March 18, 2023


Ep. 297 - Wish Granted: Our Friends Drew and Hayley Share Their First Sailing on the Disney Wish

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Brian Sam
Ep. 297 - Wish Granted: Our Friends Drew and Hayley Share Their First Sailing on the Disney Wish
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 297 - Wish Granted: Our Friends Drew and Hayley Share Their First Sailing on the Disney Wish

Mar 18 2023 | 01:04:44


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We're catching up with our friends Drew and Hayley, who you may remember from our Norway Cruise, to hear all about their first time aboard the Disney Wish! As two adults sailing onboard, we couldn't wait to hear their thoughts on some of the adult spaces, the food, the activities, the pool area and, of course, the shows! Drew and Hayley are avid Disney and Disney Cruise Line fans, so we also wanted to hear their perspective on DCL's latest ship! All that and more on this week's episode!!

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Episode Transcript

00:00.30 dclduo Welcome back everybody to this week's episode of the Dc L Duo Podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and Sam when we started this show. You know one of the goals was to make some new friends and. 00:14.73 Sam That's right. 00:15.13 dclduo We've made a lot of new friends. We made a lot of new friends. But we have 2 of those friends joining us this evening and we are so excited to chat with them so Drew Haley Drew welcome back to the show Haley welcome back to the show from long long ago I suppose ah, welcome back guys. 00:30.24 Drew Thanks! Thanks! Glad to be back. 00:34.20 Hayley Thank you? Yeah I made ah a brief cameo on your trip recap from the the Norwegian Fjoord sailing but it has been a while. So. 00:39.39 Sam Yeah, yeah. 00:41.22 dclduo You were also in art you were also in our vlog we got we we caught people and tag them in the vlog throughout the video So you're you're in you're in there too. You're and there too briefly. Um, it was. 00:43.20 Drew Are. 00:44.47 Hayley And Maya and of her. 00:46.89 Sam That's right was it dirt I think it was during the hike. Um the the hike at Savvanar or outside of s stavanger to pulpit Raw. Yeah. 00:52.87 Hayley Yeah, loe. 00:55.80 Drew When we were about to blow away and. 00:56.60 dclduo Yes, the waterfall the roll. Ah well, we're here to talk about your recent sailing like very recent sailing on the Disney wish and we're so excited because we love to have folks on who have sailed the other ships. 00:59.59 Sam I know. 01:12.35 dclduo And then go on the wish we also spoiler alert love to have people who've never sailed Disney who growing on the wish for the first time we just love to talk about all the ships in the Disney fleet. So excited to get Drew and Haley's take on the wish. But before we dive in you want to remind folks about your disney street creds your Disney Cruise line creds maybe we'll toss that to haley. 01:17.72 Drew Um. 01:27.95 Sam You got some pretty good creds. Yeah. 01:31.40 dclduo Yeah, let me toss out to Haley Haley what are your Disney Cruise line creds 01:34.12 Hayley So Disney Cruise line our first cruise was our first cruise ever. Um, and we've only sailed Disney so our first one was September Twenty eighteen on the fantasy. We did a seven night western caribbean and caught the bug and sailed January Twenty Twenty the wonder Southern Caribbean and then the magic in September Twenty Twenty one in the norwegian fijords with none other than the dcl duo that's got to be the best. Oh my gosh. What my with you right? My saint covid it's hard. You know it was a last hair. 01:56.26 Sam 2022 22 ah 02:03.96 Sam Ah. 02:05.18 Hayley Okay, so and then we did the wish and we were on the wish last weekend so it was Mllk weekend. So for all horseship so far we're missing the dreams. 02:14.14 dclduo Um, and nice. So which which one are you missing the dream. 02:17.11 Drew The dream. 02:17.31 Sam Nice the dream. Yeah, which they're going to be going on which ah Drew why don't you tell our audience. What. What just happened because you were you were not supposed to be going on the dream this summer in Europe you were supposed to be going on a different ship. 02:34.41 Drew Yes, we were all set to sail on the symphony of the seas going out of Barcelona and try out royal caribbean get a little bit of a different perspective but we had gotten ah a really good rate through our travel agent. Um, and so we were all set to try it out and then last night. We were looking at booking flights and things and found like wow the flights to Barcelona from Charlotte where we live are really expensive so we started looking into alternative cities. We could fly into found. We could fly into London for almost $1400 less if we flew in a week before. So we decided to do that and by doing that we took a look back at our cruise options and discovered that Disney was running a really good deal right now where we could get 35% off of vgt on the dream also selling out of Barcelona. And so we decided we to hop on that dele. We emailed our travel agent to make sure we could get our money back from our royal crewise she said that everything was fine so we were like let's book it and the rest is history were so now we're flying into London. And we're going to take ah a short flight from London to Barcelona ah to save a little bit of money because once you get to Europe flights in Europe where you can get flights between the cities pretty cheapat but getting to Europe can be the expensive part. So. 03:59.78 dclduo Yeah, that's like that's a really good tip to look at where you can go because I agree with you once you're in Europe lots of I'll say low costs budget airlines and even regular just like liftanza and stuff they have really cheap fares to fly between cities. So if you can get to heathrow. 04:16.80 Sam Yeah, plus you're going to hate your your fab 5 now you guys I'm so excited. 04:17.30 dclduo You can get to anywhere in London so or anywhere in the europe they yeah. 04:17.72 Drew Yep yep. 04:21.36 Hayley I reports are excited and you know we'll have been on one ship from each of the classes within a one-year period and will also have sailed an inside state room an ocean view state room and a for the first time of iranda state room. We're normally like. 04:21.82 Drew Yeah. 04:40.37 Hayley Have the cheapest possible state room stay in the inside of the ship because we're barely in our room. We're like doing every trivia possible. Usually yeah, you know? ah we're We're not in the room much so we haven't really ever spruung for the veranda before but with the. 04:48.39 Sam Yeah I was going to say that's because you're winning trivia. Ah, ah. 04:52.97 Drew Um. 04:59.49 Hayley Guaranteed stateroom 35% off deal. It was like well why not it was actually going to be cheaper to do a guaranteed veranda room than a regular inside stateroom. So that made that look easy. So. 05:07.13 Sam Wow. 05:08.95 dclduo Wow. Wow. Well and I've been hearing about a lot of folks doing the guarantees getting like 4 level upgrades. You know, kind of thing so somebody who booked like ah ah I forget the numbering but you know like a lower like a deck 2 or not deck two veranda but ah, a deck. Where do they start deck five I guess deck five veranda on the dream maybe deck 6 wait anywhere wherever the verandas start they're getting upgraded so ah or they're going from ocean view to like a high level of veranda which is always nice. So um, we will wish you the best of luck in the vgt lottery to come for where your state room goes. But. 05:34.42 Hayley Well, we'll keep looking. 05:41.40 Drew We we have been pretty lucky with upgrades not on the cruise line but we actually stayed at Riviera before this cruise and we booked a studio and got upgraded to a 1 bedroom preferred view. So that was a very nice surprise. 05:42.87 dclduo Yeah. 05:56.73 dclduo Ah, wow, That's ah that yeah, that's pretty nice. Um, well let's let's talk about this cruise. So after hearing all of the ah rabble around the wish the good and the bad you decided, let's give it a try and ah. 05:56.76 Sam Whoa that. 05:57.73 Drew Yeah, it was great. 06:01.94 Sam That's pretty darn great. 06:03.24 Drew I. 06:16.46 dclduo You booked? Well let me say that back up. Um, where where where where I to away and do this intro sorry I'm I'm I'm discombobulated I was I was editing an episode before worth this. Ah, let's see here. Well so let's talk about this cruise a little bit so you decide to go on the wish. 06:25.72 Hayley So we'll. 06:34.59 dclduo There was lots of mix reviews out there about the wish. So I'm excited to to chat with you about that. But what kind of cabin did you get on board. 06:45.60 Hayley So we actually got an ocean view stateroom for the first time and it was forward facing so our view was straight out the front of the ship and um, our room number was 8000 which a lot of the cast members didn't believe us when we said that was our room number. They were all like oh. 06:49.42 dclduo Who. 07:01.82 Hayley And there was a guy um at guest services who was so excited about our stateroom number that he went and got us commemorative buttons said like magical memories or something because he wanted to yeah was like well we just looked at the stateroom map and picked it because it was kind of in the middle. 07:10.56 Drew It's yeah I'm celebrating room 8000 or whatever you know like. 07:20.98 Hayley Um, I would say the the view was really cool. Um, the curtains are velcrode so you can like velcro them shut I was a little bit worried about that because coming from an inside state room. It's like perfect darkness. Um, when you're sleeping in those. But yeah, so it was great view and. 07:26.79 Sam E. 07:36.74 Hayley Um, the only downside is really no one walks past your room So people don't get to appreciate your magnets as much as. 07:40.34 Drew Okay. 07:44.80 dclduo Ah, yeah, we're in room 11000 on an upcoming cruise. So ah, maybe maybe people will be equally impressed with our our triple zero ending I guess but ah yeah. 07:52.10 Sam Yeah, but nobody will see our magnets probably but Brian's been trying to get me to find some new magnets as I know Haley is aware of because I posted in our Facebook group to ask for recommendations for Etsy stores and was quite frustrated and receiving. 08:10.87 Drew So. 08:11.39 Sam Recommendations for places that sell laminated cardstock and I do not want laminated cardstock I want real magnets. 08:16.10 dclduo Well, and for folks who don't know the reason we're looking for new magnets is that Disney changed the number plaques on the room so that they're no longer the round porthole shape that everyone has made their magnets to fit. They are different. It's still by the way your old magnets still work just fine. We made ours work. But. 08:16.45 Drew Yeah. 08:32.70 Sam Yes. 08:34.84 dclduo Are a different shape and so people have started designing new magnets to go around the wish stores on the presumption that the treasure will probably use that kind of same numbering plaque and so on so well you like the forward facing room then was it. Ah, we've heard. It's pretty spacious actually ah for an ocean view room. What did you think. 08:51.20 Drew Yeah, the wall in the front is actually slanted out and so that gives you a little more room if you're tall like I'm 6 3 you get you got to lean down and kind of scouch down to get into the forward part but it's definitely. Even if it's the illusion of space because it goes out so far from the slant. It feels bigger. 09:13.23 dclduo Yeah, that is who. 09:13.82 Hayley Yeah, definite woman I don't so those have never had the pleasure of seeing me I am 5 one so I can stand up plane. 09:14.25 Sam So yeah, that's cool Haley doesn't have to worry about that height thing. 09:18.36 Drew Um. 09:24.70 Drew I yes I'm the reason we have that we have to get expensive flights because I cannot fly for 10 hours with my knees like jammed into the person behind us. So. 09:26.64 Sam I. 09:27.40 dclduo Ah. 09:36.30 Hayley There you go. 09:36.96 dclduo Yeah, yeah, well I'm curious. We we kind of skipped into your room a little bit but I'm curious. What were your first thoughts when you pulled up to the wish. Um, well it looks like the same out as every other disney ship or. 09:37.30 Sam Ah. 09:51.32 dclduo Wow gleaming shiny and new. What what were your first thoughts. 09:54.30 Drew I was. 09:55.71 Hayley I would say from the outside it looks you know the same as everything else. Um, obviously there's the aqua mouse so that looks a little bit different but it's not which I like it's still got your Monica blue. It still has you know the red funnels like it looks like a Disney ship as it should um but when you go inside I definitely feel like there is a. An aura of newness and shininess to it for sure. What do you think drew. 10:15.65 Drew Yeah, and since the last ship we had just been on was the magic which I think was in need of some updates. It was showing a little rough around the edges in some places going on something that is brand spanking new. And that they're still like putting finishing touches on we went to one of the Trivias. We went to the person leading it was talking about how between their first contract and the second contract they had put lights behind all the signs outside of like the venues and things. And so they're like they're still adding things and upgrading things. So we're going from the oldest ship in the fleet to the newest ship in the fleet. We could definitely tell a difference. 10:56.30 dclduo Yeah, that makes sense. Yeah, they were they were putting signs up while we were on board so you at least had the benefit of science to start? Yeah, yeah, yeah. 10:56.30 Hayley Yeah, the. 10:56.57 Sam And rema. 11:02.49 Sam But and and in some places still didn't have signs by the time we left. So. 11:09.19 Drew Um. 11:10.29 dclduo And they make that announcement at the beginning of the cruise will the contractors not sailing with the disney wish please disembark that was then that was the sign people also ah um, well what was your port arrival time Drew nice. 11:14.95 Drew Um. 11:16.76 Hayley Well. 11:22.31 Drew Ah, eleven fifteen so very pretty I think about the earliest 1 we could get. 11:22.48 Sam Nice, yeah. 11:26.84 dclduo And how was it getting the wishes bigger so more people and you were sailing over a holiday weekend. The Mlk weekend so presumably even more people was it pretty speedy getting you know from arriving at the port to getting on board or did you experience some delays. 11:43.82 Drew Arriving at the port to getting through security and getting into waiting area was incredibly quick and we had no problems. However, once we got there, there was a pretty long delay before they actually you know did the family of the day. And started boarding I don't I don't think we started boarding till like twelve thirty twelve forty five maybe so it seemed like there was I don't know what was causing it but there was something that was causing ah to be quite the delay and then I think we were group 4 or 5. 12:03.81 dclduo Oh wow. 12:10.10 Sam E. 12:16.49 Drew So once they started rolling we got on pretty quickly but it took a little while for them to get started. 12:19.97 dclduo Well well. 12:20.39 Sam Yeah, and Haley Do you know if it was at full capacity I'm kind of imagining you probably were or close to it. 12:27.66 Hayley I think it was because they had the sign up that no port upgrades would be available because we did go check on that we always do just for fine when you start in the inside state room. Everything is an upgrade so you're like we'll go twelve one but yeah they had this line that was all full so and it it definitely felt full I would say and there were. 12:37.95 Drew A. 12:39.56 Sam Right? ah. 12:44.99 Drew Yes. 12:47.33 Hayley So many people in the terminal waiting to board. 