November 02, 2023


Ep. 359 - Bonus - Parks v. Cruise Line: Rachel Goes to Disney Cruise Line

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Brian Sam
Ep. 359 - Bonus - Parks v. Cruise Line: Rachel Goes to Disney Cruise Line
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 359 - Bonus - Parks v. Cruise Line: Rachel Goes to Disney Cruise Line

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This week we're joined by Rachel, a Disney parks fans and frequent visitor to Disney World with her Instagram channel - "Rachel Goes to Disney." We really enjoy Rachel's parks content and noticed she'd recently taken a few Disney cruises. So, we wanted to chat with her about the parks versus Disney Cruise Line. We got Rachel's thoughts on which vacation (parks or DCL) offers a better value, as well as some of Rachel's favorites onboard Disney Cruise Line. All that, and much more on this bonus episode.

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Episode Transcript

00:00.12 dclduo Welcome back, everybody to this week's bonus episode of the dcl duo podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and Sam we're going to start things off a little differently this evening I think we should read our. Show reviews on the air upfront as a thank you to the people who are leaving them What do you think. 00:17.15 Sam I Love it I Love it. You know I love to hear a show review particularly a good one. So I hope it's a good one. 00:25.63 dclduo Well I look look for everyone out there I only read the good ones all right? So ah, the good ones are the ones that make it on the air for us. But we thought as a way to thank people who are leaving the reviews going forward. We're going to read them at the top of the show. So. Ah, if you've left us a prior review if for whatever reason we ever run out of reviews I will go back to the beginning and read those on the air upfront too so that you don't get lost in the shuffle of our outro in the show that you're more prominent but our review this week is a 5 star review that comes from Karanza Estrada who writes. Magic adventure awaits you Sam and Brian are always thoughtful in each of the shows they put together. Each podcast is full of information and planning tips. Whether it's a guest friends they meet on their travels or their own journeys you will not want to miss an episode all of the listeners will enjoy each episode regardless of Disney taste or level of comfort. Listen to the end of each show just like each Marvel movie and find out what each of the guests on the show like on the now famous and entertaining rapid fire join Sam and Brian as they take you on the high seas here there and everywhere your next adventure itwaits you. It's an immersive experience for everyone and we all get to tag along for the magic making adventure. Well thank you? Ah Rachel we really really appreciate it. Sam I think that qualifies as a good review. What do you think Oh well there you go ah cats out of the bag. 01:34.61 Sam Yes, but that you wasn't from Rachel that was from Estrada Karanza you just thanked Rachel who is our guest today. Yeah. 01:37.35 Rachel Mears Um, I mean I I can write it next week. You um you being sort not me. 01:45.88 dclduo We have an amazing guest today and her name Rachel welcome Rachel Ah Qran so we do appreciate the reviews sorry about that mixup. But ah we do want to get over to our guest Rachel. Ah. We follow Rachel on Instagram she's Rachel goes to Disney and I love following her content on Instagram so we reached out to ask if she would be on the show Rachel we always start our shows with folks's background with Disney Cruise line and Disney generally and so do you want to share with listeners like. 02:02.22 Rachel Mears Um, pick it. 02:14.13 Rachel Mears Um. 02:16.38 dclduo Where your love of the of Disney came from the how many cruises you've been on I know you go to the parks very often. So I don't think we can catalog all of that. But ah, what about your experience with Disney Cruise line 02:20.83 Rachel Mears Ah, yeah, um, so I guess well it's actually not that long I think we started. We went on our first cruise in 2017 um, I think we moved here in 2016 from Ohio originally from Ohio um, and then short we've never cruised before that we've pretty much always just gone to like Disney world at least like 3 times a year we actually had a Disney fairy tale wedding in 2015. 02:54.30 Sam Oh. 02:56.17 Rachel Mears So it's yeah, it's always been on my bucket list to move to Florida and then my company moved me here in 2016 and then um I think like the January after I went on our first cruise and we were pretty hesitant. Um, because we just didn't know if we would like it my husband a little bit more hesitant. Um, but spoiler alert we ended up loving Disney Cruise line and I think um, it's I think it's ah 18 cruises. Maybe that I've been on now. Since 2017 so it's a pretty I think asked him fur is yeah yeah, be. 03:35.73 Sam Yeah, that's a snitty pace. Yeah I love it. 03:40.81 dclduo Yeah, yeah, well your your ah Disney cruising experience is a year longer than ours because we started cruising in 2018 and we'll be going on our twenty third cruise here next weekend actually as we're recording this so inching closer to pearl. Ah. 03:49.30 Rachel Mears Um, oh Wow Oh my gosh as the rule a similar trajectory. 03:58.54 dclduo Yeah, exactly. 03:59.79 Sam Yes, we are as crazy as you are Rachel. That's all that tells you ah. 04:03.50 dclduo Ah, well so Rachel I know you're an avid park goer and so I thought 1 thing that we could talk about is how you think about going to the parks versus going on the cruise line. We've had a few guests of late who've taken Disney cruises and have remarked kind of offhand that. 04:05.29 Rachel Mears Um, love it. 04:23.12 dclduo They're finding a little bit more value these days in the cruise line than they do the parks and so I thought since you go to the parks so often we could chat about that a little bit and so I get the sense you go to the parks like every every week at least but am I am I right there. 04:27.66 Rachel Mears Um, thinking. 04:34.98 Rachel Mears Yeah, yeah, so we live about 7 minutes from our door to hollywood studios entrance. So we probably go to Disney like maybe not the bean parks like last night we went to sebastians at caribbean beach. We probably go to Disney at least like 3 times a week so it's I will say it's pretty nice living 7 minutes away from disney. 04:56.13 dclduo Wow. 05:02.75 dclduo And and before you move down to Florida did you make trips down to the Disney Parks or was this new for you. 05:09.77 Rachel Mears Yeah, yeah, so we before I moved here. We probably um, came down maybe like 3 times a year or so like I said again, we had our Disney fairy tale wedding in 2015 so around like the wedding there was probably a few more trips going on there. So yeah I think we were probably averaging about like 3 trips per year. 05:30.43 dclduo Okay. 05:31.22 Sam And nice and what kind what kind of annual pass because I obviously you have an annual pass but what kind of or level of annual pass. Do you do you all have. 05:38.61 Rachel Mears You know? um so we ah we did have like the no block out date and then with the changes that came out, we downgraded to the next. 05:46.65 Sam Right. 