October 29, 2023


Ep. 358 - Bonus - A Heady Blend: DCL's Early 2025 Itineraries + A HOTHS DCL Trio Trip Report

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Brian Sam
Ep. 358 - Bonus - A Heady Blend: DCL's Early 2025 Itineraries + A HOTHS DCL Trio Trip Report
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 358 - Bonus - A Heady Blend: DCL's Early 2025 Itineraries + A HOTHS DCL Trio Trip Report

Oct 29 2023 | 00:44:27


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It's a jammed packed bonus show. We're chatting the newly released early 2025 Disney Cruise Line itineraries. Sleuthing Sam is back and has spotted a few interesting things in this release, including her speculation that the Disney Fantasy may make her way to Europe in Summer 2025! But, it doesn't end there, because we're also bringing you and abbreviated trip report from our recent Halloween on the High Seas sailing aboard the Disney Wish, as well as Nathan's thoughts on the trip and his first experience parasailing at Castaway Cay. All that and more!

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Episode Transcript

00:00.00 dclduo Welcome back, everybody to this week's bonus episode a special bonus episode of the dcl duo podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and this is a special episode for 2 reasons. First reason is it's gonna be a 2 parter. We're gonna be talking about the 2025 itinerary release for Disney. I say that again, it's not going to work. Welcome back everybody to this week's bonus episode of the Dc L Duo Podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and this week's is a special bonus episode. Big big fun episode here sam because the first part of the episode's gonna be 2025 itinerary release right. 00:37.10 Sam Oh yeah, woohoo. 00:40.60 dclduo So Disney released their new early twenty twenty five itineraries I guess we're about two days beyond the itinerary release right? Sam. 00:49.21 Sam That's correct. We are a couple days after itinerary releases but also a couple days before these new itinerary for early Twenty Twenty Five go on sale to. Ah, Castaway Club members and then almost an entire week I think before they go on sale to the general public. 01:06.64 dclduo Yep, then we'll get into those on sale dates and all of that good stuff here in a minute I also want to highlight this is going to be a 2 part episode. So when the itinerary release wraps up. You won't be hearing the outro music you normally would we'll throw our ad read there. But then we have got a trip report from our Halloween on the high seas cruise. It's a short one. Just wanted to focus on some of this Halloween on the high seas activities and special guest star Nathan will be back to talk about his first ever experience parasaling at Castaway key so you're going to want to listen to that one if you've got kiddos out there who might be interested in a little thrill-seeking shore excursion at castway key. But. 01:37.67 Sam To fit. 01:40.97 dclduo First up is early twenty twenty five itineraries and Sam I think we've got to start with the vegetables which is ah the release times or sorry the the booking window opportunities for folks when can folks start booking these itineraries okay hold on I'll get it. 01:57.36 Sam I'm sorry I didn't have that up here. Let me really get that up broke quick. 02:00.54 dclduo I'll get it I'll get it I'll get it I'll get it. We'll say it again hold on. 02:19.53 dclduo All right? and I think we have to start with the vegetables here sam and give folks some quick info on when they can book these itineraries. We're going to talk about him here for a few minutes but just so you know when you can start booking booking is going to begin on Monday October thirtieth that's this Monday for Pearl Castaway Club members and then it'll follow in pretty quick succession Tuesday opens up for platinum Castaway Club members and golden oaks residents on Wednesday gold castaway club members. So Wednesday November first Gold Castaway Club members can book Thursday November second Silver was Thursday November Second Silver Castaway Club members can book along with Disney Vacation Club members and adventures by Disney Adventure insiders so you can call the book or book online on November Thursday November Second general public will have to wait until the following Monday November sixth though you've got a week from this Monday to us. Pour over these itineraries and figure out what you want to book. But Monday November sixth to the general public so that is the booking windows we of course always encourage reaching out to your favorite travel agent to book these itineraries and our favorite travel agent is over at my path unwinding travel. So remember you can use them to help support the show but sam. Normally have Karen here to suss these out with us. Ah our fabulous show sponsor but it's just the 2 of us today because you are traveling in New York I am Seattle in Seattle It's very very early over here because I've got a full pack day with Nathan today but ah Sam I want to throw it over to you to start talking about some of the substance behind these itineraries. So. 03:35.23 Sam Um, yeah. 03:44.20 Sam Hit the. 03:51.51 Sam Yeah, yes, so I have some