September 17, 2023


Ep. 346 - Pizza, Volcanoes, and Wine: A Mediterranean Cruise Adventure on Disney Cruise Line

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Brian Sam
Ep. 346 - Pizza, Volcanoes, and Wine: A Mediterranean Cruise Adventure on Disney Cruise Line
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 346 - Pizza, Volcanoes, and Wine: A Mediterranean Cruise Adventure on Disney Cruise Line

Sep 17 2023 | 01:05:16


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There's something utterly enchanting about the Mediterranean - with its vibrant history, diverse cultures, and picture-perfect sceneries, it's truly a cruise enthusiast's dream. That's why we're absolutely thrilled to have Chris and Sam back on our show. This dynamic duo, who we've had the pleasure of cruising with in Norway, are here to share their experiences on an extraordinary family adventure on a Disney Cruise Line, sailing through Europe. They share tales of their travels, from the romantic vineyards of Crete to the ancient ruins of Pompeii. Their son Nick even joins the show to share his thoughts on the sailing!

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Episode Transcript

00:00.00 dclduo Welcome back everybody to this week's episode of the Dc L Duo Podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and Samantha I'm going to have to call you samantha Samantha we are joined by friends today which we always enjoy cruising friends and much like Drew and Haaley I feel like. 00:12.41 Sam I I I I Love it. 00:19.62 dclduo These these folks should not be allowed to go to Europe without us but they did and we're going to talk about that today. 00:23.55 Sam Ah I know I'm really jealous and I think it's not right that they actually went on a trip on Disney Cruise line in Europe without us for sure. Um, and this time they brought their kid. Um, and you know the last time that we sailed with them was in Norway we didn't have our kid. They didn't have their kid. It was an adults only extravaganza with lots of pollo brunches and dinners and wine and lovely conversation and company and this is more family trips. So I think it'll be a fun one to chat about some different ports as well. So welcome to the show Chris and Sam. 01:06.54 Sam _1 Hello hello. 01:12.76 Chris Vorobek I there I'm unmuted hi how are you nice to be here. Yeah, it was. You know we had an awesome trip which we'll talk about it is not the same as traveling without the dcl duo. Let me tell you we ah very much. There was a piece missing even though we had 7 people and it was great. Um, there was ah there was a piece missing. So next time that's. 01:29.30 dclduo I I mean the paparazzi trailing behind us constantly can get annoying you added security. We can't fly on the same plane. So you know there's all that benefit that you just don't have to worry about well. 01:29.32 Sam Still. 01:42.81 dclduo Before we dive into this fabulous Mediterranean Cruise that you sailed on and talked a little bit about that as always we love to remind folks in your case about your Disney about your Disney cruising creds and so let me throw it over to you Chris talk to us about your background with Disney Cruise line ah how many times you sailed other cruise lines you've been on all of that fun stuff. 02:02.54 Chris Vorobek So I have I think this was 19 or 20 for me. So I've done a lot of Disney cruising. Um, and I've been on all ships but I haven't been on the wish yet. So I haven't been on all the ships but I'm still missing the wish. And I'm very close to just like picking up for a weekend and doing a little three days so I can at least have said that I've been on it. Plus I mean desperate desire to have that Bluetooth ah speaker thing I'm like so I have to get down on on a. 02:22.75 Sam Yeah, yeah. 02:37.25 Chris Vorobek Ship before it. Ah it goes away. Um, so I've done that I actually worked at Disneyland back in my college days and and so I'd like ah they always say that the d and Dna for me is pretty much disney so. I have a lot of Disney experience and. 02:55.62 Sam Yeah, and you were on our show of course several times previously both with Sam and without sam we've talked about several abd trips that you guys have taken? yeah. 03:04.81 Chris Vorobek Talked about Galapagos right? We talked about the Galapagos islands. We talked about our abd in backstage in hollywood and Disneyland you're doing that right? or you're you're going to be doing that that backstage. 03:20.55 Sam We're We're not but it's definitely on the list of things that we would like to do for sure and. 03:25.75 Chris Vorobek Yeah, it's ah it's amazing and and if you love disney it's it's it's incredible so yeah we've been together a bunch of times and then of course we got to travel together in Norway which was so super awesome and still I think one of our favorite trips ever. 03:37.26 dclduo Well, we will send you our we've got some upcoming three night trips on the wish we can send you maybe we can all connect up and I want one of the speakers. But I want one of the speakers from both Disney and carnival because a friend of mine this weekend had a post out there showing his 1 floating around the pool and. Someone suggests a little pyrotechnics and I said well why don't we just hook up. You know fireworks to a carnival ship and a Disney ship and just have them sail past each other and see who survives right? So there you go there, you go Sam let me throw over to you your experience with with Disney Cruise line cruising in general as well. 04:02.50 Chris Vorobek Um, talk about pirates of the Caribbean my goodness. 04:03.48 Sam Right? right. 04:12.46 Sam _1 So all of my Disney cruises have been with Chris I've been on either 6 or 7 I've done everything except the wish and the wonder best trip by far is well maybe not by far after the Mediterranean but best trip is still Norway. But most of my cruise experiences in the caribbean. 04:31.99 dclduo that nice yeah that Norway Cruise is hard to beat. But the Mediterranean would be up there so this will be a fun discussion for sure. So let's dive right in so it was the 2 of you and Chris your son Nick accompanied you is that right. 04:46.99 Chris Vorobek I was correct my 12 year old he had just turned 12 he had just graduated from the sixth grade which normally I would be kind of scoffing at but he went to this school for 9 years so it was kind of a big deal. Um, and and then it was also my niece and nephew. Who are boy little girl twins Jack and poppy at 16 my mother who if I could tell you her age. She come on aunt me down. So she's older than I am how's that um, and and then a good friend of ours. Diderre was also with us so we had a party of 7 um, Sam and I were doing our we were supposed to be on the inaugural wish and got booted. Ah so this was our half price cruise so we did um we did concierge on this at app. Price. Thank you very much. Um. And and the ah rest of the group were not ah, not in concierge. So um, but so that yeah it was a large group and and there were you know working with large groups can be challenging sometimes particularly if you're at different levels of. Castaway membership and trying to all get on the same excursions and all those kinds of things but but we make it made it work. So. 06:03.46 dclduo Yeah I've I've found recently that you know being attached to a concierges reservation can be super helpful because we've organized some you know, not large large sailings but you know multi-sate room kind of things and being able to submit our requests into concierge for everyone with an asterisk so long as they are. Planning to attend the Shore excursion. The dining experience. Ah the the the conciers guest has to be attending them in order for you to really be able to book everyone together. Um, but it's nice.. It's been nice to be able to do that and work with work with shoreside to get some private rooms at Pao and that sort of thing what you flew into. 06:24.98 Chris Vorobek Right. 06:31.48 Chris Vorobek Right. 06:43.40 dclduo Naples was it. Did you start in Naples. 06:45.10 Chris Vorobek No, you start in and I'll let Sam say say the name of the port city because he loves saying it. Yeah so yeah, coastal rome right? um. 06:51.40 dclduo There it is there. It is a k a Rome but not Rome. Yeah, it's very far away from Rome. Yeah. 06:51.92 Sam _1 Shavita vja. 06:52.30 Sam And to Che Vita betvia 07:00.82 Chris Vorobek So it's it's about an hour hour and a half outside of Rome so we flew in the day before which I always tell people please do um you get the. 07:10.78 dclduo Oh shoot Chris I accidentally muted you I was trying to meet myself start that over sorry. 07:14.48 Chris Vorobek You? Um, you want me to start. Ah so yeah, we got there. We flew into Rome the day before which I always recommend people do um and and from the East Coast you get in there fairly early in the morning you fly kind of overnight. Um. And so when we got in our rooms weren't ready but we sat sat at the hotel they they have you in a ah nice hotel that sits overlooking the city of Rome. Well one of the they have I think 3 rome hotels that Disney works with and so we were at the one that kind of looks overlooks Rome. Very nice view but you're not in you're not in Rome so you're not in the hustle and bustle of it so it feels almost more like a resort like you're doing a resort thing rather than a roam thing. Um, which was fine for us because we were doing the adventures by Disney Rome escape afterwards so it was fine. But if that's your only real experience I'm not sure I would I would say do that hotel as lovely as it is um so so we ate something and then we quickly scattered off and wanted to you know for me, it's always fighting to stay up stay awake so you can. Trying like control all delete and get on some kind of normal time. Um, and so we stayed up as late as we possibly could and went and saw the spanish steps my friend friend Deidre wanted to buy had forgotten tennis shoes so we were on searching rome for tennis shoes which was kind of fun. Um. 08:44.40 Chris Vorobek And my son always would is happy to look at basketball shoes. So so we did that we went. We didn't go in ah the Pantheon part Pantheon part park of Pan Pantheon there you go but we um, we went out and saw the outside of it at that point. Um. 08:56.26 Sam Yeah. 09:03.79 Chris Vorobek And um and then had dinner in town and then and then went back to the hotel so you know it it was kind of like stretching as long as we could to stay up I think we've made it till but six thirty seven o'clock of course in the med it stays stays light. pretty pretty late 09:12.80 dclduo No. 09:22.58 Chris Vorobek So I think the sun didn't set until maybe nine thirty or so so it was ah but we were we I think we were in bed before the sun was setting but it was still. It was ah it it was a good first day and got got everyone kind of okay, we're. 09:23.11 dclduo Um. 09:30.55 Sam So. 09:39.39 Chris Vorobek We're going to see a lot of ruins. We're going to see a lot of historic ancient thing. It was great. It was a good first day. So. 09:45.62 Sam So sneakers are kind of a we sorry sneakers are kind of a weird thing to forget by the way. Um I always wear mine on the plane. Um, so I because I feel like that's those are like the shoes you need for touring around Europe like. 09:45.69 dclduo Um, it and was the hotel. 