April 28, 2023


Ep. 309 - Jingle All the Way: A Verry Merrytime Sailing on the Fantasy

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Brian Sam
Ep. 309 - Jingle All the Way: A Verry Merrytime Sailing on the Fantasy
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 309 - Jingle All the Way: A Verry Merrytime Sailing on the Fantasy

Apr 28 2023 | 01:03:37


Show Notes

We're chatting with Scott all about his family's Verry Merrytime cruise aboard the Disney Fantasy. Scott's a big Disney and Disney Cruise Line fan, and we wanted to hear all his thoughts on the Verry Merrytime experience aboard DCL. Did it live up to expectations? We also wanted to get Scott's take on the planning, onboard activties, ports and excursions for his weeklong cruise on the Disney Fantasy. All that and more on this week's show!

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Episode Transcript

00:00.00 dclduo Welcome back everybody to this week's episode of the DCL duo podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and sam how are you doing on this fine super bowl Sunday that we are recording on. 00:14.78 Sam I am doing excellent Um, the super bowl has not started yet. Um, but Spoiler alert I'm probably not going to be watching any way. 00:23.54 dclduo But want want. Yeah I watched all the commercials today online but I know well they're all they're all up in Youtube now right? and actually Bob Iger emailed all the d 23 members this morning with the heart tugging. 00:28.13 Sam Um, oh did you I got to watch the movie. Yeah, that's true. 00:40.20 dclduo New disney commercial that's coming out and featured at the super bowl so we'll we'll watch that it's like a Disney 101 I don't think I saw cruise line in the commercial. But I'd have to go back and back and watch. But yeah so celebrating Disney one hundred was kind of the theme of the commercial. But. 00:43.91 Sam Um, oh is it a parks one or a cruise 1 or everything. 00:55.40 Sam All right? Well cool I'll have to check that out but onto other things meaning our show today. We have a fabulous guest joining us who is a longtime listener first time guest. We want to welcome Scott to the show. Welcome Scott. 01:12.14 Scott Collins Hey Brian his sam thank you so much and a big howdy to everybody from Dallas fort worth Texas. 01:20.14 Sam Awesome! You know the only place I've been in Dallas fort worth is the airport. Ah it is it is. 01:20.92 dclduo Ah, we love. 01:23.98 Scott Collins Will be great facility to travel to. 01:30.18 dclduo Ah I love having Texans on because eventually I feel like we start talking about Buckeys at some point and and how awesome it is and we still have not gotten new experience at ourselves. So um, yeah, yeah, nice. 01:35.47 Scott Collins Yeah, well come on down. We'll take you down. We have wound our backyard right here. 01:38.74 Sam So I know I love it perfect I keep telling Brian I have we have to come to Texas at some point whether that's sailing out of Galveston or just you know visiting we've got to do it at some point. 01:45.85 dclduo Nice, well Scott. Yes. 01:55.41 dclduo Yeah, for sure for sure. Well Scott I want to hear all about your background with Disney Cruise line but also just your general Disney background so tell folks. Ah, where your love where your family's love of Disney comes from. 02:06.72 Scott Collins So I was fortunate enough as a young kid that my parents took me to Disney World starting at about the age of 8 we've had 17 or 18 trips to Disneyland I'm sorry excuse me Disney World in 1 trip to Disneyland. And our last trip to Disney World was ah in December right before this trip on the disney fansy for the very merry time so we've had that and I've had 3 Disney cruises all on the disney fantasy which is the best ship in the fleet and. Looking forward to discussing some wonderful topics today about the Disney fantasy. 02:40.68 Sam Oh awesome. Love it? Well, it's going to make it rapid fire I'm not going to even ask you what your favorite chip is since you've already told us that you've only been on the fantasy but I love the fantasy. She has the best itineraries by far So I totally make sense that you've been on her 3 times. And I mean you get to do midship detective. So It's one of the best activities. Yeah. 03:01.94 Scott Collins That is a fun place to be with the midship detective agency. 03:06.30 dclduo And and know Scott sorry if you said it before but when did you start sailing with Disney Cruzland when was her first cruise. 03:11.39 Scott Collins So I started five years ago and that was for my wife and I honeymoon and that was in July of 2017 we went on our 5 year honeymoon and we had taken our our trip there we did a parks trip and then we went on a 10 day fantasy back when they had the the major ten days 03:28.63 Sam Oh yeah. 03:30.47 Scott Collins And then we went in July for a seven day on the Eastern Caribbean and then in December for the western caribbean for the seven day 03:38.20 Sam Nice. So you're so your second and your third crews were relatively close to 1 another only six months apart yeah 03:38.44 dclduo Wow. Nice. 03:45.62 Scott Collins Five months apart thanks to covid we had ah 6 or 7 reschedules of the cruise for the pandemic and the we got enough recruise credit that we actually paid for a second cruise. 03:57.85 Sam Oh that's awesome. Yeah, that makes sense will tell us who is normally in your sailing party. 04:06.89 Scott Collins So we had the opportunity to say just our immediate family which was ah my father and then my wife and our 3 kids and the oldest ones boyfriends we had a party of 7 on this trip. And it was a truly a family cruise that was both in July and it was also in December for our our nice family cruise and this was a a very special cruise because it was a 2 for 1 special. Not only was it a Christmas very merry time Christmas Cruise <unk>s also a graduation gift for me I just graduated from the university of san diego and with my master's degree. So this was a graduation gift cruise. Also yes, my wife is a huge. My wife is a huge christmas fan. 04:44.30 Sam Oh congratulations. That's awesome. 04:45.44 dclduo Yeah, nice. 04:54.40 Sam E. 04:55.76 Scott Collins And she really really loves Christmas so this was my way of repaying back for the past two years of me being in my office studying or writing essays or not participating so I pulled out all the stops not only for the wife but for the kids and ah we'll tell you about some of the surprises in the and the ah departure. And how that all played out here soon. 05:15.33 Sam Awesome! How old are what's the range of the of ages are the of the kids. 05:19.42 Scott Collins So the oldest the oldest one is 22 she brought her her boyfriend with her and then we have a 15 year old and a 14 year old 05:28.71 dclduo Wow and. 05:29.40 Sam Nice. That's ah teens and young adults I Love it. 05:31.73 Scott Collins Yes, we got our money out of the vibe and the edge on this trip. They definitely got their their workout. 05:33.46 dclduo And they still. 05:40.79 dclduo Ah, and they still enjoy the cruise line even at the sort of that teenager age. 05:44.90 Scott Collins Um, we never saw them they would see we would see them in the morning when they were still passed out and we'd have lunch with them and from lunchtime till 2 or 3 in the morning that they were gone in the vibe now we did require dinner time to make dinner reservations with us. But other than that. 05:59.10 Sam I mean. 06:04.30 Scott Collins They were ah in the edge and vibe parting away and it was some of the best quality time they have there that was amazing. What Disney does with the teenagers. 06:12.54 dclduo Nice, nice. 06:13.91 Sam That's Awesome. Let's talk about your planning before we of course jump into the cruise we know you you had a parks visit and just prior to this maritime Cruise How did you sort of decide. 1 which cruise you were going to take and decide to throw a little parks visit in before that. 06:35.75 Scott Collins So I'm very much like Brian I am a parks planner and matter of fact, ah, just ah about three years ago my dad stopped doing all the planning and transfer control to me and say my days of planning are done. It's it's your time to step up and. Take care of the family. So I've been the family planner for the past several years and I missed a lot of the important tips and tricks on our first cruise and I wish I would have known about the podcast before we went on our first Disney Cruise but I missed so many things because I didn't know what I didn't know. 07:07.40 Sam E. 07:09.45 Scott Collins So I studied studied studied and one of the best trips that can tell everybody is staying at ah [email protected] is one of the best secrets that you can do pre cruising and the reason why is you're right there so you fly in the night before 07:26.60 Sam M. 07:27.91 Scott Collins You don't have to rent a car you hit to have plenty of food. There. Your hotel's ready for you to go the next morning you get up stand in line. Um I am one of those people that I'm the first one in line. So I can get on that bus and get the first bus out of here by the time you get your breakfast. It's time for you to get on the bus and you head to the port. And you always have a good portto rival time so I was very happy with that and that's one of the tips of the trades if you really want to maximize the money that you get out the Disney Cruise line being at the the hotel to get on the ship even faster. We didn't have to pay for lunch so we were on the ship by 11151130 and we saved you know. 07:47.67 Sam You know. 08:06.89 Scott Collins 50 to one hundred bucks because we didn't have to buy lunch at the airport. You know we're buying lunch that's ready included in our crew. So that's one of the tips of the trades of planning and then I also did all the pre reservation all the ah port of ventures I stay up till midnight to make sure that we get everything that we want. 08:22.58 Sam E. 08:24.49 Scott Collins The airfare travel make sure everything's on point. Um in calling Disney to make sure that we have everything that we Need. We didn't use a travel agent on this one I'm kind of our our travel agent but ah the amount of planning to make sure our family has what they need is is one of the most key things that I can. Really recommend. 08:43.80 dclduo Yeah. 08:44.34 Sam Yeah, that's very very smart. All I mean all of what you did sounds perfect to me. Honest, so ah, especially, um. 08:51.34 Scott Collins The the high regency we did that in July and our cruise in July and I didn't realize the value of it until the next day because everybody they wait till last minute to stand online and they're getting on bus number five six and seven they're not getting to the portal Eleven Eleven thirty noon 09:08.95 Sam E. 09:10.71 Scott Collins But standing in line being one the first ones to get in that line and get on that first bus out of here. You really maximize your money and get in the port and you can really really really maximize the ah the pictures and things like that and at port canaveral you can actually maximize the. Cabbaas we don't have to wait in line for food I mean there's there's a lot of trips to the trade of getting down there early and in sacrificing lupus sleep. 09:33.24 Sam Yeah, yeah, now you sorry. 09:34.59 dclduo Now did you get to did you get to take advantage of the luggage transfer service they have at the Hyatt. 