12:48.90 dclduo Bro. 12:50.16 Sam Yeah, well, it's ah it was ah a Friday um embarkation and then the Monday holiday disembarkation right? So you've got ah, it's really a three day holiday weekend people might have to pull their kids out of school a little bit early on Friday but other than that. 12:55.29 Drew So yep. 13:06.32 Sam It's you know, nobody's really missing a full day of school or a full even a full day of work right? You could if you if you're in the area at least you could do it as like a half day or something. 13:07.95 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah. 13:15.57 Drew And and there were a ton of people from like Orlando and Tampa in Miami like it was full of Florida residents. 13:21.92 Sam Um, yeah. 13:23.44 dclduo Yeah, well I'm curious. You get on the ship you've experienced the welcoming into the atrium on 3 of the other ships in the fleet This one's a little different this one's a little different.. What did you think of the the one. The. Grand Hall I should say I've got to rehab my vocabulary here a little bit the Grand Hall and the Welcome aboard. 13:50.47 Hayley Well I think I mean the grand hall is. It's impressive just the the size of it. You know it is very grandiose. They definitely nailed what they were going for with that. Um, you know part of me still kind of has the fondness for the the classic ships. The. You know the art deco the art nouve um that kind of vibe to it. Um something I wasn't expecting was the the plastic wands that they give you when you board and we didn't take them because I was like well I'm not 5 like we're we're we're 2 adults. We hope we sail just the 2 of us. Um a lot of times or with other adults we don't have children. So. I was like you know that's just another like thing that I don't necessarily need to carry around but it turned out that they like wanted you to use that for some audience participation later on in the night before sees the adventure. So if you like that sort of thing and you're and you're going to be sailing on the wish. Even if you're an adult like take the wand because once you. If you don't get it then I'm not sure if you could get it again. I but I guess I could have asked it guest services but I didn't so anyway, um, you know that was that was different but um. 14:48.52 dclduo Yeah, well they they usually have people use them too in the welcome like they the the fairy godmother spoiler for everyone out there. The fairy godmother comes out or one of them does and. Kind of does a let's all make the chandelier do something fun and then they you know bibbeboit deboo or whatever. Um, oh really. 15:05.13 Hayley We we see it and think we did what are you about. 15:05.53 Drew I don't think we saw that at all. No no, no that that we we went in we we're always on a mission. You know we're heading to get pollo or we're still. So. Lowly Silver Castaway Club members so you know we don't get anything before so we've got to go try to get it when we get on. Ah it was weird. It didn't open until I guess maybe because of the delay boarding. They didn't open the dining reservations to like 2 or something much later or 1. 15:25.87 Sam Ah. 15:36.30 dclduo No wow. 15:37.48 Hayley Um, person it was one. It was one but yet as good a won. 15:40.12 Sam Yeah, they've been. They've been doing that not opening it until 1 Um I don't know if that's in order to I don't know if that's in order to let concierge get to the front of that line because concierge is the concierge folks are usually at lunch at that point and the concierge hosts are there. 15:40.40 Drew Yeah. 15:49.80 dclduo Yeah. 15:53.63 Hayley And. 15:57.79 Sam And they can make reservations um through calling pollo or whatever. So I wonder if that's why they don't open it until one I I don't know for sure. But okay so to those listening since Drew and Haley Miss this so once you get your wand in the grand hall on the wish wait. For five or ten minutes every like 10 minutes they do a thing where you make a wish with the wand in the atrium. So. That's what the wish the wand is there for I didn't know there was something else that the wand was there for but maybe um. 16:32.24 Hayley Yeah, they used it before csc adventure in the Walt Disney theater on night one to ah pixie dust the stage and get the show started somehow. Yeah and we were like they were like if you don't have. 16:39.31 Drew So oh yeah, Tinker Bell came out and flew around and they were like everybody pull your wands out and things. So. 16:42.31 Sam Ah. 16:44.61 dclduo No. 16:48.60 Hayley 1 fingers work and we're just like okay you know Love P T a little bit and. 16:49.64 Drew So. 16:52.10 Sam Um, I like that yeah ET phone home. Ah. 16:53.00 dclduo But yeah, you know I I will say haley I do like ah I do like your mention of like these are plastic wands I wish Disney would find a way to let you recycle some of this stuff so that they could sanitize it and use it for the next sailing because. Yeah, do I want the wand and the atrium to have a little fun. Sure. But I don't want to pack it and take it home. In fact, we just sent 2 of them I think to either the trash or goodwill I forget which but um, so yeah I think to the recycling. So. 17:18.48 Sam We we set them through the we sent them to the recycling. Actually yes, we kept one. Yeah. 17:24.66 dclduo The ones the the pirate bandanas like there's so much. There's so much stuff we get that I wish there was a way for us to say we we don't we don't actually need this the number of Castaway Club cruise line ah luggage tags we have is probably obscene as well. So yeah, yeah, and ju I don't think about it as being lowly silver I think about it as being. 17:38.30 Hayley Work. 17:38.95 Drew Um. 17:42.94 Sam Ah, right? ah. 17:43.47 dclduo At the start of a journey to pearl see. That's how you have to let's I have to think about. But. 17:44.80 Drew Yes, yes, well well soon be gold soon. Be gold after the dream. Yes. 17:50.25 dclduo Ah, ah, ah, no sometime in 2024 hopefully yeah hopefully hopefully yeah yes, yes. 17:50.73 Sam Yes, yes, and to be fair, we are not pearl yet. Um, we're hoping to make pearl we're hoping hoping to make by the end of 2024 but exactly but the treasure will be coming out in. 17:58.97 Drew Nice getting ready for the treasure. 18:02.92 Hayley So he plot of course. 18:08.21 Sam 2024 presumably it's supposed to be so I we won't be yeah. Ah yeah, ah. 18:08.39 dclduo Yeah, we will yet once again, be pulling every string we have to book a room of board. The treasure we have a couple of avenues available to get on the Maiden voyage and we will be using them full advantage. But. 18:18.79 Hayley So well if you want to adopt us I'm probably about that confesses Nathan and so I don't take up a lot of room i. 18:20.64 Drew Um, so. 18:27.16 Sam Ah, that's true. You are kind of small. You're only a little bit taller than Nathan yeah, ah. 18:28.68 dclduo Ah, ah yes to talk to us talk to us Haley when he's a teenager and he's smelly and moody and then yeah. 18:35.90 Hayley But you're old. It's your brothers I don't I don't need to reexperience that. Oh you know? Okay I'll come along with you and Drew can take gathan this is good. 18:42.53 Drew Um I I have lots of video games and things So we're set you know. 18:43.36 dclduo Yeah, we'll trade we'll trade we'll trade. Yeah yeah. 18:43.36 Sam Ah, no Brian say we'll trade him you know that's right, that's right and we know Drew likes kids. Ah. 18:54.74 Hayley Honestly income with limit. How do you feel about cats. 18:58.79 Sam I Don't you know that's a good question I don't know because we don't have cats so he doesn't he he hasn't been around cats Really I don't he might even be allergic. My mom's allergic so who knows ah. 19:06.57 Hayley And now wonderfully a light That's just an inconvenient thing. 19:10.47 dclduo Well well after the atrium. Well actually so so one thing I want to ask you about out of the atrium was there's like no clapping. There's no welcome on like what did you think about that aspect of it. 19:26.12 Hayley I'm I miss the clapping but stocking is really fun and I definitely did miss that. So. 19:49.17 Drew This that was definitely strange. 19:52.26 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 19:54.91 Hayley I I was busy just being like someone has got a plastic wand and there's no one clapping and I don't know where um and I like already had in my brain like I don't know how to navigate this chip. My mental map is not going to work. How can that. 20:02.00 Drew Yeah, there. Yeah, there was a little bit of lack of direction there that was because yeah I think if someone would have told us hey take this wand wait 10 minutes there's a little show that happens. No one did they were just like welcome this family and then. 20:05.85 dclduo Ah. 20:14.22 Hayley Yeah, we really help. 20:20.30 Drew Go to. 20:21.97 Hayley Um, and I was like we had to find Luna. 20:22.44 dclduo Well let me ask this so you had it to Luna. You probably took care of some dining issues or or whatnot. But um, so where'd you head after. 20:23.25 Sam Yes, yes. 20:34.77 Hayley So we ended up actually and before Luna. Well we went to luna and then it wasn't opened yet. So then we were like okay food so we went to Marceline Market and went straight for a chicken teacamasala which was delicious. 20:47.55 dclduo Yeah, would you would you think it's a different design than cabanas in some ways I I think it looks nicer I'll just say that and I love the coffee bar in there. But what did you guys think of Marceline's market overall 20:59.89 Drew I agree I I liked it better and Spoiler alert I actually are not spoiler alert but unpopular opinion I actually liked it better than the food on deck. Um I know which compared to most people is sacrilege. 21:10.46 Sam And that's that sacrilege. 21:10.51 dclduo Who. 21:16.59 Drew But it's it I've really enjoyed it. Ah, they it. What Haley said there was a lot of good indian food that you could get um and seafood and things like that that I just really enjoyed plus I got my little hockey poke cookies that I love. And so I was set. Yep. 21:36.50 dclduo Are. 21:37.95 Hayley You You were happy. They have the hockey pucks. You are a happy man. They they also had these really good like crispy pot stickers at the same station with the um, the tika masala. So those were very tasty I mean I could have just eaten that one station and I think I pretty much did um. 21:39.38 Sam Yeah. 21:49.45 Sam Ooh that sounds yum. 21:55.41 Hayley I would say it so feels a little more cramped in Marceline Market than cabanna's does which is a downside but the finishes are all really nice. Um, but I did find myself oddly enough missing the soundtrack from cabanas that is usually playing where it's like it's family time. It's. 21:57.35 dclduo Who. 22:15.17 Hayley And I don't know I just apparently I'm very emotionally attached to that soundtrack because I can remember being in Norway on the magic back in September going this is music is really a weird vibe when we're in Norway to get all this like gi buck and all that but I found that it yeah like. 22:16.16 dclduo Ah. 22:18.56 Sam Oh. 22:26.70 Drew Ah, yeah. 22:27.69 Sam Right? It should be in like the caribbean or the Bahamas. Yeah. 22:30.50 dclduo Yeah space. 22:33.81 Hayley We were in the Bahamas in the caribbean this time and we didn't have the soundtrack. So I just felt like well that's just not right. 22:41.71 dclduo Spoiler alert we now know Haley's favorite Disney Song will skip her during that segmented and rapid fire but Haley something you said? Yeah yeah. 22:46.84 Hayley Um. 22:47.79 Sam No, she likes she likes like 1 of the the fireworks soundtracks I think. 22:50.30 Drew Ah. 22:56.56 dclduo Healy something. You just said that I want to follow up on because in the notes you all sent pre-show you mentioned narrow hallways narrow everything and I think the word you just use was cramped. Um, did you find things on board to be a little less spacious than you're used to. Oh. Haley let me throw it back to you since you just were talking about that. 23:16.18 Hayley Yeah, definitely and I mean I'm the short tiny one of the relationship. So I'm sure that it was probably felt worst for Drew because he's already feels like he is blacking. People's view everywhere he goes, but um, yeah I think what they were going for was infancy with these different spaces. Which is like a lovelyly concept but maybe even not what actually works well on a team ship when you have you know 50 some people or more who want to be in far wars trivia and then you put it in frightened lounge and it's like everybody's like on top of each other and people are like sitting on the floor and it's. You know it's a lot of little small faces. They're beautiful spaces but they're small. So yeah I would say cramped as a thing that I would would say applies to many of the venues on the ship. 24:05.37 dclduo Um, hey Jer I think we're getting some popping through your headphones or your mic. 24:05.74 Drew Yeah I saw that. 24:08.80 Hayley And I I read that earlier and I was like is that just me or anyone else getting that I unplugged my charter to see if that getting anything. 24:17.61 dclduo I think you have the same gaming headphones that Nathan does actually. 24:20.86 Hayley Nice. 24:21.20 Drew Yeah, these are my video game headsets typically so my Michael okay yeah I pulled it out copy it back in. So. 24:26.65 dclduo Yeah, it's so big deal. We can edit the popping off the the track So that's not a big deal I Just want to make sure that we don't the. 24:32.74 Hayley It's probably distracting. So hopefully you fixed it because I'm just sitting here trying to ignore the popping and like use words. 24:39.45 Drew That should fix it. 24:41.75 dclduo We'll see I'll let you know if not can't hear you sam yes now I can hear you just fine now I can see it on Drew's track I can see like this consistent like. 24:42.61 Hayley Sam is now muted. 24:46.65 Sam Okay, can you hear me now. Okay I was trying to turn I thought the popping might be coming for me so it was playing around with my settings. Okay, okay. 24:47.95 Hayley Yes. 24:58.64 dclduo Wave thing going on his track. So yes, ah all right? We'll let you know if it happens again Drew um, okay so we were so Drew were you like bam max squeezing through small spaces on the ship. How did you feel. 25:07.25 Drew I am I am I am not fast and I am not small. So. 25:11.63 Sam Ah, ah. 25:14.51 dclduo Up. It's back Drew it's back. 25:22.10 Sam Yeah, just unplug it and and just do through the computer. Yeah. 25:23.85 Hayley Um, just unplug it and just try just to see the computer. 25:24.81 dclduo Just use your mic on your computer. Yeah up Nope still hasn't gone away. 25:31.53 Sam I Wonder if it's the headphones too. 25:42.65 dclduo It's like a geiger counter. 25:44.71 Hayley Um, the his. 00:00.00 dclduo All right? you were good. Go ahead. 00:03.45 Drew All right? Yes I am not fast and I'm not small like Bay Ma so I found a lot of the ships spaces um pretty small and and somewhat hard to move around I um. It was just I agree with cramped. It's like they they made everything smaller so they could fit more spaces on the ship and by doing that all of the space spaces feel too full, especially with the full sailing that we were on. It was like there were people everywhere all the time. And that's not like how I'm used to with all of our other sailings. It just felt even though it's the biggest ship in the fleet. It felt like the most cramped ship that I've been on especially the dining rooms. The dining rooms the rotational dining rooms really felt. 00:45.62 dclduo Yeah. 00:45.94 Sam A. 00:57.50 Drew Claustrophobic and kind of like enclosed and I was like I can't back up because I will hit the person behind me if I go more than three inches sort of thing. 01:06.89 Sam Yeah, definitely the way that they're set up in all the main dinings you are much closer than you are on the other ships it it is markedly different for sure. Um, the only one I would say that feels. 01:16.91 Drew Um, yeah, yeah. 01:23.20 Sam Not quite as cramped. It still is quite cramped. It just feels less cramped because of the windows is 1923 I feel like because of the windows it makes you you gives the illusion like you said with your with your window. Um, ah it gives you the illusion of a bigger space because it has the window. 