March 10, 2023


Ep. 295 - Lightning Lanes in the Med: An Adventures by Disney and Disney Cruise Line Mediterranean Combo

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Brian Sam
Ep. 295 - Lightning Lanes in the Med: An Adventures by Disney and Disney Cruise Line Mediterranean Combo
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 295 - Lightning Lanes in the Med: An Adventures by Disney and Disney Cruise Line Mediterranean Combo

Mar 10 2023 | 01:04:30


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We're headed to the Med with Martha and Howie, who recently returned from an Adventures by Disney (ABD) short-escape to Rome before boarding the Disney Magic for a 9-night Disney Cruise Line sailing in the Mediterranean. From amazing sights, to port adventures, food and a whole lot of fun - we couldn't wait to get Martha and Howie's thoughts on this amazing vacation adventure! All that and so much more on this week's episode.

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Episode Transcript

00:01.00 Sam And right hand side of the screen. So if we lose sound or video or anything like that just chat chat with us there. Yes, sorry. 00:06.31 Martha Goodwin Okay, 2 so that. 00:07.43 dclduo Ok, you done Sam because we're recording all right all right here we go welcome back everybody to this week's episode of the Dc L Duo Podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and Sam. You've got your pretzels in spades today all over your spirit Jersey which I thought we had banned from this home. But ah. 00:28.93 Sam I know ah I I also coincidentally have a little pretzel key chain next to me Mickey Pretzla key chain for those watching on the video version of this podcast. But i. 00:39.10 Martha Goodwin That's just video version up this one. 00:43.69 Sam Um, yeah I'm wearing my ah pretzel spirit jersey I'm also drinking some topo chico so this episode is not brought to you by Topo Chico but it might as well be because I am brought to you by Toco Tobu Chico so topa chico call me please if you want to sponsor our show and maybe I'll just do it for free. 00:44.28 Martha Goodwin Can't bring. 01:00.44 dclduo She'll do it for a case of Lime Topo Chico a month. So yeah, yeah, yeah. 01:01.45 Sam Fizzy water life. That's my favorite. That's my favorite right now I'm drinking Justin or original. But so non flavored but um, the lime is actually my favorite. Um, they do. 01:10.50 dclduo Well and they now have the the alcoholic version of Topo Chico on the ships so you can continue the Topo Chico obsession with Disney Cruise line 01:20.58 Sam But they don't have the water version. They always have the like per a or something I think on the ships typically. 01:23.33 dclduo Yeah, well at least not until Topo Chico is purchased by Coca-cola I suppose but but I find your Mickey pretzel thing kind of funny today because we were just at Disneyland and we were walking by an anti-ans and I said oh Sam you need to get a pretzel and she looked at me and said not unless it's mickey shaped. So yes, there you go there, you go but we are excited because we've got a couple guests with us today who are going to talk to us about an adventures by disney in Rome and a Mediterranean Cruise on Disney Cruise line both of which sound fabulous and so let me start by welcoming. Oh gosh I've already Martha. 01:44.95 Sam Ah, this is true. 02:01.83 dclduo And sorry how we I have the wrong name in the back of my head that will get edited out. So let me start by welcoming Martha and Howie to the show. Welcome guys. Yeah. 02:03.83 Sam Howie. 02:13.18 Martha Goodwin Um, thank you Thanks for having us. 02:13.33 Sam Yeah we're excited to have you guys. Thanks for reaching out. This is an awesome cruise that you guys Chuck but before we get to talking about the cruise we have to do what we always do which is we need to find out your disney background Disney Cruise line background. Let's talk prior to this. Abd slash Disney Cruise experience out of Europe Martha. Let's start with you. 02:38.50 Martha Goodwin Um, we um, actually started cruising Disney cruising before we did the parks so we started um in thirteen we went on the fantasy and did an Eastern Caribbean and was hooked and so then we did. Um, the fantasy in 2015 and the wonder in 2016 the fantasy 2018 and then the 2019 um, and then we thought we would do Disneyland and 2020 but you know such as the world I don't the world said no um. 03:04.40 Sam And and then the world and this. 03:10.34 Martha Goodwin And then we got to do that cruise got canceled then we did another one that got canceled. So then we got back in 2022 and did the magic. So the only ship we have not been on is um, the dream and we did the and the wish we just got back on the wish we did that 1 in september. 03:21.93 Sam And the wished Oh nice. Oh awesome. Oh so that's the where you did You did a Halloween on the high seas on the wish and nice. 03:22.94 dclduo Um, oh wow. 03:28.54 dclduo This. 03:28.82 Martha Goodwin So we just we just dropp. The wish we did that out. 03:35.13 dclduo So which ah which camp for the wish. Do you fall in. We're going back or never again. 03:41.45 Martha Goodwin Um, this is where I think disney has it right? because did the wish for me ranks bottom but it ranks number 1 for my children and so we'll probably end up on the wish. But. 03:49.91 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah, we we and you. 03:55.24 Sam But ah yeah, it's Nathan's favorite ship. We like we Brian and I both like it and it ranks I would say pretty high for us. It's not number one but it's pretty high. Um, but Nathan loves it and we're actually that's the next ship we're going to be on. 04:08.90 dclduo Actually it's the next ship we're going to be on for for cruises pretty much yeah back to back. So yeah, um so yeah, well actually we shall see we. You'll see if our love of the wish was premised primarily on the fact that we were sailing with friends and we're having a great time with them or if we actually loved the wish. Although. 04:10.53 Sam Multiple times. Yeah, but. 04:11.61 Martha Goodwin Is this it. 04:25.31 dclduo Our next set of cruises. We've got a bunch of friends coming with us. So ah, so maybe the wish will just be the place where we meet up with friends but I want to talk about this adventures by Disney before we dive into your Mediterranean Cruise and I think that's the right order right? You did the abd leading into your med cruise. 04:26.41 Sam We're sailing with other friends. Ah. 04:26.79 Martha Goodwin This andympathe. 04:42.67 Martha Goodwin Yeah, we did we flew into town. Um, it was an overnight flight so we got in that morning and then jumped right into our evening meal and meet and greet and and hit the ground running there. 04:53.77 dclduo So yeah, still for cook. 04:54.70 Sam Oh that's a long day fort wait before we get to the adventures by Disney who's your traveling party. It's the 2 of you and there's some kids involved right. 05:04.80 Martha Goodwin Um, it is ah usually us which we have a 10 year old a 13 year old and 17 year old but for this um cruise we actually brought along our nieces who are 25 05:17.53 dclduo Got it and for those out there who don't know what we're talking about when we say abd we do have a few episodes in the catalog if you go back that talk more in detail but abd stands for adventures by Disney and one of their offerings. 05:18.20 Sam Oh fun. 05:33.65 dclduo Ah, in their portfolio are these short escapes in different cities around the world that usually then back into a Disney Cruise line sailing which is really nice so can head over early get to see kind of the embarkation port or country that you're in first and then get on the cruise they used to offer some onboard. Embedded adventures by Disney offerings and those have gone away. Um, but the short escapes remain and you can learn more about adventures by Disney if you head into our back back catalog a little bit but was this your first adventures by Disney Experience Martha 06:09.95 Martha Goodwin It was we actually had on our original booking the embedded cruise and that's the one that got canceled with covid um, so then our backup plan was we want to do some adventures by Disney so then we book the the short escape which worked. 06:15.81 Sam Ah. 06:16.60 dclduo Ah. 06:24.35 dclduo And and what attracted you to abd because it's ah you know it's a unique product offering I think a lot of people like it. But what attracted you to abd. 06:25.93 Martha Goodwin Perfect. 06:33.19 Martha Goodwin I think for me because I had no knowledge of rome at all and we were flying in and you don't really have any time I felt like we had a very short window to see that city because you're basically flying in and getting on the ship and then you're getting off the ship and flying home. And so we wanted to come in a little bit early but I had no clue really where to go where to stay and for me it was just a stress reliever of being able to book it and then knew everything would then be taken care of to the level of Disney because you know they do everything above and beyond. 07:08.18 Sam So yeah, you don't have to pick your own hotel. You don't have to figure out where what restaurants you're eating at what museums you're going to you don't have to find a tour guide. All of that is a part of adventures by Disney no matter whether it's a short escape like this one or if you're doing a. Ah, River Cruise or a some other kind of land adventure with adventures by Disney Confession Brian and I have yet to do in adventures by Disney but we are still scheduled for the River Cruise the Christmas Markets Cruise for later. This year oh my god I'm saying this year because it's 2023 already. Um, oh my goodness. Yeah, but super nice to have that. Yeah, super nice to have that stress free experience and and not have to plan it. 07:49.53 dclduo I Got to buy I got to start looking at plane tickets here next month. Yeah to get us over to get us over to Munich and back from budapest. But ah yeah, we're excited to try it. 07:53.24 Martha Goodwin Um. 08:05.42 Sam Or plan any of it yourselves. 08:05.44 dclduo What how long was that oh go ahead. Howie. 08:08.20 Martha Goodwin Yeah, it was great. We yeah, it was great. We from the time we landed. Um, they pretty much they had the sign right? there they grabbed us they loaded us all up. They took us to the hotel. We met our 2 guides once we got to the hotel they got us sort of the check in process. I mean really, you literally had to think about very little the entire time. Yeah, we have one afternoon free for lunch and they they had great recommendations so they found this little family traditional italian restaurant for us to spend some time at and just you know other families decided to go as well. So which we they took care of reservations for us even on the unplanned um meal that we had that afternoon. So. 08:50.29 dclduo I got to say Sam I wish we had had adventures by Disney when we were in rome because we were there over a a high holiday and so everything was shut down and what what did we choose to eat on our day off there. Sam. 08:51.41 Sam Wow. 09:02.48 Sam So it was a catholic holiday. So like most of the restaurants were closed. This was in August this was years ago and so some catholic holiday but which I would have expected Brian to know I mean he's the catholic one and or was raised catholic I should say I'm jewish what do I and yeah. 09:16.80 Martha Goodwin Middle or. 09:19.27 dclduo Recovering I'm recovering. Yeah. 09:22.14 Sam What what do I know about catholic holidays in August I mean so anyway nothing I have no idea. Yeah I have no idea all I know is everything was closed except like well we found a chinese restaurant that was open. 09:25.90 dclduo It was the it was the feast of the ascension I'm pretty sure. Ah, which is not was not big on the calendar for me in Catholic schools. So yeah. 09:28.70 Martha Goodwin The second I have to go. 09:41.48 Sam And it's the worst Chinese food we've ever had in our entire life it the the sweet and sour sauce tasted like weird tomato sauce so it like yeah I was like plus it was just not yeah was not good the and then. 09:46.30 dclduo It was pasta sauce with like pickle juice mixed in it or something. Yeah, it was it was italianized chinese food as opposed to americanized chinese food. So yeah, it was terrible so adventures by Disney. Yeah. 09:51.23 Martha Goodwin I. 09:58.99 Sam Those were like spaghetti noodles like not. 10:00.90 dclduo So adventures by Disney. Thank you so much we should have had you with us on our first trip to Rome which is also our last trip to rome at this point. But yeah, um, how long was this short escape that you were on Howie. 10:02.50 Martha Goodwin Yeah, consent consent. 10:13.93 Martha Goodwin It was three days um mile three yeah three and a half I guess but we flew in that day. It's not a whole life going on just dinner meet and breathing then each day all the way up until our embarcation day for the crews. Was pretty packed. So I guess 3 nights four days if you counted that way. Yeah. 10:27.85 Sam Um. 10:31.63 Sam And how many people. 10:32.48 dclduo Yet rome has a lot of Rome has a lot of ground to cover. Did you feel like you really got to see I mean you've got like the coliseum you've got Vatican City ah all of the the ruins all of the museums did you feel like you got a really good. Taste of Rome before the cruise or was there stuff that you're like man I really wish we gotten to do that and we couldn't. 10:55.42 Martha Goodwin Ah I think we saw every major site I mean we went to col scale and pantheon trivey fountain spanish steps vatican Museumist the Apple St peter's pasilica so we we were tired I mean don't get me wrong, but. 10:56.90 dclduo Wow. 11:01.88 dclduo Well. 11:11.83 Martha Goodwin And we we had a great experience and we had great guides to really kind of shuttle us around and make sure we saw the the big pieces of room now. Certainly there's a lot. We didn't see. But yeah when it comes to what what you think of when you think Rome they got us there for those. 11:29.98 Sam Yeah, and how many people were in your group. You said there were 2 adventure guides. So ah, a you know ballpark if you don't know the exact number how many people in you know how many how many tourists in your group. 