May 10, 2023


Ep. 312 - Bonus - Check Engine Light: The Wish Breaks Down in Nassau

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Brian Sam
Ep. 312 - Bonus - Check Engine Light: The Wish Breaks Down in Nassau
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 312 - Bonus - Check Engine Light: The Wish Breaks Down in Nassau

May 10 2023 | 00:40:07


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The Disney Wish recently experienced a "techincal issue" that delayed her arrival in Nassau and caused her to overnight in Nassau for repairs. A planned stop at Castaway Cay was also cut from the itinerary, although Disney Cruise Line cited weather as the cause, despite a late departure out Nassau the same day she was due at Castaway on the three-nigh Bahamian itinerary. Guests onboard were offered a $100 onboard credit per stateroom, and a 20% Future Cruise Credit (FCC). There's been some disagreement online about whether that compensation was reasonable, especially for folks who might not be able to sail DCL again before the FCC expires in two years. We're chatting with Nick, who was onboard the sailing, to hear what happened and get his reactions on how Disney handled the situation. We're also giving our own thoughts on what DCL could have done better.  All that and more on this week's bonus episode.

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Episode Transcript

00:00.16 dclduo Welcome back everybody to this week's bonus episode of the DCL duo podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and Sam we're headed to kind of break Downville today. Are we. 00:10.58 Sam Yes, we are. We're headed to talk about something a little bit less than happy I would say a little bit depressing which was the wish breakdown just I guess that was ah a about a week. 00:17.20 dclduo Yeah. 00:27.13 Sam Two weeks ago at this point. No. 00:29.18 dclduo Um, maybe about a week ago we'll find out we got Nick with us who was onboard the ship and while we have our own thoughts. We thought it would be good to have someone who has actually experienced the thing to be on the show. So let me start by welcoming Nick to the show. Welcome Nick yeah yeah, thanks for taking the time. 00:41.98 Nick Um, thanks for having me appreciate being here. 00:42.64 Sam Yeah. 00:46.18 dclduo Before we dive into the topic Nick Ah why don't you give folks a little idea of your disney sailing background how many times have you sailed with Disney and you know which ships have you been on that kind of thing. 00:55.49 Nick Sure so we've been on the dream twice. Ah, once before we had kids once when we had just the 1 child our oldest and now this is our third selling on the wish and we have. Our 3 year old now Nico and we brought our 1 year old along with us as well. Rocco so third Disney Cruise but been on a ton of other cruises amongst various different cruise lines over the years yes Yes, very little times. 01:13.82 dclduo Oh wow. 01:14.58 Sam So oops. 01:21.56 dclduo And now. 01:21.68 Sam Wow! Really little ones though. 01:27.93 dclduo Well and Nick let me ask this since so we're going to be talking about kind of a problem that occurred on the wish have you encountered any kind of similar problems on other cruise lines. 01:37.49 Nick Oh yes, um, especially when we sail around hurricane season. So actually back in November we were supposed to be on a three day royal Caribbean Cruise and it turned into a two day cruise due to um, the ship coming back into. Port canaveral a little bit later so it was delayed. Um, so we've experienced some some of this stuff before. 01:57.89 dclduo Okay, and for our listeners out there. You were on a three night bahamium sailing let me say again and for our listeners out there. You are a three night bahamian sailing aboard the wish is that right? aren are not. 02:12.12 Nick That's right? yep starting on Friday and returning on Monday the usual Nassaw Castaway K or it was supposed to be. 02:18.66 Sam Yeah, supposed to be supposed to be That's the operative word. 02:18.87 dclduo Ah, yeah, and and and let's just let's just quickly orient folks here to what we're talking about in case, you missed it so on this sailing. Ah, the wish stayed docked in Nasa overnight due to an engine problem and we will get into sort of what was conveyed on board and what we've learned online but the crux of the issue here is that the wish was parked overnight in Nasa. Ultimately missed its castaway key stop and then returned back to port canaveral because of a mechanical failure on the engine and so actually I don't know if it was the engine or the Aszipod we might figure that out here as we talk but mechanical problem causes ship to be held overnight in Nasa so nick let me just ask. What was the first indicator that something was wrong on the ship. Did you notice anything at sail away like wow this thing seems to be rumbling a little bit more than not or was it an announcement like how did you sort of figure out. Something's not right here. 03:14.24 Nick No actually sailway went just as planned and the ship departed on time. So nothing from sail away was really the issue. Actually we didn't really know anything was going on until the next morning so I actually was up extremely early in the morning on day two because our 1 year old decided to wake up at three thirty in the morning so it was me and the power washers. Yeah. 03:41.80 Sam Ah, we remember those days. Yeah yeah. 03:45.52 Nick Yeah, so it was me and the power washers on ah the pole deck drinking some coffee together and just strolling around the ship. But um, once the like breakfast service started and we still weren't anywhere near land that was kind of the first inkling that something was up a little bit and. 04:00.84 Sam A. 04:04.50 Nick Then the captain came on the pa saying that our arrival would be delayed due to a technical issue and that's kind of all they said was just we're going to be arriving prior around ten forty five with um. Guest being able to go ashore around 11 in the morning and that they were going to adjust some of the excursions that people had booked in Nassau to you know, make sure they could still go just a little bit later so that was the first sign. 04:31.68 Sam Then. 04:31.76 dclduo And. 04:35.93 Nick But after that the I mean the ship just seemed to be going slower other than that no real issues I know some people said that they were using Bow thrusters when we were sailing which is a little bit strange and then when we approached Nasau. We needed tugs to get in so that was the next problem. 