June 28, 2023


Ep. 326 - Bonus - Til Gangway Do We Part: Crew Life on Disney Cruise Line + Listener Voicemails

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Brian Sam
Ep. 326 - Bonus - Til Gangway Do We Part: Crew Life on Disney Cruise Line + Listener Voicemails
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 326 - Bonus - Til Gangway Do We Part: Crew Life on Disney Cruise Line + Listener Voicemails

Jun 28 2023 | 01:05:10


Show Notes

We are chatting with Dani, a former Disney cast member who worked as a DVC Guide on Disney Cruise Line, before joining World of DVC. Dani is also a former crew member and port-shopping guide who spent time on cruise lines like DCL, Norwegian (NCL), Princess, Silver Sea, Holland America (HAL), among others. Dani is giving us a behind-the-scenes peak at life onboard and also sharing some of her favorite experiences and memories from her time at sea. We also had some great listener voicemails come in, and wanted to share those with you as well. All that and more on this week's bonus episode!!

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Episode Transcript

00:00.00 dclduo You a better camera sam all right welcome back. Everybody to this week's episode of the actually know we're doing a bonus episode right? Then we decide that yes, okay, welcome back. Everybody to this week's bonus episode of the Dc L Duo Podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and Sam. 00:00.00 Sam Hey now. 00:18.48 dclduo Hope you got your towel ready because we're going to be spilling the tea tonight I think so isn't that what the kids are saying these days spill the tea I don't know I don't know these phrases. 00:20.58 Sam I love it Ryan I don't know what's the hot goss I feel like that's more. That's probably a better one I'm not sure I don't know I'm still trying to make fetch happen. Okay, so we'll see. 00:35.58 dclduo It's not going to happen fetch is not going to happen. Well we're spilling the tea because we've got a a former Disney cast member essentially with us or at least a Disney Cruise line cast member with us Danny let me start by welcoming Danny to the show. Welcome Danny. 00:47.49 Dani Metzger Hello. Thank you so much for having me I am so excited to talk everything cruising because I love to cruise. 00:55.73 dclduo Nice well and we have to give a shout out to Mr Chad pennycuff over at the my Dvc points podcast he had Danny on a show not too long ago now and he I am to me to say go listen to my show this week and he. 00:58.25 Sam Um, that's awesome. 01:12.00 dclduo Volunteered Danny to come on our show in the middle of his show and so we reached out and she was kind enough to fulfill that promise to Chad and so we're excited to have her on this evening. Danny we love to start with all of our guests. 01:14.72 Sam Um. 01:24.54 dclduo Sort of what's your cruising background and I want to separate we're going to talk a lot about your professional background with cruising. So if you want to touch on it here. Fantastic but I'd also love to know just you know do you cruise personally these days and you know what's your experience like with other cruise lines in Disney Cruise line so yeah give us your cruising creds. 01:40.42 Dani Metzger So I've actually never been on a cruise before that you know I just came on here know nothing about it always just dreamed of going going on a cruise. No um gosh my cruising background I guess like it first started. 01:42.32 Sam Wow. 01:52.58 Sam Ah. 01:58.44 Dani Metzger I was in high school and I went to my very very first cruise with my family and we did as our very first cruise we did an Alaskan Cruise which like. 02:05.44 Sam A Wow you're spoiled. 02:08.44 Dani Metzger If you know anyone who like is an avid cruiser. They'll always tell you like don't do Alaska as your first because you're gonna be ruined like that is like the pinnacle of cruises. But um I guess you could say I was hooked after that and then yeah I worked on cruise ships for. About 10 years yeah oh thank you? Thank you so much I love you already? Yeah no I I started on ships right out of college. So I went. 02:25.53 dclduo Oh wow. 02:27.60 Sam Wow, you don't look old enough to have worked on cruise ships for 10 years Danny you're welcome, but ah. 02:32.84 dclduo Ah. 02:38.26 dclduo Ah. 02:45.70 Dani Metzger I know you're on the other coast but I went to the University Of Central Florida in Orlando I went to the rosen school of hospitality because I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and. 02:51.15 Sam Yep. 02:58.76 Dani Metzger It sounded really cool that I could take wine tasting courses and like you know food course food preparation courses I'm like yeah I could totally do that and that led me to my first gig working on Cruise ships right? out of college. So. 03:04.69 Sam Oh. 03:16.27 Dani Metzger Funny enough I actually went to this career fair and I met ah this guy and he's like do you want to travel the world and and you know makes money and and work on a cruisemp and um, like this sounds like a huge scam like what are you talking about. 03:29.77 dclduo Um. 03:35.40 Dani Metzger Like this is the stuff you see in movies. Yeah yeah, but um, yeah, so ah, even though I thought it was a scam I was like this sounds like the best scam ever And if I don't return home then it'll be a good story I Guess Um, so yeah. 03:35.86 dclduo Ah, do you have 1 of those papers that I can just take one? Yeah, ah yeah. 03:39.89 Sam Ah. 03:54.41 Dani Metzger I took the job and my first job ever on Cruise ships was called a port and shopping guide. So think like Qvc on board a cruise ship and like everybody's personal shopper. 04:09.76 dclduo So you're like when I flip through the channel. Yeah, you're like the person when I flip through the channel and they're like telling me all the things I have to go see and buy at this port. You're that you're that person. 04:10.42 Sam Ah, so you're one of those people I watch on Tv yeah. 04:21.13 Dani Metzger That was me and so funny enough you know right out of college I had literally never done any public speaking video anything in my life and I get there and they're like you're gonna have your own television show like oh. What the heck are you talking about? So Yeah I used to do like these huge presentations in like the big theater on a stage I had like never talked in front of anyone in my whole entire life except for like speech classes I Guess when you're in college and um. 04:51.17 Sam Wow. 04:57.82 Dani Metzger Yeah, it was a lot of fun though. Like I got to meet people from all over especially working on ships you know and it's funny. You mentioned I was on Chad's show and the reason why I ended up here anytime I started telling Chad about like the behind the scenes of like being a crew member. He's like oh i. We got we got to there's another show for this, you got to get on there say others. 05:23.31 dclduo Ah, well Danny what was the first you mentioned the you you went to work for what was the first cruise on you went to work with I guess. 05:29.35 Dani Metzger So that was the cool thing about this company is we actually worked on many of the different cruise lines. So the Ceo of that company. He was a former cruise director. And he just saw a need for people wanting to go shopping in the ports of call people would always ask him when he was a cruise director like where should I shop how do I know if it's safe. How do I know if it's good and so he started this program and it was really cool. He had so many connections in the industry and so I worked on. 05:42.79 Sam Mm. 06:02.90 Dani Metzger Norwegian Cruise line hall in America Silver Sea Disney Cruise line like we were kind of all over the board so we were on all different cruise ships and one one contract I could be on norwegian the next contract I could be on Disney so it was yeah we were all over the board. 06:05.79 dclduo So wow. 06:07.29 Sam Wow. 06:17.49 Sam And how many different cruise lines sorry Brian how many different cruise lines did you end up working on in your time with that company. 06:19.72 dclduo Um, and and when you were doing. 06:26.75 Dani Metzger So I did norwegian holland Silver Sea disney I think that's it yeah 4 4 different cruise lines. 06:38.91 Sam Wow, that's amazing and and where did you get to go like what destinations like were you mostly in the caribbean were you you know over in Europe where you you know, sort of all over the place or or more concentrated in 1 place. 06:52.76 Dani Metzger So my first and and mind you at this time like I had never traveled anywhere. Well no I went out of the country once maybe maybe twice I think on my first Alaska Cruise we went to like Vancouver that that was really the only place I had ever traveled. 07:07.60 Sam Right. 07:12.63 Dani Metzger And my very first cruise they're like you're gonna go to Hawaii was like you have got to be kidding me like I like really and I'm gonna you know this is a real thing I get to go to Hawaii on my first cruise so my very first cruise was um, the Hawaiian Cruise and then. 07:16.26 dclduo You know. 07:18.10 Sam Ah, oh my god. 07:32.26 Dani Metzger Right? from there the ship transitioned and we started doing Alaska so I got to do my very first season in Alaska we did all over the caribbean and then actually once so I did that until 16 and then I moved over to Dvc. 07:37.46 Sam Ah. 07:51.91 Dani Metzger Um, Disney Vacation Club and I worked on board the cruise ships as a Disney Vacation Club guide and we got to do a lot of other itineraries that I had never done before. So I think now I've probably done every single cruise itinerary that Disney Cruise line does. 08:08.88 Sam Wow. 08:10.69 Dani Metzger So we went you know all over Europe and you know all over the caribbean Alaska Hawaii so yeah, went all over the world. 08:18.23 Sam Amazing. 08:19.69 dclduo And which which ships have you been on with Disney. 08:23.40 Dani Metzger So I have been on the four originals and it's Funny. You asked that because being in the cruise industry for so long I feel like I'm always like in the know about every cruise ship I mean I sailed on you know the the dream the magic. The. The wonder and the what am I forgetting the fan. Fantasy Thank you That was actually the ship I was on the most. Um and so I always knew you know everything about those ships and now that the wishes come out I haven't been on the wish yet and it feels. 08:45.30 Sam Fantasy. Yeah, and. 08:50.12 dclduo Um. 08:58.19 Dani Metzger Little weird when people are talking to me and teaching me about you know this new ship that came out. So yeah I was on the the 4 original ships. 09:05.12 Sam Awesome! amazing. 