05:56.33 Rachel Mears Here. So I am blocked out Thanksgiving and um, like around Christmas so it's a little bit of a bummer because we would all like it was a tradition for us to go on New Year's eve to epcot now we can't really do that. Unless I pay for like a ticket. Um, so which like Thanksgiving we always go somewhere else like we're going to a lani this year um but yeah, those those are the only blockouts I think I could handle. Yes. 06:15.77 dclduo Um, yeah. 06:28.76 dclduo You do do you own Dvc Rachel is that what's taken me out to alani. Ok. 06:34.50 Rachel Mears Yeah, yeah, so we bought dvc last year at Alani resort and we went for the first time like a couple of years ago and we just fell in love with it and we're like this needs to be an annual thing. So yeah I never really thought dvc is for me. Um, living so close to Disney World but then once we went to Hawaii that changed things. 06:56.86 dclduo You? Well you're in good company. We went to alani once like right as you know travel restrictions were easing and Hawai had all those like added restrictions on travel. 07:06.17 Rachel Mears Um, yeah, be up. 07:09.60 dclduo Loved it so much we booked a vacation there I think like four months later on ah on a whim and now now we to own it alandi so we go once a year so yeah yeah, yeah, 07:15.58 Rachel Mears Ah, Wow We're very. Ah yeah, it's pretty. It's a magical place. 07:21.64 dclduo Yeah, how do you think about? So I know you sail Disney Cruise line concierge at least sometimes is that normal for you or or you know you probably started off sailing not concierge and then made the jump. But. 07:30.56 Rachel Mears Um, yeah, yeah, yeah, no unfortunately I won't be able to book concierge every cruise. Um. 07:36.90 dclduo Are you one of those people who made the jump and can't go back or do you kind of vary your your feeling. 07:45.81 Rachel Mears But we are doing conciers in two weeks actually on the wish. Um and then I have another one booked for October that's not concier so I don't think we would be able to do concierss every time but maybe like once a year maybe 08:04.31 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah, well the wish concierge is very nice, especially that sun deck that they have off off the front. So so I'm curious who goes who's in your sailing party like what's your ah you know? yeah, who's in your sailing party. 08:04.71 Rachel Mears I'm Ah, yeah, yeah, yes, so. 08:19.35 Rachel Mears Ah, so we are kind of a little abnormal. It's just myself and my husband mid 30 s closer to 40 s we don't have any kids we don't know if kids are for us so we don't really, we can't really provide like a kids perspective. Um, Disney Cruise line because we don't have any um but if you're looking for like a couple um perspective that likes the finer things in life. Unfortunately, um, then that's what I could provide some perspective on. 08:52.28 dclduo Yes, very very similar to to us. Although we have a kid. We do have a nine year old but but we cruise we don't you know we cruise often without him. Ah we have cruise often without him. So yeah, we we also enjoy those couples getaways on Disney Cruise line for sure. Yeah. 08:52.54 Sam Um, yeah. 08:54.26 Rachel Mears Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. 09:07.27 Sam Yeah I'd I'd love rachel on on on the topic of the finer things. Um I'd love to hear your thoughts on you know Disney Cruise line fine dining versus Disney Parks fine dining because I feel like there. You know there are some. You know, nicer restaurants at the Disney resorts I'm sure you've been to a lot of them. Obviously if you're at disney property 3 times a week and you mentioned you went to sebastians for dinner at Caribbean Beach just yesterday I'm imagining. You've been to you know maybe Victorian Albert citrichos 09:26.90 Rachel Mears Um. 09:38.54 Rachel Mears Um. 09:43.50 Sam Um, you know California grill but all of sort of the the signature or tobolinos you know signature dining experiences at Disney Property and I'm curious what you think as far as the comparison between those types of dining versus. 09:46.61 Rachel Mears And then. 09:58.20 Sam Let's say you're Apollo Remy and on chate on Disney Cruise line 10:01.31 Rachel Mears So I'm not sure if I can provide the best perspective because my husband is a little picky. Um, he's more of a meat and potatoes guy so Paulo he loves Paulo and we pretty much do Paula all the time. 10:09.60 Sam Oh no. 10:20.94 Rachel Mears But we have not done done on Shante or remy I would personally love to do it but he has not um, but and I've never done Victoria in Alberts either. So because of him so I should just go on my own. But. 10:28.42 Sam Um, yeah. 10:34.81 Sam You need to come with us. That's what you need to come on a cruise with us you know and I will tell you we have other friends that we've sailed with where one of the couple is not an adventurous eater and is also a meat and potatoes happens to be the wife of the couple that I'm thinking of. 10:39.95 Rachel Mears Yeah, um. 10:47.41 Rachel Mears Are you. 10:53.50 Rachel Mears Um, hello people. 10:53.18 Sam She is the meat and potatoes person shout out to you Tracy you know that I'm talking about you right now, but her husband Michael a super adventurous eater and so when we have gone with them on the wish now 2 different times 1 time Michael came with us to brunch and it was just the 3 of us and we had a lovely time at at anantte. 10:59.51 Rachel Mears Rule. 11:12.28 Sam And then more recently we went to dinner and it was basically us another couple and Michael because his wife Tracy is like not going to do the whole launch on tape. 11:17.57 dclduo Yeah, well that this year we've had the opportunity we introduced will and Rebecca to anantte and I think we're going to introduce another couple that we sail with to anantte you're upcoming. So yeah, yeah, any if you're ever on board with us. You're welcome to sit or table. 11:19.20 Rachel Mears Um, ah you know and you know. 11:26.76 Sam Yep. 11:28.95 Rachel Mears Yeah I would love I would love to find someone to go with but I've also thought about going by myself too. But then I would have felt feel a little guilty. Yeah. 11:40.70 Sam Totally understand. 11:42.83 dclduo Yeah, for sure. How do you think Paulo compares I mean you probably have done some of the you know obviously not Victorian Alberts but signature dining. Ah at Disney World do you think that Paulo is a good comparator for signature dining at Disney World or do you think one of the other is sort of better. 11:48.27 Rachel Mears Drop. 11:56.81 Rachel Mears Yeah, no I think it's I yeah I think it's like a perfect comparison for signature dying at Disney World I mean obviously it's I guess it's a little bit more like italian um style and. I mean the wish is more state cow. So I think it's definitely comparable to a disney world signature restaurant I mean it depends on where you go that it could be like a little bit like flying fish is more like seafood. So I think it's comparable. Um. 12:30.68 dclduo Yeah, oh for sure I I mean signature dining at Disney World in my mind has such a range of kind of options and restaurants. So if I think about Palo versus say tretoria al fourno or something like that like you know tutorial 4 knows good I think Palos. 