04:54.28 dclduo So okay and so in now. 04:57.35 Sam Oh interesting. So she didn't go into dock completely under her own power. There were tugs pulling the wish into doc at Nasa. 05:01.91 Nick No yeah, they were nudging us to make sure that we could get alongside. 05:12.65 Sam Um, and and you all went in face forward into Nasa right? There was no, they didn't back into Nasa yeah. 05:15.56 Nick Correct No they did not backend yet. We were facing. 05:20.30 dclduo Yeah, which is unusual usually like to to back the Disney Ships in for some reason um, was was the captain's initial announcement. Did he say anything that it was like the engine or do you just say they're having a technical problem was that sort of what he learned right. 05:31.82 Nick No, they they just said technical problem and that we were going to be late and that was kind of the end of it and you know, no one was really upset at that point you know people were just enjoying themselves. It wasn't too much of a delay I Forget what time we were actually supposed to be. 05:40.42 Sam Um, right. 05:43.58 dclduo Um, yeah. 05:50.57 Nick Docked there because we weren't planning really on doing much in Nasa anyways, so we weren't you know we were planning on to staying on the ship so we didn't you know I don't know what time was supposed to arrive. 05:56.98 Sam Right? I I bet it was probably around like nine thirty I think that's kind of the the standard in ta nasa time. So you don't really maybe delayed by a little over an hour I'm curious. Did they. 06:11.70 Nick Um. 06:13.32 Sam Did they tell you that they were going to adjust the um the all aboard time at any time you know when when you all did dock in Nasa did they you know? update the app or send any message or make any announcements about all aboard time being different than whatever it was supposed to be. 06:31.00 Nick No, they they just um, everything was us planned so the alliveboard time I think was around six o'clock or so to to be back on board. So no real change there and the next announcement we received was probably. 06:36.68 Sam Okay. 06:47.79 Nick Closer to later in the afternoon I'd say around like four o'clock or so where the captain came back on and said that they had engineers that were actively looking at the issue. And that due to that we would have to stay in Nasa a little bit longer but they were not going to be allowing guests to go back onshore that we would be staying in Nasa and at that time they said it would just be a couple hours maybe two or three hours more 07:07.40 Sam This is. 07:13.60 Sam Um, okay so all a board was not adjusted and and that and the the excuse me sorry all aboard was not adjusted. 07:18.78 Nick E. 07:26.74 Sam Ah, guess were intended to stay on board and that the ship would just leave a little bit late interesting. What was the next indication you all had was it just that you hadn't left after I mean let's say six o'clock comes and goes eight o'clock comes and goes what what is the. 07:37.81 Nick Um, right? yes. 07:40.70 dclduo Well and actually let me actually hold let me let me pause pause for again. So let me go back here for a second. So if I heard you correctly, the mood on board in the morning. No big deal right? We're getting in a little late, not a big deal. We're all going to get 0 short excursions if we have them. It's fine. What's the mood after the second announcement at this point. People getting a little bit more concerned from what you're seeing or or what did the mood seem like on board at that point. 08:03.70 Nick Well I still think people thought like oh minor issue don't worry about it tomorrow iss going to be fine. It's supposed to be a nice day the next day for castaway you know that's what the weather forecast said at the time so it was just like ah no no biggie 08:19.70 dclduo Okay. 08:21.52 Nick So no real, No no at that point there was no um, like long lines against services that would quickly change though. 08:30.46 Sam Ah, yeah, so tell tell us what? Um, at some point you all find out. You're not having fireworks right? I I imagine that might have been the announcement that started but tell me if I'm I'm wrong is that the announcement that starts people getting. 08:30.87 dclduo Ah, all right. 08:36.99 Nick Ah, yes. 08:46.35 Sam Annoyed because you know if you're leaving a couple hours late from Nasa you might still be able to make it out to sea in time to do a fireworks show around you know 10 something at night. But if you don't leave until much later. It becomes an issue. 08:52.58 Nick Yes. 09:00.84 Nick Yeah, and they they did mention pretty early on that we weren't going to be doing the fireworks when they knew we were delayed. Um, so but they still kind of said oh the pirate party is still going to happen the same time we're just not going to have the fireworks and um at that point there was no. 09:13.80 Sam Um. 09:17.60 Nick Real time that we would be leaving Nasa yet so they communicated that out through the app pretty quickly and same over the pa so again like in that first announcement when they canceled that I didn't see people you know up in arms or anything like that. Ah I just think people thought oh they'll just you know maybe reschedule it for another. 09:26.40 Sam Ah. 09:36.40 Sam Now when they made that announcement were there. Still some people though off the ship in Nasa right? because when they announced the delay. You're still a couple hours away from sail away. Okay. 09:36.87 Nick Another day or or what or whatnot. 