11:42.96 Martha Goodwin I think there was probably about 20 there's 2 assigned guides one. Um Emily is from Florida and then they had Alexa who actually is italian so they try to have someone that's. You know from the states and then someone that is from the city that can really show you and then each day they then had a local tour guide that would come in on the bus and actually escort us through all the different locations to make sure that we really got a flavor and as we were going from different locations and from different points. She would always stop and say oh you need to look over here and check out this soccer field and I mean there was different pitch points that um aren't I would have never looked as a tourist because I wouldn't have known the history that she would stop and say this is what you need to look at I mean there's one. We're walking. To a different location and she they have our kids they call junior junior adventurers and she was like stop stop stop look this way from this angle look to the right. You can see the Vatican I would have never looked I would have never noticed had they not pointed that out. 12:49.87 dclduo Adventures by Disney is usually pretty out some I'll say maybe not unique experiences. But at least what I'll call vip access moments. So did you have any of those I'm thinking did they take you on I know there's a. Special tour in the Vatican you can do is they open up in the morning and things like that. Are you know, private time in the sistine chapel or something did did you get any of that stuff. 13:10.49 Martha Goodwin We like I noticed for like the coliseeum when you walk in and you just see this sea of people waiting in line and she was like come on this way this way talks to 1 person in italian don't know what she says and we just walked right in and they were very good of like okay junior adventurers. They. Made sure they were in front so that they could get the best view. Um, they always bookend us so there were someone in the front and someone in the back so that we never got lost. They just made sure we kind of it was like it was almost like it's your own personal lightning lane like we just walk through the fast pass lane. Yeah yeah, yeah. 13:42.48 Sam Oh I Love that that is so good and. 13:49.57 Martha Goodwin Yeah, mean because the line around the coliseeum that day wrapped probably all the way around and she took us right to the front come escort is and and then they put they stickggered us up and they're like okay follow us next thing you know you're on the the lowest level of the coliseum which you have to have I Guess special guide to take you down there for that. So. 13:52.32 dclduo Wow. 13:53.98 Sam Wow. 14:06.52 dclduo Well. 14:09.58 Martha Goodwin Was definitely some of that when we got to the Vatican museum. Um, they kind of did the same thing they kind of bypass whole 1 and then got us through quickly and then we didn't I think it's the longer italian abds that you get to actually open the Vatican cut on the lights and all that stuff but instead. 14:24.29 dclduo Yeah. 14:28.25 Martha Goodwin The guy took us over. We met the key master who is responsible for all that and we talked to you for a loop I know all I would say like da vci code or something like that. But okay. 14:32.66 Sam Yeah, wait. The key master isn't isn't that from ghostbusters the key mask. Yeah. 14:39.27 dclduo Ah, yeah. 14:45.11 Sam Ah. 14:45.77 Martha Goodwin This is kind of crazy but that guy was he was super lovely and answered our questions and him you know, certainly there's miles of the vacuum museum so you get to see a small taste of it. Yeah, we could have spent two days there by so but it was need to talk to him and and get an idea what it's like to be there every day and and. 14:55.81 dclduo Um, yeah. 15:04.87 Martha Goodwin To be the one to open everything up and close everything down for the day smell. 15:09.30 Sam That's pretty cool. Yeah I have actually been to the Vatican twice I've been to Rome twice. So Brian said first time that was his first time to rome it was actually not my first time to rome um, so I'd just like to hold that over him. You know he's the 1 raised catholic and I've been to the Vatican twice in the sistine Chapel twice. 15:19.42 Martha Goodwin I Put the specific. 15:22.90 dclduo Yeah, and we won't go into your trip to the blue Grotto we've we've covered that enough. 15:26.38 Sam Ah, but I that's true, but um, but I never got a fast pass or lightning lane into the Vatican or or the coliseum I did get to go see those places though. 15:33.17 Martha Goodwin Um, yeah. 15:40.00 dclduo well well sam once you're baptized then you get fast passes all the way through Vatican yeah no I don't think that's how it works either. Um, so yeah, did you have a lot of. 15:43.97 Sam Yeah, is that a work I don't think so I don't think so ah, you got to pay for an ab D first. Ah. 15:45.30 Martha Goodwin Um, and that's right. 15:56.71 dclduo Kids on this adventure and was like what's the age range that you saw usually they have a minimum ah for the kids. 16:05.43 Martha Goodwin Um, our youngest at the time was not yeah Matthew was nine. Yeah, and he was definitely the youngest he um I think the next age was probably like um maybe 131314 um 16:08.62 dclduo 9 16:16.88 dclduo Go. 16:21.32 Martha Goodwin I Do think you kind of have to look at how um how much your kids want to walk. It's a lot of walking and so by the time we did the abd we have our kids are pretty park seasoned and if we had a stroller that's because that's what carried our cooler of drinks and our kids were used to walking a lot. 16:25.11 dclduo Okay. 16:37.26 dclduo Ah. 16:39.99 Martha Goodwin So they did okay but I would keep that in mind if you had younger kids that there's not many places to sit. Yeah, as far as other families. There was probably maybe 1 or 2 other families that had kids that weren't adult age so most of the folks were were older either teenagers or above. So. 16:43.63 Sam Um, yeah. 16:50.78 dclduo Go to. 16:59.83 Martha Goodwin And I mean our group is only 20 or 25 there were 2 groups actually doing the rom escape that same week I think originally they were going to take up the 40 and then obviously our crew took 7 slots which is a lot. So they burn to groups in half. Originally we were all supposed to stay at the Marriott and then they split us and put us at Bernini hotel and the other group of the mart. So I think we call them twice throughout the entire experience so they kind of had a different experience than we did. But. 17:24.40 Sam Nice. 17:33.83 Martha Goodwin They went to all the same places. Yeah, yeah, yeah. 17:35.83 Sam Right? Probably just in a different order at times. Um, did they did they do things that were or activities or sites that were specific for the kids or did they do things at some of the sites you visited. They separated the kids and had a different activity for them or or anything like that I know I mean one of the great things about abd is it is family focused rather than just adult focused like a lot of other tour groups. So That's why I'm asking the question. 18:03.54 Martha Goodwin Um, there were stuff that we were ever really separated per se at the coliseeum I mean a lot of the adults were just taking pictures and videos and with their gopros and they had the kids where they actually acted out like a little battle and with the. 18:15.70 dclduo On on. 18:18.60 Martha Goodwin Orange paddles which if anyone's been on an abd. They have the giant orange paddles and they let the kids act out and they were someone there with a thumb to give them the thumbs up or the thumbs down and of you know the gladiator. Um, and so like that's I. 18:31.24 Sam Did anybody play the lions. Ah. 18:32.90 dclduo Ah. 18:35.40 Martha Goodwin I Think my son was disappointed when he went there. He was like where's the lines. But but yeah, they did a great job interacting with the kids every spot they you know if they noticed a kid off doing something or not really engaged and they would intentionally find a way to engage that child like our. 18:35.75 Sam Yeah I Love that. 18:38.94 dclduo And. 18:54.67 Martha Goodwin Now 13 year old he's he is a mild to moderate autism and um and so you know it would be nothing for him to'd be hanging out in the shade for a little bit and also we'll see Emily or alexa go over and just start hanging out with him and spend some time and engaging with him. They really. 18:56.26 dclduo Oh. 19:13.50 Martha Goodwin Really have trained those guys as well to engage kids and kids that may have learning differences and all that stuff and not neurotypical and and would help them along as well. 19:22.30 Sam Yeah, that would totally be Nathan he would be in the shade. Yeah. 19:23.58 dclduo That's really, that's that's really great to hear now. But that's really great to hear because that's I mean like look this r ebd in December this River Cruise is our first time taking Nathan to Europe. He's obviously. 19:26.65 Martha Goodwin That. 19:37.67 dclduo Been out of the country so to speak to like Mexico or Canada or things like that. But it's our first time taking him overseas and you know I think we're both a little nervous about the walking. We're both a little nervous about you know you can get pretty stubborn about I don't want to do that. Go to museum again, you know that kind of thing and. You know we know to roll with it. But we don't want to hold up our tour group and things like that. So. It's good to know that they yeah. 20:02.62 Martha Goodwin Yeah art yeah arts work group group was interesting because we had 2 folks that were they were fairly disabled and there were things that they couldn't do you know? Um, so they would they would take them to the point that they could of everything they could do and. 20:12.94 Sam Um. 20:19.38 Martha Goodwin There was a lot more for us to do. They would take them one of the guys would actually leave and take them somewhere else and do something with them engage them separately as needed. One actually had a press that she was a. 20:23.27 dclduo How well. 20:27.40 Sam Um, were they in were they in wheelchairs. 20:36.00 Martha Goodwin An apuee so she had a prosthetic prosthesis and would use you know cane with her prosthesis or crutches when she could not wear prosthesis so she wasn't a wheelchair bound but at the same time. Yeah, there's there's a lot of especially call Sam The the steps are not typical. 20:36.81 Sam Me. 20:44.19 dclduo Oh. 20:51.33 Sam Right. Ruins are not the same. Yeah. 20:55.53 Martha Goodwin Ah, yeah, distance between each step and there was really no way for her to do all that stuff. But yeah, there's certainly elevator access to some of those things and they made sure to get her through that process and help her along the way so it worked out pretty well. 20:55.86 dclduo You. 21:10.54 dclduo I'm always. 21:11.43 Sam That's amazing I It's I wouldn't have even thought about that. But for you know, ah people with physical disabilities in particular cruise is a great way to travel right? So being able to explore the city. In advance as well through abd sounds like that would be a really good option. 21:24.99 dclduo I I would say cruises can be a good way to travel there have obviously been some complaints here and there about the wish in that regard. But yeah, yeah, yeah. 21:26.15 Martha Goodwin Yeah. 21:36.20 Martha Goodwin Yeah, dustability on the worship. It's it's a little different but I I will say when we checked in they sat down with your family. The 2 guides and they go over. Are there. Any food allergies are there any mobility issues. Um, we explained everything with our middle son if there was. Any triggers to him or anything that you know if you see him doing this or that this is why and it it kind of reminded me of like when you're on the cruise you only have to tell your server 1 time that first night and they remember we had that one conversation and it was like they knew our family for years. They. 21:56.85 Sam So. 22:01.46 dclduo Name e. 22:08.80 Sam Yeah I Love that. 22:11.43 Martha Goodwin I never had to repeat anything that was said in that first little meeting I have food allergies. It was all taken care of um, which was a concern of mine that I don't speak the language and going out on her own to eat where it was all taken care of I mean they took care of I joked that Emily was like Mary Poppins she had this backpack. 22:18.98 Sam Oh yeah. 22:29.89 Martha Goodwin And anything you possibly need. She's like hold on I have it in my back like I'll get it and she pull out it was mammas purse she definitely had dream much first if you. 22:33.12 dclduo Um, it's like Grandma it's like Grandma's purse it's like Grandma's purse yeah ah ah ah ah ah I'm always curious about the um, the travel with kids because you're you know, taking a nine year old to the mediterranean that's a long flight followed by a. 22:37.60 Sam Oh my God Love that. 22:49.87 dclduo Big time zone change and then a lot of walking you want to you got to get get like to the time zone immediately here because we're up and doing stuff. How did your kids fare and and also the food I mean Italy is probably a little easier less exotic than some other places. Ah, but. But how do they do with the travel and the food in the time zone. 23:11.48 Martha Goodwin I will say um, one of my favorite pictures of all of Rome is when we landed and I looked and it it is a gorgeous hotel. They have you stay and there are my kids like sprawled out in the lobby fast asleep because they hit a comfy couch and crash. Marks I was like okay jet lag is a real thing and we better we better, learn quickly. Um, but they adjusted very very well I think where we live we don't live in a city per se so the. 23:29.56 dclduo Yeah. 23:30.81 Sam Ah. 23:43.79 Martha Goodwin The appeal of walking to dinner was actually exciting for them. They actually got like we can just walk to dinner I'm like yeah and I think and you know anyone that's been to Italy or Rome They're very laid back. So dinner isn't rushed. They were actually able to just sit and enjoy and it was a very. 23:45.91 Sam Oh nice. 23:55.18 dclduo E. 24:02.82 Martha Goodwin While it was busy. There was a lot of times to sit and enjoy and kind of get your energy back up. Yeah, it was definitely yes, they did crash. First of all, they we all crashed a little bit I think Martha did not include herself in that but she she definitely ah maybe dozed off for a few minutes while we're waiting for a ribs. 24:05.75 dclduo Yeah. 24:22.34 Martha Goodwin But ah I mean we had a great time even when we like you know from the time we landed to getting our shuttles to the hotel to checking in with Emily and Alexa I mean they even gave us their cell phone numbers or like call us if you need anything and then we. We checked in and then they came and got us when our rooms were ready. It took about 2 hours before our rooms were ready since we got there so early I think we got to the hotel maybe 9 or 10 in the morning. Um, so it was 9 or 10 local time so we had been going for probably 20 hours at that point. 