November 20, 2023


Ep. 365 - Bonus - 23 Days at Sea: Back-to-Back Disney Cruising from Canada to Hawaii to Australia

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Brian Sam
Ep. 365 - Bonus - 23 Days at Sea: Back-to-Back Disney Cruising from Canada to Hawaii to Australia
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 365 - Bonus - 23 Days at Sea: Back-to-Back Disney Cruising from Canada to Hawaii to Australia

Nov 20 2023 | 01:14:15


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Collin joins on this episode to share his family's experience sailing Disney Cruise Line from Vancouver to Honolulu to Sydney. Come hear what it was like to spend 23 days onboard the Disney Wonder, and what Colling and his family thought of the exprience. From shore excrusions, onboard activities, food and so much more.

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Episode Transcript

00:00.54 dclduo Welcome back everybody to this week's episode of the DCL duo podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and Sam it's it's mail time. It's review time I feel like we need the like mail time mail time. Let's reach into my mailbag and pull out a listener review and this one comes from. 00:11.39 Sam Yay! ah. 00:18.41 dclduo Mr. Paul Thornton I believe it's actually labeled the joy of cruising not just not just for yeah, it's got to be you let me get the review out sam so it's from the joy of cruising it. It reads not just for dcl fans I have only been on one dcl cruise but I am a huge cruising fan. 00:19.84 Sam Um, ah it's got. It's got to be. 00:35.23 dclduo The appeal of dcl duo is that their guests are often cruise personalities that are not exclusive to dcl who I am familiar with or the topic is a general one that I have interest in and Sam and bryant are such good interviewers and seamlessly interact with their guests. So there you go Sam. 00:50.80 Sam Oh Wow. Ah. 00:50.93 dclduo Soak it in soak in the accolades and for all of our listeners out there if you leave us a 5 star review over Apple Podcast we will read it on the air at the top of the show is a big. Thank you to you for leaving that review. So thank you Paul. 00:59.75 Sam Yeah, thank you Paul we appreciate it. We are in awe of you in your interview skills. So thanks. 01:05.79 dclduo Yeah Paul's show is a great one by the way if you love hearing from general cruise personalities head over to the joy of cruising podcast pick up all 3 volumes of the joy of cruising volume 3 featuring the dcl duo and yeah Paul is a great great interviewer. We love listening to Paul's show and reading Paul's books but we have our own exciting topic tonight our own exciting Cruise personality with us right? Sammy want to introduce our guest. 01:28.11 Sam Absolutely we are so excited to welcome Colin to the show. He has not been a guest on our show before but he did this like four week extravavaganza with dcl that included A. Cruise from Vancouver all the way over to Honolulu with of course stops in between at several hawaiian islands and then paired it with the back to back Transpac Pacific crossing from Honolulu all the way to Sydney Australia and of course had to spend some time in Sydney thereafter a. Touring around Australia I should say well. But that's we can't pack everything into this show. So we're going to try and do this as a yeah highlights show for the most part but before we do that first I got to say welcome Colin. 02:15.30 Collin Thank you I've listened to for a long time and happy to be on for for to talk about something exciting. 02:20.80 Sam Yeah I think this is is like pretty I mean I don't know that anyone can say that they've got more of a bucket list cruise than this because this is 2 bucket list cruises in back to back and really long itineraries as well. But before we dive into that. Column. We've got to ask you how many cruises have you been on and has it just been with Disney Cruise line or with other cruise lines as well. 02:45.82 Collin So before kids I had been on 2 cruises on different cruise lines princess when I was a teenager and hall in America as a newlywed but it's all been Disney since we started cruising in 2018 and this was. Ah, cruise 6 and 7 for my wife and I so this end it was 5 and 6 for our daughter. Yeah. 03:13.86 Sam Awesome now you guys are now gold cruiser. So welcome to the gold cruising family. Yeah, that's right, awesome! Well tell us you have 2 kids um tell us what their ages are and talk to me first about the decision to do. 03:16.91 Collin Hold down on our way to Potham and. 03:31.72 Sam This long are these 2 long itineraries with school-age kids. 03:36.62 Collin Yeah, good question. So our son is 14 and he's on the spectrum the autism spectrum he he? yeah um, the first cruise we actually took was shortly after we pulled him out of school before he was diagnosed. He was of an absolute awful time in school really struggling with his teachers at time and we pulled him out of school decided to homeschool in that year you know, get him tested and all this kind of thing and we decided to take a family vacation because. Ah, there was a lot of stress. He was feeling a lot of stress we were due for vakeche anyway and and and we ended up booking a Disney Cruise we went and saw a local travel agent and they suggested Disney Cruise we took a Disney Cruise and we were hooked. Um, the ah the development we saw in him on that cruise and our daughter too. Ah, you know Disney Cruise line the Disney Cruise ship and be able to drop your kids off at the at the kids club knowing they've got fantastic child care people there um, many of them have experience with kids with special needs. It was very. And such a very good experience for all of us and you know expose the kids to a bigger world. Um I think that from my own experience when I was a child. You know we didn't take a lot of. 05:01.48 Collin Like we didn't take regular family vacations like we had a summer vacation that we always took or something like that when we did take vacations. Usually it was a big vacation and we usually took some time out of school and I know that for myself it was never I never was too worried about the schooling I missed it was always the the memories and the. 05:04.23 Sam So. 05:19.79 Collin Education of the travel had a much bigger impact on my life than what I would have missed in school for those 2 or 3 or even four weeks 05:25.54 Sam Yeah, absolutely well and it's you know a learning experience to do a particularly this long of a cruise and then obviously trip in Australia. I mean the amount that the kids learn about different cultures about different places. You can do a little geography. You can work in some history. Um, you know exactly. 05:41.49 Collin Exactly you waiter and the international dateline. 05:46.80 dclduo Well well and I'd say too like for us because our so our son is on the spectrum. We've said that on the show before like one of the things that I like is that he's getting practice in different settings with like social skills and you know other things and so you know. 05:58.84 Sam An independence. Yeah, you can. 06:02.19 dclduo Yeah, because you know for kids on the spectrum. The routine like be like oh I know this is the rule in this setting for this thing but put them in a new setting and suddenly they don't know the rules anymore and so it's just helping him understand how to navigate some of those social situations. Not not our sin. 06:12.60 Collin Oh yeah, they always try new foods when we travel they always you know? Yeah well you know that's interesting. My daughter is the same way. She always had Mac and cheese at dinner. But but you know after the first. 06:17.13 Sam I Love it. Not ours make use neck and cheese. Ah. 06:19.67 dclduo Yeah, he only eats the Mickey's Mac and cheese. But yeah, ah. 06:30.84 Collin 7 or eight days of that she started trying new things and now she's a big fan of a couple of other things. So yeah, he's 11 Yeah. 06:34.62 Sam Ah, oh I love that and you said she's eleven is that right? Awesome! Oh fantastic. Well okay, so tell us how did you land on these 2 cruises other than the fact that obviously the one that leaves out of Vancouver is close about an hour from where you live right? but. 06:52.41 Collin Right? Yeah, well when we saw the when we saw that the wonder was going to go to Australia you know and I'd personally never been south of the equator. No one in our family had my wife hadn't either um and. 06:53.57 Sam Tell us why these itineraries for you. 07:09.36 Collin So we we definitely wanted to get in on that of course initial booking it. It sold out before it got to gold I think there was actually a couple of interior cabins available but I didn't want to do ah a thirteen night cruise on an interior cabin. Um, so then ah. But we had Kimberly from my path unwinding watching for openings to come up and so when ah when a ver randa cabin came up. She grabbed that for us. Ah, we knew we definitely wanted to do that cruise. Um, and then the timing just kind of worked out in July. Ah, this big deal I'd been working on went clean and so it was an opportunity to then it was going to close in September so I knew that we could go on the on the cruise from Vancouver to Honolulu and so we we booked that and. Fortunately, we're actually able to get the same cabin back to back. 08:04.30 Sam Oh that's amazing. So you at that point I guess when you first booked the cruise you were planning to potentially fly to Honolulu first and then sail. Yeah. 08:13.17 Collin Yeah, yeah, we would have we we had a couple nights or a night book that alani maybe would add a couple nights to that but get there at least the day before and and then board the ship. Yeah. 08:27.94 Sam Awesome! All right? Well let's dive in then um I think we got to start of course with your extra extravaganza of booking and I say that because you've got a thirteen night and then how many nights was the trans pacific. 08:35.66 dclduo The. 08:44.90 Sam And that one was 13 nights. 08:44.17 Collin Ah, yeah, 2 Sidney was 13 nights two Hawaii was 10 nights. 08:47.89 Sam Okay, so 10 nights and then 13 nights. 