May 27, 2023


Ep. 317 - It's Different: Two Experienced DCL Cruisers Review the Disney Wish

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Brian Sam
Ep. 317 - It's Different: Two Experienced DCL Cruisers Review the Disney Wish
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 317 - It's Different: Two Experienced DCL Cruisers Review the Disney Wish

May 27 2023 | 00:57:18


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We're catching up with our friends Ashley and Kaley to hear from two seasoned Disney Cruise Line fans (and avid cruisers) about their first experience abooard the Disney Wish. How did the Wish stack-up against the other DCL ships that Ashley and Kaley have sailed? What did they think of the food, onboard entertainment, adult spaces, kids club, shows and more? Come listen to find out!

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Episode Transcript

00:00.00 dclduo Welcome back everybody to this week's episode of the Dc L Duo Podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and Sam we have friends. We got lots of friends tonight. 00:08.21 Sam We do I am so excited we have 2 of my most favorite guests on the show. They have both been on the show only I think one time each and they are friends of ours. We met them on board. The beautiful disney wonder in February of 2022 we would love to welcome Kale and Ashley to the show. Welcome guys. Yeah I love having both of you on it once this is like amazing. We actually have a text thread myself Ashley and Kaylee with just the 3 of us I did send a text. 00:30.74 Kaley Hello Thank you for having us. 00:31.82 Ashley Norton Hello hi. 00:39.99 Ashley Norton S. 00:46.45 Sam Included Brian today but um and I just adore talking to you guys and catching up on all of the Disney Cruise line stuff. Of course today we're going to be talking about your first cruise on the disney wish we know you guys have been on the other ships. 00:48.91 Ashley Norton Um, she. 01:02.56 Sam A lot of experience on Disney Cruise line but why don't we remind our listeners of your cruising experience. We'll start with Ashley. 01:12.15 Ashley Norton Sure so I've been on this was my seventh cruise and I've been on every ship now except the fantasy and um, yeah, it was a great experience. 01:21.81 Sam This is awesome and Kaylee who is one of the amazing travel advisors from my path unwinding travel kaylee why don't you tell our listeners your cruising background. 01:35.20 Kaley Sure so this was number 11 for us. It was our first as platinum which was very exciting to get those coveted black lanyards. Um, we've been on all 5 ships now and um. We were very excited to finally experience in person. All of the things that we'd been hearing about with wish for you know, almost a year at that point. Yeah. 02:03.89 dclduo No, you were going. You run a roll, you're on a roll just like keep going. 02:04.41 Sam Aren't you going to ask a nice question briant I you're going to jump in hi all right? All right? Ok so before we dive into the nitty gritty about the cruise. Let's ah, find out 1 what were the dates of the cruise. What was the itinerary. And then why you guys chose to sail on the Disney wish on ah in particular. 02:23.74 dclduo Well see. We can't hold ourselves out to be Disney Cruise line experts if we have to ask the itinerary of the wish was sailing. It was sailing to the Bahamas and Castaway he right I sir another is there any other kind. 02:30.90 Sam No, but I yes but I mean no, but I mean ah is it a for night a four night versus a three night right I mean 02:35.72 Ashley Norton Um. 02:37.63 Kaley Not yet. 02:42.69 Ashley Norton A very quick very quick 3 nights 02:42.83 dclduo And okay, all right there you go length of cruise. Yeah. 02:47.68 Sam Ah, so. 02:48.11 Kaley Yes, we were on a three night sailing on the beautiful disney wish over president's day weekend so we um, got on the ship on February seventeenth which was a Friday and we got off the ship on the twentieth and. 03:00.48 Ashley Norton And it was a full sailing. We even got that information directly from the Cruise director. 03:00.55 Sam Awesome. Oh I believe that because it was a holiday Weekend. What did they say was a full sailing. Yeah. 03:05.00 Kaley Yes, yes. 03:05.22 dclduo What is that? what is yeah what is a full sailing. Yeah. 03:14.61 Kaley Ashley I'm to let you answer that since you offered that information I can't remember. 03:16.71 Ashley Norton Um, I Just um I can't remember the number either. But it ended in forty four I do know that So but yes, the the current director talked about how it was a completely full ship. 03:23.28 dclduo I. 03:27.63 Sam Ah, super helpful. Yeah. 03:32.73 Ashley Norton Um, and I think that speaks to some of the observations that we had with and the dining and the shows and just the experience of the ship, especially from the kid perspective and so it was a full ship and um, we went president's day weekend because I feel like except for the covid times. This is a tradition for us our very first sailing in 2017 ah was this kind of timeframe and because it's the winter and I want a warm Disney break. Um between the holidays and summer and ah, president's day weekend has just been lining up for us and. Um, Kaylee and I were supposed to do this cruise during when the sailing shutdown happened. Um, so this has been a long awaited president's day overlap. 04:18.79 Sam Awesome! awesome. 04:19.60 Kaley So it's the same for us we we it is a tradition for us to do a disney sailing over president's day weekend I think this was our maybe our fourth and we had a couple that were canceled during covid is it is it's I mean up in Connecticut and it's just really nice to have that to look forward to. 04:19.27 dclduo Nice. 04:36.81 Kaley To get some warm weather and sunshine in the middle of a February winter. 04:39.14 dclduo Absolutely. 04:41.50 Sam And speaking of president president's day weekend. Um, that was actually the cruise that we met you all on was over president's day weekend in 2022 so that's not surprising that that's kind of a regular thing for you all. So um, we know the answer to this question but our listeners don't. Why don't you tell us each who you were sailing with Kaylee will start with you. 05:02.96 Kaley Sure. So um I was sailing with my husband Rob and my daughter Ruby who was 17 at the time was scheduled to sail with us and she ended up having something much more intriguing at home and opted to bail on us. So my husband and I ended up. Sailing as adults only for the first time ever. Um, and it was very sort of bittersweet and unexpected because she decided sort of at the last minute um but we ended up having a really fantastic time and I won't spoil too much by saying that it was really special. To Sail with Ashley and Katherine and have a sort of surrogate kid with us to get to see and experience all of this wonder um through through her eyes through Katherine's eyes 05:48.89 Sam Yeah. 05:49.25 Ashley Norton Yeah, and it worked out perfectly because my husband Daniel couldn't make this particular stating and so it was my first time on a cruise with my daughter. She's eight and a half and so it was a mother ended up being a mother daughterughter trip and i. My daughter Katherine kept referring to Rob as her friend ruby's father and dad so she had a surrogate dad on the trip with us and it was great. They just from the first moment we saw them at ah port canaveral. 06:12.11 Kaley 6 06:23.57 Ashley Norton The 2 of them went off together to look at the beautiful figurine. That's right there in port canaveral and it was. It was nice to be able to have um, a surrogate family with us. 06:26.90 Sam Love it. 06:33.83 dclduo And what kind of state rooms did you all have on board the ship. Why don't we start with you kay. 06:38.82 Kaley We were booked in a 1 bedroom concierge on deck 12 which was a lot of room for 2 people. 06:44.23 dclduo Ah, glorious, glorious. 06:45.48 Sam Yeah, that's. 06:46.78 Ashley Norton Um, and it was we walked through it and it was absolutely gorgeous. The tile work especially in in the bathroom was gorgeous. 06:52.80 dclduo Ah. 06:56.45 dclduo So much room for activities as I like to say so much room for activities from step brothers for the fans out there. But yes, love the 1 bedroom. 06:56.81 Sam Oh yeah. 07:02.83 Sam Ah, and then and that's Rapunzel themed right on the wish all of the concierge rooms. Yeah yeah. 07:06.18 Kaley Yes, yes, yeah, the the room I mean we can go into more about this I don't know what you guys have planned for us. But the room was just absolutely incredible and I think that there was more storage in this room than we had in the entire Roy O Disney suite 07:23.86 Sam Wow. 07:24.24 Kaley On the disney wonder I mean it was just incredible. How much I mean it was almost a crime how much storage we had for this three night cruise I will really look forward to someday when the wish sales longer itineraries and and booking that room for the storage to load. 07:38.88 dclduo Let well let me let me pause this here for a second kale and just ask like do the quick compare and contrast between you know so Sam and I have sailed in a 1 bedroom on the wonder and the magic I think we were in a 1 bedroom on the magic. We've not yet sailed on the fantasy or the dream. But I've seen the room layout like how does it compare. 07:40.78 Sam Um, yeah, yeah. 07:57.39 dclduo To the other one bedrooms in the fleet. But. 07:59.57 Kaley So um, what's really nice about the 1 bedroom on the wish is that there are true closing doors between the bedroom and the um the living room area. So if my daughter had been with us. We would have been able to close those doors and she would have had a full. 08:06.17 Sam Um. 08:14.68 Kaley Sort of living room and sleeping area and a full bathroom to herself and then we would have had the full Clockt walking closet in full bathroom with the tub to ourselves. Um for just the 2 of us it ended up being an absurd amount of room. Um, on the you know you guys have seen the classic chip one bedrooms and then On. Dream and Fantasy. They're sort of the accordion door that closes the spaces but this was it was really nice I mean the bedroom it was tight at the end of the bed I will say we you know it was just the 2 of us so we kept those doors open the whole time. But the layout of it was very thoughtful and it felt very spacious. We played. 08:35.75 Sam So. 08:53.52 Kaley Plenty of games skippo and raco at the table and and we really you know tried to enjoy all of that space. But I I really it was very thoughtfully done and I really enjoyed the space in the 1 bedroom more than on the other ships. 08:55.20 Sam Of 54 09:05.10 Sam Awesome and Ashley would were excuse me. Let me say that again and Ashley what kind of state room. Did you all choose. 09:05.47 dclduo Nice, nice. 09:12.59 Ashley Norton Um, sure so Kathine and I chose an inside stayroom we were 7001 to the very forward of the ship and um, opposite of Kaylee's experience there was barely enough storage for the number of poofy princess dresses that my daughter brought for a three night Crease Cruise yes and the number of ears and accessories. We don't travel light. Um, but the most important thing about the room is that it had the drop down bunk bed for my daughter and it was very tight. 