March 07, 2023


Ep. 294 - Bonus - No Capes: Pixar Day at Sea

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Brian Sam
Ep. 294 - Bonus - No Capes: Pixar Day at Sea
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 294 - Bonus - No Capes: Pixar Day at Sea

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Taryn is sharing her recent Pixar Day at Sea experience, Disney Cruise Line's newest themed day at sea offering. From characters, to shows, merchandise, activities, and, of course, dining, Taryn is giving us the run down on this fun new addition to the DCL line-up. Some special surprises await on this week-long Pixar-themed sailing. So come hear all about it!

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Episode Transcript

00:02.42 dclduo Welcome back everybody to this week's bonus episode of the Dc L Duo Podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and sam you are safely ensconced in your green room on this rainy Monday afternoon you got some topo chico. Ah. 00:11.63 Sam I am I do have my topa chica was just about to say I'm well hydrated I'm ready to go I'm super excited for this bonus show that we've got for our audience today because it is very timely. Because it's a Pixar day at sea cruise that we're going to be talking about. Um those are going on right now only on the disney fantasy and they are new they when I say new they did Pixar themed cruises many many years ago now um like several years even before the pandemic I can't remember what they recall. They had a slightly different name but they brought back this limited offering called Pixar day at sea. So it's I presume kind of to to rival Marvel day at sea or star wars day at sea or other. Other types of theming that they've done so we should welcome. Our guest Brian should I let you do that this time. Ah all right? Well I am excited to okay well I think we should welcome our guests I'm very excited to welcome. 01:09.57 dclduo Now you can go ahead. Sam don't don't pause wait start over start over. 01:24.43 Sam Taryn to the show. Welcome yeah, we're super excited to have you. You are someone who we've interacted with quite a bit online. You're active in our Facebook group and um and you're also a veteran. So thank you for your service. 01:26.59 Taryn Hi Sam hi Brian thank you for having me. 01:28.75 dclduo Yeah. 01:42.53 Taryn Oh thank you. 01:43.54 Sam I Saw that in the show notes. Yeah, and thanks for being here so you probably have a lot of you know experience with ships given that you have a naval background and to write. 01:46.10 dclduo Yeah. 01:53.64 Taryn I have a little bit I did do a see tour I've done a couple different things but I definitely one of my favorite places to be is on the water for sure. So Disney Cruise line oh sorry 02:02.80 Sam Awesome. 02:05.10 dclduo How many does now know Um, how many cruses have you been on terran. 02:12.42 Taryn I've been on 17 Disney 1 norwegian and 1 carnival but I'm trying to get there. 02:15.77 dclduo Wow! All right I I think yeah. 02:20.45 Sam You're getting up there. You're gonna be eating. You're gonna be on your way to pearl. Ah. 02:29.32 dclduo Um, did you when you book the cruise that you took ah what if so actually let's back up which ship were you on and what was the itinerary for the Pixar day at sea. 02:36.59 Taryn We we were on the fantasy. This was my second time on her I've done all 5 ships. It was a western caribbean to Casimel Grand came in and found with Jamaica I had just gotten off the magic in December with the same itinerary on. With a merry time so it was really nice to go on this cruise and not really have to worry about the ports. Plus we had castaway key so it was win win win win in my book. 03:01.73 dclduo Wait Yeah no, it sounds like it. But when you book. 03:06.86 Sam And oh yeah, and so this would have been a ah seven night Itinerary is that right. 03:10.44 Taryn Yes, seven night seven night that's correct. 03:14.57 dclduo And when you book the cruise did you know it was a Pixar day at sea or did that ah did that happen after you booked. 03:21.90 Taryn I did know it was a Pixar day at sea I had been eyeing it up waiting for a military discount hopefully to come out because traditionally this time of year that the chance of that happening is pretty decent I'd I'd wager on those and um. But I was also nervous because the Disney plus deal came out with a third and fourth free guest and so I got a little panicky and they had a guaranteed with restriction rate come out that was very good and I knew it wouldn't be. 03:42.13 Sam So. 03:56.61 Taryn That much more than a military rate. So I jumped on it and it was the first time I had ever done a G two I with restrictions and it worked out very well. So. 04:02.51 Sam Awesome! Why don't why don't you let folks know what it is a GtY worth restrictions is. 04:02.90 dclduo Nice, nice. 04:11.18 Taryn So the guaranteed with restrictions means that you pick a category inside Ocean View Veranda and then different categories subcategories within there sometimes they break it down and you basically are in vegas taken a gamble. You're guaranteed the lowest category in an inside. Let's say a standard inside which I did an inside and then if I would have gotten a deluxe inside that would have been great but you don't know your room until we found out. It's probably about a week before. So that was kind of hard being patient for that. But the the big thing with it is one when it's with restrictions. There's no cancellation and you must pay in full immediately. So you've got to be pretty darn sure that you're going on this cruise and you can make it. Ah. 05:03.85 Sam And. 05:08.37 Taryn Pending Obviously an emergency situation. So I thought I've never done this on all the cruises I've taken So Let's try it and it worked out really well I I know people are very picky about their staterooms having been in the Navy and served on an naval ship an inside stateroom. Is like a palace that's all I need to say so I'm I'm pretty easy going when it comes to stateroom choice and I Also don't mind a lot of people don't like the vibrations. The Noises. Oh I sleep like a baby with those So I don't mind. 05:32.50 Sam Ah, yeah. 05:36.82 Sam So. 05:44.36 Taryn I Don't mind those at all but I could see where people who are not used to that kind of noise or vibration. It could be quite irritating So you're you're taking a gamble. 05:52.12 Sam Yeah I mean I mean you don't you're not bunking with like 6 other you know women in the navy so it's ah but. 05:56.26 dclduo Where. 