November 22, 2023


Ep. 366 - Bonus - Starcrossed Podcasts: Chatting Disney Cruise Line with the Market House Podcast

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Brian Sam
Ep. 366 - Bonus - Starcrossed Podcasts: Chatting Disney Cruise Line with the Market House Podcast
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 366 - Bonus - Starcrossed Podcasts: Chatting Disney Cruise Line with the Market House Podcast

Nov 22 2023 | 01:12:14


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Caleb and Caitlyn join us this week from the Market House Podcast, to chat all about their recent sailing on Disney Cruise Line, adults only. Caleb and Caitlyn are two true Disney enthusiasts and we absolutely love their show. We wanted to hear their thoughts on DCL before having their first child, and can't wait to catch-up again with them soon to hear what it's like to transition from adults only sailing to family sailing on Disney Cruise Line. We had a blast talking to them and know you'll have a great time listening to our conversation.


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Episode Transcript

00:00.00 Sam Ignore it. Yes, sorry yes done. 00:00.93 dclduo Are you good now. Sam everything out of your system here ready to go sure last call speak now. All right here we go welcome back everybody to this week's bonus episode of the Dc L Duo Podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and Sam. Somebody hit those 5 stars again ding ding ding ding ding. Yeah there you go all right? Well, we're still working our way through a backlog here. Folks. This review comes from this past February and I am going to completely buncher butcher this person's name. It's la la blue la la balau. 00:21.49 Sam Woohoo. 00:35.49 Sam With. 00:37.10 dclduo We appreciate you. However, that should be pronounced and it reads excellent to Disney Cruise podcast Brian and Sam have the special ability to be extremely informative and professional in and a casual and engaging manner. that's that's that's nice praise as a frequent Disney Cruiser I still find myself listening to every episode and learning new things I also appreciate the diverse range of guests and discussions. They are clearly well-prepared but the conversation flows easily. They do not shy away from constructive criticism and offer a variety of opinions. So the listener can hear different perspectives on the presented topics. This is one of my favorite podcasts. Give it a listen. Well thank you for that review? Yeah I I have no idea you were listening to lintesa show or someone else, but we appreciate the feedback I love especially love the part about we're clearly well prepared if you knew how much we were flying by the seat of our pants on this podcast. 01:09.84 Sam Oh my God are they really talking about us. Are you sure. 01:26.74 dclduo You would be amazed I mean I guess it helps we're talking about the same thing weekend and week out. So ah, you know we're we're prepared just based be on talk about the same thing but thank you for that review. It really helps us out if you leave us a review over at Apple Podcast we will read it on the air just as we did this 1 caveat 5 star review at Apple Podcast we don't read the one stars. So. With that we have a fabulous set of guests today sam don't we. 01:50.70 Sam Yes, we do. We're super excited now these folks we were in a little head to head competition with on Instagram many months ago. Um, run by one of the other podcasts that ah that we sort of. Hang out with I guess you want to say Brian um, it was run by. It wasn't run by rope drop radio. Oh they were in the competition. 02:09.49 dclduo No no rotrop radio was in the competition. It was run by yeah, we were nominated by a couple of listeners to be in a sweet 16 style bracket and we were placed head to head against the markethouse podcast and so. Ah, we pulled out all the stops you managed to squeak by the skin of our teeth. Yeah, by like 1 vote and then we got absolutely creamed in the next round. So. 02:27.89 Sam I think by 1 vote one vote I think we had 1 vote and we didn't that's right, that's right, that's right, but we are so happy to finally have these guests on our show Caleb and Caitlin from Markethouse Podcast welcome to the show. You. 02:46.26 Caleb _ Caitlyn Hey guys Thanks for having a song. Oh yes, we are so excited and yes that little battle is fun but you guys are well-deserved with the way. Well-deserd we were actually like super fans before it happened so when they posted it I was like are you kidding me? how unfair is that. 02:47.10 Sam Guys. 03:02.49 dclduo Ah. 03:02.63 Sam Ah, to be fair, you guys had like just started your podcast at that point right? or so or shortly before that Yeah, ah. 03:06.83 dclduo Yeah, how long have you been podcast so you do Disney podcasting and let's give you a chance to talk about this for for a second you know we usually ask what's your Disney background I'd be curious if you can add in there. How long have you been podcasting where do the idea to to podcast come from and you know also. 03:06.85 Caleb _ Caitlyn Um, pretty new. Yeah yeah. 03:25.81 dclduo We know you've done some Disney cruises. So let our listeners know what you've done as far as Disney Cruise line 03:30.36 Caleb _ Caitlyn Sure. Yeah, so I'll start you can butt in when you want. But yeah, so the the podcast started as a this was so we actually just hit our 2 wo-year anniversary as at the time of this recording and so what is it hundred episodes. We just hit yes, so started back in. Ah, what was that fall of 21 and that is when Disneyland just kind of started opening back up it opened that spring and you know was kind of like the modified stuff from the you know the word we must not mention and it was a rough time right? We couldn't go to the Parks. We were like so bummed and I kept like I was a podcast fiend I just listened to podcasts all day I rarely listen to music. 04:02.65 Sam E. 04:07.51 Caleb _ Caitlyn And I remember kind of like just taking Caitlin for a walk and going what if we like started a podcast like just what if just what if and she was like ah yeah. 04:14.80 Sam Um, sounds so similar to our own story Caleb but. 04:18.91 Caleb _ Caitlyn It was just yeah, like it just an idea like let me just see what you feel and she was likehi had done some social media stuff and so I said you can handle the social media because you're good at that I've got no idea what I'm doing and let's just talk disney so for the first 20 ish episodes I was by myself and it was the most boring i. Bless those people that listen to me like the 4 people that were listening because it was the most boring I sounded like a a counselor I told me I was like so Disneyland is a place where it was very so it was very like not was very Npr and I was to npr evy so I invited cake love ira glass. Yeah. 04:39.14 Sam Ah, ah. 04:47.15 Sam Ah, ah, ah listen we love ira glass we went into a like ah we went and watched him perform he did like a talk at the at 1 of our our theater ah venues downtown and we even paid to do the meet and greet I mean we are huge Npr fans. So i. 04:55.38 Caleb _ Caitlyn Okay. 05:04.91 dclduo Well, we told him we told him we had a podcast. We told me had a podcast like what about and we're like Disney Cruiseline he's like he's like they have a cruise line talk to me about that tell me about tell me more I was like do you have a recorder. Let's talk right at. Let's talk ira with me a segment on the show. Yeah. 05:06.81 Sam Do not blame you for starting there. We did? Yeah, yeah yeah. 05:10.88 Caleb _ Caitlyn Um, no way. Um, um, that's so cool. Let's just get a quick episode and so. You know my inspiration then npr fantastic but they've got a very certain way of talking so I was probably trying to mimic that subconsciously didn't work so invited Caitlyn on and that's when it kind of just took I just started loving doing it then so ah but backgroundwise I was the kind of odd kid that didn't really go until I was like twelve or thirteen years old all my kids were going growing up to the parks and I had never done it so I started going when I annoyed my parents enough for them to take us and I've been in love since but we've been going a lot younger. Yeah, both of my parents were like disney obsessed. So I've technically been going since I was a little baby. Um more disneyland rather than Disney world. Um, we cruised a little bit when I was younger with carnival and then once Caleb and I got married. We actually went on our first Disney Cruise so we've been on 4 total but we're just so we've been hooked ever since. Absolutely hooked. So our first was in 2019? Yeah pre fe okay and that was a fortnite. Ah, bohemian so it was the standard Nasa and casaway key and we did it. Ah that was on the dream. We did it again the following year because we were just like let's just keep this train going and we'd always tag on a little Disney world trip and in the beginning and did the fornite. We did a seven night Alaskan Cruise in September of 22. 06:18.44 dclduo Are who. 06:33.90 Sam It Amazing! yeah. 06:35.52 Caleb _ Caitlyn And then we just yeah, just got off a a fantasy five night double dip to castaway key in July of 23 so that is kind of the the Disney background. But yes, we're magic key holders. We go to the parks all the time and we're addicted. It's a problem but that's that's the that's the gist of it. 06:51.45 dclduo Um. 06:53.83 Sam Sounds very familiar I would say ah. 06:54.32 dclduo Yes, I was going to say you know kudos to you know? ah kudos to bringing Kaitlyn on the show because everyone out there knows they love sam the most. So I've I've had I've had a few guests where I've been like well you know Sam's busy so you you know we can just record together and like a couple of them responded at what like. Well. 07:05.18 Caleb _ Caitlyn So. 07:14.22 dclduo I think the show's better with Sam um, so anyway, ah sure actually they were nice or they nice about there like the show's better when you're both there so I was like all right. 07:14.68 Caleb _ Caitlyn Oh my god that's horrible right? Someone just wrote a review someone just wrote us saying Kaitlyn's like giggle is so cute or something I'm like no one mentions my giggle no one mentions my contribution to the show. So yeah. 07:29.19 Sam Ah, that's right, you know it's funny Caitlin people talk about my laugh too I don't know what I don't actually like my laugh at all I don't want to listen to my own but people. Um. 07:31.95 dclduo Ah, nice. Nice. 07:32.50 Caleb _ Caitlyn The ladies yeah are loved. 07:38.10 Caleb _ Caitlyn Oh my gosh. No, we love your laugh when we listen to We always listen to your podcast episodes together and every time you start laughing. We literally just start cracking up So we love it. 07:49.98 dclduo Well so you made the transition from parks to cruise line. You're both kind of Disney attics now I thought we could talk a little bit about the differences between kind of going to the parks going on the cruise line but let let's clarify for folks out there where where are all where are you all. 07:50.70 Sam Ah, ah well thanks. Well. Thanks. 08:09.24 dclduo Based like worry are you in Florida are you outside of Florida. Ok. 08:10.14 Caleb _ Caitlyn No, we're in Sacramento so Northern California and yeah so when we do the cruises. It is a trek. You guys know you're up in Washington correct. So you know that flight is no joke and if you have a. 08:18.80 Sam Um, yeah, yep. 08:19.79 dclduo Yep. 08:24.53 Caleb _ Caitlyn Ah, airline suggestion. We'd love to hear it. We hate flying out there. But it's so fun. Once you're there. But yes, we're in Sacramento. 08:24.75 dclduo Okay, all right. 