July 26, 2023


Ep. 334 - Bonus - Opa!: A Greek Adventures by Disney Trip

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Brian Sam
Ep. 334 - Bonus - Opa!: A Greek Adventures by Disney Trip
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 334 - Bonus - Opa!: A Greek Adventures by Disney Trip

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This week we are chatting with Leah, all about the fabulous Adventures by Disney tour she took with her family in Greece. Leah grew up going to the parks and had her first Disney cruise in the Mediterranean, which got her hooked on DCL. She's since done four ABD trips, including Central Europe, Costa Rica, Southwestern US, and Greece. She chose Greece with her family and grandparents because it had more downtime and suited their interests. On this tour, Leah enjoyed visiting the Acropolis, the Parthenon, and the Olympic Stadium in Athens, as well as learning about the history and culture of Greece. She also enjoyed exploring the islands of Santorini and Crete, where she hiked a volcano, saw ancient ruins, and experienced local life, including a visit to a quaint Greek town where the mayor himself hosted the ABD tour. Leah shares all the great food, memories, experiences, sights and friends she made on this amazing trip. It's not Disney Cruise Line, but it's still an amazing adventure with Disney's hallmark service and some unforgettable experiences.

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Episode Transcript

00:00.28 dclduo Welcome back everybody to this week's episode of the DCL duo podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel sam it's time for another adventure. Another adventure by disney. 00:12.39 Sam I know I'm so excited I'm excited because I love talking about abd but I'm also excited because our guest today is actually the daughter of the our agency sponsor. So it's Karen Shelton's daughter Lea welcome Leah to the show. 00:28.78 Leah Thank you so much for having me. 00:32.64 Sam Yeah we're so excited to talk to you. It's nice to like actually meet you. Um, even though I feel like as we talked before the show I feel like I know you already because of all the pictures that Karen posts of you guys out on your different adventures whether it be on you know Virgin Voyages on abd. Or on Disney Cruise line I just yeah I feel like I know you already. 00:52.60 Leah And likewise just from listening to you guys all the time. It's my favorite favorite podcast. 00:57.89 Sam But Yay I Love it. 01:01.57 dclduo Well Leah we love to start our show ah getting folks as Disney Backgrounds and so would love to hear your background with. Disney in general sailing on Disney Cruise line adventures by disney all that sort of stuff. 01:16.64 Leah Yeah, so grew up going to the parks. We actually lived in Florida for a little while in Tampa not too far from Orlando so I had my fourth birthday party at Deney World with the princesses actually um yeah, it was great. 01:27.90 Sam Ah, that's pretty amazing. 01:31.60 Leah And then we moved around a bunch but um, once we were back on the East Coast went to the parks a bunch and our first Disney Cruise was actually in the mediterranean on the magic. Um and that was almost an accident. Not we not really, but um, we. Wanted a seven day cruise because we couldn't do longer than that and we wanted to be in the med and Disney was the only cruise line that was offering seven day in the med. So that's kind of what got us hooked on the Disney Cruise once we started we kind of go back. So um, ben. 01:53.58 Sam Um. 02:06.30 Leah To the caribbean with dcl a bunch I've done 10 cruises total many many on the fantasy magic twice once on the dream and never been on the wonder or the wish I know I know you guys love the wonders. So I'm gonna have to get on there. 02:18.71 Sam Oh my goodness. We love the wonder yes and we really love the wish to to be perfectly honest, like you haven't been on. Basically our favorite 2 ships but you have been on the fantasy a lot. So I'll forgive you for that and you've also. 02:25.32 Leah I know. 02:33.72 dclduo This. 02:37.58 Leah Ah. 02:38.25 Sam Been on Abd before is that right. 02:41.27 Leah Yes, so I've done 4 abds our first one was central europe I think it was twenty fourteen or 2015 um, they changed the itinerary a little bit now but it was Prague Austria and Germany at the time. And then I've done Costa Rica southwestern us and most recently just got back from Greece. 03:03.81 Sam Amazing. That's like such good and varied experience on adventures by Disney You haven't done a River cruise yet though am I right. 03:11.92 Leah No, and I've heard great things from my parents about that and I hope to get on one soon because it seems like a great time. 03:21.35 Sam Oh yeah, we're we're very excited for our adventures by Disney River Cruise this December um, we have kind of a crazy vacation planned for Christmas break but we'll talk about that on a future show. Um, but we're so excited to talk about greece now. Um. Was this you know whose idea was this to do the adventures by Disney in Greece was it your mom sort of as the driving force or was it you your brother your dad or did all of you want to go to Greece. 03:51.68 Leah So we definitely all really wanted to go this was kind of in the works for a while and we had a grease cruise planned for summer of 2020 actually um we canceled it even before covid just because of crazy life things happening with my brother and i. 03:59.81 Sam Oh. 04:09.46 Leah And so we've been wanting to go to Greece for a while but we were looking at adventures by Disney and we actually planned this trip with my grandparents. My dad's parents came with us and they loved to travel. But um, we were looking at different itineraries that would be good for. Everybody involved and this one actually had a bit more downtime than some of the other ones did like free time in the afternoon. So we thought that it would be good and they agreed um so that you know they could go back to the hotel and rest for a bit. We could go back out and explore and just. Kind of cater to all the different needs of the group. 04:46.42 Sam Yeah, yeah, we hear that you know abd is great for that sort of multigenerational type of travel where you've got somebody planning out your itinerary but you've got options for the more strenuous traveler and options for maybe the less strenuous. And more Casual. You know the person who doesn't maybe want to hike up a mountain or something like that. So. 05:10.70 Leah Definitely yeah and we had all different levels on our in our group but my grandparents were champs I mean we had a volcano hike and they were leaving the pack. They hiked all the way to the top of that volcano. We were so impressed with them. Um, and they they did the music. 05:26.31 Sam That's awesome. 05:27.89 dclduo Now you start off this tour in Athens and it looks like you're there for a couple of days um yeah how long were you in Athens on the tour. 05:39.78 Leah So we were there for I think it was 3 nights because we were there on a pre-night as well. So we flew in. We usually like to do this just to get adjusted to the time change and got settled. Um so we flew in the night before the tour officially started and that was good to just get settled and then we were there for I think 2 more nights after that. 06:05.78 dclduo Nice and do you know how many people were on the tour about. 06:11.54 Leah Um, I think we had about 35 I think was that was the total. It wasn't completely full. Um, but it was it was up there. Yeah. 06:15.32 dclduo Okay. 06:25.64 Sam That's a good size. 06:25.80 dclduo Um, and yeah and and you you mentioned your own sort of Multi-generational family. 06:26.56 Leah Yeah, it felt like a good. It felt like a good size group for sure. 06:35.44 dclduo Ah, you know adventure here. What was the demographic like on the trip you know were there any young kids I see some reference to like Junior adventure activities on here and I'm just curious like what was the age range like for the trip itself. 06:46.93 Leah Yeah, so we actually were on an adult only adventure. So the first 2 of the season and some at the end as well are adult only now that my brother is he's 20 now. But this is our first adult time where we're all adults. 