September 30, 2023


Ep. 350 - It's a Jolly Holiday: A Brit Takes a Yank on Her First Disney Cruise

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Brian Sam
Ep. 350 - It's a Jolly Holiday: A Brit Takes a Yank on Her First Disney Cruise
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 350 - It's a Jolly Holiday: A Brit Takes a Yank on Her First Disney Cruise

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Get ready to sail away on a journey filled with friendship, magic, and Disney charm. Your guides for this voyage are the delightful duo, Lindsay and Laura, who have been inseparable since their paths crossed 17 years ago. They're here to take us through their shared love for Disney, Laura's impressive Disney Cruise Line history, Lindsey's first Disney cruise, and a celebration of 17 years of friendship. Come experience DCL through the eyes of two life-long friends!!

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Episode Transcript

00:00.12 dclduo Welcome back, everybody to this week's episode of the Dc L Duo Podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and sam go on international and we don't just have people who've cruised internationally we have an international guest blows my mind that anyone has heard about our show outside of. The city of Seattle much less the state of Washington much less the United States so want to ah welcome some special guests. Ah today Sam Do you want to see anything there. 00:25.86 Sam Yeah, so I'll I'll love I would love to do the intro for this. We've got 2 guests. We've got one american and one half Brit half american here on the show. So welcome Lindsay and Laura to the show. 00:41.85 Lindsey So thanks Sam Hello 00:43.45 Laura Hello Thank you for having us. 00:47.73 Sam So yeah, thanks for joining us. So ah, let's start before we start with your Disney cruise creds Laura you live over in the UK whereabouts you live over? Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. 00:57.24 Laura I live in Nottingham so Robin hood country. So Disney people note where I live. Ah. 01:00.15 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 01:05.36 Sam Ah, we you know we love that movie and Lindsey and Lindsay you're on. You're on the East Coast is that right. 01:06.50 Laura He. 01:10.95 Lindsey Yes, yeah, so I always tell people who aren't from this area that I'm from Boston but technically we're like in the lowell chumsford area of Massachusetts so like forty forty minutes north of Boston. 01:22.81 Sam Awesome! is. 01:24.93 dclduo All right that we tell people we're from Seattle but we're from Kirkland the home of Costco. So yeah, we get it. Ah. 01:26.30 Lindsey So there you go good genes. 01:31.14 Sam Ah, exactly that's right, that's right? Well so tell us first. How do you guys know each other we know you sailed together. But of course you we live across the pond from one another and so how did you all meet. How are you friends. 01:46.67 Laura Ah, we've been best friends for 17 years um we met in a theater program in America um, my mom is from the us she moved to England to be with my dad. So I've lived here my whole life. But every single summer we went over. 01:47.87 Lindsey Yeah, yeah, you yeah. 02:03.63 Laura And Lindsay and I met seventeen years ago yeah 02:05.39 Lindsey And yeah I feel like the rest is the rest is history and we learned today. Actually it was it fifteen years ago today I gave you my cell phone number right? It popped up on Facebook memories. Yeah, so it's. 02:06.54 Sam Wow. 02:15.57 Laura It popped up on Facebook memories because fifteen years ago it was safe to do that on Facebook. 02:20.90 dclduo But. 02:24.70 Lindsey If you dig far enough Laura's Facebook timeline. Nice cell phone numbers just out there. 02:32.19 Sam Ah, you haven't changed it since. 02:32.95 Lindsey Have it I should not be saying this on the on the date scale duo. 02:34.41 Laura Nope Mine hasn't changed either day to be fair. 02:40.18 dclduo That's right, that's right, the magic the magic of editing we will keep you safe ah like that never happened. Um, well I I do want to hear about your sort of Disney creds your cruising creds where you know where your love of Disney comes from like when I start with you Lindsay or. 02:45.70 Sam Ah. 02:56.91 dclduo You're in the US so Disney is just like everywhere here. Ah so where did your love of Disney come from. 03:00.94 Lindsey And oh yeah, oh my gosh. So I um I grew up the first part of me life I was a military brat so we actually lived in Florida when I was little um and we lived in Mayport. So right outside Jacksonville and we had a Disney path. And my dad you know was an active military member. So it Disney is so great for the military families. They're so incredibly supportive. It just became a really great thing that we always did so so all of my like early childhood and all the photos and stuff we have tons and and tons of Disney trips and um. That kind of continued even though we moved to the northeast we would make a point to go back as a family and then I also had the opportunity to participate in like all the disney music days programs through my high school and so with my band and my chorus and stuff I had the chance to perform on a couple of the disney stages. It was just so much fun. Um. And like with Laura too like through theater of course Disney just kind of ties right into that. So even moving on past high school I really have ah have always just loved Disney and theatricality of it I love all the cast members and and things like that all the shows and so it really is like in the us it's just. The thing to do um every family dreams of having that Disney vacation and so I just feel really fortunate to have been able to grow up with it. Um, but this was actually my very first Disney Cruise and it was actually the first time that i. 04:33.38 Lindsey Have just gone to Disney with like just me and a friend I've it's always been like some sort of family or a event and this was my first cruise ever. So this was like now my standard. Yeah, so now my standards are exceptionally high yeah, very high. So um. 04:40.40 dclduo Go wow. 04:45.87 Sam Very high. Ah, don't try and see a show on any other cruise ship. Let me just put it that put that out there. 04:52.35 Lindsey No I know right? So I think everything is just magic everywhere you go and I was like oh man, you know I'm gonna I would like to try some other cruise lines I think maybe in the future but disney I think as always. It's the brand. It's the gold standard and it just really, it was a phenomenal experience. So this was my very first one and I feel so so fortunate to have had Laura show me the disney crew sign and kind of like introduce me into that world because um. Segue over to her. She has like an extensive extensive history disney cruiseline and a very extensive like future with Disney Cruise lines too. So I'll let her kind of like segue over to her to her Disney Disney story 05:26.58 dclduo Yeah. 05:37.65 dclduo Yeah I'm I'm so curious to hear from you Laura because like I know Disney is big in the Uk because there's lots of folks in the Uk who like and I mean let's not forget the last remaining Disney store I think in the world is in London so they all closed here in the Us so got to be something in the water over there for Disney as well. So where does your love of Disney come from and and sounds like you've got an extensive history at the Cruise line. 06:02.97 Laura Yeah, it's well it's funny because my history at least with Walt Disney World is the total opposite of Lindsay and I didn't go till I was 19 despite repeated begging. Um, yeah, um, but then consider. 06:13.79 Sam Yeah, it's quite a far trip. Yeah. 06:15.60 dclduo If ah. 06:20.38 Laura During we were in New Hampshire every summer anyway it was yeah I never I never got to go as a child. Um I did I think I made it to dissalam Paris once or twice in my teenage years and but yeah, so first trip to Walt Disney World was 06:22.37 Sam Yeah, yeah. 06:24.10 dclduo Ah, yeah. 06:37.65 Laura Actually after my first Disney Cruise because we did a Disney Cruise followed by I think 3 or four days at Walt Disney world um and my dad ended up buying into Disney Vacation Club on the cruise. 06:54.17 dclduo Ah. 06:55.21 Laura Having never been to Disney world but um, he will he he he looked at me I we accidentally wandered into the presentation like we didn't really know what was going on I was just like oh a game show. It wasn't a game show. Um. 06:55.46 Sam Ah, ah. 06:58.32 Sam But he's um, he's a mark for sure. Yeah. 07:00.50 dclduo Listen. 07:14.95 Laura And he I halfway through I was like oh oh they want money? Oh this is a waste of time. Um, and then it yeah um and then yeah, my dad looked at me at the end of it and are you ever going to stop wanting to go to Disney world because. 07:21.53 dclduo This is the opposite of a game show. In fact, but. 07:33.11 Laura I've been begging for 19 years pretty much at this point and I was just like no absolutely not um and he went. This is a good investment. Um, and that's where vacation club started. So um, very 2012 07:42.13 Sam And wow. 07:43.26 dclduo Wow What year what year is this what year are we talking to? Okay, all right. 07:48.43 Sam Wow. 07:51.21 Laura So very very very blessed and grateful to have had my dad buy into dvc and because it's enabled us to continue going back which is the point of it and but yeah, so I've done 7 Disney Cruzes since that twenty twelve trip including this one. Ah, eastern and western a couple of times each one of those was a ah dbc member Cruise which was really fun. Um, then I've done eastbound transatlantic and westbound Panama I was on the. 08:16.37 Sam Oh fantastic. Okay. 08:25.92 Laura Ill-fated March Twenty Twenty west pound palm ma that did eleven days at sea. But I wasn't overly sad because date see sea days are my favorite days. So um, yes, although getting home after that trip was and was an experience. 08:27.62 Sam Oh. 08:28.56 dclduo Ah, no wow. 08:36.26 Sam CDays are the best days. Absolutely. 08:43.38 dclduo Did you did you do any of the U K staycations when they were over there. Okay. 08:43.95 Laura So we didn't know um it the the pandemic was a weird one for us and unfortunately right at the end of it I was diagnosed with cancer so it just was not in our wheelhouse at that time when that was going on like CDays 08:57.75 dclduo Ah, yeah, yeah. 09:03.70 Sam Wow! yeah. 09:03.79 Laura They would have been the best. Um, but yet unfortunately that the timing of those just didn't work for us. Um, would have loved to. But um, yeah, it was a ah magic wonder and fantasy. So the dream is scheduled. Ah. 09:12.35 dclduo Um, yeah, and which ships have you which ships have you been on. Okay. 09:23.40 Laura Wish I am just waiting till it's not the shiny new thing and for me, it needs to be longer than 3 or 4 nights and I know you could do a back to back but with how much more that you know is that little bit more expensive than double that because you're doing 2 creases at the moment I'm just gonna hang fire. 09:25.54 dclduo Yeah. Yeah, yeah. 09:37.99 dclduo Um, yeah, yeah, well what was the impetus for this trip. So you know you you scheduled. You came over you went down to Disney World with a friend ended up on the disney fantasy for a seven night western caribbean how did that get started. 09:52.33 Lindsey Yeah, yeah. 09:52.70 Laura Celebrating it was so kind of yeah, the the whole covid had pushed both our weddings and we ended up not being at each other's weddings. Um, mine ended up getting thrown together in three weeks because of the cancer diagnosis and it's a whole other story. But. 09:54.40 dclduo Hiring. 10:00.74 Lindsey And. 10:09.94 Laura We just had a lot to celebrate and we've actually never been on holiday together despite being friends for so long because I was always on a holiday when I was with Lindsay um, so we'd never actually just been away just the 2 of us. 10:19.16 Lindsey Yeah I no it was. It was the first time I I feel like it's so funny because all through like our teenager years and everything else we would spend all like the whole entire week at each other's house and everything we've gotten to concerts together. We've gotten the shows together. 10:20.31 Sam I right? and. 10:39.10 Lindsey But we really haven't done a trip. Um with just the 2 of us. So it's taken 17 years but I feel like you know we went. We lived through a pandemic and and Laura's been cancer-free now for for six months seven months 10:47.95 dclduo Um, well. 10:56.45 dclduo Wonderful, Wonderful! How wonderful, wonderful. 10:57.19 Lindsey Something I know? Yeah so I yeah yeah, so I so so um yeah so there's just lots and lots to celebrate and so when did we book this. We started planning in the fall 10:57.85 Laura I of a lot. Yeah ah ah fit of of officially officially had my last surgery in January. So um I count that as the like the end of the end of the journey that yeah. 10:57.93 Sam Yay. 11:01.88 Sam Oh my God congratulations. Yeah. 11:16.16 Laura And we we sat well I went to visit the us last September just to see people because it had been so long because of covid cancer. Um, and we ended up sitting up all night ah and 11:16.96 Lindsey Ah, winter. 