May 20, 2023


Ep. 315 - Reluctant Cruiser Turned DCL Fan: Missy and Jason Share their First Disney Cruise Experience

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Brian Sam
Ep. 315 - Reluctant Cruiser Turned DCL Fan: Missy and Jason Share their First Disney Cruise Experience
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 315 - Reluctant Cruiser Turned DCL Fan: Missy and Jason Share their First Disney Cruise Experience

May 20 2023 | 01:01:22


Show Notes

Missy and Jason are joining us this week to share their family's first Disney Cruise Line experience, a three-night sailing aboard the Disney Dream. Jason was reluctant to try a cruise, and a Disney cruise in particular, but after sailing on the Dream, did he come away a convert? We talk about the experience from end-to-end, including how Missy snagged her family a Castaway Cay cabana, and what Missy and Jason thought about the fan favorite Palo Brunch. We also learned what Missy and Jason's kids (who were early teens or over 18) thought about their experience onboard. All that and more on this week's show!

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Episode Transcript

00:00.80 dclduo Welcome back everybody to this week's episode of the Dc L Duo Podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and Sam You got a grateful dead shirt on today I'm loving that I think I'm really loving that the dancing bear. 00:10.20 Sam I Know that's right. 00:13.51 Jason and Missy Um. 00:13.53 dclduo Nancy Bear I'm trying to get to the grateful dead this summer in San Francisco if I can with a a buddy of mine now their last tour as the deading company I'm sure they'll come back as the dead lllc or something at that point. But yeah, um, well I want to dive right into our topic tonight because we've got some wonderful guests. 00:25.29 Jason and Missy Um. 00:30.82 dclduo Ah, joining us I want to welcome Jason and missy to our show. Welcome guys. 00:37.86 Sam Yeah, we're so excited to talk to you because as all of our listeners know my favorite show topic is talking to first time disney cruisers we know this was your first time on a Disney Cruise and 00:37.89 Jason and Missy Um, yeah for having us. Yeah. 00:53.57 Sam Kind of your first time in a cruise although you went I know on a royal caribbean Twenty plus years ago but it's been so long since that cruise I'm sure the memories fade and it's a completely different experience without kits. But we know you guys actually do have quite an extensive Disney background so missy. Why don't we start with you. Why don't you because yeah I think you have a quite interesting disney background. Why don't you tell our listeners your background. 01:18.44 Jason and Missy Sure so I grew up going to Disney World with my family but we would stay at the beach like on spring break and drive over to Disney World for a day. Um, and that was my my experience when we had children. We did the same thing we would stay at the beach. We'd drive over for a day. There was 1 year 01:25.24 Sam E. 01:35.61 Jason and Missy Um, 2009 the place where we stayed was undergoing construction and we couldn't do that. Jason's an accountant and so I found a Cpe credit thing at at Disney World so we stayed like nine days 01:38.31 Sam Me. 01:49.80 Jason and Missy Was my first time ever to do table service dining ever stay at a resort. It was a completely different experience and I was hooked I looked him I was like I'm gonna need to do this again. We became dvc members like three years later I think I've probably been to Disney fifty ish times give or take some I was selected as a planned Disney panelist. 01:49.84 Sam Um, oh my gosh. 01:59.47 Sam Ah. 02:06.50 Sam Um, oh wow. 02:09.27 Jason and Missy The cost like 1 year wasn't it. No I was selected as a planned Disney Panelist for the class of 2018 and I have served 3 different years I'm not currently serving but I love that experience and getting to share. 02:13.66 Sam Ah. 02:25.82 Jason and Missy My Disney experiences with other people and helping them have the same kind of magic of experiences we've had. 02:29.53 Sam Awesome and you I know I know right. 02:29.75 dclduo Sam why have we not thought about looking for a cle credit at Disney World that's an amazing I like I like the way missy thinks here like you know there's a job reason we need to go to Disney world. Yeah I love it I love it job related. It's a job related. 02:34.77 Jason and Missy Um, see yeah yeah, ah yes, but they've since switched it? Yeah and unfortunately they they switched it. 02:41.55 Sam Ah, yeah, and ah, maybe get 1 of our employers to pay for something for some particle. Ah. 02:48.64 dclduo Now that's not happening. That's not happening. 02:53.40 Jason and Missy But switch it more to Vegas shows apparently accountants like vegas more I don't know. 02:54.19 Sam Oh yeah, you know it was kind of a different experience. Yeah, and well I mean I don't know I guess they want to see like the Michael Jackson show instead of seeing I don't know festival of the lying king I don't know what's wrong with these people. But. 02:56.32 dclduo But everybody wants their convention in Vegas. Yeah. 03:08.41 Jason and Missy Are. 03:10.32 dclduo I sam I appreciate I appreciate you keeping it family friendly. But I don't think it has anything to do with the Michael Jackson shows why people want to have their conventions and meas. Um, so Jason were you a reluctant Disney fan or were you always a Disney fan. 03:17.73 Sam Ah. 03:25.39 Jason and Missy Um, no I at first I was not reluctant but um, it I would say that I have a good time when I'm there I love the product I love being there. Um. But I always say if it were up to me. We would probably go twice to Disney World once when the kids are young to kind of get that young kid experience and then once when they're older so they kind of remember it? Um, but I'm way outnumbered because my wife loves it and all of our kids love it there too. So. 03:52.52 Sam But yeah, yeah, I'm I'm sorry Jason but you are wrong. So just sit there in your wrong with. 03:58.96 dclduo Ah, although although Nathan did say the other day we were. We were supposed to take a trip like two or three weeks ago now down to Disneyland for the weekend and because we wanted to go to California food and wine festival and get another ride in on sword over California and I told nathe. 04:00.32 Jason and Missy Um, yeah. 04:09.98 Jason and Missy Um, yeah. 04:12.35 Sam Which they only bring back for food and wine pretty much. 04:14.72 Jason and Missy Oh that's right? Yeah sorry. 04:16.78 dclduo Yeah I remind and I reminded Nathan we were headed down there and he said Disneyland again this. So yeah, my heart broke a little that day. 04:23.30 Sam Um, yeah, so true he likes the rides he likes the rides though. He's like obsessed with in credit coaster and goofy sky school and a few other rides and so he's not once we're there. He's. 04:25.98 Jason and Missy Um, wait wait. 04:32.31 dclduo And. 04:38.22 Sam As long as we get to go in the rides that he wants to go on. He's happy as a clam. It's just yeah. 04:41.44 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 04:43.26 Jason and Missy That's kind of how you are yeah you like the food and you like the resorts and you like like you said you enjoy your time there. It's just maybe not. Ah although I do have a few of the kids on my side trying to convince my wife to go to a different theme park in Orlando it's not Disney. 04:59.37 Sam Um, yeah, 1 child that shall not be named and I mean I'm just kidding I'm just kidding I'm just kidding I know I love Harry Potter so let's be honest I love yeah yeah. 05:00.80 Jason and Missy Know and and she yeah and she's that's where the kids would like to go the kids would like to go see that but my wife feels like she's cheating on Walt or something. 05:04.20 dclduo Ah, don't don't pretend like you haven't been to Harry Potter world Sam 05:15.58 Sam I know I missy I'm with you girl I mean listen I to me. The only reason to go to universal is Harry Potter World really um I'm not even like I'm not interested in velocacoaster I'm not interested in half of the thrill rides there but really anything you know. 05:17.90 Jason and Missy Yeah. 05:30.22 Jason and Missy Note. 05:34.23 Sam Drinking a butter beer I have to tell you so good. 05:34.84 dclduo Hagrids Hagrids Motorbike Express was my favorite ride until they opened guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic rewind and now that's my favorite ride. So yeah and now now we haven't tried troron yet. We got to try Tron But yeah, well, what. 05:38.50 Jason and Missy Um. 05:42.34 Jason and Missy Um, ah, okay, yeah, that one's a good 1 right right. 05:46.17 Sam Yeah, so so missy you were you were a planned disney w d w person well Disney world and um, specifically is that is that right. 05:56.40 Jason and Missy Correct that was my primary specialty I did help on the Disneyland team for a little bit too. We've enjoyed 1 visit to Disneyland um, and it was great to get to step some of the same places that Walt was and just the nostalgia of all of it and things was really neat I think. 06:02.34 Sam Nice. 06:11.72 dclduo Nice. 06:13.25 Sam Um, cool. Ah, okay, we're we're in a fight now. Ah, and sorry it's a good thing. We're not doing a Walt Disney world or Disney Parks Rapid fire today. But. 06:13.90 Jason and Missy Well Disney World still has my heart between the 2 but I know but I'm glad we had to see oh no ro answer. 06:21.59 dclduo Well and and in your show. So. 06:27.86 Jason and Missy Right? right. 06:32.13 dclduo Well and in your ah in your submission pre-show you you guys are dvc members where do you where do you own Dvc. 06:38.00 Jason and Missy So our our home is serratoga Springs and we we actually do love it there I know a lot of people don't they say it's too far from everything but we kind of like that. It's a little bit removed from some of the hustle bustle and that it's a little bit quieter but we do also. 06:50.91 Sam And this. 06:56.77 Jason and Missy Like all the other resorts we try to we. We travel off peak and a lot of times so we've been to many of the we've been to all of them are not um I think we're getting close Rit close. We haven't done Copper creek but we've done boulder Ridge things like that. So yeah. 07:06.52 Sam Um, nice nice. We I have. 07:08.42 dclduo Nice, nice. Are you warming up your wallet for the ah for the dvc tower at Disneyland. 07:16.62 Jason and Missy Um, every time I ever bring up adding on points. He's like babe. So so again, you know I'm an accountant our our points have appreciated quite a bit since we bought them and I'm always like hey if you sold those bad noise we would make. 07:26.17 dclduo Ah. 07:36.51 Jason and Missy A great gain on them I'm like no we have 5 kids there will be grandchildren in our future and we have like thirty plus years left of magic and fun to enjoy. Apparently that's priceless. Yes. 07:38.72 Sam Ah, no were no. 07:47.80 Sam Yeah, it's priceless I agree I agree I mean when you're Israel. Yeah I mean yeah. 07:51.54 dclduo Yeah Disney loves it when you say that Rick it brings a smile to Mickey's face we may say that. Yeah. 07:56.68 Jason and Missy Um. 07:58.30 Sam I mean when your kids are older if they don't want them then maybe but like yeah I wouldn't sell those babies now because if your kids want to buy in later. Oh my god it's going to be like 4 times the price. So yeah, it's an investment in their vacation future. 08:06.41 Jason and Missy Right? right? yeah. 08:09.30 dclduo yeah yeah I mean it's already. It's already like up up 50 to 75 points from when we bought in at Riviera. So yeah, it's amazing. Well I well no gear. No guarantees no guarantees. Um. 08:15.53 Sam Yes, crazy is the only time share that appreciates in value by the way. But. 08:21.32 Jason and Missy Um, I know. Yes, yeah. 08:25.80 dclduo Well I want to know how you landed on taking a Disney Cruise so what made you? what made you transition from what you know do go to the parks and that sort of thing over to a Disney Cruise 08:29.42 Sam Um, yeah. 08:34.19 Jason and Missy So we love disney world and going there. We also love we are homeschooling family or always have been now. We're kind of hybrid. But that's like in me so we love doing national parks and historical sites and things like that and we've traveled a lot within the United States and if. And very thankful for all the experiences we've had but as we were sitting chatting about what we would like to do next a cruise kept coming up to experience somewhere different and something you know that we haven't done before I've always wanted to do a Disney Cruise um of course with my love of all things Disney. 09:04.72 Sam Nice, yeah. 09:13.60 Jason and Missy Um, Jason was a little hesitant both on the cruising and the Disney Cruise aspect yeah 09:17.95 Sam Yeah, yeah, tell us Jason what made you? what made you hesitant about taking a cruise first and a Disney Cruise in particular. 09:28.22 Jason and Missy So we like to we cruise Twenty plus years ago had a great time on that as well. But something about that I I don't remember exactly which cruise line it was but there was a cruise line that had a ship that. Malfunctioned off the coast of Texas and something about the stabilizers went out and they couldn't get people off of this ship for weeks and that just stuck in my mind like just my personality I can't be somewhere where I can't get out for that long of time. So I would go crazy. 09:42.65 Sam Yes. 09:50.10 Sam Ah. 09:57.41 Sam Yeah. 10:01.26 Jason and Missy So that was part of it and then also the the price was was ah a part of it for me as well. So we've been. They've been kind of wanting to do a cruise for a long time and then last year Disney ran I don't know the exact special but it was Disney plus members and and the way it worked out for us is. 10:13.82 Sam Okay. 10:18.23 Jason and Missy We paid for 4 and and all 7 of us were included in that prize. So I don't remember what? yeah, don't what the exact special was. But yeah, third and fourth sailors where okay for sale for free. 10:20.35 Sam Oh that's awesome. 