September 25, 2023


Ep. 348 - Glacieritas: Two First Time Cruisers Share their DCL Alaska Vacation

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Brian Sam
Ep. 348 - Glacieritas: Two First Time Cruisers Share their DCL Alaska Vacation
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 348 - Glacieritas: Two First Time Cruisers Share their DCL Alaska Vacation

Sep 25 2023 | 01:01:16


Show Notes

Ever dreamt of a magical Disney cruise to Alaska? We got a chance to sit down with our friends Nich and Steve, who gave us a full rundown on their Disney cruise experience. From their first encounter with the Disney Wonder at the port of Vancouver, all the way to their adventures in scenic towns like Skagway, Juneau, and Ketchikan. Get ready for a whirlwind of captivating encounters with glaciers, unforgettable meals in Animator's Palate and Tiana's Place, and a fair share of laughs.

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Episode Transcript

å00:00.00 dclduo Welcome back everybody to this week's episode of the Dc L Duo Podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and Sam we're headed north we're headed north. Yes. 00:09.13 Sam We are to the great white now that's the great white north is Canada right? I guess this cruise left from Canada but the funny thing about this show is we're actually headed south to talk to some friends who live just about an hour not even an hour south of us. Who we've actually met in person. Um, they like I said live local to us but funny enough we've actually never met them locally. We've only met them at Disney and and we know them because of the wonderful community with the my dvc points community. That's how we met them and then. Course also through the plus platoon podcast that I used to be a part of and 1 of our guests Steve is a part of so I got to say welcome to Nick and Steve hey you guys? Yeah It's so great to it's great to see you of course on video as as we are today. 00:57.63 Nich _ Steve Hello hey thanks for having us. 01:07.56 Sam And um, great to you know, catch up with you all since we're friends. Um, but also really fun to have you on our show because you haven't been on our show and because we're here to talk about your very first Disney Cruise so before we get into the amazing cruise that you all chose for your first cruise which some would call a bucket list cruise but you started big so I don't know where you're going to go. It's only downhill from here I think um, but we've got. 01:30.10 dclduo Um, yeah. 01:36.92 Sam Talk about your Disney creds meaning your experience with Disney since we know it's your first Disney Cruise ah at Brian and I know but tell our audience what your connection is to Disney. 01:51.61 Nich _ Steve And um, we've both been lifelong disney lovers. Um, went to the parks probably every few years but within the last four years bought into dvc. So now we're going about 5 times a year I'm a huge Donald duck collector. So you probably see Donald duck stuff. In the background. Um, the cruise was one of the last things that we've done and like you said sort of jumped in. Um, this summer the summer's been a big disney summer. So we've been to alani just got back from there last week I'm dinner Disney Cruise we're off to Disneyland in two weeks um so yes but I think definitely having a magic key pass and dvc gets you going to the parks more often and um, we're just having a great time meeting great people like you. 02:41.90 Sam And ah, that's so sweet. Um, and I'm guessing when you are at Disneyland in a couple of weeks you're going to get to see some new stuff in the ah dca area of San Fran soo you're excited about that. 02:55.73 Nich _ Steve We yes, we're we are excited about that. We're also excited about the rogers musical so that's on our list to do. Um, we're also excited to go visit the dvc lounge again and we went there last time. So yes. I mean you as Disney fans know you you get the same response from people who aren't huge Disney fans like weren't you just there. But even if it's just a couple of months we're always like there's so many things we are excited to go back and and and to experience there's new Merch we're like oh I hope it doesn't sell out. There's new experiences like Rogers and. New lands that open our new rides that open or weren't available when we were there because they were down for refurbishment. So we always have a laundry list of things we were excited to do we we like to keep a list of of Disney firsts. Um, try a couple of new things each trip. 03:40.89 Sam Awesome! All right I'm going to stop us there because we lost Brian and it's showing him as offline and so I don't know if the recording is actually working because he's the one controlling the recording. 03:58.52 Sam Let's we'll have to wait you know I'm gonna go check. He's in the room next door. 04:00.70 Nich _ Steve Kubernetes it. 04:13.89 dclduo Getting back on mine. Yeah I'm back I did. 04:22.20 Nich _ Steve Yeah, yeah, yes. 04:23.60 dclduo Can you hear me ah hold on Sam I can't hear anybody hold on everyone can hear me but I can't hear them ah try that. 04:38.41 Nich _ Steve Um, yes, yes. 04:39.30 dclduo Can you hear me all right now I can hear you all right? Ah, we're still recording So just keep going. 04:42.88 Sam Okay, still recording. Okay, okay, so um, ah, totally agree with you. We are of the mindset of there's always a reason to go to Disneyland and Rogers the musical for sure is that reason for you I forgot that you hadn't seen it yet. You're gonna love it. I'm obsessed with it. Um, there is a youtuber or there's a there are some youtubers who recorded the whole thing and have put it up and I have confessed that I have actually rewatched it on Youtube a couple of times because I liked it so much. But anyway we should get to the topic at hand which is your first Disney Cruise to Alaska I think we've got to start with the the big question of why did you choose for your very first Disney Cruise to sail to Alaska I mean I know it's close in that you just had to drive up to Vancouver. Ah, from the great pacific northwest ah, but why not start with the caribbean to see if you even liked cruising. 05:48.70 Nich _ Steve Um, mainly because he does not like the sun so we figure if we're going to do a cruise that Alaska would probably be the best bet to test the waters there so that was really why it's so hard we try. 05:59.81 Sam That's hilarious. That's hilarious. 06:03.92 Nich _ Steve I mean we're both teachers so we end up going to Wal Disney world when we have to and in the summer but dang I wish I can go in January um, but yeah, what we booked. We're about thinking about a cruise and we're about to book and stuff and started talking to our great friend. Um, and yours ginagratsky and she was planning on going too with Brandon and so to that. Cruise we're like hey so we actually changed what dates we were going to go on that just kimet was just really great. 06:29.92 Sam Oh that's awesome. Yes I know that you went with Gina I think that's awesome I would love to sail with gina obviously we've met Gina in person many times. Also at Disneyland of course. In fact, I'm actually going to see her oddly enough at Disney World in about a week I think um, but. 06:48.22 Sam I I Love that you guys chose to sail with her and she's sailed a few times before let's start with your sort of planning. Um, what if any planning did you have to do for this cruise what kind of resources did you look At. And were you able to before we get to what you actually booked. Were you able to book the things that you wanted to book pre-cruise as that is always obviously an an experience in and of itself before the cruise. 07:16.77 Nich _ Steve And um, since we're going to Lonnie we were really focused only on one excursion. So we're able to book that we had issues with disney I t the day the booking. What? um it was really really incredibly slow and not loading the page but I'm being. 07:33.14 dclduo Shut the front door I t was bad for Disney. No no. 07:35.32 Nich _ Steve Disney. Yeah, but I mean you know and you're expecting that piece but you don't know what what it's supposed to look like and apparently it was not what it's is usual so you weren't you didn't know you know so you don't know to know and we were. 07:44.94 dclduo Yeah, yeah, so someone posted the other day that Disney's gonna be doing these special twenty fifth anniversary or 50 like pins ah through d twenty for d 23 members available online at like 8 a m at some point next week I don't remember the exact date but I was instantly like. 07:46.67 Sam Yeah, so. 08:03.90 dclduo You've got to be kidding me like a thousand Pens Eight a M This is a guaranteed failure point for Disney I T but anyway keep keep going keep going. 08:08.73 Nich _ Steve Um, we are part of a Facebook work group for our crewise so it was quickly following that. Okay, other people are having issues. It's not us. Um, finally all worked out. We were able to get our a pallo reservation we were able to get the the glacier. But the two that we really wanted. Um, yeah, so is it. What's expected. Um in terms of booking everything we went through um Gina's friend who sort of the booking process which is sort of news for us I'm usually the planner and do all this stuff myself. So giving away control of that took some use to getting to so I think because like you were from the pacific northwest we've experienced whale watching and seen a lot of nature and greenery and such so we were less concerned about some of those kind of. Type of excursions so we were and because as our first cruise we really wanted to spend a lot of time on the boat and just check that out as the excursion. But yes money coming up and Alani was in play. So we it also kept us to fewer excursions too. 09:16.27 dclduo Well I mean it sounds like you were able to get some of the things you needed through the online booking experiences with just those like hiccups that we all occasionally encounter where the Disney system crashes and then you got to wait for everything to get back up and running and a lot of times too. They all impose like a virtual queue or something to try and slow the traffic down to the site. What about the when you got. To check in how the check in process go and I'm always curious if people are using the app or the website. 09:43.52 Nich _ Steve Well, we actually did the check in process. Why flying in the air to um Disneyland I think so again disney I t had hiccups. It was released low. Um, but it all worked out like I knew before hand I had everything loaded on my phone. 10:00.98 Nich _ Steve And had it ready to go. But um, we got a reasonable on port arrival time. But again hiccups again. So as more prepared for it for this time. 10:10.20 Sam Yeah, well knowing knowing the planner that you are Steve it doesn't surprise me that you had everything like on your phone and ready to go. It's like that's really what Brian's exactly that way and so he's always the one who does our check-in and make sure he's got everything ready to go. For that and if you're organized and plan ahead I feel like it even if you have glitches even if you have some hiccups it. It usually goes you know, just fine and and you get in. Okay all right? Well, we've got to talk about you know, traveling up to Vancouver as I mentioned. You're close by to where we live and so you know you're just a little bit further south from us and so I assume you drove up to Vancouver before the cruise did you go that day or did you go the day before or spend some time in Vancouver. 