November 24, 2023


Ep. 367 - Rope Dropping the Fantasy: A Family's First Experience with Disney Cruise Line on an Eastern Caribbean Fantasy Sailing

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Brian Sam
Ep. 367 - Rope Dropping the Fantasy: A Family's First Experience with Disney Cruise Line on an Eastern Caribbean Fantasy Sailing
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 367 - Rope Dropping the Fantasy: A Family's First Experience with Disney Cruise Line on an Eastern Caribbean Fantasy Sailing

Nov 24 2023 | 01:39:59


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Karsh and Hiral join us this episode to share their first Disney Cruise Line experience, a 7-night Eastern Caribbean sailing on the Disney Fantasy. Come hear what Karsh and Hilal thought about the DCL experience, including ports, kids activities, food, shows and so much more. They even chose to do an excursion on their own on their very sailing. 

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Episode Transcript

00:01.38 dclduo Welcome back everybody to this week's episode of the DCL duo podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and Sam we got another 5 star review to read on the air this one again coming from December December was a month for us. Ah so I hope you're ready hear it. 00:13.67 Sam These are really old I am really ready but I'm always excited to hear positive stuff about myself. So thank you. 00:23.20 dclduo She's she is not megalo maniacal I swear all right here we go this one comes from Ray runs for RAE runs for who writes just keeps getting better and better. Love listening to Sam and Brian and their guests I am planning to sail for the first time in 2023 00:33.63 Sam Who. 00:40.25 dclduo And their episodes have made it so much easier to learn about the different ships and itineraries. Thank you for all that you do well 2023 is almost over so this reviewer probably already sailed if not. We hope you have a fantastic sailing and we really really appreciate you leaving the review. It helps us out helps support the show so head over Apple Podcast 00:44.94 Sam Awesome. 00:58.22 dclduo Hit those 5 stars if you leave us a written review. We will read it on the air at the top of the show a written 5 star review the top of the show. 01:00.93 Sam and and I hope and I hope Ray runs that you enjoyed our galactic star cruiser episode since we did get to see Ray on the star cruiser. So pretty cool. 01:12.16 dclduo There you go there, you go but we're not here to talk all about ourselves in our fabulous show. We're here to talk to 2 fabulous guests all about a first time Disney Cruise line sailing aboard 1 of our favorite ships in our first ship actually the Disney fantasy. So let me start by walk. 01:27.80 Sam Yep. 01:31.64 dclduo So let me start by welcoming Karsh and haral to the show. Welcome. 01:34.33 Karsh Thank you, Thank you. 01:36.17 Sam Yeah, thanks for being here guys now. Of course we like to start with talking about people's Disney Cruise line credentials. But we know this was your first cruise on Disney so let's start by talking about your Disney credentials where does your love. 01:49.47 Karsh Um. 01:54.66 Sam Or maybe not love of Disney come from and where did that all start and have you sailed any other cruise lines prior to this sailing on dcl. 02:04.30 Karsh You't go first? sure. Um, so absolute virgins to any ships. We've never been on any ships at all the closest we've been on anything that goes on ah on the water as a catcher moran in Hawaii. Yeah. 02:18.18 Sam Nice. 02:22.60 Karsh That's about it. So yeah, first time you know and on the ship at Disney Disney Cruise line um the love for Disney really comes from him from Karsh um, his mom is a Disney fanatic. 02:38.54 Sam I Love it. 02:40.49 Karsh Which they first moved from India to California she I feel like she would take cars to Disney Because she wanted to go. She absolutely loves micy and mini. She will go Gaga over any time she sees anything Mickey and Mininie. So um, that's where the love really comes from like for my in-laws and then it's being passed over and and then it comes to him. Yeah i. Went to Disneyland so many times my parents were the first family or first of their family to to come into the States. So once they were established here and family came over every I think at least twice a year. Someone came over and they said let's go get you ahead and said all right? yeah. 03:32.63 Sam Yeah I mean where do you take if you live in California and you've got you know tourists coming to visit from India where else do you take them but Disneyland right? ah. 03:39.95 Karsh Um, exactly yeah. 03:39.99 dclduo Yeah I don't know one of the many national parks sam the beach I mean there are plenty of places to visit if you've never been to the United States but I hear here I Disneyland would make the list but ah. 03:48.40 Karsh You know? Yeah, yeah, yeah, and then once my dad got tired of diszzneyland he said okay so job now so you were the you're the man of the house you you do it so it because my job would take all all the family and so it's this. It's this deeply rooted in me just love it within Disney in fact, once. 03:49.82 Sam Yeah, yeah. 04:06.46 Karsh We got married and he took me over to California to I mean it's very engaged and took me over to California and off 1 of our first dates was in Disney his name. Yeah, yeah, we ateed a blue bayou. Yeah, um, it's great ambiance. 04:17.43 Sam I Love it I Love it classic. Yeah yeah, under the stars the boat going by a little. 04:18.42 dclduo Nice. 04:25.52 Karsh Yeah, um Beyond So we have we we have. We had a great time exactly at the firefies and beginninging the water. Yeah, the grant that grembla. Yes, the best of best. 04:34.59 Sam I Love it lot. Love it. 04:35.60 dclduo There you go. 04:40.17 Karsh But after that we didn't do disney for a while and then we went to Disney World in 2018 with the Disney world from here and we loved it and went again in 2019 and then 2021 um, yeah, and and this year I turned 40 s I thought I want to do something big so I was looking at cruises and I thought Disting Cruise has to be the way and um. Yeah I thought okay and I know I've listened to Sam and Brian say for newcomers, you should try the three night for night you know you know dip your toes I thought you know what I'm gonna go all out. Um and do a seven night and if I if I if I don't like it at least I did it all and then that was it. So. 05:30.37 dclduo To to be fair, we never discourage the longer sailing I mean if you want to dive into a fourteen night cruise more power to I will say you do 14 nights on a ship and love it. It's hard to go back to a seven night sailing but but but yeah 05:32.43 Karsh Yeah. 05:33.65 Sam Yeah. 05:41.81 Karsh ah ah white so so let me interrupt right? there and say I am glad our 8 year old almost nine year old does not listen to your show we came. We came back and all she'll now say is when we get on a fourteen night 05:42.59 Sam Ah. 05:58.44 Karsh I need a fourteen night cruise we have I'm like where are you getting this from like can we just say like can we go on another cruise versus let's do a fourteen night and we're like you can't go on a fourteen night anyway because you're in school in school. Yeah, they can't go a fourteen night yeah 06:00.21 dclduo Um I need. Ah. 06:14.26 Sam Ah, you're in school all the time. 06:15.55 dclduo It might my father has a saying that I carry with me to this day need is a strong word 1 want you might want something but you don't always need it. Ah yeah, so but yes, but well, but but. 06:21.39 Karsh In here. 06:21.93 Sam To be fair Brian's dad likes to sail on fourteen night cruises when he does sail on cruises. Yeah. 06:28.48 Karsh It needs. 06:29.20 dclduo But so he needs it. He needs that? Um, but yeah, we know, but but to go back to my point. Ah, if you're apprehensive about sailing. We definitely encourage 3 4 night sailings if you've got sea sickness issues. That's a good one small children who weren't sure going to work out like that's also a good rule of thumb but hey first sailing for us with 7 nights on the fantasy. With dcl actually my first cruise was actually at least 7 nights on celebrity a long time ago, but 7 nights on the fantasy. This story is sound sounding eer eerily familiar Sam A fortieth birthday cruise on the fantasy is that remind you of anyone you know. 06:58.32 Sam I yep yes, it sounds exactly the same as Brian actually only we left the kid at home just to be fair for our first cruise. Oh yeah. 07:05.99 dclduo Yes. 07:08.47 Karsh How wow yeah, ever been something else. It would have been something else, but you know what we made so many memories it was crazy like um, we were able to use both the nursery because we have we had a. She was almost 2 almost two year old and then with our eight year old and it was great because we could put the almost two year old in the nursery and then go watch a movie with the eight year old or go do you know something else that she wanted to and stuff like like it was it was great. It was like we made memories with each of them individually. And then we went and done we went and did some adult stuff together like we did a mixology class and then we went to the amazing restaurants I canny when I can't you I can't even say how great they were. 07:51.65 dclduo Fix this. 07:55.16 Sam Slow down. Let's not spoil it all all right? yeah. 07:59.51 Karsh But yeah I mean just just that like I know people say like oh if I was gonna do this I'd leave the kids at home. But because of the age Gap We have between the kids we feel like our older one. We've had to kind of set back so much that now we're just like okay you know what. 08:06.93 Sam Me. 08:16.65 Karsh We're all in. We're all gonna do this whether you like it or not. We're gonna go all in yeah, doing it. 08:19.91 Sam I love it I love it all right? So how did you then settle on this seven night itinerary on the fantasy and did you do eastern or did you do western caribbean. 08:31.29 Karsh So we did the eastern and the reason why we chose that. Ah, it was what I chose that I did all the planning. So um, the reason why I chose that. It was it was right after it was a week and a half or so after Aria our 8 year old got up out of school and I wanted to get in before July because um I just wanted avoid the heat so that was like the right time. 08:56.61 dclduo E. 08:57.38 Sam Yeah, that's a good call. Yeah. 09:01.25 Karsh Yeah, um, but I mean he did go back and forth with the eastern and western for a while um and then eventually settled on the eastern and I think it was I mean again, there's nothing to compare. But I think it was a fantastic first cruise like I don't know that. 09:06.90 Sam And. 09:20.10 Karsh I would actually change anything about it. Yeah. 09:21.66 Sam Yeah, yeah, awesome. 09:22.44 dclduo Nice now. How'd you go about picking your stateroom. 09:29.53 Karsh Um, well we knew so I looked at everything and I thought you know we have um, we have two kids and the two year old is a runner and she is so ram puntious she needs space. So I looked at the deluxe family room. Oh the the deluxe veranda room and I thought it's not big enough I just 300 extra square feet I think with the deluxe family room now that doesn't get that and it was the best choice it was it was great it was we had her her crib next to. Um, the sofa and there was a lot of space between the crib and the the glass door so there was just a lot of space around so it was just like a good choice and and overall even if we left her outside of the crib um to be free in the room. It's. Didn't feel like we were all kind of you know, getting on top of each other. There was still enough room for everyone to just become out of Yeah yeah. 10:30.50 dclduo Race. Nice. 10:32.95 Sam And yeah, it's a great room choice. So let's talk about some of the pre-planning. Um, obviously you had to pick a room but 1 big thing that we you know we talk about in the show is you know onboard activity booking right? So you all were first time cruisers. And you're talking about a seven night on the fantasy um were you able to book anything you know in pre-booking. Um, and and I mean anything on board as far as you know drink tastings adult dining and even excursions because that can be you know pretty difficult I know there's been a lot of chatter online about you know. Particularly for first time cruisers and even for Silver Castaway Club members that it's gotten kind of difficult now with so many platinum and so many pearl cruisers out there. 11:16.63 Karsh Right? So when I so at midnight that that was that was such a pain but I checked in and I was able to I was sorry checking was later but at midnight that day I was able to log on pretty quickly and. Um I got the remy first night so that was great I know I was I was thinking of doing remy the second or third nigh second but it was taken so first night it was available to us so I took that had that did not have mixology at that time. They didn't have much on board at the time available. The only that castaway I was able to book. Um, the the stingray one. So so that was that was good and then I was also I think at that time you book the. The nursery so I was able to do that as well. Um, what what's set thing with the book. Um, not what do I that first night I mean that first ah time I opened. We yeah you know we weren't able to do as much because funny thing is he was sitting in the office with. The computer and I was on my phone and we were both logged on to see whatever we can get yeah I got it from you guys? actually? yes. 12:34.41 Sam Yes, perfect strategy. You got to you have to double team that for sure. Yeah, all right? Good hey people have learned something from us that you've learned anything if you've got 2 adults or as many adults are in your sailing party you all need to be on a device. 12:50.44 Karsh Definitely yes. 12:51.97 Sam Because if you're trying to get multiple things. 