24:50.37 Sam Oh Wow yeah. 24:57.30 dclduo Well. 25:00.45 Martha Goodwin Um, but the kids I mean they're pretty resilient. You know, give them a couple ipads and a nap and they're good to go right? So but it was great. We were in a great location right? down street from the Us Embassy and then. 25:07.48 dclduo Ah, yeah. 25:15.29 Martha Goodwin Thousand Mile Race kicked off while we were there. So my oldest son and I went down to see all the ferraris and and baggatis and all that and had a great time that stuff too. Yeah. 25:16.59 Sam How cool. 25:19.57 dclduo Oh Wow! Very cool. 25:23.79 Sam Oh that's awesome I would love I would love to hear about the food and and how the kids like the food how you all like the food and um, if you're willing to share Martha what your food allergy is and and how that was you know? Ah how. How that accommodation worked. Um. 25:41.22 Martha Goodwin Um, I'm allergic to all seafood and like anaphylactic stop breathing. Um, even like like Worcester shower sauce. Um stop breathing because it has anchovies and I know that because I have reaction so hi. 25:42.99 dclduo Well. 25:50.73 Sam Oh Wow I didn't know that hey anchovy's in it and what? no so no Caesar messing right? No Caesar blessing for you. 25:51.76 dclduo I did not know that. Yeah. 25:57.52 Martha Goodwin I learned that the hard way and so no now I not have no these or dressing. Um, and it's amazing. How many things use ah like ah, an anchovy pace for like a salty or like ah like a fish oil. A lot of people will cook with like a fish oil. Um. 26:05.57 Sam Into we paste. 26:12.96 dclduo Um, he. 26:17.80 Martha Goodwin And so most of our meals our guides were with us and so they would say like to our servers they would explain my allergy and make sure that it was accommodated when we were on our own. Um, they made reservations for us and they actually ended up eating because. We all like everyone in our tour group was like well if you recommend this Place. We're clearly going so we still stayed as a group even though we were on our own the whole a D group ended up in the same restaurant so they stayed and talked to the servers and made sure that everything was accommodated. Um and it's Italy So. It's pasta and pizza. 26:38.34 Sam Ah. 26:46.90 Sam Ah, that's so nice. 26:51.52 Sam Yeah. 26:53.20 Martha Goodwin And bread. So my kids thought they were in heaven because when we go to our local Mexican restaurant. My middle son orders pizza so they thought they were in heaven. 26:55.65 dclduo Ah. 27:04.32 Sam Ah, well, ah. 27:05.18 dclduo That's that's that's great that they handled it all for you and and I guess yeah I think my ah my mark of whether the place they recommended was good is if they stayed to eat themselves because if they're across the street then I'm going to follow them. Ah. 27:15.57 Martha Goodwin Yeah, exactly that 1 they actually were going to go there for lunch anyway and then the rest was like I wouldn't try this place because it was down an alley. You know you would have never found this place and so we went in and we ordered. 27:26.38 dclduo Um, yeah. 27:28.68 Sam Great. 27:34.44 Martha Goodwin Antipasia appetizers which was enough food to feed an army I'm like I don't think I can eat anything else and they're like well we haven't brought the main courseru out yet. So like can I well I guess we're trying a little bit of everything today. So but we had 1 meal actually completely on our own and honestly it was. 27:44.80 Sam Ah I Love it. 27:45.39 dclduo But. 27:53.10 Martha Goodwin It was fine. You know and every place usually especially in big cities most of most of the time there's someone that speaks english well enough that you can kind of get through the process and plus like Martha said it's it's italy lots of carbohydrates and red sauce and you're good to go right? so. 28:04.58 dclduo Yeah. 28:08.89 Sam Right? That's true. You're pretty safe with a margarit a pizza. Um, you know if if you can even if you can't communicate generally. 28:10.90 Martha Goodwin It was worked out on. Yes. 28:11.91 dclduo Yeah. 28:18.71 dclduo Well I'll also put a plug in I noticed this the other day and I just smacked myself on the head because I'm like why don't we do this more often. Ah, don't forget, you're carrying around a pocket translator in most cases because ah. 28:22.38 Martha Goodwin P. Um, exactly? Yeah yeah. 28:29.73 dclduo I saw someone at a pharmacy the other day who didn't speak english and needed to pick up a prescription and they were just holding the phone up and the 2 people were talking back and forth and the phone was kind of translating for them and so don't forget about that because I also think it's really helpful if you can communicate in the local language people or nothing gets lost in translation so to speak. So um. 28:39.87 Martha Goodwin Yeah, yeah. 28:47.80 Sam Great. 28:48.27 Martha Goodwin Correct. It's very terrific. 28:49.34 dclduo So yeah, well I want to move on to your Mediterranean Cruise because 28:53.21 Sam Wait can I ask 1 more question before we get there which is I just want to know about the accommodations you mentioned the name of the hotel I can't remember the name of it was like benini or something Bernini. Okay and tell us you know. 28:57.95 dclduo Oh yeah. 29:06.11 dclduo Who. 29:07.27 Martha Goodwin Bernini Bernini yes 29:12.65 Sam Was it. You know it's hard to say is it like tourist classes is a nicer hotel. What would you sort of how would you describe it. 29:21.27 Martha Goodwin It was very nice now we were um, a party of 7 So obviously there are no sleep 7 rooms any in Europe. Um, so the only issue we had is um, it was they divide us up. My nieces stayed in their own room. My boys had. 29:26.50 Sam Night anywhere in Europe. Yeah. 29:38.33 Martha Goodwin Ah, an adjoining room to a room that my husband and I had um but they were connecting and they locked and so that's probably the only thing like lost in translation and again totally forgot that I had a pocket translator in on my phone and I should have used it. We were trying to explain that we needed the doors unlocked. 29:57.80 Sam Ah. 29:58.10 Martha Goodwin And we went to dinner and came back. They had removed the doors completely I was like well that's not what I meant I mean I just needed to be able to go back and forth I didn't mean for you to actually take them off the hinges I was like oh I. 30:08.50 dclduo Yeah, nice body. 30:13.84 Sam Ah, that's a hilarious oh like Well I guess it works. Ah right? Oh my. 30:17.30 Martha Goodwin Um, it worked was like I don't know what I said but somehow that's how it translated but but the I that's so um, ah. 30:24.81 dclduo I can't even imagine in the United States like the carpenter coming up and I guess we're taking the doors off. ah ah. ah 30:30.66 Sam And. 30:33.96 Martha Goodwin Or like what they thought like this woman apparently she can't have doors I don't know what's wrong with she can't have doors to her bedroom I dont know it's a door version. That's what is it is um I think honestly they couldn't find the key that worked to unlock the doors I think they ended up. 30:40.36 dclduo So that's why. 30:41.38 Sam Ah, that's that's hilarious hates doors. Maybe. 30:53.15 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah. 30:53.68 Martha Goodwin Taking them off just so we would have access to the miners and all that. But I mean it was It was five Star Hotel It was very nice is right in the the heart of the city there like I said we were like literally 2 blocks from the Embassy we could block all their plays felt pretty safe. Overall. Felt very safe. Yeah, it was super nice. Yeah. 31:11.00 dclduo Now the Mediterranean Cruise that you took was was this your first time over to the med with Disney Cruise line oh wow ok ok so you're on the magic you're going out of I'm going to butcher at chitaicia. 31:11.30 Sam Awesome! so. 31:19.86 Martha Goodwin Um, this was our first time overseas. So yes, yes. 31:30.29 Martha Goodwin So. 31:30.40 Sam cit a chevekia sititudes I it's it's Cit a chevekia I believe um and you have to take a bus or some kind of transportation to get down down there right. 31:30.54 dclduo It chevecia? Yes, we've someone is per here. 31:43.80 Martha Goodwin We did a bus and the abd you stay with your tour guides I mean they stay with you until the point that I mean at that time they were still doing covid testing so they stayed with us until they got us to the actual part where we would do the testing never left us. Um, but they did trivia the whole bus ride I mean they kept us. 31:56.10 Sam Um. 32:00.81 Martha Goodwin Enter to it was mean the bus ride was just as fun as part of the abd. Um, but they take you right to the port. 32:07.41 dclduo Did did your abd Ah pre-t trip Give you any kind of I don't know so ah ah what I say special access. Let me say that again did your ab D pre-t trip. 32:08.68 Sam That's awesome. 32:19.77 dclduo Give you anything in terms of your port arrival time or boarding groups or anything like that did they have you boarded together as a group or was everyone kind of on their own from whatever they could get pre-cruise. 32:27.40 Martha Goodwin What yeah once we got in mind for well they can well again lightning lane here so they took us past the crowd that was standing outside and regardless of our arrival assigned arrival times now we did stay conchis on that on that cruise that we could have gotten there whenever but. 32:35.45 dclduo Are. 32:40.98 dclduo Okay. 32:46.55 Martha Goodwin They took us spatially past everyone else and put us in line in the queue for testing because they were still doing Covid testing at that point. Um, so regardless of what everyone's arrival time was when we got there that was our arrival time. 32:59.19 dclduo Okay, okay, and did they get you that were you in some of the first groups that got on the show if you're concier you you're boarding group 1 did you get to take advantage of boarding group 1 or was your arrival kind of later because of the abd. 33:05.14 Martha Goodwin Are. 33:13.50 Martha Goodwin Um, our arrival was ah later. Um, it was an hour bus ride from Rome to the port. So I think we ended up getting there. We got there. We were the last folks to eat the concierre lunch once we got on they were testing. 33:18.53 dclduo Okay. 33:29.89 Martha Goodwin Ah, but we got stuck in testing for an hour because yeah, all of us had actually gotten covid like three weeks before that trip. So we we got our recovery letters but 1 of ah 1 of our nieces did not get covid so we had to wait for her to get tested and. 33:39.80 Sam Ah. 33:48.69 Martha Goodwin Some reason her test results took well over an hour to get back so we were anxiously awaiting the news of rather not we were getting on that ship or not. 33:48.86 dclduo No wow. 33:58.24 dclduo Um, and the sailing that you did the med curs. You did how long of a trip was that oh Wow. Okay, fantastic. Ah. 34:04.32 Martha Goodwin There's 9 nights. 34:06.47 Sam So you at 9 nights in concierge after doing an abd this is like a dream you guys. 34:13.78 Martha Goodwin Stream. Yeah, we kind of treated it as our twenty fifth wedding anniversary gift to ourselves so it was it was it was a nice time. So yeah. 34:15.42 dclduo Ah. 34:19.92 Sam Oh well congratulations. Yeah, hey I'm getting lots of ideas like congratulations on 25 years you guys. That's awesome. We will hit 15 34:21.17 dclduo Fabulous. Don't get any ideas Sam don't get any ideas. Damn yes that sounds amazing. 34:30.99 Martha Goodwin Discuss. 34:36.94 Sam We will hit 15 years this july. 34:37.80 dclduo Yes, yes, and we'll be at what what will be at Disneyland we'll be at Disneyland instead. Maybe maybe yeah yeah, exactly well. 34:40.71 Martha Goodwin Um, is that is cruise worthy Volca Cruise yeah you can do the Disney but maybe do you can? um. 34:43.43 Sam Um, we wait will be we. We'll be a Disneyland for our anniversary and then we have a cruise in August so you know yes. 34:58.40 Sam Oh you're speaking my love language Howie you're speaking my love like. 35:01.68 dclduo Now Now you said you were a party of Sevens I'm curious What kind of room did you get on board and was everyone concierge Yeah, ah. 35:06.74 Sam You rooms you had 2 rooms. Yeah. 35:10.36 Martha Goodwin Um, every everyone was. We got the 2 bedroom ah suite on the magic. 35:15.50 dclduo How was that we haven't been in the 2 bedroom ourselves and they don't have it on the dream or the fantasy. So how was that? yeah. 35:17.96 Sam Ah, only the magic and the wonder that's right. 35:23.71 Martha Goodwin Um, I mean you're ruined for life actually because you go in a room and you're like I miss the magic um, it would win. Ah when we went on the wish back in September I'm like this is definitely not the last room we stay it was. 35:32.45 dclduo Ah. 35:36.28 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 35:38.82 Sam And. 35:41.63 Martha Goodwin It was lots of but it was wonderful. The amenities were super nice and everybody was comfortable. Um, for us it worked out because I mean we're a family of 5 and we travel a lot. So our group is used to being in hotel rooms together. Um, but my nieces you know it was a special trip and their girls and. 35:56.99 Sam Um. 36:00.63 Martha Goodwin We have all boys I'm the only girl so I wanted to make sure they had their own space and so in the 2 bedroomroom there is a separate room that has its own bathroom. So it kind of gave them a place where they could get dressed and they could sleep in and they could kind of come in and not and kind of have a little bit of privacy and share a bathroom with. 36:15.65 Sam Share a bathroom with boys. But. 36:20.61 Martha Goodwin 3 little boys which I can get that they don't want to do that. Ah. 36:21.31 dclduo Um, yeah, but my memory from the photos online is that this so the second bedroom has like what I will call like 2 twin ish size beds and then some drop down bunk. So it like sleeps for people is that right. 