12:31.20 Rachel Mears Yeah, definitely I don't know if you guys feel the same way. 12:38.29 Rachel Mears Um, you can be on. 12:39.30 Sam True. 12:47.79 Rachel Mears Um, yeah, we are yeah ah. 12:49.81 dclduo A notch above in my book. Sorry Willy I know the tretoria is it's like the top of your list. But um, yeah, so I you know I think I think to your point just there's a huge wide range of signature nine of it. Borders on fine dining and some of it borders on something a little less than fine dining. So yeah, yeah. 12:57.34 Rachel Mears yeah yeah I do think that the service is better on pollo than service at a Disney World Signature restaurant though. 12:58.32 Sam Right. 13:07.31 Sam Yes. 13:11.17 dclduo Yeah, well and you can't beat. You can't beat the cost of pao once you've invested the money in a cruise. So it's sort of a it sort of a no brainer for us from the standpoint that Paulo is so accessible in terms of its its food and the experience you get is so top notch. It's I think a a must a must try for just about any Disney cruiser. Yeah. 13:12.88 Sam Totally agree. 13:16.42 Rachel Mears Um, but yeah. 13:27.25 Rachel Mears Um, yeah, yeah, yeah. 13:30.53 Sam Yeah I think I think they're the right comparison but I have to agree with Rachel and and but I have to add to that. It's not just the service I think the food apollo is generally a cut above and not just when I'm thinking about tretoria. But even um. 13:31.70 dclduo Yeah. 13:45.88 Sam You know which is an italian restaurant that obviously is a a good comparison just because of the style of food. But I think of even Topaino and Topoino is italian although it's a more modern twist on italian but I would say I think hollow is. Ah, cut above as far as you know, food quality and preparation as well as the service and I'd even say it's a you know a cut above you know California Grill and some of the other you know signature dining. No question that if you you know when I talk about signature dining I'm not talking about character dining even though I know that is generally part of the umbrella of signature dining character dining is always lower quality food. Um with the exception of some of the breakfast. 14:23.19 Rachel Mears Um. 14:23.31 dclduo Yeah, ah I don't know Sam I'd put I'd put Toppalinos head to head with ah with Palo I'd put California grill head to head with pao I I I mean I think if anything there's the added atmosphere that comes from. Dining at sea with the beautiful views I do think that the service is unparalleled and sometimes it's signature dining at Disney World sits hit or miss. You know how good the service can be yeah yeah, um, so yeah, but I put them head to head with some of the restaurants at Disney World and think that Paulo could come out at least the equal of some of those places. Um. 14:48.77 Sam Right? An atmosphere too. 15:01.45 dclduo Yeah, so Rachel I'm also curious I mean I know you live 7 minutes away so planning for you is is you know getting a park reservation and you know heading heading over. Um, but I'm sure you have some experience kind of planning ah a Disney world vacation from you know your prior times in Ohio and. 15:08.38 Rachel Mears Um, and the ah. 15:15.16 Rachel Mears And look. 15:17.48 dclduo Ah, you know that sort of thing and I'm sure you hear from people who come to visit about about visiting the parks. Um, how do you think that Disney World compares to Disney Cruise line in terms of the the planning aspect. Our sense is Disney Cruise line is kind of a far simpler process these days in the. 15:30.93 Rachel Mears Then yeah I mean that's kind of a loaded question because I could probably talk about that forever. But I mean some people maybe. 15:33.73 dclduo Disney World's getting pretty complex. But how do you feel about it. 15:43.26 Sam If. 15:48.65 Rachel Mears Some people might want to be on the go all the time like walking around not really relaxing like they don't want to. They don't want to invest their time into relaxing whereas that's pretty much all I want to do now I just want to like enjoy the ambiance and just relax and I mean my. Job is pretty stressful like life is pretty stressful. So I feel like Disney World is more maybe immersive than a cruise but for us like my husband and I love beach vacations. So cruising is just perfect. For combining our love of the beach with our love of Disney and I think if you're like looking for maybe like a different way to Disney I think that's perfect for someone that's looking to branch out a little bit from Disney world. 16:42.34 dclduo And and if you had a you know if you had someone come to you and say look I'm I'm weighing a Disney world vacation versus a cruise. Um you know I guess maybe what factors would you look at I mean it sounds like 1 thing is well how relaxing of a vacation. Do you want to have. 16:47.39 Rachel Mears And then. 16:57.18 Rachel Mears Yeah, yeah. 17:00.13 dclduo Like where where would you head in terms of that discussion of take a cruise over a park strip or take a park strip over a cruise. 17:06.19 Rachel Mears So I mean I guess I do I actually have a little bit different perspective because I do a little bit of travel planning too. So I've had a few of my clients that have started to transition into thinking about cruises. And I think it kind of depends on like where they are in their Disney journey like if they've been to Disney World like once a year for the past like four years. Maybe it's time to start thinking of cruising. Um, if they don't maybe like where Disney world is headed with Genie plus. And having to get lightning lanes for rides. Um, then I think it's probably time to start looking at Disney Cruise line um like the ages of their kids to I know a lot of parents like um like the. Child sitting aspect of Disney Cruise line because they can have a little bit of adult time. So I think there's a lot of factors in that. But I think if you if you're if you want a little bit of relaxing with your vacation and maybe don't want to be on the go all the time. And you've done Disney world a lot then I think you could probably start looking at Disney Cruise line 18:17.98 dclduo Do do you think 1 vacation holds value better over another. At this point I mean I'm just thinking about you know the look. The resort prices are constantly rising. You mentioned the ap prices are constantly going up or they're adding they're adding restrictions that sort of devalue the existing price a little bit like everything. 18:18.20 Sam Yeah, yeah. 18:29.93 Rachel Mears Um, data. Yeah. 18:36.95 Rachel Mears Um, anymore fear. 18:37.60 dclduo All the prices keep going up not to say on the cruise line They don't keep going up. They do too but do you have a do you have a barometer there in terms of where which one you think is holding more value just at the moment. 18:46.88 Rachel Mears Ah, well I don't I I kind of feel like Disney and I don't want I don't want anyone to hear this from Disney Cruise line but it kind of seems to me like Disney Cruise line maybe isn't and increasing at the same rate as Disney world. I mean the wish is a little different because the wish in general is pretty expensive. Um, but it just seems a little bit like it's not increasing as much and with Disney World not having the dining plans back until next year I think it's a lot easier to tell someone this is the price of your cruise and it's literally gonna include include everything versus at Disney World you have to plan for every single meal character meals are super expensive. Ah so I do think that a Disney Cruise design is a little bit more. 19:23.12 dclduo Um, no. 19:36.37 Rachel Mears Of a value these days. Um, just because it's like 1 price price and everything's included with like exception of like excursions and alcohol. 