08:30.88 Sam Yeah, well and that makes sense because you guys. Ah, as you said our magic key holder. So I imagine you're going, you're going to Disneyland a lot like us or West Coast it's just much easier to get down to Disneyland and you know of course we love sailing out of San Diego but there's just not that many cruises that sail out of San Diego 08:43.25 Caleb _ Caitlyn Right. 08:46.58 Sam And I don't want to go to encinata and cabo every single cruise I like to go to some of the ports on the East Coast and so yeah, we end up flying all the way to Florida for our cruises. Yeah. 08:58.38 dclduo But but that that helps add to the comparison that we're going to do here because you got to travel there. You got to stay overnight. You know your your parks vacations are really not like that. Let's pop in to the park for the afternoon like someone who lives in Florida you got to you got actually plan the vacation. Um. 09:09.66 Caleb _ Caitlyn Right. 09:12.64 dclduo I guess let's start with sort of the ah the pre-planning experience and as we think about parks versus Cruise line. Ah I think the sentiment out in the community but you tell us you're the you know some of the parks experts here that we rely on is those parks vacations are getting ah complicated. It would be a nice word. Um. 09:30.20 Caleb _ Caitlyn Um, it's a very kind word. Yeah. 09:31.10 dclduo Out of hand would be another word. Ah so yeah, what talk to us about the difference for you in terms of planning a parks vacation versus a cruise line vacation. 09:31.52 Sam Okay. 09:42.19 Caleb _ Caitlyn That's good I handle most of the planning. Yeah I was going to say let you take this one? Yeah I'm a little bit obsessed I tell caitlyn that I think the planning is probably a little bit more exciting for me than the actual trip itself like the trip's great, but the planning part is where like you get to kind of shine and you know it's fun getting deals and stuff. But yeah, let me tell you the park stuff has been. A headache headache to say the least and with the park reservations with the I'm just going to tell you guys the hotel costs for and you guys go down there too have been absurd like even the hiltons are getting on it the marriotts like they've looked at Disney and said they can charge seven hundred a night let's charge half that. 10:09.27 dclduo Who. 10:16.27 dclduo No. 10:18.31 Caleb _ Caitlyn And people will pay it right and people are paying it. You guys have been. It's been absolutely packed. Yeah wall to wall and so yeah, you just really have to now be conscious of like okay this is not the quick dip weekend trip. We used to kind of pull anymore you kind of have to plan a little more ahead and yeah, the park reservations have made it hard now. Let me tell you I. 10:20.39 Sam It's it's crazy. Yeah. 10:30.80 dclduo Um, yeah. 10:38.19 Caleb _ Caitlyn Ah, committing to a date a year and a half in advance with Disney Cruise line that's where I start to have like it's that's the only negative I would say about the Disney Cruise line is that you're just kind of locking down you hope you're not going to get sick. You hope that you know family can make it or what have you? So that's kind of the one curve ball with the Disney Cruise line stuff. But it's a breeze. Absolute breeze compared to the parks right now. 10:58.32 dclduo Yeah, well and you've got to you got to lock it down early on the cruise line so you get the best pricing possible right? So yeah, yeah, yeah, and with the parks you can kind of wait around and say well will there be a sale will there be some special offer free dining like. 11:04.76 Caleb _ Caitlyn Um, for sure. 11:08.61 Sam Yeah, unless unless you're Dvc and you want to use those points and then you've got to be locking it down at at eleven months or seven months you know obviously depending upon home resort versus just another resort. So yeah, but. 11:18.00 dclduo Yeah, yeah, as much as as much as you 2 travel have you thought about dvc or do you own Dvc. 11:28.52 Caleb _ Caitlyn We've looked into it I was a little obsessed like actually a few months ago so when you ask and I was like every night doing research like I gotta make this work and um, yeah, I'm a little bit of a personal finance like nerd. So I can totally talk about this for 45 minutes but with like recent rate and stuff it would make more sense to like pay cash and stuff and so like it's definitely going to take more planning. But yes, we totally looked into it and we would love to do it eventually, especially with a little one on the way we'd love to ah maybe invest in Dvc yeah because we've had experience with renting dvc points but obviously just don't own currently. But. 11:42.46 dclduo Um, yeah, yeah. 12:00.97 Caleb _ Caitlyn It's kind of hard to miss with the new ddc tower in Disneyland that looks beautiful. Yeah, we are very excited about that one. 12:05.58 Sam Um, ah absolutely yeah. 12:05.60 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah, we will be down there next weekend Actually as we're recording this is opening weekend for the Dvc tower and we are headed down. We're going to spend a little time over in the ah park not to be mentioned Universal hollywood. 12:10.46 Caleb _ Caitlyn Oh my gosh. 12:21.76 Caleb _ Caitlyn Um, oh God How dare you? ah. 12:22.89 Sam I Know we got to check out, we got to check out super Mario. Yeah, so yeah. 12:23.70 dclduo Yes, to see to see super Mario world for our son? Yeah yeah, yeah. 12:28.63 Caleb _ Caitlyn That's fun. That's fun. Ah so are you did you guys? Ah are you Dvc owners at the Disneyland Hotel now. 12:33.80 dclduo Where the question is where're not where we own dvc. It's where don't we own dvc Now it's not that it's not quite that bad. But yes we have yeah we do own at the new Tower We also own across the street of the Grand cow and at alani and at Rivia. So yeah, yes. 12:33.13 Sam We are now but where do we not and it's not that bad. 12:38.97 Caleb _ Caitlyn Um, for you. 12:44.67 Caleb _ Caitlyn Nice oh a lanie and Andrew Riviera both on our list that is. We're very excited about. Do you guys want to switch lives just for a year twelve months will just you guys come up here down here. Yeah. 12:51.25 Sam Um, ah yeah, well maybe except for the fact that you're about to have a newborn and I do not want a new board and there are still. 12:52.34 dclduo You? ah. 13:01.63 Caleb _ Caitlyn Um, yes, it's more for that than the dvc stuff. So yeah. 13:06.59 Sam Yeah, yeah, they're really cute but I can't live through that not sleeping thing all over again. And yeah. 13:07.64 dclduo Ah. 13:08.56 Caleb _ Caitlyn Okay, oh my gosh Fair fair point. We're definitely excited for that. 13:10.85 dclduo Yeah, well its since we mentioned the other park franchise not to be named I do have to ask you know you guys are into the Disney parks. But when you go to Florida do you do head over to u of o like how how are you guys looking at the. Difference between Disney and universal Orlando these days because a lot of people say the gap is closing or has closed between these two major park behemoths. So I'm wondering what your thoughts are around visiting universal Orlando when you had to Florida. 13:41.58 Caleb _ Caitlyn Yeah, so I've actually never been to universal Orlando Caleb's been a couple times with his family I currently want to go so bad because of Harry Potter and I would love to experience that area I've only been to universal hollywood when I was super young and I literally don't remember anything. But we just never really yeah, do it and to clarify I went with my family when we were like dating and I was like 16 I didn't go ditch her and go oh kind of know. Yeah, this is about here dates like he goes my all the time and I stay home. No I went when I was younger and right when the Harry Potter section just opened. So I think they were missing. Um. 14:08.97 dclduo The. 14:10.98 Sam Ah. 14:18.45 Caleb _ Caitlyn 1 se diagon alley they didn't have that ah built out yet. So but no, we haven't dabbled over there yet just because when we fly out there. We are such Disney freaks that we're like I mean we've got only you like 5 or 6 days out here. We really want to commit it to Disney world. But we have talked about the next time we go out there which will be at the end of next year we might do a day or 2 at universal. 14:19.59 Sam Right? right? right? yeah. 14:38.70 Caleb _ Caitlyn Because you're right Brian like I do think they are kind of like they're competing now and yeah, for sure you can't help but respect what they're doing over there. They're investing so much dang money in that park. We'll see what Disney does with that 60000000000 that fresh 60000000000 the next ten years to see if they can compete with a ah universal I guess but yeah. 14:54.19 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 14:56.60 Caleb _ Caitlyn Ah, we definitely want to do it. 14:56.70 Sam Yeah, and the planning there. Ah for universal orlando is basically nonexistent right? like you just book your ticket and you book you know express pass if you want it instead you know instead of having to book lightning lanes as you go and paying extra you just pay 1 extra amount up front. Similar to how max pass used to work at in California and you just have your express pass basically for the parks with which I think is really nice I'm not trying to sell universal Orlando let me just be clear I just think that the parks have gotten out of control with planning but let's. Let's flip and talk about planning for you know the cruise or the cruise line for Disney um, you know I would say that part is pretty easy with the exception as you mentioned Caleb of booking a year in and a half advance and then you've got the booking you know. Ah, few months in advance depending upon your castaway club status Caitlin what would you say is like the the easiest or the most difficult part in the planning process for Cruise for you. All. 16:03.73 Caleb _ Caitlyn You know I would probably say just narrowing down a date and time kind of like what Caleb mentioned because usually we try to do like the behemium the caribbean ones um with the most recent one we did in Alaska that's definitely one of our favorite ones that we've done but based on status like we're not gold yet. We are like almost there. Um, it's kind of hard to get like certain rooms because we kind of like specific areas of the ship and we notice that a lot of those fill up quickly. So even if we have a date in mind it sometimes doesn't work based off that. But overall I would say I don't know maybe just time of year. Or pricing depending on which one you're going on or just availability like Caleb mentioned with family members like it's tough, especially when you're getting a big group together. There's so many conflicting schedules since it's so far away. But other than that we kind of have it. It's it's not too difficult. It really is one. And I think she nailed it was the it's the being silver still and we're golden next time. So we're looking forward to that there. But yeah I mean we have found we like certain sections of the ship and everyone else has found that out in their their pearl pearl platinum and gold and so they've got all their rooms booked and we're like oh we'll take the scraps please. 16:52.40 Sam Okay. 16:59.14 Sam Yeah. 16:59.47 dclduo Your sister. 