March 29, 2023


Ep. 301 - Bonus - The Path Unwinding: A National Geographic Safari in Tanzania

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Brian Sam
Ep. 301 - Bonus - The Path Unwinding: A National Geographic Safari in Tanzania
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Ep. 301 - Bonus - The Path Unwinding: A National Geographic Safari in Tanzania

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Karen, the owner of our show sponsor, My Path Unwinding Travel, join us this week to tell us all about her amazing National Geographic adventure expedition to Tanzania. We talk packing, logistics, accommodations, sights, activties, animals, and, of course food. Karen breaks down the difference between a National Geographic expedition and an Adventures by Disney trip, and helps us understand who might want to take a NatGeo expedition.  We're also playing listener voicemails - and talking about our inaugural podcast cruise in Summer 2024.  All that and more on this week's episode!!

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Episode Transcript

00:00.10 dclduo Welcome back everybody to this week's bonus episode of the DCL duo podcast brought to you by by path unwinding travel and Sam I feel like we're getting sciencey today I don't know why I feel like. 00:10.97 Sam Society. Oh yeah. 00:13.89 dclduo Remember those magazines that came when you were a kid like the physical magazine. This one had the yellow borders around it and it was always talking about fun stuff if you were kind of nerdy like I was ah I am Nat Nat Geo as it goes by now because it's hip. Ah, but. 00:21.80 Sam Yeah, you're talking National Geographic Geographic Magazine aren't you. 00:33.48 dclduo But our guest our fabulous show sponsor Karen is with us because she just got back from an amazing nat geo trip. So let's start by welcoming Karen to the show. Welcome Karen yeah. 00:43.50 Karen Hello Thanks for having me today. 00:45.66 Sam Yeah it's so great to chat with you I mean we got to see glimpses of your trip through the Facebook universe but I think what most people don't know is that that sounds terrible. Let me so again. We got to see glimpses of your trip through the Facebook universe but I think this is something we really need to talk about on the show because this is another product that is in I'm going to call it in the disney arsenal and that Disney Signature experiences very similar to adventures by Disney and these are national geographic. National geographic tours. So Karen can you tell us like what relationship Nat Geo has to I don't know it adventures by Disney or to the Disney Signature experiences 01:35.34 Karen Absolutely so national geographic expeditions has been a tour company for decades and decades and many folks might remember a few years back Disney The Disney Corporation as a whole made a huge purchase of twentieth century and what was part of that purchase included national geographic the magazine the cable channel and this tour company. 02:12.49 Sam Ah, so along with the simpsons. 02:12.61 Karen And so right? So when Disney got all those different brands and that Geo was part of the deal and so it's taken a little while and it's still a work in progress. But national geographic is you know, kind of joining the disney family. They are definitely keeping national geographic as its own brand its own identity. Ah although disney does have adventures by Disney which is an amazing guided vacation. Product. So there is some overlap between the 2 brands. But national geographic really goes further and goes deeper and is is a unique experience. So it's going to be really exciting to see I think more we're going to see more collaboration between Disney and Nat Geo I wouldn't be surprised in the future if we start seeing more about nat geo for instance at epcot or um, maybe even an animal kingdom who knows. 03:14.51 Sam And well that would be really cool. So before we dive into the show topic and tell people what really exciting experience. You had with Nat Geo expeditions why don't you give folks your background on Disney Cruising and and adventures by disney experiences because you've done you know quite a few cruises. You've done some abd experiences so I want people to understand your street creds. Of course you you own our sponsor agency my path and winding travel as well. So you are a travel expert. I want them to understand your personal experience as well. 03:52.84 Karen Sure so we have cruised for over thirty years of our marriage and we took our first Disney Cruise as a family about twelve years ago on the Disney magic in the Mediterranean. And we were quickly hooked this was before I became a travel advisor and since then I've been on think about 15 or 16 cruises I kind of lost track on Disney I've been on all 5 ships. And I've sailed in conciers on all 5 ships. Um, we've also done have done 4 adventures by Disney um, adventures three land adventures and a river cruise with adventures by Disney and we have a greece adventure coming up for may. 04:45.35 Sam Amazing. Well I mean we have to now now that we've teased it enough. We have to tell people where you went on this amazing Nat Geo tour 04:48.10 dclduo Um, no wow. 04:55.94 Karen So this national geographic expedition was to Tanzania in Africa and it was really focused on a Safari experience to learn about the great migration. 05:11.50 dclduo Wow! What how long was this experience. Karen. 05:17.26 Karen So the exact itinerary was ah nine days course it takes a little bit to travel there and back and I did. 05:24.45 dclduo But. 05:29.44 Karen You know, plan to arrive a day early as I always recommend. So for me I was gone about 12 nights. Um, when you consider all the travel time and ah the extra extra night that I added in before the safari actually started. 05:44.73 dclduo It and did it work like booking and adventures by Disney where you kind of you. You book the quote unquote adventure. You can do ad on days but everything is sort of once you hit the ground taken care of in terms of your transfers and hotels and. 05:45.30 Sam Awesome. 06:01.49 dclduo Some meals that sort of thing. 06:01.83 Karen Apps absolutely and in this case, it was quite inclusive because you really don't want to have to do meals on your own when you're in in the middle of the Serengeti. You might become the meal. Ah. 06:15.67 Sam Ah. 06:18.43 dclduo Here's your here's your spear and your fishing pole thinned for yourself. Yes. 06:18.74 Karen So right right? So yeah, it was definitely very reassuring because you know it feels a little different to go to a new continent and ah but. 06:21.89 Sam Have fun. Ah. 06:34.77 Karen Honestly, when I landed in Tanzania it turns out there were several of us that were on the same flight from Amsterdam that were arriving together and after we went through customs and immigration and walked outside the airport. There was a guide from national geographic waiting for us. And ah, you know from there we were in just the best hands to make sure that you know everything was taken care of that we were all comfortable. Safe. Ah and you know having the most immersive experience. So even on our um. Pre-nut pre-day you know I got there a day early as I said I kind of expected to just relax at the hotel. There was a beautiful pool I thought maybe I'll sleep in enjoy the pool a bit and rest up before the Safari started the next day but it turns out we had an opportunity through the Nat Geo guy to go into the town of ausha and do a little bit of exploring we got to go into the market and have a tour through there stop at some a place to do some shopping and then have a local lunch. And all of that was pretty spontaneous. It was an additional cost but it was so minimal. It was basically hey just you know pay the drivers and pay for your lunch and we'll go around and do these things so it was pretty cool to. 07:57.40 Sam Wow, That's awesome. How how big or small was your tour group and was it sort of whatever their standard size is. 08:10.70 Karen So our group was ah 18 and then we also had traveling with us a national geographic expert and we will talk about that in a minute and then our national geographic expedition leader. So we were 20 kind of for dinner every night as a group. Um and I think that is ah the the size of the national geographic group can vary I've heard that they've had expeditions in Tanzania as small as 7 or 8 people. I don't think it would get too much bigger than what we had um, but really, it was a great size and when you're traveling through all the experiences in Tanzania you're in small vehicles you're in Safari vehicles that hold. Ah, technically can hold up to 8 people including the driver but we only ever had 5 people in it plus the driver. 