09:49.16 Chris Vorobek I was yeah. 10:01.82 Sam You know if you forget your flip-flops at the pool. You can kind of do you cannot make do I feel like unless you've got sneakers if you're doing a lot of like walking tours and things like that in Europe it's just. 10:13.57 Chris Vorobek So didre is an avid traveler and Ben everywhere and I always tease her that she she can go any place in a ah basically a knapsack. She's she's very agile that way but she most of the time she was wearing flip flops. Ah. Basically for for even touring like climbing the wind. We'll talk about the acropolis later but it was it was a little hilly and a little cause it's marble and sore It's a little slick and she was wearing flipflops and like I I'm wearing I'm wearing sneak I'm like you I'm I wear my sneakers everywhere. Um, but she was but she made it. She did a great job. So so. 10:49.26 dclduo So was the hotel you stayed at was that one recommended by Disney or did you pick it on your own I notice notice you use Disney transportation to get to the port. So I was wondering if that was the Disney hotel then. 10:59.92 Chris Vorobek Yeah, it was one of I think they have at least 2 maybe 3 hotels in in Rome I think 2 and this was one of the 2 we did this one before and then we did the other one. No, we stayed with a abd after so we knew we were staying in. Right in Rome after so I was less worried about this was a Waldorf Astoria property so it was very nice and I wanted to do the Disney transportation because I didn't want to have to worry about it particularly with 7 people I wanted to I was trying to make as many pieces. Easy. 11:24.59 dclduo N. 11:37.60 Chris Vorobek As possible because there were pieces that were hard so if there was a piece that I could I could make easier and the price for the transportation Disney transportation down to the air down to the port was not all. It was not bad so it was it was good. It worked out. Well. 11:54.00 dclduo Ah I'm just surprised you took the risk based on your experience in with the Norway Cruise and Disney transportation. So yeah. 12:01.53 Chris Vorobek Um, very true I but I didn't have to pay for that one. The won Norway won so they they refunded me on that so it was all things considered I would have rather have been on the ship and. 12:06.52 dclduo Ah. 12:13.13 Chris Vorobek Um, had my ah ah you know I'd love the concierge lunch that you get when you once you get on board. Ah that first lunch where you get to meet the concierge team and everything and if is there anything you forgot and all that stuff. It's one of my favorites and so I miss that on the Norway trip. But um. But yeah, it was. It was easy and we were there early and boarding was very easy and efficient and so it it all went it all went smoothly. Thank goodness. 12:39.50 dclduo Nice and and I see in the notes you sense across early. They let everyone in your party boarded with conciurs that's kind of a nice little perk for folks. 12:48.15 Chris Vorobek Yeah, it was nice and and again it made it made it easy for everybody. So ah, you know we were on the early side but not, you know it wasn't eleven o'clock so it was I think it was probably closer to noon by the time we were getting on so they were boarding other groups anyway and it made it. I think made it easier. But yeah, it was a nice little perk I don't they don't do that all the time. So if people expecting that that doesn't happen all the time. 13:06.79 dclduo Nice, nice. 13:14.34 dclduo Sure, yeah, yeah, well let me set this up for folks out there. We're going to really focus on the ports because I think from our own experience in Norway from many shows talking with folks who've sailed over in Europe the ports tend to be the star of the show. In fact, it's. Raise questions for some of our guests as to whether they would spend the money to be on Disney Cruise line because they're off the ship so much and we're going to start off kind of go in port order for this cruise. So first up is is Naples and I'll say based on what I'm seeing in your notes here Chris about the amount of time you spent off the ship man. The idea of maybe being on a different cruise. It's interesting one because that was a long that was a long day. So why don't you talk us through when you got into Naples and ah and what you got up to and Sam I want to hear your reactions to Naples as well. 14:00.86 Chris Vorobek so um so yeah it we were in naple we got arrived at Naples a tad bit late. We had a health person that they had to go back after we after we let left port initially they had to go back and then shove off again. Um. But Naples is not that far from from Rome so you can drive it in probably an hour hour and a half. Um, so it's not It's not that bad so they were there in plenty of time. Yeah, this was a um this first. Ah port day in Naples was long. Um, we were off the ship at about we were we met at six thirty we were off the ship at about six forty five and we did not get back until probably six thirty closer to 7 maybe it was a. 14:46.29 Sam Wow! So like a 12 hour day wow 14:51.78 Chris Vorobek It was a long long day. Um, and there were god loved them. There were ah several ah several younger kids who? um, ah I mean they about halfway 2 thirds of the way through they they started melting which I was like I totally. I was in total like I got it like it was a long trek and there was a lot of it was warm. It was a lot of different pieces. You know if I had to do over again and I'll let sam talk about this a little bit but I'm I'm not sure what part I would. Pull out from there were essentially 3 pieces. We went to Capri took a boat smaller boat got off the big ship went gone it up essentially a ferry kind of thing and went to Capri Sa Capri a little bit which we can talk about then? Ah, um, went over to so ah, um. Not santaini. What's say ah to ah do do do do do soento sorry just jump my mind and then and then took a bus from there to Pompei. So I'm not sure which piece it. 16:00.79 Chris Vorobek We mentioned this in the other podcast but sam is a has a has a background he studied geology and so you have to see pompei for goodness sakes. That's like we're we're not missing po a um but I'm not I don't know which of the 3 we would cut out. Um. But it was. It was definitely a long day and um and and and we were tired luck. Luckily we had a c day the next day so we could crash afterwards. So Sam would you cut any I mean I thought all 3 were were pretty amazing. So. 16:33.13 Sam _1 Yeah, no I wouldn't cut any out given the choice. But I think we saw the least of cappri when we were there because we got the capri and our excursion at capri was taking a boat halfway around the island in the back just look at the structures and these little islands that were around capri. And then back and then we had maybe 45 minutes in the town. Um, so I don't I think if we had missed Capri altogether it wouldn't have really killed our trip because we had some real time in Pompei and some real time in sorento. So I guess that would have been the easiest to pull out. But. I wouldn't pull it out. We had a great time. There. It was a fascinating place all these 3 destinations were so different from the other. 17:20.21 Chris Vorobek And and Capri is very rocky I had never been to capri before so it was all new to me. Um, Capri is very you know, very rocky much like a lot of the Greek islands a lot of the ah where people actually live live is up at the top we stayed down at the ah um. Ah, at the lower by the by the shore. Um, and then as as sam said took this boat and we got to see you know they took us into they could really take us into the little nooks and crannies we went through essentially what's a carved out area of Iraq and when they took the boat through it was like okay. But to see Tom L Hialringer's yacht yay. Um, very fancy. We didn't get into the blue grotto. No um, they there. There was an area where there is There's like this red tie. Ah ah that they use for a lot of the red jewelry and stuff so they did that. 17:58.80 Sam Did did they take you into the blue grotto. 18:17.00 Chris Vorobek But they didn't take us into the blue grotto. We got to have pizza. Yeah, this was a bigger boat than that. Yeah, um. 18:17.31 Sam Yeah, the blue grotto you have to get you have to get in these little tiny boats like 2 like 3 person boats. Yeah yeah, so. 18:24.89 dclduo I Yeah Sam has been permanently scarred by her experience in the blue grotto. For reasons you can reach back through our catalog to find that story I won't to retell it here but it is gorgeous. It is gorgeous and when we went to Italy on a land-based vacation years ago we spent actually a couple days in capri was gorgeous. 18:30.77 Chris Vorobek Ah, so. 18:40.37 Sam And capri. 18:44.46 dclduo But ungodly expensive. It's like the Beverly Hills of of Italy I feel like so everything was so expensive there. 18:48.44 Chris Vorobek It will frankly everything like the Greek islands are all really expensive as well. I mean this is not if you're if you you kind of can have to not look because you're just going to be if you if you're doing that you're just going to be miserable the whole time. 18:53.79 Sam Yeah, yeah. 19:04.39 Sam Yeah, yeah. 19:06.48 Chris Vorobek Um, so you kind of like don't look the other way and just go. We had our first pizza in ah in capri as well. There was a place that they recommend that recommended so we all have pizza which was fun. Um, but it was it was lovely. It was ah it was a great first stop. As I said then we got back on the on the but but kind of ferry boat and went ah went to Sorrento Sorrento again is you come in and shore. But then you have to get up to the top where where the actual town is and um. And they toured us around some mostly we got to got to look around. We had lunch actual lunch in in Sorrento and then um and then got to poke around. There's just great. Great shopping. Yeah, we had first pizza and second pizza. Um. 19:50.20 Sam And so you had so you had first lunch and second lunch. That's what I'm hearing that. Ah I love it. 19:58.77 Chris Vorobek Early am m pizza and the late a ah and late ah early pm pizza. Um, and and then from there we took ah ah a bus that took us to Pompei and pompei if you've never been to Pompei I this is my second time I took Nick when he was was. Probably five years ago so he was maybe 5 or 6 um and there was an adorable little kid on our trip whose name is remy hi remy um and who knows by the way you'll have him on your show at some point because he he knows more about Disney Cruise line he was asking me a. Peppering me questions about the treasure when was it coming out and ah he was. It was ah awesome. Little I think he was 6 or 7 um and and he was fascinated by Pompey um, and and I told because when I went with Nick um, you know there was a dog that's like. 20:39.64 Sam But. 20:46.80 Sam Wow. 20:58.16 Chris Vorobek Frozen in the ah in the ash or something. Um and that was how I got Nick through it like we're going to see this dog that's frozen in the ash it's going to be so and of course that's an area that was closed. They had people frozen in the ash. But I felt ah I felt like I was lying to the seven year olds so um but ah, but it was It's an amazing experience. It's amazing to see um and and in fact, while we were there. Ah there was a story that came out earlier this summer. About they had uncovered a place where they actually had pictures of what must have been early pizzas and they serve pizzas in in Pompei. Ah back in you know so so they had just literally discovered that while we were there so it was it was it's pretty amazing it's it's crowded every place was. 21:40.10 Sam That So cool. Yeah. 21:51.20 Chris Vorobek Crowded, but um, but we were there by the time we got there. It was fairly late in the day and so it wasn't as the the mobs were were I think calmed down a little bit but it was um. Was very glad we usually do first dining but on this we did second dining and if you had done first dining you would have missed your dining on this excursion because we didn't get back until almost 7 so you know on these european trips I think you really try and get that second dining time. Um. Because it's just it's it's hard. A lot of the excursions go go long. So sometimes. 22:28.50 dclduo What was it was it. In fact, harder to have that I mean you're in concierra so you probably got front of the line but did you I would imagine it could be actually harder to get late dining on some of these curises. 22:36.88 Chris Vorobek Yeah, it is on the on the european and Alaska ones as well. It's it's the second second dining is the one that ends up having the waitlist more than first dining which is unusual. 22:45.83 dclduo Yeah, and and sorry if you mentioned this chris. 22:48.52 Sam I right? because in the in the Caribbean It's always the opposite main dining always has the waitlist. 22:52.20 Chris Vorobek Right? so. 22:54.40 dclduo And sorry if you mentioned this Chris but was this a Disney excursion that you booked. Okay. 23:00.29 Chris Vorobek Correct we did all Disney Excursion so just I think it's relevant to have pricing as to how much this was this was a two ninety five per person which that's for 10 and older so all pricing I'm giving you is the tenant older pricing. Um. 23:08.47 dclduo Wow. 23:16.78 Chris Vorobek And ah, which for a 12 hour thing I didn't think was all that bad to be honest with you. Um, and and all that different transportation from 1 place the other um I um, you know sometimes I look at the excursion prices and I like kind of like ah are we going to get this much out. 23:20.74 dclduo Yeah. 23:33.92 Chris Vorobek But I didn't for for the day that we had I I thought that was was it's weird to say Disney Cruise line and reasonable in the same sentence. But I I thought it was I thought it was not not I didn't drive me crazy. 