09:07.23 dclduo Nice, Nice I'm curious when you had the personal shopper gig I'm going to call it that ah probably has a fancier title than that but were you were you like crew on board. The ship. So like we know from talking to like entertainers and such that there's like. There's the crew on board and then like the entertainers sometimes come on and they get maybe like an actual guest cabin at times or things like that like what was your? How were you classified on the ship when you were on there doing that kind of work. 09:26.61 Dani Metzger Um, yeah. 09:32.65 Dani Metzger Yeah, so very different lives as a port shopping guide versus a dvc guide on the ship. So as a port shopping guide I was considered actually an officer which so there's it's very much a coise life and this is. 09:47.83 Sam Ooh. 09:49.91 Dani Metzger Like the the juicy stuff. So cruise life is very much like the military in a sense so I'm sure you've seen the people with the stripes and you know you kind of yeah and so in the in cruise life like those stripes are are a pretty big deal. So I didn't have like 1 of those they call them penguin so. 09:57.36 Sam Yeah, and the whites. Yeah. 09:58.16 dclduo Yeah. 10:09.63 Dani Metzger I didn't have one of those but I was actually a three and a half striped officer which is really high up and and that's I don't know why I was I was not important at all I did like not you know do have this like crazy gig. 10:14.00 Sam Wow. 10:25.78 Dani Metzger But I think it's just because of all the connections that the Ceo of my company had from the cruise industry. So when he started the position he was like look if we're gonna do this. You gotta give my pupil this and this and this and so we were officers. We had our own cabins which. 10:29.28 Sam Him. 10:41.99 Sam Wow. 10:43.61 Dani Metzger Is a big deal when you work on a cruise ship because a lot of crew members sleep. You know, 2 3 4 sometimes even more to a cabin and they have like an indoor cabin and they're like you know all these decks below the the guest levels exactly. 10:52.14 dclduo Wow. 10:57.58 Sam Right? They're in the belly of the beast. Yeah. 11:00.59 dclduo Yeah. 11:03.28 Dani Metzger Um, and so my stateroom was typically like a pretty decent size cabin with like a couch and like a pretty big bed and I had a huge porthole and yeah, so it was pretty nice Gig um, and then also with that we got all like. 11:15.96 dclduo With. 11:22.27 Dani Metzger Guest privileges as well. So you know behind the scenes we call it the I 95 that's like the crew area where all the crew I'm sure you probably heard of that and exactly and so on the I 95 you typically have your crew mess. 11:23.17 Sam Is not. 11:32.50 Sam Right? It's the highway. 11:32.53 dclduo Um, yeah. 11:40.46 Dani Metzger You have an officers mess. So that's like where you have you know dinner and stuff or all your meals and so I could eat in either of those messes and then I could also go to the crew bar and stuff like that. But I could also eat in all of the restaurants if I wanted to as well go to all the bars up. In the the crew areas hang out with the the guests so that was you know a really cool perk of that tune. So I got to really experience like both sides and then when I was on the dvc side. We were actually not crew on board. So I was a Disney cast member. 12:01.84 Sam Wow. 12:15.95 Sam E. 12:17.93 Dani Metzger Um, and then we were just cast on business is what they're called and so we stayed in a guest state room so we were not even in the crew area at all. Um, which was just so weird for me so that you know and and kind of what you were talking about Brian is. 12:22.79 dclduo Um, go. 12:23.26 Sam Oh interesting. 12:30.18 Sam Oh I bet. 12:35.77 Dani Metzger There There was this like in-between status and that was like your entertainers your guest entertainers that they would bring on board So like a lot of your magicians and your comedians they would have not necessarily a guest stateroom. 12:43.98 dclduo A. 12:52.50 Dani Metzger It was a cruise stateroom but it was usually in a guest area behind like some random door if that makes sense so like kind of an in-between and so I got to experience what it was like to be you know cast on business versus you know a crew member and when we were cast on business. 12:57.16 Sam Oh interesting. Yeah. 12:57.23 dclduo Okay, yeah, yeah. 13:12.48 Dani Metzger Part that I really missed the most was that we couldn't go to the crew bar. We couldn't go eat with the crew which I missed a lot I'm not gonna lie. 13:18.89 Sam Oh so you ah so you had to completely when you were cast on business. So selling dvc on the cruise ship. You had to always go to like the guest restaurants and Wow So you're really. 13:32.30 Dani Metzger Yep. 13:34.40 Sam Kind of separated from the crew. Then even though you're on board not just for like 1 Cruise right? You're on board for the length of a contract. 13:41.77 Dani Metzger So no, we would actually do very different so as a port shopping guide I would do anywhere from 3 to six month contracts so I was on the whole time as a dvc guide I would only go on for like 1 or 2 cruises at a time. 13:45.70 Sam Oh. Okay. 13:58.33 dclduo E. 13:58.59 Sam Oh okay. 14:00.80 Dani Metzger Then I would leave So the funny thing is when I was a poor shopping guide regular crew member. Um I sold my car I didn't have a place to live like I was a real life crew member I was like ah you know a seaman and when I. 14:10.90 Sam Right. 14:12.68 dclduo Um, and cliff. 14:14.72 Sam Yeah. 14:19.76 Dani Metzger Worked for dvc in in my mind like I am taking the next step like I'm becoming a real life person and I am getting a car and I'm getting an apartment and I'm gonna like go grocery shopping which I hadn't done in like 6 years and yeah, it was. 14:25.82 Sam Yeah. 14:35.30 Sam And cook. 14:39.41 Dani Metzger Like for me that was a huge transition but it was probably the perfect transition because if you you know have obviously probably met a lot of crew members and talked to a lot of people on ships and it really is such a fantasy world out there and it's very hard to transition. To regular land life like you'll meet people that have went on a cruise ship they thought they were gonna do one contract. It's like the most infamous thing you hear is I went out for a 1 contract and like forty years later like here I am I'm still because it's hard. It's it's. 15:02.48 Sam Um. 15:18.42 Dani Metzger It's hard to find a gig on land where you know you wake up in a new country every day. There's always new and fun exciting things going on. There's always people around and you get to save almost all the money that you make. 15:26.35 Sam Um. 15:37.47 Dani Metzger Which is I mean where do you get to do that. You know everything's covered. 15:37.72 dclduo Um, yeah. 15:37.94 Sam Um, yeah, right? You don't have to pay for your food most of the I mean obviously if you're on, um, on Shore leave or something like that right? you've got you might. Be buying drinks or food or whatever but on the on the ship. There's not a lot for you all to spend your money on when you're crew right? I mean. 15:53.96 Dani Metzger Exactly Yeah, you get spoiled That's for sure. Yeah. 16:00.13 dclduo It's it's interesting to hear you describe it. Danny it's almost like your dvc gig what you're really doing is like it's a business trip. No I'm headed out on in the sea going to do some work and then I'll come back and I've got my home base whereas you know your crew life example is very much like um I'm I'm on work I'm on work the entire time. Um. 16:17.12 Dani Metzger Um, yeah. 16:18.70 dclduo I'm sort of interested in something you said though like the the sort of lure of it as being you know you get to go to these exotic places and things are new and constantly new. Do you get a little bit of Groundhog Day because you know if I think about like the crew on board like the dream doing these like 3 and fornight sailings like I always think like my gosh it just must be like Groundhog Day over and over again like. 16:35.74 Sam Right? It's embarkation debarcation day. Ah every three days. 16:37.79 dclduo Up or back to port up. It's an early warning up. We're back. You know that sort of thing. Yeah does it get does it get monotonous at all or is it is it really kind of as romantic as you might be describing it a little bit. Yeah. 16:51.87 Dani Metzger It's funny. My answer would have been totally different if I was still working on board I can guarantee that because I think back and I try my best to remember exactly how I was feeling in the moment. So it's kind of like have you ever been on like. 16:56.48 dclduo Yeah. 16:58.75 Sam Um, yeah. 17:06.65 Sam Um. 17:08.49 Dani Metzger Ah, really exciting vacation and there's like you have all these things planned and like you're just go go go go go and it's fun. But there's like you know some stress involved in it in the planning and different things pop up and and then you get home and you talk about that trip for weeks. 17:18.61 dclduo Yet. 17:18.66 Sam Right. 17:26.29 Sam Right. 17:27.88 Dani Metzger Months years even you know and you just you only remember like the amazing things about it I think that's how it is like I remember being on my Alaskan contract and just being like we have to go to Juno again like are you kidding me. 17:32.78 dclduo But yeah. 17:34.50 Sam Um, yep. 17:47.57 Dani Metzger Like I just want to be on a beach somewhere. So yeah there there definitely is some of that. But you know it's all perspective right? because. 17:49.44 Sam Yes. 18:00.65 Dani Metzger Ah, there's millions of people that would dream to go to Juno for the fiftieth time you know, but and then when you get on land and you're not in that life anymore. You're like I wish I was going to Juno tomorrow. So yeah. 18:13.75 Sam Yeah, well speaking of romanticizing we can't help but mention that you met your prince charming on Disney Cruise line and I feel like we need to hear about that. 18:16.54 dclduo Love. 18:28.25 Dani Metzger I did yeah so um, my boyfriend Kevin he also worked for Dbc as well and so we met you know he was on the cruise team and we met working on Disney Cruise line and we met very um. We met and then covid happened very shortly after and so yeah, we've had quite a wild ride. We have ah ah a funny story and a crazy story. Um, you know working on board the ship and meeting there like you know that is so. 18:47.29 Sam We have. 18:48.47 dclduo Um. 19:04.80 Dani Metzger Romantic and like having worked on ships for so long I'm like yeah I'm probably going to meet someone on a cruise ship I guess um, but then yeah it happened really perfectly because like I said when I was a Dvc guide. We didn't do these long contracts. 19:11.86 Sam Yeah, ah. 19:12.47 dclduo Ah. 19:21.42 Sam If he. 19:23.36 Dani Metzger So we had very different schedules. In fact, we got our schedule for the you know the quarter that was coming up once we started dating and I think we only had one cruise together and it was like a four night cruise and so we were just going to be ships passing it in the night. 19:35.82 Sam Oh wow. 19:42.63 Dani Metzger And we're just like how how are we going to do this and I remember when we first started dating I would be on land and he would be on a ship and he'd get done with like a a long day of work and the service on board is like really bad and so he would have to lay on the floor right? next. The the door to his cabin to talk to me at night. Um, and so that's kind of how we communicated and it it was good because we both understood the lifestyle out there. It wasn't like you know why aren't you talking to me all day like where have you been? It's like I knew. 20:04.23 Sam Oh my goodness. 