08:51.60 dclduo Well I think I think that pay I think the real question here is ah we know you used a travel agent our show sponsor ah shout out to kimberly at my path unwinding travel Kim Burley we need to have you on the show. Um, how do you do you have a sense of how hard it was to get the. Same room on both sailings because that transcific sailing would have been incredibly popular. Um, and I'm curious to did we I know you were able to snag the same room and have a sense of how hard it was to get the same room. 09:14.83 Sam Um. 09:18.74 Collin Yeah, it was actually a little more complicated than that. So ah, we like I say Kimberly snag the yeah the trans the trans pacific the the Hawaii to to sydneyney salient for us. Um, and then when I decided to book the ah Hawaii. Or the vancuuver to Hawaii leg. Um, that's when we tried to then align to get the the same room I how did that work out. Um, Kimberly had no one know there book you booked a few months apart? Yeah, but I only only booked the the. 09:50.78 dclduo So you didn't you didn't you didn't book them at the same time they okay. Ah. 09:58.12 Collin The Hawaii lake in early August or end of end of July like right at the right at the beginning of August I guess it was so yeah, that was oh can I circle back to that I try to remember the. 10:03.41 dclduo Oh wow. 10:11.21 Collin Details but there was actually a little more to it than that. Actually there was another family in our Facebook cruise group that was looking to ah like try and get on the on the Australia Lake they were trying to get cabins that were joining right? and anyway so we we kind of said well we're. Okay, with moving if it you know if you you get the cabin beside us ultimately, all those people were in the Facebook group so it involved like moving 3 different cabins around and then I was able to get the same cabin and then ah then I we ended up moving our cabin again anyway to get the same cabin it was available on both legs and and like I booked the. 10:36.52 Sam Oh my goodness. 10:47.56 Collin Thank you verla myself with a placeholder that I had and so then I once I got my cabin and again and the basically said this cabin's available on the next leg your your agent just has to phone in and get it and get it assigned to you So that's what happened there? yeah. 11:02.42 dclduo Again. 11:04.20 Sam Oh wow, that's amazing. Wow that's a lot of coordination for sure. Ok so let's talk. Let's talk. Ah the booking extravaganza because you've got. You know 10 nights at 13 nights and you've got all kinds of things to book ahead of time we obviously we don't need to go into everything that you booked on board or um, but I'm curious as to whether it was difficult to book things on board. Um, you know that far. You know far in advance but your your gold status I imagine there were some pearls and some platinums but but it's a lot of days so it was it hard to book things. 11:35.28 Collin Well, yeah, right? So the you know the originally the the the austria crews booked up basically booked up at platinum like I said by time it got to gold booking date. There were a few inside cabins available. Um later. Obviously some people you know, decided to do something different canceled their their cabin and and we were able to get ah a veranda but um, it was same thing on excursions and you know onboard activities. Mostly sold out by time. It got to gold booking dates and so yeah, we weren't too too worried about that we did get a snorkeling excursion in in Fiji and we did a yeah um. Ah, bird sanctuary tour in New Caledonia we were able to get those. Um I did get ah a booking for a um apollo brunch. We ended up actually counseling that I can get into that later. But um. Yeah, we you know we we're happy with what we got but we definitely didn't have first choice. A lot of things were sold out by time. It got to our booking date. 12:52.26 Sam And wow all right? Well, let's let's start with the first leg. Um, we're going to talk highlights of course from this Vancouver to Hawaii um, leg of the trip ah tell us how was embarkation process. Um, you're in Vancouver. I know it's ah it's a familiar port for Disney Cruise line I imagine it's probably pretty smooth at that point in the season. 13:15.64 Collin Yeah, Vancouver seemed to go pretty smoothly um, didn't really you know it was as we had sailed to Vancouver once before on a relocation cruise to San Diego that was in 2019 so pre covered for whatever that difference makes. But yeah, it seemed. 13:32.96 Collin Like it was pretty smooth. Um, ah yeah, don't really have I'm much disable. Yeah sorry no nothing extraordinary. We we stayed at the we seeed across the street at the pacific rim the Fairmont Pacific room it's a hotel we stay at quite often when we're in Vancouver and. 13:38.32 Sam No nothing. Yeah, nothing no, that's great. It's. 13:48.63 Sam Yeah. 13:52.88 Collin Ah, unlike the like they have to drive you over with the luggage but they have a ah courtesy vehicle. They do that with whereas I think if you stay at the Waterfront which we did before um there they transfer your luggage. You basically just walk over the over to the port same thing I think if you stay at the Pam Pacific They just transfer your luggage downstairs and and you walk. 13:59.86 Sam Um. 14:06.14 Sam Hey. 14:11.46 Sam Yeah, listen an uninventful embarkation port or or boarding process is I think what we always hope for and you know they had just done the entire Alaska season. So I can't imagine unless they had a computer glitch that anything should be yeah. 14:12.67 Collin Down. Yeah. 14:19.32 Collin Um, yeah. 14:26.27 Collin Right? They were out of dry dock for a few days as the the ship actually came over the night before and I would say we got access to our cabins a bit quicker than you would normally experience because I think most of the cabins were made up by time the ship got over. 14:30.88 Sam Oh that's right. 14:38.32 Sam Um e. 14:44.73 Collin To Vancouver. 14:45.71 Sam Yeah, well that brings up a good point. The wonder had just come out of dry dock Now of course we we heard about the dry dock and some updates that were done on board I'm curious a lot of it I think was technical stuff. Um. 14:57.95 Collin Um, yeah. 15:00.52 Sam But I'm curious from the guest perspective. What were things or was there anything that you noticed that was different I mean could you notice that the screens were better or did you notice any any spaces in particular that were you know updated in some way. 15:13.81 Collin Yeah, the last time we had been on the wonder was September Twenty Twenty two on the Dvc member crews so you know I heard the the screen we call the funnel vision was was replaced or upgraded I don't know I it you know it worked it worked well. 15:18.50 Sam Is it. 15:33.45 Collin Sound system I think with louder than I remember it. But yeah, the sound system up on Deck Nine Yeah, it was. You could really hear it everywhere. It was good big sound. Yeah yeah. 15:34.70 Sam Ah, yeah, we heard they upgraded the sound system. 15:42.51 dclduo Yeah to Disney is all about big big sound right now. Loud loud loud. Yeah yeah. 15:47.53 Sam yeah yeah I think they did some engine um upgrade type stuff as well. Of course I think that had to do with emissions or something yeah with some emissions stuff in I don't know if it was Australia or New Zealand in particular but they need to do some some stuff there did. 15:55.34 Collin Um, so methods. Yeah, yeah. 15:59.14 Collin Um, yeah, the biggest. 16:00.70 dclduo Well, they also made the masks they made the Mast collapsible to one of the masks can full down now. Yeah. 16:08.40 Sam That's right, was there anything in particular um, did oh did you notice they added a jewelry store they added over by ah shutters. 16:09.90 Collin Um, okay. 16:16.24 Collin Yeah, yeah, they did they they kind of the the number of screens and shutters I'm not sure if it's less screens or they just sort of compress them into a smaller area but there's less screens I think and and a smaller area for shutters and there's this big jewelry display there. We walked by it a lot. 16:23.89 Sam Who. 16:33.40 Sam Um, yeah, yeah, it's the same so they did that on the magic and in its dry dock and so it's I think it's like I haven't seen it on the wonder yet. But I I imagine it's exactly the same as what they did on the magic. 16:35.45 Collin Um, didn't spend a lot of time there and yeah. 16:47.81 Collin And it's not like there's not a big enough jewelry counter inside a white caps thing I think but I don't know I The of course the big thing that everyone was talking about was the Wifi upgrade. Um, they've got the they've got the same wifi that some of the other ships have now I guess or maybe they're the last ship to get it. 16:50.53 Sam Yeah, yeah. 16:58.40 Sam Um, ah. 17:04.13 Sam Yep, they were the last ship to get it. Everybody else has it now. Yeah. 17:05.18 Collin Yeah, yeah, so so the you know pay per day rather than pay per megabye or whatever. So and and that I I appreciated that because I did have like I said had this deal closed but sort of had some some work to keep keep up to date on during the trip. So yeah. 17:20.61 Sam Yeah, that makes sense Awesome! Well, that's I think helpful for folks to know there weren't major things but the wi-fi is a major thing I think for a lot of people. So let's oh that's right? okay. 17:24.80 Collin That was that was good. 17:31.80 Collin Yeah, and sea treasures sea treasures was boarded up. So so apparently apparently that's because what what I heard on I went I took the the art of the theme show tour and when we went past their to to the crown and fin. 17:43.38 Sam Who. 17:50.94 Collin I Asked about it and they said they said yeah, it's boarded up because we've got a bunch of storage back there Apparently yeah. 17:54.11 dclduo Yeah. 17:56.14 Sam Yes, we heard it was merchandise storage. Actually oh see treasures for those who are listening who don't know is a small boutique. It's mostly cells um like the kids' costumes like the little the princess dresses and even pirate outfits and things like that. It's right outside. Next to the pub actually and so um, it is it was boarded up but they were yeah as I heard we were using it to store merchandise because they didn't have um suppliers or or it's unreliable to be able to ship the stuff to New Zealand and Australia so the merchandise that they sell on board. In all of the stores they needed to have like a much bigger stock of that stuff than they normally have. Yeah. 18:35.50 Collin And yeah, not just merchandise but it sounded like craft supplies and things like that that for the whole for the whole Australia season. They just didn't have I guess you know the established shipping. 18:40.33 Sam Oh. 18:47.81 Sam Me. 18:50.40 Collin Procedures and routes to to get everything there at the times they needed it during the Australia season so they kind of had to take a lot of stuff with them. 18:56.46 Sam Yeah, that makes sense because it does take a really long time to ship anything to Australia and New Zealand and unless you've got your you know, commercial retailer or something that has already those sort of chains set up. It's going to take a really long time at least I know as a. Ah, civilians if I sent mail something and we have some friends in New Zealand it takes weeks to or I would send them a Christmas card I think a couple years back yeah it's costly and it's in six weeks 19:16.90 Collin Um, yeah, and it's costly. It's caught. Yeah. 19:20.14 dclduo I just I just love that your experience I just love it. You're opining here based in your experience sending a Christmas card about international shipping requirements but ok, ok, sit Samantha ladies and gentlemen are logistics expert on the dcl duo. But. 19:26.74 Sam Yeah I am well listen. It's very far away Brian. Okay, it's very far. Well let's let's dive into ah that's right, that's right of the changed careers. Anyway, let's. Into talking about the ports um Colin on this ah on this Hawaii itinerary. Obviously you've got a lot of days at sea. Do you stop anywhere before from the time you leave Vancouver to the time you hit your first port in Hawaii are there any ports in between. 