01:40.63 Hayley We didn't actually I don't think we even knew there were windows in 23 because our table was one of the very first ones right? when you enter the restaurant. We just kind of like sat and I didn't feel like similarly, you're supposed to be able to see repun. 01:41.93 Sam Yeah. 01:43.96 Drew And. 01:47.90 Sam Oh. 01:56.12 Hayley Um, you know on the outside of the ship from Aaron Del but I didn't feel like I could like wander around once I was seated because it was like I will knock into something and it's going to be a problem so I just felt like and with also with the show going on too. It was like I need to just stay put and order my food and you know. 02:13.69 Drew Yeah, and at least where we were in Aarendel We had a pretty decent view of the stage because I've heard that's not always the cage from everywhere you are inside of there. So. 02:14.22 Hayley My my Ps and cues. 02:25.22 dclduo Yeah, well let's talk about Aaron Dele for a minute normally reserve food for the end. But since we're here. Let's talk about it ah suck at the restaurant. So what did you think of the repuns show and the food that was in Aaron do sorry ramunsel sorry um. 02:33.78 Sam So frozen frozen not repunsal. 02:41.69 dclduo Well let's talk about Aaron Delle for a minute since we're here. We normally keep food toward the end of the show but let's talk some restaurants as we're talking about him now. What did you think of the frozen show in Aaron Dell and the food. 02:55.40 Hayley Well, um, they go. 02:55.39 Drew I I really enjoyed it because um it it was almost the same menu that we had one night when we were in norway they had a frozen menu on our Norway Cruise and it was that same one. So I loved the. Scallet pastry that you got for the appetizer I love that and the seafood on the I don't remember exactly which which seafood maybe the sea bass and something else is on that particular menu but I really liked that menu so that scallop. Appetizer was one of my favorites of the whole cruise though. Yeah, that's the only thing I can think of from that restaurant more mine. 03:31.14 Sam Yeah, so good right? I Love that appetizer. Yeah, they had it like ah like ah it's it's like Swedish meatballs is how I think about? um yeah. 03:37.64 Hayley Um, wont the close I and say. 03:44.17 Sam And that's the one that I had um they didn't have it I don't think on frozen night on the magic but they have it in Aarondale and yeah, what did you think of that one haley. 03:50.26 Drew Um. 03:54.37 Hayley I I thought that mapolles were really good I I don't remember if they had that when we were in Norway or not that I got it on this cruise and it was really was really good I liked the pasta that came with it. Um I also ordered the ah Queen idunas lefsa or whatever. The vegetarian option was I'm not vegetarian I just thought it sounded good and you know. 04:07.45 Sam And. 04:12.28 Hayley But Disney Cruise line you can order whatever you want or if you want to try it then you just order it and it shows up to your table. So I ordered that and I didn't get to finish all of it. But it was also really tasty. So if you are actually a vegetarian I would imagine that that would be a nice option. It was like hearty heartier than you would think for. 04:17.35 Sam Yes, yes. 04:31.43 Hayley Vegetarian option because a lot of times I feel like they're kind of lame. Not someone again who's not a vegetarian. So yeah I think if we're power ranking food worlds of Marvel is the least good and followed by aaronelle in the middle and then 1923 being the best. 04:33.37 Sam Yeah, yeah. 04:46.19 Sam Yeah, so. 04:47.20 Drew Yeah, and I would agree with it. 04:48.93 dclduo What about the show. What about the show in aaron dell what did you think you? you said you had a good ah some good seats there but Haley what you think of the show. 04:49.50 Hayley All right. 04:56.00 Hayley It was good I mean the the performers were all really talented. Um, you know I'm not a 6 ix-year-old girl. So I don't get quite as giddy with the sight of the characters as the kids but the kids all you know were really excited and it's fun to watch kids be excited. Um, we were missing olaf. There's. To be an olaf who sometimes works and sometimes doesn't and I guess we got him in an off day. Maybe maybe that was why we forward on time I don't know maybe they were trying to get olaf to work. 05:18.77 Sam Ah, bummer. Yeah, we keep hearing that. Yeah we keep hearing that. 05:22.54 dclduo Um, I've heard olaf as I've heard olaf has been permanently removed. That's what I had heard. But um. 05:27.27 Hayley Well, you know that probably would do it but you know the the human actors and performers were all excellent I thought it was a better balance than some of the other restaurants that have a show like that like I feel like. We were in reunzels royal table on the magic back in September or in Tiana's when we were on the wonder that those shows are so loud that you can't really like talk to your tablemates or have conversation and I felt like the way that they balanced it in Aaronelle was actually really better than what you're. Then what you were used to or what I'm used to I should say on the rapunzels restaurant and Tiana's place 06:08.39 dclduo Hey Sam take a second and fix your Mike because it keeps falling. 06:11.96 Sam I I I keep falling it. It doesn't matter I've tightened it a million times and it keeps falling. So I'm just gonna have to keep adjusting it. It's fine I I know but I just keep adjusting it while I'm on mute. So it's fine. Yeah i. 06:18.12 dclduo okay okay I just feel bad because I just keep watching it dip down screen all right? Okay, all right? Ah, well let's let's head to worlds of Marvel then so. 06:19.93 Hayley So. 06:31.26 dclduo Kind of a different concept restaurant I mean I guess it's as close as you'll get to animator's palette on the wish. But with really no I mean some audience participation in a very minimal way in my mind. Um, what did you think of the food and the show in Worlds of marla. 06:50.46 dclduo What do you think of the food. What did you think of the food and the show and Worlds of Marvel Drew Let me start with you. 06:57.52 Drew Yeah, the the food was it was good but nothing I didn't have anything memorable there. Um, so the food was I like to call it like nice wedding food. Um, you know like. I think that's the kind of quality. Everything there met that nothing stood out or was outstanding to me at worlds of Marvel the show I enjoyed it. I'm a huge Marvel fan. We go to see everything the weekend it comes out. We love the whole cinematic universe. I still tear up every time I see the scene where Captain America is standing there and he says on your left and they come through the portal every time even out of context. It gets me so I want mobile and I thought it was a great show for one time but I can see like. 07:41.32 Sam Oh. 07:49.64 Drew If you're going back on this ship a lot and doing these same sailings 3 and 4 nights that they're going to need more shows in there to change it up because that show was really awesome that 1 time but I'm like if I see this a few more times like it's. Not it's gonna get old right. 08:06.98 dclduo Now. 08:08.48 Sam Yeah I'm I'm actually curious to see how much Nathan enjoys it or doesn't enjoy it that when we go back in April because it's been a while now. Um, we're recording towards the end of January right now and we. Last on the ship in August right? So it's been a while I've like forgotten a lot of the jokes and the details other than of course the chicken fingers. But um, it might be still I don't know I feel like it might be enjoyable. What did you think about it. Haley. 08:40.38 Hayley And I enjoyed it as well. Um I you know the audience participation part I could take or leave because it's minimal which is is fine I think it really ah, fun for families and kids which is you know the target target market for a lot of this stuff of course being Disney Cruise line um, I would agree with Drew I'm not sure how repeatable it is but I thought it was really fun. How the the storyline of I don't don't want to give too much away. But how the storyline kind of incorporated the setting if you will and that's probably about all I'm going to say on that because I like I said I don't want to spoil anything for everybody. So. 09:07.60 Sam Yes, yes. Yes. 09:14.30 Drew And I liked how they incorporated some of the newer characters um into the the show that was that was pretty cool I wasn't expecting that. 09:16.40 Hayley Yes. 09:21.60 Sam Um, yeah, what? what did you. 09:22.80 dclduo yeah yeah yeah I I I share the concern around repeatability I will be as Sam said I will also be interested to see what we think of it when we go back on board I'm also trying to. We really liked the wish and we kind of evangelized the the wish a little bit because we enjoyed it so much. But I'm going to be interested to see how much of that was colored by the fact that we were sailing with people that we knew although I guess we're sailing both times. Yeah, we're in sailing with lots of people. We know so I find yeah. 09:48.70 Sam We're again sailing with people we know, ah different people that we know but people we know Also so but. 09:54.42 dclduo I find sailing with friends always makes the experience better. So I'm going to be interested to see if I can kind of like take that out of the equation a little bit as I think about the wish going forward, but what did you think about 1923 ah lots of people seem to like the food there. But and I think you just ranked it as your. 10:01.10 Sam Yeah. 10:11.16 dclduo Favored in terms of food. But what did you think of 9023 from a food and atmosphere standpoint. 10:14.94 Drew Seeing all the artwork and things I am a designer so not in visual or not in design in that way. But as a designer. It was really neat to see the process and the old older like designs and things like that we were on the Walt Disney side um and so we sat right next to like the beauty and the beast section which is one of our favorite classic shows so being able to look up and see that stuff was really cool. Um, I really like the vibe and I especially we didn't do it and I'm kind of regretting it now. But I wish we would have dressed up like the flapper dresses and everything like that we saw several people doing that and now I'm kind of like regretting like we have those outfits like why didn't we do it. You know so. 10:54.74 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 11:02.77 Sam Yeah, that's right because you warned him for a murder mystery thing that you party that you hosted right? I remember. 11:08.11 Drew Yes, we we host the murder mystery party every year and this past year was actually the 1920 s so we had the outfit like I had a zoot suitish is suit I had the fedora and everything and I'm really regretting not taking it now after seeing other people dress up. 11:08.79 Hayley If yeah. 11:14.40 Sam And. 11:26.36 Drew Um, so if you're coming and you like that sort of thing that's a hint like bring it. Some people will be dressing up. There was even some people dressed up for Marvel um, and things like that I don't think anybody other than the little people that went to bivitybopiti were dressed up for aaronel. But. 11:37.18 Sam Um. 11:43.80 dclduo Um. 11:46.81 Drew You know, plugs 1923 the lamb um was really good and the steak was were both really good. The potato side for the lamb was much better. You just with the steak. You just get like a potato match potato log and it's pretty dry and flavorless. But the steak is delicious. 12:05.82 Hayley Yeah I would say the snake makes up for it and I think it also comes of like they can wrap asparagus that was good so that that made up for the terrible potatoes. Um I also want to put in a plug for the prosciutto and Barata appetizer in 1923 12:18.90 Sam Oh yeah. 12:20.76 Hayley Water I'm a cheese person like any cheese I'm I'm there for the cheese so that really was my probably my winning appetizer for this particular sailing. Um, it was delicious and I also I just like the whole like like drusa the vibe of 1923 I like that. They've got the plates that say 1923 on them. You know it kind of feels and I guess they had themed you know, cutlery and plates and stuff in the other restaurants but I just I don't know 1923 was funny makes you feel fancy and. 12:52.17 Drew Yeah I think it gives off similar vibes to that you might get in like Paulo but without the upcharge and without being adult exclusive and things like that. But it gives you a little bit more of an upscale dining experience that. Ah, you maybe don't get on like all the shifts and definitely in the other dining rooms on this one right. 13:11.16 Hayley Sure if Paulo had some cramp pins. 13:13.19 Sam Totally it be. It would be a good one to yeah, it would be a good one to do like be like at ah if you had a formal night or a semiformal night I guess that would be a good one to be at for for that kind of a night although I don't. 13:18.64 Hayley Who definitely. 13:20.25 Drew Um, yeah, yeah. 13:26.40 Sam Don't know if they're doing that because they've got pirate and I don't know I think there's a semi formal option all night or something that they put on those three and four night cruises but but most people don't really yeah yeah. 13:31.40 Hayley Um, yeah I don't think the through night had any kind of besides pirate. It wasn't really, there were no other theme nights that I'm aware of. 13:31.45 Drew Is that. 13:43.47 Sam So I think we should talk about pirate night just ah, a little bit since we just brought it up. Um I'm going to just put it out there that the difference on a three night Cruise is you're not getting the pirate menu but you get everything else for pirate night so people do dress up for pirate night. There. There is not typically pirate. Um. Images on the screens in main dining either on the 3 or the fornite. So that's just not a thing on the wish that even though it is in some of the other ships in animators or any other restaurant that has screens. But yeah. Tell us what did you think of pirate night. There's some obviously pirate themed activities and then you've got the deck show and the fireworks. Ah Drew let's start with you. 14:25.31 Drew Yeah I loved um we didn't go to the one that's between the mills the deck show but we did the late night one which is the one with the fireworks the one that was like an 80 s rock band group. Um. 14:33.26 Sam Um. 14:38.30 Drew Where they're playing music but kind of prioritizing it and I really enjoyed that so I was born in the 80 s grew up in the 90 s so it's a lot of the music that I grew up with and so I really enjoyed getting to see that and the fireworks were spectacular. 14:40.27 Sam Yep. 14:56.71 Drew Like by far the best. The fact that they can shoot them off from both directions is incredible and just a tip make sure you're on the port side. They're going to shoot them off the Starboard side. So We like to be on the upper deck opposite of wherever they're shooting fireworks off on the ship. So We always go on the upper deck in this case of port side so that we can watch them shoot that shoot it off Starboard side. 15:25.41 Hayley Yep, and then you're not having to look like straight up in the air at the fireworks that we got that tip from ah the tour guy. We did the walking the wish tour on our our Nasa day which was not actually a Nasa day. It became a c day we haven't gotten into that yet. But we had some. 15:26.40 Drew Um, yeah. 15:34.19 Sam Um, oh. 15:42.43 Hayley Interesting weather for this sailing that we can can talk about when when you'all are ready but um, yeah, the pirate pirate show is fun like juusa we like to be kind of like 1 deck above the main action. Um, because I'm short I like being able to see and I find I can see much better if I stake out a spot on the railing. Ah a deck above. 15:52.79 Sam E. 16:01.99 Hayley And you know we're not like be in the middle of it dancing kind of people so we'll we'll go up on the the deck above and and do that and definitely the fireworks were the best because you got them coming from 2 different funnels. No comparison that was awesome. Made me super happy. 