20:10.60 Sam Listen. 20:17.63 Sam Um. 20:19.80 Dani Metzger You know on on port days I was probably gonna talk to him a little bit more on sea days. It was like forget about it I'm probably not gonna talk to you for at least 12 hours and so that was you know a little crazy and we're just like well I guess we'll just play it by ear and figure it out and see if we can make it work. Maybe we can maybe we can't um. 20:25.96 Sam Right. 20:38.78 Dani Metzger And also because we worked together. We really didn't want people to know that we were starting to date you know in the beginning of our relationship like you don't really know what's gonna happen. You don't want all the gossip and all the drama and so we kept it very quiet. Nobody knew about it. 20:41.96 Sam M. 20:47.55 Sam Right. 20:57.20 Dani Metzger Even like our closest friends didn't know for a little while and then um and then Covid hit and we're like well this is convenient because this will be really easy to keep a secret now because we're not going to see anyone or talk to anyone. Um, and so yeah, Covid hit and we're like oh we're going to find out real quick if we like each other and yeah, we spent a lot of time together and we're both you know Adventurers at Heart he loves. 21:20.80 Sam Yeah, here has been a lot of time just together. 21:33.60 Dani Metzger Travel I love to travel and so we actually took like the most epic road trip ever during covid we rented a um, an rv and we drove all around the country. We went to 22 different states. You know we were. 21:43.68 Sam Wow. 21:50.29 Sam Wow yeah, well you know Brian's dad told him ah years and years ago that the best test of whether or not, you're like going to end up with somebody is to drive across country with them. 21:51.32 Dani Metzger To figure out if we liked each other and. 22:05.75 Sam And I will tell you that Brian and I about ah maybe a year into our relationship me a little bit more drove across the country together. Um twice and then a year later drove you know because we had to drive there and back right we have we had drove from from law school in D C. 22:14.41 Dani Metzger High fives. 22:17.52 dclduo Um. 22:25.30 Sam All the way out to Seattle where Brian was spending his summer at a law firm and then back at the end of the summer I had spent my summer in New York and then after graduation we then drove across country to Seattle to move so we didn't kill each other. We're married today. Um I'd say kind of successfully maybe I don't know it'll be it'll be fifteen years this summer so 22:46.40 dclduo I don't know check check back next check back next year check back next year we'll see where we're at ah um. 22:47.39 Dani Metzger I would say so so so I have a question for you then I don't know if if you remember the this question but do you remember like your highest high and your lowest low from that trip. 23:05.27 Sam I remember a low low. Um, which was ah there was like one day where Brian was really exhausted and I had to drive um, and. I say this because I don't drive stick and that's the kind of car he had. He did not he had a ah stick not an automatic and I had to like get like going from an on ramp onto the highway and it was terrifying. 23:19.11 Dani Metzger Oh goodness. 23:27.53 dclduo Ah I yeah I I lined her up on an on ramp and I was like I just need like an hour. So like I lined her up on an on-ramp and got her like she got into first and I was like onces you're in first like getting into second third fourth is much much easier so we got got got it to highway speed. We're driving and then. 23:37.59 Sam Getting into the other gear says. Yeah it was terrifying. 23:44.79 dclduo Trip had been fine all the way up until that point and then like for that 1 hour of driving. It was like traffic backups accidents rain undersarves that I was like just pull over her old I've got it from here. So yes. 23:53.54 Sam Trucks everywhere. It was yeah it was so that was my that was my low low. It was terrifying. Yeah, ah seriously I kind of wish I did but. 23:55.11 Dani Metzger Oh I can. 24:02.18 dclduo I was my lolo as well. The. 24:02.26 Dani Metzger Sam Did you plan that so that you didn't have to drive the rest of the trip. Oh. 24:11.54 Sam Um, yeah, no I I mean I he tried to train me in in learning stick I will say to this day I do not drive stick. So no, no tote and neither does Brian though to be I mean like he now has an automatic. 24:16.20 Dani Metzger I was just going to say. Do you drive stick now. 24:21.59 dclduo No no I know how to I know how to when the zombie invasion comes and we have to drive a manual car someplace I will have to be the one to do it. So yeah, ah. 24:26.26 Sam Yes, Brian can drive a stick if he needed to but he hasn't in years and years because. 24:34.23 Dani Metzger Well please come and pick me up because I'll be screwed actually I think Kev knows how but not me that's for sure. Oh that's funny. 24:34.62 Sam Ah, that's right exact exact because Yu is grid like most yeah, most of us will be but cash a high high I got it wait but we got to answer the high high. Um, you know that's really. 24:42.81 dclduo All right I have a I've a. 24:50.71 Sam Hard I feel like we stayed at like every best western across the country. Um I feel probably one of the high highs was that we did stop at Mount Rushmore that was like a cool like I would never like go to be fair, no offense anyone from South Dakota but it's not like a. 24:56.34 Dani Metzger Heck yeah. 25:08.49 Sam Destination that I have like oh I must oh I must go to South Dakota right but if you're driving through South Dakota you must or if you're driving across country. Why not take that route and see Mount Rushmore right so yeah so that was pretty cool and we didn't kill each other. 25:10.34 Dani Metzger Yeah. 25:19.96 Dani Metzger We said the exact same thing. Yeah, absolutely so that's that's also so um. 25:24.19 dclduo Yeah I Actually yeah I think I share them she she nailed the low low and actually the high high now. The only thing that route rush more was funny because we got there and I was like ah that's it all right? but. 25:26.59 Sam So that's a high high. 25:38.47 Sam That's it. Ah. 25:41.41 dclduo I mean I Guess that's interesting I was much smaller like when you got there, It was like tiny in comparison to what you have it like built up in your mind as being this like. 25:45.47 Dani Metzger But can but how crazy would it be if you just like stumbled upon like you didn't know it existed and you were just like what in the world. Do you see those faces. Yeah. 25:53.70 Sam Yeah, yes, and we like horseback riding like if aliens come down to the to earth and see Mount Rushmore they're going to be like what are these people things. 25:54.53 dclduo Ah. 26:08.39 Sam King like this is the weirdest society ever. They carve these huge bases in the side of a mountain. Yeah, so no. But I want. 26:12.68 dclduo Yeah, exactly. 26:14.51 Dani Metzger Oh God I'm just picturing it makes it even fundier. Oh my goodness so you want to. 26:19.61 dclduo A. 26:24.23 Sam I Want to hear about your stories from traveling because you you know you have all this experience traveling on a cruise ship and now you've got we'll call it a land yacht traveling around. Yeah, how is that? yeah. 26:33.60 Dani Metzger Yeah I have to tell you about my low low and I I know like you know we're really just getting to know each other here but we're gonna get to know each other a lot better right now. Um, so Kevin I had been dating I don't know what. 26:43.45 Sam I Love it. 26:50.18 Dani Metzger Three months at the time and we went to gosh. There's so many. Um, there's a couple lows so I'll tell you this one first we went to the great sand dunes national park and in our head we're thinking like oh sand like. 27:02.85 Sam Oh cool. 27:08.14 Dani Metzger Like a beach so it's gonna be you know at sea level and I did not realize you know ah how much we were gonna climb to get there and I I either had altitude sickness or I I had G Um, but yeah, that happened. 27:16.42 Sam Oh wow. 27:26.30 Dani Metzger In a tiny van with my boyfriend of like three months so yeah we're still together. 27:33.28 Sam Um, and a lot of people have rules about yeah a lot of people have rules about like not even farting in front of like their partner for like a year right? I mean I'm not saying I do I'm yeah, but. 27:42.16 Dani Metzger I'm talking like I'm talking both ends like nonstop till like three o'clock in the morning like yeah, we're getting to know each other you're gonna either take it or you're gonna leave it right now. Yeah so that that was. 27:45.44 dclduo Um. 27:49.49 Sam I Love it exact I you find out real quick if he loved you? yeah. 27:56.72 dclduo Ah. 27:59.60 Dani Metzger Yeah I I found out very very fast. Um, he was amazing and then another low was we were in Sedona and we found this awesome like you know, free government owned land spot. Have them all over the west coast I'm sure you know about them and um, we found this awesome spot and we got a little greedy because we're like you know what that we we took a little walk and we're like this spot over here. Looks really epic for the sunset and then we can wake up. You know, open our doors in the morning and we have these epic views and the sunrise right right over here and so we're like let's move the van and so we we go to move the van the sun is like just coming down and um Kev is a really good driver really really good driver but didn't see this. Ditch and so he went into the ditch and the back wheel got stuck and we were completely alone. Nobody was around like we had 0 cell phone service and we're like huh. We didn't. 28:57.10 Sam Oh Mike oh no. 29:13.33 Dani Metzger We didn't think about this. We didn't think this went through and so no joke we go into the van we open up our silverware drawer and we get out 2 like teaspoons and we are just trying to like dig our but because we have nothing else. 29:28.89 Sam Ah, yeah, ah you have no shovels. Ah. 29:30.97 Dani Metzger To dig our van out with and like later on we find out that there's all these like you know this happens all the time apparently in Van life like we were talking to some of our van life friends and they're like oh yeah, we we get stuck all the time and there's this like little device thing that you use you put it under the tire. 29:43.82 Sam Yeah. 29:49.85 Dani Metzger And your tire like comes right out of the ditch but we didnt not have that nor did we even know it existed so you know Kev's on his hands and knees like digging I'm like oh my gosh. There's probably scorpions here like huge spiders and um, he's digging and the van actually almost. Fell on his hand which thank goodness he has fast reflexes. He removed his hand. Um, and then he has this brilliant idea to like get these huge boulders and put them under the the tire and. 30:08.87 Sam Oh my god. 30:23.39 Dani Metzger I Drove the van out of the ditch while he controlled the rocks. So yeah that that taught us that like you know in emergency situations. We could stay calm and we can laugh about it and so yeah, we were tested. 