19:56.38 Collin 5 glorious days at sea and then and then four very action pack port days. Yeah. 20:00.24 Sam I love it? Yeah yeah, that we did one Hawaii itinerary on ah on celebrity cruises Celebrity Cruise line um years ago and it was exactly it was that but it was an out and back. But so it was like several days. Yeah. 20:13.25 Collin And I guess I guess when they come the other way. It's It's the opposite four port days and then five C days. So I don't know which is better five C days was was not too many four port days back to back was a bit much. 20:19.90 Sam Yeah, yeah. 20:27.82 Sam yeah yeah I think it's better if you do a there and back because then you've got you've got Steve days again on both ends right to relax after that crazy port days. Okay, so what was your first port in Hawaii. 20:32.89 Collin Yeah, didn't get in. Yeah that me, yeah, our first part was in Hawai was the big island helo. So it's it's the rainy side but we were pretty fortunate. We had sunshine when we got there which is. 20:46.60 Sam Um, yeah. 20:52.42 Collin Ah, not every day in in Helo for sure. They get a lot more rain I can't remember the statistics but it's several times the amount of rain like like 40 times the amount of rain that the other side of the island gets. 20:53.35 Sam Yeah. 21:02.83 Sam Yeah, and they might actually get I think they get more rain than we get here in Seattle actually you're gonna have to look that up. Yeah. 21:07.94 Collin I think so probably yeah yeah, it's a lot maybe more probably not more than catch a can I think catch a cans the the rainiest city in the US or something like that I can't know. Yeah, they get a lot of rain they measured in feet there right? so. 21:20.15 Sam Oh really, oh interesting I didn't know ah all right? Well tell us what did you guys get up to in Helo. 21:27.58 Collin So we we didn't have a port excursion book through Dc like like I said there wasn't we've been to the big island several times so we've been to the volcano and all that and didn't really feel like doing the 45 minute drive each way to go see the volcano. It wasn't a super long. Ah, port stop either. We were out of there at like 4 in the afternoon I think or something that it was. It was fairly early and so we yeah what we did do is I booked ahead on the hoppa on hoppa off bus. So it's not as commercial as the. As the buses that you get in a lot of the other major cities. So there's they've got kind of a local version of it but we did a a tour. It went to the big on countyy store which was one of the places we wanted to hit and then it went to Japanese Garden and I can't don't ask me to pronounce the name of it. It's a famous Japanese Garden and then to rainbow falls then I think those were the 3 big stops on that tour which was cool. It was pretty cheap and it was like fifty bucks a person it was pretty pretty reasonably priced and then it included like shuttle transfers um to downtown other beaches. 22:19.99 Sam Oh awesome. 22:38.16 Sam Oh awesome. 22:38.31 Collin Ah, for the rest of the day. So yeah, that was pretty nice and yeah I'd recommend it for sure. Um, the the shuttles ended up not being super reliable. We ended up grabbing a taxi back to the ship later after we did some shocking downtown but the the tour was great. 22:51.81 Sam Is. 22:57.90 Collin And the price was great. So real complaints. Yeah yeah. 22:57.17 Sam So no complaints there that sounds yeah that sounds great are what was your second port stop in Hawaii. 23:03.68 Collin So the second port stop was actually Honolulu so a waho and we did a circle island tour we took that through dcl it was actually more of a figure 8 that they did around the island they kind of wont south through ikiki to the blowhole which again I can't remember the name of it and then. Did a stop over on the east side of the island at like ah basically like a bathroom stop essentially or washroom or restroom or toilet depending on which part of the world you're in but they did a stop there and you know, ah you could all? They had a few different restaurants there a little strip mall right. 23:28.77 Sam This is a. 23:41.82 Collin Ah, and then back through the tunnel through the mountain over to the Honolulu side up to the dole plantation and then stop for lunch. The name is escaping me but the town just north of the dole plantation kind of on the north side of the island. 23:43.83 Sam A. 24:00.46 Sam Um, was it he helewa. Yeah. 24:01.73 Collin And then around the North Helewa yeah that's it I think yeah hello youa ah, beautiful little talent that was a cool stop. We've we've we'd been there once before. Ah but they've got some nice coffee shops some great lunch places. And a lot of cool shops. There. My wife ended up buying ah a little piece art there. Um and then continued around the north side over to the east site again and then stopped at the biodin japanese temple there. It's actually in in a um. 24:22.70 Sam Um, yeah. 24:33.54 Sam Oh cool. Yes, we've been there. We drove there ourselves. We did a chaka tour with a rental car and we it took us there. We were like where are we yeah when it's cool. Yeah. 24:38.34 Collin Graveyard. It's kind of cool now right. We is a really neat stock actually yeah and they and for a couple bucks. You could get some fish feed and fish feed these giant coy in the ponds there. Ah my daughter actually fed this this big black goose or or Swan or something I don't know if its mrwan I can we saw so many animals on this trip and that. 24:53.45 Sam Oh. 25:05.60 Sam Um, yeah, wow. 25:05.72 Collin That was like a month ago now or more than a month ago and so then um, and then back to a lookout before going back through the tunnel and back to the ship so it was like an 8 hour tour yeah Yeah and the port stop was. 25:16.82 Sam Um, awesome. Yeah, so a long day kind of action packed. 25:25.49 Collin Um, the port stopped that day I think we had like eleven or twelve hours in port it was like we weren't leaving port till ten and we actually left a bit later than 10 They had some logistical issues loading the fireworks for the for pirate night which was going to be the next night 25:31.31 Sam Me. 25:42.36 Sam Yeah. 25:45.40 Collin I guess they had the fireworks shipped to Hawaii to to load on this ship and but then the the aloha tower which is where we were docked wouldn't allow them to be boarded there so they ended up boarding them from a little cargo vessel. Actually pulled up beside the ship as we were leaving just after we left the the honolulu port and they loaded them by hand and I know this because it was right below our cabin and I a video of it is yeah yeah. 26:10.90 Sam Yeah, you got video of it I remember you posted the video in our Facebook group and that was awesome to see it was just like a very unusual delivery of fireworks. 26:20.96 Collin Yeah, actually and they did the same thing when we left Honolulu on the way to Sydney as well. They've loaded the that same way. Yeah, and again, right underneath our cabin because we had same count. 26:25.41 Sam Yeah, oh wow he I love that. That's awesome now. Did you get to kind of just walk around Honolulu a little bit once your tour was over. 26:37.85 Collin We could have we ended up my wife and I ended up gabbing an uber and going to a drugstore and gabbing some things that we needed. So yeah. 26:44.50 Sam Yeah I mean you're going to be. You're gone and it's not like you can buy things any on the I mean the ship. Yeah. 26:50.10 Collin Yeah, and yeah in the other ports where the other ports were all we didn't know the other ports as well And and yeah, so we we grab what we needed there. Yeah. 27:01.61 Sam Um, awesome all right? What is your next port stop in Hawaii this will be port number 3 27:07.60 Collin Yeah, so put number 3 is no Willie Willie it's on kwa and my wife and I had been to Kwai once before, um we booked again. So this was a place where we couldn't get an excursion for all 3 of us to so there's I don't know if I mentioned before only 3 of us were on this cruise. 27:17.21 Sam Okay. 27:24.72 Collin So yeah, so we are um, our son for the we we ended up grabbing a second cabin inside cabin for the second cruise the cruise to Sydney. Um and my son and my wife's mother and sister were going to join us for that cruise. 27:39.91 Sam Oh awesome. 27:42.35 Collin They actually got to Hawaii the same day that we were in Honolulu um, but they got there like an hour their plane landed an hour before our cruise was departing right? So we were only. Ah yeah, it was gonna be a few days so anyway, but we. 27:50.36 Sam Yeah, well you were going to see them in a few days Anyway, right? No big deal. 28:01.12 Collin Um, so so there were only the 3 of us on this part of the cruise. Um, so in the Willy Willie we had um ah we weren't able to get an excursion with all 3 of us on the same excursion. My wife my daughter and I did the fern grotto tour. 28:03.39 Sam Okay. 28:20.77 Collin And that was booked through Dcl and my wife wanted to get some quiet coffee so she actually did a coffee and rum ah tour like they went to a coffee plantation and a rum plantation or like where they made rum or all. 28:21.10 Sam Um. 28:36.18 Sam Yeah Rum Distillery yeah. 28:39.73 Collin Everything yes or coffee and coffee roaster and so yeah, so she got some coffee and some Roman and some tastings and and she a lot of fun. She met some other people from the cus obviously through the do dcl again now it was interesting. It was I think there and we. 28:52.73 Sam Um, yeah, awesome And how was the Fern grotto. 28:59.15 Collin This feedback was given to Dc by us and a few other people some of the descriptions weren't completely up to date like they said they stopped at helo hadies. But apparently Helo Hatie hasn't been in business since at least the pandemic so little bit of out to date that wasn't a big deal for me that you know I didn't really need to go. 29:04.15 Sam Move. 29:09.87 Sam Oh. 29:17.23 Collin Shopping There was a free shuttle to go to some stores to buy souvenirs if you wanted to do that. We actually did do that after the tour we went over to the shops and and there was a little beach there as well. Um, but yeah it was. It was a good stop and and the Fern grotto. Yeah Fer Grotdo was neat. We went. There's. 29:25.44 Sam Awesome. 