10:57.99 Nich _ Steve Um, we drove up on Saturday so we spent Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday up in Vancouver we hadt been in a while so it was really nice and then um, our cruise was leaving that Monday afternoon. So and then um. Gina and Brandon joined us on Sunday so we had some time there I definitely loved having that extra time and not worrying about. Um you know, making sure that we're there before the boat because we know Seattle Traffics so 11:27.65 Sam Yes. 11:29.80 Nich _ Steve Used to go up to Vancouver like almost every year for spring break. So we love the city but it's been quite a while since we've been there and if you're if you've not been before and you're leaving out of Vancouver definitely give yourself a couple of days because it is a gorgeous city with so much to do I mean right? close to the port too. Um, so the hotel we stayed at was. I dont know maybe a mile or less from from the port. Yeah, um, so it it was great. We went to Granville Island checked that out and so many great eateries and it was delightful. Yeah, plus it just took the stress away. We had a lot of people in the Facebook group they were talking about. You know, missed flights and. Delayed flights and they were stressing out and we super important. We're not so that was great. 12:04.30 Sam Yeah that's awesome. We love vancouver as well and and we used to go up there pretty much every year for a race event actually but we haven't been now in a few years and and we're certainly itching to get back up there and love. Love Granville Island and we love all the we love all the dim sum up there. There's just yeah, such great food so where did you park logistically for the cruise because obviously you drive up, you go to your hotel. But then you've got to drive to the port and I feel like people are always asking questions about parking. It's not like at port canaveral where there's. This designated Cruise um, you know huge cruise terminal with all of these lots so where where are you parking when you are cruising. 12:47.92 Nich _ Steve I actually parked we parked actually at the port. My follow the link through the Disney Cruise website um it came out to be just under $200 american because it charged me canadian for the week to park there when did you book that um I booked it. 12:54.60 Sam We hear. 13:06.79 Nich _ Steve Probably about four months in advance I might be eventually I know what did sell out but it was pretty easy. You know you go in and showed us the um Qa car out code and we went through dropped off our luggage and then found our parking spot. So I'd highly recommend that if you're driving up. 13:09.34 Sam Not good. 13:21.86 Sam Nice, super convenient. Yeah, that's super convenient. Tell us now your first view of the beautiful disney wonder you have never been on a Disney Cruise before I imagine you probably. 13:25.79 Nich _ Steve So. 13:38.96 Sam Haven't seen a Disney Cruise ship in port because they don't port here in Seattle and they don't port close to Disneyland and even at Disney World they're like an hour drive away in you know port canaveral. Yeah, what's your first impression of the beautiful Disney wonder. 13:55.83 Nich _ Steve Um, it looked gorgeous I mean we saw some other cruise ships because we had walked down to the port the day before just to see where we were I'm smaller than the other cruise ships but still just that excitement of reckon and. Following it recognizing it I'm seeing Donald Duck on the back being a Donald duck fan. Um, it was just sort of that excitement especially being that first cruise because we arrived at the port earlier in the mornings we had time to sort of explore the port why we're waiting for our port to arrival time and you know the. 14:27.10 Sam Awesome. 14:30.28 Nich _ Steve The colors of the boat are adorable too. The Yellow boats I mean it's It's adorable. 14:33.00 Sam Yeah, totally agree, totally agree. You know it's funny I forgot that Donald Duck is the is the whole character on the wonder. So that's I mean even more perfect for you Steve it just doesn't get any better than that. Ok so you get. 14:42.22 Nich _ Steve Um. 14:44.60 Nich _ Steve I. 14:50.33 Sam You get into the port when your port arrival time arrives. Let's put it that way. How is the check-in in process at the port smooth sailing or were there any bumps in that. 15:01.83 Nich _ Steve Well little did we know how smooth of sailing it was because it was our first time but because we were with Gina she was astounded like how fast we got through. There are all these chairs for people to be sitting when you're in the process and we had no idea what they were for because we just kept on walking past them. Um, so it was. 15:17.80 Sam Oh that's great. Yeah, so. 15:17.84 Nich _ Steve It was really fast. Um, we got to climbmb onto her arrival time actually too. She was 15 minutes four something had an hour half hour before us and the people that were letting us and check checking the the arrival time. Whatever they're like oh it's not your time yet and that the 2 people in 1 with being very straight to 1 was being very lax. Let them go no. But don't go no but um and you got inside and and there was like no one in there. So it was it was great so it was wonderful traveling with those 2 just because they you know they have the expertise so it would love to suggest if you have someone who's a cruise knowledgeable person to go with first It's wonderful to do that. You can easily split off from them for. So much of it. But at the beginning in the middle in the end is wonderful to have people who know what they're doing um. 16:00.76 Sam Yeah, yeah. 16:03.23 dclduo That's how we got hooked. We went cruising with a friend and then we never went back or never looked back. So yeah. 16:05.75 Sam And now we've become the veterans cruising with you know, obviously so sometimes at newbies but often cruising with other you know Cruise veterans um, always better, always better cruising with friends. 16:14.88 dclduo You look pro tip Pro tip cruising with friends is always better. So yes, yes. 16:17.79 Nich _ Steve And people at the port I mean disney excellence right away the just the cast members there just from did second one are so nice. So affirming and wonderful and helpful. Just it's amazing. 16:32.66 Sam Yeah, love that? Well it sounds like ah you had a great port experience because you know so and it it varies widely. We've had some really great quick ones. We've had some really weird ones where there've been glitches like. Like Brian's passport being Nathan's picture and all kinds of weird stuff but sounds like it sounds like this one was good. Um I of course need to ask you first impressions when you walk. On to the beautiful Disney wonder because that is an experience in and of itself and I I can't remember if in Vancouver if you get to walk into the atrium or if they make you walk into a different floor because obviously at port canaveral you always walk into the atrium. 17:18.33 Nich _ Steve Um, yes, we walked in the atrium. Um, we didn't get our name announced because they thought we are part of the group in front of us 0 we get sort of snuck by that. But that first i'm. We had seen pictures but not realizing how big actually it really is which I know it's much smaller than the newerships but still it's pretty grand and of course you know being an ursula fan seeing that aerial. There was pretty fantastic too. I mean you know tritons I mean I was living it. 17:33.31 Sam Yes. 17:44.84 Sam Yeah I love that I love that Well you've got touches I feel like all over you know the atrium even with just like Hidden Mickeys in the in the um, ah what do they call those things in the like the railings and stuff and the elevator detail and all that stuff. It's just yeah. 17:48.48 Nich _ Steve Um. 18:00.44 Nich _ Steve On the glass elevator too is so wonderful to see that while you're traveling in the elevator strangely shaped elevators right? This kind kind of like a lollipop shape. 18:03.40 Sam Really. 18:07.39 Sam Absolutely yes, absolutely ah, now. Where do you guys decide to go first. Um, you know? do you get the lay of the land. Do you go straight to lunch. Did you have you know things that you needed to run to guest services to deal with and book. But. What's sort of the first you know first ah point of interest. 18:28.93 Nich _ Steve What? Yes, thanks to Gina Gina told us me before I got on that we had to run errands and we went. Okay, whatever we've have to do and she goes. The first thing is is we're going to try to get. Um. Make sure that a pallo reservations were connected together to see if we could get pallow branch so she showed us where to go. She knew exactly where to go so we were able to make sure that our reservations were connected. We were also able to grab paow branchn and then she says after that then we're going to guest services because she need to put on. Um. 18:45.67 Sam E. 19:04.13 Nich _ Steve Um, gift cards and then she needed to go to the spot. So we'll just follow you So highly recommend if you need to get to do new reservations. Go there first because there was basically no line and then once we got done then we sort of took time to eat lunch and explore the ship. 19:07.51 Sam Yeah. 19:23.15 Nich _ Steve And sort of get our bearings where things were but yeah Paula Brunch is a hot ticket and so I don't know if people are whatever. Yeah, if you have any interest in grabbing something go there first rather than I think a lot of people want to jump in the pool right away or go to a club or get a drink or something. But. 19:26.40 Sam Um, yeah. 19:38.66 Nich _ Steve Can wait for a couple minutes to make sure you have things set up for the rest of your entire crew is to be successful. 19:42.78 Sam Yeah, that's a really good point where did you have to go for the Poo Brunch sort of um you know reservation or checking because it it can vary on the different ships. 