November 08, 2023


Ep. 361 - Bonus - A Doggone Good Time: Sabrina Introduces Her Friends to Disney Cruise Line

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Brian Sam
Ep. 361 - Bonus - A Doggone Good Time: Sabrina Introduces Her Friends to Disney Cruise Line
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Ep. 361 - Bonus - A Doggone Good Time: Sabrina Introduces Her Friends to Disney Cruise Line

Nov 08 2023 | 00:59:14


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On this episode we're joinged by Sabrina, who shares her experience taking her friends on their first Disney Cruise Line sailing, an Eastern Caribbean cruise on the Disney Fantasy, including a stop in San Juan. Come hear how Sabrina made this voyage an unforgettable DCL experience for her friends, including what shore excursions they did, what they got up to onboard, and their thoughts on shows, dining, and so much more! 

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Episode Transcript

00:00.31 dclduo Welcome back everybody this week's bonus episode of the dcl duo podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and this is the part where I normally say hey Sam and but you know what if I said that right now it would go completely un answerswer because Sam. Is in New York as she's in Maryland this weekend. Ah for a wedding and so I am here solo I know half of you have now stopped the podcast altogether because you can't listen to our show without sam but I hope you will bear with me I promise a good show Today. We have a wonderful guest joining us. And want to start by welcoming our guest Sabrina to the show welcome Sabrina ah Sabrina you are joining us after a fun cruise on the disney fantasy that we want to talk about and I'm especially excited to talk about it because no kids on Disney Cruise line that is like an amazing thing in my book. 00:34.42 Sabrina Lyles Thank you Brian. 00:50.30 dclduo Ah, but before we get there before we get into the specific specifics of the cruise won't you tell folks your Disney Cruise line background or your cruising background in general and you know where what made you decide to go on a Disney Cruise to start so Sabrina ah, let me let me just throw it over to you to talk about your background. 01:07.36 Sabrina Lyles Thanks so much ryanan. So um I am a lifelong Disney lover as kids I was fortunate. My parents took us to Disneyland 1 time per year and we looked forward to it. Um all year long and. Actually I actually worked as a cast member at Disneyland for 1 season in the 90 s and I was an ap I was an annual passholder for many years up until 2020 right? when ah covid shut it all down and um, that was yeah and took my. 01:28.58 dclduo Um, cool, cool. 01:36.48 dclduo Yes. 01:42.82 Sabrina Lyles First ever cruise in 2007 and so it turned out that was a four day on the wonder at a port canaveral and I was hooked and my husband and I we took that cruise with another couple in their young child and ah the the couple had even said to us that. It's great that you did your first cruise but just know you're going to be ruined for life because no recruits is going to compare. So ah, after that we did ah 2 more cruises with groups of friends on carnival and that's when I realized wow. 02:04.69 dclduo No. 02:21.74 Sabrina Lyles For what we paid for four days on Disney for an ocean view room. We could get a yes, we could get a balcony for seven days on carnival so you know that was kind of a big aha and I'm like. 02:25.32 dclduo Could probably go could probably go about 4 cruises on carnival for that. Yeah. 02:39.81 Sabrina Lyles So it did 2 more carnival cruises after that. However I will say that I found myself comparing everything on carnival to Disney Cruise line every little thing. 02:47.82 dclduo You know what's funny about that as I sailed royal last year and I was comparing everything on royal Disney Cruise line now let me tell you when I got back on board Disney Cruise line I was not comparing everything on Disney Cruise royal so it is a very one way analysis I feel like but yes, keep going keep going. 02:59.41 Sabrina Lyles Exactly absolutely absolutely. So after that I guess we just took a big pause in our cruising and we didn't get going again until 2015 and that was on the magic out of Miami that was our first halloween on the high seas and that one we actually did with a large group of 15 people and that included adults and kids from infant to age eighteen. So a lot of different stuff during that cruise. 03:25.84 dclduo Oh wow. 03:32.81 Sabrina Lyles And then let's see my husband and I in 2018 we did a ah ah star wars day at sea on the fantasy and gosh we wish they'd bring that back. 03:41.50 dclduo Yeah, there's lots of people out there that wish they'd bring it back I Just I don't know how I have a feeling what's happening is it wasn't selling cruises. You know I'm saying like it people got on and they said I you know sorry we say he is fun but I don't know that it like made people book a cruise at the same time though. 03:52.33 Sabrina Lyles Um, know. 03:59.66 dclduo Don't talk to many people who say they book to cruise because it was Pixar day or Marvel day now Pixar day a little different because it was new last year I do think some people chose that I have heard some few people say they've targeted a Marvel day at Sea Cruz but I yeah I I do miss it our first fantasy cruise was the star wars day Andy it was a lot of fun. It's a lot of fun. 04:16.40 Sabrina Lyles Ah, yeah, we definitely targeted it. We said we want to do a star wars day at sea and we really just went all in on it. So that was great and then we were lucky in 2019 we 04:17.45 dclduo Yeah. 04:30.27 Sabrina Lyles Got back on the magic and we cruised the mediterranean so that was great. Ah let's see 2023 so just this current year. We ah got on the wonder and we went to Mexico and then we just most recently. Ah, few weeks ago, got off the fantasy and that was an eastern caribbean also Halloween on the high seas 5 adults so those are my ah dcl creds. 04:55.54 dclduo Nice, Very nice. So how many total Disney cruises have you done at this point. 04:59.36 Sabrina Lyles So total are let's see we just achieved six so gold status. Finally. 05:07.12 dclduo Nice, nice that it's a good status to be just keep marching toward the upper end of that at that status. Ah until they move it again. But yeah, did on your I'm curious on your wonder ceiling. Did you get to go to Catalina or is it just ah, an enscinata cruise. 05:20.18 Sabrina Lyles Um, we did incinata and Cabo San Lucas and I know that incinata gets a lot of like flak and I understand why I will say that um we are foodies and so we definitely did a foodie tour of. 05:24.83 dclduo Ah, okay. 05:37.50 Sabrina Lyles Insina More so Rosarito beach and that's what we loved and we keep talking about hey we would just do that again. Just for the food. 05:38.20 dclduo Who. 05:46.44 dclduo What? Ah so did you book that through Disney I'm curious because we we we have sailed ininata several times you usually get off the ship gar up some tacos in a margarita and you know get back on. So yeah, did you book your your tour through Disney Cruise line or was it a private tour. 05:50.95 Sabrina Lyles Yeah. 05:59.33 Sabrina Lyles We did. We booked it through Disney Cruise line and it was a I forget what it was called. But basically it was a a tour of rosarito beach and we were going to um lobster village it's called up worth and a wel and um, but it's it's. 06:09.33 dclduo And. 06:15.40 Sabrina Lyles What they call lobster village and it's once I saw that I hadn't been there since I was in college and um, once I saw that I said to my husband. Oh we have to do this. You will love it if you've never experienced it and and so yeah, so it was a great little. You know it was a. Bus ride and it wasn't packed. There were maybe 40 of us and we cruised along the coast from insciinava to Rosarito Beach and saw the sites had a fantastic tour guide and once we ended up in Rosarito Beach he told us a few places to try. 06:34.57 dclduo He. 06:50.35 Sabrina Lyles Everything was amazing from food from drinks. We just went from shop to shop to shop and then finally the tour ended with us going to Lobster village and having an amazing meal and we can't wait to go back. 07:04.79 dclduo Wonderful I Always love to hear fun port adventures in some of these ports where we're were you know sort of we've been there a lot and we're kind of stay on the ship because gives us something to look forward to trying So um I check that out the next time we're in incinata. 