30:25.80 dclduo Um. 30:26.15 Sam Um, Wow yeah. 30:34.68 Sam Yeah. 30:40.51 Dani Metzger A lot the beginning of our relationship. 30:42.61 Sam Ah I I Love it now I Want to know, um how it was living in this van I Mean you've lived in small spaces having lived on a cruise ship. Although it sounds like you had some pretty cushy accommodations both as a shopping guide and. As a dvc guide but you know how was it living In. You know, such tight Van Life space. 31:10.50 Dani Metzger It was epic like like I'm obsessed. We're both. We're obsessed with van life. It is the coolest thing ever. Um, he is 6 3 so I don't know if it was as comfortable for him. 31:15.20 Sam If. 31:23.68 Dani Metzger I'm five five so like it was probably a lot more comfortable for me than it was for him but we we loved it like we you know, found a space for everything. Our van was typically like covered in sand and just like yeah a disaster but it was fine and. It was so cool. We you know took freezing cold showers in the van and you know we'd we'd be driving and we'd find this epic place to you know this epic view and we're like let's just pull over and like do a picnic or something like it's just such a different type of travel. 31:59.86 Sam Ah. 32:02.48 Dani Metzger Um, it's so freeing and yeah, we didn't mind it at all. In fact, we often talk about like maybe even doing a tiny home or something um as like a home in the future because we we just we found that and this leads into the next. 32:11.39 Sam Oh my god. 32:21.80 Dani Metzger I'll tell you in a sec that we did but we just found that like we don't need so much stuff because then your stuff starts to own you and so it was nice to just kind of strip everything away and have like the you know we we never dressed up I didn't wear makeup for. 32:24.71 Sam A. 32:40.69 Dani Metzger I don't know a couple of years it was like I was always in just you know a t-shirt and shorts and and it was just really freeing and um, amazing. It was amazing I loved it I would highly recommend it for anyone who's ever thinking about renting a van or. 32:52.76 Sam Ah. 32:58.33 Dani Metzger Or doing an Rv trip I highly recommend it. 33:01.55 Sam That's amazing now you did eventually go back to Florida right? and you are now working with world of dvc I'd love to hear a little bit about that before we do some compare contrast on cruise lines because I know Brian wants to do that. But I want to. 33:04.20 Dani Metzger Yeah. 33:17.72 Sam I Want to hear you know how you got to world of Dvc and what you're doing there. 33:20.74 Dani Metzger Yeah, so we got back to Florida we both went back to dvc. We worked there for a while but it was different. You know Cruise ships weren't running at the time we were both working on land and the entire time we were back. Are like how do we leave again like how do we get out of here because we were not used to just staying in Florida at this time and we were spoiled. You know we we had the chance to go all the time we were. 33:44.16 dclduo Um. 33:50.24 Sam Um. 33:57.38 Dani Metzger Always on the go and this was weird. You know having to be normal people. Normal land folk and so we were just constantly like plotting on on how to leave and I remember one day kev gets home and I was like. I have a crazy idea. He's like okay I'm like you got to sit down for this one. He's like okay I'm like I think we should leave Disney and just go travel around the world for a year and 34:15.88 Sam And. 34:31.16 Sam Wow. 34:34.10 Dani Metzger Was like all lawyered up like I was like I had a whole list of pros and cons and like Kevin worked for Disney for about 12 years at this point so I was like there's no way he's going to drop everything and just leave and I thought this was going to be like a 3 hour long 34:42.10 Sam Okay. 34:51.89 Dani Metzger Discussion and he just looks at me and he's like okay when do you want to do this I'm like I don't know I was thinking like next month and he's like okay and this is why he is my prince charming and we are just so meant to be and I am so in love with him because. 34:53.76 Sam Wow. 35:09.57 Sam Oh. 35:11.81 Dani Metzger He's just always down. He's always like he's my adventure buddy and he is just down for anything and I was like I don't know how we're gonna make this happen because there's just a lot of logistics that go into it. Also we were like freaking out about telling you know our dvc family that we were leaving all of our. 35:30.39 Sam Here. 35:30.89 Dani Metzger Closest friends work there and we're like we we hopefully they'll understand be supportive and they were they actually really really were but um, and and we figured it out. We we didn't really have many plans at all. We're just like we're just gonna. 35:39.94 dclduo Um, here. 35:49.58 Dani Metzger Find a flight to Europe and we're we're just gonna go from there. We'll figure it out and we um at first so we had a lease until December and this was in we left in August and we're like we'll keep our lease because like what if we don't like it. 35:52.57 Sam Wow. 36:07.24 Dani Metzger Like you know what? if we can't fake it out or what if you know this is Covid was still pretty prominent and a lot of the countries were closed so we didn't even know if we'd really be able to to jump from country to country. So we're like well keep our lease until then and then if. 36:09.82 Sam Here. 36:19.31 Sam Right. 36:24.80 Dani Metzger If it's going. Well we'll we'll come home. We'll figure it out then so we left we got a 1 ne-way ticket to madrid for one hundred and fifty dollars because nobody was flying at the time and we traveled all around europe I think we did. 36:34.29 Sam Wow. 36:43.21 Dani Metzger 9 different countries. Um, and then we came back in December and we did a huge garage sale or house sale or whatever and we sold pretty much everything like we have a tiny storage unit in Orlando and that's like everything we own now. 36:49.90 Sam No. 37:02.44 Dani Metzger Um, but we sold everything because after living in that van we're just like we don't want to be bogged down by stuff anymore you know so we don't need all of this and we just traveled with a carry on bag and a backpack and that's what we did for the year and we went to. 37:05.36 Sam Um, wow. 37:07.99 Sam Here. 37:14.80 Sam Wow. 37:21.15 Dani Metzger We went to 19 countries and we completely circumnavigated the globe and we had some of the most epic experiences and it was actually a lot of them are behind me here. Um, and yeah we did like just this. 37:22.36 Sam Oh my goodness. 37:40.67 Dani Metzger Dream come true bucket list trip all around the world and then we ended the trip at well at Al Lani and then actually at Disneyland in California I had never been and we're just like what a better way to you know end this it's like it was a very full circle moment. 37:56.55 Sam Um, yeah. 38:00.67 Dani Metzger And so yeah, it was we we did. We actually ended up doing about a year and a half so even longer than we originally planned and and then I had some friends that worked over at dvc resell market and when they got word that you know we were. 38:18.73 Sam You were coming back. 38:20.54 Dani Metzger In Hawaii and then California they're like are you done with this thing and um, my really good friend. Marissa she you know works for the company and she's like. I've kind of followed her. She was a port shop and guide with me then she went to dvc I followed her to dvc then she went to a world of dvc and then I followed her there and so she's like are you ready? Are you ready to come on board and I was like I guess so. So yeah, that's how I got over to that was a long story about how I got over to dvc resal market. Yeah, it was. 38:56.15 Sam That's amazing. That's amazing. So we. 38:57.85 dclduo Um I I want to I want to um, can I go see him I want to rewind us back for a second to your your crew life here I had a question about kind of onboard. 39:03.47 Sam Yeah, go ahead. 39:10.16 Dani Metzger Um, yeah. 39:15.40 dclduo What is the atmosphere like for the crew and in particular does it change from company to company like did you find like I I Always think about our serving team for instance and I think my gosh these people must just leave here and go straight to bed. But then I think well, there's a crew bar. Ah, maybe they go and unwind like I'm just like what's the I Know what's the atmosphere like or the morale like on these different ships for the crew is it pretty high across the board kind of party time vibe or is it more sedate like yeah, what? What's the atmosphere like for the crew on board. 39:46.95 Dani Metzger It's not calm by any means it is wild and crazy I do think it changes from cruise line to Cruise line for sure. Um, you are bringing together. 39:46.96 Sam Yeah. 40:04.26 Dani Metzger Hundreds of people from all different walks of life from all different nationalities and you're putting them on a boat and you're like you're working together. You're eating together. You're partying together. You're I mean it. 40:15.28 Sam Right. 40:15.88 dclduo Um. 40:22.91 Dani Metzger It's wild I I mean if they ever made a tv show like it would be number 1 um charts. Um, yeah, it's crazy. Um, you work really hard. You work crazy hours. 40:28.84 Sam Yeah. 40:35.26 Sam Listen. 40:38.96 Dani Metzger But you play really really hard as Well. Um, and you know it's It's so Cool. You have all these people from all over the world and with all their own traditions and you know games that they like to play and and different parting styles and it all comes together and it's it's magic. It is. It's amazing. Um, and there's there's also a lot of drama that goes on because as you can imagine like you're living there so you know a lot of people are dating on the cruise ship and then there's a saying um on ships. It's. 41:07.22 Sam Right. 41:17.45 Dani Metzger Till Gangway do us part so you like date for a contract and then you kind of go your separate ways. But if you're on ships for long enough. You're probably going to end up at some point being on the same ship again and it's wild. It is wild. Um, so yeah. 41:31.80 Sam Ah. 41:35.29 Dani Metzger I would say maybe not every day but I would say most days they're not going straight to sleep for sure. There's There's a lot to do. There's also um so kind of like you have. 41:41.85 Sam Yeah, but. 41:42.45 dclduo Wow wow. 41:50.20 Dani Metzger The Cruise director. You also kind of have that for the crew as well. So there's like a crew enrichment officer that their whole job is planning parties for the crew planning different games. So a lot of times if we have like a comedian on board or um. 41:53.61 Sam Oh. 42:08.40 Dani Metzger A Magician they'll do or a hypnotist like they'll plan shows just for crew. So when everybody's sleeping. You know we take over the the theater and we'll do like private shows for the crew or like the the cast on board. 