11:23.00 dclduo Now. 11:23.60 Lindsey Yeah. 11:31.57 Laura Sifting through the Disney Cruise line website going. We just need to do this. How are we gonna make this work like let's just go um and then we were like yeah yeah. 11:34.79 Sam I Love it. Yeah. 11:35.74 Lindsey Yeah. 11:36.63 dclduo Well, that was I was gonna be that was go me a question that had for you Lindsey was was this a hard sell is your first cruise and some people are like I'm cruising like that's not for me I'm not gonna do that was this a hard sell for you. 11:47.78 Lindsey It wasn't but it I was the kind of person where people were like oh have you done in cruise before I was like no I'm going to go 7 nights in the in the and they're like well I they're like oh it because I wrote the well. Yeah. 11:58.90 dclduo Um. 12:02.49 Lindsey Love it or you hate it. They're like do you get seasick I was like I have no I don't know we'll just find out but I guess on the ship I guess I was just like Gunho I I mean it's not hard to sell me on Disney and again I I had literally nothing to compare it to so um. 12:07.30 Sam But. 12:20.95 Lindsey You know the the Disney cruises and stuff. It's not like we're scrimping and scrounging for the budget Cruise line like we want. We want a nice cruise. We want to know that everything's going to be amazing the whole time. Um, and it was it was just not a hard sell at all I mean I came we got back so this we. 12:25.19 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 12:38.20 Lindsey Um, my husband and I spent a week with Laura and her husband in the UK after the cruise and so we got back on Sunday and I think on Tuesday we were already looking at other the other distinct truths so it wasn't it wasn't a hard sell I Laura. 12:49.36 Sam Ah, love it. 12:52.74 Lindsey Turn her arms up on Camera She's so excited it was. It was not a hard sell for me at all. Yeah. 12:52.95 Sam But. 12:55.82 dclduo Um, yeah, so Laura what was your what was your pitch. Ah so just we're going on a Disney Cruise and then it's immediately into the website looking. 13:03.64 Laura And I just it I yeah I think it was just a well you know like I've got dvc points so we can definitely do Disney Because we can stay there like we've got the points to do that. We'll just get some tickets and I think I had been on I had. I had just come off Northern Europe last summer so being on that ill-fated Panama we had a nice discount of 40 like so my husband and I used that to do Northern Europe and that was a bit of a I actually ended up I was still actually on chemo on that cruise um I should have been done. 13:27.45 Sam Yeah, but. 13:28.69 dclduo Nice. 13:38.18 dclduo Wow. 13:40.80 Sam Ah. 13:41.89 Laura Ah, but we but my consultant thankfully was just a dream and was like no, you need a holiday. We'll make it work and like he like shimmied my treatments around to make things work and I think I just I was probably a few weeks off of that cruise at the point that I was then in America within it so we're just talking all about it and. 13:46.88 Sam No no. 14:01.52 Laura Ah, like we could go on and like she said it was not a hard sell and we sat up all night talking about it and just basically decided we were going to do it in the space of one night 14:03.12 Sam I. 14:04.79 dclduo Happened with the nice night wait you. 14:16.49 dclduo Well you landed on a fourth of July Cruise which is unique in and of itself because I'm we'll talk about it later in the show I'm sure the firework fantastic at sea on this cruise um left out of pork and averil Disney fantasy. Where did you stop was it the cosiml costa maya rotation of a western caribbean. 14:32.24 Laura Yes, no, it was a cosmel grand cayan Jamaica castaway. 14:33.47 dclduo No. Oh nice. Ok, that's like that's a nice itinerary. Yeah, um, what let's I I wanted to ask you Laura about over here. We talk all the time about how awful Disney I T is ah, is it any better on your side of the here side the Atlantic. 14:50.45 Laura And don't don't be a dual citizen I'll tell you that and so that was an unfortunately it delayed us by about 30 minutes in the terminal because despite having called Disney about 4 times in the week running up to the cruise to say. 14:56.46 dclduo Ah, oh wow. 14:57.62 Sam Oh gosh. 15:09.73 Laura Hello It let me check in as an American citizen but it keeps switching back to being a British Citizen Please can you fix it and they kept telling me they'd fixed it and it like just did not work and I got there and they were like yeah we're really sorry light you're gonna have to just sit and wait because we've got to go and change the. 15:15.25 Sam Oh gosh. 15:28.17 Lindsey And the man the manifest Yeah, the actual manifest they had Yes, they actually had to update that? Yeah yeah. 15:28.48 Laura I Guess a fish. Ah there was a word for it. But I forget it the manifest that was it they had they were like yeah and because my so we just so we literally and because they're so efficient now when they basically check you in downstairs you go up the escalators and. 15:30.33 Sam The oh the manifest. Yeah, it's the official list for custom for custom and Border patrol. Yeah so. 15:45.55 Laura I Mean my first cruise it was up the escalator standard a massive line like you're in that terminal building for ages. But then it was totally empty and we were just sat there like lemons like well hopefully this gets sorted and they're not going to come out and tell me I can't get Um, um. 15:47.57 dclduo Yeah. 15:55.74 Sam Oh my goodness. 16:01.24 dclduo Wow address home address in the UK will automatically default you to UK citizenship yeah Yeah 16:03.79 Laura But it was fine. It was fine is it was well. The thing is I'd never had a problem until the last cruise because I had to change my citizenship to Uk I've always just told Disney I was a US citizen because we would or would. 16:03.86 Sam I Wonder why that I wonder why that is like don't Think. Oh. 16:21.91 Laura Always creased out of port canaveral before and gone back in so it was never a problem. Um, but yeah, then the last northern europe going out of Uk and into Europe and just being in Europe I rang up and changed it and now it's causing a problem. So now I just know that I need to get an early port arrival time and. 16:24.15 dclduo Yeah. 16:34.66 Sam Ah I. 16:40.30 Laura Turn up early and expect to sit in the terminal and while they change it um all they were really. They were really nice. 16:42.92 dclduo Um, ah yeah, well. 16:44.34 Lindsey They they were lovely though they were. They were so helpful they were I was going to say it me if again first time cruiser I'm sitting in the the sermon I'm like look at the shift model. This is amazing. 16:59.48 Laura She was entertained. It was fine. 17:02.41 Lindsey Um I was so entertained I was like this is just part of the experience. This is great I'm I'm loving it. But yeah I guess they. 17:04.94 dclduo This say Laura Laura is tap Laura is tapping your foot going. We need to be on the ship by now we need to be on the ship by now. Yeah. 17:09.81 Laura Um. I Need to get on Board. We have things to do I have things to show you This is wasting my vacation time. 17:13.86 Lindsey Ah, yeah I I. 17:15.28 Sam Yes I have I have to show you the tour where um and where are my chicken fingers I. 17:21.62 Lindsey Yeah I know I know it's search but it did I so I guess um Brian you're saying too like I guess it does default if you have the Uk address. It does seem like maybe and there's a situation there. So just for any anybody who has dual citizenship who's cruising Disney like keep in mind that it will default back to. Whatever I guess maybe whatever you had on your prior cruise or I'm not sure. Um. 17:42.20 dclduo Yeah I think I think they use I think they use the address as a proxy for a thing because they are also like you can't buy the new Disney band plus in the U K and the way that they're looking at that is like where's your home address like that sort of stuff. So so yeah I have a feeling. It's just based on your home address that defaults the system for that citizenship. But. 17:51.95 Lindsey So that's true, right. 18:01.30 dclduo Well speaking of the cruise terminal it sounds like yeah ah Lindsay you. You enjoyed your experience in the terminal. Ah you got on the ship we we should back up Lindsay you know one of the moments that we love to hear about from first time cruisers on Disney Cruise line is that moment of pulling up to the terminal. We can. You know you're catching glimpses of the ship as you come over like. 18:06.70 Lindsey I So fun I. 18:17.50 Lindsey I Oh my gosh. Yes I it's it. Ah I've never been next to Cruise Ship I've never been next to Cru ship like I've been I've been on military bases I have been next to like Navy ships and everything else like that I. 18:20.30 dclduo Pauseways and then you kind of pull in and what'd you think of the ship on first sight. 18:27.25 dclduo I. 18:35.80 Lindsey I genuinely was not prepared for how large it was um and I seriously like just glincing it as you say you know you're going across and like the indian river and the banana river as you're coming across Marrrit Island and everything else like that and you just keep seeing it. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger and then you pull up and you're like oh my gosh it really. Yeah I I genuinely feel like I was like it. It was like a kid at Christmas kind of moment I it was just so exciting. Um, and I have I I can show it to you later I have I have like this horrendous selfie that I snapped and sent to my husband whenever like walking down he like I so it was really cool. It was just ah. 19:08.19 dclduo But. 19:14.75 Lindsey Special. It was really really unique. Um, and and I I do think you know seeing seeing that Disney ship different than all other ships. It's just it heightens the whole entire experience and then in the terminal like walking through with a mickey to get onto the ganglight. It was just so cool. 19:21.73 dclduo Yeah. 19:34.40 Lindsey It was just awesome. It's just the whole thing is disneyified and I love it and. 19:35.96 dclduo Yeah, so now. 19:36.42 Sam Yeah I love it when you pull up to the port and you actually see a Disney ship next to some other I'm not even going to name a brand but some other cruise line ship and and those ships often are bigger. Yeah, but you you often like you know these. 19:50.42 dclduo Ah, a dirty dirty insert name of Cruise Line hereship. Yes, ah. 19:56.70 Sam This big like floating condominium or shopping mall next to a Disney ship and you're like yeah I'm really happy to be getting on that ship and not that and not to say that there aren't great things on other ships but none of them look nearly not even half as beautiful I think. 20:02.89 Lindsey I yes. 20:13.44 Sam As a Disney ship unless you're talking about maybe like a cunard like QETwo something one of those sort of old old Sal Cruise liners or of course like a luxury yacht I think those are beautiful as well and but not the other cruise ships right. 20:16.20 Lindsey You right? yeah. 20:22.96 Lindsey And even no and even then all throughout our entire cruise I swear they were they were doing maintenance and painting and sand the the outside just that outside. 20:23.67 dclduo Here? yeah. 20:37.29 Lindsey Of the fantasy was taken care of. It's like oh my gosh I should be a Disney Cruise line like this like she's getting more attention than me you know? Um, she just beautiful. The the the care that goes into taking care of her. It's just it's it's amazing like truly Laura right like I feel like every single we i. 20:40.27 dclduo But. 20:54.66 Laura Um, I mean I was on the fantasy the twenty it was so my very first cruise was this exact but it no it was meant to be the same itinerary but weather and we ended up doing eastern instead but it was the fantasy and it doesn't look any. 20:56.38 Lindsey Yeah. 21:09.50 Laura Apart from the you know the obvious modifications that have been made in dry docks over the years but ah like you wouldn't know that she's eleven years old and even I being on the magic last summer we were on board for her twenty Fourth birthday which was hilarious because. 21:19.20 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 21:28.32 Laura Like without any prompting before the show on the day. Um Leslie was our cruise director and she said oh it's the fantasies birthday. Just everyone started singing happy birthday to the ship without prompting um, but like you wouldn't know the fantasy was 24 years old like they just don't look it. 21:38.52 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah. 21:48.15 Laura Ah, tall. 21:48.19 dclduo Yeah, that when we first got on our friend told us when we're in port you will see them clean the ship out astern every time we're in port and every time they were out there doing it also say ah news this week that the the Disney. Fantasy and one of the other ships perfect scores from the cdc uncleanliness some of the other cruise lines. Not so much so you know there you go another reason to Sail Disney Cruise line 22:09.26 Laura Yeah, there was one day we got off that they actually had stripped a load of the paint off and were like they they weren't just cleaning they had like I wouldn't want to say power washed because that's the wrong word but Sand blasted it off or something. 