10:27.10 Sam Right? So you guys because you're a family of 7 You're automatically getting 2 cabins doesn't matter what line you're on and I mean unless you're booking the royal suite. Let's be honest, that's the only that's the only room on board. Actually I think the 2 bedrooms in the royal suites are the only ones on board that can fit 7 people. So. 10:31.28 Jason and Missy Correct. Yes. 10:46.47 Sam Most you know most families are going to get two cabins. But yeah, the third and fourth cruiser were free on that Disney plus special that they had going and in particular it was on the dream I think they had some cruises on some of the other ships but the dream I think had the most availability for that. 10:48.21 Jason and Missy Right? yeah. 11:04.63 Sam Promotion that they were doing is that why you chose the dream in particular. 11:06.97 Jason and Missy No, we chose that cruise because we have 5 kids in 4 different school settings and nobody's breaks overlap so that cruise in particular right? So we needed something that was a little bit shorter that Cruise was a Thursday to a Monday so. 11:15.90 dclduo You gotta go shorter. Yeah. 11:17.28 Sam Um, oh my goodness. Um, yeah. 11:24.53 Sam We gotcha. 11:26.80 Jason and Missy 1 kid was on spring break the first week two of them were on spring break that following week and then they could catch up their work. You know once we got back home so it was truly just a matter of logistics that 1 fit us the best. It was a fornight for like yeah. 11:38.10 Sam Um, nice for night for night Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday yeah, and then you get off on Monday so four nights yeah 11:40.79 dclduo Still a five five nightter right? That's what you're on was a five niter. Ah, okay. 11:45.98 Jason and Missy Yeah, yeah, and being first time cruisers we didn't really want to go too long of the cruise we do have had yes exactly. 11:53.27 Sam Right? Jason doesn't want to get stuck on board. He you know if the Stabilizer is not working. You're you know you're you're losing your sea legs. Yeah, you're losing a lot more than your sea legs that point. But. 12:04.99 Jason and Missy Right? right? but. 12:08.90 dclduo So so Jason I want to go back to something you said that really interested me um, the you know the expense of it because I always think about balancing like a parks vacation versus a Disney Cruise vacation I don't know like I always think you would come out ahead on the Disney crew side because so much is kind of included once you get on board. 12:24.50 Sam Ah. 12:25.22 Jason and Missy Um, that now we have Dv set. Yeah. 12:26.70 dclduo Like your meal like meals at the parks and stuff can be expensive I guess if you have Dvc, you're not paying the hotel bill. Ah, but yeah, if you had to pay the hotel bill I think Disney Cruise line would probably win but I don't know. Ah. 12:34.45 Jason and Missy Well and Jason and I are annual passholders at Wal Disney Rome too so that helps with ticket expensive. Yes, yes that now you understand my wife yes, we have to go more time to make it worth it. Yeah. 12:40.85 dclduo Ah, you got to get what you got to get 1 more trip in to justify the expense of those passes that I can that I can totally relate to ah ah. 12:45.21 Sam Ah, yeah I think if you've got annual passes and you're going enough and you've got Dvc points again and you're going enough because you have enough. 12:52.31 Jason and Missy As but. 13:01.80 Sam Points even if you've got to pay for some park tickets for the kids and even if you've got you know the food costs on top of it. Um, yeah I think the the parks vacation probably is well I can't imagine that the parks vacation would be more money than a Disney crews under those circumstances. 13:09.61 dclduo We. 13:14.93 dclduo I Think it depends on how you go to the parks I Think that's what it comes if you if you're going to the parks and stay in a deluxe resort or club level and you got you know tickets and dining and you're doing some um signature dining on property like I mean those costs rack up pretty fast as opposed to. 13:15.64 Jason and Missy Um, yeah, yes. 13:20.10 Sam That's true. 13:28.93 Sam Character meals. Ah. 13:34.36 dclduo I pay a cruise fare I get on a ship and the food's included right? So I I could see a vacation that pencils out in the favor of cruise line I can also easily see a vacation that pencils out not in favor of Cruise Cruise line are well in favor of a parks day. So yeah, yeah. 13:37.40 Jason and Missy Um, right right. 13:45.90 Jason and Missy Right? Well and Jason is the accountant in the family but I am very much like an accountant and I do our personal finances and things and um I've been known to be called frugal before so I appreciated the cruise. 13:54.41 Sam And. 14:03.57 Jason and Missy That it was all kind of done and paid for and we could order whatever we wanted and I didn't have to look and at the menu. Go I Really want that. But this is you know less money. So I'll get this and you know I could just enjoy what I wanted to enjoy and that all inclusive nature was really nice. 14:18.99 Sam Yeah, we always tell people because they always ask oh what's an add on what's not an add on and can I Really enjoy my cruise if I don't you know, pay for these extras and things like that we're I'm of the mindset of you know, ah some of the upgrades are great. I mean we love Apollo brunch. But you can totally enjoy your cruise and not spend a single penny on board If You're a non alcohol drinker you know, or or if you're you know or if you just bring a couple bottles of wine on with you and drink what you brought right? It's really easy to have a great cruise with that in mind. 14:40.59 Jason and Missy Um, right? yeah. 14:40.64 dclduo Yeah. 14:45.18 Jason and Missy True, yeah well and this is going to sound funny but we had quite a few splurges on this cruise too. So even though I do watch my pennies closely. We enjoyed it as well and we're thankful for the experiences we had we loved Paulo Brunch and 14:57.97 dclduo Vacation. 15:04.97 Jason and Missy Boiler Alert We managed to find a cavanna for Castaway key day. So yeah, yeah, yes. 15:08.82 Sam Um, holy cow all right? Well, that's amazing. 15:09.59 dclduo Who that as first miners as first. Okay, well well let's let's get to that. Let's get to that in a second I wanted to ask um, remind me the ages of the kids. 15:19.28 Jason and Missy Okay, so 20 but just about to be 2017 1513 and 12 15:27.24 Sam Awesome. 15:29.43 dclduo Wow, that's as that's a that's a good spread so you've you're all out of Ocean Ears club and into either the ah vibe and edge kind of crowd or 1820 s society. Yeah, yeah, yeah, so were they excited. 15:33.22 Jason and Missy Correct 5 edge. And yeah, yeah, yeah. 15:44.00 dclduo Were they excited heading into this cruise or were they like another disney like my son like another Disney Vacation Dad 15:47.17 Jason and Missy No I think all of them were excited. One of them had quite a bit of fear about being on a big ship or that type just some anxiety about the unknowns. Yeah, just even the boarding process doesn't enjoy flying and they didn't fly but. 15:55.98 dclduo Ah, yeah, yeah. 16:06.70 Jason and Missy Um, was just kind of nervous about some of the unknowns. But overall they were all very excited. Yeah. 16:11.79 Sam Yeah. 16:13.65 dclduo And how did the precruise stuff work out for you in terms of you know, booking the cruise and man online check in for first timers is like Dante's sixth circle of hell I feel like these days. So um, how is your introduction to the online. 16:21.91 Sam Um, ah. 16:26.40 Jason and Missy Um, nine was wonderful I had no issues whatsoever. He does none of the planning. He's like telling a way to show up and. 16:29.39 dclduo Ah, booking activity booking and check-in process. Um. 16:36.39 Sam But so I was going to guess the music didn't do it. Ah. 16:41.79 dclduo Ah, me. 16:42.25 Jason and Missy Yeah, so I did have the help of a wonderful travel agent that helped me with booking and all that kind of thing um being a I'm very into trip planning so I extensively researched the onboard. Um, or the online check-in and all that kind of thing I felt pretty ready for it and it went fairly smoothly except for the fact that we had 2 rooms and because we are in eastern time zone and it was midnight. He was sound asleep and so I was having to do both of those and I had a little bit of trouble with our second room. Um. 17:17.54 Sam Um, nice what about the pre-booking what about the pre-booking of activities and how how did that go for you as well as a first time cruiser you're obviously in the last. 17:18.29 Jason and Missy But that all ironed out and it was fine. So. 17:19.23 dclduo That was gonna be my question is what kind of one second 17:31.11 Sam The last phase right? where there's not as much left on online before the cruise. Um, how did that go for you. Did you get? um some of the things that you wanted or did you have to wait for looking for those things on board. 17:36.31 Jason and Missy That's right. 17:43.67 Jason and Missy We got some of the things that we wanted and again our travel agent actually handled that for us our our window opened on Christmas Eve so she was lovely and took care of that for us. Um, that wasn't nice travel. But yes, um. 17:48.84 Sam Oh nice. Yeah. 17:57.93 Sam That's a nice travel agent. 18:01.94 Jason and Missy She was able. We. She got us a wine tasting and we originally had the kavanicky package that included the um, the bicral and the snorkeling and the float so she got those things for us. But um I kept. Stalking and like a day later I found apollo brunch I actually emailed her and I was like I thought it was just kind of like Disney world and I was checking for availability but it booked me and it was there. So yay I got apollo brunch um, and then it was only a couple weeks. 18:29.71 Sam Awesome. 18:34.83 Jason and Missy Before the cruise that I I would always check at night before I'd go to bed on a cabana and everybody else in the house is asleep and I got one and they was so excited I couldn't tell anybody um, but. 18:45.50 dclduo Wait did did you get the Kabanna wait did you get the kafana on booking night or oh I was like what I was like what a Christmas gift on Christmas Eve oh 18:50.24 Jason and Missy Um, no, no, no what no online before the chris. 18:51.69 Sam Um, no, she's saying in between but still on but still still getting it online before the cruise that's amazing because the timing must have been such that somebody just happened to cancel it like within an hour or something before you. Happened to go online and book it because that is a really rare occurrence to be perfect woman. 19:08.21 Jason and Missy Ah, yeah I know I know and the crazy thing was there. It was Kabanna number 2 on the family beach and then there were 4 serenity bay cabaana available. So I was afraid it was like a glitch. 19:19.12 Sam Wow. 19:20.10 dclduo So. 19:23.72 Jason and Missy Something wasn't right? So I was clicking through and trying to do it. Um, pro tip you just pick the one person's name don't click all the boxes for all the people in it because it wouldn't let me do that but I just kept playing with it and trying and when I just put my name in there then it went through um, but then I went immediately to our Facebook group. Our cruise and I was like there are serenity bay command is available if you want one? go now you know, um and those all filled up as well. But I don't know what happened but I'm really thankful. It could have been. 19:46.60 Sam Yeah. 19:54.88 dclduo Could be a group canceled off the cruise too that might have been part of it. What um, remind folks when this cruise was and then I'd also like to know you said you book 2 rooms what kind of staterooms did you get on board right. 19:55.10 Sam Um, yeah. 20:05.72 Jason and Missy Yeah, we sailed March ninth through Thirteenth Twenty Twenty three and we had deluxe ocean view state rooms with brandas. 20:13.67 dclduo Okay, nice adjoining. 20:13.96 Sam Perfect and did you have the adjoining. 20:18.98 Jason and Missy Adjoining yep and we just left those doors open the whole time. They just prop open and stay open and our room. Um, what do you call Captain Steward or cabin sharp. Yeah yeah, and our cabin steward opened the veranda. 20:28.43 dclduo Oh the cabin Steward. Yeah yeah, yeah. 20:29.55 Sam Yeah Steward yeah. 20:36.51 Jason and Missy Divider between our so we had just 1 large balcony out there that was lovely. 20:39.53 Sam Yeah. 20:39.65 dclduo And now did you fly down and do a Disney world stay before the crews then or. 20:44.19 Jason and Missy You know our logistics getting there. Yeah like logistics were crazy and so we had our son who goes to school in Indiana flew down and met my wife down there the Saturday before and 3 of the kids were with her and they spent the week but Half the carefully get on the beach. Um, where we normally go and then one of my daughters and I stayed home because I had some work stuff I couldn't get out of early in the week and she was still in school and so then she and I flew down and met everybody at Miami the night before the cruise and then. 21:12.48 Sam Here. 21:19.22 Sam No my goodness. 21:23.89 Jason and Missy When we went home then we sent our son back. We dropped him off the airport Miami and then we all drove home together because all those trying to get all those spring breaks to line up and all that stuff. There's just so many moving pieces. But but we it happened and we're thankful. 21:29.40 Sam Oh wow, that's. 21:30.41 dclduo Well. 21:40.60 dclduo Yeah, well, what was the port experience like in Miami pre-cruise because ah, we've had a few folks on in mixed reviews. But I'm curious how things went for you in Miami. Yeah. 21:50.65 Jason and Missy So ours was more just a personal thing. We um, we had a friend in um, well we we met up with a friend as we were driving from the beach down to Miami we stayed at New Smyrna beach so from driving from new Smyrna Beach down to Miami we met up with a friend and then 2 of my. Fellow planned Disney Classmates live in the Miami area so we met up with them and enjoyed dinner together the night before the cruise so we did not do any Miami sightseeing. It was more just personal catching up with friends. Yeah, yes. 22:18.88 Sam Know that's so nice. How awesome is that catch up with your your playing Disney peeps. Ah so fun. Tell us about the port experience itself. Um and sort of check in any hiccups in that because you know it's sometimes you hear everything go smoothly sometimes you hear. Oh you know customs doesn't let them disembark the ship but you know in the morning very well and so then it ends up delaying. You're getting on and all of that and you know was it a smooth process slow process. What was sort of your experience. 