09:38.98 Scott Collins Yes, we did. We took care of all that that was all taken care of for us and that's another wonderful thing. There is while I was standing in mind. Our family was actually packing and getting the last bit of stuff ready by the time I got our number 1 tickets I got number 1 ticket in July number 1 ticket in. 09:57.56 Sam Wow. 09:58.13 Scott Collins Ah December they had our luggage ready to go we were we were literally standing in back in line at 9 to get on the bus and we were on the bus at light nine ten it was great. Amazing. 10:09.31 dclduo Nice and and for those who have not maybe reached into our back catalog as far I'll just say what Scott's talking about here is if you stay at the high at at Mco Ah two things that we really like are 1 10:12.11 Sam That's perfect. 10:22.78 dclduo Have a luggage transfer service where I don't know if it's still leave your luggage in the room or if you have to bring it someplace else, but okay so they so they actually take your luggage from your room to the ship and so the next time you see it after you leave your hotel room is onboard out front of your stateroom which is just really nice to not have to hassle with your luggage. 10:27.89 Scott Collins It's it's leave your luggage in the room. 10:42.41 dclduo And then the second thing is they have Disney provided transportation from mcco to the one second and the second thing they have is Disney provided transportation from mcco to the port that does come at a cost. It's not free, but if you're on. The first or second bus from mcco to port canaveral you breeze right into the port and typically you're all checked in and just waiting to board the ship and I would say you know a good amount of time too. They'll kind of bump you up in the boarding process. So you regardless what your port arrival time is if you're on one of those buses. You're going to get on the ship really early. So that's ah, that's a great place to be and I'm glad that tip still works out. 11:19.73 Sam Yeah, and for those and for those who are not familiar with the acronym that Brian is using Mco is the Orlando airport. 11:31.17 dclduo Um, oh everyone who is a Disney fan knows Mco and I would recognize it by the carpet sam ah well Scott ah, you did though let me say again. 11:37.48 Scott Collins Um. 11:45.56 dclduo Well Scott you did though before the crews right? you up the parks a little bit so you staying at the high up but still headed over to ah to Disney to hit the parks. 11:50.87 Scott Collins Yeah, we had a very special operation like I said my wife is a very Christmas fanatic and with me being in college the past two years I really had to pull all the stops out to make this trip super special. 11:59.50 Sam Um. 12:06.14 Scott Collins So last year we were supposed to have gone on the disney fantasy and been on the actual fantasy for Christmas day. However, with covid it was nice enough to get canceled so this was a rebook and this this trip was from December seventeenth through the twenty fourth and we went. 12:11.42 Sam M. 12:23.89 Scott Collins Flew in at six zero am and left out fortworth at six zero in the morning and we arrived at noon at Mco dropped our luggage off grabbed a quick bite to eat took a mirror's private transfer car and I took the kids over to the grand floridian. Because one of the things that they wanted to do in their bucket list was to see the gingerbread cookies and the gingerbread houses. So we we went to the grand floridian and then we went to um, the second one I can't remember the hotel but we went to the took the monorail over. 12:45.39 Sam Oh yeah. 12:58.41 Scott Collins And got on these monorail and went to the second hotel that had gingerbread cookies took pictures and everything else and then we went into the park. We had the very merry time Mickey very Merry Christmas party ticket which didn't allow us access to four o'clock so by the time we. Did all the gingerbread stuff. It was four o'clock and we were actually able to get in the park right? at four o'clock which last year they wouldn't lynch in the park till six thirty so it's nice to get an extra two and a half hours in this year on the on the park side. 13:27.56 dclduo This. 13:28.69 Sam That's awesome. So you either went to the polynesian or the contemporary. Yeah, no problem. It's just I only know because that's so the only ones on the monorail. So it's got to be 1 of those. 13:33.20 Scott Collins Contemporary That's it contemporary. Thank you. 13:38.12 dclduo Yeah. 13:41.37 Scott Collins Yes, and so the contemporary had a beautiful set of ah ah gingerbread houses there I mean we spent ah ah, pretty much an hour looking at gingerbread houses getting pictures and things like that it truly is once in a lifetime opportunity to see it at Christmas. And then we took that monorail right on back to ah Walt Disney World now from 4 till ah seven o'clock it's business as usual for Disney World so you're standing in the actual lines as the customers are. Whoever's there that day and then from 7 till about 12 or twelve thirty 14:10.42 Sam Yes. 14:16.47 Scott Collins It is just people who have paid for the very merry christmas and to give you ah idea of how low the park lines are for that Christmas party. We rode everything they had in the park in less than four and a half hours the longest the longest line we stood in was 12 minutes 14:26.87 Sam Wow, That's amazing. Oh my goodness for what ride? What was the long. What was the longest one. 14:27.15 dclduo Oh wow. 14:33.96 dclduo Wow It yeah. 14:39.12 Scott Collins Ah, snow white and the 7 dwarfs mind train that it was a 12 minute line I mean everything else we are walking on space mountain we walked on it had its Christmas overlay with the lights on inside the space mount which is really cool I think we rode space mountain 3 times. 14:41.53 Sam Ah, ah yeah, of course. 14:50.50 Sam Oh cool, Oh my goodness. 14:56.56 Scott Collins Um, though, ah the train we got one last ride on splash mountain before it closed so we did splash mountain. We did big thunder mountain all those were open and you know took one last look at splash mountain before that closed in january. 15:01.94 Sam E. 15:11.85 Sam Wow, that's awesome I I didn't realize that the the party was let me let me say that again later I didn't realize that the party was not. Nearly as crowded as some other parties because I know we've been to Disney Land for I guess it was Ogi Boogie bash this past year that was a California venture and we've been to a couple of other um parties in the past that were evening ones but mostly at California adventure and they were quite. Crowded you know and so the the lines were not short and of course character meet and greet lines were really long as well. So that's really nice to hear that this one wasn't like that that you really could get. 15:55.74 Scott Collins Well not only that. But you also get a large amount of food. You know they have cookies they have cider. Um, they have a lot of different things for you to pick up that are as free that's included within your ticket. 16:05.56 Sam Oh. 16:07.74 Scott Collins And it wasn't as good as last year's last year's was a lot better They had a lot more cokes and sodas and popcorn. This year was scaled back just a little bit and the crowds were a little bit heavier. However, um, riding everything within the park unless. And it with pretty much no weight I mean it's walk on rides you you just can't beat so it was a nice way to to go go go go Um, and my family knew going into that they don't like when I pushed the schedule to the max. So I I made a deal with them to push the schedule to the max for the the. 16:25.22 Sam You mean. 16:44.30 Scott Collins Mickey Mouse party however the next day and throughout the cruise it was going to be a very unstressful relaxing vacation for the kids and for everybody else involved. 16:54.43 Sam Yeah, that's smart Brian tries to do that to me um, get me to slow down but it's usually pretty unsuccessful at the parks I'll be honest, yeah. 17:03.38 Scott Collins I'm I'm a park opener and a park closer and that's how I was raised as a young kid and that's how I've always been. My family is will usually go for a good chunk of it but they usually need to break during the day so sometimes they'll go back to the hotel. The. To take a break while we go and and ride in this case I mean we knew we had by about five and a half hours of good real ride time and we maxed it out all we could do and we pushed every ride there was so every ride the park was ridden and within that you know 6 hours 17:19.78 Sam E. 17:36.95 Sam That's awesome. That's a way to I mean it's a very smart way to do the parks especially before a cruise vacation. Um, you know you're you're pretty close. You're already traveling to the Orlando airport at least right? So why not add on you know, even if it's just a day. And and go go go because you get all that relaxing time once on board right. 17:58.24 Scott Collins Yeah in doing advice versa is definitely not the way to go so we did our honeymoon we we did the parks for a full seven days and by the time we got on the boat. My wife was wiped out and so that was a huge relaxing way. Um, you know having a day just to push push push with no sleep. 18:09.44 Sam Yeah, ah. 18:16.22 Scott Collins Was okay because I mean you know if you think about we're up at four thirty in the morning to get to the airport in the flight you know we had to be at the airport by 6 the flight took off at 8 and we were on the ground at at 12 about twelve twelve thirty so it was ah it's a long day in so a pushing day and then I get up early. 18:18.80 Sam Right. 18:29.00 Sam It's a long day. 18:34.52 Scott Collins To go stand in line I'm usually standing at the port desk at seven fifteen to seven thirty to make sure I get 1 of the first bots and get on that first bus out of town and while the rest of the family wakes up get their coffee gets the last little stuff packed gets breakfast so we can push through the day that way they can get the maximized sleep and i'll. Ah, sacrifice for them. 18:56.10 Sam I love that. That's awesome. Well that sounds like a real fun way to start the vacation. Um I'd love to hear how things went in the morning you get your group 1 ticket you are lined up. You said by 9 a m to get on that shuttle. And how does that transfer work. 19:13.36 Scott Collins So the best part about the transfer is you literally they give you you they try to take you in the order that you actually were in line. So if you were number 1 in line. They'll take that first family and on and so forth and you. Tell them how many people they have you have your tickets. They did a quick confirmation on your health. Um, they made you felt that health questionnaire in the morning they verify your rooms. The 1 thing that I will tell you that they they changed up this time that they did not do in july. 19:34.81 Sam So. 19:43.26 Scott Collins They have to have one representative for each room even if they're linked in the same family to check you in. Um I experienced that was we had 2 adjoining rooms and they made me have a representative from the second room come down and that did through a little bit of a kink in my plan. 19:48.36 Sam Oh interesting. 