because of the weather so we got in around eight thirty and we were out by 3 and all the time to get everybody off and everything else you really only had five five and a half hours 16:52.50 dclduo Yeah. 16:59.15 Kelly Yeah, that group that 1 17:00.31 Craig In a port where we could have spent 5 hours walking just the city and the next crews had 10 hours there so I think that was what was missing for us I guess the other thing I wouldn't fly all the way to copenhagen for this particular itinerary right? We just. 17:02.49 dclduo Yeah. 17:16.22 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah. 17:19.79 Kelly We Ah yeah. 17:20.29 Craig There just wasn't enough time everywhere and in the future we will make sure that getting to the embarkation city is easy to get to there was copenhagen was not easy to get to? No no, not at all. Um. Yeah I think ah the other tip is look at the flights before you book the cruise right? figure out the schedule to get there because we ended up flying to Detroit and spending two days with friends just so it was easier to get to Copenhagen. There was no good way. Ah we actually had somebody on our cruise get stuck in Miami. 17:38.65 Kelly Look at right? we is and but standard to and you know when ah we so not. 17:39.70 dclduo Yeah. 17:56.29 Craig They had booked with an airline and the plane that they were supposed to fly hit taxiing out hit a fuel truck and they didn't have a spare plane and this person ended up meeting the crews three days in and they were supposed to. 17:56.30 Kelly Dead but day here some increase. 18:01.48 dclduo No. Wow I think I would have I think I would have seen if Disney would have given me an ability to move that ceiling as opposed to cutting the cruise that short. That's so that is not a great choice to make hopefully they had travel insurance. Yeah. 18:08.50 Kelly That. 18:19.51 Craig Um I hope so too. Yeah, yeah, it was um so. 18:19.66 Kelly I Good have. 18:22.64 Sam Or hopefully the airline compensated them for you know, a portion of their cruise fare right? because if you miss three days right so then three sevenths of the crews in my opinion they should cover. Yeah. 18:24.70 dclduo Wow. 18:32.97 Kelly Um, you know. 18:33.52 Craig Yes. 18:34.39 dclduo Yeah, yeah, well it sounds like an interesting cruise. This is the first time I might recap the cruise is not like sounds like an amazing cruise it sounded like an interesting cruise. It sounds it sounds a learning it sounds it sounds like 18:45.21 Kelly First. 18:46.10 Sam Um, a learning experience. 18:47.70 Craig We're really selling it. Yeah. 18:51.18 dclduo It almost sounds like Disney may have bit off more than they can chew on this itinerary a little bit which certainly didn't then help in the ports themselves. Ah, but nonetheless you know, always fun to visit visit europe always fun to be on any any day onboard a Disney ship is better than a day at work in my opinion. So that's ah, that's also certainly the case here. Hopefully. 18:57.18 Sam Was. 19:08.58 Craig Yes, oh yes. 19:10.79 Kelly Um, just up. 19:10.87 dclduo But but Sam I think we've reached that point in the show where I need to ah subject Craig and Kelly to your arbitrary questions arbitrary rules and a dash of judgment of the round. We know as rapid fire so sam take it away. 19:22.80 Sam All right? So Craig and Kelly you guys have never played rapid fire before you have been on the show I want to say once before. Um, very briefly. However, in fact, Ellie and Emma were featured more prominently on that show than you all were we did kind of ah an abbreviated rapid fire with them. Um, but you do have an advantage here because you know me really well and so you know what I want to hear? Um, but I'm and but I'm going to. 19:44.77 Craig Yeah. 19:47.97 Kelly How about. 19:47.98 dclduo Do not cater your answers. Do not do not cater answers what Sam wants to hear. 19:51.93 Sam No, no. But I'm that's what I hit let me say this Brian let me finish but I want to tell you even though you know what I'm what I want to hear I don't want you to tailor your answers to what I want to hear I want you to play as if you don't know me like you do? Okay so let's start with your. 20:04.37 Kelly Um, a folks. 