definite important things that I have sleuthed out from these itinerary releases. But let's start with the things that aren't changing which is really the Disney wonder. So. 03:53.40 dclduo What are you seeing? What are you seeing sleuthing sam. 04:08.80 Sam We know the Disney wonder in right now actually in October Twenty Twenty Three is currently over in Australia they just landed there or just arrived there and they're going to basically be doing the same thing in 2024 into 2025 so we know that there's going to be. Transpacific between Sydney and Honolulu at the fifteen night that that is on this itinerary release. There is also Honolulu to Vancouver for 9 nights. There are some mexican riviera sailings from San Diego as well. On the wonder. So. Basically everything that we see on this schedule for the wonder seems consistent with the 202047 schedules that those will sort of carry over to the 2024 2025 schedule so we know the wonder is going to be doing the you know the New Zealand and Australia season. And then we know the wonder is going to be doing some San Diego stuff and the wonder is then going to be doing Alaska for the summer so really no changes with the wonder. 05:03.13 dclduo But I think but I think we're I think we're passing over some big points here sam one like fireworks are going off in this household right now because the wonder is indeed back in San Diego we aren't stuck with the magic so we'll be able to get back on board. The wonder. 05:14.59 Sam True. 05:20.53 dclduo Not that the magic is a bad ship but we adore the wonder here personally so we were a little nervous. We might not see any ships in San Diego next year and now and now it's confirmed that the wonder will be there for a spring break. Ah you know couple month stent to do spring break cruises on the mexican riviera. 05:26.77 Sam True but it will. 05:36.77 Sam Yes, the only thing though I have to say is she's going to only be in San Diego for as you mentioned a couple of months it's really going to be the spring break sailings. You know from part part of March. Through April into I believe very early ah early may because then she's got to go up to Vancouver. 05:53.41 dclduo Yeah, but that's not but that but that's not new. That's that's how it always what I think we we were concerned we wouldn't even see her in San Diego at all I think the sailings that she's putting up now are fairly typical. Maybe they would start occurring and and you know the. 06:01.44 Sam True. 06:09.30 dclduo The March timeframe you know, maybe some in February but in February typically the wonder was over in the um in the caribbean or doing sailings out of like gallyison or New Orleans so I think this is a win I think it means that they are going to keep coming to San Diego I did want to call out you called out a couple of the repositioning cruises the fornite and five night pacific coast ah repositioning cruises 1 in may one in March most uninspiring itinerary it continues to be a super uninspiring itinerary no stops in. San Francisco no stop and Astoria. It is basically straight up the west coast stop in Victoria and then Vancouver and while Victoria is a fabulous city I think Disney really really misses an opportunity to make these itineraries interesting with a stop in a place like San Francisco for the day and that iconic sailing in and out under the golden gate bridge. 06:55.76 Sam Right? And 1 one other thing we aren't going to see obviously in this release schedule is any Panama canal cruises because obviously the wonder is staying on the pacific she's not going to be going through the canal at any point during this itinerary and she she may or may not be. 06:58.14 dclduo Ah, that. 07:14.60 Sam Ah, probably not likely at all in 2025 07:18.25 dclduo Yeah I have a feeling. It's ah it's going to continue to be what is the magic that's going to make that panama canal trek and then do some of the very merry time sailings out of San Diego potentially there's there is a potential that we won't see a ship on the west coast for the very merry time. In 2025? that's that's possible they could keep the magic sailing out of like Galveston instead. Um all right? Let's talk about ah not the wonder Sam what's going on with the let's start with the disney dream I think it's kind of ah you know want want want it's doing its thing. 07:38.58 Sam The. 07:50.33 Sam Yeah, so the Disney dream as we kind of expected it to do is going to continue doing these 5 5 4 sailings from ah Fort Lauderdale there are now some some good itineraries. We've got a lot of um. You know stops to look out k and we even have some cruises here that will stop at both walk lookout k and cast away k so sorry key I always say and now I'm saying Kay I don't know why. But anyway we do have some some cruises here that are going to stop at both which I think are you know, certainly unique. But she's going to be sailing out of Fort Lauderdale and that appears to be pretty much through the end of may the other two ships that are. 08:34.35 dclduo Yeah I saw just just to pause for a second sam I think I saw someone say that there were about 30 double dip lookout k ah sorry lookout key Castaway key sailings on this release and it's it's look yeah it. 08:44.70 