06:52.77 dclduo Ah. 07:05.52 Leah Um, so we chose to go with the adults only so there were about I think 6 or 7 of us that were around my age so you know low in mid 20 s or so and then um, a bunch around my parents' age. Um there were a lot of moms and daughter pairs. That were traveling together and then some older couples as well. Yes. 07:28.50 dclduo Nice. 07:28.17 Sam Nice so good range. What did you guys decide to do before the tour started when you arrived in Athens and where did you all stay. 07:39.64 Leah So we stayed at the hotel that we were going to be staying in for the Athens portion of the trip abd helps you book that. So even though it's before the tour officially starts the itinerary they're so you're still on the abd like they're helping you book that they were. There the next day when we checked in they knew we were all with Disney The transportation from the airport to the hotel was through adventures by Disney. So even though we were there early. It was still like part of the trip and as for what we did on the pre-night or the pre-day I guess and my family. 08:18.64 Sam This is. 08:18.97 Leah Our big foodies. We love food and we didn't yet realize that this entire trip would be sent revolving around food I mean really there was all we did was eat like that was I mean we did other stuff too. But it felt like all we did was eat. 08:33.53 dclduo I mean at least 2 of the so like on the abd site for each city. They have like a hero image right? and at least 2 of these hero images are like food related. So yeah, that tracks. Yeah. 08:43.46 Leah Yeah, that sums it up so we decided to do a food tour of athletes on that day that we were there on our own. It was a street food tour and in the afternoon I think it was about 3 hours and we had a local guide take us around. 08:43.90 Sam Food. Ah. 08:55.45 Sam Um, yum. 09:01.66 Leah There were a or 10 of us in a group so it was pretty small. Um and we just walked all around the area that was really close to our hotel. We we had to walk like 3 or 4 blocks to get to the meeting location and then everything on the tour was in that area. 09:13.88 Sam Oh wow. 09:18.46 Leah A really good introduction to not only the food that we were going to be close by. But also the shopping and the attractions that are all right there and this is a good way to kind of get our feet wet in the athletes scene and we had so much good food. And then we had to go and go to the welcome dinner after that where we had more food so that was just the theme of the day but it was It was a great time. 09:40.84 dclduo Ah. 09:43.26 Sam Nice. 09:45.70 dclduo So what were the highlights of the street food like what kinds of things could you ah could you eat on that tour. 09:50.32 Leah And so we started with um spinach pie and cheese pie. It was right across from her hotel this little stand and they're just she's handing out you know little pieces of it. So good. Um, we had soulay which is cubes of roasted meat I think we had. 09:54.89 Sam Wu yam. 10:04.33 Sam Yam. 10:07.63 Leah Pork. They also had chicken and it's in a Pia Wrapth and they suck French fries in it which is the best part. Um the frenchise in the rath. Yes, so good. We had this special type of pizza and it was it looked like a boat like a boat-shaped pizza that was filleded with. 10:13.65 Sam Ah, so good in the pita. 10:23.45 dclduo Oh wow. 10:26.35 Leah Just really yummy stuff like ah this I think a veal sausage and Bashmel sauce. So that was so good and then what else did we have we had. There's a greek bread ring it kind of looks like a stretched out bagel. 10:30.96 Sam Oh yam. 10:42.80 Sam Is who. 10:45.19 dclduo Oh ah. 10:45.33 Leah Sesame seeds that was really good and then we had lucomades which are greek donuts. They're like little balls of fried dough with honey and then she was like okay now we have dessert. 10:52.30 Sam Um, ah. 10:57.48 Sam You're like wait I thought the doughnuts are dessert. 10:59.15 Leah We just had the donuts. No those were snacks that was not dessert. So then we go to the dessert place and we have bakluva and ice cream and orange cake and um, some licorur that they gave us. It was amazing. 10:59.20 dclduo Ah, yeah, ah. 11:08.47 Sam Um, ah. 11:12.53 dclduo Nice. 11:14.24 Sam Yeah, that sounds so good I could definitely eat my way through Athens for sure I feel like the food. There is really good. What were your impressions impressions of of Athens I know it's um, I'll tell you this I I was there but it was. Now twenty years ago and I felt I don't know was a little uncomfortable because the shopkeepers were really really pushy and I wasn't really used to that at that time I think I've gotten a little bit more used to that now now having been to several places in the caribbean where they're quite pushy like that. Um, but curious as to your impressions of Athens as you're walking around and doing. This food tour and kind of checking out what shopping's available near the hotel. 11:52.46 Leah Yeah I was really pleasantly surprised with Athens I don't think I had a negative perception of it necessarily going in but I didn't entirely know what to expect and when you're driving from the airport you're driving through all these. More industrial areas and athenses itself is huge. They don't let any buildings be taller than the Acropolis. It's really spread out and just sprawling massive but then we get to the area by our hotel and. 12:10.83 Sam Um. 12:14.93 Sam M. 12:22.85 Leah We were right by the shopping district. There's this street called I think it's airmoise street and it has a bunch of really nice shops and there's all those restaurants that are right around that area. Um rooftop bars that have great views of the acropolis we were right. By the parliament building that had the changing of the guard. There was also the gardens are right there so that's a really nice kind of oasis in the city. We got to exploit out of it too. So yeah, definitely pleasantly surprised. The 1 thing that we were warned about and thankfully we didn't have any. 12:44.62 Sam Oh cool. 13:01.52 Leah Negative experiences with this is that the pickpockeerss in Athens are really really skilled and I had my cross body bag just right in front of me at all times. Um, so just have to be careful about that. We our guides warned us about that but it was all good. 13:10.72 Sam Um, yeah. 13:17.34 Sam Yeah I feel like most major European cities are like that though you've got to worry about pick pockets not just going into your pocket but cutting the straps of your person running with your bag and things like that. So. 13:29.26 Leah Right? And they did tell us that they weren't gonna like jump you that they wouldn't come and take stuff out of your hand. It would just be like you know when you're not looking so it's not dangerous pre precises Just you got to feel away your surrounding. 13:33.71 Sam Right. 13:41.76 Sam Yeah, absolutely so let's talk about the the actual abd you you meet your guides when you check into the hotel is that typically how it works or do you meet your guides for the first time at the welcome dinner. 13:55.95 Leah So since we were there a night early. Our guides were not there when we first got to the hotel but the next day they were in the lobby all day so people that were arriving for the first time that day got to meet them when they checked in and we made a stop downstairs to say hi to them and. Funny enough Chris who was one of our guides. Um, was actually our guide on our southwest us ah abd it was my senior year of high school. Um and he remembered us. We run off to him and we were like hi Chris I don't know if you remember us. 14:21.33 Sam Oh cool. 14:33.58 Leah of course of course I do so um, that was really cool to have him again because he's just incredible and then our other guide was Mary who was the local guide. She's from from Greece so and they're just a great pair. They've worked together for a long time and you can tell that they just have that. Teamwork and work really well together. 14:54.81 Sam Oh that's awesome. That's so fun to have. It's like you know it's like when you get onto one of the ships and you've had you know the same waiter or the same kazier host or something like that and you're like oh it's like you know, being back with family again. That's really really fun. 15:10.33 Leah Yeah, definitely and he'd actually moved to Athens he met a girl there and got married and has two kids now and I mean he's a whole new life from when we last saw him so it was just incredible to hear about and um, get reunited. Yeah. 15:16.89 Sam Oh wow. 15:25.70 Sam Ah, that's so fun. Okay, so the welcome dinner tell us, um, how you know what is that like are you I imagine you're that's the first time you're meeting everybody else who's in your tour group. Um and sort of what's the. 15:27.40 Leah Guess. 15:41.55 Sam Um, you know we haven't been on an abd before so assume our listeners have not been on an Abc before what sort of is is the point of the welcome dinner. 