22:25.69 dclduo Um, yeah, yeah now. 22:26.25 Laura And they were there all day doing huge sections off it was that crazy to see. 22:30.25 Lindsey Yeah, it's just pristine all the way inside out the whole entire like like Laura was said you wouldn't believe it was an older shit. Um Jesus pristine. 22:35.82 dclduo Yeah now Laura did you did you spill the tea for Lindsay and tell her what was going to happen when you all boarded the ship or was it a surprise for her when she got in there and they were announcing family names and clapping for folks. 22:50.13 Laura I Don't think I told you I don't. 22:51.49 Lindsey I I don't think you did I don't know I think you mentioned I think you I think you were like oh I won't tell you what they do and I was like oh okay, but I didn't know what it was going to be and it was of course funny because they're like which family or which name and we're just like Laura and Lindsay. 23:00.70 Laura Ah, yeah. 23:02.59 dclduo Um. 23:10.76 Lindsey So we got the first we got the first name introduction. Um, yeah, that was that was awesome. It was so cool like walking into the age room for the first time where they have the chandelier and everything with the forced perspective right? So it looks even bigger than it really is. It's amazing and. 23:13.24 dclduo Um, nice. 23:28.40 dclduo Yeah now Laura you're a seasoned cruiser so you've got your ah your habits on board a disney ship and so I feel like 1 of the big decisions that happens is you board the ship and then you got to just decide where am I headed first and so. For some people that's a sit down lunch for some people that's cabaanas for some people. It's pool time. So what is your tradition What do you do? first. 23:49.94 Laura So well it depends how many carry on bags I have because um, if we have so if we have a lot of bags or if we want to change and go by the pool it it depends What time we get on in all honesty. Um, so my first few cruises we didn't. 24:01.84 dclduo Okay. 24:07.70 Laura Get on earlier because I did not understand that you were missing like 3 hours of time on the ship. Um, but yeah, so a little trick that I have is to go and dump any bags I don't want I go to the spar changing rooms and put them in the lockers. So until rooms are ready I just pop my pop my backpack in a locker. 24:24.10 Sam Ooh Good tip. 24:26.70 Laura Because I don't want to carry it around and but thankfully this cruise we managed to just get everything into the big bags so we just didn't bother. Um and we went straight to animator's palette for lunch. Always a sit down lunch for me. Yeah, it's It's just too hectic and everyone's excited and. 24:35.64 dclduo Oh nice, this is on lunch. Nice You miss the crowds at cabanas. Yeah. 24:46.64 Laura It's nicer just to even like we I think we had to wait maybe five or ten minutes just to get a table but I would rather just sit down. Um and it was quite nice because one of our servers for that lunch. She wasn't like 1 of our dinner servers or anything but we just kept running into her like on the deck like a lovely girl called april. 24:48.83 dclduo Yeah. 25:06.44 Laura And we literally like every day we'd be sat on the deck and she'd just go past and go hi like it just it was weird. We just kept running into her everywhere. We went. 25:11.32 Sam So nice. 25:15.89 dclduo So did you at some point give Lindsay a tour of the ship kind of help her orient herself or did you just discover things as you win me ask Lindsey did you get a tour or did you just kind of discover some things. 25:28.11 Lindsey And I kind of got the tour but it turns out So I like I pride myself on being one of those people I'm like I'm like a wayfinder I'm like if if you drop me in the middle of the city I can figure out like which direction I have to head in and I'm pretty good. All of that goes completely away when I'm on a ship in the middle of the ocean I have learned this it ah like it took me so long to figure out where it was going and even walking with like just walking that track all around the outside of the shift I still was like are we heading forward or is this. Where are we like and I would literally turn a corner and then be like I'm lost I don't know I am It's a I you know, but so lost I like come from a long line of 80 people I was so lost terrible. 26:05.98 Laura And we wouldn't have even have done a lap and she'd go. We need to go in this door and I'm like Sweetie We haven't even got round the ship yet. 26:12.82 Sam Ah, no. 26:13.86 dclduo And. 26:16.84 Sam I. 26:19.95 dclduo Oh. 26:23.93 Lindsey It was terrible. Um, but I think Laura did we did kind of get like the general tour sort of thing you know at least like oh here's you know, um, like we went down to animators. Um the atrium. Um I remember you did point out to me where. The in on the fantasies. The europa area right? Where like all the the european inspired loungegers are and stuff and so I yes, yes. 26:46.48 Sam Yes, the bathrooms in Barcelona are a favorite of ours. We love. 26:52.85 dclduo They're a favor of yours Tim but. 26:55.36 Lindsey They are. They are so cool there that they're absolutely the the 1 thing that I I like I didn't notice. There was a mirror on the ceiling though in the bathroom stall and I I like noticed that one then and I was like that's a choice that is a choice but they are so cool. They are so cool. 27:08.34 dclduo The the. 27:09.57 Sam Totally. 27:14.65 Lindsey Um, it took me a long time to get oriented now I do feel looking at like some of the itineraries that line up with our school vacations and stuff too and I'm a teacher So I'm like stuck that there's there's another one that's fantasy Eastern Caribbean I think and I was like oh well if I go on this one like my husband will just think I know everything. 27:33.80 Sam Yes, yes, yes, um, you know that's funny. Um I So I have no sense of direction on land like. 27:33.40 Lindsey I've already been Oh no, my way around. 27:38.39 dclduo Ah. 27:43.62 Sam Horrible like Brian is the one where you can plop him in any city and he'll kind of figure it out by feel like I don't know he has the six cents about him. Um, and I have none of that none of that at all but on a ship I'm actually pretty good. But of course there's signage like everywhere. Yeah yeah. 27:56.63 Laura I I'm with you sam well even Lindsey sorry Bri go ahead. 27:59.24 dclduo Well, there's there's also some okay go ahead look I was this There's also some little touches on the ship that disney does that try to help you. So like if you ever are lost on like a stateroom floor if you look down the carpet like the star always points North which is. Forward so you know that you're forward and immediately it got left right? Aft. So yeah, yeah, but. 28:17.51 Laura Except Lindsey still came out of our room and turned towards the aft. Even though we were already in the aft and that was not going to get us anywhere. 28:21.73 Lindsey I I kind of got it eventually eventually I I think like day six day 6 like our last day at sea kind of or by castaway day I was like all right now I've got it but it can be a lot luck. 28:24.31 Sam Ah. 28:40.74 Sam Ah, yes. 28:41.33 Lindsey Like a lot longer than. 28:41.53 Laura I Joked with it I said it I said it jokingly on the second day I was like you'll get it the day before we get off. No, she really did. Ah. 28:46.15 Lindsey Yeah, she was right? she right. 28:49.19 Sam Totallyling totally? Well once you learn 1 disney ship. The good news is they're all except the wish they're all laid out really really similarly and even the wish there are some similarities. It's just that one's quite a bit different from the others. Um. But yes, you'll you'll get it plus of course Brian mentioned the stars. The 5 point star the one. The one point is the one that goes to towards the forward whereas the two are the ones that are facing aft and then of course in on the fantasy and the dream there are those little maps. The sort of little world maps and ah and north is always forward. South is always aft as well. So you can look at those pictures in the carpets again only on the fantasy and the dream with regard to that. Let's talk about stateroom what kind of stateroom did you all choose to stay in. 29:40.79 Laura Ah I am an inside stateroom cruiser. Um I have done verandas before my very first cruise. Um, my very first cruise I was still sharing a room with my parents. So but my I think the staterooms are so individual to every different. Person like my when my parents were still cruising with us and they had to have a verbrada because they used it. They sat on it like most of the day they won't come up to the decks up on and and sit out in the sun like if I'm a c day I'm laying out on the deck if it's. You know if it's a sunny caribbean port that sea day. Um, so we don't spend any time in the room apart from sleeping showering getting ready. We're in and out like it's not. You know we ah like our stateroom attendant was absolutely lovely. But I think we saw him about 3 times during the whole grease because we're just not there. Um, so we take a 10 a which is the the smallest inside stateroom but has the split bath because that is 1 thing that makes a massive difference I think especially when you have 2 girls getting ready both wanting to. 30:38.41 Sam Yeah, yeah. 30:55.14 Laura Do the hair do the make. Ah. 30:58.31 Lindsey I agree I will say I don't I mean this is the only state room I've ever been in. But yeah, the 2 separate bathrooms were really really Helpful. Um, and it was also really nice I can't do all of them have the full size.. There were like a full size tub in ours. Do they all have that or is that like a 10 ae they don't affect. 31:14.29 Laura The biggest do the bigger ships have it because the magic and the wonder definitely have the right round showery tub thing. 31:16.40 Sam And they don't They don't all. Ah. 31:22.59 Sam Yeah, a lot of the rooms on the fantasy and the dream also have the round tub thing it it. It is stateroom dependent. There are I think you can. 31:27.63 Lindsey Okay, so. 31:28.70 Laura Ah. 31:33.70 Sam Um, well there's plenty of stuff on ah on Youtube and on various Facebook groups that have a lot of information about specific state rooms but they they don't all have the full tub that is particular to certain room categories and just certain rooms. Frankly, um. But yeah, that's that's always a great feature. We love the split bathroom I think it's especially I think that's a great point Laura especially for 2 women staying in a room together if you're both getting ready at the same time having the 2 different sinks is is super super helpful. 32:03.81 Lindsey It It was. 32:05.34 Laura Even with lightning and my husband we find it the same like if he wants to shave and I want to dry my hair or whatever else. The the lighting is just especially in an inside stateroom the lighting to do you make up in the main room is not very good. Um, but but. 32:07.15 Sam Yeah, yeah. 32:08.91 Lindsey Right. 32:18.30 Lindsey We also had a ton of room for hanging our bathing suits which I guess this is something that would really come with the the the full size top 2 because we have the 2 built-in laundry lines and we were fortunate. Also you know on this seven seven day cri we were able to do laundry. 32:22.61 Sam Oh yeah. 32:37.27 Lindsey One day and everything else too. So it was just really really helpful to have that extra space even though I told Laura I was like I feel like I'm in Scooby-doo because every time I'm like opening the door gone to the next door like opening the closet door just it's constant. but um but yeah that was awesome and I'm so. 32:50.61 Sam Ah, yeah. 32:56.90 Lindsey This is another thing that I discovered after the cruise by looking through other ships and and stuff like that The fantasy and possibly the dream too that the inside staterooms have that magic porthole right? It is so cool. Yes. 33:11.99 Sam I Yes I was going to ask if you had a magic porthole is not all of them do but ah there. Ah yeah, but the the vast majority on the fantasy and the dream of those inside rooms do have but they're not not all of them. There are some without. But yeah, how did you enjoy the magic porthole. 33:16.17 Lindsey Oh really? Okay, we did? Yeah yeah. 33:27.17 Lindsey I I thought it was great. It honestly it took me like two days to figure out that it was actually a camera I did not know I was like oh this is some amazing fun it. It quickly took me a while. 