19:54.96 Nich _ Steve And we went to the french quarter lounge they were set out near there I think it was that the 3 rotational um, it was the 3 dining captains. Yeah, which we learned later like okay maybe made the connection to who they were. 19:57.30 Sam Okay, yeah. 20:05.81 Sam Yep. Right? So if you had any adult dining requests that you wanted to make or even regular main dining requests. Whether that be to change dining times to sit with another party to request a particular waiter all that kind of stuff. Usually is in 1 place. Um I think on the dream and the fantasy. It's usually down on deck 2 outside of enchanted garden and I think on the magic and the wonder I think it's usually in you know near a french quarter or soul cat lounge. And I honestly can't remember where it is on the wish. Um, it's a different location though on the wish. So um, but yeah, that's why I that's why I asked you specifically because it can be different depending on the ship but it's also something you can ask at guest services or you can ask ah a crew member when you get on if you're not sure where to go. But that's a great tip. Um, okay, so then Gina needed to put gift cards. You said on her onboard account. That's a great another great tip. Um, for those who buy Disney gift cards at a discount whether at a wholesale retailer or target with your target with your target um, red card or however, you. 21:18.81 Sam Get your disney gift cards. You want to get those on right away and I see Brian you want. 21:24.29 dclduo And I was just going to say same on on the wish I think to the extent your time about like dining reservations and stuff those tend to either be in Luna or in 1 of the smaller ah venues where they do like karaoke on the second floor behind Luna. 21:31.32 Sam Yeah. 21:38.38 Sam Oh that's right? That's the Triton that's Triton's lounge not to be confused with Triton's the dining room that is on the Disney ah the disney wonder yeah good point Brian um. 21:40.56 dclduo Um, yes. 21:50.62 Sam And okay, and then you get went to the spa which is another great tip right? If you want to make a spa appointment and you didn't make one on the app if there's no problem. They don't release all of the spa appointments on the app and so you can go in person and make one and if you're really particular about. Which treatment and which day and what time it is a good thing to do on day one because a lot of people tend to do that at some point on day. One. So. 22:15.69 Nich _ Steve I will say for Disney the company that was probably the most high sales pressure slash upsell experience I've ever had they really were trying to push treatments on you not just saying what they were offering but it's it really felt almost like they were almost pressuring you to do it um. But when we we walk past the fitness like the treadmills and such wow if you're someone who likes to work out. That's like the best view on the ship. It was ridiculous I saw a couple of teenage boys walk in there there and they were just a gag at looking at their facility. There. 22:38.80 Sam Oh yeah. 22:45.67 Sam Oh yeah, it's super nice. But I and I will totally agree with you on the sales pitch issues in the spa that's on all of the ships I don't know if it's because that happens to be a contractor. It's not to those cast members are not. Actually Disney cast Members. They are all a contractor through I can't remember the name of the company but it's a company that contracts with basically every cruise line to do their spa services. But I Also think that they their sales and or you know have some commission proportion to it and so they don't just hard sell you on the um. On the treatments. They also hard sell you on the products unless you're like really you give off that um RBF vibe and saying I don't I don't I'm not interested in the products. 23:26.50 Nich _ Steve Um. 23:32.61 Nich _ Steve Um, the like shopping slash jewelry person kind of has that vibe too very helpful I mean if you're into those things I'm sure they're excellent. What they do, but there was definitely some. Um yeah. 23:37.44 Sam Yeah. 23:45.90 Sam Yeah, that ah, that definitely makes sense all right? Well, let's let's talk about your um your you sort of checking out the ship and and what you did that day and of course you got we got to talk about food a little bit at at least to find out where you ate on day one because I feel like that's always a big question Mark. Do you go to cabanas. You go to do sit down lunch. 24:06.69 Nich _ Steve We would take bananas because that's where Gina and Brandon said to go. Um I was happy I got my shrimp I got my crab legs on the first day. So for my seafoo was I could talk about that I loved it. Um, very busy. I mean you have to learn to get in there and find a spot and sit down before it's taken. Um, he could talk about the rest of the food he had that day because I just had seafood so I was very happy. Yeah I'm not a seafood person and the non seafood I was less enamored with but it's just you know it's a buffet so you don't have. Just keep on trying you'll sort quickly find the things that you enjoy. So um, my first pass was not as successful as subsequent ones. Um in in general for the whole whole trip. Yeah. 24:50.33 Sam I Yeah, that's yeah, that's that's a good point I I will say Cabanas is not my favorite place to eat. Um I would rather usually eat pool deck food for lunch than at Cabanas and I would rather um, on. Day embaration day lunch I usually prefer the sitdown lunch but it's convenient and it's fast and you know, especially I Always tell people with like young kids if you don't want to have to sit through like a sit-down lunch. That's probably your best bet for particularly with day one and of course for. Most days notwithstanding the gross scrambled eggs but we don't have to. We don't have to talk about that yet. Um, so we've got to talk about the ports a little bit before we talk about some of the other goings on on the ship. Um, how many ports did you go to and how long was this cruise. 25:43.29 Nich _ Steve This cruise was seven days so our first stop was the glacier um sky con skycon or so something like that and then we did skagway general and then catch a can into. 25:56.83 Sam Perfect. So 3 real ports and one I'll call it stop because it's not. You know you only get off the ship if you're doing that glacier excursion that you mentioned earlier. So let's talk about the ports a little bit um because obviously those are the stars in Alaska. Um, the glacier excursion tell us about what you booked and did it live up to your expectations. 26:23.19 Nich _ Steve Um, we did the glacier excursion. Um, we were able we were. We did the second sailing and there's 2 boats and we got really lucky causees. We just pulled up to the glacier. There was a calving so a big chunk of the iceberg fell off just as we pulled up. Um. So that was a great experience. Um beyond that then they took us down to look for wildlife did not see anything um, like ni said earlier growing up the pacific northwest um, this scenery for us probably is not as odd inspiring as some of the people around us who have are not used to as much greenery and staff. I mean it was still gorgeous. It was still gorgeous. Um, just not as captivating for us. We actually enjoyed it because we had the chance to um, speak to some just other guests on the cruise. Um, there's one family in front of us who had done lots of cruising. So we were able to ask them questions about their experiences on other itineraries. Um, met some fabulous cast members who are um from Disney World who were on the cruise so that was probably 1 of the highlights for us. 27:29.96 Nich _ Steve Um, the ship was actually able to get pretty dang close to the to the glacier. So you're kind of feeling like had we known that would will we actually done the excursion because it got pretty close but of course we got even closer. So Our pictures were pretty awesome and seeing the calving up up close was pretty astonishing and astonishing and the waves that happen as a result and. The captain said that was the biggest calving he had seen all seasons that was pretty pretty fun to um as Well. We got we found out the difference between a waterfall and a off spout something gas. Basically oh anyways, so um and we saw was the the hole in the wall I Spwars call was pretty cool too. 27:51.17 Sam Oh wow. 28:07.93 Nich _ Steve Um, but yeah would I suggest the glacier experience. Yes, it was pretty pretty great and um Steve had a glacier reta when he was there so they um they fished out a chunk of glacier ice and put it into drinks while you were there. Yes. 28:21.90 Sam I Love that I saw a picture I remember you have ah it's like this blue colored drink with this big chunk of ice in it. That's like you know a misshapen chunk because obviously it's natural naturally broken right? Not um, it's not cubes like we normally see. But yeah. 28:28.70 Nich _ Steve Yes, yes. 28:38.81 Sam Pretty pretty cool I have um, you know I definitely have seen people say one way or the other it's worth it. It's not worth it. Of course it's the only way to get up close to the glaciers on that day because the ship can only get so close because of the the depth of the waters and whatnot. All right? So your next port is skagway. Yeah, what did you guys get up to there. 29:00.83 Nich _ Steve Skegway. Um, we did spend about probably an hour 2 hours just walking through town so we had no no excursions. Um I will say that we heard from other guests that the skygwayde train is a must do. Had so many people said they really loved that. Um, we just went in town. We know went through the shops saw so many jewelry shops. We guess we're that's sort of a surprising us. Um, highly recommend. Do boy which is off one of the side streets which is fried bread. Ah, alvin eer yeah basically we knew I knew about that because I'd done some research of like where to go. Um, so we did I guess a qua walk through town and then we spent the rest of the time just being on ship which was sort of nice because lots of people were off on other excursions so gave us a chance to experience a quieter shit. Now gina did suggest that we go to the red onion saloon for the tour and did we ever oh my gosh have you been it before almost was that in skkeway. Yeah thatway. Okay, that we did that in skway too I read about that way. So it was ah um so. 30:00.92 Sam No, we have I've not been to Alaska ever actually yeah. 30:09.24 Sam Ah, what is tell us what the what is the red onion saloon. Oh. 30:13.94 Nich _ Steve It is a famous brothel that was operating during um the gold rushsh. So they have a quick 20 minute chur that takes you through the upstairs showing you some? Um, they have some artifacts and stuff we learned about um diamond lil. Who has actually a connection. She ended her life here in Seattle and she's known for wearing diamonds on her teeth. She had diamonds on her teeth. So but the person who takes you through is just a comedian. She's wonderful that the person takes you through and learn a lot about there. Apparently you wish to be. 30:38.28 dclduo You know. 30:48.42 Nich _ Steve 10 brothels in town like 10000 men at the height of the gold rush and 300 very busy women. So um. 30:55.80 dclduo Ah, what's hilarious to me about this is this is the second show that we've recorded in in about a week where so we just finished a show on an adventures by Disney trip that had a a brothel tour as a part of it now we're learning about this in Skagway and it's all coming together for me in Seattle because ah. 31:11.10 Sam Right? right. 31:13.75 dclduo I guess a prot tip for listeners if you're visiting the Seattle area in advance of your Alaska cruisers. A fun tour. They used to do downtown I suppose they've brought it back called the underground tour and you learn that part of Seattle's history is ah a very famous madam who had a brothel in town and her contributions to the. 31:19.29 Sam They Yep they still do it? yeah. 31:33.36 dclduo Ah, the expansion of the city of Seattle I'll just put it that way. So ah. 31:33.59 Sam Yeah, and a similar story to Alaska is of course that the sort of the population that first came to Seattle of non-native americans. Was heavily men who were here for the gold rush. So it was the kind of the same story as it is in Alaska so it's it's just kind of a a funny, probably not not so much a coincidence but quite a funny story. So what was your next question. 