15:49.40 Leah So the main point is just to meet everybody kind of a little bit icebreaker and get to know the people that you're going to be spending the next ten days with but we met in 1 of the hotel ballrooms that was downstairs and had a glass of champagne. And um Chris and Mary just we all went around the room and introduced ourselves so they kind of facilitated that every family or couple um, introduced themselves where they're from what their you know abd background is why they wanted to come to Greece so that was cool to hear everybody and what brought them here. And then we went upstairs to the rooftop where we had an amazing dinner and we saw it at these. Yeah of course we were you know so full from the future early, but we're like okay we can eat again. You know why? not? why? Not exactly. 16:33.10 Sam Ooh. 16:37.82 Sam But we can eat again. We'll make room. You know it's just what you do. 16:44.62 Leah Exactly. So yeah, we were seated at 2 long tables upstairs. It was kind of everybody together. We had a big group because there were 8 of us traveling together me and my brother my parents my grandparents and then our other family friends a couple from Washington actually um and. But we kind of mixed it up a little bit so we could meet some new people and I got to chat with some of the girls that were my age which was fun and and just had a great dinner and then um had to rest up because we had a full day of touring ahead of us for the next day 17:18.16 Sam Yeah, yeah, so let's dive into you know touring in Athens. Um I imagine there's a lot to see in Athens and you guys you said you spent the night there for a couple of nights of the abd. Um, did you guys venture out of the city or mostly stay in the city and what what did the tour include when you were sort of stationed in Athens. 17:42.43 Leah So the first full day of the tour was in the city so we went to the Acropolis first thing in the morning that was right off the bat and we were there in early may so it was not hot yet. In fact, it was a little bit chilly when we went to the acropolis we were in jackets. Um. 17:46.57 Sam You hope. 18:00.60 Leah But in the later summer months when it gets really really hot and there's no shade that is entirely by designed to be the first ones up there Some of the first ones up there but we were thankful for it to just to beat the crowds because and getting up there. You know there's There's a couple groups. But. 18:14.78 Sam Um, yeah. 18:19.36 Leah Compared to when we were going back down at the end of our time there there was swarms of people coming up and we were so glad to not be a part of that. Um, so yes, we made our way to the acropolis we kind of hiked up. Um Mary talked to us all about the. History there and um, she's just a machine I mean Chris called her marry the machine she spits out historical facts like it's nothing I mean it is so impressive you could ask her anything and she just has the answer right off the top of her head. It's amazing. Um, so. 18:49.71 Sam Wow. 18:54.83 Leah She chatted with us for a little bit just about the history and then we got some time on her own to walk around and Chris was taking family photos of everybody which was really nice. Um, and then after that we headed back into the town area and. 19:01.37 Sam And. 19:13.49 Leah Got to walk through the food market there so that was a cool sight just seeing all of the chaos of that area. Um, lots of meats and fish and if who knows what stuff I didn't even know what it was just walking through. 19:27.49 dclduo Yeah. 19:27.75 Sam Ah, just being. 19:31.15 Leah Um, got to try some snacks because of course you know we can't go more than an hour without having food on this source so nuts and fruit and this was our first time trying rocky which is a greek liquor. It's like. 19:33.19 Sam Right. 19:45.55 Sam No oh my. 19:47.84 Leah 80 proof liquor um not for the faint of heart and so this is our first time trying it but it would come up. It's going to come up many times again later in this trip. Um, but then we kind of meandered our way through the streets and went to lunch you know. 20:04.70 Sam Of course. 20:06.12 Leah More and I had a great lunch at this local taverna that was there and and just kind of relaxed hung out got to chats some more new people that we met in our group and then that was it for the. 20:07.36 dclduo Um, yeah. 20:23.46 Leah Official touring part of the day so we finished up around 2 ish and then it was up to us how we wanted to spend the rest of the day to go back relax or explore. So we chose to go to the archaeology museum. 20:27.79 Sam Oh nice. 20:42.65 Leah In Athens that was I think with oh the bus came and um, picked us up actually from the restaurant which was nice. We could have walked back but they dropped us off at the museum because there were a bunch of people that want to go so that was kind of ah, a nice little gesture that abd did for us and spent some time there. 20:52.60 Sam So cool. 21:02.70 Leah Walked back to the hotel and then had some drinks on the rooftop I think at that point my mom and I didn't even eat dinner that night because we were so stuffed from the little day we're just such a big late lunch. Um, but the boys went down the street and found some ah euro place. Ah, couple blocks down that they had dinner at yeah. 21:23.24 Sam Yeah, now with Abd um, we know like sort of the I'll call them excursions but you're you're sort of daily tours. Whether that's with your guides or whether or not they bring in an extra guide to talk about something specific. 21:23.36 dclduo Nice. 21:39.83 Sam Um, that's all included of course your time your leisure time. Whatever you do in your leisure time is not included but um were the meals for the most part included um in the abd tour as well. 21:54.61 Leah Yes, so breakfast was included every day. Um, all of the hotels had an amazing buffet breakfast tons of traditional Greek breakfast food and american stuff as well. You could always get scrubbled eggs or bacon or whatever you wanted there. Um. Lunch or dinner was always included and sometimes both so um, usually it was one or the other but sometimes they would both be included and then the other one would be on your own. But really I mean a lot of times when lunch was included in dinner wasn't it was because the lunch was so big that. 22:14.52 Sam Is in. 22:28.76 Sam Right. 22:31.77 Leah You probably did mean more than a snack for dinner but and you would be fine. Um, but there were opportunities for meals that our own and abd did a great job. Our guides did a great job of giving us recommendations for places to go directions of how to get there. Um. And helping us even set up reservations like when we were in santaini they helped us with that which was really nice as far as activities. Um like after touring other things that we would want to do usually that was on our own. However, in Athens 1 of the museums. We actually didn't get to it. But. The new acropolis museum which we've heard amazing things about apparently it's won awards for the best museum in the world or something like that. Um they gave us tickets to that that we could use at any time when we were there so that was that was nice. 23:22.24 Sam Ah, gotcha is well included with your admission to the actual Acropolis itself or something like that. 23:26.20 Leah Yeah I mean it's in a separate area so I'm not really sure exactly how that works but just a nice gesture on their part. You know that was something that we were interested in doing. 23:36.84 dclduo Yeah, and sam to your question about meals. It looks like um 20 meals are included across the 10 day trip and it look. Yeah, it looks like ah like 4 dinners and 2 lunches didn't make the cut and you got to remember on the first day you get a dinner but nothing else. 23:42.69 Sam Ten days yeah 23:52.63 Sam Right? right? Plus there's probably some days where you're going the entire day and so they kind of have to include both the lunch and the donor because you're just kind of go go go go go? yeah. 23:54.50 dclduo And on the last day get a breakfast and nothing else. So you know most of the meals are covered for sure. 24:05.86 dclduo Yeah, yeah, Liam. 24:07.26 Leah Yeah, exactly that was generally the theme is that if we were touring with them the whole day which didn't happen super often on this trip. But if we did then it was we were together the whole time and they fed us as well. 24:17.60 Sam Yeah. 24:19.87 dclduo I'm curiously. Did you get any like across the full abd tour you know, adventures by Disney is known for kind of unique experiences front of the line access. You know that sort of stuff did you have any excursions where you. Experience some of that. 24:39.70 Leah Yes, so our first full day in Santorini was the best day in my opinion or 1 of the best days there was another best day in crete as well but um oh yeah well yeah that's a good example of special access. 