09:32.20 Kaley And ears. 09:47.25 Sam Um. 09:49.20 Ashley Norton Walking in the room when the drop down was there but it was perfectly fine. Otherwise for 3 nights and 2 people. Um I didn't miss the veranda I thought I would. Miss it if we're a longer sailing or something interesting like Alaska I would definitely want having that fresh air in the veranda but because we were exploring the ship so much and it was only 3 nights we were not in there. Um in there a whole lot so we did not miss the veranda. Um, it was interesting. Interesting that this room did not have a split bathroom so we had a single bathroom and having the glass doors of the wish instead of the curtains with the other ships I loved the single bathroom because you didn't have that awkwardness of. 10:24.90 Sam Oh. 10:37.59 Ashley Norton You're ready to brush your teeth but it's in the other side of your toothbrushes in the other bathroom and you have to go out through the doors and hope that the closet isn't open to get to that other part of the bathroom. So I love I know Disney is known for their split bathrooms and that's a great thing for families. However, if you're thinking about having this inside stateroom. The bathroom was great from a sizing perspective and I still had a queen bed to sleep in all by myself and um it was it was tight but great for 2 people for three days sure 11:05.50 Kaley It was cozy I would use the word cozy. We just absolutely loved it. No we did we? We were so excited when we did you know we swapped room tours and Katherine was so excited to show us every detail of the room and I think it was. 11:08.13 Sam So. 11:23.81 Kaley It was perfect I mean I would absolutely sail in that room as a mother daughter with an eight year old it was perfect. Yes. 11:30.55 Ashley Norton Or 2 people. You know if Dan and I were just going on a cruise and that was the only thing kind of available at the last minute I wasn't sure how I would feel about an inside state room with motion sickness or just Claustrophobia and I um I will definitely have that as an option again when booking. If we were doing any sort of last minute and that was what was available and also as a parent with a younger child knowing that there wasn't the door and I know that Disney is very safe with the double locks. But as a sailing as a solo parent I really also had that peace of mind of knowing there was. 12:01.12 Sam Um. 12:05.54 Ashley Norton No door to an open sea. 12:06.50 Sam Yeah, yeah, that's a really important consideration I Do know that a lot of folks. Love those inside staterooms because they say they get the best sleep of their lives because it's completely pitch black at night and if you've got an ocean viewer Veranda. Um, unless you get those curtains you know, just right? You're going to have some sun peeking out in the morning at least Anyway. Um. 12:29.11 Ashley Norton It was pitch black and I was very thankful for the night lights that are in the bathroom of the wish because we barely closed the door and we could see just enough and and it was great. 12:40.90 Sam Yeah, so I think we've got to talk about you know, a little bit about sort of the boarding process. But I think more so is um, your impressions of the ship right? You drive up to port canaveral and you see the beautiful Disney wish in port. I don't know. Maybe she's next to some carnival ship or maybe she's next to the disney fantasy but I'm curious what you saw and what your experience was at port canaveral. 13:07.41 Ashley Norton So we arrived Katherine and I arrived on the disney cruiseline bus service because we stayed at the beach club before and then took that bus over and it was kind of neat because we were with a lot of first -time cruisers on the bus and so when you round that corner. You come over the bridge and you see the ship and I kept saying catherine we're about to see it. We're about to see it and then you just you heard the visible wow from the adults and the kids and for me seeing it katherine and I both said wow it is so much bigger than the wonder. Even. 13:36.45 Sam Um. 13:45.29 Ashley Norton Far away and of close it is so much bigger than the wonder which is the ship We've sailed on was recently. 13:50.15 Sam Yeah, yeah, that is a good point. She's ah only a slight bit bigger than the dream in the the fantasy but she's quite a bit bigger than the wonder and the magic kaylee any first impressions for you all. 14:00.55 Kaley We were just you know dazzled the way that you sort of always are when you see a D ship but for us I would say that our whole experience was just sort of I don't know I can't really articulate the word for it muted or. 14:04.62 Sam E. 14:18.90 Kaley Relax I Just it felt very different, not having our daughter with us. You know what? I mean it was just sort of like well like we were very excited. We both cried when we boarded I mean it was but it just it felt different. We definitely felt like the ship was gorgeous when we saw her. 14:24.78 Sam Um. 14:37.64 Kaley Um, the upper decks looked very white and gleaming and I don't know if that's the um, the Aqua mouse that has sort of more white than the aqueducc I couldn't quite figure out why it looked so bright and gleaming but she's an absolutely beautiful ship and we were definitely dazzled as we. We've stayed in um in Cocoa Beach So We just had a quick cab ride over and we were definitely dazzled when we saw her in person. 15:02.47 Sam Awesome I mean we always have to hear the the first impression right? The the first look. It's like the first look of the groom sees his bride for the first time but you you walk into the beautiful grand hall of the disney wish your family name is announced. What. 15:10.96 Kaley So. 15:22.44 Sam What are you feeling at this moment. Kaylee. 15:25.38 Kaley Um, we felt like it. It felt surreal. So for all of this time since the Disney wish started sailing. We've been watching the videos and scouring the internet for photos and you know tiktoks and any kind of experience. And to actually step aboard that ship and be in the grand hall really felt surreal and I'm not kidding when I say we did both cry. Um, and I think that we gave our our name as Rob and Kaylee instead of the de gorse family because we were missing ruby so we wanted. 15:50.39 Sam Oh. 15:59.37 Sam R yeah. 16:00.95 Ashley Norton Same same. 16:01.90 Kaley To make note of that. Yeah um, but it was just the ship is just so pretty I mean she is just the details are incredible and it really just felt surreal to be standing in that space. 16:09.62 Sam Um, yeah. 16:17.69 Sam I love it I love it Ashley what about you. 16:19.98 Ashley Norton We did the same thing we we were Ashley and Katherine when we when we boarded and you know how Disney says welcome home when you walk into a space Katherine clearly felt at home. 16:32.17 dclduo Here. 16:33.79 Ashley Norton She walked right in in front of me. She went up to wave to ah repunzel and Flynn writer that were in the little balcony. She found someone handing out the wands and then she promptly pointed out the slide down to kids club I mean it was she was beline for that slide to kids club. So I didn't have. 16:41.98 Kaley Okay. 16:48.00 Sam Um, yeah I. 16:52.98 Ashley Norton Much time to take in the ship at all. Ah oh she had an agenda. Yes. 16:56.55 Kaley She had an agenda. Um. 16:58.70 Sam But yeah I bet so did is that what you did first then go explore the kids club I mean that's it's a huge um space obviously down on deck 2 but you can get to that space during open house time from deck 3 through that slide. Both adults and kids for those listening adults and kids can both take the slide as long as the kids club is in open house mode. The entire club has to be in open house mode for adults to go down that slide because it does pass down into the secure area of the kids club. So Ashley. Would you guys do did you take that slide down. Oh my god oh okay. 17:37.15 Ashley Norton I didn't because it was only ah because it wasn't open at that point they weren't ready to accept because we were boarding group 2 coming in with the bus and so they were not ready to accept visitors and so we pivoted and went straight up and got pizza. And then changed into our swimsuits for the aqua mouse because I wanted to experience that with Catherine and we had bipty bobadi the next day and so this was our opportunity to explore the pool deck and do the aqua mouse. So yeah, we we got our pizzas which were phenomenal and and then spent. 17:59.32 Sam Okay. 18:12.69 Ashley Norton The rest of the afternoon way past when rooms are ready up exploring all the different slides and pools. 18:18.85 Sam Yeah, yeah, so that's a good point to make rooms would not be ready for regular guests when you're boarding for concierge guests like Kaylee rooms were are generally ready right when you get on board shortly thereafter. So usually after you grab some lunch. Um. But yeah, how how did you find the pool deck I guess well we can talk to both of you about this? Um, and obviously you may have hit the aqua mouse at different times and all that but I'd love to know what you guys thought of the pool deck on the Disney wish and the aqua mouse because they're quite different layout than on all 4 of the other ships. Um, so love to hear what you guys think why don't we start with kale. 18:57.82 Kaley So our just going back to our boarding experience was pretty much the opposite so we being just adults only went to the concierge luncheon which was at 1923 and it was lovely and we had some champagne for our ears and tears photo. 19:13.13 Sam If. 19:14.18 dclduo But. 19:15.94 Kaley Um, and then by the time that was over our room was ready so we were able to go up and our luggage was there and we were able to unpack our things into all of this incredible storage. Um, we did not actually make it out onto the pool deck I don't think we made it out the first day I guess we must have the second day. Um I you'll have to edit this out I'm sorry I lost my trade of thought so we did me opted. 19:40.60 Ashley Norton You didn't go out to the third day lady when you've left castway key. 19:45.50 Kaley We opted to skip the sailaway party and we really wrestled in our minds about this because it's a different saila away party and we you know obviously hadn't done it on the wish but we decided to go up to the concierge Sun deck and we found a spot in a hot tub. 19:47.13 Sam Okay. 20:01.40 Kaley We had to ourselves and we had some champagne and we watched the sail away from there and it was really lovely. Um, and there's definitely a part of me that sort of missed the fun and excitement of the sale away but we just sort of had a different mindset with this cruise. 20:07.39 Sam No, that sounds good. 20:18.20 Kaley And um, it ended up being a lovely experience to do sail away that way and I don't think we made it out to the to the pool deck until the second day. 20:26.67 Sam Oh my goodness when you um, let's let's talk about the pool deck and when you did make it out there and and sort of what you thought about the layout because I know Kaylee you have a ton of experience on the other ships and um and sort of. Understanding the various layouts and I know you advise clients obviously and what you know what ship to pick and sometimes for a lot of folks pool deck's really important. Um, everybody knows pools on cruise ships are small. They also do not accept. Children in diapers in pools on cruise on Cruise ships just for the listening audience if you don't know that and yeah I mean if you're if they're in diapers they're under 3 they're not in those pools they can go in the splash pad but that's it. But we yeah, what do you think of the layout and and sort of the the setup being different from the other ships. 20:59.56 Ashley Norton Anyone under 3 21:01.00 Kaley Right? right. 21:15.44 Kaley So we didn't actually go into any of the pools but we did a lot of exploring to see that you know for my clients and to sort of get the lay of the land I thought they were fabulous I really liked the fact that there were a lot of small pools instead of the 1 large one or the 2 larger ones. Um i. 21:18.12 Sam E. 21:32.98 Kaley You know I don't have a little one Anymore. So I didn't get to actually experience that but from my perspective I actually liked the idea of having a lot of smaller pools and I have to say there were a lot of them that even when the full deck was busy. You know there was an empty pool or there was an empty pool and so they weren't sort of the kids were. Packed in like sardines like you can sometimes see and there were some pools where there were just a couple of adults and no kids. It just sort of to me. It seemed to give a lot of options. 22:00.66 Ashley Norton I agree with the options because I watched a lot of Youtube videos and I was not excited about this odd pool deck situation with so many small pools but we got on there and I loved it I'm not sure how I'm going to go back to the the 2 rectangle pools. 22:02.62 Sam Um, yeah. 22:08.25 Sam Hit. 22:18.62 Sam Um. 22:19.94 Ashley Norton Um, Catherine loved it because she could be independent in the pool. She could sit in the ones that are about a foot deep under the waterfall feature and watch um, watch funnel vision or she could go to some of the other pools that were deeper. 22:29.18 Sam And that's. 22:38.92 Ashley Norton And it was really cute because um, there was a whole group of kids that were switching between about 3 different pools on the pool deck and all the attempts we were just smiling and waving and they all decided that because there's this one pool that seems very deep, especially for an eight year old and um kath. 22:53.67 Kaley Yes, yes. 22:58.89 Ashley Norton Katherine and the kids had the idea of putting on life fests even though they're all independent swimmers and just bobbing there while they sang the songs to aladdin on funnel vision. Yes, while washing funnel vision. It was phenomenal. 