42:19.47 dclduo Oh it's fun. 42:20.25 Sam Oh cool. 42:24.37 Dani Metzger The entertainers on board will do crew only shows or there's like talent shows and there's so many fun activities that are always being planned for the crew another one that I Love is the short excursions Team. We'll typically have either a shore excursions just for the crew that you can sign up for or you can sign up to kind of volunteer and assist on ah on a shore exccursion as a crew member so you can go on and and help. 42:42.71 Sam It is. 42:45.10 dclduo Um, how. 42:51.14 Sam Oh cool. 42:55.55 Dani Metzger And you sign up for it and you get to go on these excursions for free and then you just like if the guests have any questions you just kind of assist and so that's you know a really cool perk too. But yeah, the morale is generally amazing. But. 42:58.17 Sam This is. 43:09.59 Sam Yeah. 43:12.18 Dani Metzger But lots of craziness. Lots of drama as well. But and then I would say Disney is probably like a little tamer than the other cruise lines I thought hall in America would be the tamest because um, ah. 43:19.40 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 43:20.85 Sam Lizzy. 43:28.67 Dani Metzger To be nice. They call it the nursing home E Sea Um, don't mean to offend anyone there but I just assumed but no ah that the guest life might be a little yeah, not not on the cruise I. 43:34.90 dclduo Ah, ah. 43:35.50 Sam Ah. 43:37.82 Sam Not not on the crew side right. 43:42.41 dclduo Yeah, well the guests the guests go to bed a little earlier. The career has more time on board to have fun. So there you go? Um, yeah look. 43:45.25 Dani Metzger Exactly exactly? yeah. 43:47.70 Sam Yeah, there you go I'm curious. Ah I'm curious about um in Crew life. Um, you've got a ton of different nationalities with lots of different native languages I'm curious to know you know obviously. Everyone pretty much speaks English because that's what the guests speak at least on the crew the cruise lines that we're talking about of course. Um, but I'm curious whether the crew tend to segregate themselves based on. 44:06.75 Dani Metzger Um, yeah. 44:18.43 Sam Language or culture or things like that. You know we see this even in the United States you see people sort of um, pairing off in groups that might align with either you know, religious background or an ethnic background or a language or something like that. But um, you know we have this really? Um, you know. Microcosm of the world on the ship. All these different cultures and ethnicities and nationalities and languages in 1 place. How how does that work does that happen or do you see people more mingling and then speaking english. 44:49.67 Dani Metzger Yeah, so fun fact, everybody has to speak English for actually safety reasons if there was an emergency on board. The ship you have to be able to communicate with the guests. So if you know something were to happen and a guest asks you a question like you have to be able to be able to. 44:54.65 Sam E. 44:54.97 dclduo E. 45:08.63 Dani Metzger You have to be able to direct them to their emergency station or whatever it is. Um, yeah I mean of course people are going to group together. But you're also on a boat like you know there's only so. 45:11.17 dclduo M. 45:23.90 Dani Metzger You can group together. You know, like eventually the groups are going to kind of be next to each other and then all of a sudden they're talking and being best friends? Um, so yes, and no of course they're they're going to kind of group together because they share similarities and they they. 45:27.67 Sam Right. 45:42.40 Dani Metzger Celebrate the same holidays together and that kind of thing but there is a lot of mixing of course you know you become friends with people from all over the world I literally think I could throw a dart at a map and I will have a friend in every single country after working on board Cruise ships. 45:42.42 Sam E. 45:48.16 Sam The. 45:55.40 Sam No, that's so cool. 45:57.71 dclduo Um, yeah. 45:59.22 Dani Metzger Um, actually during our travels. We visited a lot of our friends from from ships and then also like they'll they'll hold parties and stuff. So like if you celebrate us. Certain holiday in your country. They'll have like a huge party for that holiday and you get to try the different food and a lot of them. You know are probably chefs on board or you know, whatever department they work and they have the hookup and they can provide you know specific foods from their country and. 46:22.31 Sam Um, yeah. 46:30.41 Dani Metzger Um, then there's like a deejay and the Deeja will play certain music where you know we'll have like we had a lot of like Filipino karaoke nights and stuff like that on board and so you you really start to learn about the different cultures and there's. 46:37.79 Sam Yeah I love it. 46:45.86 Dani Metzger So much mixing and mingling as well. 46:48.18 dclduo How is how is the food on board. Lots of speculation from people about like what the food's like and actually we were talking to somebody I forget who but a crew member on Disney Cruise line and they were saying. 46:49.96 Sam That's so much fun. 47:00.91 dclduo Oh my God when there's the leftover French toast and they bring it down to the mess. It's like a freefor allll so that we can get like the French toast of the waffless or something and we're like my God They can't afford it. Yeah yes, but somebody was like you can't afford French toast for the crew at these prices that they're charging us. But I so I'm just curious like how is the food on board because we've heard different things from different. 47:06.73 Sam Ah I think it was Rebecca that was telling us that. Yeah. 47:20.44 dclduo Different people. 47:21.59 Dani Metzger Yeah, it's so I never ate in the crew area on Disney um, actually no I did I did um and it was pretty good from what I remember. 47:25.53 Sam Listen. 47:26.80 dclduo Okay. 47:32.32 Sam When you were in shop. Oh when you were a shopping guide. You probably did. But. 47:36.57 Dani Metzger Yeah, but I did a very very short stent on Disney so I did eat in the crew mess and I remember it being good but it also has to do with who is working on board. So for like Norwegian and Holland america a majority of the crew members. Like a big majority of the crew members were filipino and indonesian and so in the crew mess they actually will have a lot of traditional foods from their home countries so that they feel a little bit more at home and so you know. 47:59.24 Sam Is. 48:09.38 dclduo Right. 48:16.10 Dani Metzger That might not be my palate. You know like I might not think it's the best food in the world. So it really depends on who you talk to but for them. It's a little slice of home and so it really depends on the cruise line that you're on like Msc for instance has like a lot of european crew members and so you might see like. 48:17.54 Sam This is. 48:17.55 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 48:24.79 Sam Right. 48:24.95 dclduo Right. 48:34.64 Dani Metzger Completely different food on on that cruise line than you would on maybe like a norwegian or or Holland um, and then you also have the crew mess versus the officers mess and that's going to be very different as well. So your crew mess is going to be more of like ah a buffet style. 48:44.49 Sam Yeah. 48:52.93 Dani Metzger Um, and then a lot of the officers mess are like white tablecloths and you know you order off a menu and the food comes straight from the dining room and so that kind of gives you a little bit of an idea of what that crew life looks like. 48:56.93 Sam Oh wow. 49:04.39 dclduo Ah. 49:08.24 Sam Interesting. 49:09.52 dclduo Um, yeah. 49:10.24 Dani Metzger Um, and the food is phenomenal typically in the officers mess because it's coming straight from from the the dining rooms and then of course you have you know when I was a Dbc guide we would eat at all the restaurants and the food was amazing. But. 49:21.99 dclduo Right. 49:27.65 Dani Metzger You eat the same food every single cruise every for every week you eat the the menu starts over again and even that gets sold. You know I mean I was having full a mignon and and lobster but eventually I was like can I just get like. 49:29.66 Sam Um, right every contract right? or every week right? every week you're on the ship right. 49:32.10 dclduo Ah, yeah. 49:43.23 Sam Right. 49:47.94 Dani Metzger Spinach please like I just want them some just chicken with nothing on it like I just want I don't want all the sauces I mean try to lose a pound on a cruise ship like and then you work there forever and it's just yeah, it's like can I just get like. 49:56.69 Sam Oh my god. 50:00.25 dclduo Yeah. 50:03.34 Sam Kind of broccoli. Yeah. 50:04.37 Dani Metzger Something healthy, please an Apple or something. Yeah, yeah. 50:06.93 dclduo What let me ask this to you had a lot of guest interaction in both as a crew member and you know as a dvc guide. But what's the I set this up as a sort of 2 parter What's the thing that the guests do that like you would say most annoys the crew and what's the thing that. You've seen guests do that. The crew is like that's amazing, right? So I'll give you an example we had someone on recently who said you know it's always really welcome when people just ask us about us right? like they get to know us a little bit like that's a really special interaction to have with the guest because it feels like they care about us. Not. 50:26.40 Sam Ah. 50:37.12 Dani Metzger Um, yeah. 50:45.14 dclduo We're not there to serve them were there to you know interact with them right? So you know that's that's 1 example, we've heard but I'm curious from you know your time onboard like what were those things that like I guess would do that would just be like oh my god that is the worst thing ever versus that is the greatest thing ever. 50:47.41 Dani Metzger Totally. 51:00.81 Dani Metzger So a lot of times when guests go on a cruise ship. They I don't know what it is. It's like they step on the gangway and it's just like their brain sometimes like falls out of their head and they just. <unk> like I'm on vacation like give me a margarita and I don't want to think for the rest of the week and you'll just get like the craziest questions like I mean and they'll just do some dumb things like you're just like seriously so I think that's probably like like. 51:19.48 Sam Yeah, yeah, yeah. 51:34.64 Dani Metzger When they walk up to you and they're like do you live here like you you live on the boat like and like where do you think I live like what do you mean? you think I go home every day like are you crazy? Um, yeah, so just like the the. 51:42.20 Sam Ah, oh my goodness. Ah right? Where do I go. 51:45.46 dclduo Yes. 51:52.40 Sam Um, yeah, right right. 