July 22, 2023


Ep. 333 - Gelato, Gelato, Gelato: A Mediterranean Cruise on Disney Cruise Line

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Brian Sam
Ep. 333 - Gelato, Gelato, Gelato: A Mediterranean Cruise on Disney Cruise Line
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 333 - Gelato, Gelato, Gelato: A Mediterranean Cruise on Disney Cruise Line

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Show Notes

It's time for the main event, as we chat with Drew and Hayley all about their fabulous Disney Cruise Line Mediterranean cruise. We were so excited to hear from them both about the ports they visited, the shore excursions they did, and what they thought about the sailing overall. Oh, and did we mention, they almost missed the ship!! This gelato-filled episode will certainly get you ready for a fun-filled DCL Mediterranean sailing. Trigger warning: you may purchase a Disney cruise to the Med after listening to the episode!! All that and more on this week's episode.

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Episode Transcript

00:00.00 dclduo Welcome back everybody to this week's episode of the DCL duo podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and Sam we're joined by friends again I'm sad I'm I'm sad we didn't get to sail with them but they're at least here to tell us about their ceiling. 00:10.48 Sam And I know true I know I feel like they're like not really supposed to go to Europe without us again and so um. And so this may reveal who they are. These are our friends Haley and Drew they were on the Norway Cruise with us back in September of twenty twenty two and then they had the audacity to decide to cruise the med on Disney Cruise line without us I mean. I just think that's kind of a problem you guys. What were you thinking. 00:41.64 Hayley Well, you know I guess we just weren't thinking and they' notviing to do them that all true. That's what we but that's what we were thinking. We were originally supposed to go on. We're all Caribbean and then we we ended up switching to the dream last minute. 00:46.27 Drew And you couldn't pass up that 30% off deal that we were able to get so. 00:58.52 Hayley Last minute for us being like in January for a may sailing but unless. 00:59.91 Drew Yeah, yeah, what would. 01:05.20 dclduo Well and to be fair to be fairish also caught out that Drew and Haley have a long running ah appearances on our show dating back to season 1 when when they first came on so they've been on the show here. It looks like. 01:05.38 Sam Ah. 01:20.13 dclduo 6 times 6 times. This will be their seventh I have not looked at who has the most appearances but you guys have to be at the top of the list there. 01:24.75 Hayley We got. 01:25.62 Sam Well, it's really drew. Yeah hey Haley's Haley's been on like 2 or 3 times but Drew's this is like drew 6 time. 01:27.64 Drew Um, yeah, it's really unique. Exactly. 01:36.10 Drew Um, yeah I was on the Dvc show I was on a few I don't even remember? Yeah, yeah yeah. 01:39.50 Hayley You were on one about sailing out of San Juan that I covertly why did you all the notes for so I feel like I was there here. Yeah. 01:47.88 dclduo Well, it's good to have you back. It's good to have you back and we can't wait to hear all about this exciting cruise that you took but as we always do let's start with reminding folks about your. Cruising background in your background Disney Cruise line and all things Disney so let me kick it over to you haley to talk about your history with Disney. 02:04.63 Hayley Sure so we have been this was our fifth Disney Cruise we have never cruised any other cruise line like I mentioned earlier we were going to cheat on Disney with royal caribbean for the med until Disney decided to give us 35% off a guaranteed veranda room and then we were like okay well. Let's go on the dream. Let's do it because that was the only ship we had not been on so now we've been on all 5 we are officially gold castway club members. Um, and we're also dvc members and Aps at Wal Dis New world 02:35.57 Sam And I I forgot that you guys hadn't been on the dream yet. That's awesome and you got to sail her for the first time in Europe like I don't know that there would be anything better. That's pretty cool. 02:35.85 Drew I mean. 02:44.96 Hayley Yes, we've actually only repeated one departure port out of the 5 ships and have not been to the. 02:50.19 Drew Um, yeah, the very first. Yeah yeah, we've sailed out a 5 different ports in our 5 sailings. We've been out of port canaveral over. We've been out port canaveral twice than Barcelona dover and San Juan so 02:55.70 Sam Wow. 03:07.29 Drew We like to change up the ships and the itineraries and but so yeah in I cruises we've done 5 ships in 4 ports. So we we don't like to keep things the same yes and. 03:09.70 Hayley Yeah, we don't want repeat. 03:18.23 Hayley Nope and we have yet to go to Nasa in all 5 of those buildings. 03:22.81 dclduo Well, we're going to talk today about your cruise and for everyone out there listening. We will have a bonus episode that probably came out prior to this but maybe after I'm not sure all about the time that Haley and Drew spent in both Barcelona and so London after the cruise and so. 03:25.87 Sam Um, you know. 03:41.95 dclduo Ah, look for that if you want to hear more about what they did precruise and post crewise. But let's dive right into the the embarkation experience there in Barcelona what was the what was the port like me kick that over to you drew. 03:55.84 Drew Yeah, it was really nice. It was. We went out of an actual port terminal so they had the regular amenities that you would assume you go through you go through security. They have a nice seating area. Ah you know a couple San Juan when we selled out of there. We were in like an industrial. Warehouse basically so it wasn't ah the best experience and going to the different ports. You never know and when you're driving in it kind of looks like an industrial port where we were but it turns out there was a nice cruise terminal building and we were able to get through security and it was really quick. Like as I would say we got through and as quick as we do in like port canaveral which in my experience is the fastest at actually getting people moved through and getting on the ship and we had a similar experience here. It was very seamless. Um, and I had no problems with it. 04:47.72 Sam Well and you were the first embarkation. Ah for the dream in Barcelona because the the dream had just come across for the transatlantic sailing. So it disembarked that morning but you were you all were the first group to get on the ship in Barcelona. 04:50.89 Drew Um, yep. 05:05.19 Sam Which I imagine they probably had a lot of personnel there to try and sort of kick off the season because in previous seasons. It's only been the magic which has a smaller number of people. Did you see a bigger presence maybe of disney personnel from the US. 05:21.00 Drew Yeah, there were there were a lot of ah cast members just standing around or crew members just standing around like at every point like outside where everybody comes to wait and get in There were many people there helping getting your luggage getting people out of cars telling them where to go. There were a lot of people all over kind of directing everywhere and I'm guessing like learning because as our understanding like a couple weeks after we got there is when they're going to kind of do a turnover and get a lot. New people on so some of those people may have already been on learning. But yeah, there were a lot of people out there I will say don't get to the port ridiculously early when we were getting off the ship. There were already people getting to the port at like six thirty seven o'clock in the morning to get on the next ship. And of course they're not going to get on in a while I don't know if that was just them not knowing or but they were letting them in and and they were sitting there and I was like you guys are going to be waiting here for a while. Yeah. 06:11.44 Hayley Um, not why are you here. 06:22.46 Sam Yeah, yeah, because they've got to turn over the ship I mean even in even in port canaveral you you're everyone's off like you know by 9 a m and then the first people on aren't on until like eleven thirty me yet on the early side. Um, so. 06:37.30 Hayley Yeah I think the earliest port arrival time that they had for Barcelona for for our sailing was like eleven forty five um and so like like Drew said there's really not a lot of incentive to get there. Super super super early because you won't get on the ship earlier. You will just be standing around. 06:37.33 Drew Um, yeah. 06:37.57 dclduo Um. 06:42.45 Sam Yeah. 06:43.30 dclduo Well. 06:45.37 Drew Um, yeah. 06:53.32 Sam Where he. 06:54.87 Hayley And there's like 2 benches so you know. 06:55.29 Drew Yeah, once you get inside. There's plenty of room to sit and move around and there's a few shops and things even but when you're outside, There's hardly no room for like a line or to sit and wait and things like that. So. 07:10.17 Hayley Yeah, and we just got to the port via taxi um Drew did not mention that but we just grabbed a taxi near our hotel and said you know we're going to the cruise port and then he asked us what ship and when he gets there. There's ah ah, a sign that says what the ships are and which you know area to go to for each ship. 07:11.13 dclduo Fasting. 07:27.69 Hayley Um, and so that was really pretty easy. Um, and more cost effective I think and we were able to be on our own timetable versus Disney Cruise lines timetable which is my preference. 07:39.88 Sam Now at the port Um, going through sort of the the going through the check-in process and and even getting to the port were you able to use English pretty much wherever you went or did you have to like you know, go back to your high school Spanish and try and use that. 07:51.70 Hayley Yes, um I have college spanish I majored in spanish actually I'm fanful. Um I I could I'm I'm very rusty at this point because it turns out that when you sell advertising in North Carolina you don't use it much. 07:57.52 Sam Ah, oh there you go so you could You could actually talk to people in Spanish to be fair haley. 08:09.25 Sam Go figure. 08:09.28 Hayley But um, no everybody in the court spoke English There was no expectation that you were going to speak Spanish or heaven forbid cattle on um, all the all of the crew members that you were interacting with spoken. Let just fine. 08:21.19 dclduo Well once you got on board actually step back. What kind of stuff we we sort of skipped to head to boarding day my fault a little bit but I wanted to ask the question. 08:26.60 Drew And. 08:36.60 dclduo What kinds of things were you able to book in advance of the sailing and what stuff were you not able to book in advance the sailing that you were then hoping you could get once you got on board. 08:45.33 Hayley Yeah, we booked. Um, the remy dinner on beforehand we booked apollo dinner beforehand we booked boxology beforehand we booked all of our shore excursions because we're the kind of people who were like online at midnight at check in time and you know. Rope dropping as much as one can the internet to to do these things and we were not able to get pollo brunch and we weren't really trying to get spa treatments but inevitably on day one which we'll get to drew twisted my arm into a couples massage. 09:18.84 Drew They always have some kind of special that first day and so I think we ended up getting an extra 30 minutes for the price of you know, ah a normal 50 minutes so I love them massage so but yeah, and yeah, other than that we ended up canceling our remy. 09:19.11 Sam Yeah. 09:27.28 Sam Good for you I'm with you. 09:36.39 Drew So we didn't end up doing that. But other than that the 1 thing I'll say is there's always somewhere once you get on board where you can go request pallo or remy and try to get on the waitlist if you weren't able to get it and I felt like in our other earlier cruises. They made it real clear where that place was like cast members knew where that place was and it was real easy to go find it and get on that list now. It seems like I don't think they're keeping it a secret but like we would ask people even we would we went up to Paulo I didn't think that's where it was but I thought they could tell us. 09:59.39 Sam Um. 10:12.90 Drew They couldn't tell us we eventually found it down on like debt 2 was where it at in front of enchanted garden but it's like they they it seems like they've made it more difficult to find and kind of sign up for that I don't know if they're just trying to discourage people or you know what it is. 10:14.90 Hayley And it was an unchined garden. 