23:03.74 Kaley Um. 23:09.72 Sam Well watching funnel vision. Um. 23:14.39 Ashley Norton And so um, yeah I like the pools I like the splash pad we walk through there we walk through the um pool that's at the very bottom of the traditional yellow slide which is not aqua mouse but the um, the Pixar theme slide which is very fast I enjoyed that a lot. Um, so yeah I I really. 23:23.91 Sam If. Yes. 23:34.40 Ashley Norton Think it was intentional how they designed the pools to be almost like a theater seating so that you could then see the funnel vision and I I really liked that and there was a ton of seating for adults or for someone like me who just needed to leave our bags change clothes leave our bags. 23:36.89 Sam Yes. 23:51.67 Ashley Norton And then explore all the pools. 23:52.86 dclduo Yeah I mean for I just say for all the bad design decisions Disney gets faulted for on the wish they did a lot. They had a lot of really great design decisions. So I sort of look at as you have to take the good with the bad I mean the pool deck with some commentary around those with you know. 24:09.26 Sam It's a win. 24:11.95 dclduo Mobility issues and things like that who I think felt like it was not great. Um, although they do I do want to say they have chair lifts and other things to get you around that deck. It's not like they completely ignored that community. But I think that lay on that pool deck is amazing. It spreads the crowd out. There were pools that were empty like there were pools that were empty on that ship which is. 24:26.98 Kaley Yes. 24:30.63 dclduo Unbelievable to me that that happened on the maiden. Um, so. 24:32.42 Sam I think it's a parent's dream too because we could sit up on like 1 of the higher tiers and look down and so Nathan in that yeah we could be in the shade up further back and we could still see Nathan. 24:34.68 Ashley Norton Agree. 24:36.00 Kaley A grade. 24:39.24 dclduo In the shade in the shade. 24:47.63 Sam If he went to like 1 of the well he could go to 1 of the pools that was like right near us or he could go all the way down by final vision. Go to one of those pools and we could still see him the entire time so there weren't really like blind spots as long as you were up above if you were down at the bottom. Obviously you wouldn't necessarily be able to see everywhere but it it just seemed like a. For kid safety seemed frankly like a better layout as well. 25:09.11 Ashley Norton I Agree the the sight lines at the pull deck was great. 25:10.20 Kaley I agree I agree. 25:17.70 dclduo I'm curious. You know up on the pool deck is also the adult pool area would you think? ah. 25:25.82 Sam Ah, yeah. 25:26.64 Ashley Norton So while Catherine was bobbing along. So I'll say for um after the rooms were open and so the pool that kind of cleared out I took a walk about and um, there was not a soul in the adult pool area. 25:26.72 Kaley Ah, so delicately placed. 25:42.18 Ashley Norton Ah, the hot tub was open most of the chairs were open. The bartenders were playing games and I ordered some sort of drink that came with a popsicle in it and and just walked around so there was nobody over there when I was there I didn't get any other time to hang out in then the adult spaces. 25:53.71 Sam Um, oh yeah. 26:01.64 Ashley Norton Um, but I say after after those rooms are open around one thirty it was empty for us. 26:06.68 Sam Wow. 26:08.41 Kaley We did not use the adult pool area but we walked through early in the morning. Um and took a lot of photos and sort of scoped it all out. It's really beautiful when it's empty but I did have the feeling that. 26:19.19 Sam I hit. 26:23.76 Kaley The height of the day when there were a lot of people who wanted to use that space ah that it would be pretty snug in some of those pulls and hot tubs. Um I think the infinity pool was ah like a great idea. Um, but I'm not sure in reality that that translated and I will say that when we went to pollo um, our server took us out to the the veranda that's outside of Paulo where they actually designed it to have alf fresco seating. 26:42.45 Sam Um, nothing. 26:54.28 Kaley Um, and they can't use that space at all because the infinity pool sloshes over the edge. So an inherent an inherent design fund. He said you can see on the deck I mean there water stains everywhere so they had designed it to have outdoor dining. 26:58.11 Sam Oh my god. 27:00.56 dclduo Ah. 27:03.50 Sam The water. 27:08.92 Sam Wow A couple of tables. Yeah. 27:10.75 Kaley Or at least you know spaces where you could have drinks until your table was ready and they cannot use that space at all. So that was a really interesting little tidbit that he shared with us I Thought the space was beautiful but I thought it would be crowded easily. Yes. 27:20.68 Sam Wow. I hadn't yeah yeah I hadn't heard that tidbit So That's really interesting. Thank you for sharing that I wonder if that'll be something that they fix on the treasure I would guess so because I think um. You know, Obviously there's been a lot of feedback about that adult pool that infinity pool being too small and the adult space in general being too narrow and too small and from our experience where we were on the maiden and the dvc charter right? after which were both very adult heavy cruises. They did not have a lot of kids. In fact. 27:36.68 Ashley Norton Ah. 27:50.84 Kaley But. 27:56.50 Sam For Jack Jack's diaper dash on the maiden voyage. There were literally 2 babies on the entire ship and they were the only non um they were the only non they were only brand new cruisers. They were the only two who had never sailed before on the whole ship apparently um, so yeah, those. 28:06.59 Kaley Wow. 28:13.80 Kaley Yeah, yeah. 28:13.42 Sam I Mean there were just not kids on those sailings so that adult area got really really crazy packed and I think in general particularly on sea days and the middle of the afternoon those are spaces that are going to to get packed I do want to talk about some of the other adult only areas of the ship. Ah. 28:20.66 Kaley And. 28:31.77 Sam While we're on this topic. Um, we obviously know Cove Cafe is back there. Um, and that's an adult only area for coffee It's also kind of a bar at night. Um, it's a little out of the way I didn't love the placement of it. Um, curious as to if you guys you know. Thought that was an issue There are multiple coffee bars of course on the wish and then I do would love to hear your impression of some of the other spaces like the bayou and nightingales and the rose I mean with so many wonderful adult spaces on board. This ship. Let's start with you Kayle because you got to probably spend more time in these I'm imagining that you spent more time in these spaces than actually did and yeah. 29:11.41 Kaley To put it in perspective. We never made it to the kids club at all, but we almost ticked every box on our bar crawl that I created before we went. 29:12.62 Ashley Norton That's correct. 29:22.88 Sam I Love it. Love it. 29:25.89 Kaley So we really made it a mission. You know when I do a short cruise like this I Often don't schedule anything because I really just want to relax and enjoy. But this definitely felt like I had a little bit more of an agenda because I did want to visit all of those spaces and particularly those adult only spaces and we did go to most of them. 29:32.49 Sam Um. 29:45.32 Kaley Um, I know that there's been a lot of feedback some maybe even negative feedback I Know it's surprising that all of the adult spaces were not sort of in a district or one area together I thought it was great I mean I. Loved the different spaces. The nightingale was just so pretty. We had a fun drink at Hyperspace Lounge. We hit the bayou We did all of you know all of the coffee shops I tried espresso martinis all over the ship. Um I thought they were great and I think that sort of. Overall and this is sort of my overall overarching feeling about the wish in general is that there are a lot of things about it that are different but that's okay for me because I feel like ultimately I'm in a brand new space that is still. 30:32.37 Sam He. 30:41.18 Kaley Giving me the storytelling and the magic and the characters that I love and like what's more fun than getting to explore a new space I mean obviously it feels fun to go back to a space that you know you know you're going to go here and you know you love going there but we just it. 30:43.62 Sam He. 30:58.67 Kaley So much of the feedback that I've gotten is you know this is worse and this is better and this is worse and this is better and for me my overall feeling was just that it's different and it was there were things that I liked and things maybe that I didn't like so much but it was just a different experience and that was okay for me. 31:02.79 Sam Again. 31:15.90 Ashley Norton So I got to walk through everything very quickly when Katherine would go down to the kids club. She loved having story time with Belle and the. 31:16.71 Sam Um, yeah. 31:29.23 Ashley Norton Frozen Recreation story where the kids got parts and stuff and that would be about an hour an hour and a half for me to walk around and experience things and so I didn't get to to get a drink at hyperspace or rows or those areas. Um I did have that pretty drink in the bird that was really cute which one is. 31:46.70 dclduo Were the bird were the bird glut were the birdlasses back. Oh wait. Sorry. 31:47.46 Sam Um, oh yeah, nightingales. Yeah. 31:48.98 Ashley Norton That the yes the bird glass was back. However, you could not leave nightingales with it like you can with just the martini glass so they they watch you at the door. Um, so I wanted um to come back for the. 31:49.76 Kaley Nightingale they were. They were. 31:59.00 Kaley Right. 31:59.47 Sam Very smart. 32:08.48 Ashley Norton Piano player to experience that in the evening didn't have a chance to any of that. Um, so I have a lot of things I need to do on our upcoming wish crewise in April because I got to see everything very quickly but never got to sit down and enjoy the buy you or some of those other spaces. But it was I'll say it was everything was miniature so from just impressions of the crews. There were so many neat, amazing spaces which I loved but they were all just small but yet I don't feel like. Any of them except for the main dining rooms were overcrowded and we were on a full cruise I feel like it dispersed the crowds really well. Um I was I was kind of surprised about that. 32:57.14 Sam Um, yeah, yeah. 32:58.10 Kaley That's a great point I would agree with that I don't feel like I felt it was crowded or tight almost anywhere on the ship main dining rooms aside. 33:05.92 dclduo Um, that's yeah that yeah yeah, well let's let's talk about that for a second so dining rotational dining is normal but what did you think of the different dining rooms and ah. 33:06.15 Sam That's great. Yeah main diner rooms aside with that kind of caveat that makes sense. 33:22.29 dclduo You know, aside from the longest hallway on earth to get from wherever the entrance is to Aaron Dell to the actual dining room. Yeah um I mean would you think oh that the theming is fantastic. Yeah. 33:26.51 Kaley Ah, Aaron Dell 33:28.82 Sam But they decorated it great. Let me just say that. 33:31.49 Ashley Norton And it took twice as long with my frozen of self kid to take a picture with every picture. So yeah, it's a long hallway. 33:40.00 dclduo Yeah, but what? what did you think with the think about the dining. Why don't we start with the one that's typically the least contentious which is 1923 33:40.48 Kaley Um. 33:46.30 Kaley Absolutely loved it. I thought it was beautiful I am a a Disney history buff and follower of Walt and so seeing all of that history in there and all the artifacts and the models and everything was really fun. I loved it. Decor and the theming and the meal I had was fantastic I do think that that was the tightest um table arrangement of any of the 3 that we experienced mean we were a table of 4 people we were at our own table against a wall which was really nice. 34:15.60 Sam And. 34:22.88 Kaley Um, but there were really a lot of areas in that dining room that were incredibly tight. 34:28.23 Ashley Norton Incredibly tight. Um I enjoyed 1923 for lunch a lot better because we were not packed in and you could really actually see the artwork because when everyone's sitting for dinner. You can't actually get close enough to appreciate the sketches and a lot of that history. So loved the idea but um and Kaylee remember we were sitting down and Katherine needed to get out and it took 2 adults to move that heavy chair just so she could scoot out. Um, so the. 34:52.17 Kaley Yes, yes, and then when she came back I think she climbed over the chair because it was easier than having to move all of the furniture. Yeah. 35:03.86 Ashley Norton Yeah, agree, but delicious food. 35:08.69 dclduo Um, well let's talk worlds of Marvel that ah fair replacement for animator's palette or thumbs down. What did you think? Ashley. 