19:37.12 Sam Yeah. 19:44.13 Sam Um, yet yeah and you're not kidding about those character meals I mean we went to ohanna for dinner at um at Malt Disney World and the price is kind of astronomical I mean it's it. We love. 19:45.20 dclduo Yeah, oh. 20:00.92 Sam Food at Ohhanna We went for the dinner so it wasn't even the character meal because they only do the character meal for those listening if you don't if you haven't been to ohhan at the Polynesian they do have a great character meal. Um for breakfast and then they have a great dinner like the food is delicious, but it's very. 20:02.38 Rachel Mears Um, playing um. 20:17.10 Sam Like it's casual food. It's not like it's fill a min yo or anything and it's the price is crazy and the price for a child. Um, it's like the ages are 3 to 9 now. Our son is 9 and. 20:17.63 Rachel Mears Um, yeah, yeah. 20:27.70 Rachel Mears You want to? oh wow. 20:32.86 Sam Literally when he turns 10 in November he becomes adult pricing on everything and to be fair, he eats more than he you know than the kid portions. No like the kid portions are kind of small. Um but it is. It's just crazy the price when you add up all of those different meals. 20:39.77 dclduo Um, yeah, well. 20:52.33 Sam And then you think about what's included on the cruise line which is all of your meals included and of course you might opt for an adult meal but you don't have to. 20:54.78 Rachel Mears Um, and. 20:58.64 Rachel Mears And bring it. 20:59.90 dclduo The the thing that kills me is a lot of the character meals are character breakfasts I don't think there. There are some but not a ton of character dinners and if you think about the cost of waffle Mix eggs bacon as in relation to the price you're paying per person. 21:03.85 Sam Yes. 21:11.67 Rachel Mears Um. 21:18.98 dclduo Like you really are just paying for those characters to show up which I mean there's value there if your kids really want to meet those characters. You got to pay it. Um, but it doesn't equate to the value of the meal. You're necessarily getting it at all those locations. 21:20.39 Rachel Mears Um, rema. 21:29.19 Sam Yeah, and chef Mickey that that that meal is not a good meal and that is a character meal at breakfast or dinner. But it's a buffet to be fair. It's probably not. 21:29.89 Rachel Mears Um, yeah, you can. 21:33.93 dclduo Oh I think that's that's it's not the worst character meal in the parks I don't think maybe we should ask maybe we should ask Rachel maybe she ask Rachel what she thinks is the best and the worst character meal at Disney world. 21:41.93 Rachel Mears Oh. 21:45.00 Sam Yeah I Love that question. 21:47.40 Rachel Mears Oh gosh I don't even know. Um, so I just went to Crystal Palace actually and they have a very good breakfast. Um, yeah, yeah, but their dinner I went there and it was not good. 21:53.61 Sam Yeah I agree I think that's one of the better ones for sure. Yeah. 21:57.47 dclduo Yes. 22:05.47 Rachel Mears Actually a tip for anyone I went to breakfast around ten forty five in the morning one day and they converted over to lunch in the middle of my meal. So I got breakfast and lunch for what for the breakfast price. So just. 22:20.90 Sam Oh but 1 thing but 1 thing to watch with that and I don't know if it's the case at crystal palace but we went to one of the other character breakfasts I think it was actually is it the one at Disney Land brian the plaza whatever 22:23.11 dclduo That's smart. That's a good tip. 22:24.98 Rachel Mears Yeah. 22:34.75 dclduo It was the one at Disneyland a jolly jolly holiday isn't it that we did well the plaza and yes, yeah. 22:39.20 Sam Not jolly holidays plaza in yeah and we went and we we were not able to get an early breakfast time so we did like a later once it was like 11 something or whatnot and we only got half the characters because it like the character breakfast like. 22:40.48 Rachel Mears Um, and close. Yeah. 22:50.85 Rachel Mears Um I hello I. 22:56.32 Sam Ended basically while we were there and they did the change over to lunch food and they don't have characters I think for their lunch seating. So while that might work at crystal palace it apparently doesn't work at Dis and Imp and so something to be aware of. 23:03.22 Rachel Mears Um, hello Yeah, and yeah. 23:06.93 Rachel Mears Yeah Disney landed. They're not they they guess they're not too similar after all. 23:15.70 Sam Yeah, and the characters are better at Crystal Palace because you get winnie the pooh and friends and at Plaza in it's um, it's like gus gus and the other mice and a few other characters I can't remember yeah. 23:21.45 Rachel Mears Um, me and lotta. 23:28.15 Rachel Mears Oh yeah, yeah, oh Toppolinos is probably the best character breakfast too at Disney world. 23:29.23 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yes, yeah, that's and it's a hard one to get into these days. It's very hard to get into. But yeah, we we just did that we just did that for the first time on our last trip we finally got in and yeah it was. It was a really good. 23:36.34 Sam Yes. 23:42.16 Rachel Mears Um, oh you know. 23:45.70 Rachel Mears Yeah, yeah, you have to? yeah fear. Yeah yeah I know we actually I was so my mom taking my mom on a cruise in octoberber. 23:47.50 Sam Well I think part of that is also because it's not a buffet right? It's actually a sit down meal. So the food's just better. 23:48.49 dclduo Really get breakfast. Yeah. 24:03.40 Rachel Mears And they live in Ohio and they're coming for a day and I just tried to get Toppalinos for our brunch before we had to the cruise pool and I couldn't get it so I went with 8 may. 24:12.53 Sam Um, well yeah, we'll keep watching Rachel because 1 thing we did notice now that Disney World and Disneyland have changed their policy to have the 2 hour cancellation um 24:25.82 Rachel Mears Um, you are um yeah. 24:26.42 Sam A lot of the time people are canceling the day before or day of obviously it won't be day of probably because it's you know an early morning thing but the day before lot of those reservations are becoming available. We're finding more and more you can get last minute stuff that you used to not be able to get. 24:41.67 Rachel Mears Um, yeah, yeah, yeah, we we do that a lot too much. 24:43.86 Sam But you have to be on top of it. Of course. Yeah, So what's the cruise that you're taking your mom on and has she cruised before. 24:53.23 Rachel Mears So I'm taking her on the wish it's a three night cruise again I do a lot of the three night cruises because I work here in Florida. So and yeah, we're about we're like an hour away from the poor. So. 24:56.91 Sam Oh nice. 25:09.36 Rachel Mears It's really nice because I only have to take take off a half a day of work and I get to come back on Monday before work starts. So I don't have to take much time off. So that's kind of why we do these little 3 3 nighters. Um. 25:12.15 Sam Um, yeah. 25:27.48 Rachel Mears So like the for if I took a four night cruise on the wish I'd basically have to take off an entire entire week and I'm like well I may as well just do it and a seven night cruise on the fiion see then. So. 25:32.92 Sam Right? right. Right. 