32:00.83 Nich _ Steve Just lots of wild tidbits about that. Just like they they moved the building at some point and they realized they had it backwards so they sawed off the front and the back of the building and switched them. Um and how like a contraceptive of the time was lysol. 32:07.92 Sam Ah. 32:16.37 Nich _ Steve ah right just ah anyways but yes, you're saying the next port. Um, next part was Juneau Gino was the next part and that one was it takes a little bit more to walk in. You could walk into port but it's it's about probably. 32:20.80 Sam Ah, oh that I Just hilarious. Love it. What was the next port. Yeah. 32:35.80 Nich _ Steve Ah, twenty thirty minute walk they also had shuttles but we chose to walk um because we're big walkers. Um, same thing we walked through town it was that was probably our rainiest day out of the port days. Um, found a local coffee shop that we really liked. We had um. Good fish and chips was that in you know, um, at days something. It's basically a like a food court if you're used to Portland or Seattle where it's just a a small little area but it had some really good fishing chips. Um, again boat met someone who was in town for. Um, son's wedding who isn't even on the cruise but had a nice chat with them. Why we're eating lunch um about the area and then again back onto the ship and spent some time quiet time on the ship being able to do things with less crowds. Think it was called Deckhand Daves we have a friend who grew up in Juno so she had a a few suggestions and it was great fish and ships. But yeah, getting back on the ship because we wanted to that was our big excursion was getting to know the ship and when you head to the pub and stuff when everyone else out and joined the city. Um, it's really calm and lovely. 33:45.44 Sam Oh yeah, that's one of my favorite things to do of course and we'll definitely get back to that. But let's talk about catch a can. What did you do at catch. Can. 33:56.63 Nich _ Steve Um I had king grab for the first time so is um, actually because before it's always been dunges crab but this was the first time actually having king crab. Um, so we've we used yelp to pick a restaurant to go to and. 34:06.80 Sam Ah, wow. 34:13.46 Nich _ Steve We did sort of the same thing you know, walk through the shops and probably spend about an hour and a half again and um, again for us the scenery. Yes, great mountains. We felt like part of it. We're in Eastern Washington where there's the bigger mountains and south um, and then we got back on the ship. So i'm. Like you said we're going to Alani. So we're saving our money for there. Um, we talked about if we go again. We'd probably add some more excursions because we wouldn't have another trip backed up. Um, let me tell you though. Wow. Do. They have a great port advantage for Kechi can I mean it's right outside the window. It's it's so close the activities director was talking about. You're making fun of you. You're on the ship you're in catchcan you're on the ship you're in catchcan you you step off and boom. You're right? downtown. So location is amazing. You could. You know, go into a catch a can come back on the ship for a while and go back so easily. It's just right there and um I did not have crap c suit. Oh it was it was spent. It was expensive but really worth it. Yeah, it was a splurge that I highly recommend you just have to get over the sticker shock. But. 35:19.98 Sam Yeah, oh yeah, that that king crab is quite expensive I've had some in Seattle to been few quite a few years but it is yeah it's really expensive. Um and compare and not that dungeon is crab isn't expensive. Dungeness crab is also expensive. 35:22.46 Nich _ Steve It was. It was amazing. 35:37.98 Sam But not at the level of King crab for sure. 35:40.35 Nich _ Steve You know, but those legs are gigantic. It's It's pretty cool. Um, but yeah I know everyone has things that they are looking to purchase but in the shops and whatever and such we are thing that we tend to purchase our magnets because they don't take up much space. So there's a lot of room for that in our little condo. 35:43.00 Sam They are. 35:57.19 Nich _ Steve Um, but people sure seem to be enjoying doing shopping because there's a lot of opportunities there. 36:01.84 Sam Oh yeah, for sure all right? Well obviously for you all the ship was the star of the experience. Um, not to say that obviously Alaska isn't also a star and it sounds like you all are. Maybe planning another trip or another Disney Cruise or perhaps on a different cruise line to go go to Alaska and do some some other stuff but we've got to talk about experiences on the ship. Um, we've got to talk about you know whether or not you did spa stuff. You know what adult activities you did. 36:20.79 Nich _ Steve Ah. 36:33.40 Sam If you guys are trivia buffs I don't know um, let's start yeah let's start there um what let's talk about daytime activities First what kinds of stuff did you find to get ah get into on the ship. Um and were there things you couldn't do because they were too crowded or. Was it nice because a lot of people were off in the alaskan ports. 36:55.40 Nich _ Steve We um, we did lots of trivia. Um, we came home with like four I think 4 metals so sounds impressive. So there is a story we we won one time because we're the only team. Ah. 37:00.27 Sam I I love it. Yeah. 37:08.75 dclduo I wait I Got to say it doesn't just sound impressive. It is impressive like yeah, ah. 37:10.90 Sam Ah, it is impressive I'm and I'm with you ryanan I'm with you. 37:13.40 Nich _ Steve Is it? Well one of the times we were the only teams that we just had to answer 1 question right? right? and boom metal. Um, yeah, yes, as. 37:21.58 dclduo But that's but that's just strategy. That's just Stra it's all it is. It's strategy straight you all are off s letting with dogs I'm doing trivi and get metals. So there you go. 37:23.90 Sam Um, what? what? yeah right? That's which so which which trivia was it that you were the only ones there I have to know. 37:31.74 Nich _ Steve Is yeah um, it was for it was the know it all so it was like general knowledge Trivia the Disney Disney ones o. 37:38.20 Sam Oh yeah, just general knowledge. Yeah. 37:45.11 Nich _ Steve Talk about going deep into Disney those are really hard. 37:46.16 Sam Right? I always like people always ask me? Oh do you guys go on Disney Cruise line and win all the Disney Cruise line trivia and I look at them like they have 3 heads because I don't think people realize not just I mean the Disney Cruise line trivia is like ridiculous. They'll ask you like. How tall like the ship is in feet or or you know just like ridiculous pieces of information that only you're like die hard and not to say we aren't diehard Disney Cruise line fans. But we're not diehard Disney Cruise line trivia you know fans? Um, but even the other. Disney categories right? like the parks trivia. Um, all of that stuff is like super duper hardcore. So yeah, what were the other ones that you guys won where you actually had competition. 38:35.36 Nich _ Steve Umm pub quiz so similar to no at all, um our most impressive win was it was a packed room. We ended up tying for first place and then we won the tiebreaker and it was a weird team of 2 now was Kiss most of our wins. 38:36.85 Sam Here. 38:51.48 Nich _ Steve Are when it was just the 2 of us and we were beating teams of teams of like 4 to 6 So I I also was there sees the trivia buff I tried to ah contribute when I can but he's he's that he's the rain. 38:53.70 Sam Wow Wow Did you? ah. 39:06.40 Sam Yeah, did you do any I wondering. Ah I feel like if you went with Gina and Brandon you'd need to do like a star wars trivia and that would be the one because it's you know they are like the they're the star wars experts. 39:16.00 Nich _ Steve Yes, oh yeah, we did music trivia with them because we have a music teacher and Brandon was really awesome at that too. We we all had our like decades and artists and stuff we were very ah good at and we we did really well on that one didn't quite make it. Yeah but Brandon was amazing at that one. 39:28.60 Sam Yeah, yeah. 39:31.84 Nich _ Steve But Trivia is definitely was one of the highlights. Um, one thing we learned of is pull up in the app you could look at the day's activities and heart things. So You'd get these reminders when Trivia was or where where it was out so we got in habit of of the day. We'd just go through and heart the things we were possibly interested In. And then as the day went we sort just choose what we wanted to do or skip and the same location. They usually alternated with animation so that was fun to do as Well. Let's see how terrible yours looked at the end are usually decent. Um, but we loved Bingo to oh my gosh and yeah. 40:06.90 Nich _ Steve Um, trivia is not so bad occasionally was a little busy but bingo wow you need to be there early. Um, whenever they say it's it's gonna go on so the tickets are gonna go on sale I would show up I don't know 15 minutes before that. Yeah and it's It's wonderful too and and the um, the staff that are leading all the events for ours. They were all british or irish is that typical I think that wonder is going to head to to um Australia next. So I think for some reason they were queuing up people from. 40:29.79 Sam It's usually a mixed. 40:38.23 Sam Yeah, so it's usually there are usually often quite a few folks from the U K but there are often also folks from other places on that. Um the entertainment staff. 40:38.34 Nich _ Steve I don't I don't know but yet. 40:50.49 Sam Ah, however I do know that because they're heading over to Australia New Zealand there are certain countries that were not going to be able to get visas to to go over to New Zealand and Australia so it I do think that the it has changed the demographics of the Disney wonder. Um. 40:59.29 Nich _ Steve Are. 41:09.40 Sam To make it a little bit more heavily folks from certain parts of Europe um more more of western europe less of eastern europe um, and ah and less from South America and Latin America in general so it definitely has changed the demographics of the ship a little bit. Not to say you. 41:21.71 Nich _ Steve Nice. 41:27.88 Sam Don't still have a you know a diverse group group of crew. What other stuff did you guys get up to did you do any spa appointments or any of the other you know family games things like that. 41:40.72 Nich _ Steve Um, we watched match your meet so we we watched that that was hilarious because I had three great couples. It's like a newly web game. Basically yeah, um, the 1 thing that we really loved well he loved karaoke I'd be I'd go and watch not my not my thing but I could watch that we loved. 41:52.51 Sam I Love it. 41:58.70 Nich _ Steve The um theater shows I mean we're big into musicals. So um, we were able to see that and we also got to see um the basically the Indiana Jones Dio dusty the day before it was released because that was on the ship. So we formeers that's pretty exciting that was exciting. 