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Ep. 377 - Bonus - When it All Goes Wrong: A Listener Shares Why Using a Travel Agent Made the Difference

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Brian Sam
Ep. 377 - Bonus - When it All Goes Wrong: A Listener Shares Why Using a Travel Agent Made the Difference
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 377 - Bonus - When it All Goes Wrong: A Listener Shares Why Using a Travel Agent Made the Difference

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Lyndsay and Angie join us this week to discuss the importance of using a qualified travel agent when booking travel. Lyndsay found herself in a difficult situation with a travel agent that had booked her family's first Disney Cruise. Enter Angie, our super hero from our show sponsor, My Path Unwinding Travel. Not only did Angie lend Lyndsay a hand in working with her existing agent, she seemlessly rebooked Lyndsay and her family on their DCL sailing when things weren't getting better. What should you look for in a good travel agent? Come find out!

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Episode Transcript

00:00.00 dclduo Welcome back everybody to this week's bonus episode of the DCL duo podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and Sam we actually have an agent for my path unwinding travel with us today in addition to a fabulous guest. You want to introduce the folks that we have joining us today for a really fun topic. 00:18.00 Sam Yes I am super excited to have 1 returning guest join us. Although as we were talking about off the air I actually wasn't on the episode that she was on. It was just ah you and she Brian um, and of course are. 1 other guest with us as well. So I'd love to welcome to the show Angie from my path unwinding travel and Lindsay welcome ladies. Yeah we're so excited to have you guys on here to talk about using a travel adviser for Disney Cruise line 00:39.13 Lyndsay Hi. Thank you so much for having us. 00:39.40 Angie Gargaro This you. 00:52.13 Sam And so um, before we of course dive into that topic and get to the nitty gritty. We've got to ask your your cruising and Disney creds. Um Angie I know you've been on the show before but why don't you remind folks of your background what you do for a living of course and um and how many Disney Cruises you've been on. 01:13.45 Angie Gargaro Yeah, so I am um a vi with my path unwinding travel and I actually came upon that path because our leader Karen was my travel agent when I started booking Disney Cruise line vacations and needed some help so she was really the pathway to learning more about. 01:30.29 Angie Gargaro Disney Cruise line and then also through what I learned through my experience through my now thankfully 12 cruises that I have been on with Disney Cruise line and finally passed that platinum then they moved that that end zone on me up row. But that's okay. 01:41.70 dclduo Yeah. 01:44.50 Sam Ah. 01:45.87 Angie Gargaro Um, so through that then too I also was able to join the plan Disney Panel um in 2019 and 2020 so I really got an opportunity to learn really the insides and outs of Disney cruising and I've been on all 5 ships I've been Europe. Ah, the caribbean Alaska so all of those really key points in those key destinations so that I can truly then now share that knowledge with other guests and other clients and help them to experience some of the magic that I have over the years 02:13.39 Sam Awesome! We love it Well and. 02:14.72 dclduo When I was going to say I was going to say Angie they moved the goal line on you but then they moved the goal line on us. So I mean we made pearl now we got to get to 50 to get like some sort of plaque on castaway key so in zone keeps shifting. Yeah. 02:23.47 Angie Gargaro Right? I I told my husband I said you are going to be loving me because I'm going to just keep booking them until we get that castway key then of course they'll put a flak on lookout point right? and that or point and then yeah, so they're just going to keep moving that. 02:26.20 Sam But our names. Ah. 02:36.10 Sam Oh yeah, that'll be like a hundred. Yeah. 02:41.47 Angie Gargaro But we'll keep going and we'll keep cruising I'm a hundred percent behind that. 02:44.41 Sam Well, what most people also don't know is they are giving some kind of gift to people who have 75 cruises or more and I found that out from a friend of ours who has been on the show um shout out to Allen. But they are he is getting some kind of I want to say it's like a so little statue thing of Mickey or something like that he sent me a picture of what it is. But yeah, so they there are actually other benefits not advertised by Disney quite yet. But there are benefits to to different different benchmarks. And so constantly moving those benchmarks further and further out of course well Lindsay welcome to the show. Why don't you tell us your Disney background and Disney cruising background. 03:26.96 Lyndsay Yeah, thanks so much for having me and I am a huge fan of the show too. So it's a pleasure to be on and to be on with Angie too. So super excited. Um, so my background I am not a you know travel advisor I am not in that industry. I am a huge Disney fan. Um, but I would not qualify myself as a super fan. Um, grew up going to um trips to Disney World um I'm from the midwest um, both Angie and I are minnesotans and so you know. Getting down into warmer weather during the cold winter months is a pastime of minnesotans for sure so familiar with Disney and you know all the Disney properties but again not an expert by any means and had never cruised before it was. I think last spring break was the first kind of all family trip we had taken since my daughter my youngest was born. She was my covid baby so she was born March Twenty Ninth Twenty Twenty and so we finally yes in the thick of it. So we finally reached the point last spring break where we did. Um. 04:28.19 Sam Oh wow. 04:37.55 Lyndsay Family trip and we did Disneyland and I am a planner I'm very you know type a and did all that planning myself and then um, we kind of decided that we wanted to try a Disney Cruise and that's kind of what brought me to to you all and to you know, share some of our. Ah, learnings along the way there. So um, it was. It was definitely wonderful and a great experience but having Angie um was absolutely a game changer. 05:05.69 Sam And yeah, so I want to dive in right there because I think this is the perfect segue of tell us like you booked a Disney Cruise not with Angie and tell us what you booked and what kind of happened that ended up. 05:16.36 Lyndsay Um, great. 05:23.43 Sam Leading you to Angie let's put it that way of Brian and I know this background but obviously our listeners don't. 05:27.61 Lyndsay Yeah, absolutely so as I mentioned I am very type a personality where I like to do my diligence and understand you know the cost-bene analysis of any trip that we're looking into and so when we knew that we wanted to take a Disney Cruise at least knew that I didn't know enough and so I wanted to make sure that I was hiring an expert or what I thought to be an expert to help in that planning process and so I'm sure like many of your listeners um were trying to find you know. Opportunities for you know, different either referrals or experts online that could help me book the cruise and I quickly found like many others like oh well, it's not going to cost me any extra and so I found what seemed to be a you know expert advisor and. Booked through you know that person um through a different agency and then was you know, really excited and I had booked the airfare um in connection with that particular cruise that we booked and then started listening to the podcast and. As I was listening I was listening to some shows that were specific to concierge because we had booked at the time what we thought was um, concierge and our booking window was approaching and I hadn't heard anything from my advisor. 06:55.29 Lyndsay And I'd reached out a couple times via email and hadn't heard anything back and so like slowly the red flags are popping up and um, she finally got back to me and said well you didn't book concierge and I was like oh yes. 07:08.60 dclduo No, ah. 07:08.77 Sam What oh my god. 07:14.90 Lyndsay And she was in to back up a little bit so we have a family of 5 my husband and myself and then three kids and we are also um, not the greatest travel family as it you know relates to all of us sleeping in 1 place and so. 07:28.59 dclduo Group. 