07:16.56 Sabrina Lyles Um. 07:17.21 dclduo Well sybrina let's talk about this fantasy sailing uran so you mentioned it was a couple weeks ago. It was on the the fantasy so it would have been in well early October halloween on the high seas and Eastern Caribbean a great great cruise what? what made you book that particular sailing was that the halloween on the high seas was it wanting to get on the fantasy. Yeah, what. 07:28.34 Sabrina Lyles Yes. 07:35.81 dclduo How'd you land on that ceiling. 07:37.50 Sabrina Lyles Yeah, so um, I always want to take a disney sailing anywhere I don't really care because I just love being on the ship. Um at the same time we knew that um our friends. Who have never sailed Disney before first time cruisers who've never sailed before a period we knew they were going to come with us. They were excited about it. We'd been talking about it. So I thought you know what I'm going to be an evil genius and I want to do what I can to get them hooked. 08:01.62 dclduo He. 08:07.30 Sabrina Lyles Therefore, that means we must sail out of Port Canaveral so that's how it started let me look at salines and what's available out of port canaveral and then it was three days is too short. 4 days is a little too short. We love 7 day maybe 5 and then. Um, once I was looking around at what was available then I saw oh, there's there's this Eastern Caribbean and we'd done an Eastern Caribbean before but we had never been to Puerto Rico and this itinerary had Puerto Rico on it and I thought okay. 08:35.86 dclduo Who. 08:42.52 Sabrina Lyles This is the one we're going to do so I'm booking fantasy port canaveral and that was the other thing I wanted them to experience an amazing ship and I love the wonder wonder was my first favorite ship. Love the magic love them all. But there is something about the fantasy that is just so big and glorious and great. So I thought. Combination of Port Canaveral Fantasy They 're going to get hooked and we were so excited to go to Puerto rico so that's ah, really what why I picked this itinerary. 09:13.74 dclduo So this sounds like the itinerary that we're going to be doing in New Year's Eve twenty twenty five so it went to San Juan and where else. Ah, okay so you missed ah was it St Thomas that has Megan's Bay Beach 09:18.77 Sabrina Lyles St martin and Castaway key. 09:26.32 Sabrina Lyles Write. 09:28.49 dclduo Ah, which is a great beach but but I do love the itinerary of stopping in San Juan and St Martin because that we're doing the treasure Maiden Voyage it's in Eastern Caribbean and it's doing the typical st john tortola castaway. And then we're getting on the fantasy for New Year's eve and it's doing the I think San Juan St martin so that's great. The differentiation of the the eastern there. Um, so it was you and some friends so how many people total on the ship. Okay, what kind of stateroom did you decide. 09:53.35 Sabrina Lyles Um, yeah, so total. Ah, 5 of us. 09:58.35 dclduo Book. Are you a veranda person or you know we've got lots of people come on to her like got to stay inside for that Great sleep I get because it's completely pitch black. So yeah, what? what? what? kind of stateroom did you book. 10:06.45 Sabrina Lyles Ah, well, we've we've graduated to veranda our our very first cruise back in 2007 we were ocean view and I thought I don't know if I can do inside but I would I need to at least see outside so I don't get claustrophobic. 10:15.73 dclduo Um. 10:23.52 Sabrina Lyles Excuse me and then um, so and then once we work we did that 1 ah balcony cruise on carnival after that my husband said oh we always have to have a balcony so all of the future cruises have been veranda cruises. So yes, a few times we've done the deluxe family ocean view veranda. And then this time we just did the standard veranda. We've um, had a guaranteed veranda before and where it's just you roll the dice and one cruise we were assigned I think it was on the fantasy um deck six aft but all the way. 10:48.31 dclduo Me me. Yep. 11:01.60 Sabrina Lyles Aft where you get 180 degree view and that's when I fell in with aft rooms and said we will always stay in aft rooms. 11:02.50 dclduo And. 11:09.48 dclduo Oh see so you love these so that I will say after rooms are not our favorite because of all the we experience a lot of vibration in those rooms. Um, but do you like them. So what? What do you like most about them the view it sounds like. 11:14.50 Sabrina Lyles Yes. 11:21.25 Sabrina Lyles I Love Yes I Love the view and then we geek out a little bit on the docking. We just love watching the ship dock. Um, we love watching it sail away and um with that particular Sailing. We found that we just had a really Oversized. Veranda and we also found that aft seemed to be a lot less traffic. Um down the hallways and whatnot and so it was quieter so we liked it. 11:45.46 dclduo Um, okay. 11:50.10 dclduo Nice all right? Yeah now different people love different parts of the ship and some people even have like a specific state room that if they can't get it. They don't want to be on board. So I totally get it totally get it. Um I am curious where are you coming to the cruise from are you in Florida or where whereabouts are you. 11:52.30 Sabrina Lyles Yeah. 12:04.74 Sabrina Lyles Um, California oh yes. 12:06.50 dclduo Okay, you got ah you got a truck across country just like we do. Ah you are a little bit more accustomed to the warm weather. So the verandas make sense so we always we were told by a friend that we would melt if we had a veranda and so our first cruise we got a veranda and the next mostly crews after that we've had um, we've had ocean view unless the categoryes stateroom we're booking just. 12:14.30 Sabrina Lyles Oh. 12:23.79 dclduo You know, like in conciure Sometimes they're all I think they're all ver. So um, so we get of random but I we're hardly out there I agree I Love watching the ship dock I Love watching the pilot come off the ship I There's just love the at night the the ocean air and all that sort of stuff. So it's great. It's great. Um, how was your I'd say like. 12:31.56 Sabrina Lyles Yes. 12:42.48 dclduo Leading into the cruise the booking process you're getting activities especially you would have been silver cast away at the time. So a little bit of a leg up. Ah, but you know these days. It seems like it's harder and harder did you be able to get the stuff onboard that you wanted to book in advance. 12:48.58 Sabrina Lyles And. 12:59.00 Sabrina Lyles I actually was and and we held off knowing that um, 3 of the people cruising with us were first time cruisers so we were just conscientious that we took a look at some of the excursions right? What are the port adventures. What do we want to do and then we just. 13:04.97 dclduo M. 13:16.39 Sabrina Lyles Made note of them talked to our friends about them to figure out hey what do we all want to do we didn't want to we book something and then they couldn't you know, do it ah because their their booking window was I think five or six days after ours as first time cruisers. So. 13:20.23 dclduo Then. Move. 13:31.96 dclduo Yep. 13:33.76 Sabrina Lyles The thing that we knew we wanted to do was Paulo Brunch so it's funny when I was able to ah finally log in and and pick ah some fun stuff to do Paulo Brunch wasn't available so I was bombed and. 13:46.22 dclduo Brown. 