29:35.50 Collin This family has owned this business. There're running these unique boats. They're kind of like barges with like people you know, covered and whatever but barges that with like a um, a pusher ah engine. You know how describe it. But anyway, ah. 29:48.88 Sam Um, cool. 29:54.62 Collin They've been running this business for generations there. It's all family owned and run. Um and they take you up to this beautiful sort of tropical Jungle and to this Fern grotto. They used to go inside the cave but the so I learned this like. 30:07.51 Sam It is. 30:13.60 Collin I Don't know the description again sounded like we were going to go inside the cave. We didnt we we went into the grotto which is sort of like the entrance to the Cave sort of the big like amphitheater and there's kind of this cool ah acoustics there. Apparently they do a lot of weddings there or they have in the past done a lot of weddings there and they had like um. 30:22.12 Sam Gotcha. 30:33.14 Collin They had some hawaiian singing and and Hula dancing and they did a hawaiian wedding song ah for the guests up there. It was it was a really neat tour I enjoyed it I do it again. 30:35.51 Sam How amazing. 30:42.60 Sam Yeah, that sounds great all right? What was port number 4 the your last port before I guess docking in Honolulu for disembarkation embarkation day. 30:49.13 Collin Yes, then right? So we went back to so then we went south again to Maui and that night was supposed to be pirate night. It was pirate night. We did have pirate night. We were supposed to have fireworks. But. 30:55.59 Sam This earth. 31:06.70 Collin There was some kind of technical problem. They weren't able to get the fireworks to to shoot off so ah unfortunately after 45 minutes of trying they finally announced. Sorry this isn't gonna happen tonight. Um, but maui was our next stop and in Maui we had not booked a. An excursion. Um the the good excursions had all been booked and um, you know I hadn't actually even booked anything up until a couple days before and what I did do is I reserved ah a rental car a Jeep and we thought well we'll just go drive around the island. Um. 31:39.22 Sam Um, yeah. 31:42.79 Collin My daughter had made a friend with ah a single mom 2 of them were going to join us for this for this little self excursion. They hadn't booked anything either I think for them. It was actually their first Disney Cruise so yeah well I I told them I said you're kind of spoiled for it now like you know. 31:52.45 Sam Oh wow, That's a mayor that's a long one to book is your first one. Yeah for sure. Yeah, well you either love it or hate it at that point right? so. 32:02.47 Collin It so harder to book better than this? yeah yeah I know they were enjoying it for sure. Um, but yeah, so then so we but that morning we got the news that my mother in law after they landed in Hawaii she was kind of feeling a little sick and they like get a cold kind of thing. 32:22.36 Collin And so she took a covid test and was tested positive. So so we're scrambling at that point going. Well now what? And so yeah, she had health insurance we had we had booked or we had paid for um insurance for their crews. 32:23.52 Sam Oh no. 32:39.67 Sam The first. 32:42.28 Collin Third party not not through dcl because we kind of missed the point missed that on Dc I did not for it on dcl but I I had I had signed them up for the insurance for the cruise. So um, yeah, so we spent the first few hours on the ground in maui on the phone with Kimberly. She's like 6 hours time difference for us and but yeah, she's coordinating with dcl because because she tested positive and because my son and my and um and um, my wife's sister were traveling with her so they were now exposed. Dcl said they had to. 33:02.13 Sam Right. 33:21.44 Collin They would have to all cancel so ah canceled the crewise for the next cruise for all 3 of them and we had to of course range somewhere for them to stay in Hawaii till they could you know till they won yeah till they could fly back or or fly on to Australia which is what they ended up doing. Um, so yeah, that took a bit of time. 33:30.15 Sam Till they could fly back. 33:41.14 Collin Ah, fortunately my daughter was able to go to the beach with with her friend and her mom and once we kind of got that all sort out. We did do part of the drive to hot to Hannah Hanna hannah h a Anna Hannah it's a big. It's a famous loop. 33:51.72 Sam Nothing. 33:59.10 Collin Tour that they do on maui I guess ah it takes about 8 hours if you do a bunch of the stops I think you can drive it in 4 But um, so we only got part of the way but we did go to this beach where we saw more turtles on that beach than I've ever seen probably cumulative in my life before that and like I said I have. 34:15.58 Sam Oh wow. 34:18.90 Collin Snorrkled in Hawaii a number of times so it's not like I haven't seen turtles but like thirty forty turtles on this one beat was crazy. Yeah, and it was at sundown and so that's kind of fun. We got some pictures of that and and then we stopped it I think it's called Pia in just south of there. Got some ice cream. 34:21.82 Sam Oh My goodness that sounds amazing. Um, yeah. 34:38.60 Collin And then went back to the ship. We didn't end up doing a whole ton of touring on Maui but but we did see see a beach and we did see some turtles and you know I saw enough to know I'm going to go back to Maui someday because that was my first time ever being to maui. 34:40.17 Sam Sure. 34:50.25 Sam Go awesome! Well I'm sorry to hear that they all had the the 3 joiners didn't get to join that they had taking in so but. 34:57.80 Collin Yeah, so instead they had to go and stay at the Trump Waki key in a 3 bedroom suite for the next few days I thought we could but want to Australia yeah, but Kimberly was great. She she sorted out. She got a. 35:07.64 Sam Ah, oh it sounds terrible. Ah. 35:15.34 Collin Got a room organized next door because they were at alani. He had a couple nights at alani there before before the cruise and then of course Alani was sold out with a lot of people were staying there before the Australia crewise um, and it's you know, kind of a busy time anyway, there I think so um. 35:18.56 Sam Ah. 35:25.46 Sam Right? Yeah well I'm probably a lot of people getting off of your cruise and just going to a lani for you know who aren't heading to Australia. Yeah yeah. 35:35.40 Collin We're gonna be in. Yeah yeah, definitely lot of people were having a ah on a lanie stay either before or after the respective cruises. Yeah, um, so yeah, so they were at a launie in a studio right? The 3 of them. 35:45.76 Sam Yeah. 35:53.34 Collin Only one of them is testing positive only one of them is having any symptoms so we wanted to get them isolated to make you know limit the ability for it to spread so kimly was able to get them. Ah a yeah think's the Marriott right? beside ah awani able to get a room for our son Xander and. 36:11.92 Sam With a. 36:11.94 Collin And hi and Sisterin La Heidi at the Marriott beside for that night and then the next night get them all moved over to the to the chum wikikeia um, and so you know she. 36:18.31 Sam Move to waikiki. Yeah. 36:26.16 Collin I mean I would have been on the phone all day if it hadn't been for Kimberley taking care of a lot of those details for us. 36:28.37 Sam Yeah, well this is a an excellent plug for travel insurance. Even if you don't book it through Disney just find there a good policy travel insurance and for a travel agent frankly you you literally. 36:32.73 Collin Absolutely yeah. 36:40.66 Collin And travel help friends too. Yeah, you know? yeah first here. Yeah. 36:44.37 Sam Oh yeah, child health insurance. Yeah great. Great call there too as well. So I hate to segue. But we we have to segue to the next cruise because um, we have so much to talk about because this is such obviously an amazing itinerary that you're 2 itineraries that you did um, let's talk about the. 36:52.00 Collin Are. 37:03.73 Sam Disembarkation and embarkation process a little bit because you guys are headed into again to Honolulu so it's funny because you stop in Hall Honolulu and then you're back? Oh I can't hear wait hold on one second Colin I can't hear you Brian oh. 37:10.97 Collin Yeah, that was a bit funny and and and yeah. 37:19.62 dclduo I'm on mute. Let's let's skip that. Let's just get right into the next cruise because we're at 35 minutes already yeah just reset that up. 37:22.92 Sam Okay, all right? Okay, okay, all right Colin I hate to seggue us because we could talk about obviously this cruise for another probably hour but we've got so much to talk about because you had these 2 amazing itineraries. So let's dive into your. Your Australia cruise your Honolulu to Australia I should say cruise um you embark from Honolulu that you had just been to a couple days prior. We're going to talk ports first and then we will circle back and talk about some of the individual or the um. We're going to talk ports first. But then we'll circle back to talk about some of the special onboard activities and sort of highlights from the Cruise. So let's start with obviously you you debbark from honolulu what is your first port of call on this transpacific crossing. 38:15.81 Collin So The first port of call was pogo pogo in American Samoa and we did not have a excursion booked for that day. All the really good stuff was booked a bit ahead of time. So We we ended up just getting off the ship doing some shopping. I will say first of all as we're coming into port and we were really lucky we were on the right side of the ship for this but the starboard side which is also the right side of the ship I guess but we're on the on the good side the coming and so on that port day coming into port before we were even docked. 38:45.70 Sam I Love that. 38:54.40 Collin They had all these singers and dancers out there greeting the ship all dressed in red which I guess is a ah traditional celebration color or whatever, very welcoming that port. Um, they also gave the the ship a. 39:07.12 Sam And oh that's awesome. Yeah. 39:12.89 Collin Ah, really beautiful plaque like a big plate carved carved Wooden plate. You know celebrating their arrival and first stopped at at Americanmoa so that was a cool. Ah Cool Welcome. They did a similar thing when we were leaving to as as everyone was lining up to get back on the ship. Again, dancing singing it was beautiful So We got off the ship went short walk into into town there. There's a market and things we we just did some shopping and then there's these buses these they're kind of like these. 39:36.63 Sam That's awesome. 