March 25, 2023


Ep. 300 - Core Memories: The Joy of Cruising Again with Paul Thornton

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Brian Sam
Ep. 300 - Core Memories: The Joy of Cruising Again with Paul Thornton
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 300 - Core Memories: The Joy of Cruising Again with Paul Thornton

Mar 25 2023 | 01:08:18


Show Notes

It's episode 300, and we're excited to be joined by one of our favorite guests, author Paul Thornton, to talk all about his new book They Joy of Cruising Again, available now as an ebook from Amazon, and coming soon in paperback.  We're catching up with Paul all about his third and final book in the Joy of Cruising series - a three-book paen that details the stories of some truly amazing cruiser personalties (including the DCL Duo!). We also wanted to hear all about Paul's newest endeavour - The Joy of Cruising Podcast.  We were so excited to be featured in Paul's latest book where we talk all about our show and our love of Disney Cruise Line, and even more excited to be on Paul's podcast very soon. All that and more on this episode of the DCL Duo Podcast.

If you'd like to purchase Paul's book, you can find it now on Amazon as an ebook, or you can get the paperback directly from Paul's publisher now, where you can get free shipping by using the code: joyofcruisingpodcast. It will also be available as a paperback later this summer on Amazon.  You can find The Joy of Cruising Podcast at its website, on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.  You can connect with Paul on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Episode Transcript

00:00.27 dclduo Welcome back whoa! That's really hot hold on a second. Yeah there we go welcome back everybody to this week's episode of the Dc L Duo Podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and Sam. 00:07.31 Sam Brian's mic is too hot. Yeah. 00:18.25 dclduo Ensconced once again in your green room Popcorn Buckets galore. But you know what this is a special episode very very special episode. 00:22.17 Sam That's right. Um, this is a cele. Yeah, this is a celebration episode this is episode number 300 of The Dcl Duo Podcast we started this little show back in March of 2020 and so we are embarking on. 00:44.22 Sam Season 3 or no season four yeah, we are so we are so we are embarking on season 4 of our podcast and this is episode 300 and we wanted to give the honor of being our 3 Hundredth episode guest. 00:45.21 dclduo Um, yeah season 4 01:00.17 Sam To a very special guest someone who we met early on in this podcast endeavor and whose newest book. We will actually be featured in so we want to welcome to the show. Paul Thornton 01:13.37 Paul T Hello good to see you guys and I am excited and honored to be chosen as your guests on your 3 Hundredth episode congratulations. 01:25.20 Sam Thanks so much Paul. 01:26.29 dclduo Thanks Paul! Yeah yeah, no, it's it's exciting for us. Ah, we recorded our episode 100 the other day to intro season 4 and sam was a gas that we had made it into a fourth season of this show and so here we here we are but. I'm excited to have you on Paul because as sam said you're one of our early guests and after reading your first book the joy of cruising we sourced several guests through your book who had such interesting stories to tell that we thought would be fun for our audience and now you've got book number 2 out cruising interrupted which. Also just a great great book and we're here today to talk about book number 3 in the trilogy of telling great cruising stories which is cruising wait which is the joy of cruising again and so what a great kind of 3 act. Trilogy here that we're so excited to be a part of and we want to talk to you about the book today and some other things you got going on so when we start with the book Paul um, how was it writing the third installment you've you've said I think a couple of times that this is kind of the last book in the series. Ah. I will say I'll see it when I believe it because I know how much you love telling cruising stories. So I'll see it when else I'll believe it when I see it. Ah, but um, you know how was it approaching a book from the standpoint that like this was the third one this was the third act and maybe the final act in the the series of books. 02:51.81 Paul T Well writing this third book was very fulfilling for me because I'll be honest after cruising interrupted I you know cruising interrupted came out at a time when cruising was at a standstill and. I Guess I read too many of those articles taking the cruising industry to task because I was worried cruising was not going to come back and so when it did come Back. You know I felt a celebration was in order and so this book is a celebration. 03:15.10 dclduo Oh. 03:26.28 Paul T Of of the rebirth of the cruising industry. 03:29.55 Sam Absolutely absolutely tell us what was sort of the um, what are the the topics and types of things you're trying to highlight in the third installment of the joy of cruising series. 03:44.54 Paul T Really, it's it's very similar to the first 2 which as you know is a compilation of stories about cruising personalities ah cruisers with a story to tell cruises that I found fascinating. So. Book 3 is pretty much more of the same I've got some incredible new guests. Um, maybe 1 or 2 repeat guests. But it's it's the same style as the first 2 of course in the first couple of chapters you know I I was just kind of. As I said celebrating the fact that cruising had returned and in fact I quoted a bunch of people in the first chapter ah who were on the very first cruises after the lockdown ended and so so but but after the first chapter or 2 then got into what I normally do which is just profile people that I found to be very interesting and that I hope the readers find to be likewise. Very interesting. 04:48.33 Sam Yeah I'd love to know who were the repeat guests who made it in for the second time in the joy of cruising again and. 04:58.67 Paul T Yeah, actually I think the only repeat is is someone who has essentially a ah new life. So so you all know ah Emma of Emma Cruise's so she was in the first book. Ah, and the the name of her. Ah, chapter or feature was ah cruising isn't just for old people because that's her blog when she was twenty three years old that surprisingly won the uks wave award for the bless Cruise blogger and or favorite cruise blogger. 05:16.47 dclduo Who. 05:19.56 Sam Yeah, yep. 05:34.59 Paul T Well, ah you may know that that that Emma has kind of gone through a a a transformation because she no longer is just this 23 year old blogging ah part-time. She's now a full-time. Ah v blogger her sole business is. 05:52.47 dclduo Oh. 05:53.85 Paul T Her cruise business and you know I think that just as a as a small business story. That's that's a story in and of itself. So I talked to her about you know the transition. Um, from from part timer to full timer. Ah. 06:07.43 Sam M. 06:10.31 Paul T And I also recognize you know Emma's the answer to a trivia question. She didn't know it when and until I interviewed her but she is she is the very first cruise personality who agreed to be profiled in the joy of cruising five years ago 06:27.20 dclduo Well. 06:27.30 Sam Oh wow. 06:29.46 Paul T So you know when I when I wrote that book I was just some guy on the internet reaching out to people you know, cold calling and I got plenty of ah of ah of ah phones hung up on me or or emails not answered. However, you want to say it and but Emma was the first person who said yes. 06:37.17 Sam Yep. 06:49.30 Paul T And so I made sure to highlight that in the new book. 06:50.74 dclduo Yeah, we we love we love Emma she has been you know, kind of a background supporter of our show for a while and we just love her and her personality and all the stuff that she puts out on Youtube and. 06:51.54 Sam Oh that's awesome. 07:04.20 dclduo On Facebook and and social media. She's just a really really fun personality in the cruising community. 07:07.96 Sam Yeah, despite despite the fact that she's not actually a fan of Disney Cruise which we think is quite funny but I know because I know because we told her a couple things she did wrong on their first one. But. 07:15.91 dclduo She's although she did put out there that she might try it again. She might give it one more go because I yeah I'm not sure I'm not sure that those yeah well and I'm not sure those UKStateCre I'm not sure those u k staycation cruises were the best representation of Disney Cruise lines so 07:20.20 Paul T Up. 07:32.66 Sam Yeah, right. 07:33.78 dclduo Yeah I think I think she should give it a go and I think she should Emma if you're listening give it a go and and take ah a niece or someone with you and once you see their eyes light up on board Disney knows exactly how to get parents to spend more money. It's their kids just expressions of joy. So. 07:48.68 Sam Well. 07:48.82 Paul T And. 07:50.10 dclduo Paul I'm interested in ah a different time before we dive into like the book itself I had 1 more question for you kind of along the lines of sourcing your your gas or your your the cruisers you're showcasing who's the one that got away who's the one that across 3 books you still would love to talk to them about their. Cruising life. 08:11.78 Paul T Um, probably the biggest name and I'm not surprised that you know I couldn't I couldn't reach her even though I tried for 3 books. Ah, probably the biggest name is Captain Kate of of this of celebrity beyond I thought i. 08:23.33 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 08:28.60 Sam Yeah, yeah. 08:31.47 Paul T Thought there was a shot at at at Captain Kate because I went on celebrity beyond a Mediterranean Cruise for my ah our thirtieth anniversary and and that was her ship but it turns out. 08:36.80 Sam M. 08:42.65 Sam Yeah. 08:45.70 Paul T The one that we went on in October she was on on leave. So so that's that's yeah, so so that was kind of the biggest name that got away although I will be honest with you. 08:46.87 dclduo Yeah. 08:47.95 Sam Oh yeah, so you so you ended up meeting a different captain and yeah. 09:00.70 Paul T I never really expected her to to respond to me I mean I'm sure she gets a zillion podcasters and and writers and bloggers trying to get her to to give them some play. So. 09:11.44 dclduo No for sure for sure. 09:12.10 Sam Yeah, yeah, she is one of those folks in the industry who's obviously very recognizable and is you know she's a celebrity in so not just in this world of celebrity cruises but in the world of cruising in general. So yeah. 09:25.40 dclduo Yeah. 09:25.49 Paul T That there's a couple There's a couple more but here's the thing after I finished the last book which is being printed right now as you know I started a podcast called the jurm cruising podcast and and. You know in my podcast description I mentioned it as I say something like weekly conversations with people I have featured in the cruising books. But then I gave myself some room because I said also you know people who you know we couldn't get our schedule to mesh or. 09:52.54 dclduo Who. 10:04.16 Paul T You know I didn't want to say people who hung the phone up on me. But so so so I I fully expect to get some of the people who who I miss for whatever reason to to get them to come on the podcast. 