17:07.41 Sam Yeah, yeah, you know I have to say that that tiered booking schedule does have an impact. Um, you know we know that even the prices do go up within those like three days you know now we didn't see huge price increase on the treasure from opening day. To you know, like even public sales. Um, but generally speaking with any itinerary release there is a you know difference in that price structure and of course you're right? There are certain. Room types or room categories that there aren't as many of perhaps and so people you know, snag those rooms and and book up on those ships and if that's important to you which it is to a lot of people it it might alter your plan significantly. So I think 1 thing that you know people. Ah. 17:49.32 dclduo Now. 17:55.43 Sam Um, think about when they're booking a cruise and when they're booking a when they're booking a parks vacation is dining. So let's talk about the difference in let's I'm going to say booking dining which is obviously we all know that. It's not really a thing on dcl but it sort of is but talk to me about um, you know, booking dining at the parks and what are sort of the pluses and minuses of that as compared to the Cruise line. 18:24.72 Caleb _ Caitlyn Caitlinn's the pro on booking dining. She's the sweetheart that wakes up at well. Yeah I'll like her I let her talk about it. Yes, it's hard so I have pros and cons to both the crews and the parks. Um, let's start with the parks. So. 18:26.58 Sam At three o'clock in the morning. Yeah at 3 o same here caitlin three o'clock in the morning for Disneyland. 18:39.26 Caleb _ Caitlyn Um, they're extremely stressful. Um, we always try to get like lamplight lounge or carthha Circle Whatever it may be and those are always the first to go So I literally have to wake up with the crack of dawn to try and get a 2 wo-person reservation. Um, usually I can nail it. But it's that stress of like okay I need to set my alarm I need to get there. And then it's like if they're all gone. It's like okay I'm going to check every so often and maybe quite possibly. They'll have a waitlist open sometimes they don't so you're kind of like all right? but with the cruise line. It's also stressful too because we love going to Pao. It's one of our favorite experiences. We've never been able to land brunch and I'm so bitter about it because we've tried so hard. But again, it's all based on status. Obviously so hopefully one day we'll be able to grab it. But it's just like the unnecessary stress of like I need to get to this one location of dining because I have to have this amazing food. 19:17.93 Sam Ah, ah. 19:32.40 Caleb _ Caitlyn Just it's tricky sometime. Please let us give you money. Yes, it's it's it is feels silly or it's so like why do we try so hard for this stuff but is is you just can't explain it but I do feel like yeah's so true. It's so true. It's. 19:34.10 dclduo The. 19:38.24 Sam Oh my god. 19:42.33 dclduo It it is amazing then the number of times someone has said why is it so hard to give Disney money like why? ah. 19:50.76 Caleb _ Caitlyn Seriously and I do feel like the cruise line though from our past experience has been a little bit more accommodating with the reservations like again the first day you get on the ship. You're usually trying to see like hey are there any availability at paoa remy. Usually they're able to get us in. We're at Disneyland I feel like we're not so lucky. Sometimes so true. 20:08.10 Sam I yeah, that's a really good point. You know with Disneyland and Disney World dining opens up sixty days in advance. It's a little bit different between Disneyland and Disney world because at Disney World I think and correct me if I'm wrong. It's sixty days before the first day of your trip. 20:24.43 Caleb _ Caitlyn Correct. 20:26.82 Sam Versus at Disneyland it's just sixty days before the day that you want to book the dining which can I tell you is so annoying because that means I have to get up at three o'clock in the morning multiple days in a row if we have a trip that's more than 1 or two days at least with Florida I can do it all at once? um. 20:30.14 Caleb _ Caitlyn So yes. 20:36.89 Caleb _ Caitlyn Um, yeah, yeah, yep. 20:45.80 Sam But yeah, you have the sixty days in advance and then with the of course Disney Cruise line you're booking adult dining. You know whenever you're castaway club booking onboard booking opens. You know that one's at midnight I have found I don't know if you guys have found this too. But. With Disney World and Disneyland it's actually not um, it's supposed to be at six a M eastern on that sixty days ahead of time but I have found that sometimes it's it's hit or miss as to what what time it is. You know it could be It could be midnight. It could be the next day it's not even always reliably at sixty days I don't know if you guys have the same experience but it drives me crazy. 21:24.50 Caleb _ Caitlyn Same exact Kaitlyn's up every hour because if you know you miss the first drop at 3 I'm almost positive I've heard and I don't know if this is true haven't checked with the cast member or something they release them in waves. So I know that they my understanding is that every hour they're releasing a new wave of reservations that you can grab and so they start at 3 zeroclock a m up. 21:34.45 Sam Oh oh. 21:43.58 Caleb _ Caitlyn Pacific time and then kind of go from there. So ah, you know, maybe if you missed the first alarm you're getting the 4 a m wave but it is redalculus you're correct. It's ah it's a headache but like can I tell you something. Actually you reminded me of something on Disney Cruise line when everything drops at midnight have you guys experienced the the wonderful tech team of disney i. I don't know if they if they outsource they should get their money back if they do but it is so bad because you're waiting an hour hour and a half two hours and I just sit there and watch a tv show while I refresh my ipad my you know mac we're just refreshing every 3 seconds so same deal. Yep oh gosh. 22:07.28 Sam Ah, it's terrible. Yeah. 22:14.62 Sam You yep and you get those little 7 dwarfs on the screen or the spinning wheel of death right? All 1 or the other. Yeah, but so so true. So there that's this. 22:15.38 dclduo Yeah. 22:21.96 Caleb _ Caitlyn Yes, yeah, it's ruined snow white for me I'll never watch it again 7 doors. Yeah. 22:24.86 dclduo Yeah. 22:29.79 Sam Why they both have their pluses and minuses right? I mean the the night. The 1 thing about the cruise line that I do appreciate is you only have to book your adult dining. Your main dining is already essentially booked for you or booked at the time of the cruise the time you book the cruise you select if you want the main dining or late dining. 22:29.91 Caleb _ Caitlyn Hundred percent 22:48.98 Sam Depending upon availability and pro tip out there if you are booking early and you're not sure which dining to request unless you're sailing in Alaska or europe book main dining. It's easier to switch to late dining than it is to do the reverse except for again Alaska and Europe Alaska and Europe. 23:02.85 dclduo Yeah I. 23:07.89 Sam Late dining is more coveted in those places. 23:08.17 dclduo I would say it's slightly differently than you just did Sam from the perspective of it's not what you have to book. You don't have to book anything in advance right? You could just bypass your booking window altogether and step on the ship and still have a fabulous time and probably step on the ship head to guest services and. 23:15.58 Sam Right? true. 23:19.30 Caleb _ Caitlyn You So true. 23:25.51 dclduo Get a you know at least a pallo dinner. Maybe even a pao brunch depending on the length of your sailing and what's going on so and I also think that Caleb to your point part of the reason they've started doing this like oh look, you get to book things earlier and let's tear this out. It's like forced spreading the crowd on the ship out. 23:27.50 Caleb _ Caitlyn So right. 23:43.48 dclduo So not, everyone's going online at the same time. But even then even then it is just a disaster. We're dealing with them right now because ah literally went on to order Disney band plus for an upcoming cruise our sun is not showing up as an available to order the Disney Band plus when we click on it. I get a profile that says deleted profile for him and then they can't fix it and so I'm like this is just nuts. So yeah Disney Disney I t I I fully respect that there are probably challenges for the people who work in that department but it is awful. It is. 24:03.32 Caleb _ Caitlyn Oh my gosh. Oh gosh. 24:17.24 Caleb _ Caitlyn It is what's what's frustrating is we know it can we you know what can be done well like you look at Apple and you've got thousands if not you know millions of people on launch day pressing order and I've done it a couple times and it's so it's just you press a couple buttons and you're checked out and I go back to bed. 24:19.54 dclduo Off of. 24:35.59 Caleb _ Caitlyn Whereas Disney just can't figure it out. We need some crossed. Yeah, we need some cross team. 24:36.26 dclduo Well I I love the Apple I love the Apple thing too of like let's get you ready for your preorder. Let's get all your stuff uploaded and then you just come online and you hit a button and we'll take care of it for you like I've always wondered why if you're a repeat. 24:43.40 Caleb _ Caitlyn Right? Yes, yes. 24:52.60 dclduo Cruiser on Disney Cruise line why you can't save all your irrelevant documents to a profile so that when you come online to check in. They're like we've got it. We've got it. We've got it. Ah your credit card stored like ah the check-in process for royal caribbean literally took me 5 minutes and it was 1 screen and like it took. 24:55.64 Caleb _ Caitlyn So smart. Yes. 25:07.75 Caleb _ Caitlyn Oh Wow Ah, ah. 25:10.89 dclduo And it like if you scanned a passport it extracted all the data like there was no hiccup to it right? and so I was like I don't understand why Disney can't do this stuff and on the back end too. Royal does this great facial recognition when you disembark the ship now. So like you walk up to the little thing it recognizes you the gate opens and you kiss keep going like you don't have to stand in front of a passport officer. All that sort of stuff so I do not understand what's going with Disney technology because they get some really cool things right? animatronics special effects all that sort of stuff is amazing, but it comes down to just the nuts and bolts of an it infrastructure. It is disastrous. So anyway. 25:45.44 Sam I Know well let's ah all right? Well let's transition to another topic I Want to talk excursions versus attractions. 25:47.67 Caleb _ Caitlyn Um, one surprised me, they're still using fax machines. 