05:57.57 Taryn Correct correct and you have your own bathroom and the beds on Dcl as we all know are some of the most comfortable beds you will ever experience in your life. So yes. 06:07.20 dclduo Yeah, for sure for sure. 06:09.21 Sam Awesome! Yeah that's a great that's actually a great budget tip for for folks who are listening that these ah the gt y. There's a couple different options with these guaranteed staterooms. But the ones with restrictions or some without restrictions. But the best rate you're going to get is. Is what Taryn did that's an inside state room with a Gt white with restrictions. So very very smart 06:29.50 dclduo Yeah, well let's talk about Pixar day at Sea. So for a listeners unfamiliar Disney does these themed days at Sea Pixar day at sea replaced stuff. Practically speaking star wars day at sea which used to happen on the fantasy about this time of year and generally these days at sea involve some unique character meetings sometimes some special menus and deck parties and decorations and other things around the ship. So. We are super excited to hear what was going on with Pixar day at sea we did do an episode a while ago now about some of the early iterations of Pixar on the ships. Ah but from everything I saw on social media this is way better than whatever they were doing before and so. 07:06.99 Sam Yeah. 07:19.51 dclduo We can't wait to hear from Taryn about it. So Tarin let's start with um, well one of the more divisive things that came out on social media around the characters. The characters who made their appearances. Um, before we dive before we dive into that specific top before he dive into that specific topic. 07:29.81 Taryn Um, you know me too. 07:30.20 Sam I knew you were going to go there Brian I knew it. 07:38.68 dclduo Let me just ask what kinds of characters were out and about on on Pixar day at sea. 07:42.49 Taryn So on Pixar day at c they had Mike Wozowski and sully and what was really cool with the characters was they had really unique backgrounds so they weren't just standing in the hallway. So with Mike and sully. 08:00.50 Sam Oh fun. 08:01.60 Taryn They had booze door and then the roots. It was really fun and the stateroom number was 23 nineteen so so the attention the attention to detail on these things were really really exciting to me. 08:06.43 dclduo And. 08:07.56 Sam Ah, so good. Oh. 08:17.61 Sam Nice, nice. 08:17.72 Taryn Um, Miguel from coco and sadness and joy which was also they had amazing backdrop. Um, it was purple and it had the memory orbs and they actually had when. They weren't doing photo ops. You could get a picture with the memory orb that lit up so that was really that was really nice and that was offered throughout the cruise as well. So there was a lot of opportunities that was in the main atrium. 08:36.18 Sam Oh oh cool. 08:43.27 Sam Um, where did where did yeah where did they have that one. Um. 08:52.90 Taryn Mike Andully were up a deck on deck 4 or 5 where that little circular landing is like I'm terrible and um, sounds terrible and then they had in the main atrium a big Pixar dayancy with lit up characters in the portholes. 08:58.99 dclduo Well. 09:01.67 Sam Um. 09:08.45 Sam Oh cool. 09:11.37 Taryn You know the generic. Yeah, that was really pretty too so that was cool and then remy was also in the atrium and his backdrop was a big anyone can cook book and like a kitchen so they really when I think in that aspect I think they really went above and beyond and Miguel was by preludes. And he had a beautiful backdrop of like Mexico and just really very pretty. So I really appreciated that they they did that and also on Pixar night in the evening. Mickey and Minnie had little pixar e outfits you know she had a cute little. It. 09:44.25 Sam Oh cool. Oh. 09:48.76 Taryn And the colors he had like a little almost like a fifty s the grease jacket but they had little Pixar characters and so it was subtle but it was the colors of Pixar it's really really cute. 10:00.27 dclduo That's so 1 thing they never did on star wars day at sea was like put Mickey and min in like Jedi Robes or something like that and I always thought that was kind of a missed opportunity. So kind of cool to hear that they're doing that with the fab 5 kind of characters like Mickey and mini um were any of the character. Meetings like ticketed events because that was something they used to do at star wars day at sea was they'd have like a few special characters but you had to get a ticket in advance to to see them or were they just all out and about during the day. 10:28.57 Taryn Well, it was an interesting mix I forgot to add that that Doug and Russell were also out so there there was a and there was a little event. 10:35.10 dclduo Oh nice. Yeah. 10:35.54 Sam No way Oh my God I Love them. 10:43.91 Taryn Can talk about it now or if you'd like me to wait all right? So it's really exciting on that day. They had a wilderness explorer ship shape Adventure Badge ceremony and in the morning you could go to the port excursion desk and pick up your ship. 10:45.21 dclduo No go ahead. Go ahead. 11:03.12 Taryn Shape badge or your assignment and what you would do is there were pictures around the ship that you had to go find and in the picture was a letter so it formed a word and everything was about conservation and water and purifying it. It was really nice so it had a little message to it and then if you completed that. In the atrium in the afternoon they did a little shipshape wilderness badge ceremony. So it was very cute. Yeah, so they did it and you could be an adult and do it just like anything else on Disney and it was really sweet and so they did a little pledge and had a little. 11:27.15 Sam Oh I Love that. 11:40.89 Taryn Repeat after me, it was very cute and at the end of it. You could take a picture with Doug and russell on the staircase so that was really really cute, really cute. 11:44.88 Sam Oh so fun. Did you get to all say a wilderness must be explored Ca car. 11:55.99 Taryn Yes, and they they did that and they even added a little extra verse to appeal to the ship in the water so it was really cute. Um, that was really nice. 11:57.54 dclduo Ah, ah. 12:08.41 dclduo Nice. 12:08.52 Sam I will. 12:13.10 Taryn But it's for ticketed events. So this was also interesting because there was a little bit of confusion prior to the cruise we were the second sailing. So of course we were anxiously waiting to get Intel from the first sailing is it said you could sign up for 1 and there were 2 opportunities. There was the toy story and there was the incredibles but at the time we didn't know what characters you know you knew or maybe you could make assumptions but you weren't sure. So I picked toy story because I figured we were doing the incredibles show and um I thought that maybe but then also I realized the character breakfast was toy story. So maybe I should have chosen the incredible online it did allow you to book. 12:50.78 Sam He. 12:50.79 dclduo Over. 13:00.24 dclduo Line. 13:06.11 Taryn Both which was a little confusing I did not attempt it because I'm a bit of a rule follower and I was worried if I tried to sneak the system they would wipe them both out so they kind of need to work on that a little bit because a lot of people did book both. But when people got on the ship. 13:10.86 dclduo And. 13:25.90 Taryn I didn't hear of anybody who didn't have an opportunity to do the meet and greet and what also was very nice is they held extra meet and greets throughout the cruise. So if you didn't have a chance at the ticketed event. You could go and I thought that was really great. 13:33.87 dclduo Oh. 13:42.39 Taryn Because it was very crowded and lines were very long and so that was nice. They really went above and a bond Beyond I think to have character interactions. 