35:19.26 Ashley Norton I I am not I know nothing about Marvel and so I didn't have that emotional connection like I do at animators palette. But yeah I I liked it I like the food was fine. Um I will say on the food point for all of the dining. Um, we are an allergy family a couple different allergies. 35:26.34 Sam M. 35:39.14 Ashley Norton And I had heard going into this experience with the wish that they had designed the kitchens so that there is a single and again this is just hearsay but there is a single allergy kitchen for all 3 um dining rooms instead of having an allergy section. 35:55.24 Sam In here. 35:56.96 Ashley Norton Back in the kitchen for each dining room and I get it. There's that's more efficient and and I totally get it. However, there was a difference in the food. Um, because your food came out as and I'm using air quotes here allergy food. You could tell it was stripped of all of the. 36:04.52 Sam So interesting. 36:10.62 dclduo E. 36:14.56 Ashley Norton Ah, major allergens which again it's great life saving. However, on the other ships. The dream The wonder when you ordered a meal and um, you needed that accommodation. It still came out as an interesting entree or an interesting dish and they just. 36:28.44 Sam Yes. 36:34.10 Ashley Norton Removed that single component there were times when looking at the menus planning ahead for the next night which again is great from an efficiency standpoint where my menu would be completely different than Kaley and Rob's menu and there were no similar dishes and so yeah, so it was an interesting experience. 36:34.55 Sam Great. 36:48.30 Sam No bummer. 36:53.98 Ashley Norton Um, I'm looking forward to trying the adult dining when we go in April because they are able to personalize your dishes a lot better. Um, so it's it's great for efficiency. It's great for all those reasons but I would say from an allergy perspective. Um, it was a different experience. Ah but I did get 2 entrees that rolled a Marvel because I couldn't decide. 37:02.16 Sam Um. 37:12.73 Sam Yeah, yeah I will say one of the but benefits I have heard from other allergy folks is the fact that there is an allergy menu just gives them more options and so they don't have to talk with the weight staff or with one of the chefs about what. 37:13.84 Ashley Norton So I like the yoki and the tenderloin. 37:31.97 Sam Particular dish can be accommodated to be made allergy friendly and so it's just a little bit easier on the ordering side. But of course if if you have a different you know if you don't get all the choices that your friends who you're sitting with are getting That's also a bummer as well. 37:32.16 Ashley Norton Business. 37:39.50 Ashley Norton Um, it. 37:46.93 Ashley Norton It's a bummer. It's it just it mimics more of the style of ordering at a table surface restaurant at Disney where you're just brought the allergy menu so I will say it's good. Um, it was just a different experience to compare to the other ships. 38:02.87 Sam Good point. What did you think of worlds of marvel Caylee. Are you guys Marvel fans are you? ah. 38:07.40 Kaley We're not huge Marvel fans and we've made our way maybe halfway through the Marvel storybook is is that what it's called. Um, yeah, yes, yes, thank you? Um, we loved it. We loved it. We thought it was great. It actually felt. 38:12.94 Sam The mcu. 38:22.12 Kaley I think like the most intimate of the 3 main dining rooms. So just the way that it was laid out I mean it definitely felt a little like animator's palette. You know it had sort of those similar tile floors. Um, but it didn't feel too tight in there. We loved the menu I had the scallops they were fabulous. The story was a little hard to follow. 38:40.98 Ashley Norton There was a story but. 38:41.31 Kaley Maybe not as a Marvel person. There was a story remember we were like hammering the thing in the boodle. Um, but it was you know, even as as not being a Marvel person. It was sort of fun to carry on I'm not sure that it would be fun over and over. But but we enjoyed it. 38:46.00 Ashley Norton Oh right. 38:56.14 Sam Yeah, yeah. 38:59.32 Kaley We enjoyed it. So. 39:00.67 dclduo I Liked the I So I I liked the show I agree I find it difficult to imagine it being super repeatable but I guess what you know look We'll be back on here in a couple weeks and I you know I'm actually kind of looking forward to seeing it again because it was kind of funny. Ah, but. 39:03.13 Kaley M. 39:10.50 Sam We'll see. 39:16.61 dclduo I Like the show I especially like the aspect that it was um, it was tied into the ship. You know it wasn't like something standalone. It was about the ship as like setting I thought that was really kind of yeah. 39:19.29 Kaley Yes, love that aspect agree agree. 39:21.46 Ashley Norton That was cool. 39:24.10 Sam Yeah, well and and Brian and I are Marvel fans. We're not like Marvel obsessed but we have seen all of the movies to date except for the newest ant man which I'm sure we'll see as soon as it's on Disney plus so so we're 39:42.70 Kaley We're on the ship. 39:43.21 Sam Yeah, so or on the ship probably not because we don't like to spend our time in the movie theater. Not that there's anything wrong with that I have done that on prior cruises I just um, there's so many things to do. It's hard for me to spend like 3 hours in the movie theater because I want to do everything else. So that's just my. 39:56.31 Kaley Yeah, seeing a movie as a tradition for us. We have seen a movie on every previous cruise but we did not do it on this cruise because there was just too much to see and do yeah. 39:57.28 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 40:04.20 Sam Have you? Wow, there's too much ok I feel like we've got to we've got to talk about. aarondale um we've got to talk about you know a lot of things we talked about you know you mentioned in the hallway and that Catherine needed to stop for a picture at every portrait in that hallway that does not surprise me it is really well done as far as decorating despite the fact that it is quite long. Um, but we need to talk about the the space. Um, the layouts the show the food. Um I feel like Ashley we got to start with you because I I can't um, only imagine that Catherine is blown away by this space. 40:42.30 Ashley Norton Oh she loved it. She absolutely loved the space and we got to see a lot more of the details when we were waiting for the princess meet and greet because that's where you get to meet Queen Anna and Elsa um earlier in the cruise on I think the first day and so when we went for. 40:48.56 Sam E. 40:59.66 Ashley Norton Dinner it was it was amazing I mean the show but we adore frozen. We love everything about it I love the audience participation was singing I love that christoph got to seeing let it go instead of Elsa I thought that was hilarious. Um, olaf animatronic olaf was working. 41:11.61 Sam Yes. 41:18.76 Ashley Norton And we loved it. Um I can't imagine if I was not a frozen fan. How I would enjoy it because it definitely felt all encompassing. Ah so who knows but um, we loved it. We had a great view of the stage. Um I wish. 41:25.45 Sam But right. 41:34.55 Ashley Norton Characters could meet a little longer but they can't reach all the tables. So I don't know how that would be possible either. Um, the food was okay, but we mostly just loved the singing and the performers were just incredible. 41:36.30 dclduo Oh. 41:44.90 Sam Yeah now Keeley yes, that's what she said? yeah. 41:45.41 dclduo And was animatronic olaf working. Did you say okay. 41:50.13 Ashley Norton Yes, he was working and he was super cute and so it was great to to see everything was fantastic about the show. Um, it was loud I mean we we could not hold the conversation when they were singing but that was okay because we. Adored the show. 42:08.58 Sam Yeah now Kaylee it's just you and Rob I mean ruby seventeen anyway. So I'm not sure that she's the target audience for frozen anyway, but curious as adults. Um, what you all thought of course you're sitting there with Ashley and Katherine so you're. 42:21.69 Ashley Norton They were singing along let I'm I answering for Kaylee they were singing along. 42:24.80 Kaley Um. 42:24.82 Sam So you're ah I love it well and and you get the view of Katherine who's obviously enthralled with this experience but I'd love to know what you thought so. 42:28.65 Kaley Um, so yeah, so frozen is absolutely a family favorite for us and Ruby was in second grade when frozen came out so the perfect age. 42:29.16 dclduo Ah. 42:45.35 Kaley At the height of the hysteria it came up in my Facebook memories the other day that we had a birthday party for her with a deejay and they were singing the de j played let it go in the entire class I mean it was like 50 kids in the gym all singing at the top of their lungs. So Robin I actually did both cry during. 42:53.90 Sam Oh my god. 43:04.42 Kaley The performances during um during that dinner. It was my favorite of the 3 I think with regard to that kind of thebing I mean it was I thought the food is fantastic. The the design of the dining room and the hallway really adds to it I mean you need the hallway because. 43:14.63 Sam M. 43:22.84 Kaley On is going down the hallways. You know it just was all so perfectly done and I will say it again I've said it on this show before but it is a missed opportunity that they're not selling those water glasses because just like in Tiana's on wonder I coveted those. 43:25.10 Sam Raid. 43:39.00 Sam Yes, yeah. 43:42.44 Kaley Beautiful water glasses. 43:42.62 Ashley Norton Um, and the salad plate the design of the salad plate was so cute I Totally agree I want the entire play setting. 43:48.56 Kaley Same same. 43:50.78 Sam Yeah I love it. You know if Disney's listening maybe they'll do like what they did with that animator's palate bread knife which eventually it ended up in the gift shops on board and Mickey's mainsail because so many of them disappeared off the ship. Um. 43:51.41 dclduo Well it just you know, just. 44:03.77 dclduo Except they haven't done that. Yeah oh geez. Yeah yeah, yeah, well. 44:05.86 Kaley First they need to start selling the birds. Ah. 44:08.23 Sam Yes, the birds. Yeah. 44:08.47 Ashley Norton Ah, there's no way you would get home that thing is so fragile no way. 44:11.24 Kaley No I agree but I do think it's a missed opportunity. It was all of it was just beautifully done. 44:18.54 dclduo Yeah, well and they haven't even started selling the like I agree with you that Tiana's place water glasses would not be difficult to get home and I think they're so fun and they don't sell those in the gift shop but I'm sure that there is a ah location where you can buy some of that stuff somewhat illicitly called ebay. 44:25.75 Kaley Yep. 44:31.72 Kaley Ah, we will not speak of that location. Don't encourage them Brian. 44:37.45 dclduo Ah, ah, ah you know some sometimes stuff ends up on there that I'm like how did that make it there like the Palo charging plates because these days they're like you sit down and they're immediately grabbing that you don't even get a chance to look at and they're like nope. 44:41.22 Sam I know. 44:47.18 Sam And they're really, they're quite big. That's not something that one like can fit in their purse I Just don't see like there are things that are easily fit in a purse and that charging plate is just not one of them I Just don't understand. 44:57.94 dclduo Yeah, fair, well so no adult dining or did we do a brunch did we do a Palo brunch on the ceiling. 45:01.83 Kaley It's crazy. 45:08.67 Kaley Rob and I did apollo brunch yes, we did and it was um, it was incredible. It was actually the best apollo brunch experience we've ever had our so our server was just incredible. 45:14.95 dclduo Really. 45:15.64 Sam Um, wow. 45:20.84 Kaley And we really connected with him and I mean the food is always great. So the food wasn't that different of course I had the lasagna. That's my favorite thing probably on any Disney ship. Um, but it just the space is so beautiful going through the rose. We did have a drink at the rose. At one point I don't think on the way to brunch though because I don't think it was open at that time but the space is incredible. The food was fantastic and we just happened to have an incredible server. Um, it was a really wonderful experience. 45:50.83 Sam Awesome. 