March 21, 2024


Ep. 405 - Live Bonus Show - Your Destiny Awaits: Everything You Need to Know About Disney Cruise Line's Announcements About its Newest Ship the Disney Destiny

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Brian Sam
Ep. 405 - Live Bonus Show - Your Destiny Awaits: Everything You Need to Know About Disney Cruise Line's Announcements About its Newest Ship the Disney Destiny
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 405 - Live Bonus Show - Your Destiny Awaits: Everything You Need to Know About Disney Cruise Line's Announcements About its Newest Ship the Disney Destiny

Mar 21 2024 | 01:10:50


Show Notes

CT joins us on this special live bonus episode to discuss the breaking announcements from Disney Cruise Line about the Disney Destiny - the third Wish-class ship in the fleet due to set sail in 2025. DCL announced today that the ship will be themed to "heroes and villains" and teased some potential IP and franchises we'll see onboard including Hercules, 101 Dalmatians, the Incredibles, Marval, Haunted Mansion, Star Wars and so much more. We're breaking down the announcements, and also doing a little bit of prognosticating on how the various franchises could be reflected in the venues onboard. So grab your tin-foil Mickey ears and come speculate with us!

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Speaker A: We're going to see Edna mode in the form of her having a fashion design studio that replaces bippity boppity boutique. And they're going to make kids superheroes on this ship. [00:00:10] Speaker B: Oh, I love that. I love that idea. Welcome back, everybody, to yet another live edition of the DCL podcast. That's three lives in a week, I think, sam, that we've been doing. So thanks for everyone out there who is watching. This was a last minute live edition. I want to bring in a guest that we've invited to join us who was providing some just amazing recommendations, pure gold for Disney Cruise line around some of the theming that they wanted to see. [00:00:49] Speaker C: Prognostications. [00:00:51] Speaker B: Yeah. So let me bring in CT to the show. [00:00:54] Speaker A: Welcome, CT. Hey, Sam and Brian. It's good to see you guys. It's good to be back on the show. [00:01:00] Speaker C: Yeah, it's good to have you back. Now, before we dive in, oh, I was going to tell. So, CT, I see you brought your aluminum foil ears. And I just wanted to tell you that I also brought my aluminum foil ears to the show in honor of. [00:01:20] Speaker B: Guys are killing me. [00:01:23] Speaker C: CT was saying earlier today that of course he was using his aluminum foil Mickey ears to prognosticate about the Disney destiny. I keep saying density in my head like George McFly unbacks to the future. You are my destiny. Or density, he says. Anyway, but CT was mentioning over Facebook that he was, and I think Twitter as well, that he know using his tinfoil ears. And so I had to make my own pair of tinfoil ears to wear. [00:01:59] Speaker B: I meant to go downstairs and make myself a little tinfoil hat to put on and I totally forgot to do it. So I love this. I love this. Everything about this. [00:02:09] Speaker C: I love that. By the way, for those of you watching right now, this was not planned. Like, CT and I both did this separately because even though it was a joke, we both obviously felt like we needed to take the joke to the next level and actually present our tinfoil ears. [00:02:27] Speaker A: Absolutely. It's commitment. [00:02:29] Speaker C: Yeah. I love that yours are also the traditional ears and that mine are like the. [00:02:34] Speaker B: Wait, you can just take them off and put them away. [00:02:38] Speaker C: These are the silver anniversary at sea. I'll wear them. It's just they fall off a little bit. So bear with me. I'm going to wear them. I'll wear them for as much as I can stand them for the show. Eventually they'll come off because they keep falling off. By the to. [00:02:54] Speaker B: Let's welcome a few folks to the show here. Tracy watching again I think listener fan viewer number one here. Tracy, thank you so much. Ashley was laughing at your ears, Sam. [00:03:07] Speaker C: And CT's ears, I bet. [00:03:08] Speaker B: Yeah. Robin says I'm finally able to catch a live show. Yeah, we had to push this one an hour earlier. Our son is at math camp right now or math after school enrichment right now. So we're just trying to squeeze this in between math lesson here and up. There's Steve Elsis, a good friend of the show, who's saying, ayo, we got Josh, obviously. All right. Saying