Sam Um, yeah, across yeah across the itineraries. Yeah. 08:50.52 dclduo Yeah, there's a lot of them which I will say is a bit unexpected for me. Ah, because I really thought that they would send these ships to 1 or the other ah but it looks like there's a ton of sailings that are going to go to both. 09:02.99 Sam And absolutely, there's some on the fantasy. there's some on the dream um there's some on the magic they are not on the treasure or the wish I think um and so speaking of the treasure and the wish. I think that's the next area we want to move to because these are 2 also not really surprising itineraries right? The wish is going to continue with her 3 4 schedule there are no gaps in the wishes schedule there also appear to be no gaps in the treasure schedule. Of course we had the treasure schedule already from the previous release. But we've got a ah little bit more clarity that the treasure in fact, will continue doing the sevennight eastern western alternating itinerary with stops at castaway key. So really no changes as we expected in the wish or the treasure. Which brings us to where the I would I'll call these the 2 more interesting ships. Ah because their itineraries are more interesting the magic and the fantasy. So the magic is going to be traveling around. Let's put it that way. The magic's doing some some sailings out of Port Canaveral the magic's going to do some sailings from Galveston and I believe some I'm not sure if they're on this itinerary. Oh some out of yeah out of San Juan Puerto rico and re repositioning at some point to fort waterdale so that she's going to be doing sailings out of fort waterdale as well. So the magic Scott. 10:32.29 Sam Probably the most variety in sailings as far as you know, dates and ports that she's sailing out of imports that she's sailing to and we've even got on the yes which is New Orleans yeah 10:40.41 dclduo But but but Sam there's one port. She's missing yep. 10:49.55 Sam So that's the one. Yeah that I would agree Brian that's a good point. There is a missing port on this schedule for the magic um that you know we know she's sailing to this coming year or this past I'm sorry this pre this past year ah which was New Orleans and we are not seeing New Orleans on the schedule for 2025 and we would normally see New Orleans sailings in February and March sort of alternating between Galveston and New Orleans so it looks like for 2025, we're not going to see anything out of New Orleans hopefully New Orleans will be back on the schedule in 2020. 11:23.60 dclduo Yeah, not not alternate I would say she goes to New Orleans for a little while and then she goes to galve and they don't sail back and forth. But um, or actually sometimes sometimes it was she would go to Galveston for a little while and then end up in New Orleans but regardless it's yeah sad to see New Orleans off the list here. 11:24.14 Sam 6 um, yeah, sure. 11:37.14 Sam Right? And then back to Galveston ah, usually. 11:42.61 dclduo Ah, yeah, look I will hold out hope that it returns because I think that is such a fun port to sail out of and such a fun time of year to try and sail out of New Orleans and such an iconic sail away being able to sail out the Mississippi River Delta and into the ah into the gulf of Mexico there. So um. Sad to not see it on this release. Um I think right now though we've got to expect a lot of weird in these itinerary releases as Disney starts to slot new ships into the fleet and so ah, you know we've got another ship coming online here in you know, a couple of years that will have to hit some of these ports as well. So. Some of this stuff where we're missing ports today may be temporary and they may return some of it may be permanent I don't know when the lease on the New Orleans you know terminal access there expired with Disney or is expiring with Disney whether they intend to reup it or not I don't know if those sailings are sailing. You know, full or or you know booking. Well. 12:19.82 Sam Um, and. 12:39.60 dclduo Ah, so this could be an opportunity that Disney's taking to end the sailings out of New Orleans but man I sure hope I sure hope not. So. 12:44.40 Sam Yeah, yeah, so the last ship that we haven't talked about which I think is the most interesting to talk about not necessarily because of what she's sailing but because ah sleuthing sam has some predictions about the fantasy based on this schedule. So. Let's talk first about what the fantasy is going to be doing. She's going to be actually still sailing out of portrk canaveral for these early twenty twenty five itineraries and we've got 3 4 and five night itineraries on the fantasy. Ah, some that are just going to be going to castaway some that are going to be going to casta away and lookout key and of course also Nasa is in that rotation. So 3 four and five night itineraries 13:26.99 dclduo It and for those counting at home. That means 3 ships in poor canaveral which is not normal for them to have three ships in rotation in poor canaveral I haven't looks Sam have you've been able to suss out. Are there going to be days when there's 2 ships in poor canaveral. 