45:53.80 dclduo You know that we love Pat Lo brunch we definitely we're having it in a couple weeks on board the wish. Ah my only criticism is I wish they'd like they did such a good job changing up pao dinner on the wish I think it would have been really fun to reimagine the brunch experience on the wish. 46:08.22 Kaley Yeah. 46:11.90 dclduo Um, and I agree that space is nice I don't know Kaley did you find it I found it too open I felt like they could have fit a few more people in there just felt a little too spaced out. 46:20.28 Kaley Well what I thought was interesting about it is that I don't know if you went all the way back, but it's sort of space after space after space after space and they're all a little bit different and I kind of liked that it was like who are we going to sit in this space. Oh no, we're still walking. Oh. 46:29.26 Sam Yeah. 46:34.73 dclduo Um. 46:38.82 Kaley Are we going to sit in this place. Oh no, we're still walking. You know we went pretty far back. Um, it didn't feel too open to us. We were at one of the large booths that you know sort of face out towards the um, the water and we were I guess in Nasa on that day. Um. 46:41.70 dclduo Yeah, okay. 46:41.87 Sam Ah, yeah. 46:47.39 Sam Me. 46:48.35 dclduo Oh. 46:56.48 Kaley It. It felt great to us I didn't notice that particularly I did like the different spaces because it felt like almost like consistent with the ship a number of small spaces. 47:06.31 Sam Yeah, that's kind of the theme of the wish. 47:07.50 dclduo Yeah, it may just be my juxtaposition of Aaron Dele it may just be my juxposition of Aaron Del versus Palo. So it's actually space to move around. But yes, yeah. 47:15.53 Sam Ah, yeah, for sure. Oh. 47:16.30 Ashley Norton The only adult thing I did was I got a facial on the cruise. So I haven't checked out the rainforest room or any of the adult dining yet. But I did I did get to sneak away and while Catherine was in the kids club and get a facial. 47:28.90 dclduo Nice. 47:30.77 Sam How did you enjoy the spot. That's actually 1 spot that Brian and I have really not been in. Um, yeah I see we're seeing thumbs down. Yeah, we're watching so for our listeners they can't see video because we this we're not recording video on this. Um. 47:34.58 dclduo Who we're seeing thumbs down across the board here. Yeah. 47:46.75 Sam But you're giving us thumbs down I'm curious about this because we obviously Brian and I experienced the rainforest room I did experience the salon I got my my nails done. Um well my toenails done. Um, but. I did not get to use the spa that one experience we wanted to do which was this like float on air massage thing imajig. They did not have actually up and running on the maiden so we canceled they were like trying to offer us a regular massage and I was like no, that's not what I signed up for yeah. 48:14.34 Kaley For the record, it's still not running. It was not running. They told us it was still not running because I asked about it. Good luck I'm going to wish you luck. 48:19.10 Sam Well, we're booked on it and they haven't canceled it. Wow you know I believe you it's probably not running but they'll what they'll try. They'll try and do the same thing they did to us the last time which is they just book rebooked us for a regular couples massage and when we found out we canceled and I was actually kind of pissed. 48:28.40 dclduo Um, that's crazy. 48:33.21 Kaley Yes. 48:38.90 Kaley Yeah. 48:39.19 Sam They didn't call and ask and say hey we we don't have this experience available. But if you'd like we're happy to offer you a couples massage. But yeah, um. 48:46.95 Kaley We went for a full tour of the spa on embarkation day which was fabulous. It was nice that it was sort of open house and we could see all the spaces and the person who took us through on the tour said oh no, don't book this because it's not even up and running yet to sort of gave us that inside scoop. 49:02.14 Sam Wow. 49:05.96 Kaley And then we did proceed to get the day passes for the rainforest room for the following day which ultimately ended up being a big waste of money because we had already walked through and seen all the spaces and taken all the photos. Um, we you know, enjoyed the different room than the loungers and. 49:16.75 Sam This. 49:24.59 Kaley Outdoor space but I will say for us. It's just not really that enjoyable of a space. It feels even in that outdoor space where they have the hanging beds and the hot tubs. Um, it feels sort of closed in and just sort of open to the ceiling like. 49:39.26 Sam And. 49:41.63 Kaley And you have the people on the walking track which there's obviously been lots of feedback about that. They're all looking to out and saying well what's that oh there's the spot down there and it just um I much prefer a fantasy or dream where you know the loungers are facing out and they have hot tubs that face out to the water and. 50:00.93 Kaley I'm glad I saw it and took the photos but I don't know that I would book spa again on that ship that is the 1 thing that was a disappointment for us. 50:04.40 Sam Interesting, interesting and Ashley what was your perspective. 50:11.18 Ashley Norton I Had a wonderful facial and so the facial was phenomenal. Um, but yeah I agree I did not like this spa space it you walked in and there was retail space for very expensive things. Not even the traditional wall of what is it Elementmis is that how you say those. 50:25.23 Sam Write Spa projects. Yeah. 50:28.48 Ashley Norton Spa products there. Um, they're the sitting room while waiting for your facial. What felt like they you know on a school bus when they packed way too many people into one bench on a school bus. That's what it was like and you couldn't go anywhere and also. 50:41.86 Sam Ah, oh wow. 50:47.88 Ashley Norton The fire alarm goes off constantly because every time someone opens the steam room inside. It sets off ah the the steam and the smoke sensor it sets off and so we all then had to evacuate and the spa personnel didn't come and get us. 50:48.98 Sam What. 50:55.65 Sam Oh my gosh. 51:03.35 Ashley Norton And the 3 or 4 people that were sitting. There were kind of thinking oh lordie you know the ship's on fire and um and so we walk outside. No it was not and no this is just the spa. Just. 51:07.41 Kaley This sounds so relaxing. 51:09.57 Sam Wow Wow! No this is the spa. This is just the spa where she's she's waiting for her facial and then the alarm is going off. Yeah, the comfy lounger. Yeah. 51:11.44 dclduo Wait is this the is this the rainforest room or a different steam area. 51:21.20 Ashley Norton Like usually you sit in those nice comfy chairs. Not the heated towels. But at least like there's a lovely seat to sit in. No this was packed like sardines and an alarm going off and it yeah it was no buno. Um, my facial was fine. It was great I enjoyed it. Um I'm I'm looking. 51:22.10 dclduo Yeah, so. 51:26.76 Sam Sort of waiting room. Yeah oh my god. 51:40.66 Ashley Norton Forward to seeing the rainforest room but I like using the rainforest room at night and sitting on that tile lounger after dinner after a show and it's just me and my kid and husband have gone to bed and it's right before they close the spa and I kind of fall asleep on that tile lounger. 51:43.52 Sam M. 51:54.10 Sam Um. 51:58.64 Ashley Norton And that's what I've enjoyed on the other ships. Um, and there's usually no one in there. So it'll be issuing to experience. Um, quality of service. Great actual spot experience Thumbs down. 52:01.75 Sam Um. 52:07.82 dclduo So so one thing I will caution you about on the rainforest room is I don't know that it's open the same hours as the spa because it's a separate area and because there's outdoor space and all this stuff like I felt like it closed earlier than the spa. 52:17.87 Ashley Norton So. 52:22.22 Sam Early I think so too. 52:24.19 Kaley On our sailing. It definitely was open until ten P M and and because we asked about that thinking? Oh we'll come back later in the day I will also add that when we were in that outdoor space sort of I guess it's on deck is it on deck 5 52:26.14 dclduo Yeah, so yeah. 52:27.93 Sam Lo ok. 52:29.30 dclduo Okay, okay. 52:41.90 Sam Yeah, stick 5 because it's right by? yeah. 52:43.57 Kaley Trying to remember there. You know how the walking track sort of goes all around deck 5 right? Earth it 4 wherever it goes where then you have to go up to go around the back up to 5 52:50.62 Ashley Norton Um, one of the three decks. The walking track is on. 52:51.56 Sam Um, it um right right? So it goes from 4 to 5 to 6 Yeah. 53:01.95 Kaley So there were people who were on the main walking track who didn't go up the stairs and just came into the outdoor space and they were sort of like oh where are we I mean the doors were propped open on either side. It was very bizarre. It was very bizarre. Yeah. 53:07.18 Sam Oh gosh Oh that's annoying. Yeah, that's annoying that that I can understand that happening during open house hours when they're doing a tour but it should not be open any other time. 53:25.20 Ashley Norton But to those people's I'm sure they weren't trying to get in somewhere. They're just a million different doors. You have to open yeah and you and that was 1 thing going back to just the ship in general. Um I went the entire second day without seeing water because. 53:26.43 Kaley No, they were confused. 53:26.76 Sam No, of course not yeah yeah. 53:40.35 Sam Um, Wow. Wow. 53:41.21 Ashley Norton I had no sightlines to water and and usually if I'm walking from Ford to aft and I'm on deck four I will always take that promenade on the outside and the doors open right? there there were the doors to the promenade were solid and you couldn't. 53:41.95 dclduo O. 53:42.99 Kaley Yeah, yeah. 53:51.26 Sam Right. M. 53:59.31 Ashley Norton So you didn't even know if it was a door to the outside. So the the whole concept of the sight lines and and seeing down the ship and whether you're inside or outside all of that. It's so boxy and broken up. Um, so you can go if you don't like water and. 54:12.18 Kaley And. 54:14.30 Sam Mm. 54:17.88 Ashley Norton Pretend You're not on a boat. This is the cruise ship for you because you can go but seriously yep if you're I mean if you are worried about water then um, yeah, just cruise the wish and you'd never have to see it. 54:19.66 Sam Ah, yeah, just stay off the top decks. Yeah, ah. 54:29.83 Sam That's so funny. That's so funny. All right? We've got to talk a little bit about the the kids club and um and what Katherine thought of it. Um, Ashley what did you think of it I know you you probably went during an open house and and what was Catherine's review of the. Ocean ears club. 54:48.42 Ashley Norton Yeah, she um we I went during open house to the Marvel and the star wars section and the star wars section was so neat and I'm not even a big star wars fan and I thought it was so cool. Ah seeing the kids do that thing in the Marvel section where they try on the suit and then they do the interactive game with it. 54:53.76 Sam Um, yeah. 55:06.19 Ashley Norton That looked really neat. Um, Catherine absolutely loved the regular section. The princess section the fairy tale and she did that roller coaster design your own rollercoaster thing a bazillion times. She loved that game. Um. 55:11.60 Sam The. Yes. 55:23.40 Ashley Norton She actually asked her right before the recording I said what do you? What do you want to talk about in terms of ah the wish versus the wonder and she said that um the princess room was very relaxing if you just wanted to sit there and draw and be in a princess fairy tale. 55:38.54 Sam I Love it. 55:40.84 Ashley Norton Um, she likes the play climbing area on the other ships where you have the slide within the club so that you can go on it multiple times and she even said Mom It felt really short meaning it. There was no extra height in the kids club so being on deck too. 55:47.58 Sam Right. 55:56.60 Sam E. 56:00.46 Ashley Norton Um, she couldn't really verbalize the difference but that's what she meant is that there's no extra space. The only slide is the one to enter the club which she took every time but I will say on this upcoming Cruise we're going to give her privileges to check herself. 56:09.22 Sam Right. 56:17.76 Ashley Norton Especially out of the club because the line to check your kid out before any dining rotation or um, after the big events within the kids club where they act out and have ah story time with a particular princess which were phenomenal. Ah, the line was down the hall and moved in. 56:34.30 dclduo E. 56:34.41 Sam Oh wow. 56:36.67 Ashley Norton Incredibly slow and it was incredibly tight and I would see her and wave to her because they'd be doing something kind of right in front of you or I'd see her run pass by to get from the fairy tale to the Marvel section. But then it was a good 30 minutes before I was able to check her out so I am definitely going to. Um. That was just that was unfortunate. Um the the backup there and that design of how you come down the little fancy staircase and then you're just in a crowd of people. You don't know if you're checking a kid in checking a kid out it was it was confusing. 