May 12, 2023


Ep. 313 - It's a Kind of Magic: DCL Stage Performer and Magician Siegfried Tieber

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Brian Sam
Ep. 313 - It's a Kind of Magic: DCL Stage Performer and Magician Siegfried Tieber
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 313 - It's a Kind of Magic: DCL Stage Performer and Magician Siegfried Tieber

May 12 2023 | 01:09:40


Show Notes

We are joined this week by a very special guest - Siegfried Tieber. Siegfried is a close-up magician who has performed for (and fooled) the likes of Penn & Teller. He's also a DCL stage performer, bringing his show to the high-seas to entertain adults and families on all four of Disney's original ships. Siegfried shares his journey to magic, the highs and lows of his career, and what it's like to be a stage performer on Disney Cruise Line. He also even took some time to share a card trick with us that you can see on our YouTube channel or Facebook Group. We had so much fun chatting with Siegfried and hope we can see his show again soon on Disney Cruise Line.

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Episode Transcript

00:00.00 dclduo Welcome back everybody to this week's episode of the Dc L Duo Podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and Sam we're bringing some actual magic to the show today. Not just disney magic but like real magic I am super excited I don't know if you're excited but I'm excited. 00:12.20 Sam Um, yes. 00:17.52 Sam I'm super Excited. We don't even need Pixie dust for this kind of magic. All we really need is this amazingly wonderful gentleman who has always has a deck of cards with him sigfreed teber. Welcome to the show. Thank you for being here. 00:33.33 SiegfriedTieber Thanks to you. It's a pleasure I'm very very excited about this. 00:39.93 Sam Yeah, we are too my gosh we've gotten to see you on board. The disney wonder on 2 different occasions. Um I'm trying to remember the first time we saw you but it was it was months and months ago and then I know the second time we saw you because that's the first time we actually met you in sort of a personal way. Um, and that was on our maritime cruises that was actually 2 cruises back to back on the disney wonder over Christmas time and you were on the ship with your lovely fiancee and we actually met you at the Hanukkah Candlefighting ceremony um which was really fun. Um, as our. As our audience knows I'm jewish I know your fiance is jewish and so it was lovely meeting her and you on the ship a very different experience than just seeing you perform on stage but we're so thankful that you've joined us. We know you've performed a lot on the yeah on Disney Ships in the last few last couple of years and um you are an l a based magician although we know you didn't grow up in l a so I'd love to kind of hear more about your background I know I've seen you on a couple of shows again on the cruise ships but also on television and so. But our audience may not be familiar with you. So why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself and then we'll kind of dive into how you became a magician as well. 01:59.21 SiegfriedTieber Absolutely with that in mind letting me formally introduce myself as mentioned my name is sik frit sikfried tiever. My father was born arrest in Austria that explains the name. However I was born arresting Equ that explains the accent. 02:18.21 Sam Um. 02:18.40 SiegfriedTieber That is that is the way I would often introduce myself. Um, when I'm performing on a stage many many years ago. Someone told me I went to this workshop led by a well-known magician within the magic community. I performed for him so he could give me some notes notes and pointers. He said very kind things about my work and then he said you should really introduce yourself. You should clarify your background because if you don't the audience spends the first 20 minutes of your show thinking. Where on earth is this guy from is he italian maybe he's from israel but the name that's a german name point b um that from austria I was born and resting ecuador I went to school high school college university over there. 02:54.69 dclduo Um. 03:10.60 SiegfriedTieber Ah, yeah, um, when I was long story very very short when I was eighteen I I enrolled at University For Mechanical engineering just a few months after that someone lent me a book out of nowhere someone len me a bookca. Thick book a thousand and one easy card tricks I started to study this one trick relentlessly I practiced for several weeks before ever showing it to anybody. The first time my first performance I gathered my family in the living room I showed them this. Card trick I have been practicing for the longest time they freaked out I freaked out at they're freaking out I fell in love with magic I was 19 at the time still um in Equador. 03:54.61 Sam Um, oh my god. 03:59.34 SiegfriedTieber Fast forward 5 years into the future I got my degree for mechanical engineering I told my parents I wanted to do card tricks for a living I turned into magic full time for about 2 years I was doing magic full time in Ecuador. And after that I moved ah to Los Angeles to pursue magic and that's been oh boy almost but and actually a little over 10 years ago that I moved to Los Angeles 04:28.10 Sam Wow Now How did your parents react when you said I want to Pursue Magic I've got this degree in mechanical engineering. So I could be maybe building planes or building other or medical devices or some other kind of um, you know engines. Ah, but I want to do magic. 04:44.50 SiegfriedTieber Exactly they were furious for like 48 hours they they were furious. They were upset because they felt I had betrayed them I got the degree and now it turns out the last five years of my life. And they paid for my career. So luckily I graduated without any debt and now I want to do something completely different. They were very upset. But then again they knew how involved and excited I was about magic and within these five years that I have been. 05:07.47 Sam Um. 05:20.31 SiegfriedTieber Learning Magic at the same time that I was going to University I was started to be hired for private parties corporate geeks on a somewhat regular basis so being a full-time Magician didn't seem that farfeted long story short my parents it it. Took them a little well to adjust of course it was hard for them but but ever since then they they have been very very supportive I know I'm one of the lucky ones parents have been my biggest cheerleaders. 05:56.62 Sam That's amazing now how does 1 learn magic right? Obviously your first card trick you you learned from a book of card tricks. But I'm sure there's so only so much you can learn from books at what point do you. Do you expand your learning I don't know. Do you apprentice with another magician do you go to some kind of school for magic I mean how does 1 learn to be a magician. 06:20.85 SiegfriedTieber But but you're absolutely right? There's only so much that you can learn from a book and if you ask come 10 magicians how they learn their craft. There will be some overlap of course. But you might as well get 10 different stories. 06:37.55 Sam A. 06:40.34 SiegfriedTieber Some people ah start early life because someone in the family knows a magic trick or 2 some people watch a performance and they get hooked and they they seek for a mentor. In this day and age I know many people who who have been into magic for maybe 105 years who learned from Youtube they saw maybe David Blaine straight magician do a thing. 07:07.84 Sam Um, yeah. 07:09.19 SiegfriedTieber They saw a performance on Youtube and then you go down that rabbit hole and you learn from there countless different ways in my specific case as mentioned it was this one trick I learned from a book shortly after that about ah. Five six months after I had the extreme good fortune of meeting somebody who would become my first mentor now Ecuador is a tiny country only 13000000 people so still to this day. The magic community is practically nonexistent. However, I had the extreme good fortune of meeting this person who was very no legible and he was also very generous and willing to share his knowledge. He taught me magic tricks and techniques and he taught me all about the psychology of magic. But. 07:48.22 Sam Here. 08:00.92 SiegfriedTieber I Think that mainly for me, most importantly, he taught me to care about magic to sit as a craft that requires a lot of time and attention. But also that pays back immensely because there are some tricks techniques that you need. 08:06.81 Sam I think. 