23:47.40 dclduo Yeah, you know we we had someone on recently talking about royal caribbean short excursions and just mentioning that they actually did take the time to compare pricing across and Disney was not out of line with what some of the other cruise lines are charging for this stuff. So I and I agree with you for a 12 hour day with bus rides. Ah you know all that sort of stuff included like it. 23:50.23 Chris Vorobek Yeah. 24:05.41 dclduo That you know that seems reasonable. He would certainly cost that much to rent a van you know take around. 24:05.77 Chris Vorobek It first and and also at right exactly and and I thought our our guide on this trip was very good and again we didn't do the adult version. Um, so you know you have kids and she did a good job of involving the kids and keeping the kids. Plugged in which I was impressed with sometimes with these even the disney excursions. It's it's a little bit of a you know roll of dice as to how good your tour guide is going to be some of them are really good. Some of them are not so great I thought she she did a really good job of of keeping everybody talking about the things that. Would speak to the very wide age age variability amongst the group. So. 24:50.57 dclduo Well. 24:52.49 Sam Um, sam did sam did you think that the guide was ah good in her at at Pompei in particular I feel like that's the site that probably was ah you know a significant interest to you given your background just curious what you thought of it and. 25:04.37 Sam _1 Yeah, it was amazing and funny enough. The most interesting part about it wasn't geology related at all I didn't know that there were restaurants back then because they were showing us all these little. They were almost like a chipotle counter style kitchen where you could walk up and. Tell people what you want and they could serve it for you. They had these hot plates with these bowls that they would heat up with different kinds of food just walk up. Buy it be on your way which I mean I Never even thought about it. Why would there be restaurants back then but there they are and the evidence is still standing. 25:32.40 Sam Yeah, yeah, it's pretty cool. Yeah. 25:37.50 Chris Vorobek And and again that that had been discovered since I was there last time so you know the amount that they're still uncovering is is just amazing. So. 25:46.89 Sam Um, yeah, it's ah, really interesting. Sorry go ahead. 25:49.23 dclduo Um, well next up for you was a see next up. 25:52.87 Sam _1 And I think it's it's important to note that capri of these 3 stops that we had Capri was definitely the most crowded and I don't know if it was timing with the day but by the time we left, you couldn't walk without bumping into somebody. It was insane but Sorrento was. Manageable and pompei was manageable but that was um, later on in the day but capri was crazy packed with people and. 26:14.36 Chris Vorobek I agree was crazy that being said Sam got a linen shirt in Capri which is awesome and ah Sam is more of the type that say oh I don't need it and I'm like. We're in capri who knows when we'll ever be in capri again every time you wear this shirt. You'll think of capri we're buying this shirt and so we bought it anyway and um and he does love wearing it. So it's ah ah, it's fun to have something I think it's fun to have something when you travel. So. 26:41.76 dclduo Nice, nice. Well your next day was a c day which I'm going to put a pen in and come back to because I do want to ask you about 1 of the things you did on your c day and then next up is Micanos is that right. 26:57.56 Chris Vorobek And Micnos was ah ah was lovely again a ah Disney sponsored this one was more expensive 3 3 almost three hundred and fifty dollars per person we were on a catamaran. So the um getting there was fine although getting. Ah, it was a little cluttery getting ah sorted onto where are the catamarans we were going on but these were initially when I read the thing. It's like oh this is going to be a catamaran that's like piled with a hundred people and this is not going to be really fun. It was not. It was ah it was a very nice catamaran. Um, it was the name the name of it and I went looked. It's called supernova and um and you can rent it yourself and the pricing was not that far off from what Disney charged so that helped me feel better again. It was a full day tour. Um, we we were. We left it and we didn't leave at 6 in the morning but we were off the ship before I'd say by Eight o'clock in the morning so we were getting on the catamaran at maybe 9 and then we were we didn't get back until 5 maybe maybe 6 so. It was a full day again for the for the price of what we did ah was lovely. So the cattamaran sailed around to the other to the ah couple of the other islands. It went to one of the islands where who Sam who was ah 1 of the one of the Greek Gods was I'm doing air quotes was born. There. 28:26.22 Sam _1 So it was Apollo and Athena. 28:28.56 dclduo M. 28:30.48 Chris Vorobek So and then and the water is probably 15 20 twenty five feet deep and you can see just clear crystal clear. It is spectacular and then micchanos is all the white buildings with the blue roofs and I mean just a very distinctive look. 28:38.79 dclduo His. 28:49.59 Chris Vorobek Um, and they fixed us lunch on the ship on the boat on the catamaran which I was again like I was dubious I was like okay this is not going to be what I think um and it I. 29:06.69 Chris Vorobek Maybe not our best meal but certainly among the best meals that we had on the entire trip. The food was exceptional and. 29:15.36 dclduo Yeah that's our experience with I will say cataran cooking. We had one in martinique that the lunch was just fabulous that they made on board and I've heard from others who've taken similar excursions. They're always blown away by the meal that they're able to prep on a catamaran. Ah. Sam what did you think about this this cattaran adventure was it was a fun day. 29:35.49 Sam _1 It was probably my favorite excursion of the trip. Um, we had this the staff that they had on the on the boat was incredible. The captain Captain Michael he actually designed the catamran that we were on and you could see the thought and detail it went into everything. He was explaining to us why he made the kitchen this size and placed it in this area. He was. He was amazing and the rest of the staff were more than attentive to everybody. It was almost like being on ah in the concierge louns where they're they're asking you if you need anything can they gives you water can I get you some of a drink anything else to eat. They were just. Above and beyond. 30:10.94 Chris Vorobek They and they had fun. Ah like little toy and so they had you know the little ah noodles that you could sit on in the water but they also had this really cool. You know these little Jet skis not jet skis but they're like these Jet propulsion thing that you hold onto. 30:24.30 Sam The oh those little sea bobbs those little they you know the seabobs. Yeah. 30:28.21 Chris Vorobek Sea bobs. Yeah, they're like you and it and so if you wanted to go down and I mean all a sudden you're zipping around the it was really really awesome. So they did a They did a great job. It was very fun. Um, you know it what we didn't ah. 30:33.00 Sam I Love it. Yeah. 30:43.29 Chris Vorobek I guess one of my disappointments is that we didn't we didn't get into the actual little town of Micannos so but we had such an awesome time seeing what you know being out on the water of and getting a sense of the island and that I it felt fine. It felt it felt like time well spent and. 31:01.78 Sam _1 And and to be fair, we had time at the end where we could have gone to see downtown Micchanos but after a day jumping off the boat into the water sploshing around and hanging out in the sun we were. We were pretty shot so we made the call ourselves to go back to the ship and spend the rest of the day there. 31:16.51 dclduo And what time did you get into mika. No so what time did you leave how long was the excursion. 31:23.46 Chris Vorobek And so the excursion was most of the day we I think we we were all in every port fairly early because they're not they're they're not all that far from each other. so um so we were probably in by six thirty off the ship by 8 um. And on on to the catamaran by 9 or nine thirty I will say the 1 disappointing thing was our trek back to the ship which we um, we are were all once we got off the catamaran and we were waiting and I don't know who organized this piece of it but we were all waiting there. Baking in the sun for quite a while and then somebody started who I guess was somebody official but there was that was never really clear all sudden. We started walking through the streets of Mickeno's let me tell you there are no sidewalks in this. At least this I never saw aside so we were kind of walking and you're right up against cars kind of zipping around and finally we just stop at like this intersection and we're just sitting here with cars racing by before. Finally a bus came and and got us but it was a little. 32:14.71 Sam And oh wow. 32:33.43 Chris Vorobek It was a little bit of a serial experience that being said I heard from some other ah folks guests on the on the cruise and they had they were like being walked through a restaurant and stuff so I don't don't know what happened on all that stuff and I don't think of's a Disney thing but it in the end. It didn't. Pull away from our enjoyment of the of the day but it was it was a little odd and and particularly at least I feel like I'm away from the ship. How do I get how do I get back if and so it was a little was a little also I have a group of 7 so it's not like we can all jump in a cab or something. So it was it was it was a little it was an unusual trek back. But I think the. 33:16.86 Sam _1 And I think the weirdest part of it was. We had somebody in our group telling us that the Disney guide who was trying to find our bus for us and lead us on. Um, she was telling us that he was a scammer. Don't trust him. He's a scammer. Don't listen to him but he was actually the guide who was leading us to the bus to get out of there. So it was a lot of confusion from the get go. 33:36.71 dclduo Nice. 33:37.28 Sam That that's crazy. 33:45.83 dclduo Sorry trying to find the notes again there we go all right? Well next up is Athens and Sam I want to send this over to you? Um, actually before I do that let me clarify Naples Chris tender or Doc to get in. Okay. 33:59.79 Chris Vorobek Ah, dock so ah, dock and dock in micchios as well. Um, can I go ah can I go back to Naples just one other thing one of the other things that I wish we could have done. Um, so they have a thing where you actually hike. 34:01.77 dclduo And. Okay. 34:16.30 Chris Vorobek Mount Vuvius which I thought that would have been really really cool. Um, again I'm not sure in hindsight if I would have traded but the people who were talking about ah their mount vauvius hike so you hike Mount Vesuvius and then you and then you can do pompei and. Like I don't it would be that sounds like a really awesome thing to do malphasuvius of course is still an active volcano. So it's it just would be kind of an amazing thing to do and so. 34:48.60 dclduo Nice, nice. We's saying let me throw it over to you next up is Athens ah, when did you get into Athens what did you get up to and I'll just go ahead and ask up front tinder or dock. 34:57.83 Chris Vorobek So it is so everything was that that except for Morris how so. 34:59.94 Sam _1 That was a doc so everything was a dock except for santorini pal you and need to move. Um, so everything was a dock except for Santorini where we tendered in and Athens we were in first thing in the morning so you wake up and you're pulling in essentially. Um, our tour. We took a bus from the port to see the acropolis first impressions of Athens were that it's a lot more modern than I expected and modern being late sixty s early seventy s they had a population boom and they started throwing up all this housing. 