10:16.36 Sam How it. 10:25.94 Sam He. 10:30.34 Drew But it was like it's used to be real easy and now it seems it's gotten more difficult because we had problems on the wish in January finding where to go to sign up for to try to get on the waitlist and stuff. So yeah, oh. 10:40.96 Hayley Um, it's it's Luna on the wish by the way in case, you're wondering. 10:44.27 Sam Yeah, it wasn't you know it was luna on I think it was luna on the well some stuff was in the Luna and some stuff was in tritons for booking on the wish so depending on what it was so I don't don't remember what was what? but yeah. 10:56.62 Drew Um, yeah. 10:57.25 Hayley And and until dining was in Nua anyway. So but yeah it it when we sailed it was enchanted Garden Um, they had some table set up out there. But I we didn't end up going down until after we had already gotten into our stateroom and I called. 11:03.61 Sam Yeah. 11:15.14 Hayley Guest services and was like where do we go and they were like oh go down to enchanted Garden on two and we were on deck ten. It was like okay here we go. 11:21.68 Sam Yeah, did you end up getting Apollo Brunch then did you off the waitlist. Yeah. 11:26.00 Hayley And we did not. We did not but I mean luckily we had pallo brunch twice when we were on the magic in Norway once thanks to the duo and your special concierge connections. But um, we we did not sell concierge. We this is our first time in a veranda room we are. 11:29.60 Drew Sadly, no. 11:35.71 Drew Um. 11:44.74 Drew Um, yeah. 11:45.42 Hayley More on the budget end of things believe it or not so we were not able to get Paula brunch. There's only one C day on this sailing so it build up quickly. But we've had it before it's okay and I don't think so. 11:51.33 Sam Oh yeah, yeah. 11:53.46 dclduo So so they didn't offer Palo branchch on any of the port days like they would like a like nassau sometimes they'll do it. Okay. 12:02.33 Hayley But I wouldn't have skipped any of these ports to go to Pollo Brunch anyway because I've pull way across the ocean to go to them and you know I've had Pollo brunch before so but I don't think they did offer it on any other days. 12:02.44 Drew Um, not. 12:04.19 Sam Yeah. 12:06.87 dclduo Okay. 12:12.82 Drew Um, no I don't think so. 12:12.96 Sam Yeah I doubt it it probably would have been pretty empty if they if they did. 12:13.19 dclduo Well, what. 12:18.99 Hayley Um. 12:19.71 dclduo Well let's talk about ports because ports tend to be the star of the show when you're talking you know about Europe folks have visited Nasa many times and so we're very familiar with it. Um, except for joining hall except for Jordan Halley 12:27.37 Drew Except that somehow somehow managed to get to gold and never go to Nasa. 12:28.40 Sam Ah, except for Drew and Haley. Ah. 12:31.42 Hayley Um, for us the mystery. 12:36.21 dclduo Yeah, well let's kind of walk through some of the ports here. Ah that that you stopped in so it looks like your first port of call was too long am I pronouncing that right? Yeah, what? And so is I'm assuming based on the name that is in France and so um, yeah I get it right? I got it right? All right. 12:42.51 Hayley You all? Yeah, so. 12:52.25 Sam Ah, good guest Brian. 12:54.87 Drew Um, this. 12:55.40 dclduo And ah so yeah, what did you get up to in too long. 12:58.49 Drew Okay, we went on with this is one of the ones where we actually did a Disney Excursion and we went to axom provence and marsees so in axon provence they we did like a walking tour where they took us through the town showed us. A few of the things we saw a chapel are a yeah church that we couldn't actually go in because it was Sunday so they were actually having mass but we saw that and walked around a little square and they pointed out some of the the buildings in the square and things like that. We had lunch there at a restaurant we do we we did not have gelato that day because we were not in you. We got pastry. That's what it was yeah. 13:41.59 Sam Blue. 13:41.68 Hayley No, we got pastries. We got pastries. So our favorite French pastry is called Pond suiss. It's like ah like a buttery chocolate chippy thing that kind of melts in your mouth and it was phenomenal. Um, so shout out to that. 13:53.90 Drew Yeah, we bought we bought some local wine there to take back on the ship. So we each got a bottle I got a red Haley got a light to take back on the ship and then we got to Mars say do you want to take it over Haley and. 13:54.90 Sam Um. 13:58.55 Sam Oh nice. 14:08.28 Hayley Yeah, so in Marse um, we drove through the through the the city because we were going up to the most kind of famous landmark in Marseilles which is niil dam de la guardde which is our lady of the guard. It's it's a cathedral slash watchower. That's way way way up on this. This hill or mountain and you have this spectacular view up there of the like entire city and the harbor and all of that so we have we'll have to give Brian and Sam some pictures to you sort of promote the episode but it's it's a gorgeous view from up there so you can go in the church and you can also see. You know the the views from up there and then we get back on the bus and we go back to the ship from there. Yeah. 14:47.29 Drew Also one of the things about the churches in this region and it happened here in France and on in italy is you know when you think when I think of marble I think of white you know with veins running through it and things like that. But in this particular region of Europe. 14:58.21 Sam Is it. 15:06.50 Drew Actually have green and pink marble that they also use in these giant Ca pedrals and things. So it's really cool because you actually get a little bit of different looking marbles in these constructions and it makes them look really unique to a lot of the other like big marble. 15:08.31 Sam Oh interesting. 15:23.37 Drew Structures that you see around Europe. 15:26.18 Sam That's cool now how far away were these the cities from the port because obviously one of the things that we know about the med in particular is um, some of these ports are. You know, quite far from the city that you're visiting For example I think of um cit chevekia and and so that one I know is is a couple hours away from Rome but everybody sort of calls it with Rome is the port of call. But of course Rome is not on the coast. So um, so just curious for for this. 15:55.78 Drew Um, now. 15:58.55 Sam Particular Port How how long was obviously have bus time in between stops and so not sort of counting that but the time from the port Port to the first city and then the time from the second City marseil back. 16:11.58 Drew Yeah, it was about an hour from the port to ax to ax on pernce that was the one that was farther away at yeah, an hour a little over and then we came back to Marseilles which is on the coast. 16:13.67 Hayley I think I want to come off? yeah. 16:13.81 dclduo E. 16:27.20 Drew And that was only like maybe fifteen twenty minutes from where we actually poured it so Marse was very close but Axon Provence was pretty far in. 16:27.92 Sam Um, oh nice. 16:33.70 dclduo Oh. 16:35.10 Hayley Yeah, so we all admit, yeah, not as much bus time on on on that day as on some of our Italian days. 16:37.60 Sam That's not bad though I mean. 16:41.49 Drew Um, yeah. 16:44.44 dclduo What what was your next port of call. 16:50.51 Drew Lavorna. 16:50.71 Hayley So ah, yeah, Lavorna was next so laorno which is where you go to Florence and pisa so we did a disney excursion there as well. So we went to Florence and pisa I mean that's what most people were doing if you were feeling adventuresome. You could also try to do chincatera but. It's a little farther away to do that. So you know your your options there but we had not been to Florence and pisa and that was closer and easier so we went with that option and we went to florence first and then pisa after that some excursion did the reverse. 17:08.88 Sam Are. 17:27.00 Hayley Just depends. We got the unlucky combo of arriving in Pisa at the precise moment of a torrential thunderstorm and we were completely drenched going to the leading demo. 17:32.22 Sam Oh no. 17:33.53 Drew Um, it's thankfully it was kind of like the Florida thunderstorms where it was like real bad for like 45 minutes and then it passed and we were able to go on with her. But. 17:42.58 Hayley And then it's gone and we're just like squelching around on our shoes and I had brought my rain jacket drew did not want to carry it that day and just sat there and suffered and refused to pay five Euros for an umbrella. It wouldn't have done much good. 17:43.43 Sam And then it stops. Ah. 17:52.59 Drew Um, paid for it. Yeah, all those people five years five Euros yeah 17:57.80 Sam Yeah, wouldn't have been might very helpful. Yeah. 18:00.76 Hayley Yeah I mean everybody that bought the umbrellas was just as we as we were so it didn't really make a difference but um I'm going to back up for Florence. So our excursion was you know Florence is about an hour I think from livorno so you know the bus ride there. 18:04.80 Sam Right. 18:15.29 Drew Um, yeah. 18:17.40 Hayley And then we did a walking tour of Florence we were there on a Monday and unfortunately Florence is like the worst place to go on a Monday because all their 2 big art museums where like the David Statue is are closed on Mondays so you can hear about it. But you can't see it. Um. 18:28.27 Sam Yep. 18:30.15 dclduo Um. 18:33.75 Hayley But we had really nice um weather that morning and we walked around and saw you know the outside of the duomo that cathedral is enormous. It's also got the multicolors of marble like Drew was talking about which was really cool and we um, got to have some free time so we. Had some lunch during free time at a restaurant and Drew had pizza I had spaghetti um with ah like a delicious bologna sauce on it. Yes, he did very on brand and it was. 18:59.93 Drew I had pizza every day we were in Italy I Had to try every different region just to see how it was different. 19:05.11 dclduo Um, that. 19:07.13 Sam Yeah. 19:09.69 Hayley Right? Each of the pizzas was different. You know pizzas is a very regional thing in italy so as it turns out, they're not all the same. Um, but we we went to um, in Florence a place called il perseo leather I heard about it on a Facebook group called travel fashion girls which is a silly sounding name but it's a very helpful group for. Like figuring out what to wear while traveling and they had said to go see this guy Sam there more sams and he is ah married. He's a florentine man but he's married to an american woman and so his english is flawless and we ended up buying um 2 leather jackets 1 for each of us. From Sam and he shipped them back to the us for us because we did not have room in our carry on only mortgage but the love here there is amazing. Yes, he'll they will do custom fitting for you? yeah. 19:50.19 Drew Yeah, yeah, because he he shipped them back and made modifications for free like we just paid the cost of the jackets and he modified them I needed my we both needed our sleeves a little bit shorter. 19:51.91 Sam Well, that's cool. 20:08.20 Drew And then he shipped them for free and so that was very nice. Yeah. 20:11.69 Hayley Yep, and when once he shipped them they they arrived in two days which was crazy from italy. 20:13.18 Sam Ah, cool. 20:16.77 dclduo Oh. 20:18.16 Sam Wow! So so in Florence you said so the academy ah gallery was closed that day which is where the David is but did you get to see the replica that's in the plaza right? that's. 20:24.74 Hayley Yes, once you do could replica in the plaza. We saw some of the kind of open air museum statues that were there. Um, we got to see you know the the pontaechio. 20:27.49 Drew Um, yes, yeah. 20:38.74 Sam Now The Replica I will tell you looks exactly the same as the original. It's just not quite as white right? like so the the one that's in the museum is like white white white marble because obviously it doesn't get like Pigeon poop and stuff all over and every day it's not out in the elements. 