22:48.71 Jason and Missy I felt like getting on was very smooth. We were a little bit nervous at first because a couple of the passports didn't scan in digitally and the person thought that but you might have to get somebody else involved and send us somewhere else and so we were kind of starting to get a little nervous but. 22:57.58 Sam And. 23:06.42 Jason and Missy Ah, she was able to get it all fixed and and we were through and then it was pretty smooth getting onto the show I didn't very smooth. No way delays. We had an early port arrival time again because I got on like right at midnight so we had an 11 a m port arrival time. Um, which was. 23:19.68 Sam Awesome. 23:23.77 Jason and Missy Lovely to get on and see the ship you know before the crowds descended but I have to back up a little bit because you know I've been wanting to Disney Cruise for a long time now. So when we pulled up to the port and I saw the dream sitting there like I had tears like legitimate. 23:25.78 Sam Yeah. 23:39.41 Sam Oh I Love that. 23:42.35 Jason and Missy Like crying I was like I can't believe this is happening. It is so pretty and I get wait so it was really neat to just get to the to the ship and just all of it was really neat but the process itself is very smooth. So. 23:47.79 Sam Go. 23:58.90 Sam Awesome now. Did you reach out to any of your plan Disney friends who were were sort of the cruise specialist because I I think that's an you know an interesting position. There's usually what 1 or 2 each year. Um, and they're you know, generally quite. 24:08.29 Jason and Missy Um, there are. 24:15.60 Sam Quite decent experts on the cruise line they often are people themselves who have sailed who have family that sales you know they they have just ah ah a wealth experience and so for somebody who hasn't cruised before I imagine they were kind of a good resource for you guys. 24:16.48 Jason and Missy Absolutely. 24:30.81 Jason and Missy They were a great resource. Yeah, and I ah you know thankfully I have kind of the insider access to you know, know them personally. But anybody who's planning a cruise can can reach out to them and ask questions and that's what they're there for to. 24:35.30 Sam Right. 24:44.92 Jason and Missy Help you plan and figure out the little details and things like that. So. 24:46.34 Sam Yeah, well and you also used a travel agent which smart move on your first time in particular I think that's helpful. You know I see a lot of the time in the Facebook groups people who completely miss the booking windows for activities and are like didn't even know about them right? and either they. 25:02.53 Jason and Missy Yeah. 25:05.49 Sam Use a travel agent who didn't tell them or they didn't use a travel agent at all and didn't actually do any research themselves and and just kind of blow by that window and then they're like oh there's you know, everything's sold out or whatnot not that you can't find things to do on board without pre-booking. You absolutely can. 25:19.61 Jason and Missy Right. 25:21.69 Sam But um, where what kinds of resources it sounds like missy. You're the one who did all the research right? You're the plan Disney person that's not surprising right? So what? what were I'd love to hear what? what kinds of resources you used in trying to figure out what kinds of stuff do I want to book what kinds of stuff do I want to see and do on the ship. 25:25.36 Jason and Missy Yes, yes. 25:27.41 dclduo So. 25:41.40 Sam Ah, where were you looking to. 25:43.37 Jason and Missy Um, you guys like true truthfully you because here's the thing I feel like with Disney vacations. There is a ton of information out there like nauseatingly exhaustive amount of information right? sometimes. 25:54.77 Sam Absolutely. 26:00.77 Jason and Missy And I just didn't find that quite as extensively with cruising and that's just kind of my personality I want to get a plan I Want to know um you know what's happening and how this is all going to work and I love listening to your podcast when you'd have guests on. 26:02.80 Sam Is. 26:13.43 Sam Hello. 26:16.76 Jason and Missy Um, because they would share those little details about you know menu items they enjoyed or things to do that were fun on on board and I just kept a note in my phone going constantly if you know if I hear something I Just add it to it and um. 26:33.75 Jason and Missy As I went I just kind of built this network of things that I wanted to do and you know other sources as well. My plan disney friends planned Disney itself I would just sit and you can filter just by Disney Cruise Lane and I would just read through answers and just see what people had said just to try to get you know extra little piece nuggets of wisdom or whatever. 26:52.28 Sam Yeah, that's super helpful I actually think yeah even if you don't know what questions to ask if you filter on plan disney by Disney Cruise Line you can see what questions other people have asked and it's yeah, really really helpful I mean people ask all kinds of um questions from the very basic like what is rotational dining. 26:52.37 Jason and Missy Um. 26:58.79 Jason and Missy Um, yeah. 27:07.84 Jason and Missy Um, right correct. 27:09.54 Sam To the more complicated of how do I book a cabana not that you know those not that those individual questions are on there I actually do know the rotational dining question is on there I'm not sure if the Kaba questions on there. Yeah, all kinds of things. Yeah. 27:19.96 Jason and Missy Yeah, oh they're all on there I mean people ask anything and everything on there. So yes, yeah I did also read um Aaron Foster's unofficial guide to Disney Cruise line so I had that as well. Some Youtube videos and things. But yeah. 27:31.90 Sam Oh yeah, that's a great. Yeah, oh the unofficial guides is great and shout out to Erin ah, she's been on our show before we hope to have her back on sometime soon. But she is a fantastic resource. 27:36.17 Jason and Missy Yes. 27:45.54 Sam And all the folks frankly at the unofficial guides are amazing. Okay, so we should talk about what you guys did on the cruise now that we get you through the boarding process. You had the tiers and you. 27:46.63 Jason and Missy Yes. 27:46.72 dclduo Yes, yes, okay. 27:58.95 Sam You enter into that beautiful Disney Dream Art Deco Atrium or is it art nouveau I never remember which one's which um, which I never remember. Yeah so what? what was the feeling when um, your family name is announced in that atrium. 28:02.46 Jason and Missy Yes I don't remember either. Yeah, it was gorgeous and took my breath away. 28:18.45 Sam Um, my gosh like imagine this is ah an odd but I don't know an odd moment for everyone right? yeah. 28:22.81 Jason and Missy There were still tears I mean I just I just was just trying to soak it all in and I was just so happy to be there and it was really cool for them to welcome us on board and then just to be right in there with the gorgeous chandelier and Donald. Statue and Mickey was waving at us and it was just this like ah this perfect moment. It was really cool. You cant you can't but Disney's found out how to do it. But. 28:44.13 dclduo See see Jason how can you put a price on that. How can you put a price. Yeah. 28:44.57 Sam Ah, oh like I love it I know. 28:52.24 Sam Ah, yeah. 28:55.14 dclduo I you know I've set up before on this show. Mickey's gigantic white glove hand fits so comfortably in my pocket. So yeah, ah. 29:00.90 Sam Ah, ah Jason did did you do any of the you know watching the Youtube videos or reading about the cruise like did you even know your family name was going to be announced when you walked into the ar I love I love hearing about you know it's it's very common story. 1 spouse is like really into it and and. 29:01.34 Jason and Missy Um, yeah, this Yes yes. 29:12.27 Jason and Missy I. 29:20.99 Sam Researches and knows everything that's going to happen in the other spouses totally clueless and then all of a sudden they're like immersed in this atmosphere here I don't mean that in a bad way I listen I don't I don't mean that in a negative way. It's actually I actually kind of think it's fun when somebody yeah. 29:25.31 dclduo Hey hey, let's not call anyone clueless on this show. 29:28.22 Jason and Missy Um, so. 29:34.24 dclduo Ah, oh you meant it in the L Woods sense of the word I got you I got you are. 29:34.52 Jason and Missy Um, yeah, no in the sense that there's surprises right? Yeah so yeah, definitely what I do is about a week before I start looking into things like just what am I going to experience and then I'll be like hey did you know we eat. Yes I've got it taken care of. 29:41.99 Sam Surprises. 29:49.36 Sam Um, yes I know this? Yes, we're already booked for it. Yes, I've already reserved it. 29:54.17 dclduo Me. 29:57.16 Jason and Missy Um I did make I did make you watch a ship tour on Youtube yeah, we want to ship tour just have some sort of semblance because typically what we do when we go on a trip is everybody's asking me. 30:04.48 Sam And. 30:10.11 Jason and Missy Mom where's this mom. Where's that like our first time at Disneyland you know and I'm like I've never been here either I I mean I kind of know but I kind of know enough to be dangerous at the same time until you actually experience it. So no I feel like I was very well prepared because when we travel together if I'm yeah I'm usually driving so. 30:11.15 Sam You. Right? right. 30:27.35 Jason and Missy Be listening to some podcast and and just learning So I feel like I was fairly well prepared. But I still think once you get in. It's really I mean it's super cool and it's beautiful and but then you're kind of like what do we do because there's still people coming in behind us. We want to stand here and take it all in but we need to get out of the way. So. 30:43.58 dclduo So what were the I hope wait hold a second. What were the kids most looking forward to headed into the cruise. 30:44.17 Sam Ah, well and you got on early. So. 30:46.50 Jason and Missy Yeah, right. 30:53.98 Jason and Missy I don't know if I know heading into the crew and I don't know if I know either heading into it I don't know that they really knew what they were I think that they were looking forward to like the touch of Disney in a new way I think they were excited to go to the Bahamas yeah kind of leave the country. 31:01.18 dclduo All right? well. 31:10.26 Sam Um, and here. 31:13.75 Jason and Missy Um I think they were looking forward to trying new foods and and experiencing you know that bad aspect of it I think they were looking forward to the teen clubs but I don't think they knew fully what to yeah they were on masks about those I do think. 31:28.87 Jason and Missy Going to the Bahamas was probably what they're looking for to because as they've gotten older. They've been wanting to do things other than just within the United States I think that was probably something that they were kind of excited about. 31:34.73 dclduo Who. 31:34.77 Sam E. 31:40.69 dclduo Nice. What did you you since they were looking forward to the Bahamas let me skip ahead for a second. What did you end up doing in the Bahamas did you do a port adventure. Did you get off the ship and what did you get up to. 31:40.80 Sam Awesome. 31:51.22 Jason and Missy Um, we we did get off the ship but we didn't We weren't planning on being off the ship for a really long time just because our next day was a castaway key and we since we had the kaan and we we were going to be the first off the ship and we were going to stay until they drug us back on and. 32:05.34 Sam Yes, that's the right way to do it when you have a Kabanna for sure. 32:08.95 dclduo Yeah, what's goofy dragging doing dragging that man back to the boat. Yeah no I and. 32:09.40 Jason and Missy Um, yeah, so we got off. That's right? Um, so that day we wanted to just get off enough to see the island see what it was like walk around a little bit and then get back on the ship and enjoy the ship that day. So we got off and really is perfect because a lot of the what you hear is negative about people bugging you trying to sell you things all that stuff as you're getting off the ship Nasa and Nasa yeah, yes. 32:36.93 Sam And this is Nat Nasa all right? Yeah, that's I was going to say I knew that once you started saying that Jason I was like oh he must be talking about Nasa but I I kind of assumed that. Yeah. 32:44.23 Jason and Missy Um, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, so we got through a lot of that but people were still setting up so they weren't bugging us all that much so we were kind of by all of that by the time they were set up. 32:45.45 dclduo Well I mean it's equal to castway key right? I mean do you want these towels. You want some water are you on a bevered I'm just kidding I'm kidding. No, it's very different and yet very different. 32:52.20 Sam Ah. 32:58.51 Sam You. 32:58.94 dclduo E. 33:03.76 Jason and Missy Yeah, we got off around 9 a m yeah and it was way before the crowds. So yeah, so we went to out of where it's going there were I don't know how we first went in. We might have been the first ship in but I I know there was 2 others at least 2 others. Yeah. 33:07.52 dclduo Nice other ships other ships import that day were there other ships import that day. Okay. 33:20.66 Sam Oh Wow So cool. 33:23.70 Jason and Missy Um, we went to parliament house to see that. Um, we walked down bay street walked through the st straw market went over to junk a new beach just to see that and then walked back to the ship and that was about an hour yeah what was that resort area just kind of. The way back for edaville yeah, we went kind of through some of that too. Oh yeah, there's like a yeah and you can like we didn't go in the resort itself. But there's kind of a like a one way to the beach like a waterfront little area and I wouldn't call it a dock. 33:42.62 dclduo Oh yeah, yeah. 33:46.13 Sam Um, oh yeah, that's a new one? yeah. 33:58.80 Jason and Missy It it just ah well like beenish area had pretty fountains and things like that and you could get right up to the water and that color of the water down there is just stunning So we just enjoyed kind of visiting that and then walked back. 34:09.22 Sam Ah. 34:13.71 Sam Yeah, well yeah, we've got a short. 34:16.32 dclduo I'm I'm glad to hear that you I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed your time in Nasa because look I say it on the show of time Nasa is this Nasa is a c day for us. But I just want to say to everyone out there. That's a personal choice thing. 