25:41.51 Rachel Mears Yeah, so we do a lot of these little weekend cruises and we'll be on it during her actual birthday. So I think that will be fun and. 25:47.89 Sam Awesome and now your last cruise you did was on the was on the dream in the med right? So that was a longer was that a seven night itinerary or was it one of the longer. So. 25:55.94 Rachel Mears Yeah, yes, yeah, it was this ivanite itinerary. Yeah, no, that was our second time so in full transparency we we booked a 1 bedroom suite. 26:01.63 Sam Awesome and then was that your first time sailing concierge or was that. 26:14.76 Rachel Mears With um and concierge and that's we had a canceled wish cruise with the 50% off credit so we actually for some reason we had a 20% off I think we got it like covid restart when they canceled Nasa. 26:20.00 Sam Ah. 26:33.77 Rachel Mears And they're like oh here's 20% off for for skipping Nasa I'm like great you could have not I could I would have paid to not go to Nasa but but so we got 20% off for that and we could stack the 2 on that cruise. 26:43.78 dclduo Yeah, ah, ah, ah. 26:51.97 Sam Um, woo so you got 20% off and 50% off and please folks don't get my math wrong that doesn't mean it was 70% off because stacking is not the same as adding. Um. 26:53.26 Rachel Mears Yes, so yes. 27:05.17 Rachel Mears Um, yeah, yeah. 27:07.14 Sam Ah, you they apply the 50% and then they take the 20% off of what the total is next but that's still a huge I mean that that's still another ten percent essentially so you're in in the end you're getting about 60% off that's huge for concierge. Oh my goodness. 27:12.33 Rachel Mears Um, yeah, yeah, yeah, and yes, so we went all out. 27:19.62 dclduo Yeah. 27:25.27 Rachel Mears Um, and it was definitely. It was worth it I would say I don't think I would ever have paid like the rat the rack rate for that. Um, because the Mediterranean is just such like a cruise where you're on the go. We only had one c day so it was just. 27:32.47 dclduo Yeah. 27:33.59 Sam Sniffes. 27:43.63 Rachel Mears It was a little um, just not enough time to enjoy all the amenities. 27:47.26 dclduo Yeah, yeah, so I I just want to hit back on this point about the discount because this came up a few months ago now when they did the Miscastaway key stop and offered people kind of percentage off and a lot of folks were complaining because was at an and I looked at that and said that's a variable credit. That's that's. 27:47.82 Sam Nice. 27:57.34 Rachel Mears Hello. Yeah. 28:04.44 Rachel Mears Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, and you can stack it with your placeholder too. Yeah. 28:06.57 dclduo Real money depending on which cruise you decide to to use it on if you're going to sail with Disney in the future. It's not like a hundred dollars onboard credit. It could be thousands of dollars you save on a cruise. So yeah, yeah, yeah for sure Rachel have you been on all the yeah. 28:21.84 Sam Although not for concierge because concierres doesn't do placeholder discount. Yeah. 28:23.65 Rachel Mears No yeah, yeah, sadly I actually have never been on the fantasy. Um, yeah, we will. We want to do it but again like I said it's just it's kind of hard to take. 28:26.46 dclduo Yeah, yeah, Rachel have you been on all the Disney Cruise line chips at this point or are there any that you're missing. Okay. 28:33.40 Sam Home. 28:42.19 Rachel Mears A full week off of work. Um, so it's on our list I don't know when we're going to get to do it but we've been on the dream many times which is this sistership obviously so we know what it looks like but we we want to do it shortly sometime. Maybe next year 28:43.62 Sam Yep. 28:58.14 dclduo Yeah, do do you have a favorite of the class of ships that you've been on the the wish class of dream class and the magic class. 29:09.39 Rachel Mears So um, so people I did I do get that question a lot. But I personally don't I don't have a favorite ship but I think it's just all about the itinerary. Um, so for me like my favorite cruise memory was our Alaskan Cruise 29:18.23 Sam Is a. 29:18.65 dclduo Okay. 29:27.43 Rachel Mears Um, that was just like the best cruise ever. So but I don't necessarily think it's because of the ship. It was just the itinerary. So ah, any like the dream. The dream was always my least favorite because it only did the 3 and 4 nights. 29:40.52 dclduo Yeah. 29:42.75 Rachel Mears But now that it's in the Mediterranean I'm like oh me, maybe that is my favorite So I don't really have a favorite. Yeah. 29:47.89 dclduo Yeah, what? what did you think of the wish a lot of people were really kind of you know, and't like the wish it doesn't look like the other ships is not laid out the same. You know lots of shortcomings that were identified initially but like it's a ship we we actually really like but what did you think about the wish. 29:58.75 Rachel Mears Yeah, yeah, so it Yeah, that's again, a load of question I will say I do not like the adult area. Um. 30:12.38 dclduo Um. 30:13.20 Rachel Mears The pool is really tiny. It's hard to get into I think that the adult area is laid out horribly Um, but I love the staterooms I think the staterooms are much nicer. Um I Love the food I think the food is much better like even in the restaurants I think it's better. Obviously the concierres lounge is much better. But um I don't really like the adult areas. So I know everyone says that but I think it is kind of true. 30:38.58 dclduo Yeah, yeah, we had our first positive experience with the adult area on this last back to back that we did and it was in part because on the embark reembark day. 30:52.62 Rachel Mears Um, ah here. 30:52.70 dclduo We like got back on the ship like we we intentionally got off the ship with our friends. Everyone was in swimsuits and as soon as we got back on. We went straight to the adult pool area and just took the whole thing over for the afternoon and that was fantastic. That was honestly fantastic. Ah, but that's a very rare thing. 30:58.90 Rachel Mears Ah, birds fine. Yeah. 31:04.65 Sam Yeah, but but that's but that's not like a very yeah and that's not a really like realistic experience for most people because if if you're just doing a three night cruise or a four night cruise you know, unless you come prepared and you. 31:06.66 Rachel Mears Um, yeah. 31:11.70 dclduo Yeah. 31:22.93 Sam But bored early. That's not necessarily going to be an option for you. Yes. 31:23.70 dclduo Like I can tell you that will be my strategy going forward on any cruise on the wish I'm going to show up in my swim trunks and head right to the adult pool area and just stake out a nice set of chairs get a drink and sit there. So yeah, yeah for sure. 31:24.53 Rachel Mears Um, yeah, yeah. 31:35.41 Rachel Mears Yeah, that sounds fun. We. We've started utilizing or we've um, sat in the adult pool. The infinity pool during the sunset before our second dining and. That and there was like barely anyone in there that was kind of magical the pool in itself. The infinity pool is really really nice and it's beautiful I really like it. But it's just a little small. Um and not super practical. So yeah. 31:53.99 dclduo Um, yeah. 32:07.16 dclduo Yeah, my my favorite spot on the wish is to sit in the the concierge sundeck they have that like it's not really a pool. It's like you sit and they have the water kind of running to keep you cool. Ah kind of like the areas on the ah the adult pool that you are next to the main pool. 32:12.60 Rachel Mears Hello Yeah, be yeah, be yeah feel. How yeah, that's nice. Yeah I. 32:22.55 dclduo I Love to sit there on sale away like I think that is so fun to sit there when you're sailing on a port. Yeah. 32:29.71 Rachel Mears I Think if anyone were to try Concierge. The wish is definitely the ship to try it because especially if you're an adult like it's just speaking to the pool and like the hot tub. There's only one hot tub for the entire ship. Um. So if you if you if you aren't doing conciers I would recommend the rain Forest room. Um, because that's like a really nice area separate area with extra extra hot tubs and lounger. So I would probably recommend that if you don't two con years. 