09:44.16 Nick Yes, yes, correct Correct. So Um, and the when when they did make the announcement that would be staying a little bit later. Um, and then we just went to dinner and everything else planned and I Actually we were selling concierge So I was talking to a g in the concierge lounge and he was like oh don't even worry about it. They can basically like untie here and like float over to castaway in just a couple hours so it doesn't really matter what time we leave. 09:58.81 Sam Will. 10:13.43 Sam Um, right listen GG is 100% correct I mean Castaway and Nasa are so close. In fact, a lot of people when you are looking for the weather report at castaway. 10:14.87 dclduo Um, ah. 10:18.47 Nick Ah. 10:25.75 Sam Um, if you can't find it in your weather app people say it's either look at Nasa or abaca because they're very very close to castaway. Um, and so yeah I mean I don't think g was wrong for thinking everything would be moving. Yeah. 10:31.74 Nick Yes. 10:40.41 Nick Exactly exactly and ah I mean I guess that night you know our hours kept going so we went to dinner we were still docked. 10:47.41 Sam V. 10:49.41 Nick And then we went back to our room my we started getting the 1 year old ready for bed and my wife and son went down to see the little mermaid so as they did that you know I was just sitting on the balcony. My my son passed out early that night from being up at three thirty in the morning and I was just. Sitting because our room is facing the do side so I was just looking out onto the ah the new terminal and stuff that they've built there and just had a drink out in the balcony I was just watching. But yeah, we still at one point I thought we were going to leave because they had people out on the dock. Um. It looked like they were getting ready for some sort of movement. Um or some sort of activity. So I actually texted my wife and said oh I think we're going to move soon because it looks like there's people down there that are preparing to at least untie us. But then that didn't happen. 11:30.48 Sam Um. 11:40.27 dclduo Oh. 11:40.78 Sam Um, yeah, what's the next communication you all get from the cruise line. 11:46.61 Nick Yes, so the next morning we woke up and I looked out the room and we were still in Nassau No no, no no. 11:57.00 Sam Oh wow so they didn't even and so they didn't send a message or announce anything that night we're not leaving doc wow so everybody thought everybody went to bed probably thinking. Ah we they they were gonna be moved in the middle of the night or some okay wow. 12:08.90 Nick Yes, correct. Yeah and then when I walked out the door I was just going to run to the concierge lounge to grab a coffee and there was a note on the back of our stateroom door. So I opened it and that's where that I'm sure you've seen it on Facebook there was a note that was sent saying you know we've had to stay overnight and that's all due to a technical issue but like good news they fix the issue overnight will be departing around ten Eastern time and. Due to this and due to bad weather in Castaway we will be ah, be unable to go to castaway. But as basically like a gesture of Goodwill we're giving you $100 onboard credit for stateroom and a 20% off future cruise voucher that you can use on any 3. 12:57.68 Sam Is a. 13:01.24 Nick Or a long three night or longer disney sailing up until may of twenty twenty five and that's when the line started a guest services. 13:04.99 Sam Okay, so okay, yeah, so so you get a let's just go over the the details here so you get have 2 years for that to use that future on board. The future cruise credit. No, it's no, it's two years two years Brian 13:07.52 dclduo Okay. 13:16.64 dclduo think it's 18 months I think it's eighteen months two years okay okay 2 years 13:18.44 Nick Um, correct tears. 13:24.66 Sam Have yeah so may twenty twenty five. So you have 2 years to use the 20% off of a future cruise. Um, but there are blackout dates so you can't use it like for Christmas or some of the other high season probably dates. Um. 13:32.41 Nick Yes. There. 13:41.57 Sam And then a hundred dollar onboard credit is that per state room for all of that. 13:46.47 Nick It was it was per stateroom and that showed up probably like halfway through the day on um, the then C day that I saw it on my app and I talked to G because I was going to buy a placeholder for another cruise anyways and I was asking him I was like oh can we. 14:03.63 Sam M. 14:04.40 Nick Can I combine it the placeholder with the coupon. He's like yes like you can stack them and if you're sellinging concierge again. We just treated the same. You know it'll give you $100 onboard credit. It'll take the two hundred and fifty dollars off and then you'll get 20% off of the the concierge faire. 14:19.22 Sam Right. 14:21.60 Nick You know which is rare for them to do that because the placeholder you don't get the 10% off the concires rate. 14:26.46 Sam Right? right? So just for people who are listening who have not sailed concierge. Um, if you basically a placeholder for concierge is worthless. Um you you can't use them. It does They don't give you any discount like they do for regular sailing so you can't stack. 14:34.82 Nick My. 14:43.11 Sam The discount because you can't use the placeholder for a concierge discount. But for what you're saying Nick is if you're going to book ah another sailing not in concierge. You basically can get 30% off yeah that's that's a that's. 14:53.80 Nick Yes, yes, correct. 15:00.48 Sam Good for somebody who is going to Sail Disney Cruise Line again conciers or non-conciiers 20% off of conciers or 30% off nonconciiers both of those are are very decent discounts if you're booking. Let's say a cruise in Europe or a seven night sailing or something like that. 15:07.47 Nick Right. 