08:19.87 SiegfriedTieber To really practice for a while before you can perform present it to anybody else, but liking my case when when I first performed that first trick for my family getting to see people excited about this about about it put us smile on their faces that pace of. 08:39.52 Sam Oh my goodness. 08:39.57 SiegfriedTieber All the effort in the world. That's it back to your question I learned from a book I met met a mentor and besides that. ah ah I've a lot of my knowledge I've acquired from books. I've always enjoyed reading both magic and nonfiction fiction literature etc and I've had a few other people in my life I've considered mentors and the other big big big component is performing in front of an audience. Being willing to fail and trying it again. There was a well-known figure in the art of magic a spanish magician by the name of Arturo ascanno he would say that medicine is a humble science you learn in front of. 09:34.94 Sam This. 09:35.80 SiegfriedTieber Patient Magic is a humble art form you learn in front of an audience. There's no replacement for flight time stage performance time. So it's all that trying to find ways to. 09:44.99 dclduo Oh. 09:51.82 SiegfriedTieber Acquire all those kinds of knowledge. 09:55.20 Sam Wow Now I feel like as ah, a close up Magician or sleight of hand Magician The way you use your hands is just very very very important I Wonder did you have any kind of background as a musician or or something that sort of helped you. In maybe not training but having this sort of natural ability to Move. You be very sort of dexterous with your hands. 10:22.59 SiegfriedTieber First of all, thank you I think that as a compliment second the second not all and ah, no formal training. But for me, it has been a back and forth between learning. 10:24.79 Sam Um, yes, um it it absolutely is meant as one. Yeah. 10:25.58 dclduo Um, leave the. 10:39.72 SiegfriedTieber Techniques and learnings light of hand and then observing how my hands move and adjusting and adapting many people believe that to be a magician you need to be naturally gifted. You need to have talent I Ah. Ah, in my mind Talent is a myth more than anything that this is something that I say in performance sometimes I do um, a memory demonstration in which I memorize we shuffle at the of cards and then I memorize the order of the entire deck of cards. 11:03.68 Sam Um. 11:18.60 SiegfriedTieber And then it distributebute the cards to different people and I tell this person you have the 12 clubs the 4 of diamondmos data da da da etc and after the perform day after this demonstration I point out you know a few years ago I got interested in the subject of human memory and the reason I got interested is because. I always thought I had a terrible terrible memory and at some point I discovered that like a muscle memory can be trained and I quote Steve Martin the comedian he would say thankfully perseverance is a great substitute for talent i. 11:42.19 Sam Um. 11:55.61 SiegfriedTieber Believe that deeply in my heart I think that for most anything you're doing life perseverance and dedication Trump's talent if you want to be a basketball player. It helps to be very tall. 12:07.60 Sam Um. 12:13.26 SiegfriedTieber Ah, Michael Fels day day. A olympic medal is the swimmer because he has achieved so much success. There have been studies made about him and it's fascinating Michael Felts that human being was anatomically designed for swim. His body is the. 12:15.97 Sam You think. 12:33.32 SiegfriedTieber Perfect match for swinging so you could account that as talent but there is no doubting. Nobody's mind that that person has worked hard to achieve what he has achieved it So in my mind. Ah. 12:38.82 Sam Um. 12:51.40 SiegfriedTieber It's mostly perseverance and dedication I think that in magic and I can only imagine this translates to everything else for me. Also main main main component of it is interest in what I do light of hand magic like many other pursuits in life. 13:06.53 Sam Um, yep. 13:11.28 SiegfriedTieber Requires a lot of practice and dedication for the first 10 years of my involvement with magic I was practicing light of hand techniques in front of a mirror for 10 to 12 hours a day if you are not excited about it. It will be unbearable for me. 13:23.50 dclduo Go How click. 13:23.16 Sam Wow. 13:30.69 SiegfriedTieber 10 hours felt like oh my goodness it's night already because time flew by because I was enjoying what I was doing. 13:36.54 Sam Yeah, well I think it's funny. You say that So I'm I take a ukulele lessons with a teacher and I've only been taking them for a little over a year but I tend to practice a lot more if I'm really digging a particular song that I'm learning right. 13:52.67 SiegfriedTieber Um, no. 13:52.87 Sam Um, if I don't enjoy the song that I'm learning I'm just not interested in practicing. So I think you're you're spot on as far as you know the more you enjoy something the more you're willing to sort of persevere and go for it. But I'm really. Curious to know I mean you probably started your career as a magician doing magic in spanish your native language and now you have to do it in english you live in l a you perform in and you know different clubs. And theaters across the United States as well as internationally and on Disney Cruise line and those are all done in english how how was that transition. Um, from you know you're having to concentrate obviously on a lot of different things when you're performing and. you're having to perform right so you're having to um outsize your personality I would say in in order to get your personality or to get some ah rasatas I'll call it across to the audience. How does one do that when you're having to do it. Not in your native language but perhaps in your second or third or fourth language. 15:04.81 SiegfriedTieber Nowadays after 10 years of leaving in the us. It has become mesian it has become second the nature. However, it was hard. The transition was hard of course as you mentioned I started performing in. Spanish and the us and to some extent the uk as well have influenced the whole world around him in aquing all of Latin America we get a lot of influence from the us in the form of movies media. Tv etc. So when I was 23 around the time that I moved to the us I think I could very proficiently read and write in english. 15:58.59 Sam Um, wow. 15:58.75 SiegfriedTieber If you hand me a whole novel 500 page novel in english easy for me because I'm used to it now in the a if you go to the movie theater in Ecuador usually you get movies. Um, dab this when you have the subtitles or dab this. 16:15.48 Sam Um, ah dubbed is when the audio is overlaid right? Just yeah. 16:19.83 SiegfriedTieber Thank you? Yes, you movies are not dabbed but captioned I guess so you would be subtitled. You would be listening to the original format in English So I was fairly comfortable reading um and writing in English but transitioning. 16:23.33 Sam Rough subtitles. Yes. 16:31.37 Sam Um, and here. 16:39.41 SiegfriedTieber Speaking which means about having conversations listening and and taking that information in processing and being able to reply that was a hard transition um to some extent I made that conscious decision of. Trying to take distance from this spanish-speaking community here in Los Angeles because here in Los Angeles you can find pockets of population where you don't really need to learn english I made an effort of I'm going to speak english every single day. 17:09.61 Sam Hey. 17:15.80 SiegfriedTieber Of my life. Whatever happens all communication. So email sold everything I will do in english for the first 3 4 years speaking on the phone was such a burden because you don't get the benefit of facial expressions and mouth reading. 17:21.80 Sam Wow. 17:34.49 SiegfriedTieber Ah, so oh boy it it was hard I would lead if my phone would ring and this would be an unknown number I would literally start to sweat because I would get so tense and nervous and and I think I overcame that by doing. 17:44.47 Sam Wow. 17:52.20 SiegfriedTieber Then again experience and and then practice doing it that there's no way around it too. But sometimes people ask me this question it it comes across often of of course the question of language and I have realized that nowadays. Many of my impulse reactions are in english when I work out I try to work out regularly. But if I'm doing pushups I count 1 2 3 in english which means that's not conscious thought that's just whatever comes first if i. 18:13.71 Sam Um, yeah. 18:20.15 dclduo I think. 18:20.56 Sam And glist right. 