16:15.96 dclduo Yep. 16:18.54 Sam Yeah. 16:20.43 Hayley Loved it. 16:20.61 Drew It's always fun to see like all the ships parked off on the horizon watching the fireworks from other cruise lines. So. 16:26.26 Hayley Yes, yes. 16:28.32 dclduo Yeah, we've heard we've heard that on some of those cruises they'll they'll just make an announcement like off the starboard side. We've arranged for some fireworks this evening when it's just them trailing the the yeah yeah, ah. 16:33.17 Sam And not and not mention that it's from a Disney ship. Yeah yeah, I'd love to hear about the the walking the the wish tour I know. 16:38.28 Drew Um. 16:43.40 dclduo Well hold wait hold on on hold on one second so since Haley mentioned I just want to get it now. Um Haley you mentioned the weather wasn't the greatest on the sailing so talk to us about that first for a second ah was it a. Hurricane level weather or just ah, lots of rain. What? what was going on. 16:58.30 Hayley So actually neither of those. It was just a cold front coming through and so it was like we kept getting periodic announcements from Captain Andy who I think is scottish Captain Andy Cool guy not that I've met him but he sounds cool. 17:03.72 dclduo Ah. 17:13.19 Hayley Over the intercom but he was kept telling us it's ° in Orlando and here it is ° but I mean it didn't get above about 65 all weekend and we tried to dock at Nasa twice on on Saturday which was you know day. 17:23.78 dclduo Mm. 17:30.89 Hayley To our first full day on the cruise and we were like getting ready. Ah for the day in our room and going we keep like because we have the front facing window you know porthole from our room. We're going it doesn look like we're actually gonna dock and i. I don't know if it's because we were on. You know, an upper deck or what whether if because we were so far forward, but our shower was juttering and shuddering and like making this horrible racket as we kept trying to to dock and I think it was maybe just fighting the the current. 17:55.46 Drew And you could hear that. 18:02.58 Hayley And the wind I mean the wind was blowing like 25 no sorry fifty miles an hour like it was high winds and Captain Andy ultimately ended up deciding that we could not dock safely and so it became a c day but we were actually not planning on getting off in Nasa anyway, um, we just decided. This trip for us was more about experiencing the ship itself so we were like we'll just stay on board and you know do the aqua mouse and trivia and whatever other things we want to do on the ship so we did do the walking the wish tour which you have to book on the app unlike with the other ships where you can just kind of show up. 18:24.34 Sam Yep. 18:39.91 Hayley To the art of the theme show tour you have to book this on the app which I like to better because you didn't have quite the clump of people all following because you know Sam and I were on the the magic together in September and we did the art of the theme show tour and there were just too many people on that tour to be able to actually hear the guide. Oh and. 18:40.28 Sam Um, ah. 18:53.58 Sam Too many people. 18:59.79 Hayley You get to feel like you're like on a group like bus tour or something because everybody gets their own individual headset with headphones and you can hear the tour guide like talking in your ear so that she's not having to shout and you're not having to you know Jockey for position to be able to hear what she's saying so that was. 19:04.99 Sam Oh. 19:08.97 dclduo Oh that's cool. 19:15.72 Sam Oh that's awesome. 19:19.70 Hayley And exceptional detail that they took care of on the wish that I was like oh this is like a game changing thing I Love that. 19:25.15 Sam Was was the walking the wish tour a an adult only tour like art of the themeship. Okay, that's great to know we're going to have to do that Brian or I'm going to do it. You might not do it I'm going to do it on our next sailing. 19:28.88 Hayley Yes, yeah, it is yes. 19:40.72 Sam Um, or one of the 2 sailings I should say in April because that was something that was not offered when we were on board and we were hoping it and we I was hoping it would be the art of the theme show tour. But obviously it's something special for the wish even better. 19:41.13 Drew Yeah, so. 19:53.53 Hayley Yeah, it's different. 19:53.60 Drew Yeah, very similar to that tour in like Haley said you just want to make sure you go on book it on the app because they did have to tell a couple people like do you have it booked you got to show us you know and they didn't so they only have so many. 20:03.22 Sam M. 20:10.72 Drew I Think um, my guess is they want to limit not have what happened to us on the magic happen and they probably only have so many sets of headphones and so they are really limiting it and are turning people away if they don't have enough. 20:23.60 Sam Yeah, so I assume yeah well I was going to say I I assume you book it. You're not booking it in advance. You're booking it when you're on board just through the cruise line app. The navigator app. Okay, great. 20:23.43 dclduo Sounds like something to add to your list of asks for the concieurs Lunch sam. 20:29.53 Drew Um, yeah. 20:34.97 Drew Um, yeah, yeah, that's exactly right. 20:37.38 Hayley Yes, look for the navigator app but they because the wish was built you know differently from the other ships. It's even if you've taken the art of theme show tour on every ship which we have on all the ships we've been on. There's a you know a lot of new content here. They don't tell you the Monica Blue story at all which is surprising. 20:53.70 Drew So. 20:57.39 Hayley Ah, so those who have not sailed with Disney yet take the art of the theme show tour on any whip ship that is not the wish and they will tell you about Monica Blue or Google it either way. 21:03.54 Sam Yeah, yeah. 21:05.50 Drew And is it. Okay, if I go back and touch on the weather real quick because we we were we had even though it was just a cold front. We were experiencing between 30 and 50 not wins. So. 21:05.91 dclduo Nice, Yeah yeah. 21:08.58 Hayley Oh yeah. 21:08.78 Sam Yeah, of course, tell us. 21:19.47 Sam Wow. So. 21:21.39 Drew It was it was as bad as it was when we were on the north sea in Norway like moving sometimes and the reason we had to abort our first attempt to dock at um at Nasa was because there was actually a royal ship that was. 21:26.38 Sam Wow. 21:40.15 Drew Trying to dock in front of us and they had drifted off and we had to like basically slam on the brakes and back out of the port because they were like not being able to line up properly so that was our first attempt that failed. 21:46.28 Sam No. 21:48.42 dclduo Oh wow. 21:52.50 Sam Right. 21:56.68 Drew The second one we actually got into that little enclosure there they have in Nassau but then the winds were blowing too hard that we couldn't get around the royal ship to the dock and into the dock where we needed to be and so that's why we. Had to give up on the second one and we were real nervous about getting in the castaway key because it it dropped a little bit and it wasn't quite as Wendy but we did eventually get docked there but there I mean the whole ship was just like cavitating like shaking back and forth and like in our dresser or in our armoir. 22:13.52 Sam He. 22:30.70 Drew You could just hear the hangers just smacking into the wall and into the door just like for I would say a good hour we were doing that. 22:35.39 Sam Oh my goodness I'm surprised you you dock to castaway because castaway tends to be ah the port that they do sometimes have trouble. Docking in due to weather and you would never hear about Nasa being an issue with docking unless it's of course hurricane time right? and then they don't go and they they don't go to any port really? Um, but that's kind of amazing. Yeah. 22:54.28 Drew Yeah, yeah, we had also never heard that that's why we had never heard of people not being able to dock in Nasa but a lot of people not being able to dock in castaway. That's why when we couldn't get into Nasa we were very concerned about getting into castaway. 23:11.65 Hayley We're like oh there's no way we're going to get a cast away and then so we first said we were're worried about Castaway and then we said Brian and Sam are going to be interested here about this. 23:14.80 Drew Right? weird. 23:21.10 dclduo Ah, well yeah, well so I'm I'm guessing you did not make much use of the pool deck on this sailing but did you have any thoughts there did you I think you got to ride the Aqua mouse at least But what were your thoughts on the pool deck. 23:22.30 Sam You and you were right? ah. 23:33.33 Drew Yes, yeah, we we we did ride the Aqua Mouse on Castaway key day. Actually we came back. It was very cold and windy when we were there so there wasn't a lot The adult beach was actually closed when we were on Castaway day. 23:33.51 Hayley We did it? yes. 23:51.31 Drew So we headed back to the ship eventually and got on the Aqua mouse um basically got on wrote it around jumped out and ran right to the hot tub in the adult section right? there on the same deck. It was full so we were into the heated infinity pull in the back and that was the only water time that we got to have on this cruse. 24:03.10 Sam Perfect. 24:11.32 Drew Um, it was basically running from 1 body of water to the next or running inside to get out of the wind because anytime you weren't in the body of water. It was freezing. 24:15.47 dclduo There. 24:15.66 Hayley Pretty god yeah, and even when you were like we got in the heated infinity pool and it felt like it felt like a sauna when we first got in it because the aqua mouse was so cold and we were just like you know chatting with people enjoying it and then I just got progressively. Chillier and chiller and finally I'm like shivering and like can we go to the hot tub leave. So then we get out we scurry around to the hot tub and luckily we we timed it right? 2 people got out right? as we were getting to the hot tub because they only have one hot tub and. 24:49.35 Sam Um. 24:50.28 Hayley Meanwhile at the back I mean I like that it's at the back I like that there aren't kids running through it all the time but I did not like the fact that they have so much space back there dedicated to these like splshed blasster feet around pools that are just basically for your feet only I'm like you needed like 1 or 2 more hot tubs. 25:01.38 Sam E. 25:03.60 dclduo Um. 25:08.88 Hayley Little sp split splash. You know two inches of water is like fine. Maybe 1 of those but I mean I know we we didn't have the typical weather but it was still like I liked the the setup of it on the back at the back of the ship I thought that was cool, but this. Spaciousness left a little bit to be desired I did like that they have those cool circular beds. Um that you can lounge on that was neat I would have I was really looking forward to taking a book and like hanging out out there and reading. But it's hard to read when you're gonna blow away. So. 25:32.39 dclduo Ah. 25:40.89 Sam Yeah, when the wind's that hard. 25:43.69 Hayley Yeah, we I bailed on that plan very quickly. Um, and it was really like I was wearing like long pants the whole time and usually like a light jacket. It was just not the kind of weather and and then with the wind you go out there and it's just like this isn't pleasant. This isn't Relaxing. We're going to go back inside and find another trivia to go to. 26:01.46 Drew Yeah, and touching on one of the things we were talking about earlier the adult area felt narrow to me because it's all along kind of one side of the ship and just runs along the edge of the back and if like you want to go to cove Cafe You have to walk up and then go all the way around. To get to cove cafe and then come all the way back because there's no way because it ends basically in the Aqua Mouse So you you can't go that way to get back. Yeah, you have to go all the way back around to get back Out. So I Thought that was a strange choice. 26:26.54 Sam Um, yep. 26:33.10 Hayley Yes. 26:34.70 dclduo Here. 26:35.90 Sam Yeah I don't I don't like the layout of that either. Okay, before we talk about Trivias which I know we have to talk about with the 2 of you. Um I want to know what you all thought of the various like adult bar spaces because you know you guys are a couple without children. So you get to spend all the time that we want to spend in those areas. Well we have to put Nathan to bed and you know after and I'm going to see the show of course. Um you know we we didn't really get to spend as much time we did spend some afternoon time in and several of the adult venues there. But there's a lot of them on the wish and i'm. Curious to hear what you all thought what were your favorites and and whether or not you even got to go to all of them because there's quite a few on the wish. Obviously as we mentioned smaller more venues but smaller venues Haley let's start with you. 27:25.91 Hayley Yeah, so we did not make it to all of them because there are quite a few of them and you know we could have probably prioritized bar hopping more than we did we also and we could talk about this in a little bit but we also played the the mobile game Disney Untarted adventure start to finish including the the finale and Luna. We. We were committed to doing it. Um, parsially we like figured yall might want to hear about it. We think we'll just do it. Why not it was on our c day we did I'm not going to admit it. 27:49.60 Drew Um, we we wanted to do it for ourselves. Don't let her fall. 27:54.63 Sam And well I want to tell you I've been dying to play the uncharted venture I know that Nathan and I are gonna have to do it and the problem is you can't I don't think continue it from 1 sailing to another so we're gonna have to like commit and do the whole thing on on one of the sailings. 28:05.68 Hayley You. 28:12.21 Sam And if Nathan doesn't want to do the whole thing with me I'm just going to have to do parts of it by myself. But I am committed I have to do it at least okay I have to do it at least once yeah 28:15.88 dclduo Oh I'm going to do it with you I Want to see it. Yeah. 28:20.00 Drew Yeah I would say it took I would say a couple hours to do everything? yeah. 28:25.15 Sam Yeah. 28:27.35 Hayley Well there's a lot of like running around this ship and honestly like if you haven't been on the wish before and you like doing mobile games and that kind of thing. Um, it actually I think helps you learn to navigate the ship if you do that mobile game earlier in your sailing because it sends you to a lot of different places. Um, and you'll you know, figure out kind of how things work because you're if you're used to being on the older ships you come out of the elevators and you can go a left or right but on like or either direction kind of out of the bank of elevators. But on the wish I found it really like disorienting that you would like. Basically come out of the elevators and like make a yeah u-turn every time and you killed you turn in in 1 of the 2 directions but it yeah it wasn't intuitive for me and I'm not ah I'm I'm a little directionally challenged Drew's like I got this. Everything's fine, but um, anyway you asked about the bar. So let's go back to the question about thes. 29:16.30 Sam Yeah, yeah, we'll go by and then we'll get back to Uncharta venture after yeah. 29:20.35 Hayley Yeah, so um, in terms of the bars I would say that hyperspace lounge was my favorite from a drinks perspective. There was one that was both of our favorite I ordered the the mousaar one which is kind of like a coconutti martini sort of thing. And then Drew had ordered the asteroid belt which is like mescal blood orange and salted caramel and it comes with chocolate shadings on top and I I had a taste of his and was like why didn't I order that like I'm not I don't do tequila or mescal like I'm not that that's not usually the kind of drinks I order. 