13:49.70 dclduo So this so these characters are the yes this the the events around quote unquote Pixar day at sea because star wars day at sea was a defined day that was it. You met characters on that day. Everything that was star wars related happened on that day and then the next day 14:06.20 Sam You right? You never saw Darth Vader on any other day and never store saw stormstrooper on every other on a sorry and never saw a storm trooper on any other day other than star wars day at sea. 14:07.29 dclduo Poof It was gone. Yeah, it's. 14:11.21 Taryn Brighton. 14:17.59 dclduo Some cure did they spread events out for the Pixar sailing or was there like a lot of activity on one day and then the characters were kind of out some of the time on the other days. 14:26.48 Taryn Right? So on Pixar day it was just a madhouse of Pixar Pixar Pixar Pixar which was great because I was a little concerned going into it because I do cruise solo quite often as an adult I had a little bit of concern that. 14:30.78 dclduo Okay, okay, first. 14:44.64 Taryn As an adult would I be entertained is this something more for kids and I was a little concerned about that and the answer to that was no, everyone had a great time including me. So with the character the booked ones with the toy story. We didn't know until we got on board and this is one thing I mean I hate to say I'm a little disappointed because that sounds so petty I was comparing it to Marvel and when you went and met with guardians you got several different characters. 15:12.52 Sam E. 15:20.40 Taryn When you did the iron man and black panther. You got a couple different separate. You know how you would move through and get a picture well in this one you didn't know if you were going to get um Woody and bow a peep or. 15:24.21 Sam Is. 15:37.22 dclduo Oh. 15:37.88 Taryn Jesse and bullseye you didn't you they didn't have all 4 and you got 2 2 so they would switch them out right? So that was 1 thing that was hard to gauge because if you really wanted a picture with bull'seye because he's not out very much and you get up and it's bow and. 15:38.84 Sam Ah. 15:41.91 Sam 2 different shots right. 15:51.24 dclduo Who. 15:52.27 Sam Yeah. 15:57.34 Taryn Um, Woody you go? Oh and also a lot of people thought Buzz Lightyear would be there and so I didn't even think about that because my boys are all grown but I thought oh boy yeah, that would be disappointing if you're a little kid thinking toy story buzz light year and he wasn't available. 16:01.21 Sam E. 16:08.00 dclduo Move. 16:11.78 Sam Right. 16:12.98 dclduo No. 16:15.73 Taryn So again, not a big deal but just something to note and in the incredibles it was Mrs incredible and edna who were amazing or or frozen and Mr incredible. So so that's where it was nice that they added extra. 16:23.57 Sam Um, ah. 16:27.91 Sam Yeah. 16:35.21 Taryn Viewings at the end and they also said edna and this is incredible. So they told you at the other character viewing. So you knew so there was an opportunity to get with everyone. But I think that was a little bit of a just confusion. But it is the first. 16:45.79 Sam Nice. 16:52.48 Taryn Um, they're doing it. So we know they'll work out some kinks that they had. 16:54.20 Sam Yeah. 16:54.23 dclduo Now The incredibles characters were the ones that were a little bit divisive out there on social media because they made them. How do we say this the other day same costume characters or yeah faith Face K Yeah yes. 17:02.18 Sam Face characters. They made them. You know they made them face characters rather than costume characters for costume for those of you listening listening faces when you see the person's face. Costume is when you see maybe a something plastic above their shoulders. Ah I'm saying it this way for our junior listeners. There. 17:23.20 dclduo Trying to keep it trying to keep trying to keep it kid friendly here. Yeah, so were they the only ones because in the park. The incredibles characters are typically not face characters. Let me just start by asking were they the only characters you would have expected to see. 17:25.25 Taryn Um, me. 17:29.29 Taryn Um, right. 17:42.15 dclduo Not as face characters in the park who made their appearance as face characters at sea. Okay, yeah, yeah. 17:47.29 Taryn That is correct I had to think about it for a sex I don't want to misspeak Yes Miguel All the toy story characters. They were yes as we see them in the parks. 17:49.49 Sam Yeah. 17:58.73 Sam Yeah. 18:02.42 dclduo So so then my question is I have a feeling they might have done these as face characters to promote kind of more character interaction from what we saw? What did you think? Yeah, what did you. 18:12.17 Sam Yeah, they can talk to you. 18:16.38 dclduo What did you think of them as face characters and how was the character interaction with them. 18:23.34 Taryn I Tried not to do too much looking at things before I went but of course I had to this was all over the place. It was unavoidable and and I think I had the same reaction as a lot of people. Um, when it came to Mr. Incredible to me I thought well. 18:37.76 dclduo Um, yeah. 18:38.53 Sam Um, yeah. 18:40.72 Taryn Ah, we know where dash gets his looks from because Mr incredible looks like dash all grown up and so but I also don't think seeing it like that represents what we saw on this ship because. 18:48.00 dclduo Ah. 18:55.33 Sam E. 19:00.24 Taryn When his voice his mannerisms. It was very Mr. Incredible Esque frozen Amazing Edna mode Amazing I would say Adna was the favorite. 19:07.00 dclduo Yeah. 19:10.82 Sam Yeah. 19:18.59 Taryn And this is incredible. She was also incredible. She really sounded like that actress. Um, Holly Hunter yes and it yes it really stood out to me when I met her in person when she was talking I thought boy you really remind me of that actress Holly Hunter so 19:25.79 Sam Um, yeah. 19:27.10 dclduo Yep. 19:38.70 Taryn It was her voice was pretty spot on. It was great. So yes. 19:41.39 Sam That's that's awesome because just looking at someone's face doesn't necessarily give you like the full vibes of the character right? because let's be fair I mean we see Captain America on board and um, you know for not just Marvel day at sea cruises but for lots of cruises and you know. He doesn't always look exactly like Chris Evans does right? Um, but if he's got the right vibes if he's got the right if he's really well in character. Um, he can. He can be great so it sounds like these incredibles were incredible because they were really. 20:02.00 Taryn Correct. 20:17.18 Sam Really good at their characters. Not necessarily because their face matched the character perfectly. 20:22.43 Taryn I agree I think besides Mr. Incredible The other three they matched very well very well I'd say he definitely was the least similar that we are used to. 20:28.90 dclduo No. 20:28.97 Sam You. 20:39.93 dclduo Yep. 20:40.77 Taryn But I still in the context of the meet and greets and then the stage shows I thought he was still even really great. 20:50.26 dclduo It and and look I will cut the cruise line a bit of slack because unlike a park where you can have 6 or 7 friends of Jack Sparrow on standby given time and really call a population down to people who look a lot like Jack Sparrow's friends. 20:52.19 Sam That's great to hear. 21:01.19 Taryn Break. 