18:28.30 SiegfriedTieber My to one the furniture I swear in English said they exhaleile? Yep yeah yeah, yeah, yeah. 18:32.18 Sam Yeah, yeah, you think in english now because you've been here for so long right? So it's your inner Monologue is now english as opposed to spanish wow that's yeah that that's so interesting now I know when you came ah to the United States and when you moved to LA you took acting classes. 18:47.56 SiegfriedTieber Yes, yes. 18:49.44 Sam Is that right can tell us about that experience and I know you weren't seeking to become a movie star I Know you've said that before and I thought that was kind of hilarious but tell us why did you decide to take acting classes in L a when you weren't seeking to become an actor. 19:04.53 SiegfriedTieber Because of magic as a magician you would always hear that acting training whether formal or informal or informal can greatly contribute my first mentor back home in ecuad or this person I met a few months after I get interested in magic. He always planted that idea in my mind. Um, and it's common knowledge so to speak within the magic community. You know the name Harry Houdini yes a Harry Houdini took his stage name Harry Houdini was a Eric Weiss that's 19:33.43 dclduo Oh yeah. 19:35.29 Sam Um, of course. 19:43.52 SiegfriedTieber His real name Harry Houdini was a stage name. He took that stage name from a french performer called Robert Houdan Houdin is famous within the magic community for having said that an actor that a magician is an actor. 19:52.87 Sam Um. 20:01.21 SiegfriedTieber Playing the role of a magician I don't have real magical powers like Harry Potter so I have to play this character of somebody who has magical power so can do extraordinary things. 20:16.40 dclduo But. 20:19.30 SiegfriedTieber When I'm on a stage and this is they approach most magicians take when I'm on a stage I play a slightly looser beer bolder version of myself but seek freedom on stage is seek freed of. Stage let loose without many inhibitions but it's still me that said ah acting training I knew that would help me as some magician so when I moved to lay I went to acting school and I got a degree. In acting I I did a 2 year program because I knew that would contribute to magic. Ah for I think for me the main main main takeaway actually give me to 2 main takeaways from acting where how to work. 21:10.30 Sam Um, sure. 21:16.10 SiegfriedTieber From a script knowing that you can have a script and you can internalize that script to the extent that it should sound organic I tend to be very so a script oriented if you see 10 21:25.82 Sam E. 21:35.11 SiegfriedTieber Of my shows they will be very similar. Of course they show changes every time because there's interaction with the audience and that part is unscripted and I would try to take every opportunity that I can if somebody says something really funny on the stage I'll go that way. But otherwise I have the script to fall back Onto. So for me that was a big takeaway from acting many Magicians fear that if you memorize a script you will sound scripted. You will sound rigid but. 22:12.27 Sam Um. 22:13.79 SiegfriedTieber Daniel Day louis he doesn't sound scripted because he has words on his craft and he knows the script inside out and of course that but but that also means that you have to lean a little heavier into the craft of acting which is a whole. 22:29.28 Sam If it. 22:33.32 SiegfriedTieber Craft in and of itself point B for me main Takeaways learning to work from a script and also stage presence how to stand and speak and listen when you are standing on a stage which doesn't come very naturally for most people. And I know it didn't come naturally for me it. It was ah then again a back and forth between trying doing failing reevaluating trying to do better than next time. 23:09.36 dclduo It's that perseverance you spoke about earlier. It sounds like coming into play and I'm so I'm so curious sick free says I feel like every performer sort of points to that moment when it was like this was my break. This was my big break. This is what the break I had that let me keep doing this. 23:11.65 SiegfriedTieber Your. 23:26.17 dclduo For a living. Ah what was that for you when did that come and what was it. 23:34.58 SiegfriedTieber Um, home for me. Ah, very very specific moment that was a turning point for me was maybe 3 years into being interested in magic and when I was still going to university my mentor he was an established magician in Equ so he was doing performances seeing formal theaters and etc etc. And there were a few of us who had been learning from him and about 3 years since he organized this event did this performance where it would be him plus 4 students on a big theater 300 people that at the time felt. Oh my goodness they the Wal Disney theater at the disney wonder sits about 900 people so nowadays for me that feels oh 900 people that feels comfortable but ah twelve years ago playing for 300 people felt. Also intimidating and I had a 10 minuteot spot on that show and I think back to that day often I remember walking on that stage and I remember walking out. 25:01.91 SiegfriedTieber I really don't remember what happened in those 10 minutes it blacked out from my mind. Maybe they adrenaline blocked it out, but it's a surreal experience I remember walking in walking up what happened in between not a clue people tell me they enjoyed my performance. I know I did a trick with a rope I know I did 2 tricks with carts hey who knows point being for me. The main takeaway was even if this was such an anxiety inducing performance I survived and I enjoyed it. And people seemed to enjoy it and I got paid some money for that. Then again, the purpose of the gig was not making money but it was for our mentor to push us down the cliff fly if you can. 25:48.67 Sam Um. 25:55.28 SiegfriedTieber But even then I got paid the money for that can I do this for a living wouldn't it be amazing if I can do this full time and of course ah a lot of my day as a professional Magician involves sending emails and logistics works and coordinations and. Blah that is not super super exciting. It's maintenance communicating with a prospects and clients and blah but all that goes into being on a stage in front of an audience for me. 26:28.80 dclduo So. 26:29.50 SiegfriedTieber Back to your question Brian ah for me that was a big breakthrough thinking that is it possible to devote my life to this and after that day the seed was planted off. Maybe I can do this for a living. That that was a big turning point for me. 26:51.19 Sam Um, yeah. 26:52.24 dclduo I'm curious how you got involved with Cruise ships. Um in doing your show at sea when did that point come and and how did it happen. 27:05.40 SiegfriedTieber Luck and serendip pity. Ah I started working with this name almost two years ago Disney has been the only. 27:07.20 Sam Um, ah. 27:10.61 dclduo Um. 27:22.80 SiegfriedTieber Cruise line I've worked with before working with Disney I knew that I ah I knew that the cruise line industry was big I didn't know to what extent because it's massive as we speak. There are literally. Hundreds of Cruise ships circling the caribbean and circling the west coast it massive Disney alone has 5 ships 2 more in the works right? Disney alone. There are some lines that have those signs of ships. 27:54.30 dclduo Yep. 28:01.55 SiegfriedTieber Anyway I knew it was a thing I knew Cruise Ships um oneethth entertainment entertainment but it had never been on my radar I have a few friends who have been pursuing cruise ships for many years 28:17.56 Sam Easy. 28:20.87 SiegfriedTieber Some of them have been on cruise ships some of them have been trying to get themselves seen to that line of work for 10 years still unsuccessful but b I never really had my aims on it. Um, one day. 28:33.60 Sam Um. 28:40.56 SiegfriedTieber I get a call haysi free I am the director of entertainment for Disney Cruise line and someone pointed us to your work. Ah would you be interested in having a meeting and maybe discuss working with us. I was like okay, let's see how this goes we go into that first meeting and I realized this person whom I met and and who is my main contact person still to this day. He is an angel I love him all so much. He has been also support. And I realized that going into that first meeting I thought this would be ah, let's get to know each other and maybe you send us an audition tape who knows I realized later that on this first meeting they were already sold and on this first meeting. 