42:11.55 Sam Nice. 42:16.60 Nich _ Steve Um, but there was also a um, they were boot base wherey oh anchorage, an Anchorage -based trio called the pipeline vocal project that was wonderful. This acapella trio that yeah and I was you know of course being a music teacher I was excited to go check them out and stuff and they were wonderful. So check them out. Ah pipeline local project. They were great. 42:23.23 Sam Oh fun like an acapella group. Yeah yes. 42:35.89 Nich _ Steve And then chipper chipper He's a magician he's a comedian. He's everything so good. We saw him at ah like adults area after hours kind of thing and I would just so blown away with both his magic and his humor that we went to go see the main stage show the next night and we're so excited for it there and he was even more endearing there and his family as ties to like old school Disney so he showed a bunch of picture and fitted footage of them and was really touching to see how they were tied into disney. 43:04.89 Sam Oh fun, nice now. What? Um, what mainstage acts or main stage shows were you able to see on this particular itinerary because they. Sometimes offer some special stuff on Alaska cruises just like they do on other longer itineraries. 43:24.51 Nich _ Steve It was the Golden Mickey's which is I guess been running for a while and then there was one ah ah on job. Yes, and then yes, um. 43:27.55 Sam You could you could you couldn't tell at all right that that's been around for a long time with the video and all of that with the old Bob Iger video 43:42.17 Nich _ Steve It was yeah the last one is called dreams dreams. Yeah which I guess has been around for a while very very touching um thought it was very well done and we enjoyed that because we ended up while we're waiting in line for Donald duck talking to 1 of the cast members so was nice like oh there he is recognizing him. 43:48.47 Sam Yep. 43:58.21 Sam Right? right. 44:00.93 Nich _ Steve And the stage shows later and then we saw another one which which just like a review like musical numbers I can't remember the name of that but that that was dreams. Yeah I think I think it dreams you're talking about but the throwing watch was frozen which was great Of course oh there, there's frozen. 44:07.61 Sam Oh yeah, probably once upon a song was or ah did you? Oh yes, frozen. 44:16.71 Nich _ Steve And pro tip for theater I mean ideally I always think for theater like you know, third to Fifth Row Center is the best place to be but you know what's gonna happen someone huge is gonna sit right in front of you and block your view. So. The second section back first row is ideal. Get there early second section first row and you won't have anybody's head in front of you and you have that huge aisle space to put your feet out in is still delightful. 44:40.35 Sam I agree that's that would that's my favorite spot in all of the Walt Disney theaters and but I do don't I don't mind sitting on the end of that row though because I like kind of being I like the aisle instead of being kind of stuck in the middle of a row but I agree that is the best location. 44:54.97 Nich _ Steve Um, yeah. 44:59.33 Sam Um, although I occasionally choose to sit up front anyway. Even even knowing that somebody might tall might sit in front of me. Well I love that you went to all the shows did you have um, they sometimes do this thing called once upon a song they will do that sometimes in Europe I'm not sure if they do it over in Alaska. Do you know if you had that which is um. More of a review without any story attached to it. 45:22.92 Nich _ Steve Um I don't think so there there was 3 and we saw all we saw all 3 and then like you said we saw the vocal group and then we saw the magician so anytime there was a nighttime performance. We made sure that we saw it. Um yes, and then we also saw um, elemental. 45:32.45 Sam Did we lose them. 45:39.70 Sam I Can't hear you Oh okay. 45:39.21 Nich _ Steve So we saw 2 movies. Why were. 45:42.11 dclduo Yeah, they're frozen for me. So I think we may have lost them. So let's give them a second and see if they're able to reconnect. 45:55.90 Nich _ Steve Let's never come back. 46:21.87 Sam Yeah, you're still frozen for me and I'll probably just yes, they just typed and said let us know if we're back for you. It looks good on our end. Do not see that Brian. 46:27.99 dclduo Ah, are they typing in the window. 46:38.50 Nich _ Steve Can you hear us dotter La la. 46:38.73 dclduo Yeah I do um. 46:42.73 Sam No, we can't hear you. 46:46.83 Nich _ Steve Call. 46:51.49 Sam You can just do refresh even that works too. 47:14.34 Sam There You are? Yay Okay, perfect. Um, oh I was asking I'll re-ask my question. Um, so. 47:19.17 Nich _ Steve Um, yay, The ah we're talking about. 47:26.43 Sam Was curious to know whether or not you had a onstage or mainstage performance called once upon a song which is like a it's a musical review but without any storyline attached to it. So it's we' just where the stage performers kind of do a bunch of different disney classic songs. I know they do it over in Europe and so I don't know if they do it over on the Alaska sailings. 47:48.70 Nich _ Steve No, we just had the three so we had the Golden Mickeys We had frozen and then we had the dreams and then the vocal group and then the Magician So I love that that. 47:58.10 Sam That's good though. 48:01.49 Nich _ Steve You know they do all the shows twice so you don't stress about missing it with your your seating and such whatever and at the end the he comes out or the activities director comes out and it really makes it feel like it's ah around the campfire experience. You know, telling about how the day went what's going to come up next and they do a great job of. 48:17.90 Sam Yeah, so now you did mention waiting in line of course to see Donald duck because that is Steve's favorite but I'm curious as to whether or not you you know, waited in line for other characters because. 48:19.90 Nich _ Steve Like including his family. 48:27.20 Nich _ Steve Yes. 48:33.62 Sam Ah, one of the things we love about Disney Cruise line is that if you want to see characters 1 You will see them in a lot of places sometimes impromptu and sometimes scheduled but 2 the lines don't tend to be as long as in the parks. Not to say that there aren't lines. There are lines and they've gotten worse I think over time. But curious. Ah, if you got to see some of the characters and take some pictures with them and then a specific question of if you did the pictures with mini mickey the gang up on the deck on glacier day because I know that is a pick coveted picture that a lot of people try and get. 49:12.15 dclduo Yeah, he is number one he is he is number 1 49:12.66 Nich _ Steve Um, we only did pictures with Donald Duck I mean there was opportunity there was there were opportunity. Yes, he was number one. Um, there were opportunities where we could have seen other characters but it's usually Donald duck um, definitely on glacier day. You need to be prepared. Luckily I had done some reading in advance of make sure there because it's a limited time and then it's gone. So um, it was raining that day so they moved the location closer to the pool. So the characters were undercover and we got there and we're actually in lineed to and making there coming up and saying. Where who are you here to see and like oh good, you're seeing Donald Deck because we've already cut the line off for Mickey Mouse um so we waited for that one probably about 20 minutes all the other ones we just happened to be some of them. We just happened to be on like there's like basically no line like you said a very short line compared to other places. Um. 50:05.14 Sam Um, wow. 50:07.87 Nich _ Steve We did spend probably more time standing in line for all the different backdrops since we bought the photo package that's probably where we spent the most time in line for pictures making sure that we got our value worth for for that. I'm not sure I would do that again with just the 2 of us. It was great because it was our first cruise to do that and get how that documented and if you had different people with you like parents and etc that'd be great to do again for their experience but you know once we've done that package once I think we're good for go i. 50:34.41 Sam Yeah, we we kind of have gone back and forth on it. I I have found though we always end up with it about 20 pictures that we want that we've taken even though it's not that you know we don't we don't go around taking a million pictures. Um, but we end up with like 20 and that's. Really if you buy the 20 picture onboard package. It's basically the same as if you had bought the unlimited package ahead of time and so I have actually found that there is value most of the time in buying that unlimited package ahead of time because if you end up with I don't know let's say. You know 30 pictures even you've you've actually saved money in the end. Oh but I'm with you I don't we do not run around taking every picture. Um Nathan frankly does not have the patience for that I would probably run around taking more pictures than I do but I don't like to have pictures of just me and a character. It's more fun if there's you know. 51:26.69 Nich _ Steve Um. 51:31.90 Sam Yeah, multiple people in the picture. Um, but I'm really glad that you got your Donald duck picture in his Alaskan outfit on deck because I think that is like that's a unique photo opportunity and you're not going to be able to get that anywhere else in in the world. Frankly, so that's that's really. 51:38.99 Nich _ Steve So kiss. 51:48.76 Sam Important one for Steve of course, love it. 51:52.24 Nich _ Steve It's and I call back to an earlier conversation if you love taking pictures and you love the wonder or your ship. Whatever you're on it. Be The wonder it was pretty awesome that excursion trip to be able to take pictures of the wonder with glacier in the water and such you know like chunks of ice and such whatever. So taking pictures of the ship and the backdrop was pretty awesome. 52:11.30 Sam Yeah, that's a good point. Um Brian likes to take pictures of whatever ship. We're sailing on um, from parasailing at Castaway key. So um because that's like the best again the best shot you can get right? is you can get great shots from castaway of the ship parked at castaway. 52:20.10 Nich _ Steve Oh fun. 52:27.96 Sam But you can get these cool shots from up above if you're parasaling nearby right? So things like that fair, he doesn't always get them. 52:30.89 dclduo To to be fair I like to attempt photos of the ships while paraceing a castway key I have yet to be successful in many cases at actually getting up in the air Paris sailing and in at least 1 case of getting the camera to function properly. So yes, but. 52:35.80 Nich _ Steve I. 52:46.49 Sam This is true. This is true. This is ah this is a true story. Okay, so we have to talk more about the food because of course we know food is a big part of any cruise and we think it's a big part of Disney Cruise line let's chalk 52:49.68 Nich _ Steve Ah. 53:01.76 dclduo I feel like I feel like Danny and Ted Lasso cruising his food cruising his food. Ah Cruise. Yeah. 53:04.80 Sam Grizzing is food. Food is life. Food is food football is life cruising his life. Um I I feel like we should talklk. Maybe let's talk about Pollo First um I know you you got that Paulllo Brunt I Know it's starting at the top I know. 53:05.16 Nich _ Steve Are. 53:16.58 dclduo Oh you can't no no, no wait wait wait. You can't start with a pallo that's like starting with Alaska for your first cruise and then heading to the caribbean you got to start with what rotational dining rotational dining. Let's start with rotational dining. What did you think of the rotational dining experience on board. Any. 53:22.91 Sam Okay, all right? Okay, all right. We'll rewind so. 53:23.41 Nich _ Steve Um, ah, who does that? yeah. 53:34.56 dclduo Standouts or misses that you encountered. 