34:25.92 Jason and Missy Yeah. 34:31.30 dclduo I think there are plenty of people who really they go enjoy going to Atlantis or the good or whatever it is. There's plenty to do in Nasa so I'm glad to hear you had a good experience and I just sort of say to each their own when it comes to you know Nasa getting offered I think it also depends to a lot of people do these like 3 fornite stream. 34:34.13 Jason and Missy Sure yeah. 34:43.54 Jason and Missy Yeah, yeah. 34:50.16 dclduo Magic whatever it's going to be going forward sailings wish and they go to Nasa so often that it gets to a point where it's like have done everything. There's nothing new here and so I think that can also be a driver and folks not getting off the ship. Yeah yeah. 34:58.50 Jason and Missy Yeah, like yeah and you know most of our day was just a ship day but I felt like especially you know our kids are wanting to leave the country and it's like this is our opportunity to see another place just to get to experience it for a little bit and I know you can't do much in an hour so I'm not saying that we are. 35:05.43 Sam Um, and you. 35:18.10 Jason and Missy Immersed in Bohemian culture or anything like that. But um, you know I'm glad we got to at least see it and have some experience there and then we left our time on the ship. The rest of the day that was Apollo brunch day and the kids the kids love it too. Well. 35:29.50 Sam Oh nice. 35:35.20 Jason and Missy 3 of the kids disappeared and it went and had a great time with their stuff once we got back on the ship. Um and the 2 youngest were kind of just moping around and we're like finally we were like all right? You guys here's what's going on in in think it's edge right? and edge. Yeah, yeah, we're here to enjoy this. So. Let's either figure out something we can do the 4 of us or you guys go do something at edge and they went to go. Yeah, do steps at edge and they had a great time once they did it and they just didn't want to to do it at first I don't know that moping around is there. Yes, it was um, you. 36:03.50 Sam Um, so good. Ah. 36:11.38 Jason and Missy And made me edit that out Brian and they'll listen until they agree. Oh you're ready. Well they were I don't know that moping around is the right thing to say they wanted to sit in our stateroom and watch Tv they were watching movies. 36:15.00 Sam Ah. 36:15.92 dclduo Um. 36:21.51 dclduo No yes. 36:23.61 Sam Ah, yeah. 36:24.74 Jason and Missy Um, and they were enjoying that and you know we realized that it's everybody's individual vacation and so we let them do that a little bit but then we we were like okay here's like 5 different things you could do. We're going to go do some things too. So. 36:34.50 dclduo Yeah, we we have to do that with Nathan. Yeah yeah. 36:35.83 Sam We face that with yeah. 36:38.79 Jason and Missy Yeah, and and so when they did that we went up and enjoyed the adult only area of the deck 11 and 12 or whatever 1312 and thirteen yeah yeah. 36:48.78 Sam Um, oh yeah, Satellite Falls or the yeah um me oh nice. 36:51.73 Jason and Missy Between like between the cove pool area and the satellite falls We kind of found loungers like halfway between them and so we we stopped into both pool areas and I took a nap up there. It was just relaxing and pretty and it was. It was nice. 37:05.50 Sam Awesome! Let's let's talk about some of the stuff you guys got up to on board I feel like 1 of the things we try and tell people particularly first time cruisers is there is so much to do on board like don't try to do everything because you. 37:05.78 dclduo Nice. 37:17.15 Jason and Missy Yeah. 37:22.80 Sam You won't be able to and then you'll be disappointed So sort of figure out your priorities of what you know when you look in that app and you start favoriteing things you sometimes realize oh these things overlap you try to have to figure out what you want to do what kinds of things. Did you guys like to what kinds of things Did you all get up to. 37:34.49 Jason and Missy Um, yeah. 37:40.44 Sam As a family on board. Let's start with that and then we talk a little bit more about um the adult stuff and maybe some of the stuff the kids even did. 37:46.98 Jason and Missy Yeah I would say as a family that first day we explored the ship together. We all went into vibe and we all went into edge kind of all checked it out together I'm just exploring the ship and then from there I'm not sure we did anything all 7 of us on the ship other than. 37:51.24 Sam Me. 38:02.43 Sam Um, yeah, yeah. 38:06.15 Jason and Missy Other than meals meals and the shows we watched all the shows together and then we had late dining so we would go to dinner together and then we'd all kind of scatter again. Yes yeah, but with that said we had our whole day at Castaway key together. 38:18.29 Sam Disperse again I Love it. 38:25.17 Jason and Missy And our Kabanna um, our oldest son did go off with his eighteen twenty friends for a little bit. Um, but other than that we all were pretty much at the Kabanna. Yeah for the day. Um, and well we took a bike right that day too as a family. Well you didn't I didn't and you can now she stayed back and took a nap foran. Yeah. 38:40.11 Sam You took a nap at the cabana. Why would you leave the Cabanna missy. 38:44.59 Jason and Missy Those loungers. Oh my God They were so comfortable and you know Palm tree and that that the music in the Cabina you can set it to like you know this fun tropical music and I was like this is like Paradise I'm not leaving you all can go sweat on a bike ride. 38:59.76 Sam I know right? Ah so what kind of stuff did you guys get get up to while you know the the kids are off to in their activities part of the time. Ah you probably did some stuff with some of the kids some of the time and some of just the 2 of you. 39:01.79 dclduo So you mentioned. 39:11.80 Jason and Missy Yes. 39:15.70 Sam What what kinds of um activities Did you guys get up to that. What let's talk about some of the family friendly stuff that you guys did. 39:22.87 Jason and Missy Yeah, yeah, you did the aqueduct with a couple the girls. Yeah and we did some trivia with our youngest ones We watched the family. Um. 39:24.96 Sam Oh I Love it. 39:35.31 Jason and Missy The game show where they have like the parent and the child asking the questions like the match your mate only with the families. We watched that um we did a yeah you said trivia? Sorry yeah yep, we did the trivia they had like a Dvc member of it thing that had not the trivia that was ridiculously hard. No, that was an adult. Yeah. 39:40.31 Sam Yep. 39:50.25 Sam Um, nice. 39:53.85 Sam Yeah, they're all hard. They're all hard. 39:54.71 Jason and Missy Um, yeah, yeah, well the first question was like super easy. We're like oh we're go nailed it. This was theme park trivia which again like I've gone to the theme parks my entire life I'm like we're gonna be awesome at this right? and um, it was very random, very difficult questions. Jason. 40:11.52 Sam In. 40:14.28 Jason and Missy Somebody are that the hostess was asking like anybody feel confident in all this and Jason leans over too and he says if you feel confident in that you need to get out more because it was very specific like how many light bulbs are on something and you know things like that. So yeah. 40:27.36 Sam Oh my God craziness. 40:33.16 Jason and Missy But yeah, we um, we we loved the pirate night Deck party and fireworks and dance party afterwards we enjoyed all that with their youngest kids and watching our teenagers. We could see them down below with their friends which was fun to see them having a good time. 40:52.52 Sam Awesome. 40:53.00 Jason and Missy Yeah. 40:55.67 dclduo You've mentioned um I kind of want to rewind for a second you talked about the um, the 1820 s society edge some of your kids are old enough for vibe I would think um, it sound like they were reluctant or at least a few of them are reluctant to get involved with the clubs. 41:00.65 Jason and Missy Um, yes, yes yep. 41:12.37 dclduo But what was the experience was it on the whole like positive were they spending time making friends in those clubs or or you know did they did they try it out and were like Nah It's not for us. 41:15.26 Jason and Missy Um, yeah, so I think the only one that wasn't all that reluctant was Josh our oldest going into going into it. Yeah, so he we told him right up front were like look you know you're almost twenty. You're gonna make your own choices. But we said. What someone is read but misses researched is that if it's going to be fun. You need to be at the first meet and greet so that you get to know people from the beginning and you can trade you know it's not numbers but whatever it is messaging or whatever code, whatever it is. 41:44.88 Sam Um. 41:53.62 Jason and Missy And he did that and he had a blast. He a yeah I didn't see him a whole lot. He was gone doing things and up very late at night and and up late and I we hit that too later if you want because I was not expecting to be up as late as we were throughout the entire crew whole course would up pretty late. But back to your question are are 2 middle daughters. They were reluctant at first and I feel like we had to kind of give them a little bit of gentle push to like first time and then once they went the first time and had a good time they were they were sold. They would run off together and and I think the two of them had a great time. Like almost bonding just the two of them I think they enjoyed their time together and they made some good friends on the cruise and they had at 1 of the counselors that they got really close with and our daughter to this day is still saying I miss d jo um, so yeah, they just they loved vibe and I think our youngest to and. 42:39.80 Sam Oh no. 42:52.43 Jason and Missy Joyed edge. But um, it was a little bit harder to um, get them engaged in that and they didn't make the friendships that they were like anxious to get back to go see their friends kind of thing. So if there was an event they were interested in. They might go to that or um. 43:05.57 Sam Um. 43:10.42 Jason and Missy Just to have something to do they might stop in there but they weren't as in love with it I think some of that's that age you know, just again they were They were really interested in. They loved funnel vision so they wanted to sit by the pool and watch funnel vision and some of that. Yeah. 43:24.91 Sam Did did the 12 year old check out the ocean ears club and have any interest in that I mean there because it's 3 to 12 so twelve year old can go to the ocean ears club but I know that 11 to 14 I believe is edge so there's that overlap age and I think. 43:32.62 Jason and Missy Right. 43:38.36 Jason and Missy Right. 43:42.37 Sam They do tend to like to go to the older club. Not the younger club but the some really cool stuff in Ocean air any any interest in that. 43:43.10 Jason and Missy Yeah, right, she did not and I don't think she would have wanted to go by herself in there especially being on the old end. Well and our son was 12 his but his thirteenth birthday was on our nassau day. So. 43:51.67 Sam E. 43:57.92 Sam Oh. 44:00.81 Jason and Missy Um, he was 12 when he when we started. Um so I don't know no I I feel like they wanted to be in vibe have thought of going. Yeah, yeah, yeah, and I told you what that vibe space we went there on the open house that was. 44:11.84 Sam Ah, they wanted to be in the even older club. Ah. 44:14.70 dclduo Yeah. 44:19.19 Sam Oh yeah. 44:19.74 Jason and Missy So of the 3 spaces. Well if we had really young kids of the two spaces I thought vibe was a lot. It's a lot larger for 1 when we went there first and then when we went to edge it wasn't quite as large as vibe is but they still had a lot of neat things in there and the um. 44:39.85 Jason and Missy Counselors that are in. There are really friendly and you know they're upbeat and they have the list on the or like a list on a board there with all the things going on for the day so they really have different things for different people and kind of what your interests are and they did a great job of providing opportunities for things for the for those tweens and teens. 44:58.42 Sam Yeah, you pointed out something. 44:58.76 dclduo Yeah I mean a smoothie bar and I mean a smoothie bar in video game pods. Everyone wants some of those. 44:59.42 Jason and Missy To do. 45:05.70 Jason and Missy Um, right? yeah. 45:05.12 Sam Yeah, but but even better you're forgetting Brian the vibe on the dream and the fantasy have that outdoor area with that like pool and loungers. They have their own like. 45:16.34 Jason and Missy Yep yep, the pools. 45:21.84 Sam Quiet Cove pool area for the teens that doesn't exist on the wish. That's the rainforest room on the on the wish. But yeah, it's pretty a mate So it's an adults only area on the wish. But it's a teen area on the dream and the fantasy but I I honestly think that that's. 45:22.55 Jason and Missy Um, you Okay, okay yeah. 45:37.48 Sam 1 of the coolest areas on the ship I always like to go during an open house to just check it out because obviously we don't get to use that space. Um, but I'm glad to hear that I'm glad to hear they all enjoyed it at different levels right? I mean and not everybody's going to make the best their new best friend at. 45:39.67 Jason and Missy Um, yeah, sure. Yeah. 45:48.85 Jason and Missy Um, ah yeah, right, right. 45:54.32 Sam 1 of the clubs. But if they enjoy some of the activities I think that's a you know great result. 46:00.20 Jason and Missy Yeah I was asking our older teens What they loved to boast about fivebe and both of them were like just hanging out with friends I'm like well what does that mean, what were you doing and they were like we played a lot of foodball and ping Ho Um, we could see them playing ping Pong Once when we were up. At Um, Satellite Falls we could see over and we're like so that was cool. 46:20.90 Sam Um, ah, fun. Ah, that's awesome. That's so fun. 46:27.42 dclduo Nice, well you mentioned more of the family activities. You consistently did was eating den together and so we can't talk about Disney Crew's line without talking about food I say that all the time. Um, let's I want to talk about rotational dining. 46:31.33 Jason and Missy Shirt nests. 46:41.47 dclduo Ah, since there's a three night sailing I'm assuming you you mentioned did pao but I for ah yeah, okay, let me start over. Um you mentioned it was a so I want to talk about rotational dining was a fortnight sailing so you got to go to each of the dining rooms. Once there was a pirate night. 