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Ep. 311 - Dream, Dream, Dream - A Family's First Disney Cruise

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Brian Sam
Ep. 311 - Dream, Dream, Dream - A Family's First Disney Cruise
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 311 - Dream, Dream, Dream - A Family's First Disney Cruise

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We're chatting with Courtney, all the way from the Great White North, about her family's first experience with Disney Cruise Line aboard the Disney Dream. Courtney shares how she decided to book a DCL cruise, and how she got her reluctant husband onboard with the idea. This cruise was also a surprise for their two kids, so we couldn't wait to hear what the whole family thought about the experience. From the ship, to the shows, the ports, Castaway Cay, and, of course, the food - we're covering it all!!

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Episode Transcript

00:00.00 dclduo Welcome back, everybody to this week's episode of the Dc L Duo Podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and Sam I'm drinking the. Aquam ma today the aquamax the competitor to the topo chico with all the electrolytes and goodness of caffeine and fused into this five calorie tall boy right here so watch out Topo Chico the aquamax is coming for you. 00:10.80 Sam Note. 00:19.20 Sam Ah, ah, no, my tobochico is going to fight you for the top title of beverage of choice of the dcl duo. Okay, so no, but it is mineral. 00:27.91 dclduo Look is your is your water performance hydration I don't think it is so I am ready this. 00:28.65 Courtney Root. 00:36.22 Sam It is mineral water carbonated though and mine is ah bottled in Monterey Mexico so 00:41.45 dclduo Yeah, well you know when you got the aquamax on board for this podcast. We sell you the whole seat but you only need the edge so we're excited because we get to do another first time Dcl Cruiser episode one of Sam's favorite episodes and we were actually talking the other day after a recording we did. 00:48.46 Sam Ah I Love it. 00:58.75 dclduo That we needed to do kind of a first timers episode where we just did the tips and tricks and lo and behold here we are today we have Courtney with us who is going to talk through all of the tips and tricks and planning that she experienced as a first time cruiser on Disney Cruise line so welcome Courtney 01:12.16 Courtney Hi. Thanks so much for having me. 01:14.33 Sam And yeah, thanks for joining us. We are excited of course to talk first time cruising but before we get to that we of course need to know your Disney background. We know this is your first Disney Cruise I think you did go on a different cruise line. Years ago so tell us about that as well. 01:33.96 Courtney Yeah, so I grew up going to Disney pretty much every year as a kid. We'd always go to Walt Disney World and then I met my husband and he was like I'll go to Disney once but that's it like. Pick the year. But it's going to be 1 time only anyway, after the first time he was hooked and we bought it to dvc so we go to Disney World Annually he loves it I think more than anyone now. But the cruise was ah he was even more reluctant to go on a cruise so that kind of took a few years of convincing. 01:51.93 Sam I Love it. 02:05.32 Courtney Um, and prompting. But finally we booked the cruise I had been on one cruise a Carnival Cruise probably twenty years ago now um but my husband and my children had never cruised before so this was our very first cruise but we're longtime Disney fans. 02:20.78 Sam Awesome now. Did you always want to take a cruise and it just you know well I should say did you always want to take a Disney Cruise but it just took forever to convince the husband to do it. Um, because obviously your last cruise was quite a while ago. 02:33.23 Courtney Yeah, yeah, so I've always wanted to do a Disney Cruise because we're just such big Disney fans I knew Disney would do it right? Um, when I was like 13 years old. My dad had given my mom a present for Christmas it was the last present under the tree. And she opened it up and it was a Disney Cruise so myself and my 3 sisters we all like go bananas like are going on a Disney Curs he's like oh no, not you guys like just your mother and I and so ever since then we're like yeah we were totally traumatized. We're like what do he's like I can't afford to take all for you like it's just for your mother it was when Disney Cruise had very first. 02:58.18 Sam Oh my god. 03:01.93 dclduo Ah. 03:09.90 Sam Oh. 03:09.91 Courtney Like launched I think it was one of the first voyages so they went and they had a blast and like I still have the postcard from castaway that they sent me that was like you guys would love it here. It's so much fun. So ever since that I'm like I have to go on a Disney Cruise so anyway yeah I've been kind of putting the bug in my husband's ears ever since. 03:19.96 Sam Um, ah jerks. 03:27.28 Courtney He became a Disney fan of like hey I think we can get on get him on a cruise now but he just really thought that he would be seasick the whole time because he had never been on a cruise before and that was his biggest fear that he would spend all this money. Um, and then he would be ill for the whole time. But so yeah. 03:38.49 Sam Yeah. 03:38.64 dclduo Me. 03:42.13 Courtney So that was his biggest fear and I kind of knew that I would be okay because I'd been on one cruise before when my parents finally did decide to take us when I was late teen but it wasn't a Disney Cruise so So they didn't take us on a Disney Cruise it was a carnivo. Yeah, so anyway, yeah, we still. Ah. 03:49.78 Sam But but they didn't take you on a Disney Cruise they took you on a carnival. Oh my god okay this is maybe this is maybe lesson 1 Ah 1 Um, what not to do to your children. 04:00.87 Courtney Yeah, so looking back my dad's like maybe that wasn't the right way to tell your mother I was taking her on I'm like you think like my younger sisters and I were just like over the moon on Christmas except we still haven't let them live it down. But yeah, so. 04:08.84 Sam Yeah, ah thank God that's. 04:15.58 dclduo Well, how did you land on this particular cruise Courtney you took the took a cruise on the dream. So why don't you tell folks? what the itinerary was and how you landed on it. 04:15.64 Sam Ah, ah, that's hilarance. 04:26.15 Courtney Yeah, so um, I'm a teacher. So the times I can go are kind of more limited summer is just way too hot and I live on the East Coast of Canada and summers are nice. Three months of the year so we don't really like to travel in summertime so that left March break and Christmas and March break we always. Go to use our dvc points and go to Disney World so I knew I couldn't convince my husband to give that up but I was like oh Christmas maybe I could convince them for a right after Christmas and um I was pretty like I was surprised at how reasonable the cost was that first week of january and my Christmas break just lined up really well this year um so I found a five night itinerary and I thought that would be a good amount of time because the 3 and 4 nights seem kind of short but the 7 you know if he was sick for seven days I knew he'd be really cranky but I was like if he's only sick for five days. He might not be as miserable. So 5 nights seem the perfect amount of time. 05:15.77 Sam Yeah, yeah. 05:21.55 Courtney It went to Castaway which was really important to us that was like what I really wanted to see so I needed nice itinerary that had castaway key and yeah, just the stars all aligned and we were able to book it. So. 05:31.73 Sam Now is your husband somebody who gets sick on smaller boats. 05:31.81 dclduo Nice to. 05:36.42 Courtney He ah I would say like ah a little bit but not excessively. He his um his reason for thinking he would be sick is when we go to Disney World he's like I can't do the teacups I like nobody can do the teacups like no like nobody can do the I can't do the teaups. 05:48.39 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 05:49.43 Sam Nobody could do the tea goves I mean nobody over the age of 10 Let's put it that way. Yeah. 05:56.35 Courtney Exactly I'm like the kids can do it and that's us so he was like oh yeah, he can do rides at Disney world that I can't do so. That's why I thought that he would be fine and t was we were fine in the end. But yeah, no, exactly exactly. 06:03.90 Sam Yeah, yeah, right. 06:07.69 dclduo Yes, for everyone for everyone out there. The ship is not spinning in circles rapidly it is sailing along stabilizers out. Ah so yeah, it's ah it's not like that I don't want to gloss over something that you said though, you live in the East Coast of Canada I think you probably are. 06:15.97 Courtney Yeah, yeah. 06:24.17 dclduo Second canadian guests. So welcome. It's nice with somebody listens to us internationally sam that's yeah, ah ah, prestige worldwide Sam Prestige worldwide um 06:24.93 Courtney So okay, thank you? Yeah thanks, Oh totally I Love your phone loves your show. Yeah yeah. 06:29.54 Sam Ah, welcome Canada we are an international podcast Brian. Ah. 06:42.27 Courtney So. 06:43.27 dclduo Well okay, so you decide on the dream on a five night and Sam I think where your question was going is ah the tip we usually give right is if you're concerned about seasickness head for a three night and ah you know, save yourself some of that but 5 nights is nice and then I think you have the benefit of not feeling that. 06:50.86 Courtney And. 07:00.80 Courtney Right? and get off. Yeah. 07:00.21 dclduo Get on the ship unpack repack get off kind of yeah so that's nice as nice. 07:00.78 Sam Yeah, well and honestly it sounds like Courtney's husband is not somebody who should have actually been worried about being seasick I mean I get sick on smaller boats if I'm you know, not on a tender because it's a pretty short ride. But if I'm on like a. 07:07.79 Courtney No, exactly? yeah. 07:19.80 Sam A smaller boat for a long period of time and it's you know rocking I get seas Sickck Um, every you know everyone on who listens to this show knows that I've been gotten sick in the blue Grotto in Italy So ah, one of the most at well ashore. Yeah. 07:20.25 Courtney Yeah, bouncing. Yeah. 07:31.19 Courtney Um, yeah, oh goodness. So. 07:31.86 dclduo And covered on board The wonder. So yes, um so. 07:35.64 Sam But 1 of the 7 wonders of the world and I got sick in it. But I do I honestly, most of the time on a cruise I'm fine. It's you know there are there have been a only a couple of occasions where I've needed to take some dramaine I do wear my c bands. A lot of the time not all of the time or rather my bliss lits which are similar to c bands. But um, yeah, it's honestly and unless you're having a really rough c day. Most people are fine. Yeah. 08:01.12 Courtney Yeah, we were so lucky with calm waters and we took drma mean or grab all we have in Canada we took that pretty regularly anyway, just preventatively and we use the c bands but kind of halfway through. We kind of ditched the cb bands because we were all feeling fine. So. 08:12.72 Sam Um. 08:16.48 dclduo Yeah. 08:18.52 Courtney It really wasn't on issue. What was interesting though when I got off the boat I was okay like we flew home drove home and but then the next day I was teaching I was like whoa I started getting real like I felt like the boat was moving and then anytime I was standing still That's when I started to feel nauseous and seasex. So I put the sea bands back on and I texted. 