09:12.86 Sam Your oh nice. What was the sort of age range of the group. Um, and do you know if there was a a minimum age or I guess or a maximum age. 09:24.89 Karen So This was an experience exclusively for travel advisors so we were all adults on this on this particular expedition. Um National Geographic does have some minimum ages for certain expeditions and um. I'm not aware that there is specifically one for this. However, ah I would say you have to be really careful about bringing a ah child on this trip because of the unique aspects of it. It is. 09:52.64 dclduo No. 09:59.11 Karen Very long days very tiring. It is not a trip gear towards kids. Um, although we've talked to the to the Safari drivers and the guides and they said they definitely ah have had you know children as young as 6 and 7 that have done well, it's just you have to really know your child. 09:59.91 Sam I. 10:14.63 Sam You. 10:17.41 Karen And know you know what they're up for because it's not. You know there's no tvs there's no internet you can don't get cell service when you're back at the lodge. You'll get a little internet but there weren't even Tvs in the rooms. 10:29.11 dclduo Yeah, it's interesting I'm looking. It's interesting I'm looking at their site unlike abd they don't seem to offer I mean abd's differing price for children is is not huge but nacho for this Tanzania trip at least. 10:30.11 Sam Oh wow, that's rough in it for kids. Ah. 10:46.49 dclduo Offers It's like you know a price for double occupancy and a price for single occupancy I don't see a separate fare for children. So that's interesting. 10:54.21 Karen Right? They're not really marketing towards families. There is a related product that's technically not part of the National Geographic Disney family that's called National Geographic Journeys through Ge adventures. 10:58.85 Sam M. 11:13.34 Karen And they have family family specific ones and so National Geographic lends their expertise and frankly, they're branding to G adventures. Ah, but it is a different product. It is a more budget friendly product which is great. 11:24.50 Sam Mm. 11:31.27 Karen And um, but it is a lot less inclusive and you know less high end in terms of accommodations and they have different you know ah itineraries around the world that are designed for families which so it's kind of a good alternative to adventures by Disney for families that maybe don't need as much. 11:38.51 Sam Um. 11:50.52 Karen Luxury. 11:52.25 dclduo It's it's also interesting. So actually so so I did go through kind of like the let me see if I price this out and book it and for the guests it looks like minimum of 8 because they will not allow you to select an age under 8 to be on one of these so minimum of 8 12:03.31 Karen There you go. 12:03.36 Sam So interesting. 12:08.20 dclduo It's also interesting to be Karen as I'm looking at the site so I clicked on river cruises and it looks like they're running the same River Cruise itineraries that Ebd is running. So I think I've found basically our River Cruise ours called a Christmas markets River Cruise but it's got. Experts on board but it's on um, a waterway. It's just like abd would be and so do you know if they're doing like cross posting basically between abd and and na geo on some of these experiences or adventures. 12:41.42 Karen So to my knowledge they are not going to book a nat geo guest on an adventures by Disney River cruise itinerary and vice versa those are specific charters for each brand. 12:54.55 dclduo Um, got it. 12:54.80 Sam Um, you know, interesting. 12:58.61 Karen But yes, they both are working with Amma waterways and chartering on the waterways which is a great river cruise company. So you know I think that the the relationship is growing and they're going to be leveraging some of those relationships. So. 13:13.28 Sam H. 13:15.97 dclduo Um. 13:17.31 Karen You know they can get more buying power or better experiences for the guests on either experience. Um on either brand. But right now they are definitely keeping them separate in terms of the booking process in terms of some of the specifics of the itinerary and. 13:36.54 dclduo O. 13:36.68 Karen Would say kind of the vibe of of the the of each trip. The National Geographic is really more focused on that educational factor. Ah we had. 13:49.92 Sam E. 13:54.80 Karen About 5 or 6 different kind of lectures or presentations flash talks from various experts throughout the week on our Safari which is again. Another reason why you need to be careful about the type of kid that you're bringing and of course. 14:02.73 Sam Oh well. 14:09.84 Sam Her. 14:13.80 Karen You know they don't have to attend but that is part of what you're paying for and the experience with National Geographic is to have access to that expertise. 14:18.67 Sam He. 14:21.31 dclduo Yeah I mean they've got a lot of stuff I'll just highlight before we dig into Tanzania here a little bit I mean the website has just a ton of offerings as I'm kind of scrolling through here. They've got expedition cruises family expeditions. So they called journeys which if I look there. It looks like a bit more kind of hands-on experience. They've got. 14:41.34 Karen So that the Journeys is what I was mentioning before is the partnership with Ge adventures. So technically it's not part of National Geographic but they kind of cross link to each other. That's the one That's a little bit more of a budget friendly option. So. 14:46.40 dclduo Yeah. 14:52.62 Sam More family. Yeah. 14:52.77 dclduo Yeah, yeah, but then they go all the way up to they have some train expeditions that move you kind of through a space but via train they've got River cruises as we mentioned and then they have private Jet experiences. So um, yeah, there's. 15:08.30 Karen But they have a main private jet which they call the ultimate service at service level ultimate type of accommodations and honestly I believe that it is the ah. 15:08.69 dclduo Ton. 15:22.51 Karen Relationship with national geographic that has allowed adventures by Disney to offer their first private jet adventure for the Disney parks around the world that's coming up this summer it is the national geographic folks that really are kind of the backbone behind the private jet abd. 15:38.77 Sam Wow. 15:40.75 dclduo Yeah they've got a I didn't realize I mean they have their own Jet this is not their chartering a jet they have their own jet painted out with national geographic it says it's a Vp con figured Boeing seven fifty seven for up to 75 guests. So yeah, that would be a really nice private jet to be on I'm sure. Ah, um. But Karen let's talk about Tanzania for a second so it sounds like once you buy the package. You know everything's handled from the time you hit the ground to the time you get to the airport to return home. So really The only thing you had to book in advance was your. 16:08.17 Karen Yes, yes. 16:12.73 dclduo Your airfare. Although it looks like they have some options perhaps to have that included in the price of the expedition as well. 16:18.43 Karen They do. They'll assist with booking airfare just like adventures by Disney will I was fortunate that I just worked really really hard at my air and found a rate through American Express that I could not find anywhere else. So ah, you know I'm just. 16:33.78 Sam Um. 16:35.76 Karen Provided them my air details my flight details and they were waiting for me at the airport. 