46:43.94 Sam Fortnight. 46:46.74 Jason and Missy Yeah, we had 4 nights. Ah. 46:59.91 dclduo Which we can talk about in a second as well. Ah, how did you find main dining or rotational dining and any standouts or favorites for you. 47:10.47 Jason and Missy Yeah, um, obviously the standout for us was Pollo for this I rotational. Oh you're right? Yeah um stand doubts on that so I would say we enjoyed all of our meals. 47:18.23 dclduo Um, yeah, we'll gets Apollo in a second for sure. Yeah. 47:18.81 Sam Ah, we'll get to Paulo first to her. But. 47:26.79 Jason and Missy I don't think we had a bad meal. Um, all of the food was really good I do think we had a few favorites along the way. Um our son our oldest son who's used to college dorm food was like salivating at that First night's dinner because he knew he was going to get a fillet and he was. 47:27.22 dclduo Okay, okay. 47:40.23 Sam Um. 47:46.15 Jason and Missy So excited and it he loved it lived up to it. Um, that was really great for him. Ah, right? Yes, so he's now sick. No I'm kidding. But um. 47:51.24 dclduo Did you tell him he could get 2 fileted. Ah. 47:53.56 Sam Um, yeah, or 3 are. 48:04.60 Jason and Missy Yeah, no, um I loved your black truffle perset Sam um I know you're a big fan of those those were fantastic. Um, we had um for me I think my favorite of the entres was an enchanted garden I love the sea scallops there with the cousus and it was. 48:06.80 Sam Yes, yes, but. 48:18.84 Sam E. 48:23.24 Jason and Missy So good. So that was probably my favorite entree of the of the time but the crember lay at Royal Palace was great. Um, actually he's the one that ordered that and I ate quite a bit of it. Yeah. 48:37.62 Sam Um, you ate it? yeah. 48:41.98 Jason and Missy But I I mean when you're ordering 2 or 3 desserts. It's it's okay to share. yes yes, yes he was very kind. Well she's right she should have ordered 2 or 3 that stole on you're right. 48:47.37 Sam It's okay to share it? Yeah, ah. 48:47.98 dclduo Why there's no need because the other person can order 2 or 3 desserts too. You don't for sure. But. 48:58.57 dclduo Ah, well. 48:59.82 Jason and Missy Yes I had this souffle that night which was good but I did like his k boullet better. So I was couple bittes of souffle bit of his ahru bruullet and then it was great. yeah yeah I I really enjoyed the filllas as well. That was a good meal that night 49:04.31 dclduo Nice. 49:09.99 Sam Awesome. 49:11.61 dclduo Now you did that. 49:18.20 Sam Now are the kids at again. Oh yeah, Brian like love really loves that too were the kids adventurous in the dining room. Obviously they're older they could have ah ordered off the kids menu if they wanted to I mean any anybody can frankly adults. 49:18.21 Jason and Missy You like the ah he tuner. Oh yeah, the ay tuna was really good. Yeah. 49:31.37 Jason and Missy Right. 49:34.70 Sam Can even if they want to but I imagine they're a little bit bigger imagine they probably wanted to try some some different stuff how how were they I mean you said the 20 year old was excited because you know dorm food. Obviously the foods could be better than dorm food. But what about the other kids. 49:46.42 Jason and Missy Um, right? Yes I thought they all actually I was surprised. Yeah, they were all pretty adventurous. Our youngest son always wants to do chicken fingers everywhere like Mexican food Chicken Fingers Italian Food chicken. 49:56.20 Sam Everywhere. Yeah. 50:02.32 Jason and Missy Yeah, he knows what chicken fingers taste like across the globe. Um. 50:07.35 Sam Ah, and let's face it the chicken fingers on on Disney Cruise line are actually pretty darn goods. But. 50:09.93 Jason and Missy Yeah, they are quite Tasty. Yes, they are but he did a good job branching out and trying some new things. A lot of still chicken dishes. Yeah, but he would try new things and that was great. Our youngest child is our most adventurous eater and. She says that's her very favorite thing about the cruise. Yeah um, she loved the s cart go and she loved all the seafood and she like she just yeah, she won. Yeah she did yep and she loved it. So yeah, it was all it was all the really adventurous things that she could try that she really enjoyed. 50:27.18 Sam Um, cool. Ah yeah, um, your youngest eighth s cargo I Love that oh my God It's awesome. Yeah. 50:45.99 Jason and Missy So tried something one night too I can't remember what it was that I was surprised by yeah I feel like I feel like a lot of our kids were willing to try new things. We had 1 child who ordered a Sunday every night for dessert but you know just trying new appetizers and no no, she was like it's. 50:58.56 Sam Ah, there's that's not a wrong decision. 51:04.24 Jason and Missy Yummy I can't go wrong. So there was 1 kid 1 meal that didn't like their meal but they didn't want to order anything else because they were full anyway and they're like I can get so I Megan did too I um I don't like anything really spicy and the fillet. And art of animation with the wasabi and the potatoes I just didn't yes yes, yes, yes, no oh. 51:22.73 dclduo Oh. 51:25.30 Sam Oh it's the it's the beef tenderloin with the wasabi mashed potatoes. The tenderloin is fine but the wasabi mashed potatoes are I'm with you on this missy I do not like them at all I have ordered the beef tenderloin with a side of French fries as ah, an option. So. 51:40.60 Jason and Missy There you go see now. There's a tip. Yeah purpose. 51:41.85 Sam You? Yeah so there you can totally order I mean they you probably? they'll probably so bring you the mashed potatoes on that plate but order just like a side of French fries or a side of regular mashed potatoes or something. Yeah. 51:50.63 Jason and Missy Okay, okay, yeah I didn't eat a lot of that meal and our waitr was very concerned about me is that what you know is there anything wrong I'll get you something else but else what else, but that had been our Apollo day and I was like I don't need any more food I'm really good. Thank you But I'm good. 52:02.23 Sam Oh yeah. 52:06.52 dclduo Okay. 52:09.21 Jason and Missy Her wasabi mashed potato did not go on eat. So no somebody else took care of them for us. So I thought they were delicious. Yeah yeah, know. 52:09.23 Sam yeah so yeah I believe it Brian Brian likes them too I just I don't like wasabi I don't not a spicy food eater generally speaking. So um, yeah, it's not not my jam but i. There's plenty of other stuff on the menu and as you said you've probably I mean you had probably appetizer salad and then your man comes and you're already full from hollow and you don't love it. You're not going to eat much of it. Yeah. 52:26.15 Jason and Missy Yes, yep, right? Yeah, exactly exactly now I do have to say I had heard some negative feedback about pirate night dinner. 52:42.27 Sam No, we're not big fans. It's we don't hate it. Let's put it this way. We don't hate it. We can find something that we decently like on there but it's because it's an upgraded menu after the pandemic. Yeah. 52:44.45 Jason and Missy And I think Brian I don't think you're a fan right? yeah. 52:48.39 dclduo Yeah, um, yeah, but they up but but they updated the menu they but they updated. Yeah, they updated the menu. So our our? yeah yeah, yeah. 52:59.86 Jason and Missy Okay, well I enjoyed pirate night that was really my second favorite dinner that I had I had the I don't remember what it's called it was like a pasta with shrimp and scallops in it. Um, and then I love the banana hazelnut dessert tosert. 53:09.16 dclduo Me. 53:09.59 Sam With his. 53:17.77 Jason and Missy That was good. So I and maybe it's just because my expectations were low but um I surprisingly enjoyed the pirate night dinner. 53:25.20 dclduo There you go Sam that's the serviced. That's the service we provide Sam we lower the bar so that so the Disney can pathway. 53:27.00 Sam Um, yeah I mean I don't think it's we lower the bars than everything. Well, it's funny because like we we do ah we we we still Poo Poo it because it's just I mean we've had it. Post Pandemic It was better than the pre pandemic menu I think they they updated the menu and it's and the food is better. It's still not my favorite menu if I'm going to skip one. That's still going to be the one that I'm going to Skip. Um. 53:41.95 Jason and Missy Um, yeah. 53:52.31 dclduo But that's but I yeah but I think the other piece of this Sam is we really enjoy Paulo dinner or remy dinner on the ship and so for us the pirate night menu is like the lowest in the ranking I actually would. 53:59.38 Jason and Missy Sure yeah. 53:59.96 Sam Um, yes, we do? Yes Yes, oh comparatively to that? yeah. 54:06.89 dclduo Comparatively and so that's the night we're going to skip to go have dinner anyway. So we don't do it all that often anymore because of that so speaking of which I got to hear so Palo brunch was what was on tap because you had all of the dinners then and so our first question I got to ask. 54:11.92 Jason and Missy Yeah. 54:17.30 Jason and Missy Correct. Yes, yes. 54:23.91 dclduo Did you invite the 20 year old to go with you. 54:24.47 Jason and Missy We did yeah and he was so excited to get to go? yes. 54:25.95 Sam Oh you're so nice. Okay. 54:28.86 dclduo That nice nice all right? So how was the infamous Paulo Brunch 54:37.17 Sam I. 54:38.70 Jason and Missy Ah, amazing. That was amazing I have to say and you know I had heard you guys talk about this and then heard these reviews but I'm thinking like but all the food is supposed to be really good and it's just food. So what's the big difference and you know I kind of questioned if it would be worth it and. Only having a fortnight cruise did we want to take the time out to go do it I am so glad you did you know I'd heard about the service was amazing and I don't know that I really understood that until we were there and the service really was like amazing. He was so good. He took victor shout out to Victor. He took. 54:55.30 Sam Are. 55:03.43 Sam You need. 55:11.74 Jason and Missy Fantastic care of us. Um, the food was incredible. The setting was gorgeous. It just was very lovely. 55:20.96 Sam I love it Jason what did you order i. 55:21.27 dclduo Now the the big. Yeah. 55:23.69 Jason and Missy Oh gosh, what didn't I there's probably easier help me with the courses. We each got one of the appetizers Josh and I had the charouttery one and you had the seafood one. It was delicious. We tried the soups. We got the. 55:39.42 dclduo Yep. 55:42.78 Jason and Missy Celery soup that was probably my least favorite of the course I would say too I mean it was nice to try something different. It was fine but like an asparagus soup was anything no that was somewhat different. We skipped the waffle and pancake course because we had just had breakfast and so we skipped that one eggs Benedict that was really good. 55:56.56 Sam Um. 56:00.93 Sam Oh nice. 56:01.98 Jason and Missy Eggs Benedict were amazing I will admit that was my first time ever to have eggs Benedict because I don't like runny eggs and I thought that eggs Benedict had to be runny and victor was like no we can make it with a hard yolk for you and I was like then I'll try it and it was really good. 56:07.26 Sam E. 56:19.60 Sam Um, oh awesome. 56:19.90 Jason and Missy I'm probably torturing true egg Benedic lovers by saying that you've just lost all credibility. Yeah done. 56:23.72 dclduo What kind of kind of kind of. But yeah, all complaints. Ah, all complaints can go to our voicemail line. Um I yeah. 56:29.21 Sam Ah, there are people turning off their turning off their Apple podcast right now please stay with us audience. 56:39.50 Jason and Missy Um, yeah. 56:42.61 dclduo You know what's interesting is so we we have done Palo branch a bunch of times and we've always told people like skip the breakfast get the breakfast. That's where people go wrong. Don't get the breakfast but I did have the eggs Florentine I think it was or the eggs Benedict Florentine or however, they put it a couple times and I'm like this is. 56:51.54 Jason and Missy Yeah, yeah. 56:54.90 Sam Yeah, yeah. 57:01.87 dclduo This is nice like I don't I don't want to have the Fullon Eggs benedict because we're all going to end up ordering lasagna and Chicken Parmesan All that sort of stuff. Um, it is I mean I'm impressed like the quality of what they're putting out of that kitchen for eggs benedi is high. It's really good. It was really good. So all right? What's next on the table then. 57:06.60 Jason and Missy Right? content. Yes, yes, it is and then we with we thought about?? Yeah yeah, we thought about skipping pizza for a little bit because it's just so much food. But we. 57:17.45 Sam Yeah, where's the italian food tell me the italian food. Yeah, and then Victor told you don't yeah you better. Not. 57:20.16 dclduo Ah. 57:28.30 Jason and Missy Yes, victors I absolutely do not so we got the the one we know that sounds weird the grape and so we he told us you can split the pizzas and do them half and half yeah so we got 2 pizzas for the table and tried 4 different kinds. No, we had 4 Yeah, we had the pepperoni. We had the. 57:32.45 Sam S. 57:34.80 dclduo Ah, so good. 57:46.95 Jason and Missy You like the sundried tomato and was it go cheese. Yeah yeah, the great great think works go that was my favorite and then what was our fourth one. Yes, how is it? Yep yep, So we got to? yeah yep, we got to try them home. 57:49.45 dclduo You. 57:50.25 Sam Goat cheese. Yeah, you had the gorgonzola and grape and then probably the margarita. Yeah, you had all 4 Yeah. 57:58.18 dclduo Yeah, what you? what do you think of the graing Gorgonola Go would you think of it. Ah so good. Yeah. 58:05.98 Jason and Missy I Loved it. You loved it I I didn't think it was bad but I like the margarita and then the pepper. No you like the you like the sundrra you're right sundried tomatoes that one was my favorite but some reason's I a sucker for sundried tomatoes I That think they disagree on lots of different things. 58:07.23 Sam Yeah. 58:21.85 dclduo Yeah, yeah, our 2 favorites are the sausage are two favorites of the sausage and the well I'd Sam doesn't love the grapeping gorgonzola. 58:22.86 Sam Um, yeah, those pizzas are so good. 58:24.82 Jason and Missy Yeah, so it's nice to try them all though. 