21:09.53 dclduo Um, on a cruise line. You've got an entertainment staff and they've got to do multiple purposes across the cruise and so yeah, it's like it's going to be tough to find people who can match up with the characters ah easily and do all the other stuff that they need them to do on board. So. 21:13.66 Sam Lots of different roles. Yeah. 21:27.82 dclduo I will cut them some slack there and and as long as like the character interaction makes up for it. Yeah I mean that's that's that's where you need it to be I want to rewind for a second you mentioned a breakfast um did you go to the breakfast and and who made an appearance there did you hear about it at all. 21:37.29 Sam Um, yeah. 21:43.60 Taryn So I did go to the breakfast and it was really fun. The howdy hey breakfast I'm terrible with names and but it was really nice that it was 45 minute experience it was not a meet and greet. It was Woody and buzz. 21:49.52 Sam Yeah. 22:02.60 Taryn And Bullseye came out and they did and then um Josh who did a lot of acoustic guitar throughout the ship in the evening. He was amazing. He was the cowboy and so they they did. You've got a friend in me they did um her name is jassie. 22:11.56 Sam Oh fun. 22:21.20 dclduo Um, yeah. 22:21.61 Sam Um, ah yeah. 22:22.30 Taryn And and you know and so these songs were total earworms as it's reverberating in my head right now and it was really fun and so the the only issue is a lot of people thought it would be a character breakfast with meat and greets and so. 22:26.39 dclduo And. 22:29.50 Sam Ah. 22:36.45 Sam And. 22:40.27 Taryn I went and I reread the description and it said you know an interaction where you can sing along Disney should probably clarify that just to avoid in the future people getting upset because you know there was a lot of kids and surprisingly a lot of grownups I've seen on some boards. 22:49.66 Sam Um. 22:55.74 dclduo Yeah. 23:00.49 Taryn Complaining that it was a disappointment because they didn't have a meet and greet but it was really fun right. 23:01.58 Sam Oh interesting. It's just a little bit more of a show a little a little bit more of a show and a than a character breakfast that we think of traditionally where somebody where the characters would come around and say hello to each table which is what they used to do with that Disney Junior breakfast that they haven't done now. 23:17.61 Taryn Correct. 23:19.90 Sam Since I don't know it's been ah, a quite a few years now since they did that breakfast. But yeah, that's good to know that if if you're going on one of these cruises. No, it's not a. It's not a true character breakfast. It's more of a show with it's a sit down breakfast as well, right? It's not a buffet. 23:38.60 Taryn It's correct. It's an animator's palette and it has a separate menu so it's got a couple little extra things and but it's very rushed so you sit down and they want you to get your food and they're really because we did the first the earliest one and I ended up. 23:47.36 Sam Um. 23:51.80 Sam E. 23:55.52 Taryn It was funny as a solo there were 3 of us at our dining table. So when I say we it's usually I'm with one of them. We ended up really getting along and doing a lot of stuff together which was fun. Um, and yeah, it was great. No no additional cost. You just. 23:56.42 dclduo Who. 24:02.38 Sam Oh that's awesome. 24:05.79 dclduo Was there a cost was there a cost for the breakfast. Ah. 24:13.70 Taryn It was available at the thirty day Mark with the princess or the royal gathering excuse me and then the character interactions and you could do it once and they offered it on day two and day six so it was really nice. 24:13.16 Sam And. 24:22.84 dclduo Oh wow well, that's great. Yeah, the no cost thing the no cost thing should have been a clue I think because if I think about the other character breakfast because I think the I think the Disney Junior one even carried maybe a cost but definitely the princess breakfast and the olaf breakfast. 24:22.86 Sam Oh great. Yeah, so for yeah. 24:38.19 Sam Didn't yeah so those are yeah so the the the Disney Junior 1 did not have a cost because it was a breakfast what you're thinking of Brian is the princess one is a tea and the olaf one is a picnic technically like a t those are afternoon events. 24:40.60 dclduo Carry an extra cost. 24:41.36 Taryn Right. 24:54.76 Sam And those are true character meet and greets with like gifts for the kids and those are super expensive and those are definitely more interactive experiences this sounds um more similar to the way that you used to book the Disney Junior breakfast but that's a good reminder for people who are listening if you're doing any of these themed. 24:57.15 dclduo Yeah. 25:14.75 Sam Cruises meaning a Pixar day at sea or Marvel day at sea or even just a non-themed cruise at the 30 day window meaning thirty days in advance of your cruise that is when the booking window opens for these specific character interactions character meet and greets that are free. But ticketed events. So the the most common one that people think of is the princess royal gathering not the royal tea party or whatever it's called but the royal gathering. 25:43.82 dclduo Well I want to switch gears for a second and just talk about activities on board beyond the breakfast and the character meet and greets I got to believe Disney was hauling out some Pixar day trivia and probably some arts and crafts activities and things like that. What kinds of activities were they offering. 25:56.28 Taryn Um. 26:01.75 dclduo On board for this Pixar day. 26:03.38 Taryn So it's funny. The first thing I noticed was sarge says and I immediately went oh they do that on the other cruises. So I wonder you know are they going to have some good stuff and never judge a book by its cover that was it. 26:17.64 dclduo Ah. 26:19.55 dclduo The. 26:22.33 Taryn Wrong assessment. So yes, they had a ton this cruise had so much trivia and a lot of Pixar trivia. It probably on the whole cruise had the most trivia I've seen on a cruise I've ever been on. There was a lot and so that was pretty exciting of course Pixar day. Everything was focused around. Pixar they had the 3 d crafts like they usually do and it was Woody and bugs and Jesse and a couple other things. Um, which were really nice and then some of the unique things. Well one of the things that they do on other cruises is the learn to draw. 26:59.59 dclduo Yep. 27:00.59 Taryn But this day it was all Pixar characters and they did socks Luca Panda may and Mara and what was exciting about Marta I don't know about the other ones but I know for Marta they had 1 of her animators for the movie. 