15:16.38 Nick And when I first read the letter that they sent us my first thing when I read when I saw that letter back there I was like oh they're definitely going to. There's something in here that they're going to give us like some sort of Goodwill gesture and when I sat on the balcony and read it I was. 15:28.13 Sam Right. 15:34.58 Nick My first impression was like ah you know that's I mean it's nice, but for the majority of people that maybe flew in or were from out of the country and they might not take a Disney Cruise in the next two years and they were in Florida. So. 15:37.94 Sam Live. 15:45.88 Sam Right. 15:51.62 Nick I actually already booked our and our next one with the discount for February for my son's birthday on the same itinerary but you know I felt that for those people and I think that's why the guest services lines were like the the longest that day and the other thing in that letter that just kind of rubbed me a little bit. The wrong way. Is they. 15:53.50 Sam Edit. 16:10.24 Nick They blamed our um, our cast away not able to dock due to the weather and not due to the technical issue and when I woke up in the middle of the night at like 3 16:19.50 Sam Um, right. 16:24.32 Nick 3 4 in the morning and looked out and saw that we were still nasa I was like there is no way now this ship can get to cast away because the weather at that point was very nice. The weather did in terms of wind and stuff like that did start to take a dip in the later part of the morning on that last day 16:30.96 Sam Right. 16:40.68 Sam Um, as a. 16:42.60 Nick So and I know Castaway is a tough one to dock that but you know I just think if you're having technical issues just blame the whole thing on technical issues and don't put the weather in there for something. 16:50.32 Sam Right? right? right? because it it they may have been able to get to cast away or if they had left as they were supposed to and then gotten into castaway early who knows right? They may have been able to dock into Castaway just fine and so it's it's. 17:02.68 Nick This is right. 17:08.41 Sam It's hard for the passengers to hear the of the blame on the weather when it doesn't look what will won when it looks nice, but also when the delay is clearly caused by a mechanical issue. Yeah I Wonder you know what? what was the vibe on board. Um, from folks I You know as you said you know. 17:17.38 Nick Correct. 17:28.17 Sam You can for somebody who's going to be a returning cruiser. This could be of ah a quite a large or was we sort of mentioned it could be of quite a sort large value. Ah a bigger value than getting.. Let's say a partial refund. Um, but what would what was the vibe on board From. From guests in in general or what could you tell. 17:45.27 Nick Well, the worst us all was I guess the deck it was the same deck as guest services. There was this one lady and she probably had about 5 or 6 officers around her and she was just going nuts screaming and I mean that's no way to handle something like this I mean. I travel a lot for work just for my job and I've just learned you know things like this happen like mechanicals delays happen on airplanes on Cruise ships on anything that's very technical like this and you kind of just have to go with the flow a little bit like they they weren't sending us back to port canaveral early. Um. 18:08.21 Sam Right. 18:19.75 Sam Is. 18:22.70 Nick I did hear someone was supposed to get married and cast away that day. So I don't know if she was part of that group because you know I do feel bad for for something like that. But some people's nerves were were much higher than others I think some people took it. You know, not too bad like they just viewed it. Oh it's another. 18:28.63 Sam Um, right. 18:40.88 Nick It's a c day. They're not taking anything away from us on board in terms of amenities if anything they added more to do on the ship that last day um but there was ah, definitely ah, a whole range of moods for sure and that line like. 18:47.51 Sam The. 18:56.17 Sam Um, in doing. 18:58.30 Nick But this is 1 reason I'm so happy we were in conciers this crew is because the line at gu services. Oh my gosh. It was all the way down like past that bar and things like that there. It was really long. So. 19:04.86 Sam Ah, oh I can imagine. Yeah. 19:12.87 Nick I had to use a couple gift cards to apply so I'm happy I just could go right to g and say can you apply this to my account please and it was done like within 2 minutes 19:13.19 Sam Remove. 19:21.10 Sam Um, yeah yeah I I wonder what you know we've we've talked quite a bit about this in our Facebook group about you know was this a fair compensation. Um, you know what Disney offered. 19:29.86 Nick Um, if it is. 19:38.10 Sam To guess and and I think there's a ah lot of opinions out there I'm curious as somebody who was on the ship. What what? you think about that Nick. 19:47.95 Nick Um, I mean in terms of for a technical compensation I think it was Fair. You know giving some sort of future Cruise credit. Is it fair across like and they don't have to do anything for a misstop right? You sign that in your cruise contract if the weather's badtic cast away and they can't Dock. You're not getting you don't have they don't have to give you anything in Return. There's no guarantee due to weather that they'll dock anywhere. But um. 20:01.57 Sam We have. 20:09.10 Sam Right. 