35:26.82 dclduo Are. 35:35.59 Sam _1 And all looks the same It's not attractive. It was surprising. There were a couple of architecturally pretty buildings in there. But it's mostly these late 60 s early 70 s apartment looking buildings. Everything's covered in graffiti which was also shocking but we went to the anyway we were on the bus and went to Acropolis. Um, as well as a museum which was amazing. It was probably one of the best museums that I've ever been into. It was well designed. It was well laid out the things that they had in There were amazing. It was I've Athens it was probably the highlight between ac cropolis and the museum that was it was incredible. 36:00.20 Chris Vorobek With 1 36:13.12 Chris Vorobek So this is the um national archaeological museum It's located. They used to have a museum up on the acropolis itself and they built this museum and so it's down at the bottom of the hill but. It looks it has these wonderful vistas where you look out at the at the Parthenon and it look it's it's it's exceptionally well done I love museums that are so they have a lot of the freezes that would be around the Acropolis which have been pulled off and and are protected and so they've ah. Recreated them in a space up at the top of the museum so you still get the the feeling of that they're all the way around the building but but now they're safe and and and in a more protected space. Um, this museum was exceptional, wonderful look wonderful vistas looking out at at. The the acropolis itself but also just really cool stuff and and looks at the at the acropolis in different periods of time which I love like the Acropolis wasn't always in one space. It. It had it was different in the roman period as it was in the Greek period as it. You know it had many different iterations and so they did a great job of showing you those different periods of time for this space was really really lovely. Ah. 37:37.48 Chris Vorobek A lovely space and we were thrilled that we got to spend some time there. 37:42.44 dclduo You you know you mentioned um lunch I think or at least you mentioned your write up lunch. Um I'm always curious. We haven't gotten through all the ports yet. But I'm always curious. Did you get ah an ability to like in Norway I felt like we were able to get off the ship. We would spend the day off the ship we might. Grab some local bit of food or eat at a local spot instead of getting back on and having you know, basically american food the middle of a foreign country did did you feel like you got a chance to try some of the local cuisine in in Greece in your various ports. 38:04.23 Chris Vorobek Right? yeah. 38:14.90 Chris Vorobek So ah, the the place and we'll talk about it next is santorini where we did. Our excursion was canceled So so we absolutely did and it was ah else I'll let's see um it It was an amazing amazing meal. Really really we. 38:19.10 dclduo Oh. 38:30.70 Chris Vorobek You know when you get to these places. You don't you know you kind of guess as to what's good or what's not good so you kind of we ended up ah choosing well so so it was I also had a lot of ah bunch of kids that were about ready to mutiny on me so I had to get food in their bellies. So it was also the place that was was close. Um, but um, you know what? it's we had more of an opportunity to do that in Norway than we did in um, in I mean these a lot of these excursions went full days and so there wasn't quite the opportunity. To ah to do that kind of like that lovely lunch we had in I forget that you know that first day after we climbed up and then we just sat and had you know coffee and it was like we didn't have those kinds of moments unfortunately in the last. 39:20.44 dclduo Okay, yes, him. So. 39:24.50 Sam _1 And the lunches that they did have planned for us were not awesome. So on the Athens stop in particular we went to a ah hotel and they brought us up to the top. The view is amazing. We were on I think floor 9 or 10 with 360 degree views. You can see all around you. You could see the acropolis in the background. 39:24.99 Chris Vorobek It looks like. 39:40.63 Sam _1 But the food itself I mean it was mass prepared. It was it was dried chicken with mediocre salad and I mean it's first world problems are feeding us lunch in in Athens like what is there to complain about. But as far comparing this to our other meals that we did have on our own it was. It was really lacking. 39:47.67 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah. 39:56.35 Chris Vorobek And they gave me wine so I was very happy. 39:58.59 dclduo Loca. What. 40:01.82 Sam Ah, well and it's it's funny. Your impression Sam of Athens I had um so I've been to Athens on a ah ah guided tour type of excursion or back when I was ah back when in my younger days and spent and spent only. 40:02.10 dclduo Ah, pro tip. 40:16.90 Chris Vorobek So last year. 40:20.23 Sam And spent only like a day and a half in Athens and I was like that's the perfect amount of time to spend in Athens. Um, because you really need the the time to spend at the museum and to see the Acropolis and then I was like ok now I'm happy to get out of Athens. Um I did not really love it as a city I'm sure there are other places to explore that I missed. Um. But I actually think seeing it on a cruise would be kind of perfect because you have that full day of excursion and then you get back on the ship and you go someplace else. You go to a beautiful Greek Island like Santorini which is I think yeah. 40:49.61 Sam _1 It right? Yeah, you have a starting a stop and you have somebody leading you around athen itself. It's just a little and I don't wanna say it's underwhelming. It's still an amazing place and it has some really cool features. It just is not compared to the other greek stops that we had and where we started in Rome it just was it was. 40:51.86 Chris Vorobek Radiation. 41:08.83 Sam _1 Was different. You know. 41:11.35 Chris Vorobek The I what I'd say how'd I describe it is Athens we were happy to only have a day there the other places ah almost all the other places we wish we had had more time like it felt like just a taste. Oh we need to come back. We want more is please serve more. Um, but Athens we like okay I saw and and I have to say I was ah thrilled when we got to the a acropolis the acropolis was a Bob scene I mean it was ah like the huns going up the mountain to it to. And like it was it was incredible and I was you know I had my mother with me and it it was crazy now once we got through that climbing the mountain thing it was fine. Um, and and you got some space and and I would not I you know. I wanted to visit the acropolis I wanted to be in that space and I was thrilled to get there and and there is some. There's something. That's so incredible and this is a 20 what 26 hundred year old building is just absolutely incredible and um. And so I'm glad we did it but I was glad we were on a tour because if I had gone up and seen that massive crowd I would have said we're not doing that and bailed. Um, so so there were good things that came out of it so I will add 1 other thing they also took us to this which I wasn't on the right up that they did. 42:33.17 dclduo Nice. 42:42.60 Chris Vorobek But they took us to this museum. It's called the ah gula guag gorias I don't know how you say their name. It was a museum from a greek family that we're shipping. It's a they're very wealthy. They have a $3000000000 us billion dollar collection and so they have. I mean van goghs they have. It's an incredible, um, incredible collection that they have and and it is housed in this amazing building that I've read in 1 place that the building is was designed by I m pay. So the inside is well. The outside is gorgeous. They've spent a lot of money doing it. The inside was was really spectacular and we had just an amazing guide from the museum who walked us through and sometimes you get you don't get somebody who can talk about pieces of art in ah in a really good way. This guy was phenomenal about. Pointing out things to notice and what was unique and why this piece particularly spoke about the time and place that it was created and it was I I think it was ah very much unexpected because I didn't know we were going to do it and um, and really frankly. Ah, surprised me and loved it. I was I was thrilled. We got to do it. 43:58.99 dclduo Well Sam take us into the port of Santorini that's next up I'd love to hear if there was a rationale offered for why your excursions were canceled and also what what you had booked what you'd plan to do and couldn't do and then what you got up to. 44:12.66 Sam _1 And we were disappointed that it got canceled so it ended up being canceled because of high winds which didn't come until later in the day I think we probably could have done our excursion and been fine. Okay, but I mean it is what it is. We had a great time doing what we did but we were gonna go. Take ah a boat ride around the volcano that's still there. We were going to visit a winery on the other side of the island. It all sounded like a lot of fun. We actually went downstairs to meet with our group to start the excursion and we just we were sitting there for 15 minutes and then 20 minutes and finally a half hour goes by and they tell us that the excursion is canceled because of high winds. But luckily we were they still let us soft boat very off the dizzy ship very early and we just decide we were going to go hike around and explore santorini and make the most of it so getting off. And getting on to Santorini. It's it's tough because you can get up either by walking up 500 flights or 500 stairs. You could take a sort of ski lift to the top or you can ride mules up and later in the day. It just gets packed There are so many people trying to get up at once. There's only a couple ways up to the top and it just It's overwhelming. There are hundreds and there were what 3 or 4 other ships along with us who were all trying to get up at the same time. 45:24.54 Chris Vorobek And what 3 or fallenship for for Yeah yeah, there were 4 Cruise ships in there at the same time so it was overwhelming. There's little island and um and they um. And the the gondola is kind of like think of the Disney skyliner at Disney World um it it. takes you up to the top. Um, so we were really lucky that we got there. Got there when we did and were able to scooch up. We ah we waited maybe a half an hour 40 minutes tops um so we got up there very early. 45:44.29 Sam And. 46:01.56 Chris Vorobek Which was great and we were able to see the town before just the hordes arrived. Um and um and we just walked the Island it was. It was awesome. Um, you know we just kept walking and like it. 46:07.70 Sam _1 I took. 46:17.22 Chris Vorobek It's ah it's amazing that like every turn you come around. It's a whole different view and is like more gob smacking than the neck I mean it just was so amazing. Um. 46:22.10 Sam Yeah, yeah. How how come no mules you guys why the fenicula oh. 46:31.24 Chris Vorobek We come back. 46:33.60 Sam _1 And we felt bad. We felt so bad for them. They were I mean it was a long way to the top and they were just they were working it was hot. Um, plus it was I think it was cheaper to take the gondole up anyway. So we felt we felt that I felt better about doing that anyway. But I'm glad I'm glad you got off and did it when we did. 46:43.23 Chris Vorobek All that I just. 46:44.70 dclduo With the. 46:50.54 Sam _1 Like Chris said we only had a 30 to 45 minute wait if we had gotten there a half hour later it was an hour to 2 hour long wait standing in line standing in the baking sun to get on one of those ways to get up or you just take it upon yourself and walk all the way up. 46:59.30 Sam And Wow now to get Wow now to get back down. It was I Assume the weight's not as bad to get back down. 47:01.52 Chris Vorobek They they got all well 1 person came through later and they said it was a three and a half hour wait to get up there which we would have walked. But. 47:17.17 Sam Um, because more people probably are willing to take the stayers I don't know what what? what was your. 47:21.68 Chris Vorobek And and no it was a long we we ended up walking down. Um I will tell you one of my gross out moments. So the mules are are going down as well of course and there was a lady walking down and she had no shoes on. 47:28.39 Sam Right? right. 