39:51.11 Collin Retrofitted small school buses that where they've they gripped out the inside and and built wooden carved tops on them and stuff and every one of them is unique, not terribly comfortable, but very yeah, very yeah. 39:59.99 Sam Oh cool. Yeah. 40:09.20 Collin Ah, festive and and interesting anyway. So for twenty bucks each we got this island tour um and went all down the island and back up the island and so we saw a lot of the island. Um, some of the there was like a road closure that I think. Kind of cut that tour a bit shorter than it would have otherwise been the bus couldn't get through there but but otherwise we we got to see a lot of the a lot of the island which was neat. Um american samoa is beautiful green lush you know there's a national park there. So one of the things I did is I walked up and went to the national park office and. And got a a passport with a stamp I heard people talking about that on the on the group I haven't been to a lot of the American National Parks I have when I was a kid but not recently so but I started with the first with the one that's the hardest to get to. So i. 40:49.60 Sam Oh yeah. 41:02.12 Sam Yeah, yeah, it's pretty far away American Samoa so that's that sounds like an awesome port. Um, we had heard ah from other folks who were on your crews that there wasn't a whole lot in the way of excursion. So and actually sounds like what you did. 41:03.55 dclduo Ah. 41:03.62 Collin Yeah, now the rest of them should be pretty easy. So well. 41:19.53 Sam Was probably the right call of all things which is you know, just sort of pick up a tour ad hoc I Love that what was your second port of call on this trip. 41:23.16 Collin Um, yeah. 41:30.11 Collin Yeah, so and no and no back to back ports this time we had we always had at least one C day between ports and then we finished the cruise with two c days. So it's a lot of C days 3 only 3 ports of call in you know, thirteen days right um yeah stories. 41:33.95 Sam Love it. 41:40.28 Sam Yeah, that's amazing. That's like for me that's like Cruise Cruise goals yeah Yeah 41:45.00 dclduo Well that well that sparks a question for me that I wanted to ask is so we've we've talked to another couple who did kind of this back to back experience but we haven't you know you're the first guest we've had on who did the back to back with kids. 41:47.44 Collin 13 nights twelve days I guess yeah i. 42:01.24 dclduo How did they handle all the time zone changes that you had to go through well the sorry the 1 kid the 1 kid but but how did how did they handle the time zone changes. 42:03.38 Sam Or just 1 kid remember the second one didn't make it. Yeah. 42:05.69 Collin Um, me yeah, just want. Yeah so I mean it's only an hour at a time. So it's like daylight savings time right. And and you're going back. So you're on on this direction. You're going back. So you're always getting that extra hour of sleep. It's not a shorter night. It's a longer night right? Um I don't know my daughter handled it fine like yeah, ah she and I handle it fine. Um yeah. 42:25.65 dclduo Okay. 42:29.75 Sam Yeah, yeah, the harder question is when you fly home and they have to adjust that way. 42:34.52 Collin Yeah, that was a bit more of an adjustment. But by time we were flying home. We were flying home from New Zealand and and because they had just dropped their daylight or just gone in no gone out of daylight savings time because no hang know they're going into summer so they had just gone into daylight savings time. So the difference was only 3 hours 3 hours 42:50.73 Sam Um, right you as a full day but 3 hours right yeah 42:54.00 Collin 3 hours plus a day right? So it's actually it wasn't like it wasn't as bad as you'd think but it also was kind of mess messed me up with that. Yeah I'm only just getting back to a normal night's sleep last night I think. 42:58.63 Sam Yeah, yeah, yeah, that makes sense all right? What was port number 2 on this crudes. 43:09.66 Collin Support number 2 was suva fiji ah, all 3 ports actually were pretty industrial ports like we were port. We were docked where all the containers and stuff were um I don't know if suva I think suva I think fiji has another port that maybe is more cruise ship. Centric um, you've basically had to take ah ah, a shuttle or a bus or ah or a taxi to go anywhere from this port. You couldn't walk out of the port same thing in New Caledonia but um so in Suva we actually did have an excursion booked originally was. My sisterin law myself and my daughter were gonna go snorrkling. We were able to get my wife on that snorrkkeling trip. She had a ah chip planned with her mom but obviously with her mom not being there. We able to change make that change. Um, and so we went to the they they bust us over to the pearl. The pearl. Resort and from there it was just a short boat ride out to this reef where we went snorkeling. Um and it was pretty good snorkeling I've had better in Hawaii I would say but it was okay, it was good. We did see a lot of fish a lot of coral it was amazing actually how close the coral was to the surface of the of the ocean there. Um, maybe it was because of where the tide was at that time but you couldn't actually swim over the coral because there wasn't early enough clearance to do that safely? Um, um. 44:33.61 Sam Oh wow was it like it seems like in Sorein when you see it in the soren or over around the world. Yeah, you do bees and soran. Yeah, ah. 44:38.89 Collin This Fiji and sorein sorry yeah I yeah I don't know I don't really recall Fiji and sorein. But I mean there was a lot of it did look like from shore and from the ship lots of coral. So and and I have. Read that as well. That Fiji actually has a lot of a lot of coral reef so I don't know if we went to the best 1 but we went to a fairly convenient one and and it was decent like considering we were really on like the boat right out. There was maybe like 20 minutes or less like you could see the place where we were going to moor out there from the resort. 45:10.82 Sam Oh wow. 45:16.31 dclduo The the real question isn't does it look like Soren Sam the real question is does it smell like sorein. So there you go. 45:17.70 Collin So. 45:19.53 Sam Does it smell like sourin I knew and yeah I love the Fiji smell. Yeah, it's that boat scene with the it looks like a kind of like a canoe boat with rowers in it. Yeah yeah, it's that's yeah, it's that's you. 45:23.17 Collin Raised. Ah. 45:31.35 Collin Oh okay, yeah, no yeah I didn't see the we did see a giant I did see a giant Canoe but I think that was actually in in american samoa where I saw that it was in inside. 45:38.39 Sam You didn't see the rowers rowing the boat. 45:43.89 Sam So yeah, nice now now did the excursion take up the whole day or what did you get to do anything else in Fiji. 45:52.35 Collin It was. It was pretty much the whole time we didn't have I'm trying to remember now we didn't have that long of a port stop there. We didn't do anything else I don't remember how much time we had you know after we got back on board. Sorry. 46:07.95 Sam You know that's okay. 46:10.89 Collin Ah, yeah, by time we got back on board got something to eat and I feel like we were kind of we were kind of taking off pretty soon after that. 46:17.19 Sam Yeah, okay, what was your final ah port of course before you get to Sydney. But what's your final port on this trans pacific ruth. 46:25.30 Collin Yeah, our final. Our final port was new maya new caledonia so it's a french ah territory I think is technically what they are ah lots of french speaking people there including our guide spokes some french so. As a canadian who you know had to take some french when I was in school and like half of half of ourelsame street is always in french so you know I got to practice a little bit of the little bit of french I know and that was kind of fun after we did this bird sanctuary tour so bus took us up. 46:40.43 Sam Yeah, did you get to brush up on your friend. 46:58.32 Collin To this bird sanctuary along the way we got some cool views of the wonder down in port I wish we had stopped to take a photo but I don't think there's really a place where the bus could pull off there. They just kind of like if you look out your right side right? Now you'll see the wonder as I oh I didn't get my camera out fast enough but it was beautiful and um. Again, very green very lush very tropical on the way into that port again we were on the correct side of the ship. The starboard side of the ship we we had like there's ah just a lot of island you get to see on the way in new if I think I've got this right? New Caledonia is the. Third largest archipelago of in the south pacific so New Zealand and Papua New Guinea are the first and second and New Caledonia is the third so it's a whole bunch of islands I can't remember how many but a lot of them most of them have some habitation but most of the people live. 47:41.31 Sam Um, oh cool. Um. 47:57.00 Collin Near new cala near near nu maya ah nu may itself has got some larger buildings a lot more. Ah, how to say like first world sort of architecture and and buildings and things like that um a lot less obvious poverty than ah. 47:57.16 Sam This is. 48:15.64 Sam This is. 48:16.83 Collin Fiji um, or probably American Samoa um yeah but the the bird sanctu is beautiful. Ah our guide obviously french was her first language and english was her second but she spoke good english and. Gave us a good tour explained a lot about the the wildlife and the birds and the the plants that we saw along the way. Um, they have this bird there called the kaga bird I think I'm saying that correctly hopefully and it's kind of like a kiwi bird in that it's a flightless bird and and it. Like ah you know only lays like 1 or 2 eggs a year I think it actually lays less legs than a kiwi bird because I think a kibi word can lay up to 6 a year one or 2 a season. So um, and yeah, it was very interesting so and then. 48:55.69 Sam Oh wow. 49:11.80 Collin We had a bit of time after that that was a longer port day there we had until like seven p M that day I think and so we had a bit of time after the tour. Um my wife and daughter wanted to get back to the ship but I took a shuttle over to the town. Like I say we were in kind of an industrial port. So again, you couldn't leave the port without being on some sort of transportation but they had a free shadow service into town over to the passenger terminal which is I think where some of the smaller ships maybe are able to go and then they've also got a ferry service from there to. 49:34.59 Sam Awesome. 49:41.41 Sam Is a. 49:46.86 Collin And of the other islands so I went and found because I mean in a French place so I went and found a petisterie and yeah I got some got some pastries and I got some and then I went and found a special shop. Got a nice coffee really fancy. Yeah. 49:51.23 Sam Oh yeah, you got to try like some pastries a croissant something like that. 50:04.60 Collin Coffee and and actually there was a bunch of the cruise staff were in that coffee shop been enjoying some some but some coffee beverages and all time. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's interesting with you know, twenty three days or 20 Yeah twenty three days in total right. 