10:19.85 Sam Yeah, absolutely absolutely I mean there's only so many there's only so many pages that you can have in a book right? and you know depending upon how long you intend to do the podcast for. 10:21.96 Paul T At least I'm got I'm going to try. 10:22.60 dclduo Well I will I will start the kick. 10:34.78 Sam You're going to. You know you're going to want to source additional guests. Not just the ones who ended up being in the book. Yeah. 10:38.52 Paul T Sure sure. Yeah, yeah, you know I guess I I I featured approximately in between the 3 books approximately 75 ah Ah ah, crewises personalities just to use a ah phrase and. 10:51.30 Sam Um, yeah. 10:55.45 Paul T You know I might get maybe 50 of them in in on the podcast. So I'm going to have to come up with some some additional content. 11:02.73 Sam Ah, right right. 11:04.74 dclduo Yeah, well I'm going to put the call out right now in our community at least that if anyone out there has any connection into Captain Kate let's get her on Paul's podcast because I think it would be such an interesting story to hear. Um, yeah, we have. We have 0 chance of having her on Paul I think you actually have a compelling platform for her to tell her story so I would I would love to listen to that story and so I say hashtag Kate Mccu on joy ofcruising podcast like that's what we'res we're going for. So if you have any ends let us know we will funnel them to Paul. But yeah let's let's get her on his show. 11:31.93 Sam Yeah. 11:39.26 Paul T We well? Well, we appreciate that. 11:39.60 dclduo Um, in terms of the book it in terms of the book itself Paul um, any. Ah we say it again in terms of the book itself Paul I know that you had kind of your fan moment I think because you got to interview at least 1 person I think too. Maybe. Ah, that were sort of personal ah celebrities for you or celebrities in their own right? But people that you had really wanted to talk to? Um I'm trying to remember the name of the person now. But I think you were posting about um you give me 1 second Paul yeah I think you're posting about. Manny Kello the other day who I I seem to recall. We've talked before that you were like super excited to have him in the book but like what are some of those folks in the book that are your personal like I've always wanted to talk to these people and you finally got a chance to. 12:30.81 Paul T Well 1 is actually there's a section and this is new to the book I didn't have this section most of the sections in the book are carryovers from previous books but I had a have a new section I'm really excited about it's called ship life and so it. 12:50.50 Sam Um. 12:50.59 Paul T There's ah, 4 people who currently work on ships or have worked on ships in the past and and one of the folks in that section is a captain now. He's not an act He's not an active captain. He retired in 2018 but but in the previous 2 books I've tried hard to get captains I I I got very close I think on on 2 2 gentlemen and I don't have anything to prove this but I kind of believe their their cruise line kind of stepped on it. 13:26.35 dclduo Oh yeah. 13:27.80 Sam Yeah, that wouldn't be so that I'll be honest I I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case say I do think current employees. It is really hard depending upon their level right? I mean if they're a really low level employee. You might be able to get somebody and. 13:29.30 Paul T And I. 13:34.89 Paul T Yep. 13:39.76 Paul T Here. 13:45.63 Sam They're willing to come on and they probably don't even clear it with the cruise line but a captain is going to try and clear that with their employer and likely ah that gets squashed. Yeah. 13:55.14 Paul T But yeah I finally landed a captain. Ah Captain Bos he he retired from a how after I guess he had been a captain for like thirty something years and it was great interviewing him when I first. Ah. Made contact with him. You know he kept ah saying I'm boring. Um well he turned out to be a great guest. First of all, ah you know he was very forthcoming of course being retired helps. Um, but but but it turns out. 14:34.23 Paul T He doesn't live that far from me so he's he's what he's one of the few features where I interviewed them in person and I interviewed him on the phone a couple of times but but then we met for lunch a couple of times. Ah and it was. It was great. In fact. 14:34.24 dclduo Throw. Wow. 14:34.65 Sam Oh wow. 14:42.34 Sam Oh that's fantastic. 14:53.18 Paul T He I couldn't I was having trouble getting a photo of him from how in in uniform and and he offered to put on his uniform and and let me take a picture. Um, ah. 14:57.75 Sam This is. 15:05.23 Sam I Loved it. 15:10.95 Paul T I mean that's how close he livess to to where I live but it turns out I eventually got something from how and and I didn't you know I didn't need him to do that. but but I thought that was 20 But yeah, he he has a he has a great story. He was beloved by the how ah community and. 15:17.32 Sam Um. 15:26.25 Sam Yeah. 15:29.50 Paul T He's kind of a specialist in Alaska. In fact, he's nicknamed Captain Alaska and so that that that helped to push me over the hump I had Alaska on my bucket list for quite some time and and he went a long way to getting me to go ahead and. 15:32.81 dclduo But. 15:47.53 Sam Yeah, yeah, but you're not going on Holland you're going on norwegian is that right. 15:48.23 Paul T And and booking so and and so we're going to Alaska in a few weeks actually. 15:50.77 dclduo Nice. 15:56.99 Paul T That's yeah, that's correct because because norwegian is now I don't know if other cruise lines have this but they had this this special cruise so it was special to me because it was an opportunity to check off 2 destinations that I have on my bucket list and 1 16:12.50 Sam H. 16:14.85 Paul T Norwegian had a cruise that that starts in Hawaii does all the hawaiian islands and then it goes up to Alaska and does all ah the the typical Alaska stops. So. 16:18.83 Sam Hit. 16:28.90 Paul T So Norwegian didn't have a lot of competition I jumped on that one. 16:31.86 Sam Yeah, oh yeah, that's I don't know that I've I don't know that most cruise lines have that combination together. You can do it sometimes on a back to back or back to back to back right? Um, on some of the other cruise lines. But yeah, that's an amazing itinerary that's going to be an epic trip. 16:40.97 Paul T In here. 16:48.86 Sam My goodness is that for this summer oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. 16:51.20 dclduo Wow. 16:51.47 Paul T That's for like in three weeks yep yu yu and and I got that idea from another person who is gonna be in the book. And this is this is someone who you know you might consider as a guest for your show. Her name is professor Cruz ah she builds herself or her website builds her as the funniest ah cruise blogger on the internet and and she's pretty funny. 17:07.17 Sam Oh yes. 17:19.42 Sam Yeah, yeah, is it true is she the funniest though. Ah, she's up there all right. 17:21.41 Paul T Um, but she's what she she's just she's up there and and and my interviews you know as you know because when I interviewed you most most times the interview I knock it out maybe in in 1 or 2 interviews in her case. 17:34.93 Sam And. 17:39.36 Paul T It went over the course of about three months you know ah several calls because literally every time you know I wanted to schedule her she was in Alaska ah, she actually lives in Seattle she moved to Seattle. 17:48.93 Sam Oh wow. 17:56.38 Paul T Because of her love for Alaska she can see the cruise fear from her apartment. Ah, but then one one time I called her and and and said so you know where where you been now where where where'd you just go and she told me about this Alaska Hawaii Cruise and I was I was just bow bound. 18:00.90 Sam Oh yeah, oh. 18:11.60 Sam Oh fantastic. 18:16.22 Paul T And so I put it on my bucket list. You know for maybe a couple of years from now and then one day and we were actually my wife and I were flying back from our last cruise and and you know I was talking about so what do we want to do next and my wife said you know. 18:20.32 Sam No. 18:34.54 Paul T Let's do a land vacation. Ah you know, ah, let's do something different than cruising. You know if we're gonna cruise. Let's do something special I wouldn't mind cruising to Alaska and my eyes lit up because like I said I I already had this cruise on my bucket list but she said that well. 18:38.70 Sam It. 18:43.44 Sam And. 18:44.83 dclduo I. 18:54.22 Paul T Make a long story short. We're going to Hawaii and Alaska. 18:54.91 dclduo Amazing! amazing. 18:57.48 Sam That's amazing. Ah, that's such a great That's a great cruise. That's funny. Well yeah, we should reach out to Professor Cruise um she certainly lives not too far from from where we are in the Seattle area and i. I can guess ah pretty much where she lives based on the fact that you said she can see the cruise port from from her apartment. So. There's only one or there's only 2 places really that that could be so but. 19:21.86 Paul T And and her husband is an attorney in Seattle. 19:26.13 Sam Oh fantastic I Wonder if we know him it's possible but certainly. 19:27.32 dclduo Oh yeah, possible. It's definitely possible. Well Paul I'm curious. Ah, let's talk about you cruising for a second since ah cruising has restarted so like how many sailings have you been on since cruising started back up. 19:43.71 Paul T So let's see my first cruise back was a symphony of the seas. It was my first cruise after the restart I wanted to to do something on a ship that was that met the moment. So at the time I booked it. It was the biggest ship in the world by the time. Ah, you know we embarked it was the second largest ship in the world because ah royal caribbean had launched. Ah ah wonder of the seas so that was my first cruise back. Let's see what was my. 20:22.37 Paul T Then I took my my granddaughter on carnival's montdi gra because they had the roller coastaer and I just wanted I mean that's not the only reason I chose Montdi Gra but I I wanted to do the the the roller coaster with my granddaughter. 20:29.72 Sam Oh yeah. 20:40.16 Paul T And so so that was wonderful and and and and and now I'm on a series of then I I started a series of what I call bucket list cruises you know Mediterranean was a bucket list cruise so in October of last year we we went to to the med on a. 20:48.69 Sam Yeah. 20:59.17 Paul T Celebrity Beyond That's a gorgeous gorgeous ship. So that that was a bucketless cruise ah another. 