20:41.27 Hayley And we got to see. Yeah. 20:52.76 Drew Are. 20:53.10 Hayley So sure I like. 20:57.76 Sam But the one that's in the piazza is I mean it's exactly the same so you've seen the David but. 21:01.69 Hayley That's where I the most interesting thing about the David was that they originally planned to put it like on top of the cathedral like up there like on the facade somewhere and then they were like this thing's too incredible to put way up there where nobody could see it. We got a where people can find it and see it up close so all. 21:03.58 Drew Um, yeah. 21:16.83 Drew Um, and they were also yeah and they were also running an iron man through Florence which we been there so that was interesting was it no it wasn't. 21:20.17 Sam Oh my kindness. 21:22.64 Hayley And I think that was an Exxon Provence yeah it was they was the ex who warms because we couldn't see some of the fountains. It's like any of a thousand fountains. 21:32.23 Drew Oh yeah, we couldn't because they had him blocked off as like the rest area that was the changing area for ah, the iron man was we couldn't see some of the fountains I forgot that. 21:40.97 Sam Oh that's funny. That's what so then in pisa I take it you went and you saw the leaning tower. Um, but apparently Drew actually knocked it over. It's not it wasn't actually leaning before Drew got there. 21:43.13 Hayley Yeah, so um. 21:47.10 Hayley Or yeah, but. 21:51.60 dclduo Now. 21:52.55 Drew Um, yeah, everybody takes everybody takes the holding it up picture I wanted to take a different picture so I took 1 pushing it down. Yeah, exactly. 22:01.28 Hayley Um, you were channel like your best stitch energy or something on that one I don't know. But yeah, we we got those pictures and I felt bad for for Pisa a little bit because like their tourism and board is trying so hard to be like we have other things here. 22:03.55 dclduo No. 22:14.87 Drew Um, yes. 22:16.76 Sam Yep. 22:17.13 Hayley And meanwhile we're like literally there for like 45 minutes an hour which is plenty a time to see the outside of the of the leaning tower and the church is attached to and all of that they do have like if you want to go up in the tower you have to book that in advance which we didn't do. 22:22.11 Sam Yep. 22:34.65 Hayley Um, and then you have to buy tickets that like let you in all the buildings in that that on that piazza which is like their way of being like but really see the other things. They're also cool. Um. 22:41.17 Drew Yeah, it's it's with almost every church in Europe you can just go in for free like you don't have to pay for admission. You can just go in look at it. But that particular one you actually had to pay an entry fee to go in and and see it. 22:53.73 Hayley And yeah, yeah, some of the bigger ones you do have to pay but on many rate I felt like I still like I don't know that I have to go back to Pisa now that I've seen the tower like it's cool. 22:59.00 Drew Yeah. 23:04.26 Sam Um, yeah. 23:06.23 Hayley Im glad it weren't but I don't know that I it's like I think I need to repeat whereas like I would go back to Florence tomorrow because there's a lot that we didn't get to see and I just like the vibes of it like I just want to spend some time there and have meals and drink wine and eat more julato. 23:19.73 Sam Now had you guys been to italy before or France or Spain or. 23:26.89 Hayley So we'd been to France um, we did. Um, if you go back to whatever our first episode was the year of Disney episode if you search dcl duo year of Disney and your favorite podcast app. You'll find it but we did go to to Paris in May Twenty nineteen and and include Disneyland Paris in that. 23:39.66 Sam Oh that's right? yeah. 23:43.42 Hayley Um, that was our previous France experience and then I studied abroad in Spain. So I've spent you know six weeks or so in Spain I did a summer program and including had been to Barcelona before we had not been to italy neither of us. So I had been dying to get to italy forever it had I I took 3 archeology classes in college. So it's got all my favorite things. It's got ancient Roman things. It's got art. It's got wine and it's got pasta and it's got ice cream like what else do I need I doubled so I was. 24:05.21 Sam Um, yeah. 24:09.49 dclduo No. 24:10.90 Sam What else do you need I mean. 24:12.38 Drew Um. 24:16.14 Hayley Yeah, this is like a sampler platter of Italy for me, We're going to definitely go back and do like a proper landbased trip I would say to be able to spend more time in these places. It's very good. Yeah, as exactly know we did as a. 24:16.68 Sam Yeah. 24:24.11 Sam Yeah, you like went to Olive Garden and ordered that sample that sampler platter the tour of Italy but. 24:30.90 Drew Um, yes, yeah, yes. 24:30.19 dclduo Well I see I see on your list that next up is sit to to veckia I'm just butchered that all right. 24:34.71 Hayley Was so. 24:37.49 Sam City Chip sit sit shi. Whatever. 24:40.10 Hayley Super tonavakia. 24:44.81 dclduo You know what on the on the podcast crus. We're gonna have a pronunciation be and whoever gets that 1 right? We'll get a prize but um, it looks from your write up. Yeah, it looks from your right up that you had a packed day because that's Rome. 24:48.35 Sam All right Pauli Haley would win. 24:48.95 Hayley I Can tell it to. 24:50.31 Drew Um. 24:56.10 Hayley Yes. 24:57.53 dclduo Essentially and so ah, did you book a Disney excursion or did you book a non disney excursion for your day in Rome. 24:57.59 Drew Um, yes. 25:06.16 Hayley Give me talk. Okay I feel like I'm talking a lot but it's fine. Um, we booked a non- disney excursion. So we on the cruise Facebook group we were in 2 of them and people were talking about this company italy tours. Um, and the websites like italy tours dot eu I believe and they had got a lot of good reviews on Cruise critic and. 25:07.44 Drew Um, yeah. 25:23.77 Hayley The Disney ones I really wanted to try to go in the coliseum and in the Vatican in the same day and the disney excursions they only had one that would let you do that I mean I am like pouring through the descriptions of all these poor adventures through Disney going. Nope this one. You only do one nope that one you only do the other one. There was onecur that did that Disney offered that did both but it was $400 a person that is a lot of money for a boarded version meanwhile over it. No like this is still like a bus score. Um. 25:48.59 dclduo Yeah. 25:51.43 Drew Um, that you're not getting on a helicopter or something in Alaska you know what you're you're taking the bus. 25:58.62 Hayley So meanwhile with italy tours you're going to be in a group of like 15 people and it's one hundred and nine Euros per person plus your entry fee to the Vatican and then plus your entry fee into the coliseum but still like half the price of the disney excursion and a much smaller group so you can get in and out better. 26:16.30 Drew Um, yeah. 26:17.56 Hayley So that's what we what we booked and they picked us up. We took the shuttle buss from the from the ship over to the info point and it's you want to do? yeah. 26:23.81 Drew Which is basically where the port ship drops you off in chiditaveckia Anyway, like that's exactly where it is they they take you in they drop you off and that's where we got on the Italy Tours bus. 26:37.10 Hayley Yeah, it's like a little like almost like a sprinter kind of thing like it's like a small bus band thing. Yeah, so unfortunately we got an email like two days before our. 26:41.36 Drew Um, yeah, like a 15 passenger big bmw bus sort of thing. So. 26:53.75 Hayley Day in rome that they were not able to secure the tickets to go inside the coliseum. The first time in they're like 15 years of operation. They were not ah able to purchase those tickets for us which was a bummer but I I know we will make it back to Rome sometime in our lives because I am determined to see all the things. 26:56.57 Sam Oh. 26:57.48 dclduo Oh no. 27:11.25 Sam Yeah. 27:11.89 Drew Big yeah and and basically what the guide told us is like you know much like Bots of infiltrated ticket master and everything else I Guess they finally figured out how to get in there and now they they release tickets way early that you could book to go in the coliseeum. 27:13.34 Hayley Um, we we so come to the outside of the coliseum. 27:30.83 Drew And those sell out quickly and then they usually have like seven days three days and then day of tickets for the coliseeum. Um, but he's like now those tickets just disappear are disappearing like automatically when you they used to just be able to get them easily. Um. 27:43.59 Sam Wow. 27:50.21 Drew So that was definitely an interesting experience. But once we got on the tour. The coliseum was our first stop. Um, we got there. He kind of parked across the street and walked down through an underground to get over to the coliseum. And we walked around the outside. There's a bunch of interesting things. Not only at the coliseum but right around that area. 1. 28:09.78 Hayley So you're next to the roman forum so you can kind of see some of the Roman Forum without actually going into the forum because that's in a separate entry ticket as well that we didn't have but we got to see some of it and I'm like got my Rick Steves stuff out I'm telling Drew like that's the archer constanttanine. It's like youan. 28:20.29 Drew Um, yeah. 28:27.90 Hayley Imagine that? yeah and. 28:28.27 Drew Yeah, um, yeah, and we so after the colosseum our guide actually because we went on one that was pretty early and our guide while we were on our way to Rome. 28:29.65 Sam You're playing tour guide I Love it. 28:42.28 Drew Asked us if we wanted to like sit down and have some actual like Roman pizza or if we wanted to just go to a small like kind of market. Um, where we could like grab and get food and we all decided that we wanted some pizza and just sit down and have a nice relaxing dinner lunch so he actually. We all everyone in the the van put their order on 1 person's phone and then he called ahead and put in our order for everyone. Got the restaurant to open a little early and got us in there to have lunch so that was a really cool experience. Yeah. 29:17.47 Sam That's awesome I Mean then you take over the restaurant and you yeah, you basically have like a private restaurant lunch. That's that's amazing. 29:18.78 Hayley Um, we had the place and we did and we still had time to like have wine with lunch because our pizzas you know were coming out because we preordered them and we were only in there. Maybe. 45 minutes or so so we didn't take up like a whole huge chunk of our day but he said you know your price is going to be the similar to if you get takeaway food and it's you're going to have to wait in line for the takeaway food anyway. So your time is probably going to be relatively similar. This will just be more relaxing. 29:44.65 Sam Right. 29:49.15 Hayley Um, and he substituted because we couldn't spend time inside the coliseum. He took us so were where we could go to the trey fountain so we got to go the that and take some pictures there. The spanish steps were another like 10 minute walk away from that so we weren't able to make it to those. But um, we had to get back in the the van to go to for our pizza lunch. 29:54.40 Sam Oh nice. 30:08.94 Hayley But. 30:08.97 Drew But we did throw a yeah ah euro over our shoulder and then the Trevi fountain so we get to go back to Rome. 30:11.48 Sam It through? Yeah ah. 30:12.76 Hayley Yes, we filled the obligatory thing and Drew is just amazed at how many people were at the trevi fountain it kind of felt not quite as bad as the Mona Lisa but but very crowded. 30:25.74 Drew Yeah, just be constant Vigilance be aware of your surroundings. There are people everywhere and there were definitely I'm sure people getting pickpocketed and all kinds of other things. So just be very aware of your surrounding, especially. 30:26.31 Sam Oh yeah. 30:37.44 Hayley So yeah. 30:42.26 Drew The trevy fountain is kind of just like you walk back through some buildings and then there's just this giant beautiful fountain in the middle of a bunch of buildings and so I know they like to target places like that and that's what our God was telling us like. Be careful, especially in the trevey fountain. He said because a lot of people get robbed. There. 