29:26.80 Sam Um. 29:33.84 dclduo Wow. 29:35.70 Sam Um, wow. 29:35.81 SiegfriedTieber They offered me hey there is these five Itineraris would you like to take them I will like okay and I discovered later that somebody who works as a Disney imagineer a dear friend of mine who likes me likes my work. Had mentioned my name. This was never explicitly said by but the only explanation I can fathom is that they saw the person who hires entertainment for disney they saw my 2 appearances on fullas pen and tailer fallas and they thought all secret might be a good fit for this. Because then again on that first meeting they were already what here's a on track. Do you want to sign and that is signed so I think I think I'm not misery remembering things. They offered me 5 dates 5 sailings because of a. 30:18.57 Sam Wow. 30:31.83 SiegfriedTieber Prior commitments I was able to accept 3 somewhat reluctantly thinking I don't know how this will be but because my main focus has always been performing for for adults now I would have to perform for a family audience which is a. 30:33.23 Sam You see. 30:45.69 Sam With it. 30:51.60 SiegfriedTieber Completely different beast and also being away from from my fiance now that we recently moved in together somewhat reluctantly I accepted and I enjoyed it very very much. It was a very fun experience I enjoyed the performance. 31:00.27 Sam You see. 31:08.67 SiegfriedTieber I also enjoyed the time of you we might want to talk about it later. But as a performer you get a lot of time off when you are working on a cruise ship at least with Disney. But but ah I am always working on 10 different projects. So the more time of performance I can do the better I won't get bored ever. 31:25.12 dclduo Yeah. 31:32.14 Sam Um, yeah, well. 31:32.28 dclduo That's amazing to me that they didn't have you like do an audition there that they had just seen your work and we're like let's go ah because I would have thought the process would have been let's bring him in see if he's a good fit. Maybe we'll do a little ah live demo here see if we like it have him put on his show side. That's. That's impressive I am curious which ships have you performed on has it just been the wonder or have you been on some of the other ships. 31:54.62 SiegfriedTieber It's been all 4 of the original ships wonder magic dream facts. Yeah. 31:56.71 dclduo The yeah. 31:57.14 Sam Sure. 32:01.70 dclduo Amazing. 32:01.57 Sam Awesome! Awesome I'd love to delve into this adults versus child or family audience because I you brought that up and I I was actually going to ask you that I would imagine that on land most of your performances are in front of adult audiences. Either in clubs or in large theaters and ah tell us about how you worked to I don't know change your show or how you sort of looked at okay I'm going to do this show now on Disney Cruise line I get to do a couple of performances for a family audience I might get to do 1 smaller show. For an adult only audience how how did you sort of figure out. How am I going to either adjust my show I don't know if you needed to change any of language that you were using in your show. But for this disney wholesome family audience. 32:54.14 SiegfriedTieber Yes, um, let me ah answer the easy one first I didn't really have to adjust language in the sense that I don't have any blue or inappropriate material so that was. 33:06.64 Sam And. 33:10.62 SiegfriedTieber Um, ah there was not justment to be made lucky for me easy on the other hand, the adjustment from adult audiences to family audiences that was rough and that filled somewhat similarly to. 33:12.63 Sam Is. 33:28.21 SiegfriedTieber You have been performing in spanish for 6 years now you have to perform in english big change. Another of those big changes came for me when logdown happened world close worldwind math and maybe. 33:40.42 Sam You see. 33:46.78 SiegfriedTieber Two months later I was already doing performances online virtual performances that felt like ah pretty much starting from the ground up adult performances adult oriented to family felt like that some of them. 33:50.81 Sam Right. Wow. 34:04.99 SiegfriedTieber The I was doing I was able to adapt to a family audience with a few considerations in mind that the adult span of attention is much longer and. 34:22.79 Sam Um, oh no. 34:23.69 SiegfriedTieber Flexible than the kids because the adult you you can stop infra you can in a performance for adults. You can stop the action and deliver a monologue if you will tell a story for 2 3 Maybe even 4 minutes 34:34.20 Sam Okay. 34:42.64 SiegfriedTieber And then you get back to the action with kids you can't because if you were statically speaking for more than 30 seconds you have lost them another tricky aspect of it was that the kind of magic adults. 34:42.66 Sam Here. Wow. 34:44.64 dclduo E. 34:51.44 Sam Wow. 35:02.53 SiegfriedTieber And kids can appreciate is very very different. For example, if I tell you um, some think of a number between one and ninety nine don't say it away. Don't say it out loud. Don't move your lips. I don't know how to do this trick but let's say that you are thinking of 47 and I tell you okay think of your number and um I think you're thinking of a number somewhere between 40 and fifty forty six 47 right 47 for an adult and if I can guess the number you're thinking of. 35:21.89 Sam Um, ah. 35:32.92 Sam Right. 35:38.44 SiegfriedTieber That's a strong effect. Wow that but for a kid was was the big deal. Yes, you guessed that because kids up to a certain age having developed that abstract thinking that would make that kind of. 35:41.23 Sam Right? Like So what? Ah what. 35:42.48 dclduo Are. 35:58.24 SiegfriedTieber Magic trick Very impressive. There is a whole branch of magic that we Magicians call mentalism like that creating the illusion of reading minds predicting future events etc that is a lot of what I do Kids don't care about that because. 35:59.15 Sam I hate. 36:14.40 Sam Oh wow. 36:17.79 SiegfriedTieber Mentalism usually deals with abstract thoughts for kids you want colors and something that they can see otherwise that they won't follow because it requires guiding their thinking through the garden path and they won't care. 36:27.62 Sam Um, with me. 36:35.39 Sam Again. 36:37.00 SiegfriedTieber They They won't appreciate the impossibility of it so that goes to say that a lot of the material I used to do and I still do for adult audiences. Not a good fit for kids which means that I have to develop a lot of material. 36:50.61 Sam Well. 36:57.28 SiegfriedTieber And I also had to develop material outside my comfort zone because I'd like to think of myself as a storyteller more than anything This is the way when um, let me give you my pitch a I e. 37:00.97 Sam M. 37:15.77 SiegfriedTieber First got interested in magic through playing cards card tricks card magic and the way I would introduce Ade of cards the way I I begin a performance of card magic instead of saying hey here's a car trick take a card I would take the deck out of my. 37:34.56 Sam Here. 37:35.48 SiegfriedTieber Pocket and I will tell people you know for the last fifteen years of my life. A single day hasn't gone by when I haven't held a day of cars in my hands sometimes I fall asly holding them and they are still there when I wake up in the morning when I leak home I carry them in my left jacket. Pocket the 1 closest to my heart. You know my friend Jared a magician and poet from Dallas Texas he pointed out that if a bullet if a bullet ever crosses my path. The cards could literally save my life now I'm well aware that there is a fine line between. Session dedication and madness. But let's try an experiment see that is my way of saying hey let me show you a cat trick where I jump into a forty second Monologue about why I think this instrument is also beautiful. 38:21.26 Sam Right. 38:30.70 Sam Right. 38:31.87 SiegfriedTieber With kids you have to go hey you look a card take a card and we're going to do something super excited about it. So all that narrative had to be reframed in a very different way but which force me to flex. 38:39.73 dclduo Um. 38:48.31 Sam Um, yeah. 38:48.62 SiegfriedTieber Different muscles which was a very fun challenge Initially it took a few months to get there and feel comfortable with it and back to our conversation about um that they essentially hired me called to to. 38:58.80 Sam Here. 39:08.56 SiegfriedTieber My Surprise I'd like to think that what they saw was my approach to magic my level of energy I Can only imagine that the fact that I have an accent at the the way that I'm latino I speak with my hands a lot that level of. Energy plays well for a family audiences but at its very core the material that I was doing I had to adapt and shape that a lot for a family audience. 