58:33.38 Sam I actually had it the last time and I was I mean I had it a couple of times I It's funny I Hate blue cheese. The only thing that I can eat with any kind of blue cheese Gorgonzola Whatever is that pizza. It's honestly, um, it's I still prefer the. 58:34.56 Jason and Missy Um, I know. 58:44.76 Jason and Missy Yeah. 58:50.67 Sam The sausage 1 pepperoni one whatever it's called. Um, yeah I still prefer that one. But honestly I think the gorganzo and grape one is pretty great even though I don't at all like any kind of blue cheese that sounds weird I mean. 58:50.99 Jason and Missy Yeah I said so I said pepperoni. But I think it's sausage isn't it. Yeah. 58:59.20 dclduo M. 59:03.71 Jason and Missy It was just so unique. That's like a opposing flavors kind of together was really great. Yeah yeah. 59:09.67 Sam Yeah, and it's so light like the it's not like a really I mean gordons All is super pungent right? But like it's I think they just must put so little of it that it just gives a little bit of the flavor without overpowering it all. So yeah, it's. 59:21.57 Jason and Missy Um, yeah, yeah, um, that's yeah, it's really good. 59:26.35 Sam It's amazing. Okay, what were the we got to know what the main entrees were this is the main event right? after you after. 59:29.99 Jason and Missy Um, we all did right? you yeah I will say I don't know that I ever recovered for me feeling full standpoint from that point on because I would you know you go to dinner and it's like well I got to try all this food. It's already. 59:30.32 dclduo Well after after you went back to your state room and took a nap for an hour and then returned to the restaurant. Yeah, ah. 59:41.76 Sam Um, yeah, oh yeah, ah include included included. 59:47.39 Jason and Missy Paid for free or whatever you call it clear. But yes, not not free included. Um, we all 3 got the chicken palm. Yeah, and then we split a piece of lasagna. Yeah to try it. 59:52.67 dclduo Included. Okay. 59:57.12 Sam Ah yes, ah perfect I Love you guys like you? Ok listen I'm actually super impressed because we usually so we we get the antipasa. We sometimes get a soup but we often skip the soup. 59:57.20 dclduo Ah I love this strategy. Ah. 01:00:06.97 Jason and Missy Um. 01:00:14.72 Sam Um, we almost always skip the egg course and then we each get the entree and of course and a pizza of course. But you guys like you guys took it up a notch I mean you pretty much hit every core I'm like like yeah I have to bow down to you or you're eating prowess I mean ah. 01:00:19.88 Jason and Missy Um, right? we know. 01:00:21.70 dclduo You killed it? yeah. 01:00:26.44 Jason and Missy Yeah again I never recovered I did not finish my chicken Palm I Probably only eate about half of it I did finish mine. Yes, it was so delicious though and then I think we I think we tried almost every dessert. 01:00:27.14 dclduo The third your palo game is strong. Your Pao game is strong. 01:00:33.40 Sam Yeah, your polog game. 01:00:37.55 Sam Yeah I always finish mine. Let's be here. 01:00:45.57 Jason and Missy I think so I think we did I mean there were 3 of us so you know I tried I had the lava cake. You had the lemon lemoncello. Yeah, we thought did you even try the tear miss I think Josh got the term through no he had lemonella too. But then we got the raspberry crunch thing to share. 01:00:49.80 dclduo Unbelievable I Love it. 01:00:51.36 Sam Me. 01:01:01.64 Sam Yeah, yeah. 01:01:02.15 dclduo Oh. 01:01:05.11 Jason and Missy Which was we all love love that one? um and they had the gooey bun. We got that to split to yeah the sticky bun. Yep we tried that? yep. 01:01:10.22 Sam Oh the sticky bun. Yeah the sticky button but just like a cinnamon roll for people who aren't listening. It's kind of like a so a cinnamon roll but without the what icing it's got the caramel sauce. Yeah. 01:01:12.38 dclduo Oh yeah, oh. 01:01:18.83 Jason and Missy Um, yeah, yeah, yeah, too much health on it. 01:01:21.51 dclduo And Apple dear dear dcl can you please remove the bits of Apple from the cinnamon bun. That's my only request now cmon bun was perfect as is there's just it was perfect as is don't mess with perfection. You know, don't mess with perfection. Amazing. What is you. 01:01:26.32 Sam Yes, yeah, yeah, it will eat. Yeah. 01:01:37.32 Jason and Missy Confession I didn't really love that one I thought it was like too gooey on my teeth. Yeah, um, yeah I didn't love that one but I loved my lava cake. 01:01:40.77 Sam Um, too much. Um it it was better. Yeah, that's Brian that's just. 01:01:42.57 dclduo Yeah, meanwhile I just want I Just want a glass of caramel and a straw and I be good. Ah what? what did you think of the the lasagna did you did you like that. 01:01:54.80 Jason and Missy Um I did but I like the chicken part better. Yeah yeah, yes, yeah. 01:01:56.82 dclduo 1 point to Sam Run point to sam love it I love it. 01:01:57.41 Sam Ah, there you go Brian that's a win for me. Ah I love it I love it did did your son enjoy it. You think as much as the 2 of you did. 01:02:07.21 Jason and Missy Oh oh absolutely? Yeah yes, he thought it was fantastic. Yeah, he I think he was blown away by the service and just the quality of the food and the whole experience like he loved it. He did comedy like I have to go back to college food. Yeah, it's from. 01:02:10.14 dclduo Nice, nice. 01:02:22.45 Sam And that's going to be really hard after Paulo. Yeah, so you mentioned earlier? Oh sorry. 01:02:26.87 dclduo So do you do you think you do it again. Do do you think? So do you think you do it again because you know adult dinings in up charge. Ah would you do a pallo dinner or try a pallo dinner or try remy. 01:02:27.20 Jason and Missy Ah. 01:02:36.59 Jason and Missy I would I would if I went on especially if it were a longer Cruise I would probably do apollo brunch and Apollo dinner I am probably not adventurous enough to do remy just from what I've heard he would probably love it so he would need to go make some friends somewhere and then go to red. 01:02:53.42 Sam Right? right? I Guess you'll have to sail with us. Yeah, you just made you you had sail with us. We'll go get a dinner at remy or on shonte. We're all about it. So so you mentioned earlier. 01:02:54.34 dclduo Jason you just made 2 right here? Yeah yeah. 01:02:55.95 Jason and Missy Um, yeah, yeah, yeah. 01:03:04.64 Jason and Missy Yeah, if they were patient with me and I could pick apart some things or you know I and I don't know how you know I don't how much they deviate from the menu or if I could skip courses or something but um I don't know. 01:03:10.30 Sam E. 01:03:17.75 Sam You could skip them but but they'll be like why are you skip? Why aren't you eating this? Yeah, you can't so that's the 1 thing I would say you can't if you have an allergy or something that's something they might be able to work around. Um Paulo for sure if you haven't a food allergy. Or some kind of specific food aversion. Paulo can work around it and even gluten free. They can do glutenfree pastas. It's it's pretty wonderful. The stuff they can do um over at remy or on chate they will not like change the dishes really, there's not a lot because it's really a set. 01:03:49.32 Jason and Missy Okay. 01:03:53.94 Sam Menu there you can do There is kind of an all a cart option that they introduced post pandemic but you can't really mess around within the dish. Um, if you have an allergy they may be able to accommodate it or sub out or they will sub out that course for something else, but it's not. 01:04:08.57 Jason and Missy Okay. 01:04:09.12 dclduo I I think they would work really hard I think they would work really hard to accommodate if like Disney is really good about food allergies I hear what you're saying but I think they'd work really hard. So I don't want somebody to go like oh I have a food allergy I can't eat remy I think make the reservation and have a chat with the ma or d when you get on board and make sure but like I don't. 01:04:12.20 Sam Not the same amount of flexibility. 01:04:17.19 Sam Yes. No. 01:04:25.64 Jason and Missy Um, yeah. 01:04:29.70 dclduo I Don't think that you should avoid it because of a food allergy I'll just say that. So yeah, yeah, yeah. 01:04:30.56 Sam No, that's not what I was saying right? but a pick me eat right? Yeah I I would say I would say remy and enchantte you if you're a picky eater. You're just not going to be real. 01:04:31.43 Jason and Missy But mine is just I'm pickier I don't like to eat like I'm not going to eat escargo or you know some of those things like my daughter would. 01:04:44.29 dclduo Yes. 01:04:47.33 Sam Thrilled with it. So it's just it's just a skip if and that's totally great because there's so much good stuff in main dining. There's great stuff in Paulo you mentioned earlier in the show you all stayed up a lot later than you kind of anticipated I'd love to hear. Um, why that happened and how that happened and what kinds of stuff you were you were all. 01:04:48.40 Jason and Missy Um, yeah, right? yeah. 01:05:06.33 Sam Up to late at night late night on Disney Cruise line 01:05:07.23 Jason and Missy Yeah I think the first reason it happened is because we did later dinner seatings right? So we didn't get out of dinner until 49 by yeah so I think that started off the evening and everybody wanted to do something after dinner so we would just kind of do different things. The kids wanted to. Do their stuff and like said the younger ones at times but they just go back and watch movies in the room and we were okay with that late at night yeah so and then we would go over to evolution evolution and usually hang out there for a little while and um, funny story but are. But don't I won't tell too much but we got selected for the match your mas we were on stage. Yeah, so one of us did not want to even raise our hands for being on stage but they were doing the couple. 01:05:48.55 Sam Oh I Love it. 01:05:51.60 dclduo Oh no, no, no, no you you. 01:06:00.66 Jason and Missy And I normally wouldn't want to do this either but they were looking for the longest together couple and and they were like 14 years all that. Yeah her competitive spirit came out like no, that's nothing 26 years and so they were like okay, you guys you know so the funst part of that the best part of all of that was our son was in the room. 01:06:03.43 Sam Is in. 01:06:12.71 Sam Oh oh oh gosh how that's quite embarrassing the 20 well more embarrassing for the 20 year old maybe than embarrassing for you all. 01:06:17.53 dclduo Well. 01:06:23.10 Jason and Missy Ah, yeah, oh for sure so he was like scarred I think so not, we will not reveal the whole thing but we had a why they were trying to find the middle couple. I said hey if they ask us this. We have to answer the specific answer so that it will just annihilate our son who's in the room and they did ask that question and he was not happy. 01:06:53.50 dclduo Ha. 01:06:54.73 Jason and Missy They brought him up on the stage to ask him why he thought about that and he was just ready to die in a hole he was mortifying. Yes, yes, but. 01:06:55.87 Sam But oh my god it was mortified oh my god that's awesome. Um I'm going to guess that it was the question like where was the first time that you discovered the magic or what's the strangest place you've discovered the magic. That's. 01:06:59.71 dclduo Amazing. 01:07:12.23 dclduo Yeah fan favorite. 01:07:12.90 Jason and Missy Strangest place. Yeah, and and yeah, yes, yes. 01:07:13.65 Sam Yeah, so that's yeah, that's always a fun question because this is a family show. We won't ask you your question on the on the recorded part of the show but we will ask you 1 thing but. 01:07:26.15 dclduo Well not just because it's family friendly but also because you know doing matcher made on board a Disney Cruise is you know a room of like ah maybe 100 people yeah and so we won't broadcast it out to the ah the audience that we have ah that is broader than that. 01:07:26.57 Jason and Missy Um, we can share it off the record. 01:07:30.90 Sam Ah. 01:07:30.54 Jason and Missy Are. 01:07:34.20 Sam What what happens on the cruise. 01:07:37.57 Jason and Missy Yes. Um, yes, yes. 01:07:43.96 dclduo Um, speaking yeah speaking of entertainment ah Sam I am shocked and amazed that you have not gotten to shows. So let's talk shows. 01:07:44.78 Sam Ah, what happens on the screw Cruise stays on the cruise. Ah. 01:07:52.56 Sam Um, no, you know that's exactly where I was going? yeah. 01:07:55.78 dclduo Okay, well let's talk shows. So ah, what did you think of the shows on board and then I will let Sam critique your opinions as she is wanting to do so yes. 01:08:01.95 Sam No I won't I will wait for rapid fire to do that. 01:08:10.20 Jason and Missy Um I love the shows for the most part I will say I didn't love Golden Mickey's um, it just felt a little dated to me. Um. 01:08:15.69 Sam Um, it's okay, it's good. It's a little dated. You know. 01:08:20.11 Jason and Missy And so that was a little bit of a disappointment and that was our first day on the ship and the ship was like rocking and we had people behind us that would not quit talking. They talked through the entire show so there were just there were a couple strikes against it to start but that one I could have taken or left um enjoyed believe. 01:08:26.71 Sam Um, yeah. 01:08:28.19 dclduo So. You know. 01:08:40.13 Jason and Missy Loved Beauty and the beast. Yeah, we all we all love Beauty the beast. Yeah I think I think all of us for the most part like to believe. Yeah yeah, um I think. 01:08:42.17 Sam That's sorry to answer. 01:08:54.62 Jason and Missy Just for me like knowing what they can do with their shows with beauty in the beast I'm not sure why Golden Mickey's is just not quite there but I had heard somebody say that in an interview beforehand and I was like oh that can't be right? but I think I do agree with that statement. So. 01:08:58.24 Sam Um, yeah, yeah. 01:09:08.74 Sam You know it's funny. We we talked to obviously a lot of different people and there are some people who still love the Golden Mickeys I am I am right with you guys I think it's dated and and it needs an update. 01:09:18.42 Jason and Missy Um, with the. 01:09:23.62 Sam It's not a bad concept I do think the whole concept with Enson Benson being you know, having to host the show. All I think that's a cute concept. The idea of ah it being an awards show again. Cute concept. It's just it just needs updating. It was quite funny when. 01:09:24.10 Jason and Missy Right. Um, yeah, right. 