07:31.79 Lyndsay I was really particular about having a 1 bedroom. We just needed that separation. That's just how our family operates and so when I had mentioned that to the original travel adviser she um had said well you know there's 1 one bedroom available like we can book it you. 07:33.56 Sam Right. 07:51.33 Lyndsay Are in concierge with booking that one bedroom and I said that's great. That's what we want and then she went to book and said well that one bedroom' is no longer available. So we just put you in a family suite and I said well that's fine. We talked it through and said. Okay, yep, if something opens up we can switch. Um. 07:54.31 dclduo Oh. 07:56.83 Sam Um. 08:08.43 Lyndsay But it was made very clear to me after that point in time that that family suite was not a concierge family suite and so as you can imagine. 08:13.48 Sam Oh god. 08:17.80 dclduo so so wait yeah let me let me pause you there for a second I actually let Lee rewind for a second then I want to come back to this point you mentioned that you went out and you you know you found someone you felt to be sort of a really professional travel agent. Um I'm curious. How did you go about doing that. What were the things you were looking at going this person knows but they're doing again. We don't need names. We don't want to mention agencies and all that sort of good stuff but like what were the factors you're going. Yeah this person seems like they're the one for me like how did you land on this particular T.A. 08:36.80 Lyndsay Um, yeah, um. 08:44.94 Lyndsay That is a really good question and I think there's so much information out there right? that a lot of things can be misconceiving and um and and a little deceiving too right there there's I was looking I mean online I was asking friends for references. And to be honest I feel like I was so overwhelmed with the amount of different providers out there that I can't even pinpoint exactly how I landed on this particular agency. But I do recall some of the things that were appealing at the front end that turned out to be a little bit of a. Um, red herring if you will were the offers for the credits. Um on Board. There were um, claims I would say of Expertise or you know we book all of these cruises or we're Disney Experts. Um, and then I think. 09:34.65 dclduo Law for. 09:38.92 Sam Um. 09:40.94 Lyndsay What was interesting to me that kind of in hindsight got me was when I had reached out originally um, immediately they came back with like a very beautiful like almost like powerpoint presentation of all of the um details about like the ship and. 09:52.70 Sam Me. 09:59.81 Lyndsay You know, with beautiful pictures and it looked like very professional, very well organized and you know had a good website presence. All of the things that you would typically look for to kind of check those boxes and that's what really led me in originally. But what I quickly realized is that while very professional. 10:01.58 Sam Okay. 10:19.22 Lyndsay And had wonderful materials This this particular person was not an expert when it came to Disney cruises themselves and that was really kind of the the piece of it where that it fell through the cracks I think. 10:34.32 dclduo And and did you um, when you say that they were advertising expertise did did you have a sense of how long they had been doing this because and and I want to come to Angie in just a second because I was to say this like I run across a new travel agent in the disney space just about every day online. Ah and so. I know that there are a lot of people out there who are new to this who do this kind of part time or on the side who aren't in it full time all that sort of stuff. Ah, but do you have a sense of like what this agent's experience was with booking Disney or what they were representing. Their experience was. 11:03.41 Lyndsay They were representing like kind of the generic like multiple years and I could tell like from their website presence too that they had definitely been in the industry for you know, maybe five to ten years but again looking back right? Hindsight's 2020 11:08.12 Sam Sure. 11:17.28 dclduo Okay. 11:20.62 Sam Sure. 11:23.18 Lyndsay Um, that experience and industry expertise was not at all focused on Disney cruises. Um and was perhaps maybe like ah expertise in like family vacation planning or like even exactly. 11:30.10 Sam He. 11:38.60 Sam Right? Or even parks vacations. Maybe yeah yeah, so one thing I think one important aside to mention. Um, for folks who are listening and heard the term onboard credit. Um I want to explain what that is for a second. So um. 11:41.48 Lyndsay Here. 11:42.23 dclduo Um, yeah. 11:53.54 Sam Travel advisers receive a commission from Disney so that you do not pay anything for cruises and for parks vacations generally speaking so for these sort of packages I'll call them and. Um, so you don't pay anything. They're paid the commission from Disney or obviously from universal if it's you know or from royal caribbean or whatever depending upon what kind of vacation that you get and an onboard credit is where the travel adviser is giving up a portion of their commission. And giving it to you as onboard credit meaning so that you can maybe I don't know use it towards a spot treatment or a shore excursion or whatever and there are certain agencies that advertise how much they give as onboard credit. Um and they try to entice you. 12:39.99 dclduo It's it's usually in yeah, it's usually in relation to your spend as well. So if you're booking more expensive rooms. They give you a little bit more because they're getting a little bit more all of that sort of stuff I mean same I think we should pause because Angie probably knows more about this than you do so what do we have her validate. 12:43.28 Sam Sure. 12:50.84 Sam Yes, and. 12:55.86 dclduo You're on the right path here and how onberg credit works but I also want to hear from Angie I guess in response to the question I raised earlier. What should people? How should people go about picking a travel agent because we're already hearing some bumps in the road here and so I want to hear your thoughts on. How do I go find a good travel agent amidst all of the ah all of the travel agencies that are out there. But but what you finish up the oper credit piece as well. 13:18.53 Angie Gargaro Yeah, so you you hit the na on the head with amour credit. It truly is a part of we're giving part of our commission back to you for booking with us and you know when my path unwinding. We kind of look at that is is that an incentive we want to offer is that something that we do want to offer to our guests and there are. Situations where we may do that but a lot of times we truly focus on being a full service travel agency so we want to make sure that we help you from the time that you are exploring even booking your vacation all the way until you arrive home and beyond. So for us. We truly want to make sure that we're adding that value to that and there might be other things along the line that we offer that we feel like that commission is well earnarned for what we provide and so I think that's kind of where our um point of view lies and hopefully my fellow agents would agree with that approach. But. We offer that value to make sure that your vacation which is an investment is truly that so when you feel like you've booked something and let's face it Disney Cruise line is an investment you are choosing that get that level of service experience magic based off of we do pay a higher premium for that right? so. I want to make sure that like with Lindsay we were making sure she had the correct state room that she felt comfortable with the accommodations that everything that comes along with cruising concierge all of those perks that she was taking advantage of that. So all of that conversation. All of that focus really is part of what we do and so that's kind of. 14:51.23 Angie Gargaro Why we try to you know, steer away from onboard credit and offer that value in another way to our clients. Um, as far as trying to find the right travel agent I always focus on making sure that we have a conversation about what you're trying to accomplish for your