1 of you can be tasked with getting 1 thing and the other can be tasked with getting the other thing. Yeah, good job. 12:58.98 Karsh Actually you got the you know I got the bike Ride. You got the bike right? Um, we did get the bike ride and cast away. Um, and then I mean there was some stuff that we were looking but it was. So One of the things that we found out is they said or somewhere we read that The nursery only gives you a certain amount of hours discard that I tell you that right now. 13:21.71 Sam So oh yeah, we heard we only for pre for pre-booking. They limit the number of hours but then onboard they'll let you book Essentially whatever you want as long as they have availability right? yeah. 13:31.40 Karsh Right? Yeah and we didn't know that they didn't say that anyway. Yeah so we every and anything that was coming up because we were like oh we can do this with our um with Aria our 8 year old. We can do this. We can do that and then he was like no we we want to make sure that we keep some hours for when we're on board in case something else opens up and stuff like that. So. We were kind of going back and forth in terms of what we wanted to book. But um, remy was great that he got it for that first night and I think going back to that I would definitely say for any first time goers at least because the ones that go multiple times have their own strategy. But at least the first time I would definitely say that. First night of that couple dining. The adult dining is fantastic because you know depending on what you've done right? Um, whether you've traveled for 2 3 days to get there or whether you got that the morning off it is such a fantastic way to unwind. Like you drop the kids off at the club no matter what age they are. You know your club or the nursery and then that first night just to be able to relax and just to be able to be with each other and just to kind of be like it's our moment like this is where it starts like I would definitely. Um, recommend that for the first time cruises it was I mean I would say that was like the highlight of it like it was just the right way to stop the cruise. Yeah. 14:46.13 Sam Yeah. Oh I love that. That's great now as far as feeding the kids let's talk about this just from a logistics standpoint right? because if you're eating at adult dining. Um, whether it's the first night or any other night what was your strategy for making sure that the eight year old and the almost two year old got fed and. Right? Because you're not going to be sitting at main dining with them. 15:14.42 Karsh Right? Um, how that oldac dining and then room service. Yes, so when we go on board. We hit bad Abandon Badness was a like opening or just about open. 15:16.86 Sam Yeah, yeah. 15:26.30 Karsh And so we had them like eat as much as possible. Um, you know, whatever and then we had like a gap of a few hours and then we obviously couldn't go to our restaurant dining. Um, ah what Ah I guess yeah, our our rotcational dining. Yeah. So we couldn't go to that. Um, for various reasons like we didn't want to rush the servers like oh we've got something so can you hardly even bring off food because that's not fair. Um, but also like then the kids are interested in the restaurant and they want to take their time and things like that. So. We went back upstairs to the pool area and found like pizza and fries and whatever we could there. Um and made sure that they were all full again and then took advantage of um the ice cream like you know the oh yeah, does all serve. Oh yeah. Yeah, but also like with incentives like giving the incentives of if you finish this, you can have this so just making sure that they were full. Um, so that was nice. Yeah, definitely. There was definitely enough options to make sure your kids are fed. Yes, definitely. 16:33.26 Sam So yeah, great I Love that well and I think the first night adult dining is a great pointer in general because it is something that people tend to not want to do? Um I. 16:41.89 Karsh And. 16:45.54 Sam I can understand if you're a little bit worried about whether or not your kid is going to go to the kids club. But if you're pretty confident that your kids are going to go to the kids club nursery. Whatever I think it's a great recommendation. We have done first night actually on our most recent cruise we did the first night in Paulo and sent Nathan while we. Gave him a hamburger and then sent him to the kids club or actually I think he got a camburger himself this time. Finally, so we're we're kind of at that stage where he's a little bit more independent so it's yeah yeah, so that's I think that's a great I think that's a great tip if you're pretty confident that your kid is gonna. 17:07.27 dclduo He he did that on the last sailing too where we've been able to tell him like you need to go get yourself dinner and go get it. Yeah. 17:23.33 Sam Be okay, with going to the club if not then maybe the first night's a little bit risky if you're going to get called? Oh you need to pick up your kid from the kids club but let's back up a little bit because we've now jumped ahead to the first night but we haven't even talked about your arrival at port canaveral your. Going through the check-in process at port canaveral and you're boarding the beautiful disney fantasy for the first time. First of all I know you're coming from Maryland but did you come down the day of your cruise the day before or a couple days before what was your strategy there and. 17:52.17 Karsh Hello No I have to tell you that Okay, go ahead so we had no idea that this was gonna happen. However, whether it ever happens to anyone or not I would say always always always do this right? So spend a couple of nights. 17:58.61 Sam Ah. 18:11.72 Karsh Even if it's one night at disneywold resort you don't have to get the pop tickets. You don't have to do any of that. Just get a resort we were there for a couple of nights 3 nights we have 3 nights at the at the poly. Yeah, we got picked up from there. Ah, yeah, but so we were there and mean. In fact, we ended up going to the park and doing the whole whole thing anyway. Um, but the great thing was when we got there literally few hours later or the next day there was like crazy storms and hurricanes and whatever on the East Coast and so we're watching because we're on the Facebook group and people from our group and also like our fe group and stuff like that. Everyone was complaining. People's flights were getting canceled. They didn't know if they would make it people drove 22 to 24 hours to get to get down there and I think. Like that's a great I mean obviously you're going to try and make your your crewise but that's crazy like imagine the amount of stress that's on you and then if you've got kids and especially if they're younger as well. You know you spending all that time in the in the car with them. Yeah that's just. 19:24.52 Sam That sounds awful. 19:27.51 Karsh Yeah, and we felt so horrible for for a lot of the folks that were coming down so one piece of advice I would say just whether this happens or not just get yourself to a resort and relax like let that be your first day to start your vacation like relax there. You don't have to do anything just kind of. Get into that mood of okay this is when it starts because once you're there, you know in an hour you will get to your ship no matter what happens you will get to your ship right? You inside the disney bubble so you're kind of safe. Yeah, and that's what we did so that morning. So we we spent 3 nights at the Poey and then Saturday morning we I made the mistake of booking ohanna breakfast but I didn't know that it would take a long time so and we would get picked up early because if they didn't give us a specific time of pickup. Yeah, and. 20:19.24 Sam Oh yeah, those darn character breakfasts are like the slowest things ever? Yeah so. 20:25.27 Karsh We were at the breakfast and I was I was told I had to go down the lobby and then meet the the dcr rep and I did and she said all right, be ready in 15 minutes my 15 minutes we're having breakfast. So um I went I called her and I said we need to go. So we just made sure the kids were fed and we grabbed a couple of quick things. Yeah you know coffee to go and a couple of slices of toast to whatever and in the room we didn't enjoy the breakfast. We didn't enjoy the bread we words we didn't enjoy it but but iss less and learned. Yeah that's we know now. 20:45.16 Sam Ah, o. 20:46.73 dclduo If. 20:53.47 Sam Ah, yeah, and you paid for that expensive character breakfast. Oh okay, yeah. 20:56.00 dclduo Now. Yeah. 21:04.33 Karsh And and again something that we can. We can um, pass on pass on to to the listeners that don't do that I don't do that. Just keep it relaxing. Keep it stress free Eat whatever you can and then just make sure you get to your cruise. Yeah, so we got to the cruise. 21:17.12 Sam And yeah, if you're taking private transportation not dcl transportation. You definitely can do a character breakfast and have plenty of time and all of that because you'll end up with a later boarding time. But if you want to get on the ship early and you want to take dcl transportation which is. 21:28.65 Karsh A. 21:35.19 Sam Really frankly, the best way to get on the ship early if you're not a like pearl cruiser or a concierge but it's. 21:39.39 dclduo Yeah, although although I don't want to guarantee that we have heard like recently. It's a great way but from resorts in the past it has been a very slow way and people have labeled it kind of painful, especially if multiple stops they picked up later like I think there's been a. 21:52.81 Sam Yeah, it depends. Yeah. 21:55.74 dclduo Think there's been a shift in the resort transportation of late and I think it corresponds to the new vendor who's taken over the transportation from mirrors. So um, so it seems better now but I wouldn't label it The be all end all of early port arrival that the earliest port arrival that I've that we've had success with is using the transportation from the airport. 22:00.15 Karsh Okay, all right. 22:07.62 Sam Through. 22:14.96 Sam That's true. That's true. 22:15.43 dclduo So I actually always think it's not a bad setup to fly in stay at the high at Mco for a fraction of what it would cost to stay on property at disney they have that luggage transfer service at the mcco where they just basically hide Mco where they just come and get your luggage out of your room put it on a truck. You'll see it on the ship later. And you wore a Disney bus and if you're on the first you know first bus or second bus you are well ahead of the rest of the people getting to the port. So yeah, yeah, no, you cannot eat I'm saving myself for chicken fingers and fries once I get on board sam. 22:36.68 Sam Right? But then you can't eat it. Oh Hanna and Ohhanna has great food for dinner at least right? So I know know I feel yeah I feel yeah all race i. 22:41.38 Karsh Yeah. 22:50.67 Karsh I think one of the one of the things. Um, that was positive for us in that sense was because we were at the poly and I think Polly is one of the last resorts to get picked and I don't at least where. And our time we were that we were the last I will from polly we went straight to the port so it took about an hour yeah 23:13.92 Sam Yeah, that makes sense we had heard from some other folks who did the same thing went from polly and they had said that I think the only other resort that was picked up from was from Grand Floridian but Grand Floridian was picked up before them and so they were ah also the last. 23:27.53 Karsh Now. 23:29.47 Sam Last stop before headed to the port. Okay, so you're on the Disney Cruise line bus with your two year old and your 8 year old and you come. Ah, you're coming over that causeway and you see the disney fantasy for the first time I don't know if the kids saw it you saw it who saw it first and. 23:32.22 Karsh Yes. 23:38.72 Karsh Yes. 23:45.41 Karsh I Think she saw it and then he pointed out to me and and my eyes just went wide am I and I just started you know my my insights had started fluttering like this is real. This is. It's so it's so big. It's It's so real and it got closer and closer got bigger and bigger. 23:48.92 Sam Ah, her all you saw it first. 23:55.40 Sam Yeah. 23:59.39 dclduo Ah. 23:59.84 Sam Yeah, yes. 24:04.57 Karsh And yeah, it was this. It was just surreal and like this is happening is happening is actually happening I've been I've been thinking about this for almost a year and it's happy. It's finally happening. 24:07.13 Sam Yeah, but. 24:14.71 Sam So. 24:16.52 Karsh I had different feelings right? So I'm seeing it I'm see and and everything and I'm noticing the little details. Um I don't think you could see the see dumbo from that side. Um I think we could just see Mickey um, and we're like okay, it's there. Whatever but. For me, it didn't feel like oh my god this ship is huge until a lot later like for me, it just felt like okay, it's there because then you know you you get there and it's that you're kind of seeing it and it's a little distant and then you you get in and you get off and then it's just into the building and then all of that stuff. 24:37.80 Sam Yeah, yeah, yeah. 24:53.63 Karsh Shots and then you just don't see the ship until you're on it. So for me I'll say a lot later but I'll tell you how I felt when I was closer to the ship. 25:01.27 Sam I Love it. Okay so how did the boarding process. Go you know you obviously have to do your check-in you go through security you you know have to wait in the terminal. Maybe for a little bit before you get to board. But how was that process was it smooth I mean you're at a port canaveral. So I imagine it's fairly smooth. It's. 25:17.40 Karsh Um, yeah. 25:20.65 Sam Certainly in general smoother than it is at most of the other ports. But how are you guys feeling about the experience I. 25:25.11 Karsh It was very smooth. We got off the bus and I think someone told me dump all the water from your water bottles in the grass. Okay, and then everyone was rushing in and I thought I want I need to be in the in the front of the line. 25:33.68 dclduo Yeah. 25:43.55 Karsh I need to rush and rush as I ran to the grass for all. Um we had made the my mistake of feeling all our water bottles. So I had it kept them individually drain them out and I was a stressed out like why is this happening to me so and then I finally ran in and a lot of the group. 