53:38.65 Nich _ Steve Um, I think my favorite in terms of food would be Tiana's place or whatever or whatever is this? Um, um for overall experience I would go with the animator's palette that was cool. 53:41.81 dclduo Yes, that is the correct answer. 53:50.55 dclduo Yeah, to get 1 53:52.26 Sam Oh I Love that. 53:54.70 Nich _ Steve We didn't know going in what what they're going to do and from night to night and even just the first night was just know you're like are those pictures or is it a screen you don't even know to start off with and then wow it's pretty amazing and when you do the animation in the last night. It's it's dang cool. Um, it took a while to get used to saying. I would like 2 appetizers or I like sort of I get to pick and choose I mean sort of giving you that for being first time cruisers gina told us you could have whatever you want, but it's just getting comfortableing I want this and this I don't want that. Um. And being kind of I don't think we ever had to reorder something or say hey don't I don't like it. Um, but we knew there there was that opportunity there. Um I'd say it was decent food. It's not the best food I ever have but going in we knew was going to be a cruise ship I described it as. 54:46.77 Sam Yes. 54:47.79 Nich _ Steve I Feel like I'm at someone's nice wedding and I'm getting getting delivered like sit down meals. So right? yeah. 54:52.20 Sam Yes. 54:52.96 dclduo It's it's catering food. It's catering food and we have found from a few people like sometimes it's also helpful if like you know the food sits for a bit sometimes and it doesn't come out in its freshest form and so sometimes you can kind of let your waiter or server know. I'd really like my food to be hot I'm looking at you Josh Wilson out there? Um, but you can um, know I want my food to be hot and you know they'll do their best to accommodate that. But yeah, just wait until you're like Cruise Cruise 20 and you'll just say just bring me one of everything and I'll figure it out on my side of things. So but. 55:12.68 Nich _ Steve Ah. 55:20.91 Sam Ah, well and and I you know I agree with you in general that most of the food is just okay, but there are some things for me that are always like you know some standouts right? There are always a few dishes that I Really really love and maybe I wouldn't. 55:22.78 Nich _ Steve I. 55:38.46 Sam Be able to get that at home or I wouldn't have tried that if not for a cruise because it might be something I'm not sure if I'm going to like that but because I can order as much as I want or as little as I want why? not right? like and so there have been times where I've ordered I've been known to order something quote unquote for the table. Um. And but we always yeah no, it's actually my code where I'm going to eat like 2 dishes instead of 1 um more likely. But I tend to order something that I am not sure if I'm going to like I will order that and call it for the table and. 55:59.93 dclduo Which is just Sam's code for I want to bite and the rest of you are going to eat it. Ah. 56:04.45 Nich _ Steve Um. 56:08.63 Nich _ Steve Ah line and. 56:16.40 Sam You know if I don't like it then it gets shared if I like it then I hoard it for myself. So but I'm. 56:22.73 Nich _ Steve But I like how each of the the restaurants has a different flavor and feel to it So you know if you don't like a backing band the entire time then you would tritons and you get more of a acquired experience. You know So it's appeals to different people for different restaurants. 56:35.60 Sam Absolutely and you can request a particular rotation. Of course when you're on a seven night Cruise you're going to get to go to all of the restaurants twice and 1 restaurant a third time so you don't need to make request a particular rotation unless there's like you really want to be. At such and such restaurant on such and such night and maybe that has to do with like somebody's birthday or some other kind of event. So and. 57:05.56 Nich _ Steve And actually on our cruise one of the nights it was the frozen night. So all all restaurants were having the same meal. So the one that we missed twice was tritons because one of the nights for tritons we were at um Palo. 57:10.30 Sam Right. 57:16.54 Sam Oh nice. 57:20.80 Nich _ Steve And Wow the weight staff is so amazing and what a magical experience. It is to have the same weight stuff every night and they get to know you and are joking around with you and they're They're so wonderful and what ah a cool experience that is to have that continuity. 57:31.89 Sam Absolutely absolutely now I know you all sat with Gina and Brandon for dinner but did they seat you with anybody else or just your two parties together. Yeah, that's nice. Um. 57:41.16 Nich _ Steve Just our two parties. But you know me I was making friends with people around us as one does. 57:47.54 Sam Ah, that's what Brian always says about me too. Nick I make friends wherever I go I just start talking to people and that is as Steve mentioned earlier one of the most fun parts of the of a cruise experience is. Talking to other guests meeting ah talking to crew members and meeting new people and getting to know them I think that's always a fun part I will just for our listeners out there. Um, if you are a smaller party. It is very common to get seated with other people meaning strangers that will become hopefully new friends. If you do not want to be seated with another party you can make that request and it will usually not always but usually be honored by Disney um, okay so no, no go ahead. 58:30.44 Nich _ Steve I was just thinking earlier to go ahead. I was just thinking earlier today. How cool it is to be on a Disney Cruise because you all have something in common I mean how often do the people go on cruises where it's just to the Bahamas that's what they have in common is they like to go to the Bahamas but. Everyone on board has an interest in Disney. So if you're talking to someone next to you. You can easily say hey who's your favorite character hey when's the last time you've been to a theme park. What's your favorite ride. There's all these ins to being able to um, make connections with people that is something that you all enjoy. 59:03.10 dclduo Yeah, ah, 1 of our favorite cruise authors I guess I will say Paul Thornton he likened Disney Cruise line to basically just as a shipwide themed cruise right? Um, you know a royal caribbean will do an occasional theme cruise you love 80 s music. You'll love some Tv show or you know some other interests. The. Nudist Cruise I think someone talked to us about at one point a there's a pot. There's a podcasters cruise for for so yeah so ah it's it's basically 1 giant theme cruise yeah I love that you step on the boat. Everyone has a shared love of Disney. 59:21.24 Sam And the golden girls Cruise there's you know. 59:35.59 dclduo And so it's a great way to open a conversation. You know you find a ton of Dvc members on there. You can talk about your favorite resorts parks folks even just Disney Cruise line enthusiasts. So yeah, it's the best 1 of the best parts about Disney Crus line for sure. 59:48.59 Sam So ok. So now we have to talk about Paulo and it sounds like you were lucky enough to snag both a brunch and a dinner and I I've got to know what you think but let's let's start off. Um, let's start off with dinner. Because I have a feeling that brunch is the star because we think brunch is the star. Um, what did you think of pollo dinner. Of course it's a more intimate experience in an adult only restaurant but you know what did you think of the value, the food, the service, all of that. 01:00:20.80 Nich _ Steve For the price that we paid. Well first we went a a cart instead of the prefix men menu. We decided that was mainly more Nick looking going I don't like the choices so we went set to go a La cart and we ended up spending basically the same amount of money for the value. 01:00:23.39 Sam And. 01:00:39.81 Nich _ Steve It was delicious I mean I'm looking here like we're going for the for the price I paid and for what I'm getting um I was not surprised when heard is recently that they've raised the prices a little bit. So um, we paid $45 for each of us by time we're done with everything. Um. Plus drinks so we paid a little bit more but excellent service. Excellent Food. Definitely was one of those things of if we're on the ship we would do it again and you have to consider the fact that you're giving up the regular meal that you would be having so it's kind of like the cost of that meal plus more so it's not like you're getting that money back. But. 01:01:11.41 Sam Right? right. 01:01:18.20 Nich _ Steve Um, but yes when you consider like you know Grand Cals Chefs Counter I feel like it's similar quality. Um, but it was just very intimate and again the the servers were top notch and it was lovely. I would definitely suggest that you should. You definitely do it. 01:01:30.61 Sam Ah, yeah, agreed I will say the best value is definitely that the price fix menu. Um, but I totally understand not choosing that if there's one not an entree on there that you want or not a dessert on there that you want. What we often do is Brian always goes all a cart because he his preferred entrees are not on the price fix menu I almost always go for the price fix menu and then we just order like you know some stuff and we share stuff so I share. You know we share usually 2 appetizers. Always get a pasta dish so we make it that there's a pasta course even though that's not traditionally how they do it now at Apollo but we're like I know I want a pasta course and then I want my meat or fish course. So yeah, so we're we're all about that I have to ask? Did you do the souffle because that's obviously a mainstay at. 01:02:18.26 Nich _ Steve Great. 01:02:26.81 Sam Hello. Yeah. 01:02:26.92 Nich _ Steve Yes, it was delicious. Highly recommend, Get your own. Do not share. Yeah, just get your own. Yeah um, and. 01:02:30.99 Sam Ah, ah, funny enough. We always share that because we're always too full to have our own. 01:02:40.20 dclduo I but that's the yeah Sam's rule is don't share Sam's rule is don't share the chicken par. So that's her role. 01:02:43.59 Nich _ Steve Gina's friend Vick it was just saying Vick. Okay yeah, um, Gina's friend Vicki had lots of suggestions for us and wow does she have good suggestions. Everything we tried of her that she put out there for us was spot on. So. 01:02:46.91 Sam That's true that is my rule. Yeah yeah. 01:02:57.78 Sam Awesome! What were some of the highlights. What were some of the highlights at dinner. Besides the souffle. Oh yeah. 01:03:02.17 Nich _ Steve Ah, we came in with good ideas. Um I had the scallops they were amazing. Um, Souffle was definitely amazing. Um, trying and think what else did we have. But even the bread course was amazing. It's. 01:03:19.50 Sam Yeah, all right? Well onto the star in my opinion the brunch um for $45 I don't know that you could get ah you know it basically an all you can eat brunch. Of course, there's no buffet like it used to be or used to include. But. 01:03:20.47 Nich _ Steve It's ridiculous. 