56:56.95 Sam Yeah. 56:57.52 dclduo Yeah. 57:10.76 Sam Yeah. 57:10.78 dclduo Yeah I was going to say it's a misnomer on Disney Cruise line by the way because we did not have Nathan with privileges to check out of the kids club on 1 of our sailings but he could check him in all day long. He could go check in all day like they're not. They don't require a parent there to get in. They just require them to get out. 57:23.52 Sam Yeah, there. Yeah, there is no check in. Yeah, there's no privilege for check in and as long as they've got the as long as they've got their band on them. They can check themselves in. But yeah, it's a checkout because that the whole idea. 57:27.31 Ashley Norton Um, ah. 57:30.41 Ashley Norton Thank you. 57:30.52 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah. 57:36.40 Kaley And. 57:38.51 dclduo Yeah, they call it check in check out privileges on the form that you fill out. But in reality they were not enforcing that some parents had to drop you off to check into the kids club. Um yeah. 57:44.94 Sam Yeah, well I mean it makes sense right? It's it's more about somebody taking your kid not go them going into secure play time. Yeah. 57:52.15 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 57:56.87 Ashley Norton She she definitely enjoyed it. She loved the club. She can't wait to go back? Um, however, the last 2 sailings we were on were during the pandemic restart era and so it was less kids obviously um and she enjoyed that. 58:04.34 Sam Right? Yeah, what 1 thing yeah 1 thing I'll note for people who are listening about the slide difference. So the only kids clubs that have a slide inside the kids club or sorry the only. 58:07.43 dclduo Right. 58:09.87 Kaley Um, didn't we all. 58:20.94 Sam Ships that have a slide inside. The kids club are the magic and the wonder the fantasy and the dream do not have a slide inside the kids club. They actually don't have any slide period. Um, except for the water slides. Um, they do not have any kind of kids club slide. So it is unique to the magic and the wonder it's something I think a lot of kids like. Ah, will say despite the difference in the slide Nathan prefers. The kids club on the wish because he just thinks it's so cool with all the different interactive augmented reality stuff. All the all the ipad stuff you can do he just loves yeah I feel like we've got to talk about shows and then I mean. Have to at least briefly talk about the deck food right? Um, so because that's it's just so different right on the wish. Um, yeah, oh yeah, very good point. Um, so let's let's talk real quick then about the shows. 59:05.11 Kaley We should talk about concierge a little too because I know there's been a lot of talk about that. 59:17.28 Sam Which which one was your actually don't tell me your favorite because I want to save that for rapid fire. Um, but I'd love to hear sort of general impressions of the shows. You've got three I don't know if you saw all 3 because you're only on a three night selling ok all right? Well um. 59:27.40 Ashley Norton We did. 59:32.56 Sam Were you impressed. We've got 3 Well we're not going to say 3 new shows. We've got 2 new shows and 1 repeat from the other ships. But what do you think. 59:40.75 Ashley Norton I had heard so much type about sees the adventure that first night show that was great but to me I thought it was going to just be blowing me ah away because I'd heard so much hype about it. So yes, it was wonderful I did like how they mixed. 59:45.47 Sam V. 59:52.54 Sam New. 59:59.96 Ashley Norton Songs together who was was it elsa and Mara and who was the third princess that song it. It was really neat I oh it. Yes, it is maana it was really neat. So I enjoyed that in general I like how they used the sides of the stage. 01:00:02.17 Sam Yes, oh my god who was it nowaana is it Moana yeah. It. 01:00:18.52 Ashley Norton For the project mapping and how they came through the audience. Um, of course I loved all 3 shows we loved Broadway we're going to see all 3 again when we sail. Um, so that's what I thought about see the adventure. Everyone should go see the shows I mean hands down I'm committed to that. 01:00:33.39 Sam Yeah Kaylee thoughts. 01:00:36.99 Kaley We we loved all 3 shows I was excited for the 2 new shows being cc adventure and little mermaid. Both were incredible I mean the little mermaid adaptation was just phenomenal. Um, we were on the fence about seeing Aladdin because we've seen it so many times on. Fantasy and then we've seen it at Disneyland you know when it was there and but of course we had to be with our family the Norton and go see the show. Um, and I'm so glad we did. We actually had ah a technical issue during our show and they shut it down for a good I don't know 30 minutes or so. 01:00:55.32 Sam Right. 01:01:12.30 Sam Um, oh Wow Wow. Ah. 01:01:12.37 Kaley Aladdin sort of aladdin actually he actually sprained his ankle right at the very beginning when he was running through the street scene and we saw it happen and we were sort of like wait. What just happened and then all of a sudden the curtain went down and Darren came you know Darren Cruise director came out and said just. 01:01:12.60 Ashley Norton Um, they shut it down twice first time for 11 Yeah. 01:01:24.40 Ashley Norton Um, yeah I'm whispering saying what's going on. Yeah. 01:01:30.84 Kaley Everybody be patient. We've had an issue and you know people were like stirring and do we leave and we stuck it out and I'm really glad we did because Aladdin was it was different than the fantasy I mean that's super different. You know the story is the story but we really enjoyed it. We loved all 3 shows and I would I'm really glad we went to all 3 01:01:32.25 Sam Oh my goodness. 01:01:40.68 Sam Right. 01:01:47.80 Sam Awesome! yes. 01:01:47.16 Ashley Norton I loved the female empowerment twists on both little mermaid and Aladdin and Catherine loved it too. The fact that spoiler alert Ariel saves herself with her voice at the end and it's the choreography. The choreography hold on the. 01:01:52.37 Kaley Plus. 01:02:06.00 Ashley Norton Unk of every single stage show and um, you know deck show because of course we did the sale away and the pirate night stuff and all of that the choreography they have taken up a notch was so amazing. Love the tap dance by the way she was great. Um, but yeah, we really liked little mermaid. 01:02:09.17 Sam X No yeah. 01:02:25.40 Ashley Norton A lot and I'm very excited because of the diverse casting that they had for every show to be honest from elsa to um to ah Ariel Eric just everyone um was fantastic I loved that we got to see the um. 01:02:28.58 Sam With me. 01:02:43.19 Ashley Norton The interruptions in Aladdin because I'm a theater geek and I thought that was really cool to see how they could shift everything around and then the carpet was supposed to fly and didn't have quite enough pixie dust so they had to pause the show for that too. Ah, but I thought it was just so real world life goes on the show goes on. 01:02:43.23 Sam Here. 01:02:53.25 Sam Yeah. 01:02:59.69 Sam Yeah, yeah, awesome. All right? So we've got to move to back to the pool deck just for a quick discussion about the the pool deck food Um, tell me why it's the best. 01:03:01.60 Ashley Norton We appreciated it and the cast was was so good. 01:03:17.24 Sam Pool Deck food in the fleet. Ah, unless you disagree. Ah. 01:03:17.67 dclduo Here. 01:03:21.36 Kaley This one is goodnna. This one is going to have to be Ashley because we never made it out to pull deck so we were really conflicted because it's only three days so your embarkation day was concier's lunch Nasa day was Paulo Brunch 01:03:21.79 Ashley Norton So Kaylee did you have any foods. 01:03:26.75 Sam And oh my goodness. Yeah. 01:03:37.62 Sam Alo brunch. 01:03:38.25 Kaley And then we had castaway so we never had a lunch and I had all of this fabulous food in the concierge lounge from the kitchen and so we did end up getting food from there. But what what suffered was the pool deck and I was really bummed because I have heard that is the 1 thing I've heard nothing but good things about is the. 01:03:44.70 dclduo Yes. 01:03:56.73 Kaley Variety and the options and the quality of the pull deck food. So Ashley please tell me all about the things I missed. 01:04:01.20 Ashley Norton Um, well the soft serve ice cream was top notch. Ah, um, so we went for the pizza because as an allergy family. The quick service food is a bit of just logistics. 01:04:03.20 Sam Ah, right, of course as always. Ah. 01:04:13.31 Sam Um, yeah. 01:04:15.41 Ashley Norton Ah, but it just takes longer and so I I wanted to try the mexican food and the barbecue food and I will on our upcoming cruise when we have that extra fourth day. Ah, but we only went for the pizza and the staff was great. We got our own individual pizzas. Um, and next time my plan is to order the pizzas. Well my husband and Catherine. Do the pools and the akaide a few times while the pizzas are waiting because it does take ah take a hot minute. But oh my gosh that pizza quality was phenomenal. Katherine got the regular cheese. We got the um I got the arugula and prosciutto I think it is combo. Phenomenal. Great service. Loved it. 01:04:39.94 Sam Um, yeah. 01:04:44.80 Sam Um, we've heard that. Yeah um. 01:04:54.27 Ashley Norton Um, and if you're a drink of the day person but you don't like rum just go over to that pull Deck bar or whatever it's called right next to softserve and they will make you the drink of the day in the fun souvenir glass but they can switch it say from rum to tequila you know, just if you're a fan of tequila instead pro tip. 01:05:10.78 Kaley That's a pro tip right? there. 01:05:12.13 Sam Yeah, yeah, or not ah or whatever, whatever your alcohol of choices. Ok, well now we've got to talk. It's shift and talk a little bit about concierge. Um, we know Ashley that you've sailed concierge pre previously but that you did not sail a concierge on this trip. 01:05:13.38 Ashley Norton But etc. Yes. 01:05:27.33 Sam Which brings me to the topic of 1 what is it like sailing with friends who are not staying conciers when you are and vice versa and then I do want to get into a little bit of the details and your review of of concierge experience. Um Kaylee because I know it is different on the wish. Then on the other four ships. So I guess yeah, let's let's ah, we'll start with you kale on sort of how it is sailing with friends who are not staying conciiers. 01:05:56.30 Kaley So I tell my clients all the time that it's not an issue at all if you have a so ah group of people some of whom are conciers and some are are not the differences between my experience on this cruise and Ashley's mostly came from kid and no kid. 01:06:09.10 Sam Here. 01:06:11.17 Kaley More so than concierge and non concierge. Um, we met up at the port and said hello and you know, um Rob and Katherine unoff and did their thing and then we boarded separately. 01:06:12.19 Ashley Norton I Totally agree that. 01:06:23.66 Kaley We kind of each did our own thing we came together for dinner I mean I would say every day we came together for dinner even if our experiences during the day were a little different but again that came from kid no kid more so than concierge non concierge. Um, you know we we brought our concierge. 01:06:24.23 Sam Um. 01:06:41.19 Kaley Wind down to Ashley every night at dinner from the from the lounge which was very nice. Um, but you know she's so there's plenty of popcorn to she I think Ashley might still be eating it I'm not sure I know she took some home on the plane. 01:06:47.39 Sam I Hear there were some popcorn smuggled as well. 01:06:50.42 Ashley Norton And that popcorn I Love that popcorn. 01:06:57.13 Sam Yeah. 01:06:59.40 Kaley If I had known I would have gotten more because it's really very readily available in the lounge. Um, but I would say you know if you're spending time in the lounge then you're obviously not with friends or family who are non concierge but there's so much to do on the ship. Outside of the lounge that it's really, you know it's a non-issue. It's a non-issue. 