20:07.80 dclduo Wait hold on hold on hold on see him you're peaking really bad because you did the thing I told you not to do which is both turn up your gain and get closer. So can you turn down the game just a little. Thanks. 20:07.15 Kelly Time will. 20:11.87 Sam Okay. 20:19.43 Craig You know it's gonna be hard not to craft our answers to you Sam because we it's just gonna be natural. We're gonna think oh right? So what we'll try. 20:21.00 Kelly Andly party right? So roll enough. 20:24.54 Sam I I know all right? just try. Okay, let's start with your favorite Disney characters. Um. First let's start with Kelly who is your favorite Disney character and when I say disney I mean anything in the Disney I p universe. 20:36.38 Kelly Ah, the broadery here a small. 20:40.54 Craig Oh. 20:48.77 Craig I don't know if I can say I have a specific one I I love dumbo because he's cute I Love Bay Max because he's such a good friend. But. 20:56.29 Kelly You Yeah are so and yeah I. 21:06.58 Craig I'm a little in shock here because for me, it's instant like I have to. 21:07.71 dclduo Wait wait hold on. Let's do let's see if we can get it right ready one 2 3 Donald Duck 21:09.28 Sam Yeah, those listen Donald ah. 21:10.33 Kelly I here. Not first back know speed keep. 21:14.65 Craig Um, oh yeah, Donald so I did say to Donald is the first one. Do you know what? the second one is and and I'll give you a hint nobody can see it but I'll give these 2 a little hit because he sits on my desk. 21:28.16 Kelly Sit up. 21:29.25 dclduo Oh project project. Ah 4 2 No wait. What is it 6 2 6 project 6 2 6 21:29.52 Sam Um, ah no 6 2 6 21:31.55 Craig 6 to 6 yes so he sits on my desk and every day but yeah stitch is my other I just remember that movie when I was a kid so younger, not a kid so in college right? I still come up from kid I think you're totally 5 21:31.79 Kelly See with yeah, sit mine so and call. Ah. 21:45.00 Sam Nice. 21:45.40 dclduo Still still a great movie I love watching it when we're on board the Disney ships. 21:49.82 Craig Let's speak college. Let's keep it there. Um, and one of my best friends introduced me to stitch but ah Donald has always been my favorite. It's not just because I know Brian and knew what he wanted Donald hasn't always been my favorite. 21:51.60 Kelly Paper that not have home being right because I anyone. Um. 21:53.82 Sam Nice. 22:01.23 Sam Nice all right favorite Disney Movie Craig we're going to start with you for this question. 22:06.79 Kelly House see like um is a boy step. 22:11.36 Craig O see it can be the whole Disney universe right? Can return of the jedi is god of me right? there? Um, what you also can't see is there are 7 light saers on my wall I might be a little bit jealous. 22:11.80 Sam Correct the whole Disney universe. Yeah, it's a great movie. It's a great movie. 22:25.69 Kelly And and. 22:28.32 Craig Of Sam and Brian for forgetting to go on galaxy star cruiser when I live 10 minutes a away and haven't been able to and it's gonna close. It's okay I'll live through you. Yeah. 22:32.25 Sam I I'm sorry no all right? Kelly what is your favorite Disney movie nice so you must be super excited. 22:37.34 dclduo No, that's a that's a sorry, not sorry for me? Sorry ah. 22:43.63 Kelly And coach. 22:45.42 Craig Ah, it is Coco I mean you know yes I'm hoping it has chips and salsa on the table and I'm excited for the music. 22:50.48 Sam About the recent announcement of plazata coco on the Disney treasure. 22:52.99 Kelly Yeah I have to lock the people as so and. 22:57.92 Sam Yes. 23:03.30 Craig I Love Mexican food. So the world does revol around food. It does. It's how I get one day. 23:04.55 Sam Sound absolutely I'm I'm with you on the I'm with you on the chips and salsa instead of a bread bowl absolute or breadbasket I should say all right favorite Disney Song Kelly we're starting with you on this one. 23:18.43 Kelly Parts of. 23:19.25 Craig Oh. 23:24.38 Kelly Yeah I see here. 23:26.82 Craig Ah I think it might be the carried me song from onward. Yeah, that's in my playlist or I totally forgot onward was there. 