33:39.97 Sam Ah ha. 33:42.52 Lindsey Um, it was awesome honestly and the best part of thought is that you can turn it off right? and then when you go to sleep at night. It is like pitchlack. It was amazing. Um I have never slept so well on a vacation like coming coming back onto dry land I was like this is bizarre I don't like it. So. It was so great. Um, yeah I I didn't miss like a real porthole or a veramda situation at all as Laura was saying like we wouldn't have used them. It would have been wasted on us. Um, and yet we still got that experience through the magic of Disney and. 34:16.19 Laura And we did a porthole last summer and me and my husband were like we shouldn't have done that like it actually we were just that we wanted the dark stateroom and we thought because it was northern europe oh we can look at ourselves like we can look ourselves. We can look at. The ports as we come in and out we are up on the deck. We didn't even use it. So. 34:41.33 dclduo Well well at some point we would normally talk about ports. But I think for this show I kind of want to skip the ports because we've done a few shows recently on the western caribbean and those ports and because Lindsey this is your first cruise I really want to focus on the onboard kind of experiences that you all had. I'm going to start with I'm just curious. Did you try out the spa sometimes we don't get people who've been in the spas on board. The ships any spa appointments on the Disney Fantasy did you check out the rainforest room anything like that. 35:14.86 Lindsey And now unfortunately we didn't I will say that is like a next I have like a whole literally I have a piece of paper I have a whole list of the things that I'm like I need to do this next time like there's there's so much we did go to the gym. Um, we did use the gym one day. 35:20.27 Sam Yeah, yeah, yeah. 35:30.71 Lindsey And that was amazing. So just walking into the the whole spa area. It is a completely. It is just massive shift from the rest of the ship right? because it's so tucked away, you're clearly if they like put it in a very very forward. 35:39.46 dclduo Then. 35:49.41 Lindsey Of the ship so you're like this is concierge and the spa and the adult pool area and it's just it's very relaxing and calming and even being in the gym like they have their spa water and there's like natural stone everywhere. Um, it's definitely going to be something that's on my list. My next my next Cruise. Um, but I I did not get to go into it this time we were too busy enjoying the Sunshine. We had phenomenal weather and we did not. We had like we could have we would have had to sacrifice ah an at sea day. 36:16.41 Laura And I don't think we had time I don't think we had time. 36:18.63 Sam Yeah, yeah. 36:27.15 Lindsey And we like we just lucked out with weather the whole entire time all both of our at sea days just not a drop of rain anywhere passed away. We did get well you know we did get to snorkel in a thunderstorm I will say that is probably something that will never happen again in my life. 36:31.53 Laura I until Castaway and so the castaway cur like. 36:33.63 dclduo Oh now Oh no, all right. 36:44.59 Sam Ha Ha Ha so. 36:46.79 Lindsey So I did thank you Disney for that. Wonderful experience seeing lightning underwater was so fun. 36:51.75 dclduo Well, what with let's ah, we'll talk castway here in a minute I always love to save that one until the end because it's such a special port. Um Laura you must have some favorite activities on board I mean you've got characters. You've got trivia. You've got all the. Fun games. You can get up to with the adult activities and the family activities I'm assuming you're just you're kind of dragging Lindsay from place to place on sea days or were you just you just like you know what the lounge chair by the pool is my favorite activity for the day. 37:23.11 Laura We laid on the deck we laid in deck deck 13 forward. Um like on the like on the just looking off the side and it was really quite cool because on the first sea day. They made an announcement and they were like we're going past. 37:28.25 Sam Light. 37:40.12 Laura Havana if you want to have a look off the side of the shit and you can let you see it? Um, but it was we did have a really also quite cool experience of being able to see a storm cell where there was literally like black. 37:43.40 Sam How cool. 37:54.40 Laura Cloud and you could see the rain but you could see the edges and it was just glorious sunshine all around the sides and we were in the glorious sunshine. Um, we on sea days I I am pretty sure we just didn't move from. We just read books and laid on the deck. Um, we did it. We did. We did. 38:07.88 Sam I Love that. 38:11.42 Laura The only character meet and greet. We did with Tiana because we missed her in the park we were trying to do all that stuff in the park I think so anything that we could do in the park that um and then we we queued up to meet Tiana and went in and it was Ariel so that was weird. Um, so then on the ship we were like oh Tiana let's go. 38:16.23 Sam Me. 38:18.54 dclduo Ah, okay. 38:31.14 Laura Um, so we did that um I definitely dragged Lindsay to all of the adults only game shows because they are my favorite. Um, you did karaoke I am not brave enough to do that. Um, we actually are. 38:40.39 dclduo Ah. 38:46.90 Sam I Love it. Yeah. 38:50.85 Laura Ah, we sat with a wonderful couple that were actually on their honeymoon. Um, as table mates and I think the first night we were like oh gosh have we infiltrated a honeymoon. Um, but it actually. 38:59.60 Lindsey It It didn't it did kind of feel like that. It. 39:01.20 Sam But that is a little that is that is a bit of a weird pairing right? like there 2 women are seatded with ah a honeymoon couple that does happen obviously so for people who are listening if you don't want to be seated with people. You don't know you have to make that request usually those requests are honored. 39:15.42 Lindsey Yeah. 39:18.92 Sam But not always but it can also be really fun. Yeah, so. 39:20.33 Laura But it was wonderful and we ended up actually then spending tons of time with them throughout the rest of the week the whole of the second C day we were all out on deck together. Um, it was that was it was really really nice. Um, we did like. Fourth July fireworks and stuff together so we were like it was really really nice. We. We had a really nice time. Um, and then I also we we made it to most of the I guess mains stage shows. Um I was so excited when I got on board and looked at the app and saw that Lynne Trefs 39:36.30 Lindsey Yeah, that was fun. Yeah I. 39:55.73 Laura Ah, the ventriloquist was on board. She is my absolute favorite like I like I guess non Disney Mainsage cast performer like so um, she I think this is about the fourth time that I've seen herra a cruise and I just I absolutely love her. She's so funny. 39:58.34 Sam She Oh yeah, she's great. 40:15.49 Laura Um, and so when I saw that she was on board like the last few days of the cruise I was just like oh um. 40:23.17 Sam Yeah, we we've seen. 40:24.90 dclduo It's so funny. Your story about your table. It's so funny, but it's so funny. Your story about your table meets because I think I would just like whoever I was sailing with it could have been my best man at my wedding I but just probably would have grabbed his hand been like we're on our honeymoon too. Ah. 40:36.93 Sam Ah. 40:37.53 Laura Ah, well I think it was funny some we did get asked like are you sisters or like something else even even at Disney we took a fight. We took a fight in front of one of the they had like a big ah pride rainbow up on a wall. 40:40.53 Lindsey It Oh yeah, the whole time is yeah yeah, it was yeah it was. We did get that. 40:51.53 Lindsey And I was like one of the yeah amazing pride. Yeah I. 40:54.97 Laura And she was like before I ask you to pose can I Just ask what your relationship is and we were like we're best we're we're best friends so it was. 40:55.40 Sam Um, yeah. 41:00.75 dclduo Yeah. 41:01.33 Lindsey It? Yeah um, it was I sort to say though it was it was really I I Love the tablemates I don't know it kind of felt like you know whenever you go to you go to college and they like try to pair you with somebody for a roommate. 41:16.19 Sam So. 41:18.00 Lindsey I got the feeling that that's kind of what they do right? They try to figure out like who's traveling and would it makes sense for you to to sit with each other I mean they knocked it out of the park. It was so it was just so fun. We really did have the best dining experience. But um I say sam to your point about. You know, not wanting to necessarily sit with people. You don't know there was another couple seated in our same area who were also on their honeymoon and I think they had requested a table by themselves prior to the cruise and it was honored and so um, they were able to have to dine together as a newlywide couple every single night. And so it it just it was great to see you know that Disney really does go out of the way to try to to honor that um and the dining experience was like the best thing ever. We had amazing servers. Um, they they just like would go out of their way to surprise to surprise us and um. The the couple that we were also sat with um that to the point where that they'll listen in and so one of the people we were. We were dining with had mentioned that on I think Laura correct me for Mon on one of his previous crewises. He had the escar go and it was his absolute favorite and. All of a sudden um later that evening. You know we're we're through the meal. Our server comes over and he just places down this this silver tray and yeah, he just like them the silver tray I'm like we he wasn't even part of the escargo conversation. 42:42.89 Sam Ha Ha of it. 42:44.79 dclduo The. 42:50.80 Sam Right? I. 42:51.81 Lindsey Um, and then he's like what is this? he picks it up and he's like no oh my gosh we were floored. The best part is is like I don't know 20 minutes later he brings over another like two rounds of as fargo. It was so great. Yeah, we were an in chinta guard. 43:01.48 dclduo This is this is the problem Sometimes yeah. 43:03.75 Laura And we were an enchanted garden. Yeah, and we're set an enchanted garden like and I don't even know if it was on the menu in the other restaurants I think they'd just gone and gotten it like it was. 43:08.00 Sam Right? You're not in Royal court. Yeah yeah, yeah. 43:09.83 Lindsey It wasn't even on the menu. It wasn't even yeah, so it was just it was so great. No idea it was so good. It was so good. Um, so yeah, that was that was really really fun. 43:16.89 dclduo Yeah. 43:17.13 Sam Um, yeah. 43:26.26 Lindsey But was fun. The Diamond experience was awesome. Yes, yes. 43:26.75 Laura And the same thing with the chro. The Mickey Chiro waffles so they had said to us all tomorrow's mickeki Chiro waffle day like go get them Inca banners and we kind of went. Oh we really wanted to come for. Um. 43:41.37 Laura Sit down breakfast tomorrow because we hadn't done it up to that point in the cruise and our head server went where oh oh we're in royal court tomorrow. Just ask for me and I was like okay and like we came in and like our service team. We actually asked if we could sit with our service team and they went oh they're downstairs. Like rolling the cutlery for cubaas like they're not here at the moment and I was like okay, fine but Roland was around um and like we were like is Roland here and he literallych didn't even come to the table. He just saw us a like made eyes at us and like turned around and walked off and a few minutes later the silver closh appears. That was there were like 8 waffles under his but like. 44:24.77 Sam I Love it. 44:26.98 Laura And we're all just sat there with this like massive plate of Mickey was and we've already had breakfast but we're just like yes this is delicious. Yeah. 44:30.13 dclduo It is. It is definitely be careful what you wish for in main dining because if you if you like it you will get tons of it. Tons of it. So yeah, well I mean what. 44:30.35 Sam Yeah. 44:41.93 Lindsey I again I am I'm not a hard upsell and I feel like every single night I was like well I don't know to get this this. He's like I'll bring you both and I like yeah not a hard upsell. 44:42.50 Sam Yeah, yeah. 44:50.73 Sam It asks. 44:52.67 dclduo Yeah, yeah, so let's since we're talking about dining. Let's talk about some favorites out of dining I mean um, Lindsay especially for for you, you got to experience? Animator's palette for the first time which is ah Disney Cruise line fan favorite. Um. Had some great menus probably on board the french menu in would have been which royal court. Yeah on that ship. Um, what did you think of them the the rotational dining and the restaurants you got to eat in lindsy any any standouts for you. 45:11.50 Sam Royal court. 