08:27.67 Sam Oh yeah. 08:37.64 Courtney Ah, my cousin who goes on quite a few crus and like is this normal to feel seasick after you're off the boat and she's like yeah that happens sometimes and it took 2 or 3 days but I was not anticipating that. Yeah exactly I was not expecting to be sick after the I kind of thought we were in the clear like we're two or three days in I was like oh we're great. But yeah. 08:42.25 Sam Yeah, they should call it. Yeah, they should call it landsick Yeah, but. 08:55.22 Sam Yeah. 08:57.00 Courtney So next time I probably might continue I don't know continue the drama mean after we get off. But yeah. 09:01.65 Sam Yeah, yeah, it's not I don't think um, it's not like everyone gets that but there it's yeah, but it's definitely yeah, it's definitely not uncommon. 09:05.21 Courtney No, and my husband and kids were fine. It was just it was bizarre. Yeah I went to Castaway and then cosml and so actually when I had been to Cosmel before on the one. 09:10.83 dclduo Well it so where did and so where did this cruise go again. Courtney. 09:24.59 Courtney Carnival Cruise I had gone to it had gone to cosim all in costamaa so I kind of already been to that port. But yeah was't neat to see everything through my head. My husband's and children's eyes as well. Yeah, we went there first and at first I was I was kind of like oh. 09:35.75 dclduo Nice. So did you stop at castaway first or did it go to Cosmo first. Ah. 09:42.45 Courtney That was not real highlight for me I'm like is everything else going to be a letdown after castway but we had such a great time on the cruise that it wasn't the whole trip was phenomenal. But yeah, castso it just blew me away was wonderful. 09:52.28 dclduo Nice all right? So it sounds like the itinerary ship. Everything was dictated by schedule which we've talked about this before on our show once you start to pull a few levers you options limit pretty substantially with Disney Cruise la only have five ships currently so that makes a ton of sense. 09:55.77 Courtney Oh. 10:06.87 Courtney Yeah. 10:12.13 dclduo How was the process leading up to the cruise you know Ah ah, booking. Did you use a did you use a travel agent or do it yourself and ah, you know, check in and it's first timers so you've got to be up midnight. Ah you know what ninety days in advance to the cruise I think it is but how is that process leading in from booking to. You know, leaving home to Ted for the port. 10:33.33 Courtney So we did use a travel agent usually like I know Disney rolled at the back of my hand I could book it in my sleep but I had never done the cruise before so we used a travel agent. It was great. We got an onboard credit which was awesome. Um, and it was really. Easy because she handled all the calls like anytime we had to add in an allergy note she was on the phone with Disney for hours instead of me so I would totally use a travel agent again. She made we had a member of our party who had some. Ah, pretty unique and severe food allergy so she made sure that was all taken care of before we even got on the boat. They knew about the allergies and they met with her. So yeah I would definitely definitely use a travel agent again being first timer as we I was on it. Well I guess it was 1 am our time. Um. To try and book I really wanted um Palo brunch which I knew I probably wouldn't get but I was like maybe by some chance anyway, I went on and there was no availability. My husband wanted whiskeying which he got but then I use one of my Disney World tricks 11:26.40 dclduo Yeah, oh nice. 11:33.55 Courtney Which was refresh. Refresh. Refresh refresh. So for like a week after I would just go on the app and I would refresh pao brunch and eventually one popped up so I was able to get it for 1 of our cdays and that was yeah that was the only thing I wanted to do besides Castaway key was the pao brunch and a lot of the Disney World tricks of yeah refresh, keep checking, try different days different times. We ah and we're able to get everything that we wanted in the end by doing that the online check in at oh sorry. 11:56.21 Sam And you had can I start ask you 1 question you had 2 Cds right? So there's a little bit more opportunity for apollo brunch on those five day than on the floor. The three that's yeah, but that was very very smart and that is a great tip. 12:04.58 Courtney Um, yes, yeah yeah. 12:13.72 Sam I think that we should just highlight for people. There are cancellations and then even if you can't get ahead of time. You can always check on board. 12:22.80 Courtney Yeah, that was my backup plan was to go right to pao if I had to and try and get something um at thirty days before I went and did the online check in I stayed up till one a m to do it and that was super frustrating because I kind of got like. 2 steps in and then the whole system crashed and I could tell from our Facebook our Cruise Facebook group that it was crashing for everybody. So I think there there was a lot of sailings leaving that day like all the ships except for 1 were departing on January second so everyone was trying to log on and I stayed up for two or three hours just trying to like get. Our boarding group I really wanted an early boarding group but it just wasn't moving so eventually I went to bed and I woke up at I think it was 6 a m and I hopped on and was able to get boarding group 7 so I thought that was pretty good and next time I probably would just sleep in till the morning and then grab whatever I could. First thing as soon as I woke up because yeah, it was a late night and I did get the royal princess ah gathering booking though at Midnight. So I guess it wasn't all all for a not. But. 13:22.10 dclduo Yeah I'll give um one tip here on the check in process that I was just thinking about the other day and I thought I would share so Disney check in is becoming more and more difficult I'll just put with the tech is not scaling well and. I'm seeing more and more in Facebook groups and just through interactions with guests and folks that we know that check-in process is just getting harder. The tech is stalling out and 1 potential bright spot here is that the app. Seems to do better than the web browser I think that there was a lot in the beginning that say again I think there was common wisdom in the beginning that the web browser was the best way to go and I think it was but they've made updates to the app and the app is actually pretty good at check-in now and in some cases when folks are struggling with the. Web-based check-in you can do a lot better in the app and so my one tip is I have a folder in my photo album I use an iphone I have a folder in my photo album that is called like travel Docs and it has the selfies for me Sam and Nathan that you have to submit online to check in. It has our passport photos. It has. Couple of other things in there that I use and actually has some set stuff for our friends in case, we sail with them I have it ready at at the go and so when I do the online chicken through the app I'm hitting buttons going to that folder grabbing the stuff I need and just moving along I also have like a note on my phone that has all of our. 14:53.59 dclduo Passport information. All of that stuff in text form that I can just cut and or cut copy and paste I suppose into the check-in process so it makes it a lot faster to do and I do the checking on my phone now and thus far have not had a ton of issues even when we've had to do it kind of at Midnight. So. Ah, just my tip is is do something like that have it all ready to go and then get in there and I recommend using the app on the phone over the web-based experience at this point so well so presumably Courtney you flew down to. Orlando in advance of the cruise as you spend some time at the parks ahead of time. 15:30.31 Courtney And we did not. We went down a few days early but we went to Vio Beach use our dvc points to go to Vio Beach and that was just spectacular. We had the best time it was the perfect spot for a pre-crus vacation because we got lots of beach time in lots of pool time. Ah, there were touches of Disney everywhere. So the girls had Mickey bars and Mickey Waffles it was New Year's eve actually so they had a big New Year's Eve party with goofy and his tuxedo and then we all jumped in the pool at midnight. Yeah, it was really fun. It was I have to go back to Vero Beach now as well. So that was a great spot to spend a few nights before we took off. 15:55.86 Sam Oh fine. 16:06.18 dclduo Now How did you get from Vero Beach up to port canaveral. 16:06.81 Courtney Um, the cruise. 16:08.14 Sam That's awesome. 16:12.20 Courtney We we actually flew ah to barn out of Miami so we flew into Orlando because the only direct flights in my area go to Orlando I knew I wanted to fly direct with Canadian winters and holiday travel I did not want to get stuck in toronto anywhere so we took a direct flight. Ah, to Orlando we rented a minivan to fit us all and then we drove to Vera Beach for a few nights and then drove down to Miami the morning of I was about two and a half hours we gave ourselves extra time because I was I had heard horror stories of Miami rush hour traffic and. 16:36.80 dclduo And how long is that drive. 16:37.30 Sam Nice. 16:48.32 Courtney Um, it was a Monday morning but everything went smoothly and we were at the port with lots of time. So yeah yeah yeah I wasn't sure if it would be a holiday because like the roads would be quieter because it was a holiday or if it would. 16:52.70 Sam Oh yeah, this was the day after New Year's day right this was January Second so everybody was headed back to school and work on on that tuesday. 17:03.59 dclduo Oh. 17:07.16 Courtney Crazy because it was Monday so we left plenty early but we arrived we didn't hit any traffic at all. We were very lucky. So. 17:12.73 Sam Awesome. 17:13.13 dclduo It and now is the portocks did you park the car at the port for the cruise or okay and and you so how is the port. How a support experience overall Courtney. 17:17.63 Courtney We did? Yeah yeah, by the time we realized sorry it was awesome. We drove up. Um and we we there was someone there to take our luggage and then the parking garage was just right past where you dropped the luggage off. So my husband went and parked it. Um, by the timing it was about $20 a night to park it. So by the time we we just figured we'll pay that and then we we had to drive back to Orlando after the cruise was finished so rather than deal with the hassle of renting a car again. We just kept that one. Um and that worked out really well and the whole ah port was really smooth. The security was smooth the yeah check-in was all great. 18:00.50 Sam So awesome. 18:02.21 dclduo Nice um, see any tips in here that we want to throw in. 18:09.19 Sam Not that I can think of I mean I think the well just yeah I was gonna say. 18:14.58 dclduo Any I mean anything transportation related. 18:20.26 Sam Well, we we also like to do that rental car option even though even though we're often staying in Orlando and then sailing out of port canaveral. It's still an hour to an hour and 20 minutes away um and we'll often rent a car and we do the same. We just park. 18:31.17 Courtney Um, ah. 18:36.76 Sam Rental car at the port and we know we're paying for the rental car and we're paying for the parking. We know the cheaper option is to return the car rental car in Cape Canaveral but we've heard that it's kind of a nightmare for the car pickup and the car rental there. 