vacation. So I think when you start that conversation and are looking for somebody. You might go to you know your trusted advisors. So like dcl duo understanding what experiences that your cruisers have had and have shared in podcasts have shared on your Facebook group things like that so that you have a feel for that. But I always. People to you know, talk to the people around you. The people that you trust their opinion your family your friends have they cruised with Disney before did they use a travel agency did they get connected with somebody that really helped them through the process because you want to understand what you're going to expect from that experience so you can start with some of those key places to find. And agency. But then you really have to interview somebody like it sounds crazy but you have to ask the questions to say what do you offer? what support do you provide me how many cruises have you been on have you been on this ship have you been to this destination because you want somebody to guide you. That has that personal experience because you're going to get more out of that relationship then you're going to get that firsthand knowledge I've been here I ate at 1923 this dish is fabulous. This dish and I would stay away from it. You don't want that for dinner you want that level of detail and I think that if you ask those questions up front. 16:18.82 dclduo Yep. 16:20.12 Sam Ah, yeah, um. 16:23.27 Angie Gargaro You position yourself to find somebody. That's a good match for you and like you also talk about fit. So do you want somebody? that's going to take all those steps or do you want to have more control. Do you want to book your port adventures. Do you want to send your note to concierge if you're booking ahead of time so you want to ask those questions also to set the playing field. 16:29.74 Sam E. 16:41.87 Angie Gargaro The rest of your relationship that this is what I'm going to own This is what I want you to own and I think that's where that value of finding the right person and doing your due diligence to find the right travel agency match is really important. 16:51.68 Sam Yeah. 16:53.63 dclduo Yeah I want to underscore the the interview your agent. So we ah we use we use an agent at my path unwinding that we absolutely adore. But we effectively got a chance to meet her and interview her while we were sailing conciiers for the first time on the wonder. And we had been working with another agent at a different travel agency who we still absolutely love and adore and occasionally we still have her book things but we have them book things in their areas of expertise right? So when we wanted to book galactic star cruiser. We went with a different agent because her family had experienced it several times she knew it was all about. She knew how important it was she knew what all the options were and I'd say the same thing with Disney Cruise line in concierge lots of people out there who Sail Disney Cruise line who are booking concierge but have never gone through the experience themselves. They don't know what they don't know right? That's the. 17:41.65 Sam Um. 17:42.32 dclduo They they don't know about all the perks necessarily. They only know what Disney tells them or what they hear from other people and I can tell you just podcasting in this space. It is impossible to keep up with the nature of the offering that Disney provides even on board the cruise line much less the parks with day-to-day changes and and all of this sort of stuff. So. 17:42.51 Lyndsay Um, and if. 18:00.45 dclduo Ah, hundred percent support that like spend time with the agent and underate if they're the right fit for you? Um, let's go back over to Lindsey for a second. So Lindsey you find my god I would be I would be I would need a rage room it if if some if somebody. Yeah yeah. 18:03.42 Sam Yeah. 18:10.75 Sam Brian would be freaking out like this is so this is this is like Brian's nightmare Lindsay like Brian is super type a like the extreme type a sorry honey. Um, but loves to like control the planning and if somebody had booked us the wrong like category stateroom. Um. 18:12.95 Lyndsay Ah. 18:18.69 dclduo Yeah. 18:28.80 Sam Not just like not our preference but outside of you know concierge when we wanted to book conciers like we would have been upset at the first snafu which was we didn't get the 1 bedroom. 18:34.70 dclduo I Think my I think my first response My first response would have been. You did what now you made a decision for me and you didn't tell me right? like that's that's a huge that's a huge problem for me. But okay so you find out wrong stateroom. 18:41.42 Sam Yeah, or ask me? yeah. 18:49.87 dclduo You're going to be in a family suite. You're going to hold out. You're going to wait. Let's pick up the story from there. So did you do? yeah so what? what's what comes next here. 18:54.71 Lyndsay Ah, the saga. Well obviously I mean you hit the nail on the head was just like the wave of like disappointment and frustration in the situation and mind you like I had already booked our flights I had so we were you know, kind of locked in to this. Specific cruise and like the timing of it all and we happen to cruise out of San Diego so it's not like a port that you know we would frequent necessarily or that Disney frequents at that time and so I you know again, the lessons learned throughout this whole process were huge. Um and I think. 19:19.10 dclduo Yeah. 19:32.65 Lyndsay 1 of the key lessons that I learned was how hard it is to cancel um and get out of your relationship I say that loosely with a travel advisor. Um and especially now that we're kind of at this like contentious point where. She knew I was extremely frustrated and disappointed. Um, she said that she would kind of have us on like the waitlist to get into a concierge room but the trust had really been eroded at that point and I just had a really hard time even imagining spending that amount of money. 20:01.16 dclduo Here. 20:10.94 Lyndsay Um, with somebody that I had lost trust in and was just really frustrated with and so that's kind of how I went again about utilizing the resources from Desale duo and my path unwinding and immediately went to my path unwindings website. 20:14.11 Sam So. 20:28.83 Lyndsay Looked through the travel agents and I just so happened to find Angie who not only did her bio kind of speak to me and her expertise around not only traveling from a family perspective but cruising and cruising concierge. 20:40.23 dclduo Well. 20:45.33 Lyndsay And like it was kind of just like an added bonus that she was also a minnesotan and like trusted you know, um and you know what really is I think exemplifies who Angie is is when I reached out to her I explained the situation one I was trying to understand like. 20:47.57 Sam I Love that. 21:03.91 Lyndsay Am I missing something here like is it really this difficult for me to like get out of this relationship with this particular travel adviser and she was extremely thoughtful in her response and professional. 21:06.39 Sam Um. 21:18.52 Lyndsay She at no point in time was trying to convince me to drop the other advisor for her. It was just right out of the gates Super helpful saying you know here's how I can help you navigate through this here's some things to look for here's some things to recommend to your current advisor. 21:22.58 Sam He. 21:35.63 Sam He. 21:37.87 Lyndsay Um, and knowing the whole time that there was like nothing in this for her right in this moment like she was just trying to step in and help you know this woman who like reaches out in like a panic via email. Um and like just even the immediacy of her emails was extremely helpful and so. 21:40.65 Sam E. 21:57.22 Lyndsay The one benefit and there was some other kind of you know roadblocks and in different turning points within the saga. Um, but the 1 thing that was helpful in the fact that this particular um advisor did not book concierge is that we were still within the cancellation window. 