27:01.13 Sam So cool. 27:16.41 dclduo Ah, fun. 27:17.20 Sam Um, oh yeah. 27:18.51 Taryn Do I know I wish I would have went now she actually she or he actually did the drawing session. So how amazing is that I mean that's an experience. You don't get to do every day So I thought that was really really good and then um on the. 27:25.38 Sam Yeah. 27:37.31 Taryn Deck Eleven stage It was mostly for the kids. It was called crushes. Totally awesome pool party and totally up. Yeah, so and I figured it would be but I was like I have to do some recon on all these events So I went up and checked it out a little bit. 27:42.67 Sam Yeah, ah, totally awesomes sweet dude. Ah. 27:44.36 dclduo Ah, yeah. 27:54.85 Sam Um, nice. 27:57.20 Taryn Um, and it was really cute. They pulled kids up on the stage and they were doing little games and crush was on the screen a bit like he is in animators and if I was a kid I would have loved it. It just looked like a lot of fun so that was a really cute cute thing that they did and then. 28:06.15 Sam Yeah. 28:13.25 dclduo But did but did they do but did but did they do Jack Jack's diaper dash on Pixar day at sea. 28:16.18 Taryn Um, that of course oh sir. 28:20.75 Taryn I was just going to say yes they did Jack Jack's diaper dash and what is really fun about it is and the mode came out at the end hey. 28:20.82 Sam Yeah, ah here. Ah. 28:31.91 dclduo Ah, nice. Nice. 28:32.20 Sam Um, ah I love it I Love it. 28:35.35 Taryn And and no I I Just wish I I couldn't even begin to explain how amazing and the modede was like I just I was in love with her. She was amazing. So good. So she came out at the end and that that was just really funny. 28:42.36 Sam Um, yeah, yeah. 28:43.36 dclduo Man. 28:53.30 Taryn Um, they also did the only one can cook series and they did ratatooi on this day and so I went to that one because I thought I've never been to an anyone can cook in 17 Disney cruises and it was really nice. The chef was from remy the restaurant and he was amazing and so we got to try some ratitoui. 28:53.83 Sam So nice. 29:04.24 Sam Um, you know. 29:13.13 Taryn And it was just really cute how that tied into a Pixar theme. Um, and then this is what's really fun. So edna mode had a style on parade event in the atrium and so it wasn't a contest or anything. But if you had. 29:13.99 Sam Yeah. 29:24.30 Sam Ah, oh no I Good this. 29:31.66 Taryn Bounded or dressed up like any Pixar character Edna was holding like a fashion show and so they grouped you by you know, whatever Pixar theme or movie and you presented in front of the atrium and she was. 29:35.40 Sam Um. 29:47.44 Taryn Given her commentary. She was amazing I I can't even emphasize not enough and then. 29:49.38 Sam Oh my God that sounds so good I would love to go to that just to watch like her critique people's outfits and compliment things and I would ah that be awesome. 30:00.80 Taryn She was just and she was very sweet too. But in her edna sassy mode. It was wonderful and then they broke up then they had 1 final the adults went and then they did the kids and she was so great with the little kids I mean it was I was like man if my boys were little like. 30:04.74 Sam Yeah. 30:19.65 Taryn This would have been even more special so I could see where families were really really living it and there were a lot of adults dressed up to as you know on Disney Cruise so it was really fun. Another thing they did in the d lounge was called Dorrie's memory game and I'm not familiar. 30:28.47 Sam Um, yeah, of course. 30:34.75 dclduo No yeah. 30:38.98 Taryn As I I'm not so I've never seen that before but I was like maybe they do it and so that was really cute. They had like shells over numbers and they gave a clue and then you picked a character from finding Nemo and then you had to guess where they were hiding behind the shell so that was cute. 30:54.54 Sam Q it. 30:58.21 Taryn That's definitely geared a little more for younger but I wanted to at least go check it out and see what it was which was really fun trivia. Oh and then. 31:06.86 dclduo They probably did that. Ah, they probably did that inside out game that we've been to before Sam um. 31:06.86 Sam Um, gosh this sounds like a ah pacted. Oh yeah, there's like some kind of a um, what is it. It's like a motion game that's inside out themes that they've done on some other cruises I wonder if they yeah did do you know if they did that 1 tarran. 31:21.69 Taryn I I think they did that but not on Pixar day. That's what I'm saying it was really nice that outside of Pixar day they were still doing quite a bit of Pixar stuff which was nice because this was pretty packed. 31:23.83 dclduo Hit move. 31:24.73 Sam Yeah, yeah. 31:33.53 Sam Um, yeah, yeah, it sounds like it. 31:34.22 dclduo You you mentioned the animator you you mentioned the animator on board I'm curious. Do they have any like other folks who you know worked at Pixar or something or worked on the movies on board to do any sort of like talks or anything like that. 31:52.70 Taryn All right? This was my absolute hands down. Favorite part of Pixar day and see they had a storyteller session and it was Bobby Podesta and 32:01.77 dclduo Ah. 32:02.27 Sam Oh oh my goodness. 32:08.39 Taryn Bobby Podesta is obviously a Pixar animator. He started really his first you know somewhat taking a leadership role was cars. He's done 14 Pixar movies. He's he also was integral in the nemo submarine voyage in Disneyland. 32:15.99 Sam You. 32:24.60 Sam I Mean yeah. 32:27.41 Taryn Which of course being a Southern California resident I thought was even more cool and then he he's one of the directors and animators on the new Disney plus series called cars on the road. So I can't speak highly enough about him. He was. 32:35.77 dclduo Who. 32:46.21 Taryn Funny He was engaging. He was knowledgeable. He was oh it was so wonderful. So what he decided to do is obviously give a little bit of his backstory and then he thought it would be really kind of apropos if he talked about cars on the road because to him that's kind of full circle. 33:03.33 Sam Yeah. 33:05.83 Taryn When he first directed cars was like his first big show and now he's doing this series. So what he did. We got an inside look you couldn't take your camera out. No pictures. No filming. He took us through the process. Of 1 of the episodes of cars on the road called trucks and it was amazing. I'm not going to be able to describe it anywhere near the the worth that the worth that it deserves and we saw he he started from the pitch. 33:23.99 Sam Cool. 33:31.80 Sam Um. 33:37.82 Sam He. 33:40.84 Taryn And we saw the storyboards for the pitch. We talked about the feedback he got the changes they made the music they wanted. They showed the making of the music interviews so we got to see all these little clips that were like property of Pixar you know, basically behind the scenes. 33:49.83 Sam Look cool. 33:54.85 dclduo Yeah. 33:54.88 Sam Right? right. 34:00.60 Taryn And then at the very end we got to watch the episode and just to watch him I mean he was so passionate about it and I keep want to say you so animated which is a bad pun. But it's one of my favorite words with to describe people like that but he really was and it was so amazing. 34:01.91 Sam Oh cool. 34:11.26 Sam Ah, yeah, yeah. 34:20.30 Taryn Just watching him watch his baby come to life and so then at the end he did a q and a and it was really inspiring. He had some adult and he had kids asking questions about career and on 17 disney cruises I got to say that was one of my favorite things I've ever done. 34:38.94 Sam Ah, that sounds awesome. That sounds so all right? So oh go ahead. Sorry I didn't mean to drug it. Okay, ah so I would love to hear about. 