she loves the ears. [00:03:36] Speaker C: Yeah, she loves the others. Martha loves the ears, too, and is excited to hear our thoughts. Others are just saying, hi, Chris Kidder is saying, can't wait to hear your thoughts. And speculation on the new ship announcement. Love it. Love that. We've got friends watching. [00:03:53] Speaker B: Reminder of those for you on Facebook. There is a way to give streamyard permission to see who you are so we can see who you. So thanks for watching over there on Facebook. All right, let's get to mean, it's just been a flurry of news out of Disney Cruise line this past week with itinerary release and now the Destiny. Why don't we talk through what we know for sure and sort of pick apart some of the announcement a little bit, highlight a few things. What I want to do is I have put together some slides here from the official Disney cruise line announcement. You know, some of this is the artist's rendering. I want to be very clear. Artists rendering of the exterior of the Disney destiny of the Disney wish with. [00:04:41] Speaker C: The name Destiny on it. [00:04:43] Speaker B: Yeah, I was going to say, well, that's where I was headed with, which is I don't see a lot of daylight between this ship and the treasure of the wish, which it frankly shouldn't be surprising. This is the third ship in the wish class. It's described as a sister ship to the treasure and the wish for all of you wanting a running track. [00:05:01] Speaker C: Check out that running track. Check out the running track. It's the same as the one on the wish that's also going to be on the treasure. We're going to have that multi where you have to go up two levels to run around the ship. [00:05:13] Speaker B: Now, we should say these are, again, artist renderings. They're all subject to change. I was trying to find the picture. They had a picture from the keel laying today. If you saw the amount of the ship that was actually done today, it's like one little section. It's not anywhere near complete. But I'll also say we'll get to this in a second. Based on when they expect to take delivery of this ship, I don't see a lot of room for some major overhaul of the design of the ship at this point. This is the exterior, the artist renderings. I don't know, CT, did you catch anything out of these photos that caught your eye? Other than more of the same? [00:05:50] Speaker A: So the photos were more of the same. But here's what I'll say, is, I looked it up, and March 30, 2023, was when the keel was laid on the treasure. So I think we're looking at another Christmas launch for the boat. Based on the timing of today's announcement and hearing that the keel has been. [00:06:07] Speaker B: Laid, I want to believe. Let's talk about the actual sailing here in a second. Because they do get to that ever so slightly. Let's keep rolling through what we know for sure here, based on the announcement. Let me move this slide here. If I can find the button. All right. There's the lang. There's Mike and Philip with their keel coins. Gosh, I wish they would sell those. I mean, I know they sell the ones encased in the plexiglass or with a picture. I wish they'd sell the actual keel coins. I don't think I've ever seen them. Those are really cool. They look really cool. I know Sam desperately wants one, because there she is with the S 706. That's the whole number for the ship at Mareworth there. But this is Sam, that's what I want for the keel coin. [00:06:52] Speaker C: This is my favorite mini ever. I have to say, I thought Captain Mini was my favorite mini ever. And now hero Mini is my favorite mini ever. I was always a big superhero fan when I was little. Like, I was Supergirl for Halloween. A kid you not in kindergarten. So, for me, super Mini, like hero Mini with a cape and her skirt outfit. That totally reminds me of Supergirl's outfit. This is like ultimate Mini. I want to be this mini when I grow up. Is that weird to say? Yeah, it is weird. Yeah. Okay, well, I'm also wearing tinfoil ears, so come on. [00:07:37] Speaker B: All right, let's keep moving. I do love the hero mini keel coin, so I think that's great. I do wish. They wish they would sell those. Okay. That goes along with the new filigree for the ship, which we got Minnie there in her cape. If you notice this daisy duck here. [00:07:56] Speaker C: It looks like sitting. [00:07:57] Speaker B: And we've got goofy surfing the wave. No, it's goofy. Yeah, we got Donald. [00:08:02] Speaker C: Oh, yeah. [00:08:02] Speaker B: But we got Donald. There. And we got Mickey. [00:08:05] Speaker