24:49.20 Sam Wait. Let's let's let's finish Athens Brian before and then we'll get really? yeah ok, ah well let's we'll put a pin in that I want to let's talk finish out Athens because you you that so we finished out your first day in Athens. 24:56.89 Leah But we could finish up here's. 25:07.60 Sam Um, I've seen the the pictures that your mom posted and so I am I can I'm envisioning the drinks on the rooftop because the drinks on the rooftop. There's lots of pictures of you all having drinks on that roof. Um I think. 25:18.82 Leah Yes, that was this most beautiful rooftop I mean it had the perfect view of Eucropolis there was a pool great drinks. Um, so we just. 25:29.84 Sam Um, yeah. 25:30.27 Leah Hung out out there. We saw lots of other people from our group and watched the sunset and had some cocktails and it was a great time. 25:38.63 Sam Awesome! Awesome! Let's talk about the other highlights. Um from Athens ah will we'll probably go on forever if we go exactly but day by day. But what are some of the other like awesome sites. You guys got to see. While you were stationed or or centralized in Athens. 25:56.61 Leah So on the second day in Athens we actually took a drive out I think it's still technically considered Athens but it's the furthest point on the keep to keep sunion and it took us about 2 hours to get there. But so worth it. Um, it's where Poseidon's temple is. 26:10.77 Sam Oh cool. 26:13.11 Leah And so we were up kind of on the point of the ah Cape Amazing views. It was a beautiful clear day with blue skies and you could see the Harbor on our way back we softed and went on the little beach and just put our toes in the water so we could say that we but we. 26:32.83 Leah Supped in the aegean for for a minute. It was very cold but it was word that and then we had an amazing seafood lunch on the coast just overlooking the water there and so that that was a really nice relaxing day. The previous day had been you know, kind of full we had done a lot and so this was. 26:35.20 Sam Yeah, but. 26:37.69 dclduo Um. 26:49.48 Sam Me. 26:52.45 Leah Really nice to just take in the views along the drive and have a leisurely lunch and that was it was really nice. 26:59.45 Sam Awesome! Awesome now. What did you all get up to on day three is that we're still in Athens are you transitioning at that point to I don't even know what order if it was crete or santorini first I'm not sure. 27:13.53 Leah Yeah, so that was a travel day so we were up that was probably 1 of our earliest days leaving the hotel I think we had to leave around 7 15 and drive to the airport to fly to Santorini so this is we're going to the normal Athens airport but we're with our guides and the whole group. 27:21.59 dclduo Oh wow. 27:23.94 Sam Um, the. 27:32.23 Sam The. 27:33.15 Leah Going together. But so they just really facilitated the whole thing in terms of the line with checking our luggage and making sure we all got through together and getting to our gate and we were all sitting kind of close together on the plane. There's a picture of all of us in the back of the plane with our hands up like this. Um. 27:47.97 dclduo First. 27:51.62 Leah And it was just a super quick little hopper over to santorini maybe like 45 minutes tops you go up and you go right back down. Um, and so we. 27:58.30 Sam So nice. 27:59.47 dclduo So was it just a lay was it just a commercial flight or was it like a private charter. Okay. 28:06.73 Leah Yeah, it was the commercial flights we were on there with other people. They were probably really confused why we were doing that whole picture thing. Yeah, so just the normal flight. Um, but they you know took care of all the tickets and everything they handed them to us. By family when you're on the bus and the way there and kind of facilitated the whole thing to make it as easy as possible. You still have to go through security you still have to check your bags. It's really small plane so and usually have to check any hand luggage they call it that's over like £13 or something like that. So. Pretty um, we added up just checking everything pretty much but um, made it as easy as possible and then we landed in santorini got off got our luggage and got on the bus went straight to a winery so that was a great welcome to santerini um. 28:44.37 dclduo Yes, yeah. 29:00.30 Leah And had a great lunch of course first glad the lunch was before the wine tasting that was a good order. Yes, so the people at this wine are I mean we were the only ones there so it was just all for us. They welcomed us in. We tasted the wine. 29:08.63 Sam Ah, smart. Ah. 29:20.10 Leah And then this was another best day ever because we got to Stomp grapes in the grape stomping pit. It was the best thing ever seriously like I did not know how fun this could be until I did it? Um, and. 29:26.55 Sam Oh that's so cool. 29:39.70 Leah Yeah, we just got in there with our bare feet and I mean I don't think they use this juice for actual wine anymore. But no, not really, but it was still really fun and some people got in and out. But. 29:45.66 Sam Um, probably not probably not is's not really sanitary. Yeah. 29:54.40 Leah My mom and I were just having the best time and our guide Chris came in and joined us and he was like we can't get out until we stop all stomp all the grapes. So we said okay so we stayed in there and we stomped all the grapes and it was so much fun other people went there was a little museum part of the winery and. 30:02.13 Sam Ah. 30:12.80 Leah Showed the history of it and everything but we just wanted to stay on there and so whole time. 30:12.42 Sam Um, use wanted totomp by love. That's what I would have been doing I would have been right in there with you stomping away like ah. 30:21.82 Leah That that's great. Yeah, and that was 1 thing that they said nobody else gets to do that. That's just that's just the uvd so you come to that line or you thought you you're not somping any grapes and that's the best part in my opinion. So. 30:36.38 Sam I love it see these are the special access things we were asking for Brian you just got it. You know so what were the for the for santorini. Ah, what was your hotel like was it sort of similar to the 1 in Athens I imagine. 30:39.46 Leah Yes, yes. 30:53.60 Sam You're saying it pretty nice places on adventures by Disney for the most part I would assume. 30:57.59 Leah Yes, so the santeriny hotel out of the 3 was definitely the one that was I would rank probably the lowest but that doesn't mean it was bad per se of the rooms just could have used a little bit of updating but santerini is tough because it's a lot of small boutique. 31:07.77 Sam Um. 31:13.13 Sam Um, yeah. 31:16.70 Leah Maybe not as family friendly hotel. So this is a larger property. The rooms are big and the bathrooms are big. You know there's lots of space. You have amazing views on both sides of the caldea which is like they call that the it's where the crater was from the volcano that erupted to makes anterini. And then the a g and on the other side so there's your water on both sides. Incredible pools, great location. It's only about 10 minutes walk from Vera which is the downtown kind of shopping restaurant area that we were closest to. 31:36.14 Sam Oh cool. 31:53.75 Leah And we really did not spend very much time in that hotel at all because we were there for 2 nights and both days we were out and about super busy. So um, yeah. 31:59.15 Sam Yeah, cool. Well what? what else did you guys get up to in Santorini. 32:01.51 dclduo Nice. 32:06.17 Leah So the next day in Santorini was the volcano boat day which we had been looking forward to this. The guides had hyped us up for this day. They said this is the best day so we had to leave pretty early from the hotel. But. 32:11.93 Sam Oh cool. 32:24.53 Leah We went to this volcano which is just a short boat ride across the way from where we left and we were the first ones there. So nobody else was on this. It's like a little island with the volcano at the top and hyped up. It was. 32:35.90 Sam That's awesome. 32:41.81 Leah Not a super strenuous hike but not super easy, but my grandparents did it. So if that kind of gives you you know they're they mobile but it's definitely like not super super hard. Um, so probably took us about 30 minutes to get to the top and. 32:43.88 Sam Who. 32:59.76 Leah Got up there and this is just the best thing Chris our guide had us just take a moment at the top and just of silence and staring at the view and reflecting and we were all kind of in tears a little bit because it was just beautiful and it was really nice to just have that moment of gratitude. 