31:03.18 Hayley Yeah, so you put your backpack around on the front on the front side of your body or I actually bought on on Amazon these little ah zipper lock things that you can like clip onto your zippers that are next to each other so that if somebody tries to unzip your bag. It's it's more difficult and then they have to kind of fumble with it by which point you're hopefully noticing that that someone's trying to steal your stuff so you know between that and just like drus said being vigilant I didn't feel like it was like a huge problem but we also know like don't leave your bag like dangling on the back of your chair. And restaurant. Don't put your phone on the table and like not pay attention to it when you're at a cafe those kinds of things also apply but you know yeah. 31:38.18 Sam yeah yeah I mean that even that even is that that's even a tip in New York for people. So. 31:41.95 dclduo Um, let me ask um, let me ask some logistics see what. 31:46.21 Drew Um, yeah. 31:48.60 Hayley Yeah, for sure and we we haven't even talking talk gotten to the Vatican yet. We did the vatican too. We did the vatican museums. Um, so after lunch we got back in the van and we went over to the vatican museums where we met Paulo our cynical tour guide who was kind of a hoot and he was. 31:54.93 Sam Um, ah wow. 32:00.12 Drew Test it. 32:05.13 Hayley Ah, former archaeologist so he had a lot of knowledge and he hustled us through there and explained what some of the things were and then we got to see the sistine chapel and then we had 15 minutes in St. Peter's basilica and then we had a bathroom stop and time to get back on the van to go back to chiva deeia. 32:17.20 Drew Um, which just everybody we met was like how can we sneak pictures because you can't take pictures or video in the sistine chapel and everybody was like oh just hold your phone down here and the camera up and I'm like I can look at pictures online. I don't need the guard yelling at me and they were they will like get on you tell you to put your camera away. There's all kinds of guards in the sistine Chapel Tell you to be quiet like constantly and so just you know I would encourage people to be respectful for like don't take pictures. Don't take video. Don't talk. 32:44.51 Hayley The s just like whisper the space. 32:53.57 Drew Just do it. It makes everybody's experience more enjoyable because you don't have guards harassing people all throughout the sistine Chapel while some people are trying to enjoy it. So. 33:00.99 Hayley Like you said Google exists like you will get but you will there are better pictures on the internet than you would ever be able to take on your phone in selfie mode just just saying um but they do there are options. 33:10.97 Sam Absolutely and they sell professional ones by way of postcards. So. 33:11.43 Drew Um. 33:15.25 Drew Right? exactly. 33:18.88 dclduo So so let me ask I want to ask some logistics here so you you did the non Disney excursion and I guess 2 questions I have 1 is just super tactically did they pick you up from the ship to get you into Rome or did you have to make your own way into Rome and then the second question I have is. 33:20.10 Hayley False. 33:23.52 Hayley And. 33:37.68 dclduo Do they have any sort of return to ship guarantee right? if something went wrong, they would reunite you with the beautiful Disney dream. 33:42.91 Drew Yes, so ours did have a return to the ship guarantee they were like again, we've been doing it for 15 years We've never missed 1 of course they'd never not gotten coliseeum tickets either. So that was a little you know, maybe disconcerting. But. Um, but what they do is when we got off the ship. The ship has a bus that takes you into chitta toekia just into kind of the center of town so they picked us up where the bus dropped us off in the center of chitta tovekia they could not get into I don't think they could get into the port to pick us up. But they could pick us up from the drop off point in the middle of chitta toeia. 34:23.88 Hayley Which worked fine. Um, and yeah, like he said they do have a return to ship guarantee and I think we were back maybe like an hour and a half free. Maybe even 2 hours before all aboard time. So I think we were like while we were sailing away. We were eating the the all hands on deck cheese platter and drinking some of our french wine. 34:24.49 dclduo Tacha. 34:38.61 dclduo And. 34:38.67 Sam Nice, Nice well and you know that probably gave you time to get another gelato in chiti to via right. 34:40.91 Hayley Um, Veranda chilling and not makes fast. 34:42.41 Drew Um, yeah, yeah, the. 34:47.72 Hayley We could have but we were like we were pretty tired from running the running around and just like wanted to to chill a little bit. Yeah. 34:47.72 Drew Um, yeah. 34:54.22 Drew Yeah I think that was a full like 10 hour excursion from the time we got up got off. We were like we did the first walk off like as soon as they said you can get off the ship we were walking off the boat meet our person. Yeah. 35:04.77 Hayley And yeah, we were getting off at like 7 seven o'clock 35:05.30 Sam Um. 35:09.70 Sam Now the other people in the tour group with you were they all from the dream then well that worked out nicely then. 35:13.53 Hayley And your work. Yep yeah, they ask you what your ship is and you know a lot in the Facebook group people were all like encouraging each other to sign up so that there would be enough people you know to do these and everybody be from the same ship. 35:15.83 Drew Yep yep. 35:30.51 Hayley And our driver spoke english really well. Um, so you know he was like chatting with the 2 ladies that sat in the front seat next to him like the whole time. So it's good. It was really a great experience and I would recommend that company others on our in our. 35:38.15 Sam Nice. 35:38.98 dclduo Nice. 35:46.13 Hayley Facebook group did not seem to have as good of experiences. But. 35:46.19 Drew At a or at a different port or because they they do tours all over Italy Obviously and yeah and some that did the tours in other ports and had different people like didn't have as good of an experience but we had an excellent experience. Yeah. 35:54.19 Hayley Yep. 35:59.94 Hayley So ours was awesome I would I would not hesitate to use that company again and if you book 3 tours with them. You get like a ten or twenty percent discount or something. 36:08.23 Sam Oh nice. 36:10.25 dclduo Nice. It looks like your last port is palmma me yorka so me yorka oh you did naples I mean how did I miss naple oh sorry I skipped ahead do that or all right? So looks like your next port is Naples. Ah. 36:13.66 Hayley Um, we actually we did an equals too. 36:15.72 Drew Um, yeah. 36:24.67 dclduo The home of pizza I think some would say um and so did you take a Disney excursion or a private excursion would you get up to in Naples. 36:31.10 Drew We did our own thing so we just got off the ship again. We talked about it several times we are Rick Steve evangelist he writes tour he writes trip guides for pretty much everywhere in Europe he focuses only on europe and his guides are the best. For Europe that we've found and so he has 1 about mediterranean cruises. So we got that and he'll actually tell you in the book. Whether or not, you can be an independent traveler and go do your own thing in this port or if you need to book an excursion and go on. 37:04.56 Sam Oh cool. 37:07.72 Drew So that's why in this port we decided to just do our own thing right? off the ship you can go and get on a bus and we went and got on a bus and took it to Pompey and so we spent the day the the first few hours in pompeyi walking around again in that cruise book. He has a tour of Pompei like here's the things you need to see and ah we just followed that through the city and got to see all but 1 the very end of the tour. The the site they he wants you to see is the brothel but it has a giant line and we did not get to go in and see the brothel. 37:30.43 dclduo Um. 37:42.84 dclduo But a giant line is it a working brothel. But. 37:43.97 Hayley Um, yeah, we were you know, but it does have some interesting ah graffiti on the wall like that the names of some of the the ladies that worked there and I guess some ah. 37:44.53 Drew Um, he has some but. 38:00.23 Hayley Ancient roman yelp review kind of things um about people's experiences. And yeah I think that according to Rick Steves there are also drawings that are like a menu of services offered. So I think you know it's there's a lot to see there if you're if you're interested which we would have been but we were trying to catch the bus back to Naples. 38:09.50 Drew Robert. 38:19.80 Hayley So that we could do um, get some pizza for lunch and then go to the archaeological museum which is where all the art that's in pomppei but that was in Pompei is now located it. We've been in Pompei to continue to be ruined by the elements. Ah so that was our plan. Um. 38:21.56 Sam Right. 38:29.99 Sam Um. 38:37.76 Hayley And we got. We got back to Naples around two thirty three o'clock which is kind of on the late end for pizza but 1 of the the one of the places we wanted to go to had a giant line and but as we were approaching it I tripped off the curb and scraped my chin and my knee and was very. 38:52.63 dclduo Yeah. 38:56.82 Hayley Painful and you know there's blood and it was just not not a great look for me and that kind of threw off our groove. Um, we still went and got pizza after that which was delicious after that we went to a pharmacy and I pointed at my chin to the nice Italian pharmacist man and made a sad face because I don't speak italian. 38:59.67 Sam Oh no. 39:16.43 Hayley And he was like oh no and he got me hydrogen peroxide and ah like ah, an aerosol spray that I think is like Nios Warren um that he sold me in some band-aids and I took those with me but by this point my mojo was like totally gone for trying to like run across the city and go to the archeological museum so that we decided to just sort of. 39:32.41 dclduo Me. 39:32.45 Sam Yeah. 39:36.36 Hayley Saunter through the streets get some gelato and they go way back to the ship and. 39:38.17 Drew But this did lead us to discover our best gelato on the whole trip. We yeah I just got on Yelp and was looking obviously you type in gelato and like 15000 places come up in Naples so I was going through looking at reviews. 39:43.24 Hayley Yes. 39:43.44 Sam Tell us about this gelato. 39:58.15 Drew And things like that and I found this one that was not too far. It was probably about a 15 minute walk and it was called gay odin that was the name of the ice cream shop and it's been there I think since the eighteen hundreds or something. It's a chocolate chocolate terry what? Whatever chocolate. Yeah. 40:13.99 Sam Chocolate Tyia Yeah Chocolate Teria E Gelet Teria but. 40:17.57 Drew They make chocolate and gelato. Yeah, exactly and oh it had amazing reviews. So we just decided to hoof it over there and that way we'd be able to see a little bit more of the city as well. So we got there and we both got different things. 40:24.85 Hayley Um, you go. 40:36.37 Drew Um I got a cone with 2 flavors. Haley got a cone with 2 flavors and we liked it so much that we actually went back in and got more gelato. It was the butter salted caramel flavor was just immaculate. It was so good when I went back in after our first trip. The lady behind the counter was like. 40:44.64 Sam Is. 40:52.49 Sam Ah. 40:55.86 Drew Oh no is everything you know is everything okay is everything all right and I was like yep I just want more I need more of this provado. So. 41:00.86 Hayley Because I. 41:01.45 Sam Ah, ah. 00:00.00 dclduo All right? You're good. 00:00.00 Hayley Yeah, so we we have having to go back for gelato around 2 from gay odin because Drew had gotten the peanut butter salted caramel flavor and I had gotten stratateella and 1 other one but I tasted his peanut butter one and was like oh no, that is the superior flavor. 