23:31.67 Sam And oh that's a good song. Yeah I like that one that's a good pick all right Craig what's your favorite. 23:38.25 Kelly Okay, let's take seeing that you get help for. 23:42.38 Craig Ah, you will laugh. But it's how far I'll go from the 1 23:44.40 Sam Oh I love that song that's such a good one. All right favorite Disney Cruise line stage show you knew I was gonna be going there Craig what's your favorite. 23:45.14 dclduo Nice. 23:47.71 Kelly On my way. 23:53.49 Craig Who oh it's definitely not aladdin let's go there. Can we just say not Aladdin it really is these the adventure. 23:56.59 Kelly Um, both that is you. 24:02.92 Sam It's good. Oh I love that? Yeah, that's a good one. It's so good and it's so nice and short. It's like really ah the perfect length with some really good musical numbers I Think that's a great answer all right. 24:08.26 Craig Yeah, for. 24:08.48 Kelly Pick. 24:13.16 Craig And and Emil said it's her favorite. The other reason I like it to your point is the kids can actually sit through it without struggling. 24:13.30 Kelly And said birthday and but struggle. But. 24:20.32 Sam Yes, absolutely Kelly what's your favorite. 24:26.29 Craig I Love Golden Mickeys and um, frozen and beauty in the beast I think the production and this I might have my day make. 24:31.16 Kelly Um, but and so yeah. 24:43.94 Craig But her. Okay, thank you Emma felt I'm not sure what that something about Coca. She wants a state show. That's cocon. She's popped up out from Florida for show. Yes. 24:48.13 Kelly Yeah, so like so but. 24:54.63 dclduo Yeah. 25:02.70 Craig She may be just as much of a Disney faint as us. But sorry, but. 25:05.59 Kelly They have. 25:07.28 Sam All right? So Kellys so um, okay I'll move to the next question we'll just cut after your answer probably? Okay, so Kelly what is your favorite adult. 25:12.30 Craig Yeah, thank you. 25:15.12 Kelly That whoa. Um, to the but so fish the Set earth. 25:20.67 Sam Bar space on any of the Disney Ships because you've been on all of them. 25:25.92 Craig Um I think it would be the woes on the wish though with the kids I have not spent much time in Mars Space or what's the one on the wonder. Oh the Trot The french. 25:29.76 Sam Nice. What about you Craig oh sir. 25:40.12 Kelly Of that. Not for park forever that we yeah was going. Um. 25:43.84 Craig Not french court is it the french quarter lounge. It's the french quarter lounge right? Yeah and I replace the promenade. Yes, still I have in the lows in a french corner. Well she stole my french quarter lounge because we I remember walking in there. The first time. 25:44.53 Sam Yeah, on the wonder. Yeah, so the so the rose nice all right? What about you Craig. 25:58.42 Kelly At 1 somewhere but national stay now I is that. 26:01.21 Craig Think we're the second cruise after the the refurbishment when the the trolley car was there and I just love the look and she also stole my rose so now I'm really stuck. Um, ah I would have to say it's the rose but I really really. 26:18.20 Kelly I I. 26:19.85 Craig Want to be in the new 20000 leads over the sea pub on the treasure I think that'll be making greater. 26:22.42 Sam Yeah, nice, awesome. All right favorite rotational dining Craig let's start with you. 26:35.54 Craig It will have to be animators on drawing that very specific. 26:37.68 Kelly It on. 26:42.90 Sam Nice. What about you? Kelly. 26:50.13 Craig Um, um. 26:56.90 Kelly So but I love that music. 26:58.66 Craig If It's the show or the environment I Love Aaron Dell because I love the music but it's not my favorite food I like either 1923 or Royal Curt Oil Palace That's funny because Aendale's too noisy for me, right? It's just it I Love it. But it's just so loud. 27:17.59 Kelly What? ah. 27:17.95 Sam Yeah, yeah. 27:23.75 Sam Yeah, but I get what you mean Kelly because I do think I like the show in certain dining rooms better than others but I like the food better and different ones. So it's it is a hard call there all right? What is a favorite onboard act. 27:32.43 Kelly Have common. 