20:02.78 Scott Collins But they still gave us the passes and we were able to get all of us on the bus but that was something I will pass on if you if you have 2 rooms make sure you have a representative from each room in that line ready to go. 20:03.41 Sam Um. 20:16.22 Sam That's a great tip. Yeah I I. 20:16.98 Scott Collins They take you the service elevator and and right after that we're on the there's time. It was an academy bus. It wasn't the mirrors Disney Cruise bus like normal and we were on that boat on excuse me on the bus and off we went into port canaveral and most of the kids passed out. Um. 20:26.40 Sam Um. 20:33.42 dclduo Yeah. 20:35.65 Scott Collins We have quite a few kids passed out pictures but they were energizing themselves for the party that was going to happen on the Disney fantasy. 20:43.21 dclduo So so you did so you did the party at Magic Kingdom and then got up early the next day to get on the bus. How early were you up to get on that bus Scott to be number one I'm curious. 20:44.66 Sam That's right, That's right, they got you know they got to recharge. 20:54.17 Scott Collins So we we got off we left the park when it closed about twelve thirty we had a we were supposed to have a private mirrors car take us back. Well they ran out of mirrors car. So they gave us a private mirrors charter bus for a family of 7 which. Was heaven because the kids could actually lay down in per seat and we were not expecting our own private tour bus. Um, but we got back. We got back about 1 one 30 I was up at 7 and standing in line by seven thirty with coffee in hand. 21:14.45 Sam Ah, yeah. 21:19.91 Sam Right. 21:27.44 Sam Um. 21:32.55 Sam Um, yeah, yeah. 21:32.73 Scott Collins Ah, waiting for the disney folks to get there. They showed up right about eight fifteen to eight thirty check this in and that first bus was full and and loading up by 9 We were out the door by Nine Fifteen headed to the port. 21:47.18 Sam Wow and I'm going to guess you're not the first one or you're not I shouldn't say first one I'm going to guess you weren't the only one who got there before the Disney people even showed up am I right. 21:47.36 dclduo Wow. 22:00.37 Scott Collins Ah, there was a few people after us most of them came about 8 oh 5 to 108 um when they started catching wind you know of eight thirty but not the dedicated seven thirty that I have to make sure that we get on that first bus that first bus is key. 22:07.40 Sam Um. 22:15.31 Sam Yeah, absolutely. 22:19.22 dclduo Where to next Sam. 22:23.20 Sam Ah, let's talk about arrival at the port and check in and all that okay all right? So let's let's talk about you get to the port. 22:24.50 dclduo Go ahead, Go ahead. 22:32.72 Sam Tell us how checking goes and about how long it took you to get on board from the time you arrive in the port. 22:38.65 Scott Collins So you know traveling down you know with the bus and everything else. It's always great to see the disney fantasy in the in the crosswinds. We also got to see the disney wish that was at port and watching that you know your vacation's there, you get your kids very excited. They know what's coming. Um, they had just got off the fantasy in July so they were ready to go and relive those experiences but you never realize how beautiful the ship is until you pull up right there and then the disney guest. Ah they they keep you on the bus for just a minute or 2 while they give you their spiel and then they escort you right through the lines. Um, we actually made it had all the paperwork ready to go. We had all the porter roll forms the passports ready to go they verified everything we were that we were through the check-in process through security and in the waiting room within 15 minutes of arriving at port canaveral which. That was amazing. I mean it truly was a a a smooth experience the online check-in was super fast. Super easy. The health questionnaires are ready to go. We had over our documents in my hand and we were literally there in. Ah. Within 15 minutes I did try to find the host that did the family of the day and I missed it by about 10 minutes um by the time I figured out who the host was they had just picked the family of the day I was trying to get the family of the day but I missed on on that opportunity. 23:58.64 Sam Ah, ah. 24:05.93 Sam Yeah, we you know we have never gotten family the day I I still would love to to get that. But I'm also like well now that I've sailed so much like maybe it's not really fair for us to get today. 24:21.73 Scott Collins It's just one those bucket lists areoons. It's like when they had the old ah family of the day that was riding the parade at did at old Disney world. You know it's just a bucket list opportunity. 24:23.89 Sam I Know um, totally totally. But I think what the message that I love to convey from what you've said here is just be prepared right? like. 24:38.82 Scott Collins Um, yes. 24:41.11 Sam Everything goes so much more smoothly if you've got all your stuff together right? You've got your your passports ready to go. You've done the health questionnaire you you know you did your online check-in you've got whatever Qr codes you need from you know from the website. So. All of that stuff is just it makes everything go more smoothly and when you've got your transportation all planned. It makes it all the more easy right? I mean. 25:08.10 Scott Collins So for the guests who haven't been on the ship before one thing I will say is about eight o'clock in the morning you'll get a last minute health questionnaire for everybody in the room. Make sure you check your emails you know and that you fill that out because that will expedite the process to get through even the check in line and the buzzes. 25:16.71 Sam So. 25:25.63 Sam Yes. 25:27.68 Scott Collins But even at the check in line at the yeah the port so that does make it really super fast to get through having everything in hand and presented to the agent or the cast member is super easy. They checked it off real fast. You know you you can't you can't beat it. 25:43.28 Sam Yeah, and if you to be fair if you don't have everything ready to go. You'll still be able to get on the ship. It will just take you longer in that check-in Process. You'll just be sort of. You know they'll be waiting for you. They'll be impatient people standing in line behind you, you'll get. You might get some dirty looks and so it's just yeah, exactly Oh not at all? Yeah, ah. 26:02.92 Scott Collins You'll be that guy in the line risk is. 26:05.71 dclduo Disney people are never impatient Sam we we embrace lines. We love them It's so great people who are unprepared with their annual passes at the park gates. You know it's just all fantastic. It's it's just part of part of the Disney culture actually. Really want to emphasize the tip of having everything ready and give people 3 tips that I follow 1 is I invested in and I have an investment I went on Amazon I found a thing that would hold like when we travel all of our passports. All of our documentation are. 26:34.52 Scott Collins Um, yeah. 26:37.46 dclduo Paper documents that we need just folded up like it's all in 1 place in one little zipped up container and I have that excuse me and I have that with me at the port that I can just pull it out open it up. Everything's there that I need tip number 2 is don't rely on. 1 method to have those barcodes available so single points of failure. It's like what is it Scott you probably know this phrase was it 1 is 1 and 2 it's 2 yeah. 26:59.45 Scott Collins I Bri I just to echo that you know with having I did the paper copies so I had a paper copy pop copies in my portfolio. So I literally had them in hand I didn't rely off the app. The app is great and it does a lot of wonderful things. But. 27:08.20 Sam So. 27:16.87 Scott Collins When I want to go they can scan 7 Click Click Click Click versus me trying to find it where it's on the app. So I did the Print Print Print form and it's a lot easier and lot faster than having a pdf on your phone. 27:23.60 Sam Yep. 27:27.18 dclduo Yep, yeah so I do I do it three I do it hold on say I do it three ways I do the print form I always have it printed out and fold it up just in case. That's my backup. My second backup. 27:28.29 Sam Yeah, well and and it sorry. 27:39.38 dclduo Ah, my first backup is I usually have a photo of the form somewhere in my photos app saved and favoriteed. So I can grab it quickly and then I also have them downloaded into my Apple wallet because we're iphone users and so I've got 3 ways at the ready to have that barcode. They are and available for someone so backups are are just key because also some of these ports you get into the wi-fi is terrible. The cell reception's terrible and you can't get things to load quickly and so if you can just grab the paper instead you're ahead of the game or even if it's just a photo on your phone. You don't need the internet to grab that photo. So yeah. 28:01.52 Sam Yes. 28:04.61 Scott Collins Um, yes. 28:11.44 Sam Yeah that's what I was going to say I think the the best tip to give folks is don't rely on the app at the port only because the wi-fi just depends on what port you're at. But. The wi-fi can sometimes be really touchy. We found that in in Europe the wi-fi can be really difficult some of those ports are really not well equipped with wi-fi so just have a even just a screenshot of that you know Qr code that you need is going to be much more helpful than relying on the app. Of course having the printout you know, printed out version is ah is a great second backup as well. 28:49.83 dclduo Yeah, speaking of Disney Tech Scott I Want to rewind us for a second because ah the check in process has been pretty hit or miss from home these days in terms of the online website in the app and such did you have a smooth. Check in process for your sailing or did you hit any hiccups. 29:05.70 Scott Collins So I was a little bit nervous. We had a huge hiccup here. So I know that the clock hits at midnight at Disney World to be able to check in which is eleven o'clock here in Texas. 29:16.98 Sam E. 29:21.16 Scott Collins I waited at Eleven o'clock and I kept refreshing, refreshing, refreshing and I couldn't get on to almost twelve thirty so I thought for sure I was gonna get a horrible port arrival time I finally got in at twelve thirty logged everything through that need to go through and all the questions passports and all the other stuff. 29:27.95 Sam Um. 29:37.34 Scott Collins And then I wasn't even allowed to do a check in portto arrivalval time. It gave me it. It automatically assign me one and I was lucky enough I was in group 2 which was at 1115 and I was super es static about that. Um, having 1115 puertoraval time for not even being able to choose 1 but ah. 29:52.37 Sam Yeah, yeah. 29:54.73 Scott Collins There was some hiccups I couldn't check in the proper time um to be able to you know, make sure that we had that early puerto rible like I wanted. 30:01.82 Sam Well and I think if you have booked the transfer the mcco transfer through Disney it like automatically assigns you the port arrival time that has you know that's an earlier one than than selecting one. So I actually think you don't have to worry. Quite as much about being sort of the first to check in at that 30 day Mark if you've got transportation booked through disney. 