25:57.87 Caleb _ Caitlyn Okay. 25:59.34 Sam Right? So rides versus excursions because this is another category and I actually think this is where parks now now Beats Cruise line a little bit. Um, but I want to know what you all think as far as you know, planning excursions versus. Planning rides at a park. 26:19.62 Caleb _ Caitlyn Yeah I mean I think there's more planning involved with the excursions I would say when it comes to the cruise line. Um, when Caleb and I go to the parks as of now it'll be different when our little 1 gets here obviously but we aren't really ride-hey when we go we kind of were the couple that just walks around and. Stares at people and what looks at the um beyond stare. Oh no, we don't stare at people but we like eat snacks I that's what I meant yes, this is pregnancy brain. Yes, exactly that's it. Um, but yes, so we're not really like. 26:38.65 Sam You enjoy the Disney atmosphere the street atmosphere I Know what you mean? yeah. 26:42.32 dclduo People watching people watching. Yes. 26:49.52 Caleb _ Caitlyn We'd be okay with doing 2 rides in one day like we're not super ride. Heavy. We're not like we need to get like Genie plus for this and knock all these things out. We don't get there at the crack of dawn in the morning we're very like chill and relax when we go to the parks. But the excursions on the cruise line. We love booking them and it's almost like a game where. We prep in advance. We like listen to podcast episodes. We do all these reviews on Youtube we kind of nail down what we want like specifically the Alaska one we had so much fun planning all those excursions being able to go like we Caleb got us the glacier excursion where we could go out and see the glacier. We did. What was the other one we did it was like a black bear. Yeah black bear like watching tour and we saw all those guys. Yeah I definitely think I think they're more fun to kind of snag rather than the parks with the rights. So. 27:27.17 Sam Oh cool. 27:29.10 dclduo Nice. 27:35.88 Sam Yeah, that's a great point. Yeah well and it's funny now we can't actually plan rides in advance anymore at the parks like we used to right? we used to book your fast passes ahead of time your 3 at at least at Walt Disney World at California it has always been more. Um. 27:40.73 Caleb _ Caitlyn Right now. 27:51.78 Sam Civilized which is the planning and the day of right? So unless you are a person who needs to hit a million rides and you've got your little touring plans shout out to touring plans. Ah you know plan in front of you. You don't know how you can just kind of fly by the seat of your pants at the parks which is good. 27:52.51 Caleb _ Caitlyn Right. 28:09.70 Caleb _ Caitlyn Yeah, and its I would honestly say sometimes it's hard too for the people who try and plan their Disney day because so many things have been going wrong recently like we've had friends who've gone with full on plans and half the rides that they have at the top of their list are closed throughout the whole entire day. 28:10.70 Sam And bad I guess. 28:18.34 Sam Here. 28:26.90 Sam Ah. 28:26.71 Caleb _ Caitlyn Or lines are super long or like the lightning lane's not working or something happened. So almost if you are China plan. Sometimes it's not as easy to do that. It doesn't anymore kind of like what you're mentioning so we prefer just like the relaxed. Yeah and you never know to feed into that you never know if you know if. 28:35.79 Sam Um, yeah. 28:44.23 Caleb _ Caitlyn 10000 people would have you by Genie plus that day those lines just get absolutely messed up so you if you want to do standby. You're gonna be in there if it shows 45 just plan on 60 or 90 because they'll let in again rumored it's about ninety ninety to one or something like that. 28:45.20 dclduo Yeah. 28:53.81 dclduo Yeah. 28:54.16 Sam Oh yeah, good point. 29:00.95 dclduo Yeah. 29:03.13 Caleb _ Caitlyn Ah, lightning lane entry versus standby. So it can take a long time. So yeah. 29:05.23 Sam Geez. Wow. 29:06.27 dclduo Yeah I remember I remember Lyn telling us that on the show like if riseal resistance goes down. It's like ninety ninety to 90 Five people come out of the lightning lane for every 5 to you know so people coming out of the standby line and I was like that is just nuts I mean but I get it. They've paid for it I mean that the the part of it that drives me crazy is. 29:21.37 Sam That's yeah. 29:22.97 Caleb _ Caitlyn Um, sure I. 29:25.60 dclduo If you do all of your preplanning you get everything you want and then you know these? ah the virtual queues throw kind of a hand grenade in the middle of your planning because it's like oh well, our virtual queue is getting called and I spent you know I was up at midnight to get this dinner reservation. That's hard to get place and now I can't use my virtual queue and like what do I do like it's yeah, it's crazy. It's so. 29:34.67 Sam I Oh I got dinner reservations. Yeah. 29:39.13 Caleb _ Caitlyn Um, right. 29:44.10 Sam All right? Well let's talk shows which is my favorite thing and we've got of course the amazing cruise line stage shows in the Walt Disney theater 29:44.75 dclduo Bolt nuts. 29:45.12 Caleb _ Caitlyn Nuts. 29:54.33 dclduo Wait so wait. What are you going to compare this to samy gonna be like phasmic versus like beauty and the beast. No no, but like I feel like it's 2 totally different contexts like voices with Mr. Lincoln is not or president Lincoln is not. 30:00.25 Sam There's tons of shows in the in the parks I know but they're both shows like there's tons of shows. No, that's not no I'm talking I'm talking about we've got. We've got deck parties. We've got you know Walt Disney Theater shows we've got fireworks at sea right. 30:11.48 Caleb _ Caitlyn Katelin's favorite 30:12.12 dclduo So. 30:19.48 Sam But we have fireworks in front of the castle in you know at Walt Disney World and Disneyland we've got phantasmic. You've got world of color. Um, and you do have stage shows. You've got you know? um I'm forgetting the name. It's the lion kingdom at at animal kingdom we we there are. 30:36.59 dclduo Yeah, but I feel like this isn't this isn't even apples or oranges. This is like apples to eggplant like it's just too different like there's no way that you would come out on the side of like Disney Cruise line fireworks are better than what they do with world of color right? I mean like it's 2 different venues right? So I mean. 30:38.70 Sam Plenty of shows. 30:46.79 Caleb _ Caitlyn Um. 30:49.23 Sam I. 30:54.55 Sam Yeah. 30:54.96 dclduo But we'll throw it over to the experts who do you think is ahead of the game on shows. 30:55.88 Caleb _ Caitlyn I so I will give sam some credit and say that overall experience though of attend dna show I would have to give to Disney Cruise line because you okay, you spend 45 minutes to an hour trying to get your ball that roll to color and a family comes and squeezes their way in front of you and then you get crushed by. Um, you know this mob of people and I'm like great I can't even see it I'm not the tallest guy in the world and now I can't see it. We've waited. We wasted an hour I will say it's much more orderly at Disney Cruise line you walk in you grab your seat you order your popcorn from the kind cast member walking by. So yeah, maybe not the same like wow factor. But overall experience I'm a lot more calm and kind of like I can enjoy it versus having a a mini heart attack because we wasted an hour yeah I would agree with you him on that but I would say the overall shows I would say the parks takes the cake. Nothing beats to us like world of color I am a huge fantastic fan. Caleb is not. 31:49.52 Sam Yeah. 31:52.83 Caleb _ Caitlyn Um, he thinks it's very strange but just like some of the oldies like the ah disneyland forever fireworks show or like paint the night like just some of those like oldies and currently like what is the 1 we love right now. Magic happen. Oh that parade is like you cannot skip that good. Yeah, but I like again if you. 31:58.16 Sam Um, yeah. 32:10.10 Caleb _ Caitlyn Value more of a calm environment the cruise definitely and you can't be beauty in the beast like that's one of our favorite shows on dcl. So yeah, if you like Broadway yes, exactly. 32:13.67 Sam White. Yeah and you didn't have to sit on the floor for 2 hours to get a spot. Okay. 32:16.33 dclduo I will although I'm not I'm not sure if you remember this Sam I will just say I saw something for the first time on our last Disney Cruise that drove me. Insane from this like rope drop culture coming onto the cruise line which was a guy who brought towels up to the top deck and laid them out to reserve spaces at the rail to watch the fireworks party and show and I just about lost my mind I was like this is not the park. 32:39.48 Sam Oh yeah, yes I smell that. 32:43.86 Caleb _ Caitlyn No oh no, um, no no. 32:50.93 dclduo Knock it off. It was insane. 32:51.59 Sam Oh yeah, it's getting that way with deck the deck parties in particular and even in the theater there are people you're not supposed to reserve seats but everybody does it and it's not really well enforced and I think part of the problem is it's really difficult to enforce Because. Somebody can just say oh yeah, my you know my wife and kids went to get popcorn from preludes from the little bar thing there and they may very well have right? like they may have come into the theater altogether and then have gone but we don't know who's lying and who's not right. 33:17.93 dclduo Well or or how about the adult who was elbowing the two kids out of the way art the Nathan and his friend to watch if I was I just finally was like dude I don't care if I can see the show but the kids should be able to see the show. 33:25.98 Sam Ah. 33:29.83 Caleb _ Caitlyn Right? hundred percent 33:31.75 Sam Yeah. 33:33.48 dclduo Yeah, or or the great story that came off of our friends on the wish this weekend where they've got the new. It's Halloween on the high seas. They've got the new popcorn buckets out Mickey and Minnie in their scary skeleton costumes people were buying them by the case and Disney Cruise line was allowing them to purchase them by the case. 33:46.85 Caleb _ Caitlyn Um, yeah, oh no, that's not right? Yeah, no no hundred percent that's 33:48.10 Sam I know isn't that awful. Yeah because you know those people aren't buying them for themselves. You know they're going to be reselling them on ebay for 3 times the cost plus shipping. Yeah yeah, yeah. 33:52.39 dclduo Yeah. 33:55.91 dclduo Yeah. 33:58.99 Caleb _ Caitlyn Unfortunate and that park culture going to the that's why we all booked Cruise line right? That's how we all fell in love with it because it wasn't the parks as magical as they are. It's stressful as all get out and we would use so I call the Disney parks like a trip and the Disney Cruise line is a vacation this is where I get to you know I get to relax i. 34:14.58 Sam Um, ah yeah, yeah. 34:15.65 dclduo Ah. 34:17.51 Caleb _ Caitlyn Deachched from my phone I don't have you know we don't buy the wi-fi on purpose because I don't want to be tied to my phone and it's just we get to actually like chill and then the parks that say it's go go go. You're waking up at you know, an awful hour to to make it to the parks and you know you got a breakfast thing and you got to make it because you charge you twenty bucks if you don't make it to reservation. 34:28.66 dclduo Yeah. 34:31.30 Sam Ah. 34:34.94 Sam Right? Yeah, what about characters you know we obviously there's more characters of course available to see in the parks than what you get on the cruise line. 34:36.99 Caleb _ Caitlyn So it's just a little bit of a different experience. But yes, that's unfortunate. 34:48.42 Sam But what do you think about sort of the overall character experience and are you guys Big character people. Do you go and take pictures with the characters. Are you photo passing it up everywhere you go or you sort of more casual about it. 35:01.88 Caleb _ Caitlyn Yeah I definitely think we're more casual about it. Um, we mostly only or mainly take pictures with characters if it's like Halloween or like Christmas time when they're more infestive outfits again that world most likely change and we have a little one. Um, but it's one of those things. Yes. 35:09.40 Sam Um, me. 35:12.87 Sam Oh yeah, you're going to want her every shot with Mickey and Minnie and ah goofy and Donald Pluto and don't forget Chipp andale. Okay, oh and Daisy let's we can't forget daisy. Yeah. 35:17.96 Caleb _ Caitlyn Ah, for sure exactly exactly? Oh yes, everyone and anything it'll be pictures but I would definitely say on the cruise line the one time where we were both like we have to get pictures was again on the Alaska Cruise 35:34.88 Sam I yeah. 35:36.23 Caleb _ Caitlyn Just the views with the characters like on the top deck like nothing beat that. Um I would say though that the process of getting pictures with characters is way more of a headache now I so it's like when people see a character a mob of 500 people just run and then they close the line off and you're like. 35:45.21 Sam This is. 35:53.71 Caleb _ Caitlyn Okay, yeah, but the cruise line's way better. So the parks are a mess and I think we all know that you walk past and Mickey's got a line like an hour long and they have to close it off I think the cruise line that's the only place where I'll take pictures with characters or prioritize it. Yeah because it's way more chill and we get to you know, walk up and have a great picture and way better lighting than the blazing Anaheim sun and. 35:56.97 Sam Yeah. 36:05.48 Sam Yeah. 36:13.49 Caleb _ Caitlyn Yeah, actually walk away going that was worth it whereas maybe at the parks. It's a little little more hectic but I agree. 