22:13.93 Sam Ah. 22:15.37 Lyndsay Um, and so while I you know I do not like taking this position of you know making anybody do any work and then kind of ditching them I did really feel strongly that we did want to go on this cruise and Angie was more proactive than our other advisor was and she was like hey. I so am seeing that there's a katier room 1 bedroom open now I can you know put a hold on hold on I don't even think she offered to put a hold on I think she's like tell your advisor to you know to essentially jump on this and I was like Angie can I just. 22:42.52 Sam E. 22:49.44 Lyndsay Cancel with them and like can you put a hold on it and can I book with you and like transition everything and ultimately that and it was my call. It was not again just to clarify. It was not Angie pushing that and so I was able to cancel the whole cruise. Um and then rebook through Angie and that's like. 22:52.40 dclduo E. 22:56.98 Sam I hit. 23:03.25 dclduo Oh great. 23:09.21 Lyndsay When the you know the heavens opened if you will and so all all good things happened from there. 23:10.57 Sam I love that let me let me ask a follow up question to Angie on this Angie explain I know the answer to this question but explain for our listeners. What the. 23:14.44 dclduo Get in. 23:27.71 Sam What the logistics are of detaching a travel agent from a booking right? Um, right? So yeah, tell us like is this a thing you can actually do and if you can can you then assign that same booking to another travel agent. 23:33.90 Lyndsay Um, yeah. 23:33.49 dclduo How do you divorce your travel agent. Ah. 23:34.11 Angie Gargaro Folks. 23:44.98 Angie Gargaro Yeah, once it's booked. Um, if you're within thirty days you can transfer it if you book it like directly with Disney right? But once it is booked with the travel agent it stays with that agency. So the agency itself has to release that booking and you have to get sign off and if I'm being real as an agent I would hate. Have to move somebody to a different agent because it wasn't doing my job. You're basically getting fired it would be like kind of one of those moments where you have to ask yourself am I doing a good job as a travel agent because that is very difficult to have a conversation. You'd have to come to grips with I was on a good fit for this person but it truly does have to be released so the the situation we're running in with Lindsay. 24:04.94 Sam Right. 24:04.95 dclduo Oh. 24:10.81 Sam Right. 24:10.83 dclduo Oh. 24:22.31 Angie Gargaro If she were to keep that same room keep that same booking she would have to have that travel agent and their agency release that booking to a different agency or to her so that she could own it independently. 24:30.39 dclduo Um, well and the reality is that they may the agent may be willing to let it go but the agency may not the agency would probably step in and see well. We'll get you a different travel adviser. We've got someone here is fabulous and. 24:32.17 Sam Right. 24:42.31 Sam Right? right? Well and and even just upgrading that booking in the sense of if you were to keep that booking but just upgrade to a different category room because that 1 bedroom became available probably somebody you know, canceled or moved their crews. 24:44.56 dclduo All of that sort of stuff. Yeah. 24:59.20 Sam Again, it's still that same booking. So it stays with that same advisor and that same agency. So um, but 1 thing you know? yeah you mentioned Lindsay is that this was you were able to do the cancellation because it was not a concierge booking. So I'm going to let Angie explain the answer to that. Why is that. You can cancel a booking that is not concierge, but maybe there's a different answer if you have a concierge booking. 25:22.67 Angie Gargaro Yeah, so concierge when you put in a deposit and when you book it that becomes a non-refundable deposit so there may be situations where you can change a sailing you can move it but you cannot cancel that once that deposit is paid that is you are in with Disney Cruise line for that amount and so. If it is not a concierge um room there are different date deadlines for once you hit a specific paid and full date or you hit specific payment dates that you can then cancel and there may be cancellation fees of your deposit or a percentage of the cruise fare depending how close you are to the sale date. 25:54.91 dclduo Whoa. 25:58.15 Angie Gargaro But if you are outside of that window you can cancel with disease design with no penalty and that's kind of what we invoked in this situation. 26:04.46 dclduo Well and even on concierge I'll say this ahead of pay in full. You can you can move the reservation. You can't cancel it but you can hold on to it and move it because we are doing that right now with an Alaska Cruise for like 2 years in a row. Yeah. 26:15.67 Sam And you can even move it and you can even move it to a non concierge sailing. However, it its character as a concierge deposit always stays the same meaning you can never get it refunded. So if you do you can't game the rules by switching it to a non concierge sailing. 26:34.40 dclduo And and the pitfall of it applies to each guest on the reservation. So like the the reservation we have is actually for the 3 of us in our family plus sam's mom. We were supposed to go to Alaska we can't repurpose that to a sailing that like Sam and Nathan and I want to go on. 26:34.49 Sam And then getting a refund you know that way? yes. 26:50.26 dclduo Her mother doesn't we will lose her mom's portion of the concierge deposit I think 1 other thing I'd highlight and Angie I think you would echo is ah when you're looking to sort of split up and get a new travel agent if you are on board and you decide to buy 1 of those fabulous 10% off a cruise you know placeholders on Disney Cruise line 27:05.99 Sam Place owner. Yeah. 27:09.45 dclduo Yeah, have to make sure that you get it to you otherwise it's automatically being assigned back to the agent c that you were using and as Angie mentioned once you have it assigned to you. You can sign some paperwork I've done this in the past and you can give it to the new travel agents that you want to work with so. But if you just buy it on board through the app and you don't make the election. It will go back to the agency that you were using before so we've had some friends for instance who have used Costco who have faced that problem because they hated working with Costco and they had to they had to do some machinations to get a placeholder back to themselves. So. 27:42.43 Sam Yeah, and and I will say I think there is a ah you know as we talked about the onboard credit. One of that being a major draw for some people. Um and to me ah you know a $100 onboard credit is not as important as if you know my family members get covid and can't go on a. Ah, transpacific cruise and I need someone like Kim to step in and figure out like hotels for them at on a waho right? So there are huge benefits to having a really good travel advisor that I think to me balance out against ah, a hundred dollar $200 onboard credit. 28:14.89 dclduo Yeah, that's the thing is especially when you're talking about I'll just say this I think a lot of this has been focused on booking conci years but booking at Disney Cruise is expensive if you want to get it right? and you want to maximize the experience. Sure we've got tips and tricks that we give out every week our podcast but these. 28:22.17 Sam E. 28:32.11 dclduo Travel agencies and travel agents in my path unwinding from our own experience there they are keeping up with what's going on on board. We learn things from them all the time we learn things from people who are sailing out there all the time and so using someone who's knowledgeable is going to help you have the best experience for the dollar and you know look do I like getting an onboard credit. Sure. Right? Sure but in reality when you're spending thousands of dollars and getting one hundred or one hundred and fifty dollars back like what is that to you really I have a friend here who worked in recruiting at a tech company and he you know would always quibble with people. They'd be like oh I want more salaries like what what for like what are you needing that for. As against the experience you're going to have with us versus someone else. You know that's the questions I would ask here is getting the best out of your vacation. Um, you know what is that worth to you as opposed to getting an okay vacation with some onboard credit and for some people oberg credit is going to be the most important factor we get it for us. I'd rather just make sure we're getting the best out of our vacation and I can safely say the agent that we use right now at my path and whining and I'm I'm just not saying her name because I know she's really not looking for a flood of business. The moment. Um, yeah and and and yeah Angie's fabulous we love Angie and we love all the agents over there. But um. 29:35.47 Lyndsay I Just left. 29:37.86 Sam Ah, she's busy. Well send we' send you to Angie. 