21:03.85 Sam Yeah, your pictures were fantastic I saw I followed you you know, followed along on that med Cruise on social media of course and oh my goodness that looked like an amazing trip. 21:16.53 Paul T Yep yep, thanks and and and then I had another bucket this cruise um I've always wanted to go on the smooth jazz Cruise I'm I'm a jazz fan, especially smooth jazz. Um you know theme cruises are about twice the price of a traditional cruise because you get. 21:24.56 Sam Yeah, yeah, yeah. 21:34.33 Paul T You know you get so much I mean the performers on that cruise ship were was a who's who of of contemporary jazz so we went on that that that was a bucketless cruise he went on that in January. And then my next cruise obviously is the bucketless cruise that's the one to Hawaii and and Alaska and then I'm gonna finish off the year um which really the way that all of the the books started was ah ah it was a family cruise. Back in 2018 on anthem of the seas and and it was in researching that cruise that I came up with this idea. Ah you know I found that that cruisers and cruise personalities were some very interesting people and so that gave me the idea. 22:24.55 Sam Um, yeah, yeah. 22:27.33 Paul T Ah, to write the books and so Christmas of this year I'm doing another family cruise I don't know if you want to call that a bucket this cruise but you know at this point every cruise is a bucket and that that kind of you know I guess if you look at that glass half empty that says I'm getting old. 22:41.30 dclduo Yeah. 22:45.98 Paul T Because I have to get all of these bucket list cruises out the way. But. 22:49.26 Sam Ah, the way. Well I I always love hearing about your cruising experience because 1 you obviously have such a love for cruising as a form of vacation and a form of being with your family and all all of that I also love hearing about your stories because. You are not loyal to a particular brand now that's not to say that you don't cruise a lot on royal I think royal's the 1 you've cruised the most on if I'm not incorrect. Um, but I I love that you you know you've got you sailed on royal recently you sailed on celebrity recently you're about to sail on norwegian. 23:06.82 dclduo Who. 23:15.40 Paul T Now. 23:26.56 Sam You're going to you know then you sailed on Carnival Recently you just you know you're you're willing to get on a lot of different brands and experience a lot of different things and I think that's wonderful because it gives you this broad base of knowledge of you know what? the industry has to offer and what different ships have to offer. For example. 23:43.74 Paul T And my Christmas cruise is on ah a line I've never been on that's Msc ah so Msc it gets. It's weird. It gets a wide range of reactions. So like Emma for instance loves msc but but. 23:46.82 Sam Oh fantastic. 23:57.45 Sam Right? yeah. 24:00.87 dclduo Yeah. 24:00.97 Paul T You know there are some folks who've been on Msc that that hate Msc so it's it has some customer service challenges. You know I think that moving into the us you know I'm not so sure that's their their services and systems ah up to where they need to be so. 24:05.56 Sam M. 24:17.18 Sam Right. 24:20.74 Paul T I look at them as a work in progress and maybe by Christmas time they'll have all of the wrinkles ironed out. 24:27.80 Sam Yeah, you're right, There is a difference in ah expectations of European Cruisers and American cruisers and so that that they're going to have to make an adjustment if they want to do well in the American Market they're going to have to sort of up there. 24:39.37 Paul T Is this this. 24:42.91 Sam Up their level of service a bit. Yeah. 24:44.44 dclduo Yeah, for sure Paul I'm curious as you've returned to cruising now were those first few cruises a little a little nerve raking for you or ah, did you just get on and we're full of joy or both. 25:00.90 Paul T Ah, full of joy. Um, not not real nerve raking ah a lot of the folks that I talked to about their first crewise after the lockdown had a similar reaction to to mine. Um more than a few. Um, ah, male and female mentioned that their their eyes watered over. Ah you know they were they were back where they were supposed to be. They were home. Ah, they they had really miss cruising and so it was very similar to me when I walked on the symphony of the seas. I had been on. its its sistership ah harmony of the seas which is essentially exactly the same. Ah but when I walked on symphony of the seas I was just I don't want to say that I that tears came to me. Well I'll say it my eyes warded as well. So it was just. 25:51.26 dclduo In the. 25:54.70 Sam Yeah, yeah. 25:55.58 Paul T It was just it was just I was where I was supposed to be I Really I really believed that. So but no I wasn't I wasn't concerned my my wife has worn a mask pretty much nonstop since we started back cruising. Um. 25:58.84 Sam Yeah, yeah, absolutely. 26:10.00 Sam And. 26:15.80 Paul T But I will tell you on one cruise we came back with Covid and you know, ah my wife did as well. So so the master didn't stop it but but no I wasn't worried from like ah a help standpoint at all. 26:16.90 dclduo Oh. 26:19.80 Sam Yep, right. 26:27.33 Sam Yeah, yeah, well that that's. 26:28.21 dclduo Yeah, well I will confess that when we stepped I'll confess that when I stepped on the disney ship for the first time with our son and they did do the announcing your family and clapping when you walk into the a tree. Um I was choking back tears but I was really choking back tears hard one night at dinner because ah. Because the crowds were so low in the beginning and they were keeping the capacity so low. They did some special things at dinner and they had we had one night that we ate in enchanted garden because I think we were on the Disney dream for 1 of the first sailings back. And they had a character cavalcade come through like all the characters kind of walking through the restaurant and that part of it wasn't emotional for me but was emotional for me was my son lit up I have this video of him just going. Crazy with clapping and smiling well and and I was just like oh I was ready to just ball right right there because he was just so happy. 27:13.34 Sam Yep. 27:17.23 Sam Yeah, and that was and that was when they wouldn't get even within a few feet of you I mean it was just they were just coming in and doing like a dance around and waving right? There was no stop for a picture. There was no hugs. It was. Even just that even just being back in the dining room and having the characters come through was just. 27:32.67 dclduo Well it it felt like it had been so long since I'd seen him smile that big and just be you know, just forget all of the troubles you know for a few minutes and just experience that joy. So yeah I I will confess that I am amongst those people that was pretty emotional when we first got back on the ship for sure. 27:38.68 Paul T Move on. 27:50.88 Sam Yeah, but we'll also confess we did get covid on one of the ships as well and I will tell you I This is a common story. We know lots of people who did not get covid on land and then they went on a cruise or maybe a second cruise. 27:51.81 dclduo Um. 27:57.76 Paul T Um, us ah speaker. 28:08.80 Sam After the restart or a third cruise after the restart and they came home with covid um, we're lucky now that you know well we are at least ah fully vaccinated as well as I think most of you know, most of the community and you know hopefully that makes getting covid just easier to get over. So. 28:10.72 Paul T Moving. 28:28.23 Sam But it is. It's still an issue. 28:30.00 Paul T But um, my biggest concern when when when we got covered after a cruise was that oh my wife is going to say no more cruising. You know she she is not as ah, ah she's not a cruise fanatic like I am. 28:35.90 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 28:35.83 Sam Right? yeah. 28:43.92 Sam Right. 28:46.14 Paul T Ah, she enjoys all the cruises we go on but I was just afraid she was gonna say nope not getting back on a cruise ship but never never never came out her mouth by the way you mentioned you mentioned Nathan and a few minutes ago and I'm gonna go back to that. First of all, tell him I said hi and tell him. 29:02.86 Sam Oh we will? Oh yeah, he's going to be very excited to hear that see he's a famous cruise personality now I feel like maybe maybe he should be a guest on your podcast instead of us Paul but. 29:06.50 Paul T He is quoted in a new book. 29:07.37 dclduo Ah, yeah. 29:14.27 Paul T Yeah, yeah, yeah, he's he's he's quote. He's quoted along with grammy winners and and Gwyneth Gwyneth book of world record the entrance and and so on and so forth. 29:16.40 dclduo Yeah, you you know this last? ah. 29:23.81 Sam Oh My goodness. Yeah, oh over of course, right? The guy who runs the marathons on the Cruise ship. 29:28.92 dclduo You know the yeah you know the last time we were on a cruise we we we bring in a portable recorder along with us to sort of record our thoughts about the cruise in real time and Nathan has taken to coming on the show so we were on the cruise we were sitting. 29:33.31 Paul T Yeah. 29:47.66 dclduo In 1 of the lounges and he was just sitting back in his chair with his legs crossed with this microphone just chalking away and it's like I've created a mini podcaster. 29:57.42 Sam Yeah, totally. So. 29:57.48 Paul T But well yeah I remember when I was I was interviewing you for the book you you can't one of you told me he's kind of a ham. 30:04.36 Sam Yeah, he's kind of a ham for sure. That's right I that's that's definitely definitely the case. He wants to be a youtuber now when he grows up so I don't know and we might have to get him to like intern with Emma or something in a few years 30:05.15 dclduo Yes, yes. 30:19.30 dclduo Um, yeah, ah well Paul I forgot to ask back when we were talking about the book. Um I'd love to let folks know like when ah when do when can folks put their hands on it or or preorder it. Do you know at this point. 30:21.98 Paul T Ah. 30:34.92 Paul T Um, so the I think the ebook ah which which comes out first I think the ebook will be available. My guess is early april 30:48.20 Sam Oh fantastic. 30:51.61 Paul T And that will be available from my ah my publisher as well as from Amazon and then shortly thereafter the paperback will be available so I would guess the paperback will be available. You know, ah mid to late April but. That will only be available initially from my publisher because Amazon which I know most people order their books from Amazon and I understand that but Amazon does this this goofy ah pre-order period and so. 31:13.56 Sam So. 31:27.61 Sam Um. 31:29.41 Paul T It'll be available for pre-order which you know is that's Amazon's way of gauging demand I guess I don't think it'll be available to order from Amazon till around maybe June first I'm I'm guessing I hope I'm wrong. Ah. 31:36.26 Sam Yep. 31:44.57 Sam Um, okay. 31:46.67 Paul T But it you know it will be available to order like I said in paperback but just not from Amazon yet and I know that my my my publishers bookstore is higher than Amazon and they don't have free shipping so you know your prime. Ah, you know they can't compete with the prime ah benefit Amazon prime benefit. So what I have decided to do is give a ah coupon code to to listeners or you know potential readers I should say where they can order it from my publisher and and it'll not. You know, something off the price to make it pretty competitive with with Amazon. so so yeah no there's no reason there's no reason to wait but I know some people are just you know if you can't get it on Amazon I don't want to hear anything about it. so so I and like I said. 32:30.34 Sam Awesome! So we don't have to wait for Amazon we can get it. We'll get it earlier. 32:39.12 dclduo Yeah. 32:44.95 Paul T I understand. 32:45.49 Sam Yeah, fair enough. 32:46.11 dclduo Yeah, well what you know what? we'll do Paul is we will get those details from you and put them in the show notes for this show. So anyone out there interested in getting Paul's book early like we are we are definitely we will order it from the publisher. Um. Ah, we'll put those details in the show notes you can go after the show and find those links and click through and get a copy of Paul's book 33:06.42 Paul T Yep, but again those those Amazon buyers who are interested in ebooks they will be able to get the ebook um, pretty soon like like I said ah I'm I'm hoping withful thinking is April first um ah my birthday is April Second so that'd be a nice birthday present. 