13:49.46 Sabrina Lyles Thought okay and and my original plan was we'll we'll book pellow brunch and then we'll see if we can add them to our reservation right? We'll figure it out and so when I I couldn't do it the first time and I thought oh well bummer all right? Well we'll just figure it out and then a few days go by and the booking window opens up for first time cruise. 13:53.78 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 14:07.79 dclduo M. 14:09.35 Sabrina Lyles And I was very much trying to be a good dcl ambassador and I was reminding them. Yep, your booking window opens up. Make sure you log in and make sure you do this and it's funny because then that morning I received a notification on my phone and it said it's time to. 14:18.40 dclduo Yeah. 14:28.89 Sabrina Lyles You know book port adventures or and I thought no my window was a few days ago. So anyhow I quickly logged into the app and snagged a reservation for 5 people Apollo on the day that it opened up to all first time cruisers. 14:41.35 dclduo Um, nice. Yeah, that's interesting because I wonder if they um, you know that suggests that what they're really doing is kind of releasing it in waves. It's not like necessarily all gone which is kind of nice. 14:50.48 Sabrina Lyles Yeah. 14:54.72 dclduo Also say your strategy of like let me book it for the 2 people when the booking window opens up and then see if I can you know, add them later. Ah, that's not a bad strategy even when you get on board right? Ah so I I do find that palo especially tries to accommodate what they can brunch is definitely the tough one because it's offered. So much more on a limited basis. Although on the seven night sailing you should you should have more opportunities at it than like ah you know a three night sailing so it's that's a great It's a great strategy. Um, how did your friends find the whole process leading up I mean guess this had they cruised before and this was their first time on Disney or was this their first time cruising at all. 15:21.36 Sabrina Lyles Um, yeah. 15:30.44 Sabrina Lyles First time cruising at all. 15:34.80 dclduo Okay, all right? And what did they think about this whole lead up were they Disney people had they booked parks vacations before. 15:40.67 Sabrina Lyles Definitely Disney people. So definitely those folks who are used to the app and used to doing um rope drop and you know quickly getting the lightning lanes and quickly getting the genie plus so everybody was already used to that Disney. 15:46.59 dclduo Yeah. 15:56.11 dclduo Ok, all right good to know did did they did they find this to be easier like than planning a parks trip. That's that's some feedback we've gotten from some people lately. But I'm curious what your friends thought. 15:56.82 Sabrina Lyles Rope drop culture. 16:06.30 Sabrina Lyles They did and I'll I'll say that one of the reasons I think that they did and I also received this feedback was they said because I was actually there the whole time pretty much operating as their travel agent. This is what you're going to want to do okay take a look at this, you're going to want to have your flight information handy while you do this. Make your special requests this way so I was prompting them to on the stuff they had to do and so they knew and even it even at check-in because we're on the West Coast we don't have to do the midnight thing. It's nine Zero p M that that we do so um. 16:28.59 dclduo I. 16:38.14 dclduo Um, yes, yes. 16:43.43 Sabrina Lyles I had even called ahead at to Disney Cruise line and given them all of our flight information so that was 1 less thing. Everyone in our party had to do during the online check-in and you. 16:53.46 dclduo Now Nice I actually did I didn't know you could call in advance to get that logged in. 16:59.16 Sabrina Lyles Yes, you absolutely can so you can call them in advance. You can give them all of your all of your flight info they will log it they will log all of the connections and I found that when I did my check-in everything was already there so it made it go much quicker. 17:12.26 dclduo Nice now now when you made your way excuse me now when you're made your way over to port canaveral. Do you go in in advance of the cruise as you spending time at the parks or as you fly in day of ok. 17:24.10 Sabrina Lyles Oh so we we spent a couple of days at the parks. So we this ended up being a two week vacation for us. So you know as americans whoo that's so unheard of and if we we were european that you know it's like why didn't you spend six weeks but um, we did so we we flew out of California. Let's see on a Tuesday right? Take you all day to get to the to the East Coast um checked into our hotel. We stayed at a at a Marriott property that was um, right outside the Walt Disney world resort and um. 17:47.53 dclduo Yep. 17:59.75 Sabrina Lyles Let's see that was Tuesday wednesday we went to animal kingdom Thursday we just went to Disney Springs and ran some errands Friday we went to epcot Saturday we got on the cruise. 18:10.58 dclduo Well, how did you get to the crew. So you're stay at a Marriott off property. So probably didn't take Disney transportation. Did you do a private transfer. Do you have a rental car. How'd you get out to the port. 18:14.64 Sabrina Lyles Yes. 18:22.94 Sabrina Lyles Oh great question. So we um we when we arrived in Orlando we got a rental car so we had it during our whole time and then on Saturday morning. We just drove our rental car back to Mco we um, returned it and then walked into terminal b. We had booked ground transportation. Um Disney ground transportation from Mco to um to the port and we did that for a round trip. Um, we had 2 of our friends though who they flew in the night before so they flew in on Friday night and I let them know hey. Just stay at the Hyatt there at Mco take the elevator down meet us in be terminal and so that worked we all met in terminal b and went over to the ah the ground the Disney ground transportation area and what was great. I had never experienced this before but granted I haven't taken a cruise since you know out of port canaveral since 2018 our check-in was there in the terminal at the airport so that was a big I was like oh this is super efficient. We're all. 19:27.92 dclduo Here. Oh do you? you check you checked in for the cruise at the at the check-in for the bus. Oh that is different. Yeah that no well the last time we used the Disney Cruise line transportation was pre pandemic. 19:35.74 Sabrina Lyles Thank you. 19:40.43 Sabrina Lyles Um, yes, and so you haven't you haven't seen that or or heard that. Ah, okay. 19:51.77 dclduo We stayed it. We stayed at the high at Mco it was also before we bought into Disney Vacation clubs now every time we go. We're like well it's just book a room on dvc points. Um, so we haven't had that experience before so that that's that's nice. That means you just roll up in the bus to the port get off and you're already ready to get on the ship once they call your boarding group right. 19:54.61 Sabrina Lyles Just right. 20:09.49 Sabrina Lyles That's exactly what it was so all of it. You know we were we were there and we had our bags ready and we found our spot and they gave us our little you know we we checked in high. We're here for a cruise they said. Okay they they asked us for our stateroom numbers marked us off on a list and I figured. Okay. Just eventually call our names and we'll ah load on a bus and then head out to port and averal and then we saw you know about 10 cast members come over set up 3 kiosks and they announced please go ahead and come up to the kiosk and we're going to check you in here. 20:43.36 dclduo Oh very cool. 20:43.55 Sabrina Lyles 4 your crews. What? So we just we got in line passports in hand and um, went up did the whole check-in process right? there in terminal be at the airport and at the same time That's when they also um. They also activated our Disney what are they called down not magic bands Disney Band plus they activated our Disney Band plus right there and we're like who ok it's all official. So after that we were handed our little. 