29:45.74 dclduo I you know I know that she's going to be responsive to us. She's going to give us the information I mean at one point we were asking her. We're taking a royal caribbean cruise that she book for us and we were asking her all these questions about what do we do at labity. What do we do at cocoke and she I guess Angie you all had a discussion with the royal caribbean reper and she was like. So I want to talk to you about what the offerings are on the island because I've got some clients that like are going to steal there and we want to figure out what the best options are for them and like I was like blown away and we got this like nice long email with like consider this consider this consider this. So. It's it's been fantastic. Um I also just one last thing I want to go back and pick up on something. Um. Lindsay that you mentioned about you know Angie sort of doing this out of the kindness of her heart to some extent. Um I found that especially with the agents we've encountered at my path unwinding like Karen the owner who's been on our show several times she maintains and other agents maintain a lot of great Facebook groups. And they are freely giving out information to thousands of people who are not their clients about how to think about tipping in concierge. What the new concierge offering is around shows like they're constantly publicizing those tips and I'm not going to be naive enough to say that's not marketing I get it. Ah, but at the same time they're not kicking people out of the group who aren't using the tips so they're kind of giving you the benefit of their expertise. Even if you're not booking with them and I think that that is such ah is just such emblematic of the service that they're trying to provide I mean that's essentially what Sam and I experienced in kind of a. 31:16.19 dclduo 2 on 1 or 1 on one way with Kaylee when we when we were on the wonder. Oh I gave her her name but that's what we experience on the wonder and ah it was just like we had basic questions like this was our first time in cus how much do we tip these people and she's like let me let me just walk you through kind of the whole. Process here and so that was just super helpful even though we hadn't booked the cruise with her. So yeah. 31:34.24 Lyndsay Yeah I mean I think too like the trust factor is huge I mean just like many people utilize you know, real estate agents and financial planners and other things like this is like not only a investment like Disney cruises are not cheap. 31:38.50 Sam 1 31:53.41 Lyndsay You are also you know for us this was our first cruise and like I run high on anxiety I have a you know now Nine year old who's also very anxious of like you're in the middle of the ocean you want to know that there is somebody that's looking out for you. Um, in addition to that and and somebody that you can build that trust with. To Angie's earlier point also understands you know what is important to your family and that again looking back with the um original advisor that we had been working with I realized that when I was saying you know our family doesn't do well sleeping in like 1. 32:31.00 dclduo Oh. 32:32.26 Lyndsay Space and she was like oh don't worry about it. You are going to be you know, hardly in the room at all and you'll be fine like almost very dismissive and I was like no no, no, this is more about like actual like sleep and getting good functioning sleep and so just having again. 32:44.42 Sam So right right. 32:50.42 Lyndsay Hindsight's twenty twenty but having the um wherewithal to to see like oh this person gets what I'm trying to accomplish here and what's really important to me and my family and like Angie did that in spades and also you know she realized that I'm sure very quickly that I you know was. Ah, planner and also was you know, kind of my mind is list oriented and you know, kind of like checking the box and so she responded very well to. Um, that kind of process of mine and just really met me where I was at as far as um, what we needed for. You know this particular trip and I think part of that why too is we were taking a very short cruise and we needed. This was our first cruise we wanted to kind of dip our toe in the water. 33:32.61 Sam E. 33:40.45 Lyndsay But we also wanted to maximize our time that was there and so she was really helpful to kind of you know again, walk us through how we best do that? Um, so that we weren't kind of left with you know? Oh I wish we would have had the opportunity to do X Y and z. 33:53.82 Sam Yeah, yeah. 33:54.90 dclduo Well and with kids I think it's pretty important too that that first experience goes well or else. It's like I don't like it I don't like it at all. Yeah. 34:01.24 Sam Yeah, I'm not going back. Well I you know I think this this brings a good point. What kinds of things did you? you know do with Angie from a pre-planning standpoint and how did you go about booking you know when you're. 34:03.48 Lyndsay Um, from yes. 34:17.75 Sam When your window opened right? Did you know who drafted the email what where did the information for the email come from and when I say email for those who haven't heard us talk about concierge before at one hundred and thirty days you can send an email to shoreside. Essentially telling them what you want them to book for you and then it gets populated into your app or at least whatever they were able to book for you and then once the pearl window opens at I think one hundred and twenty three days then you can do stuff yourself. But yeah, so how did you guys kind of guys go about doing that. Well I'll start with Lindsay. 34:49.25 Lyndsay Yeah, so I think one really important thing that is not directly connected but that use kind of started off with with some of the planning that you know in hindsight I realized that it probably would have looked very different had I started with Angie is. And this is from listening to the podcast too is I have constantly heard your guests talk about how the three night crews was way too short and I kind of dismissed it as like oh those are just super Disney Cruise fans who just want to spend as much time as possible on these ships. They're not you know like me who just needs to dip their toe in the water. But I will say from my experience and again I think this would have been different had I booked beginning with Angie and kind of gone through this process was I realized that with some of the you know out of anybody's control like delays with boarding the ship or with like the you know. 35:39.79 dclduo O. 35:44.99 Lyndsay I didn't even really I think I didn't even realize at the time like how early you disembark on that last day of the amount of time effort money that goes into planning um a Disney Cruise that for me was like oh now I get it now I get why people. Don't want to do or don't prefer to do the 3 neck cruises. Even if you're dipping your toe into the water because you like there's so much going into it and then there's like such a consolidated amount of time exactly. 