20:16.51 Nick You know, just looking across the industry at other cruise lines when they have these sort of technical issues. Um, and like specifically I look to carnival because I feel like they usually have the most technical issues. Ah, but they they typically will give like a 50% refund plus a 50% future cruise credit. So it's almost like a a credit back for what you paid and a voucher for a future cruise because you know some people they might not want to take another cruise after experiencing something like that. So for those people and you know Disney cruises are not. 20:38.76 Sam Um, ah wow. 20:50.57 Sam Um. 20:53.72 Nick The the cheapest thing in the world. So you know to pay all the money for a three-day saling and then have this coupon that you have to use if you weren't you know, necessarily planning or budgeting to take your family on another Disney Cruise in the near future I mean that's just kind of a. There was no option for like a 20% refund in lieu of the voucher or something like that. 21:13.57 Sam You right? Yeah, so that's a ah great point. Um Nick I I personally and this is again my completely my personal belief my belief is they should have offered. Either the 20% off of a future cruise plus the hundred dollar onboard credit or let's say anywhere between a ten and twenty percent ah refund on your cruise that you took yeah because and they could have like I said they could have offered it as. 21:30.95 Nick Here. 21:36.61 Nick Um, every are. 21:41.82 dclduo In. 21:43.56 Sam You know it could be less than what they offered in in the future cruise credit Discount right? So they could offer 15% if you want a refund but 20% if you're wanted as a future cruise credit. Um, but that way at least people who are it's for whom it's a one and done. Get some kind of compensation other than $100 because $100 is an onboard credit is is a very small amount. Yeah. 22:05.55 Nick Is small. Yeah I will say this though when I went to book the next sailing. So I knew we were probably going to do another Disney Cruise and I I was kind of looking then when I had this discount. Um. At my son's birthday. We were debating whether or not to do my son's birthday in February or to book that isn't or dvc member exclusive Cruise that's happening on I think that magic that does like the double dip at lighthouse. 22:30.60 Sam Yes, yes, we're on that cruise. Yes. 22:34.30 Nick That what now tell I was oh you are we were gonna book that and then when we got this coupon we're like oh maybe we should just do our son's birthday so we chose that one instead but we when I called Disney to apply it. 22:41.80 Sam This is. 22:47.48 Nick I call it Monday or not Monday Tuesday so like literally the day after we came back and they had no record of anything loaded in there yet. So I gave it a couple days and called on Thursday and it was in their system. All the agents were aware of it and I booked the cruise they applied the discount no problem and actually. 22:55.40 Sam Yep. 23:06.53 Nick The agent said oh you actually get another $100 onboard credit. Ah for this issue like so they gave us another $100 plus the plus the placeholder $100 so we're actually got $100 I don't know if that's just a technical thing in Disney system right now or not but we got $100 on board. 23:11.00 Sam I oh. 23:15.34 dclduo Oh. 23:15.56 Sam Oh wow. 23:24.24 Nick And I got $100 when I applied the the the coupon. 23:26.93 Sam Oh wow so you actually so you essentially got a hundred dollar onboard credit for both cruises. Oh so it's really in in essence a $200 onboard credit. But maybe they didn't yeah maybe well it it sounds like they maybe didn't message that. Um. 23:32.22 Nick Correct. 23:38.29 Nick Um, right. 23:43.64 Nick The correct. 23:46.77 Sam Um, or or maybe they or maybe they're applying it more generously than they intended on who knows who knows you never know the. 23:50.20 Nick Right? right. 23:52.54 dclduo Yeah let let me let me just make one comment here which is on the the credit side I do want to orient into history here like regardless of what we think Disney should have done I just will say the the what they did do is consistent with what they did for the wonder. Think it was last season in Alaska she had some engine problems and had to miss a stop and I believe it was catch a can and they offered essentially the same deal. Although it was one hundred and fifty dollars per state room instead of a hundred although that would have been a seven night cruise so I have a feeling what's going on the back in here by the way as they're going. 24:23.39 Nick Um. 24:28.95 dclduo We have a sliding scale debate based on length of cruise as to what the onboard credit needs to be and you know you had 7 nights or more we'll give you one hundred and fifty dollars or whatever it is ah but they gave them a 20% future cruise credit no sort of refunds. So I think what you're budding up against here is just Disney's got a chart corporate that says if this happens. 24:35.96 Nick Um, right? so. 24:47.87 dclduo Here's what we do for everybody on board regardless of whether I agree with it or not I think it's consistent with what they've with what they've done in the in the past. So I think that that's good right? That's good that they're being somewhat consistent and how they treat this. 24:50.90 Sam Um. 24:55.77 Sam Right? And and Brian to that point correct me if I'm wrong, but when they just have a weather issue and they don't stop at. Let's say cast away or some other stop if there are port. 24:56.72 Nick I agree. 25:11.55 Sam Taxes They refund the port taxes but that's pretty much it. 25:13.47 dclduo Yeah, if they can't stop at a port generally speaking. They're just refunding you your port taxes. They usually don't because you can't accomplish so for weather, nothing they can do and frankly if they started doing stuff for that like well we didn't get into castaway because of the weather. So we're going to give you X Ok but we got into castaway and got rained out. 25:18.93 Nick Correct. 25:27.30 Sam Right. 25:32.97 dclduo Right? Which we've we've experienced like we had to all go back on the ship they close the island you know we didn't get anything for that. Um, you get this line drawing. So I think the line drawing that you have to look at is is it Disney's fault and within Disney's control or is it not Disney's fault and not within Disney's control and so whether you get nothing. Mechanical you should get something and then I think you're quibbling over sort of what the something is and I've heard some people out there kind of like we see the line at guest services I think I said this online we see the line of guest services fireworks are canceled I need my I need a full refund. 