39:39.86 Sam Yeah, well you have a lot of personality when you perform you have a lot of personality in real life. But you have a lot of personality. It's like like you said it's you're playing an outsized sort of version of yourself. You're not playing it a completely different person. It is seek sig freed. It's just sig freed. 39:54.16 SiegfriedTieber Um. 39:58.61 Sam Without any inhibitions right? Sig freed to the to the max right? I love that I Love That's so got some coffee I wonder it um is when you started to do shows with this, you know, ah family audience. 40:00.88 SiegfriedTieber Exile yeah secret on secret on 7 cups of coffee. 40:07.18 dclduo Ah. 40:15.20 Sam Is that when you brought in sort of different props other than just cards of course not that you don't not that you do only car tricks I know you do other things but I know but that's your bread and butter I'm going to say I'm going to use that term your bread and butter is cart tricks but you. Also have brought in like rubik's cubes and other types of things that are more colorful and just a little bit maybe different from a visual perspective is is that done really for that family audience. 40:41.79 SiegfriedTieber To some extent it was I was doing tricks performance pieces with other prop with props other than cards already. For example, the rubik's cube I had been experimenting with that for a little while. However, that is a good fit for for the family audience. Let me go on a little tangent on the rubik's cube I've been playing with that for a number of years. However, for kids under 15. 41:03.87 Sam A. 41:20.29 SiegfriedTieber Arubi's cube is meaningless nowadays. Many kids have a brother or sister who plays with Arubi's cube and rubik's cube is has come back in vogue a little bit but to some extent. However, if. 41:22.81 Sam Um, ah. 41:39.44 SiegfriedTieber You or your brother or your casing don't do arubi's cube. You have no idea what a thing is what is that cube with the silly colors whereas anybody over twenty five thirty they know what aerobic's cube is because they grew up with. 41:54.52 Sam Right. 41:58.99 SiegfriedTieber If you ask that this is something and I think I did this in the um yeah at the disney wonder yeah when you were there. Let's think only of the adults for for a moment. Don't think of the kids. But if you ask a room full of. Ah, hundredw read people a hundred adults raise your hand who has ever played with aubbi's Cu Ninety Nine hands will go up play with arubi's cube might mean you took it. You turn it. You got frustrated put it up. However, if you ask kids. 42:21.87 Sam Right. 42:34.17 Sam Ah, true. 42:36.96 SiegfriedTieber Under 20 who has played with one of these I know maybe the kid who is interested and who can solve aerobi's cube in 5 seconds but besides that not at all so when I'm performing for adults I can take arubi's cube and I I tell people hey. 42:47.72 Sam Um. 42:56.54 SiegfriedTieber Um I want to show you to to share with you to invite you to play with one of my latest of sessions I take Arubik's Cube and the hall room goes oh because we get so excited when I'm performing The rubik's cube at. 43:06.36 dclduo And. 43:13.28 SiegfriedTieber The disney theater I have to put it in context because they have no idea what it is I take out the rubbiks cuue and and I tell people I ask my nephew who is six years old I ask him if he knew what this is he didn't know he didn't care. He went back to Netflix so I told him. 43:18.10 Sam Um, even. 43:29.71 Sam Um. 43:32.84 SiegfriedTieber I told him this is rubik's cube. The world's best selling toy still he didn't know he didn't care. He went back to Netflix so I told him this is what his parents played with before they had iphones that got his attention. 43:51.12 Sam I Love it. 43:51.31 SiegfriedTieber See to the end that I need to put the rubik's cube in context for for the five year olds in the room now. Wait now the five years year old start thinking? Oh that is like Netflix. Yes. 43:51.97 dclduo Ah. 43:56.75 Sam A. 44:08.48 Sam But oh that's hilarious. Our our son likes to sit to ask us is that something they had in the nineteen hundreds. So. 44:09.00 SiegfriedTieber Now it's exciting for them. 44:19.83 SiegfriedTieber Ah, nineteen hundreds all that cards. Yeah yo wow and sadly the answer is yes. 44:21.59 dclduo With. 44:23.87 Sam It just it's your right in the heart right? It just like us. It's just a knife in the heart every time he says in the nineteen hundreds. Yes, yes, that is something we played with in the nineteen hundred in the 1980 s to be specific. Ah. 44:34.99 SiegfriedTieber Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, oh yeah, yeah. 44:35.84 dclduo So. 44:42.79 Sam I love it. I love it. Oh my goodness now I I forgot I lost my train of thought as to where we are going. We're so we're talking about the difference of course between a performing for kids and performing for adults. Um, let's dive into you know. When you're on board. Ah a Disney Cruise line ship for a contract. Um, you know how many performances you do let's get into some of the logistics to the extent you can share with us. Um, you know how many family shows you get to do on a particular sailing and how many adult shows you get to. 45:05.48 SiegfriedTieber Yes. 45:16.40 Sam In a particular set. We've experienced this so I'll I'll spoil it for our audience Brian and I know the answers to this question but we would love to for you to share with us so that those who have not been on a Disney Cruise line ah itinerary or have not been on a ship with you can understand what they will get. If they get on a ship and you're one of the performers. 45:36.20 SiegfriedTieber Absolutely a. But from somebody being a guest as a disney ship what you would get is every day you have countless activities. Every day you have a main event at the Wal Disney theater the big theater that sits about 900 people for example at a five night sailing you night the number one you would get what they call that. Broadway Caliber production and they are For example, you would get frozen the musical with a cast of 20 people and flashes and lights on special effects and it's fantastic. That's night number one. Night number 2 you would get another broadway caliber performance the beauty and the beast night number 3 you would get a variety act. Maybe a jagg a magician a an triloquis etc night number 4 you might get a movie a movie that is in the theaters nowadays I can right now as we speak I can I think they are doing ah the new underman movie quantum mania which is in theaters and you can see it aboard the Disney ship. 46:58.14 Sam Um, write Quantum Mania. Yeah. 47:05.00 SiegfriedTieber Night and number 5 you would get another um broadway quality performance and besides those being the main events you get workshops on it and countless other things from the variety performer. You also have um, a. In addition to the family show the big event that the world isn't in theater. You usually get a workshop that that takes place during one of the days earlyrely in the day maybe around noon or one PM and you get an adults only show. Late at night around 10 10 15 pm from the guests perspective. Then again you your days are packed or can be packed with events and activities or you can just decide to chill by the pole all day long. Absolutely. 47:52.82 Sam Hit. 48:01.52 SiegfriedTieber On the side of the performer I have it really easy I feel a little guilty for this and more often than not I'm performing on five night sales which means day number one I'm off I I chill by the pole. Day number two I'm off again. Paid vacation. Thank you very much day number 3 might be my day at the wall Disney theater that means that I have 2 shows because what happens is that they split the guests some of the guests go. To early dinner but let but let's start for the show you go to an early show what six p m and then you go to dinner later and the other half of the guests go to dinner early and late show. So every. 48:45.24 Sam It is. 48:58.75 SiegfriedTieber Every performance takes place twice a day while Disney Theater opposite the city that makes sense right? Yes, so on my end that day the theater day's a busyc day because rehearsal starts around three p m. 49:06.32 dclduo O. 49:07.72 Sam Um, yep, absolutely. 