16:39.82 dclduo Oh nice. Did you have to get any like visas or anything to trick. Do this travel. 16:44.68 Karen So there is actually a little bit of a preparation that you need when traveling to Africa and so yes, there is a really quick visa that's required for Tanzania that you can do online and just print it out and bring with you when you land so that was not a hassle. Ah, but you need to have some health um matters taken care of before you depart they weren't required for national geographic but they definitely strongly recommended that you consult with your physician. And so I went to an office called Passport Health and they have locations actually around the country and they are fantastic. They basically look up your itinerary. They even look up how you are flying to get there because if you're connecting in certain countries you have to be mindful of. Requirements there or certain diseases that you might be exposed to along the way and they you know provide a list of what they recommend for your health to go so I did get several shots including typhoid and um. 17:43.31 Sam So. 17:59.40 Karen A ah ah tetanus booster which I was meeting. Um I did not need a yellow fever shot if you were going through traveling through other countries. They recommend it. Um I did also have ah but. There's 1 other shot but maybe not oh I got a polio booster which was interesting that was completely optional but they have talked about how polio is starting to have a resurgence um in some parts of the world. So I thought can't hurt and um and then they also prescribe. Um. 18:23.69 Sam Um. 18:28.67 Sam Um. 18:37.33 Karen Anti-malarial medication that you need to start two days before you depart and take throughout your trip because malaria is definitely concern and a whole bunch of different things to prevent. You know, insect bites so they gave us you know, special spray to spray our clothes before we left. Ah, to treat our clothing and you know insect repellent for during the trip because you really want to make sure that you're not bit if at all possible and then the other thing that is. 19:01.30 dclduo Interesting. 19:01.83 Sam Yeah, that would be key for me I'm just thinking how I get eaten alive whenever we go to like Florida or even New Orleans because mosquitoes just love me I must have there must be something about the scent of my blood that they just love. 19:18.34 Karen It could be. It could be and so that's why you know everybody was covered up. You know you kind of wear the really super lightweight but long sleeve shirts and long pants and you know you have all the mosquito repellent and then the other thing that Passport health. Um. 19:27.15 Sam M. 19:35.78 Karen Prescribed is emergency antibiotic to take with you in case, there was any stomach upset because that's very common in most parts of Africa and you know just gave you kind of you know over the counter type medications to um, you know, prevent or treat. 19:38.13 Sam E. 19:55.52 Sam Yeah I mean the the water is going to be real different. The food's going to be different. There's you know, a lot of things can set off people's stomachs, especially if you're from yeah you're from West and yeah. 19:55.73 Karen Anything that might come up along the way. 20:04.17 Karen Absolutely and everywhere we went everywhere. We went the hotels provided filtered water in the rooms much like going to Mexico you're not supposed to drink the tap water and. They prepare the food with filtered water but some people on our trip did get a little bout of travelers diarrhea and you know it's kind of you know, likely that some people might get it on a trip like this I took a supplement that I swear by and I'm going to travel with it every time. 20:35.65 Sam Um. 20:40.48 Karen So um, it's called travel on and Passport Health you know, sold it to me but you can also get it on Amazon and I swear it made the difference. 20:47.39 dclduo Think how did you pack for this trip. Karen did they did they give you any indications of what you should bring and the types of types of and the types of things you needed and what they would provide. 20:47.52 Sam No wow. 20:52.69 Karen Oh. 20:59.37 Karen Absolutely so one of the things to keep in mind is because we're traveling in these Safari vehicles and at the end on a small plane. There were some weight limits so we were advised to pack no more than about £33 total 21:13.93 Sam Wow. 21:16.32 Karen And ah because of that and because I didn't want to have any hassles with luggage I chose to pack and carry on only and I'm really proud of myself for doing that for 12 for twelve days 21:26.91 Sam Um, that's amazing. 21:29.38 Karen And they also really strongly ask that you don't use hard sided luggage or wheeld luggage again because they want to be able to kind of smush everything in and so I got a north face duffel backpack type thing and then I had an adventures by Disney backpack and between those 2 i. 21:37.94 Sam Um. 21:47.42 Karen I packed everything and I was kind of a mule through the airport. Um, but but it was great I did all the lodges that we stayed at had laundry service with very very reasonable prices and quick turnaround so we did get laundry done a couple times. 22:03.16 Sam But there was yeah but there was something unique I remember about ladies undergarments that you posted about. 22:05.70 Karen And that made it really convenient. 22:12.36 Karen You know what? that's True. So um, they advised us ahead of time that ah due to cultural reasons. The lodges will not launder ladies undergarments so please be prepared. In that Regard. So I had laundry sheets laundry detergent sheets that dissolve in the sink to do a quick wash but it turns out that the lodges we stayed at at the ones that I decided to do laundry had you know women's undergarments on the laundry list. 22:36.78 Sam Um. 22:47.92 Sam Ah, there you go. 22:48.66 Karen On the price list. So I said you know what I'm sending it out and they washed they washed and drive them. No problem. So so it might vary from depending on you know, which which ah hotel you're actually in but we were fine better to be safe and sorry I guess you know what? a. 22:52.31 Sam Okay, good to know? yes. 23:00.80 Sam But yeah, no I I Just thought that was yeah I just thought that was so interesting when I saw you post about that online I was like I've got I've got to ask her how that went So ah. 23:07.53 Karen You don't want to trust anybody. 23:15.20 Karen Good question. Yeah. 23:17.67 Sam Ah. 23:20.23 dclduo Ah, see packing should just dive into the trip itselfs yeah yeah, yeah, okay well Karen what were some of the spots that you visited and you know you mentioned you're out kind of in the wilderness a bit here. So like. 23:23.10 Sam Yeah, yeah, we got to dive into the trip. Its all and. 23:35.62 Karen Zoom. 23:37.59 dclduo Talk to us about where you were visiting and then like what were the accommodations like was it like trekking you out into the middle of the wilderness and then folks were camping or rustic lodges or were they bringing you back to a city. So yeah, where where did you visit and what was it like. 23:49.29 Karen Right? So we arrived in Kilimanjaro airport which is near the Mount Kilamajaro and we drove about an hour to ausia which is probably considered a small city. Felt more like a large village in many ways. Um and just stayed there for the first night as everybody arrived and then the next morning they put us in Safari vehicles and we headed towards lake monnayar. 