01:07:21.40 Sam Um. 01:07:21.75 Ashley Norton I'll say I missed the fact that I didn't get to see the lounge hosts that I've known from other ships so that to me I wanted to go give them. You know a hug and say hi because we have made friends before but I did see them out and about on the ship but agree it was the kid versus adult. Only. 01:07:25.50 Sam E. 01:07:38.92 Ashley Norton Where we separated ah most often and this was my second time not being conciered and I've sailed ah several times with people that were not and it was fine because everybody wants to break off and kind of do their own thing throughout the day whether it's the and credit course which we need to try or that. 01:07:51.84 Sam I. 01:07:58.28 Ashley Norton Game around the ship with your thank you. So there's so many things to do that I just kind of see the lounge or the conciier specific things to just be 1 more thing that you can break off and do as little Minig groups and then coming back together for dinner and so we thought it was we thought it was great. 01:07:58.62 Sam Yes, uncharted adventure. 01:08:00.40 Kaley Yes. 01:08:17.40 Ashley Norton And we have an upcoming sailing where we are again. Not concierge. We're all still on deck seven because I think that's just the perfect deck for any ship really because you can easily get a few decks walk up and a few decks you can walk down so you're never too far from anything. 01:08:29.26 Sam Easy. 01:08:33.48 Ashley Norton Um, especially after the show so we just didn't have to really worry about the elevators as well though they were not a problem like all the drama around the elevators but it was just easy to take the stairs. Um for us. So Yeah I mean I missed the the concierge host and saying hi but otherwise it was just. Fine and normal exploring. 01:08:52.29 Sam Yeah, which brings us to the topic of the service in concierge is that's the 1 thing that we are hearing feedback about um, we ourselves did not sell concierge on the wish early sailings we will be next month interestingly enough for the people listening. We by the time this recording comes out. We will have sailed with Ashley on the wish and we will be sailing in concierge and their family will not be so we'll have this experience firsthand ourselves but Kaley I would love to hear what you thought because you're obviously an expert. Um. In all things Disney Cruise line but I consider you to be an expert in concier specifically because you have sailed concierge on all of the ships now did this did the service level differ on the wish then it you know as compared to the other ships. 01:09:39.49 Kaley Um, yes, that's correct. We have sailed concierge on all 5 ships now. Um I do not think for I would not say for 1 bit did the service suffer on this cruise for having so many more concierge staterooms. The service was incredible. There were 5 hosts on our sailing and they were all great and there was at any time that we needed something. There were multiple hosts there who could assist um, the fact that they're standing at their desk with sort of the laptops is a little different than when they're seated on the other ships. And you can go sit down and you can sort of chit chatt and there's like so little more time built in to just sort of get to know them and I certainly see that that's an issue that some people have um, but the the service was excellent. It was phenomenal. It was. 01:10:31.74 Sam Um. 01:10:32.33 Kaley Exactly what I've come to expect from our previous experience. There were several hosts who we've become friends with over the years and we certainly had time to check in and say hello and catch up and that was lovely. Um, but like I said anytime we needed something if we went to that host and. There was there were multiple people there and somebody was available to help us. We never had to wait there. There have been many times over the years that we've cruised trans when we're playing games and the lab we always would bring cards and play games in the lounge when the hosts or somebody there would you know come sit with us. Oh what are you playing teach me how to play this and. 01:11:02.62 Sam Right. 01:11:11.79 Kaley What did you do today. There's not really that same free time. Um, you're busy. They're busy and I understand that and I went into it knowing that but I didn't feel like I had to fight for attention I didn't I mean we had the chance to sort of. 01:11:13.10 Sam Great. They're busy. They're quite busy. Yeah. 01:11:24.42 Sam Um, right. 01:11:29.39 Kaley Catch up and say hello and we didn't You know we didn't suffer for the number of rooms that were there. 01:11:35.98 Ashley Norton I actually um I was interested to see if my service would be different, not concierge and I made a better relationship with our stateroom host on a three night cruise in a regular inside room than I did with our stateroom host sailing concierge seven night Alaska 01:11:38.92 Sam So m. 01:11:52.62 Kaley How. 01:11:53.85 Ashley Norton So I yes and so I loved our stateroom host. Um in terms of how she bonded with Catherine and would write on the little whiteboard on our door and everything like that. So um I the service does not. 01:11:53.85 Sam Um, Wow yeah. 01:12:09.14 Ashley Norton The service is phenomenal. No matter what stateroom you sail in. 01:12:10.71 Kaley Yeah yep I agree with that. 01:12:10.72 Sam Yeah, love hearing that I do want to ask about the food in concierge because we know there are some additional food offerings for those who haven't listened to some of our other episodes on concierge I would definitely tell you to go back in our catalog and do that. We talk a lot about the differences on on all of the ships. We've talked a lot about it with Kaylee in particular we have a show out with her that focuses on that. But I'm curious specifically about the food on the wish because I know there are hot food items on the wish in concierge. 01:12:42.53 Kaley Um. 01:12:44.90 Sam That there are not on the other ships. They're typically just kind of sandwiches finger foods that sort of a thing did you get to experience some of that food and how was it. Kaylee. 01:12:52.56 Kaley We did get you experience that food and it was fantastic. It's a really nice offering. We got breakfast there one day I think we did really early breakfast there so that then we could also go do sit down breakfast at 1923 01:13:07.61 Sam Ah, nice. 01:13:09.21 Kaley Um, sit down breakfast is always one of our favorites so we didn't want to miss out on that but I felt like it was. You know my responsibility to try out this hot food in the concierge lounge. So we got a little light breakfast there and then we had a little light lunch I think on I think on two of the days we managed a little hot lunch. Um, and the food was fantastic and um glen formerly with Disney Cruzine who has moved on to other disney amazing things told me that the menu actually changes every day which I didn't realize so here I thought I was ticking the box and saying okay I've tried the concierge hot food and he said oh no, it's different every day. So. 01:13:35.51 Sam Oh wow. 01:13:42.85 Sam Oh my goodness. 01:13:44.83 Kaley Um, that was nice to hear and I like I said I really I long for the time when the Disney wish sales a longer itinerary because there's just there was so much that we couldn't experience um and everything that we experienced was great. So the food was fantastic. We loved it. So. 01:14:02.50 Ashley Norton Our breakfast experience was a bit different ah because Marselene Market was it was a lot and it was a lot pre coffee for me. Um I'm not a cabanas gal. 01:14:03.18 Kaley So. 01:14:05.10 Sam Yeah, yeah I find Caban is yeah I find Caban is to be a lot too. I'm actually I I find breakfast just kind of crazy in general on the Cruise. I Don't love the sit down breakfast though because I just takes too darn long for me. That's my only criticism I Actually I like the peacefulness of the sitdown breakfast but it's too slow and so I usually end up going. This is the ah pro tip or maybe not I go to cabanas. 01:14:28.33 Ashley Norton Okay. 01:14:28.41 Kaley Um. 01:14:42.15 Sam For the family and I grab us a bunch of food and I bring it back to the room and we eat in our stateroom. The 3 of us typically that's usually how breakfast goes. Yeah, what. 01:14:48.44 Kaley Love it. 01:14:49.00 Ashley Norton Um, yeah, my go to person Daniel was not sailing with me so I had to go get. 01:14:55.86 Sam You to get at your stop? Um, oh my god your personal Butler was not sailing with yeah yes. 01:14:55.99 dclduo Ah. 01:14:58.41 Kaley Um. 01:15:00.39 Ashley Norton Oh but he will be in April so all it will be well. Um, what I did really enjoy though is I could grab a couple of things and good coffee was right there so having that coffee bar. Yes and make sure you get the little card because if you order x number of drinks throughout your sailing you get. 01:15:07.22 Sam Yeah, yes. 01:15:12.52 dclduo Yes, that. 01:15:12.79 Sam E. 01:15:17.56 Ashley Norton 1 free and I forget the details because I didn't realize it until day 3 but um, okay. 01:15:19.12 Sam every 5 every five so after you we buy 5 you get 1 free so and we I in love if we're sailing concierge. We don't do a lot of that because we get our free coffee in the morning. Our free lattes in the morning although Brian still gets cold brew. 01:15:34.57 dclduo I Still get cold Brew Ryan brought to you by Cold brew. Yep. 01:15:37.19 Sam Later in the day so he still does use that card. But even yeah Brian is brought to you but but in general if you are a coffee drinker. Um, and if you're wanting specialty coffee drinks or really. 01:15:42.35 Ashley Norton Um. 01:15:49.87 Ashley Norton Yeah, decent. 01:15:50.66 Sam Just decent coffee because I I have to say I think Jeffreys is terrible that coffee card is is the best. 01:15:56.64 Ashley Norton Um, and there's. 01:15:57.00 Kaley Pro tip you can use the coffee card for espresso martinis. Yes, you can I learned that and then I also learned that you know on wish they have this super cool um drink. 01:16:02.40 Sam Um, no, you can't oh my god. 01:16:04.80 Ashley Norton Kaylee. 01:16:11.80 Ashley Norton And print. Yeah. 01:16:12.62 Kaley Image maker. You know the sort of whatever the whatever that's called the magic. They cannot put Disney characters on an alcoholic drink. Those are the 2 things I learned that the coffee the coffee card the coffee card works for espresso martini or any alcoholic drink that you're getting at any of those places. 01:16:14.43 Sam Um, yes, yeah. 01:16:19.62 dclduo Oh my I would I would think that Disney is. 01:16:20.50 Sam No way Oh my God achievements unlocked. 01:16:32.15 Kaley And no disney characters on a drink that has alcohol in it. Yeah no disney character so they could put wish or they could put you know welcome home or but there couldn't be an actual I'm not sure if it was Marvel but you could I was like can I do. 01:16:33.56 Sam Wow. 01:16:36.86 dclduo Wait No no Disney character or did you Ah how about you that makes that makes sense. 01:16:41.56 Sam Right? You have a logo yeah can have mickey. Yeah nope that's okay I'll take the Disney wish logo I'll take. 01:16:51.11 Kaley Niki I'm a micy and she was like no Disney character on a drink that has alcohol. Yeah yeah. 01:16:54.50 dclduo Yeah, okay, that makes sense. Yeah. 01:16:59.50 Sam Ah, welcome home logo All of that stuff sounds so fun. 01:17:02.15 Ashley Norton I was so tired and it was so early that I did not care and didn't even know there was an imprint machine. Um, so I just needed the caffeine. So I I needed the caffeine I enjoyed it and we will continue to have breakfast in our stay room. 01:17:04.94 Sam Yes. 01:17:05.00 Kaley Ah. 01:17:11.30 Sam Ah, you just need the caffeine. 01:17:15.56 Sam Yeah I do I have to agree with you though? Ashley I think that the fact that marcellline market has that coffee bar right? There is a game changer. They should add that into cabanas because I can't I cannot drink. Joy's coffee in the morning is not going to happen I can maybe drink. 01:17:23.97 Ashley Norton Game changer. 01:17:34.82 Sam Ah, decaf with my dessert at dinner and main dining I can That's the only joys I will typically have is you know if I'm having something with with ah with my dessert I can I can deal with it. But yeah, it's just ah, having that good. Coffee is is just awesome. 01:17:49.40 Ashley Norton And it was open on debarcation day because this was my first time getting off the boat not having that express walk off with concierge and stuff and um it was not an issue whatsoever to to. 01:17:51.15 Sam Here. 01:17:58.88 Sam Um. 01:18:03.41 Ashley Norton Get down the decks and to walk off so that was perfectly fine. But I really I thought I was going to miss out on coffee that day and turns out the cute little one with the sword thing. That's right next to the where you order your pictures. Yes, the enchanted sword and then you have to do your shutters. Get your link. 01:18:13.10 Kaley The enchanted sword. 