01:03:36.20 Sam As we've as I said you can order as much as you want As little as you want from that menu for fixed price. What did you think of brunch. What were the highlights from that. 01:03:47.44 Nich _ Steve Oh The brunch was delicious. Like we said as a table we ordered multiple things and shared from there. Um I don't remember exactly what I have I Guess no, it was really good. It was one of those things of. Yes, we'll do brunch again I'd probably do brunch before I did dinner I had to shoes. It would be doing brunch First yeah again I can't remember the Pacific because it was all so Good. Oh that that was that it was the sticky button. Oh yes, oh my gosh. 01:04:03.26 Sam Yeah, yeah, yeah. Love it. Love it. Yeah, we will oh that's that's one of Brian's favorites yeah yeah Brian loves the sticky buns. He loves the lasagna. 01:04:20.84 Nich _ Steve Yeah, was this sticky bun that was amazing. Yes. 01:04:26.22 Sam Um, we also both love the tomato soup is fantastic and of course their they're pizzas the flatbreads. Um, but I would say the chicken par is number one for me and I can usually skip the sweets in favor of the savory stuff. Um. 01:04:33.27 Nich _ Steve Oh yes, right. 01:04:43.10 Sam I Do also like the the Antipasta courses both the seafood and the meat and cheese one I like both of them. Yeah I just kind of switch it up which I when I'm in the mood for yeah. 01:04:50.66 Nich _ Steve Oh that's right? Yeah, you now that you're saying things now. Yeah, you're saying things. It's all coming back. Yeah, the chicken pie was amazing. The flatb bread I mean Wow that was incredible too and like that's like even though to Cherry tomatoes were just ridiculous. 01:05:03.38 Sam Yeah, absolutely um I Well I have to agree with you I would choose I would do both again and we do to try to do both on almost every cruise unless it's a short cruise. Um, but the Pollo brunch is the winner. Um, any other. 01:05:10.70 Nich _ Steve Um, Emma. 01:05:19.54 Sam Highlights of stuff you you got up to on board that we maybe haven't talked about. 01:05:26.93 Nich _ Steve We're looking at our list. Oh cove bar. We loved the cold bar probably stopped by there every day I'm just if you want like a quiet area to sort of guess hang out from um, tends to be much quieter. Um, especially when we're cruising. Especially with Alaska since there's almost always land that you see a great place to hang out and check out the scenery I want to talk about this. Oh and for me I did bring a 6 pack of beer on since you're allowed to bring 6 cans of beer. Um I did end up touching all of it because I quickly found out. 01:05:57.74 Sam Yeah. 01:06:03.51 Sam M. 01:06:04.00 Nich _ Steve Like I looked at what they had and I was able to sample a couple things to see which one I liked I found something I liked so I went with the beer mug because I wasn't sure because I'm very picky about my beer. Um, so it was nice I found something I liked and constantly do that. So um I just told myself I would not. 01:06:12.23 Sam Um, yeah. 01:06:23.97 Nich _ Steve Haul a 6 pack of beer again in my backpack especially on on embarkingation day I could carrying a heavy backpack around so I have a sweet tooth. 01:06:30.11 Sam Yeah that's a good point that um I think the the ah beer beer mug slash beer token is a great option for beer drinkers I'm not a beer drinker but Brian is and he always gets it which for those who don't know what we're talking about essentially you buy. You're buying a mug that you don't have to take home if you don't want to you can take home a token or card thing instead. Um, but basically it gets you a discount on refills. So you're paying for. You're essentially paying for like a smaller beer but you're getting a bigger beer every time you order it and so. Um, it's a a worthwhile. There's you know few ways to get little discounts across the Disney Cruise line but that is actually 1 of them and a really good one and as I said you can at any time turn turn that card slash token thing in for this glass mug that you can take with you. But you can also just take the card back with you and use it on your next cruise which is what Brian Tends to do. 01:07:30.85 Nich _ Steve It was cool. They had a drink of the day not just alcoholic but also non-alcoholic for me who I don't do do alcohols that was really cool and let me tell you people I don't know for those of you have Strawberry Dacks but strawberry dackery is usually you get like one inch in and then you get chunk of ice in your straw. 01:07:33.70 Sam M. 01:07:49.90 Nich _ Steve They were so well smoothly blended that it was just straight through I was done so fast. They do the non hot drinks. Very very great. 01:07:57.25 Sam Oh awesome, great! Well I think we've covered all the topics Brian ah is there anything that I haven't asked. 01:08:04.10 dclduo Well I have I have one I have 1 question that I always like to wrap up first time cruisers with which is ah would you go again. Is this an experience. You want to repeat and would you do it on Disney where you hooked on cruising or we hurt on hooked on Disney cruising. 01:08:20.15 Nich _ Steve So to answer this question within less than a week out returning home. We've already booked on a seven night Caribbean Cruise for next summer it was three days ah 01:08:28.40 Sam Ah, ah. 01:08:28.51 dclduo I'm surprised you waited until you got home. Most people just book it on board. Ah. 01:08:31.53 Nich _ Steve Well I still so we we booked so here it is we booked our placeholder and with the placeholder you have exactly 2 years to use it and being teachers we went. Oh my gosh. Well we have slams for next summer but if we do the following summer we're gonna have to go right? when school's done. But if we book a cruise next summer later in this summer then the date gives us a little bit more wiggle room for the next place so that was our reasoning. But yes, we have a 7 8 western caribbean I think yeah on the fantasy for next August and by the way we had an gw of well yeah, ah. 01:08:52.35 Sam Yeah, yeah. 01:09:01.67 Sam Yeah. 01:09:02.49 dclduo Nice, well done know. 01:09:10.52 Nich _ Steve Through Gina's suggestion we had an inside stateroom and we looked at all the different stateroom options and we decided to book an inside stateroom again like dex 7 8 it's really great location for hitting everything and um I think that just worked really well for the 2 of us. Um, we stopped stopped to think when we were at the. End of 4 days. How did that feel and I think that we would be cool with four days for night crews I think anything shorter would just feel like you just got on just cut off and I don't think I would really like that 3 might be stretching it for me. Um, but maybe if you paired it with you know, a park stay at Disney World but 01:09:36.91 Sam In here. 01:09:48.29 Nich _ Steve I think 4 to to 7 sounds delightful and perhaps just less often if you're going to do longer. Um, go ahead. 01:09:49.32 Sam Um, yeah, well and I thank you. 01:09:53.24 dclduo 7 is a 7 is a 7 is a 7 is a great length I think over 7 is always just like luxurious like it's just so it's so lovely um 01:09:58.24 Sam Ya. 01:10:00.48 Nich _ Steve Right. 01:10:03.85 dclduo I'll do a three night for a long weekend just to be able to like you know if I'm going to have to spend a long weekend somewhere you might as well spend a long weekend on a Disney Cruise ship that's not terrible ah by any stretch of the imagination 4 is 4 or 5 is that kind of perfect of the shorter end of cruises. It never feels like you just unpacked and you're repacking. 01:10:09.39 Sam Yeah. 01:10:19.63 Sam Right? Well and and I think Brian doesn't know this but you all asked me after you sailed whether you should book a four night cruise on the wish or a seven night cruise on the fantasy. 01:10:22.70 dclduo One day later so yeah no I totally agree. 01:10:34.62 Sam And my answer was immediate and not to say that the wish isn't a wonderful ship I think she's amazing and I really enjoy sailing on her but the answer is always more nights on a ship unless it's a bad itinerary which. 01:10:46.63 dclduo Well and I think I think if you start off on the wonder and then go to the wish like it's kind of a nice progression to do the wonder and then like the dreamer the fantasy and then the wish. So yeah, yeah, yeah. 01:10:59.74 Nich _ Steve Now I have to tell you because we asked a bunch of people throughout the trip. You know what ships they've been on and what they thought of them and of course we have a biased group because they're on the wonder but everyone loves the wonder they're like you can go try those other bigger ships but it's very intimate. It's great to walk around. We love to walk as we mentioned. 01:11:06.51 Sam Right? Yes, okay. 01:11:19.10 Nich _ Steve And we got our lapse in. It's easy to do on the smaller ships too. Um, because you a continuous path to do that on. It's it's smaller crew. It's really really great. 01:11:20.45 Sam Um. 01:11:25.80 dclduo Yeah I will say that that feeling we have heard it even from crew that there's just something special about the guest interaction. The crew atmosphere. Just everything on the wonder it's still one of our. Favorite chip. So really glad that you had such a great experience and you are headed back. Let me extend my warm welcome to the Castaway Club ah welcome you're now Silver Castaway Club members so that's a great place to be. 01:11:52.61 Nich _ Steve Um. 01:11:55.25 dclduo And yeah, with that I think we've reached that point in our show where I need to hand you over to Sam who's been doing a majority of the questioning in her anyway. But you know without the judgment but need to hand you over to Sam for some arbitrary questions some arbitrary rules and a dash of judgment of the round we call rapid fire so sam take it away. 01:12:10.40 Sam All right? you guys I am going to ask you a couple of Disney favorites and then I'm going to ask you Disney Cruise line favorites. Of course you have to limit your answers to the wonder because that's the only ship you've been on. So let's get started and when I ask each of you this question I want to hear your individual favorites so that you do not have to agree on favorites. Okay, in fact, it's kind of more fun if you don't agree I already know um Steve's answer to this first question but I'm going to ask it anyway who is your favorite Disney. Character ah a number nick who is your favorite disney character I love it. Love it. Okay, what is your favorite disney movie nick. 01:12:47.30 Nich _ Steve Um, Donald duck number one always will be ersa is my girl. 01:13:02.77 Nich _ Steve Oh well, little mermaid right? and that I have yet to see the new one yet. So I got to get on that. Oh so so many choice is ah up up I'm gonna go with that. 01:13:05.81 Sam Yeah I haven't seen the new one yet either Steve what about you I know it's hard. Ah so good. So good. All right favorite Disney Song Steve 01:13:18.21 Nich _ Steve And like to cry. 01:13:25.70 Sam Oh fun Mary Poppins love it all right? Nick it's got to be poor unfortunate I love it now. Did you sing that at karaoke I'm curious. Yeah, ah. 01:13:25.91 Nich _ Steve Um, step in time merit Poppins Poor Unfortunate sos. 01:13:38.80 Nich _ Steve No I didn't I just she didn't do any Disney songs at all. 01:13:43.25 Sam You know the Disney songs are often hard to sing but can go over really well or maybe that's it well depending upon the singer. So okay now we're going to jump onto Disney Cruise line and talk about some favorites on board I'm curious to know you got to see you know several stage shows. 