24:09.55 Sam If. 24:27.36 Karen Monumenta National park and we stayed in a lodge there. So that's when it really became Ok now we know we're outside in a kind of major area we drove past along the way. Lots of. 24:40.80 Sam E. 24:46.43 Karen You know, just little tiny villages saw lots of shepherds ah moving their sheep and goats along the countryside. Um, you know, very very rural primitive conditions. 24:55.60 Sam Noel. 25:01.23 Karen But um, we drove to Lake Monara which is an amazing national park and we stayed in our first lodge there which was called plantation lodge and it was lovely. It was um, you know, full service pool 1 restaurant couple of couple of bars ah that lodge did not have air conditioning but it was not really needed because you could you know they did have fans and it was a cooler climate there. Um, so I wouldn't say it was rustic I mean we had you know. We each had our own rooms beds. Ah you know I did get some laundry done there. Um, we had a couple of great meals. There. We had our welcome reception actually was there the first night ah so we had wine as we watched the sunsets and we had you know some appetizers and then we listened to an introduction from our national geographic expert who is joining us and then we had a lovely dinner. So ah, the that plantation lodge. Really kind of grew on me when I first saw it I thought okay this is a little simple but we were there just for 2 nights but it really just it did grow on me the the landscape there as you walk through the grounds was just beautiful. Amazing flowers just a wildlife the birds coming through. 26:25.89 Sam Um. 26:31.42 Karen And the service there was tremendous just so many people were ready to help you with a smile really wanting to impress us so each day was sort of. 26:36.25 Sam E I Love that I Love that. 26:38.53 dclduo Nice, nice. 26:47.94 Karen Focused on of course experiencing the wildlife through these Safari drives. So sometimes we did one long drive a day as we're going through the parks sometimes one in the morning one in the evening but we would get in our vehicles and they would take us through the parks and our guides. were incredibly knowledgeable they were Encyclopedia Britannica and then some they could talk about the animals the birds, the history, the culture anything you needed to know and. 27:12.91 dclduo Um. 27:21.90 Karen We had 4 different drivers and we kind of rotated through so you could get to experience each of their personalities and by the end of the week we each probably had our favorites. You know, different drivers that we connected with um but we would just go through these different areas and. Remember as we approached Lake Manara national park ah before we officially entered the park. The road became really wooded and we started seeing all these baboons along the road and that's when it really felt like that. 27:51.12 Sam Oh wow. 27:57.83 Karen You know we were in Africa even though I'd seen all these little villages dotted along the way and messiah people shepherding your animals but just seeing these baboons running around like so you know it's such such ah in the wild and and then when we got into the park. 28:07.87 Sam In the wild. Yeah yeah. 28:15.53 Karen I Mean the baboons were everywhere and I mean we so we just kind of slowly you know drive through and then we would just stop and the driver would just stop and the pop the top of the vehicle would pop up so we could even climb on the seats if we wanted to and and look out to get the rest The the best picture. 28:29.20 Sam Wow. 28:35.24 Karen Drivers would often angle the cars the way we needed to to get better views better lighting for our photos and would just explain to us what we're looking at you know in terms of the mating patterns in terms of who's you know who hunts who and and. 28:49.61 dclduo Who. 28:52.53 Sam Ah, the circle of life. Ah. 28:54.10 Karen And absolutely it's the circle of life and you know what do they eat? What are their foes. What are their illnesses and there was 1 time where we saw some baboons that were limping and you know was kind of concerned like what might have gotten to that. Why are they limping we you know we saw. 29:06.49 Sam Me. 29:11.49 Karen Um, you know we saw babies. We saw all kinds of things and so you know you just get into this flow of really focusing and quieting yourself and learning to be quiet because you don't want to startle the animals and. 29:13.40 Sam Oh my goodness. 29:26.59 Karen Just want to become kind of part of their background so they'll do their thing and you can observe them and it was just beautiful. So even in that first. Um, that first park I'm going to just scrolling through to kind of you know so remind myself of the pictures. You know. 29:29.74 Sam Yeah. 29:46.52 Karen Through my pictures of of what we saw. Um so lots and lots of baboons and um and then we started seeing some gazelles. 30:02.51 Sam Ah, yes. 30:02.82 Karen And and then um and then it got really cool as we started seeing. Um you kind of going more into the open plains and seeing. 30:14.42 Sam Oh make goodness like. 30:14.70 Karen Elephants right in front of our vehicles like a whole family of elephants just hanging out watching us Deciding. We were cool and walking right on by and I have just every every day we saw elephants and they are just. Such amazing, beautiful, beautiful creatures and just to see their families with the little babies up to the the older the older elephants that sometimes get kind of kicked out of their families and have to live on their own it just I know it's very moving. 30:46.36 Sam Oh yeah. 30:50.28 Karen Ah, whole the whole process of how these animals you know, kind of meet each other form families separate from each other really really interesting. 30:59.71 Sam Did you did you ever feel like unsafe. You know you were in the you're you're in the the thick of it right? There's wild animals all around you where was there ever a point where you were like I don't know if we're gonna get eaten. 31:15.58 dclduo Yeah. 31:18.40 Karen No no because we always we always did stay in our vehicles. Although um, we did have some meals out in the Bush and you know there's nothing protecting you so you kind of wonder. Well what could prevent a lion from just jumping on us right now. But. They know the habits and locations where the different animals tend to stay and they're definitely keeping a lookout now. Interestingly we asked our guides because ah we had heard that on other safaris that some other folks had taken. 31:39.95 Sam Me. 31:53.60 Karen Guides had weapons with them just in case and they said no, we do not use weapons that we really just pay attention to the animal behavior and so you know they didn't have a need for it. 31:54.23 Sam So. 32:00.95 Sam He. 32:06.45 Karen Yeah, we kind of we did ask our guide one day we said ok now if we were to step out of this vehicle. It looks very safe. We don't see anything you know as far as the eye can see we we see nothing right now we don't see any type of animal at the moment. 32:10.43 Sam Right. 32:22.20 Karen If we stepped out of our vehicle. How long would we have and and he said probably about 15 minutes no more because the predators are everywhere. They're just you know you might not go so you see see them immediately but they will find you so um. 32:23.45 dclduo You. 32:34.53 Sam Ah. 32:37.45 Sam Yeah, that's what I'm talking to. 32:41.57 Karen So now we always felt safe and and you know 1 interesting thing as well is the um, the last lodge that we stayed in which was you know in the middle of the serengeti and it's you know, very very remote. It's amazing that they built this place in such a remote location. But after dark they ask for you to be escorted back to your room. So if you're going from the restaurant back to your room which is sort of an open hallway. You have a ranger an army ranger that um walks you to your room just in case. 33:20.87 Sam Yeah, just in case, a lion comes up. Ah. 33:21.23 Karen Um, you know they have and yeah I think they're mostly worried actually about um leopards maybe um, but yeah because I think those are the ones that might sneak around at night and and and that they're in that area right? So you know they do have. 33:29.66 Sam Um, oh snatched you? Yeah, they're fast. They're sneaky and fast. 33:41.12 Karen You know torches around and things like that to try to and ah my my room was on the second floor and they said you know they said you're probably fine on the second floor but we'll walk you anyway, but there are a bunch of folks on the first floor. They definitely needed their their. Their ranger who had a spear with them to make sure everybody would stay. 34:03.68 Sam Ah, oh my goodness. Ah so it sounds like um maybe that location was a little bit more rustic than the first location is is that right. 