33:00.57 dclduo Yeah. 33:02.45 Sam Yeah, that's a good tip because there are 2 hot tubs in concierge plus the I'm going to call it waterfall lounger thing in a jig. Um that Brian was describing. 33:05.93 Rachel Mears Um, generation. 33:09.40 dclduo Yeah, it's kind of like satellite falls just a little bit less like they don't have the dripping water on top of you. It's just running down your back kind of thing. Yeah, yeah. 33:16.74 Rachel Mears Um, yeah, yeah, are yeah. 33:18.20 Sam Yeah, so that's really a great place in a quiet place on the wish. But that's only in the concierge in the conzier sundeck and to your point Rachel the rainforest um rainforest room has those outdoor hot tubs that are really nice and it's ah that's ah. 33:27.00 Rachel Mears And then. 33:34.46 Rachel Mears Um, yeah, yeah, yeah, you yeah yeah. 33:37.73 Sam Probably a cheaper way though than sailing here. It's a lot less expensive to buy that length of Cruise Concierge Passs than or length of Cruise rainforest pass than to say concierge. But I think you're right The adult pool deck while it's. 33:40.83 dclduo For sure. 33:50.84 Rachel Mears Um, when you we are We are yeah and. 33:53.44 Sam Beautiful and that infinity pool is fantastic. It's just the layout is bad. It's really small and it gets really really crowded on the wish. Absolutely. 34:02.72 dclduo Do you have do you have some favorite you mentioned that you like you know some luxury isn't the word you use we like? yeah the finer things in life. Do you have some things on the cruise that you like in that vein. 34:10.17 Rachel Mears Um. 34:10.66 Sam Finer things. 34:16.74 Rachel Mears Oh on the wish. Um. 34:17.50 dclduo Well on on any of the ships. Yeah, any of the experiences you've had on there that you would label some of the finer things on Disney Cruise line 34:24.18 Rachel Mears Ah, so we love um the old fashioned bar on the wish. Um so I'm not even sure if I don't even know that the hours that he's out anymore. Um, yes. 34:35.80 dclduo Oh it hooks barbary. Yes. 34:39.67 Rachel Mears So If you go down there. You can have the bartender make you a custom old fashioned and we love that So Pretty much everything is like involves drinking that we like to do. So All of the bars are really Nice. We like to do all of that. Um, so I don't know we will always do Pollo maybe someday I'll get my husband to do on Chate. Um, but yeah. 35:07.72 dclduo How about that. How about the spot. Do you guys? Ah, live it up in the spot. All way you're onboard. 35:12.68 Rachel Mears Not if we're doing conciers. So this next cruise in two weeks we will not but like our first couple of cruises I did because I wanted to try it. Um I I do like the dream and the fantasy rainforest room a lot more. Um, but again, this is really nice to have like an extra space. 35:33.46 dclduo That that's interesting. What do you like? ah more about the dream and fantasy rainforest room because I think a lot of folks have seen the wishes rainforest rooms I Oh this is the gold Standard rainforest room but I'm curious. What what do you like more about the dream of the fantasy. 35:43.93 Rachel Mears Yeah, the view um from the loungers and the hot tubs. Um, yeah, yeah, because there's no view on the wish. Even though it's like yeah even though it's a lot bigger space. 35:52.19 Sam Right? You get that water view. Yeah. 35:54.66 dclduo Um, yeah. 35:59.70 Rachel Mears It was very relaxing being there. Um on the wish but nothing beats the view on the dream and the fantasy. Oh yeah, yeah yeah. 36:05.31 dclduo Yeah, in some ways on the wish you're the view for all the people walking around the top he. So so yeah I can totally understand that for sure for sure. Do what do you have a favorite restaurant across the fleet rachel. 36:21.26 Rachel Mears Um, probably the animator's palette on the wonder and the magic um and then I do like 1923 also yeah yeah, yeah. 36:30.41 dclduo Yeah, that's a great spot for sure. That's a great fus. Yeah yeah, what it you mentioned a lot of your your experiences involve drinking got a favorite bar on board. The ships. 36:37.40 Rachel Mears Yeah. 36:42.84 Rachel Mears Um, not the Star Wars bart. 36:47.64 Sam And ah, not the star wars but that there's a lot of people who'd agree with you on that and and frankly Brian and I we love the galactic star cruiser. We just did that not too long ago. Um, and so I would say we're casual star wars fans. 36:52.17 dclduo Yeah. 37:01.63 Rachel Mears Um, early I sunday. 37:03.70 Sam But we also agree not the not hyperspace lounge. It is not um, it is not the best of the bars on any of the ships. Not even on the wish. Yeah. 37:06.57 Rachel Mears Um, yeah. 37:11.30 dclduo Yeah. 37:12.16 Rachel Mears Yeah, yeah, I know this to this week is an exciting week because we'll get to find out what's potentially on the treasure. Um, but I like Nightingale's bar um on the wish I think that's very nice. Um. My husband is a big sports fan so he loves all of the sports bars that there's 1 in like each ship so he loves that. Um, but yeah, this de crews will probably just spend all the time in the concierge bar. Um, yeah, but. 37:30.98 dclduo That. 37:33.70 Sam Is is. 37:45.27 Sam Yes. 37:47.81 dclduo Um, yeah, yeah, it it is interesting that they've they've refitted the lounges with these like dedicated bar spaces now as opposed to just like a bar cart where you could get a drink right? I mean it really does make it a place where you can go sit and have a drink whereas before you know it's kind of just. 37:49.10 Rachel Mears But yeah, probably night and gales I did like I do like that bar a lot. 37:51.53 Sam Yeah. 37:59.78 Rachel Mears Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, like the dream the dream that we were just on. It's just like a little bar cart. 38:07.67 dclduo A little tiny area in the in the lounge. So yeah. 38:14.17 Rachel Mears That comes out during the night and then that's where they make your drinks on it and it was nice but it was you pretty much either had to sit in your room or just in the lounge. So oh yeah, ah. 38:23.52 dclduo Yeah, yeah I do miss when they were pushing the card around from room to room. But I understand why I couldn't maintain that I could understand that for sure. 38:32.70 Rachel Mears I Never got to experience that. So. 38:35.98 Sam Yeah, some of the pandemic operations were well. It's you know there's things that were better right and things that were worse right? and not everything was up and running of course but you got those little touches like the bar cart that went around. Um. 38:41.45 Rachel Mears And yeah. 38:50.13 Sam And you got like half the passengers on your sailings which is also nice. Yes. 38:50.69 Rachel Mears Yeah, oh yeah I I think we went on like the second ceiling um on the dream when we had actually a double dip to cast away because it couldn't go to Nasa um. 38:52.59 dclduo Yeah. 39:04.38 Sam Right. 