34:39.83 Taryn It was amazing. It was amazing. So I Oh no, it's just going to say no, that's okay I'm done. 34:54.91 Sam The shows right? We know that there was there was like a big deck party show if I'm not wrong I don't know was there Also a stage show I know there was like some kind of incredibles themed show. So yeah, tell us what kind what kind of offerings did they have in the way of that sort of entertainment. 35:12.69 Taryn Sure so at seven thirty they had a Pixar pals celebration and it was I had no idea what it was. You know so I thought kind let me go up to this and see and ended up being basically like a little dance party kind of like they do with pirates. But. 35:20.98 Sam Yeah. 35:27.21 Sam No. 35:32.40 Taryn So much better and I just I don't even know how to explain this either with it not sounding ridiculous. But basically they introduced each little Pixar group. So first like joy came out and then they played like walking on sunshine and. Each character had little dance moves and they were teaching the audience to do a little dance and then sadness comes out and it's like walk walk and then you hear ain't no sunshine when she's gone and they play these sad and then they it's so funny and then they go back to joy. 35:58.79 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 36:05.80 Sam Ah, ah. 36:10.53 Taryn And they do happy by Pharrell and back and it was just it was really funny and then they came together and they played a song that compromised and it was really funny so that was I was laughing so hard I was and was crying at that point and it just started so then. Had Miguel come out and he taught a dance and they had Doug Russell They had toy story come out. It was really cool because it was all the 4 meet and greets and so seeing Bullseye is super exciting and then they had a surprise and Rex came out and everybody lost their mind. 36:34.67 Sam So. 36:41.19 Sam Oh wow of Rex. Oh. 36:43.98 dclduo Ah. 36:45.56 Taryn Yeah, everybody lost their minds I mean just ah I I've been like I said on a lot of cruises and I don't know if I've ever heard the deck scream and be as loud as it was at that that show it was really fun. 36:57.61 Sam This. 37:03.30 Taryn So I'm so glad I went to that because I thought it would be kind of you know for younger crawled and maybe it was but I was severe was seriously entertained. It was I thought just really cute and really engaging and it was a great way to see all of the characters only like when remy came out. 37:12.31 Sam Ah. 37:22.62 Taryn 1 of his dance moves is to like stir like motion like it was stirring. Yeah, so so everything was really applicable to the character and what they would do so it's really cute I thought well thought out really really nice. So that was the seven thirty one 37:24.77 Sam Ah, store the pot I Love it. 37:39.67 Taryn And then the big fireworks extravaganza was the an incredible deck party celebrate the supers. So basically this show was giving the incredibles an award for being so incredible and. 37:42.31 Sam Um, yeah. 37:57.67 Taryn So they come out. Yeah to accept it and frozone comes out and the service is incredible and then all of a sudden. It's like where's Jack Jackck oh viollet's watching him. It's no problem then jacktak makes a little appearance like peekabbo and they're like oh no Jack check. So they proceed. 38:03.71 dclduo So. 38:15.31 Taryn To chase Jack Deck around the ship to catch him and so they use the big screen. It's really I thought it was really cute and um some of it was through the view of Mr Incredibles like ah he had a you know body cam on and then some was. 38:16.33 Sam Oh so fun. 38:29.40 Sam Oh cool. 38:33.17 Taryn Some was from the ship's cameras so they would switch and it was really fun and then they showed like violet and dash briefly in there. They I don't know where he is. You know they didn't care. They're in vibe played video games or whatever. And yeah, so it's really funny. So so that you know. 38:47.50 dclduo Ah. 38:47.45 Sam Ah, smart. 38:51.25 Taryn Takes a little while and then they get Jack Jackck back and then edna comes out hold them. It's really cute and so what they do because at 1 point he he like peekabbos in the in the little funnel a pie. It's yeah so really cute and then. 39:00.77 Sam Yes, I've seen the picture up high. Yeah yeah. 39:09.46 Taryn Then they said all right? Well now we're all here. Let's do the celebration like you deserve and then that's when they did the fireworks and they did it to the incredibles music and I really enjoyed it I thought it was really funny and yeah, it was great. 39:13.32 Sam Oh fun. 39:24.10 dclduo With those fireworks in lieu of like a pirate night fireworks or did you get 2 sets of fireworks on the cruise. 39:26.60 Sam That's awesome. 39:31.30 Taryn Oh goodness I'm still a little traumatized. We had this thing called Pirate Nightgate and no yes I'm not exaggerating Nobody knew if we were having pirate night or not it wasn't on the schedule and everybody who was. 39:39.55 Sam Pirate nightgate. 39:50.94 Taryn Chatting or calling Dcl they were being told you're not having a pirate night. So I want to joke another nautical there almost was a mutiny because people were like I bought Costumes Yes, there was a pirate night So I'm not sure what happened there but I mean this was going on. 39:57.42 Sam Yeah. 39:59.92 dclduo Ah. 40:05.92 Sam You. 40:10.31 Taryn For like months leading up to the cruise and then we we knew someone in our group who's on the first cruise was given us Intel and they said we're having a pirate night so I'm not sure if they were thinking of not doing one to like just because it's a lot these these cast members were. 40:11.90 Sam Wow. 40:19.94 dclduo Um, yeah. 40:26.98 Sam It's a lot for the cast members. Yeah. 40:30.30 Taryn They were so busy and then like I said doing all the Pixar stuff and I mean this cruise had so many activities so I thought perhaps maybe they're not going to do a show and fireworks. But maybe just do a little and we didn't have the pyrate night menu because we had the Pixar menu. 40:34.63 Sam I. 40:40.77 dclduo Yeah. 40:48.43 Sam Um, wow. 40:48.66 Taryn So we did end up having a full pirate night. So but it was that was I'm I'm serious this was like going back and forth for months so I'm glad that we had 1 and it was all settled but it was like who. Ah. 40:48.96 dclduo Okay. 41:01.58 dclduo That's that's ah, that's good to hear because when they did the Star Wars day at sea we still had pirate night in addition to Star Wars day at sea. So I mean good to hear that they kept both but agree. It's a lot of work for the crew was there a stage show a pixar related stage show in addition to the deck party or was it. 41:10.66 Sam Yeah. 41:17.28 Sam Well, it's 2 deck parties really. 41:18.30 dclduo Just the deck party. Yeah. 41:18.79 Taryn Well well that right? the second the the incredibles with the fireworks that was also the deck part or the the show the stage show. So it was like stage show they came out they talk and then when they you know. 41:27.66 dclduo The state show for the night. Okay, that makes sense. 41:28.15 Sam Yeah, yeah. 41:37.48 Taryn Night you to the screen and interacting back and forth for the jackjack. Um, so it was all 1 big stage show and fireworks and that was it that was the big show for the night. 