34:05.77 dclduo That's funny. That's funny. 34:06.14 Karen I. 34:16.68 Karen Well in different ways. So the after we went to plantation lodge and visited like Manara um park for a couple of days then we proceeded on to the ngora gora conservation area which. Is an amazing place because part of the conservation area includes masai village people that are allowed to live there so it's one of the few places that is kind of an animal conservation but also humans are allowed to inhabit. Um. 34:51.49 Sam Um. 34:52.32 Karen So there. We stayed at um, a Ngora Gora serena lodge and that was um, it was definitely. You know a modern, a modern hotel. It was on the rim of Ngora Gora Crater and so it was just. Stunning stunning views. Um, and you know you look down into this crater and it looks empty. You know you just think you see some brown some green trees. You can kind of see a lake. And that's all you see and then they take us down into the crater in our Safari vehicles and it's absolutely teeming with wildlife. It was just mind blowing so um and that is an area that. 35:36.21 Sam Your willow. Yeah. 35:45.54 Karen Is sometimes referred to as like the eden of Africa the animals there have everything they need to live. They don't need to really migrate in and out of the crater because it's just this perfect ecosystem. Ah, and I mean we saw you know the endangered um black rhino there. 35:50.10 Sam And wow. 35:55.14 dclduo Row. 36:02.89 Sam Oh wow. 36:05.23 Karen We we saw again just you know, massive numbers of elephants and giraffes and lions and ah wilder beasts and Zebras and Ward hogs and. 36:18.92 Sam Oh you saw pumbers. Oh. 36:22.98 Karen We did and even a baby so it was really it was calving season so we saw just babies of ah every animal pretty much so it was just so so beautiful. Um, but. 36:31.20 Sam Ah. 36:38.99 Karen And then when we moved on to that last lodge which was the maia serengeti lodge. Um, ah although it was so remote it was really. It's only been open maybe a year or 2 everything was brand new and it was. 36:56.49 Sam No wow. 36:56.98 Karen It was gorgeous. The rooms were definitely the nicest of all the places we had stayed beautiful pool. Great food. Kind of this big open air lobby. The restaurants are sort of open air. Um, every all the detailing Just absolutely gorgeous. Really really spectacular. 37:16.98 Sam Ah, that sounds amazing. Was there ever a concern about running into poachers. 37:23.72 Karen Um, So we um learned about Poachers. They all these parks definitely have a very strong anti poaching um teams you know the government puts out Anti-poacher Units. So. In ngoragor crater because it's so enclosed mean it's the the crater itself is massive but there's not that many ways in and out of it. So I think they're less concerned about poachers there because it'd be really hard. 37:49.72 Sam E. Right? right. 37:57.10 Karen Um, in the serengeti though which is you know, just really endless and we only touched on you know, kind of 1 section of the Southern Central Serengeti they do have the anti poaching units going around. But. Honestly I think it's a challenge because it is such a big area that I think it would be hard to to monitor and there's definitely still a lot of people out there that are are hunting for trophy like that and it's it's a it's really sad. 38:17.49 Sam E. 38:28.92 Sam Um, yeah. 38:31.77 dclduo Um, what's the activity level like here in terms of I mean you're this sounds active. So yeah, you. 38:40.82 Karen Um, so it's interesting Brian because they you know if you look on the website it describes this expedition itinerary as ah, an easy activity level and we were all exhausted. There's it's not that there's. Major hiking or you know, physical walking in that way. But the days are long. There were a couple of times where we were you know, leaving the lodge at 6 a m you know and it was well worth it to see the sun rise. 39:16.41 Sam Um. 39:16.82 Karen Um, but and to see the animals. You know you remember the tip when you go to Kilimanjaro Safari and animal kingdom go early and honestly there's just so many you know, many of us were Disney fans and we did see a lot of connection with say. 39:22.84 Sam Yeah, go early when the animals are all waking up. You're going to see more. Yeah. 39:22.96 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 39:36.13 Karen And good job. But but um, you know it? Ah, you know you did I do because especially you know my my path unwinding travel is inspired by the circle of life. So it really had a lot of meaning to me to watch the sun Rise and and to think about all of that. But. 39:37.24 dclduo Ah. 39:37.51 Sam Um, and you started singing the circle of life spontaneously I'm sure. 39:45.66 Sam Yes, that's right. 39:55.71 Karen Um, it is a very draining itinerary. The days are long and being in those vehicles is very physical. The roads are not smooth. They're very very bumpy. The windows are open. You got dust you're kind of holding on you're steadying yourself. You're standing up sitting down. You know to get the best fuse. 40:05.71 Sam Um, yeah, so you're holding on. Yeah. 40:14.92 Karen And so it feels very tiring and you know it just it it. That's again, it's not. It's easy in terms of you're not hiking but you have to have some endurance and. 40:29.66 Sam Um. 40:30.39 Karen And to understand that the days are long. You're not sitting by the pool with a Penna colata not that there's anything wrong with that if that's just that not this type of trip. But. 40:35.16 dclduo Yeah. 40:35.54 Sam Not that there's anything wrong with that. It's just not this trip? Yeah, yeah, well it sounds amazing. Who would you recommend like look at. This kind of trip as opposed to let's say an adventures by Disney experience or some other kind of tour group experience. 40:59.97 Karen So first of all I think if you want to go off the beaten path a little bit more than adventures by disney because nachio goes to destinations that adventures by Disney just doesn't so you know adventures by Disney goes to South Africa which 41:13.13 Sam Um. 41:16.69 Karen Is an incredible iterary but South Africa is definitely a more developed nation than Tanzania and so you know I think more kind of you know something? That's a little different and off the beaten path and then definitely if you are. 41:20.48 Sam E. 41:34.47 Karen Person that really likes to have all the details and all the information and likes to absorb the knowledge. Ah Nat Geo Delivers I mean we had a national geographic expert who. 41:41.40 Sam So. 41:50.75 Karen Is you know has done photography for the magazine and has done research on hyenas in you know in the wild in Tanzania and has gone out there and done in infrared photography in the middle of the night you know presenting to us on. 41:59.49 Sam M. 42:07.50 Karen How she did it how those photographs got taken. What did they learn about you know the patterns of hyenas and their families. Um, so you know if you're fascinated by watching the national geographic channel you are going to you know, really enjoy all of that. And culturally the same thing we had a really great meeting with a village a Masai chief um telling us about village life and about their culture. their food um their traditions ah we had a bunch of the kids from the masai village come and perform for us and then we got an opportunity to buy some Maai Jewelry so if that is really interesting to you you you really like understanding in depth and connecting with the people that would be great. 