51:52.47 Dani Metzger Stupid questions I mean I'm sure I would like to give them the benefit of the doubt and think like you do not ask these questions when you're ah on land. But for some reason you're just maybe it's the the sea or the waves are I don't know. 52:03.94 Sam Right? Well or like the person who you know the the boat is parked at Port canaveral and the person says goes to guest services and said I paid for an ocean view and I'm staring at the parking lot like we haven't left. 52:06.84 dclduo Um, if. 52:18.38 Dani Metzger You You'd be surprised like how many times. Yeah yeah, or like my microwave in my room isn't working. There's no microwaves in the room. Yeah no I keep I keep trying to reheat my food and and it. 52:23.15 Sam Court yet? Yeah, but. 52:37.80 Sam Ah, let's say ah. 52:37.19 Dani Metzger That's a safe. There's no microwaves in the room. Um, yeah, there's some crate there's we could probably write a book on all the crazy things that we hear um and then the best thing. 52:43.32 dclduo Ah, ah, funny. 52:44.80 Sam Oh my goodness. Ah. 52:54.16 Dani Metzger For me personally because I had so much guest interaction it has to just be the you know the amazing families that I've met throughout the years that I am still very close with to this day who would literally call me and be like I want to go on a ship in March. What. 53:11.29 Sam What are you on? yeah. 53:12.94 Dani Metzger Crew What ship are you gonna be on I don't care where you are in the world I am going to go on that ship because you were there. Um, it gives me the chills because I'm still like I'm still super close with a lot of them to this day. In fact I didn't tell you this part. But um, when we were. 53:18.00 Sam Oh. 53:31.87 Dani Metzger When Kevin and I were traveling in our year of travel. We went to Thailand and I actually ended up breaking my leg over there and yeah I had to get surgery. It was wild and it was a very traumatic experience and we really didn't tell many people. 53:38.21 Sam Oh my goodness. 53:38.27 dclduo Oh no. 53:43.78 Sam Wow. 53:51.20 Dani Metzger And I think like besides our family the first 2 people that I told were some of my guests on the ship who um I've become really close with over the years and so yeah, that would probably be my favorite part. 53:55.55 Sam Wow. 53:55.70 dclduo No wow. 54:03.97 Sam Oh my goodness. Well how awful that you broke your leg I'm glad that you're all here. Yeah, ah that sounds like something you would do danny. 54:06.37 Dani Metzger I did it for the story I just. 54:10.90 dclduo Um, that's the way always actually we joke we joke because Sam Sam got covered on a Disney Cruise in April Twenty Twenty one I think it was and was quarantined on board for like a night 22 for a night. 54:21.22 Sam no no 22 22 54:26.40 dclduo And so we got off the cruise ship and we joked. Okay, so the next thing we're going to do is We're gonna have see him do something that lands are in the brig for the evening so we can give you that it bring you all that experience. Ah, yeah, yeah. 54:30.80 Sam In the break. Yeah yeah, you know I do it for the listeners right? I just do over the stories the show content. You know. 54:37.80 Dani Metzger Yeah, the funny thing is we were doing so we were doing some Youtube videos in the beginning of our travels and then we quickly realized that that editing process is just not for me. And we want to you know we only had 1 year of travel like it's not like we're gonna be doing this for the next ten years so we're like we gotta we gotta just focus on having fun and making the most of every moment and so we kind of gave up on the Youtube thing. Um and everyone was like when they. We didn't we we really didn't tell anyone for a long time like it's still not really on social media at all. Um, but when our friends found out. They're like you didn't do a Youtube video like come on like that would have gone viral. Oh my yeah I guess the vi if. 55:15.34 Sam Me. 55:21.97 dclduo Um, yeah, oh my. 55:24.20 Sam Oh my goodness right? That would have been. Yeah, yeah. 55:29.40 Dani Metzger We were gonna ever do it. It probably would have been to do it then because we ended up having to we were six days away from leaving Thailand we were all set up to go to Bali in six days and then I broke my leg and we ended up having to extend. 55:32.76 dclduo And. 55:40.68 Sam Oh my god. 55:45.28 Dani Metzger So he lived in Thailand for three months 55:46.14 dclduo Oh Wow! wow. 55:46.55 Sam Wow. Well, it's a story. You'll be able to tell maybe your grandchildren someday I Love it I Love it. 55:53.11 dclduo Um, yeah, yeah, but well look the other question that I had for you that I'd be remiss and not asking. We don't have many people on who have experience with you know all of these ports of call right? So actually a couple questions here. What was your. 55:54.57 Dani Metzger That's a thing kind of do it for the story. 56:13.20 dclduo Favorite and maybe not one I'll give you a couple like what was your favorite ports of call to visit. Ah I'll start there and then I have 1 follow question. But yeah, what was your your favorite 2 3 5 whatever it is ports of call that you got to visit. 56:24.88 Dani Metzger Can I say like cruises because port ports are hard. You know like I could say like the whole so like epic cruise Alaska I think Alaska is like the the Kreme deilla creme like it is bucket list experience. There's just. 56:26.40 Sam Um, yeah, yeah, yeah. 56:27.97 dclduo Um, yeah, sure. 56:38.26 Sam Yeah. 56:43.60 Dani Metzger The whole cruise is full of bucket list experiences like um I'll kind of tell you like my favorite cruises and then like my favorite excursions to do on that cruise. So like for Alaska um I mean something I will remember for the rest of my life was we got to do um. 56:44.70 Sam With him. 56:50.95 Sam Love it. 56:51.26 dclduo Okay, love it. 57:02.81 Dani Metzger Like a glacial ice cave tour so we actually went inside of the glacial ice caves and then we put like those Crampon things on your shoes that with the spikes and we walked on top of the glacier and like there were these huge crevasses and I'm just like. 57:04.51 Sam Oh cool. 57:07.16 dclduo Um, go on. 57:12.70 Sam This is wow. 57:14.14 dclduo Um, yeah. 57:21.88 Dani Metzger Leaping over the crevasses and I've just felt like the coolest person in the world. Um, that was like 1 of my top excursions I've ever done and then taking the helicopter up to the glacier and like dog sletting on the glacier epic the train and skagway. 57:35.39 Sam Oh yeah, ah oh we keep hearing about this train. Ah. 57:40.88 Dani Metzger Um, the whale watching tours. Oh yeah, number 1 tour in Skagway Whale watching ziplining just it's just adventure after adventure and then my other two favorite cruises would have to be the Baltic Cruise 57:48.99 dclduo Nice. 57:57.65 Dani Metzger Um, that I did on Disney as well as the Mediterranean Cruise and so the baltic I did 2 different Baltic routes. Um I got to go to Russia which probably never get to go there. 57:57.85 Sam Um, oh. 57:58.21 dclduo Um. 58:11.41 Sam Yeah. 58:13.50 Dani Metzger Um, so that was just cool to be able to you know experience I I got to do that twice? Um, and then we did a route that went to Iceland and so like that was epic and we did the golden circle so that was like my favorite tour and then the med. 58:21.88 dclduo A. 58:22.55 Sam Amazing. 58:32.10 Dani Metzger Taking the boat to chincore and just seeing you know all the colorful buildings on the cliff from the oshpher from the from the seaside and yeah, that was that was awesome and actually speaking of that Kevin and I are moving to italy. 58:37.10 Sam Ah. 58:50.32 Dani Metzger For the months of August and September we're gonna go work over there. Yeah, take advantage of this whole work from home thing. So we're gonna spend this up in italy. Yeah. 58:51.75 Sam What. 58:53.82 dclduo Oh Wow! Wow. Nice Nice Italy was one of our favorite places to visit. We visited ah right out of law school after we took the bar exam. It was our trip after taking the North exam. 58:59.29 Sam That's that's amazing. 59:08.98 Dani Metzger Where'd you go? What was your favorite place. 59:11.79 dclduo Ah, we went to ah Capri Rome Florence and Venice and I'd say my top 2 were definitely I loved Venice I love the ability to wander around and just get lost in the streets and like one day we wandered into the jewish quarter in Venice and just sat there and just kind of watched the world around us. It was really interesting. 59:15.28 Dani Metzger Okay. 59:31.57 dclduo And then definitely loved I loved a Florence area or Tuscany Florence was nice but what we actually did is we took a trip outside of Florence one day to a walled city called Luca and it's it's known because the ah you weren't allowed to. 59:31.78 Dani Metzger That's awesome. Just. 59:37.12 Sam Yeah. 59:37.64 Dani Metzger Um, okay. 59:48.56 dclduo I Think you weren't a lot to build buildings over a certain height and so this one family got around that by planting a giant tree on top of their tower for their home and so this tree grew up above the height that was the limit and so became this sort of symbol of the city and they've got this just gorgeous wall and you can. 59:54.88 Sam Yeah. 01:00:04.47 Dani Metzger Um, ah. 01:00:05.28 Sam It can bike ride around the wall. Yeah Luca is beautiful. It's known as like it's the city of I think they call it city of a hundred churches or something like that because within the city walls. There's like a ton of just these really really tiny little you know churches. 01:00:06.73 dclduo Get a nice bottle of wine and go up there and sit and yeah it was just it's it was gorgeous. Yeah. 01:00:08.64 Dani Metzger I'm writing my tone right now. 01:00:21.85 dclduo Yeah. 01:00:23.80 Sam Um, but it's ah it's a beautiful place to visit. It's ah it's really a. It's a village not like it's not like a so you know what we think of as a city in the United States it's more like a little you know village. But it's beautiful and charming and just lovely. 01:00:27.85 dclduo Um, yeah. 01:00:33.69 dclduo Have. 01:00:35.83 Dani Metzger I Love those like the the little towns that you just feel are like right out of the storybook and you know for lunch you you just go to a local market and get all the fresh food and we're we're just excited for that like on our lunch break just going to the market. 01:00:43.92 Sam Yep. 01:00:47.26 dclduo Um, yeah, yeah. 01:00:48.70 Sam Yep. 01:00:55.25 Sam I Love that Ah, a basket and a bicycle with a bell I think ah. 01:00:55.34 Dani Metzger You know, like with our I want a basket you know? Yeah, exactly yeah so we actually just booked it. We're gonna be staying one month in Florence. Um, and then so that way we get to go to you know exactly. 01:01:08.87 Sam Yeah, you can take day trips all around Tuscany yeah. 01:01:12.39 dclduo Um, yeah. 01:01:14.12 Dani Metzger I've never been to Venice I'm dying to go to Venice I don't think Kev's been there either actually and then we don't know where we're going to do the second month so we're just Goingnna kind of play it by ear as we do and then kind of figure it out from there. But i' I'm glad that you liked Venice because I was I was a little worried that it was gonna be 2 tourists. 