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Ep. 434 - Bonus - This is a Big Deal: Fall 2025 and Spring 2026 Disney Cruise Line Itinerary Release

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Brian Sam
Ep. 434 - Bonus - This is a Big Deal: Fall 2025 and Spring 2026 Disney Cruise Line Itinerary Release
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 434 - Bonus - This is a Big Deal: Fall 2025 and Spring 2026 Disney Cruise Line Itinerary Release

Jun 19 2024 | 00:21:39


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Disney Cruise Line released a ton of itineraries - the most we've seen in quite sometime. DCL's itineraries now cover Fall 2025 and Spring 2026, going out through May 2026. We're chatting all about the new itineraries from the Bahamas to the Caribbean, Australia and beyond! Come hear what "Sleuthing Sam" found in this massive release of itineraries.

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Speaker A: I would just tell folks that there are no gaps that I found in the schedule for the wish. No gaps that I found in the schedule for. Actually, I will say, I'll say this right up front. I found no gaps in the entire schedule that was released, but there are some hidden gems here that I would talk about a little bit later in the show. [00:00:30] Speaker B: Welcome back, everybody, to this week's bonus episode of the DC L duo podcast, brought to you by my path unwinding travel, and I am currently sitting on the adult pool area, or in the adult pool area of the Disney magic. We just finished up the five night DVC sailing with two stops at Lighthouse Point. Our inaugural podcast cruise, a three night sailing on the magic, is embarking today. Folks are boarding as we speak. We can't wait to meet up with them, but we had to hop on here real fast to talk about the itinerary release that happened yesterday. Big news out of Disney Cruise line. They have released both fall 2025 and spring 2026 itineraries. So we have itineraries out through May of 2026 onboard the ships. That is a huge release for Disney Cruise Line, and we suspect it signals that they are going to be reducing the number of releases that they do each year and putting out more sailings at each itinerary release, which would be fantastic to bring them into parity with some of the other cruise lines out there, but wanted to start by saying some important dates for these itinerary releases. So the itineraries released yesterday, they are available online on the Disney Cruise Line website. We also have a PDF of all of the itineraries up on Twitter and Facebook and all the places you can find us on social media if you want to check those out. I find the PDF to be very helpful as a nice, concise summary, view important booking dates so these itineraries will open up for Pearl Castaway Club members to book on June 24, we'll open up for platinum on June 25, gold on June 26, silver on June 27, and the general public will be able to start booking on June 28. If you're interested in booking one of these fabulous itineraries after we talk about them, please, please, please reach out to my path unwinding travel by heading to mypathunwinding.com dclduo or emailing dclduoypathunwinding.com. so let's dive into the itineraries. I always like to structure these shows like a, like a meal. Like we would talk to our kids. So gotta start with our vegetables here, our salad course, perhaps, and talk about some of the, just the staples that you will see on any itinerary release during these periods. So first up, we've got some Bahama cruises, three, four night sailings on the Disney wish from Port Canaveral, the Disney fantasy from Port Canaveral, the Disney dream from Fort Lauderdale. And we also have some on the Disney magic from Fort Lauderdale. Some of these are stopping at Lookout Cay, some at Castaway Quay. Sam has done most of the sleuthing here, so just wanted to hand it over to her to get her quick take on any of these three, four. There's also some five night bahamian sailings. Sam, anything peak your interest here? One six night sailing, I suppose, too, out of Galveston. So anything peak your interest here? Any new ports that you spotted? [00:03:20] Speaker A: Honestly, no. I didn't spot anything really new. I would just tell folks that there are no gaps that I found in the schedule for the wish. No gaps that I found in the schedule for. Actually, I will say, I'll say this right up front. I found no gaps in the entire schedule that was released. But there are some hidden gems here that I would talk about a little bit later in the show. But, yeah, we're kind of seeing the same thing from most of the ships in the Bahamas. Just castaway, lookout and Nassau, of course, between these three, four nights, five night and even, I believe, one or two six night cruises. So, yeah, not too, nothing really surprising here. The magic, she's moving around a bit, whereas the dream and the fantasy and the wish and the treasure kind of staying put and the wonder is also moving around a bit. And we'll talk about that in just a second. [00:04:12] Speaker B: Yeah, and I just wanted to highlight there are some what we're calling duo dips on the schedule. So one stop at Castaway and one at Lighthouse Point. Actually several. Several kind of scattered throughout here. So just to highlight a few that I am seeing. So