27:33.56 Craig Yeah. 27:41.72 Sam <unk> on a c day Craig let's start with you. Okay. 27:45.14 Craig Um, Midchi's detective say Midchi's detectiveive and it has to beat out uncharted adventure because I've yet to have a time when one of our devices hasn't failed it failed see fire. 27:45.34 Kelly District Think and. 28:04.58 Craig I mean to have to have any me. Okay. 28:04.73 Kelly But I not copy. But. 28:07.60 Sam All right? Kelly what about you. 28:12.12 Craig Ah I love playing bingo that but it's fun in a come very close to winning. But yeah, she is a Bigo budget. 28:15.56 Sam Yeah, that's a great one. 28:24.58 Kelly Here here, but we have been all time. 28:28.00 Craig But we we have a big budget. It's a line item in the budget. So. 28:30.30 Sam Yeah, all right favorite sweet and favorite savory food items on board. Let's start with the sweet items. Kelly let's start with you for this one. 28:43.76 Kelly Um, yeah, um, part of what I box. 28:55.82 Craig Um I meet the lemon icebox cake more but high or but yeah from animators. 28:57.77 Sam Oh yeah, and animators yeah yeah lemon icebox pie yeah and animators awesome all right you? What about you? Craig. 29:01.00 Kelly Not loving. 29:07.70 Craig The carrot cake on embarkation date. But I love Carrot Cakeke so that's why. 29:09.47 Kelly Let' that share you parking or have here. 29:14.54 Sam You know and there's like 3 or 4 different carrot cakes on board and I feel like people tend to love. Well some some people love all of them I love that you know embarkation day oreo cheesecake all right? But let's talk savory foods because that's my jam. 29:18.29 Craig Is it. 29:32.86 Sam Craig. What's your favorite onboard savory food. 29:33.47 Kelly You make that the public. 29:33.91 Craig If I'm in main dining room. It's the fillet in 1923 29:40.28 Sam So nice. What about you? Kelly. 29:44.64 Kelly That skin some call we and so. 29:45.20 Craig Um, it is the chicken farm is on in Paulo. Oh yes, so well can you go on with anything in Paulo. 29:48.79 Sam You You can't go wrong. Can't go wrong with that I'm sure you can but I haven't found it yet I bet there's something probably it's probably going to end up being like a dessert because I don't you know I'm not a huge dessert person. 30:04.27 Craig Oh yeah, oh. 30:05.41 Kelly Hopefully. 30:08.17 Sam Ok, very important question here Aqua Dunk Aqua duck aqua mouse choose only 1 Kelly. 30:14.39 Kelly Get softt has very long. Yeah I. 30:21.80 Craig Aqua Duck I will also say aquad duck and admit that I have never done the aque duk. Yeah I haven't done it either it. We've only been on the sea and we've only been on the magic twice. So i. 30:29.68 Sam Ah, oh wow you guys. 30:33.90 Kelly Bolt out that device. So I have that brought stop big performance. 30:38.90 Craig Next time we're on the magic Brian will be with you and you will make me go on the aqueduc caus up. 30:43.30 Sam Yeah, yeah. 30:45.42 dclduo Ah why I won't force anyone onto the aquedunc I'll just tell you that once you go, you'll want to go again. I. 30:47.72 Kelly People these people. 30:48.99 Craig You got it. 30:51.42 Sam I I will also tell you that I did go on the aqua dunk again I only went on it once in Norway or on the Norway Cruise and I went on it once this recent cruise um because I just needed to remind myself of why I don't. 31:00.21 Kelly Um. 31:06.68 Sam Like the aqua dunk all right now the next most important question favorite ship. You got to tell me which one is your very favorite Craig. 31:08.56 Craig Um. 31:19.99 Craig It's the wonder because I always think I'll always love my first ship that I was on. Um I usually say whichever ship I'm on. Um. 31:20.32 Kelly It's so far. Bottom out of their. 31:23.31 Sam Yeah, what about you? Kelly. 31:37.88 Craig But probably the wish. 31:40.51 Kelly Ah. 31:42.26 Sam Oh wow, Yeah, the wish is pretty great so you will probably be very excited about the treasure for a number of reasons exactly. Ah. 31:48.92 Craig Yes, 7 days instead of 3 in my birthday suit. 31:50.51 Kelly Um, let them take. 31:57.15 Sam All right? So my last question is bucket list. Cruise if you can go anywhere in the world on a Disney Cruise where are you going? Kelly awesome what about you Craig. 32:07.96 Kelly Um I popular. 