26:07.39 Nick Um, this. 26:08.93 dclduo Right? You've like I've paid so much money I wanted to see the fires ruin the crews and I think we all have to take a deep breath and recognize first and foremost you are still on board. What is essentially a 5 star allinclusive resort and so just you know. 26:09.90 Sam Um, yeah, you've ruined my cruise. 26:21.86 Nick Right. 26:26.43 dclduo Let's just take a breath there I'm not saying that the 20% was right at 20% or wrong I think I could I think if I surveyed a hundred people ninety to ninety nine of them would tell me no one gets a full refund out of this like that's not that's not probably fully reasonable for the situation that happened everything was still working on board. You just got. Sort of stuck in Nasa for the night. So I think I think take that deep breath step back and understand things happen and I think the 2 other piece of advice I've just been sort of really mulling through my mind this week that if I could tell every listener out there which I guess now I get a chance to is just in the post covered travel world I won't use. 26:44.68 Nick Exactly. 27:04.34 dclduo Foul language on this show because we're family friendly but stuff happens and so I think we have learned stuff happens and so you got to kind of go into it with the mentality of roll with it. A little bit doesn't mean you shouldn't ask for things or get things fixed or if something's going wrong. You shouldn't seek to have it corrected but. 27:06.52 Nick Right. 27:09.14 Sam Um, so sister. 27:20.82 dclduo Just be prepared vacations aren't going as smoothly as they once were see baggage delays at heathrow see canceled flights all over the country see all of this sort of stuff which leaves me a second point. Ask your travel agent or go research travel insurance yourself, we carry an annual travel policy because we travel um, ah enough. Some people that may not make sense but trip insurance I think is a great thing and I think this is what called out online for from somebody some of those policies will cover things like this if your trip is interrupted for some reason or you can't make a port stop. There is a potential policy out there I don't know of it I can't advise you on it. 27:56.00 Nick Is this. 27:57.97 dclduo But read the fine print. There may be something that would say you know what we are going to give you some compensation for that right? I don't know but regardless yeah, is it? Yeah good. 28:03.95 Nick And I'll second that because ah the um on the cruise that that we that that hurricane happened and it turned from a three day to a two day we had travel insurance through a third party and even though we were delayed by a day we were able to collect on the trip. 28:12.46 Sam Um. 28:20.26 Sam This is. 28:21.10 Nick Ah, delay because we had a letter from the cruise line and we got about a thousand dollars per person. So but there was 4 of us so we went and booked a huge room at the riviera for the night so you can use it? yeah. 28:29.84 Sam Nice. Well I mean yeah, you still need yeah because you still need some place to stay right? Your your trip got delayed by a full day. You need a hotel to stay at nearby if you don't want to trek all the way back home or if that's not an option for folks like us from the other side of the country right. 28:39.73 Nick Faith. 28:48.82 Sam So it's yeah super important. But I think your point Nick about you know for people who travel a lot. This is probably less of a big deal because they're used to some travel you know travel delays have happened before or interruptions have happened before um I can completely understand for someone who this was there. 28:58.75 dclduo E. 29:07.82 Sam First and maybe only ah trip which I will say though wish in general has a lot more of those first time cruisers because it's the shorter itineraries. So I in some ways I feel bad for Disney because. 29:15.59 dclduo E. 29:23.63 Sam Those there's more of those people on board and a lot of them might be pretty upset about this circumstance. 29:29.20 dclduo Yeah, and please don't take my comments as anything but I sympathize I hate when we miss stops if we can't get into castaway key or we get rained out. It's not great. It's not great and if it's a once in a lifetime thing I hundred percent agree especially not. Great out there. But the flip side of it is you know we have friends who've sailed disney maybe 5 or 6 times now or maybe actually 7 or 8 have gotten into castaway key like exactly twice. So like they're constantly missing castaway key so that port stop? Well a great one. We highlighted on the show a ton. It is an awesome place. 29:53.16 Nick Um, a. 29:55.27 Sam Um. 30:04.90 dclduo Disney misses that stop more often than you might think and so if you're betting on that as a port stop. Just know it may not happen. Um doesn't mean it always doesn't happen doesn't mean it happens or gets canceled frequently or anything like that. But it certainly happens enough that we hear about it. Ah that they couldn't make it into cast away usually for weather. 30:12.34 Sam Um. 30:22.70 Nick Right? My nee is canned cannon rope guns to dock the ship there. So you know it's a a tough one to talk at. 30:22.85 dclduo Usually for weather. So yeah. 30:30.21 Sam Um, right? Yeah yeah, absolutely now, no nick tell us. So so you're sailing again obviously and um, any. Ah, any feeling from you know the vibe on board as to were there people who will say now that this happened I'm never sailing Disney again. 30:51.95 Nick Oh I mean I didn't hear it So My experience is kind of limited I guess in what I've overheard people saying in the concierge lounge and no one up there was really that upset about it. So um, like I didn't see people yelling at any of the concierge host or anything like that. So. I didn't see that just just the huge lines down at the regular guest services. 