18:41.70 Courtney This is yeah yeah. 18:54.11 Sam Um, because there's so many people getting on and off cruises on those days. So it's you know it's It's certainly not the most economical way to do it. But that's what we do as well. Yeah. 19:02.69 Courtney It was easy. 19:03.33 dclduo Well if you've if our listeners have learned nothing about the dcl duo. It's that I will pay for convenience in many ways. But yeah I have not heard people complain too much about the rental car experience actually out of pork and averal I've so we've had quite a few listeners on who have. 19:08.93 Courtney Who. 19:20.27 dclduo Rented a car in Orlando dropped it off at the port or who have picked up a rental car to get them back and so it's it's doable. It's typically more affordable to do that than to do Disney transportation depending on the size of your party. It's certainly more affordable to do a private transfer transfer. It's certainly more affordable to do a private transfer over Disney transportation. If you've got like a party of you know I'd say 4 or 5 or more um because you pay per person on the bus. But yeah I you know lots of ways to get from Orlando to Pork Canaveral similarly lots of ways to get from wherever you're staying in Miami to the port. The the only wild card in Miami is you know there is no disney provided transportation that I'm aware of although I could be wrong. There. They offer transportation in a lot of these ports if you're staying at particular hotels. 20:09.20 Courtney Business. 20:11.76 dclduo Ah, but again, it's usually a fee. There's usually a fee there. So it's really just figuring out. What's the most economical way to get you to and from the port whether that is Disney transportation a rental car or a private transfer. So yeah, well, okay. 20:25.38 Sam You know we need to know who's in your selling party. We haven't talked about that Courtney so who is going with you. We know your your reluctant husband is with you and we know there's some kids but what ages and is there anybody else in your selling party. 20:33.45 Courtney Oh. 20:41.67 Courtney Yeah, so is my husband and myself and our 2 daughters who are 7 and 9 and then my husband's ah parents and his sister came with us too so there were 7 of us total. 20:53.35 Sam Awesome! Well I have to tell you you picked the exact right age for your kids um 7 and 9 20:58.89 Courtney Um, that's that's kind of what we that was kind of my pitch to my husband was if we're not going to do a Disney Cruise now then when will we ever do one because they are the perfect ages and so I think that was kind of what reluctantly made him say yes was that. 21:11.52 dclduo Yeah. 21:14.33 Courtney This was the perfect time if we were ever going to do one. So. 21:17.27 dclduo How did you? How did you get your husband over the reluctance. 21:17.41 Sam So definitely. 21:21.90 Courtney I think just the stars really all aligned with the pricing and the week and the itinerary and the fact that his family was on board and I just I was sold it as you know I could give it to the kids we could give it to the kids for Christmas that could be their big Christmas present. You know we won't have a fail like my Christmas when I was younger. 21:40.94 dclduo Was yeah ah. 21:41.69 Courtney And they they'll actually get to come so anyway, just selling like that He was finally okay, yeah, book it and let's do it. So. 21:47.83 Sam Yeah, now did you surprise them with this cruise like meaning on Christmas or did they know the cruise was coming even before then. 21:57.71 Courtney No, they had no idea and ah, they've kind of always been It's always been you know Daddy Daddy doesn't want to do cruise because he's gonna be sick and so they've kind of always been bugging him for years like oh let's do it. A commercial would come on Tv and they would say come on Daddy like you won't be sick and. Of their friends had told them about cb bands and my daughter like brought up the Amazon link. She's like well dady, you just wear these and youre know you won't be sick. We can go on a Disney Cruise someday so anyway he played it up like oh no I'm never, you'll never get me on one of those so Christmas morning they were floored and it was just perfect timing because we left five days later to go to Orlando and it was just. 22:31.90 Sam Ah, oh awesome now. How did you like? how did you surprise them with it on Christmas morning. Is there like sometimes people do these like elaborate scavenger hunts or just like. 22:31.65 Courtney A whirlwind and it was a blast. Yeah. 22:43.79 Sam You know make fake tickets or something and put them in a box like how did you surprise them on Christmas morning I love this stuff. 22:48.13 Courtney And we did have like the last present they opened started them on a scavenger hunt with kind of like all Disney clues but they didn't really think anything of it because we're such a big disney family that everything we do is Disney so disney scavenger hunt which is like yeah sure. 22:58.50 Sam Right? right. 23:04.23 Courtney So they ran all over the house and then the last president took them outside where we had got them some new suitcases because they've been complaining that their suitcases were kind of you know the cartoony. The old ones were cartooning. They wanted some grown up suitcases so they thought that was like the end of the scavenger hunt where these. 23:18.93 Sam And they thought the suitcase was their big reveal present. 23:21.39 Courtney Grown up suitcases and they were yeah they were trying to act all excited. They're like oh suitcase anyway, then finally we're like we'll open it up and inside we had printed off the fake tickets for the Disney Cruise and yeah, that's when they just went wild. So. 23:33.36 Sam I love. 23:35.48 dclduo I just I love that they wanted to not have cartoony looking suitcases and then you had to a Disney Cruise where all the adults are dragged in Mickey and mini suitcases with them everywhere. So ah. 23:41.30 Courtney Um, yeah I know yeah, it's true. Ah. 23:41.41 Sam We have yeah Brian and I have the big mickey and minnies 2 case and we even have a small grogu one I think also yeah. 23:48.30 Courtney Ah, it's true. Yeah. 23:50.29 dclduo I just I just picture these like 2 sophisticated kids like with their like away travel luggage and all these adults and like ears and hats and like getting on the ship. So yeah, it's amazing. That's amazing. No. 23:56.73 Courtney Ah, yeah, yeah. 23:57.75 Sam Yeah, the kids are wearing Irmez scarves something. Yeah yeah, and like straw hats for the beach like they're all with the big sunglasses. Ah, ah. 24:09.95 Courtney Ah, yeah, that's funny. 24:11.10 dclduo Ah, yeah, who love it. Love it? Well what was the reaction like at the port when you saw the ship and when you got on into the atrium like what? what was the reaction like from the kids. 24:19.65 Courtney Oh they were just beside themselves. It was so much bigger than they had even pictured in their mind. They'd never seen a cruise ship up close so they were just blown away first by how big it was and then we got on the on the ship and they announced your name like now presenting or now welcoming the woods family and they were like. That's us. That's our names I think they thought they just did it for us. They didn't do it for everyone but they were so excited Captain Mickey was already out taking pictures and it just was the perfect way to to start the to start the trip. 24:50.55 Sam Oh that's awesome I love that now you hadn't seen a Disney ship either and you know having been on a carnival ship and then being on ah a Disney ship is is there any comparison to be made and ah. 24:53.68 dclduo Nice, nice. 24:56.49 Courtney And. 25:07.76 Courtney It was beautiful. It was even more gorgeous than than I had thought like everything was just pristine I couldn't get over how clean everything was, um, every time I would be in a bathroom. There would be someone in there cleaning it like they were just sparkling the the washrooms and. 25:16.79 Sam Um. 25:24.70 Courtney And yeah, you could tell that had been very well taken care of of the ship so it was gorgeous. We had 2 veranda rooms with a connecting door some-in-laws had one and we had another and those were perfect because the kids could just. 25:28.88 dclduo Now What kind of room did you end up booking. 25:29.60 Sam Awesome. 25:43.29 Courtney Like make a loop between the veranda and the room and just run around between the 2 rooms so they love that they thought that was awesome that they all connected into one room. 25:50.73 dclduo Nice, well, where did you go first after boarding. 25:55.99 Courtney We went right to cabana's to lunch because I had read that that can get busy and we were we have boarding group 7 I believe so we were're boarded quite early so we went right there for lunch. We had a great time. The kids. Love buffets in general I think it's amazing. You don't have to wait for a waiter or anyone you just take whatever you want. However much you want of it so we really liked our lunch. Um, after that we went on the aqueduct. That's something else I had read was that you know pack your bathing suits. Because the lines will be shortest on the first day and so we did that a few times which they loved the the aqueduct. Um, and then after that we got some ice cream which was another highlight for the kids. They could not believe that you can just pull down ice cream and as much as you could have as much of it as. 26:40.39 Sam I Know it's. 26:43.40 Courtney You can have as much as you want of the ice cream and then our staterooms were ready right after that which I I was expecting them to take longer but they were ready by one thirty probably and so we're able to get unpacked and and do all that so it was great. 26:55.86 Sam Awesome! So I take it since you had planned on doing the aquaducc you all wore your bathing suits on underneath your clothes that day when boarding. 27:00.11 Courtney I. 27:05.50 Courtney We had packed them in our bags but looking back I wish we would have worn them underneath because we had to wait in a line to get into the bathroom and that was another thing we should have gone to look for a washroom I only realize after there were a million washrooms on board and we waited in line for one that was closest to the pool area. 27:22.70 Sam Um. 27:25.18 Courtney And so that took a little bit of time but not too bad, but. 27:26.48 Sam Yeah I do think it's a great a great tip though on doing the aqueducc on that first day or the aqua duck aqua dunk or aqua mouse depending upon what ship you're on or the twist and spout if you're on the magic and the wonder. But yeah, there's there's really. 