49:18.28 SiegfriedTieber The first show is at 6 pm it's a 45 to 60 minute show then you reset then the next show is around 8 pm um you do the show and then you have to pack your props get out of there because they have a big show the next night um that said that that day's bc bc meaning I'm I'm on beauty from 3 pm to 10 p m which is still a pretty relaxed schedule day number 4 I might have let's say the workshop which is ah 30 minute workshop 49:50.94 Sam See. 49:56.82 SiegfriedTieber For that There is minimal take rehearsal We we just ah if they workshop piece at the noon I show up fifteen Minots earlier with my cup of coffee. We check a test the mic and as people are coming in. 50:12.63 Sam Um, okay. 50:14.36 SiegfriedTieber I'm hanging out there welcoming everybody hey thanks for coming. We're going to start in about 5 minutes I chill I chat with people I show them one card trick for 30 minutes off I go to keep enjoying my day and. Probably the next day I would have the adult show which is sowa 30 minute performance then again because it's a formal show I might have to show up hourre before show time to test the mic test lights go through the cues. And the show is 30 minutes but then again, it's pretty relaxed all that goes to say that when a 5 nights sailing I have a full day where I do 2 theater shows I have a workshop and I have the 30 minute adult show. Ah, but all the rest of the time I'm chilling by the poll I like to think I'm I'm very diligent in I record every single performance I do and I watch it afterwards and I give myself notes and I try to make the show a little better every time and but. 51:24.98 Sam I mean. 51:28.56 SiegfriedTieber That's about it that that's the work high. That's when I'm on duty during the performance and I understand this is not the case in most cruise lines but Disney is very very generous. 51:40.96 dclduo We. 51:46.80 SiegfriedTieber With their performers I understand that I've come to understand since I've been working with them that that ownership you have to manifest the guest manifest and the crew manifest if you are on the crew manifest that means you're a Disney employee and. 51:49.70 Sam Um. 52:01.40 Sam Um. 52:05.31 SiegfriedTieber They are very strict with you. Of course I when I'm on a ship I'm my guest performer which means someone the guest manifest which means that whenever I'm not performing I can do whatever I want to do I can be chilling by the pool I can go a. 52:10.33 Sam Here. 52:23.42 SiegfriedTieber The other shows I have nice dinner with all the other guests on ports of call I can leave the ship. Go hang out I'm a guest whenever I'm not performing on a stage. 52:29.45 Sam Um. 52:36.50 Sam Right? right? It's definitely I think a different ah lifestyle than the I'll call them the Walt Disney stage performers and what I mean by that is the cast of those broadway caliber shows you're talking about earlier. Because they do those stage shows but they also do the deck shows on the pool deck. They also do um, some of the character handling work or character work around the ships and so they have um, everybody sort of thinks of them as stage performers because that is. What they're most well known for and and when you see their their faces of course. Um, but they have a bunch of other jobs that they do on the ship and when you're on the ship you have your your 1 job. But as you said you're you're sort of in the guest space now how much of the um when you stay on board when you're you know when you're working. Um, what kind of cabin. Do you get and what areas of the ship. Do you get access to if you're allowed to say if you're allowed to say. 53:33.24 SiegfriedTieber I Get the oh yes I get the nice cabinvin and I allow access wherever I want to go yeah that that that there are no then again I get the exact same privileges as aist. Yeah. 53:37.67 dclduo So. 53:47.27 Sam Right? right. 53:47.40 dclduo Okay. 53:51.10 SiegfriedTieber Yeah, but for ah there is this this one exception I'm not allowed to play bingo which I guess is because bingo technically is considered gambling and as ah, third party employee. 53:56.17 Sam Woo. 54:03.90 Sam Right. 54:05.92 dclduo Hoo. 54:08.82 Sam Oh interesting, interesting. 54:10.27 SiegfriedTieber They don't want me gambling and I think it would also this might not be the actual reason but it would be real funny if the magician gets the $20000 jackpot that would be a little suspicious I think. 54:24.47 Sam Ah, great I Love it. 54:30.40 SiegfriedTieber Yeah, but but but then again all that goes to say that. Ah I get the nice cabins and I get all the perks. 54:37.50 Sam Awesome. 54:37.44 dclduo Nice. Do do you get to bring someone with you Sick free. 54:43.19 SiegfriedTieber Yes, also that then again I disney they are very kind with their in general all across the board I understand even with crew but especially with guest guest performers. Ah I'm putting the nice cabin that. That sleeps up to 4 people so on any and every sailing I'm allowed to bring up to 3 guests Chelsea my my fiancee she has joined a few times and she pays zero money even tips for for the crew and and. 55:06.56 Sam Wow. 55:08.29 dclduo No, ah. 55:20.91 SiegfriedTieber Dining room staff and etc. Even that is covered for heron for me which then again they are very very kind in that regard. 55:24.27 dclduo Go on. Well. 55:27.34 Sam Yeah I'm curious. Do you get sick of the food when you're on board only because it it can be a little bit repetitive when you're on obviously back to back to back to back cruises right? You're not, you're not on for 1 ne cruise for 5 nights and then getting off, you're typically on for a contract of a certain number right? and I know you said your first one they offered you was 5 and then you only ended up on 3 just because you had some other conflicts but generally speaking when you're on back to back? Yeah, do you get sick of the food. 56:00.43 SiegfriedTieber Yes, hold sorry sir sir let let me ah, raise that. For example, when I first started working with them. They offered me 3 contracts but those 3 contracts were spaced probably over two or three months yes 56:14.10 Sam Oh okay, a little different. Yeah. 56:17.31 SiegfriedTieber Yes, sometimes sometimes I do two back to back. But it's never more than two back to back and more often than not is one I'm off for ten days then I'm on the ship again. 56:22.73 Sam Ah, okay. 56:32.96 SiegfriedTieber For reasons I don't really understand I know that I'm not allowed to be in the ship as a third party contractor I'm not allowed to be there for more than fourteen days internal logistics who knows all that goes to say. 56:33.63 Sam Um. 56:43.26 Sam Um, so interesting. Yeah. 56:52.60 SiegfriedTieber I don't get tired or bored of the food I can only imagine other people with I am a creature of habit I wake up at the same time every morning I go for my work I take my shower even on weekends drives my fiancee. Crazy. But I'm a creature of habit even ah at the Disney ships I have the same thing for breakfast every single day extensive buffet I have the same three items every single day because that's me. Lucky me. 57:32.45 Sam Ah, are you somebody who gets on and has the chicken fingers every time. Ah. 57:36.81 SiegfriedTieber Yep yep, that's me Yep Oh yes, yeah yeah. 57:39.91 dclduo Ah. 57:40.35 Sam Ah, well to be fair, our son gets the same mac and cheese at every meal. Mickey's Mac and cheese he loves. But. 57:48.20 dclduo Well sig freeed. We could talk all day here but we got to start to wind things down because I wanted to ask kind of 1 ultimate question on my end and then I'll I'll pause and see if Sam has anything that she really wants to ask in. Addition. But um I kind of want to know like What's your most memorable performance on a Disney Cruise ship does one stand out amongst the others other because something really funny happened during the performance or just because it was just so fun for you to do. 58:18.90 SiegfriedTieber Ah, yeah, yeah, a few performances come into mind. Let me give you 2 answers a one of those was this time where. I used to do this thing I don't know if you saw it because I haven't done it in a little well However I used to bring for the last trick of the show I would have a day of cards with me and I would bring three kids i. My hope is to have kids between 4 and 7 join me on the stage 3 of them murder and I handed them cards and I ask them to mix them in crazy ways mix the cards behind your bag mix them over their head, etc, etc. Um I call this kid. You. Third row wearing red please join me over here and of course there's bright lightos on my face. So I'm just making ah the best guest that I can and this kid comes with a puppet of sorts on his hand. 59:31.42 SiegfriedTieber That looks like a t rex like Robert T Rex thing and I hand him the cards and he takes the cards with the Robert T Rex puppet and when he realizes that I want him to mix the cards. He. Starts to take off the puppet and I go like no Kim. Like what are you doing and he starts mixing the cards with this tear Rex hand and that turned into 5 minutes of the show and everybody laughing out loud and these kid grew up in cards and trying to to catch them with the tear Rex hand. 59:56.28 dclduo Um. 01:00:06.59 dclduo And. 01:00:14.78 SiegfriedTieber It was just very funny. One of those that everything clicked and then again it may it made the show at least at least three four minutes longer of watching these kids struggle with the thing. 