36:37.80 Martha Goodwin Yeah, what one dropdown so that's where our little 1 stayed because he's the I mean we're all I was like no that will never hold any of us so the lightest the lightest one wins so he got the little bunk bed. Um in the little living area. There's a couch that pulls out. 36:39.30 dclduo Okay. 36:46.59 Sam Yeah. 36:51.19 dclduo Okay. 36:52.31 Sam Next. 36:54.47 Martha Goodwin And so that's where 2 of my boys slept and then in the other bedroom it is a queen king I don't know go thank. But yeah, one many king so it's good with a dream path. 36:59.40 dclduo Yeah. 37:02.81 Sam Yeah I think it's a queen I think it's a queen because I think the only before the wish the only kings in the fleet were in the are in the Roy and the walt on the wonder not even on the magic. Um they will we think in in dry dock. They may be upgrading. 37:19.98 Martha Goodwin Upgrades. 37:20.72 Sam Um, of those beds I don't know if they'll do like the 1 and 2 bedrooms also but presumably the Roy and the walt will get upgrades to king beds. 37:27.72 dclduo and and I have to agree those 1 and 2 bedroom suites on the wonder and the magic are they will ruin you and in fact, in some ways the 1 bedrooms on the wonder and the magic are nicer than what you get on the dream in the fantasy because of how they have set up the the separate rooms. So um. 37:31.13 Sam Oh. 37:45.21 dclduo It's almost like they took 2 cabins side by side and squished them together and so on the fantasy they have this weird thing where it's like you're creating a wall by slide outs and stuff so it's not the same. So it's ah yeah, those rooms will ruin you to go in them as sam well knows and as my bank account now knows ah so yeah, um. 37:53.73 Sam Take a weird shape. Yeah. 37:58.55 Martha Goodwin But. 38:01.54 Sam Yeah. 38:05.36 dclduo Talk to us about some of the the ports usually tend to be the star of the show when you're over in Europe and you know people generally know, kind of what's going on on board on the magic. Ah, we'll talk a little bit about that toward the end but I want to hear about some of the ports that you stopped at. So. 38:10.43 Martha Goodwin Um. 38:20.42 dclduo Um, which ports did you stop at? Ah, let's look. Yeah, let's just start there. 38:25.96 Martha Goodwin I will butcher their name so you're up better. So we we started with Debrovnik perroatia which actually ended up being one of my favorite ports I I didn't really realize how much I would ah enjoy there. But that's where they filmed. 38:31.29 dclduo How amazing. 38:43.60 Martha Goodwin Game of thrones and and shows like that. So and then keffonia greece cheia Greece Athens greece San Antorini Greece and then Naples and then back to Rome now. 38:54.35 dclduo Amazing. I've heard amazing things about durovnik ah from many many people so that's that sounds like a fabulous port to stop at. Did you do port adventures in each port and did you do those through Disney or let me let's just start with debrovnik since you mentioned it first. Ah, what did you get up to there. 39:13.54 Martha Goodwin Yeah, so we we did do we did port of ventures at every port we did all of them through Disney since it was our first time there we weren't quite sure how close everything was to the um to the actual ports you know because especially after we treked in. 39:19.99 Sam And. 39:25.36 dclduo In. 39:26.61 Sam Yeah. 39:30.82 Martha Goodwin For room and spend an hour getting to the for just to get on the show. So in Debrovnik we actually went to an olive oil place that actually showed you how they pressed olive oil originally and apparently extra virgin olive oil is just marketing scheme. So we found that out quickly and but. 39:39.70 dclduo How well. 39:41.19 Sam Cool. 39:49.65 Martha Goodwin They've walked us through the the process of actually pressing the olives and and how they would ah traditionally go through the process that certainly they've updated the process but they you know, walked us through how they did it the original way and then we went to the guy who runs the place he actually his house is right next door. And they took us over to his house basically and we had lunch with he and his family and and it was a group of probably I don't know 25 of us that are sitting on their back patio overlooking the countryside having fresh vegetables, fresh olive oil fresh needs and. I was like in the table one they had all the table 1 you wanted to. So maybe that's why I love it too much. Yeah, yeah, table 1 everything else was wonderful. Yeah, so. 40:25.92 dclduo Wow. 40:29.16 Sam Oh Wow Ah, the food might have been okay but the table wine was amazing. Ah. 40:36.45 dclduo Hey look some good bread some table wine and some olive oil and I think just about anybody could be could be happy. Yeah yeah. 40:43.70 Martha Goodwin Yeah, yeah, there there was amazing. 40:43.84 Sam I don't meats and cheeses though too. I mean you add you know I can't imagine anything anything better that sounds like a lovely ah port adventure to do I feel like um, you know sometimes people try and. Run around and do like a million different things but that sounds much like a much better type of port of venture or to do. 41:01.92 Martha Goodwin Yeah, it kind of took us through the countryside and um, yeah, and then we had these stops so we stopped there and then we went to a winery which the wine was not my favorite but it was a little more bitter than I care for but we got to see the the countryside and then experience from the local. Culture there a little bit so it was kind of nice and and relaxing since that was our our first stop after a busy AvD experience we were probably will still so deprived at that point. So but but it was great. I enjoyed it. 41:30.96 dclduo Did did you feel like so across all these ports. 1 thing we noticed in the Norway ceiling is we felt like we were in port for longer, right? than we would be in a caribbean ceiling and so. We could get off. We could do a port adventure and then we actually still had time to maybe wander around and do something on our own to see the port did you feel like that in the the med. 41:51.98 Martha Goodwin Some places I think we did like especially all the stops in Greece that we did Croatia is a little more renew. So I felt like the time crunch. There was a little greater than some of the other places like even Naples the. 41:56.10 dclduo M. 41:59.53 Sam Um. 42:04.17 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 42:09.59 Martha Goodwin Port of venture to pompei is quite long and we still had time that we were able to come back and I took my kids to the ship so they could do the poll and do all the kind of fun stuff and then my nieces actually went out for pizza and it was I mean it was. You had a good bit a time time there. Yeah. 42:14.17 Sam That's. 42:23.66 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah. 42:25.64 Sam They didn't want Pinocchio's pizza they wanted italy pizza I'm joking I'm joking because not that Pinocchio's pizza isn't just fine for like ten o'clock at night when nothing else is open but pizza in italy. Yeah. 42:27.62 Martha Goodwin We never felt Russian I know. 42:37.35 Martha Goodwin Ah, well when you're in Naples when you're enable for this a great place of pizza. It's been like ah you got to ask a slice of pie you're there. Yeah, you have. 42:42.40 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 42:43.10 Sam The home of pizza. yes yes right I mean they do say when in Rome so apparently got to say when in when in Naples. Yeah. 42:49.10 dclduo Ah I think they should just put a sign up on Pinocchio any if they're within striking distance of italy the pizza parlor on the ship is just closed is done like we can't done just order in and we'll have them sitting here and you can have them that way. Um. 42:58.52 Sam They should just close it. Ah. 42:58.71 Martha Goodwin Yeah. 43:04.41 Martha Goodwin I. 43:06.12 dclduo Yeah I've I've heard that the like the grease pieces of these cruises like the ports are super close together. So you you don't need much time to get the ship between ports. What were. 43:16.37 Martha Goodwin No, and I will say if it's if you have a new cruiser. Um, it's a good one to start off with I mean it sounds backwards because you would think a short day. But for I found it for us. It was the calmest I think I've ever felt on a ship and. For the most part you could always kind of see something see land see a mountain Cs something so you didn't really feel like you were in the middle of nowhere rocking. 43:33.55 Sam E. 43:36.62 dclduo Um, oh oh. 43:39.27 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah. 43:42.57 Sam Yeah, the seas are are known for in the med known to for being kind of calm. Um, as compared to you know that's not to say that like so there are parts of Europe where the seas are not calm like the north sea. 43:44.47 Martha Goodwin Um, yeah, yeah. 43:55.42 Martha Goodwin I Don't think. 43:56.40 Sam Um, if you do a British Isles cruise something like that. That's not necessarily calm waters but the med is kind of known for being pretty calm. So what were the other ports that you guys went sorry. 44:01.27 dclduo How was the I show wait hold on no one ask what? how is the weather. Overall how was the weather overall for the cruise was I mean it's the med in August June June the men in June so it should be pretty nice but was it good. 44:11.50 Sam June no june. 44:13.74 Martha Goodwin And well it was the surface of the sun. Yes, so I will say um we when we at. And yeah. 44:21.65 dclduo Ah, the men is nothing on Orlando in August apparently okay. 44:27.63 Martha Goodwin It's more but we happen to hit I think like a record breaking heat wave that week and so um I think the funniest quote was from my youngest when we were in Athens and he was doing good I mean he was hiking I mean he had his bottle of order he was he was trying and I said are you doing? okay. 44:29.62 Sam And. 44:29.98 dclduo E. 44:44.96 Martha Goodwin He goes I feel like you wrapped me in 10 foil and put me in the oven on the side and I was like I am so sorry but keep walking because we got to get this tour done. Yeah, that was actually a crop with two. So you're totally exposed was. 44:48.91 Sam Oh it's yet. Oh yeah, there's no shade. Oh. 44:50.55 dclduo Yeah, ah, ah, ah yeah. 44:58.46 dclduo Ah. 45:01.92 Martha Goodwin Yeah, there's 0 shat and there was a lot of lines and we did not get the lightning lane there. Let me tell you we we stood in the lines with everybody else and kind of made our way to the top we Mr. Ab d I mean Mr a I mean by I need an orange battle so show me. 45:08.43 dclduo Oh ah. 45:12.88 Sam Um, yeah, ah. 45:18.90 dclduo Ah. 45:18.48 Sam Ah, ok, so so you got where do you go after Derovnik then let's go kind of go through the order. Um. 45:19.98 Martha Goodwin Um. 45:27.69 Martha Goodwin we did um keffalonia so we did it was a a cavern. There was like a little blake I pronounce it? Yeah I have my notes here Mellis Meliani Lake Cavern I think 45:32.90 Sam So cool. 45:38.66 dclduo Okay, okay, that. 45:41.97 Martha Goodwin I'm sure someone's going to call it I'm sure there's gonna be like who book these losers that can't pronoun but it was a gorgeous way. 45:45.74 dclduo Ah. 45:50.62 dclduo Ah, ah. 45:50.70 Sam Ah, they're don't worry. They're going to criticize the way that I said sit at Chevakia so it doesn't matter I'll take I'll take the brunt of it if you're listening and we've butchered the names you come at me don't come at our guests. Ah. 45:54.41 dclduo Yes. 45:58.58 Martha Goodwin Over else together. Yeah yeah, but that was pretty neat. It was great. It was a but like a cavern that I guess there was a volcan. 46:06.70 dclduo And so yeah, what was that what was that excursion like. 46:09.30 Sam Who. 46:15.28 Martha Goodwin I Do think every port we went to. We heard the story of a volcano and I'm thinking it's like are they active like maybe we need to clarify where we are because every place was like total devastation from this volcano and we're gonna go let's look at the let's go check it out. Um, but it was a cavern that I guess after a volcano they. 46:28.31 Sam So. 46:34.80 Martha Goodwin When they found they found this little lake and it is crystal clear. It is this shade of blue that I cannot even describe in words it was gorgeous and then when you're out on the little boat you look up and you see the opening of like this cavern that opened up where they found it and it's. 46:51.21 dclduo Well. 46:52.31 Sam Awesome. 46:52.38 Martha Goodwin A por. Yeah, and so you go and like a little boat ride and then kind of paddle you around and yeah and they kind of took us on the cavern a little bit and then and paddled us back out now. It was pretty that part was pretty short but it was pretty amazing just to see the the crystal panel of clear water and how cool it was down. As you're walking through the cavern to get to the lake and all that stuff especially when it was one hundred and four degrees outside yeah um yeah 47:16.76 dclduo And. 47:19.26 Sam Is what was your what was your third port. 47:25.54 Martha Goodwin That's Jama um, there's a tourist like there that lake crous um that we went down to I guess that's a popular area for a lot of the local folks to go down to and and just enjoy the water and hang out. Um. And then we did lunch nearby um with ah probably every tour bus that was on the island. It felt like it felt like when I looked around. There was probably 20 or 30 tour buses bringing all their all their guests there from life but the food was in the food was. 47:56.44 Sam Oh wow. 48:01.15 Martha Goodwin Definitely amazing. Um, they would slow roast all the meats right there and and the vegetables were yummy as well And and of course I think they gave us plenty of wine too. So that may have helped as well. 48:07.20 Sam Um. 48:11.70 dclduo Connecteded to right? Macbook girls. 48:16.11 Sam Um, ah yeah, so that's another thing though that that um the Italians and and actually all throughout the met not just the Italians but they drink wine with every meal. Um, you got to like search for water or soda physicalally. 48:32.27 dclduo So so was this excur. You said it was a lake that that the the locals like to get was it like a beach excursion but at a lake or was it something different. 48:32.95 Sam So dehydration can be a thing. 