25:51.63 Sam Ah, oh yeah, ah. 26:01.88 Karsh Ah, from the from the bus had already kind of gone in then when it came our turn. It was very quick I think less than 2 minutes maybe and then we were at the security we put our bag and we went through and then we we were going up the escalator and saw. 26:02.65 Sam So. 26:08.76 Sam No good. 26:21.95 Karsh The ship muddle and then yeah that big sort of room like where everyone just kind of gathers and you're waiting until they start opening things up. Yeah um, but yeah I mean that room also like even though there was so many people. Um. 26:28.79 Sam Yeah. 26:37.39 Karsh It didn't feel like it was overly crowded like ah a 2 year old was running crazy. She was running everywhere. Yeah, um, but you know and yeah, but it was so nice like no one was like you know sometimes in airports and stuff like the staff get. 26:45.19 Sam Ah, like two year olds do I love it. Yeah. 26:55.78 Karsh You know, upset or whatever like oh my god this kid or whatever but it it was nice like no one did that like they would just make sure that she wasn't running off the escalators or something but um, yeah I mean it was very spacious. There was just a lot of people there. Um and I'll tell you 1 thing. Fomo is very real with this with Dcm. It is so it starts from the minute you get off that coach from your transportation as soon as you get off like he said you know people are rushing in and then here. Yeah, so yeah, with. 27:23.20 Sam Yeah. 27:28.46 Karsh Every every single day Fomo is very real with with a Dc I in yeah, our boarding. 27:32.15 Sam Yeah, so like when when boarding group 1 is getting called. You're like longing to be in boarding group 1 right? or when concierge is getting to board. You're like longing to be in conci. Yeah I totally get that I get the stuff. 27:37.71 Karsh Yes, yeah I think yeah yeah before boarding group one. It was another group I forgot what it was. It was the the family of the day under the day. Yeah, and then boarding one a group one and. 27:50.42 Sam Oh yeah, family of the day. Yep. 27:57.23 Karsh I saw a line and I thought why why is there a line and I'm not in it. So I stood in the line and someone from the dcl they they were walking next to line and asking what group are you and I said I'm in group 2 and they said oh no, this is for group I'm like okay. 27:59.99 Sam Um, yeah. 28:14.21 Karsh But just took a small step to the side I'm like I'm not getting too far away from this? Yes, yeah. 28:17.80 Sam Yeah, ah this is so disney rope drop culture. This is like it's so funny but it doesn't matter if you're like you know it. It has completely translated to the cruise line because everyone is so used to this like I've got to be in line and I've got to be first in mine and it's it's hilarious. It's like. 28:18.80 dclduo The. 28:27.57 Karsh Um, yes yes, yes and we were second or third in our opinion group because if 1 1 lady just kept on iting I like why are you vdging in um I'm in line um but you know she got in from like okay oh it's fine. 28:36.96 Sam Ah. 28:42.87 Sam I know. 28:43.24 dclduo Because if if people don't know they leave at least half the passengers behind so you want to be really pressed up against the rope and force yourself on because they just may go I mean the ship just starts moving got a run got a run. 28:47.52 Karsh Um, the executive man alive. 28:48.78 Sam Ah, ah and you know oh my god you're hilarious Bri hey wait can I step back and just say something about the water so that people don't get the wrong idea about the water so you are allowed to bring water on. 28:54.80 Karsh I. 29:05.20 Sam For a Disney Cruise line any through security. But only if it's in a factory sealed bottle. So you you can have like your dasani or your Aquafina or avion or whatever it is it just can't be like your own your personal water bottle needs to be emptied. Um. 29:13.10 Karsh And If. Oh. 29:20.51 Sam It's just they only allow factory sealed because they don't want you bringing on bottles of vodka in water bottles. That's really what they're protecting against or explosive liquids or anything like that. So just a tip right there in case, anybody's misunderstanding about why they had to spill out their water bottles. Ah. 29:25.11 Karsh A. 29:34.10 dclduo So ah, hey Sam as aside I'm gonna go get Nathan I'll be back as soon as I can I I put myself on mute so you don't hear anything weird. 29:34.47 Karsh Yeah. 29:39.60 Sam Sure Okay, sounds good. 29:45.39 Sam All right? Ok so you are in the terminal group. 2 finally gets called you go across the I don't know what they call that thing but the ramps yeah caught maybe and I don't know caught look causeway I think of as a road but you go you go through. You know what? I'm talking about you go through the little. 29:55.11 Karsh There Causeway causeway. Yeah Causeway Haveway help it sure That's true. Yeah. 30:04.60 Sam The the thing um to get across into the ship. Let's call it a gangway. Actually it's probably a gangway. Yeah, that's it. Okay, so you go across that gangway to get into the ship and tell me what happens as you're about to enter the ship. So. 30:10.19 Karsh Gangway Yeah gang. Whatever. 30:18.51 Karsh So you know how in that room right? right? before boarding you feel so claustrophobic because now people are coming in slowly and there's just this li you feel like there's is little doorway that's gonna let 1 person in at a title Although it's not like that. But it feels like that right. And you feel like okay I need to get through that door like because it's gonna be jampacked on the other side you get in and it is so majestic that all those people that have gone in before you. It's like you don't even see him where are they we're rid this people they go what? How did this people go down like. 30:54.51 Sam Ah, ah. 30:56.40 Karsh Is it just Us. We're the only ones on this ship that it seriously feels that way like you know because you see all these people you're like I'm not going to get anything and I need to get in and it's just gonna be crazy I won't get to do anything but you get in and it's just like it's all for you. It's you you you like? That's all it feels like like you don't even notice all these other people there. It doesn't even feel that crowded. It just feels so big and so majestic and so beautiful. Very intimate you even though it was like big and just like um like elegant and everything. But. 31:24.00 Sam I Love that. 31:33.90 Karsh Um, yeah, it's very like intimate field to it I thought and especially when they they asked us you know for our last name and we said Patel family and the call our our name. Yeah, um I tried to record it. Yeah yeah, it was amazing. 31:46.65 Sam Disney Fantasy welcome the Patel family and then Rudy's clapping for you. 31:52.16 Karsh I Tried to record it. But then I missed up on my phone I'm like that's great. That's that's wonderful. But next time. Yes, yes. 31:55.82 Sam But you'll get it next time. Don't worry. Don't worry Carris she'll get it next time I didn't get it. Our first time I didn't get it. Our second time I didn't get I have I have now gotten it it so even was on Instagram recently one of our boardings you know where our family name was announced and I love that moment. 32:08.92 Karsh 1 get. 32:14.36 Sam I Know that there are some people who are like meh, it's fine. Whatever I think it's a great moment I will say it's not as good on the wish because nobody's clapping. But that's an aside. Yeah, so if you go on the wish like it's a little bit of a want wa when it happens. Um, but it is a beautiful atrium. It's. 32:21.40 Karsh Run. 32:28.25 Karsh Wow. Ah, right right? Yeah money. 32:32.39 Sam The grand hall is even grander than what you're describing her all on the Disney fantasy. Okay, so you get on the ship you're announced. You're all excited. Where do you go? Okay, okay. 32:41.85 Karsh So we had a plan so we split so she went to Kabanas Caabbanas yeah and I went up to census sp because I knew I wanted to book something I wasn't able to book something I was a book couples choice and I really wanted that. Um. 32:57.37 Sam Nice. 32:59.99 Karsh And so I got into the elevator in the lobby and yeah, the door closed and I was just mean the elevator and I did a little tea I'm like I'm actually here and went up and then I asked one of the cast members I'm like where. Whereas we're census and I found it and I I still was not able to book couple's choice but there was a couple of romantic hideaway which is closed enough so book that for day two or day 3 33:27.73 Sam Oh yeah, yeah. 33:35.80 Karsh And and then after that once I was done with that. Um I um I know you don't like you know the rainforest all that but I know I know he does? Yeah, yeah, yeah, like the same thing. 33:41.98 Sam You know what Ryan loves the rainforest. It's just not my thing I'm okay with you know to each his own I don't judge. It's just not my thing but I yeah yeah yeah. 33:54.80 Karsh For her like he doesn't like it. He all doesn't like it like sweet so we so I got it for both of us and their thing was you have to get it for all seven days which was a bar. 34:01.60 Sam Yeah, yeah, that's the 1 thing you know it's a bummer that there are some ships that are allowing you to do single day passes but you have to go in the morning of the day you want and hope that there's actually availability. So if you sell a lot of length of cruise passes. They probably won't sell you any single day passes. It's probably just. 34:10.60 Karsh And yeah. 34:16.58 Karsh Right? Yeah, yeah, yeah, and then I go down and well I ask her where where you are and she said in she's in Kabanna so I went down I went to the wrong side of cabanas and then I couldn't find her I'm like okay this. 34:19.10 Sam And and upon how much they sell but okay so you get the length of Cruise pass and and. 34:31.38 Sam Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh perfect. 34:35.88 Karsh Places huge founder finally and they had just started serving lunch so we ate so I go ahead. So before we before um the kids and I went to kaban is 1 thing I did do was um, head to the concierge and just make sure that we have the. The crib that was gonna come to the room they have everything you know set up like they already know but I felt like we just had to double check that especially because it was getting too off the afternoon time and we possibly wanted to put the 2 year old down for a nap just because we knew the evening was gonna get hectic. Um. 34:55.40 Sam Oh yeah. 35:12.71 Sam Yep, yeah, so you headed to the to guest services then right? Yeah yeah here. 35:14.33 Karsh And so that's 1 thing you can do it? Sorry yeah guest services. Yes, um, and so even though they knew um it was nice to go to them and talk to them about it and that just expedited the the hope. 35:30.51 Karsh Delivery. Yeah, a little quicker for us. Um I mean it would have come eventually but because we needed it so I did that and then um, yeah, we found we went up and found Kabanas and I think the girls were just like what is going on. Oh we didn't tell. 35:33.73 Sam Sure. 35:47.39 Karsh Obviously not the 2 year old but we didn't tell the 8 year old we told her that after we're done with Disney world. We're heading back? um home home. No. 35:56.24 Sam Oh my goodness. Oh so she didn't know you were going on a Disney Cruise ship so where did she think you were going and when did you tell her you were going on a cruise. Ah so on the bus. Oh my goodness next to the airport right. 36:02.82 Karsh When she saw the shame shit because she thought the whole time we were on the bus She thought we were going home. Get back to the airport. Yeah yes, yeah yeah. 36:14.35 Sam Yeah, yeah, oh my goodness. What did she think what was her reaction I can't believe you did this? wow. 36:17.33 Karsh She made delayedangulate reaction. She was looking at it. Yeah, like are yeah, nothing nothing then no reaction face and then it just built up building. Yeah, and then she wouldn't stop like gyrate uses and oh. Every few minutes. Yeah like okay here it is oh we did go to um the open house. Yes, we took the girls to the open house for the clubs clubs in the nursery. 36:34.50 Sam Oh my goodness you. 36:45.35 Sam Yeah, and how did that go were they enamored with the with the clubs and the nursery or were they nervous about it I mean they're you know the eight year old is kind of the perfect age I think for the kids club that's kind of the sweet spot in my mind anything between like. 36:58.00 Karsh Yeah. 37:02.10 Sam 7 to 10 is like kind of the perfect age for the kids club. Not to say that younger kids can't do well they really can it just depends on how independent your kid is I think it is a little overwhelming for certain 3 to five year olds that club can be really overwhelming. Um, other 3 to five year olds are perfectly fine in the kits club. Um I imagine the the nursery is a little bit different because the nursery they get a lot of 1 ne-on-one attention. It really is more like ah you know more like a child care than a club right? So yeah, what was their? What were their impressions or could you really tell a guy. 37:28.40 Karsh Great honey. 