C: And we have Donald. Mickey and Donald. You're right. Sorry. I was thinking that was Pluto, but you're right, it's goofy. Interesting. [00:08:11] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:08:12] Speaker C: So we've got a weird version of the Fab Five then, because there's five of them. But when I say weird version because Daisy is replacing Pluto, Daisy's not usually in the Fab Five. She's the. [00:08:25] Speaker B: Yeah, yeah. And got a comment here from Sarah saying adventurer Mini is still my. [00:08:31] Speaker C: So I think adventurer Mini is adorable, but for me, just my taste. This is hero mini beats adventurer mini. I'm sorry. [00:08:41] Speaker B: Well, I'm still going for hashtag Admiral Mini or Commodore Mini because she needs a promotion given how much she's involved in these ships now. All right, let's move on. All right, this is the announcement. This is where I think we can have more of a discussion. So this is extracted right from the press release today. I'll read it for those of you listening to this afterwards at home. It's from Disney Cruise line says Disney Destiny will bring stories of legendary Disney heroes and villains to life. New Disney cruise line ship will draw inspiration from epic tales of Disney, Pixar and Marvel. It says Disney Cruise Line revealed the first details about its next ship, the Disney Destiny, as it reached a new construction milestone today with a Keelang ceremony at the Mayorwerft shipyard in Pappenburg, Germany. With the good luck garnered by this maritime tradition, this ship of legends and lore is beginning to take shape. The design theme of the Disney Destiny, sister to the Disney wish and treasure, will be heroes and villains. So that was the big news of the day. Heroes and villains drawing on the legacy of beloved Disney stories, characters and theme park attractions to forge a cruise vacation that will empower guests to embrace their own calling aboard every unforgettable voyage. It then goes on to say that onboard guests will encounter heroes and villains alike, including those from beloved Walt Disney animation studio stories like the Lion King, Hercules, and 101 Dalmatians within the spaces experience and entertainment throughout their voyage. So there you go. The guts of the announcement are right there. Big headlines, name of the ship, the Destiny heroes and villains theme, and some names of some IP that is almost certain to be on board. [00:10:21] Speaker C: Not almost certain, certain. If they say it's going to, stories like those stories are going to be somewhere on board, they haven't said where. Which is one of the things we're going to start prognosticating about on this show. [00:10:34] Speaker B: Yeah. The release goes on to say, as CT mentioned, the Disney Destiny is scheduled for delivery in 2025 as part of a multi year expansion of the Disney cruise line fleet. So 2025. Anytime in 2025 is what they're sort of. They did not specify early, middle. Late. Which I think at one point they did specify late 2025 for the treasure or late 2024. Yes. Wanted to call out. They had a video. We can't play the video on this show. We'll get copyrighted off of YouTube if we try to replay their video and sound here. But I pulled a still for those watching later of a comic book that started the video. And on its cover it says hero and villains on the high seas. And it's got images of Hercules and Hades, Minnie Mouse, Captain Minnie Mustafa. Or it might be simba. [00:11:30] Speaker C: That's simba. Actually, that's Simba as an adult. Yeah. [00:11:36] Speaker B: And then we've got Hercules and Hades. I said that, which is interesting. On the left, it's the hero Hercules versus the villain Hades, and then Mustafa. Sorry, Simba. Simba versus Simar and scar. [00:11:51] Speaker C: Then you have Pegasus, who's from Hercules versus gorilla Deville. So that one doesn't make sense. They should have had Pongo and Perdita there instead of Pegasus. But it's okay. It's all right. Because I actually love Pegasus. I was super happy to see Pegasus featured in this video. The only thing better than Pegasus, let me just say this is baby Pegasus. Baby Pegasus is the cutest. Yeah. [00:12:16] Speaker B: Okay. All right, baby Pegasus. And then the next thing that we got, if you watch the video, all of that IP makes it in. And then the next thing we've got is a still of this hallway with these ship doors on it that have character logos or insignia. Yeah. From Edna mode for the incredibles, pirate skull and crossbone for Pirates of the Caribbean. We've got Spider man and Black