March 15, 2020


Intro Episode - Who are the DCLDuo?

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Brian Sam
Intro Episode - Who are the DCLDuo?
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Intro Episode - Who are the DCLDuo?

Mar 15 2020 | 00:50:24


Show Notes

Welcome to the DCLDuo Podcast, we're so exited to have you join us as we talk all about our Disney adventures.  In this episode we introduce you to the DCLDuo and talk a bit about what we hope to do with the Podcast, as well as some potential topics for upcoming episodes.  We also discuss some of our Disney favorites across Disney entertainment, parks and the cruise line.  Welcome to our podcast!

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The views in this video are our own, and are not those of the Walt Disney family of companies, Disney Cruise Line or the Walt Disney theme parks or resorts. If you have questions about a Disney vacation or any of the Disney offerings discussed in this vlog please contact Disney directly or discuss with your Disney travel agent. Thanks for watching!

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