33:21.66 Sam Oh nice, fantastic fantastic just in time for April fools. Oh I was gonna so i. 33:23.99 Paul T But sometime sometime in early april 33:24.87 dclduo Nice, nice say where you want to go next? yeah. 33:36.58 Sam Talk a little bit more about your smooth jazz cruise because I know we we've talked about the kind of themed cruising before um and obviously Brian and I have never been on what. The kind of themed cruise that you're talking about. We've been on Disney Themed cruises right? So within Disney they have you know a Christmas Cruise or a Halloween Cruise or a Marvel or a star wars you know themed cruise but those are really um, you know different I think from themed cruises that they do on other lines. 33:52.86 Paul T Easy. 34:09.95 Sam I'd love to hear more about what kinds of things you got to experience on the smooth jazz cruise what? And which line was that on I can't even can't remember um which one. 34:20.60 Paul T Ah, the the theme cruise the similar jazz Cruise was was on celebrity celebrity millennium and most theme cruises. First of all I love theme cruising I'm really fascinated by theme cruising I like to say it's the people who have. 34:23.58 Sam Oh fantastic. Yeah. 34:37.91 Paul T You know, 2 passions in 1 passion for cruising and a passion for whatever the theme is and when I say whatever the theme is ah it's anything and everything so you like cats you can go on the mial miow cruise you know if you like Elvis you can go on the Elvis Cruise 34:38.28 Sam Um, right? um. 34:47.81 Sam Oh yeah. 34:55.41 Sam Right? Soap operas right? I think there are soap opera themed ones as well. There is We used to be a golden girls one I mean there's just all kinds of all kinds of themes. 34:57.45 Paul T Um, you know, not. 35:04.88 Paul T Yeah, yeah, and you know not not to be racy. But there's this new new cruises like I said you think of something that you're really interested in my guess is there's probably a cruise for it and but so this one was. 35:18.40 Sam Oh my goodness. 35:23.80 Paul T This one was smooth jazz and it was after about two days on the cruise I felt like I normally feel after a week cruise it was just so much. It was just so it was nonstop I mean there were there were concerts in the morning you know there was a. 35:34.39 Sam Um, ah wow. 35:42.90 Sam Um, ah wow. 35:42.21 Paul T There was a gospel concert. You know, jazzthemed gospel concert in in the morning there there was performances by the pool during the day then the mate. The headline show was either at the ah 5 30 or eight thirty but then after the hitline show there would be various shows in different venues. So like what what was the main dining room got transferred transformed into a concert hall. Ah or the the skylight laun you know, just any venue. 36:05.94 Sam Right? right. 36:11.40 Sam Oh fantastic. 36:18.40 Paul T Was was fair game and so sometimes you could just go and just hear someone talk you could go and and there was picture sessions and Autographs sessions. Um, but it was just nonstop music and and 1 of the one of the performers a fuse some of your audience. Might have heard of him if they like contemporary jazz vincent and Gala I met him and I actually got him to be a guest on on my podcast. Um, and there's there's several others from that that cruise. 36:45.93 Sam You're fantastic. 36:52.20 Paul T That I suspect will be on the podcast in in the future. So and and I I'm sorry, go ahead. 36:54.74 Sam Oh fantastic. It's it's sounds I was going to say it sounds as good as being in New Orleans where you can you know, walk down frenchman street and jump from 1 jazz club to another sounds like you know replicating that on a cruise ship. 36:54.94 dclduo Nice, nice. 37:12.21 Sam Ah, with some really famous jazz musicians where you can you know, go into one venue and you're in 1 jazz club essentially and you go into a different venue and you're in a different jazz club all of a sudden. 37:23.32 Paul T Yeah, and speaking of New Orleans um one of the folks that I profiled in the new book. He represents the company star list alive so they they do a series of theme cruises. They do not do the the smooth jazz crews. Ah, but they do like the soul train crews the country western crews something called rock and romance crews a whole series of theme crews as well. They just introduced or just launched the newest which is called the big easy crewise and so it's all about New Orleans 37:53.11 dclduo The. 37:53.67 Sam Oh fun. Oh. 37:57.35 Paul T So I mean I just saw the other day on Facebook they announced. Ah ah, Irma Thomas who's I mean some of your your listeners will know who that is so so you know if you like New Orleans but you want it on a cruise ship. That's a theme cruise that ah. 38:02.10 Sam Oh yeah. 38:07.73 Sam Um, yeah. 38:13.74 dclduo Wow it. 38:14.40 Sam Oh fantastic that sounds fun I bet they'll have some great like Zyico and and jazz and all of that that'll be yeah, really fun. 38:14.58 Paul T Premieres this summer 38:22.51 Paul T Yep yep. 38:23.37 dclduo It was funny to go back to something you said ah Paul that theme cruises tend to be like twice as much as other cruises it just instantly spark for me. Well then Disney Cruise line is just one massive theme cruise like that's sort of what it is. It's the cruise for Disney fans so they charge twice as much. 38:34.71 Paul T Yeah, it is yeah in fact, that's a good point that I would say the the prices of theme cruises are about comparable to Disney cruises. So. 38:37.50 Sam And. 38:39.82 dclduo But but. 38:47.69 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. 38:48.17 Sam Um, that makes sense. Yeah, you're right I mean even even a Disney Cruise that is not a merry time or something you know, specifically themed they are themed cruises because you always have Disney characters. You always have Disney shows. You always have disney I p around the ship they are. They are themed in a different just in a different way than the other cruise lines. Do it? yeah. 39:11.90 Paul T Yeah I thought a great a great line and and I'll probably mess it up now. But I thought a great line in your feature in the joy of cruising was a gentleman said ah other cruise lines. 39:29.17 Paul T Cruise lines that do entertainment disney is an entertainment company that does cruises or something like that I just thought it was such a great quote and and and that you know that that's what you just really said you know so so they all 1 dick theme cruise. 39:29.60 Sam Right? right. 39:33.57 dclduo Yeah. 39:36.32 Sam Yep. 39:40.31 dclduo Yeah, yeah, well if anyone's aware of the themes if anyone's aware of a themed cruise for podcasters. Let us know we'll meet up and learn all the tricks of the trade that we have not yet discovered and so yeah, the podcast the big podcast crews. 39:42.52 Sam Yep, Ah, yeah, yeah, absolutely any plans to get on it. Yeah. 39:58.75 Paul T Ah, ah, actually there is That's right? Yeah, yeah, yeah, the the podcast to cruise is coming up this fall. Ah I can't remember what ship. So. 39:59.60 dclduo Oh my gosh. But. 40:00.29 Sam Yeah I believe it I believe it all. 40:05.69 dclduo Oh my gosh which cruise line does that. 40:06.60 Sam All right? We'll have clip. 40:14.47 Paul T But so most of the theme cruises. They're not cruise line ah specific. So it's usually some entrepreneur who puts together these steam cruises and and they go from ship to ship. For instance, the the one company I mentioned Starvis alive All of their cruises are on either. 40:18.52 Sam Right. 40:34.32 Paul T Ah, how or Royal Caribbean whereas the company that does and I also feature this company the company that does the jazz oriented thing cruises. Ah they they do all of theirs on celebrities. But but it's it's not really cruise line but now they're off. 40:38.62 Sam Um. 40:52.79 Paul T There There are a few situations where a cruise line will do a theme cruise but most theme cruises are put together by operators by entrepreneurs. 40:56.26 dclduo 1 40:56.31 Sam Right. 41:01.91 Sam Right? right? And then they just arrange with the cruise and they bring on the performers and all of that for the specialty crewise right. 41:03.24 dclduo Nope. 41:08.10 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 41:08.75 Paul T Yeah, yeah, but I you know on that podcast of crus I see them advertising it a lot on Instagram next time I see it I'll um um um I message you ah but I can't read I can't remember what chip it's on. 41:21.30 dclduo My right I'm just I'm just picturing a bunch of people running around with field recorders and headphones on and ah sort of like the. 41:28.10 Sam And no nobody'll, be talking to each other though. No. 41:33.18 dclduo Well sort of like the opposite of of logging crews where everyone's running around with ah cameras and gimbals. So yeah there you go? um. 41:38.89 Paul T But yeah, the other thing I want to say about theme cruises since since we we talked about it a fair amount. Um, the loyalty rate on theme cruises is off the charts. So so so my first theme cruise I went on it. It was called Festival at sea. 41:51.36 Sam Um, oh really? yeah. 41:57.25 Paul T And so their theme is it's it's called an African American Cultural cruise um and it was um, unbelievable. Ah, you know I might say it. It might be the best cruise I've ever been on. So so so they had ah ah they were selling tickets to the next year's cruise 42:00.46 Sam M. 42:07.74 Sam Oh wow. 42:14.95 Sam So. 42:17.40 Paul T And so I went down to the the area where they were selling tickets and they had It was a long long line and so I said you know we'll we'll just get it when we get home. It sold out. So so so most theme cruises when it comes to an end. 42:25.92 Sam Yeah, oh my god. 42:36.24 Paul T It's about 60 to 70% already sold out for the next year because a lot of the people who are on the cruise will will will yes but this one cruise festival's what sea and you know their issue is they only do one a year and and they've done it for like 30 years it's it's it's the oldest. 42:39.92 Sam Wow rebook. 42:52.60 Sam Um. 42:55.00 Paul T Um, and and and and and and best african american ah Theed Cruise ah you know they sell out every year and I would say when you get off that ship. It's 90% sold bad already. So and that's true with all theme cruises because so. 43:06.85 Sam Wow Wow! what. 43:13.82 Paul T The people who there who are there. They obviously again, they've paid about double and so you know the people who go on the country Western Cruise they love country Western Country Western music and the artists and so yes. 43:16.44 Sam Um, right. 43:21.95 Sam Right? right? These are like these are hardcore enthusiasts of whatever that theme is like people who are really into smooth jazz or people who are really into country Western or whatever the theme may be people are really into Golden girls right? like. 43:38.72 Paul T In here. 43:41.64 Sam These people are are yeah in order to you're right in order to get people to pay that higher price tag. Most of the time you're talking about people who are not just a casual enthusiast. You might see that on Disney you might see sort of a casual Disney person who goes on a Disney Cruise and then they might switch over and go on a royal cruise. 