50:06.62 Sam Yeah, listen you know you went to the right place if you found the place that the cruise staff was at that's awesome. 50:23.82 Collin But really only ah, six like port days right? Ah um, six yeah 6 no seven port days I guess right? Why it was interesting asking some of the staff. Oh you know? do you get some time off on this port or whatever and you know they all they did seem to have. 50:25.94 Sam I think. 50:26.17 dclduo Please. 50:33.80 Sam Oh yeah, because four on the Hawaii end and then ah. 50:43.50 Collin Everyone kind of got a churn to get off the ship like on the Hawaii generary and on the 3 stops on the way down to Sydney. So sometimes only ah, an hour or 2 but but still I'm sure that it was appreciated and they got to to see some of these places that some a lot of them maybe haven't seen before to like me. 51:01.20 Sam Yeah, absolutely well sounds like 3 amazing ports. Um, and obviously very unique, completely new for Disney Cruise line um but we've got to talk about some of the unique stuff that happened on board the ship. Well first you mentioned. 51:01.51 Collin Yeah. 51:18.40 Sam Canceling Apollo Brunch and I would say that's pretty unique and so I have to ask you what happened? Why did you cancel Apollo brunch. 51:24.76 Collin Well so first of all I had booked Paul Bre yeah yeah there so well. First of all, it was first of all I booked it for the 4 adults that were in our group and then there was only going to be the 2 of us my wife and I have done paul o brunch before a couple times. 51:26.18 dclduo But the horror the horror that someone might not want to eat Apollo Brunch Sam like come on but all right? Well let's hear the story. Let's hear the story. 51:31.19 Sam And he said there was a story behind it Brian so I'm asking sure. 51:43.99 Collin Um, prior saings. Um I'm a vegetarian. She's allergic to shellfish. So it's not like we get to enjoy everything they have to offer anyway. But I mean we found plenty that we enjoyed and don't get me wrong I was sad about missing Paulo Brunch but the main reason we canceled it is the time we had was eleven thirty 51:46.91 dclduo The. 51:49.24 Sam Um, ah. 51:53.16 Sam Sure. 52:00.96 Sam Okay. 52:03.50 Collin And of course it's on a c day and at 1145 on c days they had Jason Edwards who's a landscape or not sorry he's a photographer for national geographic and it's a bit understated to see as a photographer I think they introduced him as the face of national geographics. Ah pure. 52:18.20 Sam Right? He's an award winning photographer who does wildlife photography right. 52:23.23 Collin He's an award winning. Yeah um, amazing wildlife photography also does ah you know people to and he's from Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne I guess it Melbourne Melbourne Australia. 52:35.76 Sam Yeah, yeah. 52:39.76 dclduo Um, no. 52:40.64 Collin And yeah, so obviously very knowledgeable about Australia very knowledgeable about nature photography of course national geographic is part of the Disney family now and and so really a cool thing to have him on board and my wife's really into photography. She's she's been a photographer. 52:43.23 Sam The view. 52:50.63 Sam Um, yeah. 53:00.40 Collin For quite a while I've done a bit of photography. Um and you know nothing like her. But um, so it's been so it was really interesting for both of us. So that was that we quickly became something that the 2 of us did together every c day. 53:11.38 Sam Yeah. 53:18.42 Collin Ah, you know she likes to sleep in I'm an early riser so you know I'd go my second breakfast her first breakfast yeah have a coffee for her and then you know and pick up pick up breakfast for her and and then we'd go down to do the the Jason Edwards talk so 53:26.67 Sam Ah, coffee. Yeah. 53:36.40 Collin Um, we just did want to. We didn't want to miss that. 53:36.99 Sam That's a perfectly valid reason. First of all, honestly when you said that you were vegetarian that she's allergic to shellfish as like yeah I actually think that that in and of itself I think would be a reason to skip Pollo but this makes a ton of sense. Yeah, you want you want to see these special tours. 53:44.52 Collin Um, yeah, yeah. 53:54.50 Sam What other? Um, what other special onboard stuff. Did you guys get to do. 53:59.57 Collin So I didn't get to do it really, but they did have anyone can cook I watched a few of them on the stateroom tv those were I think at um, like ten thirty so and they went like an hour so they kind of overlapped with Jason's thing too I think some people did do both. They'd leave the. 54:02.54 Sam The. 54:13.70 Sam Who. 54:16.70 Collin Cooking demonstration a couple minutes early in order to get to the Jason Edwards talk Jason Edwards was in the Walt Disney theater anyone can cook was in d lounge. Um I also like to go to the what they call it the good morning disney wonder show. So. 54:22.83 Sam That is. 54:32.43 dclduo Oh. 54:35.12 Collin Morning show. Ah that was fun. They did only do that they do it live in d lounge on cdays. So that was always fun I missed the first few but then I realized how fun it was so I I usually did that ah in the mornings on Cds yeah, it was a lot of fun and and very engaging with the audience trent nanny. 54:46.80 Sam Awesome like a morning talk show I Love it. 54:55.33 Collin We're we're great. The the cruise director and Assistant Cruise director 54:59.44 Sam Awesome! That sounds like a lot of fun. Um, what any other oh we have to talk about the crossing the equator and the international dateline right? There's you had 2 crossings or you had equator crossing and an international dateline crossing am I right. 55:07.35 Collin Um, yeah. 55:13.38 Collin Right? So you didn't really celebrate the international dateline crossing they talked about it at the morning show the day before and the day after but they didn't really do any kind of celebration of that they did do a big celebration about crossing the equator. Um, the cap. 55:15.81 Sam Is right. So wait, let me ask 1 quick question there so you lose a day right? The inter on the international dateline crossing that's where you basically just skip a day. 55:30.53 Collin Correct. Yeah, so technically our you know our cruise ended fourteen days after it started but really it was only 13 nights right? so because October Twenty you know that's just a day that I'll never experience October twenty 55:38.69 Sam Right? right. 55:48.32 Collin Me 3 rights. He went to bed on the nineteen three woke up on the twenty first so yeah right yeah exactly forget about that extra hour sleep that extra 24 is really great. Yeah. 55:49.95 dclduo Ah. 55:51.48 Sam I I kind of love that. Yeah, it was like it was like magic. That's that what the he? Yeah I love it all right? So let's talk. Ah sorry to interrupt you the hair Colin My I. 55:56.61 dclduo I'm so rested after like 36 hours of yeah. 56:05.99 Collin No, that's right? And yeah. 56:09.18 Sam I Thought that was just a really interesting fact that people might not realize. But yeah, let's talk about the equator party. What was that like. 56:16.61 Collin Yeah, so there's a maritime tradition about about crossing the equator on a ship right? as a sailor anyway and you know it's become a thing for Cruise line passengers as well. Of course this is the first time Disney's done it first time I've done it first time most people on board have done it including a lot of the crew. Um. And so they had to do something now tradition on like navy ships involves food fights and like getting a raw like smelly fish out and passing it around. Everyone's got to kiss the fish and stuff so you know obviously they weren't going to do some of that. 56:43.60 Sam Yeah. 56:48.76 Collin Um, but they did come up with and and there was no real discussion about it like it wasn't even something like that was on the agenda as you know equator crossing day or whatever and Captain Thorne I thought up say thord Captain Thord I he actually said that originally they thought they'd be crossing the equator like at Midnight. Ah, but then I guess they were able to get you know they they bumped that up by leaving earlier I don't know what how they did it exactly but it was it was on day three. So the third see day right it's not like they had a ton of time leave after leaving hawaiian you know on. On embarkation day. You can only leave you know so early right? So I don't know how they must have been just pushing the the new engines a little faster I'm not sure. But anyway, they're able to bump it up to about 10 30 I think it was or ten ten forty five when they actually crossed the equator. So. 57:27.80 dclduo 11 57:27.32 Sam So sure. Yeah, so. 57:42.19 Collin Um, which worked perfectly for you know a deck party right? So so that was the the end of the day but they had ah activities all throughout the day leading up to that. Um, they did a special drawing class where they. I didn't do that but they did special drawing class where they had Ursula which apparently is not a character they typically will do a drawing class for they had some trivia around you know the equator and and sort of nautical like things things like that and then. 58:01.96 Sam Oh cool. 58:15.49 Collin The big event in the middle of the day was the King Tritons Royal Um trials of equatorial passage flow. Um, which which involved 3 activities. So again going back to some of this. Not ah those maritime traditions they didn't have a food fight but they didn't have a watergun fight or they you know they had some kids come up and spree people with water Gunns They had a limbo where basically everyone on Deck Nine could come around through the limbo circuit they um. 58:37.70 Sam Are short. Yeah,, let's do the limpo. 58:52.15 Collin And then they had a kiss the fish which they actually did a rendition of you know to the tune of Kiss the girl but it was kiss the fish and they had this like cartoon fish on a stick like I'll like half half but no size of a good sized child or something you hell be this big. 58:56.54 Sam Yeah. 59:10.24 Collin Like Cartoony fish. Not any particular fish character from a Disney I p but just this like green fish that had big lips on it and stuff and out. 59:12.86 Sam He oh I heard it ibe was similar to the ones they use at the the animal kingdom finding Nemo um, ah yeah that it might be 1 of those fish which is still a nondescript fish. 59:24.93 Collin Oh could be could be yeah, yeah, it wasn't something I yeah I didn't recognize it from any Disney movie per se. 59:32.23 Sam Not like a character that's actually from finding Nemo but from the stage show in animal kingdom. Yeah yeah. 59:41.93 Collin But but anyway they passed this thing around and people could kiss it. You know? and um, yeah, and then at the end they gave everyone certificates that yeah certificate that said you know you're you've now been. Ah, um. Invited to be ah, a shell back golden or golden shellback rest trustees shellback. You're you're ah what is it? You're a poly wa before you cross the equator and then you become a shellback or a trustee back or something. So yeah and by King Triton some people some people apparently got. 01:00:10.21 Sam Ah, that's awesome. That sounds really fun. 01:00:16.94 Collin The captain to sign their certificate as well. But I didn't do that? yeah. 01:00:17.35 Sam Oh cool So to so we had you had this deck party were there any other deck parties like did they do a regular pirate night. Oh that was afternoon so they did basically. 