48:33.30 Martha Goodwin Um, yeah, and um. 48:45.26 Martha Goodwin Yeah, it was kind of um for for us. We picked a lot of tours that would go through and allow us to see the countryside and really see outside of the immediate area. So for this place. Um, they kind of had a beachesque area with which had a lot of trees but it was. 48:50.24 dclduo Oh. 48:53.61 Sam Um. 49:02.49 Martha Goodwin It was just a wide open Lake It was probably one of the larger freshwater opportunities for people to enjoy water and water activities. So um, so for us it was more of a like a stopping point to like take photos but I do think people could have booked an excursion just to be there and you could have like. 49:10.52 Sam Um, real cool. 49:17.18 Sam Um. 49:22.88 Martha Goodwin Swam They had little Paddle boats. They had kind of the little paddle boats that had slides where you could go swimming So I do think there were other people there that actually spent the day at the beach. Yeah. 49:27.58 Sam Oh fine. 49:34.28 Sam Cool. What was the next port. Ah well and that's a big touristy day I mean that's like you have to see the main sites in Athens right. 49:36.86 Martha Goodwin Um, that was Athens and that probably was our our hottest day I was agree. Yes, yeah yeah, um, very busy. Yeah, that was um was like Martha said it was the hottest day. 49:37.25 dclduo The. 49:46.35 dclduo Yeah. 49:56.34 Martha Goodwin But we we went to the acropolis museum spent some time there and then went to the Acropolipolis I felt like we should have reversed those on the a acropolis in the morning and then the museum and but our our guide was insistent to miss the crowds so that was um. 50:04.00 dclduo Yeah. 50:14.34 Martha Goodwin That was probably not our favorite guide of the of the trip we had we had 1 kid that was actually with us on the he was the only other younger child with our abd group. They ended up being in our excursion group for that and they couldn't find him and so the guide was like well we're just have to leave and go have to. 50:17.35 Sam Yeah, ah. 50:33.96 Martha Goodwin Get him back to the show because they had other um senior members of that tour group there that would go and find them and I think we all decided we weren't goingnna leave this child so we had a little revolt and we got back in the music room and went found them and then finally went to the Acropolis and. 50:45.37 dclduo The. 50:53.88 Martha Goodwin Know I'll take our God was not happy with us after that. So oh well, it was. It was a amazing. Yeah yeah, like you have way too many mamas in this group to say that Oh well find him later as like just um, like no won. 50:56.86 dclduo It must have been pirate night. It was a shorecurs in Mutiny I like it. Ah. 51:00.28 Sam I I I can't yeah yeah I can't believe that that guide would have suggested that that is kind of puzzling. 51:11.36 dclduo And. 51:12.70 Martha Goodwin Yeah, yeah, yeah, we've only had we've taken a lot of excursions. Obviously we've been on 7 different different cruises and and a lot of trips and we've only had 2 excursions probably all 20 or 30 that we've ever had a problem with the gods in. 51:31.30 dclduo What was the name of the excursion just so folks out there in case they want to avoid it next time. 51:31.81 Martha Goodwin That was one of them. So I yeah I don't remember I mean it was that same tour group did multiple excursions but they all entered around doing the acropolis. So um, so I'm not sure that you could avoid doing. 51:33.31 Sam Um, yeah, well yeah. 51:42.80 Sam Yeah, that's right. 51:51.11 Martha Goodwin And excursion with that group if you're on and on Businessney Cruise so it's such a large group group. 51:51.21 dclduo Got it. Got it got it. 51:53.16 Sam Yeah, well and if you wanted I mean chances are if you do that that tour you won't necessarily have that particular guide anyway. But yeah I mean you the Acropolis is is the main. 52:02.97 Martha Goodwin Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's the reason it's going. That's the reason why you're going to Athens you know because Athens is kind of um the rest of the city is not real appeal and you know, um. 52:09.99 Sam Main attraction in Athens. Yeah yeah, yeah, yes I felt the same way. Yeah. 52:11.90 dclduo Yeah. 52:20.98 Martha Goodwin I was pride about that. You know, certainly you passed some of the original the Olympic venues and all that stuff and then you're like okay this kind of a a dirtier major city. You know so. 52:29.36 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 52:31.94 Sam Yeah I felt the same way that Athens I thought it was quite dirty once you saw you know the Acropolis I'm like okay I get me out of here. Um I was not um. 52:38.61 Martha Goodwin Yeah, yeah, now the Acropolis Museum was beautiful I wish we would have spent more time there. Yeah honestly, but the rest of it. Yeah I'm okay, not going back back. Yes to be? Yeah yeah. 52:49.63 Sam Yeah, but you know most of the acropolis is at the british museum anyway, so you just go to London and see I mean you got you see the rest of the Greek antiquities all in they're all in London. 52:58.59 Martha Goodwin London I haven't been to London yet. So maybe I need try. That's our next and there you go? Um, yes, so then are ah then our next port was um, seeing terini which um. 53:05.76 dclduo So where yeah, where's go ahead. 53:14.77 Sam Um, oh he loves the enterini. Yeah, it is yes. 53:16.66 Martha Goodwin Yeah, my nieces they're like it's likeret mama mia we mama mia it was gorgeous. It was gorgeous. That was a great that was a great stop. You know, certainly yeah, you're ever looking the the cruise channel there with all the cruise ships in the harbor and and we were. We wanted to have lunch. We sat down and and we we had like an hour hou hour hou hour and 15 minutes before we had to meet our our guides again and they're like oh that's not enough time I'm like maybe mean it's on enough time or hour fifteen minute hour 15 minutes we can believe they're like you sit and relax here. You know so I'm like okay. 53:46.89 dclduo Math. Yeah. 53:53.77 Martha Goodwin We had some snacks and beverages and just hung out and relaxed and enjoyed the the open fresh air and and then we hopped on the bus and went to a winery after that. So and that was probably our best tour guide because when we went to the winery he actually sat down and like talked about his family and. 54:03.27 Sam Um, nice. 54:13.37 Martha Goodwin You know about how everything was going because obviously they were just now opening post covid and how you know how Greece was dealing the different islands we're dealing with different levels of I guess getting back to reality and. 54:17.90 Sam Me. 54:28.66 Martha Goodwin New normals and all that new protocols because I guess it all opened in different ways of what different places were allowed to do um and he and he was amazing with us. He was amazing with our kids. Um, he was wonderful with Philip because we're at a winery and I'm like he's not drinking wine. Um. 54:32.93 Sam How interesting. 54:46.96 Martha Goodwin And they found juice and pretzel sticks and he he was wonderful. Yeah, that was a great that was a great winery and just the guys sitting down and spending time hanging out with everybody and it was a little more engaging than some of the other guides about the letter. 54:52.63 Sam That's awesome. 54:58.51 dclduo Yeah, did did you feel cons did you feel constrained at all in the med with the port excursions you could do because of the the ages like your youngest is 9 sometimes they'll they'll want 12 or older on some of these excursions and things like that did you feel constrained were there? yeah. 55:01.18 Sam Yeah, that's a. 55:15.85 Martha Goodwin Um, yeah, the prop nick yeah, the brodnick was probably the only one we were a little wait. We end up with a great excursion. Don't get me wrong that way. We love that port but we wanted to go in actually to see the castle and the wall from game of thrones. Well you have to be at least 12 55:20.93 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 55:33.76 Martha Goodwin For that adventure and I'm like are not a venture but port excursion and so I asked and like so what are they doing there that we're not doing and and the statement was oh we don't have a railing on the wall. We're afraid the kids will walk off us. Okay, well good night. 55:47.45 dclduo Um, ah is yeah yeah, yeah I mean I will I will say sometimes with younger kids if there's something that you see that you really want to do you. 55:50.53 Sam Yeah, good enough reason I Guess yeah, that's a. 55:51.61 Martha Goodwin Enough that works. Yeah, yeah, so. 56:01.61 dclduo Might be able to suss out who the provider is separately and a lot of times their age limit is much lower than what Disney's is given get what higher we yeah but well lower like they might allow a nine year old. Go yeah um, their age limit is much lower. Ah because they're not implementing Disney's 56:07.21 Sam Or higher. Yeah, oh sorry Laura yes. 56:09.68 Martha Goodwin Yeah, me get yeah. 56:18.55 Martha Goodwin Um, yeah. 56:18.87 dclduo High standards of safety and it's sort of more you know, watch your kids kind of thing. But um, so yeah, yeah, um, well so after Santorini where did you head. 56:31.14 Martha Goodwin Then we did um Naples which was the pompei. Um, which was probably my one of my favorites and actually my little my youngest that was one of his favorites. Yeah, that was a great great adventure. It was hot again, but it was um. 56:32.42 Sam Yeah. 56:41.59 dclduo Um, yeah. 56:48.62 Martha Goodwin You know, just walking through the ruins and all that stuff and just you know, kind of talking through the active volcano That's still there and the number of dust that happen every year because of that volcano It was kind of eye-opening but they still experience on regular basis and I think you know when you read like in the history book your mind. 57:03.86 Sam Um, yeah. 57:07.57 dclduo E. 57:07.87 Martha Goodwin Places just seem so much smaller and then when you get there. Um, it's just massive and just to be able to I guess here I think a lot of museums are a don't touch I think for especially for children you don't touch anything you look behind rope. 57:08.57 Sam Even. 57:19.49 Sam The. 57:23.95 Martha Goodwin Look behind glass and there for the kids to be able to actually walk on the ruins and touch the blocks and touch where people stood for them that was just amazing. They they really loved it. 57:28.58 Sam So cool. So. 57:28.60 dclduo E e. 57:35.80 dclduo Well so Howie what was your favorite chores cursion Martha just said pompei was hers which was your favorite. 57:38.13 Sam That's awesome. 57:43.64 Martha Goodwin Ah I really enjoyed to brovnik. Um, you know just I like that sense of you know, sitting around table family and engaging. You know, not only our family but other families. That's when you really get to know people is when you break bread together. 57:58.41 dclduo So nine nights I think I've got the count right at 5 port stops see would have had a couple of maybe a couple three c days I'm trying to figure out the math in my head because you got the last day they count the last night. Yeah yeah day one to de brav nick yeah. 57:58.56 Sam Yeah, absolutely. 58:10.11 Martha Goodwin To. 58:12.11 Sam So day 1 right. 58:14.56 Martha Goodwin Yeah, so with that yeah we had six six ports 9 nights so we had two c days the entire time. Yeah. 58:17.63 dclduo Ah. 58:21.13 dclduo Okay, did you feel like you had enough time to kind like because this is a I mean Norway was active this is active I mean it can get pretty tiring pretty quickly. Did you feel like you had enough downtime to kind of recover or did you get home and like okay we need another vacation. 58:37.78 Martha Goodwin Um, we had enough to because I will see the I do think the times were a little bit. We have the late seedium. We always do the late seating So the port times we got back in enough time that we could kind of come back and change and either take a nap or sit by the pool or go to the lounge and. 58:42.43 Sam Even. 58:54.17 Martha Goodwin Just kind of relax So we we had enough downtime to kind of recoup and get ready for the next day I Think if we had done the early dining it would have been it would have been tight. 58:57.50 dclduo Okay, that's good. 58:58.49 Sam Nice, yeah. Yeah. 59:04.60 dclduo Yeah, yeah, I've I've heard that about the ports in Europe like you don't want to be rushing back on the ship and trying to get your dining time if you can um and a lot of people used to use. Yeah. 59:09.68 Sam Yeah I mean that does mean though, you miss you often. Might miss the shows. That's what I will will say I think when you're over in Europe. It's a little whether you have late dining or early dining. It's kind of hard to to hit the shows and to hit dinner because. Even if you've gone to early dinner. You are so exhausted. You might be like I'm just going to bed. Um, yes. 59:29.90 dclduo See you'll be grumpy because you miss the shows and I'll be grumpy because I missed my full time. So ah, so yeah, we have that. Ah. 59:34.30 Martha Goodwin Um, I think we managed to catch just on every show while we were there. Yeah yeah, so it. Ah. 59:38.72 Sam You did. That's awesome. Well. 59:44.98 Martha Goodwin But I still feel like we got naps you know whenever we need all that stuff so that. 59:46.71 dclduo You did they do frozen. Oh good, Go to. 59:48.44 Sam can can I ask I was gonna at if I was gonna ask if they did frozen a frozen deck party. And then I also would love to know if they did the special show that they sometimes do in Europe once upon a song which is just it's not a show. It's more of a performance. It's. 01:00:08.88 Martha Goodwin Um, they did once they did not do frozen. They actually did pirate night. Um, and then we were told like that night they got on and they were like did they asked whoever and they got the no-go for I guess fireworks. Um, so I will say my. 01:00:10.65 Sam Oh oh. 01:00:20.40 Sam Are yeah yeah. 01:00:20.48 dclduo Fireworks. 01:00:25.73 Martha Goodwin Boys were a little disappointed because to them pirate night is fire like that's the whole point of pirate night. Um in pirate night until the wish because that pirate night read is phenomenal. Um, and on all the other ones. It's like if you're not having fireworks I kind of could skip pirate night. So. 01:00:28.51 Sam Right? Fireworks yeah. 01:00:36.45 Sam Right. 01:00:42.38 Sam Yeah. 01:00:43.21 dclduo Yep. 01:00:45.70 Martha Goodwin We went up a little bit and we once we found out there were no fireworks we went and did other things. Yeah, we want to build for. Yeah. 01:00:46.62 dclduo Yeah, yeah, how about we've been kind of talking around. Oh no, they said that already they answered the beginning they said they didn't think they did. 01:00:51.80 Sam Ah, yeah, and did wait I we asked a question ah Brian did they do once upon a song which I I oh bummer. 