there is a set of on the 6th night on November 14 that will stop at both. There is also a couple of the five night Bahamians on the fantasy. The 6th night is on, the magic from Galveston, stopping at both, which is a really interesting itinerary. They have not stopped at Castaway Key from Galveston for a little while now. Five night bahamian on the fantasy. There's 12345. Looks like six sailings that will just do a double or a duo dip in two days at sea. It's the same for that Galveston sailing. They're not stopping at Nassau or any other ports on those sailings, which having just gotten off the five night DVC, I can tell you is fantastic. There's another set of five night Bahamians on the fantasy that will do the duo dip and stop it at Nassau. It looks like the Disney dream out of Fort Lauderdale's got a five night doing both islands and then they've got also a five night that will stop at Nassau in between but visit both islands. Same for the magic out of Port Canaveral. A couple duo dips that will stop at Nassau. The fantasy out of Port Canaveral also actually they're doing a Nassau Disney castaway. So not stopping at lighthouse, but scattered throughout here I see another fortnite sailing on the fantasy. Looks like one, two, three of those that will stop at both islands out of Port Canaveral. So if you're interested in kind of doing the compare or getting a chance to see both islands on one sailing, lots of opportunities for duo dip on these 3456 night sailings aboard the various ships. Next up, we're going to talk about the Mexico sailings. So they do have some Mexico sailings happening. Three night Baja that's going to stop at Catalina. It looks like about six or seven of those on the wonder out of San Diego. They've got a three night that will just stop at Ensenada again on the wonder out of San Diego. They've got some four nights that will do both Catalina and Ensenada again on the wonder out of San Diego. These are in March and April and May of 2026. The Disney wonder is also doing one seven night Mexican Riviera sailing out of San Diego on April 21 4th, 2025. That will stop at Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Ensenada, Mexico and three days at sea. We did that sailing or a very similar sailing to it this past year and it was fantastic. So highly recommend that it comes at an odd time of year. So I don't know if it will correspond with spring breaks or not, but those are some great sailings and options. Sam, I don't know if you noticed anything off the Mexico sailings you wanted to highlight. [00:07:05] Speaker A: The one thing I would just highlight is that the wonder is going to do a Pacific coast cruise. There's only one sailing, but it's a four night Pacific coast cruise and it's a repositioning from Vancouver to San Diego. And that seems to be it sort of after it's crossing from the crossing the Pacific, meaning the Australia New Zealand cruises that we'll talk about a little bit later in the show. So that's one of the things that I just thought was notable. And then, of course, as Brian mentioned, the seven night Baja cruise, which is the end of April, it's sort of the tail end of spring break. So I'm not sure if most people will be able to benefit from that spring break scheduling, but it does go all the way down to Puerto Vallarta, which the other sailings don't go to. [00:07:51] Speaker B: All right, next up, we've got the caribbean cruises, again, some fairly standard stock and trade here. They've got four, five and seven night caribbean cruises. Got the Disney magic out of Galveston in both 2025 and 2026 heading to the Caribbean. They've got the Disney dream coming out of Fort Lauderdale on looks like some five night sailings. They've got the Disney treasure now in the schedule, obviously doing her seven night eastern western rotations. So she'll be doing those cruises, seven night western Caribbean on the Disney magic out of Galveston. They've got 1237 night southern caribbean sailings, one on the magic out of San Juan in 2025, in October, 1 on the magic from San Juan in 2025, or another one on the magic out of San Juan in 2025, and then also again the magic in 2025. So October, November, for those seven night caribbeans, one of them will stop at St. Kitts, Antigua, Aruba and Curacao. Another one's going to stop at St. Kitts, St. Lucia, Barbados, the Dominica and Antigua. And one is going to stop at Aruba, Curacao, Antigua and St. Kitts. One of them only has one day at sea. The other two, two days at sea. Interestingly enough, they will not be stopping at the private island on those seven nights in the Caribbean. So neither castaway nor lookout key or on those southern caribbean cruises. That strikes me as a bit unusual for them to be sailing the Caribbean and not stopping at either castaway or lookout key. I don't know if that's a function of, you know, them sailing out of San Juan or not, but that strikes me as highly unusual for them. Otherwise, I'm not seeing, I think, progreso Mexico they sailed to on the Panama Canal cruise, so not necessarily a new stop for Disney. Interestingly, some of these caribbean cruises out of Galveston, as I noted earlier, will not be stopping at the private island, even though they've got some specific cruises that will do that. The treasure sailings all appear to be stopping at Castaway Key, so I'm not