47:35.45 Sam Um, ew. 47:36.50 Chris Vorobek And yeah, just gross me out and in fact, when I was getting a Manny Petty on our next on this RCDay I said there's going to be some lady who comes in here and she walked down the hill and I don't know how much they pay you but it's not enough. Um, just kind of like gross me out. But. 47:46.75 Sam Um, ah so. 47:49.55 Sam Oh my God Yeah so she's stepping in Mule Poop the entire way you can't possibly completely. Yeah, oh my goodness. 47:54.50 Chris Vorobek I yeah I mean you're trying to avoid it. But I'm not I'm not sure you can I mean there's a lot of mules going up and down that thing and they're doing their doing their oath so it was we we actually got some art in. We got 2 glass. 48:11.61 Sam So cool. So. 48:11.88 Chris Vorobek Pieces which haven't arrived yet but arrive soon hopefully and which were made on the island and we also used our because it was so crowded. We put our you know good Disney Disney World and Disney ah planning skills to work and like you don't. You don't eat right? when everyone's hungry you choose low earlier. Yes, you may not be starving but you don't have to wait in hordes of lines and and we ended up finding this gorgeous place that was ah right on the water and you know generally my rule is the better the view the worse the food. And and then if something rotates all bets are off. There's no way you're getting good food. Um this was it well you know the via the the one that breaks that rule is ah we like the food at in ebcot they have the rotating place and the food there is really good but ah generally no, it's not going to be good. Um. 48:52.68 Sam I Like oh my God So true. 49:09.36 Chris Vorobek The food here was awesome. Just awesome and it was a gorgeous space and um and it was nice because while we were walking I actually said to Sam because we had the my mom didn't come with us on this one. Thank goodness because it was rocky and she would have had trouble. You know it would have been hard for her to walk. Um. But the the three kids I I leaned over to Sam and I said they're going to. We're about 15 seconds from them just pulling the plug autos and sure enough is is like it Ed exited my mouth and there they we're not I'll getting any farther. So you know? Okay, we turned around at that point and we found a place to eat and they got some food in their belly and they were all happy again. um and um and I think they really It's funny. They complain the most of the about that excursion but all of them afterwards and you can talk to nick afterwards. But. Um, all of them said it was their favorite ah favorite island so um so we had we had a really great time and again totally unplanned 1 of those moments that you just like okay, we'll see what we do and and we could have done ah you know taken a boat or something like that done. Done our own kind of so they were doing excursion. You know things from from the island but we were just having a good time poking around so it was great. The name of. 50:27.32 Sam _1 I the name of the restaurant that we ate at is called. It's called one R O N A R Hands down best meal that we had and the only thing it would have made it better is if Captain Michael from the catamarine was there. 50:39.11 Sam I Love it. Love it and and the kids were and the kids were not no longer grumpy at that point. 50:40.75 Chris Vorobek I. 50:42.49 dclduo Ah, what? what kind of food was it. Did you say what. 50:48.95 Chris Vorobek It correct it was it was ah so greek but fish. Ah so um, one of the my nephew Jack had a gorgeous calamari which was I mean the full squid I mean you know every a all of it. 50:50.27 dclduo Um, what kind of food was it. 51:06.30 Chris Vorobek Um, just every all of us had every everything we had was awesome I Forget what you. 51:09.95 Sam _1 And I don't I don't think it's fair to say fish I mean they had I had lamb meatballs. They had this amazing mushroom Masato Chris had a smoked pork chop we had that squid. They had lots of fish options I had a chicken as my main they had I mean they had everything it was. So hard to choose what we wanted for that meal. So we ended up deciding everybody has to get something different so we can all get a taste of everything. It was the only way to do it. Otherwise we would have drove ourselves crazy trying to pick something and. 51:31.87 Chris Vorobek I I was gonna get that. Yeah, we had a good family. We did family style and my niece poppy doesn't like to share but she after she ate and finished her stuff then she would share so worked out. Well. 51:47.69 dclduo Nice, nice, all right? Well we wrap up the port stops here and at least until you get back to Rome. We we wrap up the port stops with crete ah your last day before a c day. Um, what did you get up to in. Crete let me start with you Chris. 52:05.58 Chris Vorobek So this was a um ah we toured there's an old town area of crete now crete is the is the island that Zeus and I'm going to doing air quotes but Zeus was born on. Um, his his mother took him there so his dad wouldn't eat him of course. So. It's a good Greek story. Um, and um and it's the largest island in of all the Greek islands and the most populated of all the greek islands so it has more of ah it definitely feels much larger than some of the other other Greek islands. Um, so they have an old you know sea town that you know was created by the venetians well but be in part by the venetians and the greeks and so it's been a place where people have come for forever. Um, and the old town is really has a very historic feel to it so that was good. And then they took us up to a vineyard and we they did some greek dancing and we had food. Um, don't tell but my mom is handing off shots to my 12 year old son oh my goodness um and yeah exactly oh like what can possibly go wrong. 53:12.58 dclduo Ah, op ah. 53:16.18 Chris Vorobek Um, but it was it was I it I was like okay we're not I wasn't that thrilled about this excursion was a hundred dollars per person I think yeah hundred dollars per person and I I I didn't feel I felt like it was it was worth the price. We did. The town was cute. They um. You know we had a good time so Sam anything you want to add to. 53:37.35 Sam _1 We also at the end of launch. We took a tour. They have this famous ravine on the island that they drove us up and back down and they had us looking for these native. They're basically mountain goats they're called creakri so our eyes were peeled I think 75% of the bus was asleep at that point everyone was exhausted from. Back-to-back excursions by this point so we were awake looking for creekery. There's ravine and they the mountains are I mean they're sheer all the way up on either side of you probably a thousand feet and every once while I see a goat hanging out every once in a while so that was pretty cool. So. 54:11.20 Chris Vorobek And we of course asked the a tour guide What what sound does the crere make and he makes such a basically a goat sound. So I think I get there. He goes like Okay, it's like a goat there you go. But. 54:22.88 Sam I Love it. So. 54:24.25 dclduo There you go there, you go? Well it sounds like some amazing port some amazing short excursions I want to rewind and ask just a couple questions about the cruise itself and some things you got up to on the the sea days. I'm going to take us back to Cday number 1 you got a remy dinner. We've got a lot of people who come on and talk about pao brunch pao dinner but fewer who talk about you know a remy or an enchantte. So what did you think about remy dinner and um, who was who was at your ah your table. 54:54.30 Chris Vorobek And so it was the 4 adults. We let the kids have ah have dinner on their own that night and so it's my mother. My friend Deidre and Sam and me I like the I I like the reny room the space. Um. I really like a remy dinner. Um, and um and I'm always the food is exceptional. I mean if they serve that if there was a restaurant here I'd live in Dc if there was a restaurant here in Dc where I could get that food I would gladly go I think they do a great job I find the service of. 55:25.92 Sam So. 55:30.35 Chris Vorobek Ah, both Paulo and remy find the service generally at all the you know even at the the you know general dining of Disney Cruise line to be exceptional, but upstairs. It's it's really really exceptional. So we had a great meal. Um, and it's a great space to you know, take some time and. There's not the frenetic, the kind of nature of some of of a animator's palette or something like that. It's quiet. You can actually have a conversation. It's ah they have great wines up there. So it's it's lovely. 55:54.10 Sam So. 56:01.17 Sam Yeah, now we know from eating with you guys that you guys are both adventurous. Eaters were is your mom Chris and is deirdre also are they adventurous eaters because I feel like when people ask us I mean people constantly ask us like should I go to remy should I go topollo and I say. 56:01.47 dclduo Nice. 56:20.10 Sam You know every adult should go topollo maybe not on your first cruise but on you know on, maybe your second cruise right? But for remy I don't tell I don't say everyone should go to remy I say if you are an adventurous eater who likes fine dining. You should go to remy what did you know how? how was the rest of your party. 56:20.43 Chris Vorobek Right. 56:36.69 Chris Vorobek I Yeah ah my mother yes will definitely all of us were like fine food. So it's um, it's as I say if you like fine dining It's I think it's if they do ah ah an amazing amazing job. 56:44.95 Sam Um e. 56:54.30 Chris Vorobek And so we had the like Sam and I split the waoo beef which is always like mind blowing um and it it. You know to me, it's mind blowing that you can get that level of food on a on a ship for goodness sakes I mean it's really really the food. There is exceptional and. 56:59.56 Sam So. 57:06.51 Sam Totally. 57:13.33 Chris Vorobek so so I'd I'd love it. You know we don't I if I'm just traveling with Nick and my son I wouldn't I wouldn't do that or if you know if he didn't have somebody that he could hang out with we wouldn't do adult only dining but um, but since he had. Folks to hang out with it gave us a good opportunity to do that and. 57:31.47 dclduo Nice, Well speaking of dining I don't want to get into the full rotational restaurant discussion. But I do want to ask any special menus that you encountered onboard or or new and different. You know dining options on the main rotational dining menus. 57:48.16 Chris Vorobek Not me. 57:50.70 Sam _1 Um, not for me but I discovered I didn't know this before but I didn't know that the drinks in the concierge lounge were included with the price. So I was going there and getting these pores of Mckellen Quest and they were so good and they were very healthy pores I mean they were giving me like half glasses. This stuff and I looked it up when we got home. It's like five hundred bucks a bottle. Um, and I'm not I'm not going to give anybody any names I don't know if they can get in trouble with that. But I appreciate them and and later after we got off the ship I was ordering drinks of like a glen fitach or something. 58:10.28 dclduo Wow. 58:16.44 dclduo I have heard. 58:25.59 Sam So. 58:25.75 Sam _1 And they were giving me these tiny little ports I'm like what the hell is this Phil halfway up like they did on the ship and. 58:30.37 dclduo Ah I I have heard or I saw someone say recently that while the drinks are included in concierge they have like a limitation a per dollar or per drink limitations. They may have run over that with you Sam But yeah, ah, ah. 58:42.40 Chris Vorobek Just appreciate that. 58:42.54 Sam _1 I I appreciate them for that. Thank you I. 58:49.61 dclduo Christeny new menus that you saw like it with did they have like a ah Greek inspired menu while you're sailing the Mediterranean. 58:51.58 Chris Vorobek I I I didn't see anything that was particularly new or different. It seemed like the pretty standard Disney Cruise line faire. Um, we had been on a on the disney dream for New Year's eve and we ended up having the same. Ah. Waitress for that we had had on that New Year's eve we had on this and she's awesome and it was great mother. Yeah, she's really great I'm not I'm not a person who will ask for a specific that just seems like a layer. We had 1. 59:14.96 Sam Oh fun. Wow. 59:15.98 Sam _1 And her name is charm and we love her. She's awesome. 