21:06.43 dclduo Um, disney band Disney Band plus yes tm tm. 21:19.69 Sabrina Lyles Here's your dumbo boarding tag and within a few minutes right all of our luggage was loaded on a on a truck and we were all put on a ah on a shuttle bus I was a little bummed the magical express doesn't ah doesn't exist anymore. 21:33.93 dclduo Yes. 21:35.95 Sabrina Lyles For those those transports because that's ah that was always a big. Oh my gosh moment. But um, you know now no just a regular shuttle bus. 21:42.30 dclduo Was the bus was the bus for the port. So um I know they switched providers ah was it decorated like the old Disney Cruise line buses were though. Okay I've heard those are coming. 21:53.70 dclduo We've heard those are coming I've heard though that we have heard that they the new provider is going to use like the wraps that they had before. So hopefully that's hopefully that's happening because I I always thought it was fun to track those buses going to and from the port when you're driving out there. So that's cool. 21:57.55 Sabrina Lyles Oh good. 22:08.83 dclduo Um, what let me ask this on the Disney Band plus side of things. Did you preorder bands ahead of the cruise and and that all worked for you. There's some people out there who have been having some significant difficulties us included getting bands preordered but that all went pretty smoothly for you. 22:11.54 Sabrina Lyles We did? yes. 22:22.63 Sabrina Lyles It did we once we received the alert um, like I think we got an email one day that said your your cruise is now eligible. The fantasy is now eligible starting with ah September sailing something like that and we thought oh we're on a September sailing. We've never used the magic bands because. 22:32.27 dclduo In the. 22:39.45 Sabrina Lyles We we never heard great things about them at Disneyland so it was never a thing for us to get them. But we thought this sounds fun. Maybe it'll work and so we were looking out for that. You know I think it's like forty six days you can order them. 22:43.11 dclduo Me. 22:55.39 Sabrina Lyles And once that day hit and we could order them. We placed our order and they arrived within the next week and we were super excited and we just charged them and then packed them. 22:55.57 dclduo Um. 23:07.71 dclduo Nice, yeah, ah I want to hear more about your experience on board I was just going to say for everyone out there. Ah if you pre-order them or you have them at home or you have magic band plus not magic band but magic band plus from the parks you can bring them along. Um. Sabrina as you suggested at check-in that's when they get activated. So even if you pre-order. They don't come preloaded. What happens is when you check in, they scan the band and associate it back to your stateroom and it becomes your key to the world card at that moment. So um, so yeah, you can bring pre-order Disney band plus you can buy them on board. You can bring old ones you can bring old magic. Band pluses and they'll all work on board the ship and they all get activated right? there a check-in so that's great, um, all right? Well you're headed out to the port. Ah, where you one of the early buses in so you know normally if you're an early bus in you can you can get into boarding group 1 pretty easily even if you're not waring group. So. Ah, so I'm curious if if you how long from once you showed up to the port to getting on the ship. Did it take? um. 24:08.63 Sabrina Lyles Yeah, we were all boarding group 3 everybody in our party and um so we got out to port canaveral like gosh. It seemed like an 1 hour exactly um, got off I think we maybe got into the terminal about. 11 o'clockish and our boarding time set 1115 so I was just I was excited I was antsy I was looking at the clock and then Eleven fifteen came and nothing and then Eleven Twenty at 1125 and then. Finally at Eleven thirty on the the digital boards it said welcome the family of the day I'm like oh ok, they're slightly behind and then so probably about 1145 is when they said okay, you know. 24:50.82 dclduo Okay. 24:55.50 Sabrina Lyles Boarding group. Our boarding group is called so it was like boarding group 1 boom then then very quickly boarding group 2 and boarding group 3 and so yeah, not not too too bad it was me that was overly eager but Eleven forty five is not a bad time to get on the shift. 25:00.38 dclduo Nice. 25:09.42 dclduo no no yeah that's pretty. That's pretty good that is pretty good. Ah all right? Well you get on board. Um, what were your friends thinking at this point I mean they have experienced at least part of the Disney magic here now with Disney transportation the terminal now they're getting on the ship names are getting announced in all that fun stuff. So. Yeah, what are the reactions from your friends who are first time. Ah, first time cruisers first time Disney cruisers. 25:28.75 Sabrina Lyles Yeah, so they had heard about the names being announced and and 1 of this one of the friends said hey I heard that they announce you like like you're a wedding party and he was actually really looking forward to it so we had all planned ahead of time. You know my husband and I always talk about how do we want them to announce. Do we want them to say our first name. Do we want them to say our last names. Um my husband and I have um like 2 different last names. So which one do we do? So we decided we were going to have them announce us by our dog's name and. 25:56.60 dclduo Here. 26:02.37 dclduo Um, no yeah. 26:05.64 Sabrina Lyles Our dog's name. We don't have kids so our dog's name is Goldie and so we were announced as the goldie party and then our friends you know, announced as the Toby Party Toby is their dog. My other girlfriend announced as the Brooklyn party because Brooklyn is her dog so that was the theme. We decided to go with and um, then we so we were all just laughing hysterically because our dogs names were announced and everyone is applauding and then we get into the atria of and so I quickly turn around because I want to see their faces and all I saw. 26:31.13 dclduo Nice. 26:42.26 Sabrina Lyles All 3 of them. They were just big eyes open mouths staring up at just that grand atrium and I just thought this is perfect. This is exactly what I wanted you all to experience. 26:57.90 dclduo Nice, nice. Well, we probably can't go day by day here but I want to hit some of the highlights. Let me start with let me start with ports. Um, ah San Juan ah fabulous port I've been there before not with Disney Cruise line but really fabulous. Vibrant big city. 27:04.65 Sabrina Lyles Um, sure. Um, yes. 27:15.23 dclduo Um, what did you get up to in San Juan 27:19.25 Sabrina Lyles Oh yeah, we did the news new san juan old San Juan city tour um and that was great because we we love stuff like that we love doing um, quick little tours like that that give us you know, quick insights into where we are. 27:22.79 dclduo A. 27:36.48 Sabrina Lyles We've done those in st martin in St John just a few other places we've been so um, so we did that and I like that because that finished right around twelve thirty so we still had a good four four and a half hours of the day. So. We walked around walked around like to look at different shops we went and had lunch somewhere and it was a fantastic place I wish I knew what it was called but it was great. Um, so had some you know had lunch together had a couple of drinks together and then you know kept on walking around and and looking at a few different shops and. Um, just kind of enjoying you know the scenery. The architecture. You know the cobble streets just everything like that and by that time I think we were maybe about an hour away from the all aboard time and then the rain started so like let's go ahead. 