29:43.58 Drew It's the best get that one with that one. 29:53.50 Hayley But it was really good. You don't really it doesn't really taste like tequila which was a win for me and we ended up going back later because I wanted one of those and then Drew also got what was the other one that you got. 30:00.70 Drew I got to the tattooing which was basically an old fashioned and import wine mixed together which are like 2 of my favorite things so it was a really good drink I love a good old fashioned being from Kentucky and I love you know a good tawny port as a dessert wine. So you know you kind of mix those together and it came out as a really good cocktail and it had a frozen ice stormtrooper head in it with a glo cube inside the stormtrooper head so that is interesting. Yeah. 30:30.67 Sam Oh oh, that's fun. 30:35.39 Hayley Yeah, we actually if we took our Star Wars drinks with us to Star Wars Trivia because he reminded me. There was no such thing as open container laws when you're on a cruise ship. So if you're you know you're you know you're not done with your drink but you've got somewhere else. You want to be you just take it with you? Um, so. 30:37.70 Drew Yes. Yes. 30:44.40 Sam That's right. 30:44.79 dclduo What what did you think of the theming in hyperspace and yeah, but me back. What? yeah, what do you think of the theming in hyperspace. 30:49.45 Sam That's right. 30:57.30 Drew As someone who frequents Ogas meaning we go at least once if not multiple times every time we go that it was funny. Actually this time one of the waiters recognized us when we were in Ogas before this cruise line So We go to oga's. Ah, decent amount. Um, and we went in there and from a theming perspective if you compare it to somewhere like oga's I don't think there's really any comparison. It's like a nice.. It's supposed to be like a nice version but like. 31:35.84 Drew I Think they could have put a lot more touches into it to make it a lot better themed. Even if you've just got things on the wall and little stuff Around. It's all about a little details and I think that's what it's missing because when you go into Ogas. There's like you can look up and see a different thing. We've been in there a ton of times I still see new things every time that I go in there and things I didn't recognize before and like little references and things like that and I think they could have put a lot of that kind of stuff into this bar and made it Better. So Having said that I still enjoyed it I still liked the look I Just think they could have taken the theming a little farther since we've seen them do it in places like you know they can do it So I want them to take it to that level. 32:19.54 Hayley I yeah I mean I think if it had been like a like a star wars version of Trader Sam's or something like that would have been like my ideal scenario if you're going to do with a theme star wars bar but it almost seemed like they were like checking a box with it. 32:28.48 dclduo M. 32:30.84 Drew Yes, yes. 32:37.68 Hayley Like okay, we got something for the star wars fans moving on you know, like it was cool to how that like it jumps to hyperspace while you're you know if you sit there long enough and we sat like at the bar both times because there's only 2 of us. So it's just easier that way. Um. But you know ogas also has the audience participation factor where like the whole bar might like end up singing a song together or I like that kind of thing I'm a theater kid at heart. So you know I miss some of those touches. Um, but the drinks I you know I liked that 1 drink a lot, especially um, but is it like. The best bar ever for huge star wars fans I don't know that I would go that far. 33:16.30 dclduo How crowded was it I'm curious was it easy to get in and out and grab a drink instead of the bar for a few minutes. 33:20.34 Hayley And easy easy to get in. 33:21.31 Drew First first day very busy. So when we first board everybody goes there. It's packed. There's a line after that it was walk in. We could sit down. No problem. They still had the sign up that was like we may have to everyone's limited to 45 minutes and 33:33.54 Hayley Yeah, so. 33:41.27 Drew You know we've got to keep people moving through here but that I could have went like there was never a time after that initial rush of people getting on the ship that they would have needed to tap people at 45 minutes 33:53.85 Hayley And I think a lot of people just want to go in and like look at it. But then they realize there's not all that much to look at and then they leave again pretty quickly so you know we'd like he said we didn't have any trouble actually getting to sit down and have a drink in there. We did go to the buy you that was really pretty. 33:58.99 dclduo Yeah. 34:10.99 Sam E. 34:13.28 Hayley Um, you know it is interesting because the bars are like most of them you can walk through them. So it's just sort of like you pull over to the side of the road and there's a bar but it's pretty, but there's also Trivia happening there but there were actually a couple of wedding receptions in the bayou on our sailing. 34:14.33 Drew Um, that being place. 34:18.20 Sam Yep. 34:27.69 Sam Oh cool. 34:30.55 Hayley So we were trying to play the uncharted adventure game like off to the side and we were just like terrified that they were gonna come and like try to start their reception and we'd be over there with like Lewis from the princess and the frog going. You're really good to play in the trumpet you know like you know oh this is not their wedding reception and we were like the because and oh. 34:49.50 Sam Ah, ah oh my gosh. That's hilarious. 34:49.59 Hayley 1 of our tablemates was the videographer for this wedding so we were like we're repeat his video and it's going to be terrible so you know that was it's an interesting kind of vibe like that. Um Drew had a weird drink in Luna that had popcorn in it. 35:03.69 Drew Yeah, it was strange. It had herpe and things in it but it was covered in popcorn and it was not the best I wouldn't get it again. I don't even remember what it was I also had a fruity cocktail there that was better. But again it might have even been the drink of the day that day that one was better. 35:04.50 Sam Really. 35:05.90 Hayley I don't I don't wonder what it is called. 35:20.81 Hayley Oh that's that's the one from the Dvc mobile reception. 35:22.69 Drew I don't remember I didn't even remember the other one I'm trying to forget it because the popcorn drink whatever it was was not great. So. 35:29.72 Hayley Yeah you with Esau bourbon and you were like great I like bourbon and then it was just like no, that's really strange. 35:34.77 Drew Yeah, ah former alert. Go get an old fashion in Hook's barbary. It's much more expensive but way better. 35:43.47 Sam Yes. 35:45.20 Hayley Yeah, it's like if you want to if you want to splurge then you know do that and ah we this is probably our first crew is really buying a lot of the cocktails like I'm normally a person who brings on my own like $10 bottle of white wine and then like pours it into a wine glass in my room and then like carries it around the ship with me which you. Not supposed to do. But if anyone yeah right somebody in our Facebook group fussed me for that they were like if you do that they're gonna take away our privileges and I'm like I don't think they are I really don't think they are and I really don't think that they care that much. But. 36:05.90 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah. 36:05.18 Sam But that's what we tell everybody to do ah. 36:06.72 Drew Um, yeah, yeah. 36:11.58 Sam No, they're not no, they're not now. 36:12.48 Drew Now. 36:14.40 dclduo No no, how will they ever know that that white wine came out of a bottle in your room and not. 36:18.90 Sam They they do yeah less less Usually after you finish that glass most people will then order a glass of something at whatever bar or restaurant they happen to be sitting at so they Disney makes plenty of money off of alcohol. 36:20.96 Hayley This name with no. 36:25.10 Drew Um, very england. 36:33.71 Hayley Sure like you are gonna you. You will run out at some point the the glass does not refill itself so you either got to go back to your renew or and you have to you know like you said order something from where you are, but you know it ah this but we decided to do a little bit more I guess. 36:38.62 Sam Exactly. 36:50.65 Hayley Than we necessarily normally would do on this because it was a shorter sailing like we did massages the first day we didn't even talk about that Drew got a shave and a haircut hooks barbary. They give you a free haircut if you get a shave on the first day who knew. 36:52.70 dclduo The. 37:02.27 dclduo Oh. 37:03.99 Sam Oh shaving a haircut two bits I Love it. Ah. 37:05.56 Hayley Exactly if I will. 37:06.83 Drew Um, yeah. 37:07.00 dclduo Wait so Drew did you did you get to experience the old fashioned at hooks barbary then what'd you think. 37:13.60 Drew Oh I did yeah it was great. They have a lot of like higher in um, ah you know, bourbons and whiskeys and veries and all kinds of so ah, big selection and it's higher in than what you would find in all the other bars. On the ship and they'll let you pick it out I told them I won in an old fashion. She was like I recommend like these 3 um I don't remember which one I actually ended up picking but I picked 1 um. She made it you know and they're doing like all these things she pulls out these bunches of ingredients is like I don't have to muddle the ingredients because in this jar I've already put like the cherry and all of these other things and they've already. Been processed and put together. So I'm going to put this in there and then mix in the whiskey and then I'm going to put it in this thing and make a smoke bubble over it. That's going to smoke it and all these things so it was ah a pricey cocktail but by far the best cocktail I had on the ship. 38:11.21 Sam Yeah, it's so fun. 38:20.17 Sam Yeah, yeah, yeah. 38:20.49 Hayley But something feel like a show element to it I wasn't there for this because I didn't go to his you know, shave and haircut and just spectate that that would've been strange so I was doing something else. 38:20.50 dclduo Nice, nice. 38:22.30 Drew Um, yes. 38:30.24 Drew I I was the first person on the sailing to get one because my hair and shave were right before it opened I got out of the chair she was opening it up and so I was the first person to get 1 on our sailing. 38:42.00 Sam And you're yeah I went with Brian to hook's Barbra he when he wasn't having a treatment um and he was getting just for him to get a drink and so I will I did watch the whole process it it was as. 38:43.10 Hayley Thanks. 38:43.47 dclduo The. 38:56.93 Sam As Drew has described it. It was. It's actually a really cool ah thing to just kind of watch them do. Okay, we've got to talk about trivia a little bit because um I know you all did a ton of trivia I also know you won several trivia give give. But our listeners an idea of what the various kinds of trivia they had on the wish there's some I think that are a little bit unique. Um, but you know across the fleet disney does a lot of these kinds of trivia and so talk to us about what what variety they had. And then we'll talk about what you all but won okay, so Drew why don't you talk to me about a little bit of the variety. 39:37.10 Drew Yeah, so for example, some of the ones that we played we played ultimate Disney Trivia we played Disney Parks trivia Disney Cruise line trivia star wars trivia um 39:51.30 Hayley Marvel. 39:53.84 Drew We played those they have the music trivias at night which Haley's dad is an expert in so we didn't do well in those because we didn't have him this time. Um, no, no. Ah so but. 40:03.80 Sam And because you didn't have yeah you if you don't have Scott with you. You're not going to win. Ah. 40:08.59 Hayley Um, know you you did mobile we did Marvel also. 40:13.10 Drew Yeah Marvel one of the big differences on the wish trivia compared to the other ships is they have all of the questions up on the screen so they always have them whether it's in Luna or ah, the triton lounge or somewhere else. They have it in a location. 40:13.35 Sam Ah Marvel trivi. 40:22.90 Sam Oh that's nice. 40:29.13 Hayley For the buy you? yeah. 40:32.60 Drew Where they can put the questions up on the screen. Um, and that makes it a lot easier than like trying to listen and make sure you heard something the right way and we ended up talking to some of the crew staff. It also allows them the the program that they use now. 40:34.96 Sam Nice. 40:41.72 dclduo O. 40:50.83 Drew They call it nose more trivia and the program that they use now lets all the trivia be randomized so one of the things on the older ships if you went and did Marvel trivia and you went back like two years later and did marvel trivia you're doing the same Marvel trivia because they just have like. 40:53.85 Sam Um. 41:09.40 dclduo Move. Ah. 41:10.50 Drew Ah, laminated sheet of paper that has 20 questions on it so you could go and learn it and then just have perfect knowledge and and ace it every time and when here all the questions every trivia are randomized so like our Disney Parks trivia which is one of the ones we actually won was. 41:13.61 Sam Yep. 41:21.61 Sam And. 41:29.42 Drew Ah, we ended up having like 7 or 8 questions about haunted mansions all over the world so that you know every time you go like if you all go and play Disney Parks trivia when you're there, you probably won't have 8 questions about tommed mansions all over the world but we did. 41:33.60 Sam Oh wow. 41:47.19 Drew And so I liked the aspect of having it up on the screen and I really like the aspect of that. It's randomized and you can't really like go into it with perfect knowledge and already have all the answers. 41:59.32 Sam Yeah, that's awesome hey. 42:00.70 Hayley It it was interesting because we had the person who led the star wars trivia really had only seen like two star wars films. She saw a new hope in college and a film class and she saw robe 1 on like a date like a second date with someone and that was it and she. 42:03.20 Drew I. 42:17.83 Hayley Like would just look at the screen and it would be like all of these crazy Star Wars character and it would just be like oh no like how am I going like no and it was really really funny. Um, one thing that was kind of fun about the smaller more intimate venues is that the entertainment team. 42:19.95 Sam The names. Yeah, she she didn't know how to pronounce any of the names. Yeah. 42:22.58 Drew More. 42:35.90 Hayley Can see you more easily to heckle you which is like part of the fun of the adult activities because a lot of the trivias. We went to were more geared toward adults not that we dislike kids. It's just you know Harder Trivias more fun. So. 42:35.98 Sam Yes. 42:48.93 Sam Yes, yeah, so so for people who are listening. Um, there are all of these topics. Typically they have a family version of trivia except for the music like 80 s 90 s two thousand s trivia those are usually just adult only ones but all the Disney ones. They also have. Like family versions. But yeah, the questions tend to be easier in those family versions than the adult versions and so there's there's not that they're going to be racy the adult versions just to be clear. They're not at all racy. They just have ones that are for adults only Haley what did you guys win. But so so you won Disney Parks trivia but I I think you. 43:14.82 Hayley Oh no, no. 43:25.39 Hayley No, actually it was just Disney Parks trivia on this one we went 3 in the magic in September but just the one this time my dad was not bless to be the human shazam and I I did the 90 music trivia by myself and I would have done better if Drew had been with me but he was coming down with the virus that we got on board. 43:25.69 Sam 1 at least 1 other one. What what else I was just that one wow. Ah. 43:31.19 Drew Um, you know. 43:40.17 Sam Me. 43:43.30 dclduo Oh no, oh. 43:44.87 Hayley We didn't know it at times he had gone to bed early and I was determined to stay up for match or mate. But this is my favorite. Ah so I was just powering through the 90 s trivia alone and did not do very well at all. That's a cool 1 43:48.68 Sam E. 43:56.20 Drew We we both we lost star wars and Marvel by 1 each like in the end and they were honestly things that we should have probably gotten but you know that's how it goes sometimes. So. 44:00.43 Sam Oh bummer. 