45:23.91 Lindsey I um, well so just with the with the rotational dining I like kind of was I was just floored by the food like it was just it was all so good. Um, it was just and there was such variety too which I think is great because with with a lot of. Cruises from what I'm understanding and just again is my first one but just through research and whatnot. It seems that yes you have multiple choices but it's the same menu pretty much every single night and so even if there's a rotational dining schedule in a different cruise line. Maybe you go to this restaurant and it's the same menu every time. And um I think just the the large variety was exceptional gosh you have like 5 choices for each course. Don't you every single night and they're all so different. Um I love love love that your serving team travels with you I thought that was just so special too because. By the end of the trip like you really we took we took selfies with them like you really do develop this connection. Um, and it was just so so great to have that and you felt that you had this community and this this relationship that. If we are on another cruise with them again in the future that would just continue and the other thing we did though we went to Remi and that was like hands down one of the best dining experiences I think I've ever had. 46:51.33 Laura So we actually we actually missed animation magic because it was the same night we were at remy. So. 46:52.99 Lindsey It was so so good and. 46:57.97 dclduo Ah, oh Lindsay you have something to look forward to on your next cruise. Yeah animation magic is a show stopper. 46:59.13 Sam Ah, yes. 47:00.25 Lindsey Um, um, so it's on my list I here's my paper on that fara I've got the animation thing right? Um I remy is a pretty good reason I mean we did We did rent it. 47:09.77 dclduo Yeah, but if you're going to miss if you're going to Miss Animation Magic for anything I think a dinner at remy would have to be it. 47:14.31 Sam That Yeah, that's the thing. 47:20.21 Lindsey And it was on the fourth of July too. So it was like we did dinner at ramii we did the fourth of July fireworks. It was just like a very special evening. Um, and it was just the yeah the dining the dining on board like the only critique I have is that I can only get it on a Disney Cruise like that's the only thing like I want it more yeah. 47:40.30 Sam Ah, ah. 47:41.78 dclduo Laura I'm curious some of your favorites out of rotational dining as an experienced cruiser. Um, do you have some do you have some favorites out of rotational dining. Yeah and one even venue wise I mean yeah. 47:50.10 Laura Of food wise venue wise um Tianas and rapunsels on the smaller ships I absolutely adore they they are my favorite and especially in Tiana's the 47:59.47 Sam Yes, agreed. 48:05.92 Laura Real like southern home style menu that one night that they have just all this wonderful food that like we ah we have been lucky enough to have sailed out of New Orleans so we'd had that food and then got on. 48:22.80 Sam You right? then get on the wonder. Yeah so. 48:23.46 Laura And had this like very very similar food on board. Yeah, it was. It was so wonderful. Um, so I think they're probably my my favorite restaurants like I do I this would be I think this is yet this is the second time I've done remy's but the last time I did it was you know eleven years ago I think or maybe. Maybe maybe it wasn't the first ever cruise but 1 of it was a long time ago I haven't done it in a really long time so it was really really nice to do that again. Although I think both of us were like I might need a wheelchair to get back to my room I am so full like. 48:56.74 Sam Yes, yes. 49:00.26 Laura It was oh it was just incredible. Incredible food. Um I'm not I you know I'm a really boring food person I don't think I really have like specific dishes out of any of the restaurants that I really love. But I I have got an unpopular opinion. 49:10.70 dclduo There. 49:17.53 dclduo Oh what is it? What is it? We love unpopular opinions. Oh whoa. Okay, that's all right. That is yeah I want to hear more I want to hear more I want to hear more. 49:18.55 Sam I Ah uo. 49:19.87 Laura I I can't stand animation Magic I hate it. Ah. 49:26.15 Sam But oh that's that is a really odd opinion Laura so Lindsay I think you're going to love it. So your next cruise you tell Laura to go eat someplace else, get her some pizza and you go to animator. 49:31.75 Laura I know I I Yeah he she will. 49:40.43 Lindsey And I'll just I'll tack on to like some stranger family I'll be like I'm with you guys. 49:46.11 Sam Yes, find a with young kids actually Lindsay because watching them watch animation magic is even more fantastic than just watching it as an adultly like ads to the magic animation magic. 49:48.75 dclduo Ah, so. 49:56.45 dclduo Ok, but we we know the case we know the case for menu we know the case for animation magic sam I've not I've not yet heard the case against I want to hear Laura is like why she doesn't like it. 50:07.79 Laura I I it's it's just I don't know it's just to me I'm like I want to get out of dinner and go and do other things. So yeah, and and I always I've always found that because I've I've never crused with kids. 50:19.56 Sam It Ah it is a longer Glin I. 50:25.35 Laura So I started cruising at 19 and I'm 13 now and I don't have my own kids and I've never cruised with another family I've never sat on a table with kids I've seen other kids and their reaction to it and it is cute and I definitely enjoyed it the first few times I did it. But I think I just I got to the point where I was like I've done this before it's it's not surprise anymore. Um. 50:42.90 Sam I gotcha. Okay. 50:42.58 dclduo Yeah. 50:44.74 Laura And it just and I'm and I sit down and I'm not I'm not an artist and I'm not very like ah ah can I just have my food please like it's a thing and I think that's that's really it and I've always found that I think being on a table of adults. I always do seem to get served last like I know that they'll prioritize getting the kids and stuff through especially because we always do lakes eating as well. Um, so I know you know and like I don't mind that on a normal night but then on that animation magic like there's been nights where we've been sat there and it's like. Going on for like gone almost gone ten o'clock and I'm like I'm missing a game show that I really want to be at um and that's my I think that's more my thing with it is. It's just it's just longer and it's it's one like I don't deny that the. 51:21.78 Sam Yeah, that that is actually a really good point. Yeah, so. 51:35.60 Laura The spectacle of it and everything is wonderful I've just kind of been there done that and I'm over it. 51:43.55 Sam And listen that's I mean that makes a good case for skipping it and doing remy or Apollo that night. Um, you know we always talk about how we don't love the pirate night food menu and so we tend to do adult dining on that night and so you know I think. Especially because it's also been there done that and I don't love the menu so I get your point Laura for those listening animation magic does increase your dining time because they have to pace the courses around the show and. Even it slows down even your first course because they don't bring you your first course until after you finish drawing and so it it is definitely the longest of the rotational dining sitdowns I do think we need to talk about shows. Um, that. 52:28.93 dclduo Wait hold on I have I have a couple more questions about dying here sam one second. So in addition to remy did you do any palo pao brunch is usually a fan favorite. No palo all right? Okay Paulo Brunch on your list. 52:33.50 Sam Oh okay, sorry okay. 52:38.47 Laura We We did not. We did not It was um. 52:38.69 Sam Okay, Lindsay put polo brunch on your list. 52:42.27 Lindsey So adding it right now. Hello brunch. 52:43.86 Laura See I I have a like do I want to do a remy brunch now or but my I think my only thing with Paulo Brunch was without sticky buns and I've heard and I've just heard it's just not the same and are they back. 52:56.45 dclduo They're back. They're back. They're on the menu that. 52:57.54 Sam You're back your're back. It's a it's different. It's on the menu as a dessert option. But as you know Laura for pollo you for brunch you can order as many dishes as you want from the menu. The dessert menu the regular menu whatnot. So. 53:02.64 Laura If you just ask. 53:12.31 Sam It is back. It's a slightly different because now it's an it's got some Apple in and cinnamon in it. Not just the it was before it was just more like bourbon cinnamon or caramel cinnamon. But yeah, now it's got Apple in it. Um, but yes, it's back. It's just they serve it as a dessert and it's a single sticky bun. 53:20.98 dclduo Caramel It was just caramel sticky buns. Yeah. 53:30.19 Sam Um, but of course you can order as many as you like so yes, yes, but when but Lindsay I would highly recommend. Yeah, highly recommend putting it on the list. Ah, 1 thing though I want to highlight that Lindsay mentioned is on your first cruise. Even if it is a seven night you may not get to do everything. 53:32.30 Laura As many as you want I can go back on the list then. Ah. 53:33.64 dclduo Yeah, ah. 53:35.17 Lindsey So it's on there. 53:48.35 Lindsey The so true. 53:50.10 Sam You want to do There is so much to do on the ship and if you do want to have some downtime some relaxation time like laying out in the sun or going to the spa. Um, you will miss things and that's okay, yeah. 54:01.94 Laura I and I think we said that going in like I so I said to Lindsay I was like we're not going to get to do everything and that's fine like we'll we'll roll with it and if we miss stuff we're we're you know in the fortunate position that there will be a next time for us and. 54:02.40 Lindsey I yeah. 54:08.35 Lindsey Up. 54:15.37 Sam So next time. 54:16.29 Lindsey So but I was going to say isn't that what it's all about though right is that every time you go back to Disney back to the ships back to that experience. Something is different. It's you never grow tired of it and I think that's one of the best. Things about Disney in general and I'm so happy to see you know it carries over into the cruise lines too doing a ah Disney Cruise is not like even if you do the same itinerary It's not the same every time you do it um. 54:46.50 Sam Yes, yes. 54:49.89 Lindsey Dining can be different. You can change things up that way we did a fourth of July but of course um, you know I we had the silver anniversary that was amazing. Um, you know every single time you go, you have an opportunity to do something different because there is truly so much to do I think that as a new cruiser. People are like oh you know oh I feel trapped I feel trapped on the ship I'm like I never felt trapped. In fact I was like um, we need another pandemic eleven more days at sea like where was my where was my covid crisis. Um, because there is just so much to do um, including like the shows we did not get to. 55:19.43 dclduo Ah. 55:22.00 Sam Ah, ah. 55:27.73 Lindsey All of the shows we saw some phenomenal shows and entertainment. But just because you do kind of pick and choose like do I want this relaxing downtime or do I want to go watch a movie. Um, and so and so I do think that that. Is part of the Disney experience though is that something every time you go back. It's always new and we saw Aladdin and frozen we did not get to believe I forget what was happening. Yeah. 55:46.28 Sam Absolutely so. 55:48.45 dclduo So which which shows did you catch. 56:00.40 Laura And we well we missed it because we were talking. Um, we we will it was we went we did we did martini tasting on the last day which was our castaway day we got back on board. We went to martini tasting fully going like we'll go. It's an hour. Um. 56:02.26 Lindsey So is that what it was that sounds about right? Oh that's right. 56:10.00 Sam Nice, nice. 56:17.51 Laura I Think we've been planning to go and like finish getting ready after it because we'd run in from cast away to get to it and we ended up talking to this wonderful couple in that was sat with us like off next. But the next was opposite us in the martini tasting. Yeah and we ended up sitting there. 56:19.33 Lindsey Yes, we did? yeah. 56:28.64 Lindsey And they were next to us. Yeah. 56:35.38 Laura Having another martini after martini tasting that the vartender brought over to us and then going and then we ended up going up to Meridian because it was sunset and it was like oh we've missed the show now. So we might as well just do this. 56:44.12 Lindsey I Yeah I mine as well I we like and that's the like four hours later you know? Um, so we we missed. We missed that show. But again, um, it's a. 56:54.28 Sam Ah. 56:58.90 Laura We and we skipped there was there was a juggler on the first night that we skipped um just out of choice. It was just out of choice I think we just said we'd we'd rather explore and do other things and then we all then we saw Lynn Draftska the ventriloquist and we had kid ace. 57:01.55 Lindsey Ah, there was we skipped the Juggler I think for a similar reason. Yeah. 57:11.00 Sam Um, yeah. 57:15.82 Lindsey So an illusionist right. 57:16.35 Laura Who was um, he was on America's got talent illusionist sleight of hand magician e stuff. 