27:28.76 dclduo Um, yet, there's its. 27:46.28 Sam No lines for them on that first day there there also are pretty much no wines. Ah for those slides on your port days but on sea days. They do tend to get more crowded so it it is smart. Of course you got to be in a warm weather port to do that? Um I mean you can do it in a cold weather port but you're going to be freezing your butt off. 27:48.60 Courtney Mm. 28:02.12 Courtney Um. 28:05.84 Sam Um, but I do like either wearing my swimsuit or carrying my swimsuit on or at least I'll do it for Nathan even if I'm not going to do that on day one I will usually pack his swimsuit in my carryon in case, he wants to do the pool or the slides right away because sometimes you know they're just itching to do that and. 28:11.60 Courtney So. 28:24.47 Sam But I have to tell you that the ice cream on Deck is another favorite I feel like of of mine and of many other people who on Demand Chocolate Vanilla soft serve ice cream all the time. 28:29.79 Courtney And. That was great. 28:38.66 dclduo Yeah I was gonna say the other tip here is just have that carry on bag right? Sam um, if you've never sailed before your luggage is going to leave you at the gate of the port and meet you at your room at some point later that afternoon. So if there's anything you need packet in your carry on so that you have access to it and I would say don't. 28:42.33 Sam Yep. 28:56.14 dclduo Try to drag some big carry on everywhere because your room will not be ready when you get on the ship and you do not want to have to deal with lugging a carry on ah bag around with you everywhere backpack is like the perfect size if you can so. 29:05.47 Sam Yeah, unless you're boarding later if you're boarding later probably not a big deal. But if you're boarding as you did in group 7 or or anything sort of in that earlier part of the day anything like before 1 pm you you want to have some carry on stuff with you for sure. 29:23.80 dclduo Yep yep, well Sam where you head next. 29:26.87 Sam We had a head to activities on board I mean you guys had not been on a cruise before but you've been to the parks every year and you know we got to talk character experiences and you know all the different trivias and family game shows. What did you all get. Up to on board. Besides of course Paulo brunch which we'll definitely talk about towards the end. But. 29:49.58 Courtney Um, sorry, um, yeah, but I couldn't believe how many activities there were to do on board I Kind of thought that it would just be. We would be on our own. You know we might go in the pool or you know might do the minipep. But. Activities that the cast members were putting on constantly were just there was so many of them My husband and my father in law did whiskey tasting and they said that was really good value. They thought they really enjoyed it and they thought that they got good value for their money with that. Um, we did the silent disco which was a blast. My daughter just thought that was like the most fun thing ever. You know everyone's got the.. It's so fun and trying to see like what everyone else is listening to based on what color their headphones were so we did that? Um, we did Bingo one Night. My. 30:26.64 Sam Oh my god Nathan loves that. 30:40.71 Courtney Daughters really wanted to win a bingo and my youngest end up winning the big prize of the day which was $800 us which is great for us canadians so it was super yeah it was super exciting. Um, until my youngest realized she didn't win and the che started. 30:46.72 Sam Oh my God yeah. 30:56.86 Courtney And my oldest realized she wasn't going to get to go to the gift shop and blow $800 all at once and her tears started so we had to have um, a family meeting and decide. Okay, you can Each do one splurge from the Bingo winnings and then the rest of it. We're going to put towards another vacation Sometimes the family money. But. Yes, it was initially very exciting. Um, ended in some tears and then was a good life lesson in the end. So yeah, like the. 31:19.87 Sam Oh my god that's hilarious, but that is a good thing to tell people like and they they do mention it at the beginning of bingo but I'm sure the kids are not really listening that in order to claim a prize. You need to be 18 or older right? because it is gambling and so if you're a kid. 31:37.25 Courtney Um, yeah, yeah. 31:39.22 Sam And I'm using air quotes wins bingo then it is the parent or other adult that is with the kid that needs to be the 1 to actually claim the bingo so pork kids. 31:48.60 Courtney Yeah, and don't throw your receipt like I'm just terrible and soon as I get a receipt I like crumple and throw it up. But after she and I never assumed we win. But after she won the cast members. Oh we just need to see your receipt I was like oh I hope I still have that anyway I found it in the bottom on my purse. Luckily. 32:00.59 dclduo Yeah. 32:05.49 Courtney Um, but yeah, it was initially an onboard credit but and I think that's how they wanted you probably to keep it but she kind of said oh after 24 hours you want you can go to guest services and have it changed into cash and so that's what we did so. 32:19.23 Sam Nice and so now you're going to put it towards your next cruise I Assume right? ah. 32:23.23 Courtney Yeah, yes, exactly that's why I was like let's put it on board credit for or let's put a let's do. Ah, what do they call those bounce back placeholder. Let's do a placeholder for the next one? yeah. 32:30.90 Sam A placeholder. Yeah ah I love it? Well what did? what did the kids think of well I guess what did you? also but what did the kids think of the slide. Um and the pool deck and all of the the happenings on that. 32:46.80 Courtney They love the slides. They just went down that yellow one like over and over and over again and the aqueduct was a blast. We are last night we actually skipped the show and we just went up to the top deck and they just did the aqueduct over and over. There was no line. It was late at night 32:46.98 Sam On that top deck. 33:04.27 Courtney Um, and it was a great way to end the cruise they had the pool all to themselves. Actually there's nobody else in the pool. Even it was dark and a little bit cold but we're Canadian so it was plenty of warm, plenty warm for us. Yeah, exactly it was It was lovely exactly. So yeah, we had the whole top deck. It felt like to ourselves that last night and that was just. 33:10.68 Sam Yeah, you're you're used to. Yeah, you're used to the dark and the cold. But. 33:23.47 Courtney Ah, really memorable moment and I think you know initially I was like oh we don't want to miss the show like we don't want to skip anything but looking back I'm glad we kind of made that audible and went and had that moment because it was a great memory to have. 33:35.66 Sam Yeah, and you think you you probably missed Disney dreams if it was that last night right? Oh yeah, so yeah, on on the dream. It would be yeah should be Disney or not Disney dream. Sorry um. 33:40.90 Courtney Yeah I think it it was the with the genie. Um. 33:49.75 Courtney Is a believe. Yeah, we yeah we wouldn't watched it in our stateroom. Sorry yeah, initially we were planning on. 33:52.71 Sam Believe that's it. It's believe yeah, that's I like to call that one the the old man in the flower. It's just it's about a dad and a daughter. Um, there are people who love? Yeah, there are people who love it. It's just not. It's not my favorite So I don't think I think. 34:08.55 Courtney We had supper and we're like hey we'll go to the aqueucc a few times and then we'll go to the show but it was just too rush So we went back to the room and I didn't know it was a good tip that you could watch the shows from your stateroom. So that's what we did. We just put it on there and we watched it as we packed and and it was yeah my husband said the same thing is like I'm glad we didn't rush back for for that one. But. 34:25.66 Sam Yeah, that's definitely a good call. Oh yeah I forget that is a great other tip though I mean they play them I think they're only like maybe a 5 minute delay during the first and the second showing but then they play them 2 more times in the evening even after that it's not this. It's no longer live. 34:27.26 Courtney That that. 34:40.15 Courtney This is. 34:45.29 Sam Um, but you can watch them on that stateroom Tv and that is actually how Brian and Nathan have watched several of the shows I will always go to the show live but Brian will often be putting Nathan to bed and and if he you know decides to watch the show then then that's what's on but otherwise it's something like. 34:50.71 Courtney Who. 35:03.77 Sam I don't know rat tattooy or big hero 6 in the stateroom. 35:04.36 Courtney Oh. 35:09.40 dclduo We do next him. 35:11.38 Sam Where do you want to go next you were asking me I was asking you all right? So um, let's talk about character experiences. Are you guys? Big character people. I mean you go to the parks a lot and um. I don't know but sometimes park people like to take pictures of the characters and sometimes park people are like I've seen Mickey a million times I don't need another picture with him which which class. Do you guys fill ah fit into. 35:29.80 Courtney So. But we are character fans but we won't wait in like a crazy line for them because you know we'll see them next time. But what I was impressed with with Disney Cruise was just how many characters there were and how they were everywhere like we would just be walking. You know to dinner and. 35:39.16 Sam Yeah. 35:50.92 Courtney Donald would walk right past us and you know stop and say hi to the kids um our day when we're coming back from castaway just before we got on the boat stitch and Captain hook and Smee were there and there was no lines and they just interacted with the kids so that was so nice to see and the girls just love that there were different characters that we don't usually see in the parks. Often and they were really easily accessible. So. 36:10.85 Sam Um, awesome. Well speaking of Castaway we would be remiss if we didn't talk ports a little bit right? I mean we've got to talk castaway and then we also got to talk. Cosmel um, because this was your second time in cosmal having not been there in in quite a few years so we have to start with castaway because that's the order you went in I actually love the idea of going to castaway as your first port because I feel like it's just it's gonna be the best port. Why not do it first right um. 36:32.54 Courtney Um. 36:41.87 Sam So yeah, tell us what you thought of Castaway did it live up to the hype did it not live up to the hype and did you choose to do any port excursions at castaway. 