36:13.54 Sam Yeah, yeah, and and you can wait in the shade for the most part because most of the well there are picture opportunities on deck and obviously in Alaska those are the those are the real big picture opportunities on deck on the glacier day but on. 36:26.34 Caleb _ Caitlyn O. 36:31.28 Sam You know the cruise line for the most part most of your character pictures are going to be in that atrium space or or just off the atrium. You do have to wait in line though I have noticed it seems like it's it's gotten a little bit longer than it used to be maybe that's because. We've been on some shorter sailings recently which always have a lot of first -time cruisers and they want to take every picture they possibly can with every character they possibly can. But I'd still rather wait 20 minutes in the atrium to you know, take my picture with mickey than an hour outside in either the florida sun or the anaheims. 37:02.92 Caleb _ Caitlyn Exactly for sure. So. 37:04.50 Sam And so I think that that point is well well made for sure. 37:07.90 dclduo Gotta talk food I got to get us to food. We got a fast forward to the to the to the eats on board the ship versus what's available in the park. That's a pretty wide ranging question though. So I'm going to leave it to our experts to sort of define for us how they would make this comparison because at Disney World you have everything from. Victorian Alberts all the way down to the popcorn stand on Disney Cruise line I think the range is a little bit less. Ah so to speak and so yeah, what do you What do you? Both think about the food on Disney Cruise line versus what's coming out of the parks. 37:37.98 Caleb _ Caitlyn So I'm definitely going to say we lean towards we love Disneyland food I mean I think Socal's got that palate Maybe that I don't know why they cater a little bit more towards kind of better experience. Food wise or higher quality but good grief. 37:49.36 Sam And. 37:53.77 Caleb _ Caitlyn Disneyland food can be fantastic lamplight lounge carha circle napa rose I mean it is. They're all just great every single time we go ah, Caitlyn's a big fan of wine country and I always butcher I don't know if it's tratoria ortorria that's what we say? Yeah toria okay. 38:05.71 dclduo Tretoria Tretoria oh gosh 38:06.99 Sam Ah, well Trateria is how the italians would say it but we say tretoria because we're americans right? how. 38:11.20 Caleb _ Caitlyn But we american as itt. Okay, so Tretoria um, we love ah that restaurant as well. Some people claim. It's like it's all of garden but it's a pretty sink and good olive garden. But so Disneyland food we think is fantastic. I will admit dcl food has been. Great up until this last I will say we went on the fantasy in July and it was very okay. It was very me it was the first experience where I actually walked away kind of going I didn't really like that food. Ah pao of course was fantastic, but main dining was a o it was all right and we weren't sure if that's because we just followed that Cruise went or. 38:35.28 dclduo E. 38:44.98 Caleb _ Caitlyn Previous cruise was the one to Alaska where the wonder the food is absolutely exquisite on the wonder so it was kind of one of those who were like the food wasn't amazing and then Caleb also he has a gluten allergy so he can't have like wheat celiac. 38:47.59 dclduo Oh yeah. 38:59.47 Caleb _ Caitlyn Um, so that also makes experience more a little more complex for him because he can't just have an abundance of what everyone else can have He can't have the famous like black truffle perettes that we all love um, he can't have like the churros so when disneylands able to offer him like so many different options. 39:12.79 Sam Name. 39:14.92 dclduo Yeah. 39:17.13 Caleb _ Caitlyn That's usually where we go too. But I do have to say though that Disney Cruise line has gone above and beyond when it comes to food for him, especially with specific things that he normally can't have like those famous like Chero Mickey waffles we they made those special for him. 39:29.75 Sam Oh yeah, who yeah, ah. 39:29.97 dclduo Mm. 39:32.32 Caleb _ Caitlyn On our last 5 nights sailing and they were amazing I could live off them if I could actually survive off those I would eat them every day but you know yeah. 39:39.34 dclduo I Say let's be clear the spongy content in which the um, you know the cinnamon sugar coating is placed probably the kind of the it's just a delivery vehicle right? So yeah, yeah. 39:43.16 Sam Ah, delivery. Ah. 39:47.10 Caleb _ Caitlyn Exactly exactly almost like licking it off I was eating it. So yes, but I have to give if at the end I'm not come to a conclusion I'd have to give it to parks overall but it's very close because of how accommodating Disney Cruise line has been. 39:57.30 Sam This is. 40:02.99 Caleb _ Caitlyn And again, if you had asked us before the fantasy experience. We probably would have given it to cruiseline. Ah, but I will say we we haven't done the wish yet which they have mexican on there but we do miss like variety when we're on the cruise ship. So if we're on like a seven night I'm like okay I'm done with the chicken and beef rotation like it feels like they just kind of dress it up in different ways. 40:12.70 Sam Yeah. 40:19.22 Sam Yep. 40:21.44 Caleb _ Caitlyn I can escape and grab some mexican at Disneyland we can get some chinese food some terriaki. So there's a little bit more variety which I like yeah. 40:26.45 Sam Yeah. 40:28.41 dclduo The the the wishes food is universally regarded as the best in the fleet at least until the treasure comes out which we're you know I'm sure that the treasure will be on par with the wish or at least I'm hopeful that it will be um I. 40:34.67 Sam Um, hey. 40:37.90 Sam But it hits I think but it hits those Marks Caleb as far as giving a little bit more variety because you got at least the barbecue and when I say barbecue I don't mean burgers and hot dogs I mean you have you know, brisket and chicken and ribs and all that on the deck and actually very good. 40:54.13 dclduo And gluten free pizza and glutenfree pizza. Yeah. 40:56.48 Caleb _ Caitlyn Nice, nice. 40:57.71 Sam Yeah, and yeah, yeah, well they yeah the pizza they have fresh, um dough. So their pizza is actually better than on the other ships they have. They're making the dough fresh they have fresh glutenfree dough as well and then they also have you know Donald's cantina which we like to call Chipotle at sea. It's. 41:14.33 Caleb _ Caitlyn Um, um, yeah, yeah. 41:14.81 dclduo Yeah. 41:15.70 Sam Yeah, it's excellent and so and that and of course Chipotle at Sea you know tortillas at least you know corn doesn't don't have any gluten in them. So you're good there. Yeah yeah. 41:25.95 Caleb _ Caitlyn I'd be all over that. Yeah. 41:27.74 dclduo I'm curious for Paulo. How does Paulo compare to some of that like I'm assuming you all have experienced with a signature dining at Disney World Disneyland you mentioned now a rose you mentioned Carthy Circle how does Paulo compare for you in terms of some of the other signature dining experiences. 41:41.40 Caleb _ Caitlyn Who that's a tough one. That's tough I'm gonna Paulo is the service again. Disney Cruise line cast members that service they provide whether in a main dining or Palo Palo is like a 12 out of 10 Ah I'm going to give it to pao because they made me some gluten freee pizza. You would not know it was gluten free. It was. 41:57.65 Sam I. 42:00.54 Caleb _ Caitlyn So stink and good. Our server was the nicest human we've ever met. And yeah I just I would say it's the most consistently fantastic experience whereas Disneyland don't get me wrong. It's great, but ah, you know it just depends on the night you could get a server that just wants to go home and whatever I don't experience that on the on the. 42:17.45 dclduo Yeah. 42:18.54 Caleb _ Caitlyn Cruise line. So yeah, that way but I would definitely agree pao is just out of this world and especially all the variations like I mentioned above with his his gluten allergy like there's so many different things that they're like oh well, we'll do this and they're just so knowledgeable and you can tell if they care in the moment and just the overall ambiance of the restaurant. It's a 10 out of 10 You can't beat those sunsets out there on the sea like come on. You can't be that. 42:35.17 dclduo Um, yeah, yeah. 42:36.75 Sam Oh yeah yeah I feel like in general the smaller the restaurant the better they do with allergies right? So Apollo is obviously it's ah it's not a huge restaurant. Of course if you compare it to main dining. It's like minuscule and then even. 42:38.32 Caleb _ Caitlyn Can't beat it. Yeah. 42:52.47 Sam I mean you compare it to an on land restaurant. It's still quite a bit smaller than most restaurants on land and I just generally think they handle that better and they're better able to make like an individual I mean I've seen people like really special order things from Apollo and they're. 43:05.55 Caleb _ Caitlyn Ah. 43:09.47 Sam Made that very night like not even preordering because I know in main dining, you're probably doing a lot of preordering. Yeah no remember they. They've only been able to snag dinner. They haven't yet been able to experience runch I know I know. 43:13.00 Caleb _ Caitlyn Yeah, that's good point. 43:14.37 dclduo Have you had palow dinner and brunch or do you lean toward 1 or the other oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. 43:20.66 Caleb _ Caitlyn Only dinner were the we're the lowly or the lowly silver still so I can't wait till the day we're able to snag it. It's going to be a beautiful 1 hold sign us up. 43:29.40 dclduo You guys you guys come cruise with us. We'll make sure you get a brunch. Yeah, you got you we will. We will not only get you into brunch I will buy you brunch just to be like we given you your first pao brunch experience. Oh man because when you mentioned the pizza I was like oh maybe you had the graping gorgonzola pizza which would be amazing. Ah. 43:31.67 Sam You got to sail with us and we'll you we'll get a run. Ah. 43:46.83 Caleb _ Caitlyn Um, no I wish I wish so we're gonna We're gonna coordinate after this right, We're gonna get dates and okay, ah. 43:48.38 dclduo Oh yes, that's sad what? But exactly? yeah we will. We will put we will give you our sailing schedule you are welcome to any sailing we are on that you join us Palo brunch on me, you heard it here first. Ah. 43:52.66 Sam We're gonna coordinate. We're gonna coordinate. 