57:20.42 dclduo Um, now nice would you think of Aladdin and Frozen Lindsey 57:22.39 Sam Cool. 57:28.83 Lindsey Oh I thought they were great. So I love I've seen Aladdin um, like the broadway show a couple actually I can say that like 2 times now I have not seen frozen on Broadway um, but I do know enough about it. I know the songs all this other stuff I love love love. That it has the Disney Cruise line twist right? and they did a really great job. So um I don't have children but I am a teacher so I understand that the younger attention spans are not that long. They did such a great job putting the shows into. And appropriate space of time. There was never any downtime. Um, but it kept it fresh too. So for all of the families who are going to go take their kids to see frozen the musical after watching frozen 32 Times it's it's going to have something a little different the the performers. 58:19.37 dclduo Um. 58:23.63 Lindsey Were fantastic. They did a great job. They really have top notch cast members. Um, one of the things that I truly truly loved was just how um how on time everything was to everything was so prompt I was like oh. We have 60 seconds until the show starts and there it goes like it was just oh great like it's like clockwork um I think I think it just it was just so special to be to be in there and I could not believe that they fit a large theater on a cruise ship. Yeah. 58:43.72 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 58:59.68 Lindsey But it is um it is a big theater and it's massive. Yeah, it. 59:00.17 dclduo Yeah, Laura was this was this your first time seeing frozen on board or had you seen it before. Would you think. 59:06.71 Laura And it was yes if frozen frozen wasn't on the fantasy. The last time I was on it. It was it was great I Really really enjoyed it. Um I Still think tangled has has my favorite though. Um I've not yet seen beauty in the beast on the dream though. So. That's an exciting thing to come. You. The Beast is my fabe beating The beast is my favorite. So um, I'm excited for that. 59:26.86 Sam You need to get on the dream. Ah oh my god Laura you're gonna love it. You're gonna it's it's snow. It's phenomenal and and if you like tangled and frozen on board. You're gonna love beauty and the beast. It's just. 59:39.95 Laura Yeah. 59:43.33 Sam It's ah so so so well done. So I feel like we we've got kind of 2 more topics to talk about 1 is castaway which it sounds like you guys had some stormy weather but then I feel like we need to talk a little bit about fireworks because um, you had some special you know things on board. We don't need to talk about the regular pie. 01:00:00.91 Laura And we didn't get them. Yeah, they did a 7 the like 7 it was at like seven thirty so between the dinner seats that yeah, that's between the dinners seats. 01:00:01.65 Sam Pirate fireworks. We've talked about well you didn't get them interesting. Yeah so this. 01:00:02.37 dclduo Yeah, it was I was going to ask if the fireworks were the replacement for pirate did they do did they do did they do it Did they do a pirate night. 01:00:03.38 Lindsey No, they were they did do. 01:00:14.24 Sam Okay. 01:00:16.60 dclduo And. 01:00:16.72 Lindsey And listen. 01:00:19.94 Laura They did a sort of deck show. Um, we we didn't end up going because we yeah I don't know I Also don't know where we were. But yeah. 01:00:21.71 Sam Right. 01:00:22.53 dclduo Okay. 01:00:22.68 Lindsey And but then that was it right? they're they're. 01:00:29.97 Lindsey So I think we were also in Meridian because there was confusion about there was confusion about the fireworks even among the crew members. Whether the fourth of July Fireworks had replaced them or not and I remember we we kind of had to go ask a few different people to figure Out. What was going on and so when I think we learned that there were not going to be fireworks and it was just the stage Show. We're like but we'll just stay up here and have another drink I think that's kind of. 01:00:54.30 dclduo Hang on. 01:00:54.55 Laura I but they didn't do they didn't even do the pirate stage show I'm not I haven't told Lindsay about it. So I'm not going to give it away. Um, so they didn't they didn't do any of that either? Um, so I guess as a. 01:00:59.99 Sam And. 01:01:02.65 Lindsey And again adding it to the list. 01:01:10.60 Sam E. 01:01:14.48 Laura Little bit disappointed but the fourth of July was great. 01:01:16.26 Sam Yeah, what did they do special. 01:01:16.43 dclduo Did they have a stage show for. Do they do? They have a stage show associated with the fourth of July fireworks or is it just fireworks. Okay. 01:01:24.81 Laura They had characters in special fourth of July outfits and it was more of a it was more of a kind of I think dancer route like more of a dance party than necessarily a show per se um we we were right at the. 01:01:27.75 Lindsey I. 01:01:28.32 Sam Oh fine. 01:01:35.10 Lindsey Yeah. 01:01:35.76 dclduo Um, yeah. 01:01:42.39 Laura Back of that like the main deck area where they cover the pools over we were stood right at the back next to the yellow Mickey Hand slide um because we had to peg it to remy because that was our remy dinner night and me thinking. 01:01:47.51 dclduo Um. 01:01:48.56 Lindsey And the slide. 01:01:59.91 Laura They normally do fireworks at ten thirty at night because that's the experience I've always had I was like I'll book remy for seven thirty so that we can be out of remy and come down for the fireworks and then they did the fireworks at seven thirty so So 01:02:12.45 Sam And oh Wow interesting. 01:02:17.14 Laura So we went I went to remy earlier in the day I was like hi I'm so sorry I've just seen this is there any way you can move our dinner and they were like we're fully booked but watch the fireworks and then run so we did and and they they're brilliant. Oh they and they just we We were just take rather than I guess. 01:02:27.30 Sam But they're great about that stuff. So. 01:02:35.91 Laura Sitting down and having a drink or anything like that. They just took us straight to our table as soon as the fireworks were done. 01:02:39.68 dclduo Yeah, and how is the fireworks show I mean look it can't be ah you know it can't be a huge fireworks show at at sea is compared to lamb. But how was it. 01:02:46.72 Laura But they have fireworks coming from 2 different places on the fantasy now which I didn't know was a thing and I was shocked. Yeah so I've heard so I'd heard this on the wish and then it it. 01:02:52.60 Sam They Oh they do now so they've had that on the wit. Yeah, they've had that on the Wi but I didn't know they had it on the fantasy. 01:02:53.10 dclduo Um, ah, that's a thing on the wish yet's a thing on the wish. Yeah. 01:03:04.58 Laura We add it from one direction and then it comes from I guess the other funnel like obviously you can never see quite where it's coming from I don't know where it is but then it came from another direction and I looked at Lindsay and when that's not normal. So I don't know if they've added I don't and I don't think that was a specific. 01:03:08.91 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 01:03:23.98 Laura Fourth of July thing. 01:03:24.12 dclduo You're the second you're now you're the second person who's mentioned that when they watch the fireworks show I think it was on the fantasy we had someone else mention I could you know sort of said I could swear they were sending the fireworks off from 2 funnels which is not normal because in fact, on the wonder. We have watched fireworks from the forward funnel because that's where the concierge lounge is in the outdoor deck is and so they will put the concierge guests kind of on that deck to be able to see the fireworks and they won't do that if they're launching the fireworks in close proximity. So so yeah, that that is definitely new on the fantasy and you're. 01:03:58.37 Laura But yeah I was surprised by it and it happened with the we had the twenty fifth anniversary um fireworks show as well and I forget we got we got 2 fireworks they just cut they kind of cut most of the pirate night. We got the food we got. 01:03:58.64 dclduo Kind of the second person who's told us about it. 01:04:05.21 dclduo Also you did you got 2 fireworks shows just no pirate fireworks. 01:04:13.87 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah. 01:04:17.87 Laura Ah, sort of dance party. But yeah, then the rest of the the later I Guess the later evening side of pirate night that they would usually do wasn't there. 01:04:27.65 dclduo I I forgot to ask this is reminding me I forgot to ask 1 thing Lindsay before we head into castaway k which is I'm sorry, let me say that again because Sam will come through the come through the video ah Lindsey there's 1 thing I forgot to ask you about that. This discussion is reminding me of before we get to Castaway key. I wanted to understand did you ride the aqua mouse or the aqueduct. Sorry the aqueduct. Yes, what'd you think with what you think. 01:04:49.36 Lindsey I I did I did the Aque duck I did it was so oh my gosh It was so fun. It was so cool I Love that it's um, the see-thro transparent part of it with the lights inside. It was just really, really fun. Yeah I Really like that. Um, we thought we only did it one time. 01:05:03.00 dclduo Feel. Yeah. 01:05:07.78 Lindsey Um, I think if we were I think if if if we were there when there weren't any lines or anything like that I definitely would have gone up and done it again like for Laura's favorite things. Laura's dad who is like a very proper british man. Ah, 1 time you and your mom went off on an excursion right. 01:05:14.00 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 01:05:20.62 dclduo Yeah. 01:05:27.41 Lindsey And you came back and there were 12 photos of your father riding the aquadockc. 01:05:33.38 Laura Yeah, he just he was he everyone else was it was a jamaica day. It was the same cruise mom and I had gone off um to climb Duns River falls and we were gone most of the day and we came back and my probably what he he would have been. 01:05:38.50 Sam Ah. 01:05:50.84 Laura Almost seventy at the time my almost seventy year old father had just gone round and round and round and he was and we got back and like we we didn't even look at photos this time because we didn't take any but mom and I like at that time had like tapped our card to have a look. 01:05:56.80 Sam Wow I Love that. 01:06:04.24 Lindsey No no. 01:06:09.57 Laura And I was just going through though is this a repeat is this wrong and I was like no wait. That's a different photo I've died every time. 01:06:15.25 Sam Ah I love it. That's awesome. 01:06:17.57 Lindsey Ah, it was so fun. Yeah, absolutely it was awesome. It was awesome and I love I love like this story that goes along with it too like right when as you're going up. There's the whole story about the aqua doc and then you have Donald through the side it. It was really really cute. 01:06:17.60 dclduo Ah, see. It's fun for all ages. It's fun for all ages. What? oh yeah, Then. And. 01:06:35.99 Lindsey I Love it I. 01:06:36.56 dclduo yeah yeah I I desperately want them to make a magic band that has Donald in a life ring with his butt sticking out I think that would be so fun. But anyway, um, Castaway key ah sounds like he got rained out. Ah which is you know, not not. 01:06:40.69 Lindsey Yes. 01:06:52.75 Laura Not till the very end we did get most of the day to be fair so we were a little bit late getting off the ship. Um did we I think we went to kabanas or sit I don't forget if it was Kabannas or a sit down breakfast. But yeah, no. 01:06:54.51 dclduo Okay. 01:06:57.49 Lindsey I I think we did a yeah we did a breakfast oh was that was our sitdown breakfast day right? second class. Okay. 01:07:01.78 dclduo Yeah. 01:07:10.44 Laura Because that with the mickey waffles day was the sea day. Um, but yeah, so we yeah so we'd gone to breakfast um got off um, went straight over to Serenity Bay just to sit and chill. Um and we'd ah pre-booked the snorrkeling. 01:07:16.33 dclduo Yeah. 01:07:29.96 Laura Tube and bike rentals. So like the package of the 3 things and so winter and today we got our like floaties and like went swimming I say swimming floating we didn't really swim um and then it started to drizzle a little bit around lunchtime but we're like ah it's fine. 01:07:41.52 dclduo Um. 01:07:49.21 Laura Got our bikes and went and rode the bikes round and it just started to rain and we were just like we looked at each other and went. What do we do and we're like well we're wet now. So we just carried on yeah and then it it cleared up and it was fine and we were like okay, let's go get snorkeling stuff and. 01:07:57.80 Lindsey And I was at where we're already wet just took a rainy bike ride just kept going and. 01:08:09.10 Laura We were on a bit of a time check because we had our martini tasting at four o'clock um and so we'd I was like determined to show Lindsy the like all the fun stuff you can find in the snoco lago but you have to get pretty far out to find it like it's quite a swim. Um. 01:08:12.30 Sam Me. 01:08:20.27 dclduo Yeah. 01:08:22.93 Sam Yeah, you have to go all the way out. Yeah. 01:08:23.00 Lindsey So you do yeah. 01:08:28.35 Laura And so we we got there and we'd not been in all that long at all and we we ended up getting a little bit separated because there were just so many people around and um, both of us had the exact same story when we got out of like we had our heads in the water storkel mask On. I Both just saw this flash and like pop your head up and there's lifeguards shouting the Snorkel lagoon is pla everybody out I was about as far from sure as you could possibly get and so it was a good. It must have been a good 10 to 15 minutes of like. 01:08:47.35 Lindsey I Yeah and yeah I. 01:08:47.54 Sam Oh. 01:08:56.52 Lindsey Yeah, yep. 01:08:56.97 Sam No oh my goodness. 