13:31.99 Sam Um, yes, yes. 13:41.69 Sam There are so on I believe it's Fridays there are going to be both the fantasy and I don't know if it's every Friday or every other friday I can't remember I did look at this more closely. But I just can't remember exactly what I how often it's going to be but there are going to be days. 13:58.17 dclduo And. 14:00.58 Sam We're both the fantasy and the wish because remember the fantasy remember the wish is in port on what is it on Fridays and on Mondays, right? So yeah, so the wish and the fantasy will be import canaveral sometimes on the same day on Fridays. So they're going to have to be use utilizing another terminal not just Disney's dedicated terminal import canaveral presumably the wish will stay at the Disney's terminal and the fantasy will be at 1 of the you know terminals next door. 14:25.44 dclduo Um, yeah, and and. 14:35.20 dclduo Yeah they're using terminal 8 terminal 10 so you know I do have to credit Scott Andrew did a write up on this a couple years ago about Disney's plans to have 3 ships kind of rotating through port canaveral and the current plan is ah when there's 2 ships in. They'll use 8 and 10 I can't remember which one is their dedicated terminal off the top of my head but but the other one is directly I think to the right if you're looking at Pork Canaveral so or the the Disney terminal I think it's the one that's directly to the right? But anyway they'll be using those 2 terminals. 14:51.20 Sam So that's 8 Yeah, that's 8 15:05.72 dclduo If you sail during the covered period you you will have encountered this as well. We were docked at the Disney terminal on the fantasy I think it was and I think it was the wish or the dream. No, it had to be the dream. The dream was docked across from us at one point. So um, so anyway they have a plan for this. 15:19.93 Sam Um, yeah, yeah. 15:23.13 dclduo Ah, just means some of the sailings won't be going out of the Disney dedicated terminal. So. 15:25.66 Sam Yeah, so do you want to hear about the big news Brian. 15:28.95 dclduo Well I think everyone wants to hear about the big news sam' I've already heard it so you know I'm I'm well and I should say I should caveat this with this is speculation. This is sleuthing Sam Sleuthing Sam is not nothing confirmed nothing. 15:36.15 Sam Ah, okay, so the big new. Yeah, this is a prediction this is sleuth thinks this is sleuthing sam's predictions. This is not something announced by Disney. Ok. 15:47.55 dclduo Nothing confirmed. 15:50.60 Sam So what I'm seeing in the schedule is that the Disney dream is staying out of Fort Lauderdale through right now. The end of may twenty twenty five now in 24 she heads over for transatlantic to Europe on may fifth um which is absent from the Disney Dream Schedule right she's continuing to sail out of fort waterdale through pretty much the end of may however on the fantasy schedule. We have an end date. The Disney Fantasy in Port Canaveral her last sailing that is on this itinerary is may first through may fourth which means the disney fantasy on May Fourth this is my prediction will be starting a transatlantic sailing over to Europe and will do the european sailings. 2025 that's my my prediction and part of my prediction is based on the fact that the Disney fantasy is due for dry dock in 2025 and if we look at the 2024 schedule for the dream. 16:43.80 dclduo In. 16:55.55 Sam She goes over to europe within the you know one day of when the fantasy schedule is open and she does all of her european sailings and then the Disney dream in 2024 has a dry dock in September before she does the transatlantic back to the United States so I'm predicting that the fantasy is going to basically do this exact same thing in 2025 because she's due for her dry du so that would mean on may fourth she would head over to Europe she would do the european sailings. At some point in about mid -september she would do her dry dock over in europe and then in october of twenty twenty five. She would sail back across to the united states for the the transatlantic. So that's my prediction I think that's really the biggest news out of this itinerary release. The dream and I predict is not going back to europe in 2025 and the fantasy is going to europe in 2025 instead. 17:53.27 dclduo Ah I got to say I think you're right I hope you're wrong, ah like well I don't hope you're I don't hope you're wrong I think it would be great for the fantasy to go over to Europe I think it'd be great for the european market to experience yet. Another ship from Disney Cruise line and frankly I think the fantasy in my book rates higher than the dream. Ah, so I think it'd be a great ship to head over there and let them you know experience over in the european market. Ah, but man after all the difficulties they had getting a new crew up and running in Europe and the difficulties we've heard from people who've come through the show doing. Trip reports about long lines of terminals unprepared terminals. You know I mean I just yeah and and I know people are going to be like well it's not even that it's that the crew you send with the dream now is kind of already gone through that right? so. 18:32.11 Sam And yeah, just having a bigger ship in Europe is harder. We know that. 18:45.35 dclduo They're going to have another year of that under their belt here. Not too soon I look I suppose disney could redeploy the entire crew that was on the dream in Europe over to the fantasy I don't know ah, but my my my experience with Disney Cruise line is a new ship in a new place equals difficulty and so um, you know I I am. Excited if it happens be cool to see it happen but man Disney work out those kinks because we heard a lot of people come on the show and come through the show and say that it was just not great at times. So yeah. 19:16.40 Sam Yep yep, agreed Brian now I think the last question that we need to answer because people are going to ask us and people already have started asking us is hey dcl duo. What are you booking from this itinerary release and I have to answer. 