36:52.50 Courtney It totally lived up to the hype. It was exactly what I pictured Disney making for a private island in the caribbean it was beautiful. It was pristine. Um, like there were tons of chairs which I really appreciated. You know it wasn't like a mad dash to find something. Was hammocks everywhere. Lots of characters. Um I did the 5 the castaway key five k in the morning. So my husband and the rest of my family took the kids and they did like the a little kind of ah the the thing in the water with the ropes and the. 37:27.80 Sam Oh yeah, the like obstacle course that's near pell. There's like yeah, there's pelican plunge which is the water slides. But then there's the obstacle course thing that's like really close by to it I don't know if it has a different name. Yeah. 37:29.14 Courtney I don't know how to describe it. Yeah, the opposite? Yeah, right? exactly? Yeah, so my husband took the kids on the obstacle course while I did the castaway key five k we met up after and then we went and have lunch. At cookies which I thought was just okay. My husband really enjoyed it and the kids liked it so it was fine and then after that we went um and did snorkeling and I had kind of pre-booked everything and that was kind of my Disney Parks mentality was. Pre-book things so that you don't have to wait in a big line to read things when you get there but looking back I wish you know I shouldn't have pre I booked a package with snorrkling and bikes and um floaties. Yeah, exactly and looking back I wouldn't have bothered because we didn't use the bikes at all. Um. 38:12.47 Sam And the tubes. Yeah. 38:21.64 Courtney My daughter my youngest daughter and I well we all got in snoeling but it was too hard for my youngest daughter. She didn't enjoy it so her and I got out after 2 minutes and went on the tubes and then my husband and my other daughter snnorkel but they never got on the tube. So in the end I would have just booked what I wanted. The lines were never along I cast away to book what you wanted. So I think you know that fear. 38:38.20 Sam Um. 38:41.29 Courtney Really shouldn't have had it my husband and my 2 daughters did do the stingray excursion. They really enjoyed that feeding the feeding the stingrays that was something different. Um, but yeah than that we did pelican plunge. The lime was really long for that so we did it 1 time. But yeah, we just enjoyed Castaway and. 38:45.31 Sam Oh yeah. 38:59.57 Courtney Beautiful beach and it was a lovely perfect day. 39:02.96 Sam Awesome! Yeah, you really don't need to prebook the the snorkeling the tubes or the bikes you do need to prebook things like um, parasaling and some of the boating activities because those do have like a limited number but they're really. 39:12.31 Courtney Who. 39:19.37 Sam I'm sure they have a limited number of bikes and a limited number of tubes and snorkels but nobody does that for the whole day. Yeah, but so there's always enough. Yeah, there's always enough for for whoever wants to do it and you're right. There is no wine except maybe at the very beginning of the day if you go to those one of those. 39:20.21 Courtney Yeah, exactly there was lots. Yeah yeah. 39:35.47 Courtney Um. 39:37.95 Sam Huts like right at the beginning of the day you might hit a little bit of a crowd. But yeah, other than that I would say it's just pretty easy to do everything you want to get done it cast away except if there's wind and then Para sailing and boating and all that gets canceled which is like all the time. Ah, and I have to agree with you I think the food at cookies. 39:52.82 Courtney Um, so. 39:57.64 Sam Is okay, it's nothing to write home about yeah did did you send yourselves a postcard. Ah you got back at them. Ah, ah. 39:59.36 Courtney Um, it was fine. Yeah I did someone to my parents. Yes, yeah, you guys would love it here. We're having so much fun. Yeah, we sent it. We sent the postcard to my parents. 40:14.52 Sam I Wish you were here Mom and dad I Love it. Revenge is best serve gold. Ah I love it. That's awesome. All right? So um, you. 40:14.82 dclduo Ah. 40:16.00 Courtney Wish you are here? Yeah yeah, yeah. 40:27.76 dclduo That's amazing. Yeah. 40:30.51 Sam Your second port was Kasimel Tell us did you decide to do any port excursions or get off and did you get off the boat. What did you guys decide to do. 40:39.69 Courtney Um, we did not do any port excursions. Um, a lot of the things I knew my daughter would be and or my oldest would be interested in that had the 8 and up age requirement. My youngest daughter was 7 so I knew that that just wouldn't work so we decided to kind of use it as an extra. 40:49.72 Sam Um. 40:55.52 Courtney Sea day at port I guess so we got off and just kind of walked around a little bit. Um I had an order from my mom and my aunts and my cousins they all want a vanilla so we went and found some vanilla and brought it back for them. But other than that we just were around the boat back on the boat by noon and we just enjoyed a quiet ship. For the rest of the day and that was really lovely. Actually we had a great lunch. The kids went to the kids club like I was surprised that all those things were still open that you know cabanas was still open. The kids club was still running. So yeah, we had a great day. 41:21.62 Sam Um. 41:24.99 Sam Awesome! Yeah, they they tend to sorry, go ahead. 41:26.30 dclduo Did your did your kids sorry did your kids experience the kids club on the island at all Courtney. Okay. 41:32.38 Courtney They did not no, we were just too busy to to fit that in and it was funny because they they loved the kids club on the boat like every afternoon they wanted to go and they spent hours there but the kids club on the Island They just when I kind of brought it up theyreling there now. They just they were I think it. 41:46.77 dclduo Yeah. 41:51.12 Courtney Scared them a little bit to be left alone on the island where on the boat. It didn't because they knew how close we were. So yeah, they just they weren't really interested in that kids club I'm sure it would have been just as wonderful as the ones on the boat. Yeah. 41:54.41 dclduo Um. 42:00.91 dclduo Yeah, it's it's just a good tip for it's a good tip for folks that there is a kids club on the island. Um, so if you want to get a massage on the island or you want to head over to serenna ebay for a couple of hours there is a kids club like they have on the boat. It's staffed with the same staff. 42:01.10 Sam Yeah, it's it. 42:17.52 dclduo Ah, same check in checkout process and they do some you know, fun organized activities and have some fun things in the Island exclusive for the kids club. 42:22.92 Courtney Who. 42:23.70 Sam Yeah, they do like water fights. Yeah, they do like water fights and sandcastles and things like that. It's not um, it's not on the water. It is like more on the island but it's in a sandy you know spot. So they can play with water and play with sand. But obviously there's no swimming and stuff. So I I think it is a little bit less desirable than like the kids club on the boat because they don't have all the cool technology and things like that that they have on the ship and you know but they do some organized games and and things like that Nathan has done it only I think one time. And it was because we actually had apollo brunch on a castaway key day. Um, it was the only pollo brunch we were able to get on a particular cruise I can't even remember what itinerary it was. But yeah we had it was a shorter cruise. Oh that's right. 43:08.35 dclduo Oh it was one of the it was one of those early itineraries where the ship was just going to to cast away and that's it when they restarted and the reason we had to do it on the Island is they didn't have enough staffing to the kids club isn't open on the ship when in the morning and so. 43:14.60 Courtney And. 43:23.80 Sam In the morning. 43:28.34 dclduo They were doing Palo brunch but we had to put Nathan in the kids club on the island. Yeah yeah. 43:31.20 Sam Yeah, so I think that's the only time he's actually been in the kids club on the island but it's cool that scuttles cove for yeah well, um, okay see go ahead. No no go ahead. 43:32.39 Courtney Yeah, yeah, it looked Ne yeah it looked nice. 43:40.93 dclduo Yeah, well what about um, go ahead Sam gonna go Nope go. 43:47.82 Sam No no I've lost I forgot what I was going to ask? Yeah, we haven't talked about shows. We haven't talked about like the pirate deck party either. 43:48.39 Courtney Um. 43:49.47 dclduo We haven't talked about shows right. 43:51.64 Courtney Is. 43:57.65 dclduo Well actually me so back. Do we talk about um Cosmo but we did oh ok, all right? Ok, well let me let me well let me ask about Cosmo for one second and just asked it. Um. 43:59.39 Sam Yes, they just got off to get vanilla. Yes, remember Yay They didn't do much. 44:01.81 Courtney Yeah, yeah, we didn't do much? Yeah, yeah. 44:11.21 dclduo Did you look at short excursions and cosmologist aside not for us. We'd rather stay on the ship or did you oh she did? Okay, no no no no no no no no okay let's shift to shows. Let's shift to shows dash your shows Sam so do shows. 44:13.77 Sam She she already answered that Brian yes, no no, no that no no, don't don't don't okay. 44:16.98 Courtney Okay, that's okay I can answer again I don't mind how good. Okay. 44:27.22 Sam Ok, so Courtney we know you missed believe because you guys decided to hang out on the pool deck that last night but did you see Disney's beauty and the beast on board. The amazing Disney dream and I believe Golden Mickey's is probably the other show you all had. 44:36.70 Courtney I. 44:44.96 Courtney Um, yeah, yeah. 44:45.11 Sam You know I never ask about the ventriloquist or the magicians. But those are often good to but I you know, but the thing that I love the most are the of course the musicals. Yeah, did you did you know they're awesome. Yeah. 44:54.81 dclduo And no offense and no offense to both the ventriloquist who's been on our show and the Magician who's coming on our show. Yeah. 45:02.50 Courtney Um, so. 45:03.93 Sam No yeah, we they're awesome. These performers are fantastic, but ah, but for me my first love of you know on the stage is a musical. That's what I you know? Yeah sorry you're you're right Brian but yeah, what did you think of the shows. 45:17.14 Courtney Yeah, beauty the beast just blew me away. Um, at first sight when I had heard it was be the beast on the dream I was like because you know we see it in the parks when we go to Hollywood Studios and you know I've seen it a different renditions of it kind of different ways a million times. 45:26.21 Sam Me. 45:32.76 Courtney That's kind of like oh might be neat to see a different show but it was amazing how they did what they did in. You know an hour and a half or however long it was was just incredible. The music was phenomenal. The cast members were so talented. The special effects were. Really neat. My youngest loves to try and figure out how they do things she was just like analyzing how are they doing that. How is that door going here. So they loved it as well. Um, the golden mickeys was really good too was a great way to kick off kick off the cruise. We really enjoyed that one and then yeah we didn't get to see believe but it was top notch. 46:06.98 Sam Awesome! Well, you know when we talk about stage shows. We got to talk about deck shows also because we've got you know the sail away party typically and the pirate deck party and then of course the magical fireworks at sea on Disney Cruise line that you can't get on any other cruise line. 46:07.51 Courtney Entertainment for sure. 46:26.43 Sam Um I should be selling tozzing cruises at this point. Ah, but fair enough. Oh that's a great question. 46:26.58 Courtney Pass. 46:29.37 dclduo You kind of? are you kind of are but wait I want to ask Courtney did you participate in pirate night. Did you? yeah. 46:38.27 Courtney Oh for sure. Yeah, we we had made shirts before my mother in law had made these really cool headpieces for all of us. So yeah, we got really into it and it was It was a blast. Yeah. 46:46.20 Sam Oh fun. Oh awesome. Yeah, did you did you guys enjoy the the deck party and did you partake in any of the other pirate entertainment like pirate trivia or any of the various pirate themed. 