01:13:51.95 Nich _ Steve Yeah, and. 01:14:01.21 Sam Which one was your favorite Nick. 01:14:07.10 Nich _ Steve I Think it was frozen. Yeah I Just love that that story dreams the last one we saw. 01:14:11.31 Sam Steve oh interesting, all right? Well I'm sorry Steve you've just lost rabid fire. We can end right now because the correct answer on the disney wonder is frozen. Ah, but we'll continue anyway. But. 01:14:23.53 dclduo You don't take that abuse. Don't take that abuse from her don't do it. Don't do it. You like the show you like and that's what matters. So. 01:14:28.79 Nich _ Steve Um. 01:14:32.65 Sam Ah, anyway, moving on. Let's talk about your favorite bar space on the disney wonder what was your favorite Steve nice what about you nick. 01:14:45.50 Nich _ Steve Crown and fe hands down same yeah, had really great viva bad I thought I was gonna like catdilla lounge. But um, yeah, the music was not there for me. So yeah, kind of fin was really great. 01:14:53.51 Sam Yeah, awesome. All right? What was your favorite onboard activity nick. 01:15:06.85 Nich _ Steve I think it was bingo is really high energy and it was family oriented and super full of people and we won we played we played 3 times so it's 4 games each time so 12 out of 12 games and the. 01:15:11.57 Sam Oh you did you? the spoiler you didn't tell us that part. 01:15:25.52 Nich _ Steve Second to last or the last game the second to last of second to last? yeah and we put out a chunk of money on it I don't know but we end up like $14 a head but it was pretty fun and there's there's like the the devices or there's the old school um ah paper in our collar she was she was irish. 01:15:34.90 Sam Ah, big winners. 01:15:43.20 Sam Yeah, nice. So you basically paid for Steve's beer mug then with your bingo winnings I love it. Yeah there you go Steve what was your favorite activity. 01:15:44.48 Nich _ Steve Irish Yeah Turkey three It was really really fun. 01:15:53.44 Nich _ Steve Absolutely we're we're looking at as an excursion going in but when we want it became free actually I have 2 It'd be bingo and then they have the adult animation. Um, which which happened right after bingo. So. 01:16:03.30 Sam Oh yeah. 01:16:09.34 Sam Yeah, meaning animation classes where you learn how to draw somebody did you get to learn how to draw Donald Duck 01:16:10.40 Nich _ Steve That sounds not safe for work is I did I learned how to draw Donald Duck Mickey Mouse and I learned that Mickey Mouse and many are basically the same set for eyelashes and goofy on a goofy. Ask we asked. 01:16:22.42 Sam And a bow the eyelashes in the bow. Oh fun in I can't draw goofy I can draw Minnie and Mickey all right? What was your favorite rotational dining and let's do this as overall because obviously you know you had some. 01:16:29.80 Nich _ Steve And we also learned how to draw goofy. So. 01:16:41.43 Sam Differences in favorites between of course show versus food and um I know it's hard to pick one but Steve what was your favorite Nick what about you. 01:16:52.75 Nich _ Steve Tiana's I really like the animation. It was really cool I think if I to do it over again. I probably because it wouldn't be new to me I probably change my mind to Tiana's but for the first time out animated animator palette was really great. 01:17:04.20 Sam Awesome! All right favorite space on the ship that we haven't talked about Nick what would your favorite be well that we haven't picked as another favorite like the crown and fin. 01:17:15.98 Nich _ Steve That we haven't talked about. 01:17:21.34 Sam Or Animator's palette. 01:17:24.16 Nich _ Steve Yeah I think the cove cafe was pretty cool. It's a very chill. It's supposed to be adult only it's small and um and I like me some coffee as one does it was very relaxing and cool and up upper deck too said nice natural light um duck 4 01:17:33.97 Sam Awesome! Oh yeah, the promenade. Yeah, love that Absolutely Okay, we've got to move on to a little bit of food I'm going to ask you what your favorite sweet item is and what your favorite. 01:17:39.65 Nich _ Steve The deck walking outside. Yes. 01:17:50.30 Sam Savory item was on the cruise. So Steve let's start with you and let's start in the suite category. 01:17:56.50 Nich _ Steve Of sweet category. The souffle at Apollo was probably probably my favorite I want to say that but instead I'm going to say unlimited software I mean come on. That's so good right. 01:17:59.24 Sam Nick yeah nice Nick. 01:18:10.60 Sam Um, but totally I'm with you? Yeah well and honestly sometimes I the soft serve of ice cream often to me is better than a lot of desserts. So I'm with you. 01:18:15.64 Nich _ Steve So sometimes like sometimes it comes down to quantity. 01:18:23.52 Sam All right favorite savory food item. We'll start with you Nick. 01:18:29.49 Nich _ Steve Um, savory food item probably the the chicken par that's pretty delightful I like I have the lobster tail that I had at tritons. Yeah. 01:18:31.59 Sam Yeah, yeah, what about you Steve. Really wow I'm surprised because I will say having had the lobster on cruises before I'm usually disappointed because they're usually too. It's usually dried out right? because it's kind of the the problem is just with the mask cooking. But if you get a good one. That's awesome. Wow! Awesome! Okay, now my last question is a question I ask everyone which is bucket list. Cruise if you could go anywhere in the in the world on Disney Cruise line even someplace that doesn't currently. 01:19:01.19 Nich _ Steve It was a good one. Ah. 01:19:16.24 Sam Disney Cruzland doesn't currently sail where are you going Steve. Yeah, absolutely that sounds awesome. What about you? Nick. 01:19:23.16 Nich _ Steve Um, the Northern European cruise. 01:19:32.74 Nich _ Steve There's 3 really good options. Do I go with Australia do I go with Hawaii or do I go with like ones that would hit up all the asian parks at once I think I think I think I'm going to Australia that'd be really great. 01:19:37.30 Sam E. 01:19:42.63 Sam Awesome! Well thank you for playing and I apologize men I don't really apologize for my judgment but think thank you for playing Rapid fire. Oh you know one thing I didn't ask you about and I have that. 01:19:55.80 dclduo Yeah, it it shows. It's so it shows such growth Sam that you're even thinking about apologizing I really appreciate that your emotional growth is amazing. Thank you. 01:20:02.29 Sam Ah, they thanks Brian I have to ask 1 more question. Not part of rapid fire. But um, you know Steve there's a ah little thing we like to call the awkward. Do. 01:20:06.28 Nich _ Steve Ah. 01:20:16.72 Sam On board. Oh no, it's not on Disney Wonder Oh I Forget ah and then remember there is the twist. There's they really do have one. It's the twist and spout. It's the bigger Yellow slide. 01:20:18.60 dclduo I Want want walk I was gonna ask about a watersli until I remember that they don't have one on the wonder. Oh. 01:20:19.43 Nich _ Steve No, no, it actually the yes it was. We did not do it on the day we laughed till it had been nice because it was like 8 in the mid eighty s in vancouver after that it was just too cold. It was was like I mean not cold for us like we're laughing other people who are like bundled up in their parkas and we're like in our spirit jerseys and genes going. It's really not that cold. 01:20:37.80 Sam Yeah, yeah. 01:20:44.11 Sam Bundled up right? yeah. 01:20:53.46 Nich _ Steve Steve does have one pro tip for you? Oh so if you drive up to Vancouver and you're coming home and you have global entry. You could use the nexus lane on using your global entry card which saved us probably almost an hour and a half coming back. 01:21:01.91 Sam Ooh. 01:21:06.60 Sam So. 01:21:11.71 Nich _ Steve Luckily I had did in some research. So again, you don't need to have signed up. You just have to scan everyone in your car has to have globaly though and you just have to have your card with you. So it's just back in the us it's yes, back just back into this. You can't use it to get into Canada that coming back. So that's a little tip. 01:21:14.75 Sam Yeah. 01:21:17.35 dclduo Oh right? Yeah, yeah, that's was I was going to say we have we have and I was I was thinking about like why do we even have nexus if that's the case but it's because we get into Canada Faster on the front end. Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, well. 01:21:21.28 Sam Oh good pro tip because we have next this. 01:21:32.18 Sam But the line's usually the worse coming back into the states than it is not saying there isn't a line going into Canada there is but it's the the worst line is coming back into the states. So. 01:21:44.51 dclduo It's all that maple syrup trafficking sam it's just all coming back in Maple syrup and pootine you got to leave it at the border. You can't bring it back in Tim Hortons yep Tim Hortons yeah it's a problem. It's a problem and then washington state you know, big problem. 01:21:48.28 Sam Ah, yeah, and the Tim Hortons donuts right? Those donuts too a. 01:21:53.28 Nich _ Steve Um, yeah, yeah. 01:21:59.57 dclduo Well Nick Steve I really appreciate you taking the time to share your fabulous experience. Your first experience with Disney Cruise line your Alaska experience just so so much fun to catch up with both of you and we need to have you back after you sail. Ah, the caribbean with Disney Crew is on a very different experience than sailing in Alaska so looking forward to hearing all about that in the future. But for now just thank you so much for coming on. 01:22:20.66 Sam 1 last thing brian we need to let Steve plug The Plus Platoon Podcast Steve you are regularly on a podcast tell us why don't you tell our audience about the plus platoon. 01:22:22.49 Nich _ Steve Thanks for having us all right. 01:22:27.80 dclduo Oh yes. 01:22:31.73 Nich _ Steve Yes, so the plus platoon is we review shows on Disney plus um, it's available on all the platforms usually episodes are out on Thursday so we focus on Marvel shows star wars. Um, what we also call um from the vault so older programs reviewing those bringing those back out and always looking for suggestions. So if you just Google plus platoon I'll pull up and you can check it out. 01:22:56.79 Sam Yeah, and fun to watch on video of course because you guys are on Youtube and so those those are fun to see all your faces interacting as well. 01:23:07.90 dclduo Alright tods.

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