39:07.34 Rachel Mears And that was probably like 1 of my favorite cruises ever. It was amazing. So yeah I missed that. 39:10.50 dclduo Yeah, yeah, well we won't speculate about the treasure because as you noted the the actual announcements are coming here in a couple days. So this show will come out afterwards and I'd hate I'd hate to have a speculate and then get it all wrong. 39:19.69 Rachel Mears Yeah, yeah, yeah, probably. 39:25.26 Sam Yeah. 39:27.13 dclduo Ah, so close in time to the announcements but I did I thought I would ask you you? What are your thoughts on Castaway key and what are you hoping to see out of lighthouse point the newer destination that they're building. 39:39.25 Rachel Mears I really haven't given it too much thought. Um I love how I love how Castaway key is very um disney-esque I guess it doesn't feel too built up. Um, it just feels still really natural and like caribbean and bohemian. Um, so I'm hoping that they keep some of that I would like on lighthouse point to have a sit-down restaurant. Um something. That's not a buffet. 40:08.73 dclduo Who. 40:14.76 Rachel Mears And that you served it maybe even a concierge area. Um bar because I know Disney doesn't do um, they only serve included alcohol after 5 p m but it would be nice if they had like a couple of hours on the island. 40:26.86 Sam Is here. 40:32.98 Rachel Mears That's included for contiers. Um, but sorry I Yeah oh yeah, me too I know. 40:35.00 Sam I Love these ideas. Oh my God you know, Honestly, even if there was a sit down restaurant that was an upcharge right? like I would be willing to do that if it meant better food than what's at like cookies barbecue right? I would. 40:38.64 dclduo Um, yeah. 40:50.29 Sam Was like a you know and just like a steak and lobster or something you know it does it. It does it if you could do like no like yeah. 40:54.50 Rachel Mears Um, you are yeah. 40:56.63 dclduo I'd be happy if they just delivered food to a Kabana like let's just start with that basic premise like can I just get the food brought to my cabana as opposed to having to schlep over to cookies ah to get the to get the buffet food right? Um I mean. 41:00.55 Rachel Mears Um, yeah, yeah, yeah. 41:10.14 dclduo I don't mind the buffet food. We go to cookies. It's great. But um I do think other cruise lines offer this like order in your Kabana and we'll bring you your food so that you can enjoy your your cabana for the day. Yeah. 41:12.84 Rachel Mears Yeah, yeah, we we've never done any other cruise line besides Disney so I don't know what I'm missing, but it does seem like. 41:27.25 Sam Yeah, you good. Keep it that way. Ah. 41:30.36 dclduo I Wouldn't say you're missing anything now I'm just kidding. No yeah. 41:31.99 Rachel Mears It does seem like a opportunity. Yeah, so yeah, I'm really I'm really hoping for like a sit down restaurant a little bit nicer food um on light lighthouse point. 41:45.81 dclduo You you know mentioning other cruise lines I'm curious have you at all thought about sailing another cruise line like as I think about you and your husband you'd be prime candidates for like a virgin voyages actually um, have you have you thought about it and you're just like nope Disney's the thing we're sticking with Disney. 41:53.60 Rachel Mears You know be? yeah ah I think if there's a cruise line that we would go to to try. It would be celebrity. Um. 42:05.70 dclduo M. 42:08.65 Rachel Mears I've heard amazing things about celebrity and I have a lot of friends who are like avid Disney Cruise line goers who have converted over to celebrity and they love it. Um, my friend. My best friend is actually going on a virgin Mediterranean Cruise in september. 42:18.95 Sam Um. 42:24.55 Sam Oh wow. 42:28.15 Rachel Mears So she'll get to tell me all about it. Yeah. 42:30.90 dclduo Very fun, Very fun. 42:33.10 Sam Yeah, because we are definitely hearing and we've heard great things about celebrity, especially their concierge level. Um, and we have sailed on in celebrity but many many years ago and we we felt at the time and I think it's changed that. 42:40.31 Rachel Mears Um, yeah. 42:47.44 Sam The um, the demographic skewed much much older than us. But we also were on longer sailings that were 14 Well we have to be fair, we have aged since then. 42:52.60 Rachel Mears Um, know. 42:54.65 dclduo We've also aged samantha so you know Demographic has come closer to where we are a little bit there. 42:58.70 Rachel Mears Um. 43:02.10 Sam But it's also we were on longer itineraries. We were on a Panama canal and a Hawaii itinerary so those are like two week itineraries so those skew older to begin with but we've heard some really great things about celebrity. Um, and then the other one that we have really heard about as far as you know adults only cruising. 43:04.87 Rachel Mears Um, we are We are here. 43:20.20 Sam But still with a younger vibe meaning 30 s through I'd say fifty s more that you know more concentrated in that crowd than like the sixty plus crowd on virgin voyages. Yeah, so we are we are looking to try that ourselves. Um and leave Nathan home with ah grandma. 43:34.98 Rachel Mears Yeah, yeah, yeah I would like to try it. But I think my husband has this um connotation that it's really like a party ship. 43:38.35 Sam So. 43:48.40 Sam Um, if. 43:48.44 Rachel Mears Maybe I don't know and he's not like a big party here. So I think he's maybe a little scared but I would like to try it. Yeah, you know? yeah I know yeah so we'll see I I do like how. 43:56.56 Sam Yeah, well maybe your friend can convince him after she goes if she really loves it. So ah. 43:57.45 dclduo Um, yeah. 44:06.94 Rachel Mears I'm I'm getting a little tired of Disney going to the same ports all the time and I think you pretty much have to go to like another cruise line. Ah, but our cruise line have a lot has a lot more variety in the ports you. 44:10.34 Sam Is. 44:18.53 Sam True. Yeah, unless you want to do like that Southern Caribbean which of course means a week plus off of work. Yeah. 44:18.78 dclduo Yeah, yeah, and and and fortunately. 