seeing anything in the Caribbean going to lookout cays. So only the bahamian cruises will head to Lookout Cay, the west, the caribbean cruises will either be stopping at castaway or frankly, not at all on some of these sailings. So those are. And all of these sailings are from Port Canaveral, Galveston or Fort Lauderdale. So, Sam, anything catch your attention on the caribbean cruises? [00:10:19] Speaker A: I would just add that the magic is moving around a bit, as Brian mentioned. So the magic. There are some sailings on the magic that will be out of Port Canaveral. There'll be some that are out of San Juan and some that are out of Galveston. And then the big news for the magic is after she finishes some of those sailings out of Galveston, she's going to head through the Panama Canal to the west coast. So early April 2026, there is a 14 night Panama canal cruise on the Disney magic from Galveston to San Diego, stopping at some great ports, Cozumel, Cartagena, going through the Panama Canal, hitting Puerto VallArta, Cabo, San Lucas and ending in San Diego. So eight days at sea on that cruise, that looks like a fantastic itinerary. And that tells us that the magic is coming back to the west coast and that the wonder, obviously, is staying on the west coast and doing, as we mentioned, the South Pacific. So, yeah, so that, I would say that's the most interesting thing, is that the magic moving around a bit and, of course, doing the Panama Canal cruise. [00:11:23] Speaker B: All right, now we're getting into our entree. We've got two categories of cruises left, and first up is Australia New Zealand. The Disney wonder will be headed back to Australia in both the 2025 and 2026 sailing seasons. And so they are doing a series of three night, four night, five night, and wait for it, ten night cruises for Australia and New Zealand. The three night and four night cruises are not surprising. They look pretty much the same as they did prior, sailing out of places like Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, going to places like Wellington, Hobart, Australia, Eden, Australia. I don't know if they made it there on these five night cruises. I think might be different this year. I don't remember them doing five night sailings during the last season, but they may have had a couple. So they're stopping at places like I just mentioned, Hobart, Eden, Wellington, Christchurch. They do have a five night sailing out of Melbourne ending in Auckland. That is four days at sea with no stops. So that is just going to be a repositioning cruise over there in Australia. I think the big news on the Australia side, Disney has apparently added a sailing in here December 19, 2025, that will take you through the Christmas holiday is a ten night magic at sea from Auckland, New Zealand, ending in Sydney. That stops at Taranga, New Zealand Napier, New Zealand Wellington, New Zealand Christchurch, New Zealand and Fiordland National Park, New Zealand, with four days at sea. So I do think that that cruise may be aimed at the us market. I know several folks were saying that they wanted to go over and sail, but the sailings were happening at times when kids were in school, and it was a long way to go for a three or four night sailing. And so it does look like they responded to that by giving you a 20 2025 Christmas holiday sailing, a ten night Disney magic at sea aboard the Disney wonder. I does not note on here whether that will be a maritime cruise, but one would suspect that it will be given that it goes into the Christmas holiday over there. Sam, what do you notice about the Australia New Zealand cruises? [00:13:43] Speaker A: Honestly, Brian, nothing more than what you've said. It's really kind of a bunch of the same with a couple of maybe longer, a few more longer sailings in there than they had in the previous or this past year season and that are scheduled for the current year season. So nothing super noticeable there. And then I would, I would move over to the ten night hawaiian cruises that they've got. So these are the repositioning cruises between Vancouver and Honolulu and then from Honolulu back to Vancouver. So these are 210 night hawaiian cruises. So basically, we're talking September, end of September to get over to the Pacific coast, and then we're talking February to come back from the Pacific as well as talking about the South Pacific cruises. Right. So there's the two South Pacific cruises going from the wonder from Honolulu to Australia, and then, of course, the 15 night coming back from Sydney ending in Honolulu. So those are some really great itineraries. We've covered them a lot. We've had quite a few guests on our show to talk about either the hawaiian itineraries or the South Pacific, meaning the trans Pacific crossings. And so those, I would say, are probably the highlights for the wonder. [00:14:59] Speaker B: Yeah. So a couple of other sort of other cruises, what I call the dessert. So Sam just covered some of those, but they've got a Fortnite Pacific coast sailing that we just had Josh on and talk about that Sam mentioned. And then I wanted to talk about, they do have the Panama Canal cruise back on the schedule, a 14 night Panama Canal, Disney magic from Galveston. So some great cruises and options on there. I've not, it looks like there might be some new ports, maybe. I can't