01:01:23.22 Sam Um, yeah. 01:01:31.69 Sam We loved Venice it. It is very touristy but there are lots of you can walk around in and down the little little streets and get lost basically and you know you can if you if you are in. Um. 01:01:33.72 Dani Metzger See so you didn't feel that. 01:01:33.80 dclduo It It can't It can definitely be that. Yeah, but you've got it if you have any. 01:01:49.90 dclduo Say Marks Square Yeah see marks. 01:01:49.16 Sam But's the big square St. Mark Square is that right? Yeah, so if you're in that big square. It's filled with tourists and it's also filled with pigeons. Um, but you know if you venture down you know the past not traveled. You will get out of the touristy areas and it's it's a really beautiful place. And of course it's just very you know we don't know if Venice will be there in 100 years right it may maybe you know sink into the into the sea. So I don't know it's a no like Florida um, so definitely a place I would recommend. 01:02:09.17 Dani Metzger Yeah, like Florida yeah I don't mind the touristic areas that when you're there, you're like okay i. 01:02:15.57 dclduo Um. 01:02:26.42 Sam In it right. 01:02:26.82 Dani Metzger I get why? it's so busy here like that's how I felt about santerany greece like yes, it is very touristic. It's very busy, but it's like I totally get why everybody talks about this place. They totally get why people come here I don't mind those but when it's like 2 01:02:38.72 Sam Um, yeah. 01:02:46.40 Dani Metzger Commercialized. That's when it like and like it. 01:02:46.20 Sam Yeah I think you'll like Venice then because it's still. It's you know it's a very obviously old city and it feels like a very old city. It doesn't yeah so it doesn't feel commercial like maybe rome does all those portions of rome don't feel commercial but other portions of Rome do. But it's not a big. 01:02:48.77 dclduo Um, yeah. 01:02:53.76 Dani Metzger Okay, yeah, I'll like it then. 01:02:57.47 dclduo Um, yeah. 01:03:05.77 Sam Doesn't feel like yeah doesn't feel like a big city in that way I think you'll like it. 01:03:07.50 Dani Metzger Okay, cool. Yeah I'll check it out for sure. 01:03:10.60 dclduo Well I feel like we would be remiss too Danny since you spent a good chunk of your time on board as a port shopping guide not at least asking the question like. So where are the good ports to go find stuff to buy versus the ports that you would tell people like just don't even bother like so I'm just i. 01:03:28.45 Sam And is diamonds international Any good like should I actually buy from Diamonds international. That's really what the inquiring minds. Want to know. 01:03:40.24 Dani Metzger Okay, um so I would say it really depends on what you're looking for as far as like the ports of call goat like um for instance like carttahania columbia like the most beautiful emerald you'll ever see. Um, and then the the thing the. The matter is the caribbean is just a tax and duty free zone and they have so many people I mean thousands thousands like these stores. The reason why they're able to do the discounts that they do is because these stores see more volume in 1 hour 01:04:00.51 Sam A. 01:04:02.81 dclduo Um, right. 01:04:17.42 Dani Metzger Then like a retail store in the United States we'll see in an entire year so they're buying and selling in huge huge huge volume and so yeah, like all of these stores are better deals than you're going to get at most retail stores I mean if you have this like. 01:04:18.96 Sam A Wow wow. A. 01:04:36.46 Dani Metzger You know Jeweler that's a family friend that works on Forty Seventh street in New York City and you've been going to him for years and he knows your whole family and he you made your great grandmother's wedding ring. Are you gonna get a better deal there probably like you know, maybe you have the hookup. 01:04:39.95 Sam Yes. 01:04:50.60 Sam This is. 01:04:53.36 dclduo Um, yeah. 01:04:54.73 Dani Metzger But like for the average person like you're not going to find those kind of prices at at a regular retail store in the mall or just like a Jeweler over here. So yeah I would say it's definitely worth it. The prices you have to. 01:05:01.80 Sam Written. 01:05:10.54 Dani Metzger I would say always go with a shopping guide like a port shopping guide because they they really like I mean I knew the owner of Diamonds international. So I was getting people deals like I wasn't negotiating with like the average person behind the counter like I was going straight to the top. 01:05:11.43 Sam Maybe. 01:05:17.27 Sam Bright. 01:05:26.88 Sam Right. 01:05:28.78 Dani Metzger So It is. It is super helpful to shop with the shopping guide. Um, and and yeah, they have huge selection. Um, so like pretty much anything that you're looking for. They either have it or they can get it for you really easily? um and then and then. They do have great prices. They usually start pretty high but they're always Negotiable. Um, never yeah, never ever ever. My biggest piece of advice never pay the ticket price in any of those stores ever. 01:05:48.32 Sam Right? right? There's a lot of wiggle room there. 01:05:49.38 dclduo Um, yeah. 01:06:01.54 Sam What about what about the onboard shops I'm curious as to, um, you know onboard jewelry in particular since obviously retail goods like t-shirts. You know if it's if you want a disney brand t-shirt you're gonna have to pay Disney branded prices right? But what about like the jewelry onboard cruise lines is that. 01:06:14.20 Dani Metzger Right. 01:06:19.97 Sam Um, similarly deal. You know a good deal or you better off at the port. 01:06:26.78 Dani Metzger Um, it depends on which cruise line you're on because some of the cruise lines have much bigger like for instance norwegian. 01:06:29.32 Sam M. 01:06:38.67 Dani Metzger It was norwegian had Colombian Emerald so like they're a big you know they're a big retailer in the caribbean so they had a much bigger selection than some of the other cruise lines. Um and they can also negotiate pricing a little bit more whereas some of the shops on board. 01:06:47.53 Sam It is. 01:06:57.20 Dani Metzger They're pretty strict with the negotiation. So I would just say it really depends on the cruise line feel it out but I would always recommend checking out both like and then if you see something on board that you don't see in the ports then you know a hundred percent go for that. 01:06:58.00 dclduo M. 01:07:08.20 Sam Right. 01:07:16.89 Dani Metzger And vice versa you know, but but look in both before you make that decision because you might find that you find something that you like import that's cheaper or maybe you find something you like better or vice versa. Maybe you find something you like better on board and so then you just. 01:07:30.99 Sam Yeah, yeah, well I know on Disney Cruise line that in the shops on jewelry they do negotiate because we were looking at something we didn't end up buying it but they were. 01:07:35.16 Dani Metzger Go for that. But yeah. 01:07:46.32 Sam Like oh I can offer you this discount. Oh I can offer you that discount which just means I'm negotiating the price. That's what that's a code language for. We're starting to. We're starting to haggle here. So you know there's wiggle room here in the price. Yeah. 01:07:51.41 dclduo Yeah. 01:07:56.46 Dani Metzger Great. 01:07:56.53 dclduo The the key is always to then just become completely distant I Well I think and suddenly it's like oh let me get my calculator out and just do what are you thinking about him and suddenly numbers start to come down. Yeah yeah. 01:08:04.89 Sam Yeah. 01:08:07.72 Dani Metzger It's so funny. What will happen when you start to walk away I Always do that. That's my trick like I would even I when I was a shopping guide like I used to even tell my my clients that because my goal is to get them the best deal like I don't care. 01:08:09.71 Sam Yeah, for sure. Yeah, yeah. 01:08:12.95 dclduo Ah, yeah. 01:08:18.55 Sam Yeah. 01:08:23.64 Dani Metzger Jewelry stores make enough money like I want to get you the best deal. So I'm like I'll be like let's let's just walk. Let's walk away for a minute like we'll walk out of the store. We'll go to Senor Frog's next door and we'll come back and see you know? yeah and if they're like no, no, no, let me let let me? yeah. 01:08:23.71 Sam Right. 01:08:24.40 dclduo Um, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. 01:08:30.95 Sam Right? Well away for a second right? ah. 01:08:40.38 Sam I write. 01:08:40.64 Dani Metzger My manager then you know there's more room but if they're like if they let you walk out. You know you got a really good price. 01:08:46.39 Sam Yeah, yeah, that's a great point right? absolutely. 01:08:46.60 dclduo Yeah, well and never never show them emotional attachment because then it's game over. It's game over game over. 01:08:53.85 Dani Metzger And and you know what's funny is when I'm buying something for myself salespeople We are the best We are the best purchasers. We're the best clients because we are very passionate and I can't hide it when it. 01:09:07.28 Sam Ah. 01:09:12.51 Dani Metzger When I'm shopping for somebody else. Oh got my game face on like you don't want to mess with me. But oh if it's for myself and I fall in love with it. You're gonna know and I'm not very good at you. 01:09:12.84 Sam Yeah, you can put it all on. Yeah. 01:09:15.44 dclduo Are. 01:09:24.42 Sam I love it all right? I got to ask just a couple of questions before we wrap up here. Um, okay, what was your favorite cruise line to be to work on because obviously I mean you had experience on a number of different lines and then you went. To Disney through dvc which was a slightly different experience obviously as in a different role. But what's the you know what did you like being on. Did you like being on the other ah other cruise lines did you like being on Disney and and what are the reasons for whichever one was your favorite. 01:09:57.59 Dani Metzger It's hard to pick so I could probably tell you like what I liked and maybe didn't like about each. Um, that might be a little bit easier to answer for Disney I love so. 01:10:03.32 Sam Yeah. 01:10:13.70 Dani Metzger You know that the service on Disney is just top of the line like there's no other cruise line like it and the crew get treated the same way on Disney and so that I loved like I really felt. 01:10:24.17 Sam Is he. 01:10:30.85 Dani Metzger Taking care of all the time I'd even be like please please don't clean my room like I'm fine I'm good. Do not disturb and they would still be like it's okay, it's okay, like and and they just really take care of you there and yeah so I would say that's probably my favorite part about Disney. Um. 01:10:41.30 Sam Ah. 01:10:49.58 Dani Metzger As far as like fun party lifestyle I would say norwegian is crazy. They're all about freestyle cruising and um and then Holland America was like I feel like where I met some of my. 01:10:55.47 Sam Ah, yeah. 01:11:07.75 Sam M. 01:11:08.49 Dani Metzger Best friends like people that I am still the closest with to to this day. It's a lot more like the the ships are smaller. So it's a little bit more intimate the crew life and then I did a contract on. 01:11:18.35 Sam Um, ah. 01:11:25.63 Dani Metzger Ah, cruise line called Silver Sea very small every single room on board was a suite so like minimum 15 grand for a seven night cruise on these ships. 