01:01:02.47 Martha Goodwin Um I don't think I don't think they did yeah if it did it obviously didn't I made and leave a memory. Maybe it didn't register but I don't remember that one? Yeah um, but they did I will say tangled mother. Um. 01:01:09.85 dclduo Um, yeah, yeah, well. 01:01:10.47 Sam Okay. 01:01:18.94 Sam Gothal. Yes, yes. 01:01:19.99 Martha Goodwin Ah, thought Oscar like I'm gonna mince mispronounce. It. Her voice was amazing and I was even my boys who are not show Broadway people like. Like she like she actually really can sing I'm like I know she was amazing. Um, oh okay, she was amazing. Yeah. 01:01:38.20 Sam That's that's because she's a broadway visiting artist. Yeah yes, so on on each one of the ships. There is not. All of the time but most of the time there is a broadway visiting artist which is somebody who has been on Broadway or has been in a national tour or has been on the west end in London and they there are certain roles that they play and one of them is mother gothel in. Entangled and then the in the twice charm show. They play the stepmother and so and so they'll they'll play a couple of roles. It's olaf in frozen on the other ships. It's you know so anyway certain roles and it's just. 01:02:08.56 Martha Goodwin Um, yes. 01:02:22.14 Sam They're fantastic I bet we saw the same mother gohel and we saw her in September and she was phenomenal and then I went to see she did ah a presentation and sang a little bit as well. And oh god she was just so good. She also sang. Um, what's the song the or so poor unfortunate it stoles. Oh my. 01:02:26.66 Martha Goodwin And sure. 01:02:36.67 Martha Goodwin Um, is this. 01:02:39.74 Martha Goodwin I. 01:02:42.40 Sam Goodness brought down the house. So good. Yeah sorry I digress I know I but I have to talk shows at least a little bit. Yeah, ah. 01:02:47.54 Martha Goodwin Um, I So I love the shows I Love the truth. 01:02:50.90 dclduo What we've been tired around dining a little bit and ah so typically in these longer cruises. You start to get deeper into the roster of Disney Menus beyond the standard rotational backup rotational pirate night. Um, so probably 1 or 2 unique menus while you were sailing. Did. Did you spot any unique menus on board. Ah sometimes they'll have like a Mediterranean menu or something like that did did you see any of those kinds of menus on board. 01:03:13.19 Sam This is. 01:03:16.49 Martha Goodwin Um, we didn't but I'm one of those diners that I go with whatever the server tells me looks good. Um, so I kind of don't look at the menu I'm I'm just like you know my allergies. What do you think I should have and. 01:03:22.71 Sam You. 01:03:32.50 Martha Goodwin I figured especially if it's late seeding you probably have seen the food and I'm gonna go with what whatever you tell me to eat. Um and we did not have any bad meals I mean all ah all our meals were good. Yeah I'm trying to remember if we had a Mediterranean kind of he didn't try it with carco and you were hating it. Yeah and he did. 01:03:33.51 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 01:03:34.49 Sam Moving. 01:03:41.82 Sam Awesome I Bet you had the international. 01:03:50.27 Martha Goodwin He did um, encourage me to try ascargo for the first time so that but that was not that was not an unusual. Maybe my that. So but um, yeah, that was not my favorite too much but butter and garlic sauce. But. 01:03:54.77 dclduo Ah, ah. 01:04:03.99 dclduo Oh that's the best part. That's the best part bring all the bread so you can soak it up. Yeah, ah. 01:04:06.30 Sam Ah, that's oh yes, yes, yeah, there is typically there's a I forget what it's called. It's like the international menu I bet they did that when that's probably 1 of the ones and then as Brian said there are actually pretty much every every rotational restaurant has. 01:04:11.28 Martha Goodwin Ah. 01:04:14.60 Martha Goodwin Yes. 01:04:24.60 Sam It's a regular rotation menu and then the alternate rotation menu. So there's like the lantern and the thug menu for repunzel For example and I they say that base. Yeah yeah, so there's a you get? The nice thing is you do get more variety of menus on a longer cruise. Um. 01:04:25.32 Martha Goodwin Um, right? Yeah yeah, we did have yeah no. 01:04:42.95 Sam As as always depending it doesn't matter where you are in the world on Disney Cruise line you'll get a little bit more little bit more variety that way cool. What it oh wonderful and did did you enjoy. 01:04:52.41 dclduo No. 01:04:52.67 Martha Goodwin And we did 1 palow brunch. Yeah, we did Palo. Um I really enjoy it. It was a lot of omas kind of wish it was back to the buffet just so I could have had smaller portions just because I felt like. 01:05:00.20 Sam I mean I don't know how anyone could not. 01:05:09.41 Martha Goodwin It was so much food because I wanted to try so many things and then it was like oh I'm wasting it So I have to eat it. Yeah, it's a lot. It was a lot of food but it was really good. It was really really good. 01:05:20.19 dclduo You you may be the first person I've heard who says I wish they'd go back to the buffet so I could get less. Ah what. 01:05:25.97 Sam I. Well I think you're right though? Martha I think that because because without the buffet I actually think people tend to order more dishes off the menu instead of you know, eating more of the sort of antipasse that they would have. Normally at that buffet and obviously the desserts at the buffet. Um, now people are ordering instead of ordering 1 dessert but they're ordering you know, maybe 3 desserts because there isn't a buffet of little tiny bites of dessert that like that he used to have I like it I find I don't eat. 01:05:48.63 Martha Goodwin Um, yes tonight are. 01:05:55.75 Martha Goodwin Um, yeah, he. 01:06:02.50 Sam Quite as much as I did when there was the buffets I would fill up on meat and cheese. Um and breads too. Let's be honest, ah but I but I I do think um I do really actually like the way it is now I think it eliminates some of the food waste issues that they had with the buffet. 01:06:09.22 Martha Goodwin Yeah. 01:06:20.79 dclduo Well yeah, Sasha would just stop bringing us dish after dish I'd agree but ah should I just go ahead and put the pizza order in in addition to all the food you're already going to order. Yeah yeah. 01:06:21.85 Sam For sure I know oh my God It's ridiculous for our favorite. Yeah Stasha is was our our Apollo waiter on the wonder. So oh my goodness it was just ridiculous. 01:06:32.59 Martha Goodwin Um, but of course absolutely yeah. 01:06:37.21 dclduo We love you Sasha we love you? Yeah, just in case just in case I don't want to I don't want to develop a complex in the way that you've given 1 to Josh. So yeah, ah, um, well I guess let me sort of. 01:06:40.15 Sam He doesn't listen to the show. He's not listening. Ah. 01:06:48.80 Martha Goodwin Um. 01:06:53.44 dclduo Sort of wind us down on this discussion just a little bit and ask you like favorite memory from this trip across the abd and the cruise if you had sort of 1 that stood up now because Sam can't ever narrow anything down to one so she's letting you have 2 So. 01:07:02.82 Sam Maybe pick one maybe one from the abd and 1 from the cruise because I feel like they're such separate experiences I can never I I I can't. 01:07:13.42 dclduo All right? So one from the abd and 1 from the cruise per sam's allowance. We start with the start with you Howie. 01:07:14.32 Martha Goodwin Um. 01:07:20.72 Martha Goodwin Yeah I think from the abd it was the first night that we had dinner with it was both our group and the other group and we went to ah a wonderful restaurant within walking distance of our hotel and there's a picture of all 7 of us sitting at the table. Together you know and that when every time that picture pops up in one of our digital picture frames. It just brings back that nice memory of all of us being together and and just enjoy and run so from abd standpoint I think that's probably my favorite. 01:07:51.48 Sam I love that I I want to I want to stop you there because I think 1 thing you said that I I love um that something that we have in our own home those digital picture frames. 01:07:55.68 Martha Goodwin Um. 01:08:06.40 Sam We would not ever see I feel like our pictures from our travels from our cruises if not for we have a couple of those digital picture frames Brian is the one who makes sure that they're connected I have no idea how any of that text stuff works. But. 01:08:07.23 Martha Goodwin Um. 01:08:22.17 Sam I just feel like people out. There should know like your pictures from your travel should not sit on your phone and never get looked at right or sit in the cloud and never get looked at and 1 way to bring back. Those memories is one of those digital foot. So I don't work for any of those digital photo companies. Or frame companies or anything like that I'm not getting any kind of kickback from them. You know, call me if you want to you know sponsor the show of course right? we can work good deal but I just think they're so good and I felt like I needed to I'm sorry interrupted Brian I know he's groaning at me. 01:08:42.62 dclduo So. 01:08:46.29 Martha Goodwin Um, work it feel we can work a deal. Um. 01:08:52.26 dclduo And and what's hilarious. What's hilarious is you interrupted them about this and I have not actually added any photos from our cruises since the pandemic to those photo frames. So and you haven't noticed at all. So for everyone out there. No, they're great. They're great. Yeah, but. 01:09:02.20 Martha Goodwin Are. 01:09:03.70 Sam I I have that's fair I haven't known this. So. 01:09:12.10 dclduo All right? No no, no how he how he didn't give us 1 from the cruise yet. He only did the abd. Yes, you interrupted him so you didn't get 1 how he what's your favorite memory from the cruise. 01:09:13.60 Sam All right Martha your turn. Ah oh I thought we were going back and forth. Okay, fair enough I so sorry I was trying to go back and forth. 01:09:20.43 Martha Goodwin So they are my favorite people ever? yeah. 01:09:24.64 Sam But because we just like like murder each other every day. Yeah, yeah, well my God you guys work together too. That's just crazy. Yeah. 01:09:30.41 Martha Goodwin Um, that's how we are and we work together. So it sounds just like oh yes. 01:09:39.20 Martha Goodwin Yeah, so we own um a medspoa as well and Martha's a nurse and I'm a nurse andesthetist and you know like today we had some clients where we were doing botox injections and we're just a snarky with each other and you know I'm not sure that clients like it when we're. 01:09:48.75 Sam I Love it. 01:09:52.25 dclduo Um. 01:09:56.25 Martha Goodwin Injecting them and I we'll be marketing with each other but may rather a little fear but think you coming back So there must be a. 01:10:02.99 dclduo Well see. That's the same with a podcast. They apparently the listeners love it. They keep coming back. So yeah, ah. 01:10:09.80 Sam Ah. 01:10:11.69 Martha Goodwin As far as the cruise I think I still go back to brodnick and it's the same situation us sitting at the table there enjoying the view of the countryside and just interacting with our own family and then talking to the the host family there and and spending time connecting with those folks. So. Yeah, and for me relationships is always important and and and really connected with people where they are is is what I thrive on and I Really enjoy that over that does not hurt plus good table wine The comedy it really is. 01:10:42.65 Sam We love that over a good plate of food of course is even better right? right? You love it Martha ah. 01:10:50.92 Martha Goodwin All plays together. Okay, yours are so sappy and mine or not mine. I'm a very s narky. Fantastic person. So um, probably one of my my favorite one from abd was with my little son my youngest. Um, you know they always stop and they're like this is the last bathroom like if you need to go now's the time to go and he's like I don't have to go and I'm like seriously you need to go I don't have to go and we get into um the system the sistine chapel and as soon as he walked in. He's like hey mom I'm like don't know. He's like I have to go to the bathroom I'm like well suck it up. Buttercup nowhere to go well, we actually passed through the yeah sistine chapel into St Peter's and yeah and the abd guide heard us and Alexa was like oh no, no, no, no like no one can be unhappy like that you I mean she like overheard. 01:11:26.68 dclduo Now. 01:11:44.48 Martha Goodwin And just she's like I will take him and she like escorted him found to us like oh my good and they were gone a long time. So I don't know where they had to go and so I think that was my just the fact that even like an overheard conversation. They were on it like there was seriously no worrying no stress. 01:11:53.37 Sam Wow! yeah. 01:12:00.38 Sam Ah. 01:12:03.60 Sam I love that Martha that's like I mean as a mom like you're always the one who has to like schlep the the young young kid. We have only 1 but you know to the bathroom in like the the least. 01:12:03.90 Martha Goodwin Everything was taken care of and I think that was. 01:12:17.81 Sam Opportune moment. It's always like the worst like you're in the middle of seeing something amazing and the kid has to go to the bathroom and you've got to stop but you or in the middle of your meal like your food literally just got put in front of you and then the kid has to go to the bathroom. So when by the time you come back? Your food's gonna be cold right? That's just ah so I like. 01:12:21.78 Martha Goodwin Um, yeah, yes, yeah yeah. 01:12:36.44 Sam This you're speaking my language like this This is my love language like when somebody can take that off your plate so to speak and Wow that's amazing. 