28:28.59 dclduo Oh. 28:32.36 Sabrina Lyles And we'll head back and back to the ship now with plenty of time make sure we're on board on time but we had a great time and it just didn't seem like it was enough I remember my husband saying to saying to me I don't feel like I I got everything out of that port. We're definitely going to have to come back. 28:50.93 dclduo Nice, yeah, yeah, yeah, and well never a bad place to ah to be to have to or want to go back to 1 of the porches stop at um I'm curious on the tour you took did they did they take you to the fort in there in San Juan okay 28:51.67 Sabrina Lyles I can make that happen. 29:03.82 Sabrina Lyles Um, we did it was the it was the fort crystal ball is the is the one we went to and oh my goodness 1 thing I will say um it that it was great going up to the fort. It was great experiencing it. 29:08.54 dclduo Great. Okay. 29:19.60 Sabrina Lyles Ah, one of the feedback things that we wrote on our comment card was there really does need to be a disclaimer if people are claustrophobic or um struggle with being in being in very tight spaces with a lot of people. Um the the fort is amazing, but there are a lot of like. 29:25.22 dclduo M. 29:39.25 Sabrina Lyles Tunnels and small rooms and it seemed that as we were going down a tunnel on the right side. There was another tour group coming on the left side and we were all touching each other as we were as we were crossing paths and then we had all kind of funneled into ah a room that was. 29:47.40 dclduo Oh. 29:57.27 Sabrina Lyles Like ah, a dungeon or a prison and they were doing more of the tour there but it was so hot and so humid and with so many people there were a few people in our tour group who just politely let the tour guide know. Ah you know I need to step away I can't be in here anymore or you know I heard someone say. My my partner is claustrophobic. She cannot be in here and the tour guide said that's absolutely Fine. We're going to meet outside so it was just the a lot of it was like that until we got outside and I just thought okay this I probably wouldn't do again because of that it's a. It's an exciting fort that everybody wants to visit. So. It's crowded and so that's understandable, but the spaces are just really small for a lot of people. 30:44.49 dclduo Yeah, yeah, now that's a good that's a good call out for sure I do remember it being a little cramp quarters in there. Did you get to tiny mu fungo while you were in San Juan all right was it was it a good spot. Would you recommend it. 30:55.49 Sabrina Lyles Absolutely it was a good spot I Wish I could remember what it was called I Would definitely recommend it I Love the plantains. Um I think I had a chicken Muffungo. So um, yeah, it it was. It was great and it was a place where the adult beverages were all $2 apiece the sandri I had I think was $4 so it was ah it was a local place that was recommended to us and I'm glad we went and I hope one day I will remember I'll have to go through my my yelp. Ah, find out where we went so that we can go there again. 31:33.90 dclduo Nice, nice. Well after San Juana know you you hit up st martin I believe it was and so curious what you got up to in st martin ah, okay. 31:38.14 Sabrina Lyles Yes, right? So actually St Martin was our first port so it was St Martin first yeah so we had two days at sea and then after that we were just we hit st martin and we were excited to do a beach day. And so that's what we did I originally had um, another like city tour scheduled and our group said you know what we don't really want to do that. So fortunately, it was the night before and I said great. You guys go to port adventures. You cancel it and just know we might have to pay for it because we are like 12 hours out and they went over. They talked to the port adventures um cast member and fort we were lucky they said no problem you're canceled no charge because it's not impacting our minimums It's so great. We lucked out there and ah we decided to do a beat. Day. So we we got off the ship and we headed over to a beach and you know did the $20 a person where you get an umbrella a chair ah a bucket of beer and we hung out at the beach the entire time and it was fantastic. We. Love the water. We saw a little bit of sea life. Um, and we saw I think a few sea turtles or it may been the same sea turtle we saw over and over um and that was great just hanging out in the water there a couple of the little things splashing around that we couldn't identify and um. 33:12.92 Sabrina Lyles We just really enjoyed ourselves though being in the sun that long all day we were beat at at the end and and 1 of our party didn't make it to dinner that night she was just exhausted from from being in the sun but it was a great day. 33:27.40 dclduo Nice, nice. So a tour you would recommend then or or an excursion. You'd recommend. Yeah. 33:34.75 Sabrina Lyles Definitely I mean it was it was it was the it was a beach right? It was just it was something we did on our own and we've done the under 2 flags tour there before and I did. 33:41.86 dclduo He. 33:44.86 Sabrina Lyles Really enjoy that I liked that um, a lot we did that a few years ago so that one I would absolutely recommend. 33:49.34 dclduo Oh sorry I I must misunderstood. So the excursion you did here. You just went to the beach on your own. You didn't book it through Disney. Ok yeah. 33:55.53 Sabrina Lyles Oh yeah, no, we didn't we went on our own. We took the water taxi and I think it was 6 or $7 round trip and we just took the water taxi from the port. Um, ah, right across to the beach and we were on our own. 34:10.18 dclduo All right? Well and so um, your friends weren't nervous as first time cruisers hadn't watched all the Youtube videos of people running down the pier or trying to catch a boat that was leaving like they I know you probably felt pretty comfortable doing it but ah, everyone felt comfortable. Kind of not with the disney excursion. 34:23.99 Sabrina Lyles They they did because we're also all of us are planners and so we said oh okay, all aboard time is four thirty so that means by three o'clock three fifteen we need to be getting out of the water packing up heading over to the water taxi none of us want to be running. 34:27.83 dclduo Okay. 34:41.53 dclduo Yeah. 34:43.38 Sabrina Lyles But we need to account for all of this. We don't want to be the people wholly up the ship. So um, so we just backed into the time accordingly and and 1 funny thing when we um, we were I think yeah getting on the water taxi the first time or when we depart when we got exited the water taxi maybe to get back on the ship. Um, we looked. There were a lot of ah like iguana looking um things on the dock so that was fun. We're taking pictures and then we we saw something splashing around in the water under the dock. It's like oh yeah, that is some type of Shark a baby one a few baby ones small ones I'm sure. 35:08.91 dclduo Um. 35:21.96 Sabrina Lyles They just eat plants but those are definitely sharks under there. 35:26.42 dclduo Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. Yes, all right? Well well it sounds like a good day good day and st martin let's talk about um, let's talk about on board so much activity on board. Let me put a pin in Halloween on the high seas for one second and just ask. 35:28.45 Sabrina Lyles Um, ah death. 35:38.67 Sabrina Lyles A month 35:42.17 dclduo What were some favorites among your group in terms of the onboard activities. 