31:11.84 Sam Interesting. Yeah I wonder if that's because the folks are in conciers are thinking how do I work this to my advantage I'm in a book an even more expensive cruise and get 20% off they're all doing the math in their head knowing that they can get real like. 31:12.50 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 31:20.46 Nick Um, exactly yeah. 31:28.16 Sam Huge huge value out of this if you apply it to let's say a cruise in Europe or Alaska or so one of the more expensive cruises. Yeah. 31:28.38 dclduo Well. 31:33.90 Nick Business. 31:33.31 dclduo Yeah, well, that's that's one of the points I wanted to make too just to put it into frame for folks as you think about what the value of that future cruise credit is versus the value of say a refund. The refund is on a fixed amount. So let's just say you paid $2000 for the I know it's more than that. Well just for ease of my math. Okay, $3000 make the math more difficult fine. 31:48.63 Sam Let's say $3000 or okay. 31:52.26 dclduo Ah, $3000 for the cruise and they decide to give you you know 20% back right? Your options take 20% back or take a 20% future cruise credit. Well that 20% is what $600 sam to do the math right? six hundred bucks um that's a $600 back to your pocket well, but if you go out and you were. Say already planning or considering taking a seven night cruise at runsia for $5000 to sale on disney cruise line well now that credit's worth 800 to a thousand dollars. So. 32:21.70 Sam I would even say let's say a 6 Let's make our math easier Brian. So if you've got ah a $6000 cruise right? versus a $3000 cruise that $800 is now $1600 32:32.53 dclduo Yeah I mean the point is it's in a potentially appreciating asset especially because the cruise prices are going up. In fact I think somebody said they went to book the same cruise this time next year and it was already $1500 more right? And so like that. Yeah yeah. 32:43.35 Nick That was me. yeah yeah I said yeah I was looking I was like I want the exact same room for my son's you know birthday week and I looked I was like man that's like at least $1500 more than what I paid for this one but you know anyways, everything's going up in price and. 32:45.80 Sam Yeah, that was unique. Yeah. 32:52.31 Sam Yeah. 33:02.60 Sam Yep. 33:02.29 Nick And then it's about the 20% saved like when I did apply the 20% I was like oh it's not that bad for another concierge room. So we'll book it. 33:11.90 dclduo Ah, um, Nick I want to ask about 1 last thing which is I know that there was some discussion about like in the theater the night after this all went down like the mood was pretty bad but I don't know if you were there or you experienced any of it. But um, did you did you experience the yeah. 33:26.59 Nick Oh yes, forgot it will be um, the last night they they did do the fireworks by the way. Ah well they they at sea they did have the fireworks show. So the fireworks did occur on the cruise at sea just on the third night so we did have fireworks. 33:38.90 Sam oh oh fantastic yeah did they had done the pirate did they they did the pirate deck party while import at Nassa is that right? okay. 33:39.61 dclduo I'll let okay. 33:42.76 Nick They they fix that? Um, but the god. 33:49.90 Nick Correct that's right, that's right? So there was no pirate night just normal programming but they had a set time for the fireworks. So the fireworks went on just night 3 on night three though. 33:57.79 Sam And. 34:06.20 Nick I brought my son down to see Aladdin because we had early dining our show was at eight thirty we got there right around eight thirty and sat down um and the show didn't start until after Nine o'clock um they sent some poor cast member out to do some trivia like around eight forty five or so and she got through question maybe 10 and then the audience to start to chant start the show start the show the cruise director actually had to come out and say like we're having technical issues like we're sorry. 34:39.18 dclduo Oh God ah. 34:41.99 Nick Ah, so more technical problems. But the show started around 9 and actually my son then fell asleep around 20 minutes into it. So I just took him out of there so I didn't even get to see the whole thing but from what I from what we saw was good. 34:44.50 Sam So ah. 34:51.29 Sam Oh. 34:53.80 dclduo Oh geez I can't I couldn't even imagine being that cruise director oh geez well Nick what have we not talked about in terms of this say I mean ultimately. 34:59.56 Nick Up and then. 35:06.98 dclduo Things got fixed. You got out of Nasa you headed back to Pork Canaveral I'm assuming there was no other sort of technical issues with getting back into portrk canaveral everything else went smoothly I did hear the but I did hear by the way the cruise after yours was significantly delayed in its own boarding I don't think they bored until about seven o'clock that night. So that that. 35:12.80 Nick No yeah. 35:23.76 Nick Oh yeah, oh and I I think they had a turna around too because they had a medical issue once they left so they actually left pork andever had a turn back but I know we got back to pork and ever on time and ah Debbark was fine like no issues with that. 35:24.99 dclduo Yeah, that was a big a big problem. But yeah. Yes. 35:39.53 Nick Our biggest concern honestly before we started leaving Nasa like when we were still stuck. There was oh like what if we don't get back on Monday because my wife actually had a fly out for a work trip that Monday afternoon. So and you know we we were local in Florida so we just drove to and from fort canaveral. But that's that was our main concern like. Will we get back on Monday to be able to you know do all the things that we had planned but you know that worry went away once we started pulling out an s all. 36:07.89 dclduo Nice, Nice Sam Any questions you have or things that you wanted to cover before we wrap up here. Yes. 36:16.43 Sam No I think we covered everything I think it's super helpful nick to hear from someone who was on board because obviously we all had our opinions. Um that we shared in our Facebook group about what was fair, what was not fair. Um, you know. And of course some of that has to do with the communication by Disney it sounds like that may have um impacted the way people on board frankly viewed the compensation as well because I think you know blaming. 