01:12:43.45 Martha Goodwin Yeah, that was my favorite just the fact that it truly as as a mom. But if I think for any parent it was a stress free vacation I think every vacation has stresses. But for the abvd for us. It really was stress free the whole time which for me was the best memory. Um, and I think for the crews My Best memory. Our so oldest son loves ships and pre-co they used to used to be able to meet the captain they would have like a captain signing and he would always get the model and he would have the captain sign the model. Um. 01:13:12.29 Sam And. 01:13:16.44 dclduo A. 01:13:21.80 Martha Goodwin And so they weren't doing that on this cruise and we mentioned it to the concier host um shout out to junior if junior's listening to your show. He was amazing. Um, we mentioned that to him and he's like well where's the ship the model and we took it and he's like give me give me today and when we. 01:13:27.40 Sam Ah. 01:13:38.59 Martha Goodwin Went on our excursion to Pompey when we came back in our state room was the ship signed by the captain along with like a little sheet about all about the magic like how much it weighs and how big it is and how fast it goes and just a fact sheet of the magic in. 01:13:45.66 Sam Ah, so yeah. 01:13:57.52 Martha Goodwin Just the fact that they they go the extra mile for something that I probably would have said well they don't have it. They're not doing a signing so we just won't do it this time and they were like no, we'll make it work for me. Yeah. 01:13:58.89 Sam With this. 01:14:05.19 Sam Me. 01:14:12.49 Sam That's like on the concierge Magic The Disney Magic Yes, but the concierge magic is like just that level. Yeah, that's awesome who were the hosts. Yeah Junior and who were the other two hosts. 01:14:18.30 dclduo Well. 01:14:24.60 Martha Goodwin I I I don't remember I remember Junior and um Echo was our barten was a bartender I do that Junior took careas and um and it's the same thing when we walked in, they knew our name. They knew our kids names. Um. 01:14:28.78 Sam Well, that's important right? That's you know. 01:14:38.12 Sam So. 01:14:41.30 Martha Goodwin They knew that as soon as we walked in, they knew what fruit our middle sun liked. Um, they knew their favorite breads. They knew where they like to sit in the lounge I mean it was they were amazing and at that time they were still doing the beverage cart for um. 01:14:54.87 Sam Oh the beverage cart. Love at. 01:14:59.10 Martha Goodwin And they would come with like the wine and the different drinks and then they had um, ah sprite and so do some juices and juices for the kids and so they would get in like their little wine glasses. They would get like their little sprite or their little juice. 01:15:11.39 Sam That's awesome. 01:15:16.10 Martha Goodwin But I mean it's just the little thing. So. 01:15:16.83 Sam Yeah, yeah. 01:15:18.69 dclduo I will I will say and I hope this doesn't disappoint your son we will say we have heard that they have discontinued the ship models. Um, so that may be also why they weren't having the captain available to sign them. We've been hearing that they've. Ah, folks are not finding them on board any longer and are hearing from the stores that they may have stopped making them. So. 01:15:35.85 Martha Goodwin He think they did have one on the wish. But yeah I guess for the treasure we won't know but they he was able. Yeah, we were able to get 1 on the wish and get the captain sign that one for him. So. 01:15:47.10 Sam Yeah, yeah. 01:15:47.91 dclduo Yeah I have a feeling they will have them on the new ships. But what they've done is discontinue them for all of the legacy. Yeah so super happy I've got 5 Yeah, super happy I've got 5 sitting behind me right now. Ah, but yeah, it may not be available for the older ships any longer which is. 01:15:51.79 Martha Goodwin Um, the old ones right? put his under glass. 01:16:03.88 dclduo Which is sad I think it's a great great souvenir. Well Sam I think we have reached that point in our show where it's time to have some arbitrary questions mixed with arbitrary rules and a dash of judgment otherwise known. 01:16:04.46 Martha Goodwin Gotcha does and this yeah. 01:16:19.85 dclduo As Rapid fire So Sam you would take it away. 01:16:20.40 Sam Yeah, welcome to rapid fire Martha and Howie I'm excited to hear what your favorites are first some Disney favorites. 01:16:28.72 dclduo To sit to sit in judgment over yet another set of guests. Yes. 01:16:36.93 Sam Give me a break right? Ah okay well I you know sometimes I change up the questions So you'll see we'll see don't worry most of them will be the same. Ah all right. 01:16:37.16 Martha Goodwin Um, and like I have my notes so that I would I wouldn't forget um. 01:16:38.70 dclduo Ah. 01:16:47.63 dclduo Well no this year I thought we had shifted to all Marvel rapid fire is that is that happening. Oh. 01:16:55.11 Martha Goodwin Um I can do it I can do it bring it. 01:16:56.27 Sam Yeah, ah um ah I love love all right? Who is your favorite Disney or pixar character Martha. 01:17:05.85 Martha Goodwin When I was um, younger it was the mice from Cinderella like Guska but then once they acquired star wars then clearly all of star wars characters are became my favorite sorry but. 01:17:10.00 Sam Ah. 01:17:14.96 dclduo You must have loved this atrium statue on the wish then with the mice. 01:17:17.17 Sam Ah, that's all right. 01:17:18.74 Martha Goodwin He did what guest and I learned inboca guys. It was so cute. It was sort of yeah from ah well, ah yeah, have a pretstarwarspoststarwars as well. Steambow wellie I'm always like steambow Willie but chewy. 01:17:22.68 Sam Oh my God So cute. All right? How we same question. 01:17:33.19 Sam Fair enough. It's great you you can't go wrong with chewy I mean that Woki is he's adorable. He's you know manly I you got to love everything about him all right favorite. 01:17:38.97 Martha Goodwin You can't go wrong with Julie I love this truly. 01:17:47.35 Martha Goodwin Edit. 01:17:52.21 Sam Disney or Pixar movie. We'll start with you Howie. 01:17:55.62 Martha Goodwin Ah I really like soul I Love the music and soul. Um, so I yeah I kind of preemptively looked and I'm like yeah if I had to pick one. That's probably the one I'll deal with. 01:17:57.27 Sam No. 01:18:08.38 Sam Whoa all right. That's a unique one all right? Martha what's yours journey? Oh yeah, yeah. 01:18:11.43 Martha Goodwin Why couldn't I didn't want to have star wars for every answer. So I would have a nightmare before Christmas I'm a big Tim Burton nightmare before christmas. 01:18:23.90 Sam All right favorite song Martha we'll start with you. 01:18:29.50 Martha Goodwin My favorite song probably is from dumbo. Um, but then I cry. So if I'm listening if if I'm in public and I can't have the ugly tears in the red nose surface pressure from incantton. 01:18:32.51 Sam Yes, that's right. 01:18:38.97 Sam Oh okay, you just won Rapid fire with just with just surface pressure That's literally the best song ever Baby mind. Don't you cry is I can't watch the reason I can't watch dumbo because I love. 01:18:46.50 Martha Goodwin But. 01:18:56.48 Sam Dumbo I Dumbo is actually one of my favorite Disney characters even but I just can't watch that movie because I am as you said ugly cry. It's just not nobody wants to see that nobody wants to see that. 01:19:04.32 Martha Goodwin Yes I watched it growing up and then I had children and I'm like I don't think this song was in this movie before it's yeah, it's ugly cry. 01:19:11.85 Sam Yes, it is I well to be fair I would I used to cry even watching it as a kid but now it's ugly crying I didn't have the ugly crying. It's this. It's a whole nother level. Once you have children for sure all right Howie. You got to follow up surface pressure I'm really not sure you can. 01:19:21.27 Martha Goodwin Yeah. 01:19:28.53 Martha Goodwin Um, that's a great That's a great song I got to give it to you allll but part of the reason why I like soul so much is music musical score to that movie. So if you just not if people don't listen to musical scores of those movies. But if you listen to that one. You'll really get the the jazz and Blues kind of. 01:19:38.30 Sam Um. 01:19:45.76 Sam Yeah, do is there a particular song you like other than more than no, you just like the whole thing I Love it. Yeah, all well you know I like that answer it's not. It's not it doesn't stack up with surface pressure. But but. 01:19:46.16 Martha Goodwin Influence from it. So. Um, know I just I Just like that. Yeah, the whole answer done. 01:20:01.83 Martha Goodwin Um I won you didn't win. Um. 01:20:04.82 Sam Let me say I do like jazz music and it is a it is a it's not my favorite movie but actually I would say the music is is quite good from that movie as well. Okay, now we're going to move on to the ships and I want to hear your favorites. It could be across the fleet. You guys have been on. You know enough cruises. You've been on all but 1 ship but the dream and the fantasy are basically the same thing so it doesn't really matter in between the 2 of them. 01:20:29.26 dclduo For new listeners new to Disney Cruise line they are not the same thing. They are not and in fact, we had a listener reach out to us recently who wanted us to do a show on all the differences between the ships of which there are differences. So but. 01:20:31.28 Martha Goodwin Um, ah. 01:20:39.69 Sam Oh okay, fair enough there are there are absolutely differences but there but they're but honestly I but they're more similar the dream in the fantasy are more similar to each other than the magic and the wonder are similar to each other so that's sort of. 01:20:53.62 dclduo Well at least until dry dock at least until dry dock. 01:20:55.70 Martha Goodwin Um, yeah. 01:20:57.29 Sam I'm putting it at at least until dry dock. But yeah, but we at least they even have they have the same water slot Anyway, I Digress Ok where we we are going to go on to the ships and I want to hear what is your favorite. 01:21:06.47 Martha Goodwin Um. 01:21:14.25 Sam Stage show and I'm going to start with Martha because she already said she's a show person and so I've got to know which one's your favorite of the one. The ones that you've seen obviously. 01:21:23.51 Martha Goodwin Um, I will say tangled but I think that's just because of a certain singer that just stole the whole show. Um, but I could listen just to her voice which I think is probably why I fell in love with that show I have to agree Tangle It's phenomenal. 01:21:27.60 Sam Yeah. 01:21:35.25 Sam Yeah, it's. 01:21:40.21 Martha Goodwin They even had hiccups during I think it was on that cruise they had hiccups the hair coming off and all that stuff and she just stepped right in and she's singing her part and she's trying to fix the hair and all that it say it was kind of fun to watch but her voice is amazing and. 01:21:46.79 Sam Um. 01:21:55.10 Sam Oh awesome. Yeah, that is a great show. So this is the 1 reason you need to get on the dream because you haven't seen beauty in the beast that means and and it's yeah, it's I I'm I'm not going to say anything else except it's phenomenal. So. 01:22:02.27 Martha Goodwin Um, yeah now hand food theities that's the summerer this summer 01:22:14.70 Sam But tangled is a great show. Okay, favorite bar and this could be on any of the ships. So you have lots of choices. Um, so how we will start with you on this question. 01:22:25.42 Martha Goodwin Well and we were talking about this earlier and ogill seems to be 1 of our favorites. We always just tend to migrate there and we just sit and have a beer. So I think ogill's would be would be in a favor one. My favorite please I'm assuming yours too. But. 01:22:34.42 Sam Um, yeah. 01:22:44.45 Martha Goodwin Yeah, it's not hyperpa lounge surprisingly enough. Yeah, we've been to hyperspa flo we've been to the 1 drink out the birds but thing mean ah yeah I think if hyperspace lounge was. 01:22:44.89 Sam Um, you don't have yeah so you're ah night and gales. Yeah. 01:22:57.82 Sam Ah, so Martha you're picking ogills too and not hyperspace lounge. Wow. So. 01:23:03.92 Martha Goodwin Um, like Ogas and Disney Road or if it was in the kids Club Star Wars section not that you could have a bar in the kids club but um, but yeah, um, we do love ogall I think because we love Trivia and I think it's on. 01:23:04.20 Sam E. 01:23:12.75 Sam But it's a good idea. It's a good idea. In my. 01:23:23.46 Martha Goodwin The dream I mean um, the fantasy It has the big portho windows in oga's that you can sit in the comfy chair relax and and have a beer and have a be and just watch so and it's yout, buy it. It's usually not. 01:23:25.53 Sam And who. 01:23:34.91 Sam Um, yeah, yeah, all right. 01:23:39.43 dclduo Yeah, you know my only complaint about oak gills on the magic and the wonder right now they they've oh crown and fan. Yeah, yes, you're right? My only complaint about the pubs right now is on the Dr. 01:23:39.55 Martha Goodwin Yeah, it's not as busy. It's not as busy as the other places. Yeah. 01:23:46.21 Sam Crown and crown and fin you mean. 01:23:56.67 dclduo My only complaint about the pubs right now is on the wonder and the magic they 1 oddly were closed at at really weird times like for they would have trivia but they wouldn't have anyone there to pour a beer and you're like you're doing pub trivia but I can't get a beer this doesn't feel like pub trivia and the other thing I've noticed. 01:24:11.40 Martha Goodwin Yeah, yeah. 01:24:11.46 Sam Yeah, yeah. 01:24:13.73 dclduo And I don't know if this is across a fleet if it's like a purchasing issue or a supply chain issue. But and they're really struggling to keep beer on tap on board these ships right now and so I just that a pub should have beer on tap I'll just leave it. It. 01:24:19.62 Martha Goodwin Um, yes, yes, definite Yeah yeah, but and that definitely was an issue especially in the European ports. Um, we didn't have the issue on the wish I don't think any at any point. But oh. 01:24:23.43 Sam Um. 01:24:28.90 Sam Um, yeah, um. 01:24:32.77 dclduo Yeah. 01:24:37.54 Martha Goodwin When we were on the nine night cruise they ran out of beer quite a bit like some of their staples. It was was kind of odd. 01:24:41.55 dclduo Yeah, when we got on in Norway they said they had run out of kegs entirely because the last sailing they had not thought that people would drink as much as they would and I'm like you're sailing out of the u k like what? what do you think? like? yeah. 01:24:43.60 Sam Yeah. 01:24:50.71 Sam It was british aisles. Yeah, it was in the u k yeah anyway, they did have beer. They just had it bottled beer. They didn't have they and they did load kegs on and dover. They just weren't cold until like the second day of the cruise or whatno anyway. 01:24:54.11 Martha Goodwin Ah, if in my short. 01:25:06.94 Sam Back to rapid fire. We're digressing here Brian um, okay so favorite onboard activity Martha let's start with you on this one oop. 01:25:08.82 Martha Goodwin Um, but describe. 01:25:18.34 Martha Goodwin Bingo we love to go? Um, if you can get a good we had um Tony from Spain on the magic and he was hysterical I think if you don't even like bingo I would have gone just to listen to him. He was like stand up comedy. He was so funny. 01:25:23.41 Sam E. 01:25:33.43 Sam Awesome. 