Panther from Marvel. And we've got insignia from haunted Mansion. So with all of that, I'm going to rewind back. And CT, let's talk first about timing. So what do you think about the timing of the ship? They're saying delivery in 2025. [00:13:02] Speaker C: Right? But other announcements says Set sail. Other announcements said set sail in 2025, even though this one says in the video, it says set sail. And in another post, it says in. [00:13:13] Speaker B: The Parks blog, it says set sale. Yeah. [00:13:15] Speaker A: Right. I think it's going to be the end of the year again. I think if they can avoid Christmas because of how bad the booking has been for the treasure, they may do that for an inaugural, but I think it's going to be the same window based on the timing of the kill laying. I think this also says that Disney is fairly confident that the treasure is going to be on time, that they can look at March of 2024 and know that by the end of 25 they can predict another ship is coming. It's interesting that the name wasn't released during D 23, which actually says to me, maybe we're going to have a full D 23 and have an exciting one this year where they're going to talk about the adventure and potentially some of the other venues that are going to be on that. I'm sure we're going to guess right today because we've got the tinfoil ears to lead the way. Right? [00:14:02] Speaker C: We're channeling all of the good juju to know that we're going to guess right. [00:14:08] Speaker B: Yeah. I want to say my reaction to. So let's talk about the timing of the announcement today for a second, because I think you're bringing that up a little bit CT with your comment, which is. I'll just say this. I found it odd to announce this in the middle of summer 2025 itinerary booking, right? So basically, they just released itineraries for summer 2025 booking isn't even open to the general public yet for those itineraries that won't come for another two days. They had the announcement today. I wonder how much that's going to hurt them on the summer 2025 itinerary bookings, because people will be like, well, wait a second, I might wait to see what you're going to do with this ship, like, when it's going to come out and save my money for that cruise. Except I don't think this was a strategic error so much as I don't think they had a choice because the Keelang was today. The Keelang is usually dictated by the build schedule. And once you have the Keelang, the name of the ship is going to come out, right. So, yeah, I think they had to do an announcement today. But I just wonder if the interplay of all of this means that those summer 2025 itineraries take a bit of a hit. I don't know. [00:15:09] Speaker A: What do you think, if I may, I think the answer there is that a Disney wanted to control the own narrative, right? It lets them want to own the news cycle when it comes to cruise lines and what's happening. I think it also motivates people to book the cruise on the treasure because of the. There are so many DCL fans that are completionist. I need to sail once on every ship. So maybe it motivates people. [00:15:35] Speaker B: I have no idea what you're talking about. [00:15:39] Speaker A: Motivates the summer 25 treasure cruise, I think. Ready the next summer or the next spring, late 25 to get on that next ship. Right? [00:15:51] Speaker C: Yeah, I agree with UCT. So to me, this is a bit of controlling the narrative, making sure to get out the name before the name leaks. Because obviously, as Brian mentioned, once you do, the key laying the ship is named, so the name's going to leak. So you've got to just take control and announce it and then announcing the delivery. I think you're right. It's about the completionists and sort of, I actually think it motivates people maybe not to book the other ships, but to book the treasure. I think it does, particularly for that summer 2025 when kids are not in school. It's not really going to affect significant Alaska sailings because people who are planning on booking Alaska are planning on booking Alaska. It's not going to really affect Europe sailings because people who are going to book Europe are going to book Europe, with one exception, people like us who like to sail too much. We've got a budget for this. So this is something we weren't expecting, to be perfectly honest when we saw this this morning. Not the announcement about the theming or the name, although we didn't know those were coming either. But the timing was a little bit surprising to us, we thought, although previously the ship was