30:28.49 Scott Collins Yeah I wasn't quite sure how that worked because the the first crews we did in July we had a 12 or twelve thirty arrival and we had the the port of Disney Transfer service also yeah and so I like the early one just be able to get in there and be able to have lunch and everything else on the boat. 30:38.50 Sam You have that too. Yeah, yeah. 30:47.84 Scott Collins Save that money and and some some travel saving tips and you know just maximize everything and in that way you can beat the rush beat the crowds and you don't have to fight for a spot at cabanas and I do like Caanos so I mean it's it's a a way to to beat it. Also. Of the things that we do is is being a planner look at like Brian is I gave my dad the specific task he had to go to guest services and stand in line to obtain 2 um surge protectors and 2 fans for the room. Well I went to send a spa to book. The kids stuff that it needed to for Census Spo having that early Puerto ra at 1130 gave me a head start advantage to beat guest services but also beat the census spa line to get what we wanted and we all met back up at command is for lunch. 31:38.72 dclduo Nice. 31:40.49 Sam Yeah, So why don't you tell people about this ah getting a surge protector and ah getting a fan we well we'll tell you we've never done that um I had heard that you could do that but we haven't really talked about it on the show and so I'm sure people would love to hear what kinds of you know. What amenities there are available to you and. 32:01.30 Scott Collins So having ah 3 I'm sorry 4 girls and 3 guys in this trip. Surge protectors were a must especially for phones computers charging things electronics for teenagers hair dryers for women things like that. 32:14.36 Sam 5 32:16.22 Scott Collins So one of the things that we do and we learned early on was after they confiscated for five years ago in our first trip all our search protectors. We learned that Disney will provide that if you ask for it. You can quote unquote rent it for a small fee I believe was $25 for the search protector. And then you bring it back. It's just a deposit. They'll refund your deposit back the same thing with a fan. My wife can't sleep without the fan doys so they had 2 small fans I think it's a $50 deposit you return it on the last day you get your deposit back and it doesn't cost you anything on that amenity. So. 32:39.49 Sam 6 32:51.24 Scott Collins Um, they only have a limited number and so that's why I sent my dad to guest services why I want to sense a spa to reserve that so I didn't have to sleep outside on the ah pool deck to ah is around the the trip. 32:51.87 Sam So. 33:07.28 Sam I love that so this is a super smart. Ah tip. Um, you can just ah, just 1 note you can bring your own. Yeah, so this is a this is a super smart tip because you you cannot bring your own surge protector. 33:13.32 dclduo Wait start it wrote over Sam yeah, start over. 33:24.60 Sam 1 thing I will say about fans is you are allowed to bring your own fan I believe of like a certain size you have to check online to see what size but um ships mechanical folks will check out your fan so they'll take it out of your luggage to check it out. And then they'll give it to you if it's approved basically so there is a chance it gets confiscated but I think for the most part if you followed the rules you will get your fan back and be able to use it but search protectors are no no now you can bring those multi Usb. Plug things. So if you need extra plugs. It's not a storage protector but you have multiple um, multiple ports for Usb Plugs you can bring that but there there have been times where I've heard even those can occasionally get confiscated if they. You know, look like it's a a search protector instead of just a Usb so just kind of a warning me. 34:17.69 dclduo Yeah, it. 34:19.49 Scott Collins The the good news about this too was you didn't I didn't have to lug it around. They weren't ready. They didn't have a whole bunch of it in stock yet. So they put our name on the list and we put our deposits down and Disney actually brought those to our rooms so we didn't have to lug them around pre um getting into room status. 34:30.16 Sam Nice. 34:36.86 Scott Collins Um, so you could actually enjoy your lunch and things like that and you didn't have to lug the fans and the the extension cord Surge protectors around the the ships that was really nice with them to do. 34:44.30 Sam Yeah, that is really nice benefit. 34:44.42 dclduo Yeah, yeah, it. It is always good to remind folks out there if you're new to sailing on Disney Cruise line check the prohibited items list on Disney's website to know what you can and cannot bring onboard because we have had things confiscated or. If not confiscate at least your luggage gets sidetracked for inspection and then you have to go pick it up and bring it back to your room yourself I suppose they'll transfer it for you. But at that point you're standing there in front of your luggage. You're probably just going to take it yourself. So um. 35:14.47 Scott Collins Well, my dad's actually suitcase actually got picked up by Disney security. He had a small multi tool um like a Gerber tool in his suitcase and he had to go stop by disney police department. 35:17.12 Sam Yeah up. 35:29.24 Scott Collins And go rescue his bag either the Disney Baggage Jail they took his item and kept it till the end of the cruise because he might do too much home repair on the ship and unfortunately his multitool got confiscated and then he was able to bring his luggage back up but that was. 35:31.20 Sam Oh god. 35:47.88 Scott Collins Won the funnier parts of our trip. A multitool of all things got confiscated by Disney security. 35:54.55 Sam Yup, all kinds of things. Don't you know people leave your musical instruments at home ah leave you know any kind of small appliances. No coffee pots things like that at home. Other than you're allowed to bring you know, hair dryers and hair straighteners and curling irons things like that. But um, yeah, ah, people try to bring all kinds of stuff on board. No pocket knives. That's another thing you can you know you may be somebody who normally carries around a pocket knife that will get confiscated that doesn't mean as Scott mentioned you won't get it back. You will get it back. You just will get it back at the end of the. 36:28.94 Scott Collins Actually Disney Security missed the pocket knife but took the multitool that was even phoneier. 36:30.61 Sam Cruise next. 36:35.13 Sam Ah, ah there you go So you know well that's a thing sometimes they miss things that they should confiscate and they sometimes confiscate things that are actually they shouldn't so that that can happen as well. But that's funny. 36:47.55 dclduo Yeah, yeah, well you board the ship. It's a very maritime cruise so you were hit immediately with Christmas decoration scott and yeah, how was the ship for you from a decoration standpoint. 37:00.75 Scott Collins So this was kind of a a magical thing for me. Also I'm not usually in the big Christmas spirit like the rest of my family is usually it's we're working the holidays and getting ready so it was a a true relief just to be able to relax and unwind for Christmas and I was actually able to really enjoy it. But walking in you know they they call your family name and you walk in in the disney fantasy is just beautiful with full of Christmas decorations from port to the Stern I mean there is decorations everywhere. They had the gingerbread houses out. The wife was a static and. The decorations were just amazing. I mean they even had decorations and cabanas. You name it they had it so it was a truly Christmas feeling it really put the rest of the family in the Christmas spirit it even put me in the Christmas spirit because. Here we are is that time of the day and it's time to focus on family and so I was actually able to really get in the Christmas spirit. We had our Christmas shirts on our Disney Christmas cruise fantasy shirts and then um, we went to caban us for lunch. And we did that and then I had a special operation. Ah that was very very special to the family and that was with door magnets Christmas lights and last but not least the disney fantasy blanket Christmas combination. Um. 38:24.10 Sam Ooh. 38:28.10 dclduo Oh nice. 38:28.31 Sam Oh yeah. 38:32.20 Scott Collins So you know I promised my family I was pulling all the stops out like I said being being in school for the past two years I've missed a lot of things. Um I have not always done my chores or not been able to attend family functions because of school. So I pulled out all the stops. We used Etsy and we had a large Christmas magnet that we also had several smaller magnets for our family with different Disney characters on them. But last but not least I put the battery packed ah lights around the door with our magnets and then each one of the girls. 39:00.42 Sam A. 39:06.49 Scott Collins Um, got the disney fantasy Christmas decoration party pack. Um, and so they were not expecting that at all so they each had their big Disney blanket with a disney scarf Disney Pillow all the decorations. Um, so we we actually held the girls away from the room. 39:09.91 Sam Yeah I love it. 39:26.00 Scott Collins Until it was time and then we brought them up closed their eyes and we gave them their surprise there so that was a special gift from me to the all the girls. Um, you know for christmas. 39:38.20 Sam That's so fun I Love the scarf by the way I We got one of those packages on our maritime cruise and. 39:44.40 Scott Collins They they are hard to find if you do not know they are there. They are hard to find and they will sell out and they do sell out fast. Um, that was one thing I learned the hard way in trying to buy them on the black market of Disney does not work either. 39:49.65 Sam Yeah, yeah, yeah. 39:58.29 Sam Um, yeah, oh yeah, they're and they're super cute. The the scarf is basically Goofy's head um and then his and then his kind of his legs I guess sort of. 40:03.63 Scott Collins Yes, yes, it it was very neat. The girls are super impressed with it and so I got bonus points with that and I really got to admit, the stateroom host was what's helpful. He had the amount of people switched around so we did a last minute switch. As he was getting the room ready because we actually snuck in about one thirty because the rope was ah already down and he was finishing up our rooms. He was very helpful to make sure that I had everything set up for the girls and for the wife to make it very special and I really did want to be special by decorating the Christmas. 40:23.69 Sam Um. 40:42.73 Scott Collins Spirits I mean they did a great job of getting all that set up and and ready to go and allowing us to set the battery packs with the Christmas lights and things like that up. So it was it was super nice that they were so helpful to get in the Christmas spirit. 40:56.15 Sam Yeah, well and and very smart planning with the lights and everything for those who who don't know you can bring you can bring lights to decorate your room with as long as they are battery powered so you cannot have lights that plug in sometimes people sneak them on and Disney doesn't catch it. But ah you. Could get them confiscated So Don't try it just bring battery powered ones and some magnetic hooks so that you can hang them. 41:21.61 dclduo Yep yep, all good. Ah say again. Yep. 41:23.54 Scott Collins Another another pre-rival trip I would also offer to to your guests if you have the opportunity search on Facebook for the Disney Facebook group for your particular ship and your particular sailing. You'll see a lot of people what they're doing and things like that. 41:35.39 Sam So. 41:40.79 Scott Collins Ah, we are very fortunate enough in the July cruise we actually did a huge Facebook group photo in the center of the atrium on the stairwells when some of the Disney characters came down especially for our group but also provide a lot of special tricks and trades if if people had seen things that changed or. Ah, people had just got off the boat. They had tips or trades or things that were broken or needed to be fixed or really good trips. Those were all providing that Facebook group but you also knew a group of people before you got there and so that was very helpful too. 42:02.94 Sam I. 42:13.68 Sam Um, absolutely. 