01:11:26.60 Sam Yeah, really small right. 01:11:26.38 dclduo Here. 01:11:36.21 Sam Um, yeah. 01:11:44.16 Dani Metzger I Got to be in one of those suites because there was like not enough crew cabins or something on board I literally had a butler assigned to my suite I had a huge like jacuzzi tub in my room. 01:11:45.87 Sam Ah, yeah, ah. 01:11:49.73 dclduo Um. 01:11:52.63 Sam Oh My God Oh my god. Wow. 01:12:03.12 Dani Metzger Like every morning I would get woken up the the butler would come in and and draw my shades and like set up my table with a white tablecloth and a beautiful pink flower every morning and my breakfast would be there. You could order caviar to the room like. 01:12:08.35 Sam Me. 01:12:12.72 dclduo Ah. 01:12:19.37 Sam Oh my goodness. 01:12:21.52 Dani Metzger I mean it was just insane so that was like probably the most unique crew experience I've I've ever had. But yeah, it's it's hard to pick a favorite. Um, yeah, it's it's tough to pick a favorite that's like picking your favorite kid. 01:12:24.60 Sam Yeah. 01:12:28.86 dclduo Ah. 01:12:36.50 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 01:12:36.90 Sam Yeah, so it's easy when you only have one kit. So ah, right exactly exactly we love it. Brian is art I was gonna ask. Um. 01:12:39.30 Dani Metzger For or easy when you only went on one Cruise line yeah 01:12:41.97 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, any more questions Sam. 01:12:52.44 Sam What was your this is going to sound silly. But what's like your favorite like meal from when you were on Disney like because you they repeated a lot right? So I'm I'm curious that what was the thing that you you know you had eaten it a million times but you could still actually eat it. 01:12:58.42 Dani Metzger Oh yeah. 01:13:10.24 Sam If somebody offered it to you maybe today? Ah the I tuna tower. Ah. 01:13:12.68 Dani Metzger The tuna tower oh the a hate tuna tower I could eat that every day I sometimes I wouldn't even eat dinner I would just have 2 ah hate tuna tower and I would I would go to the dining if I was just exhausted I would just go to the dining. 01:13:14.97 dclduo Um, oh. 01:13:26.20 dclduo Um. 01:13:30.32 Dani Metzger Room and you know you switch around every day and but but I had the hookup you know like I knew of someone so I was like can I just got that tuna tower every day. Um, loved the tuna tower and then um, who oh those bigners at Tina's place 01:13:34.44 Sam Yeah. 01:13:40.67 dclduo Um, but. 01:13:47.88 Sam Oh yeah, yeah, those are so yeah and they now have them on the wish as well. Um, at the bayou and they have them in the French Quarter lounge as well on on the on the wonder not just. 01:13:48.46 dclduo Yeah, those are good. 01:13:50.14 Dani Metzger I dream about those? yeah. 01:14:02.00 Sam So you you don't have to wait for them for dessert in Tianas you can actually get them in the morning for breakfast or as an afternoon snack or you know you have to pay for them if you get them at the at the french quarter lounge but they're delicious. Um. 01:14:08.64 Dani Metzger That's too dangerous. Yeah. 01:14:09.24 dclduo Just. 01:14:15.18 Dani Metzger What what are your favorite meals on board. 01:14:21.54 Sam Well Thepoo ah chicken parm. That's always that's that's probably I would say the favorite if I have to choose like specialty dining so that's at brunch. Um yes Paulllo Brunch is yes yes. 01:14:22.88 Dani Metzger Oh. 01:14:33.27 Dani Metzger Apollo Brunches just don't eat for two days before you do that. 01:14:36.55 dclduo Um, yeah. 01:14:39.63 Sam But I would say I love I mean I Love the I Love the Scar go and the Chataurian in you know Royal Palace Royal Court lumieres you know that that restaurant. Um I Also really love um the truffle perettes in animators. 01:14:45.18 Dani Metzger Yeah. 01:14:55.85 Sam As well as I like the pork chop in animators. That's probably my favorite. Yeah yeah. 01:14:57.20 Dani Metzger Okay, the truffle per sets were like my team's favorite. It was It was a favorite amongst everyone on my team like. You knew if someone had to work a little bit longer and they couldn't make it to the dining room and that was on the menu like you better have that ready for them. 01:15:13.84 Sam Yeah, yeah, but Brian. 01:15:16.25 dclduo Nice, yeah, mine is the lasagna and Paulo and actually I think my new favorite in the main dining is that um angel hair pasta with the scallops in the Marvel restaurant. it's like a. yeah it's like a 01:15:27.40 Sam Oh yeah, so that's a new one it on the wish. 01:15:30.70 Dani Metzger There was a scallop dish where was that scallop dish. There was another scallop dish but this one no was like. 01:15:31.69 dclduo Yeah, it's really really good. 01:15:35.44 Sam Was it the one with the puff pastry that was served on frozen special frozen menu because now that's in the Aarendale restaurant on the wish. 01:15:48.10 Dani Metzger And want to say there were like mushrooms in it. 01:15:49.44 dclduo I haven't had that 1 01:15:51.16 Sam Um I don't know I don't think I've had that. Yeah. 01:15:53.49 Dani Metzger I don't I don't remember which restaurant it was in but oh now I'm hungry. 01:15:58.96 dclduo Why've I have one last question for you Danny which is so you sailed on the four I guess we would call them original ships now because they're not the classics are just the magic and the wonder but what was your favorite ship to sail on with Disney. 01:16:07.39 Dani Metzger Yeah. 01:16:14.12 Dani Metzger I So I liked the wonder and the magic because I liked how small and intimate they were I liked that I could meet someone on the first day and I could. 01:16:19.23 Sam This. 01:16:23.73 dclduo E. 01:16:31.69 Dani Metzger You know, genuinely say like I'll see you later in the cruise and actually see them and spend time with them later on in the cruise whereas like you know on the fantasy and the dream. It's like I'm probably never going to see you again. So it was nice to meet you. Um I really liked that and I also just love that those smaller ships. 01:16:36.74 Sam Yeah. 01:16:41.80 dclduo Ah. 01:16:50.85 Dani Metzger I love the itineraries on the smaller ships like you know they can those ships can get into some of the smaller ports which I yeah I prefer there's only I mean that's another thing you know, being on ships for 10 years 01:16:51.58 Sam Yeah. 01:16:58.40 dclduo Um, yeah. 01:17:05.36 Dani Metzger Um, like there's only so many times you can go to the caribbean like there's only so many times you can go to Cosmo Mexico like I want something new. Yeah. 01:17:08.46 Sam Um, yeah I write? Yeah yeah for sure. 01:17:12.27 dclduo Yes, yes, yeah, no well Danny it has been such a pleasure talking to you had so much fun. Um, do you want to let folks know how they can find you at world of. Dvc because we do get quite a few folks on our podcast who are dvc owners. So yeah, you want to let them know how they can find you. 01:17:30.74 Dani Metzger Yes, especially if you're a dvc owner I just want to say real quick. There is the most amazing cruise swap program that we have so as you know you can use your points to go on a cruise. But. If you've looked at those cruise point charts. You probably know that they are very very high well through the world of dvc you can actually use your points to go on a cruise for about half the cost of if you were to book direct through Disney. So. 01:17:58.40 Sam Wow. 01:18:04.20 Dani Metzger Definitely if you love to Cruise like look into that I cannot think of a better way to go on Disney Cruise line if you're a dvc member and you love to be out on the high seas. Um, but yeah, if you are looking to add on to your membership if you're looking to purchase for the very first time. Um, the coolest thing about our company is every single one of us we are all former Disney Cast members we are all former dvc guides. So we have a lot of experience. We have helped thousands and thousands of families join dvc both direct and resale so we have a ton of knowledge and. We are so passionate about making sure that you you know find the right contract for your family. We'll help you to you know, answer all of your questions. So definitely reach out to us for that and then also if maybe you're an owner and you need to sell a contract for whatever reason we are more than happy to do that. In fact, our inventory is. Pretty low because we're just selling everything so there's a lot of buyers out there right now if you want to sell. We can definitely sell your contract for you too. The best way to reach me is actually my cell phone you can call me or to actually text me any day. 01:19:12.49 dclduo Um. 01:19:15.52 Dani Metzger Pretty much any time if I'm sleeping I just won't answer but my number is 9 5 4 2 5 7 2 4 2 5 So that's 9 5 4 2 5 7 2 4 2 5 or if email is better for you. You can email me at Danny at dvcresalemarket.com 01:19:32.14 Sam Awesome and we I will. So yeah and I'll say that we actually bought our resale contracts that we have we we do have one direct contract at Riviera through Disney but we bought our grand California points. 01:19:34.32 dclduo And we will also make sure to put that in our show notes. So that folks can find it easily? Um, yeah. 01:19:51.23 Sam And our Allani points ah all through dvc resale market. Um, prior to when you were working there so it was with one of your colleagues. But. 01:20:01.60 Dani Metzger I'll forgive you. It's okay, we're all a big family there. So still. 01:20:02.45 dclduo Yeah, or we've I've also used dvc I've also used world of Dvc to rent our points a few times. So yeah, it's ah yeah, it's it's a great great great service yeah 01:20:08.47 Dani Metzger Yeah, renting is renting is great like when we were traveling and you know all over the world. We weren't using the points 1 year so we actually rented them out through the rental store as well and it was awesome because it gave us more money to travel. It was. 01:20:09.11 Sam That's right. 01:20:23.79 Sam Go Ah, nice. 01:20:25.00 dclduo Exactly exactly well Danny it has been such a pleasure chatting with you this evening. We really, really appreciate you taking the time to come on the show and wish you all the best with your upcoming adventures and your time in italy. Thank you? so so much 01:20:27.30 Dani Metzger Perfect. Yeah. 01:20:35.54 Dani Metzger Thank you? Yes, maybe one day we could do like a little bonus episode and I can skype in from Florence or whatever it was. It was so great chatting with you guys. Thank you so much for having me on the show. 01:20:44.85 dclduo Ah, oh love it. Love it all right? Let me. 01:20:45.90 Sam Ooh I love it. Ah.

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