43:58.33 Paul T Here. 44:00.50 Sam But you're talking if you're talking about the hardcore ones like us and others we're on every Disney Cruise right it's that's that's just the way it works. Yeah. 44:11.80 Paul T What what? 1 other one other quick anecdote about about the loyalty. Ah the theme cruises. So on my first steam cruise at the one I mentioned festivalo. Let's see the very first day you know we we went to the the the buffet and got got a meal and. And so we sat at at a table and there was a gentleman to table and we just struck up a conversation and at the time I was still you know, cold calling people I was still a voice on it in and trying to find people to write about and and and so I asked this ah gentleman so ha. Your first time on plus what sees hit no I said how many times have you been on and he said 15 so I'm thinking if he's been on this cruise 15 times. He's probably been on other cruises. You know a hundred times and it sounds like maybe someone I can write about I said 15 I said wow. 44:51.70 dclduo Yeah. 44:59.37 Sam Um, yeah. 45:03.39 Paul T How many cruises have you been on in total he said 15 I I I I kids you not that story is in the new book. 45:07.87 Sam Ah, so he was going for that specific Cruise Yeah yeah, oh I Love that That's fantastic. Yeah yeah I mean there's some people who you you just find something you love and they just you know aren't going to necessarily deviate from that format and. 45:13.82 dclduo Grow. 45:26.39 Paul T Up. Nope. 45:26.88 Sam And that's great right? There's like we've talked about before with you. There is you know, not every cruise line or not every theme cruises for everyone. But there's probably a cruise out there for almost everyone. 45:39.46 Paul T Yep yep. 45:39.47 dclduo Yeah, for sure for sure. Well Paul I'd love to know ah a little bit more about the podcast. You know you've got a great show going I think you're what 7 episodes 8 episodes in now. Yeah. 45:53.52 Paul T Yeah, there's something like that that. 45:57.19 dclduo Tell our own listeners so where they can find the podcast and just a little bit more about what you're covering I know you mentioned it earlier in the show. But yeah, like what where can folks find it and what should they expect. 46:06.24 Paul T So the the website is ah ww www that the joy of cruising podcast dot com and so far all but 1 of the guests are people that I've written about. Um, the 1 guest who who that I've had who I I didn't write about in the books but I wrote about theme cruising in a lot of detail and in all 3 books so he was as I said one of the performers on the recent smooth jazz crews. Um, ah. And then I've got ah ah a guy coming up in a week or so he wasn't in the book but he's a stand-up comedian and so I've written a fair amount about performing on theme cruises and so you know I got him to come on. But yeah I'm having I'm having a lot of fun. 46:54.64 Sam M. 47:02.98 Paul T With it and and ah I'm pretty excited. You know I I worry sometimes I say to myself is because I'm getting decent numbers and I say to myself you know is this going to Peter out because I think I'm on to something. And so like I said I have a new passion. You know I still have a lot of work to do you know I know that I have a lot of rough edges when I edit after an interview. The majority 90% of the editing is taking out ohms and os from me. 47:36.87 Sam M. 47:39.78 Paul T So and by the way I'd never take out Ums and os from from the interviewees but I take out plenty from me. So I'll get I'll get I'll get better and like I said you know my my goal is to be like you So I remember when when I interviewed you you started on. 47:47.49 Sam Yes. 47:53.93 Sam No, but. 47:57.22 dclduo Now. Ah. 47:59.20 Paul T You started on an iphone and now you are you know you're you're big time of podcasters and and so you know I hope in a few years I'm where you are now. 48:01.82 Sam Yep. 48:10.70 dclduo I I have no doubt you will get there Paul if you just stick with it. Ah, you're a gifted gifted storyteller and the episodes I've listened to of your show so far have been so fun. It's like the book come alive which is just so much fun to listen to so I have no doubt you will get there. 48:12.10 Sam Ah, ah things. Well. 48:27.63 Sam Yes, and and I feel like when you listen to our old shows and then you listen to our shows now I mean we've gotten a lot better over time now. Brian has always edited our show and so he's always made us sound better than we sound in real life. No no doubt about that. 48:27.83 dclduo Any um I know you're trying to. 48:32.16 Paul T Do. 48:43.58 Paul T Here. 48:45.48 Sam But I I do think we've gotten better with you know, our just our pacing our our questions our conversation. It's you know it's just over time. We get better and better at it. Um, and you have you know tons of experience storytelling that we didn't have. So I think you are you are set up for success far ahead of where we were set up for. So I think you're going to continue to do a great job with that Paul. 49:12.74 Paul T Well I appreciate you saying that. 49:13.70 dclduo Yeah, for sure for sure any exciting guess coming up and I mean I know you're trying to tackle some of the folks kind of in order or in relation to the books and where they appeared in that sort of thing. But ah, you know I mean besides us of course. Any Any exciting guests coming up for the show. 49:31.54 Sam Ah. 49:32.17 Paul T Um, but and and and and along those lines. Ah you know Dc duo is coming on soon which what's your date I don't have my ah my list in front of. 49:42.34 dclduo I think it's at some point in April I think it I think it it's in I know it's at some point in April but I don't remember exactly when. Ah. 49:48.64 Paul T Yeah I was trying I was trying to time your episode and and some other episodes to be ah ah around the time the book hits the street. But ah yeah, ah, what in terms of ah of guest coming up. Well I've got. 50:01.50 Sam Ah, that makes sense. Yeah, absolutely. 50:08.50 Paul T I mean I you know people are telling me that you know they would be on and I'm saying to them. Well, it's not gonna be until you know August or September I mean that's how much you know I've I've got lined up. But so yeah, some people I'm really ah proud that they go gonna be on the that that that captain I mentioned um' 50:15.79 Sam Right. 50:28.25 Paul T Gonna have him on he you know as as soon as I told him about it. He the first thing out of his mouth is well I'm boring but but that's gonna be that's gonna be a good episode. You know Mrs Scott Eddie who is. 50:36.98 Sam Ah. 50:44.49 Paul T Probably the number 1 travel influencer in the world or at least he's up there. He's going to be on the show. Ah ask chef Dennis I think I wrote about him and in the second book cruising interrupted and you know he's a guy that started out. 50:57.38 Sam E. 51:03.47 Paul T As a as ah, a chef an executive chef and then he kind of accidentally became a a travel blogger. Um, you know writing about like hotels in Florida that kind of travel blogging and then he became a cruise blogger and he's been on. Unbelievable cruises and and unbelievable vessels all over the world and so he's going to be on ah in ah in July so yeah I have I have some great guests lined up. 51:33.43 dclduo Yeah I I will say I listen to 1 of my favorite rope again I will say one of my favorite episodes so far is the first one you did I really enjoyed listening to um, ah why am I blanking on her name from cruise tips tv um. 51:34.24 Sam That's awesome. 51:48.95 dclduo I Just really enjoyed her story Sherry Yeah I I enjoyed her story especially like when she said that she had to overcome this sort of you know, real fear like she's an introvert and she had to overcome the sphere of being in front of a camera and get over it and it was just interesting to hear her story as a creator. 51:49.49 Paul T Oh shery yeah Sherry yeah. 52:06.10 Paul T Oh yeah, that I call her the library nerd when minute when when all of her friends were out playing on the playground she she was in the library. Yeah, you know talking to the librarians. So but but yeah, yeah. 52:06.64 dclduo Ah, not just our cruising story. Yeah. 52:19.86 dclduo Yeah. 52:23.84 Sam Ah. 52:25.66 Paul T You know one guess I'm really looking forward to and and here's to say something about the new book I have a guess and I actually I've written her intro already and I in the intro. In fact I said this on my my teaser episode of the podcast I called her the most amazing traveler that I. 52:44.41 Sam Oh Wow yeah. 52:45.48 Paul T Ever met now now for me to say something like that I have to back that up when when when when folks read her feature. They'll see why I said that and that I'll ah I'll of course, ask her about or or when I interview her on the podcast. It will become clear why I said she's the most amazing ah traveler I ever met her. Her thing is cruing is not first and foremost in her travel. Although it plays a big part. Um, so there's 2 things sir First of all, she travels all over the world. Ah, but but. 53:18.45 Sam M. 53:22.67 Paul T Ah, second aspect of her story is she's a thrill seeker so she does things like fly planes upside down and and jump out of planes and and drive f one formula cars at one hundred and fifty miles an hour ah so that's we. 53:26.77 Sam Um, yeah, oh yeah, oh my goodness. 53:40.51 Paul T It's beginning to to it's beginning to become clear why I call her the most amazing traveler I ever met I mentioned earlier you know the books have a couple of ah gwyneths book of world records or it has 1 goingous book of world record en and and he's featured in the new book. Well the the. The woman I just named by the way her her brand is called bucket list publications. Well the the the entrance the new entrance to the Gwyneth book of world records that's going to happen this year is actually her son. Her son is two years old 54:02.22 Sam Oh cool. 54:17.73 Paul T And he's going to he he just became the youngest person in the world to visit every continent. So so so as we speak, you know they're in Antarctica. 54:23.17 Sam Oh my goodness. Oh. 54:23.39 dclduo Wow. 54:31.68 Sam Antarctica yeah, that's like the one that that's the one that is the hardest for people to get a 2 year old is in Antarctica. 54:38.81 Paul T I mean this this young man has I got a picture in the book of of him in Dubai you know he's petted what hearts what hogs in Africa ah so I asked her if she could bring him on the podcast with her but you know. 54:47.47 Sam And Africa. 54:56.76 Paul T Ah, two years old he doesn't say a whole lot. But I I I'd love to have him because we'll we'll be reading about him in the guynous book of world records. so so yeah she 54:58.39 dclduo Ah. 54:58.64 Sam Um, right. 55:02.55 Sam Oh my goodness that's crazy. Wow wow yeah, you don't hear about a lot of people who take two year olds to you know to all all the continents. So that's yeah, yeah, she sounds like kind of an amazing person for sure. 55:15.28 Paul T Yeah, yeah, she's got a. She's got a 2 year old son and I think a daughter is 10 years old so family cruising is another big component. So she's she's just so versatile. You know she's just ah, a world traveler. 