00:12.35 Sam Um. 00:13.96 dclduo Okay. 00:16.35 Hayley And I was like we need more so that I can have some of that so he beautifully went back and purchased a second gelato that was only the peanut butter flavor for us to share and and like you said the the shopkeeper was a little bit concerned that he was coming back to complain and then he was like no no I just need more. 00:31.28 Sam No no that it's just your your gelato is the best I've ever had I need more I Love it. 00:36.21 Hayley It was really really good. So we we wandered back through like a lot of the kind of touristy little trinket shops and that kind of thing and we collect lapel pins from everywhere. It started with our Disney Pin trading um thing and kind of morphed into pins from everywhere that we've gone. 00:38.25 Drew Um, if. 00:54.30 Sam Know I Love it. 00:55.92 Hayley So we got the shop for for Naples pins along the way and ended up walking through like a university kind of area so there were a bunch of like students and but you port right in like the middle of Naples. So. It's really easy to just kind of walk through and do your own thing and. Rick Steves Mediterranean cruise ports book also has a Naples walk. So I mean there's lots of different ways to occupy your time in naples without booking an excursion through the cruise line if you so choose. 01:24.83 Sam Cool I love that you got to go to Pompei, especially with your you know archeology ah bent haley because it's it is pretty amazing and it's it's you there is actually quite a bit to see there unlike some other archeological sites where there's. 01:31.50 Hayley Um, yes is great. 01:35.90 Hayley Yes. 01:41.40 Sam Nothing left because the British stole it all? Um, but. 01:43.89 Drew Um, yeah, and we tweet it's that in Pompei which was one of my highlights. No. 01:44.50 Hayley Um, they don. Oh yes, yes, Drew's favorite thing about pompei was petting a random cat and also on brand for drew oh we. Do a pizza power ranking but the pizza power ranking I believe goes number 1 naples number two Rome and number three Florence is that right? Drew. 02:04.68 Drew Yes, yes, because Naples was the best. It's traditional. What you think of naples pizza and it was delicious. We love neapolitan pizza here. We have a place here in Charlotte where we get it all the time. Love neopolitan pizza so that was number 1 Rome was like thin and crispy. 02:15.94 Sam If. 02:23.36 Drew And it was very different but also really liked it. Florence felt more like it was like trying to be Naples but just wasn't quite as good. Um, it. 02:34.34 dclduo If any if anyone in Italy is listening to this right now and we've just offended the entire country we apologize. Ah, ah. 02:37.55 Sam Yeah, ah listen it. It's like true. Yeah, well, it's like you know it's like trying to compare New York pizza to Chicago pizza. They're not. 02:42.11 Drew It was still delicious. It was just not as good as the Naples pizza. 02:50.18 Hayley And another feeling. 02:51.26 Sam They're not like a completely different species right? It's like they're not even it's like comparing cats and dogs clearly dogs are superior but they're very different from one another. 02:51.86 Drew Um, like um. 02:56.98 Hayley Um, yeah, no, not true, be an obstacle friendship Sam Kingsley Reginald Cat is very offended right now. Actually he's asleep place. 03:02.99 Drew Um, is so sad that you said that will. 03:12.38 Sam Um, yeah, anyway, all right? Well let's move to your last port because we could spend I mean we've already spent a lot of time talking about ports because obviously this is sort of the star of Europe but what was the last port you guys went to. 03:14.88 Hayley But. 03:22.77 Hayley Um, mostly what we did. 03:25.76 Hayley So. 03:27.66 Drew I'll let Healey tell you about the port and then I will tell you about how I almost had a heart attack in this port and only like slight hyperbole. So at Haley. 03:34.12 Hayley Yes, ah, yeah, so the port the port was palma dema yorka so on the island of my yorka you port you know, right? there at the town but there's still a shuttle buss that takes you closer to the main attractions. It's not like. Naples where you like walk off and you're like across the street as the city there is still a little shuttle bus action there but um naep po myora is not a large place and it's very easy to do it yourself. We walked into the cathedral and we bought tickets online on the spot for the cathedral. It's really cool because they have a rooftop terrace so you can go up there and see like really cool views of the harbor and the ship but also like the flying buttresses up close which was really really cool. So it's a gothic cathedral and I've never stood underflying buttresses before. So. And it's unlike if you go up on like the dome of St Paul's cathedral in London. For example, there's actually like tons of room on the top of this cathedral. So even if you're claustrophobic or even if you're acraphobic like you can stay well away from the edge and still get to see cool things so that was really cool experience. 04:42.60 Drew And yeah, it was cool because you could Also you can get right up next to the stained glass windows on the outside and see them so that was a cool experience. 04:48.45 Hayley Yes, yeah, like you're like right next to the rows windows and that kind of thing which is really neat if you are a cathedral nerd like we are. Um, and then there was like a little street market right outside the cathedral so we went to that and had some lunch and we bought a painting that opens up like windows. It's got like little little shutters on it and you can they're on hinges and you open them and then there's a picture of the Cathedral inside which. 05:17.90 Drew Um, and the guy was sitting there painting them like as we were walking through the market. So. 05:17.76 Sam Oh that's so cool. 05:18.94 Hayley So yeah, it was only like forty Euros like it wasn't expensive. Um and it was just small enough to fit in our Carryon suitcase. So it was a win. 05:26.60 Drew It was. It's pretty much exactly the size of the blue the frame that they give you for the twenty fifth anniversary celebration. It was like the exact same size. 05:35.65 Hayley And yeah, it's like an 11 minute yeah for we did that and then I wanted to take a hop on hop off bus tour to go up to um, the scenic viewpoint. Ah well actually we got gelato again. Um. 05:37.28 Sam What perfect. 05:50.77 Hayley But and then we and then we did the hop on hop off bus tour. Um and I you just bought tickets to that on online on the spot and I wanted to go up to Castel Bell Bay air so it's like translates to castle beautiful view and it's a. 06:05.86 Sam Um. 06:06.40 Hayley Really cool viewpoint of the whole harbor you can see this ship. It's really really pretty up there and I wanted to go up there and it said that the the bus loop was like an hour and 15 minutes we had I want to say like 3 hours until all aboard time when we started this this journey and we were like okay if we do the loop and we spend like 30 minutes up there that should still give us. Time to make it back so we go up there. We take pictures. It's great, very cool viewpoint. We get back on the bus and I'll let Drew take it from here. 06:33.60 Drew Yeah, so never let the person who is bad with time management decide What you're going to do when you have to be back on the ship quickly. 06:43.42 Sam Oh no. 06:44.32 Drew Ah, so yes, we get into this castle which is nice but it's pretty I would say it was pretty sparse. There wasn't a lot of stuff. It was just a nice viewpoint where we say in Haley. 06:48.24 Hayley Yeah itself nothing I was saying yeah I was agreeing with you. The castle itself is not impressive I mean it's it's it's cool, but there's nothing really inside of it. There's like little exhibits but not anything to go out of your way for, but the views are cool. 07:04.50 Drew But so from there we get back on this bus to take it back down and what should have been. You know an at 45 minutes an hour took longer than that and. 07:20.34 Sam Oh no. 07:22.74 Drew Oh because they're stopping at every stop people are getting on and off and it ended up just taking a while and by this time I'm looking and all aboard time is was it 5 or five thirty haley yeah so all aboard time is five thirty and it's past five o'clock at this point. 07:31.64 Hayley Five forty 07:41.70 Sam Ah. 07:41.21 Drew And we're not back to the shuttle bus from the city to the cruise ship and I'm getting I have anxiety already and this was not good for my anxiety. We basically get back to the shuttle bus. They normally they're marked. you know like Disney Dream you know shuttle but there were there was an msc cruise there was an I ada cruise several other cruises there Msc was clearly marked but then the disney ship just said like shuttle bus three it didn't say like Disney Dream shuttle bus 3. 08:14.58 Sam Oh god. 08:17.11 dclduo Um, is. 08:17.36 Drew We ended up getting back and we missed the first shuttle bus back because it wasn't marked and we were just we were looking for one that said like Disney Dream or something like that because all the msc ones were clearly marked. So finally, we found somebody that was able to point us in the direction we got on the bus. And this was like 5 you know right? after five o'clock and we're like okay, let's go. You know we got to get back to the show and we sat there for like 15 minutes before they left only one other person got back on the boat got on the crew. 08:50.12 Hayley Want and ask. 08:54.60 Drew Terminal bus to go back to the terminal. So 15 minutes we pull up. We pull up to the cruise terminal at the ship at 32 and I am freaking out the whole way on our way to the cruise ship. Um, and so we're running. There's. 09:01.84 Sam Wow. 09:11.60 Drew Disney people out there with like cliptboards riding things they're like come on get on. We go back. We get through security and they're literally counting and I was we were one of the last 3 people we were the next to last people on the bus. The only people. Back on the ship after us was the other lady that was on us with us and so it is like I was freaking out but we made it back barely and I do not recommend that you've seen those people running down. 09:28.64 Sam On the bus with you. 09:30.59 Hayley Yeah. 09:45.91 Drew The port waving like no don't leave us that's as close as I ever want to be and I never I'm going to be back 30 minutes early from now on. We'll never push it that close again even in Europe I'm just. 09:58.49 Hayley It wasnt intention all that was definitely like I just I didn't say a word to him on the bus because I was just like he was shaking like a leaf like I just was like yeah I was like I can't I can't say anything to make this go any better So we're just gonna just. 10:03.16 Drew Yeah, yeah, um. 10:08.95 Sam Yeah, you didn't want to freak him out anymore. Yeah. 10:17.27 Sam Yeah, just hold your breath until you get there? Oh my good? Yeah well I don't know I mean it sounds like the gelata would have been a better reason to be late than this. 10:17.66 Hayley And they ride in silence tense silence. Yeah, pretty. 10:22.70 dclduo Well at least it was not gelato related. So there's something there I suppose but I am. 10:23.94 Drew Um, but we did make it you know. 10:33.86 Drew Um, yes. 10:34.80 dclduo Contributing contributing factor perhaps contributing factor but well drew glad we're glad you made it back. Okay, ah would have hated to have seen you and Haley on Youtube being one of those couples running down the pier waving their arms furiously. Um, well I want to I want to shift gears with the. 10:34.89 Sam Castle was. 10:45.19 Drew Um, me too. 10:47.62 Hayley Um, yeah. 10:50.80 dclduo With us for a second because ah ports sound fantastic but you also had a couple of unique things going on on your sailing one of them being the twenty fifth anniversary festivities on board and so I'm curious. What kind of things that they have on board for the twenty fifth and was it. Amazing or kind of ah meh from disney on this twenty fifth anniversary celebration 11:12.84 Drew Well so they much like you see with Christmas or Halloween they have window cleans up on a lot of the of the port windows and so we took a fun picture with 1 of the twenty fifth anniversary ones and so. Have the window cleans they have special drinks in some of the bars. You actually get to keep if you get the special twenty fifth anniversary drink which is really just a margarita you get to the it comes with a special coaster that you get to keep that's like a. 11:43.58 Sam Ah, spoiler. 