01:00:26.85 Sam Also. 01:00:29.91 SiegfriedTieber But it was fun for everybody for himself included as well. He was laughing the heart is there A daughter made a very memorable performance and to some extent something I can't point to specific performances. 01:00:37.59 Sam Yeah. 01:00:48.84 SiegfriedTieber But I can recall that warm and fussy feeling of a few performances. This doesn't happen every and and I would think ah I can only imagine that this. 01:01:06.21 SiegfriedTieber Is similar to different performers where this doesn't happen every time but every now and then you hid that point where all of us are on the same page and all of us are laughing and cheering in Unison and it. 01:01:18.36 dclduo Moving. 01:01:18.38 Sam Me here. 01:01:25.66 SiegfriedTieber Feels like for 45 to 60 minutes all of us are part of this shared joy and we know that it will come to an end but while it lasts its. Oh so glorious to me that is one of the great joys of being a performer and that's also one of the great joys of being an audience member in a performance and this can happen doing close up magic for 5 people. 01:01:46.80 Sam Um, if. 01:01:55.50 Sam Um, yeah. 01:02:00.23 Sam He. 01:02:02.20 SiegfriedTieber Where all of us are mean sync and it's delightful or it can happen in the Wal Disney theater with 900 people when it happens with a full pack theater 900 people all of us on the same page. The effect is simplified and can be even more lovely so bar. But then again more than a specific instance to me is that feeling where all of us are in this together and this is going to be so much fun. 01:02:23.69 Sam Um, let him. 01:02:30.20 dclduo My quick. 01:02:33.13 Sam I love that I love that I feel like you're the first time you were on fool us with pen and Teller and they're on stage with you and you're having them pick cards and cut the deck and on all of that I it there it was magic. It's I mean not that. Not that there aren't those moments in all of your performances. But even as somebody watching it on Tv not watching it live watching it recorded you could feel that magic that was happening on stage in that interaction. Yeah, and I think it it seems to me like it happens maybe more when you've got. Guest up with you on stage. Do you feel like that sort of feeds the energy being able to have those intimate interactions I'm sure that's harder of course on a format like this or during the pandemic. But when you get those intimate close close you know reactions. It seems like that's. Those moments can just be plentiful. 01:03:30.90 SiegfriedTieber Definitely I think they having somebody on the stage with you definitely opens the door to the possibility and I think that it comes from you. 01:03:46.24 Sam Um, what. 01:03:46.81 SiegfriedTieber Interacting with another human being and it also comes from the fact that we all know in the audience that this wasn't Planned. We All know that the kid didn't plan to bring the tearrick's hand or that he didn't know. Was going to happen and I didn't plan to bring T Rex kid to the stage because if I had seen from the stage that this kid is wearing a T Rex hand I probably would have asked somebody else to join me because you don't want the death. 01:04:07.32 dclduo Yes. 01:04:17.64 Sam Meaning. 01:04:21.81 SiegfriedTieber Time of oh please take the tire rixs hand but the moment the kid shows up on the stage with t Rex hand everybody saw my surprise on my face and there's 2 paths now take the thing off or let's see how this goes. 01:04:38.80 dclduo Yeah. 01:04:40.50 SiegfriedTieber And you are taking a tiny risk and I think that makes the experience much more memorable and people know that oh my goodness what is going to happen and we are all on the edge of our seats which makes it much more exciting and and memorable. 01:04:46.70 Sam Um, yeah. 01:04:54.79 Sam Right? right? Well and that's the part. That's that's improv you know that's that's the part that obviously you have to you have us. You know you? so you talked at the beginning of the show about having a script but when you bring people on the stage with you or even if you interact with them in the audience. The script. Might go out the window right? I mean you have you may have a place you got to get back to eventually. But you have this interaction. That's totally unscripted. Yeah I'd love to know I'd love to know the the biggest I don't want to call it a flop but the biggest um like crazy. 01:05:19.44 SiegfriedTieber Yeah, yeah, yes, absolutely. 01:05:19.65 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 01:05:31.62 Sam Thing that went wrong if you have ah one that you can think of I'm sure I'm sure every performer has you know that one moment or maybe you know 10 moments where they're like oh everything just went wrong and I'd I'd love to hear that it's just those are some of the funniest things as well. 01:05:46.60 SiegfriedTieber Yeah, oh there's a few however, one that is very present in my mind happened about thirteen years ago now wait a yeah 121112 when I was still living in Ecuador. After I graduated from university and was doing magic full time I was I had been experimenting with this solution where at where I entered the stage with a cup full of cough I would. Cover the cup of coffee with my hand I would turn the thing upside down and then I would remove my hand to reveal that the coffee had vanished. It was a great trick I had performed it in front of people a few times to great reactions and I knew every single but. Of the illusion inside out I have been very diligent in practicing and rehearsing at some point it took occurs to me what if instead of just covering the thing with my hand. What if I were to place the cup of coffee over someone's head and then I were to turn it upside down. 01:06:58.95 dclduo But. 01:07:01.12 Sam Oh no, well. 01:07:03.10 SiegfriedTieber Reveal that the coffee had vanished. What could go wrong, right? It would be the same trick the same illusion but it would be much more dramatic. You might see where this is going I'm hired to do this gig for a fancy. 01:07:05.77 Sam So what? Oh no. 01:07:05.93 dclduo With with. 01:07:10.45 Sam Right? right? Yes, absolutely. 01:07:22.19 SiegfriedTieber Party for ah for um, pharmaceutical company cocktail Atti year everybody well dresssed I entered the stage with my cup of coffee and I see this woman sitting in the first row bigs smile on her face. She will be perfect for this I walk to her. Look at her in the eye I ask her? do you trust me she says she does she does I hold a cup of coffee over her head I look at the audience I pause for the dramatic effect I turn the cup upside down the coffee doesn't vanish. It goes. All over her beautiful white dress I f rose there I stood there for maybe four or five seconds that felt like conniternity I froze she froze the audience gasped not in a good way. 01:08:00.91 Sam Oh oh no. 01:08:15.20 SiegfriedTieber I Run to the restroom grabbed as many paper towels as I could I come back I have heard the paper I wasn't and tried to utter an apology this woman this angel sent from heaven still with a big smile on her face. She tells me I'm bear in mind this. What. 01:08:20.71 dclduo Um. 01:08:24.14 Sam Oh my gosh. 01:08:33.50 SiegfriedTieber The first trick of the show right? So right way to start. She looks at me still digs smile on her face. She tells me don't worry I understand this was an accident accidents happened the show must go on I was. 01:08:46.60 Sam Oh my gosh. 01:08:50.70 SiegfriedTieber Terrified Eventually I managed to calm myself myself and we continued with the performance but but that was terrifying and I know that I'm very lucky because this woman could have been. 01:08:56.56 Sam Um, wow. 01:09:04.45 Sam Um, right right? right? Yeah and she was a gracious person you I'm sure there's times where you you have. 01:09:04.86 SiegfriedTieber