44:24.55 Rachel Mears Hello Yeah fear. 44:26.40 dclduo Well, and unfortunately I think the tea leaves that we're seeing are that we'll experience some consolidation here over the next couple of years as Disney ramps up more cruises out of Galveston which potentially takes New Orleans off the table for them and. 44:37.91 Rachel Mears And I again and fear Bea Bea 44:42.87 dclduo Fort Lauderdale and the commitments they've made to Nasa so like I I am I am worried that we'll see less differentiation. Not more which is yeah yeah, we haven't been on an eastern western caribbean in a while so that's still kind of an appealing itinerary for for us because we love that itinerary but I have done enough back and forth to Nasa tolas me. Ah. 44:57.52 Rachel Mears Yeah, yeah I know like I said they could see me I would give them money to not take me actually so yes. 45:02.15 dclduo A lifetime. Um, so definitely starting to? yeah well yeah, yeah, yeah, no, no, no, no, no stop in Nasa also half the ship gets off so I get it to myself see it's like a it's like a hat. It's like a it's like an empty ship see day. So yeah. 45:06.74 Sam Yeah let's just sail around for another day and skip Nasa I like that? yeah. Fair, that's true, fair. 45:17.51 Rachel Mears Yeah, but this next cruise that we're going on in two weeks we picked it because it's um Castaway and a sea day. It doesn't go to Nasa yeah yeah, us. 45:21.94 dclduo Yeah. 45:30.60 Sam Oh interesting. Yeah. 45:30.13 dclduo Oh nicely done nicely done. That's very nice and what's the itinerary that's gotten away from you Rachel. What's the one that you like have been wanting to do and you just haven't been able to fit it in. 45:36.86 Rachel Mears I know. 45:42.85 Rachel Mears So like it has to do with the fantasy I think I would really like the eastern caribbean I don't know if that's your favorite from the 2 Um, okay so that is the one that we really want to fit in. 45:46.54 dclduo Um, yes, it is. 45:58.23 Rachel Mears I Would like to try to do it on a week that I have like a day off of work. Um, but we're just trying to fit that in and see when we can make that happen. 46:01.74 Sam Using. 46:09.91 dclduo I'll tell you the absolute best on the fantasy is a Southern Caribbean because you get 9 to 10 nights there but that seven night Eastern is is wonderful. We love st thomas as a port stop. It's great. 46:13.51 Rachel Mears Um, yeah. 46:21.62 dclduo And you get I think I feel like Sam right? The fantasy does the fantasy go cast away then back to pork canaveral. Do they have the c day sometimes in between I can't remember if there's second to last cast away or not if you can never like we love the sailings to stop it cast away where you have a c day after so you're not like oh I got to get back on board and pack all my stuff back up. 46:22.62 Rachel Mears Um, we have. 46:30.93 Sam I'm trying to think. 46:31.42 Rachel Mears Um, here I know no. 46:34.97 Rachel Mears Yeah, that with you parties. Yeah I know yeah, yeah, that's this this three night I'm going on it castaway day is on saturday. 46:36.49 Sam Right? Where you don't have to pack on Castaway day packing on Castaway day is the worst I hate that it's I mean you have to do it on many many cruises but it's just I hate that I yeah. 46:41.27 dclduo And but but I will. 46:52.77 Sam Oh nice, Oh fantastic. 46:54.73 Rachel Mears And then Sunday is a c day. So yeah, yeah, that ah oh that's nice. Oh yeah. 46:55.44 dclduo Yeah, that's our labor day cruise on the magic is Castaway is first then we hit Nasa and then we go back to pork andaverals so that'll be that'll be nice. Yeah yeah. 47:03.16 Sam Which is which is awesome because that's a C day for us. Basically. 47:09.70 dclduo I I will say Rachel if you want to get on the fantasy for eastern western you better? Do it before the treasure comes out because everything we're hearing is the treasure's going to pick up all the fantasies routes and then the fantasy is going to move down to Fort Lauderdale so ah so yeah, so yeah that's 47:13.27 Rachel Mears So. 47:22.12 Rachel Mears Oh I see yes who? um yeah I'll have to I I do so look like once a week for cruises. So we'll see but. 47:24.64 dclduo That was our our very first cruise was an eastern caribbean on the fantasy and we loved it so much we went back in six months later and did it to get and so yeah, ah. 47:39.46 Rachel Mears Yeah, that's the one that we both really want to do oh exactly? Yeah I know there's like 1 right now. So yeah I know I know. 47:40.60 dclduo Yeah, those Florida reson rates for you have become few and far between with Disney cruises line. Yeah yeah, and I heard it's thanksgiving of all cruises which I would think would never be on a Florida rest. 47:56.20 Sam Yeah, it's so odd. 47:57.94 dclduo He. 47:59.28 Rachel Mears I'm like the one the one week that we could go on the fantasy is it the fantasy. No, it's the dream. Um, yeah I the other the one week where I could take advantage of that we're gonna be in Hawaii but that's okay, this. 48:05.60 dclduo Okay. 48:12.58 dclduo Yeah I think I think you're coming out. Okay on that on that trade there for sure for sure. Yeah, for sure for sure. 48:14.93 Sam Yeah, yeah, that's a win. Yeah yeah. 48:18.81 Rachel Mears Yes, ten days in Hawaii versus a five night cruise yeah I think you're right. 48:22.34 Sam Yeah I think that's a win. Even even if only half of its out out a lani I don't know if it you' you're doing the whole thing at all Lani or but just part of it. 48:27.79 Rachel Mears Yeah, we're doing 8 nights at all Ani and then 2 nights in YKiki and we've never done that any bears. Yeah. 48:34.29 dclduo Um, oh well, even even more amazing. Yeah, that's amazing. 48:34.54 Sam Oh nice. Yeah, well then you can even though the beach at Waikiki's not great. That's where all the great restaurants are so you can eat it up. What really? well there. 48:43.57 Rachel Mears Um, yeah, yeah, exactly Yeah oh it's fine. 48:44.35 dclduo Yeah, well, we'll be sailing the mexican riviera on the magic this year for Thanksgiving and I will say for listeners out there. Nothing beats being on a cruise at Thanksgiving I don't remember what that movie was I think it was actually a Christmas time with Vince Vaughn and ah. Ah, where they go. They're supposed to be taking their island vacation. It gets canceled. Yeah but but but all of their reasoning is exactly why it's awesome to be on a cruise at Thanksgiving because you don't have to go back and forth to family houses. 49:02.88 Sam Yeah, yes, four christmases with Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn that's right 49:02.96 Rachel Mears Um, of core Christmas this yeah. 49:11.12 Rachel Mears Um, yeah. 49:17.60 dclduo Someone else's cooking dinner and cleaning up behind you. You can just lounge in your stateroom sleep in late the next morning. It's just it's It's so magical. It's so magical. 49:19.45 Rachel Mears Um. 49:22.25 Rachel Mears Yeah, yeah, we'll we'll have our thanksgiving meal at Alani this year so you. 49:29.89 dclduo Fabulous, fabulous well Rachel we really appreciate you taking some time out of your day to chat with us and share your your views with our listeners. You want to let folks know where you where they can follow you. We mentioned up at the front of the show that you have a fabulous Instagram account to follow. 49:39.80 Rachel Mears Yeah, yeah, so I just post a lot on Instagram anytime that I go to Disney I pretty much do at least a few stories I post a lot of my food pretty much anything and my Instagram is Rachel goes to Disney. So kind of simple. 49:59.61 dclduo Amazing. Well. 50:00.21 Sam And and it's really really fun. We love your instagram Rachel we we love following you along with you. It makes us feel. You know we're in the Seattle area so we can't get down to Walt Disney world so often. So. 50:03.38 Rachel Mears Well thank you. Fear. Yeah, yeah, well we're getting to hurricane in a couple days so don't don't feel too jealous. But. 50:15.58 Sam It's really nice to follow along and and see all the places you go. 50:17.84 dclduo Um, yeah, ah stay safe stay safe. But for now just thank you Rachel for coming on. 50:27.30 Rachel Mears Thank you so much. Thanks for having me.

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