35:47.69 Sabrina Lyles Oh good question. So um I kept saying to the group. We don't have to do everything as a group cruising is really choose your own adventure and if. 35:56.39 dclduo Yes. 35:59.52 Sabrina Lyles You want to do trivia do trivia if you want to read a book by the pool the whole time you do that if you want to do spot do so just don't feel like we have to do everything together and and because my husband and I have cruised a couple of times we know the things we like so so for us, you know my husband likes to get up in the morning and go to the gym. I like to get up in the morning and go sit by the pool satellite falls is my choice read a book and I can sit there all day and do that and we'll take a break go to breakfast. Um, so we you know we did those things ah during the day. So let's see the 2 people um in my sailing party. They got the week long spa pass and so that was the rainforest room pass. That's what it is um so they got the rainforest pass I think it was one hundred and fifty nine dollars for the entire sailing. So. 36:47.96 dclduo Yep yep. 36:53.71 dclduo And. 36:55.99 Sabrina Lyles That's how they spent their mornings. They woke up every morning went straight to the rainforest room and ah made me spent an hour or tw hour there um one of the folks in the cruising party. Um, she had spa services set up every single day and yeah, whether it was. 37:10.21 dclduo Oh wow. 37:14.71 Sabrina Lyles Massage or acupuncture or another massage right? She did that every day of the cruise and which was Great. We're like hey do you do you?? Whatever is going to make you happy. Um, another friend of ours took advantage of the running track and would do the running track and um. Noticed like oh it's a little bit tough to run on a cruise ship and so we would do a few miles on the track and then would go and and do a few more miles on the treadmill. Um, so everyone kind of did their their own thing and then at some point we would all end up by the pool. Um. But people kind of did lunch on their own. There were times when we would go see a movie was we love watching movies on the ship so we got to see um a movie that we hadn't seen before we have course did the shows so it was it was It was a lot of little stuff. There were things that we swore we would do So I love. Art of the theme show and I didn't do it this cruise because the weather was so fantastic. I stayed out by the pool all day long reading a book on our sea days. Ah, we usually like to do trivia and we didn't do any of that this cruise Because. Again, Weather was great. We were really enjoying ourselves outside and my friends were really enjoying the spa so we just did our own things. 38:36.50 dclduo Nice, nice. What's let's talk about um well Sam will kill me if I don't ask about shows. What'd your friends think about the broadway stage shows on board. 38:42.92 Sabrina Lyles Oh so they weren't sure what to think I was super excited about the Broadway shows you know I said oh my gosh Aladdin is on board and aladdin is my favorite show. You guys are going to love it. Frozen is also on board other then there's also this other show called believe and and they were just like oh okay, well you seem really excited about it. Sabrina. So maybe we'll go and oh ok, however, um. 39:07.23 dclduo With this. 39:13.73 Sabrina Lyles The shows that they did see they did like 1 of my girlfriends had a ah a spa appointment that pushed right up to the aladdin show so she booked it over from the spot to make sure that she could ah she could see the aladdin show. Um and then but she missed the frozen show but ah, her husband went to the frozen show with us. So um. So yeah, so we saw the different shows and I don't think any of us saw believe um in person we watched it on our stateroom televisions because that was our last day of the cruise and our last day was also castaway key day so we stayed as long as we could on Castaway key. Got back on board and by then right, we're showering now we're late for the show. So we just watched it on our stateroom television. Um, what I will say is I went into the shows with the mentality that Aladdin was absolutely hands down. Going to be my favorite. It is the favorite. It will always win and I was an and I had not watched frozen on the wonder when we went earlier this year in February and being that we've had been passholders for so many years in. 40:13.10 dclduo Um. 40:29.94 Sabrina Lyles At Disneyland we had seen frozen at California adventure a ton of times so I didn't really have a big interest in watching frozen on board. However I thought well we're here with new people. So let's make sure that they get exposed to everything and they can choose for themselves what they love and what they don't love. So we went to see frozen and I just could not believe how spectacular it was and the the person who played I mean it was phenomenal and the stage actor who played Anna stole the show. I just I just remember looking over at my girlfriend saying she is phenomenal and she just nodded her head like yeah she really is and um so frozen took it for me. 41:20.46 dclduo Nice, well it is a good show. It is a good stage show, especially um, yeah on board the fantasy there. So good stage show I think Sam would agree with you about that? Um, well we got to talk food a bit. Ah I kind of want to drill into. Um. 41:31.41 Sabrina Lyles Yes. 41:37.59 dclduo Animators Palette very unique offering on board the dream class ah ships one the original ships together. What did your friends think about Animator's palette I'm assuming you got both animation magic and turtle talk with crush. 41:51.21 Sabrina Lyles We did and so this was actually this was my birthday cruise and so I was really excited to go to animators. We ended up with animators on our 1 to our third night and or third yeah, third night so um when we were going to animators I think the night before we were at at royal court. So yeah day two I think royal court and our server who's amazing Raphael says to me. Um, oh we need to celebrate your birthday and I'm like oh we can do it another time we don't have to do it today. And he said you know what we're in animators tomorrow we will celebrate your birthday in animators and I said okay, great and he said and maybe we will do something really special for you and I said okay and laughed at that I said intriguing. Well we'll see you tomorrow. So he said ok, we're going to do something special and my husband said what are they going to do special for you? Maybe maybe crush will talk to you I said maybe who knows we'll see um I said but we're never going to be close enough because we didn't request a table by a screen and those are hard to get a lot of people requests tables by the screen. So. We'll see well wouldn't you know that? Um, when we got to animators we were at a table directly in front of a screen. 43:09.88 dclduo Oh nice that yeah, that definitely guarantees you some interaction with crush. We're always like a table behind which means he ain't talking to us. He wants to talk to the people right up against that screen so you would have had some great interaction with crush. 43:22.47 Sabrina Lyles Yes, and I thought oh and I stopped and I looked around and I noticed that we were definitely in someone else's section because I saw that our serving team was a couple of tables away and so yeah, so. Definitely some switcheroo happened so special special thanks to our serving team and our head servers Steve who we actually recognized from the wonder and Rafael for just really making that happen because that was so special and even folks at our sailing party were like gosh we kind of. Feel bad because we're way over here and our servers are way over there and um and and but still nothing missed to beat and we just had so much attention and it was great and and so yes, so ah, that was a. Halloween night or our Halloween on the high seas night and so I had my maleficent ears on which ah which crush did notice and called out and asked questions about the horns that were on my head and it was just a great surprise. My friends were were they didn't know what to think be. They didn't know they just started filming on their cat on their phones and filmed the whole thing so we could watch it later and capture it but there were just smiles all around. Um during turtle talk and then when we got to our rotation that was the animation magic. They just thought that was the neatest thing that. 44:49.60 Sabrina Lyles We got to draw and everything came alive and so it was It was quite impressive. 