46:49.88 dclduo Nice, nice. 47:05.60 Sam Games that they do. 47:07.70 Courtney We didn't do any of the pirate games. We did go to the deck party that was really cool and the fireworks of course were just awesome to think that we were in the middle of the ocean watching fireworks was really impressive and and we all loved it. Um, one thing I didn't realize when we went to the sail away party. Went down the deck and I was like oh nobody's on the Deck. What a great spot we have but I didn't realize the best spots actually from above so you can see what's happening on the Deck. So when we learned our lesson for the pirate Party. We kind of went above so we could see the show a little bit better. But yeah, that was really great. 47:37.19 Sam So. 47:42.73 Courtney Um, the salaway party when we did it was right after the muster drill which um, we we were kind of at the tail end so that was kind of a mad crush of people to try and get up the elevators to the top deck for the deck floor. So. 47:52.86 Sam But. 47:59.90 Courtney I don't know if there would be a better way to do that next time but we kind of were the last people to get up there and yeah I was a it was I wish I wish it was the muster drill was still how it was when I had read about it when we first booked that you know you just go check in and watch a video this was kind of hot and long and but. 48:14.70 Sam Yep. Yeah, and really depending upon what part of the ship. Your muster station is you you could end up as you said, kind of far away and it takes you a while to get to the deck party it I think now that they've brought the live muster drill back I think everyone's kind of in the same boat. 48:18.00 Courtney With. 48:25.90 Courtney Oh. 48:34.90 Courtney System. 48:34.94 dclduo Yeah. 48:36.32 Sam For lack of a better term. Um, but there are people who just their muster station is just closer right? If your muster station is just a little bit closer. It can make the difference in getting a good spot. So I'm not sure. There's a better way to do it than what you did just just kind of mad rush up there if you really want to see the sale away party. 48:41.87 Courtney M. 48:54.95 Sam Um, it is fun I think it's just a fun way to start like with that Disney you know? yeah. 48:59.66 Courtney Oh totally just when they played the horn. It was like oh my goodness I had waited so long to hear that horn and it was it was amazing. Yeah, and then we went down to our verandda and watched like as we actually sailed away and that was really neat on the port of Miami because there was people lined up all like. 49:05.71 Sam Oh. 49:14.17 Sam Um. 49:19.10 Courtney Pretty much the whole way of the port and they were waving and cheering and so that was really fun to to kick off vacation. Yes. 49:23.59 Sam Oh I love that? I love that okay so I feel like this is the point where we've got to talk about the food right? Brian I mean that we all think oh sure. 49:24.32 dclduo Nice, nice. 49:32.16 dclduo Well, yeah, etc I do want to pause and give one tip on the pirate deck party really fast I think Courtney um, you made a good point which is if you're new to sailing Disney Cruise line you may want to stand or may have the inclination to stand right in the thick of it on that. Deck what is that cm deck 10 deck nine depends on which ship you're on I suppose but but the the deck that is recessed down a deck. Yeah. 49:49.86 Sam Yeah, it's either 9 or 11 Yeah, it's 9 or eleven depending it's 11 if you're on the dream. It's 9 The dream of the fantasy. It's 9 if you're on the wonder or the magic. 49:50.74 Courtney Is new. 50:03.71 dclduo Yeah. 50:05.58 Sam I guess Nine ten and Eleven or eleven twelve and thirteen on the wish as well just because it's tiered on the wish. Yeah. 50:12.70 dclduo And if any of you just kept up with all of that I applaud you. But yeah, um, that point being there's this the point being there's a stage where they do the show with underneath funnel vision and a lot of folks like will stand down there. 50:17.40 Sam Ah, 11 or 12 you actually want to be an 11 or 12 50:27.57 dclduo That works great on like frozen night at sea when there is no fireworks or some of the other shows that they do on that stage dance parties where there aren't going to be fireworks afterwards but the better option when the fireworks are on is that you want to be up a deck kind of on the railing so you can look down and see all the show and what's happening and you want to be on the. Starboard side of the ship I believe it is Sam facing funnel vision right? Hand side Starboard side. 50:48.15 Sam Yeah I mean you either Honestly, you're you're fine from Port or Starboard we like to go on the starboard side but you're fine from either side. 50:56.98 dclduo You're you're better yet. Well you're better on Starboard because some of the superstructure for the water slides will will block out your view of the fireworks you want to be able to kind of walk over to the outside edge of the deck to watch the fireworks off over the ocean. So um, so. 51:01.23 Sam True. 51:11.50 dclduo Our recommendation is always 1 deck above the main stage starboard side. Um, and if you really want the best view of the fireworks. You'll eventually want to migrate to the outside of the ship to ah to see them that is doubly true on the wish because the superstructure for the aqua mouse is I think much bigger than anything that they had for. The aque duck but that's the tip there so food same you're going have all kinds of tips about food Bill. Let's hear Courtney's experience with rotational dining to start and we'll save Paulo brunch for the end. So Courtney what did you in the. 51:31.22 Sam Yeah, yeah, we got to talk. 51:42.57 Sam Yeah, we have to talk a little kabanas too I mean you you did mention Kaananas for lunch on that first day and that the kids really liked it but kind of want to get some of your overall impressions at Kaandas as well. Yeah. 51:52.46 Courtney Yeah, we really enjoyed cabanas I thought there was a wide variety of food. Lots of different types. Lots of fresh fruit with 2 which was really nice. Yeah, we we went to cabbanas most days for lunch and breakfast as well. We did go to one of the sitdown restaurants for breakfast. The first. Think it was the first morning there but it just was kind of lengthy and the kids were getting antsy so from there on we said, we'll just do cabanas for breakfast every morning and that worked out really well. So yeah, we really enjoyed cabbanas and we loved all the rotational dining I loved having the same server every evening and I loved. 52:26.51 Sam But. 52:29.70 Courtney Getting to go to different places like I know on the carnival if I'm remembering correctly, we did that the same server but it was kind of always in the same room like the same restaurant I don't think we rotated so it was just it felt like every night we were on a different. Well we were at a different restaurant but it just the theming was different. The food was different. And it was always kind of exciting to see where we were going to go next for the next night so I thought the food was great. We enjoyed all our meals. Um, especially my sister-in law with her. They were excellent with her food um allergies and. They would have her pre order her meal for the next night and they would show the menu so that it was already ready when she got down like when she sat down she already knew what was coming. They took a really great care care with that. So yeah, we loved it. 53:12.30 Sam Awesome and the kids did they enjoy the food. So. 53:15.84 Courtney Um, they did and I loved how they brought their food out right away so you know even while we're eating our advertisers. They had their main course and they were ready to eat so they were never waiting long and just the you know the little games they played with them the magic tricks they know the full the origami they just. 53:19.71 dclduo Yeah. 53:34.64 Courtney They they really went above and beyond to keep them entertained I could not believe how hard the cast members worked. It was really incredible and to think they do this day in day out sailing after sailing and they keep that energy up was. Was really impressive and it made a memorable impact on our vacation for sure. 53:52.70 dclduo Did did they stick to ordering off the kids menu or did they order off the adult menu. 53:53.72 Sam That's awesome. Yeah. 53:58.89 Courtney Knows pretty much mac and cheese every night I had to I had to finally convince them like let's do Mac and cheese as a side and pick something else as well to go with it because they just the something about Disney Mac and cheese that they just love. 54:06.15 Sam Right? Oh my god same Nathan I tried to get him to order like a steak one night and now. 54:10.52 dclduo Yeah. 54:15.39 Courtney Yeah, exactly yeah I know I don't know but they love it. Yeah. 54:18.43 Sam All he wanted was Mickey's Mac and cheese I don't know what it is I don't know what they're putting in that Mac and cheese people. But. 54:25.49 dclduo Nice, Yeah, well it's it is a tip that we give that you're not confined to the kids menu even if you are a kid you can order off the adult menu and Sam always likes to remind focus and if you're an adult you can order off the kids menu. So yes, yeah yeah. 54:28.66 Courtney And. 54:36.28 Sam Yes, sometimes you just want a pizza for dinner. Yep. 54:37.15 Courtney Yes, yeah, yeah, yeah, we got mickey bars for dessert quite a bit and you know our server found it funny that I wanted a mickey bar and was a kids de deserve probably I Just um I Love Mickey bars. So yeah, they were so good. Yeah, and I and I love to that. 54:51.35 Sam They're the best study. 54:56.28 Courtney Could order you know if there was 2 or 3 appetizers I looked interesting I could get all 3 appetizers to try them out so they really you know they never limited you and if I said like oh that sounds really good. But what's the sidelight like oh we'll just bring you both and he can try them. So yeah. 55:11.85 dclduo Yeah I mean you can just set them in you down at the start and say bring me one of everything and they will do it. They will do it I Always tell people be careful What you say you like because it will make an appearance every night afterwards from there on in. Yeah yeah. 55:18.20 Courtney Um, yeah, yeah. 55:25.80 Courtney Yeah. 55:29.67 dclduo What did you think of the show in Animator's palette. 55:33.47 Courtney We loved it. My we go to ah Disney world. We'll go to turtle talk quite a bit and crush has talked to my oldest daughter I think like 2 or 3 times and every year my youngest daughter's hand is like higher and higher like pick me and crush never picks her. 55:45.20 Sam So. 55:48.72 Courtney So um, when we went to Animator's palette her. My husband had shirts like my husband said dude and her said little dodette and they had like the crush and the squirt on them. So right away Crush came over and talked to the both of them and she was just like beside herself that crush was talking with her and interacting with her. So. 56:05.10 Sam Ah. 56:06.59 Courtney That was a really great experience. We love that restaurant that was probably our favorite. Everyone's favorite of the whole the whole trip. 56:13.42 Sam Oh and you did the whole like dude Sweet awesome. Um, totally Ja cha. 56:13.46 dclduo We need to make shirt Sam Cha Chaw yeah I was just say we need to get those shirts made you know, dude and awesome and chaw. And yeah there you go there, you go? um. 56:15.74 Courtney Yeah, yeah, exactly? Yeah yeah, ah yeah. 56:24.81 Courtney Yeah, yeah. 56:30.80 Sam That's a good idea. Brian. 