42:14.58 dclduo Nice, well the room is decorated. The decorations are in full force on the boat people are fed what kind of Christmas activities did your family get up to on board Scott. 42:28.89 Scott Collins So we have to do the Disney Sail away party. Um, we we did that we enjoyed that and then we did some of the Christmas activities before we did that we did the. 42:32.23 Sam Um, yeah. 42:41.93 Scott Collins Munster Drill which was in person that was very disorganized was not happy with the in-person Munster drill. Unfortunately, they just do not have that back working at full speed. We were one of the I think we're the first or second ship to have to go back to the full munster drill. Um. 42:44.23 Sam E. 42:53.70 Sam A greenni. 43:01.55 Scott Collins Too much standing around I wish they would let you do the check in and go back to the video screen like a lot of the other competitors are doing but ah, we actually did that then we we got ready for dinner and we went to the show. First we did our our Disney show. After the show we went to the atrium for the Christmas tree lighting and the Christmas tree party and then right after that we went into enchanted garden and to start our formal night dinner. 43:24.20 Sam Nice. 43:32.18 Sam Awesome! Well, that's ah, that's a packed day. Um, what did? Yeah, what did you think of of the Christmas activities. Overall um obviously you you got the tree lighting and then you had the. 43:33.40 Scott Collins Yes. 43:44.69 Sam Did they call it the winter wonderland ball or something that evening where santa probably arrived very similar to what we had on the on the wonder what did you think of the the Christmas activities as a whole. 43:46.16 Scott Collins Um, yes. 43:56.99 Scott Collins So as a whole I liked them. Um, they did a very good job. The only bad problem. The only the only major problem with this is they tried to fit everybody on the ship into one space at 1 time. 44:05.86 Sam I. 44:10.89 Scott Collins And it really causes a lot of problems we were up on the third or fourth deck by a balcony so we couldn't see a lot but I felt bad for some of the kids because some of the kids missed the experience because there are so many people around so I kind of wish they would had a kid spot just so they could enjoy because it really was for the kids. But the program overall was great. They did ah ah a wonderful job lighting the tree with the songs it dances you know it really does get you in the spirit. Um, overall it was. It was great I just wish they had a spot I I end up moving so some of the kids that were there. Could actually see the magic because it's it's focused for the kids. 44:51.98 Sam Yeah that's a good point. They only do it once Um, on the first night and same with the winter wonderland ball thingy. They don't do it twice and it would probably smart for them to do it. You know during dinner. So that and do it twice that way you could have you know two sets of of people instead of everybody crowding into one space. Yeah, it's it's hard especially on. Um I'm gonna call it well on the dream class or the the magic class on the wish you've got a larger space for that for that. 45:13.12 Scott Collins Yes. 45:25.92 Sam Atrium that grand hall but this the space is pretty tight, especially tight on the on the wonder and the magic but even on the fantasy and the dream when you've got everybody coming to 1 event in atrium it gets quite crowded. 45:37.89 Scott Collins It does it makes it even harder when they shut down 2 elevators because they're filming and have lights and things like that. So we shut down 2 elevators. It just makes it hard to dismiss the crowd after everything's over with there's no place for the crowd to go. 45:45.94 Sam E. 45:54.81 Sam Yeah, that makes sense So let's talk about some of the other activities you all got up to on board. Um, what kinds of what kinds of things. Do you guys like to do while you're on the ship. 45:55.16 dclduo Yep yep, we're doing ask about Sam. 46:08.68 Scott Collins So I I am ah guilty as charged I'm a census person and so um, if they had a vp club for senseta Spa I probably would be a gold or platinum. Maybe. 46:10.60 dclduo So. 46:12.56 Sam I Love it. 46:22.19 dclduo Nice. 46:24.23 Sam Um I love. 46:25.69 Scott Collins Maybe even a pearl level of sense a spa. Um so I had to go get that I think I had a total of 2 massages a facial. Um and one of the shaves that we had there I also the wife ended up getting the week long pass really? ah. 46:27.47 Sam Oh Wow oh. 46:37.80 dclduo Nice, nice. 46:45.58 Scott Collins Rain tree range rainforest tree ah salon so that was very nice and then my oldest daughter also got a facial and so having that I got the the massage in the first day and on the last day to really unwind and take care of myself. 46:58.59 Sam Yeah, yeah. 47:04.52 Scott Collins For the the stress level that I have with my job in school so that was really nice to just really unwind and let loosen there. The other thing that I tried in the census ball that I was not ah ah think it was going to work that actually did work is we did the acupuncture and I was super impressed. Um. 47:17.34 Sam Oh. 47:23.33 Scott Collins It really helped Relieve a lot of stress and tension and I've never had acupuncture before and it worked I I was actually very impressed with that. That was one thing I I was not anticipating. 47:33.48 Sam Cool. 47:33.57 dclduo Nice I I tried acupuncture on a cruise one time. Yeah would that it. It's so interesting. Some of those treatments they have on board that are at fairly reasonable prices and if you've never tried them before you can try them out I mean they do everything from teeth whitening to acupuncture to Cm was it cool cool sculpting is I what they call it the yeah. 47:48.52 Sam Yeah, they do something where they like freeze you to help with you know your fat. So oh like I need I need it on every cruise I've never done it but I don't the idea of being in like a. 47:48.55 Scott Collins Yeah, we'll stop things there. 47:52.30 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 47:57.16 Scott Collins Um, they. 48:02.77 Sam A freezing cold ah room is not really that ah that and enticing to me but I will say I don't want to be stuck with. 48:07.35 dclduo Oh the the ice room the the ice room in the new outdoor. Ah rainforest area on the wish. Ah so it's so amazing. It's so much fun Scott I'm curious. 48:13.68 Sam Ah, yeah, yeah, see and and I'm not I'm not really into that I you know and and same with needles but I will say I you know I love a man who's comfortable going to a spa Scott so good job good on you. 48:15.59 Scott Collins Um, yes. 48:29.46 Scott Collins It it is very relaxing with the stressful job that I have during the week it it is a way to unwind and take care of myself and so it was really good. Ah not have a paper to do my and my cruise in July I ended up doing more papers and reading. 48:32.68 Sam Oh. 48:43.75 Scott Collins Then I was able to actually participate on the crew. So this was a nice change of pace I had nothing to do except really relax and enjoy the activities and and just be a dad and be a husband and that was really really fun part of the cruise. 48:44.36 Sam Oh yeah. 48:56.94 Sam Yeah. 48:59.17 dclduo Scott I'm curious on the rainforest room it doesn't sound like you got a chance to peek in there. But maybe you did I'm I'm just curious did your wife enjoy the experience. It seemed to be kept up well and they weren't putting too many people in there at once all that sort of stuff. 49:13.24 Scott Collins Yeah I may or may not have accidentally got in there. Um, definitely some security procedures I had to go investigate and check out to make sure they were safe for all the clients and passengers. You know, definitely security Earth that were in there. Um, the rainforest room. 49:16.14 Sam So. 49:16.77 dclduo Yes. 49:32.34 Scott Collins The way they have it now is Illinois We ever really knew we didn't know the private parties like they had back in the Covid Era and so that was not packed. It was ah very comfortable in there. There was plenty of chairs. Plenty of room for everybody so it wasn't not packed or anything like that. It still had the great rain force. 49:33.44 Sam And. 49:45.86 Sam Good. 49:49.81 Scott Collins Since in things that you look for in the rainforest room then it just it just was very relaxing. Still very tranquil very peaceful in there. The rock beds are definitely are ah a friend of mine I may or may not have fallen asleep in there a time or 2 49:51.35 Sam Yeah. 50:02.75 Sam Um, yes, ah same awesome. Love it. Okay, so your spa people we got that checked off the list and. 50:07.80 Scott Collins Um, but it's a very tranquil place to be. 50:08.33 dclduo Nice, nice. 50:16.50 Sam You did say you went to the show. The first night. Are you show people? Do you do you hit all the shows. Yeah yeah. 50:20.36 Scott Collins We we do have a tradition. We do go to all the shows we had Um, we had the ventrill. Ah we had the Juggler we had moonshot we had um the magician. 50:30.14 Sam Um. 50:37.12 Scott Collins And then our 3 standard shows with ah frozen Disney's believe and Aladdin was our third final winner. We did go to all the shows we believe and go on the shows as a family and it it is good to see the the magical part of that I will say my wife. 50:51.80 Sam Um, yeah. 50:56.53 Scott Collins Is a a like like I said a hardcore fanatic so I was tasked with buying a popcorn bucket apparently I did try to tell Disney a new song it was called bum they called me the popcorn bucket man and they had a tune. 51:02.99 dclduo Now. 51:03.29 Sam Of course, yes. 51:14.17 dclduo Ah. 51:15.95 Scott Collins Tapping on the popcorn bucket but Disney did not want to take my show tune to Broadway for some reason but I think I may have sold a couple extra popcorn buckets. 51:18.47 Sam Ah, they were not interested but they weren't interested. 51:26.99 dclduo Ah. 51:27.81 Sam Ah, you should have at least gotten you know some? you know some commission on selling those popcorn buckets for them. 51:31.22 Scott Collins Yes, definitely. We also had the avatar way of water. It was coming out I think we saw it 2 or 3 days before it actually came out. It was released on the disney fantasy that week so we they actually got to see that I'm not an avatar person but my daughter my my father did go. It's sat through the 3 hour movie um and that was a very pack feeder. They did polished multiple showings for avatar way of water and that was super nice for the to guest be able to do to do all that part. 51:53.55 Sam Um. 52:05.30 Sam Yeah, they did it on on our cruises as well. Um I have to say we skipped it and not because we weren't interested in seeing it. It's just you know you're on the ship and I'm sure you you probably felt this way. It's there's just so much to do on the ships and. The idea for me just a personal choice of spending you know 3 hours of my precious cruise time in a movie theater is you know is hard for me to to do so. But. 52:28.88 Scott Collins So Sam we we didn't have 1 problem on the cruise in and I had a small addiction problem. So I didn't think they had bingo on the cruise and I had argued with my wife they own this is they do not do bingo they don't do this and they don't do that. 52:36.18 Sam Ah, oh. 52:39.16 dclduo Um, yeah. 52:40.84 Sam Um, oh. 52:45.69 Sam Oh yes, they do? Yeah um, ah. 52:46.64 Scott Collins And then I got hooked on round one and there may have been several rounds of Bingo being played on the ship that I shouldn't have been playing and um I did not win but I got close several times but it was very addicting. 