01:00:18.68 dclduo Nice, nice. 01:00:23.73 Collin Oh yeah, sorry I didn't mention so then that was in the afternoon then in the that was an afternoon this was like midday like I can't like I yeah like one o'clock sort of thing right? and then one thirty something that and then and then at night. 01:00:35.43 Sam So Midday deck party sort of and then oh wow. 01:00:43.28 Collin They did a countdown to the actual crossing and they they nailed it. They got it. They were right on the time that the captain had said the night before and they were and they were you know they counted it down perfectly because ah myself and other people had like you know Gps and and things like palam and trying to try to. 01:00:43.30 Sam Oh fun. Me. 01:00:56.70 Sam Sure. 01:01:00.82 Collin You know screenshot exactly when you cross the equator and they had it dead on for the for the countdown so that was cool. Um, pretty exciting. There was a lot of good energy on on deck for that and they had a little bit of pyrotechnics not fireworks but like shooting flames out the you know in front of the screen. You know. 01:01:07.30 Sam That's awesome. 01:01:17.34 Sam Awesome! That's so yeah, where did you get any of the any special costumes or anything that the the characters were wearing for that. 01:01:19.18 dclduo Um, oh yeah. 01:01:20.70 Collin 1 vision. Yeah, and they had a bunch of the characters out to like all the fab 5 and like the yeah. 01:01:33.56 Collin no no I don't think they had any special costumes for the equator crossing I don't think they even had special crossing like like Australia costumes reading and not that I saw to to tell you the truth that we didn't really do a lot of like character meet and greets so you know I'd see them sometimes in the lobby or up on deck or whatever I didn't see a lot of. 01:01:34.34 Sam Or were there any kind of. 01:01:42.28 Sam Who. 01:01:52.40 Collin Unique costumes. No yeah, so other other deck parties is your question right? So they yeah yeah, so they they did have a pirate night and they did have fireworks at pirate night. Um, and with the other the other all the other sort of pirate night. 01:01:54.20 Sam Um, okay, no big deal. You know, um, sort Yes, that's exactly right. 01:02:12.18 Collin Activities that they usually have they did not have a pirate night menu. Um, and which is fine with me. Not my favorite but they they did do fireworks for pyro night and then we got a preview of a show that they had developed. As I understood it developed it for the Australia season because the Australia season like most of the cruises don't have any port stops. They're just either point a to point b or point a back to point a with a couple of c days right? So they're pretty short cruises and basically just c days so they had a what do they call? it. 01:02:35.90 Sam Right. 01:02:49.89 Collin It was a Marvel Heroes unite. Yeah. 01:02:50.96 dclduo Oh yeah. 01:02:51.60 Sam Oh yes, they've done this on the Marvel the Marvel day at sea cruises. It's actually the new deck party. It's not it wasn't originally part of Marvel day at sea. It's the new addition to Marvel day. It see. 01:02:57.95 Collin Okay, oh okay, because because we did a Marvel day at Sea Cruz in May of 2023 and on the dream and this show is different than what I remember that shall be so and and. 01:03:14.20 Sam Um, oh okay, maybe it is. 01:03:16.34 Collin And when I was and I was chatting with trent one night the night when they were trying to figure out how to get the fireworks on on the ship in Honolulu and and he said you know we've got some stuff planned for for the equator day and he said and if we're things come together. We've got this other show that we're going to preview for you. It's a new show. So I don't know I'm not 100 % sure if it's the same or maybe it's new marvel itsky but but in any event they're not doing marvel day at sea per se on the Australia sea saliings but they are doing this deck party apparently so and don't know if they're also doing piratenite or they're one of the other I don't know. 01:03:35.97 Sam Oh it might be it. It might mean it might be new. Yeah. Right? Oh cool. 01:03:53.54 Collin But anyway it involved fireworks as well. So we got 2 shows in the fort in the thirteen night sailing with fireworks which is kind of cool. 01:03:58.28 Sam Awesome! That sounds amazing. 01:04:00.77 dclduo Well Colin this excuse me well Colin this sounds like an amazing cruise I have 1 question to wind us down here which is just it's a lot of time on a Disney Cruise you're probably the person that we've talked to who spent you know. The most amount of time on a Disney Cruise but for a guy named Allen who we talked to spent the entire european season on Disney Cruise did did. 01:04:23.69 Sam Allen yeah, on the magic. Yeah, we've got an episode a bonus episode back in our catalog I want to say it's from September of last year yeah Yeah 01:04:27.44 Collin Um, a relief. Um, oh f to. 01:04:32.89 dclduo Yeah, Alan need to have you back. But Colin I want to understand like I don't know. Did you get sick of the food like did were you getting bored at sea like or was this just like I was happy and loving every minute of it. 01:04:49.95 Collin So I my answer to that is I could have stayed on longer. Okay I it like all but I will say this and and this is you know I've I've done the shortest crus I've done as a fortnite. 01:04:56.91 dclduo Okay, yeah, it's going to answer. 01:04:58.80 Sam I I love that answer call and I love that. 01:05:07.78 Collin You know pacific relocation Cruise um and the longest I've done was this back to back. You know 24 enty four or 2023 nights I guess right? Um, the. For me I love being at sea I love being on a ship any kind of boat frankly and and I don't get seasick I don't even know what that feels like really I've been in rough seas the last day on like we had such great weather the whole time. Um, we had a little bit of wind between new Willy Willie and maui in fact a lot of people on the deck were wondering if that's why the fireworks weren't going off but they said no there was a technical issue because they actually turned the ship. They stopped the ship turned it so that they could shoot off you know in the right directions of the breeze wouldn't be blowing the fireworks back at the ship or whatever. Um, but no for me, not a problem. Ah. And and I loved it and they get sick of the food I tell you what I did I did toward the end start probably choosing more salads and more just like fresh fruit eating a little more simply right? Like you know I don't think at home most people at home. Don't eat as much butter and and you know, ah. 01:06:09.50 dclduo M. 01:06:09.57 Sam The food gets in a heavy. Yeah. 01:06:18.23 Collin Kind of heavy rich foods as as they serve on a cruise ship right? Um, you know the second cruise I definitely ate a lot more porridge for breakfast for instance, yeah, on more simple, just everything right? Um, but but no I could have stayed on ship. Yeah I could have you know I even started thinking like hey maybe I would Nick. 01:06:26.32 Sam And. 01:06:38.50 Collin At this kind of change in my career and where you know I could retire I don't need to work but I also kind of like want to still do something and I don't I could work on a cruise ship I know not sure what job I'd be qualified for but or whether I'd want to do the jobs I would be qualified for but. 01:06:50.12 Sam Yeah, ah yeah. 01:06:52.29 dclduo Ah. 01:06:53.35 dclduo Now. 01:06:55.29 Collin Ah, but you know I could definitely see myself you know, spending more time I'd love to do like an around the world cruise or something like that. But that one's a little harder to take kids on you know they'd have to homeschool for that. But. 01:07:01.16 Sam Um, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. 01:07:08.69 dclduo Well sounds like an amazing experience. Ah one maybe I hope we'll get to to do one day. But. For now I need to hand you back over to Sam for some arbitrary questions some arbitrary rules and a dash of judgment of the round. We know as a rapid fire so sam take it away. 01:07:23.35 Sam Thank you all right? Colin you know? what's what's coming I'm going to ask you your Disney favorites and then I'm going to ask you some Disney Cruise favorites all right. We are going to start with who is your favorite Disney character and character. Sorry and Disney character. Means anything that Disney owns. 01:07:41.89 Collin Sure so hard to pick one but but if I had to pick one. It's probably something from star wars probably Yoda yeah. 01:07:55.23 Sam Nice all right favorite Disney movie and same qualification for Disney. 01:08:00.36 Collin Yes. 01:08:07.38 Collin Um, um, end game marvels at pitch. Yeah well one movie I think yeah. 01:08:08.84 Sam Who avengers end game. That's a good movie too. all right. all right favorite Disney song. 01:08:19.30 Collin Oh man I you know I just I really love incanto and the um surface pressure of such a good thumb. Yeah. 01:08:26.14 Sam Yes, that is the right answer that is that is exactly the right answer ok favorite Disney Cruise line stage show. 01:08:38.18 Collin I Well I haven't been on the magic and I haven't been on the wish. Um I love frozen and I've seen it probably more than any of the others now. But yeah I love it I Love the the costume transitions those I Still don't know how they do it honestly. 01:08:44.64 Sam Yeah, it's a great show. 01:08:54.36 Sam Oh they do a great job. Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely oh definitely. 01:08:54.69 Collin And I don't know if I want to know it breaks make the magic. Yeah, obviously there's there's stuff tucked up different places and it's just impressive every time because it's so smooth and so quick and the hair changes too. Impressive was all. 01:08:54.88 dclduo Yeah. 01:09:08.67 Sam I particularly like Anna's hair change when she's waking up in the morning that time. Yeah, okay favorite Disney Cruise line bar 01:09:10.44 Collin Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. 01:09:19.52 Collin So I I liked um who depends whether you're choosing it based on ambiance or the drink. Um, but I like Crown and fin. But the what's the one on the dream I've only been on the dream Once they've got a pub there. Yeah I liked I actually liked that pub Better. It's smaller but it was better for trivia. 