44:06.91 Hayley I walk yeah but we did get the the new like trivia metals they have new designs for the trivia metals so ors happened to have Captain Mickey and Captain Minnie on them which was really fun. 44:16.12 dclduo M. 44:21.97 Sam So fun. 44:23.10 Hayley Um, we also got to meet Captain Mickey outside an elevator bank like after he had done like ah, an official meet and greet. We just like happened to be getting in the same elevator and the elevator was not there yet. So I asked the handler like can we get a picture and we were waiting on the elevator and they were like sure and I was like I just saved 30 minutes of waiting to in line that was amazing. 44:29.28 Drew G. 44:39.17 Sam That's awesome. Yeah. 44:40.37 Hayley We don't normally wait in line to meet characters. Yes, we did it. We were the elevator together and people got on people like the elevator would stop and people would be like oh put it open because Mickey was in there with us that was fun. 44:40.68 Drew Um, and then we got to run their elevator with Mickey. 44:48.87 Drew Um, yeah. 44:49.60 Sam I Love that. That's awesome. 44:53.96 dclduo Well excuse me? Well we can't avoid talking about shows because Sam is here. Ah, and so how did you find the shows on board. Ah, wish. 45:11.98 Sam Haley we have to throw this to you because you're the show person. No offense true, not that we don't care what you think about shows. But I care what Haley thinks more. Ah, you guys go get you guys go to hooks and get an old fashioned. Yeah come kick. 45:17.10 dclduo I say it sure let's go. Let's go get a drink in hyperspace lounge. We'll be back in about 10 minutes you guys? Yeah, yeah, yeah. 45:17.38 Hayley I. 45:18.20 Drew Yes, we're going getting old fashioned and ordering. 45:27.25 Sam So make yourselves an old fashioned. 45:27.81 Hayley I yeah, that's perfect. Um, no I thought this was were good. Um sees the adventure was really really fun. Um I was just excited because it was 2 of the 3 shows. Um I'm b blanking on the third one now. 45:32.50 Sam E. 45:43.20 Hayley Things we had never seen on any of the other ships like sees. The adventure is if you sees the adventure as great and the whole morma is unique to the wish. Um and then Aladdin is not unique to the wish but it I mean Aladin is great. So um, the seec adventure is so cute and it you know is about the wish. 45:43.69 Sam Oh yeah, little mermaid. Yeah. 45:48.75 Drew And Aladdin. 46:02.67 Hayley So that's fun. It's um, you know, not as like cheesy I guess as some of the other kind of like believe or Disney dreams can be and. 46:15.92 Sam Um. 46:17.19 Hayley So I really enjoyed that it's fun to see it focus on one of the fab 5 um goofies the the main character and Captain Minnie also features prominently so that was really really fun. Um, a little mermaid was good. Um, the and I should say the performers who were outstanding I mean it was the same performers who were in all of the. Um, all 3 of the shows so you would kind of like go be going. Oh wasn't that Ursula isn't she now being so-and-so like that was kind of interesting seeing people who were like the leads in some shows becoming minor characters and the other shows. Um, but the Wal Disney theater is really cool because it can kind of transform the whole space. Based on what the show is so like when you're doing a little mermaid. It looks like you're underwater and when you're doing a ladin. It looks like aggrabas so that was really a cool feature as well that you don't have on the classic ships. Um, and so the little mermaid like I said was good. It wasn't as good as the other two. Um. Know there's been much made of this treasure chest which is just like a very gigantic set piece that serves minimal purpose in the story but is just therere taking up a lot of space and you're just like is that going to be a thing and it's not much of a thing and then Aladdin is just always really fun. Um, the genie you know updates the jokes like very often. 47:19.85 Sam E.E. 47:33.89 Hayley So there were jokes about things that I felt like happened like the previous week that theweenie was joking about which I'm not sure if that like did it for me quite as much the the super topical humor I don't know I'm like but a little bit but but of course they were all great shows. We definitely always try to see. All of them, especially the ones we haven't seen before Drew do you want to add anything to that. Yeah. 47:54.37 Drew Yeah, no I think the shows were really good sees the first one? Sorry yes, see the uncharted adventure and sees the adventure run together in my head and I always want to call one the other. 48:03.34 Sam Sees the adventure. Yeah. 48:11.86 Drew Um, so sees The adventure was really good if you compare it to other variety shows like the Golden Mickeys and things like that which kind of what it is I think it's better than ah, all of those um I Really like I liked the costumes of the little mermaid how they kind of like. 48:21.10 Sam So. 48:31.50 Drew Make them have like a fin that kind of connects to their hand in things. So I thought the costuming of the little mermaid was really good. Um, then ah that oh yes, it's a little mermaid when they're doing under the sea. 48:41.51 Hayley Oh the turtle you're up to talk about the turtle. 48:49.94 Drew Ah, one they because that was our nasaw day and one of our table Mas at dinner was like they they had put on a a matinee showing of the little mermaid and they were like just wait until you see the turtle is's the best character you'll know it when you see it. 49:02.90 Sam Ah. 49:09.36 Drew And sure enough when they got to um, under the sea. Um out comes this little guy that has this turtle puppet and he's dancing with it and he by far stole that number and that he was our favorite character Once we noticed him. So if you're going and you're watching the little mermaid. 49:15.31 Sam Low. 49:22.36 Sam Myth. 49:28.66 Drew Just watch out for the turtle. You'll know it when you see it. It's the best part of the show. Um. 49:28.84 Sam I Love it. 49:32.83 Hayley Um, he's so Fun. All the puppets were great. Um,, there's if you like ah is it and if it don't I Guess it's not the little mermaid I guess it might be and sees the adventure. There if you have been to Animal Kingdom and you've seen the finding Nemo musical Beyond lookout because you might get a fun surprise. Yeah. 49:45.71 Sam Yes, yes, for sure I Love that. 49:49.19 Drew So yeah and it's not 1 of the theater shows but we actually stood out and really enjoyed I can't remember what it was called. But if you know what postmodern jukebox is where they take kind of modern songs and sing them back in the styles. 50:01.38 Hayley Oh yes. 50:06.73 Drew Like the 20 s and the 30 s and things like that one night in the grand hall not the atrium in The Grand Hall They had a band of the performers from the shows because you recognized some of the people that played characters out there doing Disney songs but in the like postmodern jukebox style. With a tat dancer and all these things like brat will band trombone drums and all of that out in the grand hall right out in front of 1923 and it was great. That was one of my favorite things standing there and watching that. 50:26.70 Sam Oh oh. 50:27.10 Hayley Why why. 50:35.19 Sam Oh cool. Yes. 50:38.71 Hayley it's called yeah it's called Disney Vitrophonics Viphonics and it's it's enough of a thing that they've got it included on the survey now at the end of the cruise. So I think that it should be there when you guys go back on the wish but that was really really fine. We didn't catch the whole thing but I wish we had. 50:45.81 Sam Oh cool. 50:54.92 Hayley Um, it's just not enough time to do everything that you want to do but I would prioritize Ig that again on a future sailing for sure. 50:56.46 Drew Yeah, yeah, there was ah Bre's 1 thing I noticed on this ship that I hadn't maybe noticed on the other there was a lot of like little moments of entertainment sprinkled all around like and and not on our last night when we were in the. 51:15.51 Drew Grand hall they're up on the the balcony railing up at the very top. There were 2 people dressed in some kind of period attire that were basically serving as like town hecklers just like calling out to people and like having try you know, having funny conversations and kind of. 51:26.14 dclduo Up up. 51:28.19 Sam Well they froze. 51:34.77 Drew Playfully making fun of each other and making fun of the people walking around the Grand Hall so there seemed to be a lot of small moments of fun like that. 51:36.46 Sam Turn it both of them froz. Ah. 51:54.10 dclduo Ah, oh hold on. Let's just stay where we are because sometimes they come back. 51:57.40 Sam Yep yep. 52:00.46 Drew Nah. 52:07.50 Sam I Wonder if there internet one out or something. 53:57.30 Sam Ah, she said I think her internet died. 53:59.56 Drew Um. 54:02.45 Sam She just texted me. Did you hear me. 54:03.84 Drew You can attack server and let them know. Okay. 54:07.64 dclduo I heard you? um. 54:07.80 Hayley I just texted Sam and um I'm gonna do the Facebook message too. 54:10.85 Sam Do you want to just like we could ah we could just end the show and we could like sort of say Haley and true who lost our internet but we were so we're gonna and we're gonna have to you know, put out the show without without a rapid fire. 54:12.00 Drew Yeah, just tell them at's starting here. We've lost internet. 54:27.44 dclduo Um. 54:30.19 dclduo Well let me stop the recording nonetheless. 55:14.92 Drew Are. 55:42.75 Hayley Um. 56:01.82 Drew Sound and we turn key you got a plug do yeah I mean. 57:06.37 Drew Is it going to come back on in 5 minutes is it goingnna come back on in half an hour is the only time I don't like having internet television. 59:14.76 Drew Powers are there now like we might you be. 01:02:23.12 Drew She's like we got cars on the one in Florida apparently. 01:03:21.29 Drew This. 01:03:42.21 Drew If we live down here I would report from different Disney park. 01:03:53.80 Drew While we put studios that's turn get ice. 01:04:04.60 Drew Are you today I'm on rise of the resistance look. 01:04:43.31 Drew Figuring the outside. 01:06:10.22 Hayley Be sure my desire to not feel outside I know is like I know your desire to now go outside and feel. 01:06:48.25 Drew For. 01:07:18.11 Drew Um, how your Ca baby forbia Boy yeah this was baby in the rub. 01:09:02.50 Hayley Did you do the thing where you left you like 3 squares of toilet paper. 01:09:36.62 Hayley They keep asking us questions we we also talked have a lot of shit chat beginning. 01:11:00.46 Hayley Yeah I was already to plug in these headphones until I realized that they have a like thunderbolt thing. Oh I have a message that says critical error occurred aboarding now error details problem with uploading. Um, not going to touch it. 01:11:27.40 Hayley On this day seven years ago I think I walked to work. 01:11:42.16 Hayley So you've decided that you under no circumstances. Do you want to leave the house even to watch this game right. 00:01.78 dclduo All right for those of you watching video you may notice that we've all changed clothing. We had a costume change and that's because Drew and Haley's internet went out for us for a hot minute last night so we had to move nights to rerecord for those of you. Listening at home. You won't ever even hear any of this that I'm saying because we'll just splice it out for the podcast. But for those watching on video want to explain why we all suddenly change clothes but but throw it back I'm going throw it back to Drew who was giving us his review of frozen Drew what did you think of frozen onboard. 00:23.26 Sam And lighting. 00:35.53 Drew Yes, So what. 00:36.36 dclduo The ship was it weight no is it frozen is it frozen is frozen the show. No yeah, it's not frozen. Why am I saying frozen. What's the show Sam. Yeah yeah, so Drew what did you think of little mermaid and aladdin on board. The wish. 00:38.28 Sam Now I don't know. Yeah. 00:39.60 Hayley Um, no, it's a little roommate in Aladdin. 00:52.13 Drew I believe um believe when we left off I was talking about the costuming and how I really enjoyed the costuming of little mermaid how they had had um they use a creative way to kind of show that they have a fin but still, they're on their feet walking around I know in some productions of a little marma. They've. Skated around on roller skates and things and obviously that would prove problematic on a ship. So I liked the way they approached that and ah did it and dealt with that on the ship but overall the little mermaid was definitely the lowest of the 3 um, it's just it didn't strike the same chord that the others did um the more variety show just had a lot more energy and it was a lot more upbeat and and brought a lot more to it and then Aladdin I think you've got people like the genie. Who comes in and no matter if I saw it now or I saw it a week ago that show's always going to be a little more unique and different every time you see it and so I think because of that it kind of ranked the little mermaid third on my list and I just like Aladdin More so anytime I get to see that show is going to be. A little higher on my list. 02:07.44 Sam Nice. 02:09.73 dclduo Nice, nice. You know we mentioned earlier in the show that you had done. You'd both done uncharted adventures which is a new experience. Something akin to midship detective agency but different. Um. What did you think of uncharted adventures Haley let me start with you. 02:29.65 Hayley Um, I'll preface this by saying I'm not a video game person I don't play video games my hand eyee coordination in that department is not great and there's a lot of activities in mid not mentioned detective agency in uncharted adventure where you're doing almost like Mario Cart esque 02:46.97 Sam Oh cool. 02:47.21 Hayley Things with your phone and you're having to follow your your um your character on the screen and if you're playing with anybody else. Their character will also be on the screen and if you're me then you get very distracted and forget which one is yours and then you just perform very badly because you are. Getting loss on the page there. But um I would say I probably would rate it like maybe ah, a six six and a half out of 10 with 10 being like amazing. Um I think if you have kids that like video games or adults who like video games like Drew. Um, it'll probably be more fun. It was a fun way to occupy our unexpected day at sea with the weather and it's a fun way to kind of learn your way around the ship and I think that the the 30 minute live finale that happens in Luna is kind of an event. There's you know. Without giving too much away. There's a cast member that kind of leads that effort that's in character and that was kind of fun and you know there was a good crowd in Luna for that experience which made it kind of fun to do that. So. 03:48.29 Sam So we when did when did that happen because I'm curious because I would imagine they probably don't want to do it multiple times throughout the cruise and you're talking about a short cruise you're when I say short you're on a three night cruise 04:00.52 Hayley Yep. What. 04:05.34 Sam So when when did they do this live portion in Luna because a lot of people would ah presume would be trying to get the get it done on the first couple days but I don't know that. 04:14.91 Hayley Yeah I think that it was like five o'clock on on the like last full day of the cruise. 04:15.39 Drew Yeah. Yeah, it was right before the first in dinner seating on the last day. So yes, yes. 04:20.62 Sam God So that was Castaway day for you all right? Okay, so before before the dinner and before the show. Interesting. Okay. 04:26.70 Hayley Yes, exactly. 