37:34.78 Karsh So we went to the Ocean years club first and both of them had a great time. They were running around we had. We have a few pictures of our 2 year old standing next to Mr Potato head and which we're going to use like in the future like with standard next to it. 37:35.30 Sam What their impressions were. 37:51.74 Sam Yeah, oh yeah I love that and see her grow see her next to Mr. Potato head and see how much bigger she becomes in Mr. Potato head. 37:54.38 Karsh And just you know Forre for like size. Yeah, exactly exactly Hopefully they never get rid of him So we we always have you know have that but I'm not she loved it I mean it was kind of sad that she wasn't gonna be there's gonna be the nursery because she would have loved it like she really loved it. 38:10.16 Sam Yeah. 38:11.98 Karsh And the staff was really great with her being there. Um, obviously there are older kids like that. Ah 4 and 5 ive-year-olds who have their careless play but the staff was really good watching her which was. Again, it's something they didn't have to do because it was open house but they were very very accommodating of that and they were watching her on that sort of that disco dance floor. Yeah, the one in the middle. Yeah, the colorful one? Yes, so she was having the. 38:33.72 Sam Oh yeah. 38:39.97 Karsh Ah, just a ball in there just running around enjoying that. Yeah yeah. 38:44.50 Sam No I love that I love that and your 8 year old how did she feel about the kids club um like let's talk first open house. But also how did she enjoy the kids club more more generally because obviously. She was going there that first night and and kind of needed to be okay with being there right. 39:01.27 Karsh Yeah, so um, she always he loved the the open house but because it was an open house and I guess because of still some what Covid restrictions has brought things into place. They didn't have a whole lot of stuff out. 39:18.50 Sam And yeah, they don't during open house have like anything out I think because they're thinking things will walk out of the club with people versus when they're in secure mode they have out all you know all the Ipads and they have out games and things like that it is kind of. 39:18.63 Karsh Um, so. 39:23.51 Karsh Right. 39:33.97 Sam An empty space when it's open house hours. Yeah. 39:36.41 Karsh Yeah, yeah, so she was in intrigued by that like what is to come like we were going through all the different rooms. Um I think there was the the star wars um sort of ours area area and then there was the Dr Strange and avengers area. Um, the the words Troy story room and then just some of the princess areas where they'd do all the drawing and stuff so she was intrigued like what's going to happen there so she was excited to go do that and. She gets to be her own person right? There's no mom and dad watching over. Don't do this and do this so overall she was excited to go back that night and again it was a lot about her versus don't do this because we got to make sure the two year old has this or whatever so he was gonna have her own time. 40:13.47 Sam So back right? Oh I Love that. 40:24.45 Sam Right? so. 40:29.12 Karsh A lot of freedom for her. Definitely yeah, yeah, so she enjoyed going back and every night like characters were just going in there constantly that they had pajama party with mini and then I think there was a couple of princesses that came um, the ah. 40:29.45 Sam That's awesome. 40:36.25 Sam Who. 40:45.26 Sam Um, yeah, what. 40:48.10 Karsh Soldiers from toy story where there you know there's all these characters that were just constantly coming and meeting them so they had that oh she had that very personalized 1 on 1 attention from the characters. 41:00.67 Sam Oh I Love that oh. 41:02.94 Karsh Actually got really jealous 1 time because it said ah c three p was gonna be there and and that and I asked herool am I get can I go and she said no, you can't go why I just want I just want to go see c three po and she said no, it's not for you all right? fine. Why. 41:15.71 Sam ah ah yeah you know there are some things that are just exclusive for the kids you know it. It is nice when they have some open house time in particular in the morning so that you can bring the toddler in in particular to Andy's room for the most part. Um, but yeah, that club is really it. 41:21.41 Karsh What do you have. 41:34.00 Sam Kind of a bummer because there's fun stuff that adults might want to do in there. It's just not just not available. Well let's try. 41:36.86 Karsh Yeah, yeah, exactly yeah, 1 thing you did get to do was um, there was this kind of like an open house and I was able to take aria oh it was at the open house actually in Jesse was gonna come so as I will take our eight year old to see Jessie and take pictures with her. 41:46.28 Sam Oh nice. Oh I love that all well, let's jump off the ship a little bit and we'll go. We'll come back onto the ship to talk about onboard activities that you all got up to through the course of the cruise because you did have a couple of see days but I want to. Talk a little bit about the ports and what you all got up to at ports whether you ended up doing disney excursions or whether or not you ventured out on your own or booked through a third party but let's so let's start with the ports. Um I am imagining you went to tortola st thomas. And cast away but tell me if I'm wrong, all right? Ok so that's the standard and the reason I say imagine that is the standard eastern caribbean itinerary there are times where there's a different port that gets you know mixed in there but those are the 3 that are the most common for the eastern itinerary. So um. 42:24.17 Karsh That's correct. That's right, get it? yeah. 42:40.35 Sam And I imagine I got the order probably right too right? Tortola and Thomas yeah, yeah, okay, good. Yeah I am I'm actually am testing my memory to see if it's the like they like I said they sometimes that is the regular itinerary but there are sometimes differences in in you know in itineraries here and there. 42:40.92 Karsh You did ask you didnt this is this your own personal test. 42:58.91 Sam What did you guys get up to in Tortola and what you know did you book something through dcl or not and. 43:05.99 Karsh So I tried to book. So um, the virgin. Well first it was the the jos van dyke beach first and it was it was booked out and then there was the John the the beach transfer available but then. It was at a time where our twitterro would need a nap I thought well that's not good enough. Um, right? No that yeah exactly yeah so I thought okay so I was I was just looking things up and um. 43:27.17 Sam I I was so like right in the middle of the afternoon for just an afternoon so you wouldn't get like the full day at Jos Van Dyke anyway yeah 43:41.96 Karsh I read that the virgin gorda ah tour would be ah would be amazing because there's part of it. That's that's hiking as well and um, being from California I've I've hiked a lot and into like national parks and stuff. So I really wanted to do some hiking and um. See some things that normally you would not see so we want to do that. But then of course I was booked out so I was researched it and I found out it's to be way cheaper if we do it on our own and we can control when we can go so we got once we once we talked we. 44:12.22 Sam So for sure. 44:19.40 Karsh Ah, we we were having breakfast um as it was doking and we were we were ready like had everything set and we were having breakfast. So as soon as it would drop. We would be done to just get out of the right we we came down and we walked to the. Very terminal. It's like I do 10 minutes away walk. It was a 10 minute walk got there and got on the ferry it was about half an hour boat ride and it started to get hot. It was. There was a heat wave going on. 44:53.96 Sam Yeah, right? and you had pick June because you're hoping it's not going to be so hot yet. Yeah. 44:54.60 Karsh And it was extremely hot and that's when our 2 year old was like exactly yeah and it was extremely hot I believe it was 112 real fuel with so much humidity and our two old. Ah, once she was on the boat she said nope I'm not having this. 45:04.23 Sam Oh my God yeah. 45:13.89 Karsh So she started crying so I had to go to the back of the boat with her and just try to calm her down I was going over colors and numbers with her calm I Think the um, the water was really choppy as well. So that got her the were notous. Yeah, yeah, yeah, who was this not happy. 45:21.59 Sam So. 45:28.29 Sam Ah, so the heat and the choppiness on the fairy. Ah yeah. 45:33.48 Karsh Um, they have once once we got to Virgin Gorda um what we had done was we had booked through speedies and they they sold the bus ticket to Virgin Gorda as well like the the baths. 45:44.90 Sam Right. 45:47.00 Karsh And we got off the ferry and we got on the bus right away the the open air bus or the open air taxi that is and from there we got to the the bats and we used the facilities and got the tickets and then we walked down and when when we when we got down there. It. 45:51.68 Sam And. 46:06.71 Karsh There were I think there maybe 10 people. Yeah, it was like it was. We had the whole place to ourselves. Yeah, it was very nice. We had enough time to just enjoy that portion of the beach. Um, before. 46:07.69 Sam Oh wow. 46:18.32 Sam And. 46:23.41 Karsh Any groups from speedies and or Disney came in came like it was just it was very nice. We would just we had we were able to do whatever we wanted for for a long time I think a good half an hour forty five 45 minutes yeah it was so funny so was a disney crew group cameing like all right time to go so we we we? well. 46:41.88 Sam Ah, yeah. 46:43.41 Karsh From there. We got a we got I mean we that was it was so hot and going down to the beach there. There's like Bushes like that they go up up ah into the air base like the quite top. They're yeah quite tall and they block all wind. So all it's a suffocating. 46:59.32 Sam Wow! Yeah, yeah, oh. 47:02.51 Karsh And I was just baking in there and I was carrying the 2 year old the whole time and I Once when we see saw the water at the Beach. We just ran right? My God need water being to cool down is perfect. The temperature was perfect. It was great. Um, once you're in the water. You don't feel anything but it's just that and and especially if you little kids Like. Just be mindful of that you know that you might I mean you want to carry them obviously but a carrier might not be the best for either you or the kid because that's just gonna get really hot. Um, but yes soon as you're done does bear that heat for a little bit but as soon as you're down there. It's just it's great. Yeah. 47:32.75 Sam Um, yeah. 47:38.22 Sam Oh awesome. 47:40.90 Karsh And then after that we got up up out the water and we wanted to go to the baths. So then we we saw some arrows we start falling them and there were a lot of points where I was almost crawling with the twoyear old still carrying 2 year old and then we were we had it wade through some. Um I think it was knee highg knee-high water and um and then another ladder that was covered in sand and wet and there were like the ropes that you had to grab onto and climb up or climb down and there are people who had been there already who were coming back towards us. 47:59.49 Sam No wow. 48:10.47 Sam Yes, it's a physical thing. Yeah. 48:18.17 Karsh They didn't want to go any further because some of them were like okay this this doesn't make sense like it's not gonna go anywhere or they just weren't sure where it would go and I knew I Yes, there is a way to go So we kept on going and they were just surprised. Oh my God There's a baby here and I'm like this. There's a baby here This baby's gonna be a hiker. 48:31.45 Sam Ah, ah, ah, right. 48:36.87 Karsh So yeah, yeah, this baby's going all the way. And yeah, we made it we we made it all the way to the beach and then we we didn't go to the water right away and we ate We were Hungry. We're very hungry. There's a little restaurant right? there I forgot what it's called Poor Man's restaurant or something like that. We had ah cheeseburgers prize I had the the pain Killer Drink. Oh Oh so amazing smell amazing and then once we were nice and full. We thought we thought all right? Let's get back in the water and then that's what we did until I think boarding time. 49:01.78 Sam Oh yeah, they're famous for that. They're famous for that in the caribbean. 49:15.77 Karsh Um, the ship was four forty no ah 5 thirtyeth think it was 5 up 30 So I I got the ticket back on the ferry for three o'clock so that's what we ended up doing and we just well we I mean again that beat after we had for food the beach time. There was also great because. 49:24.25 Sam Smart. 49:34.93 Karsh There was a big group before us that was slowly leaving and then we got our time in the beach and it wasn't rushed or anything like we were just able to enjoy that time all of us in the water even the 2 year old and then we slowly like made our way out of there. Um. 49:36.82 Sam And. 49:52.94 Karsh And then to the the bus and or the yeah the transport to back to the Ferry so that was that was just it was great. It was nothing felt rushed even like that whole hike through the big boulders and everything like none of it felt rushed. Yeah, it was yeah. 50:01.50 Sam Awesome. 50:10.97 Sam Awesome! All right? So so you guys were I think pretty adventurous on your first cruise your first port you venture out on your own. Ah your next port was a beautiful st thomas of the US virgin islands. 50:12.78 Karsh Great. That's great. 50:19.57 Karsh Um, yes. 50:25.92 Sam What did you all get up to at St Thomas 50:29.40 Karsh Nothing. We didn't get off. We didn't get off. Yeah, we so a couple of things we 1 we didn't have any excursions booked for that. Um, everything was booked. Yeah, it was all booked out. Um, but 2 we was so I mean between the heat and just doing so much that that day in the day before in Tortola we decided to just enjoy the ship because we hadn't enjoyed the ship much at all. So we just decided stay on board. 50:54.79 Sam Oh yeah. 50:58.59 Karsh And just do some of that stuff with the kids because Totalla day is also pirate night so we were up late as well. So once we woke up in the morning where we we did an event we we actually put the do not disturb card on on the door I'm like we're not getting out. We're we're gonna order food in and just relax a little bit. 51:02.85 Sam Yeah, no, that makes sense. 51:13.86 Sam Nice all right? Well let's let's talk about castaway day and then we'll hit some highlights of of the time onboard as well of course because we can't go. It would be impossible for us to cover everything you did every day of a seven day cruise 51:16.56 Karsh And it's been time membership. 