coming in 2026. [00:17:08] Speaker B: I think the ship has been announced for 2025. So I don't know that we should have been surprised. I think it was announced for 2025. I think when they announced the adventure, we all speculated that it would get slotted in between the treasure and the destiny, maybe. And Disney's just sticking to its schedule. So the only other two reactions I had, one was, I wonder if the adventure is experiencing some delays, if that was part of let's make sure this ship lands in 2025, but maybe not. Maybe they'll have the adventure come out shortly after. That's a lot of maiden voyages for Disney to manage in a very short period of time. A lot of new ships coming into the fleet in a very short period of time. The other thing that I reacted to just from a planning side of things, because Disney is a planning vacation, right, for cruises. We've said this before on the show, you can book other cruise lines, like some of them are booking to 2026 now, right? Most of them are out to way past Disney, Disney's 2025. To Sam's point about planning, like, we just booked a princess cruise for Thanksgiving, 2025. You know what? [00:18:20] Speaker C: Let me just say we might be canceling that princess Cruise. [00:18:23] Speaker B: Yes, but can I finish my thought, Sam? Which is that cruise is on the princess Star, which, if you go, look, is not a ship that's sailing right now because it's still being built and it's due for delivery in August of 2025. But I can book that cruise today. So I don't understand why Disney stays so tight lipped on these itineraries because I would probably be like, okay, great, now I can plan my 2025 sailing schedule, right? I can plan and others can just plan their 2025 vacations, right? So I really wish they would give some indication of when this ship is coming. I 100% want to agree. Please don't put it at Christmas time again. [00:19:07] Speaker A: Is there an element of the itineraries being the way that they are? Because Disney can better negotiate ports and prices to get in places under contract without the hype of the ships coming out too early. Right. I would like to think that based on how that works and how contracts work, Disney has already negotiated whatever ports these ships are going to slot into at this point. But by releasing the itinerary too early or that the ships are out the way that they are, they overhype. You know, it's kind of like, they call it the Walt Disney Florida real estate effect. Right? Like if Disney had gone out there and said, hey, I'm going to open up a theme park here, instead of buying up the land. All real small pennies on the dollar, right? Is there an element? Disney's always been a very savvy company when it comes to the business side of things. [00:19:55] Speaker C: Yeah, I mean, it's certainly. [00:19:59] Speaker B: Port. Hold on. I was going to say the port agreements, I think are negotiated. We already know today the Fort Lauderdale port agreement for the next five. Like, they negotiate these for long. Like, I don't know that. That's because they've already committed to Fort Lauderdale. I forget the exact terms, but it's like Port Canaveral has two large ships and one part time small ship, and Fort Lauderdale has one large ship, one part time small ship. Galveston has like. So they've already signaled kind of where the fleet will be positioned at the home ports. It could be the destination ports, but something tells me those are also negotiated well out in mean. Look, all I'm saying is other cruise lines are able to get this stuff. I just, like, the planner in me is like, I hate that Disney can't. But anyway, let's, let's speculate on topics more fun than about. [00:20:55] Speaker C: Let's talk about timing though, because this is something else that CC brought up, which is, and you brought up too, Brian, which is time. Like I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's not going to be Christmas. I'm going to say it's going to be early. Yeah. Like Steve is saying, I'm going to say it's going to be earlier than Christmas. I have no idea how early. But this keeling is ten days earlier than the treasures keeleying. So I'm going to go out on a limb and say maybe it's ten days earlier than Christmas time cruise. So like a week before or maybe early December. Or maybe late November. Right. I don't think a New Year's Eve maiden, as Martha has commented, she thinks it sold better on the treasure compared to the Christmas one. That I think just is a virtue of different people's vacations. And some people don't want to be like they