56:30.34 dclduo Well let's talk about palo brunch for as long as you'd like to talk about pao brunch because it's one of our favorite things on board Disney Cruise line but but what did you think about the palo brunch experience and do you think you? you'd go back and do you think you'd tried dinner. So yeah, how was Paulo. 56:35.29 Courtney Oh. 56:44.19 Sam Yeah, did it live up to the hype I Think that's the really the bigger question. 56:46.90 Courtney Oh totally, it was absolutely every bite was delicious and and it was the same thing you could order as much as you want it and so I just kept ordering more food and more food and they kept bringing it and by the end I have never been. 56:55.14 Sam Yay. 57:04.45 Courtney So stuffed in my life like my daughter found it hilarious that I had I ate 8 foods at 1 time as she called it when I told her everything that I had eaten because everything was so good and I just couldn't pick. So yeah, they just kept bringing out more food and it was it was delicious I thought it was incredible value for I think it was $45 for all you. 57:09.33 Sam But. 57:23.91 Courtney Could eat basically and very high quality food. We just enjoyed every bite of it and it was nice to have um, a meal just my husband and I and it was beautiful setting. You could see the water and it was a great. It was our last sea day so it was just a great way to kind of wrap up the crews and and reflect on all the good times we had. 57:41.98 dclduo Yeah. 57:43.14 Courtney I was wonderful I would definitely definitely do the Palo brunch again. We hadn't booked dinner because I just knew I wanted to do what we had never done any of the rotational dining so I wanted to experience those where with the brunch I was like oh I'm just missing a caanda's lunch so it didn't seem as big of a deal to miss that as it did one of the rotational dinners. 57:53.22 Sam Um. 57:56.76 dclduo Yeah. 58:02.15 Courtney Um, but just knowing how good the food is I could see myself doing palo dinner next time for sure because yeah, it was delicious. 58:06.74 dclduo Yeah, yeah, the I mean the only way that we recommend first timers do adult dining like Palo dinner or remy dinner is if you're on seven night Cruise you can you can take a night to do one of those because you'll hit each of the restaurants twice and. 58:07.15 Sam Yeah. 58:18.31 Courtney Oh. 58:25.30 dclduo And the dream in the fantasy. You're not missing a ton at that point because there's no Tiana's place or repunss ah so you know you don't have 2 shows to contend with ah but yeah, yeah, it's um, adult dining our I guess our tip for adult dining for for ourselves is. 58:32.36 Sam Right. 58:45.10 dclduo We do dinner on pirate night because we're not fans of pirate night. But if you're fans of pirate night then you know head to the head to the restaurant would what did you think of the pirate night menu in rotational dining. Yeah. 58:45.92 Courtney Oh. 58:52.64 Courtney We really enjoyed it. Yeah I think I had the jerk chicken and yeah, everyone enjoyed their meal pirate. It was fun. Yeah yeah. 59:01.10 dclduo That's good to hear that's good to hear Sam what else you want to ask about. 59:06.59 Sam I Can't think of any other topics. What have we missed before we go to Rapid fire. Of course. 59:12.47 Courtney And. 59:12.50 dclduo Yeah, on Armboard activities food shows I mean I've got a couple questions I can ask to anything else. You want to ask about. 59:22.27 Sam I Can't think of any other topics I've got my I was going to pull out my phone for my rapid fire. 59:30.12 dclduo Well Courtney let me ask you a couple questions as we wind down here before I subject you to Sam's torture known as rapid fire. Um, what's a favorite memory from the cruise or favorite experience from the cruise. 59:42.90 Courtney Oh I think just before we boarded and we all had our best day ever. Disney Cruise shirts on that we had made and all 7 of us were together. We just took a picture right before we entered it was just like you could feel the excitement in the air and it was a new experience for all of us know Disney world. We love it. We. 59:47.66 Sam O. 01:00:01.75 Courtney But it's something that we do every year and so we have our favorites that we love to go back to but this I just knew was going to be a really awesome experience for all of us to share for the first time and it was just knowing that all these memories fly ahead. So yeah, just that initial right before we boarded. Getting on the boat and then of course when they announce your name and you get on and Captain Mickey's there and the horn goes. It was just it was as amazing of a first day as I could have imagined. 01:00:22.40 Sam No, that's awesome. Oh we forgot to ask you did you if you hit up the spot at all while you were on board. 01:00:29.21 dclduo I'm sure. 01:00:34.92 Courtney Um I did not so before um when I was looking at you know what did we want to do I really wanted to do Palo brunch and I really thought I wanted to do the rainforest room because that just looks like heaven to me. Um I love like spa stuff but I don't really like like people touching me part of it I like the relaxation part of it. 01:00:50.67 dclduo Yeah. 01:00:52.86 Courtney So the rainforest room just looked like the perfect. Yeah, so the rainforest room just looked perfect. It was like the relaxation part of a spa. Um, but then I never actually I was going to do the length of the cruise and then I was going to do a day pass I Just never got to it. 01:00:54.45 Sam So you're Brian basically is what you're saying. Ah. 01:01:09.82 Courtney But what I didn't realize was how amazing the adult only areas were like that is exactly that's all I needed from the rainforest room experience was you know the satellite falls and the adult only pool and the little mister like that was just amazing. It was never crowded. So my husband and I spent like. 01:01:11.70 dclduo 3 01:01:25.85 Courtney 2 or 3 hours there every afternoon while the kids were in the kids club. We'd go to the adult only areas. Um it was a lot bigger than I expected I kind of thought the addle lonely area would just be like you know one pool one hot tub that was it but it was um, it wasnt a substantial part of the ship and it had so many different features of it that it kind of felt like That's what I wanted from the rainforest room anyway. So I didn't end up doing it and I didn't regret it because we love the adult only spaces. 01:01:53.41 dclduo Yeah, those adult only spaces on the dream and the fantasy are great. Um I think the magic and the wonder they might be slightly better I think those 2 ships are great for adults only. 01:02:01.16 Sam Well well the pool is the pool is better on the sort of main pool area on the magic and the wonder for the adults is better but I but they don't have the satellite falls area that the dream and the fantasy have so I feel like it's actually it's just a tradeoff of which you like better if you like that sort of. 01:02:16.55 Courtney But. 01:02:17.51 dclduo Yeah. 01:02:20.60 Sam I Feel like Satellite Falls is a great location I don't love the adult pool part that is down sort of below on the on the dream in the fantasy. Yes. 01:02:29.10 dclduo Um, yeah, it's sort of if you want to swim or not right because because the adult pool in the wonder and the magic you can actually swim in and you know it's pretty sizable whereas dream and fantasy the adult. 01:02:31.58 Courtney 6 01:02:43.80 dclduo Cool is almost like at an oversized hot tub except that the water is not warmed or you have lots of like waitinging options I feel like on the dream in the fantasy or cool your feet off or swim up to the bar which is also the 1 place where the wonder and the magic lose out because you can't have a drink in the pool whereas in the fantasy and the dream. 01:02:50.77 Sam Um, yeah. 01:02:59.40 Sam Yes. 01:03:02.23 Courtney Um, yeah, and the drink of the day was awesome too. We did that pretty much every um, every day we would get the drink of the day. My husband and I and just sit in the pool and drink and relax and it was I thought great value as well. So we kind of stuck to that. 01:03:02.54 dclduo They have a swim at bar. Um. 01:03:15.10 Sam Yeah, it sounds like he is a Disney Cruise cruise link yeah 01:03:16.26 dclduo Sam actually Sam Sam I need you to pause. Yeah, it says you're not connected. It says you have a connection issue. 01:03:26.10 Sam I'm showing. 01:03:30.33 dclduo Okay, we'll wait. 01:03:35.85 dclduo Sorry sometimes it. 01:03:36.61 Courtney I Don't no worries. 01:03:41.10 dclduo Here. Go all right now. Now you're showing green for me Sam um, where we time have delll pools. Oh I did want to give a tip around the rainforest room which is um, we almost always advise against or sam yells at me gettinging the. 01:03:41.83 Courtney Where. 01:03:47.00 Sam Okay. 01:03:58.97 Courtney Who. 01:03:59.80 dclduo Length of Cruise Rainforest room pass because you can almost never use it every day although I will say Disney seems to be making it harder and harder to get the day passes for the rainforest room so you used to be able to buy them in advance at a discount as an onboard amenity. 01:04:14.62 Sam Um. 01:04:16.18 dclduo Now you have to show up to the spa the day of and it's subject to availability as against the number of length of cruise passes that they've sold a new wrinkle has been introduced which is they have started or I discovered yesterday that they are selling length of cruise rainforest room passes in advance. At least for the wish so you could go on as an not an onboard amenity but as a spa treatment and pre-book a length of cruise rainforest room pass on the wish now asterisks there because. I posted that out and some people have said that it's not available on their sailings that they're not seeing that option. So. It's not clear if Disney is only doing it on the wish because I haven't been able to confirm that they're so preselling them on any of the other ships but also for some people on the wish it's not showing up and I don't know if that's because Disney is maybe testing it or. 01:04:53.51 Courtney Oh. 01:05:09.20 dclduo I notice some spa treatments that were available to book on the wish had a like a little date underneath that said, this will be available in March which is about thirty days out from our sailing so I don't know if they're starting to sort of tear out some of the experiences in the spa and when you can book them. I would really hate if that's the case because I don't need more complication in my life around disney cru mean I just want it to be simple. Um, which Courtney I believe you said you appreciated that it was kind of a simple experience but just a note and a tip around you can maybe pre-bu these passes now on the wish. 01:05:25.40 Sam Um. 01:05:28.38 Courtney Who. 01:05:32.56 Sam Um, yes. 01:05:35.61 Courtney So. 01:05:43.64 dclduo Maybe that's coming to another ship near you soon. Just really think through whether you need the length of Cruise pass or not. But if you don't buy the length of Cruise pass. Just no, you may get shut out of the rainforest room if they've oversold it for some reason so anyway there used to be like hard tips here and now there are like lots of caveats around them as they. 01:05:57.75 Sam Yeah. 01:05:59.21 Courtney Business. 01:06:02.72 dclduo Explore other options. 