42:43.87 Sam No cool. 42:57.84 Karen And then also the anthropology um Tanzania has some of the most um, famous anthropological finds in the in the world. Um, going to olevey gorge where you know some of the earliest human origin fossils were found. 43:04.83 Sam So. 43:16.68 Karen And we got to hear from Dr Louise Leakey and if you know some of your listeners probably know the name of Dr Louis Leakey it was her grandfather who discovered those um those bones. 43:30.28 Sam Oh wow. 43:32.13 Karen In oldivvi gorge in Tanzania and the family has you know continued to do that work supported by the way by the national geographic society so she comes out exclusively for national geographic expeditions and gives a talk about her family and their work and what it was like and then we got to go to uldevi gorge and see the. See the camp and how they how what their living conditions were like and they're still you know doing work there now and so if you're really into all that this would be an amazing trip for you if you I think want a little bit more um, maybe a little bit more comfort. 44:00.80 Sam Yeah. 44:08.74 Karen Start with the adventures by Disney South africa and 44:10.61 dclduo And. 44:13.95 Sam Ah, sounds good ball. They both I'll be honest, we you know we did have a guest on a couple years ago now to talk about the Abd South Africa Safari trip and that sounded amazing and this one sounds amazing I think when it comes to. What we would do as a family in the more near future I would say we'd probably choose abd and then I think though maybe in the future for just Brian and I this Nat Geo sounds like the way to go so I that's sort of my read on what you from what you're telling us. 44:43.14 Karen Yeah I agree and I think you know that really you know, um, families that have maybe older teens to young adults or even young adults. You know it is a pricey trip so you know maybe you know some. Folks in their twenty s you know, might not be quite ready for it on their own. Um, but I mean it is it does feel adventurous. Um, you know it's just really exciting when you know your Safari driver is. 45:01.92 Sam Ah. 45:13.13 Karen On the radio and you know they they're chatting to each other in Swahili and then they quick turn the vehicle around and then start driving and then head up these rocks and you're like where are we going. We're actually going up rocks and then you're at the top of you know pride rock basically and 4 lions are just you know. 45:29.68 Sam Um, oh my goodness. Yeah. 45:31.91 Karen Sunning in themselves. So it's It's a lot of excitement. It's it's something that I'm still absorbing it. It really feels just like another world from our lives here and I'm so glad I got to experience it. 45:34.54 dclduo Um. 45:46.25 Sam That sounds amazing I need to know what your next big trip is Karen yeah, okay, okay. 45:51.98 dclduo Wait hold on wait hold on sam I have a question about but this trip um so Karen I'm seeing on the website some trips where they focus on like photography did they have a photographer along with you to get some of the shots of these animals that you're seeing or were you just on your own. 46:05.70 Karen So our national geographic expert is is a photographer and she did share her tips and guidance for how to approach it and also really the Safari drivers were amazing. Some of them. Also have expertise in photography in their own right? and they've been you know driving through the serengeti for you know 10 years or more so you know they would definitely talk talk to us about the lighting and the angles and. You know tips even just about how to use your iphone. It's different from adventures by Disney in that we did not get any photos from anybody at the end of the trip. Um, adventures by Disney is really unique in that the guides. 46:52.21 Sam Um. 46:57.69 Karen Take photos. They're not necessarily expert photos but they take photos with decent cameras and then share them with everybody at the end of the trip. So that's a fantastic benefit to abd Of course our group and I'm sure many groups do this. We just created a shared album. There were some. 47:03.11 dclduo So. 47:12.98 Sam E. 47:15.96 Karen Folks um, that were you know guests on the trip that draw their super crazy cameras with the eighteen inch lenses you know super Zoom lenses. So you know they could count the freckles on the lions and you know I'm just yeah. 47:22.10 Sam Right? ah. 47:29.41 dclduo Yeah. 47:29.52 Sam Ah, that would be Brian. 47:33.70 Karen So it was great to be able to see some of those shots and then also I mean just even binoculars were I got to a point where I was like you know what? the pictures will not do this justice and I'm just going to take out my binoculars and sit and just really watch and not try to photograph everything. Um, just to get into that. 47:41.93 Sam E. 47:47.36 Sam Z. 47:52.59 Karen You know that state of mind where you're just really present and not always trying to capture the the perfect shot for social media or whatever. 47:55.16 dclduo Yeah, yeah, no, that makes sense. 47:57.55 Sam Um, yeah alone seeing it with your eyes instead of through the lens of your phone right? That's part of it too. Yeah. 48:03.64 Karen Right? Exactly exactly there's something you know when you're in Africa you got to get those binoculars out. You feel you feel like that's the right thing. So. 48:14.13 Sam Yeah, absolutely. 48:16.73 dclduo Ah I'm also I'm also curious Karen can you just like quickly me see again. How I say this so Karen can you also just quickly compare I know we talked up front about some of the differences between adventures by Disney versus Nat. Geo. But now that you've had the experience I mean adventures by Disney has the adventure guides are they on the same caliber as what you got from nat geo or they I don't know more like customer service folks as opposed to the net geo guides who are more experts about the wildlife those kinds of things I'm just I'm just curious like. 48:48.42 Karen Right? definitely. 48:51.65 dclduo If you compared the experience for a second like what? what would you expect to find different on adventures by Disney or what would be different. 48:58.54 Karen So sure. So adventures by Disney Guides are legendary and they are all trained by Disney. So even if you have ah your adventure by disney guide that's from italy. For example, they all have you know direct Disney. Ah, training and every adventureous by Disney trip has 2 guides so one will be an american and the other will be from the destination and they both really work together hand in hand to focus on customer service because. In addition, they bring on the local guides in every destination that are going to be the experts about the wildlife or about the culture or the history or the food or whatever wherever you are whatever you're doing that geo is different in that they have a nat geo expedition leader. I would say it's kind of closest to an adventure guide in that their job is to focus on that experience to make sure your hotel is you know is fine that you're you know, getting checked in and out coordinating in this case. You know, kind of he was the head of all the drivers he didn't drive but he coordinated with all the drivers to make sure that everybody was comfortable that their luggage got you know, loaded on and off and delivered to the rooms that you know, kind of let us know when everything was happening when dinners were happening or the talks. 