01:25:35.38 Martha Goodwin Um, so probably bingo for me. Yeah, we had a lot of fun doing bingo in Europe we didn't have as much fun doing bingo on the wish so so I think it depends on the host and the ship and all that stuff. But um, even our even our while he's now 17 17 year old would come and hang out with his term dininggo so anything that gets him engaged with this house was yeah I was quite surprised I'm like but not to play to listen to the host. He would listen to that he would look at some of this stuff but he was like this guy is funny I'm like he sure is so. 01:25:54.14 Sam Wow. 01:26:02.27 Sam Yeah, ah. 01:26:07.67 Sam Yeah, all right favorite space ah to just hang out on the ship. Um, how we let's start with you on this one. 01:26:14.23 Martha Goodwin Um, well it depends if Yourre conciers or not yeah list. Yeah, most of the cacier lounges are fairly nice and yeah on the smaller sheves are nice and quaint. The wish it's beautiful and now. 01:26:17.23 Sam You can give 2 answers if you're sailing cons near or if you're not sailing conciers because I totally get it. 01:26:32.66 Martha Goodwin Service level isn't quite the same as smallerships but it's it's great. It's quiet space and you know certainly you have whatever you need right? there if you don't have that then like I said of gills. Um during the day. It's usually nice and quiet If if they don't have private to them that tends to be the place that they have a lot of. Private events. So But if they don't have a private event you usually can sneak in there and kind of just hang out and relax and get away from the crowds. Um, kind if I'm conci I Pretty much spend most of my free time in the lounge if we're not. We usually always get a state room with a veranda and I love just to get like get. 01:26:57.00 Sam Yeah, what about you? Martha. 01:27:11.44 Martha Goodwin Ah, drink from the bars or get something from cabanas and then bring it back to the room and sit on the veranda and just kind of watch a sail is kind of a peaceful quiet time. That's probably my favorite little place to relax. 01:27:22.75 Sam Yeah I love that and pro tip if you don't have a veranda you can go down to deck four the Promenade deck and you can sit out and watch the world go by from a a lounger except on the wish but will we won't talk about her right now. 01:27:38.80 dclduo We. 01:27:41.23 Martha Goodwin Um, yeah, that's a that's a whole another. That's a whole of the podcast. 01:27:42.56 Sam Yeah that's a whole that's a whole nother show. Yeah, okay, all right. We only have a couple questions left these are a little bit hard and maybe controversial the first one is favorite rotational dining restaurant. Um, ah this is hard with the wish. The the wish being brought into this I think this makes it a little harder I think it was a little easier without the wish. But I don't know um Martha let's start with you where is your which one is your favorite rotational dining. 01:28:00.82 Martha Goodwin Um. 01:28:09.71 Martha Goodwin Um, I would say the worlds of Marvel which is probably the only thing I really liked on the wish. Um, but we are big star wars marvel um, we probably drove because it's tight in there you you're close to other people and I probably drove them crazy because I think I we did movie quotes um our entire family of 5 01:28:12.67 Sam Yes. 01:28:25.30 Sam Yeah, ah. 01:28:27.43 Martha Goodwin Of everything that would pop up. We quoted like every Marvel movie and we had a good time. We love that restaurant. Yeah, that's a great restaurant. Yeah, we had a lot of fun. Um, but second to that would probably be on the other ones would be um animators so palette I mean we love because even when they do the show even though it's the same show. 01:28:32.65 Sam Ah, let's. 01:28:47.27 Martha Goodwin We always draw something different and the kids get so excited to see their little cartoon. Go across the screen. 01:28:54.54 Sam Yeah, animation magic is so much fun. What about you Howie. Do you have a ah different one than Martha ah you guys are in sync you know it's okay. 01:28:54.95 Martha Goodwin Um, yeah, unfortunately no I think I Well I like Animators Palette a lot That's always been one of my favorite just because it gets everybody interactive and engaged in the whole thing. 01:29:13.35 Sam M. 01:29:14.99 Martha Goodwin But the Marvel restaurant is pretty awesome I mean we really enjoyed the interactive experience there and and since we love marvel so much you know so but I mean some of the other restaurants are nice too like 1923 and all that stuff probably those two are the coplins. 01:29:31.28 Sam Um, yeah, awesome. Okay Aqua Duck Aqua dunk or aqua mouse. 01:29:40.83 Martha Goodwin Um, yeah, this is where we'll differ because I like Aqua dunk. Um. 01:29:45.47 dclduo That is the correct answer. Ah. 01:29:46.50 Sam Yeah, no, that's not like that's not Nope. That's not the right answer I'm sorry really how we you can't lose here on this question because I because either of them to me I don't doc what dunk is terrifying I think aqua. 01:29:56.20 Martha Goodwin Are. 01:30:01.94 Sam Duck or mouse are fine. So whichever one. 01:30:03.38 Martha Goodwin Um I didn't even do the dunk I heard me screaming I heard she scream I'm I'm literally a ah hundred feet away videoing her dropped and you can hear her scream through the the tube I'm like yeah I'm not doing that it was awesome. That's. 01:30:11.93 Sam Ah. 01:30:14.26 Sam yeah yeah I have video I have video of Brian yeah I have video of Brian from the the same about you know from far I was from farther away and you hear him going actually woho. 01:30:21.46 Martha Goodwin Into a good ride when there's a community. Um, yeah yeah. 01:30:31.42 dclduo I Do the same thing on the in credit coaster if you're ever a picks up pier and they launch you can hear me go wo. 01:30:33.98 Martha Goodwin Um, yeah, so aqueuct for me I think I don't like the Aqua mouse to be honest with you I It's not my favorite but you know so but looks. 01:30:35.40 Sam Um, yeah, and that's right. 01:30:45.89 Sam Ah, no. 01:30:48.86 Sam Fair enough fair enough I like the Aqua mouse I Actually think I I still like the Aqua duck the best but I like the Aqua mouse too. It's just a little too short in my opinion. Okay, now this is probably the most controversial question of them all you have been on. 01:30:52.66 Martha Goodwin Are. Um, yeah, yeah. 01:31:06.64 Martha Goodwin For yeah. 01:31:08.62 Sam 4 of the 5 ships which one is your favorite and I'm going to ask you each individually I don't want you to be influenced by 1 one another it's this is not your 9 year old 13 year old 17 year old's favorite these are your individual favorites and Martha your favorite. Not how he's favorite and how are your favorite. Not Martha's favorites 01:31:25.63 Martha Goodwin Um, sure Yes, the magic by like a landslide I Love the magic Love um I think for me just because it is smaller. 01:31:28.34 Sam So it's okay to be different so I'm going to start with Martha which one is your favorite ship. Oh wow. Okay now you got to tell me you got to tell me why by a landslide. Wow. 01:31:35.35 dclduo Wow. 01:31:46.17 Martha Goodwin Um, like I felt like even if I were to do a three day or 10 like it's small enough that if I had a shorter cruise you could see everything and not feel like you're missing out. Um, but if it was a longer clues. They had enough like little nooks and crannies of places that you could sit and relax. Um that it could be relaxing too. 01:31:53.80 Sam And here. 01:32:05.24 Martha Goodwin Um, and it just kind of had that old charm which it didn't look like a royal caribbean and it didn't look like a Carnival Cruise line and like it just felt like a different. It's like your own world when you're step on that show. 01:32:16.85 Sam Yeah, she is a beautiful ship all right Howie. What about you. 01:32:20.24 Martha Goodwin I think she I think she's influenced because she stayed in a 2 bedroom. Yeah. 01:32:24.84 Sam Yeah, you know I was I was thinking that in the back of my mind but I wasn't going to say that because I do think this, you know your room matters and I don't know if you guys have stayed concierge on the wonder but the concier's lounge and the wonder is way better and is the best in the fleet We haven't stayed in conciers on the. 01:32:41.89 Martha Goodwin And. 01:32:44.70 Sam On the wish and um, actually we haven't seen concierge in the dream in the fantasy but from everything I've seen the wonder is still the best on balance right? with what what? what? it has um and the service level. So yeah, so I'm a little surprised when you pick the magic but I want to hear how he's. 01:32:58.78 Martha Goodwin Yeah, well I mean if you base it on 2 bedroom concier and it would be magic but you know our first small ship cruise with Disney was wonder in 2016 so that we really enjoyed how tiny it was. 01:33:01.81 Sam Answer and right. 01:33:17.71 Martha Goodwin And that's not really small. It's just smaller than the other ships but that was before I went to dry dock and all the updates and all that stuff. But I just remember being on that ship compared to the fantasy that which were the first quarter we did with Disney and I was like you know this a little more quaint this kind of more our speed. So. 01:33:18.88 Sam Who. 01:33:34.58 Sam And. 01:33:37.40 Martha Goodwin Gonna go with the wonder on that one I'd like to see it now that it's been refreshed a little bit. Be nice now. 01:33:41.64 Sam Oh you haven't seen it since they added the yeah. So now it's so it's Tina's place and the and the french quarter lounge. Oh you, you're both so Martha you're gonna change your answer. So I'm gonna tell you? Yeah I'm gonna tell you one that how we just won with that answer. But. 01:33:54.88 Martha Goodwin Um, I wish she can make this. 01:34:01.77 Sam It's a sorry Martha surface pressure is out the window. ah um I'm ah I'm ah you know I'm ah a fickle who of lady so you know the the seas can sway me. There's 1 more question of course at the end but I don't know if you guys are going to have different answers. But yeah, you are going to love the wonder. 01:34:03.47 Martha Goodwin Um, ah me and and. 01:34:21.33 Sam Once you get on her. She has the the draw job they did in dry dock the french quarter lounge tinna's place. It's all just fantastic. Not to say Rapunzel's royal table isn't fantastic. It is I can't wait to see what they do at the promenade lounge when the magic goes into dry dock. So. 01:34:35.82 Martha Goodwin Um, is it. 01:34:40.36 Sam We'll have to see okay, but you already for the last question. The last question is the same question I ask everybody so you know what's coming I need to know your bucket list. Cruise you can go anywhere on a Disney Cruise line ship and it doesn't even have to be someplace Disney Cruise line doesn't go or sorry that didn't make sense. Anywhere on a Disney Cruise line ship and it doesn't have to be someplace that Disney Cruise line currently goes. It can't like be outer space. It's got to be like somewhere planet earth right? So all right? Martha we're gonna start with you where do you want to go on your bucket list. Cruise. 01:35:04.28 Martha Goodwin Shift. 01:35:12.98 Martha Goodwin Um I would pick the wonder just because we haven't seen her since she came out of dry dock. So I just want to see how she's different and I would love to do a Trans transatlantic like. 01:35:19.97 Sam Um, oh yeah, yes E days. 01:35:23.13 Martha Goodwin Because I love that I love being on this ship and I love all the activities and so I think to have more sea days and more time on the ship I would love to do a transla. Yeah for me I think I agree with the wonder because I want to see the updated space but also would like to do an around the world. Cruise I think it'd be. Fun to just kind of you know, just hit a lot of different ports and just experience a lot of culture but yet have this ability of being in the same room throughout the entire travel experience. 01:35:53.59 Sam Yeah I love that we we talk about someday when we retire we want to do an around the world cruise I don't know if Disney will be doing them by then but if they are it will be a Disney Cruise liner on the world cruise if they're not, we'll have to go with some other cruise line to be perfectly. Honest. 01:36:07.90 Martha Goodwin Um. 01:36:12.29 Sam But I that's definitely on our on our list after retirement. Well thanks you guys for playing rapid fire. You are good sports as I said I'm sorry Martha how he wins this round of rabbit. But. 01:36:18.50 Martha Goodwin Um. 01:36:23.30 dclduo Yeah. 01:36:30.12 Martha Goodwin Um, you the heart I'll pay for that later. But thank you when you're off camera. 01:36:33.48 dclduo Well Sam forgot the most important question which is what's next. 01:36:34.17 Sam Ah. Ah, ah, ah sure that's always what Brian likes to ask though. That's not part of rapid fire. 01:36:44.61 Martha Goodwin Yeah, the um so this summer we're going on the dream and um, so we're we're flying in Copenhagen and doing a seven night northern european cruise we are doing the um. 01:37:00.23 Martha Goodwin AbAb d right before that again. So we'll be able to tell you all about that. We are not staying contiers on that trip. So it's not book till summer I have time to convince him. Otherwise yeah. 01:37:09.80 Sam I Love it. But we definitely want to have you guys come back on to talk about what an amazing itinerary and of course the the short escape is an an amazing add on as Well. That's going to be an amazing adventure I am very jealous I have to. Tell you? but yeah, definitely want to have you guys come back to tell us all about that next trip. 01:37:36.50 Martha Goodwin Absolutely, that's gonna be a good time. Of course we have a few trips to Disney world. We just got back. Um, right before Christmas and then we we did Victoria and Albert's while we were there this time and all that stuff so that was a lot of fun but we have 2 maybe 3 more trips before throw trip. 01:37:45.93 Sam Oh yes. 01:37:53.96 Martha Goodwin Back down to this world So that big a. 01:37:54.49 Sam Awesome! awesome. 01:37:54.51 dclduo Nice, nice. Well Martha Howie I just want to thank you so much for taking some time out of your weekend to chat with us and our listeners and to share your experience across both your amazing adventures by disney short escape in Rome and your Mediterranean Cruise thank you so so much for coming on. Ah. 01:38:14.16 Martha Goodwin Thank you for having us. Thank you.

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