01:06:05.29 Sam So I have one last question for you Courtney before we get to rapid fire I don't know if Brian has any final questions but my question is is your husband a Disney Cruise line convert now has he seen the light. 01:06:15.31 Courtney I would say the highest. Yeah when we drop the kids off at the kids club for that first time then we're like oh now what? like now we can go have some that was kind of a light bulb moment I think for both of us like this is a different and then what we're used to someone else is taking care of our kids. So I think yeah, he would definitely he said he would be open to doing another one and that is pretty much the highest praise that that he could give disney curs line because he was very reluctant to go before him. But yeah, he said he would be open to another one if the stars aligned at some point again in the future. So you know. I'm looking in the background to see if I can find those that shooting star somewhere to go again. Sometimes we did not no, we didn't get one because we're going to Disney World we had we got off the ship in January and we're going in March to Disney World so it just seemed like a lot of. 01:06:55.15 dclduo That did you but did you buy the placeholder did you get a placeholder on board. Ah. 01:07:10.33 Courtney Disney vacation at 1 time to have to have on the coast. Ah anyway, well we said we'll see we come back from Disney World what our next vacation will be but. 01:07:11.50 dclduo Yeah. 01:07:19.86 dclduo Well, we always highly recommend grabbing the placeholder because of the the discount and it's good for 2 years and if you don't use it. They just refund it to you. So um, we we generally recommend it if you think you might go back. It'll save you a little bit of money. But yeah, yeah, well Sam. 01:07:20.52 Sam Awesome. 01:07:35.35 dclduo Think we have reached that point in our show where I need to hand Courtney over to you for some arbitrary questions some arbitrary rules a dash of judgment or the round we know as rapid fire so sam take it away. 01:07:41.82 Sam So. 01:07:47.83 Sam Why thank you so Courtney I will be I will be kind because you are from our lovely neighbor to the north and and and literally just to the north of us here in Washington state so you know I know you are on the East Coast not west coast we got 01:07:51.99 Courtney So. 01:07:56.20 dclduo You. 01:07:58.44 Courtney Yeah. 01:08:03.90 Courtney That. 01:08:05.57 dclduo So let me get this straight. Let me get this straight same you're gonna be kind to Courtney who lives north of us. But Josh who lives 45 minutes north of us. You're just going to beat him down. Ok all right? ah. 01:08:05.79 Sam British Columbia right here north of us. But I love our canadian friends. 01:08:15.14 Sam Yeah, yeah, because yeah I beat him down. Absolutely he can handle it come on. He's a washingtonian you know? Yeah I mean like we had to deal with Trump here in this country they got Justin Trudeau I mean come on like ah. 01:08:29.77 Courtney Ah, because that. 01:08:33.22 Sam All right and Brian Braley cut that out of the show. But ah. 01:08:33.49 dclduo We avoid politics on this program. Yeah, we appreciate it. 01:08:34.46 Courtney Ah, say yeah, we got the better end of the stick. But yeah, we felt for you guys for a few years. Yeah, yeah. 01:08:40.80 Sam Um, yeah, all right court all right Courtney well you know the drill of rapid fire I'm going to ask you some of your Disney favorites and then of course Disney Cruise line favorites. So. You've got to limit your answers for the cruise line to stuff on the dream because I want it to be from personal experience. Not you know, somebody else's experience that you might have seen on Youtube. Okay, so let's start with your favorite Disney or pixar character. Oh I love her. 01:08:57.30 Courtney Okay, okay, okay. 01:09:08.00 Courtney Um, we punz tangled Really yeah, good. The Ro okay. 01:09:12.90 Sam All right favorite Disney movie. Oh I love it? Yeah yeah, you do you have to go on the magic. Yeah Brian's right I was gonna yeah, repunsel's royal table is 1 of the dining rooms and tangled is one of this. 01:09:13.49 dclduo Okay, okay, so now you got to go on the magic just tell your husband your book and a cruise on the magic. Yeah. 01:09:23.22 Courtney But that might be our next one then I love reponsil. Oh yeah, we need to go? Yeah, oh cool. Yeah. 01:09:31.33 dclduo And potentially a snuggly duckling bar coming soon. We don't know maybe maybe yeah yeah. 01:09:31.36 Sam Yeah, Enangles One of the stage shows too. So it's like it's a double whammy. Yeah, yeah, it's it's we don't know we not? um, but there are some cool repunsel touches on the wish as well. So yeah, but I think you got to go on the magic because you're gonna you know. 01:09:43.20 Courtney Okay, yeah, that might be my next one I think that's when my parents did many years ago when they left us alone was the magic. Yeah, that makes sense. Yeah. 01:09:51.24 Sam Yeah, yeah, well that was the first ship so that if they you have they did it back in the day. Yeah, all right? Your favorite Disney song. 01:10:00.16 Courtney Um, I'm going to say trash in the camp from Tarzan I love that one. Yeah is it a first. Yeah, it's fun with. 01:10:08.33 Sam Oh my goodness I Love that song I haven't heard that in really long time. Yeah, all right? your favorite space. Well actually let me give you a different one. Your favorite bar space. 01:10:09.25 dclduo That's a first That's a first. Yeah I like it. 01:10:26.69 Sam On the Disney dream. 01:10:26.72 Courtney Um, um, the one with the the champagne but but we feel like you're in inside of Champagne bottle I Forget what it's called Pink is it pink Yeah pink. That's it Yeah Pink I was really neat. Yeah. 01:10:30.14 dclduo Oh is that Ola La or pink Pink pink. 01:10:34.66 Sam Oh pink? Yes yes, pink that one is it's pink. It's Ula law the fantasy. It's pink on the dream. Yeah I I love that space. It's so pretty. Um, okay, favorite space on the ship. 01:10:49.80 Courtney The adult only satellite falls reading my book inside while the waters going over top that was just yeah, amazing. 01:10:51.13 Sam Other than Pink. Oh yes, Oh awesome. Okay, favorite onboard activity. This could be a family activity. This could be an adult activity. Whatever. 01:11:08.38 Courtney Um, I would say the aqueducc we had so much fun just doing that. Especially the last night doing over and over again at nighttime it was even cooler than in daytime because you know you didn't really know where you were on the ship and the lights were going and yeah nighttime aqueduct for sure. 01:11:24.23 Sam Awesome! All right favorite show and I'm going to give you you can you can choose between stage shows but also deck parties you can choose any in any of that realm obviously. 01:11:30.72 Courtney Okay, beauty and the beast hands down it was 10 times more impressive than I thought it was gonna be it was phenomenal. Yeah, thank yeah, but. 01:11:43.73 Sam Okay, you've you've just won Rapid fire congratulations. You don't even need to dance the rest of the questions I'm going to make you answer the rest of the questions anyway and but all right. Okay, what was your favorite sweet food item on board. 01:11:49.50 Courtney Okay, so. 01:12:01.76 Courtney It's always going to be a mickey bar and especially a room service. Mickey bar on your veranda in the middle of the ocean. There's that's the best spot for Mickey bar. 01:12:02.46 Sam The Disney Dream I knew you were going to say it. 01:12:11.99 Sam Awesome! All right? What was your favorite savory food on the Disney dream. 01:12:14.31 Courtney I love the persets at animator's palate. It was they were like little cheese truffle pasta things and they were delicious I could have eaten like 5 bowls of those for my meal was really good. 01:12:28.84 Sam Yes, and by the way you can order them as in like multiple ones as an entree they will do that for you. But yeah I hope Josh is listening to this show by the way because he doesn't like the persets. 01:12:32.82 Courtney Oh that's all I would do next time for sure they were so good. 01:12:39.22 dclduo Look Josh is busy with therapy after having appeared on this show multiple times. Yeah. 01:12:45.89 Courtney Just. 01:12:49.45 Sam Ah, ah you know I'm just going to put a check Mark in my column for truffle persets pro instead of the con column. Yeah. 01:12:52.41 Courtney Yeah, so good. So. 01:12:59.97 Sam Okay, well my last question of rapid fire is your bucket list. Cruise if you could sail anywhere in the world on a Disney Cruise line ship. Where are you going to go. 01:13:06.12 Courtney The Hawaii to Australia Cruise just sounds so phenomenal like I would love to go see that french polynesian area I think that would be an incredible cruise to be on and lots of sea days I realize I really like the sea days. 01:13:14.93 Sam Oh yes. 01:13:22.75 Courtney On this crew. So a lot of them all at once would just be lovely. Yes. 01:13:27.91 dclduo You should do the ah you should do a transatlantic crossing because you can you can you could fly to London and then come back and then your you know East Coast of Canada is not too far from New York there you go? Yeah yeah. 01:13:28.19 Sam Yes, agreed. Yeah. 01:13:29.39 Courtney Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, drop me off in Halifax. Yeah yeah. 01:13:39.54 Sam There you go. 01:13:40.57 dclduo We've been wanting to do one of those northern like the canadian cruises out of New York ah but they do them so sparsely. 01:13:43.12 Courtney So yeah, it comes right? to? yeah, it comes to my province and the province next to us. Yeah. 01:13:48.88 dclduo Nice, nice, nice. Well Courtney thank you for playing our game and I will declare you the winner. Even if Sam has reservations of some sort that she has not expressed I think. 01:13:53.80 Sam Ah, cool. 01:14:01.43 Courtney Ah, she was. 01:14:03.94 Sam No no. Ah she won I I'm I'm on boardrying she she won because she chose beauty and the beast as the best show on board. Um I didn't ask her favorite rotational dining because she had said it earlier in the show but it was animators and onboard the dream that is also the right answer. 01:14:17.41 Courtney Um, good I'm glad I won. Yeah. 01:14:19.58 Sam So you you know you? you just checked off lots of boxes. You know, yeah trouble per set I mean yeah Mickey bar like it's you know now if you had said like sticky date pudding I would have given you bonus point for that. But yeah. 01:14:20.82 dclduo Truffle Truffle per sets I mean you're already good in our book. Yeah yeah. 01:14:29.54 Courtney Um, that that was good too I did have that. 01:14:33.46 dclduo Ah, well thank you for playing our game and most of all Courtney. Thank you for coming on the show and sharing your family's wonderful. First time cruising on the dream. Ah, glad to hear that it met expectations hope you will be able to convince your husband to take ah another cruise at some point in the future and for now just thanks for sharing your experience with us. 01:14:52.30 Courtney Thank you guys both so much for having me and your podcast was super helpful for me as a first time cruiser I would listen to it you know while folding laundry on a Sunday dreaming about our trip. So I got lots of tips and tricks and I just love tearing other people's experiences on the cruise. So thank you both so much. 01:15:05.48 Sam Um. 01:15:08.60 dclduo Awesome. 01:15:11.30 Sam Oh thank you.

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