50:22.79 Sam He. 50:26.95 Karen Um, and then we had the the expert who was really there as not so much focused on customer service but kind of just lending that additional layer of of knowledge and expertise to the trip. So. 50:39.20 Sam E. 50:42.61 Karen You know it's different. Um the adventure guides just I feel like really create um a family environment and a bonding and we didn't get that on that Geo and I did miss it a little bit but it's a different. It's a different experience and um. 50:51.10 Sam He. 50:51.20 dclduo Click. 51:02.50 Karen You know there's definitely things that you wouldn't get on the abd in terms of the in-depth knowledge that was shared. 51:07.87 dclduo Got it I would I will just call it for listeners as I've been tooling around the Nat Geo website that 1 thing I found which seems kind of appealing is they have these family trips and so I was just tooling around their experiences there but they have like a nine night trip 51:08.23 Sam Yeah. 51:27.11 dclduo To Paris and surrounding environment for families which by the way does have a different price for kids versus adults but they've calibrated or they've rated their trips as to whether they're I'm going to get the song but like premium experiences versus casual and this is a casual experience and it's like. $3500 a person for nine night trip that yeah. 51:46.77 Karen And right so Brian that's that's what I mentioned earlier those are the trips that are run by gead adventures. So they're not technically run by national geographic they're kind of a nat geo partnership and that Geo has some partnerships with ge adventures and with. 51:53.38 dclduo Okay. 52:04.75 Karen Lin blad for expedition cruises. So it's a little bit different. You're not actually booking through Nat Geo you're booking through ge adventures even though it's on the website if you continued it would move you over to the ge ventures but that's why you have a travel professional like me right too I'll put in a plug here because we don. 52:11.76 dclduo B. 52:12.20 Sam Um. 52:19.35 dclduo Yeah. 52:21.57 Sam Yep to to to point you in the right direction to know what product you're actually buying. 52:24.73 Karen Right? Because we do work with all of those companies and the geadventures is incredible. Um, the their their focus is really on sustainable tourism and um. That is you know we could talk about that in another show I had the opportunity to hear from their um their Ceo last fall and he his name is Bruce puntip and he is really a cool guy and really focuses on sustainable tourism. 52:56.39 dclduo Yeah, and like I guess the only reason I highlighted it was just like we just looked at potentially adding on and adventures by Disney France U K Adventure after a River Cruise and the price tag on that is. 53:13.24 Karen Here. 53:13.41 dclduo Not cheap. Ah this yeah yeah, we did not opt for it. Yeah yeah, but but but what's interesting to me is I mean I assume if Disney and national geographic are associating themselves with geadventures that you're going to get a kind of a quality product but that's more accessible that's more. 53:14.76 Sam Was it was crazy that led me I'm going to be honest that price tag we didn't book it spoiler. Ah but the price tag was crazy. 53:22.70 Karen Um, right I. 53:32.64 dclduo Affordable than anything I've seen for adventures by Disney. 53:33.50 Karen Apps. Oh absolutely. It's definitely a much better price point the difference there is that there's going to be less inclusions. 53:41.39 dclduo Right. 53:41.44 Sam E. 53:43.70 Karen So ge adventures will have maybe more free time where you can do some add ons and they offer add ons that you could purchase or you know time on your own the and the hotels will be more to 3 to 4 stars instead of 4 to 5 stars like adventures by Disney. So. 53:51.26 dclduo M. 53:57.18 Sam Gotcha yeah. 54:00.90 Karen But definitely you know when you're going to some of these places you know certain destinations don't have 5 ive-star hotels anyway, so um, and and they really do a lot in terms of supporting. 54:05.19 Sam Right? right. 54:15.00 Karen Um, the local economy helping the population really benefit from tourism and keeping the tourism dollars local which is a great mission. So I'm a fan of Javentures as well. Um, it's just you know there's just different trips for every type of traveler right? and. 54:20.89 Sam Um. 54:28.13 dclduo Yeah, for sure sure all right Sam go ahead. 54:32.68 Sam Absolutely now. Ah so Karen you always have the most fantastic trips planned and so I've got to know what's what's your next big trip. 54:45.22 Karen Um, what my next big trip is actually adventures by Disney and we are heading to g griefce. Ah. 54:49.41 Sam I love it I know I mean she's got like 1 kid still in college and the other one recently graduated right? So that's right, that's. 54:49.65 dclduo Ah, Karen are you adopting? are you adopting because but. 55:02.32 Karen I have one I have 1 in medical school and 1 in college. So and they are joining us. Ah, we are squeezing this trip in may it's an adult exclusive which is kind of fun that we're able to all be adults. 55:15.38 Sam Yeah. 55:18.73 Karen And I actually just got our adventure box recently and downloaded the the guide for what we'll be doing day by day. So you know I'll be back on to talk about that. 55:27.42 dclduo Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes well Karen as always. It's just fantastic to chat with you about your amazing adventures. You're always going to such fun places that and I don't know if we'll ever make it to these places but but so so fun. 55:29.52 Sam Absolutely you better? ah. 55:41.94 Sam I Know we'd live vicarious but we live vicariously through you. Ah. 55:42.77 Karen And. 55:46.45 dclduo Yeah, exactly exactly well Karen um, you want to remind folks how they can book a fabulous adventure with Nat Geo Disney Cruise line many other cruise line. So many things that you can book for them through your agency you want to remind folks how they can find you. 55:59.68 Karen Absolutely head to my path unwinding Dotcom/dcl duo. So we know that you heard about us here on the podcast and also we have a great Facebook group called adventures by Disney and national geographic expeditions. With ah the combination. We recently added nat geo to the Facebook group I've posted a lot about this trip there so come join us there as well. Thank you. 56:24.70 dclduo I. 56:26.66 Sam Yeah, and the food looked amazing. We even say that I got to put a plug there because that's I know like ah. 56:28.50 Karen We didn't even talk about the food. Oh my gosh. But. 56:31.31 dclduo Okay, well wait. No no, no, no, no, then we got a pause. No no dcl duo show can can be absent of food. That's that's an oversight that's a major violation of our podcasting role Sam our mission statement. Karen tell us about the food then tell us about the food. 56:50.93 Karen So first of all, all the food is included which is really great if you don't have to worry about like a you're finding your food in the middle of the jungle. Um, so all the hotels had really beautiful breakfast buffets. And you know sometimes you're just grabbing breakfast on the go because you know we're going out there for literally Sunrise Safari but when we did that they had smacks in the Safari vehicle Safari vehicles also had amazing coolers built in. 57:11.40 Sam M. 57:22.21 Karen And they kept those stocked with all kinds of drinks for us and even one day they set up a surprise breakfast for us in the Bush we you know, kind of went around the corner and there was this gorgeous setup with. Actual tables and tablecloth and chef out there making omeelettes. It was it. It was mind blowing. It was so amazing. You know after getting up early and seeing this beautiful sunrise and we saw. 57:46.90 Sam That's the picture that I was talking about Karen that's the one that made me like blow my mind. 57:59.36 Karen So many great animals and we knew the guides were trying to get us somewhere for breakfast and like oh we're supposed to be at breakfast at you know by nine thirty and