32:08.60 Craig Iceland and Norway I wish that Disney went down towards the antarctic and then I would do that is one of the few areas I haven't been in the world is that. 32:19.74 Sam Awesome! Well thanks for playing you guys. Um I should ask you as we are as Brian likes to ask at the very end of rapid fire or at the end of the show. What's next. But. 32:27.80 Kelly Um, whoa. 32:33.86 Sam I'm going to tell the audience I already know what's next um, you are going to be selling with us in October by the time this this show comes out. You will probably already have sailed with us but are you guys. 32:34.65 Kelly Correct. 32:46.86 Sam Like trying to plan another sailing even before that is that what I was hearing at the beginning of the show. You might be going and like ah we're in the beginning of of September are you trying to go mid septemberber. 32:56.38 Kelly Happy to to walk and them and just not kept just don't my time So happy. 32:58.22 Craig I mean we were just on the wish like two weeks ago and now we might be on the wish again in just about two weeks um Kelly's just you know randomly texts me and says do you want to go on board. In fact, we almost met you in Miami. 33:03.38 Sam Yes. 33:13.23 Craig So you never know where we're gonna be I get random texts can't we just go tomorrow. So yes, we may go in two weeks if not, we're going enough october with you. Well, they don't have school on Friday and they go to school on Monday morning. You know we. 33:16.46 Kelly That's for help. So yeah, right opportunities is not they. But yeah that one but noticeable burn people to help love to. 33:23.63 Sam Awesome. 33:32.54 Craig Have the luxury of being an hour away and we do walk off and they have school at nine thirty and they're they're dressed and ready to go. So. 33:35.27 Kelly Have sort they But so. 33:43.34 Sam Yeah, well other than the fact that you have to live in Florida to in the blistering heat in the summer in order to live and sail like you all do sounds great. So ah. 33:56.40 dclduo So Cmg need me to wrap up as I wish you needed I was getting Nathan his dinner. 33:56.16 Craig Um, if you don't notice. We're not in Florida during the summer but 33:58.12 Kelly Gaish brokeer or Hockley for various member. 33:58.85 Sam Yeah, yeah, and if and if you want to do your like asking I already asked them what's next. But if you want to ask Kelly about plugging herself. So do that kind of thing. 34:10.72 dclduo Yeah, yeah, so Kelly we know you are a fabulous travel agent with our fabulous show sponsor my path on wanting travel. Do you want to let folks know how they can find you if they'd like to book their next Disney vacation. 34:21.84 Kelly Thank you something I help selfation. 34:23.67 Craig Oh thank you so much. Um I have been selling cruises and Disney Vacations and you can reach me at Kelly at I'm happy to help share my experience and. 34:32.29 Kelly Assume that help that right copy and al be a couple times here that bit. 34:41.30 Craig Guide you through a wonderful vacation. 34:41.34 dclduo Amazing and I feel like you guys have a blog or something that might be coming out soon. Craig. 34:48.90 Craig Yeah, we're working on our substack and you know occasionally on Twitter with a cruising dcl family. It makes sense right? Even though we don't just cruise dcl so you know I don't it's not like it's gonna be a business but it's kind of fun to share our thoughts and and what we're learning as we cruise. 34:49.11 Kelly Yeah, we markets not happening people and yeah makes sense scal. So so able start months. 35:05.21 dclduo Amazing! Nice. Well I just want to thank you both for taking time out of your busy lives because I know Craig you travel constantly and 2 kids at home is not make for a lot of free time. So. 35:09.29 Kelly Um, holding off the clock. 35:14.66 Kelly Are. 35:18.99 dclduo Just thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to come share your experience on your fabulous Northern European ceiling with all of our listeners out there. 35:24.66 Kelly Um, these up. Thank you. 35:25.62 Craig Thank you so much. Thank you.

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