41:46.98 Sam Yeah, they probably needed all of the cast members like all of the entertainment cast members for that right? because they um if they've got all these different characters at the earlier deck party and at the later deck party that that's just a lot. Yeah. 41:47.67 dclduo Now you. 42:01.42 Taryn Bright. 42:01.63 dclduo Now you mentioned a special menu so can't talk Disney Cruise line of any subject without talking about some food and so what what was the special menu like anything memorable off of it. 42:09.23 Sam We gotta take food. Yeah. 42:10.47 Taryn Um. 42:16.17 Taryn So I really liked some of the stuff had character theme names. Some didn't they had a butter chicken for an entree and that was so delicious. It was really really good. It was a favorite. 42:25.67 dclduo O. 42:35.54 Taryn Um, at our table for sure So I would I would order that on a regular menu any day that was really good. Um I also had a salad that was beets and go cheese with the honey dressing that was one of my favorite salads ever I've ever eaten. 42:40.35 dclduo Nice. 42:47.00 dclduo O. 42:54.95 Taryn And then dessert where they had like shrimp and Mac Andoos and you know steak they had some pretty you know they you know what Disney they kind of revamp stuff but it's the same but they give it a different name but the desserts they had the churros like in 1923 on the wish. 43:01.96 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah. 43:13.63 Taryn Except these were strawberry dusted and the dip was double chocolate. So the flavor was there but it's really hard to mass produce chorose. So. 43:16.36 dclduo E. 43:23.70 Sam So yeah, the texture. Yeah. 43:28.45 Taryn Yeah, so they were definitely my table Bait he was I think these are from the last crews like as a joke but just to emphasize they were kind of stale so he was really funny right. 43:35.16 dclduo Yeah, ah. 43:37.00 Sam Ah, yeah I feel like they're either too mushy or they're too stale or hard. Yeah, yeah. 43:44.37 dclduo Um, did did they have did they have a paper menu that they gave you or a collect like a collectible menu or something you could take home or was it just like in the app and the you know the menus that you hand back. 43:44.93 Taryn But the flavor was really good. 43:56.14 Taryn Well, we were back to full menus. Everything had a menu but we didn't have a collectible. It was like the laminated um and then the the main dessert. The special dessert was the Pixar ball cheesecake and it was a vanilla cheesecake with blueberry in the center. 43:59.82 dclduo Yeah, okay. 44:07.20 Sam Then. 44:13.88 Taryn On an almond lemon crust and it looked like the Pixar ball with the yellow and the star and it was very cute and it tasted I enjoyed it where our whole table got it and really enjoyed it so it was a really delicious dessert. 44:15.62 dclduo Fun. 44:15.73 Sam Cool. Yeah. 44:25.31 dclduo Nice. 44:29.93 Taryn So it was nice to have as you know when you cruise a few times you kind of get repetitive so it was really nice to have a unique menu with different offerings and it was a lot of fun. So. 44:30.65 dclduo Yeah. 44:34.20 Sam Um, yeah. 44:37.15 Sam Yeah, speaking of collectibles. We've got to ask I want to ask two separate but related questions one was there any kind of in stateroom gift for Pixar day at sea. When we've sailed when we sailed on the star wars date sea. They had a little um I'll call it a bedrunner that they had sort of at the foot of your bed and that you got to take home with you I'm curious as to whether or not they had something like that or something different as a as a gift to take home gift. 44:57.49 Taryn Boom. 45:10.13 Sam But then of course we have to hear about the merch right to hear collectibles. We need to know like what you know what cool stuff did they have for Pixar day at sea in the shops. So yeah. 45:12.71 Taryn Um. 45:13.60 dclduo Ah. 45:22.22 Taryn So for the stateroom gift the night before your stateroom host. It was a little window clean and it said kickstar day at sea and it was circular and it had a little remy on it. It's really cute and um so no more bedrunners. 45:25.43 Sam Oh cute. 45:36.89 Taryn But it was really sweet I also did Marvel last year and they did the same thing a little window clean that said marvel day at sea merchandise. It was how do I say this I didn't expect much because we we haven't been having the greatest merchandise as you guys know and and talk about often. But. 45:49.30 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah. 45:52.23 Sam Yep. Oh Good. Oh. 45:55.33 Taryn It had more than I thought it would I guess so yeah, so this is the first Disney Cruise where I have not bought anything from a gift shop so they had yeah thank you I didn't know. 46:04.36 Sam I Wow I don't know that we've ever I don't know that we've ever done that so congratulations. Ah. 46:11.73 dclduo Ah, yeah. 46:11.89 Taryn Well I spread it in the spot. So we're all in trouble there. But um, so they had ah a kid's t-shirt which was kind of cute and then they had an adult just like a gray t-shirt just normal t-shirt material not soft. And it had the Pixar date sea emblem with the ship in the middle and then the characters in the portholes and then it said at the bottom of the ship really lightly inaugural season. So if that was long sleeve I probably would have got it because the design on that is. 46:41.42 Sam Who. 46:45.30 Taryn So cool I Love it. Um, and then they had a long sleeve shirt that was incredibles themed and that was Navy blue and it said like incredible I Forget incredible time at sea or something and that was it for specific clothing. 46:48.78 Sam And. 47:01.93 Sam Um. 47:02.22 Taryn They also had you know they they lined the wall with a lot of Pixar merchandise but none of it was specific to the cruise then they also had a really cute ornament that was the ship and then dangling were little the Pixar characters in portholes. There were 3 of them. 47:07.59 Sam Yeah. 47:08.10 dclduo Okay. 47:20.22 Taryn And that was really cute. They had a magnet The pin was the same and I want to say that might be it I'm a Tur is Junkie I was really hoping for a turvis or I know. 47:30.20 Sam Um, yeah, oh yeah. 47:34.15 dclduo I'm shocked I'm shocked because a normal complement of Dcl merchandise is going to include at least a pin a Turvis a t-shirt a spirit Jersey and an ornament I feel like that is like a mug. 47:45.59 Taryn Yes, yes, right? So so there was no mugs no travel mugs. No turvis No so that I was a little bumped because I really liked the design with the ship. 47:48.90 Sam And um and a mug a mug in addition to the Tervis. There's usually one one mug. Yeah. 47:51.41 dclduo Yeah. 48:00.93 Sam E. 48:03.22 Taryn And then the characters in the portals I Thought that was adorable. So you know hopefully next year they'll be able to expand but it was nice that they had some stuff you know because we've seen sparse days since the return of sailing. So. 48:04.29 dclduo Yeah. 48:11.98 dclduo Yeah. 48:12.11 Sam Um, yeah, oh yeah, for sure Marvel marma. 