51:26.78 Karsh Right? I have it. 51:30.40 Sam In the show but I do want to talk about Castaway because this was your first time at Castaway um I know you had pre-booked you said the bicycles. Um, and and this I was going to say I think you said the sting right? yeah. 51:32.57 Karsh And. Yes, and this thing ray. 51:42.76 Sam What did you think of those 2 experiences and did you um, did you get up to some relaxing beach chime as well on castaway. Thanks. 51:47.74 Karsh So Stingrey was fantastic. Our plan was to have like a quick breakfast and then we put the 2 year old in the nursery because she wouldn't be allowed in that excursion. And then the 3 of us got off. We did the whole stingray excursion which was really really nice. It was amazing like it again that didn't feel rushed or anything like that because after you feed the stingra you're allowed to allow some time to just kind of snorkel. So yeah, snorkel around there and just. Um, have that fun. You know have that time to be able to do that as well. Um, and then once that was done Karsh ran back on the ship um to go get. The 2 year old and then my eight year old and I we went to the beach and got some of the seats kind of reserved and then just kind of caught some you got some snowbook gear and then you got a 2 and yeah, so we had his seats reserved soon as we came down. Yeah yeah. So um, we got all of that stuff and then yeah, my eight year old and I we were going back and forth in the beach. But once he came back. It was almost lunchtime. It was lunchtime. Yeah, there was lunchtime so we went to eat and that was it was such a rush. 53:10.17 Karsh Ah, well sorry, not rushed. It was just just super crowded. It was so crowded out that lunchtime was if one it was crowded 2 it was really really hot. Extremely hot was um so and then it didn't. 53:18.28 Sam Oh yeah, yes. 53:24.34 Karsh Like it just it felt quite packed so it didn't feel like everything was moving smoothly like he would have to go get some food but then if you want something else, you have to reline up and it yeah it was just kind of everything was just all over the place. Yeah. 53:40.80 Sam Yeah I would say cookies and cookies too can get a bit crazy when you're sailing on the bigger ships. Um, it's a little bit easier when you're sailing on the magic or the wonder it's just less people on the Island frankly but also going to eat a little bit later if you can wait is a. 53:49.68 Karsh Language. 53:57.15 Sam Is ah generally a little bit better if you're going right at noon or even at twelve thirty that's kind of the mad rush right? and so it is a little chaotic on the island. It's just set up like. 54:03.87 Karsh Right? But I mean sorry towards later time because we were still there when they went back. It was almost like they were closing up. Yeah yeah. 54:11.69 Sam Yes, so that's the thing you've got to hit it right at the sweet spot right? You can't you can't wait if you wait till like two thirty. It's closed right? You've got to hit it like one fifteen or so it's like a perfect I don't know what the perfect time is but I'm just. 54:22.54 Karsh And yeah, yeah. 54:27.49 Sam Ah, thinking they either earlier or later is a little bit better than that that noon to 1 hour is like just the the craziest. But in general I think it's a little bit crazy if you if you are too hot on the island. My recommendation and I know this sounds crazy because you only get one day it cast away. 54:30.73 Karsh And. Yeah. 54:45.29 Sam But is to go back to the ship because it's so quiet on the ship on Castaway day. Ah and being in cabanas in particular is really really quiet and yet they're still serving lunch on one side usually of Cabas and. 54:46.76 Karsh Right? Yeah, yeah, yeah, we didn't get to do a whole lot in castaway like there was there's another area. Which I say playground. It's not the playground but like you know you can get on there and then like dive off and like it's stuff for the kids to do. We didn't even get around to that Part. We could see it but we just we couldn't go there and then we also didn't do the bike ride because it was just so hot So hot. 55:08.85 Sam Yep. 55:12.31 Sam Now. 55:21.35 Karsh And we'd just eaten and we were like we don't want to be on that Tarmac like just that heat just coming up and you've just eaten so we did not do the bite right? We got back in the water. Yeah, just just floated around cool down and that's it. 55:35.50 Sam Yeah, smart listen I always tell people if they ask should I book the bike and the snorkel gear and the tube things ahead of time I always say no because you may not end up using them and it's one of those things that you can always get on the island. It's not one of those things that like sells out like because people. 55:52.37 Karsh That. 55:55.36 Sam Take a bike for an hour and then they return it. So it's really one of those things where I always say play it by ear. Um, unless you want to do one of the excursions like singray or parasaling or the you know clear bottom boat or something like that. Well it sounds like and a nice day it cast away despite the heat. Because you got some time in the water at least right? and. 56:13.34 Karsh Yeah, yeah, definitely and that and that's the thing with the sting ratey they already provide you with the snorkel gear so you don't need to get your your you know extra stuff and like I keep saying like Fomo was real so when we got there, we were like oh let's get the tube and let's get the snorkel gear. But yes, you're right? We didn't use it because. 56:19.56 Sam Thousand stuff. 56:32.63 Karsh At that point we've already done part of the smoeling and then you just kind of want to laze in the water and just do those things. But yes, it's very readily available. So if you're in the water and at any point you feel like you'd want to get it. You can go purchase it at that point you know rent it at that point. 56:33.65 Sam Right. 56:48.58 Sam Yeah, oh you had a later. Yeah, a later talking. 56:50.44 Karsh Plus the ship um docked at ten thirty instead of like earlier so it was at ten thirty yeah where it was those later and then so we didn't get to we we we get pretty quick kid to do much. There was not enough time because I've seen the itineraries where they're at the ship docks that's 8 or 7 7 30 or eight o'clock and it's there until like four thirty or something. 56:59.89 Sam Yeah, yeah. 57:07.74 Sam Yep. 57:09.99 Karsh That's a lot of time. Yeah, but we it was ten thirty to maybe around five thirty maybe um maybe five thirty but yeah that's time. 57:13.49 Sam Okay, yeah, well let's let's talk about some of the highlights on board. Um, let's not talk. Food. Let's talk activities first and let's first talk family activities. What were some of the highlights of. Things that you all got to do as a family either. Frankly you with 8 year old you with the two year old or you with both the kids what were kind of the things that seemed to be enjoyable for for us family activities. Oh yeah. 57:44.34 Karsh Um, day two. We did the princess gathering in the morning and the both girls loved it even though our 8 year old she's like oh you know I don't like Princess A 2 March everything. Well of course when she saw them. She's like oh this so nice I'm like for of course that's nice. Yeah. 57:58.54 Sam Ah, ah, nice. 58:00.57 Karsh And then um, once I mean we got the photo but the photo package as we yeah and I know there's like a mix bag of feelings on that but we personally enjoyed it and we got so many pitches out of it like there's constantly. You know, not only characters but they. For like um, hallow, no sorry, not halloween pirate night. Pirate night. They set up these backdrops and things so you can take those pitches and then your characters address as pirates and um, constantly like there's things going on so we I don't know we got over 200 or we got like 300. 58:22.36 Sam Oh yeah, yeah. 58:35.99 Sam Oh wow! Good job. Yeah, and honestly, if you're going to purchase anything more than like I think it's like 25 photos you're actually better off with the unlimited package if you've bought I say this though. 58:38.42 Karsh Goes to something like yeah, any any chance we could get this taking for those? yeah. 58:53.34 Sam With the caveat that you buy it in advance because it it is a little bit of a discount if you buy it in advance. But yeah, if you're going to if you're going to take um you know, let's say you'll only take 50 pictures on board. But if you're going to buy 30 of those pictures. You're actually it's a good deal to get the package. Um. 59:04.51 Karsh I right? yeah. 59:10.11 Sam You know if unless you if you are, You're one of those people who never take pictures then don't get it then it's a waste of your money So that's just my psa out there I think it's a I think it's a great um deal did the kids like any of the family game shows I Imagine the eight year old. They're kind of geared towards that age elementary school age. Not so much towards the. 59:14.96 Karsh Right? yeah. 59:24.85 Karsh We didn't get to do that We didn't That's one thing we want to do next time we wanted to go to the Bingo but we didn't get to do that Bingo Um, no ventriloquist. No Magician We didn't That's yes. 59:27.75 Sam 2 year old okay yeah 59:34.80 Sam So yeah, what about the stage shows then did you all get to go see the the main state. Yes, yep. 59:41.44 Karsh So we we didn't take the two year old just because we weren't sure how she would be yeah um, but we loved frozen. Yeah, that was amazing and Aladdin and Aadin yeah, that what that was amazing. We didn't go see believe it was I think it was the night before ah disembarkation and we thought it's late. 59:59.91 Sam Yep, yes. 01:00:01.13 Karsh And got to wake up early have breakfast. So we so we didn't We didn't go go go to it but they would like so I've heard so of her. Yeah, but no, yeah, yeah, yeah. 01:00:06.18 Sam That's okay, you skipped the right one. So it's not bad. It's not bad. It's just it's the other two are better. Let me just put that out there I don't actually think any of them are really bad I just think that it's very clear that Aladdin and frozen are better than a leave. So. 01:00:22.68 Karsh yeah yeah now um that was really nice like we were able to get like the popcorn and then he would and we were we all was tag teaming so I would take the eight year old go find seats and then have her sit go get popcorn and stuff and then he would take. 01:00:23.48 Sam Yeah, so. 01:00:37.16 Karsh Like everything for the 2 year old and drop her off at the nursery fill out all that paper because and that's the other thing that I would like to tell anyone that's this thing if they're gonna drop kids at the nursery there is paperwork and that paperwork does need to be filled out every single time it was drop off. Yeah. 01:00:51.25 Sam Oh wow okay well this is good to know because we never we never cruised when Nathan was that little and so we've never experienced that I didn't realize so I knew you had to fill out paperwork but I didn't know it was every time. 01:00:54.71 Karsh Yes. 01:00:59.64 Karsh Yeah, so right? Yeah, so it's like every time you drop them off. It's not just if you're in your mind you're thinking. Okay, it's going to be a 2 minute thing I drop off and I run out. It's not these 10 and least give yourself 10 to 15 minutes because if the parents before you are. Brand new or they have a very very small baby and they're you know they're nervous or anything like that and they have questions and also if there is a language barrier. That's gonna add to your time which we experienced as well as well. Yeah, um, so there's gonna be that paperwork. They want to know. 01:01:29.80 Sam So. 01:01:37.46 Karsh Things like what has your kid already eaten or what it would You know what do they need to do next or like when's bedtime like they want to depending on what day what time of day you're dropping them if it's breakfast or right after breakfast they want to know you know what they're gonna do next or. 01:01:53.25 Sam And right because they feed them in that nursery, right? Yeah, so. 01:01:55.66 Karsh Like yes and then nap times and they want to know all of that like they you can't expect them to remember and one of the sad things that we did come across was guests starting to be rude towards the staff member the cost members. Yeah, and it was hard because it's like. Taking care of your kids and it's really your responsibility to tell them what your kid requires at what time so you're actually doing yourself a favor and not and not have any of your activities be interrupted because now they have to call you you know? so. 01:02:29.91 Sam Oh yeah, good point. 01:02:33.12 Karsh Yeah, so that's 1 thing that I would definitely say if you're dropping kids off at the nursery give yourself at least 15 No I you know one parent give yourself at least 10 to 15 minutes to do that paperwork to make sure everything's in place. Yeah, but yeah. 01:02:44.69 Sam Yeah, great tip all right? So what about adult activities. We know you went to the spa. So I imagine you enjoyed that but were were you able to get up. And you oh you mentioned you also bought the rainforest passes I would love to know what you thought of the spa in the rainforest room and then I'd love to know if you were able to and I I'll say I'm doubting it a little bit because you have an eight year old and a 2 year old and I will say with our 9 year old. We have a hard time getting out to the adult onlyly activities in the evening. But. Curious as to whether or not you were able to do any of those first. 01:03:21.26 Karsh We So We love the Spa treatment. Um, we got what was it so we went went to Census Spa First we went we wentt there early and got into the rainforest and we did the showers and then when it was time we dried off. Got into robed and then sat in the waiting room and got called in and the massage was great. The treatment itself was great I fell asleep as I always do I think you you fell asleep as my yes I heard more and that you heard my snoring you that I remember that and then we had um. 01:03:50.10 Sam Ah I love it. Ah, funny. 