59:28.89 Chris Vorobek Ah, why one assistant server who was disappointing. Um, but other than that I've always had great experiences with all my all the weight staff and so I don't usually ask for, but it was fun to have somebody who. And she actually remembered us so it was that was how how those people remember everyone's names like within 6 hours is beyond me but but yeah. 59:42.00 Sam Um, fine and and. 59:50.82 Sam Talent for sure. Yeah. 59:52.93 dclduo Nice. Well I Did forget to ask? How was the you mentioned the day that excursions were canceled due to high winds. How were the seas. Generally we get lots of questions about you know folks who. Concern about seasickness and such So How are the weather and sea conditions for you on the cruise. Yeah. 01:00:09.98 Chris Vorobek Yeah, zero problems. it was um it was there were no issues whatsoever ever. I mean we didn't even rock. So um, it was it was delightful and um. 1 of a couple of things that surprised me was I had heard a lot of people say hey there's no fish. You won't see anything in the in the med we saw a lot of fish and in fact, I don't know whether they were dolphins somebody said it was a whale when. Got to do pao brunch on our second ah sea day we got to sit out back and they have a 1 table outside. We got to sit outside and and which was ah super awesome. But you could see the whale or whatever it was dolphins I wasn't we weren't close enough to see exactly what it was but you could see there were. 01:00:57.67 Sam _1 You're totally underselling this it was amazing. We were sitting out there and enjoying our Po brunch and these people run on. They're like there's a whale over there and we all get up and go look and sure enough. It's like cresting and doing its blowhole thing and shooting water out of it and and we we we. 01:00:57.74 Chris Vorobek And there was more thunder sound this it was amazing. You're a city like yeah going out Hollow brush that. 01:01:09.10 Sam Oh my goodness. 01:01:14.15 Sam _1 Pause our meal for a good 5 minutes and just watch it as it's slowly suing away and spitting out water. It was it was incredible. 01:01:20.14 dclduo Well we know it either once the it was either going after the rudder or it wanted some Palo brunch thrown over the hide. So it's one of that one or the other there there you here you go? Yeah, exactly. 01:01:21.80 Sam Um, was it a humpback to you know it was going for some chicken par. It was like yeah I know this? yeah. 01:01:31.46 Chris Vorobek There you go? No it wanted the sticky buns. Um, the sticky buns were back by the way it was nice. Um, the other thing that was right at the end of our meal again. We're sitting outside and we're going through this ah strait that is right at the toe of Rome. Where it basically right? where Sicily is and there's a little ah 2 two and a half miles straight that they navigate through and so we can see it's a place where you have land on both sides of ah of the ship and its um and it was it was incredible. It was I mean. 01:01:55.16 Sam So. 01:02:08.34 Chris Vorobek Was it was really nice to be able to sit outside and enjoy those those moments. 01:02:12.48 dclduo Yeah, now that sounds amazing. We haven't gotten to do the Palo brunch or dinner out on the deck there but we did have the nice private room in asantte that had the private balcony that we didn't get to experience either. So one of these days one of these days. Ah, like here show log everything think all right see here think we might be ready. Oh yeah, um, hold on. 01:02:46.98 dclduo Sam the only question I have left for you is how many places did you do a fun yoga. Well on this cruise because I remember in Norway up on that of on Pulpit Rock I will never forget you out there doing ah doing your yoga poses. So did you did you get any yoga and in Greece. 01:03:00.96 Sam _1 I got zero in I totally forgot I should have showed Captain Michael that I could do it. He would have been impressed. 01:03:06.94 Chris Vorobek You You should have done it on the catamran and you should have done it at the Acropolis I should' have done it. Yeah, so. 01:03:09.30 dclduo Nice. Ah. 01:03:10.69 Sam So yeah. 01:03:13.29 Sam _1 And I should have done it when we had lunch they had um we were four hundred feet above the water cliffside and they had a a pretty sturdy looking railing that would have been a ah cool photo. 01:03:22.96 Chris Vorobek And Brian is an excellent critique. We're gonna have to go back and do it all over again. Yeah, that's right, that's right, that's. 01:03:23.15 dclduo Oh and well well there and we'll what and you're go have to bring us next time there you go I mean. 01:03:26.52 Sam I Yeah I guess so yeah, apparently, but sorry I love it I Love it. 01:03:27.19 Sam _1 You get it. You know what? that's that's what I was doing I was saving it just for you guys I don't do it unless you're around. 01:03:35.64 dclduo Ah, ah, nice, nice. Well Chris I know Nick joined you on this cruise and I think we've saved a little time here at the end to get Nick's thoughts going on a Mediterranean crew is always fun to get the ah the kiddo experience here. So ah, yeah, won't we grab Nick. 01:03:43.28 Chris Vorobek So nick hold on he's coming over Brian and Sam and sam and sam are there 1 01:03:55.70 Sam _1 So and Sam. 01:03:58.89 Sam Hi welcome to the show Nick. Thanks. 01:04:01.20 dclduo Hey nick well welcome back. You've been on before. Ah so welcome back to the show. We want to hear all about your thoughts about this Mediterranean Cruise you were on. Maybe ask you some of your favorites but I actually want to start by asking how'd you do. 01:04:01.75 Chris Vorobek That's Brian that's Sam that's Sam Hello 01:04:19.31 dclduo With the time zone adjustment because I think parents always want to know how are my kids going to do flying that far away that many time Zones how'd you do with the time zone adjustment. 01:04:27.88 Chris Vorobek Ah, it took me like 2 or three days. But if the first day you go to bed on time and you get it correct then you usually get on faster. 01:04:37.30 dclduo Nice and now this is a cruise I Imagine you didn't get to spend much time in the kids club because these excursions were pretty all day did you did you get much time in the kids club at all. 01:04:37.37 Sam So yeah, very smart. 01:04:47.95 Chris Vorobek No I didn't go I not usually I went maybe like 3 times I might have gotten like a full of 40 minutes in the kids club altogether. So. 01:04:53.80 dclduo Okay. 01:04:59.12 dclduo Wow Wow! Wow! wow. 01:05:00.90 Sam Wow. Well and you are with your older cousins too and with you guys would be at different clubs right? Yeah so. 01:05:08.40 Chris Vorobek Um, yeah, because they are 16 and I'm 12 so they'd be in the club right? above me. 01:05:17.00 dclduo Wow. Well. 01:05:18.67 Sam Yeah, yeah, better to just kind of hang out with them and probably outside of the club since ah, you guys didn't have a lot of time on the ship anyway. Ah, what was your favorite. What was your favorite port and what was your favorite excursion. Those don't have to be the same things Obviously um. But I'm curious as to to both of them. 01:05:38.37 Chris Vorobek Um, probably both santorini they were both. Oh yeah, technically we didn't do an excursion but I counted it as one because it was. 01:05:41.16 Sam And where you didn't do us an excursion. Yeah yeah. 01:05:55.51 Chris Vorobek A lot of fun and we had like great food as these two said and pause I say oh and there was great views and we had a great walk. So I kind of counted it as a excursion. 01:06:12.65 Sam That's awesome now. What? what? um Sam you're making too much noise Sam yeah yeah, sorry ah. 01:06:15.89 dclduo You're right holding. Let me let me see yeah see him too loud too Loud all right back to Nick go ahead see him. 01:06:24.10 Sam What was your favorite part of it like did you like walking around Santorini did you like the the gondola ride up the walk down. Obviously you say you like the food it sounds like that restaurant that you ended up at was really good. What was the best part of that. Yeah. 01:06:39.16 Chris Vorobek Ah, Gondolo was really nice because you got to see all the views but the walk was different because I was cranky. Um, but I might have to say the walk down. 01:06:43.15 Sam A. 01:06:56.95 Chris Vorobek Because that's the one time I was actually paying attention and I wasn't cranky so I was probably my favorite part walking down. 01:07:02.12 Sam Ah, um, yeah, was it hard to have gone. Yeah was it hard to avoid all the Mule poop though. 01:07:05.41 dclduo There's nothing like the walk down after climbing up a huge hill I will give I will give you that. 01:07:11.37 Chris Vorobek Yes, very hard, not just the Mule poop but the mules themselves. 01:07:16.37 dclduo Oh wow. 01:07:18.15 Sam Oh the meals themselves the other kind of large creatures that would be interesting. What was ah what was your favorite thing that you got to do on the ship during this cruise. 01:07:30.97 Chris Vorobek On the ship on ship. Ah yeah, basketball. That's what Sam said that's what I did for most of it. 01:07:38.74 Sam Ah basketball I As we see I saw pictures I saw pictures of you playing basketball on the ship that your dad posted. 01:07:39.68 dclduo Ah. 01:07:46.53 dclduo Nick I wanted to know what was your least favorite short excursion. We'll put the cone of silence around Chris and Sam for a second. But what's your what was your least favorite short excursion and why. 01:07:59.53 Chris Vorobek Um, ah, who is the one with the little town Ni a nose where we are on that boat. Yeah, probably make a nose I see Sam making a face over there. 01:08:10.49 Sam No. 01:08:12.70 dclduo Ah, kind of get con of Silence Sam kind of silences got to mean something man give on. 01:08:14.67 Sam _1 Well I'm wondering if if if he's confusing it with nichinosis when we did the camera and ride and went swimming. Oh and you weren't You weren't feeling well at this. Maybe it is it but the other small island that we did was cre. 01:08:15.19 Sam Yeah, you know how? how. 01:08:16.45 Chris Vorobek Well I Wonder if piece of music else is will be fire so they oh you my on this small but create that I'm probably thinking about create. Up The shots. Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Cree was the one that I didn't like because dar I didn't like it so much I barely remember anything about it. 01:08:49.60 dclduo Um, like I said earlier op. But so I think I think I think I think your grandma might have had something to do with memory lapse there but that's just me. Ah, yeah. 01:08:50.33 Sam Ah. Ah, where okay, but I yeah but where where was the best food and then where was the best pizza because I know you had you know some of some of each. 01:09:08.73 Chris Vorobek Santorini was the best food because they had everything and it was all delicious. Um, best pizza. Best pizza. 01:09:22.81 Chris Vorobek Our place was the place that we had pizza in the middle like the day that we went to Pope that was here was on my list. We had it a ver cut free and capre and O Poly capri. Yeah, the capri one was really. 01:09:31.42 Sam _1 And we had it in both Kafri and serto. 01:09:35.00 Sam Yeah, so was it the first pizza or the second pizza the capri pizza. Oh I love it. 01:09:41.59 Chris Vorobek Capri was really good because Capri had like the special flavors and I was like really yeah I was yours very very good. Exactly. 01:09:43.40 dclduo Nice. 01:09:53.50 Sam Yeah, so they'd like the fancy pizzas is what you're telling me I love it. Ah, well yeah, when they put fancy topping right. 01:09:55.18 dclduo Is there any pizza fancier than having pizza in italy come on this same this ain't famous rays down on fiftieth in park or whatever. So yeah, well Nick. It's so fun to catch up with you and get your get your take on this Mediterranean Cruise would you ah would you recommend? Ah you know other kids ah try out the Mediterranean or would you say you've had a more favorite cruise than that one. 01:10:24.98 Chris Vorobek Ah I'll probably recommend that as long as you're not like 7 under unless you're remy. Of course if you're remy, absolutely do it. But if you're not remy. 01:10:31.90 dclduo Okay. 01:10:31.39 Sam So. 01:10:40.97 Chris Vorobek I would probably say whatever 7 and older 8 and older something around there. 01:10:45.30 dclduo Okay, okay. 01:10:47.67 Sam Yeah, yeah, so not like not the best cruise for little kids but ah, a good cruise and good ports for maybe an older kid perfect I Love it. Yeah. 01:10:55.74 Chris Vorobek Exactly. 