36:09.89 Sam Yeah, it's a lot of work for three days right it's a lot of work for three days on board because you really don't get much of the you know the first day embarcation day you get you know an afternoon and as you mentioned debarcation day you get like nothing you get breakfast. Yeah. 36:24.66 dclduo Well, that's that's why they? that's why the aortism is number of nights not number of days. Yeah, yeah, and yeah I agree if you you get maybe a half day on the first day maybe but you got to unpack you got muster drill right? And so those things eat up time. So really, you know maybe about a half of a day if you get on. 36:24.95 Lyndsay Um, right? yes. 36:29.69 Sam Nights exact. Yes. 36:43.64 dclduo Early maybe less if later and then yeah on the last day. Nothing is open all you're getting is food and kicked off the boat right? So yeah, so and and they want you out of your state room at like six forty five in the morning for breakfast. Ah, if they can get you out of there. So yeah, it really becomes a two day cruise and on the second day part of the day is taken up with packing and dealing with the tip. Um envelopes sort of stuff. So. 36:47.50 Lyndsay Um, yep. 37:03.60 dclduo Yeah, it goes you get 1 solid day on the ship and then you know? Yeah yeah, so yeah. 37:04.50 Lyndsay Yes, yes, and I very quickly realize that and so I do preface that with the fact that you know I am very confident had we started the evaluation process with Angie it would have looked very different but because we didn't and because we were essentially already locked in. To this particular cruise and I mean locked in by you know we could have done a lot of things but it was a school break for the kids we had book the flights all of that and so for some of those booking pieces again, we had already. We were already in I believe Angie are booking window. Um. 37:26.22 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 37:37.61 Angie Gargaro Yes. 37:40.55 Lyndsay And because we were doing the baja crews out of San Diego um we fortunately were not in a position where we were trying to scramble to get you know a you know anything specific with like castway key or anything right? so. 37:53.26 Sam Right? A cant a cabbanna right? It's either. You don't have cabbaanas on the West Coast cruise the biggest thing with concierge I think people have heard us talk about at the one hundred and thirty day booking window and on the wish this is the most coveted right? The most difficult to get is those those coveted Cabananas right? And so. 37:53.92 dclduo Any. 38:12.89 Sam You know outside of concierge is very very very difficult to get a cabana and even inside of conciers difficult to get a cabana on the wish. So but yeah, if you're selling a west coast Cruise whether you're sailing out of San Diego or Vancouver the cabaana are not an issue. But there are other things that might be an issue There might be excursions Alaska for example, the Mended Hall glacier excursion that's a big one. Um San Diego Lessso right? like the Baja cruises there's you know there are some. There's a fishing excursion that a lot of people want to do I I think it's out of cabo. 38:33.97 Lyndsay Um, yeah. 38:41.41 dclduo Yeah, and there's even a couple. There's even a couple in incinata like the la bufadora kayaking excursion tends to book up when it opens up I think there's like a wine tasting excursion. That's gotten fairly popular and then brunch pao branchch obviously will be difficult on a three night sailing because you're only going to get. 38:43.69 Sam That tends to book up because it's a very small 1 but other than that oh yeah. 38:58.31 Sam Um, sure. 39:00.64 dclduo One morning of it. So if you're you know you don't book it right away was there anything you wanted to book Lindsey that you couldn't. 39:05.65 Lyndsay No, and I think one it in Angie really helped to validate like we were kind of like oh I don't even think we're going to get off the ship to be honest, like we had really like no interest in you know any of the excursions that were in encinata. And she was very you know supportive of that and validated like oh yes, like there's plenty for you to do if you have no interest in this particular port. Don't worry about it and was able to kind of walk us through what would it be available while we were still aboard the ship and so we talked through. All kinds of like the different. Not only options from a booking perspective but from sam you mentioned the email right to the concierge um with respect to kind of the room I'll come room offerings and 1 thing that I think Angie was really helpful with was. 39:51.12 dclduo O. 39:57.47 Lyndsay You know Brian you mentioned the Facebook and you know other feeds where there's helpful information shared there Angie was also helpful in kind of like setting me straight on misinformation right? of where I was like oh. 40:08.30 Sam That oh yeah, that's a huge one Lindsay. 40:09.88 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 40:13.78 Lyndsay Well I read somewhere that you can request fans in the room and and maybe on like certain ships you can, but she was like no unfortunately not on these ones or like I'd ask about sound machines and like she did not only said like oh no, don't do that or they don't allow that but she was also like. Here's what has worked really well for my family as an alternative and had like helped provide some of those as well. So again like the list of kind of above and beyonds and like helpful guidance that Angie provided I could go on and on but that's really kind of as we were ticking through. 40:32.38 dclduo Yeah. 40:49.85 Lyndsay That particular list of accommodations if you will within the stateroom. Um Angie really was able to start with like a solid like here's what people typically ask for here's what's available. What else are you thinking about kind of what do you like? um. 40:52.89 Sam And. 41:02.00 Sam Right. 41:08.25 Lyndsay And also was like you know I'm also going to make these extra requests knowing how old your kids are and what I've seen be really cute or fun. Um and would just like proactively do some of that as well. 41:11.65 dclduo Oh. 41:18.56 Sam Yeah. 41:19.50 dclduo Yeah Angie I'm wondering if you can share I've I've sort of 2 questions for you maybe to wind us down here for a second. Ah first I'm wondering if you can share like what the division of labor looks like most of the time especially when you think about conciers booking because I'm I may be the oddity but I like to send my own email I just quee up my email I do the delayed send like. You know, um, our agent's always wonderful about you. Want me to send the email from I'm good I've got it like email address a delayed send I'm I'm good to go ah, but do you typically see people doing that and what and what are the like what are the other things that you you know that that having a t a. Helps with right because there's there's a good portion of our audience who's probably listening to this going. Let just do it all myself like what do I need a travel agent for to begin with like all of this concierge stuff is interesting but that's really complicated I'm just going on a regular old Disney Cruise so why do I need a travel agent I will just put in a plug. My favorite thing about having a travel agent is I don't have to sit on hold with Disney ever. Ah. 42:11.22 Angie Gargaro Yeah, she did that. 42:13.13 dclduo And like as a huge bonus for me. Um, and so but Angie talked through some of those like what are the things that you kind of do as the ta to help ease the load um and what does the vision of labor really look like typically for you and your client. 42:24.17 Angie Gargaro Yeah, so I will say just with my clients in general I have found that it's probably like on average seventy thirty so like some of my clients will want to go and look at their port adventures will want to look at. You know times that when their booking window opens what's available because they want to be able to make quick decisions and if this isn't available I want to go to this and we talk all of that and plan it together but sometimes I folks like to get up at you know midnight and do that. But for the most part like I had a client that their opening day their advance booking window opened on Christmas eve 42:42.30 dclduo More. 42:55.64 Angie Gargaro And they're like I really don't want to be up on Christmas Eve at midnight because I'm probably going to be wrapping presents I don't really want to put my book book but port adventures so we talk through the timing of it to to make sure that if they're not available I'm available. But then you know it's even some of the little things like to Brian to your point. If they have a change if they want to add transportation. But it's only 1 way if they want to understand prepaid gratuities and add them. Those are the things that I can take it off your plate while you're you know playing with your kids and you know doing tetris and making dinner. I can go ahead and sit on wait for a representative talk them through all that information go through it give them your information and then magically at you know 8 am the next morning you have an email outlining everything that's been done so even things like some clients like to add they got Disney gift cards for Christmas for their kids and they want to add them to their account yet to call those. 