33:12.97 Sam Go. 33:19.11 Leah Being all there together and really special that he did that and we were able to have this moment because if we had gone any later there were hordes of people coming up and we wouldn't have been the only group at the top. So and then it was my parents. Um. 33:32.31 Sam Yeah. 33:37.75 Sam Oh. 33:38.46 Leah Wedding anniversary that they were celebrating. So um, they got champagne that they there was another couple who was also celebrating the anniversary so they pop some champagne at the top of volcano and the little toasts up there so that was another thing that you know they just are very thoughtful and. 33:39.23 dclduo Oh. 33:46.16 Sam Oh. 33:57.72 Leah If you're celebrating anything they find ways to make that special for you on this trip. 34:04.92 Sam Yeah I mean that's the kind of service that you know Disney and maybe a few other companies do but it's like you know those little touches that little there's little bits of magic. Um I mean I know there's no like Mickey popping out of the volcanoes. He to take pictures with you. Um, which you know. In Disney fashion that you know that would happen right? but or or no, nobody's singing lava with a ukulele or something. 34:26.60 dclduo I would I would hope and imagine no come on an imagineer would not allow that to happen. Oh my God no. 34:35.88 Sam Know that's I'm saying I'm saying like I'm just saying like you know you got to make some magic happen when you can't bring Mickey there. Um, you know, then you yeah pop in some champagne is pretty magical at the top of a volcano that's that's pretty great. That's pretty creative. Ah. 34:40.24 Leah Right. 34:47.33 Leah So exactly exactly yeah, that's just the kind of the it's the attention to detail those small little things that it's disney magic without Mickey Mouse for being right there. So. 34:56.22 Sam Yeah now I think your mom had told me that like if you needed anything on an ab d like a band-aid some Neosporin and Advville whatever like the guides are have these backpacks they're like magical backpacks that they just. Pull stuff out of did you sort of see or experience any of that on on your abd. 35:19.41 Leah Um, not stuff like that necessarily. But I mean they really are like Mary Poppins like they have everything and if they don't have it. They will go get it for you like we've heard stories of people being sick getting sick on an abd and their guides running to the pharmacy to get them cold medicine or. 35:34.26 Sam Yeah, so. 35:38.30 Leah Um, one of the best things is when you're traveling in Europe a lot of times the bathrooms require coins to get in and they always have them anytime you know you never have to worry about that when you're with them so they're standing outside and either they pay the attendant up front and you just walk in and you say where're they're Disney and they're covered. 35:44.17 Sam Oh. 35:57.37 Leah They're good or you know if you have to actually put the coin in they have plenty of coins for you whenever you need it. 36:01.40 Sam I always forget about that. That's like everywhere in Europe I feel like we're you know the bathrooms or you have to put in like a euro or fifty cents or whatever it is and it's just something that as an american you don't really think of because there's very few places where you have to like pay. To use about their. But yes, you're stuck. Yes. 36:20.63 Leah Right? And you're not, You're not going to think about it until you need it and then when you need it if you're not, you know if you're on your own then that's a problem. So um, just the perk of traveling with a group like Abds they've got you covered. 36:34.12 Sam Yeah, awesome. 36:37.10 dclduo Now it looks like you round out the day in Santorini with a swim in the sea where they're interestingly enough suggesting you need dark colored swimsuits because might be discolored due to minerals in the water did did you get to take a ah dip in the sea. 36:53.62 Leah I did yes so um, just prefacecing this with it was a slightly cooler day I would say low to mid 60 s not super sunny and it's early may so the water is freezing but they tell us okay. 37:07.64 Sam Freezing Oh my goodness. 37:11.48 Leah We're we're going to this warm spring. We're not going to call it a hot spring but it's a warm spring from the volcano naturally warm water however, to get there because the boat can't pull up right to where the the spring is you have to swim about one hundred yards through the. 37:29.40 Sam Cold. Ah, ah. 37:30.55 Leah Cold water so out of our group of you know about 35 people not many takers for this part of the um of the day and that's okay, it's you know, choose your own adventure. Everybody can do their thing but all 4 of us. So my brother and I and my mom and dad. Um. 37:36.86 Sam Yeah. 37:38.44 dclduo Now? Yeah, ah. 37:50.50 Leah Did it I was shocked I convinced my mom to go in I think she only went because I went and she said when I jumped in the water She didn't hear any scream so she assumed that meant that it wasn't that bad. Well the reason I didn't scream is because I couldn't really breathe because the water took my breath. 37:50.84 Sam Ah, yes. 38:04.32 Sam Because you're yeah because you water took your breath away. Yeah because it's that cold. 38:09.70 Leah So but he was so worth it. I mean it was so fun to do that and once you swim it does get warmer. Not super warm but you get to this area and there's little pockets of warm water and they have this orange mud in the spring there. That's supposed to have like. Healing properties for your skin. You know So That's what they say the dark Swims Suitit is for and also just the water over there. It is kind of Orange-coed. So um, if you have a white swimmsuit or something it might stain it a little bit. My fingernails were painted painted white and they. 38:30.20 Sam Ah, right. 38:37.42 Sam Um. 38:40.10 dclduo Got you. 38:45.20 Sam Oh funny. 38:45.30 dclduo And. 38:45.44 Leah Came out a little yellow after that, but that's okay, yeah, but it was really it was so fun. Um, and then you have to swim back through the cold water to get back to the boat. But. 38:55.64 Sam Oh my goodness. But at that point you're like I'm swimming to get home. Ah. 39:00.12 Leah Write rate and then get back. You know wrap yourself they have towels and change into work clothesthe. And yeah. 39:06.29 Sam Oh my goodness I might I might have skipped that part. Ah. 39:10.47 Leah Well I'm sure if you went in June or July when it's really really hot that it would actually feel really good, but just that day you know we we have to be a little brief. 39:14.30 Sam Yeah. 39:22.95 dclduo Well, the next day you are off to crete which is you spend a significant amount of time in crete on this trip. How did you get over to crete and what did you get up to on the first day you were there. 39:23.10 Sam Um, yes, ah. 39:42.13 Leah So we took the high-speed ferry not the super high speed fair I guess that's a difference but um, we went down to the port where we had left on the boat day the previous day and we actually went in the evening so we still had another bit of time. Um, during the day in Santorini we went to one of the sites of they call it like the pompeyi of Santorini. It's where the site the excavated site from the volcano explosion and we had some time to take pictures with the blue domed churches in Ea. 39:57.67 Sam So Cool. This is. 40:11.26 Sam Oh cool. Yes. 40:13.91 Leah Which is that famous picture that you see always when you think of Santorini. Um, so then we made our way they gave us a box dinner to eat on the ferry and this was the part I am so glad we were with abd for this fairy because even still it was. 40:15.37 dclduo M. 40:32.95 Leah So chaotic and they prepped us for it. A little bit. They said it's going to be chaos getting on this ferry because they do a super quick turnaround from when the previous fairy comes in to when the next fairy goes out and Um. Just just be prepared because people are gonna There's a lot of people and they may not have the same idea of personal space that you do Okay so we're sitting in this cafe near the port and they had us be the last group on the Ferry which at the time we didn't really understand but it made sense because. 