55:21.94 Sam Me. 55:30.55 Sam Um, yeah. 55:32.51 Paul T Ah, thrill seeker and then she's done. You know family cruises to to like if you name the the the venue you know all of the Disney parks are the biggest ah outdoor. Ah. 55:50.38 Paul T Win a Wonderland park in in Canada I can't remember the name of it. Okay, well she specializes in taking her children on on all of these kind of family events. So she's been I mean you name it and she's been there I didn't know. 55:50.74 Sam And Canada yeah can't Canada's Wonderland it's called yeah 56:03.34 Sam Wow wow. 56:09.97 Paul T Jacques Costow had ah had a had a place you know and and they have nannies for the kids there she she's going there I know I'm kind of rambling but it's just it's just an amazing amazing. ah ah ah travel so she's you know she's in the new book and she's she's in the part on the podcast. 56:21.77 Sam Wow. 56:28.83 Paul T Near around the time that you're on the podcast because again I wanted to focus on the people who are in the new book right? at around the time. The new book comes out. Um, but yeah, I've got some some interesting folks in in the new book and they'll all be on the podcast. 1 one I think that your listeners will find interesting. You know there's been ah, ah, it's It's been been a vogue trend for the media to write about the people who live on Ships. You know you can You can you can buy places like Condominium units on ships and things like that. 56:54.36 Sam Here. 57:02.22 dclduo Yep. 57:03.70 Paul T Or otherwise you can just you know, ah spend your retirement you doing a series of back to back to back to back. You know seven week cruises I mean seven day cruises so I have a one one features called living on Cruise ships and it's about a couple who sold their home. And and you know they just cruise constantly. Um, mostly carnival Ninety ninety percent of the cruising is on carnival but but they also they cruise on other lines as a matter of fact I mentioned that the that the Montiggraph Cruise we went on. 57:25.69 Sam Wow wow. 57:35.29 Sam M. 57:42.94 Paul T So So when I first ah made contact with this couple I told them I was going on a Montig Gra cruise and at the time I thought they did exclusively carnivals I Said any chance you'll be on that cruise and they they were on another Carnival Cruise at the time but they arranged. What she calls they call the ship children so men and women who work on the ship and they've kind of adopted them. They're on there so much and they made sure that their ship children knew who we were and we were treated with you know, champagne and and and and and chocolate dipped strawberries and. 58:10.33 Sam Ah. 58:12.78 Sam Oh my goodness. 58:22.38 Paul T Ah, it's It's just an amazing store. So. 58:24.91 Sam Wow, yeah, that's awesome. We we did have the um we we did get the ability when we were on our cruise in Norway back in September on Disney. To chat with someone a guy named Alan who we I had we had on the show for a bonus episode who had been on the Disney magic for the entire Europe season which for Disney is about you know three months long basically 58:51.50 Paul T Oh. 58:54.30 Sam And so he had gotten on the ship I believe in Miami when it left to its transatlantic crossing stayed on for the entire you know all of the different european cruises and then did the transatlantic back which I think ended in New York so just yeah I mean. He didn't he doesn't live to be fair, he still has a home. He doesn't live on the ships but he spends it seems like I don't know at least half the year on on a on chips and then a good chunk of the year at Disney Parks as well. So but also you know retired obviously. 59:23.51 Paul T Using using. 59:26.71 dclduo Yeah. 59:31.67 Sam Um, but yeah, there are some really interesting folks out there who who do that kind of thing. It's it's pretty amazing I know it's it's something gosh I think Brian and I if we could do that someday particularly do some kind of around the world Cruise that would be sort of a. 59:37.88 Paul T Yeah. 59:48.84 Sam Ah, bucket list for us. 59:49.13 Paul T You know this? this makes me think back to Brian asked me did did anyone who's the person who got away. There was one person that I tried to get in all 3 books and and some of your listeners might have heard of him his his name is Marel. He's called super mario and okay so he's a gentleman. 01:00:09.59 Sam Yes I think you've you've told him us about him before but tell us yeah but tell us ah what he does. 01:00:14.68 Paul T Yeah, he he he was a wall streeter and so that means he probably made a whole lot of money and and at 45 or so he he walked away from wall street took his first cruise and hasn't stopped cruising cents. So he just does a series of seven day cruises on various and it's only on ah ah royal caribbean ah so he's done a series of of cruises ever since he did that first cruise. 01:00:44.80 Sam Um. 01:00:54.19 Sam Wow Yeah, ah. 01:00:54.30 Paul T And so I tried and I don't know what he did during the pandemic. But but ah I tried to get him in all 3 books. He actually had agreed and he even signed. Ah the release. Ah and then he changed his mind. And I don't know why that's you know that's a mystery I'll never figure out and so I reached out to him actually this week this past week I reached out to him and said hey you know the new book's coming out hope you're doing well I started a new podcast I'd love to have you on. 01:01:13.14 Sam Um. 01:01:31.96 Paul T And you know he responded very very cordial responses. But you know he just said I still am not willing to do any media. So. 01:01:40.47 dclduo So. 01:01:43.20 Sam All right? You know some people are you know, just more private and that's all right right? There's plenty of other interesting stories to tell. Um I I bet Well I think you know there there's going to be a range of of people's you know comfort with. 01:01:48.96 Paul T Yep. 01:02:01.60 Sam This platform or with being in a book and and that's okay because there's plenty of other interesting people to talk to huh. 01:02:06.28 dclduo Yeah. 01:02:07.58 Paul T And that's another thing I said when I put the description of the podcast people who have been in the book. But also people who are going to come along in the future who would be and I didn't use these words. But who would be worthy of the book I mean who would be you know good good fits for the book. You know I mean you know I've got a couple of I've got I had 2 well, one's 14 and 1 ne's fifteen that I've featured in a new book. They're in a section called cruisings young and restless and and you know. 01:02:24.60 Sam Um, right, of course right? yeah. 01:02:39.14 Sam Um. 01:02:42.60 Paul T I'll bet you a couple of years is just gonna be this amazing young person that comes along of you know that I won't be writing cruise books anymore. But I'll sure have them on my podcast maybe Nathan ah, ah, ah, go. 01:02:52.16 Sam Maybe Nathan you never know he it'll be Nathan cruises instead of Emma sorry Emma we're not going to steal your name but. 01:02:53.63 dclduo Yeah, ah. 01:03:03.90 dclduo Cruises. Oh my gosh Nathan cruises. Well ah ah Nathan Cruise is well trying to break the internet that would be his his show. Ah yeah, yeah, well ah hold on. Let me do an aside here sam do you have a rapid fire round that you want to do. 01:03:06.19 Sam Nathan Cruz 01:03:10.95 Sam Ah, yeah, ah Chris are. 01:03:18.20 Sam I I can do I was going to ask if you wanted me to do I was gonna do the favorites. Okay. 01:03:19.37 dclduo Or no. 01:03:23.19 dclduo Yeah let's do it. Let me transition this over well Paul so much fun chatting with you. But I think we have reached that point in our show where I need to hand you over to Sam for arbitrary questions. Arbitrary rules and a dash of judgment or the round we call. Rapid fire so sam you would take it away. 01:03:44.74 Sam Yeah, so Paul I'm going to ask you about your favorites. Um, you know obviously we're going to talk general cruising because you're not a Disney cruiser. Although you have been on a Disney Cruise but I want to talk I'm focused. Yeah. 01:03:52.75 Paul T Yeah, and and and and I'll never forget. It was the first time my my grandchildren had ever cruised. So that's up there with the cruises I'll never forget. 01:04:04.17 Sam Yes, absolutely. But I want to focus um my questions and your answers to the cruises that you've been on since the restart because it's been a bit since we've gotten to talk to you on our show about your favorites. So I'd love to know. From your recent cruises meaning cruises since since you began cruising again post pandemic or mid pandemic. However, we want to phrase what we're living in right now. But I'd love to know what was your favorite port. 01:04:35.53 Paul T I would have to say. 01:04:44.18 Paul T It was and and I can't remember it was somewhere in the French Riviera I don't remember the name of the the port but you know we we got to so we got to go to. It's a place where there's a place. Ah where there's nothing but millionaires who live there. 01:04:49.60 Sam Hm. 01:05:00.29 Sam Oh is it can or niece or yes. 01:05:01.29 Paul T What's the name of it. ah no ah I'm um um I'm having a brain freeze right now. But but but anyway we we we we saw Tina Turner's house. 01:05:16.95 Sam Oh wow oh is it is it Monte Carlo Monica Monte Carlo and Monaco. Yeah, yeah, yeah. 01:05:18.70 Paul T Ah, they have the f one they have like f 1 race there every year yes does that help? yes yes yes, yes, yes, yes so that was a stop on the on the obviously the Mediterranean Cruise and you know, just. 01:05:22.88 dclduo Monaco Monaco Monaco. Yes. 01:05:36.53 Paul T Just to see how ah certain people live I mean I we saw houses that were built into the rocks you know and we went past ah East St Laurent's house I don't know that he's even alive anymore. But it's it was his house and. 01:05:45.30 Sam Ah, amazing. 01:05:54.10 Paul T He had a house and it was built into the rocks and then down below The rocks was like a beach and then water and he had sort of like a cable car or elevator that that went from the house down to the beach. You know? So so it's just. 01:06:09.40 Sam Wow. 01:06:12.67 Paul T It was just a chance to fantasize about what it would be like to be that wealthy so that that was that that was a ah a top port stop. 01:06:21.49 Sam Awesome! All right? What was a favorite dining experience on board Really any of the ships because you've got such variety here. 01:06:32.17 Paul T Yeah, that that one's easy because I have said it on online probably more times than people want to hear. Ah, we went to a restaurant on the celebrity beyond so that again was the Mediterranean Cruise and there's a restaurant. 01:06:38.86 Sam Um, yeah. 01:06:49.32 Paul T Called ah la voyage by I think it's Daniel Ballou so you know if anyone googles Daniel Ballut I mean he's a he's you know a Michelin a top top shut a top world chef he has restaurants in Paris in New York and this was his first. Ah. 01:06:52.38 Sam Mm. 01:07:00.95 Sam He. 01:07:08.95 Paul T Dedicated restaurant on a cruise ship so he has he has other there are other restaurants on celebrity cruises that talk about you know menu choices by danubah. But this was an entire specialty restaurant and it's called no voyage and I have said online. 