01:09:35.31 Sam Um, oh 6 8 7 Yeah, all right I like that. 01:09:47.70 Collin Ah, but I don't know if they've had this I don't know if they've always had this but on the wonder on in Crown and fin they have a bunch of screens in there I guess I guess they've always had It's been like a sports bar right? But yeah and they put the trivi up on the screens now. So that's kind of yeah so okay, Crown and fin. 01:09:56.77 Sam Yes, this trivia and now the drawing classes too when they do them and they're up on the screens as well. Yeah, all right? Okay, favorite rotational dining. Yeah. 01:10:09.61 Collin Ah, animator's palette. Yeah, it's kind of tough to be that one. 01:10:13.93 Sam Everyone loves Animators Palette and I don't blame them and I love it too. All right Favorite onboard activity. 01:10:15.83 dclduo 1 01:10:19.38 Collin I Well Okay, so we didn't talk about this So I'll talk about it now I and you only get this on the longer cruises. We did it on both of these salients hide and seek with the officers. So amazing. So fun. So crazy. 01:10:31.47 dclduo Oh I've heard about this? yes. 01:10:33.65 Sam Ah. 01:10:37.72 Sam Oh my goodness. 01:10:38.30 Collin Everyone's running around the ship. You know the first time nobody found the captain he was having he was he was buying people drinks at signals bar that was as a as a cruiser like he was in any yeah so what? they do? What for those of you who haven't experience its what they do is they. 01:10:44.97 Sam No way Oh he wasn't he was in his civilians not in his yeah wow. 01:10:56.50 Collin They come out in their dress uniforms right? They're whites you know, um you can take pictures of them right? They introduce them and then they all take off and they change into something else. It could be ah another crew uniform. It's going to have somebody else's name day. 01:11:09.37 Sam Um, oh so they could be like in cabanas like yeah. 01:11:15.18 Collin It could be serving fries and Ca bananas or they could be ah you know wiping. Yeah, they could be Wi wiping down windows right outside of D Lounge or something like both times somebody actually changed into ah um, ah a cruise activities. You know the. 01:11:21.31 Sam We're at a bar. 01:11:25.12 dclduo No. 01:11:25.30 Sam No my god. 01:11:32.43 Sam Yeah. 01:11:34.94 Collin Blue and red striped shirt and and nobody ever found them because they stayed in dlaunch they they came right back to the same room and nobody figured it out that they weren't part of the the cruise staff. So yeah, so we'll fine. Yeah, and it mean it could be. It could be longer. That was my only complaint about is they only give you like 35 minutes to find. 01:11:37.71 Sam Oh my goodness. Oh that's hilarious I Love that that sounds like a great activity. 01:11:53.44 Sam Wow. Okay, so you've been on the wonder the dream the fantasy right? Tell me which one is your favorite chip. 01:11:53.89 Collin As many people as you can and and yeah it was fun. 01:12:00.90 Collin Press f. You know I Love the wonder I mean Honestly, yeah, it's really a great ship and and I love the size like if only the rain forest was a little baker you know or had outside deck like that's the only thing that would make it better, but but the fact that the sauna. 01:12:08.18 Sam Um, yeah. 01:12:16.43 Sam Yeah, yeah, yeah. 01:12:24.99 Collin In the change room. So you you get that for free like like that's included that that makes it That's actually a a win so because you don't you can basically kind of do your own rainforest experience without the zones You don't mind missing the steam rooms right? so. 01:12:25.69 Sam Yeah. 01:12:33.11 Sam Ah. 01:12:40.92 Sam Yeah, absolutely or the or the rain the different actual showers but you can use the regular showers in the locker room. Yeah, all right bucket list. Cruise Colin you've been on 2 bucket list cruises in a row here but tell us ah another. 01:12:42.98 Collin Actual showers. The I mean the showers the showers and the yeah. 01:12:51.78 Collin Um, you know and. 01:12:57.85 Sam You know something on your bucket lists. You haven't done yet and it doesn't even have to be someplace to Disney Cruise line currently sales. It can be if you want. But yeah, where do you want to go. 01:12:59.73 Collin So yeah, my check my checklist includes like a Panama canal crossing. We're actually booked for the transatlantic crossing next year but my bucket list or or dream crews would be around the world. 01:13:09.74 Sam L Osman 01:13:14.95 Sam Yeah. 01:13:17.40 Collin And honestly like we're both three quarters of the way they're by time they put the adventure ah online right? So you know even if you had to change ships just circumnavigating the world on disneyfield's line that'd be fun. 01:13:22.10 Sam Yeah. 01:13:30.79 Sam Yeah, that sounds amazing. Well thank you for playing Colin you of course you won because you picked like most of my favorites. Um including surface pressure including the wonder. Um yeah I mean you just that kind of knocked it out of the park. Um, oh. 01:13:44.90 Collin Um, you didn't ask me what food. 01:13:47.97 Sam You're right I didn't ask you about food. Okay I'm gonna ask you 2 food questions a favorite sweet item and a favorite savory item. Give me a first a favorite sweet item because savory is my favorite. We saved the best for last. 01:13:50.47 Collin Um, yeah. 01:14:00.87 Collin So so this was the first cruise I got to try Mickey Churro waffles they actually did them every other day in cabannas ah the whole cruise and I'm pretty sure I had at least 1 each time they serve them and yeah. 01:14:03.59 Sam Um, yes oh my god. 01:14:11.90 Sam Yeah. 01:14:16.22 Collin So that would be definitely my new favorite sweet item. Yeah, he So I love Pastor per sets and I still do but the I think it's all they are yeah they are vegetarian. Yeah. 01:14:17.74 Sam You know we only recently tried them ourselves and we're obsessed now as well. Okay, favorite savory item. They are vegetarian I'm gonna put a plug in there. 01:14:35.75 Collin Ah, the yeah I don't know an equal or or ah like ah um, ah, honorable mention though has to go to the Perrcini Sashats which are basically kind of the same thing but actually kind of better. Almost kind of um yeah. 01:14:47.94 Sam yeah yeah there yeah they're just a little bit different. They're really delicious as well. Yeah, you can get them on seven night cruises it's on that all yeah, it's on that alternate um animators menu right. 01:14:53.27 Collin Yeah, it you only get you only get those on the longer C Cruisees I guess right? So yeah, 7 8 yeah, the the the b menu yeah, or the 2 menu. Whatever yeah. 01:15:04.30 Sam Yeah, the b menu exactly exactly? Yeah, well thank you for playing call now I I know that you did um, you did so ten days or eleven days in Australia New Zealand following and we don't have time on on this show to to talk about that although I'm sure it wasn't incredible but I wanted to just. 01:15:13.95 Collin Um, yeah. 01:15:23.50 Sam Have ah a little understanding or maybe give our listeners a little bit of an understanding of of how you you booked? you know your trip in Australia New Zealand because they know you did it with the help of a wonderful travel agent. 01:15:32.48 Collin So yeah, so kimberly from my path unwinding I just told her I said First of all, it started with like can we still get on adventures by Disney because they did an Australia New Zealand thing right. And and the answer was they were booked up. They had a wait list going but she's like if you really want to do something I can probably put something together for you. So I so I said well start with that and like and she know she asked me like what do we want to see what are we like doing you know I told her my kids are really into zoos and animals and like you know that kind of thing and so. Anyway, anyway, she put together this great itinerary for us. We did a few days in Sydney then we went to Karns and port douglas up and up by the great barrier reef we snnorkled on the great barrier reef we got to swim with black tu reef sharks that was cool. We. 01:16:20.27 Sam Amazing. 01:16:24.49 Collin Held ah Koala we ah um, we then went so after a few days there. We went to New Zealand to Auckland we only really did the North Island of New Zealand but we we saw the thermal pools down in roderua. We saw the glowworm caves we went to the the agrodome where they have like 15 different breeds of sheep or whatever you can feed the sheep and and you see all these cool things and yeah, it was just really cool. Lots of nature stuff because that's what my kids. 01:16:50.81 Sam Amazing. 01:16:56.34 Sam This is. 01:17:00.25 Collin Like and we like too and and good family activities I guess um, yeah, so they they ended up getting to sydneyney a few days before us my my motherin like went to the doctor in Hawaii got on pa slovid she was better after like three days so 01:17:02.13 Sam Yeah, and your son mother in law and sister in law were all able to join you. 01:17:12.63 Sam Ah. 01:17:17.57 Sam Awesome happy to hear that. 01:17:19.74 Collin Ah, yeah, so they were able to they were able to have some fun in Hawaii and then go down to to Sydney and wait for us there and do some sites in there while they were while they were waiting. Yeah I should sorry 1 thing I was gonna talk about my my daughter you know the question. What food we were talking about at the beginning right. 01:17:30.16 dclduo Awesome. 01:17:30.36 Sam That's awesome. 01:17:38.53 Collin Ah, because she was the big like every night was Mac and cheese right? But after about a week of that. She's like okay I'll try something new so you know I'd I'd I'd keep offering her stuff right? Like you know you can order whatever you want take a look at the adult menu. Maybe there's something on the catch up. So she's so then. 01:17:39.80 Sam Release. 01:17:52.74 Sam Um, yeah. 01:17:56.10 Collin On the second cruise I think she actually had pastor presettes every single night I didn't even know you could get them I'd never asked for them when they aren't on the menu somewhere but our waiters our waiters got them for her every night like that was her dinner. So. 01:17:58.12 Sam Wow. I Love that I. Same I have not yeah, that's and yeah of scale back and cheese I Love it with truffles all right I Love it. 01:18:11.60 Collin Yeah, not that much different than Mac and cheese. But like way up scaled Mac and cheese I yeah yeah. 01:18:13.38 dclduo Yeah, know, yeah yeah, well Colin it sounds like an amazing cruise in an amazing time and just want to say? Thank you so much for coming on the show and sharing it with all of our listeners out there. We really really appreciate it. 01:18:29.23 Collin It was my absolute pleasure. 01:18:31.92 Sam Awesome.

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