01:03:57.18 Karsh Yeah, they gave us some time outside in the in the on the um, the big balcony they have just be was the yeah that will Ja cu you there so that we we had. We had a great time there and then they gave us tea so it was very we very nice and relaxing. Um, yeah. 01:04:00.16 Sam Oh the balcony with the hot tub. Yeah. 01:04:15.53 Karsh I would definitely and recommend if if anyone's able to get that time again. You know another couple thing that you you could do I would definitely recommend any kind of couple's massage or just a massage for yourself. Even if you're going you know and you want to just get that for yourself is very nice and relaxed. That after that the um, what adult thing did we do. We went to the mixed solid g yeah mix solid to class. Yeah yeah, that was a mixed bag for us. Yeah, um, we I think we made really one drink and then the rest of them. We just be able to send to us. Yeah, um i. I expect it or I thought it would be. We'll be making all the drinkaks so we were learning all the drinks but it was as we learned only 1 drink really? yeah, um, it's I mean it's something I wouldn't go back to again. But we're also not big drinkers so are social drinkers. Yeah, you can't just make it and then. 01:04:55.30 Sam I. 01:05:10.38 Karsh Relax at home can't can't do it. So I mean it it depends on how what people like and what they don't but I don't think we would be going back to mixology umology yeah, um, but other than that we didn't really get to do much on the adult side like you said you know with the 8 and the 2 year old 01:05:14.82 Sam And. 01:05:27.10 Karsh And again I'm going to say it. Fomo is real because you're like do you do things with yourself or do you have fun with your your kids like where is that balance because I think at one point we figured out there's like over 200 activities going on at the same time you know like. 01:05:40.53 Sam Yeah. 01:05:43.30 Karsh On that like whatever you're doing. There's so much more happening at the same time. So 1 thing you have to know when you go on any I guess any Disney Cruise is you cannot physically do it all in and you can you can't like. 01:05:56.15 Sam That's yeah. 01:05:59.33 Karsh Badger yourself about it either because there's no way you can. Yeah. 01:06:02.70 Sam Yep, we always tell people that like pick like the top 3 things you want to do and prioritize that and put everything else as it if we have time we'll do that but probably but know that you probably won't get to it because there's just honestly as you mentioned there's just too many things going on on board at once. 01:06:05.67 Karsh M. Yeah, yeah, yeah. 01:06:19.93 Sam Impossible to do everything. It doesn't surprise me like you said about you know, not being able to do the late night things you've got a full day and you're up early with the kids and entertaining them. So you know there'll be other cruises so that being said, we haven't talked about food. 01:06:27.34 Karsh Yeah, yes, now click. 01:06:37.14 Sam I've got to ask your overall impressions. Okay sorry. 01:06:39.13 dclduo I wait sam let me do let me do let me let me just do it aside really fast. 1 is to wait I didn't hear because I had to get up for a second did did they give their review of the rainforest room. No okay so but let me ask I'll take it from here for a few minutes Sam because you've been doing the rest of it. Um. 01:06:46.58 Karsh No. 01:06:47.33 Sam No no, actually that's a good question. Sorry okay sorry yep. 01:06:56.50 dclduo So I'm curious I know Sam asked you about the rainforest room. What did you think of the rainforest room on board. The fantasy. 01:06:59.20 Karsh I Loved it I I would go if I could I would have it in in my house. You know I loved it. Um, going from the the cold to the the heat and back to the cold I mean and then just a different. 01:07:06.74 dclduo Yeah, wouldn't we all wouldn't we all. 01:07:16.48 Karsh Um, sense in the air it it just transports you to whatever the the location. It said it was amazing. So I agree I had a ah mixed bag of feelings and I think more of it came from the fact that we had kids with us. You know like I feel like. If I was just going to go do that I would rather do something with the kids or be in the pool with them or go to the aqueduct. You know any of those things like I just if it was just he if it was just Karsh and I then I'd be like okay, let's go to rainforest and let's go do this like it would be a whole different experience than with the kids. Um, it's fun. But again, it's not something I would get that seven day pass for again I would yeah. 01:07:55.91 Sam Yeah, haral you and I are exactly of the same mind. Yeah. 01:07:56.28 dclduo Yeah,, that's that's fair, they used to sell they used to sell day passes and you could actually buy the day passes in advance as an onboard amenity and they have really moved away from selling those day passes. They still offer them I Think. Ah, but you have to show up the day of and get it and it's subject to Availability Spoiler Alert I Don't think they're ever not available. Um I I'm I'm curious. Yeah I'm I'm curious One of the Drawbacks I found on the rainforest room ah pre covered. 01:08:18.41 Sam Yeah, yeah I mentioned that earlier that we've seen it on the wish but not on all the other ships yet. Yeah. 01:08:18.84 Karsh Yeah. 01:08:31.43 dclduo Especially the fantasy was it filled up I mean it filled up pretty good and people would leave towels around and things like that it wasn't didn't feel like it was being like kept up nicely. Loungers were always not of it like we're always an issue like that was it that like that this time around or did you find it. 01:08:46.77 Karsh So yeah, yeah, um, the the warm stone loungers. They're always taken there. Always someone always was sleeping on on which sucked because it's like you know you're not giving anyone else the chance and it's not fair that if you're going to sleep. You're going to sleep on those you know. 01:08:48.68 dclduo A little bit better than than that. 01:08:54.24 dclduo Yeah. 01:09:04.74 Karsh Went up there for a nap and yeah and just just camped out on it. But um, the steam rooms the sauna rooms they didn't feel full like there was just like 1 or 2 people or some of them were just empty. Yeah um, and then the to hit. It's like a fifty fifty like some of the hooks were always taken and then. 01:09:15.14 dclduo Yep. 01:09:24.46 Karsh Otherwise you would still have some is like you know, fifty fifty you might not get a hook right? where you want it because you're in that room you might have to hang it somewhere else. But yeah, that etiquette was a little fifty fifty but I was I was definitely disheartened by the the loungers that. 01:09:35.45 dclduo Anyway. 01:09:41.35 Karsh It's like no one else would be able to catch hunts on those? yeah. 01:09:42.50 dclduo Yeah, well let's shift gears for a second I Always love to talk about food people know about my love of food on the show I'm always trying to ferret out new food items. New menus. But this time around It's just a really simple question. What did you think of the food on board and how did the rotational dining. Workout for you. Did you enjoy the show aspects how the kids do. So yeah, how is the food onboard in the rotational dining. 01:10:03.57 Karsh Do you want us to start with the well first night remy or and and go from there a rotational. Okay, right? Yeah rotational we need for the food. Okay, okay, rotational. So we enjoyed it in the beginning. 01:10:09.41 Sam So yeah, we'll hit. We'll hit the special. We'll hit the special dining at the end. Yeah, okay. 01:10:11.11 dclduo Um, yeah. 01:10:21.34 Karsh And then it got a little repeated. Yeah, so except the pirate night a pirate night. The food was pretty good. Yeah, but the rest of it at the time I think the day four 5 6 yeah sam is a hit and miss. Um. But one of the things I mean the the highlight for me was I'm a vegetarian and they were very accommodating to me so they would um you know, give me something with tofu or they they would make special um dishes for me to like? Yeah yeah. 01:10:56.48 dclduo We. 01:10:58.42 Karsh Um, to accommodate that which was really really nice and so I felt like I always got a different flavor. Um, but he yes that's a woman to get out. So so we asked the guy so he got a little tired of the regular food that was coming out because it was. 01:11:05.29 Sam Um, did they bring you any Indian food I think so curious. Ah. 01:11:12.98 Sam You must. 01:11:18.24 Karsh It just wasn't and then the kids were also like just getting the usual Mac and cheese like water use and plain rice or fries or something like that and so um, we ended up asking and had been in food. Yeah and he's like yes he was like I have to get it um, cleared by the. 01:11:33.97 dclduo With. 01:11:35.84 Sam The manager said. 01:11:37.74 Karsh He said no he he said I can put in put it. It put it in for you and then next time you come in? Yeah, we'll have it for you? Yeah so I can't get tonight. Yeah, but next time and he did right? yeah. 01:11:46.90 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah. 01:11:46.79 Sam I Yeah right right? as they have to go to a completely different place. They got to go to the crew mass basically to get it is what? yeah yeah I was wondering what you thought listen, you're Indian I Got to ask you what you think of the Indian food. Ah. 01:11:55.60 Karsh Yeah, but I mean even the eating food is amazing. Um, yeah, it was good. It was great. Yes, no it. 01:12:01.39 dclduo What it would It would seem to be like a good vegetarian compromise because I feel like there's a lot of great vegetarian Indian food. So yeah I fear that would be yeah. 01:12:04.63 Sam Yes, yes. 01:12:08.64 Karsh Yeah, exact and and I mean for I'm a big critique. Oh I have big critique of um Indian food like whenever that comes I'm like oh this is great or no, there's too much oil or there's no seasoning. Whatever but overall this is true. 01:12:20.90 Sam I I mean you are from London her all I mean like wherere the mecca in our opinion the mecca of indian food outside of India outside of India that' say yeah, the birth of chicken tikamasala right? I know it's a british. It's a british indian. 01:12:22.21 dclduo Yes, yeah, well outside of India. Yeah, but which is not an indian dish Sam. So. 01:12:28.80 Karsh I mean yes. 01:12:38.40 dclduo But it's a British Indian dish. Yes. 01:12:38.60 Karsh Yeah, so um, no I mean overall even the Indian food was really nice. The kids the kids left it upgrade. Yeah, the kids loved it. The kids loved it. Yes, they can't have to counted. Yes. 01:12:39.35 Sam Is yeah. 01:12:47.10 dclduo Did did the kids like the show aspect like Animators Palette has a show and it do they enjoy those? Okay which which ones did you have you would have had turtle talk and animation magic. Yes, great. Great! yeah. 01:12:57.12 Karsh Yes, yeah, correct. But if we're not sure what restaurant we had the first night because we because we it was a way. Yes, yeah yeah. 01:13:07.41 dclduo Ah, you missed 1 of the better menus but you know is what it I mean honestly though it's the french menu and you were eating in remy. So let's talk about remy for a second because if you got a if you got to skip the french menu in in royal I'd say remy is a good. Yeah. 01:13:12.67 Karsh You write. 01:13:13.82 Sam Yeah, yeah, and and eat in remy. That's a good substitute. Yeah. 01:13:19.20 Karsh Yeah, we probably We have all run. 01:13:21.64 dclduo Did did you before we talk about remy did you do anything with palo on board. You have a Palo dinner a pallo brunch brunch. Ok, let well let's start with pao brunch I mean star of the show here before we get to remy what you think of ah pao brunch. It's usually a fan favorite. Ah, but you know that. Can be hit or miss. So what do you think a Palo brunch. 01:13:39.89 Karsh So I liked it I wasn't wowed by yeah um I would I would go again. But i' rather go to remy? Yeah we I would we would rather do 2 nights at remy yes than do paulo brunch but is. 01:13:47.53 dclduo Okay. Wow, that's a that's a hot take opinion. We have not had on this show I'd rather do 2 nights rimmy than 1 palow brunch. What? What about brunch didn't wow you. 01:13:52.95 Sam Oh wow. Yeah yeah. 01:13:57.56 Karsh This. 01:14:04.12 Karsh I mean it just it was just a bunch of pastries and stuff and and that that initially came Out. We were like okay you know we could. This is okay and then um the when the when we got the menu items. Um, again, it didn't it did it just didn't. Take us to that next level of but I don't I don't know if remy ruined it for us like I would think they never ruined it for us that. 01:14:29.32 dclduo What What did you get off? What did you get off the ah the entrees because we always sometimes people make the choice although having listened to our show I have a feeling you may have not sometimes people make the choice of getting the breakfast foods and I'll tell you look I have started to vary I have a little bit of breakfast food thrown in sometimes. But we'll tell you you got to head straight for those Italian dishes on the entree list. And yeah, oh no, oh pizza. 01:14:47.66 Karsh We we did breakfast. We had breakfast food. Yeah we did breakfast pool and we got the pizza we got David the gorgon is all like pizza. So so we got I think I got the soup was there still in there. 01:14:53.74 Sam The Ah okay, well the bezz the pizza is good. The pizza is good. The soup is the soup is really good too. Both soups are good but the entrees are better. The the ah lunch or Italian entrees. 01:15:05.40 Karsh Yeah. 01:15:09.23 dclduo Yeah, although although for her alla would have been tough as a vegetarian because you're talking Chicken Parman lasagna and those are not us are not vegetarian friendly. 01:15:11.40 Sam Better than not to say the egg dishes aren't good. They're good or the waffle but they're not like this. They're just they don't Wow they don't Wow. Oh yeah, yeah, that's a good point. 01:15:22.72 Karsh Right? Yeah, there weren't too many options for her I Think that's why got the soup and then um I think it was like some pastries yeah pastries and then there was like can awful. 