11:48.78 Drew You know, faux leather coaster. That's the sparkling blue. Sadly, all the merchandise came out on the transatlantic and disappeared within 25 minutes and they were supposed to get a restock in Barcelona and did not get a restock. 11:59.70 dclduo You know. 12:08.66 Drew And so we were unable to get any merchandise. We've seen some of it because they restocked when we were getting off the ship. It's the some people that were back to backing have posted pictures in our group of like here's what all the twenty fifth merchandise looks like so we didn't get to get any of that. 12:13.68 Sam Yeah, of course. 12:23.40 Sam Ah. 12:27.30 Drew But as um, they give you I would say it's it might be even bigger than an 11 by 14 framed picture of Mickey that has this whole story of like celebrating the twenty fifth anniversary and they give that to you as part of your sailing and so we were able to bring that home. Would be great import canaveral coming home from europe and trying to do carry on only that made it a little bit bit difficult to bring a frame like eleven five by 14 picture home. But um, yeah, we managed we were able to do it. 12:52.27 Sam Yeah. 12:57.41 Hayley So we managed. 13:02.77 Drew I would say like it's a nice thing. We also got special. Ah did we get special lanyards? No but but the lanyard tab changed because now they've got the silver with the Mickey Medallions oh yeah there is a fireworks show which I think the fireworks were better than pirate night. 13:03.40 Sam Um, so ah. 13:06.19 Hayley I now and then I think probably going to ask up the like the show and the fireworks but that that's really the only other thing they had. 13:22.13 Drew And I'd like to go back I haven't went back and looked at the video but I could have swore they were shooting them off from both funnels which I didn't think was possible on a ship like the dream but they were at least shooting something from both funnels on the twentieth anniversary I like the show before the twenty Fifth anniversary fireworks 13:32.35 dclduo He. 13:39.90 Drew Was not as good as pirate night show. But the actual fireworks I think were better. So overall I think it's it was nice to have fireworks twice so because of the twenty fifth anniversary we got fireworks twice? Um, but I don't it was I think the touches were nice and it's not too much. 13:40.32 Hayley Not even close for the fireworks for good. 13:51.18 Hayley Um, not one down. 13:59.42 Drew So it almost feels like I would say they did as much if not a little bit more than they did for you know Walt Disney World's recent anniversary I feel like they they put those gold statues up but didn't do a lot for that I feel like it was kind of similar for the twenty fifth anniversary at sea. There was definitely stuff. But it wasn't like over the top everywhere. You know that sort of thing. 14:21.84 Sam Um, yeah. 14:25.63 Hayley Yeah I'll say the the pre-s show. Um and sorry to anyone who works on the entertainment team might be listening to this but I think the pre-show was kind of me. Um. 14:35.58 Hayley It was basically them just like pulling random people out of the crowd and asking them dcl duo Rapid fire questions. 14:35.65 Sam Um. 14:42.24 Sam Yeah, we heard. We've heard we heard we I'm going to shout out to Rebecca from the entertainment cast who has has been a guest on our show. Um, and we obviously heard from you guys but also from some folks who were selling on the transatlantic right? before you that she was asking. She was asking the audience rapid fire questions and you know we might have to send a cease and desist I think to her and say stop using our question just just kidding I know I I'm just teasing I'm just teasing I have no problem with Disney asking. 15:02.68 Drew Um, yes I can't. 15:06.30 dclduo Um, yeah, imitation imitation is the highest form of flattery. So there you go. 15:14.12 Hayley Um, in a. 15:14.21 Drew Um. 15:17.10 Sam Essentially Disney Cruise line trivia questions 15:18.21 dclduo And and to beef and to be fair, the guys at roperop radio were doing of what did they call it quick fire round or something before we did rapid fire So I don't think there's any special sauce here. Ah. 15:25.50 Hayley You Yeah I would not go out of your way to see that show though because it's mostly it really just feels like you're killing time for the fireworks but you basically are so if you're lift touch door it. Okay. 15:25.10 Drew Um, yeah, um. 15:26.38 Sam Oh yeah, yeah. 15:35.97 Sam Yeah. 15:37.40 Drew Um, and I'm sure it's like you all with podcast guest right? like sometimes there's probably better ones than other ones and then but they were bringing you know a lot of kids and things up on the stage which is fine but then the kids are just like ah. 15:46.54 Sam Right. 15:51.61 Drew I Don't know you know like they wouldn't not answers. So I think if you got people up there that were very you know outspoken and were into it and make it giving good answers and things it could be a lot of fun but we were just like the whoever they pulled up seemed to be like very sheepish and like were a little. 15:52.10 Sam Yeah, they freeze. 16:07.92 Hayley So little shy so I guess a question would be Drew would you book a cruise based on being on a twenty fifth anniversary sailing or is it just like a nice bonus if you happen to be on 1 16:09.73 Sam Yeah. 16:10.19 Drew Not really into it. So. 16:18.60 Drew I think yeah I think it's just a nice bonus of like having a few little extras that are added into a regular cruise I would not probably go out of my way to book one just to experience the twenty fifth anniversary stuff. 16:27.59 Sam Um. 16:31.78 Sam Yeah, and for a lot of people for people listening a lot of the there's quite a few twenty fifth anniversary sailings that will not have the fireworks and the fireworks pre-show because either they are shorter sailing or there are an itinerary that doesn't do fireworks. So some of the shorter itineraries are only going to have pirate night and not have the twenty fifth anniversary fireworks um because they can only do one and then there are some itineraries like Northern Europe and Alaska that don't do fireworks at all. So. They're not doing the twenty fifth anniversary fireworks because they can't they're not allowed to do fireworks in those in those areas of the world. So. 17:10.60 dclduo Well and we've heard. We've heard some of the sailings that have enough Knights may not even do them because of the like port order and how fast the ship has to be moving between destinations to get places. So yeah I look I I will just say very quickly I this. 17:18.37 Sam Right. 17:28.33 dclduo Twenty fifth anniversary thing feels like a big fail for me on Disney's part I'm glad to hear Drew Haley you all got to experience the fireworks and you know enjoyed them. But I think it's a big fail that I think there are some folks who book sailings. Believing. They would be twenty fifth anniversary they get the whole experience and Disney gave them no indication at the time whether their sailing would have it or not even today I don't really think there's a way for you to see online will my sailing have fireworks or or wont it. It feels. It feels very random. Um and I'm and I'm not and i'm. 17:51.60 Sam Um, yeah, well and the merch situation. 17:53.98 Drew Um. 17:58.84 dclduo So the merch situation is deplorable like I come on Disney I mean you you can't imagine that people are gonna you're gonna sell out your first run of merch I mean people are we've seen the videos people are lining up. They're tearing apart these stores to get this merch. Um, it's I don't understand why they don't order more It's just it's ridiculous if you've. If you're on the ceiling you ought to be able to get the merch they need to find a way to limit it or something but also the fireworks thing is just it drives me crazy because they announce it they announce all of these experiences and then it's a crapshoot whether or not, you're actually going to get them or not and you have no way to know and so I I just think. It's mind boggling to me the the logistics here just seem awful on Disney's part but anyway yeah. 18:38.47 Hayley Yeah, therere there. They are not a logistics company that is for sure we you know they're not. They're knowledgeistic a logistics company and they're not an it company. We know this? But yeah I mean I I definitely was disappointed about that set side of the mer the twenty fifth anniversary 18:47.37 dclduo Yeah, for sure for sure. 18:49.70 Sam Yep Preach girl. 18:49.28 Drew Um, get like. 18:56.92 Hayley The only thing I could get was like a Pandora bracelet and earrings. But at that point I was just like I don't really want to spend one hundred and sixty five dollars for that. So me, um. 19:04.26 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 19:04.39 Sam Yeah. 19:06.68 Drew Um, on the opposite side of the merch talk there was dream in Europe merchandise there was several t-shirts. There was a spirit jersey 2 pins um ears. Ah. 19:19.28 Hayley Christmas mornings. 19:22.70 Drew Christmas ornaments a passport cover so there was a lot of stuff for the dream in Europe which was nice to see after we sold the wonder last fall and there was like nothing for it being in Norway or anything else. So it was nice to see. 19:25.74 Sam Um, yeah. 19:29.20 Hayley Through magic. 19:36.81 Drew Ah, this European specific merchandise back and be able to get some. 19:39.42 Hayley Yes, and they had plenty of it. It didn't seem like it was going to be an issue there I do think they had limits but we got the Christmas ornament and got it signed by the captain you can take things to the get to guest services and they'll have the captain sign it for you and they'll just either have you come pick it up at guest services. 19:43.50 Drew Um, yeah, that but. 19:52.97 Sam No fun. 19:58.28 Hayley Or they'll deliver it to your stateroom if it's early enough in the cruise. Um, so we like to have like I said Christmas ornament signed by the captain for as. 20:02.76 Drew Um, yeah, yeah, we've done that on every ship we've gotten it. Ah we did a ornament of that ship and then get it signed by the captain. So it's a nice memory when we put it up. 20:06.89 Sam So that's fun. 20:13.25 Hayley So yeah. 20:15.37 dclduo Well, the the other unique experience you all had from what I can gather online is some new menus in the dining rooms potentially on the dream. Ah, did you all experience some new food. 20:27.88 Drew Well, we definitely we. They definitely had new like Mediterranean favorites or you know things like that. Ah that were definitely unique I think we had some of those on the wonder last year that they only have while they're at Europe. 20:44.82 Hayley You can say No wonder you mean the magic yes and I keep trying to correct you and you're like not listening to me. 20:45.66 Sam Mean the magic. Ah yeah, you said the wonder before too. Yeah. 20:46.40 Drew Um, yeah, the I keep saying the wonder and that's a last no magic and so there there was definitely some new items like that other than that pirate night was the Same. Um. What I can recall Animators was the same could do you think? can you think of anything that was. 21:09.68 Hayley I really don't recall a lot of unique menu items and in fact I feel like I saw more quote unquote Mediterranean favorites that were additions to the menu when we were in Norway on the magic last fall versus um versus on this sailing on the dream because they didn't have any of like the. 21:18.58 Sam Out and just. 21:20.84 dclduo Um, this. 21:26.97 Hayley Like in Norway we had kind of some of the norwegian inspired dishes like they have in aendel on the wish and we didn't have any of that which we weren't warway. That's probably why but I didn't really notice anything except maybe like there was like 1 pasta that was like kind of a. 21:35.70 Sam Um, well. 21:44.96 Hayley Possible Inese or something in animators. But that might even be there all the time I don't know. 21:46.68 Sam That is now a permanent dish so that came that's a that is a post pandemic edition. Um, but a pasta. It's like a pen a in a it's really quite good. Um in animators. Yeah, we've had that um and several times now. Ah I am curious. What did you think of having animation magic on the dream I don't know that most people realize this but animation magic has never before been on the dream. It has been on the fantasy because the fantasy has the does the longer cruises. It's also on. The magic and the wonder for longer cruises. But this is they loaded it I think before the transatlantic onto the Disney dream and um I was I suspected that this was going to happen but I had you know, no way of knowing it if it would until I saw. 22:30.25 Drew Um, yeah. 22:41.63 Sam Think it was Adrian Vanzuli who went on the transatlantic posted about it. 22:44.13 Drew Yeah, we actually we talked to Rebecca who's been on your podcast. We saw her and approach her and talk to her and I can't remember for her another cast member talked about loading it in and like getting the crash course and doing it the week before. And having to learn how to do it because I guess it's the entertainment staff who does that they bring it back to the entertainment staff and then they put it all in there and get the show up and running but it was a lot of fun I always like animation magic so it was awesome to get to see it all around us and. 23:03.27 Sam Oh. 23:15.19 Hayley Um, I mean yeah, lots of fun I I mean I I guess I just like expected it to be there because I was forgetting that the dream has been doing these three and fornite itineraries for so long and that's like most people's introduction to Disney Cruise line but we jumped right into a seven night on the fantasy and. 23:20.72 Sam Yeah, right. 