40:51.87 dclduo Yeah. 41:07.45 Leah When we were getting on the Ferry people are yelling at us. Go go go and you feel like you're running and then the doors are closing and it's a little bit. It's a little bit chaotic and stressful but they you know did a good job of coraling us and keeping us together and holding the paddle of power in the air. 41:10.32 Sam Oh my gosh. 41:24.61 dclduo Um, no. 41:25.10 Leah And the orange Paddle puts this abd to follow that um and then because we were in the back of the group when we turned right around we were right by the stairs to go upstairs to business class which is where our seats were for the very so that's when it all made sense. Okay, that's why we um, got on and also. 41:38.46 Sam Ah. 41:45.20 Leah They took care of our luggage for us so we didn't have to run on this ferry with all these people with big luggage bags and people that were traveling without a group just have to somehow haul that on themselves. Yes, so that was a really nice perk. Um. 41:55.00 Sam Oh they have to call their own luggage. Yeah. 42:03.80 Leah So yes, we took the ferry over it took us about 2 hours I think to get from santorini to crete got off got on the bus I think that was around eight p M that we got there. Um, and we're at our hotel by 9 um. And just went to sleep and that was that was the end of that day. So just you know, mostly santeran and then travel to crete but we were so happy this hotel in crete was incredible. So they definitely saved the bus for loss. 42:34.34 Sam Oh what was great about this hotel. 42:38.20 Leah So it's a resort that's on the coast. So it's like on the beach incredible pools, great restaurants just beautiful amenities all around close to the town of Ilunda which is we could go in there for. 42:42.89 Sam Oh nice. 42:57.35 Leah Dinner on our own explore a little bit but mainly the property itself is just really, really nice. 43:03.26 Sam Awesome! So what did you guys get up to in crete. 43:10.10 Leah So our first day in crete I'm going to have to look back because all these days since we were there for a while. Um, so they start to they start to blend together a little bit one second. 43:16.53 dclduo No. 43:28.38 Leah Oh my gosh. Okay, my series talking to me? Sorry why is it doing that. It's a good thing. You can edit that out. Oh yes, okay, so our first day in crete we went to. 43:32.37 dclduo Nor it. 43:38.78 dclduo Man. 43:41.30 Sam Um, yeah. 43:46.97 Leah The island of Spinnalonga which was formerly a leper colony so this was really interesting. There's actually a book called the island which was written about it was inspired by the history of this place. Um, so my parents had or my mom had started reading the book before. 43:50.24 Sam Um, oh cool. 44:06.52 Leah We went there after we went started reading it and finished it. Super super interesting, really tragic but very cool to get to go there and see the history there. Um, so we took a little boat a short little boat over to the Island spent some time there. Um. Learning about the history and exploring all around. It's completely abandoned now nobody lived there anymore. Um, and it used to be colonized by the turks like there was.. There's a lot of ancient history there as Well. Um, and then they built the. 44:33.57 Sam Um. 44:44.68 Leah Leper colony on this on this island for people who had leprosy? Um, so we spent the morning there that was another time where we were some of the first ones or we were the first group on the island so we got to explore and that made it even more I think a little eerie just because it. It felt so empty and knowing the history about the place and it just being us there. Um, so that was that was a really cool experience to have really interesting. Um, and then we made our way over to the town of Placa which is right? there. 45:04.75 Sam Um. 45:21.83 Leah And I mean it's really so close to this island when I was reading the book they were talking about how the people who lived on the Island Um, who were essentially you know, exiled their prisoners on this island could see. So close the life that was happening in Plaka Just right right in front of them and not like their family their friends that were there. Yeah, so just getting to experience that and being like oh my gosh. Okay, we're here and we can see this town and then we're in the town and we can see the island and just how close that they are to each other. 45:38.70 dclduo A. 45:38.29 Sam Um, oh how tragic? yeah. 45:54.80 Leah Um, that was really moving to be able to like experience that ourselves so in the ah in the town of Paca we just had a bit of time to ourselves to explore shop. Um eat of course. 45:58.46 Sam Um. 46:07.80 Sam Of course. 46:10.19 Leah So we had yeah, there were amazing. Super restaurants were right on the water we went to one of them that Chris and Mary had recommended. We actually saw them there eating. We're like okay we know they this is really this is the good place exactly exactly we picked out a whole fish that they had just caught that morning. Um. 46:18.90 Sam You know it's good if the tour guides are eating there. 46:27.18 Sam Oh cool. 46:29.93 Leah They grilled it for us just like super simple Salt lemon but it was so good. Um, got lots of mese they call it like sus Seekki We had susiki pretty much at every restaurant we went to um. It's It's like a group you do you guys know about it's yogurt Cucumber Yeah Cucumber Tin. Um, so we had to try it everywhere to compare of course. Um we had some rocky of course which they just bring out complimentary. The thing about restaurantsree is. 46:46.84 Sam Yeah, we know it? Yes yes. 46:49.20 dclduo Yeah, yes. 47:06.31 Leah They really want to make you feel welcome and it's a lot about the hospitality so you ask for your check at the end of the meal. The first time you ask for it. They say okay and they bring you a platter of fruit and desserts that you didn't order. It's all complimentary. 47:08.35 Sam And here. 47:24.87 Leah And then you say okay you know can we can. We have the check and they say okay, okay, and then they bring you over the rockie with shockgus and then you have to have the raie and then you say okay can we really have the check and then they'll bring you the check but you really have to ask because they you know in America I feel like you just start finishing your meal and they bring you the check they're like. 47:29.42 dclduo The. 47:36.24 Sam Oh my god. 47:42.61 Sam Right? right? They're like let we're going to turn over the table so we can get another group of people to turn over the table. 47:44.86 Leah Get out of hereby. They're they really just exactly but it's not like that increase they really? It's very welcoming. They want you to have an experience at dinner and lunch. So that was great. 47:57.24 Sam Wow how does one not gain like £10 in ten day with all that. 48:02.91 Leah Um, and then. 48:05.34 dclduo They wonder. 48:09.69 Leah That's the question but honestly a lot of the see we ate so much and we ate so often. But the food is very fresh. It doesn't feel super heavy. It's a lot of you know, fresh vegetables and seafood and the yogurt dips and olive oil and um. 48:18.96 Sam Um, yep. 48:25.55 Leah A lot of times The dessert is just fresh fruit or fruit with yogurt. Maybe a little bit of ice cream or maybe a small piece of bakluva. But it's not super rich and heavy like some other places. So I think that I think that helped I mean we still were very full all the time we were not very hungry. 48:36.72 Sam Um, this is. 48:42.75 Sam Yeah, well that mediterranean diet right? They do there are people who eat the Mediterranean diet to lose weight so there must be. There's something there with that right? There's something. Yeah, ah. 48:46.67 Leah And right yes and we were not I mean we counting calories on this trip. You know we were just joy just having a good time. It's all part of the experience. So. 48:51.00 dclduo You know I'm ki. 49:02.80 dclduo I'm super curious like we I forget the name of the liquor that you mentioned up front that would factor into this trip. But what I haven't heard is Rocky Ray but I haven't heard any mention of Uzo. 49:07.63 Sam Ricky does it rate rock Ricky Rocky she was saying. Yeah yeah. 49:09.77 Leah Raki. 49:15.00 dclduo Feel like that's the that's the thing that they have at all the greek restaurants as the Uzo did did you have any Uzo. 49:20.80 Leah We did so on the food tour that first day that we were there. We had some uzo with our dessert stop so that we had some there I think maybe 1 other place. But yeah, it was very interesting because we kind of thought. 