01:15:27.00 dclduo Yeah. 01:15:30.98 Sam Do you make any exceptions har all for meat teasing just for Paulo just make an exception just teasing. 01:15:31.20 dclduo Um, did they are. 01:15:35.60 Karsh He would love it if I was I would love it. My come on. Let's just go to forward it now and this. 01:15:40.47 dclduo But but so but so it interests me here. So let's head to remy for saying because as I think about it I'm like oh the vegetarian side of things there. That's a little iffy for me like I'm sure I'm look. That's a that is as an amazing Chef I Know it's got to be good. 01:15:50.91 Sam And they do a separate menu bride they do. Yeah. 01:15:57.10 dclduo Ah, but if I think about some of Sam's favorites off that menu are well the menus we've had because they change like the Poole Rouge the wago beef course that's on there those sorts of things like yeah Sam's A sam's a carnivore Sam's a carnivore. She's a mediaarian yeah yeah. 01:16:05.00 Sam And I'm all about I'm all about ah the meat I'm a carnivore I could never I could never be a vegetarian. It's impossible I Just don't I like vegetables but not that much. They're not the star of the show for me ever. Yeah, they're the side thats yeah yeah. 01:16:10.31 Karsh Yeah. 01:16:15.35 dclduo yeah yeah yeah I I had a friend in college shout out to my buddy Greg if he's listening to this at all but who developed a mediaarian menu that I think would wow Sam it was all meat everything on the plate was meat meat based so there you go. But. 01:16:18.95 Karsh Um, right? yeah. 01:16:32.99 dclduo Remy talk us Sir Remy You had a great experience at remy which some people for some people that is really hit or miss because you got to be adventurous to get in. You know to to dine in remy in my opinions you're talking foams and things. Yeah, yeah, yeah, so. 01:16:40.10 Karsh It It was an and it was an adventure adventure written our mouth. That's like that. That's that all my God and and. 01:16:50.45 dclduo Talk to talk to folks about some of what you had explain the remy experience to them because we've you know. 01:16:52.83 Karsh Um, pull up the menu real quick. Yeah I We can't remember the names we got pitchches we got we have pictures taken but we don't know we don't we we I was so much in awe and then like a server roberto right. 01:17:06.28 Sam Um, yeah. 01:17:09.64 Karsh I will remember his name forever I'm like I would hire you just to describe what's on my plate at home. It was so amazing. It was so amazing. Um, yeah. 01:17:17.21 Sam They are pretty amazing. We've we have had the experience at remy and also at anchantte on the wish with just the most amazing professional servers if you you know went to a 3 Michelin 2 Michelin or 1 Michelin star restaurant and any place around the world. These. 01:17:28.75 Karsh Ah. 01:17:36.35 Karsh Write bran. 01:17:36.35 Sam Folks would measure up I mean they're so good and they know exactly everything that's in the dishes as Brian mentioned this is a very adventurous food. You need to give yourself over to the chef you can have some dietary restrictions like being a vegetarian or being a meat. 01:17:49.82 Karsh Way. Oh yes. 01:17:54.67 Sam Eater right? Those are fine. Um, you just got to tell them upfront. But if you have a lot of very specific food restrictions or food allergies. It is going to be a little bit harder I don't consider vegetarian to be a difficult one for fine dining to accommodate. 01:18:08.40 Karsh It was it was um, they they had to right? Yeah, so they had a bitearian menu so she was able to enjoy everything that she wanted I Chose the the beef side of things. 01:18:11.80 Sam I think Vegan would be harder. Yeah, so. 01:18:25.84 Karsh And um, I felt like every single time there was a new plate in front of me. Um, this combination of flavors that I had never thought would go together and it just blew my mind it same thing for you right? that just it just blew on every every time we tried something new and and. The thing is when you're looking at those? um those portions you're just like this isn't going to fill me like what is.? Yeah yeah. 01:18:49.89 dclduo Know it always does and we had. We had a tasty menu one time that was supposed to be 21 bites and it was literally like 21 bite twenty bites of food was a lot of food. Let me just tell you that much? Yeah, yeah. 01:19:00.42 Karsh Yeah, yeah, like um so I had for me. There was like the asparagus and like when they first start it's um, this this little thing like I think it's like a parmesan thing filled with some foam of asparagus or cauliflower something and. Just those like they call it like the palate cleanser and then there's like this other soup and and it's so tiny, but it's as you get past like 3 or 4 courses you're like Wow I'm filling up I Want to make sure I have enough space with the next and then you're like do I finish this even though it's so small or do I say space like. 01:19:28.94 dclduo Now. 01:19:38.12 Karsh it yeah It was it was such an adventure you the bread was amazing that they it came with the 3 kinds of butter. Yeah, um and I know you love that the red pepper one? yes and I just love that the the regular butter. Yeah, just the flame was so rich. The seaweed one was a little bit too strong for me. But um I did like. 01:19:51.96 Sam I Love that and. 01:19:58.00 Karsh Like like the rest of them. Yeah, and then and they yeah had the wago be I had the Wa you beef? Um, and I had I think I had the the noki. Um yeah I had the yoki and it was is like you haven't had noki like that before even in Italy as like I've had. 01:20:13.14 Sam Right. 01:20:14.32 dclduo Um, yeah. 01:20:16.97 Karsh I had plates and plates of yourkiel italy like all I when I was in italy all I ate was yourki all day every day like I would never tire of it I'm like this is a whole another levelway. It's only 5 little pieces of newkeeper check 1 more amazing. 01:20:30.28 dclduo Um. 01:20:33.35 Karsh And then the cheeses came out and and he was just describing the cheeses his soft velvety voice and am like Roberta please talk to me like just tell me any anything just keep on talking please yeah, just tell me how many food? Yes, yes, yeah, oh you know I mean it was it was just this. 01:20:33.46 Sam I Love it. Ah yes. 01:20:42.17 Sam I just just tell me food. It's like Barry white like discussing food or something I love it. Yeah. 01:20:53.10 Karsh This great like party in your mouth like just amazing food. Um, and then like slowly the desserts started rolling out they did because it was also our and our 13 year anniversary so they they brought like a special. 01:21:08.66 Sam Ah. 01:21:11.63 Karsh Cake for that. Yeah, did they brought this egg and then they opened up that egg and there was a cake in there and yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, food. Okay. 01:21:16.41 dclduo Oh the egg, the Golden egg. Yes, yeah. 01:21:19.70 Sam I The Golden Egg Yes I do that at anantte as well as remy yeah for and and it's for any like if it's your birthday. It's an anniversary. They do this little like chocolate cake thing Magicjike I don't know how to describe it? um. 01:21:30.29 Karsh Yes, yes, but then at that point we were like we cause we thought okay that would be it but along with that they bring other desserts. Yeah like okay now I have to call it like it. Yeah, so we just we had a bite of each and that was it like we wouldn't finish it cause we're Like. He actually physically yeah know anyone? Yeah I couldn't walk after that like I need have roll me out of here. It's just too much. Yeah. 01:21:48.28 Sam And same I love it I Love it? Well it sounds like all in all a good food experience between you know. 01:22:03.81 Karsh I mean. 01:22:04.10 Sam Cabanana is I'm sure was fine for you know the quick service stuff some pool deck food is fine to get the kids you know some pizza hamburgers whatnot some you know, decent rotational dining. But of course the star being you know, Remy. Dinner I love that you guys did that I think there are a lot of people who are just a little bit wary because they're just not willing or they're nervous about being adventurous. But I say if you've got an adventurous palate dive in head first and go to remy for dinner for dinner I am not as big, a big a bigger fan of the brunch. 01:22:30.50 Karsh Yeah. 01:22:38.75 Sam It's good, but there's a lot of focus on the champagne pairings and as much as I love Champagne. It's a lot of champagne for a morning. That's just yeah too much for me. 01:22:45.11 Karsh You know I know um I don't I can't remember if we touched on the pools or not. But um, the pools we didn't we couldn't really get on them so I don't know if many people know or don't know or if their first time you know cruisers. 01:22:57.76 Sam Good point. 01:23:00.90 Karsh You cannot take an un party-trained child into any of those pools or anything that holds ah like ah, any body of water on that ship. It's got to be sort of running water. So the the Pad the splash Pad I think yes spsh. But. 01:23:14.53 Sam Yep. 01:23:20.72 Karsh Um, our two year old could go on that with the the swim diapers and that's about all she could do which was ah it's not bad I mean I'm making it sound like it's not fun. She had a blast. She hadn't had an amazing time. She just cannot get into any of the. Pools and also on the side. There's like this little water like with a little right by the windows. Yeah, but eyes. Yeah, yeah. 01:23:40.74 Sam Yeah, like a waiting pool. Yeah know that's a really good point her all because I do think there are a lot of people who go onto a ship and they assume with a very young child that they're going to be able to swim and a lot of those little kids love to swim and love the water and then they get really upset because they can't go in those pools. 01:23:56.32 Karsh Yes, right. 01:23:59.42 Sam And that's the case on all Cruise ships. Let me put that out there. This is not a Disney Cruise line thing. It's because they use seawater onboard Cruise ships not chlorinated water which does not kill the bacteria in feces the same way that chlorine can and so that's why. 01:24:13.00 Karsh I know. 01:24:17.34 Sam They're worried about number two s in the pool and that's why they do not allow because even if you're wearing a swim diaper guess what? there's a number 2 sitting in that swim diaper right? So that's why they do it it. It is one of those things that is unfortunate for the little ones but it's just something to know going in. 01:24:23.69 Karsh Yes, come. 01:24:34.44 Sam You can they can of course swim at the beach. There's no restrictions at the beach. You know it castaway or any of the other beaches but it is something really important I think it's a really good point to make and. 01:24:36.48 Karsh Yeah, you know it? Yeah, it was a surprise for us. But I think we saw a couple of the other parents get really upset about that fact and I think you know anyone listening first time cruises and they're gonna go with. A not party trained child should go with that mindframe of they will not be allowed in any of the body of waters on the ship. 01:25:03.96 Sam You Yeah and if it's gonna really upset you then wait till your kid is pottytrained I mean I hate saying that. But that's really like if it's gonna be something you can't deal with then your family's just not ready for a cruise yet because there's just no way around it. It's it's. 01:25:08.40 Karsh Um, hey ride? yeah. 01:25:16.80 Karsh Exactly and could be honest, the funny thing is like car for me I was like oh my gosh. She's just going on the splash pad like she might be tired of it and she might be bored I Just want to take her in the in the water and I just want take but the thing is that's us as adults as parents thinking all these things. The kids are having a blos that she had a great touch. She didn't care if she's touching the same fish or going the same slide over and over and over again. So It's us as adults thinking those things but she was having a blast. Yeah. 01:25:52.41 dclduo Well well it sounds like an amazing cruise and let me say it again. But. Well, it sounds like an amazing cruise. An amazing first time on Disney Cruise line I've got 1 more question for you at the end of the show. But for now we've reached that point in the show where I need to hand you over to Sam for some arbitrary questions some arbitrary rules and a dash of judgment or the round we know as a rapid fire so sam take it away. 01:26:19.41 Sam All right? you guys this is rapid fire where I'm going to ask you some of your Disney favorites and Disney Cruise line favorites now. Of course you've only been on the fantasy so your Disney Cruise line answers have to be limited to your experience on the fantasy. So personal experience all right? We're going to start with Disney favorites. Who is your favorite Disney character and by Disney that means anything that Disney owns. Ok so Karsh we're going to start with you since you are obviously the Disney lover in the family. So I feel like I got to start there oh nightmare before Christmas nice. 01:26:50.88 Karsh Oh yes, my favorite is is ah jackkellington. 01:26:58.50 Sam All right? Her all who is your favorite Disney character. Very nice. Love it all right? Favorite Disney movie and the same parameters apply anything that Disney owns her all let's start with you. 01:27:01.50 Karsh Um, I'll go with Tiana. 01:27:12.37 Karsh Um, Hocus focus. 01:27:14.92 Sam Oh nice, oh you guys like ah like some Halloween stuff around there all right carsh what is your favorite I'm going to guess you're going to say nightmare before Christmas but nice anyone who loves Jack Skellington that much has to love that movie. Of course. 