43:36.69 dclduo Yeah. 43:46.28 Angie Gargaro And so I can make that phone call I can make sure it's all set up. Ah you have my number on speed dial. So if you get there on your embarkation day and something's missing I'm on with Disney Cruise line you're off at the pool. Those are some of the things that you can do um you know, even as simple as just. 43:55.22 Sam Right. 44:02.82 Angie Gargaro Asking the question so you want to know you know I have a special dietary need I need to understand can I have this food serve to me and the the rotating dining rooms I can call work with special services. Make sure that everything is set up for you. Ask the questions that. 44:14.63 Sam I mean. 44:17.46 Angie Gargaro You may not be able to find on Disney Cruise Lion's website or you're asking plan Disney and you're not getting exactly where you want to get to with the questions or you're in the Facebook chats and people don't have the experience with that I can call in directly from the source get the information that you need, but sometimes it's not as easy as talking to just that rep it's having those relationships with social services. Think the 1 thing that we haven't talked about either is like when I look at our travel agency my path unwinding in general between all of us we have a lot of experience so we have a lot of experience with families with children traveling with special needs to traveling with generations and so. Collectively we use that together to make sure that all of our clients benefit from that information and so when you have a travel agent those are some of the things that you gain that saves you time from having to go find all that or trying to find that one person that has traveled that has celiacs and it needs to be able to get this type of food or have this type of. 44:56.67 Sam So. 45:11.45 Angie Gargaro You know coverage or they have you know a special medical need that if they're on board and they have emergency they need to know that the medical staff can respond to it that way we have that we can get that information for you if we don't but probably somebody's encountered it at some point in our agency and we can give you that answer straight away so you're not spending hours trying to research that instead you can spend hours. Showing your kids Youtube videos of all the cool things you're going to do on board right. 45:34.89 Sam I love that you know you make a good point um about being at anll I'll say being an agency that has more than 1 agent and I'm you know there are plenty of other you know large agencies out there and so I'm not knocking. You know, individual agents. Um, but. You know there are times where a travel agent is on vacation themselves and I hope that they are enjoying their vacations as much as I am enjoying my vacations. Um, but I also know that when my agent is on. Her own vacations her own trips and if there's something that needs to be done on my booking that there is coverage available right? So um, you know there are the the good thing about working with an agency that does have more than 1 agent as you mentioned is. Having ah a lot more knowledge and collective knowledge. It can ask each other questions if someone hasn't dealt with something maybe another agent has but also the issue of if somebody is you know out sick if somebody has a family emergency if somebody is on vacation themselves. They they back each other up and and we've. 46:37.32 dclduo It. 46:37.43 Sam Benefited from that experience I would definitely say um you know so that that I think is ah is another important consideration that maybe we haven't touched on that that doesn't mean every agency is created the same. Let me just put that out there. Um, but my personal thought is if you're gonna go with the travel advisor. Go with one that has backup. Let's put it that way. 46:58.60 dclduo The other thing I'll just say quickly is I think it's also to go back all the way to the beginning of the show and talk about finding the right fit. It's important to find the agency that's going to fit with the kind of vacations you want to take like if you are parks goers and that's really what you want to do. Find the agency that really understands the Disney parks and and work with them or the agencies if you're a cruiser cruising is important concierge might be important general luxury travel might be important general cruising might be important over Disney cruising right? and so like like 1 thing that I really appreciate about my path unwinding is. You know Sam and I have started to branch out into some other cruise lines just to try them out. Well Karen and the agents at my path unwinding are out there on royal caribbean trying out star class so that I don't have to pay for that and not know what I'm doing right? and we're hoping to have Karen on soon to talk about it. Because I've you know I've grown a little iffy on the concierges offering on Disney Cruise line personally as compared to some of what I'm hearing and seeing on the other cruise lines right? and so to have them go experience it and then come back and tell us here's what it's like here's where it excelled here's where it fell down right? It helps me make decisions with my buying dollar that I don't have to spend my dollar. 48:03.67 Sam Yeah. 48:04.76 dclduo To figure out right? and I think that that is just that is important to have a group of people who are out there actively traveling to these places trying new things and letting you know what's out there and then for us it's sort of saying well we know you like Disney and when you're like Disney's offering it this. We think you might like this if you tried it out right? Why don't you give it a go right? and. 48:20.10 Sam Yeah. 48:24.80 dclduo So I think I just think that that is a fabulous sort of benefit of using a travel agent. Um Angie I want to ask you 1 more question before we wind things down here which is just ah, you always have 1 more questions. Go ahead. 48:29.62 Sam Wait I got 1 more question too. Brian. Well all right I I'll I'll jump in here with my question. So Angie I know that you and Lindsay both are minnesotans don't you know? But do you think it's important to have. A travel agent that lives near you or in this internet day and age can we have travel agents all over the country that we use. 48:56.23 Angie Gargaro I think it's such a great question. Yeah, you know I would say because we've kind of grown into this virtual environment. It is so easy to work with somebody that is across the country Lindsey's actually my closest client. 48:58.46 dclduo She says with she says with our agent living and where where is she Connecticut. Yeah, ah. 49:01.75 Sam she's in the northeast yeah she's in the North East 49:13.90 Angie Gargaro I mean outside of my family that lives two miles away but so it's it's actually the majority of the people that I work with on travel are scattered across the country I even have a canadian that I work with for travel. So you know I think there's enough tools I think as long as you have a good communication stamp. Good communication. 49:22.53 Sam Nice. 49:32.88 Angie Gargaro In place with your travel agent. You know you can do Zoom meetings you can do emails you can do text phone calls. Whatever you prefer and that's what's nice about having that is you don't have to necessarily go to a storefront. Or meet somebody for coffee down the street. You can talk to somebody who's a good fit for you that may be another part of the country and I think that's what's actually really nice about where the industry has moved over the course of the last decade or so. 49:52.50 Sam E. 49:56.97 dclduo Nice, well a I wanted to ask so that this doesn't turn into just our big sales pitch for my path unwinding which by the way it is our sales pitch for my path unwining but um, what give me 3 questions you think to circle back I mean 3 questions you think that people should ask if there. Starting with a new travel agent or looking for a travel agent and they're sitting down to have that interview like what are the 3 things that you would encourage that they asked that agent to sort of get a beat on whether or not this is going to be a good fit for them. 50:23.88 Angie Gargaro I think that's a really good question. Um I guess the first thing that I generally would want to know if I were looking for a travel agent is what services do you