48:18.43 dclduo Well you mentioned you've done a star or actually did as an aside have you done Marvel you did Marvel ok, um, you mentioned you've done a Marvel day at sea now you've done a Pixar day at sea I'm curious. Would you recommend folks take a Marvel or a Pixar day at sea. 48:23.18 Taryn Marvel. 48:31.81 Taryn E. 48:38.10 dclduo Cruise or would you say if you're a Pixar fan for sure like star wars day at sea I'll say got to a point where if it was a star wars day at sea sailing and you were already booked on it. Shirts. Nice little add on but I didn't feel like people were seeking out a star wars day at sea. Do you think folks should seek out a Pixar day at sea. 48:57.17 Taryn I think they should I like I said I went in not a little hesitant because I can enjoy just sitting on deck for reading a book for seven days I mean I'd be a happy camper I'm not working so that's a great day for me. So. 49:11.77 dclduo Yeah. 49:15.92 Taryn I wasn't too worried in that aspect. But I was worried it would definitely be geared more towards younger kids and I I didn't really experience that and you know just like another thing that I didn't mention at night they did um. 49:18.81 Sam And. 49:31.14 Taryn The music of like soul so they had jazz and he wasn't playing just soul music but it was just you know those little ways they incorporate Pixar day into the regular entertainment and I thought that was a really nice and little clever way to kind of add an event that. 49:33.15 dclduo Ah. 49:48.44 Taryn Technically doesn't really have to do with Pixar but it does because you can tie it into soul. So I really enjoyed that I would definitely do it this cruise especially with I think the Disney plus offer it had I think it's the because I usually sail in the offseason you know. 50:06.16 dclduo Um, yeah. 50:07.20 Taryn And when kids go school and Nonholidays and this even though this was offseason This is probably the cruise that had the most kids on it which is great. You know I'm not criticizing that obviously you know? yeah yes. 50:13.36 dclduo Oh yeah, yeah. 50:13.49 Sam It? Oh yeah, yeah, no, but people definitely pull their kids out of school for something like this I think you're absolutely right? especially with that Disney plus deal being applicable that you could use the Disney plus deal and book a Pixar day at sea which is never it's it's really not something. Ah, that would normally have been available in other times. Um, the only place I would say is Marvel day at sea does sometimes have lower price cruises because they were sailing out of Miami and that's obviously ah, a slightly less desirable port for Disney at least than um. 50:44.50 Taryn Right. 50:50.74 Sam Than port canaveral. So yeah, that's I would have you know? Well, if we didn't have so many other things planned having just gotten off of a back to pack Cruz on the one or out of San Diego over Christmas I would have considered you know. 50:50.82 dclduo Yeah. 50:51.80 Taryn Right. 50:58.88 Taryn Um. 51:07.14 Sam Taking ah go in on one of these deals and and grabbing it picks our day at sea because it sounds pretty much amazing and we love all those characters. 51:13.23 dclduo Well 7 nights. Yeah 7 nights sailing on the disney fantasy with Pixar if I get to meet remy at sea. It's a great day. Ah yeah, it sounds like a fantastic fantastic cruise. 51:14.50 Taryn Yeah, it was really fun. 51:18.36 Sam Yeah. 51:28.10 dclduo I'm so glad we got a chance to talk to you Tarin about it and here are all the fun that happened on board certainly peaks my interest and think Sam would book one tomorrow if we had space and our schedule. Ah, but yeah, but Tarra just just want to say? Thank you for coming on and sharing the experience. It just sounds like such an amazing cruise. 51:36.68 Sam If we in schedule. Yeah. 51:39.27 Taryn Um. 51:45.71 Taryn Thank you for having me can I add 1 more thing. Okay, this was important so I was out on the deck and I forgot 2 things 1 they played Pixar day music all day and the announcements they had raz. 51:48.80 dclduo Sure. 51:49.90 Sam Um, yeah, of course. 51:58.89 Sam Oh cool. 52:05.24 Taryn Dory Edna who is the other ones Raz Dory Edna Heimlich so cute. They were doing announcements all day and then they all you know I I loved. 52:15.49 Sam Ah. 52:18.29 Sam Oh my goodness. 52:23.37 Taryn You know raw she's like not knock in the whole ship all year is there. It's just I'm watching you you know it's just really and then thank you and then it' a little age and grumpiness on my side I guess but. 52:23.77 dclduo First yeah. Yeah. 52:29.50 Sam Ah. 52:33.56 Sam Ah, you do a good raw as terran. 52:41.25 Sam Ah. 52:42.45 Taryn Um, and then the other thing I haven't heard other people talk about is they had 3 new horns sounds and 3 yes, sorry so I thought this was important I didn't want to forget this so 3 times in the day I believe it was 10 or ten thirty noon and three. But. 52:47.92 Sam Oh ah, this is huge. Yeah. 52:50.20 dclduo Ah, yes. 53:01.50 Taryn It wasn't in the schedule they made an announcement early in the morning and a lot of people didn't hear it so a lot of people missed out on it and luckily I ran into my table mates and 1 of them was filming for some stuff and I said did you hear about the horns and he said no he said thank you so much you know because you wanted to record them. 53:15.21 Sam Yeah. 53:19.40 Taryn So they did you've got a friend and me remember me from Coco and then the incredibles theme so it was very cool. So I thought that was you know, just just that. 53:19.95 Sam Oh my God yeah. 53:27.41 dclduo Ah so fun that is cool. 53:27.44 Sam Ah, so good. The. 53:36.34 Sam Totally totally so Taryn what's next for you when are you sailing again and on which ship. 53:36.35 Taryn Just chef's kiss Disney Cruise Line you know? yes. 53:36.73 dclduo Yes, yes yeah. 53:47.19 Taryn Well of course I'd love to go sooner because there's some out of San Diego but my dog just had key PLO surgery so ah she is basically not allowed to move for two months so I know it's awful. 53:57.52 dclduo Oh my gosh. 53:57.77 Sam Oh my goodness. 54:03.26 Taryn So my next cruise is I really wanted to do a silver anniversary at Sea Cruise so I booked the first one on the magic because I thought let's do it on the original ship and then I backtracked because I thought I don't want to go that's only a three day 54:06.57 Sam No. 54:14.70 Sam Nice. 54:22.23 Taryn So I want to do it back to back. But then when I went back to there was a Southern Caribbean so now I'm doing a back to back to back on the magic starting in san and starting in San Juan and then I said well have to do this 4 day transit. Oh and then it runs into the three day silver anniversary at sea. 54:37.75 dclduo And. 54:39.47 Sam Perfect. 54:41.85 Taryn So that's that's yes, it's terrible. But it's great. It. 54:45.89 Sam Ah, well we I guess we're going to have to have you come back to talk all about this that that sounds like an amazing itinerary or amazing 3 itineraries. Um, so we'll definitely love to have you back Tarin thank you for again for coming on the show and chatting with us about Pixar. 54:49.35 dclduo Yeah. 55:01.99 Taryn Thank you for having me appreciate it. 55:04.20 dclduo Area. Let me lost the there. It is. 55:07.30 Sam Awesome.

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