49:27.65 dclduo Okay. 49:37.91 Leah That that would be more present but it was really this rocky and the uzo I mean it's so much more easy to drink at least for me because it's a more of a accord. It's a lot lighter I mean the rocky is more like it almost seems like the moonshine of Greece like they all make their own and. 49:40.26 dclduo Um. 49:43.55 Sam Yeah. 49:44.78 dclduo Yeah. 49:53.80 Sam Ah, if ah. 49:54.74 Leah It's actually it's made from the leftovers from making wine. So whatever's left after they make the wine they ferment that Yes, yes, exactly exactly. So. 50:00.73 Sam And oh so the crap basically ah yeah. 50:04.26 dclduo I feel like in in ah in italy that's grapa. Um, yeah, so it's it's probably their version of ah of grappa I guess the other burning question I have for you Leah is you know at every Greek restaurant I've been to in the the states they seem to want to set cheese on fire and so. But sir actually a moment where they lit cheese on fire in Greece or is that just something we do here. 50:26.94 Leah We would know we had We had no ah flaming cheese in Greece I think a lot of it is like Fedta So it's more you know fresh cheese are not like melting in as much we did't eat cheese. Actually we learned how to make it so it was. 50:33.66 dclduo Ah. 50:33.77 Sam Ah. 50:36.75 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 50:39.64 Sam Yeah, um. 50:44.55 Leah Warm. It wasn't on fire though. Unfortunately. 50:47.36 dclduo Fun, fun. 50:48.60 Sam I Love it. So let's let's talk about a couple more things that you did in in Crete. Um, since such a cool place and you were there for several days. What were some of the other things you guys got up to. 51:01.80 Leah So some of the other things we did. We went to the palace of Kenosos which we can't go to crete and not go there. Um, we had a bit of a drive there but Mary told us all about the mythology I was actually reading a mythology book like a mythology adjacent book at the time. So. 51:06.58 Sam Cool. 51:16.53 Sam Of fun. 51:19.10 Leah It was cool to be reading that and then go to this place and see the labyrinth and the throne and the different frescoes that are still they preserve that are there. Um, and Mary navigated that like a pro. There were huge school groups. Were there at the same time that we were like elementary age children. But it just seems so effortless the way like we didn't even know what her original plan was for the order that she was going to take us through things because if kids were in the way she would just go somewhere else and it felt so Smooth. Um. 51:42.31 Sam Ah. 51:53.73 Sam With me. 51:57.33 Leah So I mean it just I think if we had gone there on our own. It would have been a bit more overwhelming of how are we going to see this and even that was not as crowded as it gets eventually. Um, when there are more tours that come in later in the summer so 52:12.26 Sam Um. 52:13.73 Leah That was one of the days we spent a lot of time there. We also went to 2 little villages. 1 was almost like a colonial williamsburg of crete so it was like I mean not quite the same time. But yeah, not quite. 52:23.63 Sam Oh fun, they turning butter or making fat while you need better. Yeah. 52:29.29 dclduo You know. 52:32.36 Leah But we I mean we did make some seekki. It's this um town that they like reconstructed to look like a historic greekrete town and so we had a sad seekki making lesson I got up there. There was about 8 of us who got our hands in and we're actually making it for our table. 52:38.61 Sam Here. 52:52.20 Leah Um, they served us a great lunch got to explore a little bit bought some olive oil. Um, oh that was another thing we did in Crete reminds me that we did an olive oil tasting and got to learn about how they make olive oil. This is an adult- only exclusive stop. 53:02.50 Sam Oh cool. 53:08.92 dclduo No. 53:09.92 Leah Don't go there with the kids just the adults um got to try some olive oil honey. Our guide said that Crete is the best place to buy olive oil and olives and honey. So we did. We brought some home leave room in your suitcase If you're going because I mean you can't get olive oil like that in the states. It's really amazing. 53:25.20 Sam Yeah. 53:29.81 Leah Um, and the other little town that we went to was in the mountains and this was I think my favorite day that we had in crete. Um, it's this little town I think total there's about 90 people in the whole village area in this. 53:48.48 Sam Um, Wow. Wow. 53:48.67 Leah 1 part of the town I think there's maybe 15 or 20 and we make our way up there secrete is just beautiful because there's beaches. Beautiful beaches ocean and then really right there these huge mountains so we make our way we're up in the mountains and ah the mayor of this town. 54:01.80 Sam Um, easy. 54:07.84 Leah Comes and greets us and he was our guide of the town. The whole day was the mayor. Yes, the mayor of this small town and he was just the best character so he's telling us all about the history I got to ring the the bell at the top of the. 54:10.39 Sam What the mayor is your guy That's so crazy. 54:14.37 dclduo Ah. 54:21.47 Sam Yes. 54:25.77 Leah Town Center I Accidentally rang it twice which he said meant that's their their code for fires I had to ring it again to cancel that because that was I guess I'm not meant to be a bell ringer. That's not my destiny. So um. 54:33.43 Sam Ah, oops. 54:35.44 dclduo Are. 54:38.87 Sam Ah, yeah, fair way stick with your plan path laya. Ah. 54:45.39 Leah Exactly yes, um, so we learned how to make cheese. We got to try some different snacks. We had lots of rocky I mean this is 10 thirty in the morning and he pulled out his rocky and I mean him and my group. 54:54.78 dclduo Yeah. 54:55.90 Sam Ah, is rocky he needed you to know it with his was the best right. 55:01.85 Leah Yes, well, that's the thing is I guess the mayor of the town is in charge of the rocky so he was very proud of his recipe. Um, you know sharing all about the process with us said then of course it's It's rude to turn it down so ten thirty a M and we're taking shots of rocky. 55:15.64 Sam I 10 learn. It's five o'clock somewhere 55:21.34 Leah Um, that's just what you do so but I mean it was. It was very fun. He brought us into his home. We got to see where he lives I know but it was just so much culture and history and so personal right? there? Um and the people in this town. 55:34.90 Sam Yeah. 55:39.47 Leah Live to be like 110 they're just very happy and healthy. We met um one of the older women that lives there. She taught us how to make cheese pie. She gave us a lesson and someone else was interpreting for her because she doesn't speak english but. 55:40.78 Sam Wow. 55:52.44 Sam Ooh. 55:57.68 Leah That was we ought to try some that was Amazing. We had an incredible lunch. They make these meats that they slow cook in this oven and they actually seal the oven with bread dough in the morning and so it becomes this like Hard. Um. Like casing on the outside to keep the air out and then they chip away this this bread down the outside that's like gotten all hard and then you just smell the smells of all of the incredible meats that are cooking inside and then they got to eat it? Um, so it was It was an incredible day. 56:26.66 Sam Oh my gosh. 56:36.65 Leah Really amazing just to experience the the life of this small little town and that's something I mean we were asking Our gods were like how do you know where to how to like how do you meet these people to take us to this little town because there's no tourist there I mean we roll up with our bus and it's. Tiny little town and the older woman comes out of her house and is looking like who are these people? Um, but I mean they just really go back to de mile to make connections and it's someone knows this other person who knows this person who knows the mayor and then the Mayor welcomes us in and. 57:12.13 Sam Wow Yeah I mean right for a place like this that doesn't you know this is not a tourist destination like this. 57:14.52 Leah Shows us all about their their way of life. 57:23.84 Sam Your your bus of people you just overwhelmed the town right? You just grew its population temporarily. Yeah, that's crazy that sounds amazing. 57:27.78 Leah Yeah, right I mean we really dump we like you know grew the population by 50% just as being there. So. 57:40.10 Sam So now when you finish sort of your touring in crete do does your abd end in crete or do you guys all you know, fly back to Athens like how does the abd end. 57:51.78 Leah So it does end in crete we had our forwell dinner in crete at the hotel that was such a fun little night of they had traditional Greek dancers come out and we had a huge buffet and they always do a slideshow of photos at the very end of. 58:01.81 Sam How fun. 58:11.41 Leah Photos from throughout the trip and Chris was even I mean there were photos from that night that were in the slide show so he was adding I mean they really put the work in. But um, it was an incredible just look back on the the 10 days and then most people fly home the next morning we actually. 