52:54.52 Sam I know but. 53:00.39 Sam It is I oh I you know I will tell you I really enjoy bingo but I really try and stay away from it on the ship because it does become addicting right? like if I go to 1 53:02.61 Scott Collins Um I enjoyed it. The first time I've ever played bingo professionally. 53:16.24 Sam Bingo then I want to go to every bingo. That's the problem for me. So I just try and I try and not go at all and then and then I'm then I'm home free but it is yeah. 53:23.15 Scott Collins The wife drug me to the first one and we went with the oldest daughter and her boyfriend and from there. It was dangerous ever since. 53:32.83 Sam Yeah I mean there are people who go to every bingo session for sure and there's a they're only on well they're on C Dayss um that they're on port days. But only if there's enough time to do it so it might be in like the evening on a port day but there. Every c day you have and the reason for that is just international law right? like you can international waters I should say you sorry let me say that again and the reason for that is international waters. You can gamble in international waters. But if you're at port you're subject to that port's laws and so that's why the shops aren't open. Um, because then they'd be subject to whatever the local taxes are and same with bingo you'd be subject to whatever the rules local rules on gambling are so they're always on it. Sea. 54:15.59 Scott Collins Well, it was a great experience and we did have fun doing that and that was a great family activity too I didn't think I'd like bingo but bingo was a a fun way to kill an hour or so while you're on your cruise time. 54:29.60 Sam Yeah, Bingo Betty is plenty of fun right? Ah, that's right. 54:31.92 Scott Collins Oh Bingo beni. 54:34.93 dclduo How was the food on board for you actually hold on skip that. So so with all your spa time Scott did you get off in any of the western caribbean ports on your sailing or did you stay on board. 54:49.64 Scott Collins So no, we actually did but we we we balanced everything out so cosaml we stayed on the ship because I had already pushed the family pretty hard pretty far from that first one and there's nothing really in Kosmo that we really wanted to see. We had talked about getting off at 1 point and doing just some walking around. However, during that everybody's resting and enjoying the ship. So we we just stayed on for coaml. We also had a blocked view in cosaml where we were parked. Some other ships came in and actually kind of blocked our view. 55:05.91 Sam Um. 55:12.17 Sam Me. 55:22.66 dclduo Who. 55:24.34 Scott Collins In the port got really busy so I was kind of glad we didn't get off. However, we did go into the grand cayman in The Grand Caymans was amazing. We ah went to the dolphin and stingray experience and I was not expecting that to be as fun as what it was. 55:29.66 Sam He. 55:35.93 Sam Oh cool. 55:42.90 Scott Collins But that was an amazing experience. The tour god was great swimming with the dolphins was amazing. They they really catered to the family and make sure everybody has a good experience and then we went out to and took a boat to Stingray City and played with the stingra and that was that was something I never thought I would actually do but I really enjoyed that it was. It was very very nice to get out to Stingray City on day fiveve. We went out to fulmouth Jamaica and if you are a enthusiast of. 56:04.68 Sam Me. 56:10.35 Sam Cool. 56:20.85 Scott Collins Ah, having fun I would strongly recommend the Mystic Mountain Rainforest which had the Bob sled the sky explorer and the um zip line experience. It was truly a super fun experience I'm not gonna lie. 56:32.40 Sam Oh cool. 56:39.95 Scott Collins Bob Sled was amazing. Um, you get on this little cart. It's a 1 person cart they buckle you in you have little break and you just ride through the rainforest on this little track. It was truly an amazing experience. 56:54.57 dclduo Wow. 56:56.48 Scott Collins The zip one there they had about 10 zip lines and we got the zip across the rainforest. The staff was amazing. Very knowledgeable safety conscious and that was another truly amazing experience. 56:56.86 Sam That's awesome. 57:09.36 Sam Wow Tell us the name of that one again because that one I I'm going to write that one down it sounds really cool or. 57:14.88 Scott Collins So it's the Mystic Mountain rainforest and it has a bob sled and the skyline explorer in the canopy zip line. 57:26.52 Sam Wow. 57:28.91 Scott Collins They have several different traction. Go there. They have some water park. They have some slides things of that nature. Um, you can do pretty much make a combination out of any of that. This is also an excursion where they feed you? um I will say the food was good. It was Jamaican food. They had ah rice. 57:37.29 Sam E. 57:47.60 Scott Collins They had chicken. Um, they had lots of ah potato salads things like that for the kids they had hot dogs in french fries. Um, they they actually fed you as part of your ticket in the food was good. It was it was quality. Food. It was not skimpy food if you need to go back for seconds. You can go back for seconds. They they took very good care of you the the van ride was a little bit long. It was a small van. It was air conditioned. They pack you in there like sardines. Unfortunately, it's about an hour a little bit over an hour ride to get to the missing mountain. But it was worth it. 58:15.53 Sam Um. 58:21.72 Sam You. Yeah, that's good to know I will say we tend to shy away from excursions that have a longer bus ride but that does limit you because there are some great excursions out there that you just need to be patient with and you know it. 58:26.66 Scott Collins In the long run. What. 58:39.57 Scott Collins You also take this nice ski lift. That's and tropical rainforest and it takes you up the mountain so you have about a 15 minute ride up the ski lift and it's just beautiful scenery there and you can see the water you can see the coast and you see the ship. It's a beautiful lift up there. Um, as you're getting ready to enjoy the rest of your day. We were one of the first tour boats ah to get there and I'm glad we got there when we did because we had time to do everything we wanted to do in our group and we weren't rushed where other people were rushed trying to beat the line beat the crowd. 59:10.70 Sam E. 59:16.96 Scott Collins And you could definitely tell they were just rushed trying to go through So as as many people like to do stuff later in the afternoon I would strongly suggest doing an early morning time if you can do it on this excursion because it will make a difference on how your experience is overall. 59:27.72 Sam E. 59:35.57 Scott Collins The zip lining was fantastic. If there were long safe zip lines that made everything very enjoyable like I said it was very safety conscience. Ah the the guides were great. They took care of you that made you feel at home where you weren't scared even if you had a kid. That was a younger younger an age their first time zip line and 1 of our guests was a first time zipliner so it it actually worked out really really well for him so I gave it a very 4 to 5 star review at the missing mountain rainforest that that was very good in a. 01:00:10.78 Sam Now did you book this one through Disney or was this one you booked on your own. 01:00:11.32 Scott Collins Famar Jamaica 01:00:17.60 Scott Collins This one's through Disney we did. We did do everything through Disney just because of the safety aspect. It is ah just a little bit safer to to plan with Disney than it is to do it on your own. Um I felt comfortable I could have planned it on my own. However. 01:00:22.98 Sam Nope. 01:00:33.95 Scott Collins We ran into some problems on the way back with traffic. We literally cut it pretty close. We were one of the first buses out there to leave. Um, we we got back about an hour an hour and a half before last call and like I said we were one of the first people in the park to ah to do everything. So. 01:00:41.23 Sam E. 01:00:53.92 Scott Collins I don't know how it would work for some of the other experiences I'm I'm kind of glad this one. We did do Disney on this one day day 6 was a day at sea for us and then day seven was our castaway day. 01:00:55.44 Sam Right? Yeah, yeah, no, that makes sense it. 01:01:09.41 Scott Collins But unfortunately castaway k does not like me and my family and I don't know why we are I've only been to castaway k and that was once and that was on our honeymoon five years ago in July we got rained out. We made it to port barely. Um, we got rained out. 01:01:11.29 Sam Oh no, oh no. 01:01:20.96 Sam Ah, oh. 01:01:24.58 Sam Oh. 01:01:28.83 Scott Collins And then on this one I was able to get off the ship for about an hour and then um, they decided nobody needed to have funding castaway k and it downpoured the rest of the day. Yeah, cast away was scrapped again. 01:01:43.11 Sam Oh oh my goodness. 01:01:45.63 Scott Collins So we're over 2 on ah banana boats. We're over 2 on para sailing and smaller activities that we really wanted to do the only good news is I did get some souvenirs off castaway and I did go to the lighthouse point. 01:01:54.60 Sam Um. 01:02:00.58 Scott Collins And get up there to the lighthouse in in watch the observatory things like that I did get a little walk in and and things like that. But we did not eat cookies or anything like that because it was just a downpo torrential rain. 01:02:09.95 Sam All well you know we've had rain several times at Castaway but we've been lucky enough that it's been sort of later in the day. So after we've gotten at least you know the several hours at Castaway but you know the weather in the caribbean and the Bahamas. It can be touch and go. So yeah, that's a it's a good reminder to folks, you may have these grand expectations for your crews to go to Castaway key sometimes cast sometimes a chip can't even dock it castaway. So I'm I'm not saying it won't happen I'm just you know you won't get to go but. 01:02:44.20 Scott Collins Um, yeah in. 01:02:49.53 Sam It's a possibility. It's always a possibility that you either get rained out or you won't be able to dock so just something to be aware of um. 01:02:56.40 Scott Collins It really hurt because I was really looking forward to taking our kids ah parasaling that was one thing I Really really wanted to do because it was such a beautiful view doing that in we were over for two on that So Castaway still is beautiful. But I will say some of the best pictures that we have is being safe inside the ship and watching everybody scatter like little ants on castway trying to get back to the boat you whether it be with their towles over their head or trying to get on the tram or do this plane not running through castway that is kind of fun to watch. 