04:36.60 Sam Well, that's good to know because on our next cruise I've got it I want to try and maybe do it on the four day but I've got to make sure I'm going to get it done in time for that. So I can't be saying up late to finish it. It sounds like or I won't get the finale I doubt they do a late night one 04:47.72 Hayley No, you know and I think without the finale. It would be kind of a let down like I feel like you kind of need the finale to feel like it was worth something because otherwise yeah, otherwise you're just playing like a series of. 04:58.38 Sam But so you guys commit it. Whole thing is what you're saying. 05:01.48 Drew Yes. 05:06.64 Hayley Mario Cart Arcade sort of games I Guess like yeah yeah, okay so that tells you how much I How little I know about video games what I and told a video. 05:06.79 Sam Mini games. Yeah mini games like in Mario party. 05:08.51 Drew Yeah Mario party more than Mario cart. Yes, yeah, and yeah, so it it was a real interesting experiences all if you've. 05:19.70 Sam Ah. 05:27.71 Drew Done Any kind of Ar experiences or played any Ar game before um, all the movements. All the interactions are going to be familiar with you. You're using your screen. You're holding it up and then. Sometimes yeah, what you're doing on your phone is related to what is going on on the screen. Sometimes you're just kind of like using your phone as like a steering wheel or something like that. Um, so it kind of just depends on what that exact minigame is. 05:48.91 Sam Um. 05:52.42 Sam Okay. 06:00.28 Drew 1 interesting thing I noticed is in the like they have the adventures broken up into like 4 little different constellations and that's where you're going to get the pieces of the wishing star. Um, but in the finale. Only 3 of those 4 are represented. Um I think I think it was Tiana's that wasn't but 1 of them wasn't and I wonder if maybe down the line if they're going to have this on other ships and maybe there's one. Game section that might be exclusive to different ships. So maybe if you go on the wish you get to do the tiana section and if you go on the treasure that's coming. Maybe there's a new section on that ship. So I thought that was an interesting little detail that I caught I did beat Haley in score and. 06:44.31 Hayley But. 06:51.98 Drew When we went to the final you have to play do some of those games and things when you're at the final and then it shows like it was at the top in the room and I think I was at the top all but wonder. Yes, yes, it does so and I think I was at the top of all but 1 of them. So. 06:58.78 Sam Um, oh oh it like ranks you? Oh Wow. So so how many how. 07:04.23 Hayley Um I. 07:10.34 Drew I was given all the kids there running for their money. 07:15.87 Sam How many quests do you have to do in order to get to the finale. Okay. 07:21.54 Drew And yeah, there are 4 quest um, that's I think it took as approximately ah 2 hours so probably about 30 minutes for each quest and then the finale was about half an hour um and again your there. Yes. 07:34.46 Sam Okay, so two and a half hour commitment ah 07:38.18 Drew And it's in Luna. So when you go on Luna. They've got a huge screen that takes up basically the whole front of the thing. There's a lot of stuff going on there. You're doing more stuff with your phone ah point you know, similar to what you've already done and the story continues to unfold with it. There. Trying to stay spoiler free and but also give a little insight about what you can expect if you're going to play it. So. 08:03.54 Hayley I the answer is today. 08:04.17 dclduo And. 08:05.50 Sam Yeah, so how? what would you give it as far as a rating drew since you're that you're the gamer between you and Haley Haley gave it a 6 out of 10 So she's giving it kind of only slightly above average. Um, so what? what would you rank it. 08:09.66 Drew Um. 08:17.47 Drew I mean I think it depends like if you rank it up against you know the high quality graphic games that you can play on a high end computer or on like an Xbox or a playstation or something like that. That's not really a fair comparison because they can go in a lot more depth and put a lot more mechanics and things in that. So like if I'm comparing it to that it would rate pretty low if I compare it to other ar games that I've played like Pokemon go and things like that. It's ah you know somewhat more involved. And there's a little more to it than there is just going out and throwing the poca ball at a bunch of pokemon. Um, and so I would say I think Haley's rating is fair, maybe like a 7 ah I there's just like. 09:11.20 Drew There's sometimes when I was like trying to turn and tilt and things like that that like I don't know if it was my phone or the screen like sometimes it was delayed sometimes it just didn't get my input and things like that and I think those are some of the things from my perspective being an interaction designer. Knock it down a little bit when I give input to a device and that device does not then transfer that input to whatever I'm working on and whenever I'm doing that'll knock it down a little bit for me and I think that was the biggest thing holding it back I think it was a cute story. It was fun to play. There. There were probably certain aspects I would love to go back and replay. But um, you know there are also some of the games that I found kind of annoying and didn't enjoy as much so that's kind of my review I think above average is fair. Um for it. 10:06.14 Hayley Yeah, that my rating was based mostly on my personal enjoyment not about you know whether it's a great example of ah of an ar video game you know and I would say we did encounter some of the app blitches that you may have heard about from other people or online or whatever. Did have that happen. Um a couple of times and one of the ar games in particular was just like really annoying because we were trying to complete a task in ar and it wasn't like we were having to like kind of turn 3 60 and we weren't able to like find the thing we needed to. Complete the task which made it very difficult and there was this like stressful timer going off and like I'm such a type a like perfectionist sort of person I'm like I need a perfect score. You need to get all the things and it was just not cooperating with me on that one but it was still fine. I don't know that it's really It's very repeatable. But I think that you got you and Nathan will have a ah good time doing it. 11:02.27 Sam Perfect. 11:04.25 dclduo So let me ask let me ask this question. Um, so let me start to wind us down a little bit here and and have 2 kind of final questions. So the first question is. 11:18.37 dclduo What was 1 thing you think they got really right on board the wish and what's 1 thing you're hoping perhaps desperately hoping that they change on the treasure. Let me start with you drew. 11:33.90 Drew Ah, one thing I think they got right was ah the aesthetics I really liked all the aesthetics of the different spaces I liked the art nouveau and art deco style of the old ships. But I also like this new. Style it felt like you know I was in some parts of the park as I was walking through the different aspects of the ship and I love the Disney parks were Aps at Disney World so we like to go all the time so getting that kind of feeling on the ship was pretty cool because it's not something I always get with the older ships. 12:06.23 Sam Mean. 12:08.60 Drew So I really liked getting that feeling from having a lot of those spaces I think there's still room to improve like hyperspace lounge. It was good. That's a good start but you could take it even further like you had in the bayou and some of the other places the rows and things like that. Um. And then one thing I would improve. We talked about it earlier and it's just it's the thing that keeps coming back to my mind as a bigger person six foot 3 um, the narrow spaces like everywhere felt too small I'd rather have fewer spaces and bigger spaces. Then a bunch of narrow spaces. 12:47.20 Sam And. 12:48.69 dclduo What about you? Haley. 12:52.48 Hayley Well I was I was thinking aesthetics for 1 thing so I'll I'll pivot and say something else that occurred to me about the wish and we were talking about this on our way home. Actually we drove so we had a lot of time in the car to reflect on our experience. But um, it's like a 9 hour drive from from Orlando to Charlotte. So anyway, um. Something that was cool about the wish that you don't get on the other shifts is that the wish is almost like its own character. There's a lot of experiences on the wish that are very like self referential to you being on the wish so that's kind of a cool touch and it it makes you feel like ah like this is like a special cool place. 13:20.37 Sam Who. 13:28.85 Hayley Um, and in a way that you don't really get on the on the classic ships. The older ships. So that's gonna be my my my thing and you know that extends into like the Walt Disney theater and some of the other spaces as well. Um, and like Luna the way that things work in Luna. Without getting too many spoilers. It's it's all like very much we're on the wish and and how cool is this which is fun as far as go ahead. 13:53.59 Sam Yeah, the theming is is great in that way because it's like everything is about that the wishing star and wishes coming true and so they just really carry that through really really nicely to your point. 14:08.51 Hayley Yeah, absolutely um and as far as room for improvement I've got to agree with Drew about the size of the spaces and it is a larger capacity ship than you know, especially the magic and the wonder. But even the the dream and the fantasy. It's a larger capacity than those and I think. 14:26.25 Hayley Maybe they were going for intimacy. Maybe they were just trying to go for you know as much variety as possible but it it kind of did the opposite for me and it made it feel more crowded rather than less crowded. Um, even though I did appreciate the variety. Um, so I think that's a big thing. 14:40.30 Drew Also I'm sure someone needs a new tag hoyer or brightitling watch on the cruise ship I don't and we can buy in shopping space and a little more mickey's main sales shopping space for. 14:47.91 Hayley And. 14:53.80 Sam Um, yeah I have to agree with you drew. Um. 14:56.22 Hayley Yeah, um, in means mainsta we were like crammed in there like sardines that first night between this like between the shows and the dinner times like everybody went just converged on that location and I mean you could not. Like move. There was this huge queue to check out and um, it was like okay, there's nobody ever in these super high end luxury shops. They're all just you know standing around like like you know hyeas or something like we a pounce on anybody that was in but like that that should have been flip flopped. Um. 15:24.60 Drew Then. 15:27.78 Sam Yeah, yeah, would have been nice if they made like 2 Mickey's main sale that were like identical to each other because you're right, especially for the 3 and four night sailings 15:30.37 Hayley You know, but that's okay, that's Okay. War. 15:42.67 Sam One night one is always going to be the busiest everybody at night one and then the last night of course. Um, but everybody's trying to get into the shops and especially on the three night you don't have typically a c day. Um, and so the shops are only open you know in the evenings. Basically so. 15:45.66 Hayley So. 16:00.19 Sam Because it can't be open when you're at port. So yeah, it really makes it. It really makes those spaces get pretty crowded, pretty cramped. Yeah. 16:00.63 Hayley But that's a good point at the good point. And the savvy Crew. There's no that you got to go for the things that you want the first night because they will run out of your size if you don't. 16:12.96 Drew And and because it was unseasonably cold like all of the jackets and like zip ups and pullovers and things were flying off and like all gone a night one 16:15.51 Sam That's true. 16:24.65 Hayley And they were. 16:25.24 Sam Ah, and funny enough. We always buy those because even though we don't get to wear them on board. We wear them at home. But. 16:30.24 Hayley I yeah I was like you pulled all the time at home living in the climate that you live in whereas like Drew bought ah a captain America flannel on this trip and I'm like you will get to wear that like two days a year at home because it has to be like ° for him to want to wear it. 16:31.17 Drew I yeah. 16:41.54 Drew And. 16:45.70 Sam Ah I Love it. 16:49.74 dclduo So I want to ask 1 last question and then I'm going to hand you over to Sam which is not would you sail on the wish again, but would you recommend to a friend looking to sail on Disney Cruise line that they sail on the wish. So. 16:49.85 Hayley But that's okay, that's okay. 17:07.10 dclduo Start with Haley this time. 17:07.42 Hayley O that's a great question I do think that the ship was designed well for a first time cruiser and there's a lot of variety and a lot of like novelty to the experience and if you're not already kind of married to or nostalgic for the the classic and maritime nautical feel. Ah, the other ships then you don't really know what to expect and especially if you're comparing it to something like a real caribbean ship where there's a lot of well bells and whistles and flashiness I think that it would be a great a great place to start? do I think it's worth 20% more money than the other ships. I'm not sure that I'm willing to to commit to that at this point so your mileage may vary on what your budget is in that situation. 17:49.66 Drew Yeah I yeah I agree with Haley on both accounts first time cruiser. Absolutely if you have no frame of reference. It's a great first experience to go around and see all the stuff if you're not a first time cruiser. 17:49.78 dclduo Where about you drew. 18:07.88 Drew Just wait for that premium to come off once that premium comes off and it's the same as what kind of what the dream was running at more or less I think absolutely get on it experience. The new things. There's all kinds of new experiences and fun to be had new shows to be seen so I would. Definitely advise getting on it I Just if if money is a thing and that extra 20% may be ah ah ah, an inhibition to your ability to get on the ship. Just wait till that comes off and then absolutely get on it. 18:39.87 Sam Um, yeah, that's a good, really good point. 18:44.97 dclduo Well I think we've reached that point in the show Sam where I need to hand Drew and Haley over to you for some arbitrary rules some arbitrary questions and a dash of judgments or this round we we say again. Well I think we've reached that point in the show Sam where I need to hand Drew and Haley over to you for some arbitrary rules some even more arbitrary questions and a dash of judgment or the round we know as rapid fire so sam take it away. 19:16.50 Sam Thank you Haley and Drew you have both played rapid fire a couple of times I believe at this point so we're going to still do our classic rapid fire. But I'm going to throw out the character movie song questions and we're going to just focus on. Disney Cruise line questions because now you have four ships in your in your repertoire. Obviously you haven't been on the dream yet, you're going to be on this summer but you have a really different ship than the the 4 that you've been you know from the other 3 you've been on. And so I want to see if any of your favorites have changed now that you've been on the wish so we're going to start really at a very important place which is a favorite show and I mean stage show on Disney Cruise line and I know this is like super hard right? and I want to know I know you haven't seen beauty and the beast so beauty and the beast is not in the running. Um, but you've been on the magic you've been on the wonder you've been on the fantasy and now you've been on the wish Drew what is your favorite Disney. Cruise line stage show. 20:28.18 Drew I Think it's frozen. Yeah, it's just the ah the effects and I've always liked the songs Even you know when you know it might not have been popular, especially for someone of my age and. 20:31.48 Sam It's a good one. 20:42.54 Drew Things to like frozen. But I've always liked frozen and I really loved how they did it where you know the effects like go up on the walls and things like that I Just really liked the whole staging and things that they did for frozen and I really enjoyed that show. 20:59.33 Sam All right? So you're given it to the fantasy and the wonder then because they they have both have frozen all right? Haley what is your favorite Disney Cruise line stage show. 21:13.77 Hayley I was actually going to say frozen to frozen as say frozen as well frozen to the movie is not a stage show on Disney Cruze line so yeah frozen was really really excellent. Um, the the olaf puppet the spin puppet you got to love them. Um, they were. 21:20.29 Drew Yet. 21:31.43 Hayley Great I'll give an honorable mention shout out to tangled I wishly I had been more awake for it. Those European sailings are kind of exhausting because they you got very active fort days and you got Jet Lag on top of it. So from what I was awake for of Tangle that was also excellent. So. 21:44.38 Sam Um. 21:48.38 Drew So we saw being old Aqui we had hiked several miles so we were pretty tired in that chip. 21:50.17 Sam Ah, fair enough. 