01:09:41.35 Sam Ah Bob Iger came back and took over for Bob Chapek who was ousted but for years for years. They were still showing Bob Iger on the screen in that show even though he was no longer with Disney and so. 01:09:41.52 Jason and Missy Yeah, he's back again. 01:09:53.17 Jason and Missy Yeah, right? that doesn't seem to make sense. But right right right? except he does not. 01:09:58.90 Sam It was. It was just yeah, it was like it could have subbed in Bob chepeck for that time but then of course and but when iger came back. It was like oh it's perfect now they don't need to update this show like we were all joking about it but it he looks yes he does not look aim as in that video but it it's. 01:10:10.62 Jason and Missy It looks very young in that video. Yeah yes, sure well and I could see that if if we had grown up on Disney Cruise like we have with Disney World I'm sure there's things about Disney world that we love that first timers are like what you know. 01:10:16.45 Sam It's a it's charming and nostalgic. But it's not is. He's best though. 01:10:25.71 Sam I hear. 01:10:30.13 Jason and Missy Um, and the cast was wonderful. They were all amazing. So I you know give props to them. They were great but just the show itself is not our favorite. 01:10:38.43 Sam Yeah I have have to agree with you now did did you guys see I imagineing you might have had 1 variety act or maybe you just had a movie the a movie in the main theater on that on that fortnight? Ah, okay. 01:10:48.20 Jason and Missy They played the new aunt man yeah movie which our youngest 2 did go to see again. The theme with the movies they did go to the movies to see that um, but the rest of us did not. 01:10:54.34 Sam Right. 01:11:02.70 Jason and Missy Um, we were doing trivia or something that night before dinner and yeah. 01:11:07.10 Sam Um, and what did you guys think of the deck party I know you you said you you did go to pirate night so you did probably see the deck party and then of course the fireworks at sea which is you know signature Disney Cruise line what did you all think of that. 01:11:15.29 Jason and Missy Yep. 01:11:21.20 Jason and Missy That's really cool. We enjoyed it. The kids all enjoyed it. Um, we were up on I feel deck 12 the higher deck higher deck so we were yeah our teenagers were down on the lower deck and so but our side of the. Deck there we got involved we started a Congo line. Yeah, stayed for the dance party and so yeah, we started fun up there and and we wanted to be up there just to have a better view of the fireworks and and really loved it. Yeah, we but we love the pirate night show and the fireworks were really cool. Um I think they were the perfect length. 01:11:39.21 Sam Fun. He. 01:11:56.30 Jason and Missy Um, you know they were not too short but they didn't just go on and on either and I really enjoyed the music that went along with them and that was really fun. We did the sail away party as well and I'm glad we did it because that was our first cruise and and so I'm I'm glad we did it. But I think next time we might skip that. 01:12:06.89 Sam Um, nice. 01:12:14.23 Sam Yeah, yeah, it's fun, but it is definitely keyed toward the younger kid crowd. Um you know with really any of that stuff that's with the fab 5 and the dancing and the sort of that cruise staff that those are those are. 01:12:15.70 Jason and Missy With older kids and adults in our party. So. 01:12:22.48 Jason and Missy Yeah. 01:12:31.63 Jason and Missy Yeah, yes, yeah yeah. 01:12:34.32 Sam Kid shows for the most part? Yeah well cool um, did did you guys do? um so you did match Yourmate obviously because you were in match or it made I You know one thing we've forgot to ask you did you win? oh. 01:12:37.53 dclduo Nice. 01:12:42.80 Jason and Missy Yeah. We did not which I do think that I do think the scoring needs to be contested hundred percent sure there were some questions where the more details you provided the more points you could earn and some of the younger couples who the youngest couple. 01:12:48.64 dclduo Oh bummer. 01:12:56.81 Sam Ah, and but. 01:13:01.69 Sam E ah. 01:13:06.23 Jason and Missy Yeah, that you know our memory's a little shaky from birth you know from? yes first and detail which was like yeah twenty six years ago yeah yeah so I they had a lot of details that matched and I think they got a lot of points for that. 01:13:08.95 Sam Yeah, the newlyweds. 01:13:08.99 dclduo Words. 01:13:23.32 Sam Nice. Did you do any of the other adults. Um, you know I guess they do some not just trivia. But I guess they do I can't even know what to call them I'll call them trivia but they're like family games but in you know, yeah game show. 01:13:24.90 Jason and Missy Yeah. 01:13:32.80 Jason and Missy Um, yeah, that yeah as I say with they were like game shows. Yeah and they would split the room in half and there'd be 2 team who competing. Yeah we did those like every night and. 01:13:40.99 Sam Yes, oh fine. 01:13:44.92 Jason and Missy Then we'd see you'd see people around the ship. You know that had been your team captains or something which was fun then when we did that. But yeah, we got to do some of that um other adult things we did. We did the art of the theme ship to work. Yeah, if am I saying that right art of the theme show. Yes, so that was. 01:13:56.83 Sam Um, oh yeah, yeah art of the themeship tore. Yeah for art of the Joe tour I don't know if it's ship or show I can't remember. 01:14:05.45 Jason and Missy Yeah, um, so that what that was fun that we got to do that. We did a little bit of the dancing with the oh yeah, the silent disco. But um, but our son was in the room too and so we stayed a little bit just long enough to experience it then we're like we'll let him kind of have his time. 01:14:13.42 dclduo Oh yeah. 01:14:22.00 dclduo Well. 01:14:24.29 Jason and Missy Um, and and we left then but we did a wine tasting I did not get a bourbon tasting but that's my one regret. Yeah, they had 1 available the whole you were booked for it originally. But if it was during our dinner. Yeah, like it. 01:14:29.93 Sam Um, awesome. Ah. 01:14:39.93 Sam Oh. 01:14:42.44 Jason and Missy Tail end of our dinner reservations and I'm like well I don't want to rush out of that. Yeah to go to bourbon tasting so that's if if we go again, that'd be something I'd want to try? Yeah, but the Somalia from our wine tasting. We were blown away at how knowledgeable he was and. 01:14:55.27 Sam Oh young. 01:14:57.38 Jason and Missy You know we sat there and followed along and pretended. We knew what we were doing. But. 01:15:02.41 Sam Yeah, the wine tasting somalia usually for are are the somalilia from either Pollo or remy that's you because whereas the other drink tastings are usually one of the bartenders from the adult bars. Um, but yeah, the the wine ones are always the so cause they are fantastic. 01:15:06.60 Jason and Missy Yes, yeah. 01:15:17.76 Jason and Missy Um, yeah, yeah, it was really interesting and if you have any interest in why in it I think it was something that was really fun. So yeah. 01:15:20.27 Sam For knowledgeable. 01:15:24.89 Sam Awesome. 01:15:27.98 dclduo Well Sam we could talk about those crews all day. But I think we've reached that point in the show where I need to let me say it again. Well Sam we could talk about. 01:15:37.95 Jason and Missy Before but we go to that we we never we never did really talk about oh cast Castaway or gosh we're making this long. Yeah sorry. 01:15:40.67 Sam Oh we didn't talk about cast away castaway. Oh yeah, no no, it's ok, what what? what else did we? miss little do. We'll talk about cats. We'll will bright old brial. Ok. 01:15:52.28 dclduo Um, well ask ah hold hold on hold on wait hold on Sam ask a question because it won't work if there's not a question. 01:15:52.99 Jason and Missy Our disembarking was a little oh disembarkment was a little. 01:15:59.30 Sam Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's what I'm going to do yeah okay, so we haven't talked about castaway we talked a little bit about Nasa um, but we know you had a cabanna on castaway and we know you got to you did a bike ride as a family other than missy missy was sleeping in the sleeping in the cabana but tell us. What you? what your impressions were of castaway and what you guys got up to there. 01:16:18.83 Jason and Missy Yeah, so castaway was amazing. Yeah, even if you don't have a Kabanna I would recommend trying to get as much time there as you can because it's just so peaceful. It's just a beautiful island are there was high winds that day so we weren't even sure we were going to get in at first and so we were really. Bumed like oh we've got this kaan and we may never be able to get it again and we're not going to get get to dock and so we were nervous. It took them longer to dock than normal so we were about an hour late getting off the ship. But like said we were the first they're ready to get off and we we enjoyed the the cabanna and. 01:16:48.62 Sam M. 01:16:57.10 Jason and Missy Had a miscommunication we thought we had it till four thirty and we could then kind of sprint to the ship and get back on by four forty five but they told us we had to be out at 4 and which was ended up being fine because we wanted to do some shopping in the island too. So we hit the shops on the way out, but it was. 01:17:04.53 Sam Um, iscisus. 01:17:10.33 Sam Oh yeah. 01:17:14.52 Jason and Missy It was gorgeous and lovely. We enjoyed the food and what something we were shocked about was all the people around us in the caban is left by like 2 2 30 s we were like not only is it already kind of private there but it was like just us. Yeah yeah, wonderful. Yeah. 01:17:23.69 Sam Um, ah wow oh wow. Yeah I will say we tend to leave um Castaway a little early just because it gets so hot in the late afternoon but when you have a cabana. You've got. 01:17:26.32 dclduo M. 01:17:33.35 Jason and Missy Yeah, yeah. Not bright. 01:17:39.54 Sam That shade you don't really need to leave early. So the couple of times we've had a Cabanna We we stay. You know we suck the marrow out of that bone. We're going to be there until we of either until ah we have to leave. But yeah, ah I'm surprised to hear that other folks in the cabba is left. 01:17:45.43 Jason and Missy Um, yes, and yeah. 01:17:56.34 Jason and Missy Yeah, it was shocked us too because yeah, like you said we were going to get everything we could out of that for yeah, know the cabana was lovely though to the snacks and the drinks in the Cabanna that having our own hammock and love a good hammock and so not having to fight anybody for Hammock was great. 01:17:56.97 Sam So early. 01:18:10.35 Sam Um, it means. 01:18:15.65 Jason and Missy And it just was really peaceful and lovely. It did rain for like 5 minutes so we ran in the comenna and shut the doors because it was windy um and waited it out and it was fine. It was it was a lovely day yet they would not let us snorkel because of the wind. Yeah. 01:18:31.33 Sam Oh okay. 01:18:33.13 Jason and Missy And the weather so we didn't get to snoball the family did the bike ride. No I Forget what the drink was that I got but it was fantastic from that little not came from the name of the shoot That's for you guys some drink somewhere was really yummy. It's. 01:18:49.25 Sam Ah, you know there's lots of drinks that are really yummy and typically the drinks that are on the Island I think are the same as the ones you can get on board Honestly I'm not sure they have anything that's. 01:19:01.29 Jason and Missy There's the somebody had told us there was 1 place. It's like where there's an there's like an overlook. There's a little shack kind of out there. It's just past the the slides and that's where you but that doesn't help so we can anyway sorry I could yeah up. 01:19:08.37 Sam And here. 01:19:14.57 Sam Um, but but but sounds like a fantastic day castaway. Not. 01:19:17.71 Jason and Missy Right? Like and it um yeah, ah. 01:19:25.91 Sam Not super surprised that there was some rain that's pretty common. You just got to wait it out. Um, a lot of people don't wait it out and do go back to the ship and then of course regret it because the rain then stops. Um, you know, very similar to things that happen at you know Walt Disney world um yeah 01:19:27.33 Jason and Missy Um, right. 01:19:33.95 Jason and Missy Um, yeah. 01:19:38.55 Jason and Missy In Florida. Yeah yeah, and we thought the food we've heard some people complain about the food in some reviews we thought the food was really good. Yeah. 01:19:46.60 Sam Um, yeah I think it's fine I don't think it's like anythings like but I mean it's no pollo right? But it's yeah, but food's fine. There's nothing wrong. It's just you know hamburgers grilled chicken Pasta salads. It's yeah. 01:19:55.44 Jason and Missy Um, it's not Paul no no but sure salads. Yep. 01:20:03.58 Sam It's ah yeah, it's good and if you go out to serenity bay you can get some steak also just not at cookies and cookies too. Yeah, so next for next time if you go to Serenity Bay um you know, just the 2 of you or with the oldest. 01:20:06.93 Jason and Missy Um, ah aka. 01:20:18.13 Sam Kid or the sucking kid might be you know 18 at that point too. Um, yeah, so you can you can get grab some steak there at Serenity Bay they don't that's the 1 item they don't have at cookies and cookies too. So you mentioned ah offline that. 01:20:18.44 Jason and Missy Um, yeah, right shook it insane. 01:20:34.44 Sam You had a little bit of a debarkation issue at the end of the cruise tell us what happened when you returned back to Miami. 01:20:41.19 Jason and Missy Sure and maybe it's normal. We don't know because it's our first cruise that there was discussion in the Facebook group. So I don't think it's normal, but that's yeah, we don't know any different because it's all we did it just it didn't feel Disney esque like we were waiting around a lot of confusion. How long until they call our our group and it it seemed like it had taken a long time because all of the groups were kind of so ready to get off I think and and we're all right in that main all in the a dream. There were gobs and people just waiting in the at train when we had the late breakfast. 01:20:59.91 Sam Is. 01:21:11.73 Sam We have. 01:21:18.36 Jason and Missy And when we got out of breakfast. There were still only three of the character tags that had been called and so people were just waiting in the atrium I think we waited there about 40 minutes until they called maybe even a little longer bit I don't know until they called our group and then going through customs. Um. Took quite a while as well long lines all snaking around and I did read in our group that they only had 1 customs agent when they started by the time we got there I think there were 3 yeah um, but I think that process. 