01:07:19.23 Sam So. 01:07:28.74 Paul T Ah, more times and than than once it's the best V I ever had in my life I'm not talking about on a cruise ship I'm talking about period. Um. 01:07:31.67 Sam Wow! Yeah yeah, Wow Amazing All right? What was a favorite performer. You got to see on one of your cruises. 01:07:34.46 dclduo Well. 01:07:45.33 Paul T But that was but I was gonna say that one's easy because on the on the the smooth jazz crus I mean there were so many legendary performers and and grammy winners. but but I'm I'm big on Standup Comedy so I can also point to a couple of standup comedians. but but I'll choose the. Ah. The the smooth jazz cruise wow there was just so so many probably probably marcumier. You know you those who like jazz know him and he's he's very versatile. So besides being, you know, probably the the premier jazz basis. 01:08:17.79 Sam Um. 01:08:25.60 Paul T In the world. You know I know most of your fans I've heard of Luther Vanros what a lot of what a lot of people don't realize is you know he co-wrote or wrote most of Luther Vanros's songs and was Luther Vanros's music music director and you know how big luther vandros was. 01:08:29.87 Sam Um, oh yeah. 01:08:41.30 Sam Um, oh wow. 01:08:43.77 Paul T So I would say Marcus Smeller but there were so many on the smooth jazz crews that that that would compete with them. So. 01:08:49.51 Sam Wow! All right Favorite pool Deck I mean you you got to go on a bunch of different ships recently who's got the best pool deck. 01:09:02.27 Paul T You know I think once again, you know sounds like celebrity has paid me. But again, it's celebrity celebrity beyond ah 1 thing I like about is I like is when a pull deck has plenty of seating. 01:09:09.28 Sam Ah, wow. 01:09:17.45 Sam Here. 01:09:17.69 Paul T That's in the shade and and and and so they had you know a tiered. Ah you know a tiered pool deck. So I would have to say that one because I you know I don't like laying in the sun you know for too long. So. 01:09:28.76 Sam Right? Nice all right? Oh no, no go ahead. 01:09:34.11 Paul T Although the ship that I'm going on I'm sorry I was going to say the the ship that I'm the ship that I'm going on to to Hawaii and Alaska the ncl spirit now that's an older ship. It was built in 98 but it it had right before the the lockdown. It had a $100000000 refurbishment. So I'm told it's like brand new inside. Um, but they have a very interesting ah aft pool deck as I forgot the name of it. But anyway it looks like it's going to be really neat and and I was saying how I like. 01:09:53.10 Sam Oh wow. 01:10:09.76 Paul T Where a Poo deck has tiered levels so you can you're in the shade. Well they they go. You know they have like stadium seating around the food deck. So yeah. 01:10:10.62 Sam Here. 01:10:19.29 Sam Ah, wow wow that sounds awesome. Sounds similar ah well sounds similar to the the family pool deck on the the newest Disney ship the wish which has a great tiered pool deck much better than the the other four ships I would say in the fleet. 01:10:33.56 Paul T Not now speaking speaking of speaking of the wish with when you're done with your your rapid fire I I want to ask you guys a question about the wish. 01:10:35.70 Sam All right? So that brings me to. 01:10:42.59 Sam I Love it Absolutely all right? So from these last few from these last cruises that you've been on since the Restart What has been your favorite ship. Not itinerary ship. 01:10:58.27 Paul T Here It goes again. Celebrity beyond. 01:11:01.30 Sam Wow I kind of had a feeling you were going to say that Paul all right? Well what was the favorite itinerary then. 01:11:10.53 dclduo Yeah. 01:11:11.64 Paul T Celebrity beyond only but god I mean that's that's I mean I mean that's that's an easy one? Yeah I mean France Spain italy you know gonna be kind of hard to beat that. although although this 01:11:11.92 Sam But it was the med I mean it's the med. Yeah, yeah, yeah, right? Yeah, it's kind of the Caribbean can't really beat the you know can't really beat the med I guess. 01:11:28.39 Paul T Yeah, yeah, this this this Hawaii Alaska 1 that's gonna challenge as far as itineraries concerned. 01:11:35.80 Sam Ah, absolutely all right? Well my last question for rapid fire. We asked this ah to pretty much all of our guests I want to ask you bucket list crews that you are not currently booked on so not the Alaska not your Alaska Hawaii. Extravaganza which sounds amazing but is there another bucket list cruise you don't have booked yet. But it's something you're going to try and book in the next you know year or two because it's the the one that you you know you really want to do. 01:12:05.17 Paul T Yeah, yes, there is so so you know as I've said I love theme cruising and one of the companies that that are profiled star list alive. They do a soul train cruise and so that's that's that's my bucket list. Cruise I'm sure it's gonna be very similar. 01:12:16.48 Sam Oh fun. 01:12:23.96 Paul T To the smooth jazz crews. But it's just going to be all of the r and b and and and solar artists that that I followed over the years who you know who are still able to give shows and and so I'm I'm looking forward. We haven't we haven't booked anything yet for 24 um, my wife doesn't know it yet. But that's like number one on the list. 01:12:47.56 Sam But and you get to hear those magic words right? Welcome to Soul Train ah 01:12:52.35 Paul T Yeah, in fact, yeah, in fact, his son you know Don Canelius is is the person who had that that magical voice his son is now a an employee of starvis alive. So so he yeah yeah. 01:12:53.41 dclduo Yeah, ah. 01:13:09.27 Sam Oh that's so fantastic I Wonder if he has a similar voice. Ah. 01:13:12.30 Paul T Yeah I wonder yeah I wonder. 01:13:17.60 Sam Ah I love it all right? Well that Concludes Rapid fire. You said you had a question for us about the wish we'd love to answer any questions you have about it. Yeah. 01:13:24.95 Paul T Yeah, so and I know you all had a podcast on this not too long ago which I have not caught yet. But so I'm hearing there's there's there's a diversion of opinions on on the wish why is that. 01:13:39.41 Sam Yeah, so I think there's we could have a whole show about it. Sorry yeah yeah. 01:13:40.58 dclduo Ah, you know you know we were just it's funny. Wait saying can itro this. Um, yeah, it's funny Paul because we actually just did an interview with a former Disney imagineer and asked him sort of. He worked on the wish I should say that as a former Disney imagineer that had responsibility for the dcl portfolio at Disney and I asked him I said did you expect the wish to be such a divisive ship now he had not read all of the community commentary because he just hasn't been keeping up with it since he left Disney but yes I would say the wish has been. Super divisive for a ton of reasons that Sam can probably tell you about yeah. 01:14:22.65 Sam Yeah, so we've done a couple of shows where we've talked ah ah about some of the things that are divisive um and and actually we were on a. Ah, the dcl community's Youtube show and talked about that sort of pros and cons of the wish so we did a whole video show with our with the host there rebecca about the wish. Um, but I'll give you a couple of the right. 01:14:41.70 dclduo Actually titled titled titled in defense of the wish because for everyone out there who's listened to our show for a while. We actually really enjoyed our time on the wish we are headed back out in April for 7 nights on board the wish and we'll be back in August again and we are. We are hopefully going to. Ah. Have our opinions validated about it. But I am open to having my mind changed on the ah the next sailing around. So yeah. 01:15:04.61 Sam Ah, yeah, but. 01:15:06.98 Paul T Yeah, in fact, in your feature in the joy of cruising again I have several pictures on the wish and you guys look like ah first of all, it looks wonderful to me and you guys look like you love it. But then I'm hearing these you know. 01:15:11.54 Sam Yes, yes. So this is this is the thing this is the as this is the thing about disney cruisers Paul Disney Cruisers and Disney fans in general, want everything to be new. 01:15:21.22 dclduo Um, well here's the here's the thing Paul here's here. Oh go ahead see go ahead. Go ahead. 01:15:22.57 Paul T Comments. 01:15:35.90 Sam As long as you don't take anything away from what you previously did so disney cruisers are are Disney people often are very hesitant to embrace the new um because they want everything to be the same as it was right. 01:15:37.14 Paul T Enjoy. 01:15:48.60 Paul T Is. 01:15:50.74 Sam And the wish is a very different even though it's very similar in size to the dream and the fantasy it's um, it's a little bit bigger but it's mostly to account for um, the type of engine that they have and and type of fuel that they use. Um. 01:16:02.21 Paul T Z. 01:16:05.16 Sam But the layout of the wish is quite different from the layout of the 4 previous ships and although the fantasy and the dream are laid out somewhat differently from the magic and the wonder there is a lot of continuity. A lot of similarity between those 4 ships and their layout despite differences in size and whatnot. The wish has a a ah much more market difference in its layout which some people don't like they also changed the big thing I would say changed the elevator banks instead of having 3 different sets of elevator banks. They now have 2 um, so instead of having forward mid and aft. They now have just a forward and an aft but they brought them both closer to the middle. So there is you know some things like that. Um, that folks don't like I think mostly because they're different There are a couple of valid criticisms I mean not to say that others aren't valid, but there are some. 01:16:48.34 Paul T Measure. 01:17:00.71 Sam Valid criticisms that Brian and I agree with which is um, there is a running track on the other ships on deck four I believe a promenade deck right. 01:17:05.79 dclduo Well a a prominent a promenade deck. It's it can be used for running but it's also used for walking and playing shuffle word and that kind of stuff. Yeah. 01:17:14.87 Paul T Smooth. 01:17:17.38 Sam But it's on the other four ships. It's a continuous all the way around the ship on the Disney's newest ship. The wish that does not exist. There is a promenade deck but it only goes part way and then it also has stairs so you can only actually it goes up up 2 levels actually at the front of the ship. And it doesn't go all the way around the back. So you what you end up with is a horseshoe shape. Um and 2 flights of stairs in the middle that you have to go up and then yeah they wind crazy. Yeah, so so there's some. 01:17:39.96 dclduo 2 really steep 2 really steep flights of stairs and once you're out on the front of the ship while it's moving the wind is hefty. Yeah, yeah, yeah, so yeah. 01:17:49.97 Paul T In. 01:17:54.92 Sam You know that is 1 thing and a lot of ships actually don't have a promenade that goes all the way around. Um but they often have their running track up on the top deck and Disney has never done it that way and they don't didn't do it that way to compensate. So you know there are some things that. 01:18:10.70 Paul T Cost. 01:18:13.86 Sam Were choices. Another one is the placement and the size of the adult only I'll call it pool deck area. It's in kind of an out of the way place which some people like but it's quite small and cramped and um, you know and there's not a lot of adult. 