01:10:56.74 dclduo Right? Well Nick thanks so much for for coming on and we'll get back to talking to Chris and Sam here for a second but we really appreciate you coming on. 01:11:05.82 Chris Vorobek Um, thank you for having me I will I will tell ah one two quick stories about nick one is he loved that there was a basketball Nick is big into basketball right now and and like was playing all the time. 01:11:17.22 Sam Yeah, yeah. 01:11:24.30 Chris Vorobek To the point that I mentioned we went through the strait of Messina right? right? between so ah, between Sicily and and the toe of of italy and I'm blown away because you're going through this two mile strait and every I mean it's amazing. And I go up to Nick and I say he's on the basketball court and I say nick look. There's there's land on both sides look at this straight like it's so I mean and dead I'm playing basketball like okay there you go like from there's priorities. But. 01:11:53.18 Sam You know most twelve year olds are not that interested in the fact that they're sailing through a strait I'm not sure that I mean I I would be interested in that but I'm just not sure most twelve year olds would be that that interested and. 01:12:02.20 Chris Vorobek Um, yeah, and I think ah you know his school did a good job of ah him and one of his favorite teachers did a really good job of of preparing them so he knew a lot about um. Ah, about Roman and ah in in Athens and so he went in really prepared and was really interested. It wasn't ah frankly, if I had been his age I was like okay, it's more ruins he he really paid attention and and I was really impressed with. 01:12:23.10 Sam I. 01:12:37.80 Chris Vorobek I I think it um and and I also think even in Pompei which this was his second time in Pompei and he remembered pieces of it but he he he saw that it was different. You know is now double his life. It was a different experience but seen it at at age 12 01:12:44.40 Sam Um. 01:12:48.24 Sam I. 01:12:56.18 Chris Vorobek So I was really um I agree with him I wouldn't take ah take a very young kid um on some of these excursions particularly I wouldn't have taken some of the younger kids on on the 12 hour you know ah 12 hour tour I think it's just too much for them and too much for for their parents. 01:13:06.95 Sam So yeah, the Naples. Yeah. 01:13:14.57 Chris Vorobek Um, no one ends up having a good time but you know they they really the kids are all really rallied and they all had a really good time on the trip. So. 01:13:22.35 Sam So that's awesome. 01:13:23.30 dclduo Well and of course it's a soft landing back into Rome because you all tacked on and adventures by disney short escape so jealous, so so jealous, but that would be a topic for an entirely another show but perhaps a bonus episode or something like that. I'll just wanted to ask 1 question about the short escape kind of looking at your notes from it. Maybe ask both of you like did you feel like it was worth it to add on that short escape at the end. It looks like it's you know it's pretty abbreviated but I'm curious if you thought it was ah sort of worth it and if you got to see. As much of Rome as you had hoped let me throw that over you to start sam. 01:13:57.34 Sam _1 So yeah, we had a really great time on this trip. The only thing that was lacking were the meals that they provided for us I don't think a single one of them was great. That being said, the things that we got to see getting into the coliseum the tour guide that we had was. 01:14:03.43 Sam So. 01:14:04.70 dclduo M. 01:14:16.80 Sam _1 Incredible. Best guide I've ever had on any trip for anything. She was so knowledgeable. She was native to Rome she was so funny and caddy and her her nickname is Corella Deville apparently in the ah and the guide world and she's just she's the nicest person but she is. 01:14:18.69 Sam Wow. 01:14:28.15 Sam Yeah, yeah. 01:14:28.76 dclduo Yeah. 01:14:35.42 Sam _1 I Mean she's too much fun to be around. We had a ball with her and. 01:14:36.69 Sam Oh I Love that. 01:14:38.34 Chris Vorobek She's worked with Disney since they started doing the tours in Rome and so she's done all the italy tours. So she's really she knows that audience and and she is she will like just somebody tries to get in her way. She just elbows elbows them out of the way. So she's really, ah. But she's also incredibly knowledgeable and and you know what that? um it ah yes, exactly. 01:14:56.63 Sam Yeah, and you need someone like that though in Rome I mean in italy in general you need a guide who is not meek you there. The crowds are a little bit crazy. The people have attitude and I mean that in the best way possible. But like you need someone who is not a wallflower or pushover. You need to and that's yeah. 01:15:20.33 Chris Vorobek I yeah, she was none of those let me tell you? um she we I have to say one of my highlights of this entire trip was walking into the coliseum the coliseum was um I mean I got chills walking in there I mean it's I I had been to rome before. And had been by the colosseum but had never walked in and Disney gets you in right? at the ground level and so you walk out and you're walking through this place that I mean the gladiators did their thing and died and it was not a great life for them. But you're there on the floor of the colosum. It's it's amazing and was an incredible experience. So so is it worth it. You know the a adventures by Disney are not inexpensive. Um, but um I thought they did a really exceptional job and gave you. I think we walked away with really a ah ah really good feel for Rome and um, and and as I say the tour you have the local tour guide and then you have your 2 general guides that take care of any any issues that you have and it was. 01:16:25.50 Sam I. 01:16:28.74 Chris Vorobek And this trip was only Sam Nick and me it was only the 3 of us the the rest of the crew had gone off gone home. So it was also nice for us to have a little space for just us to spend some time on the trip and and that was that was really valuable as well. So so. 01:16:38.27 Sam Oh nice. Yeah. 01:16:44.24 dclduo Well certainly disappointing to. 01:16:46.22 Sam Now you mentioned at sorry you mentioned at the top of the show that you had stayed in a different hotel. Um that you'd stayed an abd hotel and you liked this hotel better and so I wanted to make sure to ask you what that hotel was because you said the location was. 01:17:01.52 Chris Vorobek Yeah, so this is a Marriott which normal I'm not a huge Marriott fans I find all their their a lot of their hotels have no like architectural style at all. But this was one that it was right across from Harry's bar in Rome which was you know the go to place. 01:17:02.76 Sam Was a better one than the one you had. 01:17:19.91 Chris Vorobek Had a great location just inside the wall of Rome so there and there was a park on the just on the other side of the wall where we all got to tour and it was. The location was great. We were just up the street from the ah from the Us Embassy so it was called the Grand Hotel Flora. Um, and and was really ah Good. We could. We could walk to the the tivli. Ah you know fountain we could walk to it. It was It was a really really excellent. Location. So Highly recommend that hotel. 01:17:54.74 dclduo Nice. Well I think as you wind down here. Ah so help me go to the side so sam you don't want to do you don't want to do rap fire maybe like how about how about how about how about just 5 quick questions about the trip like 5 favorites from the trip. 01:18:05.35 Sam I I can I can do a dream favor. Yeah, yeah, yeah I can do that? yep. 01:18:13.19 dclduo Like okay, let me hand it over to you and then we'll wind up. Well I think we have reached that point in our show where we need to we. Well I think we've reached that point in our show where I need to hand you over to Sam for some arbitrary questions some arbitrary rules a dash of judgment or the round we know as a rapid fire. So Sam You want to take it away. 01:18:33.65 Chris Vorobek Per sets I know the persets I Yes per sets thumbs up on persets. 01:18:35.14 Sam So yeah, all right? Well Ah I. 01:18:37.99 dclduo Once and Sam you actually just missed your chance to just dive right in and take over the show and do your own rapid fire first Amanha So there you go. 01:18:46.92 Sam Ah I listen you guys settle down everyone. This is my ball game. Okay so I'm going to go. 01:18:48.12 Chris Vorobek Ah. 01:18:53.18 Sam _1 So need we remind you who the real Sam number one is here. 01:18:54.32 dclduo Um, it's just yeah, it's just our world. She lets us. It's just her world. She just lets us live in it there you go. 01:19:00.93 Sam Yeah, I'm going to just ask you some favorites from this trip so we'll we'll do some a couple of favorites from the Disney dreams specifically and then of course a couple of favorites from this cruise specifically. So first I have to ask what your favorite. Ah, mains stage show was because of course you were on the the dream and there's really only 1 correct answer to this question I'm just warning you? Um, so I'm going to start with Sam because I know Chris knows what the right answer is I'm not sure Sam knows what the right answer is what was your favorite Mainstage show Sam. 01:19:33.69 Sam _1 Plot Twist I did not make it to a single show. 01:19:37.60 Sam Yeah, Ah, okay, fair enough all right. That's the wrong answer for sure. But but it's at least enough. Ah. 01:19:39.76 Chris Vorobek And that's definitely the wrong answer by the way but I made. 01:19:45.34 Sam _1 I I mean I mean Beauty the Beast Beauty The beast lock me in. 01:19:51.32 Sam Ah, but you know what he just got the right answer even though he didn't attend it but Chris what was your favorite show I'm sure I know you and I are big lovers of the theater and I know that you like I will leave your partner to go to a show because of course. 01:19:53.65 Chris Vorobek I. 01:20:08.60 Sam You have to see the shows who cares if you're going alone. So yeah, what was your favorite. 01:20:10.77 Chris Vorobek Ah, and there were a bunch of kids there who were who I could boss around so I drug them on to the shows and they all and they all actually enjoyed them. Ah but of course beauty and the beast I will say what I hadn't done. Ah Golden Mickey's in a while and they've given a little freshie fresh. 01:20:15.22 Sam I Love it. 01:20:25.93 Sam Oh really. 01:20:28.10 Chris Vorobek And it was I I mean it's been really a long time since I've done it probably 12 years um and I found it I really enjoyed a lot more than than I remembered it before um and then we had believe and I know ah Sam. 01:20:31.37 Sam And. 01:20:39.56 Sam Yeah. 01:20:47.42 Chris Vorobek Ah, you're Samantha and I always love the guy they always have somebody from Broadway who does also their individual show so we saw and I unfortunately I tried to find the guy's name so I could give him credit because he was awesome. Um. But he did his individual show and then he was the dad in in believe um, and it's so I think if you go to that nighttime show. Um, it was you enjoy seeing them on stage in their in their that pete that. 01:21:03.45 Sam I Love it. Oh awesome. 01:21:20.81 Chris Vorobek Believe where he's the focal point of most of the show. You enjoy that a lot more so I always highly highly recommend that I will say I would I think Sam's probably favorite show was we went to ah as always we go so and see all the couples. So ah Sam Sam loves Sam loves that. 01:21:35.68 Sam Yeah, Matt's your mate. Awesome! ah. 01:21:39.25 Chris Vorobek And I will say there was a ventriloquis on board which normally I hear ventriloquist and I'm going um and he was super awesome. So we love that as well I thought the entertainment on board was was really a 2 thumbs up there also was a. 01:21:49.25 Sam Oh good. Awesome I Love it. 01:21:56.94 Chris Vorobek Ah, was it a magician on board with Sam that was 2 thumbs down unfortunately that. 01:22:00.55 Sam _1 They called him he was a magician but they referred to him as a variety entertainer and it was I mean we were just waiting for the climax the entire time and it just was like what the hell. 01:22:03.60 Sam Um. 01:22:07.27 Sam How interesting oh that's a bummer. 