43:57.46 Caleb _ Caitlyn I All jump on. 43:59.76 Sam Speaking speaking of sailings I mean your little one will be just old enough to come on our podcast cruise next July but 44:08.60 dclduo No yeah Cue up our ceiling with infants episode. We'll get you prepped for that. Ah, but anyway, um I would have you done remy or we haven't done a chate June yet. 44:09.40 Caleb _ Caitlyn Um, oh what. 44:18.43 Sam Or sorry next June not July June it'll just be time because your little one will assuming the ah assuming the little 1 comes on schedule. You'll be just past that six month work ah 44:29.54 Caleb _ Caitlyn Um, yeah, it's a date. We're going book it now let's go. Ah yeah. 44:29.83 dclduo Yes, yes, hashtag dcduoinauguralpodcastcruise all right? Yeah ah remy have you guys tried remy at all or or no okay. 44:40.63 Caleb _ Caitlyn We have not tried rent me yet. We're not I will admit I'm the child of the group I'm a little more basic with the the palate and so that stuff scares me a little bit the French cuisine. Yeah. 44:50.35 Sam Fair enough. 44:51.52 dclduo All right I can appreciate that the you know the sound of ah Parmesan Foam does not sound appetizing until you have it until you have it on the dish and it all goes together. It's just it's actually perfect for ah like a kid like food eater because you get to mix everything together all at once you know so there you go. 44:57.30 Caleb _ Caitlyn Um, not really. 45:05.74 Caleb _ Caitlyn Just mash it. 45:07.78 dclduo As long as you're not ah as long as you're not L O Cool J from whatever that movie was toys that he did where he's like a military meal. My bash potatoes cannot touch my peas. Yeah there you go ah, don't say that don't say that give me hope here. Sam do me hope all right? well moving on from dining for a second you mentioned Caleb that. 45:07.82 Sam Ah. 45:13.25 Sam Now that's right has to be everything. These guys are too young to remember that movie Brian. Ah. 45:27.46 dclduo Sailing on Disney Cruise line is a vacation going to the parks is a trip. Ah, and I just wanted to ask? Do you feel like you're sailing right now. No kids to adults does the Cruise line really cater to you as 2 adults looking to just get out there relax and enjoy yourselves or. Are you pulling your hair out on board like oh my god there's so many kids here like you can't handle this right now. So like what talked us through that like vacation aspect of this. But from the standpoint of being on a cruise line that caters to families. Ah not necessarily adults in all cases. 46:00.52 Caleb _ Caitlyn That is a great question. So yes, overall they do a fantastic job those adult only sections are a dream like on the wonder and the the dream class ships. They are fantastic. They got a pool for you. They got that cove cafe. You know we sit on the lounger out there and just kind of sit and dream away right about the future. Yeah, ah and I will I will admit, it's gonna sound weird for what we're having a kid I love kids. But this last July when we went during the summer and I understand kids are out of school and stuff. I'm not kidding they outnumbered adults 6 to one I mean you would have thought the captain was a child you would have thought like I mean yeah, they were there were so many of them and that was the one where I was like okay this is a lot you know. 46:36.41 Sam Oh I believe it. 46:48.59 Caleb _ Caitlyn Jumping down the stairs and reverberating off our you know our our ceiling in the room and like there was a lot of that going on so I will say 99% of the time we have a fantastic time if you don't want to see kids. You don't have to see kids if you don't want to for the most part on the cruise line but ah yeah I mean we're gonna have to get used to it. So. 46:50.52 Sam Yes. 47:06.55 Caleb _ Caitlyn I Guess there's a short answer. Yes. 47:07.30 Sam But now do you all choose late dining or early dining. 47:11.42 Caleb _ Caitlyn We love late dining was we were actually just talking about this today because you were like I wonder where we cruise again like are we going to switch that up. Are we going to kind of keep the late dining because we love being able to go to the shows first prior to dinner but I don't know and being west coasters. We like. 47:22.74 Sam Yeah, right? Yeah I think you'll have to kind of see how it goes and depends on how old your little one is when you first sail right? because and they're feeding schedule and all that because if they're not. 47:27.56 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah. 47:27.92 Caleb _ Caitlyn Eating kind of more on our time right? So exactly. 47:40.98 Sam Eating at dinner anyway, if they're eating you know off that schedule then you I would say stick with what you like right? Um, because if they're asleep during dinner who cares, you know 1 year old's not going to remember animation magic sorry it's all yeah, but. 47:48.42 Caleb _ Caitlyn Um, right exactly true true 0 You must bring it. Um. 47:49.61 dclduo No. 47:55.65 dclduo What are you talking about Sam I have the most vivid memory of Disney from my one my time there when I was one? no I don't I don't remember a thing I yeah well I mean I'll tell you this the thing I remember from Disney as a kid I went several times riding the monorail I remember that acutely I remember eating. 48:00.56 Sam And now not at all. 48:01.21 Caleb _ Caitlyn Ah, don't tell me that it feels like I am burning my money. But. 48:11.40 Sam That. 48:11.62 Caleb _ Caitlyn Okay. 48:14.52 dclduo Cookies at the grand floridian and I remember playing video games in the contemporary hotel those were like 3 big things that come to mind I remember playing nope. 48:21.63 Caleb _ Caitlyn I Love it. Um, right. 48:21.63 Sam And guess what you didn't have to pay for park tickets for any of those things at Walt Disney world ah 48:25.43 dclduo Not a one Not I mean I remember so I vividly Ah, vividly vividly when I'm in line to ride Space mountain if we go through the regular line I remember so much time spent with my mother and father standing in that line to ride that ride like all the sounds the smells everything is just like oh my kid again. 48:32.63 Sam Um, in. 48:41.66 Caleb _ Caitlyn Um, yeah I Love that. 48:44.75 dclduo So yeah I I do remember being in the parks. Ah, but yeah, yeah, this goes to our our point of ah, you're taking a Disney careers with an infant or a child or going to a Disney park with an infant or a child make sure the vacation is as much about what you want to do as it is trying to make memories for them. Because I don't think you know what will become a core memory for your kiddo. So ah, so there you go there, you go there, you go? Well I would be remiss before we hand you over to Sam because I know chomping at the bit to ask you about favorites and all kinds of things. She's going to. She's probably got a list of 20 rapid fire questions over there for both of you. Um. 49:03.85 Caleb _ Caitlyn Um, physically so true. 49:15.70 Sam Hey. 49:18.62 dclduo I'd be remiss in not talking about I don't want to talk about cost cost is cost. Whatever I want to talk about value. Ah because people will spend different amounts of money on their vacations and we've asked this question a few times to 4 of people like where do you think the vacation right now in the Disney system is holding its value. Is it. Going to disneyland Disney World a Lanie Cruise line I don't know maybe the best value out there is the twenty four day around the world $100000 a person ab d trip I don't know but I maybe it's Vero Beach maybe it is maybe it is maybe it's the maybe it's the 1 disney remaining Disney store in the world in London um, but. 49:44.99 Sam Ah, maybe it's Vero Beach or Hilton head who knows you know. 49:55.23 Caleb _ Caitlyn Um. 49:56.18 dclduo Where where do you all is between. Let's let's narrow this but between parks and the cruise line which vacation or trip to use your language is a holding the best value right now from your perspective Caitlin Let me let me start with you? yeah. 50:05.89 Caleb _ Caitlyn For yeah for me this is a really easy one I am a hundred percent firm believer that it's the Disney Cruise line I have no problem and again we all know that Disney has more a fee right? It's more expensive than other other the cruise lines but i. And a firm believer that it's 100%. Worth it to me now he's the one that books all the trips so coming to me that's a little easier for me to be like let's just do the Alaska one the european one and um, but exactly um. 50:30.89 Sam I Ah the most expensive crews out there. But. 50:35.46 Caleb _ Caitlyn But I do find myself every time we leave a cruise and come home I'm like that was one of the best vacations and that's a reoccurring statement every time we cruise whereas when we go to the parks. It's always an awesome trip or a vacation. But there's always a couple things you're like well that was kind of a bummer or I wish that would have changed or the weather was this the cruise line always stands true to it being an amazing trip. So that's me I don't what do you think? Yeah I'll second that the cruise line I think you're getting the best value cast members and don't get me wrong cast members at Disneyland are great in Disney World but just consistently they are fantastic on the cruise line they are the nicest people ever meet. They're the hardest working people ever meet and so the service they provide on the ships are fantastic again, the shows you're just relaxed like I said it's a vacation. It's just if you're spending that kind of money. 51:14.33 Sam Um. 51:24.89 Caleb _ Caitlyn Um, when I walk away going like that was well worth my money and I think the cruise line consistently delivers that for us. 51:29.60 Sam Yeah, so you're saying It's a good thing. We took the name dcl duo before you all got on the scene because otherwise you probably would have been the Dc duo after this show I'll let you I'll let you talk to my lawyer. 51:30.67 dclduo Yeah. 51:40.19 Caleb _ Caitlyn Ah yes I was going to talk to you about buying that after you this are you are you selling the name? Yeah, okay oh oh. 51:40.40 dclduo Well well we we can have that comfort. We can have that conversation. Yeah, so silly fine, convenient franchise, convenient franchise and financing options are available for the Tcl duo. Um. 51:49.64 Sam Oh oh wait. Ah. 51:54.30 Caleb _ Caitlyn Um, great. 51:56.82 dclduo So I'm curious so in this conversation of value. You all took you know the Alaska Cruise is one of the most expensive Disney cruises in the system right now I mean aside from Europe Europe gets up there and the treasure maiden voyage. All bets are off but but yeah, but but ah. 52:03.66 Caleb _ Caitlyn In. 52:10.27 Caleb _ Caitlyn Um, I was going to say? Yeah yeah. 52:12.29 Sam Ah. 52:14.43 dclduo That's insanity level pricing but Alaska iss an expensive cruise especially because you can go to Alaska on other cruise lines at you know, something approaching half to three quarters of the price of a Disney Cruise and the ports in Alaska tend to be the start the scenery the ports. That's what you're there for you know, great to get photos with Mickey a mini and. 52:23.12 Caleb _ Caitlyn Oh. 52:32.27 dclduo And furry parkas I can't wait to get one of my own but um, do you think the value was still there for you for Alaska kind of setting aside some of the bahamian cruises you've done and looking at that value. Overall if you could have taken that money and done a parks trip. Do you think the value still weighs out in cruise lines favor. 52:46.42 Caleb _ Caitlyn I would say so I wouldn't trade that trip for the world. It was my favorite trip. The excursions the overall experience I mean again, the cost like you mentioned is high but I would it I would pay more to be honest, that was favorite 1 let's chill on the pay more. 52:59.17 Sam I Love that. But. 53:04.97 Caleb _ Caitlyn Again, coming from someone who doesn't bug the griz. Yes, yeah I would say yes I didn't regret at all pain what we paid and I will say we let me tell you we did a comp we ah compromise a little bit we did do an ocean view. We all normally always do veranda rooms we did do ocean view. 53:10.98 Sam Yeah, yeah. 53:17.18 Sam And then okay. 53:20.61 dclduo Um. 53:21.80 Caleb _ Caitlyn Thinking that? okay the weather's going to be kind of chilly Kaitlyn isn't like the cold that much and so we probably won't be sitting out in the balcony. Ah, there are times we missed it not going to lie but at the end of the day we did have to kind of change it a little bit to to get cost to ah to palatable levels. 