offer? Are you do you book the trip. Do you continue to support me throughout the trip. Um, is there an opportunity for me to continually ask questions. Um, how does that relationship look just so you understand what you're getting does that travel agent typically send you know travel packing tips. Do they give you information on the destination you're going to that's outside. Of just your hotel or your tour or your theme park tickets that you're doing so I think understanding what they're offering is the first thing you need to to do so that you know what am I investing in. So if I am investing in this travel agent. What am I getting in return. Um, the next thing I would want to know is their experience. So if you are looking you know for experience on Disney Cruise line if you're looking for experience on royal caribbean if you're experienced. Um, you're looking for options in Hawaii you want to know that person has that experience either. They've been there personally. Or they have had done extensive research in education because there's a lot of education programs in the travel agency industry that will help you get comfortable with these destinations so you want to understand what their personal experiences and what their knowledge level is and then third I would kind of take a hard look to be honest about what questions they're asking. You. 51:43.43 dclduo There. 51:44.89 Angie Gargaro Like do they want to know? are you an active traveler that wants to hike right? or or are you a beach person that just wants to sit and soak in the sun you want to understand do they care and are they invested in my vacation as much as I am by learning who I am as a traveler and what my family goals are one of the first things I usually ask my clients is what are your travel goals. 51:45.68 Sam And oh I love that I love that and. 51:58.78 Sam He. 52:04.35 Angie Gargaro Might come in different forms because they may have already said I want to take a cruise and I want to cruise in March on Disney Cruise line well then I might ask questions like do you like to go you know on port adventures do your kids travel well or do they need to have a you know same day a ride I don't like same day arrivals but do they are they going to do okay on an airplane for 6 hours and then be able to get. 52:19.75 dclduo Great. 52:23.43 Angie Gargaro On a cruise ship those types of questions and I think part of that interview process is you kind of have to take a step back as you're communicating in those first you know either phone calls or emails or Zoom call to say does this person care about my vacation or you know are they just looking to book another client and I hate to put it that crassly. But it's an important thing to consider because again, it's an investment you want to protect that so you want to interview them just like you would anybody else or any other service that you would use. 52:50.35 Sam Yeah I think your your last point really also brings into this idea of of personality right? Personality fit too. So fit is a lot of things right? fit is you know? do they book the kind of travel that you want to book right. 52:50.52 dclduo Yeah, for sure. 53:05.85 Sam And fit in that are your expectations aligned with their expectations but some of it can also just be like is this somebody I Want to talk on the phone with and text with and is this somebody I might I would be friends with outside of this travel relationship right? like I actually think for for me. That's a hugely important Factor. And I would not work with somebody who I just felt like we weren't a good personality Fit. So I think that is it is sort of organically would happen when you're having this conversation and asking these questions and listening to the questions they're asking you but I wanted to point that out because I think that's. Ah, part of this analysis as well. 53:43.42 dclduo For sure. Well I want to wrap up by asking Lindsay a question which is are you going back on a Disney Cruise and if so when. 53:52.80 Lyndsay We have not booked one yet. But I have been in correspondence with Angie about potential future cruises. The hard part is starting with concierge is a little problematic because now I don't think we're gonna go back. Ah um. 54:02.30 Sam Yeah, yeah. 54:05.89 Angie Gargaro Um, you say that. 54:07.98 Lyndsay So we might need to like either win the lottery or like save up a little bit. Um, but I definitely think we will again and by you know Disney cruising aside like we will continue to utilize Angie and she is definitely our trusted adviser when it comes to traveling and so. Um, it has been all things said with the kind of bumpy road to get there. It has been worth it. Um to learn the lessons learned and then get connected with Angie in my path unwinding. 54:38.11 dclduo Well yep. 54:38.60 Sam Awesome I Love that I love that for you I Love that for your family. Um I will say you can go back there. You know you will There were things you will be sad about there. You know you. 54:46.56 dclduo Yeah, she said she so hold on she says having not gone back yet. Ah. 54:49.18 Lyndsay Um. 54:50.99 Sam We are I listen I know I know the exact things that are gonna that I'm going to be sad about and then I know the things that I'm going to be okay without right like let me put it that way. 54:53.20 Angie Gargaro Um. 55:01.50 dclduo What's what's your biggest thing you're gonna be sad about I'm going to guess I'm going to guess hold on ah wait can can you can you cover your ears for a second Sam because I'm going to say to our audience so that I don't want them to hear since Sam go say it was Goingnna take off our headphones so that I think Sam's going to miss the benefit the most of early show admission free popcorn and. 55:10.33 Sam I'm mean it's I'll take off my headphones I'll take up my headphones. 55:19.26 dclduo Preferred seating all right Sam come on back all right say? what's the benefit you're going to miss the most. 55:20.93 Sam Okay, so there it's 1 of 2 things that I well but the the thing I was going to say is tea sandwiches and the guns like but and but the thing I think you're going to say is the access to the theater. The early access. 55:31.54 dclduo Um, oh I got it wrong I got it wrong? Yes, yes. 55:31.54 Lyndsay And 2 55:38.31 Sam The theater. Yeah I knew I knew that's the way that was gonna be your guess that that is 1 thing that I I will miss but I will say I I can get there early enough. Um and wait outside and still get a good enough seat because I have to you have to go pretty early for the conciers early entry already. So I don't it's actually not. Quite as early if you're going for the regular entry. Um and you could still get a great seat so that's one benefit. 56:00.34 dclduo Well I here's what I'll do Sam I'll go to the pool Deck I'll get some hamburgers. We'll cut them up into finger sandwich size. You can relive your tea as much as we can create maybe an uncrestable cut into finger sandwiches there we go there. We go. 56:10.24 Sam It's not the same. Yeah, it's there's something about those egg salad sandwiches in the lounge and and then the proscito fig sandwich in the lounge. Those are my 2 absolute favorite like like mid-afteron snack items and so. Those you just can't get I think if you go to like the if you pay for that royalty thing the um I think you can get them there and you can I know it olaf's picnic um that some finger sandwiches but I'm not sure it's I'm not sure those are that worth it for just the sandwiches. So yeah. 56:43.17 dclduo Well there you have it the key. The key benefits for sam on a disney conciers cruise the tea sandwich is but but I just want to I just want to wrap up by saying. Thank you Lindsay for coming on sharing your experience I also just want to say next time you sail Disney Cruise line reach out. We want to have you back to actually hear about the cruise itself as opposed. 56:45.41 Sam Anyway, you sandwiches. Ah. 56:50.86 Angie Gargaro Um. 56:59.96 Sam Yeah. 57:02.45 dclduo You know the process of booking one and Angie of course you are always welcome back on the show. We love having you. So thank you for taking the time and thank you to both of you for sharing your experience with our audience. 57:10.80 Lyndsay Yeah, thanks for having us. 57:10.77 Angie Gargaro Thank you very much.

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