01:22:07.41 Chris Vorobek I Used waiting for there was a lot of variety but not much entertainment. Unfortunately, so but. 01:22:17.14 Sam Ah, ah, all right? Well what was your favorite rotational dining. Ah you know when we sailed with you all we were on the magic so we were on one of the classic ships and now you're on you know the the dream class the dream to be specific. What was your favorite rotational dining Chris. 01:22:36.51 Chris Vorobek I I love animator's palette I still love animator's palette I always have and um and Nick loves doing the drawings and in in fact, everyone got into it so that's a. Maybe it takes I'm I'm hearkening back to when my kid was little and would do the drawings but it's it's always a special place. So i. 01:22:52.10 Sam Yeah I love it. What about you Sam. 01:22:57.66 Sam _1 I I'm going to say enchanted Garden for this One. We had a really awesome Table. We were sitting right next to one of the portholes so we were sitting and staring out at the water the entire time we were kind of away from all the actions. So It was a little quieter in that particular restaurant for us. So I mean the only distractions we had were. Wait staff coming up and saying oh can I get you more of this and I mean what? what would you like to order So as far as location for seating it. It was definitely the clear winter for me and I think we had some of our better meals there throughout the trip. So. 01:23:17.89 Sam On it. 01:23:25.41 Sam Awesome! All right? You went to remy and you went topollo on this trip and so I need to ask you remy versus pollo which one if you could only pick one Sam. 01:23:39.72 Sam _1 And I think Paulo I really love being able to order one of everything off the menu if you want you get a ah bigger spread of things that you want that being said, everything at remy is it's still delicious. But I like I like to be able to choose what I want and and they have sticky buttons and there's there's no. No, you're not going to beat that. So. 01:23:57.41 Sam What about you Chris you. 01:23:59.78 Chris Vorobek Its and sitting outside this time was absolutely amazing. So I wouldn't say it always but on this trip I would I would definitely say Apollo. 01:24:08.78 Sam Wow! Nice all right I need to ask Aqua dunk versus Aqua duck Now of course the magic has the Aqua dunk which is the slide where the floor just drops out beneath you and you just drop your whole body and you start wait. 01:24:21.84 Chris Vorobek Where you die. Yeah you die? yeah. 01:24:28.98 Sam Um, versus the aqua duck where you are on a nice raft and you get to go around a really cool waterslide. Yeah so Chris let's start with you. Ah. 01:24:33.40 Chris Vorobek You where you can have fun. Yeah oh I didn't give it away already. You guys did the aquadunck I did not do the aquadunk I but as I always say I quote quote my friend Mary Beth my amygdala has been overstimated. 01:24:45.59 Sam And. 01:24:52.31 Chris Vorobek I don't need that in my life I'm not doing that so I will do the aqueducc as often as anyone wants and. 01:24:55.58 Sam Ah, are all right? Sam wow. 01:25:00.67 Sam _1 So I'll go Aqua duck as well. The thing I like about it is um, you're always almost always with somebody else and half of the fun for me is hearing. There are screams of enjoyment as we're going through it So I get a kick out of that. 01:25:10.21 Sam Wow I'm surprised. Yeah no I'm with you both I'm just surprised because I feel like Sam is the thrill seeker I would have expected him to say aqua aqua dunk. So so. 01:25:10.35 Chris Vorobek And and seeing people as you're going around you you get this. 01:25:21.70 Sam _1 I I can't find. 01:25:21.33 Chris Vorobek Plus he gets he gets up on top of the aqueducc and does that yoga pose and it's really really impressive. 01:25:28.38 Sam _1 I well I was just going to say I don't think they would let captain Michael come on the operapa dunk with a. 01:25:35.00 Sam I Love it all right? I need to ask you? What was your favorite port from this trip. 01:25:41.63 Sam _1 So Santerini definite winner. 01:25:44.53 Sam Wow! What about you? Chris. 01:25:48.70 Chris Vorobek Yeah I would say santorini too just because it was ah you know wasn't as scheduled. It wasn't We talked about how our excursions got canceled but they almost canceled the whole port stop altogether because it was and even still it was hard to tender on and off. Um. 01:25:57.90 Sam E. 01:26:04.92 Chris Vorobek So I was really thankful that we were able to get there because who knows when I mean I'm I'm old and who knows when I'll get back to Greece um, and um and so it was just it was so lovely and ah. And it was nice and the kids had a great time and it was. We had a really great day. So. 01:26:23.14 Sam Awesome now I asked Nick this question but I I feel like I have to ask you both this question. What was your favorite pizza of the trip. Chris. 01:26:34.66 Chris Vorobek And I would go with ah one in ah in capri as well. It was for a was our first we're sitting there. We're all sharing over. You know we're kind of doing it by hand we're taking pictures of us eating pizza it. It was just you know. 01:26:45.80 Sam I Love it. 01:26:51.28 Chris Vorobek I Always say this about some wines when you have it in a vineyard and you go Oh this wine is so good and then you get it back home and you go. Okay, it's not that good is it so it may have been location pizza but it was an awesome location and so the pizza was awesome. 01:26:55.17 Sam Um. 01:27:04.51 Sam _1 Rich wheat on Capri They had a lot of options you could I mean they had deep dish. They had thin crut they had I mean regular pizza but the toppings the variety of toppings was incredible. I Think after that stop all the pizza that we had throughout the trip almost blended together. It all tasted. 01:27:04.88 Sam Um, awesome what about you Sam yeah. 01:27:23.65 Sam _1 Pretty similar but the capri one really sit out. It was. It was very unique. 01:27:24.28 Sam Um. 01:27:26.74 Sam I love that okay I feel like I have to ask you your favorite ship now again I mean now sam you have a little bit more variety of ships that you've been on now since I think the last time we talked Chris this was a repeat for you. But I feel like after you get off a ship. Sometimes you change your opinion about which one's your favorite so sam which one would you say now is your favorite I know you haven't been on the wish and you haven't been on the wonder which I can't believe you haven't been on the wonder yet by the way Chris you need to rem you need to remedy that? Yeah um, but yeah, so which one's your favorite Sam. 01:27:53.78 Chris Vorobek And next summer 01:28:00.00 Sam _1 And I think the magic and just because it took us all to Norway and we had the most incredible time in Norway so I'm kind of linking the 2 together it was that was just a mind blowing trip. 01:28:05.82 Sam Ah, yeah, awesome. Oh yeah, absolutely. 01:28:10.94 Chris Vorobek I yeah I think he's gonna love the wonder when we're we're doing Alaska next summer and I think he's gonna love the wonder. But um I I you know what? I the dream was the last worship when I was there were only four that I was on and um. But I still think the fantasy is slightly better design than though like the they have that splash pad that's ah back behind the aqua dock area there I think that's a much better use than the bar that no one's at um, ah just certain things like that I think they thought on the on the. 01:28:30.40 Sam And. 01:28:36.86 Sam So. 01:28:44.64 Sam Yep. 01:28:46.83 Chris Vorobek Second version of of that class of ship. So I'm very eager to see what they what they do with the with the treasure that improves on what they do on the on the wish. So. 01:28:56.11 Sam Yeah, yeah, I'm with you I think the fantasy is just a slightly better version than the dream. Um, ok, well, we've got to ask the question bucket list cruise because this was a bucket list. Cruise. 01:29:01.27 Chris Vorobek Yeah, so. 01:29:08.69 Chris Vorobek The was. 01:29:11.79 Sam And so now you can check off the med off your list. What is left on your list and when I say list just give me you know one maybe 2 But what's a bucket list cruise for you Chris. 01:29:23.89 Chris Vorobek I I want to I'm hoping some one of these ships does I mean they're doing out to ah um, like new Zealand Australia somewhere in the in the far east do ah you know? Well they're going to have the big one in Singapore but. Yeah, though out out in that area of the world is a part of the area world that I've never been and I'm really eager to do it on a Disney ship. So. 01:29:45.60 Sam Awesome! What about you Sam. 01:29:49.39 Sam _1 I I think right now Alaska is my is my bucket list trip the other one that I would love to do is like a ten night that visits Iceland or something that goes through amsterdam any of the european cruises I would I would die to go on. 01:29:58.63 Sam Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that would answer. 01:30:08.35 Sam _1 But right now Alaska is top of the list. 01:30:09.48 Sam Awesome! Well, you're going to check it off that like check off that list next year. So that's pretty amazing. Love it. Well thank you for playing. Ah, Chris Wins because he knew beauty the beast was the right answer but he actually won because of truffle per sets before we even started the game. So thank you for playing. 01:30:28.15 dclduo Well as we wind things down here I don't see me didn't ask what's next right? you asked? Okay, all yeah, really, you guys are waiting until next year for your next Disney Chris wow 01:30:34.14 Sam And no, no, but they told us alaskas next for next year yeah 01:30:40.73 Chris Vorobek And no, we yeah, we're doing a new Year's Eve Cruise on on the dream. 01:30:43.58 Sam And right? Oh yeah, yeah, we didn't oh so yeah, ask the question then me. 01:30:48.57 dclduo All right home. Let me che you the question then well Sam asked you your new bucket list cruise but I want to ask you? What's next. Ah, for Disney Cruise line so what have you got planned. 01:30:56.92 Sam _1 Truffle Persets Truffle persets. 01:30:57.34 Sam I. 01:30:58.31 Chris Vorobek And ah, we are doing ah well I mean squeeze in a wish somewhere because I need to have that to have that under my belt but um. We're doing a new year's eve. We're doing ah the disney fantasy going out of Fort Lauderdale no sorry Disney dream out of Fort Lauderdale um and ah, we're doing a podcast cruise with some friends of ours that we're very very much looking forward to. 01:31:27.58 dclduo I Can't believe you're going to support another Oh wait. It's ours. They ah. 01:31:27.62 Chris Vorobek And yes, um, and then we're doing Alaska next as Sam mentioned we're doing Alaska next summer so we have several lined up ready to go so we're not. 01:31:30.43 Sam Yeah, wait, it's ours. Ah. 01:31:40.22 Sam Of it. So. 01:31:43.21 Chris Vorobek And and there may be 1 that 1 other one that pops up somewhere on the long line. We'll see what I'm able to squeeze out I mean I want to get to pearl status like. 01:31:47.83 Sam I Love it. 01:31:49.53 dclduo Ah, you're just trying to get to pearl status as fast as possible just like us just like us. 01:31:54.73 Sam Yeah, listen now we would be remiss if we didn't um, let Chris share where you can follow him on social media chris is a travel agent and um and has a really fun. Wonderful presence on social media Chris why don't you tell people. How they can connect with you and follow on your adventures. 01:32:15.49 Chris Vorobek So you can follow me I'm everywhere a yintsid travel YEN id it's Disney spelled backwards. It's also the name of the sorcerer in sources apprentice if he didn't know that so Yensid travel um on Instagram Facebook and Twitter and you can find me there. 01:32:30.35 dclduo Nice, well as always thank you both for taking the time to come on and share your fabulous experience with this Mediterranean Cruise we cannot wait to actually see you again in person and sail again in person. But for now. 01:32:30.78 Sam That's awesome. Of course. 01:32:31.27 Chris Vorobek Thank you. 01:32:44.95 dclduo This will have to satisfy our thirst for more Chris and Sam and we just appreciate you taking the time to come on the show. 01:32:50.30 Chris Vorobek So thank you guys for inviting us Really really appreciate it one time we this. 01:32:54.49 Sam _1 Its fun chatting to do family. We miss you guys Rewe rewe. 01:32:56.14 Sam I Oh and I read tweete read. 01:32:56.30 dclduo And Truffle Perset Truffle Perset truffle perset there you go. Ah. 01:33:03.11 Chris Vorobek Ah.

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