01:18:20.60 Paul T The. 01:18:31.63 Sam Only pool space but remember it's a Disney ship right? So Disney ships are built for families for the most part multigenerational of course. Um, but young families more specifically and so yeah, there is definitely some some valid criticisms about choices that. Disney made and not every ship is for everyone. Um, and but yeah, it's it's it's interesting. There is a lot of controversy but I will say we've met several folks who really exclusively Cruise Disney but are not willing to sail on the wish because. 01:18:53.71 Paul T He. 01:19:06.94 Paul T Really. 01:19:09.69 Sam Yeah, because they just keep hearing how different it is and they don't like some of these choices and ah but I also think part of it is. It's a 3 and fornite itinerary right? So not everyone I mean we don't love a 3 or four night itinerary we want a seven night itinerary so in order to compensate. We end up doing a back to back. But a back to back is not as good as a seven night in my opinion. Um I think you you get you can do more over the course of a seven night when you don't have to do the disembark and Reembark thing. Um, yeah so I do think there's you know some of the criticism just has to do with. 01:19:32.57 Paul T Remove. 01:19:40.35 Paul T This is. 01:19:48.12 Sam That itinerary where you're just doing Nasa and Castaway key and so you don't get any variety of of port stops. 01:19:50.32 Paul T Now I Assume that's temporary right? that just the short cruises. 01:19:58.57 dclduo Well, the the speculation is that the so we heard several times on the maiden and the other voyages that the wish is quote purpose built for 3 and fornight cruises and so the speculation is much like the dream and the fantasies of the. 01:19:59.51 Sam Well. 01:20:12.22 Paul T Okay. 01:20:17.63 dclduo Dream came out as the first ship in the dream class ships and she did the 3 and fournight sailings and when the fantasy came out the dream continued to do the 3 and four night sailings of the fantasy it was assigned over to the seven night sailings and so speculation is the treasure will be the one that comes out and starts doing the seven night sailings from pork navor we don't know anything for sure. But that's kind of the speculation and what we're hoping to hear that on that one is that the treasure is purpose builtilt for seven night sailings because there are some design decisions that Disney seems to have made on the wish especially around stateroom storage and some other things that are I think directly aimed at. 01:20:40.16 Sam Um, right. 01:20:56.16 dclduo Thought people are only coming on for 3 or 4 nights so they don't need that many places to store clothing and whatnot which topic for another show I think that they are forgetting that many families will then couple a 3 or four night crewise with several nights stay at the parks and so they're going to be coming on with more luggage than you know a carry on but um, that's that's kind of some what we heard the other. 01:21:01.45 Paul T What is. 01:21:15.98 dclduo Think valid criticism is just that so Disney seems to have taken a lot of larger spaces on the other ships and broken them up into smaller spaces to create more intimate experiences on board. Ah, but the ship still has a lot of people on it and so if there's a lot of people that want to be in a particular space say for Bingo or some other event. 01:21:24.15 Sam Um. 01:21:24.98 Paul T Is it. 01:21:35.67 dclduo It can feel very crowded and cramped and then some of the restaurants also feel just it's it's tight. It's very tight. You can tell the servers are having a tough time getting between tables to serve food and so you know say what you will about kind of guests sitting close to 1 another but when it starts to impact the crew's ability to actually get their work done. 01:21:47.34 Paul T Is. 01:21:54.32 dclduo Ah, that's kind of a red flag for me. So we're hoping some of this will be feedback. They take into account for the treasure. Ah, but yeah, as Sam said I've I've not as as sam said and as we talked but to the imagineer about recently I sort of said of you know I don't hear too many people say I hate. Fantasy or I hate the dream or I hate the older magic class ships. You kind of hear like well my favorite is this one like the other ones are good but I like this one the best the the wish is one that people are sort of actively saying I hate that ship and I'm not going back. So um, yeah. 01:22:23.47 Paul T River. So So what's the expected rival time for the treasure. 01:22:30.79 Sam Um, yeah. 01:22:36.32 dclduo Sometime And yeah. 01:22:36.88 Sam Sometime in 2024 we know it can't be early Twenty Twenty four because itineraries have already come out for early Twenty Twenty four we are expecting itineraries to come out and as of this show. Maybe they've come out already. Um, but we're expecting them to come out any day now with the Summer 2024 itineraries remember Disney releases their itineraries way after everybody else in the cruise industry. So um, you know. 01:22:57.85 dclduo Well they fought they fell behind throw at the pandemic. They they got onto it. They used to have about 2 years worth of itineraries going at any given time maybe eighteen months at specific moments but they've really calledll back to. They're about a year out now and no more than a year at any given time and. 01:23:10.98 Paul T This. 01:23:17.65 dclduo That's ah created its own kind of interesting set of challenges because you know I can go on to some of the other cruise lines and book cruises in like 2025 at this point and so as people are trying to plan their vacations. They're they're sort of looking at Disney going. Why is it taking you so long to get itineraries out. But yeah, we're we're expecting mid. 01:23:25.27 Paul T The. 01:23:25.57 Sam Yeah, but because. 01:23:33.10 Paul T This is. 01:23:33.20 Sam Right? but. 01:23:36.29 dclduo Mid to late 2024 for the release of the treasure if we had to guess. 01:23:40.50 Sam Well I think I think we have to say fall or we have to say fall at the earliest because the summer itineraries are coming out and there has been no word from Disney and no hyping of the treasure. In the in the releases and the sort of media things they're putting out to hype up the summer. The upcoming summer itineraries right? They have not mentioned the treasure they've mentioned the new port lighthouse point they've you know mentioned the new pearl status which is a new loyalty status that they're introducing a Disney Cruise line but they have been mum about the treasure. So I I can confidently say I would be shocked if we saw anything on the treasure coming out for Summer Twenty Twenty four so that's why I would say fall is the the earliest but they have said 2024 so it's got to becoming. 01:24:27.85 Paul T Further. 01:24:33.64 Sam You know it's we got to be hearing more about it by you know, mid-year or later this year. 01:24:37.35 Paul T With it. This was helpful I've heard so much. You know I haven't been on Disney and and it's been about close to 10 years I suspect that if I went on the wish I would find it wonderful. But I can see where Disney enthusiasts or Disney Cruise line enthusiasts. 01:24:48.76 dclduo Yes. 01:24:51.44 Sam Um, yes. 01:24:55.80 Sam Exactly I think it's actually a perfect ship for new cruisers I think it's a great introduction to the Disney brand and I think if you don't have preconceived notions about what a Disney ship layout should look like you will. 01:24:56.57 Paul T May have some issues. 01:25:01.21 Paul T Move. 01:25:13.19 Sam Thoroughly enjoy the wish. 01:25:14.68 dclduo It's also I think it's best in class for kids like the kids club on the wish is far and away the best kids club in the fleet and so um I think it is really great and I think some of the design choices like people criticize for some of the design choices I think they made some really great design choices on this ship. 01:25:18.00 Sam Yes. 01:25:22.55 Paul T Smooth. 01:25:31.97 dclduo As well opening up the atrium. It's amazing. Having a staircase there that goes up 2 floors is very nice. The kids club not being in prime real estate on deck 4 or 5 depending I think on the ship. 01:25:33.86 Paul T Um. 01:25:43.45 Sam Five five 01:25:45.58 dclduo Ah, you know now it's on Deck 2 and you access it from Deck 3 with a slide down in there but like that gives them more space to work with and also takes it out of like prime real estate for other things. So I look I think they made the the enclosed increti zone area that they have now that was outdoor basketball courts almost the other ships like. I Think they made some really smart design choices and I expect them as they did with the fantasy to continue to refine the design will it address everything guests have complained about no at the same time I'm not sure that there is a perfect ship out there like there. There is. 01:26:20.37 Paul T We moved. 01:26:21.14 Sam Right. 01:26:22.47 dclduo Good ships and great ships. Um, there's probably some bad you know older ships that just you know were past their prime but I don't think any ship is perfect and so you kind of got to take the good with the bad I mean they've they've got limited space. 01:26:32.27 Paul T Is. 01:26:37.10 dclduo Got to balance business decisions with design. It's It's not always going to come out in the favor of of design sometimes going to come out in the favor of business and so you know um I I think the more interesting question will become what they do with this global dream ship that they bought because there they have really departed from the brand. 01:26:42.56 Paul T This is this. 01:26:54.72 dclduo Um, that they have and so I'm really interested. 01:26:54.78 Paul T yeah yeah I I forgot about that. Yeah I'm I'm curious says to what they're gonna do I think they're gonna do something amazing. But you know I'm I'm I'm gonna give Disney the the benefit of the doubt on that one because I just don't know. 01:27:02.32 Sam Um, yeah. 01:27:10.30 Sam Yeah, yeah. 01:27:11.65 dclduo Yes, unlike the true Disney fans who will criticize criticize criticize until they see it and then love it. Yeah, that's the that's ah yeah, the hardcore Disney fans. Yeah yeah, well Paul we should wrap up here and just say thank you so much for coming on I think we've hit throughout the show all the way. Please. 01:27:18.53 Sam Ah, the hardcore disease. Yeah. 01:27:29.52 dclduo Think we've hit throughout the show. All the places folks can find you and we will link those in the show notes big fans of the books cannot wait to get our hands on the next one and can't wait to continue listening to all the great shows coming on your podcast so encourage our listeners to use the link. We'll put in our show notes ah head out and get a copy of Paul's book we'll also be throwing it up on our Facebook page and. As Paul makes posts about it. We will be amplifying those on our own social media because we just love the book so much and also encourage you head over to your favorite podcast player and look for the joy of cruising. It's a great podcast and I've really enjoyed listening so far. So thanks so much Paul for coming on. We really appreciate. It. 01:28:03.63 Paul T Thank you so much for having me and I look forward to chatting with you all on my podcast in a few weeks. 01:28:10.99 Sam Absolutely thanks So much.

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