01:27:16.62 Karsh It is that ever business. Yes, yeah, we even got a thirteen foot Jack Skellington for home depot for the fellow. Yeah. 01:27:32.36 Sam Um, ah is he is he is he just. 01:27:32.44 dclduo Ah I saw that I saw that online I saw that online I think Kristen the concierge lounge if you're out there listening I think you were the one who pointed it our way because you have an amazing setup for Halloween. Yeah. 01:27:34.76 Karsh Yeah. 01:27:41.97 Sam Oh he has a great display. Ah nice is he out on the year lawn yet. It's you know? Okay, we're so we're recording in September. So just that's why I'm asking. Okay favorite Disney Song karsh 01:27:43.70 Karsh He's all out twice online not yet, not yet this this month we will be over perfecting now. Yeah. 01:28:00.12 Karsh Jack's lament is this yeah it it sings to me is just it's it feels still. It feels so deep you know and this is a man who has all the power but he still. 01:28:01.46 Sam Ah I love it. It calls you? ah. 01:28:14.22 Karsh It's not enough and he has this emptiness in him. That's you know it sings to me obviously I'm not powerful but nothing new with me really but just love the song really I love the new Aladdin um. 01:28:15.39 Sam It's not ah. 01:28:20.12 Sam Hello I love it I love it all right? or all what's your favorite Disney song. 01:28:30.32 Karsh Song with the the Prince Ali 01:28:31.19 Sam Oh no I love it all right? Nice ok now we've got to talk favorite Disney Cruise line stage show because we've been talking about music so on Disney Cruise line you got to see 2 shows you saw frozen and you saw Aladdin. Which one is better. Haral. 01:28:50.78 Karsh Um, ah, that's a tough one but I guess I'll go all that and from point broke from me. Yes, yes yeah. 01:28:54.47 dclduo No. 01:28:54.99 Sam Wrong answer Karsh ah, that's right, ah all right fair enough at least 1 of you got it right? yeah. 01:29:06.59 Sam Listen these are favorites but Brias Brian mentioned there is going to be judgment past. So. 01:29:10.46 Karsh Um. 01:29:12.90 dclduo Unwarranted and at times incorrect judgment but judgment nonetheless. 01:29:15.71 Sam Ah, ah, not judgment nonetheless. This is my game I make the rules. Okay, favorite rotational dining this one actually doesn't have a right answer so but Carsh I'll start with you. Nice. 01:29:20.92 Karsh Um. 01:29:25.88 Karsh I would go with the animator's palette I Just loved how the colors in the room changed and then we had the the the drawing show I felt what is called but. 01:29:43.43 Sam Um, animation magic. Yeah yeah, awesome. Haral. 01:29:44.84 Karsh And you manage it? Yeah um and I just love that and so yeah, yeah, um, I'd go with Royal court and that's mainly for the pirate night menu. 01:29:54.66 Sam Oh nice. Okay, well that menu is the same in all the restaurants. But that's okay, you're allowed to still pick Royal court. But I'm glad I'm glad that you liked the pirate menu they you know it's not my favorite menu but it it is better than it used to be I'll say that and it is a little bit more. Flavorful than some of the other menus some the other menus are kind of bland and that one has a little bit more spice to it little more Caribbean flavor to it all right favorite space to relax on the ship Haral. We'll start with you. 01:30:17.49 Karsh Yes, no yeah, um. 01:30:24.12 Karsh The deck on the senses like right after you're done with the spa and then you just it's It's like it's just you Yeah I would say just. 01:30:29.59 Sam Oh yeah, yeah, love it. What about you? Karsh. 01:30:39.70 Karsh Balcony off the room like there were there were times when I closed the door I was the one went outside and I was just listening to the water the waves go by there were birds flying and it was just peaceful. It was peaceful and calm. You. 01:30:54.31 Sam And I love that all right favorite onboard activity other than just you know sitting on the veranda or sitting on the deck after the spa appointment. So ah carsha. Let's start with you for this one. 01:31:07.40 Karsh Um, I mean have to be the spot. The spa for me. Well the rainforest for me that that that was really that um, relaxing for me it was I don't know it it. It took me away and I was just it was just me and the water just. 01:31:25.30 Sam That's awesome. All right caral. 01:31:25.76 Karsh Nice um I don't know where to start but 1 of the things that was also relaxing for me was the cafe. What was that cafe's name. Oh no, let me here's one of the Vista Cafe vista ben yeah dream and dreams. 01:31:35.71 Sam Oh the Cove cafe. Yes, oh Vista cafe. Oh yeah, same drinks, same drinks at both but the vista one is the one off the atrium. Yeah yeah. 01:31:44.75 Karsh Drink Yeah, the drink. Yeah yes, and just sitting there and having wanted of their um I think is pomegranate like we mean strawberry Basil Strawberryry Yes strawry it is just is very nice. It was very refreshing. Very so nice. 01:31:55.64 Sam Who who. Oh I love that? Okay, we're gonna talk food really quick here. Favorite sweet item and favorite savory item is what I want to know so we you're gonna start with the suite. This could be anywhere on board right? so. 1 sweet item that you just loved on board herrral. 01:32:20.31 Karsh So much to choose? yeah yeah I think I think that's what came to mind first. Yeah, this officer? Yeah I don't remember where but there was an orange cake in there somewhere cube is. 01:32:21.76 Sam I mean it could even be soft serve right? like it's there's so much good stuff I love it all right? Karsh. 01:32:37.84 Sam Um, oh oh yes, that's the embarkation day. Ah Carrot Cakeke yes there people love that I love the oreo cheesecake other people love the carrocake. Yeah. 01:32:39.37 Karsh Not orange cake Sorry Carrot cake I apologize yeah cake and it was it. It was really goodan and yes, yeah. 01:32:53.57 Sam All right favorite savory item on board cars. We're starting with you this time. 01:32:56.87 Karsh Um, one of the mornings in Cabanna is there was this Mexican brito type wrap tech thing and I loved it and I thought I I hope they make this you know another day but that was it and I'm like why is is so delicious. 01:33:04.10 Sam Ah, the hot pocket. The Mexican hot pocket. 01:33:05.76 dclduo Yes, nope. 01:33:15.27 Karsh And I mean yeah oh my God It was amazing. It was so good I was so good. 01:33:15.47 Sam Um, Brian loves that damn mexican ah, but yeah, we're literally constantly looking for that darn hot pocket every time every chair I love it. It's and and it's the same. It's like it's not. 01:33:26.38 Karsh Um, yeah, yeah. 01:33:32.50 Sam They don't have it every day you might see it twice. You might only see it once like who knows yeah Haral What was your favorite savory item. 01:33:35.81 Karsh Right? Yeah I don't know what it was but the cabbe is um pizza What if that base the base. It's not like your regular pizza base but it was just it was so nice in that hot. 01:33:44.93 Sam Yeah, oh good. Oh I like it all right? You guys my last question. It's a question I ask everyone who comes on this show and gets to do a rapid firearm which is your bucket list. Cruise. 01:33:49.55 Karsh So coming in. Yeah, the pizza was very nice. 01:34:02.69 Sam If you could go anywhere in the world on a Disney Cruise line ship doesn't even have to be someplace Disney Cruise line currently sailed currently sails. Where are you goingnna go haral. 01:34:14.67 Karsh I want to go to Asia. Yeah, yeah, so I would love to go to Antarctica and yeah. 01:34:19.00 Sam Nice. Yeah, so maybe you'll be on the new Disney adventure in a couple of years all right carsh where are you going? Ah, you're gonna have to go to a small ship then yeah yeah. 01:34:32.67 Karsh I know but if only a Disney ship will go there. You know and that they'll be amazing. But so that's like my fantasy but if but the actual cruises I would love to do a medi mediterranean with unique Greek aisles. Yeah. 01:34:36.33 Sam Yeah, yeah. 01:34:43.58 Sam Wow! Yeah, oh yeah, that would be a great one. Well awesome you guys and I know thank you for playing. We're all winners even though Carsh got the right. 01:34:57.92 Karsh Yes I appreciate that? Um, well maybe. 01:34:58.00 Sam The right answer to the stage show. So I've got to give him a little bit of an edge there but that's because he's listened to the show. He knows what the right answers are but. 01:35:08.18 dclduo Well I love how we do a segment on guest opinion and there are right answers but ah, let me ask my last question where your opinion actually counts which is. So this was your first Disney Cruise line sailing. Are you hooked? Are you going back. You got anything planned in the future. Did you grab the placeholder on board. Yeah, what's next. 01:35:24.32 Karsh Yes, so we got a placeholder and we and next October we are going on a fornight Halloween Cruise it's gonna be the wish it's gonna go to Nassau and come back in and then in november. 01:35:33.27 Sam And nice. 01:35:35.58 dclduo Ah. 01:35:43.51 Karsh The next month right? after we're going back on the fact on the fantasy to easter back to Eastern Peribbe it's gonna be a mary a very merry word was it yeah very Mary Cruise yeah the Christmaspa Cruise yes and it's gonna be a party of it's gonna be a party of. 01:35:47.59 Sam Fuck. Yay. 01:35:56.33 Sam Maritime. Yeah yeah, oh fantastic. 01:36:02.92 Karsh 14 to 16 people. Um, we talked our neighbors into cruising they they they saw how excited we were and they said well okay, let's let's try this. So I said okay, well since you're going. We love your cousins invite them over so that okay, so then. 01:36:03.82 Sam Wow. 01:36:21.47 Karsh They had 2 of their cousin and their families. Wow so initially we'd offered we. We'd said you know why don't we do that small cruise like of the four day or something and I guess we have the correct friends because they were like four days who does four days who does four days it 01:36:34.14 dclduo Bit. 01:36:36.92 Sam That's right, That's right these secret cruising friends are the best friends. Okay. 01:36:41.47 Karsh Yes, yes, and the old reason why we're doing 4 nights in October is because we want we we made these new friends and we want them to experience cruising as well. They're Disney Fanatics they've got the whole they they have dvc. They yeah have annual pass ah passes they go. They go to twice see yeah 2 to 3 times a yeah but they've never gone cruising and I thought you need us join us so they said yeah, okay, but then when I suggested the seven night they said no, that's too much to us said too much 4 they're gonna ease them in into the fornight to the. 01:37:06.14 Sam Yeah, yeah. 01:37:14.40 Sam Yes. 01:37:19.59 Karsh For that Halloween wish Cruise and there I'm sure we'll get more at it. We'll get more on. Yeah yeah, yeah. 01:37:22.85 Sam Yeah I love it I Love it all. Awesome. You guys. 01:37:27.56 dclduo Nice, well glad that you've caught the bug a bit ah watch your bank account that is a hazard of being a Disney Cruise line fanatic. Ah, but glad you caught the bug and just. Thank you so much to both of you for coming on and sharing your fabulous experience with your first time with Disney Cruise line with all of our listeners. We really really appreciate it 01:37:44.20 Karsh Thank you and I think we want to say that we caught the bug because of you guys you you somehow push that bug through the podcasts. Yeah. 01:37:50.34 Sam Yeah, ah, it's contagious. It's contagious I'm sorry. 01:37:50.35 dclduo Um, yeah. 01:37:52.71 dclduo You you heard it here first. The dcl duo is highly highly contagious. So there you go. 01:37:59.75 Sam I. 00:00.00 dclduo All right before we all right before we head into rapid fire I guess I just wanted to ask 1 last question which is any big memories out of this cruise that you wanted to be sure to share. 00:12.76 Karsh Yes, so one of the days we were walking around on the ship just enjoying the ship and Captain Mickey was walking around and I think we had just we had we were we were doing the undercover. Um. 00:28.97 Sam Yeah, oh yeah, the midship detective agency. Yeah. 00:29.25 Karsh Yeah, the detective detective games. You're walking around the ship. Yes and we found Captain Mickey and our 8 year old you know we we told hey let's go. Let's let's get a picture initially it looked like Captain Mickey was just there as a um character that you could just kind of take pictures with like he was just meant to be in that. Space. but but no um the the cast member that was with Mickey said. Ah oh he's not going to stay. He's he's doing his rounds so he might just start walking. Yeah, so he said okay, let's take a big picture. But then next thing we know he grabbed her hard hand. Yeah, so to start walking hold on. Okay. So it was our daughter's turn to take go take a picture and as soon as she goes up there. He grabs her hand and just starts walking and he's walking for at least 2 minutes to the next stop and she was just in awe like Mickey has my hand. And we're walking and it's just the 2 of us and this is the most amazing thing. So and we're obviously following right behind and our 2 year old actually learned to say Mickey and Minnie on the ship. So she was like Mickey Mickey and so she's saying his name are 8 year olds holding her hand. Ah you know his hand and yeah I mean that's that's a fantastic memory for not only us. 01:53.98 Sam Yeah. 01:54.25 Karsh But both the kids like you know, just who gets to hold Mickey's hand and just randomly and just walk around the ship you know and um it was it was oh man it was just so heartf fitting and I would. 01:59.24 Sam I Love that. 02:09.60 Karsh Say that to parents like if you see any any of the characters just walking on and wait too minutes' like you might be able to make that memory. You know you your your son or daughter will be able to walk with a character and that's just such ah such a fulfilling memory like so amazing. 02:24.00 Sam I Love that we have We have a couple of those memories from the parks and from the cruise line and you just cannot recreate that Disney Magic Those moments are incredible stuff. 02:25.59 dclduo Nice. 02:34.12 Karsh Now No no, not at all. Yeah yeah, it definitely brought tears to our eyes even talking about it now it just it feels your heart. So what's like you get goose bones. Yeah. 02:44.63 Sam Oh I Love it. Perfect. 02:45.98 dclduo All right? Let me hit stop there because then I've got the lead in for the other.

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