44:55.91 dclduo Nice, Nice, well sounds like a good time whether they think of the other restaurants on board. Any standouts usually the we'll call the French menu in um, always forgetting which one is which one it is on board. It's not um, it's not the enchanted Garden It would be. 45:09.92 Sabrina Lyles Roll court. 45:12.81 dclduo Royal Court. Yes, it's I can't rule a Royal Court Royal Palace I Know lumiers and stritons on the on the classic ships at Royal Court and Royal Palace I always get confused. Um, how how did they enjoy Royal court. How did they enjoy enchanted Garden. Yeah. 45:17.15 Sabrina Lyles Um, right. 45:25.15 Sabrina Lyles Right? So our very first night was at enchanted guard at enchanted garden and it was great because again right my whole like evil genius thing was I wanted to wow everyone and I knew that my group of friends really appreciate. Good service and food quality and so um I mentioned writing some of our pre-show notes that we had 1 reluctant husband who was traveling with us and not reluctant being a husband but reluctant because he thought. 45:58.39 dclduo Um. 45:59.83 Sabrina Lyles He was. He was the less disney one out of all of us he thought he was going on a cruise with a bunch of Disney freaks and he was just kind of tagging along for it for the ride and he was nervous. He was going to have so much Disney throne in his face and we got to dinner. At royal court on night one and by the time we were at dinner he was sold. He said you know what there's not too much in my face Disney which I kind of like it's very subtle here. Um I just feel like I'm in a really nice restaurant and the great part was the menu. Because his 2 favorite things at any restaurant we go to are sea bass and scallops and both of those things were at the top of the menu and he just said I'm sold I'm sold. 46:45.74 dclduo Nice, nice, nice. All right? Well sounds like a good time was had by all for dining. What about palo brunch was it a hit. 46:55.60 Sabrina Lyles Oh Paulo Brunch was a great hit. Um, it was great I kept telling telling my my cruising party right? Like don't eat breakfast. Don't eat breakfast. You're you're gonna have brunch and our our brunch was scheduled for 1130 and my husband finally said stop telling people what to do they can eat breakfast. The breakfast leave them alone. So I just let them know it's going to be an amazing dining experience. I'm so excited that you're all going to try it so um and it was fantastic and so we we went to palo brunch. We had a great ah nice round table there in the middle. We walked in and you know how they greet you and then they they tell you the story of you know why? it's Paulo and they show you the beautiful chandelier and so there were a lot of oohs and wows and then as we entered the dining room. That's when it was like that pause big eyes jaws dropped. Just like when we when we first entered the ship in the in the atrium because they saw the the view right? off of Paulo is remarkable and that's when we just heard wow this is this is great. So and can you believe this and look where we are. So. Ah, sat down at our table at Paulo and and we noticed there's there's a Youtube channel that that we watch for a lot of Disney videos and we notice um some of the folks from that Youtube channel were there. Um at Paulo and so so since then ah, they've posted their content and. 48:28.65 Sabrina Lyles In that we our table was behind them. So I thought I wonder if we're going to be in any of their content. So there's little glimpses of us in the back of my head but the thing that stuck out to me is throughout their content there ah of Paulo you can hear us all laughing in the background just having a great time man. 48:41.90 dclduo Well. 48:48.37 Sabrina Lyles There was a lot of sharing of food and a lot of oh my gosh you have to try this and oh I've never tasted anything this good in my life. Um, all of those sentiments. 48:58.61 dclduo Yeah, so it's funny. We had I think it was on the maiden voyage of the wish we were dining in pao actually it wasn't because it was on one of the other ships now that I'm looking I'm thinking about what pallo looked like it was on one of the other ships we had 2 vloggers on who were like filming the entirety of their meal in Paulo and ah. I was I would it was admittedly giving them a little side eye from our booth because I'm like really I don't need to hear your review of the food while I'm enjoying my meal. So ah, anyway anyway. 49:28.56 Sabrina Lyles I will say that these loggers were very quiet and even in their video. You can tell oh they are intentionally trying to whisper and keep their shots tight. Um as to not get everyone it and. 49:36.00 dclduo Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's no yeah, the the people we were with were not that way that is that is that is our style of logging. Let's go off to a corner and not bother anyone. Ah so ah, yeah, that that I could appreciate well, any. Big highlights from the cruise for you and your guess that we sort of haven't talked about Sabrina. 50:01.96 Sabrina Lyles Um, let's see it was great just recognizing crew from the wonder who had moved to the fantasy and I think you I've heard you all mention that on the podcast before just with. Ah, the ship's going to Australia some of the people on the West Coast had to get moved to a caribbean visa issues. Um, so that was it was just nice. It was pleasant. Just oh my gosh I remember you we sailed together. You know during the super bowl and and ah and so that was good. Um. 50:19.53 dclduo Yes, yeah. 50:31.88 Sabrina Lyles You know fun that it was Halloween on the high seas. We'd been on another one so we knew it to expect um something that was we did have an unplanned stop. Um, so well one good thing though too. We had no hurricane interruptions so the the sailing. 50:48.13 dclduo Ah. 50:49.88 Sabrina Lyles We love to sail offseason. Um, you know, less crowded but that also means we're sailing during hurricane season. So the sailing before I think the 2 sailings before us were rerouted or skip ports or it was supposed to be ah eastern. It's switched to a western so we went in fully anticipating. 51:04.58 dclduo Who. 51:09.42 Sabrina Lyles We may end up on a different itinerary and that's okay because safety's first and you know we we trust in Disney we trust and so we were watching all of the ah all of the hurricane footage and I was glad we had no hurricane interruptions. Um, we did have an unscheduled stop in grand turk. 1 of our sea days I woke up and I looked at and like why do I see land and um, shortly thereafter we were. We were pulling into grand turk and then we we had heard. It was a the captain came on later and said there was a ah medical issue on board that the person needed ah more treatment. Then could be offered on board. So we stopped in grand turk and then um, something a little bit more disturbing maybe two days after that it was maybe 4 in the morning and all of a sudden throughout all the state rooms. You heard the captain call bright star bright star. 52:05.40 dclduo Yeah. 52:08.29 Sabrina Lyles Bright Star and you know it it startled us awake and we looked at each other and and it just said you know what something bad because they they wouldn't do that that that's that's not great. Ah. 52:20.26 dclduo Yeah, it's that's a that's the code for medical emergency on board. So um, it generally means that someone is in see if you get medical trouble. Um, so may have. May have been was it the night before your stop in grand turk because it may have been. They were offloading somebody in grand turk who needed hope. 52:33.70 Sabrina Lyles This was these this was after grand turk so this was the second medical and so we at at some point it was another day at sea I think I don't remember and or we were no let's see oh yeah, it was a day at sea we were. We were on our way to St Martin because we got into st martin late we got into st martin 2 hours late so they told us we'd be there. You know an hour later than usual, um and my husband when he got cell phone service. He looked it up. He just looked up brightstar and it said sometimes it's the code for a stroke or a heart attack and so that was a little sad and later. 