01:09:06.71 Laura Head in the Waterfront crawl like just trying to get back to Shore and it during this. It just started like the rain just came down and I could feel it on my back as I was swimming and I was like please don't let me get struck by lightning in the water I don't want to die on castromaking. 01:09:12.31 dclduo Now. 01:09:15.16 Lindsey It It was more a it was. 01:09:16.95 dclduo Um, with that if. 01:09:23.59 Lindsey Like I could think of worse places to go but I was like I don't want to end I don't want this to gonna end. Yeah, yeah, yeah. 01:09:24.32 Sam Um, like I I was must so Lindsy I could think of a worse place to die and with you. 01:09:33.20 dclduo Like ah like a carnival cruise ship for instance, yeah, that would be not a great place. No ah well lindsium. so I'm so I'm so curious what was your overall opinion of Castaway key. Did you did you enjoy the day as a place you want to get back to. 01:09:39.72 Sam Ah. 01:09:46.37 Lindsey I I want to I do want to get back to it. Um I I Really I really did like it I liked um serenity with serenity day is what they call it on that side where it's like the adults only that was really nice I mean it. It takes a while to get out there with reason I guess because if you have market Kidss and families. 01:09:54.66 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah. 01:09:56.87 Sam Yep. 01:10:05.38 Lindsey Um, and just get them involved in all of the things I think next time I go back I would structure it differently I think I would front load my day with those activities instead. Especially um, the one since since your whole entire day. There is pretty weather dependent. Um, so. 01:10:17.60 Sam Um. 01:10:20.64 dclduo Yeah. 01:10:20.83 Sam Yeah. 01:10:23.60 Lindsey You know if it's a good day. Grab grab all your gear take advantage of that. Um, especially since like if we were doing a snorrkling thing. We didn't really need like the lounge chairs and stuff you just like stash them under a single one and just go to your stuff and then head over to serenity. Um. 01:10:38.16 Sam Um. 01:10:41.43 Lindsey The food was the food was surprisingly good. They they had a large variety I know it's just like we were over at cookies too and I know it's the same menu the whole time like everywhere but it was we did but we. 01:10:53.28 dclduo You You didn't get lunch at Cernity Bay Barbecue. Ah, okay, okay. 01:10:53.33 Laura We know we did get. We did get Lunch Tripps are and to be barbecue. Yeah, it was and that was that's where we were no. There's cookies and cookies too which is the main one? yeah. 01:10:59.69 Lindsey Ah, was that the one I thought it was cookies too. I Oh I'm wrong then I oh nevermind. Okay, so we were over in. Oh they do? Okay so that's why I was so impressed it was It was good. It. 01:11:03.14 dclduo Yeah, they they a they have a they have like a little bit more variety at cerny Bay Barbecue than they do they they? Yeah yeah, they'll have theyve. 01:11:03.51 Sam Right. You get the name the sneak there. Yeah I mean most of the food is the same but you do have there's like there's like a steak option that's at Serenity Bay that's not at cookies or cookies too and I think there might be. 01:11:08.68 Laura Yeah, although we did. 01:11:19.56 Lindsey Oh. 01:11:23.81 Sam And occasionally there's a different chicken there as well like a spicier chicken. 01:11:25.74 Lindsey Yeah. 01:11:26.52 Laura Although we did get asked when we went in the guy giving out the hand wipes went are you eighteen and I was like yes yes I am. 01:11:31.39 Lindsey Yeah, that's true. He did we. We were asked. Our age was question like thank you, Thank you so much I know I'm like I'm at that point where I'm like I don't know whether to be grateful or insulted I don't I don't know. Um. 01:11:36.61 dclduo I would have been like ah God Bless you Sir God Bless you? yeah. 01:11:37.46 Sam Um, yeah, you should just said that. Thank you very much. Yes. 01:11:47.94 Sam Grateful grateful anytime I get ask for Id I'm grateful. Yeah. 01:11:50.31 Lindsey Was really so okay so that is place it was good. You great? Yeah, but it's um, no was it was really good. It was good I I still though I'm with Laura on this one like I just love the ship so much that. 01:12:03.72 Sam Yeah, yeah. 01:12:06.66 Lindsey I I like I said I think I would structure it I think I would be like first off the shit next time like just wake up really get off the ship go to your stuff and then rather like the water is amazing. It's it's so good. They've done such a nice job creating these really protected calm spaces with. 01:12:10.31 Sam 1 here. 01:12:16.43 Sam A man. 01:12:23.32 Lindsey Um, like didn't swim out pretty far and still touch the bottom. It's really nice, but still I think I would split my day and then head back to the ship and just kind of like wrap up there before the rest of the families come back. Um as it was because we got dumped on at the end. There was a long line to get back onto the ship and stuff like that and it was fine. 01:12:33.49 Sam But. 01:12:39.91 Sam Right. 01:12:43.14 Lindsey But um, yeah I think I would just structure the day differently next time and. 01:12:46.64 dclduo Well I'll give you 1 more thing to add to your list which is parasaling a cast toway key which you have to it's it's a lot I think it's a lot of fun. You get an amazing view of the ships but it only happens about 10% of the time in my experience because of. 01:12:50.47 Lindsey And okay I. 01:12:59.54 Lindsey Yeah, oh really? yeah, they do? yeah. 01:13:02.82 dclduo It gets canceled due to high winds which are a frequent problem it cast away. So. 01:13:05.81 Laura I've been lucky enough to do it once? Yeah, but every other time I but I've never seen anyone else up the kind of fewer the times I've been a castaway. It's yeah that you get off the ship and they have the sign. 01:13:12.53 Lindsey You know they did cancel a lot and they there were there was like that big board of all the things that were canceled so that does make sense. You know, incredibly weather dependent. So I think that is that is a huge tip right? Like if you if you. 01:13:12.77 dclduo They have yeah. 01:13:21.40 dclduo Yeah, and. 01:13:21.65 Sam Yep. 01:13:28.73 Lindsey Get a good day when you're at Casto Aki like take advantage of it and and knock all those activities out while you have the good weather because I think just geographically like where you are things can turn right? Um, you're down in the caribbean. So yeah. 01:13:39.81 Sam Now. 01:13:39.82 dclduo Yeah, we've we've been there when they've had to evacuate the island for thunderstorms and we've had days where you show up and it's raining and then it becomes gorgeous afterwards or just ton of miss all day. So yeah, the yeah, the weather can be. 01:13:50.30 Lindsey Yeah. 01:13:50.81 Sam Yeah I mean you you can have 10 minutes of rain and the whole and the rest of the day beautiful too right? It's like. 01:13:57.50 Lindsey Yeah, absolutely yeah, so just. 01:13:57.57 dclduo Yeah, the the the weather can be a bit unpredable the be the weather can be a bit unpredictable on castaway. But yeah, so anyway, um, well we have reached that point in our show where I need to hand you over to my lovely cohost Sam. Some arbitrary questions some arbitrary rules and a dash of judgment or the round we call a rapid fire so sam take it away. 01:14:21.40 Sam Thank you so much Brian all right? you guys this is rapid fire I'm going to ask you first a couple of your Disney favorites just general Disney favorites and then I'm going to ask you Disney Cruise line favorites. The rules are going to be different for each of you. Because Laura you've been on multiple cruises. You've been on 7 cruises or is it was this number 8 or was this number 7 yeah and you've been on 3 different ships so you are not limited in your answers to the beautiful Disney Fantasy you can answer. 01:14:43.66 Laura So this was number 7 Yeah yeah. 01:14:56.25 Sam With your favorites on any of the ships you've been on Lindsay you are stuck with only giving answers relevant to the Disney Fantasy all right so let's get started with your favorite Disney or pixar character Lindsay. 01:15:09.78 Lindsey So tiana. 01:15:12.73 Sam Laura oh you both pick princesses all right? What is your favorite disney movie Laura and lin I love it and Lindsay what's your favorite. 01:15:12.94 Laura Bell. 01:15:20.21 Laura Beauty and the beast as a female. 01:15:25.84 Lindsey This really tough I have a soft spot for finding nemo. 01:15:30.35 Sam Oh yeah, all right? What's your favorite Disney Song Lindsay 01:15:38.28 Lindsey I Oh my gosh. Um, that's a hard you are really Sam You have no it. This is very challenging. This is not rapid fire I'm just gonna get I'm gonna go I Really do look um, tailless old this time. 01:15:38.94 Sam I know it's a hard 1 01:15:46.47 Sam Ah. 01:15:51.90 Sam Um, yeah, all right Laura who I love. 01:15:54.45 Laura Um, show yourself from frozen to I love that song I don't know why it comes on like if it's on if I've got a Disney playlist on I want it makes me cry I don't know why I just love it. 01:16:04.20 Sam Yeah, it is a it's a great song all right now we're going to switch over to the cruise line Laura what's your favorite disney stage show I think you mentioned this earlier in the show. But I'm not going to eliminate it for my questions. 01:16:20.32 Laura Ah, tangled Scar bay. 01:16:21.10 Sam Nice all right Lindsay you only saw 2 of them so you have 2 choices tell me and and and I'm gonna and I'm gonna judge you on this answer because there's only 1 right answer to this question from the 2 that you saw there is 1 right? answer. 01:16:26.42 Lindsey Of the 2 01:16:35.17 Lindsey Is there 1 right? answer I liked frozen. It's not the right answer okay is that the correct answer I liked frozen better than I'll add it I liked frozen I was awesome. Frozen was so good. It's all okay, good. 01:16:39.53 Laura Correct answer that. 01:16:40.56 Sam Thank God. Okay, thank God you got it right? You got it correct. Yes, so and even and even if you had seen. But even if you had seen believe the answer would remain the same the answer. The answer is frozen. 01:16:54.79 Lindsey But okay. 01:16:55.93 dclduo To to the massive number of Aladdin fans listening to this show. Hate mail can be directed to samantha at. 01:16:56.66 Sam On the Disney Fantasy No question. 01:17:01.68 Laura I. 01:17:07.37 Sam You know what? there's there are right answers and there are wrong answers and this is my rapid fire. So I tell you what they are okay all right favorite adult bar space on board. Um, let's start with Lindsay on the Disney fantasy. 01:17:21.24 Lindsey On the fantasy I I love Meridian and. 01:17:26.75 Sam Yeah, that's the right answer as well. Laura on any of the on any of the 3 ships you've been on what's your favorite adult bar space. Oh interesting that is also an unpopular opinion. Um, but. 01:17:34.33 Laura Keys or Cadillac Lounge don't mind which just put me in there live piano with wonderful singers. 01:17:41.32 dclduo I I don't think I don't think that's an unpopular opinion but that common and unpopular are 2 different words. 01:17:42.90 Sam Yeah, well no I I would say I would say it's an it's just not a very common 1 right? like you hear french quarter. Okay, fair fair fair fair I feel like you hear french quarter lounge quite a bit for the wonder of course and you hear meridian of course on the fantasy and I don't. 01:17:57.55 Laura And. 01:18:02.85 Sam Know that I've heard a like a lot of people pick a favorite that's on the the magic to be perfectly, honest and not saying those aren't great spaces. They are grade spaces. They just wouldn't well now now sure all right? Let's talk about. 01:18:09.69 dclduo So Soul Cat Lounge Soul Cat lounge that will be the new favorite. Yeah. 01:18:18.52 Sam Onboard activities. What is your favorite onboard activity Laura this can be like an adult activity or a family activity doesn't matter. 01:18:26.10 Laura Oh Gosh favor am I allowed to pick laying on the deck. Ah but then also game shows. 01:18:29.40 Sam Absolutely absolutely. That's an activity Lindsey what about you? No sure Lindsay what about you. 01:18:36.52 Lindsey Yeah, that was those were on those are my 2 honestly I was like oh yeah, like just relaxing on je was was amazing I really liked what was the one where they had the married couples go up and that one was a riot that one was a riot I think I think one of the couples like I hope they're okay like. 01:18:46.70 Laura Match your mate. 01:18:49.27 dclduo That's your mate. 01:18:49.80 Sam Um, yes, not me. 01:18:54.88 Sam I Hope they're not divorced. But. 01:18:55.28 Lindsey But it was still good and then there was like this older couple who just kept showing up at the tube for all the game shows and kept getting called they were the ones married the longest and like the the husband's sense of apathy toward everything was just perfect. 