58:15.97 Sam Ah, wow. 58:29.68 Sam Um. 58:30.24 Leah Unk Ed to say an extra night at the resort and I'm really glad we did. We often do this? Um, just especially if the last place is some place that we you know want to spend a little extra time in on our own. But after this trip it did have a decent amount of downtime in free time but it still felt. 58:41.20 Sam Here. 58:49.90 Sam Yeah. 58:49.97 Leah Like I mean we did a lot in those ten days they really I mean they pack it in. You're getting your money's worth. You're seeing a lot. It's early mornings and um, you're you're doing everything so it was really great to have a day just a beach day on wind. It was mother's day. 58:51.17 dclduo Hit the. 59:06.24 Sam Oh nice. 59:08.53 Leah So we had a nice little brunch with you know my mom and grandmother to celebrate with them and just enjoyed sleeping in relaxing being in the pool being by the beach hanging out and we honestly could have done even another day after that because then we had to go and. 59:24.68 Sam Ah, yeah, yeah, well that sounds like an amazing trip. So then you all are flying home from from Crete then the following day. 59:25.53 Leah That night which is kind of a buffer. But. 59:34.10 Leah Yes, so we have to take a plane from crete to Athens and then and Athens to back to the states or wherever we were going so but they actually had transportation for us that day as well. So even though it was after the tour had officially ended. We got on a bus the very early hour in the morning to take us to the airport in crete and we had there were other people in our group that had stayed that were with us. 59:55.67 dclduo Now. 01:00:17.26 Sam Oh that's really nice, especially in places where not everybody speaks english I mean obviously there's a big tourist industry in Greece and so there's a lot of english speakers but not everybody. Um, you know, not every airport worker not every hotel worker. You know is going to speak fluent english so. It's really nice that abd is there to to help you with the transportation and all of that. Well, it's awesome. 01:00:45.95 dclduo Lay I wanted to ask you this because most of the time you know we're talking to the the folks who ah, who actually paid for the trip and so but but this is no this is this is ah this is a serious question I want to know you know you've had a lot of experiences with Disney you've grown up. Doing various kinds of Disney cruises and adventures by Disney are you still sort of passionate about traveling with Disney and as you know as you get older is this something that you're going to want to do with your own family or do you think you know you can go online. You can see the price tag for this is it is it worth it to you. 01:01:33.68 dclduo That's understandable. We've all been there. We've all been there. 01:01:50.93 Sam Are. He. 01:02:27.24 Sam Um, yeah. 01:03:01.25 Sam Yeah, that's awesome. 01:03:03.48 dclduo Voice I have I have 1 more question for you sort of unrelated to adventures by Disney but related to my last question because I know you've done quite a few disney cruises your platinum now on Disney Cruise line um I know you did virgin voyages. Um, you know if someone said. Yeah we're going to go on a cruise and you can pick the cruise line set aside the fact that you're on the Dc do a podcast because we love to talk about all kinds of different cruise lines on here to compare and contrast which cruise line would you pick to go on Leah yeah. 01:03:37.85 Sam Yeah, yeah, you right now you're a 20 something you are. You're still in your graduate school now right? Um, so yeah, what would you? What would you pick if you're the 1 picking the cruise. 01:04:00.70 Sam Yeah. 01:04:00.16 dclduo Me. 01:04:10.35 Sam Without little kids. But yeah without making and without the little kids running around. Yeah. 01:04:13.80 dclduo without Mickey. it's without mickey yeah 01:04:31.81 Sam This is. 01:04:38.84 Sam Right. 01:04:39.12 dclduo Me. 01:04:48.89 Sam Yeah I had I was going to guess that it's funny I was thinking about I was thinking that exact same question and but I was forecasting Leah that you are going to pick virgin and I also going to forecast and tell me if I'm wrong, but that when you have a family of your own you're going to go back to Disney. 01:04:48.90 dclduo All right? all right. 01:05:08.12 Sam Yeah, but. 01:05:27.97 Sam E. 01:05:28.10 dclduo So. 01:05:39.45 Sam Yeah, ah. 01:05:40.67 dclduo Ah, well Lea we have reached that point in our show or I need to hand you over to Sam for some arbitrary questions some arbitrary rules and a dash of judgment or the round we call rapid fire so sam take it away. 01:05:53.22 Sam Why thank you Brian all right? Leah I'm going to give you our classic rapid fire. So I'm going to ask you some Disney favorites and some Disney Cruise line favorites because that's my favorite favorite version of rapid fire. Um, so tell us who is your favorite Disney or Pixar character. Oh that's a good one. What is your favorite Disney or Pixar movie oh oh I love it 01:06:28.20 Sam Love it all right? Your favorite song. Oh from milant I love that song such a good song all right? So we have to talk about your favorite Disney Cruise line stage show now that we know your favorite character your favorite movie I mean I'm wondering what your favorite stage show is going to be. 01:06:55.74 Sam Um, no, no ah all right Leah I was you were you were winning on all fronts until you. So. 01:07:13.50 Sam Ah, all right. 01:07:17.52 dclduo No, no, no no I want to I want to put a plug in for every guest out there answer the question the way you want to answer it ignore my wife and her unnecessary level of judgment. Ah. 01:07:18.30 Sam Ah, but no. 01:07:23.38 Sam App absolutely ignore ignore that's yes, that's just part of the fun. Um, Aladdin's actually like 1 of the first ones we saw because we were on the fantasy first. So it it was one of our first and and it it was a really good one. 01:07:30.19 dclduo Ah, and. 01:07:40.37 Sam And it is sometimes a really good one. All right favorite bar space on board any of the Disney ships that you've been on. Oh yes, such a good space right? God it's been for It's been forever since we've been on the dream in the fantasy but we love skyline especially on the fantasy all right? Oh yes. You have to you have to and you have to go on the wish because there's so many great little bar spaces and your the rose is phenomenal. That's like I think that's my new favorite even though I love meridian on the dream in the fantasy all right? What is a favorite favorite activity. To do on board a disney ship. 01:08:45.30 Sam Um, yeah, love it. That's that sounds like Brian that's what he likes to do he wants to be laying by one of the adult pools with a drink in hand maybe a magazine reading all right favorite. Rotational dining. Oh all, right? you like the s car go in the chateau beyond. Yeah yes, there has been but I'm a fan as well. I'm a fan as well. There's not as much. Controversy as there are over truffle per sets but we will not talk about he who will not be named on this show right now. All right now this is another controversial question which one is your favorite ship all right. That's a good answer. Okay, the last question I love to ask this of every guest your bucket list cruise if you could go anywhere on the world on a Disney Cruise line ship doesn't even have to be someplace that Disney Cruise line currently goes. Where are you going. 01:09:54.54 dclduo Yeah, so good. So good. So good. 01:09:55.55 Sam Yes, Oh my God You Love it. So Amazing. So So Amazing. The best. Well thank you for playing like ah you got to tell us where are you going next? you guys have these amazing. Vacations Always I feel like your family goes on the best vacations maybe because your mom owns a travel agency I don't know that might be a good reason but where where are you guys going next. 01:10:14.12 dclduo But but. 01:10:38.70 Sam Oh amazing. 01:10:49.18 Sam Well, that will be an amazing trip I think you're going to love Norway I really hope you guys get to take that Cruise. Um and to many more other trips I would love to have you back on the show to tell us about these amazing adventures whether they be on adventures by Disney Virgin voyages Disney Cruise line or any of the other amazing places that you all go. 01:11:13.48 dclduo Retail is you Oh there, you are he went silent on me. Um. 01:11:13.74 Sam Brian ah I thought you were going to just do your like thanks for coming. Yeah. 01:11:20.51 dclduo Now I sorry I was reading the alert it said something about lays feed here for a second start. Oh can you talk again? Leah oh it says you're a microphone. Okay, well we're gonna wrap it up and that'll take care of the problem. 01:11:26.84 Sam Um, oh okay, sorry. 01:11:39.52 dclduo Well Leah I just want to say? Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule I can only imagine as a graduate student in medicine to chat with us about your amazing Greek adventure and thanks for coming on. We really appreciate it all right? lance.

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