01:21:45.96 Sam Oh wow. 01:21:53.40 Jason and Missy Was probably what slowed it down I don't think it was probably a Disney thing I think they were they had to wait for customs to to get people through especially early in the morning. So I know there were some people worried about missing flights and all that thankfully we had booked our son's flight. 01:22:07.89 Sam Um. 01:22:10.51 Jason and Missy Later in the afternoon so he was not at risk of missing his flight and then we were driving but so 13 hours of driving. So yeah, we had a long drive ahead of us so it was it was probably 11 when we got him to the airport about ten forty five when we got out of there so and we had. 01:22:18.44 Sam Um, a. 01:22:21.97 Sam No, that's late. Yeah. 01:22:28.31 Jason and Missy Ah, 13 hour drive ahead. We said the next time if if we go again, we would but probably heavily considered just not walking off with not not checking our bags the night before and just walking off and not dealing with any of that. 01:22:38.72 Sam Right? Yeah, the express walkoff is definitely um, definitely speeds up the process significantly I will say um, the only port that seems to have it always. Pretty efficient is port canaveral. All of the other ports you're kind of at the mercy of the port and customs and all of that and they just don't seem to be quite as efficient as port canaveral. So we've had times where we've sailed out of San Diego where disembarkation was kind of a mess. Similar to what you're describing and we've had other times where it's been really fast. So it's it. It just wildly varies at Port Canaveral it seems to be the most well iron machine. It still can take a while but just a little bit. Um, better organized. 01:23:15.63 dclduo Yep. 01:23:30.41 dclduo Or I don't have any more questions here. You're asking the questions so do are we ready to move on. Ok all right? Yeah, all right say? Well we could talk about this cruise all day. But it's time for that segment of our show where you. 01:23:32.21 Sam Brian I'm waiting for you? No no for I'm I'm waiting for you to go to rapid fire. Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. 01:23:34.84 Jason and Missy Um. 01:23:36.89 Jason and Missy To throw it up throw it a rapid thing. 01:23:48.17 dclduo Ask some arbitrary questions apply some arbitrary rules and add a dash of judgment or the round we know is rapid fire So Sam take it away. 01:23:54.45 Sam Why thanks Brian all right? you guys this is rapid fire. You know what to do tell us your Disney and Disney Cruise line favorites. We will be confining the Disney Cruise line favorites to the dream because that's the only Disney ship you have been on thus far we're going to start with our general Disney questions. 01:23:55.54 Jason and Missy Um. 01:24:13.22 Sam Missy who is your favorite Disney or Pixar character. No I love it Jason what about you. 01:24:16.57 Jason and Missy I'm classic mini I'm going to go with Daisy Duck as an insight. 01:24:22.94 Sam Oh okay, all right? Maybe we'll have to hear about that sometime. Okay Jason what is your favorite Disney or Pixar movie. 01:24:31.90 Jason and Missy Um. 01:24:34.21 Jason and Missy I'm going to go with remember the Titans that always inspires me. 01:24:35.94 Sam Oh that's a great one. Yeah Dick I mean a classic Disney Sports movie you can't go wrong right all right missy what's yours 01:24:42.12 Jason and Missy Um, right? Yeah I'm a live action Cinderella fan. Yeah. 01:24:49.47 Sam Interesting. All you don't hear that too often. Ok all right? Ah favorite Disney Song missy. Oh you Ah both amazing songs. 01:24:57.41 Jason and Missy Um, when she loved me from Toy story to or I see the light from tangled. 01:25:06.99 Sam Um, but when she loved me, it's like just the tears start flowing and you're just so sad for Jesse oh my god it's not even fair. It's just yeah, all right? Jason what's your favorite Disney song. 01:25:08.83 Jason and Missy Cry. yes yes yes I start the judgment I don't know if I have a favorite Disney Song I know I really don't yeah. 01:25:22.95 Sam What come on all right. 01:25:23.77 dclduo No. 01:25:32.20 Jason and Missy This even gave me time to think about it and I yeah haven't come up with 1 01:25:36.71 Sam All right? Okay I'm disappointed Jason you might not be winning this rabbit fire around. Um, okay, ah, okay, what is your favorite. We're gonna go on the cruise now what was your favorite rotational dining restaurant. Jason. 01:25:52.21 Jason and Missy I have go with Royal Palace Ah I really enjoyed that one enchanted Garden for me of scalps. Yeah yes. 01:25:56.43 Sam Nice missy. It's because you like the scallops. Yeah yeah, it's ah it's a nice atmosphere but you have to find the dish that you like yeah okay favorite bar space on Board. So It's going to be an adult space. That serves Alcoholic beverages Missy. What was your favorite. 01:26:14.79 Jason and Missy We spent the most time in evolution. But my favorite was probably 6 8 7 the shipbuilder's wife drink. There was so yummy and it's half off during happy hour. Yeah. 01:26:23.74 Sam Oh love it. Oh there, you go, you can't go wrong Jason what was your favorite. 01:26:32.54 Jason and Missy Yeah, um, what's the what's the one we stayed at evolution evolution I'll go with that just because that's where I got most of my drinks and I thought actually I thought everything was very reasonably priced I I enjoy bourbon and I thought their bourbon was very reasonably priced if we were to go just the 2 of us. 01:26:37.49 Sam This. 01:26:45.91 Sam Yeah. 01:26:49.73 Jason and Missy It would probably be the bar over on the adult side by the pools. Not the pool bar but the other one I forget the name of it I remember 13 01:26:54.48 Sam Oh yeah, the do you mean the cove cafe that then turns into I mean it gets. It's It's a bar at night. But um, yeah, oh no, that's. 01:27:01.62 Jason and Missy Yeah, that I think that's it. It's not the swim up bar but the 1 you walk up to like deck 13 and it's right there as you go up the stairs. Yeah signals I would probably enjoy that one if we weren't with kids. 01:27:11.19 Sam That's signals I know what you're talking about? Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, nice all right favorite onboard activity Jason we'll start with you. 01:27:18.14 dclduo Yeah, ah. 01:27:25.99 Jason and Missy Oh goodness. Um I'm going to say because we we were so busy trying to check everything out. My favorite activity was a day we just kind of took some time off and just lay in the sun and and just relaxed that was why we were booked or. 01:27:38.20 Sam Um, yeah. 01:27:41.31 Jason and Missy Docked at Nasa yeah I might I mean I loved all we did a lot of activities I feel like we got to do a lot and I really enjoyed a lot of them. Um I love those deck four loungers and so yeah I would say to just kind of relaxing. 01:27:42.13 Sam Yeah, what about you missy. 01:27:56.46 Sam Oh yeah, yeah, that is a great space to just kind of sit and watch the world go by I Love that area all right favorite. Ah, let's give ah a favorite spot on the ship. 01:27:58.89 Jason and Missy Great. 01:28:04.73 Jason and Missy Yep. 01:28:12.32 Sam Other than your deck 4 lounge experience I guess and other than wherever you were lounging Jason that day that you all just kind of hung out. 01:28:20.86 Jason and Missy That haves it by satellitelight falls that day. Um, do you have yours already. 01:28:31.78 Jason and Missy I Already gave my deck for laundry answer can it can I say our veranda ah because it was so peaceful out there. Yeah. 01:28:35.30 Sam Yes, absolutely, that's actually a common answer. Yeah. 01:28:42.73 Jason and Missy Like we didn't want to leave cast away key but we had really cute little mickey and mini wine tumblers and we brought some wine with us so we went back to our veranda and just sat with some wine and enjoyed the sun starting to set and it was beautiful. Yeah I'll have to copy that one that was that was. 01:28:55.15 Sam Awesome! awesome. 01:29:02.48 Jason and Missy But the whole castaway key day was fantastic. Yeah, there was a spot up outside of O La La not O La La is a do La La the pink it Yes, pink there was this yes. 01:29:12.00 Sam Um, awesome. Yeah, the it's a or pink is it pink or ula. It's pink. Yeah Ola La the fantasy pink on the dream. 01:29:21.17 Jason and Missy There was a spot outside of pink on that on that deck that had these little nooks and I kept telling him like but we need to come back. We need to spend some time there because that looks really peaceful just in there too. 01:29:24.31 Sam Um, yes. 01:29:26.24 dclduo With me. 01:29:31.72 Sam Yeah, and that is actually the one area between the fantasy and the dream that's different. The fantasy does not have that little outdoor area because the skyline bar is bigger on the fantasy whereas the dream has that little outdoor nook is a great way to describe it. Yeah, that's a great little spot. 01:29:39.40 dclduo Yep. 01:29:41.45 Jason and Missy Ah. 01:29:46.88 Jason and Missy Um, yeah, yes. 01:29:51.10 Sam Um, and it's really kind of unique to that chip. So yeah, all right I've got just a couple more questions. Okay, what was your oh I already asked you already told me your favorite show. So I'm actually going to skip that question. 01:29:52.65 Jason and Missy Um, yeah. 01:30:06.29 Sam And I'm going to ask you single favorite food item that you ate on board. It can be from anywhere. It could be from Apollo it could be from the deck. It could be from cabanas. Um, missy. Let's start with you. Wow it beats everything atpollo even. 01:30:17.87 Jason and Missy I gotta go with the scallops and enchanted garden. oh oh I don't know gosh. Okay, then I'll change mainzer I got to go with the sharutery board from Paulo. 01:30:24.79 Sam Wow. 01:30:29.26 Sam That's okay, it can it totally can. Yeah. 01:30:34.79 Sam Oh yeah, that's good too. 01:30:37.65 Jason and Missy AhHParigano cheese was so good and the meats they were just really yummy. Probably either the pizzas Apollo or the chicken farm I that chicken farm was really good. 01:30:41.47 Sam Awesome! What about you? Jason. 01:30:51.44 Sam Ah, so good. So good. Okay, my last question for you all is the question I love to ask everybody bucket list cruise if you could go anywhere in the world on a Disney Cruise 01:30:57.68 Jason and Missy Dot. 01:31:03.41 Sam Can even it could even be someplace that Disney Cruise line does not currently go where are you going? Jason yeah. 01:31:09.84 Jason and Missy Um, oh yeah, had to ask me first. Um I would say I could never afford it if they offered this but a cruise that would go from Disney World to all the Disney locations. 01:31:16.89 dclduo Yeah. 01:31:25.14 Sam All the parks. 01:31:27.40 Jason and Missy And end up. Yeah and end up in California and look at you non Disney fan. Well hey look ah if somebody were to say we're going to pay for you to do a cruise and it doesn't matter where we're going that'd be a pretty bad I would I would go on that for sure. Yeah. 01:31:32.60 Sam Yeah I know I love it. 01:31:41.87 Sam Yeah, what about you missy? What would be your bucket list. Cruise. 01:31:47.10 Jason and Missy So I was gonna say like all those tropical islands bora bora Fiji mudives like all this. They're really far apart which I didn't know but um, yeah I mean if it's a bucket list. Cruise let's go hit all those hotspots and yeah. 01:31:52.86 Sam Um, oh yeah, they are really. 01:31:59.78 dclduo Yeah. 01:32:00.88 Sam Yeah, lots of days at sea in between you know, lots of days for apollo brunch ah, ah, you don't really have to eat anything else. You just eatpollo rundalt. Yeah. 01:32:05.72 Jason and Missy Yes, yeah, but there you go there, you go Although the chicken fingers are really good too. Have clothes those they are. 01:32:20.91 Sam Don't don't forget about the French fries. The French fries are actually delicious as well. But because you need more food of course. Well thank you for playing you guys. It was super super fun. 01:32:24.34 Jason and Missy Actually delicious too. We would get those is like a pre-dinner dinner you know because you needed more food. Yes, yes. 01:32:36.65 Sam We'd love to know where are you guys headed nest Next what's your next vacation. Be it a cruise or you know some other kind of Disney Vacation whatnot. 01:32:44.83 Jason and Missy We currently have two more Disney World trips planned one for just the 2 of us and 1 with our whole family. So those are coming up in the next few months and then after that it's like time to dream and I don't know we did book a placeholder um for 2 rooms on the. 01:32:51.94 Sam Nice. 01:33:04.39 Jason and Missy Um, the cruise so you know I've already been scouring the website and I know new itineraries just came out so we'll have to see where we land. But. 01:33:05.93 Sam Um, awesome. 01:33:12.80 Sam So it sound so it sounds like there is another Disney Cruise in your future is that right? Jason I'm asking Jason because I know if missy's choosing. There's definitely one. But. 01:33:17.63 Jason and Missy Yeah I think so yeah I think so yeah, we're currently trying to figure out our twenty fifth anniversary and what we want to do for that? Yeah, so we're trying to figure that out. 01:33:27.99 Sam Oh. 01:33:34.83 Jason and Missy Another cruise if we want to go just to a resort somewhere. We don't We don't know yet. Yeah, thank you, Thank you? yeah. 01:33:36.95 Sam Awesome! Well congratulations. That's amazing. That is a couples couple goals I Love it. 01:33:44.22 dclduo Yes, yes, well. 01:33:44.81 Jason and Missy We got married when we were 12 just to be clear so we're not old. 01:33:48.98 Sam Ah, obviously obviously yeah. 01:33:56.58 dclduo Well Jason Missy we just really appreciate you coming on and sharing your experience with your fabulous cruise aboard the dream your first time sailing with Disney Cruise line sounds like you'll be back. You can warm up that placeholder for those summer 2024 itineraries that released ah earlier this week maybe find yourself at lighthouse point I suppose. But for now I will just say thank you so much for coming on and sharing your experience with us. 01:34:12.74 Jason and Missy Um, yeah. 01:34:20.00 Jason and Missy Um, thanks for having us. Yeah, thanks for having us.

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