23:32.23 Sam Yep. 23:33.10 Hayley Have mostly done longer sailings. Um, which is why we're still just 5 voyages in I guess but um, yeah, so I it seem you know, just like being on the fantasy and I was kind of just like well of course it's here I didn't really like oh yeah, this is like you know one of the first times they've ever done that on this ship. 23:49.76 Sam Yeah, because it it was doing the same itinerary that the wish is now doing but even after even after it switched even after the wish came on then it but started doing the Miami itineraries it was doing like I think it was like 5 4 4 Yeah um, and so still shorter cruises. 23:51.62 Drew Um, ah. 23:51.69 Hayley But it was even wild it right. 24:09.14 Sam Um, just instead of ah you know instead of out of port canaveral out of Miami. Yeah. 24:11.90 Drew I Think our waiters were excited about it. They were like you could you draw the picture and then we're gonna take back and put it on the screen because I guess maybe they had not seen it my uncle once before so they were like yeah. 24:12.40 Hayley No. 24:19.85 Sam They might not have seen it. Yeah. 24:21.44 Hayley Or. 24:25.91 Drew They were like make sure you come early tomorrow. We're going to give you a sheet of paper get to draw on it. We're going to take it back. He was very excited about it. 24:30.18 dclduo Um, no. 24:30.33 Hayley Yeah, he he did have a lot of enthusiasm. Definitely more enthusiastic about that than he was about crush. So. 24:30.43 Sam Oh I Love it. 24:35.94 Drew Um, yes. 24:40.59 dclduo I'm more enthusiastic about that than I am crushed so it is a shared feeling for sure. Well. 24:43.94 Hayley I. 24:44.24 Sam Oh I Love cross. 24:44.42 Drew So same I like the Tas make show on like the alderships better than I like Crush to so. 24:54.44 dclduo Well as we wind down here drew and Healy I wanted to ask ah any big highlights. You know that we missed off of the cruise here from our discussion. 25:03.93 Hayley I Think we a couple things that were new to us this time we enjoyed mixology. Um, they are back to letting you mix the drinks yourself so that makes it more fun I think we're not going to do it every time but we did enjoy doing it this time I liked all of the drinks that we made. Um. 25:09.79 Sam Cool. 25:21.41 Hayley Do start you off with a a tequila and soda water combo shot. So they just like get to get you going and and we did take an unintended nap afterward. But ah, you know there's that we got to ride the aqueduc which we love and we are now firm in our power ranking of. Disney Cruise line water slides. The aqua duck is number one followed by the aqua mouse at number 2 and the aqua dunk is number 3 because we don't like being sprayed in the face continuously. It's just not for us I know people like it but for us not as fun aqua duck number one forever. Love it and. 25:46.70 Sam Guess. 25:50.41 Drew Um. 25:58.28 Hayley I also enjoyed the beauty in the beast show because we had not seen that on Disney Cruise night before and yeah, yeah, um, ah, there's the frozen is also really good. So it's it's those are probably the 2 best ones though and. 25:59.63 Sam Oh my goodness I forgot you hadn't seen because you hadn't been on the dream that's is that not the best show in the fleet frozen is also really good. 26:03.89 Drew Um, yes, it is really good. Yes, um. 26:16.28 Sam Yeah. 26:17.74 Hayley And if I was awake for more of tangled when we were on the magic I think it would be a strong contender as well. I do love tangled as we leave. 26:23.52 Drew This all also cemented that maybe the Golden Mickeys need a rework and and that age or something I know what maybe you need to put it. You know so. 26:23.53 Sam Yeah. 26:30.35 Sam Um, yeah, yeah, yeah, ah. 26:30.52 Hayley Um, the I was trying to explain yeah from my wall if here is the wrong goal while looking in his hair is not that color anymore. Um. 26:31.40 dclduo But iger's back Drew Iger's back. It's a why way rework it now as he's here is what do you mean that CRT computer monitor in the background is outdated but. 26:42.17 Drew But. 26:45.24 Sam Ah, yeah. 26:47.83 Drew Um, yes, and. 26:48.55 Hayley But no, we I was trying to explain the Golden Mickeys to our table Mates. You know we had 4 strangers that we were seated with but we enjoyed meeting them and and befriended them over the course of the sailing but I was trying to explain what the Golden Mickeys was and I was like well it doesn't have a plot and. It's just like a song montage then you you didn't like awards show that makes no sense and you you didn't that much. 27:07.62 Sam It's a fake awards show. That's yeah, it makes no sentence. 27:09.49 Drew Um, yeah, so. 27:13.99 dclduo Haley it has it has more of a plot to it than freeze frame on the independence of the seas that I saw recently so ah, something some thread to tie it together other than we're singing songs from this decade. So yeah. 27:19.27 Drew Um. 27:19.86 Hayley Um, well I after. 27:25.69 Hayley Um, well that's fair I Yeah, we haven't listened to that episode yet. But I I cannot say that I'm excited about any of the Royal Caribbean shows after hearing about them on the dcl do a podcast. 27:27.64 Drew Um, is that and a preview of your review of the independence of the season. 27:30.88 dclduo And there you go. 27:42.65 Hayley The reviews are not great. 27:42.84 dclduo Ah, ah well I think we have reached that point in our show where I need to hand you over to Sam for a little rapid fire Rebecca Hope you're out there taking notes but this is the ah this is the round where. 27:45.54 Drew Um, I Yeah um. 27:57.56 dclduo Sam Applies some arbitrary rules to some arbitrary questions and adds in a dash of judgment or the round we know as Rapid Fire Sam take it away. 28:03.90 Sam Ok, you guys I feel like we need to get some of your favorites from this cruise in particular and and and then of course we have to do a favorite ship at the end because now you have been on all 5 Disney ships which you hadn't you know, been on before. Um, okay, and I I love that you already skipped by the way I don't have to ask you the water slide question but I I love that you've confirmed your your love for the the aqua duck that is it. 28:26.26 Drew Um. 28:31.85 dclduo I'm judging I'm judging over here quietly on that one. But yeah. 28:33.43 Hayley Well, you can judge if you want but you're wrong. 28:36.30 Sam You know that's just how it is all right? So I feel like we need to know what was your favorite port and I'm also gonna ask what your favorite excursion was so these don't have to be the same. 28:39.70 Drew Um. 28:51.66 Sam Answer so let's start with favorite Port Haley 28:54.96 Hayley I oh I was like don't pick me first and then you did um I think my favorite port was probably chivaativeeckia. Um I just I think that I can't get enough of Rome and certainly not in one day. Um, and that would also be my favorite excursions. 29:10.14 Sam All right? What about you Drew what's your favorite port. 29:14.20 Drew I'm actually yeah I'm actually going to go with Naples I really enjoyed Naples getting dick I liked being on our own a little bit more not being constrained by a like having to follow a group around. We kind of got to do. Things in our own time. Pompeyi was amazing with like seeing Vesuvius is basically missing half the mountain and then getting to see all the ruins of course I got to meet a cat so that was a big me and then the pizza in gelato. That was the best place with the both the best pizza and the best gelato so that was my favorite. 29:52.43 Hayley Naples was great. Minus my curb mishap. Well what watch where your walking people. 29:52.96 Sam Um, ah yeah, yeah, seriously. 29:56.00 Drew Yeah I I managed to not fall and we got back on the ship in enough time. So I had a great time in maples. 30:04.82 Sam Um, he say you have a win. It's a win fring all right? Well I need to know from Haley where your favorite pizza was because we know Drew's favorite pizza was in Naples. But I don't know if your favorite pizza matches I know your favorite gelato matches. 30:04.91 Hayley Um. 30:19.73 Hayley That was also my favorite pizza I've just got the classic um margarita pizza in um, in Naples and in Rome so I got to compare them to each other. My honorable mention is the pizza at pollo. Got the prosciutto on barrata pizza apollo and it was really honestly probably tied with the pizza and Naples. It was really good. 30:35.46 Sam Um. 30:40.90 Sam Wow Not for drew. 30:42.87 Drew Um, it was good. It was not tied for the people. 30:46.95 Sam I I love it all right? I got to know on board. What was your favorite activity I know that you did do trivia but you didn't win any hervius I don't know if that's going to be a favorite this time around but Drew what was your favorite onboard activity this time around. 31:01.86 Drew Yeah I think we were going too hard in each one of these ports in our mental sharpness was just not there for the trivia and we didn't have Scott Haley's dad for the music trivia so that was out the window. No know you not going to win any of the musics trivius without him. 31:11.49 Sam Yeah, yeah, you weren't going to win that without Scott anyway right. 31:21.50 Drew But I think um, later on in our cruises we got to know our table mates we kind of really became friends with all of them and we started going to activities later on in the cruise together and we ended up going to the one where you have to find objects and run them up to the. Ah. 31:35.40 Hayley You think the quest the quest. 31:38.76 Sam Oh yeah, it Yeah, it's like a scavenger hunt in the room. Yeah. 31:40.71 Drew Quest and so we really enjoyed that? Yes, yes, so I really enjoyed that because it was kind of a fun bonding experience for our whole table to get to know each other and that's always a fun game. We've actually on our very first cruise we won it with ah another random couple that we met. 31:58.79 Sam Nice. 31:59.99 Drew Ah, so but I will say if you're playing quest sit close to the stage because we made a set mistake of sitting in the back and you get bonus points if you're the first one to bring it something up and we can never get there first because we were far in the back. So that was my favorite. 32:10.15 Sam Oh. 32:17.73 Sam That's a good tip all right? Haley what was your favorite activity. 32:22.32 Hayley I Think the mixology was actually really really fun. Um, we we didn't do a lot of things we normally do on the C day like we normally do the art of the theme show tour but we just slept in too much and then mixology at the time of the second one and then um. 32:25.15 Drew Um, yeah. 32:32.37 Sam Yeah. 32:38.65 Hayley We didn't do midship detective agency because we've we've done that on the fantasy and it just wasn't like as much of a priority this time. So I would say um the mixology and then and then the aqueduct. 