19:26.38 dclduo Oh I thought you're going to go with I thought you're going to go with the question. We've already gotten over text message from our friend this morning about whether they're going to send 2 ships to Europe. Yeah ok. 19:35.97 Sam Oh I well I think that answer is no I don't think there's I don't think there's a reason to have 2 ships over in Europe the demand in the United States is big enough. It makes it so you know in the summer season we will have um. You know the wonder will be of course in Alaska the wish and the treasure will be out of port canaveral and the dream and the magic will be out of Fort Lauderdale with the fantasy over in Europe so that all makes sense to me so that's that all ship, all 6 ships accounted for. 20:00.60 dclduo Yeah. 20:06.85 Sam In the summer of 2025 based on our predictions but the question of what are we going to book Brian um I think we can answer and say no, no, no. 20:10.79 dclduo Ah, so much so much we're doing a back to back Nine Night fifteen night I'm looking at several of these double dips. So ah casto a key now the with the answer actually the answer is this. We're already booked because we're booked. 20:25.54 Sam Correct correct. 20:28.24 dclduo On the treasure for our sun spring break in April doing an Eastern Caribbean Cruise I will say the only thing that I would look at here is whether I would move our treasure ceiling over to like the wonder out of San Diego both to 1 the cost is going to be less on the wonder I already feel like the treasure is overpriced which you know that then opens the door to us being able to sail in concierge again on the wonder which we love. It's our favorite. Ah, but ah, 1 oddity on the wonder ceilings out of San Diego that's really bugged me is that she's in port to on a friday. And then you know midweek the week following to make the seven night rotation which for spring break is not great because you don't want to set sail on Friday you want to set sail on like Saturday at the earliest. So oh. 21:13.34 Sam You up exactly exactly the 1 thing ah the 1 thing I will say is you know she's got some catalina sailings on her itinerary and we loved Catalina Island yeah 21:23.78 dclduo Oh was super super excited super excited see catalina staying on the I on the the port at list here for the the say again. Super excited to see catalina staying on the destination list for the Disney wonder while she's down San Diego what a fun port stop if you've not experienced it and you've been eyeing sailing out of San Diego run don't walk and book one of those cruises because I think catalina is a great great port stop? Um, yeah, 1 1 thing someone pointed out to me. 21:48.40 Sam Hope absolutely. 21:54.50 dclduo Ah, separately online and just to fly for our listeners. Ah, there are no stops in Mozzt Lawn next or in 2025 and so there is a seven night Mexican Riviera Cruz on the Disney wonder ah, which we're getting ready to take a very merry time slash Thanksgiving version. Of that sailing and are super excited about it. But that sailing for us would stop at port of a artta masset lawn and cabo and right now that seven night in twenty twenty five is stopping at port of Viata Cabo and in senaba and I'll tell you in so notta. Not one of our favorite ports to stop at. it's it's fine lots people have fun there. Ah, we treat it more like a a c day when we go typically ah but interesting to see mazitlan dropped from the port list for that seven night sailing ah the person I was talking to on social media was suggesting that might be because of some safety concerns out of masettlan of late and so um. Disappointed to see potentially that port go although I can't really comment on it too much because we're going to. We may be the last people to visit that port of Disney Cruise line dam I don't know we will see. Yeah. 22:55.49 Sam Yeah we'll see yeah, we'll see hey I got to give a shout out to Craig who is dcl cruising family on Instagram for helping me look for gaps in the schedule I didn't have as much time as I would have liked to look for gaps in the schedule and that's why. You'll hear there are no expected dvc charters or dvc member cruises that we're seeing in this itinerary release because there are no gaps in the schedule other than when the correct time of year. Yeah. 23:23.72 dclduo Which which is not not not surprising nothing new is nothing. Yeah, nothing. Nothing new is opening here I suppose a Dvc member Cruise was a possibility but those charter cruises are really reserved for new ship new. Ah, you know New Private Island that sort of thing. So ah. 23:42.50 Sam Exactly exactly and we've already got that. Ah there they've already got that scheduled on the magic for 2024 and so there's really no reason to have 1 in 2025 so we'll expect to see a Dvc member cruise either in the summer or fall itineraries which I think is. 23:42.86 dclduo Yeah. 23:58.69 Sam Generally just more typical for Dvc member cruises. Anyway, so yeah, no gaps in the schedule except for what I pointed out where the fantasy schedule ends earlier than the rest of them on this itiner right? release. 