Dalap said she could have stopped the performance and she could have suoed me the next day luckily she had a sense of hume. 01:09:11.51 dclduo Wow. 01:09:18.36 Sam Different people volunteering in the audience and you have to be very careful who you choose. Ah. 01:09:21.96 SiegfriedTieber Yes, yes, and more often than not when someone needs seniorly volunteering this person might enjoy being the center of attention and they might feel a little too comfortable on a stage. So usually that's. 01:09:34.49 dclduo M. 01:09:38.21 Sam Yeah, you. 01:09:41.71 SiegfriedTieber Not the person to go to? Yeah I have a a friend of mine have you met Jonathan Burns he's on Disney Crus often now he's yeah. 01:09:45.80 Sam That's not surprise and ah. 01:09:53.22 Sam I Don't know if we have yeah the name doesn't sound familiar but you know there's so many performers that we've seen. Yeah. 01:09:53.39 dclduo I Don't think so. 01:10:01.52 SiegfriedTieber He's a comedian contortionist. He's hilarious. He would ask um who would like to come to the stage raise her hand and he would go you in the third row wearing red you twiger. No thank you and he will go for. 01:10:20.58 Sam Ah, so that's very smart I Love that oh my good. 01:10:20.93 SiegfriedTieber Yeah, yep. 01:10:21.85 dclduo Oh that's funny. That's seed So I'm the person who always tries to figure out what row and seat. You're not going to take participants from so like I do not my my am so afraid of of audience participation at these shows. So I'm always very strategic in where I pick my seat. So if you get. 01:10:34.48 SiegfriedTieber Yeah, oh funny I hear you. 01:10:38.74 Sam Um, that. 01:10:42.23 dclduo Ah, well sy freed I think we have reached that point in our show where I need to hand you over to Sam for some arbitrary questions some arbitrary rules and a dash of judgment or the round we call rapid fire. So Sam you want to take it away. 01:10:55.55 Sam I would love to so is sig freed. We told you this before we started recording our show but we love to do a round we call rapid fire where I ask you your Disney and Disney Cruise line favorites. This is a special edition because it's ah you know about performing on a cruise ship. But I'm going to start as I always do with asking who is your favorite Disney or Pixar character. 01:11:17.33 SiegfriedTieber Oh Disney your bigar makes it hard. Oh you big sir. Okay yeah, stitch stage I Love stitch. 01:11:23.46 Sam Oh yes, but I love it. What's your favorite Disney or Pixar movie. 01:11:33.96 SiegfriedTieber Um, up up. Yeah, every time 3 may not see and then I cried 2 or 3 more times throughout the movie that. 01:11:36.78 Sam Oh such a good movie but don't you cry at the beginning. It's so um, every time what and of course, what's your favorite Disney song. 01:11:40.85 dclduo Well. 01:11:57.62 SiegfriedTieber For lack of better planning I would say when you wish up on the star I'll go for that one. 01:12:03.64 Sam Yes I love that I love that? Yeah, okay, when you're on a Disney Cruise and you're performing which do you prefer performing in the Walt Disney theater or 1 of the adult club spaces. 01:12:19.20 SiegfriedTieber World Disney theater and that has changed a lot a year ago I would have said the world is my theater is terrifying I'm so scared I've come to feel comfortable and I enjoyed very much what is the theater. 01:12:22.82 Sam Um, when the. 01:12:31.62 Sam Awesome! What is your favorite ship in the Disney fleet. 01:12:38.13 SiegfriedTieber Wonder these name wonder. 01:12:42.41 Sam Yeah, yeah, that's right I mean that's the right answer. So you you've already won rapid fire. But I'll still ask you a couple more questions. Um, what is your favorite food to eat on board a Disney Cruise line ship. 01:13:02.35 SiegfriedTieber Um, beef wellington. 01:13:02.87 Sam Oh yeah, that's one of Brian's favorites do it's really good. Do you have a favorite Disney Cruise line dessert. 01:13:13.55 SiegfriedTieber Yes, but I don't know what it's called. It's a spongy cake that no no, it's it's spongy. It has no sauce. 01:13:19.26 Sam Is it the warm sticky date putting by eggs by any chance. No not that one. Okay. 01:13:32.53 SiegfriedTieber Sunny but it's very moist. 01:13:32.97 Sam Okay, we'll have to keep an eye out. We're gonna be on the wish in about a week so we'll have to we'll have to figure out if we can figure that one out all right? What is your favorite space to just kind of hang out and relax on a Disney Cruise line ship. Oh yes, the best. 01:13:35.22 dclduo Oo. 01:13:49.15 dclduo Well, that's an flow one? yep. 01:13:49.35 SiegfriedTieber Cove cafe. 01:13:52.64 Sam Yes, okay, my last question is a bucket list show if you could perform in any theater in the world on any stage in the world. Where would you want to perform. 01:14:09.92 SiegfriedTieber Carnegie Hall yup a lot. 01:14:10.25 dclduo Oh wow. 01:14:11.57 Sam Oh yes, but you know you have to do to get there practice practice practice. Ah ah, well thank you for playing Rapid Fire. Ah before we kind of wrap up the show. Um, since we're doing a video on this show. Of course we'll have an audio version that we release that will have this portion cut out but we would love to know if you could do a trick for us. Maybe. 01:14:32.23 SiegfriedTieber I being let's do it. Oh okay I I man shuned Cardbs and I love this. However. 01:14:37.72 Sam Ah, right? ah. 01:14:49.93 SiegfriedTieber Let me share something different with you. Let me try to adjust my frame. Let's see how these goes okay, as mentioned I got interested in magic approximately fifteen years ago since the very beginning my main love passion and. 01:14:50.60 Sam Sure. 01:15:09.27 SiegfriedTieber Have been plankers. However, what I want to share with you now is my all time favorite slide of hand illusion I love it. My friends. Love it. I'm starting to think that you are going to love it as well. My friends call this the bill thing like the thing with the dollar Bill. Be. Okay, we need 2 builds one five on Etc 1 exactly Georgia name 1 and 5 now if. 01:15:34.30 Sam Yeah, we got a Georgian an abe. 01:15:46.40 SiegfriedTieber You were here in this room with me I would ask you to hold on to these 2 bills for dear life. However, given that you are not here with me I'm going to put both of these one five underneath my wallet. Yeah. And I'm going to take up one of the 2 just one I have the one whatever happens. Whatever I say whatever do do not take your rest of the bill I mean it do not take your eyes of it. Do not. Blink now I have this 5 which means that over there underneath the water is the one and that's the building. 01:16:26.28 dclduo If. 01:16:27.91 Sam Ah, oh my good. 01:16:35.81 Sam No, ah. 01:16:40.00 dclduo Um, ah, that's a fun one I Love it. 01:16:40.99 Sam Ah, ah my God Ah I love it I have no idea how he did that. That's amazing. 01:16:47.19 dclduo Well for everyone listening in audio land. You missed a fabulous trick and we will be sure to have that up on our Youtube channel may even break out this segment of the show and we can put it in our Facebook group for people to watch this portion of the show. So fabulous trick sigreed fabulous. You've been a fabulous guest. We always love hearing about. Stage performers and folks coming on to Disney Cruise line ah you know, not just as pure guests and so really fun to have you on the show. Do you want to let folks know where they can like find and connect with you to to see even more of your magic and perhaps even figure out if you might be on their sailing at some point. 01:17:23.80 SiegfriedTieber Yes, please I appreciate it? Um, but my website I'm most active on my website I keep up dates there on where I'll be performing. You can see. A a little more information about my work. The videos on pen and Teller fullness that we mentioned Seekfri the tiber dot com which I know my name is a handful but please I imagine it will be in the name of the episode I'm also very active on Instagram. 01:17:47.93 dclduo Yes, yes. 01:17:55.34 SiegfriedTieber At Seek Fri The deeper. 01:17:57.71 dclduo And we will be sure to link to those in the show notes for the episode 2 to help people out and so ah, sick free. Just let me say thank you? So so much for taking your time to come on I know you're quite busy but we really really appreciate it and we hope to see you out on one of the ships we're sailing on at some point in the future. 01:17:57.98 Sam Um, awesome. 01:18:10.83 SiegfriedTieber I Sure hope So thank you for having me as your guest. This was so much fun. 01:18:16.31 Sam Awesome! Thank you.

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