we're like why you know you don't like but at this point we're like we just want to watch the lions in another 20 minutes and um, but they did that you know they really are on the schedule of. 58:09.54 Sam Um. 58:16.97 Sam E. 58:18.31 Karen Wildlife and so we got to breakfast when we got there but the the staff from the hotel was there. They had it all set up champagne. You know all kinds of fruit and everything you would want for a breakfast spread. Ah, that was amazing. We did a couple boxed lunches depending where we were um, one of them we could pre-order from the hotel the night before sort of what we wanted them to put in the box lunch and then dinners were really just a wide variety. A lot of it was served family kind of family style where like. 58:44.30 Sam M. 58:53.63 Karen Maybe shared appetizers and individual soup and then you know platters of all the side dishes and then they would kind of come around and serve you. Um, you know the entree you know, grilled grilled fish or chicken or beef or whatever. Um, so really, really. Delicious food and then even on the last day after we took that last little flight back into town and before we you know many of us were heading to the airport we stopped and have this gorgeous outdoor lunch in this courtyard with really delicious, fresh food. So. Um, nobody went hungry. 59:33.38 dclduo Do you feel like you got a sense of the local food I mean is that what you were eating or were they trying to cater to sort of that American palate I'll call it. Yeah. 59:41.58 Karen Um, no, there was only one meal that was kind of a fun lunch where it was sort of an American lunch. They had pizzas and sliders and chicken ways and it they just. Once the rest of time really did kind of feel local which local did mean a lot of grilled um grilled meats and and fresh vegetables soups. There's definitely a um, an Indian influence in the in the food there so there were some curry type dishes available. 01:00:09.30 Sam Um. 01:00:13.68 Karen Um, there was also kind of um, some middle Eastern influences. So it it was delicious. Um, you know all the different places had um you know, limited choices because you know there's not you don't get. You're in the middle of nowhere. 01:00:28.36 dclduo Um. 01:00:30.12 Karen So if there was an entree choice. You know there usually would be maybe 2 or 3 choices including a vegetarian option. But. 01:00:34.69 Sam Right. 01:00:35.43 dclduo Got it got it and because you feel like me. It sounds like you not only got to experience the animals you got to meet with I'll call it like a local tribe or or a local village for lack of a better term so you felt like you got the culture. Not just the. 01:00:52.70 Karen And absolutely between we actually heard from 2 different Messai Chiefs one was when we kind of went into the ngora gore conservation area and had you know real kind of talk from him and got to hear from the kids presenting us. 01:00:52.82 dclduo The animals so to speak. 01:01:11.00 Karen Song and but then we also heard from a different Messai chief talking about Kope Lion which is a lion conservation program and how they work with the Messai villagers to help teach them the importance of lions in. Kind of the circle of life because you know they all need to learn to get along lions sometimes go after their livestock and they don't like that. So um, it's all the programs that they're doing to kind of reach a mutual understanding. So really, really fascinating to learn. You know about those challenges that they're facing. 01:01:33.67 Sam Um, right. 01:01:44.26 Sam Wow So I have one. 01:01:45.44 dclduo Amazing! amazing. 01:01:47.90 Karen And then also the drivers talked to us so much just about their life and the different tribes that they came from and how they became you know you know their education and how they um, you know got to the role that they were in educating us. So. 01:01:51.79 Sam M. 01:02:03.88 Karen Definitely a lot of opportunities to get to know people and. 01:02:06.34 Sam Cool. So I have one last question and this is I don't know if this one will make the show. But um I would love to know I know this is going to sound weird but where. 01:02:16.35 dclduo No god I knew that was where as soon as you gave the caveat I'm like Sam's going to ask where you go to the bathroom. 01:02:17.70 Sam Says one go to the bathroom when one is on Safari. 01:02:24.60 Karen And I think this definitely should make the show. It is an essential question and one that I was concerned about as well and I will say that it really is surprising that there are washrooms in all these national parks. 01:02:39.41 Sam Okay. 01:02:41.56 Karen So they definitely were well prepared. You know, um to tell us you know when the next washroom stop was going to be um, even in the Serengeti. Um, there is kind of a big visitor center there and that had very large washrooms with attendance keeping everything in order. 01:02:52.94 Sam M. 01:02:59.70 Sam Making sure no chedas game in. 01:03:01.24 Karen Ah, we did have right things exactly like. 01:03:03.79 dclduo First restroom attendance in history carrying a colt 45 yes that's right. 01:03:11.12 Karen Yeah, um, we did have 1 or 2 that were less advisable than others and we had 1 Safari driver that would always stop and he would say we're at we're at the washroom and this is. 01:03:15.58 dclduo So this is. 01:03:25.81 Karen This is very advisable to make yourself comfortable here and so you know we learned some new terms. It was advisable and make yourself comfortable. Um, so and but I came but. 01:03:38.84 Sam Go now or forever hold your pee is what they were saying. 01:03:44.67 Karen I have to say that I came very prepared and I purchased something that they had at passport health but I got mine from Amazon and it's called different names. But it's most commonly called a shiwi and. 01:04:04.63 Karen I ask and it is ah also called like a female urinal and it is a silicone funnel basically and you just hold it up to yourself and you can go standing. And it is amazing. If you have a place that doesn't feel comfortable to sit and you know some places around the world have like Turkish toilets or pit toilets and and things like that. So. It's actually a really handy little thing to you know, put in your day pack. I Highly recommend. 01:04:20.82 Sam Me. 01:04:33.74 Sam Um I I love it. That's right, That's that's right? Well you know I I This is very helpful to hear because that. 01:04:36.78 Karen And and this is why you work with a travel professional to give you all these little tips. 01:04:40.33 dclduo The. 01:04:47.30 Sam This is something that I have always been paranoid about will I have a place to go to the bathroom. 01:04:53.83 Karen And absolutely and really nobody needed the shiwi. There was plenty of um opportunities that guides were very very mindful of everybody's comfort in that regard and they kept us posted about when the next stop would be. And really, if somebody said you know what? like there was there was 1 time where we were leaving lake maga and we were kind of taking our time going you know down the dirt road and all of a sudden the Safari vehicle behind you know, couple ones behind us just like pump their gas and. 01:05:05.64 Sam Um. 01:05:21.80 Sam Yes. 01:05:23.98 Karen And they were going full speed ahead out to the main entrance where you know where the washrooms were in order to in order to help somebody out. It probably felt a little bit like you know the Killermanjaro Safari where you know they're on the hunt and we got ah we got to hurry up through to make sure that red doesn't get poached. So so. 01:05:29.55 Sam Ah. 01:05:41.14 dclduo So fun. So fun. Well Karen Once again amazing amazing trip it sounds just really awesome and thank you so much for coming on to share it all with our listeners. 01:05:43.80 Sam Ah. 01:05:51.17 Karen So thanks for talking to me about it and.

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