53:31.90 Sam Um, yeah. 53:36.12 Sam Yeah. 53:37.77 Caleb _ Caitlyn Right? But yes I would have rather spent that money on that it was just we had the best service we've ever experienced on the cruise line. The best food we've ever had. So we walked away going that was money well spent. Um I haven't dabbled another cruise lines Kaitlyn has and she claims she tells me every single time It is worth the money. You're not missing anything out on the other ones. But. 53:45.64 Sam Yeah. 53:55.84 Sam Yeah, that all makes sense to me I think you know if if you you know if if getting on a Disney Cruise line ship is your goal and that means you've got to take ah a different stateroom category than your preferred or your number 1 choice. 53:56.70 dclduo Nice, nice. 53:56.38 Caleb _ Caitlyn Ah see. 54:12.46 Sam I Say do it I mean we we just did that for booking the treasure you know Obviously I I know you guys listen to our show like we love to sale concierge. We could not stomach the sticker price on the treasure sailings. We are not saling concierge on the treasure. 54:14.16 dclduo You Well especially because our preferred stateroom category is like concierge so that was ah that was a that was a big compromise. Yeah. 54:29.53 Sam We did not sail concierge on the Maiden voyage of the wish either that was actually before we had ever sailed concierge and so yeah, it's just our but booking for that I should say was before we had ever sailed concierge. But yeah, it's ah we're in ocean view. We did not even book a veranda because for us. 54:32.74 dclduo No, what happened. 54:45.86 Sam Particularly in the caribbean the verandda is not really a thing that we use very much I don't like I don't like the heat I actually like the cold I mean I like the heat at the beach because I can get in the water but I don't I don't sit out you know on the balcony. So anyway out O'brien just lost me. He said so we'll stop there. 54:51.64 Caleb _ Caitlyn So. 54:57.46 Caleb _ Caitlyn So right. 55:04.88 Sam Okay, he said stand by yeah, he's frozen. He's gonna have to probably stop this record. He's probably gonna like ah funny enough. Zencastr is not part of Microsoft and again he's on a mac and I'm on a ma. 55:05.48 Caleb _ Caitlyn Yeah, he's frozen on my end too. 55:13.50 Caleb _ Caitlyn Okay, not just kidding I don't know now. Oh there we go now we use zen cashro as well and this happened to us a couple weeks ago so totally get it yeah it did 55:24.81 Sam Did it? Okay, yeah, yeah, all right? You know I don't see him back yet or he's just frozen for me. Still. 00:00.10 dclduo With um, we just did that on the treasure. So you're good to go. 00:02.54 Sam Yeah, so I think that's a great point you make um Caleb like if you are you know trying to book a particular cruise and it's just a little bit out of your price range for you know, whatever category of state room. You generally prefer. Still can get on that ship just going at a different category than you normally do I mean we love sailing concierge as you all know, but we were not able to stomach the price on the treasure and so for both the maiden voyage as well as spring break crews that we just booked. We are saying not even on the veranda stateroom we're saying in an ocean view. We really like the ocean view staterooms I it's I'm not um I don't dislike the cold like Caitlyn dislikes the cold I actually don't like to sit out in the heat unless I've got like a pool or a you know ocean that I can jump into. 00:42.45 Caleb _ Caitlyn She. 00:49.99 dclduo But when we but when we go to Alaska we're gonna we're going to get a verand of some sort so we can kind of sit out there and and for no for reason then they are filming some of the scenery as we go by too is kind of fun. So yeah, yeah, but well we have reached that point in our show where I need to hand you over to Sam for some. 00:50.34 Caleb _ Caitlyn For. 00:54.48 Sam You are planning on that. Yeah. 00:59.90 Caleb _ Caitlyn Right. 01:00.87 Sam Yeah, yeah. 01:09.43 dclduo Arbitrary questions some arbitrary rules and a dash of judgment are the round. We know as Rapid fire So Sam take it away. 01:14.87 Sam All right? You guys you know this is coming I'm going to ask you a couple of your general Disney favorites and then the rest are going to be cruise line focus I know you guys are you know parks people you talk about the parks a lot on your podcast but I don't care I'm a cruise person I'm talking about the cruise. 01:32.30 Caleb _ Caitlyn Hit us, let's go I Love it? Yeah, Okay, okay. 01:34.44 Sam Not that I don't care about what you talk about I care about what you talk about let me correct myself. But I I want to talk about what I want to talk about so we're going to start with who is your favorite Disney character when I say Disney that means anything in the disney universe meaning everything they own. Um. Caitlin we're gonna start with you who's your favorite disney character I love ah love that answer all right Caleb who's your favorite. 01:52.65 Caleb _ Caitlyn This is 100% easy is winnie the pooh I love winnie the pooh since I've been little it is. He's definitely my favorite by far. 02:06.75 Caleb _ Caitlyn I'll go. It's gonna be so vanilla and so boring. But I'm gonna have to say Mickey mouse because he's just classic and like half my clothes have mickey on him so I'll go mickey. 02:10.87 Sam Ah. 02:14.95 Sam Ah, you know half of Brian's clothes have mickey on him too. Um, so I you're in good company. All right favorite. Oh yeah, Brian's showing right now. He's actually wearing a pullover with mickey on it right now. All right favorite Disney Movie caleb we're starting with you this time. 02:32.29 Caleb _ Caitlyn Lion King has to be my favorite 1 of the best soundtracks I mean a fantastic movie lying king and it came out the yearro was born so that helps too. This is such a tricky one? Yeah ari my apologies I feel old. So um, this is such. 02:33.86 Sam Ah, yes. 02:40.82 Sam See now you making me feel old again. Ah ah, all right Caitlin what about you. 02:49.35 Caleb _ Caitlyn Tricky one for me because I'm one of those people where my answer changes by day or by mood. Um, but I would say overall it has to be the classic beauty and the beast the animated version I just I could watch it all day and I know all the songs by horror and it's just it's so good. So. 02:58.91 Sam Ah, so good. Yeah I knew you weren't referring to the live action version. Don't worry. 03:06.60 Caleb _ Caitlyn So gentle to be clear I don't think anyone's ever claimed that was their favorite. So. 03:09.93 Sam Exactly that's exactly right same with lying king same with aladdin you don't claim the live action version as your favorite if you if you do you don't get invited back on this show. All right favorite Disney Song caitlin 03:17.27 Caleb _ Caitlyn Eggs exactly. 03:26.13 Caleb _ Caitlyn Who you know I oh my gosh I feel like this changes too. You know what I would have to say down in New Orleans from um, princess and the frog that is a song that I literally will play nonstop. 03:33.89 Sam So snow good. 03:38.75 Caleb _ Caitlyn Literally on all the sono speakers in our house in poor Caleb passages listen to it at full blast. But it's the 1 consistent song that I play majority of the time. Oh that brass section I love it. Yeah. 03:45.50 Sam I love that now listen baby's going to love jazz music and she's going to be all about those horns. So you know I love it. You just? yeah, you just keep listening to that stuff and she's going to love it. All right? She's gonna want to's gonna want to eat at Tiana's place and eat some chimp shrimp and grits and and all the good stuff there. So all right Caleb that's right. 03:59.99 Caleb _ Caitlyn Okay, oh love it. O can't wait for that I'll start saving now. Um, so for for mine I'm really bad with song titles Kaitlyn told me it earlier actually but it's the um, the tangled when they're in the boat see the light you see the light. 04:15.89 Sam Yeah, yeah, now at last I see the light. Yeah, who yeah oh I Love that? Okay, well you already told me the answer to the next question but I'm going to just like make sure I caught it right. 04:17.60 Caleb _ Caitlyn Think so is that it Okay, yes, it's that one I Love that song I Love it so much I don't know the title. Yes, but yes, yes, yes, but I love that song. It's It's really good. But yeah I. 04:34.33 Sam Your favorite Disney Cruise line stage show Caleb will start with you? Oh no, that's the wrong answer. Ah I know caitlinn's going to give the right answer though Caitlin that's right why you know it. 04:39.10 Caleb _ Caitlyn Aladdin I'm gonna go I'm gonna go Aladdin oh sorry, sorry oh you go Aladdin it's being the bees come on. Don't tell me what my favorite is. It's your favorite. But yeah, mine's Aladdin. 04:54.19 Sam It is fair for you to give that answer Caleb as your own favorite but it's still a wrong answer caitlin you calyn you've just won rapid fire. It doesn't matter what else you say for the rest of this round. Ok but the points don't matter here anyway. Um all right. 04:57.54 Caleb _ Caitlyn Yeah, it's ok, ok, that's ok. Thank you. 05:11.42 Sam What is your favorite bar space on any of the Disney ships. You all have been on. You've been on the disney dream the fantasy and the wonder right? okay. 05:18.50 Caleb _ Caitlyn Correct O that is hard I'm not gonna lie. We're not huge drinkers so we don't if we do get a drink. It's at like main dining or something. But if I had to pick one. It would be where do we spend time. Can I do is this count because they serve alcoholic brevages right? does the Cove Cafe count. 05:27.81 Sam Sure. 05:35.44 Sam Yeah, that is a that is a bar. Absolutely yeah. 05:37.44 Caleb _ Caitlyn Can we call it that let's do it Cove cafe. That's what that's for me. Yeah I was going to say that or um I believe it's the one we sat in there we didn't get need drinks but we loved the ombents was it the Meridian lounge. Oh yeah, in between? Yes, yes. 05:47.57 Sam Oh yes, but between remy and Paulo. 05:52.94 Caleb _ Caitlyn We did a tour on our last cruise and we were sitting in there for quite some time and it was very nice and there and like comfortable like I didn't even know that really existed until we did that So but probably overall the one that you said yeah, that's my favorite. 06:02.67 Sam Yeah, all right? So Covin Merid and both great choices. Okay favorite onboard activity. This's just something you like to do when you're on board a Disney ship caitlyn will start with you for this one. 06:14.71 Caleb _ Caitlyn I love doing the animation academy classes where we get to draw everything those are so much fun. Caleb is not a fan of those. He's convinced that he can't draw but I love it because at the end when we get to see everyone's drawings. It's always a good time to. 06:31.60 Sam I. 06:34.94 Caleb _ Caitlyn Put them? Yeah I think I was a big drinker when you saw my saw my dog so and ah for me favorite I'm just going to say again. It's going to be an old man answer I think grabbing a coffee or a drink a glass of wine or something and sitting out on your balcony or your veranda is just. 06:40.28 Sam Ah, all right? Caleb what's a favorite for you. 06:54.67 Caleb _ Caitlyn It's you can't replace it. You're watching the ocean go by you've got you know disney music on in the background with the Tv or something. It's just you can't beat that I agree. 