01:18:21.76 Ashley Norton Ah, for your photos I did all of that um embarkation day was was easy. Low-key it was yeah it was a non-issue sailing in a regular room. Ah for us. 01:18:35.00 Sam Um, awesome Brian is there any topic that I have missed. 01:18:40.70 dclduo Asha I feel like it will hold on as an aside Derek can note this out. Ah, do we talk hero zone. Okay, so let me let me look I thought okay let me tee up that let me te up the. 01:18:46.27 Sam We did not but they didn't really get to do it right? Yeah, yeah, we're gonna get to go on it. Yeah, you can tee it up though. 01:18:46.42 Kaley Not yet, we watched it together. 01:18:49.12 Ashley Norton Um I watched it. 01:18:58.18 dclduo Okay, yeah, so um, so I wanted to get your impressions if you saw or were in the hero zone and saw any of the inflatables like what does you think about that space And yeah, yeah. 01:19:07.28 Ashley Norton Fantastic idea. Yeah I think the the idea was fantastic. I Love the fact that it's all inside that you it can be so multipurpose and that you can play ping pong or air hockey or all these other little games as a family. 01:19:25.42 Sam Here. 01:19:25.71 Ashley Norton Bonding activity. It was taken over by families of teenagers I loved it or tweens. Um, we watched the and credit course and we have a strategy Catherine and I have a strategy for when we compete coming up in April um. 01:19:40.19 Sam Um, I know I'm like terrified kalee they're going to challenge me and Nathan and I'm a little. 01:19:44.13 Ashley Norton And you have to have your socks oh time. Yeah and I can't wait to see Daniel Crash and burn because he doesn't know the secret to getting through the rings at the beginning that Catherine and I know so it's. 01:19:44.34 Kaley I See a challenge coming on. Ah. 01:19:51.40 Sam Nervous about it. But. 01:19:56.69 Sam No. 01:20:01.57 Ashley Norton I Love it I Think it's fantastic idea. Can't wait to do it multiple times but you need to time it when ah you haven't had a big meal I can't and or much alcohol. It looks a lot of fun. 01:20:11.44 Sam Yeah, yeah, not after like Apollo Bruns yeah Yeah 01:20:11.54 Kaley We that's that's why we didn't that's why we didn't do it because we came and found you after Paulo Brunch that's right it was it was really cool. We stood with these guys and watched it together and we were really impressed. 01:20:18.46 Ashley Norton Um, yeah, yes, and Katherine had. 01:20:27.84 Kaley Rob was completely ready to do it until he saw all the adults crashing and burning in those rings at the beginning of the course. Um the kids definitely have the advantage there for sure, but it was amazing space. 01:20:34.70 Sam Right? right? yes. 01:20:38.10 Ashley Norton And Catherine didn't want to do it because she be refreshed from bipty-boy boutique which we need to talk about that space. Yes, that space is I love the redesign for bibbty-bobby boutique. 01:20:44.21 Sam Oh yeah, so she's all dressed up. Oh gosh. Yeah. 01:20:54.37 Ashley Norton I love that they've changed it from ah very godmother's in training to fery godmother's assistant because now they're both, um, all genders are fairy godmother assistants and um, you can wear pants and everything it was great. So I love the redesign of that space and that's why Catherine didn't want to compete. 01:21:04.87 Sam You see. 01:21:14.21 Ashley Norton Because she had the fresh braids and the poofy dress and the glitter and and all of that. Um, so we just need to time our game plan ah better for the next cruise. 01:21:14.67 Sam Um. 01:21:22.20 Sam Yeah I imagine that's probably the only time ah that Catherine will take off her ears except when she's going to bed or in the pool. 01:21:32.55 Ashley Norton Ah, well she has worn the inflatable ears. They're not meant to be water proof but she has gotten them wet it she wore them to cast away key. Ah yeah. 01:21:35.45 Sam Oh. 01:21:44.24 Sam I love it for those listening. Um Ashley's daughter Catherine literally wears mini mickey ears daily like to school to the theater to everything. Yeah. 01:21:56.85 Ashley Norton Family photos literally everything unless she's riding her horse or when she forced back rides. Ah and or yeah when she sleeps and so um. You do have to take off your ears I would not do it in a dress princess dress. There were several moms remember we watched there were several folks that thought they could get away with maybe like a romper or something you need to have be fully Closed. No spaghetti straps in this in credit course. No but. 01:22:17.54 Kaley Oh no, no, no, no. 01:22:24.68 dclduo Well and I think that actually see is well yeah and I think that actually you have thrown the gauntlet down. It's like the dcl duo versus the the Norton family I think i. 01:22:36.71 Kaley Yes, yes I don't know who I'm rooting for but I am all in. But. 01:22:36.82 Ashley Norton Yeah, we're taking you. We're taking you. 01:22:42.13 dclduo I Surrender I surrender already I'm waving the white flag over here because or the white sock because I can't wear shoes. Um because we had a friend do it on the maiden and he came back bruised and beaten and and and also. 01:22:54.23 Sam Ah, yeah, ah. 01:22:57.99 dclduo Just ashamed that 8 year olds were blowing by him on the course and so I think you know look let's just we I don't know that we can answer the challenge. Ah. 01:22:58.88 Sam E. 01:23:01.73 Kaley Yep, yeah. 01:23:06.35 Kaley You can show up. 01:23:08.50 Ashley Norton Um, okay, well it'll be between between that and um, the the game where you walk around the the ship. What is it Sam again I forgot. 01:23:13.49 Kaley Yes. 01:23:14.33 Sam Uncharted adventure. We totally want to do that. We can definitely do that together. Um, yeah, we've got Nathan he's a video game expert. So we'll be fine. Well just let naep. Yeah. 01:23:15.60 dclduo Oh that we will take you down on no problem. But. 01:23:26.72 Ashley Norton I'm looking forward to but you need to have an audience if you're going to do the in credit course because we were cheering people on for sure. 01:23:31.23 Kaley Somebody needs to record this for sure I need to see video footage of this. 01:23:31.85 Sam Oh yeah, yeah, super fun. Yeah I like it. It might be embarrassing but I feel like we should do it I feel like we should do it. But. 01:23:43.57 Kaley Exactly exactly. 01:23:43.80 Ashley Norton For your patrons. It's Patron footage right? ah. 01:23:46.10 dclduo There you go there, you go area you go ah Sam any more questions as aside. 01:23:51.31 Sam No, let's just let's just transition to I'm going to do a abbreviated rapid fire I'm just going to do just wish favorites. That's it. That's what were good. Yeah yeah. 01:23:55.53 Kaley Oh gosh I wasn't prepared for this. 01:23:55.97 dclduo Okay, all right? Yeah, wish favorites. Yeah, okay, all right here we go all right? Well you know we love talking about the wish we could talk about it all day but we have reached that point in the show where it's time for some arbitrary questions some arbitrary rules and a bit. Have reached that point in our show where it's time for some arbitrary questions even more arbitrary rules and a dash of judgment are the round we like to call rapid fire. So Sam take it away. 01:24:22.43 Sam Awesome! All right? You guys we're going to keep this focus on Disney Wish favorites. So that's what this is going to be rapid fire on because you guys have been on the show before we will start with favorite wish Stage Show kale. 01:24:37.60 Kaley A little mermaid. 01:24:40.54 Ashley Norton Little mermaid costume design and choreography takes it. 01:24:41.75 Sam Ashley awesome favorite rotational dining on the wish Ashley. 01:24:52.71 Ashley Norton I'm going to have to see Aarendale because of the heart and the emotional connection to frozen. 01:24:56.73 Sam Yeah, kaeley. 01:24:58.16 Kaley A tough one I'm going to say 1923 for the Disney art in history. Yeah yep. 01:25:04.76 Sam Yeah, the history stuff. Yeah, all right favorite bar space on board. The wish kaylee. 01:25:13.42 Kaley The rows for the amazing seats that face out to the water. Yeah. 01:25:18.70 Sam Yes, right answer Ashley I know you didn't get to experience a ton of them but favorite 1 you you did. 01:25:26.81 Ashley Norton I'm I'm going to vote Nightingale's for the fun drinks next time I want to get the frozen martini bubble thing and listen to the piano player. So I know that's going to be my favorite even after going to the others. 01:25:31.54 Sam Yeah, awesome. All right favorite onboard activity on the wish Ashley yeah. 01:25:45.34 Ashley Norton The the pool deck just the excitement of the pool deck which I'm so shocked I Just said that answer. Ah. 01:25:50.85 Sam Yeah, kaylee. 01:25:54.97 Kaley Ah, reading, relaxing and enjoying the concierge sundak. 01:25:57.34 Sam Awesome! All right? This might be controversial. 01:26:00.12 Ashley Norton Oh wait I think we had to say the pirate night night the the crazy show with the fireworks. Yeah. 01:26:08.16 Kaley Vip is always better. 01:26:12.84 Sam Ah, all right I sorry let me think where I'm going next? Ok, no, no, it's ok, it's ok, all right. This might be controversial but Aqua Dunk Aqua Duck Aqua mouse 01:26:17.59 Ashley Norton I and I interrupted sorry. 01:26:31.64 Sam Ashley. 01:26:33.84 Ashley Norton The dunk scares me So no. Ah I like the Aqua mouse because the mickey shorts and the surprising water sprays are fantastic. Loved it. 01:26:46.84 Sam Nice kaylee. 01:26:50.42 Kaley I've chickened out of the dunk every time we've sailed with it. Um I loved the Aqua mouse but I'm going to say the Aqua duck for the family memories. 01:26:58.89 Sam Awesome! All right favorite ship this this is obviously the most the most controversial question but now that you've been on the wish what's your number one ship in the fleet kaylee. 01:27:14.38 Kaley Um, ah I think that fantasy still wins for first place in my heart when door comes in second I'm gonna give wish third place. 01:27:23.60 Sam Wow! All right? Ashley. 01:27:29.47 Ashley Norton I'm going to say to be determined because because we have such great memories on the wonder sailing 3 times with some great family bucket list trips and I want to do the wish again with Daniel and experience. Really the full ship I don't feel like I've had the full ship experience yet and it's been so long since we've been on the dream that I need to do the dream or the fantasy to really properly answer this question for your fans. 01:27:47.33 Sam Yeah. 01:27:55.80 Kaley I can help with that. 01:27:56.12 Sam Absolutely I think yeah I think Kaylee can book you on a few more cruises and you'll have plenty of data to make that determination I think your answer really really boils down to love the one you're with Ashley I mean. 01:28:03.50 Ashley Norton If I must. 01:28:11.16 Kaley Yeah, and I will agree with Ashley that I feel like we had something missing with not having our daughter ruby with us on wish like I need to do it again to fully make a decision. 01:28:11.62 Ashley Norton Yes. 01:28:14.39 Sam You know, whatever ship I'm on is the best in that moment. So I will take it. 01:28:24.87 Sam Um, yeah, all right? Well thanks for playing guys you both win rapid fire. We had so much fun chatting with you finding out your favorites and hearing your impressions of the Disney wish. 01:28:38.12 dclduo Yeah, thanks so much for coming on. It's always always always fun to talk to both of you. So let's get you climbing up in the number of appearances standings on this show as you sail because we love having you on and just thanks so much for taking the time this evening to share your thoughts on the fabulous. 01:28:56.86 Sam And if folks yeah if folks want a book with Kaylee Kaylee why don't you tell our audience where they can find you. 01:28:57.16 Ashley Norton Thanks for having us. 01:28:57.23 dclduo Disney. Wish. 01:29:04.31 dclduo Um, oh yes. 01:29:04.75 Kaley Oh sure I'm always hanging out in the my path unwinding travel Facebook groups and you can find me at my path unwinding Kaylee on Instagram or Facebook. 01:29:15.46 Sam Awesome and please if you reach out to Kaylee let her know that you heard her on our podcast and we'd love to we'd love to hear from more of you. 01:29:25.44 Kaley I have had a number of wonderful listeners reach out to me, especially with this recent release and it's been really great. They all have amazing things to say about the dcl duo and it's been very fun to connect that way. 01:29:37.94 Sam Awesome. 01:29:39.61 dclduo Alright. 01:29:40.40 Ashley Norton And thanks for having us.

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