36:41.29 Nick Give her. 36:45.70 Sam The lack of stopping on weather and castaways is a bit of a cop out by Disney in that Letter. So um, you know they should have sort of owned. They could have said you know due to our mechanical delay and you know it it and it delaying our ability to leave now. Weather is. You know, preventing us from going in if it was if it's really was sort of the combination of the 2 um, rather than you know it's clearly not just weather. 37:03.92 Nick Writer. 37:10.36 dclduo Well I heard I heard to I heard 2 complaints about the communicate one was the substance which I think we've talked about um and the weather thing I don't I don't know right? I'd like we'd have to go check the historical weather right? Whatever fine. But I agree maybe just blame it on the mechanical issue and call it. Good. But the other thing I heard was the cadence of the communication was not great that like the announcements were coming and then there was a you know, basically a huge period overnight with nothing people were waking up and they were still in Nasa and I will say look. They're not going to come over your room announcement. 37:37.50 Nick Um, yeah. 37:42.36 dclduo Precisely for the reason that Nick wouldn't want that to happen because his young children would wake up in the middle. Just yeah, just for an update just for an update which you don't want um but they could have sent some messaging to the app I suspect they didn't because frankly, what I'm guessing was happening is they just didn't know what was going on right? They knew things need to be fixed. 37:44.53 Sam Right in the middle of the night he needs sleep. 38:00.89 dclduo They didn't have a good idea on the timeframe of it and rather than just continually tell people we're working on it which look sit for a minute in an airplane and get those announcements from the pilot where they're tell you we're working on it. We're working on it. We're working and you're just like your anxiety is like ah ah, right, like it's not helpful that communication doesn't really help you what you want is. 38:11.25 Nick If. 38:12.44 Sam Get more anxious. Yeah. 38:19.31 dclduo We're working on it and it will be fixed by and we will be leaving by and blah blah blah. So perhaps on the front end they didn't leave themselves enough out so to speak on. You know? Oh we're going to make it to castway. No problem. So then it sets them up for disappointment but on the other side of it I suspect what's going on is they're just waiting to make sure they. 38:21.42 Sam Yeah. 38:23.43 Nick Um, and. 38:35.48 dclduo Could say definitively we are going at this time. Yeah, yeah, yeah, so. 38:35.53 Sam 1 way or the other. Yeah yeah. 38:38.92 Nick And when they said we weren't leaving til ten that also kind of raised my red flag like oh they're blaming this on weather. But why would you not leave till 10 like why wouldn't you have just left around 7 am or 8 m you're not letting guests off. 38:45.96 Sam A. 38:54.26 dclduo Right. 38:56.29 Nick And literally when they left at 10 that was probably the worst weather time like it was a sunny day. It wasn't really raining at all. It was a little overcast but as we left that's when the wind really started picking up like to the point where in the afternoon when I went to try to ride the aqua mouse. 38:56.34 Sam Yep. 39:02.10 Sam This. 39:15.57 Nick They were only doing double riders and literally 5 minutes after that they said you know what the winds too much. We're just shutting this thing down so they left it like the worst weather time so that that's kind of the other reason I thought the letter was a little of a. 39:15.74 Sam Letter. 39:20.86 dclduo Where. 39:23.80 Sam Um, a wow. 39:30.53 Nick Cop out due to you know, not stopping a cast away I don't think they had their ducks in a line like ready to start the ship until like 9 a m and then um, you know at that point. 39:35.67 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 39:35.78 Sam Yeah I bet if they could have left earlier. Yeah I mean I bet if they could have left earlier. They would have but they you know they have to fix the problem and then they also have to test right? like they they can't just like. 39:46.87 Nick It is. 39:49.89 Sam Fix the problem and leave they've got to fix and then they've got to make sure everything they've got to double and triple and quadruple check to make sure everything is working properly before they leave so because they don't want to be a you know a ship stranded out at Sea Nasa is not the worst place to be stuck at as far as you know they have access to um, you know. Airports and things like that if they if they needed to you know, cancel everything call it quits and send people home. 40:14.40 Nick Okay. 40:14.73 dclduo Yeah, well Nick I just super appreciate you taking time out of your Sunday especially with 2 little ones at home. Those days are not far behind us and so how trying that can be so really, really appreciate you taking the time and coming on and and sharing the experience with us and just really appreciate it correct. 40:23.60 Sam Um, so this is. 40:28.66 Nick Yeah, thanks for having me on I just can't wait to the day where my 3 year old will want to go into the kids club without mom me and daddy because that happened to us but coming soon. Yes. 40:37.97 dclduo Ah, it's coming soon. It's coming soon. All right? Yeah, very here you go all right? Let me hit stop here. 40:38.70 Sam Um, know, ah yes, but Ski still has a one year old so he is long to wait. 40:48.39 Nick Um.

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