07:01.27 Sam Right? Absolutely I love that all right favorite rotational dining I know this becomes harder now that you all have been on the wonder I bet. Um, but. Caleb will start with you. What is your favorite of the ships that you have been on of course so we're exempting the magic and the wish. 07:20.46 Caleb _ Caitlyn I'm going to go Tiana's place is it place on the yes place I always get confused because it's Palace and Disneyland and place on the cruise line. So Tina's place the music I'm a musician so I can appreciate. Those guys did a such a fantastic job with the music. And the ambiance and the food was great. I tried sea bass for the first time at Tiana's place and I'm a convert I bought it here right? when we got home I was like I'm a c bass guy now. So very good very good I would say Tiana's as well. It was one of those where we actually really missed it when we were on the fantasy. 07:41.72 Sam This. 07:48.30 Sam Ah I Love it. 07:54.78 Caleb _ Caitlyn And that second night because you know you have it multiple times for your trip that second nigh second at Tiana's that was one of our favorite dining experiences ever on dcl. So yeah. 08:02.97 Sam Ah I love that I feel like Marty Gra Knight on dcl is just it's just so fun. Such a great experience. Yeah, all right? Let's talk food now you guys have of course you mentioned Paulo. We talked a little bit about main dining earlier I got to ask you a favorite suite item and a favorite savory item on board a Disney Cruise line ship. We're going to start with the suite because I'm a savory person so I got to leave the best for last so tell me Caleb what is a favorite suite item and can. Be from anywhere on the ship including like soft serve on the deck I mean it doesn't whatever is whatever floats your boat all right. 08:44.11 Caleb _ Caitlyn Okay, okay so soft serve I Do love I hate that I have to touch them though I Love on the wish that they serve it for you because I'm a little bit of a germophobe. So when I have to touch those things I'm like that and I instantly hand sanitize So I'm ah that's not my answer but I share too much information there I'm gonna go I'm gonna go. 08:59.31 Sam I like that. Ah. 09:00.89 Caleb _ Caitlyn Those chro waffles changed my life and those were fantastic. If you have a gluten allergy or any kind of allergy see if they can do it for you because again I'm a changed man because of those waffles. Yeah, they were quite. They were quite delicious I would have to say. 09:10.90 Sam Oh I Love that caitlin. 09:16.78 Caleb _ Caitlyn The chocolate cuffle that you get at Pao I Think that is my favorite one. It is. There's just it comes out so warm and when they just kind of like drizzle the sauce in it and like a little cold ice creious. It's life changing. It's so good. 09:17.19 Sam A. 09:28.34 Sam It's delicious. Have you tried the Amareto Souffle yet. 09:32.10 Caleb _ Caitlyn Hi is that the one that has it almost looks like yellow cake. Yes I had that on our last cruise I liked it I would say. 09:35.38 Sam Yes, Okay, yeah I love that one and I feel like people always tend to go for the chocolate because the chocolate is what everybody talks about I Actually think the emirad was even better than the chocolate. The chocolate one is wonderful but I like that one better. 09:51.44 Caleb _ Caitlyn I Definitely yeah I Definitely like that that one wasn't as rich as the chocolate one because sometimes midway through you're like okay this is chocolatey. But yeah, that was definitely a good one. 09:53.26 Sam So I always tell people if you haven't tried it to try it. Um. 10:03.40 Sam Yes, sorry Caleb there is no gluten free options there? Yeah, ah there is though. Yeah you can get you know flourless chocolate cake but it's not that. So yeah. 10:06.65 Caleb _ Caitlyn You're right I was you took the words in my mouth I was about to say that they don't have it for me. 10:13.82 Caleb _ Caitlyn No. 10:17.90 Sam Ah, all right? Let's talk savory items Caitlin this time we're going to start with you. 10:19.98 Caleb _ Caitlyn Yeah, so this item I would have to say it was on our wonder Cruise and I don't remember the name of it. You might remember it was a like almost like fetuccini pasta noodle with like a white cream sauce and it had a c crusted chicken on top. Oh the parmesan crusted chicken that is that's that. 10:31.68 Sam E. 10:38.36 Sam Um, woo. Yes. 10:39.70 Caleb _ Caitlyn It was that was amazing and I was so sad when I figured out that wasn't going to be on the fantasy because that was one of my favorite dishes I've ever had on dcl. 10:46.48 Sam Yeah, so good. All right Caleb what about you? savory. 10:51.86 Caleb _ Caitlyn Savory I'm going to go that's that sea bass and I don't remember then there was a name of in front of it. It was something c bass at Tianaana's place and it was asian yeah can style c bass or something very good. 11:01.64 Sam Nice, awesome. Okay, second to last question controversial one here. Favorite ship I know now you guys have been on the wonder the dream the fantasy so you've got a comparison between classic you know and dream class or magic class and dream class. Ah, Caleb, we're starting with yeah, we're starting with you caleb nope you can see nope. 11:21.84 Caleb _ Caitlyn That's so hard. Oh okay I can't point in any direction and and get it off me. Let's go I'm gonna have to go disney dream I don't know if it's because it was the first one we've been on but we love that we love the size of it. It's perfect in my opinion and yeah I'm gonna go Disney dream. 11:37.17 Sam All right. 11:39.17 Caleb _ Caitlyn I would say the dream as well. However, if the wonder was slightly more updated and just a little bit bigger I think I would choose the wonder but it's not but it's not a dream. So. 11:47.25 Sam Awesome. 11:53.10 Sam Ah, all right now. My last question of rapid fire is the question I ask everyone bucket list cruise if you could go anywhere in the world. And it would be on a Disney Cruise line ship and we don't even have to pick some place that Disney Cruise line currently sails. So this is a fantasy cruise. Not I mean on the fantasy but fantasy in that it does not have to exist. It can be something that exists where are you going? Caleb let's start with you. 12:20.26 Caleb _ Caitlyn So it's between definitely like I have 2 that go right in my head the Mediterranean or is it the norwegian those like the fjord one. Ah I'm probably going to have to go there because I'm a cold person myself so that sounds nice and chilly and seeing those Alaska was amazing and beautiful. But Norway looks like. 12:32.40 Sam You know. 12:40.70 Caleb _ Caitlyn Amazing as well. So I'm going to go the the norwegian sailing. That's when I was going to pick as well. We we have talked about like wanting to do the Mediterranean one because we we went to kind of France and italy when we honeymooned um but I just I feel like that cruise would be better like rather than doing the whole thing on your own like being able to just come back on the ship every night like that would be great. 12:41.61 Sam Awesome. 12:56.34 Sam Um, yeah. 12:59.10 Caleb _ Caitlyn But overall like the pictures and videos that we've seen of the Norwegian cruise they are just itch stunning. So it has to be that one for us. 13:06.26 Sam Yeah, it's amazing. We did that for my Fortieth birthday. Um, and and it was actually like my forty second almost birthday when we were able to finally do it and it was. 13:12.33 Caleb _ Caitlyn It's the new 30 13:19.81 Sam So fantastic. It was just the 2 of us we left kiddo at home with Grandma and what an amazing trip. What an amazing itinerary and I hear a lot of comparisons from folks who've done both Norway and Alaska between the 2 because you are seeing you know glaciers. Um, so there is. You know some similarities and it is a more outdoorsy focused cruise of course but love those answers you guys. Thank you for playing. Um, you can still come back even though you picked Aladdin Caleb um ah 13:49.99 Caleb _ Caitlyn Thank you. 13:53.56 dclduo Here's the thing for everyone out there Sam actually has no control over guest scheduling I do all of that so please do not let her intimidation tactics in any way deter you I'm the person you have to impress to get on the show. Not her so well I always like to ask at the end. What's next. Ah. 14:00.99 Caleb _ Caitlyn Um. 14:01.36 Sam Ah, ah. 14:06.37 Sam Ah. 14:10.87 dclduo Baby on the way that's a big. What's next in your future but you know any ah Disney trips plan between now and then or anything on the horizon you're looking at for Disney Cruise Lane maybe after the baby comes. 14:20.70 Caleb _ Caitlyn We do so this is actually is breaking news. We haven't said anything on our podcast so you guys are getting it first. This is ah this is free. All right were doing I don't like anyone we care. But we're gonna say it. Ah, we're doing a six night ah but help me. 14:24.86 Sam Yeah. 14:36.52 Caleb _ Caitlyn Bohemian but it's it's it's in November of 24 I'm going to mix this up November Twenty four it's a six night but it's the its double dipped to cast away and its has a stop at the new lighthouse point. Yeah yes, we did so. 14:38.43 Sam Nice. 14:46.50 Sam Oh at lighthouse point. Oh you got one of those itineraries. Fantastic. 14:47.58 dclduo Nice. 14:52.31 Caleb _ Caitlyn Went pretty quick but this is the first time we're going with the whole crew. So my parents should come in brothers it's going to be a whole family adventure. She'll be 1 ne-ishsh by that point. So that's it's going to be like a birthday celebration for her. But it's our first merry time cruise. So we're looking forward to it. Yeah. 15:00.27 Sam Um, yeah, oh gosh it's good. You guys are going to love it. This is gonna be great and it's good that you're doing that in the Bahamas because there'll be so much stuff to do on the ship with the maritime cruise and frankly with your little 1 being one. 15:05.61 dclduo Very fun. 15:19.70 Sam You know that's that's the kind of cruise you want and if you want to get off you just do a little beach excursion type thing and yeah, yeah, keep it low-key as far as ports. You don't want to travel Europe with a one year old. So that's my advice. Ah. 15:23.34 Caleb _ Caitlyn Awesome right. 15:25.33 dclduo Um, yeah. 15:29.30 Caleb _ Caitlyn Right? exactly? yeah. 15:34.57 dclduo That sounds amazing. Well I wanted to make sure we talked about upfront but to leave you some time to talk to folks about how they can find your amazing podcast and connect with you all ah separately. So yeah, let folks know where they can find the markethouse podcast. 15:47.83 Caleb _ Caitlyn Yeah, so markethouse is on all the all this all the podcast platforms. So if you get whatever you use, you'll find us on there most likely and I don't know can all of them but most of them were on Instagram caitlyn does a fantastic job of their markethouse podcast on threads. I don't know all 36 of you on there ah come join us if you want market out podcast. And yeah, we just we talked dis we like they said we talked disneyland Disney Cruise Line Disney world. All of it. We're just huge fans and we just kind of chat about it every week yeah we love it. It's our favorite thing. 16:19.98 dclduo Well amazing. 1 of our podcasts in rotation for sure and so go over check them out. Make sure you follow them lots and lots of fun. But for now Caleb Caitlin I'll just say thank you so much for spending some time with our audience today. We really, really appreciate it. 16:33.66 Caleb _ Caitlyn Yeah, thank you guys much for having us on. We had a blast.

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