01:18:56.44 Laura Um, it was god. 01:19:04.60 Sam Oh love it. 01:19:13.26 Lindsey It was amazing. It was just like that was that was so good. So yeah, lounging and then that specific experience and. 01:19:14.26 Sam Um, ah. 01:19:15.40 dclduo We have We have had some we have had some amazing matcher meet contestants in the past to the point where you've heard of people who are like go they're flying home and they're on a plane and then someone on the plane is off there because like oh you were that couple and match your may or you know actually it's like it's usually some fact it's some. 01:19:18.85 Sam Yet. 01:19:22.31 Laura And I love it. 01:19:29.18 Lindsey Yeah, yeah. 01:19:30.22 Laura Yeah. 01:19:31.36 Sam Um, oh yeah, they becomes they become celebrities. Yeah. 01:19:34.22 dclduo It's some fact like you know the place they discovered the magic was you know a Volkswagen they'll be like oh it's the Volkswagen people and. 01:19:37.55 Lindsey Yeah, and you're like for the for the rest of the week yeah 01:19:39.30 Sam Are you rest of the week 01:19:39.91 Laura We we? Yeah, we tried so hard to get our table mates onto it because they really wanted to do it and they'd literally been married like a week and they got beat out by a couple that had been married five days and then and then we and then they tried to. 01:19:44.55 dclduo Um, yeah. 01:19:50.35 Lindsey I with a week. Yeah, they were viewed out by two days 01:19:59.54 Laura But the middle couple as well and they lost it on rock paper scissors of all things. Ah. 01:20:02.34 Sam Oh my goodness. 01:20:03.62 dclduo I say being being the newly we couples the hardest because there's I feel like there's always someone on board who's like oh we just got married in the Hra yesterday and then you're like well if we're done. Yeah. 01:20:10.40 Laura Yeah, literally yesterday. 01:20:10.56 Lindsey Yeah, exactly exactly? yeah. 01:20:10.75 Sam Yeah, all right? you rotational dining Lindsay. Let's start with you. 01:20:21.44 Lindsey And um I really enjoyed Royal court and. 01:20:23.31 Sam Yeah, it's beautiful Laura you can pick from the other ships as well that you've been on. But what's your favorite rotational dining. 01:20:31.57 Laura I Know it's not you guys his favorite but I like tritons. Ah. 01:20:34.60 Sam Oh I I mean Trains is nice I like it. It's not I I won't I won't you know, hate at you for that answer? Yeah yeah, you both take the same menu. 01:20:40.10 dclduo I I won't I won't quibble I won't quibble with a menu in tritons I mean that's the that's the French menu. It's a good menu. Yeah, so. 01:20:43.20 Laura Any for for me and any of the any of those the kind of Atrium restaurants I Really like they're always going to be my favorite I love them the princess themed ones. Yes, please. 01:20:55.46 Sam No love it all right? Favorite space on the ship. Ah that you haven't already picked as a favorite. Um, let's start with Laura. 01:21:08.45 Laura Oh gosh um the theater because I do love the shows. 01:21:13.69 Sam Oh that's a good one now Lindsay what about you. 01:21:17.22 Lindsey Um, ah you know what? I really liked on the fantasy I Really liked Ula La I Just thought it was so different. It was such a different vibe from everything else. It's like dark. It's plush. 01:21:24.13 Sam Oh yeah. 01:21:32.50 Lindsey Um, there's the piano in there and I just it. Yeah, it's like stepping into that space from anywhere else. It's just like it instantly takes everything down a few notches which it was really nice to have that as a place to go. Um and I just I felt the theing was so like spot on there. Um. 01:21:32.53 Sam Um, yeah. 01:21:51.28 Lindsey I I yeah surprisingly I really liked Ulala. 01:21:53.23 Sam Awesome! All right? We're gonna talk a little bit of food now we're gonna I'm go ask you your favorite suite item and then I'm gonna ask your favorite savory item from onboard. So Lindsay let's start with you. What was your favorite sweet food item. 01:22:10.28 Lindsey You? Okay, those true Mickey Waffles like that's oh my gosh those like yeah right if I could have that for dessert every day of my life I think I would that was so so good. That was amazing and. 01:22:10.91 Sam On board. 01:22:15.80 Laura Yes, yes. 01:22:20.15 Sam E. Those are awesome. Laura what about you. 01:22:28.50 Lindsey Yeah. 01:22:30.10 Laura Um, also those but I would also see sticky Bunms Sticky Buns I'm not a big dessert person and I even got we got to the point with our service where they were like you don't want dessert again and I'm I'm just just not a big dessert person but sticky buns. 01:22:32.57 Sam Yeah, those are those are so good. 01:22:47.95 Laura Yes, please. 01:22:48.31 Sam Yeah, yeah, I'm I'm the same I'm not a big dessert person but I can always go for that soft serve of ice cream on deck. So ah yeah, ah. 01:22:54.30 Laura Oh that is good. 01:22:54.98 Lindsey And that is good. That was all yes that was also really really good. 01:23:02.76 Sam All right favorite savory item. Laura. 01:23:03.89 Laura Um, we might say the same thing here because we both went mad when we had it the at remy there was an amused bouch with foir gra and I think it had some sort of I think it might have been truffle on it as well. 01:23:10.76 Lindsey I yeah this is it I was like she yeah we that was the very first thing we put into our mouths at the restaurant and I was like. 01:23:19.20 Sam E. 01:23:22.93 Laura It was one bite and both of us were like I could just eat those. 01:23:29.93 Lindsey Oh no, we're gonna be in trouble. We had to roll ourselves back to our room that night I was in trouble that was that I would like be a abuse Spo regret me. It was so good. That's mine too like that was like heaven in a kind know like a little. 01:23:30.30 Sam Oh Wow Yeah, ah. 01:23:33.87 Laura Ah, yeah. 01:23:44.69 Sam Um, ah. 01:23:48.82 Lindsey Like it was delicious. Yeah, if that's mine as well. Yeah. 01:23:49.00 Laura Say it. 01:23:51.90 Sam Ah, so good. All right? So Lindsey your favorite ship right now of course is the beautiful disney fantasy since you've only been on her but um, but. 01:23:58.26 Lindsey That unparalleled unparalleled. Yeah. 01:24:04.40 Sam But Laura I have to I would be remiss to not ask you know because you've been on the fantasy you've been on the wonder and you've been on the magic which ship is your favorite. Yeah, that's the right answer. Thank you very much. Thank you for playing. 01:24:15.18 Laura The wonder I I I am ah I am a classic ship girl at heart I think like I'd not been on the fantasy for quite a long time. Um, but we're doing the dream later in the year so I'm curious to see. 01:24:29.67 Sam Oh yeah, there I mean all of them are amazing I Always we always like to say you know Love the love the one you're with right? So the one that you're on can be your favorite in the moment you can no, you can't complain a day on. 01:24:32.50 Laura The differences. 01:24:41.88 Laura Um, can't complain. You can't complain. Can you, you're on a Disney Cruise ship 01:24:47.20 Lindsey Yeah, like if you're on a yeah. Ah yeah, you're on a Disney Cruise so I think 01:24:50.30 Sam Ah, news is better than any day on land unless it's the seas are really really terrible and then I sympathize with you know folks who like me who if the if the seas are really bad. Get seasick. Um. My last question is a question I like to ask everyone at the end of rapid fire which is what is your bucket list. Cruise if you could go anywhere in the world on a Disney Cruise line ship. It doesn't even have to be some place that Disney Cruise line currently goes. Where are you going? Laura let's start with you. 01:25:21.27 Laura Around the world. 01:25:24.39 Sam I Mean is there any better thing right? I mean why? not? that's kind of cheating but I kind of I Also love your answer. So. 01:25:27.84 Laura Why not? Um, yeah, if if if you it is kind of cheating it I could just say we had the pleasure of meeting someone who I know is a guest on your show. Ah on your show last year and and I forget his name and you'll probably remind me who was on the ship. 01:25:45.63 Sam Allen. Yes, oh yes, ah catalette. Well you're on we you're on the fantasy so you must have actually you met would have met him in like the tube. 01:25:46.64 Laura Allen we met him in key I think it's keys we we we is. It had a lack of keys on I can't remember which one it is which way round it is it was last summer so it was on the magic. 01:26:01.69 Sam Oh last summer. Okay, oh then it was the Cadillac lounge. Yes and he loves are is it keys oh keys. Yes, he loves that that's his favorite his fit favorites based on the magic is keys and his favorite is medac and. 01:26:05.49 Laura Say keys. 01:26:09.33 dclduo It's keys. It's keys on the magic. 01:26:13.58 Laura And we us to so we sat there. We sat there every single every single night before and after dinner and we saw him every day. Um, and yeah, absolutely like if I if I could do that I think I'd be very very happy. 01:26:22.54 Sam Yep. 01:26:26.96 Sam Yeah I love it Lindsay what about you. 01:26:29.93 Lindsey I I I would do I would do Laura's actually your you booked the south pacific itinerary I would do cross the pacific I would do some Hawaii go cross at this district. But then I would want to take. 01:26:41.18 Sam Um, oh yeah. 01:26:48.91 Lindsey Disney through Southeast Asia like I feel like you could really hit a lot of cool spots down there and just hang out in southeast asia for a while before making my way casually back to Hawaii I think that would be amazing that would be like my yeah. 01:26:49.44 Sam Oh yeah. 01:27:02.00 Sam Yeah. 01:27:06.38 Lindsey Hopefully they get on that I don't know. 01:27:08.78 Sam Well, they're going to be hitting Asia in a couple of years with that new. Ah, monstrosity of a ship that we being we keep referring to as the global dream. It's actually called the global one I think project now I think that's a project name. Of course we don't know what the ship name I say monstrosity just because it's obviously not ah you know was it. 01:27:09.98 Lindsey I yeah. 01:27:17.75 Lindsey Yes, yeah. 01:27:26.77 Sam Designed originally by Disney I'm sure they're going to do a beautiful job with all of the design work. But it's going to be very very different of course. But that one it's goingnna be in Asia we just don't know exactly we know it to be poured out of Singapore but we don't know exactly where it will sail. So. 01:27:29.72 Lindsey And yeah, it it is going to be really different. And yeah, we don't know where but that's where that's so that's kind of right now that's like the part of the world that I would love I mean just just in terms of the variety and all of the different places that you could potentially visit I'm. 01:27:40.73 dclduo Yeah. 01:27:56.48 Lindsey So excited I know it's several years off but I'm so excited to see the itineraries when they finally come out just because I know that Disney's absolutely going to make an amazing amazing trip out of that so I don't know maybe Laura and I will book that one and again we'll do another girls trip. That'll be our next big one? Yeah, right to the whole thing. 01:28:08.67 dclduo Maybe you can throw in a little adventures by Disney and just round out the whole experience there you go and there you go. 01:28:11.70 Sam I Love it. Yeah, exactly exactly Well thank you for playing you've both won because your answers were correct. Um. 01:28:15.64 Lindsey And do the whole thing and. 01:28:24.60 Sam no no super you know so no, no, ah no real negative judgment on your choices. Um, except for my disagreement with Laura regarding keys and Cadillac lounge but you know you're everyone's allowed their own opinion. Even if it's wrong, all right? Well again. 01:28:38.82 dclduo I feel like we're gonna have to have you start issuing written judgments to post in a blog or something like this outlining your reasoning for the answers past precedent we are lawyers after all Sam so yeah, go support these things give people predictable paths to success here. So anyway there you go there, you go? well. 01:28:50.87 Sam That's right, That's right, the rules of starry decisis. That's right. 01:28:58.78 dclduo Lindsay Laura it has been so much fun chatting with both of you all about your fabulous trip together and would love to have you back together separately as you sail Disney Cruise line in the future and continue to build your Castaway Club status Lindsay welcome. To the Castaway Club Ah you're now a silver member of Disney's Castaway Club so loved having you both on the show. Thank you for taking the time to chat with us and for coming to us all the way from the United Kingdom Laura love having you on and for anyone out there who's in the u k. If you want to come on the show we will make that happen. We will make that work. We're up very early here in Seattle to help with time zones. So loved having you both on the show. Thank you so much for coming on. 01:29:37.58 Lindsey I thank friend. Thanks Sam. 01:29:37.94 Laura Yes, thank you for having us.

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