21:52.37 Hayley Yes, we did. We did do that. 21:55.22 Sam Yes, yes, that's right, that was the same same as same as us. We saw the later show. Um, but yeah, but you all saw it quite right after really we got back from that hike all right? What is your favorite bar now you can choose across the fleet. Um, other than obviously the dream. What's your favorite bar space on Disney Cruise line haley let's start with you. 22:20.34 Hayley So we didn't actually have a drink here when we were on the wish but I was really taken with the the rows um outside apoo and enantte we we went in there on our impromptu C day and just a whole wall of looking at the ocean and all the finishes are just so. 22:24.44 Sam So. 22:37.51 Hayley Beautiful and glamorous and um I loved the vibe in there and the next time we make it on the wish I definitely want to have a drink in there that was really pretty. 22:45.27 Sam Yeah, we loved it in there Drew what's your favorite bar space. 22:51.40 Drew Ah, to get a drink at I'm probably going to go get an old fashioned hooks barbary. But that's not really, it sounds faith. So for actually sitting down I actually just like the ogills in that ah kind of class I like hanging out in those. 22:55.29 Sam I Knew you were going to say that. 23:08.37 Drew Sports bar areas and getting a drink and there's just usually like there's a lot usually something going on in there and there's usually a lot of energy in there and I kind of I like being around people but not necessarily having to interact with people as an introvert and so that's a good space for it to kind of. 23:21.23 Sam 5 23:26.78 Drew Get that energy. 23:26.81 Sam Awesome! Okay, well I know your favorite activity on board is trivia. So I'm not going to ask you that question I'm going to slightly change the question. Ask you favorites. Base to do trivia in because now you got to do trivia in in a bunch of different spaces obviously on the wish it's not just done in 1 place on a lot of the other ships. It's really always in the pub or for the most part in the pub at least the the adult fan the adult trivia rather than the family trivia. So yeah, Drew where where is your favorite space to do trivia. 24:00.45 Drew The buy you. So now that they have the screens That's really amazing. The bayou is beautiful. It's a great space and you can eat binynies while you're doing trivia. So yeah. 24:13.70 Sam I think that's probably why it has to win if you can eat many years while you do trivi. They've got to start doing trivia in the french quarter lounge I'm not sure they do any trivia in there on the on the wonder all right? Haley where is your favorite place. 24:15.82 Drew Yeah, exactly yeah. 24:31.73 Sam To do trivia. 24:33.30 Hayley Um, well Drew had a great point about the screens but I am going to go in a different direction and say whatever the sports bar is um, the one on the magic. We had the most fun or at least I did like scream yelling the lyrics to every song in 2000 trivia when we were on the magic in september. 24:46.77 Sam We did. That's right that was fun that was in the the crown and fin right I think it's a crown and fin on the magic. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it the. 24:50.43 Hayley The whole room was just bumping it was. It was a lot of fun I I think that's what it's called and the magic all the names thrown together in my head. Yeah. 25:03.29 Sam I feel yeah that that is a great space as well. Okay, favorite rotational dining now you guys have been on. You know to a lot of different places. Um the dream frankly has exact same places as the fantasy so you don't even need to worry about that. Being in the mix. It's not going to change I tell you once you go on the dream in this summer it's not going to change your favorite rotational dining. So um, all right Haley which one is your favorite now. 25:24.66 Drew Inherit. 25:32.61 Hayley Who it's hard. That's really hard. Um, aesthetically I love the tangled restaurant or puns royal table or whatever it's called on the magic but I think the show takes it actually down a little bit because it's too loud I'm old lady over here at the age of 31 so my favorite I'm gonna say I just always love animator's palette like it just feels like Disney Cruise line to me and it makes me happy. So that's what I'm gonna go with. 25:58.62 Sam So fair enough all right Drew what's your favorite. 26:00.47 Drew Mine easy tinna's place I love the menu. It's unique. The food is great. The atmosphere is great with them up there playing jazz music and then Louis comes around and walks around and that's all fun. The atmosphere is great. And I like that the food is unique and you only get it there and I love cajun food and I know it's not like real New Orleans cajun food but it's the closest I can get on a cruise ship. So I'm going to pick Tianas so. 26:30.63 Sam Yeah, nice. Yeah, that's that's Brian's favorite so and for all the same reasons that you mentioned Drew all right. This might be controversial aqua duck versus aqua dunk versus aqua mouse. 26:37.11 Drew No. 26:48.81 Sam Drew we're going to start with you. 26:50.76 Drew Duck all the way. It's I think the best ride um of all 3 of them and mouse is you know, kind of fun going up when you're seeing that show but 2 of the screens weren't working when we were riding so like. We we still had the audio. But I don't know what was going on so that kind of is it a little bit. Um and then the dunk I wrote it once and for me that was enough I've had 1 ah, write up my nose in my mouth everything as soon as that floor falls out and I was like that was a 1 time experience. I'm good. 27:32.76 dclduo To be fair Drew you have more momentum behind you than most writing the aqua dung. 27:35.29 Drew And two I do have a lot more momentum than most. 27:41.59 Sam Ah, all right? Haley what about you. 27:44.74 Hayley Um, I have to agree with Drew's power ranking there. Um, the aqua duck is the best even though I haven't written it in a long time I'll I'll get to refresh myself on that on the dream this summer because we will not be in Norway and it won't be cold. So. 27:59.55 Sam It'll be warm in the med. 28:00.00 Hayley Hopefully anyway, be able to actually enjoy the the slide a little bit more um Aqua Mouse I mean everything he said um and then agree about the Aqua dunk I did not enjoy water up my nose and just spraying in my face the entire time I just felt like I was sort of being waterboarded or something just sort of spluttering all the way it was like okay. Ah, tried it. Been there found that good to go. 28:21.00 Sam Oh yeah, all right now I'm going to ask you an easier question or ah, 2 questions actually but we'll we'll sort of I'll I'll give you them together so that you know where I'm going but I want to know on the wish what your favorite. Savory food was and your favorite sweet food because you've got different stuff on the wish than you have on other ships but I don't know maybe you like the chicken fingers. So that's okay, too. Um I might judge you a little bit but I want to know I mean I like the chicken fingers I'm not. 28:51.28 Drew Um. 28:52.37 Sam I'm not trying to you know, hate on them I'm just saying there's a lot of good food I think on the wish so Haley what was your favorite savory. Let's start with. 29:03.78 Hayley I think I've got to go with the flame andon from 1923 it's a popular choice for a reason. It's ah it's tasty. Well forget, it's dry potato friend side but that the steak itself um is is very good. 29:06.66 Sam Um, yeah. 29:15.63 Sam All right Drew what was your favorite savory. 29:20.19 Drew I'm going this is part of the reason why I ranked Marceline market above the outdoor food stalls and it was the indian food the tika masala on the ah in the stand. It was delicious and. 29:28.00 Sam E. 29:35.75 Drew I Loved it. So. 29:36.30 Sam Awesome. Okay, so we'll start with you Drew what was your favorite sweet food. 29:43.52 Drew Ah, sticky date pudding and I got it twice because it was in Marceline Market again it's another notch up on it for me it I was so surprised when I walked down to that dessert section and they had this sticky date putting I was like Weiss and 1 cruise this is. 29:51.82 Sam This. 30:00.82 Drew Great. 30:02.26 Sam That's awesome. That is awesome I do love that sticky date pudding all right? Haley what's the sweet item for you. 30:09.13 Hayley I really liked the um the fuji Apple cheesecake thing in 1923 that was really good I that was gonna be 2 dessert nights I got that and the truerose and they were both delicious. Highly recommend when on vacation get 2 desserts go for it. 30:14.32 Sam Um, ooh. Yum. 30:19.45 Sam Yeah. 30:25.60 Drew 2 of everything. 30:25.67 Hayley Like resume. 30:25.96 Sam Ah, always always 2 of everything or at least one of everything right? 1 of everything on the menu. All right? Well I'm going to ask you another controversial question now that you've been on the wish. Which one is your favorite ship. I mean we say love the one you're with so you know my favorite can change from day to day of course. But that's because I'm just a fickle person so I want to know what your favorites are Haley we'll start with you. But. 30:54.29 Hayley Um, how does wine feel about that. Um, no, so my favorite ship um remains my first love the fantasy. Um I I like the the balance of things to do versus ship size and. I love the theming of europa the adult only area like all of those spaces just spark my imagination. The carousel bar like it's just a really fun environment has 1 of my favorite bathrooms on Disney Cruise line and that's um. 31:15.72 Sam Um. 31:27.00 Sam Um, Barcelona you. 31:29.67 Hayley Yeah, it's like got like flameno dancers and stuff on the wall. Yes, they're awesome. That's and that' so you know you're a weirdo and you got a favorite doesn't it agree with 1 bathroom but it's the technical tos of the of the fleet you just got to go for it. So anyway. 31:32.77 Sam Yeah, yeah, that's the Barcelona bathrooms. Those are the best bathrooms on the ship. Yeah I do favorite bathroom for sure. Yes, yes, ah. 31:47.14 Hayley Ah, my favorite chip over here. 31:50.65 Sam Well I'm with you on the toilets Haley all right Drew what is your favorite Disney Cruise line ship 31:56.16 Drew It's honestly probably also the fantasy but since Haley already touched on one that one I'll give you my very close second which is the wonder you've got the french quarter lounge you've got Tianas and ah just. And I think it's funny I think those are the 2 with the same art style right? Um, yeah, so we just really like art new go because they have the same art while whether it's the old ship or the new ship those. So for some reason tend to be our favorites. 32:13.21 Hayley Yeah, we just really like artbo. Apparently the courage is relevant. You know. 32:13.39 Sam Um, yes, yeah, ah right right? because it's the magic and the dream that have the art deco. That's right? yeah. 32:29.36 Hayley Move. 32:32.92 Sam All right? You guys now the last question it's the same question I always ask your bucket list. Cruise I will be honest and tell you I don't remember what you said the last time I asked you this question but I know it could have changed because I don't know maybe Norway was your bucket or the 1 you already have booked to the med was your bucket. But either way I want a different answer. Ah, so something you either aren't booked on and or haven't done that is a bucket list. Cruise again could be anywhere in the world doesn't even have to be someplace Disney Cruise line currently goes to Drew we'll start with you. 33:02.81 Drew Yeah, so mine probably was Norway the last time we talked because that was at the top of my I want to go there no matter how I get there list was Norway so. Now that I've checked that one off, it's honestly still up there I want to go back I talk about it all the time you can ask Haley so I would not say to no to another Norway trip in a heartbeat. But if I'm picking something different I'm going to stay in that area and do the British Isles Iceland reikjavik you know all up in that. 33:21.72 Hayley It does. 33:31.80 Sam Um, yeah. 33:36.47 Drew Scotland Ireland do that whole sailing. So that that's probably the one I'm that or the Greek Isles are probably my next two. Um and trying to hone in on. 33:47.78 Sam Awesome! Ah, all right? Haley what's your bucket list. 33:52.44 Hayley So Sam's laughing because for those of you that don't have the video I just ah put my finger over my lips shushing drew as he said Greek aisles because he was stealing my answer you only needed to give 1 answer sir. Um, my import is is the greek isles and like Croatia kind of that part of the mediterranean um, that would be awesome. 34:03.79 dclduo Ah. 34:10.15 Hayley Can you tell which one of us likes a warm climate because I think me Mediterranean was my my my one on my last time on the podcast. So Drew is like never cold and I'm always cold so we have a theme here I'm like take me somewhere warm. 34:13.95 Sam Ah, yeah. 34:21.11 Sam I Love it. 34:22.44 Drew So yeah, and last year we went to glacier national park in Norway. So I think I won yeah. 34:27.47 Hayley But I get Mediterranean in May so if Sam and Brian want to have us back. We can talk about our adventures on the the dream. 34:27.67 Sam Yeah I think you I. 34:27.92 dclduo The. 34:36.25 Sam Yes, we we are definitely gonna have you come back to talk about the dream and the med I know that'll be your first time in the med and your first time on the dream. So we're gonna have to hear all about that for sure. 34:47.73 Drew And in the dreams first time in the med were on its first spelling in the Mediterranean. 34:53.10 Sam Fine. That'll be awesome. 34:54.57 Hayley I hope they have better merch than they had or slash didn't have for the Norway crews that we were just on. 35:04.25 Sam I'm going to say they probably won't but. 35:05.29 Hayley Probably not. But I tell you where all the good merch is is on the wish they've got so much merchandise that is specific to that ship. So many lovely different Disney Cruise line things. So if you're looking to do Disney Cruise line branded or wish branded shopping. 35:10.19 Sam Yes. 35:22.39 Hayley Mickey's main cell on the wish is the place for you. 35:23.58 Sam For sure. 35:25.41 dclduo Well Drew Haley always fun to have you on always fun to get a chance to catch up with you I really hope we find ourselves sailing with you again at some point in the near future. But for now I'll just say. 35:37.13 Sam Very soon. 35:40.62 dclduo Thank you so much for coming on and talking all about the wish with our listeners and your thoughts and we look forward to having you back soon. Thanks so much. All I got to find the. 35:46.42 Hayley Thanks for having us. We appreciate it. 35:47.67 Drew Thank you. 35:50.90 Hayley Um, my brain just started playing your theme song music because I know that's this. 35:51.87 Sam The end recording button. What.

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