32:43.72 Sam Yeah. 32:51.42 Sam Nice. Well I will tell you that the um midship detective agency is exactly the identical between the dream and the fantasy there is 0 difference whatsoever. So if you've done it on 1 You've done it on both and and you don't yeah. 33:02.70 Hayley And that was what we we figureured so we weren't like going to go out of our way. Especially I guess only one C day 33:08.64 Sam I mean yeah, well and and to the even the details on Pepe's door like everything is literally exactly the same all right favorite bar space on ah the Disney dream you guys. Obviously this was your first time on the dream. 33:15.58 Drew Um, is that please pray. 33:25.00 Sam Um, the district is a little bit different than europa because of the theming and then of course there's a slightly different arrangement where um, ah skyline is and then it has that little outdoor space. But I'm curious what your favorite bar was on board. The dream. Let's start with you. Haley. 33:42.49 Hayley I'm gonna go with Meridian. It's so nice and there's never children in there. Um, we sail without you don't have children. So we we always cruise without them and so and I just getting to see the ocean is great. That's sort of part of the point of the cruise right? so. 33:43.79 Sam Yes. 33:51.40 dclduo Is. 33:59.90 Sam Um, love it. What about you drew. 34:00.90 Hayley My that's my pick I. 34:01.32 Drew Yeah I I Totally agree Meridian is the best They made an excellent old fashioned. Um, and maybe not as good as Hook's barbary on the wish but still a very good old fashioned and I was very satisfied with the drink that I got there. So. And of course the views and the theming close second I'd say skyline I Really like skyline. Um, what. 34:26.46 Hayley Yeah, the the theme drinks are cool. Um in skyline I Do like admit that I was wishing that I had our favorite drink from Hyperberspace lounge on the wish like we got really attached to this one like salted caramel mescal Chocolatey drink from there. Um. 34:34.00 Sam I will. 34:35.40 Drew Um, yes, or. 34:40.14 Sam Oh yeah. 34:44.36 Hayley And the bar itself is like okay, fine, but that drink was really good on the list. 34:48.16 Sam Yeah, all right favorite Disney Cruise line stage show now that you have seen all of the current ones I'll say um. What? what would you say is your favorite. We know what the top kind of 3 grouping is but what? what What takes the cake Haley let's start with you. 35:09.35 Hayley Um I think I'm still going to pick frozen but it's really close. 35:11.56 Sam Yeah, all right? What about you drew? Yeah, that's the right answer drew. 35:13.60 Drew Um, I'm actually going to change to beauty and the beast. Yeah for my answer for a long time but beauty in the beast is one of if not my favorite animated classic Disney movie and you know a Gaston is my favorite villain. And so I'm going to go with beauty and the beast. Um, yeah. 35:36.80 Sam Yeah I'm sorry Drew you have just won or I'm sorry Haley I should say you have that Drew is just one um because that's the right answer they're frozen is amazing tangled is amazing. Ah, but beauty and the beast is is the number 1 d think cruiseline state show. 35:49.30 Hayley It really was great like it's it's It's so close between them. It really is beauty these phenomena. 35:52.61 Sam Yeah I hear you I hear you all right? Okay, and and you know the next question is really the most important question of them all we already know your favorite water slide but which one is your favorite ship. Ah, you can even give us a ranking if you want but you know there's 5 ships give us your ranking now. What's number one and and and how do they fall Drew let's start with you. 36:21.83 Drew So I Think my number one is the fantasy I Love the layout of those ships and the thing that really separates it from the dream for me is europa their adult Area. We spend a lot of time in the adult area. Not only. You know, getting drinks but going to events listening to music going to matchrimate and things and I just like you know the 2 better than evolution and things like that. So I Just like the Europa area which puts the fantasy above and then. 36:42.21 Sam And. 36:58.46 Drew Then the wonder not the magic which is the oldest one because I've already used them. Yes, ah, because I really like the fridge quarter lounge I like Tianas um and things like that. So I think that one's next. And then I can interchange either the wish and the dream those are my next 2 um, kind of things the wish is so unique that might put it over the top It's got a lot of unique offerings so that might be next for me then the dream I really like the dream but it's. It's to me the worst version of the fantasy. So it's going to be below a lot of the other ones and then the magic when we were on there. It could be because of when we were on there when we were on there. It just needed a little bit of work. It hadn't been through that dry dot that they're getting ready to go through getting a lot of new stuff. 37:32.37 Sam Right. 37:48.73 Drew And things like that. So I think it just needed a little work and has there for falling down again and I think it's the it to me the inferior version of the wonder or the the wonder. So the magic goes on the bottom for me. 37:56.66 Sam Yeah, well and it kind of makes sense. You're ranking between at least with the dream and the fantasy and the magic and the wonder right? because the magic and the wonder are sister ships. But the wonder was the second one so they could sort of correct some things that maybe weren't great on the magic on the wonder. 38:12.91 Drew Um, yeah. 38:16.64 Sam And then same with the dream and the fantasy right? The fantasies is just a slightly better version than the dream. So I'm I'm with you on on that. Ah you should be. You should be really excited for the treasure. Absolutely all right? Haley what's your how do your rankings fall. 38:23.97 Drew Um, false be excited for the treasure because it's the sick and. 38:33.30 Hayley Yeah, so we we spent a lot of time talking about this because we knew you were going to ask since we have now completed the fep 5 So the fantasy is still my favorite as well. Um, and for basically the same reason that Drew had um I'm obsessed with the europa theming. Still. 38:45.92 Sam Yeah I mean who doesn't like go to the bathroom in Barcelona right. 38:48.48 Hayley Love it I know the cool like flamenco mosaics and all that like in the bathrooms way cooler than you know the District lounge. Yeah, it was a this opportunity. It was a miss opportunity truly. But. 38:52.60 Drew Um, exactly. Um. 38:56.97 Drew Um, how do they not put the ship with your op on it in Europe you know like it. 39:03.23 Sam Ah, fair, fair drew. 39:07.33 Hayley Um, yeah, So definitely the fantasies and we also um, like the art nouveau style better than the art Deckco style. Um and we kind of felt that way and our first 2 So 2 ships were the fantasy and then the wonder so we didn't experience the art deco until the magic last fall. But um, now we've done it all I can confirm that I really like. Art nouveau the more natural inspired but like all the curvy lines and all of that. So I'm going to go with the wonder number two as well. Um, you're going to find that we actually have very similar opinions. Um, and I want to rank the magic higher because I love tangled so much. But. 39:39.00 Sam Ah. 39:42.47 Sam This. 39:45.76 Hayley I don't like the aqua dunk as much and so that I think that has to knock the magic down I mean none of them are bad. Um, and so like Drew the wishes I guess number 3 so I guess I'll just say the exact same is true. 39:49.24 Drew Um. 39:50.71 Sam Yep. 40:03.51 Sam Wow. 40:05.28 Hayley And 1 fantasy number 2 wonder number 3 wish number 4 dream and number 5 magic. But really if you invited me to go on any of them tomorrow I would go so like we're very compatible or something. Well. 40:15.74 Sam Of course. Well you know I think you guys should vacation together because you seem maligned in here. Yeah, ah no I love that I you know we I will say ah we have. 40:19.83 Drew Um, is that. 40:28.49 Sam Some different ones but we we have a lot of agreement between you as far as obviously we both like the the wonder more than the magic. We all both like the fantasy more than the dream. Um I think we both put the wish ah a little higher and we both put. Um. The fantasy and the dream a little lower because we both I think Brian and I I think have the same rankings. We both put the wonder as number one and the wishes number two. So who to thunk it right? Yeah, you just shuffled around. Yeah yeah. 40:55.56 Drew Yeah, the top 3 are pretty similar. They're just shuffled around. 40:58.50 Hayley Um, yeah I think wish is nice. We just we we talked about it on our episode that you can go back and listen to friends and but the ah the wishes the spaces on the west which are so small and Drew is so not small that. I think that kind of puts a damper on. Yeah, exactly so I'm 5 2 and he is six three for those at home who don't have the visual of our science. 41:15.47 Sam Ah, they're Haley sized spaces. They're not drew size spaces. 41:18.56 Drew Um, yes. 41:25.73 Sam Okay, well I guess we should ask you the bucket list cruise question because I feel like this cruise was a bucket list cruise right? I mean for anybody sailing on Disney Cruise line in the med is a bucket list cruise but. 41:32.39 Hayley It was. 41:40.22 Sam Ah, do you have a new bucket list anywhere in the world. You want to sail on Disney Cruise line and as I always tell people it doesn't even have to be some place that Disney currently sails. But where are you going to go through. 41:51.79 Drew If I could go anywhere I'd probably be selling if they did one like around all the asian parks. Um, you know if I could stop at Tokyo and Shanghai and Hong Kong because I really want to go to those parks. Um. 41:56.20 Sam Is. 42:05.21 Drew That would be my dream but I would also get back on a ship to Norway tomorrow if he wanted me to I love it so much. So even though I've already gone that's still on my bucket list to go back and do it again. So. 42:09.91 Sam Totally. 42:16.60 Sam Totally absolutely what about you? Haley. 42:20.34 Hayley Yeah, Norway was amazing. Um, as far as it's he already said Japan so I'm going to say um the greek isles and either that or like the northern europe where you get to go to like Amsterdam copenhagen that kind of thing. 42:26.21 Sam Oh yeah. 42:34.75 Sam Yeah, ah I want to go on all of those I'm go to come with you just sell all ah up'll, just pack me in your suitcase I'll leave Brian and Nathan at home where maybe they'll sail on royal in the caribbe and again. Ah. 42:39.60 Hayley Um, and I'm going to use your magical concierge stuff to get the same a really nice stateroom. Um wave that magic wand made of money and. 42:59.19 dclduo Are you done to him. Okay, you usually say Thank you for playing or whatever. So. 43:02.50 Sam Yeah, that was the last question. Oh well as I said earlier? Um, well thank you for playing and as I said earlier Drew won that round of rapid fire just because he picked the right order of the Dis Cruise line stage shows. 43:04.67 Hayley Um, this feeling on. Yeah. 43:06.90 Drew Um. 43:13.72 Drew Um, yes. 43:19.58 Sam But thanks you guys. Of course you're always such good sports for playing my silly judgey game and I always appreciate chatting with you guys and of course we can't wait to sail with you both again and maybe we got to bring you know Scott and Laura back on and and get in. 43:35.83 Hayley Um, yes you know it's important we are going to Alaska next year with them I'm just saying August Twenty four 43:36.76 Sam Do some trivia beatdowns on people. But. 43:38.99 Drew Um, yeah. 43:45.67 Drew Um, what that is. 43:46.85 dclduo Well Drew I appreciate your logic of having a ship with Europa in Europe even though Disney has now moved the ship with Tiana's place out of New Orleans so ah you know the logic escapes. But. 43:58.10 Drew Um, yeah. 44:00.22 dclduo Thank you Drew and Haley for coming on and sharing your fabulous experience with your mediterranean crews with all of our listeners. We really, really appreciate it. 44:07.32 Hayley Our pleasure we would will come back anytime. 44:07.79 Drew Um, thank you for having us. 44:09.90 dclduo All right? we stop.

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