24:10.81 dclduo Yes, so big big shout out to ah to Craig also Vanessa Prince who ah, both both of them auditioned for the role of Watson to sam's sherlock and my irene adler ah in the ah in our Facebook group. So thank you for pointing out some of the things we've been discussing here today. 24:19.20 Sam I. 24:28.10 dclduo I also want to send a shout out to Leslie over at trips with tykes who was messaging me about the mazzet law port stop that I just didn't even realize had dropped off the itinerary list. Ah list. So so looking forward to. So thank you to all of you for for that and for all the folks who ah comment on some of our posts online. Um I want to I want to wrap things up here with 1 final comment that I I noted out of this itinerary release because it's more of ah, an op ed moment for me which is just in early twenty twenty five really the only way consistently that you're gonna be able to sail on Disney Cruise line on a seven night voyage is on the treasure. Ah, and. I know that there are a couple of you know, certainly some longer cruises on the wonder I don't think that those are super accessible or well well- priced or easy to get to. Um, there's a seven night mexican rivierre out of San Diego which is always a fun fun option. But beyond. 25:12.68 Sam Yeah, yeah. 25:21.00 dclduo Like some repositioning moments or a special cruise on those ships I think that there is really was a 1 2 2 7 nighters are sorry, there's I think there's ah 3 7 nighters two on the magic and one on the wonder. That are available to book and then you know some longer ones that are special. The the reason I'm I'm I'm highlighting. This is given the pricing discussion around the treasure. Ah I'm a little sad for Disney Cruise line fans right now because the treasure is not an inexpensive ceiling. It's not like she's replacing the fantasy pricewise in these itineraries and I would love to see Disney Cruise line keep one of the original fleet ships doing seven night rotation cruises in the caribbean as a more affordable option for people to the treasure. Or for fans who frankly I hear it all day every day on social media I don't want to sail on these new ships now for those folks, you're you're on a path to expiration of your relationship with Disney Cruise line it Ai n't changing. They're going to keep building bigger and bigger and bigger ships and the design decisions are the design decisions I do. 26:18.60 Sam Living. 26:33.82 dclduo Fingers cross that if the magic and the wonder or when the magic and the wonder retire they might replace them in some way but I doubt it I think when we talked to Scott Guston he had the same idea that it's just going to keep like the industry trend is bigger. Bigger bigger. So. Out of this itinerary release a little disappointed. They didn't keep one of the original ships like the fantasy sailing seven night sailings even if they moved it down to Fort Lauderdale to do those sailings. Um, because I think they could have priced that in a way that would have opened the cruise line to more people sailing those longer cruises i. Suspect. It's just not in the cards I suspect that ah you know look they can see the treasure sales numbers I'd be curious to hear what they're thinking internally about those numbers. It probably wouldn't help if they opened up the fantasy for seven night sailings in this itinerary release to sell more on the treasure. So anyway, just highlighting that. Ah, a little disappointed. They don't have a seven night itinerary on some of the yeah some of the other ships regularly. So yeah, anything else you want to say Sam. Okay. 27:37.28 Sam Nope and do you have to just say and with that on to our Halloween on the heis. Okay. 27:42.60 dclduo No I got it I get I got all right? So with that ah Sam thanks for joining us all the way from where well you're not even in New York now you're in suburban Maryland I think it is or Delaware in Maryland. 27:50.51 Sam Correct Maryland. 27:55.44 dclduo Marilyn Sam was sending me pictures of crab cakekes yesterday folks and ah did not compare to what I was having for dinner. So um, so thanks Sam for joining us all the way from Maryland can't wait to have you home in a couple days and for everyone else out there. We're going to head right into our Halloween on the high seas. 28:02.47 Sam Um. 28:12.40 dclduo Ah, trip reports ah focused on the halloween on the high seas aspects of that sailing and of course stay tuned to the end of the show to hear Nathan's thoughts on Paris sailing. Thanks everybody. We will be right back. 28:24.00 Sam All right.

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