53:07.21 dclduo We. 53:12.50 Sabrina Lyles Like a day or two later we heard from one of the bartenders. We said oh you're not up at you know at the top deck bar in the adults area anymore you're down here. He was in one of the the atrium bars and he said ride we um, you know one of the crew members and anyhow so talking through to him talking with him a little bit. Um, he he said that it was a crew member who had passed away and we just thought oh my ah like how terrible for them like you. You know you you. 53:38.43 dclduo Ah, yeah, that sad that said. 53:46.78 Sabrina Lyles You have a you experience a loss like that and then you're still trying to put on a happy face and you know kudos to to all those crew members for how hard they work and how phenomenal they are and um I Just hope everything is okay with all these these medical. 53:48.99 dclduo Um, here. 54:02.74 Sabrina Lyles Issues and the folks families. 54:05.44 dclduo Yeah, no for sure for sure. Well that is a sad note to end on so let's let's end on a let's end on a let's yeah, let's end on a happy note. So Sam is not here so I can't throw it to her for a rapid fire. But what I can do is an abbreviated or Brian Style rapid fire ah so 54:09.51 Sabrina Lyles Yeah, let's not do that? yeah. 54:19.23 Sabrina Lyles Um, who I liked it. 54:22.82 dclduo So Sabrina I'm going to ask you just some quick rapid fire questions here very similar to what Sam would probably ask but my questions don't have arbitrary arbitrary rules and judgment attached to them. They are literally just what are your favorites. So Sabrina let's go through it really fast here. 54:35.39 Sabrina Lyles Okay. Favorite character is Dumbo Lion King circle of life and especially that very beginning. 54:40.65 dclduo Favorite Disney character. Oh nice. Love it. Favorite Disney movie. Oh another one favorite Disney song. 54:55.91 dclduo Nice. You must be excited for Sirapi then on the treasure. Nice nice, Probably not as excited as everyone is about the haunted mansion bar that got announced last week but you know it is what it is ah so um. 54:59.60 Sabrina Lyles I'm very excited for sarabi on the treasure. 55:11.55 dclduo All right? Well we see favorite Disney we did favorite his song um hello and say louis figure out where where head oh let's switch over to Disney Cruise line for a second ah remind me you you have or have not sailed on all the ships in the fleet at this point. 55:23.52 Sabrina Lyles I have not ah we have done 2 magic 2 fantasy to wonder. 55:27.87 dclduo All right? What is your favorite of those 3 ships then. 55:31.68 Sabrina Lyles Oh I'm probably going to have to say the fantasy even though I love the wonder it special place in my heart Very first ship ever and maybe it's because I'm just off the fantasy. 55:35.40 dclduo And. 55:48.94 Sabrina Lyles Um, but fantasy is gonna have to take it for me this time. 55:50.30 dclduo There you go there, you go it can change day to day all right favorite Disney Cruise line state show 55:56.87 Sabrina Lyles Oh stage show. It would have been Aladdin before this one but I have to say frozen. 56:03.31 dclduo There you go favorite main dining rotational dining restaurant. That's a good one at which which show do you like it animators. 56:10.84 Sabrina Lyles Animators. 56:17.26 Sabrina Lyles I think I like a turtle talk with Crush for best. 56:21.33 dclduo Okay, all right there you go. That's a good one. Um favorite adult dining a meal brunch. Yep all right? Okay, have you tried ah remy. 56:29.43 Sabrina Lyles Paulo Palo branchnch have not tried remy um, not my husband's really not an adventurous eater and really prefers italian food over french food. So. 56:41.63 dclduo Yeah, fair enough I think we all I think we all love italian food. Um all right? Ah, let's see just 2 more questions here. Let's do favorite Disney Cruise line itinerary that you've sailed. 56:46.29 Sabrina Lyles With Paulo. Ah. 56:54.10 Sabrina Lyles Oh Mediterranean. 56:57.62 dclduo All right? and Sam's favorite question bucket list cruise you can go anywhere on Disney Cruise line Disney Cruise line does not even have to sail. They are currently where are you going? yes. 57:06.18 Sabrina Lyles This is going to be an around the world cruise where we hit all the parks including a lani. 57:13.76 dclduo Nice I love it I was just reading about someone who was I think they were boarding the royal caribbean around the world cruise and man that is on my bucket list to to do it around the world. Cruise I think it'd be so much fun. Well all right. 57:24.18 Sabrina Lyles Yes I can't wait. You didn't ask me 1 but I have it on my notes. So I want to I want to say my favorite savory food is the lasagna from pao but favorite sweet food. Mickey Chiro waffle 57:34.93 dclduo Yes I agree with there. Oh they're so good. We have now started ordering them on every cruise we were on for our listeners out there. They aren't I don't note I I think that they are sometimes on a main dining breakfast menu somewhere. Ah, but if you want to experience the Micki Chiro waffle you can also just ask your head server and main dining. Not your server, not your table server but the head server the area server and they could usually finagle on order. We have had them delivered to marcelines in the past or cabanas and just pick them up in the morning and. Be war if you order some they usually come in a dozen. Ah so we have in the past ended up giving away a plate an extra plate of waffles to a lucky family who's been sitting nearby. So ah, but they are delicious. Do not add syrup do not add syrup too sweet with syrup. Ah, but but delicious, delicious well I always like to ask at the end of the show. 58:22.33 Sabrina Lyles Um, oh no agree. 58:32.94 dclduo What's next sybrina anything booked you got a placeholder that you're you're eyeing a cruise at 25 we just recorded Sam when I just recorded a 2025 itinerary release show this morning that's going to be coming out later today which will give folks some hint of how long it takes between recording a show and putting one out when they listen to this. But. 58:44.70 Sabrina Lyles Um, cool and. 58:49.38 dclduo Ah, Sabrina any ah anything out there that you've already got booked. 58:50.89 Sabrina Lyles So just this morning I booked a it's for November Twenty Twenty Four I booked a seven night Southern Caribbean so we will go out of Puerto Rico I'm excited about that and we've never done the Southern Caribbean itinerary and it's one that we've always wanted to do. So that we will be doing and I have my eye on a March Twenty Twenty Five itinerary on the magic that is going to do a stop at castaway key and also the new lookout lookout point key at such a long name. 59:26.79 dclduo Look at look out key at lighthouse point. Yes, yes, yes, yes, we were just talking about those cruises this morning. Lots of great double dips. Ah out there on the early twenty twenty five release which I was a little surprised by. But. 59:29.33 Sabrina Lyles That one but 2 59:35.70 Sabrina Lyles Pretty. 59:40.27 dclduo Those sound like some fabulous ceilings and you will love a Southern Caribbean it's one of our favorite itineraries. We haven't been back on one in a long time but great. Great itinerary so well Sabrina for now I will just say. Thank you? So so much for coming on and sharing your fabulous cruising experience with all of our listeners. We really really appreciate it 59:56.62 Sabrina Lyles Thanks as well. Brian have a great day.

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