01:03:13.68 Sam Are. 01:03:29.36 Sam That's my for sure. Oh my goodness. 01:03:31.42 Scott Collins But I will tell you the suite on you. Ice cream shop is a great consolation prize for a rainy day Castaway Just in case, you need to know that the treats inside suite on you are are very worthwhile. Ah, consolation prize for Castaway you do that is a very sweet trick though if you know if you have a little bit extra money from your your poor excursion being refunded it. It is kind of nice to have a little bit a quality ice cream and. 01:03:49.63 Sam Yes, unfortunately you do have to pay for them that is 1 thing. Yeah. 01:04:06.49 Scott Collins You know with the kids and making memories that way. 01:04:07.20 Sam Yeah, 1 warning for folks about parasaling because parasaling is something that we are familiar with because Brian signs up for parasoling at castaway every time we are sailing to Castaway and I think it's only actually happened. What maybe 2 out of like 9 times. Brian. 01:04:28.27 dclduo I don't know if it's 9 times I've only been able to go once every time we've gone since I did parasaling 1 time in catalina but on casaway key I've only ever had it happen once? yeah. 01:04:32.43 Sam A 1 oh that's right? Yeah, so and that's not and we we have never I'm going to knock on imaginary wood here. But we have never had it where we haven't been able to dock it castaway. Um, we have had it where it's rained but again later in the day Brian always books his parasaling for like first thing in the morning that is actually the best time for the weather for parasaling the best chance of being able to go is typically early in the morning but parasoling gets canceled a lot. As do some of the boating activities in Castaway just for wind because the wind has to be just just right? Basically not too much not too little so just a warning on on para sailing if it's something you want to do that's wonderful. It's a great activity but be warned there is a. Decent likelihood that it won't happen. 01:05:29.30 Scott Collins Same I agree with you trying to do it in the beginning part. But unfortunately I go the opposite I always go at the end because it's the best way to in your crewise is looking in that way. Um, and we did that on our honeymoon about five years ago of the pair sailing just being able to. 01:05:36.31 Sam Um, yeah. 01:05:46.43 Scott Collins Be up there one last time just really reflecting on your cruise in your crewise experience was amazing but castway is special like I said I did get a chance so to do some sightseeing down there and and see it before the downpour happened but Castaway is is definitely a truly special place. 01:06:00.52 Sam Um, absolutely. 01:06:06.64 Scott Collins Um, yes, we have to talk about good. 01:06:08.23 dclduo Well we can't talk Disney cruising without talking food Scott so you mentioned sweet on you. You mentioned sweet on you ah, but how did you find the main dining food and did you do any adult dining. 01:06:11.78 Sam Um, yeah, ah. 01:06:20.66 Scott Collins So we I enjoyed enchanted Garden and I got hooked on this specials of raspberry salad and I've I've had that the first time I I'm not a salad person in any way shape or form but it's one of the few things that I will eat. 01:06:29.37 Sam Oh. 01:06:29.38 dclduo Who who. 01:06:36.44 Sam Um. 01:06:38.30 Scott Collins Um, so we had a royal court rotation in July and that led us only to 1 time in chanted garden. So this time we kind of cheated and we did the enchanted garden rotation where we got it twice plus the last breakfast I'm sorry we got 3 times. 01:06:46.58 Sam But. 01:06:56.90 Scott Collins Plus the departing breakfast. So ah I am an enchanted guarded person I love it. My second favorite is animators. Um, the food was amazing. We had great food I tried almost everything you could there most of the time I would get 1 or 2 of the the main courses just to try. 01:06:56.25 Sam Yes. 01:07:16.14 Scott Collins Lobster was definitely great. The fillets the beef willingington the sea bass. Ah you can't you can't escape without the ah truffle parsets you got to have those thesserts are amazing. James was our server. 01:07:26.32 dclduo Who. 01:07:26.84 Sam Yeah, of course yep, um. 01:07:32.93 Scott Collins And James was from Jamaica he was been on the ship a long time. Very very professional made everything come to life. My dad was asking for a banana Sunday and they were actually out of bananas. The first day they had to wait till a fresh shipment came in and next thing you know a banana sunday. Showed up every night on vacation. Um, the serving team was amazing but we did do all main dining. We did not do any apollo or remy that is one of my bucket listings to do. However I don't want to dress up um on a cruise and so I am kind of lazy on that aspect. We did not. 01:07:52.74 Sam Um. 01:08:10.50 Scott Collins Dress up this time we kind of just stayed with our our family and cruise attire and that was kind of our dress up for Christmas we did have 1 family dress up day and that was pajama day. Um, we had a the twenty third Facebook group. We all got together and most of us wore pajamas to. 01:08:22.95 Sam Ah, ah. 01:08:30.42 Scott Collins The dinner wherever we were that night so it was pajama night for Christmas um, you can't go away without the desserts. The desserts there are magical. Um I can't go on to to tell you how many times you'd have one dessert. 01:08:33.64 Sam Well, that's so fun I love that I think it's great. 01:08:48.80 Scott Collins And well this also looks good I need to one of those 2 You know you're you're paid for it so you might as well get the most out of it. So I I will be the first it meant I did splurge a lot. Um and I went pretty far going as far as I could go to to make the most of it. 01:08:49.95 Sam No, right. 01:09:06.98 Sam You know that's what you got to do right? You like you said you've already paid for it. There's plenty of food on board. Um, it's very common for you. Even if you don't ask for something a second item. Oftentimes your wait staff will bring you a second item because they'll be like oh this is really good I think you should try it right? Especially after they get to know you and they kind of get to know what your what your likes are and what what things you tend to order because that really does happen on a seven night cruise which is pretty amazing I would say yes. 01:09:37.48 Scott Collins What what does also is amazing. Is they they had special things ready to go so like and we celebrated my graduation so they had a special dessert made for me and they they brought that out on night. Two. Um, when we had our our anniversary which is in July. They brought our special anniversary cake out for us I mean they really go far and beyond to make sure that things are special for the meals we never went thirsty. We had a great service matterif fact during the breakfast time at cabanas my dad and I are early rogers so we would get up in the morning. And go to breakfast together and have our coffee and our server was usually there. He would actually bring us additional food even though we didn't ask me to do that if we sat in his section because he knew what we liked. Um and so that is just part of the special part of being in Disney. So. 01:10:24.17 Sam That's awesome. Yeah. 01:10:28.55 Scott Collins I Will say this if you have the opportunity everybody likes different things but enchanted Garden rotation being your first one is one of my favorites I do like animators when they make it special and make the cartoon that is a very very special too. The just the nostalgic of how they. 01:10:39.81 Sam E. 01:10:47.34 Scott Collins They can put everything together to make this wonderful slideshow just from a quick animation of of 10 minutes 01:10:55.82 Sam Perfect. 01:10:55.89 dclduo Well Scott as we wind things down here I guess I wanted to ask the open ended question favorite move fear movie favorite memory from this trip. 01:11:09.83 Scott Collins You know I'm going to go really really far on this one but this Christmas Cruise really meant a lot for a lot of different reasons it it allowed me to be a husband again and be a father again, but the favorite part of this whole thing was being able to. Enjoy Christmas in the true meaning of Christmas with family and spending time with family and just getting in that Christmas spirit I had not been in the Christmas spirit because I was in the last crunch of finals and everything else to achieve this this dream of my degree but being able to just walk away from schoolwork. Walk away from my regular job and being able to be a family and to enjoy the Disney Fantasy was just something that I I can't replace. It's family memories I can't wait to go again. I think the last thing and that's really special is Disney really captures the Christmas spirit of. 01:12:04.88 Sam Um. 01:12:05.99 Scott Collins What the holidays about you can't go anywhere that noticing the amount of Christmas trees the gingerbread house the picture opportunities their memories that you can't take with you again. Every Disney Cruise is special but a Disney Christmas Cruise is extremely incredible. 01:12:24.46 Sam I have to totally agree with you um you know despite the fact that I did not grow up um, celebrating Christmas um, as I am actually jewish um, but I honestly feel like Christmas is just. I don't know it's just that much more special on Disney Cruise line when we did. You know we've we've done merry time before this was the first time we actually did merry time you know on Christmas and the week you know, sort of leading into Christmas as well. And. I just felt like the Christmas spirit was everywhere right? People were just genuinely happy to be on board and spending time with their families and there's just nothing that I think embodies the Christmas spirit more than that. Yeah. 01:13:08.96 Scott Collins No, if you if you have the opportunity to pay for the the photo pass on the cruise line. You never know when you might need those memories captured and that way everybody can be in those pictures at 1 time and that's one of the things we did. 01:13:17.74 Sam Um. 01:13:24.40 Sam Um. 01:13:24.95 Scott Collins We did shutters for some family vacation photos and some real professional family photos in July and that was worth the experience I wasn't happy with the price of what they wanted you to pay but the experience. Yeah. 01:13:33.21 Sam Um, yeah I heard I've heard that too I've heard that people they don't really, you don't really know the price going in and then it's kind of a sticker shock. 01:13:41.57 Scott Collins Yes, it that I would I'm not happy about because it's not worth the bang for your buck. However, the sitting and everything else They really take some great pictures. We negotiate a little bit and we we were able to pull some things off. 01:13:52.91 Sam So. 01:13:58.83 Scott Collins But the the photo pass just like they have the parks is worth the money where you can get lots of different photos for your family especially around the trip. The the ship and be able to capture those memories where everybody's in them with a professional photographer. 