tell. I don't know if Disney has stopped at New UMi, New Caledonia, before on the 15 night South Pacific. But check those out. These are obviously kind of some of the longer and, you know, more unique sailings that Disney will do. And then I did want to say, actually, that as I'm looking at this release, that ten night Disney magic at sea, they do have on the schedule sailings that are supposed to be designated Halloween or very maritime cruises. And that cruise does not have the designator for now. It could be that they just haven't designated it yet, but just wanted to call out that they have designated other sailings throughout the itinerary release as very Mary time or Halloween on the high season. That one is not. So it just may be a ten night cruise over Christmas without, you know, much of the very Mary time fanfare. So lots of good stuff on here. Lots of interesting stuff. They do have the westbound transatlantic on this, on this itinerary release as well for October 20, 2025. And so lots of good stuff on here. Let us know. Reach out if you spotted anything on here that we didn't. Sam, anything you want to wrap up with? [00:16:43] Speaker A: Yeah. So one thing I did notice that I wanted to put out there is that the magic's season, all the other ships go through pretty much the end of May, 2026. The magic is the only one that doesn't. This itinerary ends in San Diego on April 19, 2026. So there's a hole at the end of the magic schedule. And I am predicting, and I did some research on this, that the magic is probably going to be going into dry docks somewhere in British Columbia, just like the wonders last dry dock was in British Columbia. And I say that because of the age of the ship, it appears from the regulations that the magic will need to do a dry dock every three years to do a full inspection every three years, given the age of the ship. And then, same with the wonder, soon we'll have to do that. So I think there's going to be a dry dock of the magic in sort of the late April, early may time frame, and that the wonder is going to be going back to Alaska. That's what I'm sleuthing from this itinerary release. The other thing that I'm sleuthing is about the Destiny. Based on the number of ships that Disney's got in Port Canaveral, I am going to predict that we're going to see the destiny porting out of Fort Lauderdale, which I know others have, sort of are also predicting. But I think this itinerary release helps confirm that because of course, we don't have any itinerary releases for the Destiny, but there would be too many ships in Port Canaveral. I don't think they'd have enough space for the Destiny to be porting out of Port Canaveral based on this release schedule. So with that, I don't have anything to add. Brian, anything to add? [00:18:21] Speaker B: No. I'll just repeat again, if you, you know, something catches your fancy here and you want to help support the show, please, please, please reach out to the fabulous team over at mypath unwinding travel. Karen and her team can hope you book any of these cruises. Just hit them up at mypath unwinding.com dclduo or email [email protected] so they know we sent you their way. And with that we will wrap it up here. Cause we've got a fun inaugural podcast cruise to get to some people to meet, some fun to have. If you are wanting to follow along with that, you can follow the hashtag sailing no cruising, hashtag cruising with the duo on social media. And folks will be posting photos and stuff. And we'll be bringing you a full recap from our recording on board the ship here next week. So we're going to go off and have some fun now with some of our listeners. With that, we will see you next time. [00:19:11] Speaker A: See you real soon. [00:19:16] Speaker C: Well, thanks everyone out there for listening this week. We really, really appreciate it. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast. You can keep getting great content from us every week. In fact, twice a week we publish shows. So be sure to hit the subscribe button to get all of those great episodes. And if you want to watch us alive, we have a live show now. Monday nights 05:30 p.m. pacific 08:30 p.m. eastern over on YouTube.com dclduo so be sure to head over and check that out. If you want to help support the show, be sure to hit those five stars on Apple Podcasts. And if you leave us a written review, a five star written review, we will read it at the top of one of our main episodes. 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So dclduo.com is the best way to connect with us. You can also, of course, email [email protected] or reach out to us on our voicemail line at 402-413-5590 that's 4024-135-5590 the DCL Duo podcast is not affiliated with Disney Cruise Line, the Disney Company, or the Disney family of theme parks. The views expressed on the show are solely those of the individuals on the podcast and in no way reflect the views of the Disney Company or Disney Cruise line. If you have questions about a Disney Cruise or Disney vacation, please contact the great folks over at Mypath unwinding travel or Disney directly or your own travel agent. [00:21:13] Speaker B: Thanks again for listening and we'll see. [00:21:14] Speaker C: You next time for another fabulous adventure with the DCL duo.

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