01:14:04.00 Sam Um. 01:14:13.73 Scott Collins Um, they take a lot of pictures at dinnertime and things like that so that is something I would really recommend guest buying. Um, overall the other thing too is take a Tumblr and that way if you want soda or tea having that Tumblr is save you from the small cups they have. 01:14:31.10 Sam He. 01:14:33.40 Scott Collins We can actually make less trips to the drink dispensing areas that are located on Deck ten that does save you a lot of time and effort and everything else Also the real tea is only at your formal dinner and so I was able to take a real. 01:14:39.24 Sam E. 01:14:51.85 Scott Collins Tumblr a usually get a big glass of tea to take with me that night because the tea out the soda machines just not the same as ice brewed tea that you see there the last the last new. Yeah I'd agree with you on that. 01:14:59.85 Sam But. 01:15:02.58 dclduo Sam would tell you that the Sam would tell you the only realty on board is in Palo. But ah. 01:15:08.83 Sam Ah, true thepollo Apollo team. Yes, yeah, yeah. 01:15:10.88 Scott Collins The last thing the last thing I think you need to know and to leave you with is the Christmas selection stuff in the gift shops. They really do have some really good deals that is not overpriced. Um for some of their stuff. But if you're going to get souvenirs. I strongly suggest going at the beginning of the trip. Not the end of the trip because things will be gone. Um, we had a small problem because I had too many blankets and things like that from the Christmas decorations we had to buy an extra suitcase. 01:15:29.14 Sam And guest. Yes, yes. 01:15:30.66 dclduo Yes, yes. 01:15:44.12 Scott Collins And we got the lastst big suitcase on board the ship. So having said that having souvenirs early especially into Christmas decorations you're looking for by those early. Um they were at really good prices this year I was I was I was impressed. They wasn't. 01:15:45.75 Sam Oh yeah. 01:16:01.87 Scott Collins You know, super over the top expensive. So we took a lot of souvenirs away with us from our specialized shirt to I may or may not have gotten a ah Disney fantasy ship to sitting here on my desk so I can think about our next cruise as we're getting ready to cruise. So. 01:16:02.27 Sam And. 01:16:14.91 dclduo Nice. 01:16:16.87 Sam Ah. 01:16:19.65 Scott Collins That's that's some other things just to think about. 01:16:22.50 Sam Yeah I think ah another tip I I'll add to to your list is um, bring along an extra bag if you're planning on doing a lot of shopping so you can put it. Yeah. 01:16:30.40 Scott Collins We brought an extra bag and had to go through your bag number extra number 2 01:16:32.31 dclduo Yeah, yeah, ah. 01:16:36.98 Sam But a duff I Usually usually recommend either either nesting a suitcase right? So you got ah ah sort of a medium suitcase inside a large suitcase or bringing you know a duffel bag those are just you know, easy to sort of pack. 01:16:49.66 Scott Collins My wife was yelling at me bringing in extra suitcases. She didn't understand why I was like trust me, we're gonna need this. You just don't know why yet and then we got there and there just wasn't enough room to pack everything. 01:16:56.68 dclduo Yeah, yes, well we have also fallen prey to having to buy several suitcases during our travels before we just finally every every time we pack I think just about Sam I look and go do we have room for souvenir. 01:16:57.42 Sam Um, ah yeah, yeah. 01:17:07.72 Sam Yes. Yes, he he does. He does remind me. He always reminds me like let's let's make sure we're either. We're packing an extra bag or something because he knows that there might be something I find and all of a sudden all our packing space is gone. 01:17:14.70 dclduo So ah. 01:17:14.84 Scott Collins Um. 01:17:27.57 dclduo Yeah, yeah, well Scott I think we have reached that point in our show where I need to hand you over to Sam for some arbitrary questions some even more arbitrary rules and a dash of judgments or the round we know as a rapid fire so sam take it away. 01:17:45.25 Sam Very good i. Love it all right? Scott you know Ah you know the drill you have watched sorry I should let me say it again all right? Scott you know the drill you have listened to our show before this is where I ask you some general Disney favorites and then your Disney Cruise line favorites. And when I ask you a question I want to know your favorites not the wife's favorites not the kid's favorites. Not the dad's favorites yours all right? You know you just reminded me of you sounded like the guy on sore and we are ready for takeoff. But. 01:18:07.58 Scott Collins We are ready to go for rapid fire. 01:18:16.90 Scott Collins We are ready for takeoff. Our seatbelts are buckled in and we are ready to go. 01:18:21.69 Sam All right I love it all right? Who is your favorite Disney or Pixar character. 01:18:29.96 Scott Collins Well, that's ah, an easy one that is gonna be Woody. 01:18:31.60 Sam Oh I mean who doesn't love Woody. That's the best all right. 01:18:34.85 Scott Collins My kids do call me. Mr. Incredible though I mean I am close second with Mr. Incredible. 01:18:40.10 Sam All right I like it your favorite Disney or Pixar movie. 01:18:44.80 Scott Collins That is has to be toy story and all 3 of them are are equally the same. Yeah I do like that. 01:18:51.69 Sam What equaled? No no, no, no, no the original. The original is the best by far by far but I do yes I mean they're all all of the I agree the first 3 are better the number four no question. But I think number one is this probably. 01:18:59.20 Scott Collins Um, the original is the best. 01:19:10.53 Sam 1 of the greatest Disney movies of all time and put it all right? Ok well, we've got to go to your favorite Disney Song I knew you were going to say that just I read a premonition. 01:19:11.17 Scott Collins Dad would agree with you on that one. 01:19:18.66 Scott Collins That is you got a friend in me. 01:19:27.50 Sam You love Woody you love toy story you've got to love? you've got a friend in me. Ah, if you haven't joined our Facebook group in our Facebook group. There's a little video of me playing Ukulele and singing. You've got a friend in me so I will tell you that ah there you go I love it. Ok. 01:19:39.71 Scott Collins I have watched that. 01:19:46.67 Sam Now we've got to move onto the ship now we're going to be talking to disney fantasy because that is the one ship that you have been on 3 times you are an expert now in the disney fantasy but tell me what is your favorite bar on the fantasy. 01:20:01.73 Scott Collins You know that's a tough one I do like ogill's um, a then that's just because where trivia is but even better in that that is the the tube in that is because match your mate and everything else is down there. So I do like that bar. It has a special. 01:20:05.93 Sam So. 01:20:18.85 Scott Collins Cozy place, especially for entertainment but that is my all time favorite is the tube. 01:20:22.23 Sam Yeah, it is a great space and I mean all the show The all the adult shows. There are just super fun. So I totally get why that would be a favorite spot. Okay, favorite onboard activity I'm going to think to myself I think I know what you're going to say what. 01:20:39.67 Scott Collins Um, that is the massages at Census Sp hands down that the winner. 01:20:42.90 Sam I knew it I was going to say this. Ah I love it all right? favorite rotational dining. Oh you already said this didn't you spoiler all right? All right said hasn't changed. Okay favorite. Yeah favorite space on the ship and. 01:20:50.86 Scott Collins Um, Enchanted Garden has not changed. 01:21:00.50 Sam Outside of the tube and let's say outside of the spa too because we know you love the spa. 01:21:05.94 Scott Collins Um, I think my favorite space outside is the veranda in our balcony ah in our room and on deck 10 and that's just because the great views you can see there and you can have private time there with your family. You can actually enjoy. It's peaceful. Quiet. 01:21:10.28 Sam So. 01:21:22.74 Scott Collins Um, so I do like that and it's just peaceful. 01:21:25.44 Sam Nice all right favorite port that you have been to other than castaway. 01:21:32.93 Scott Collins Man I'm gonna have to go with this one just because of the activity and the activities only foul mouth Jamaica we we've had some great ports but foul mouth was was pretty good with the Bob Sled in the zip lining. 01:21:40.14 Sam Awesome! yeah. 01:21:48.53 Sam Awesome! All right? Um, we're we're gonna talk food for a second here I want to know what your favorite savory food item is on board a Disney Cruise 01:21:58.71 Scott Collins Well, the sa one is gonna be a tie between the popcorn and the sweete on you ice cream because those 2 really are are neck and neck and depending on what specialty treats they have and sweet on you. 01:22:06.21 Sam Um. 01:22:16.52 Scott Collins Puts it over the topple just so buy a little bit. 01:22:17.20 Sam Oh well I was going to ask you a sweet item so you can choose the ice cream. It's sweet on you as your sweet item you can have both there you go are all right I love it. Well we know your favorite ship is the Disney fantasy. 01:22:25.24 Scott Collins Um, that's gonna be the sweet item that is very good. 01:22:33.78 Sam Because you know love the one you're with but we would love to know what is your bucket list cruise so you could go anywhere in the world on a Disney Cruise line vessel and it doesn't even have to be some place that Disney Cruise line sails to currently where would you go. 01:22:51.35 Scott Collins I would like a nice 10 to 14 day cruise somewhere in Hawaii and check out that area and if Hawaii wasn't available then the second choice would be somewhere around the european islands and take a trip up that way 10 to 14 days though. 01:22:57.26 Sam E. 01:23:04.00 Sam Yeah, yeah, of course I mean the two week Cruise is is definitely a fantastic option all right? Well, where are you sailing to next Scott what what have you guys got planned. 01:23:19.56 Scott Collins I'm hoping in 2024 we go on our next family cruise we haven't exactly decided where that's going to be yet, but we are looking at some different opportunities and 2024 it won't be 2023 for sure but 2024 we're hoping to get out in the summer and 01:23:35.10 Sam Awesome. 01:23:35.27 Scott Collins And take off from there. 01:23:35.95 dclduo Nice, nice. Well when you sail again in 2024 Scott we want to hear all about it. So be sure to reach out and and let us know so we can have you back. But for now I think we will just. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with our audience and your family's experience with our audience and just thank you so much for being a longtime listener and for coming on the show. 01:24:00.22 Scott Collins Brian and Sam I can't thank you enough for the opportunity to come share this and if the listeners out there I just would like them to really know that the tips you guys offer regardless of how you sell whether you're. A first time cruiser experienced cruiser will you sail in a veranda a porthole inside state room conciers they apply to everything you guys have a lot of great tips. You have a lot of great listeners that really care about your show and without you guys my trip would not have been successful. So I just want to say? Thank you to you and all the listeners. And all the show guests that you have that provide the great tips and tricks on to make the most of our Disney careers. Thank you so much for having me on today. 01:24:41.90 Sam Oh my god you're going to make me cry Scott oh ah, ah what a way to end the show.

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