want to be with family for Christmas. I think that's less of an issue for New Year's Eve. So I'm just going out on a limb and guessing it's earlier in December or perhaps late in November. [00:21:59] Speaker A: How great would the synergy be if it were Thanksgiving Day in New York City as the Macy's day parade with a Disney cruise float finishes the parade and then people go to get on the ship. [00:22:11] Speaker C: That would be amazing. [00:22:12] Speaker A: We'll call that a magical start to the. [00:22:14] Speaker C: Yeah, I mean, they could even just do the christening then. And then sail her down for her first know in early. Right. Like they could do the christening near Thanksgiving in New York. I mean, it sounds like they're going to be maybe doing the christening in New York or at least something in New York for the. [00:22:33] Speaker A: Yeah, maybe that's exactly right. Because that would be a wish which is on brand for Disney. For the wish. Something know is a wish to be on the destiny or on the adventure to be on the. [00:22:47] Speaker C: Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. [00:22:50] Speaker B: I want to throw up Josh's comments for a second. So he says CT makes a fair point, but if they can't sell out the treasure inaugural sailing, why would you do another? I think that's around the Christmas timing issue. And then he goes on to say with Disney raising prices and the wildly high inaugural sailing prices, I think regardless of when the inaugural is for the Destiny, it won't sell out. It's a fair point. [00:23:12] Speaker C: Yeah, it's possible. Yeah. And Steve E. Is agreeing with me ten days earlier. Carbon copy of a third ship. When the material is ordered and planning done, treasure is also slightly ahead of schedule. He's thinking. So he's saying November, December 2025 is his guess. Yeah. Although Tracy is pointing out if they launch it and don't have a full ship, then it's kind of a soft launch, and that makes it a little bit easier for them to do a maiden without the ship full. I think that's true. Let's see if there are other comments about the timing. Ashley's saying Disney can't or won't. Brian. I vote won't. I'm not sure what she's referring to, but interesting, interesting points. [00:24:10] Speaker A: I hope we're all right, but sometimes when the ship delivers the ship. Sam. [00:24:14] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:24:14] Speaker A: Letting it in a port is not in the best interest of Disney either. [00:24:18] Speaker C: Right, exactly. [00:24:19] Speaker A: They want to get a crew trained, get their theater company on the boat, and they want to start moving because not only does the boat start to sit, but it kind of becomes perishable in the way that there's skills for it. Right. Like you want to make sure the trained crew is in that rhythm. [00:24:37] Speaker C: Exactly. And what they always do before a maiden, as we know from the wish and from the fantasy and the dream before it, of course, is they do a bunch of preview cruises, right, to give the cast an opportunity to essentially practice with a more easy audience. And when I say a more easy audience, I'm thinking, like, cast members in their families, sometimes Disney executives, and they do everything like a dry run. So the cast is on the ship and they're doing everything as a dry run without real paying guests on board. And then they also invite, of course, travel agents to give them previews and even Instagram content creators, all of that, without some of the pressure of understanding that not everything's going to be up and running. But I think if they get delivery, they're going to start her sailing. So if they get delivery in November, they're not going to wait until January or until New Year's Eve to set sail. Yeah. [00:25:39] Speaker A: Hopefully everything is working on this one. I know you guys kind of talked about that with Wes earlier this week, right? Like, hopefully the treasure lands and then the Destiny lands. And what's that augmented reality experience that's on the ship? I haven't been on the wish yet. [00:25:54] Speaker C: Yeah. The uncharted adventure. Yeah. [00:25:57] Speaker A: Hopefully that is working day one for those, right? [00:26:00] Speaker C: Yes. [00:26:00] Speaker A: It's not the delay. Like there was kind of a partial little mermaid showing, I know, early on, and it took a while for them to get beauty and the beast going, hopefully these boats hit the ground and the gears are just going, especially since for the treasure, it's going to be a seven. I'm hoping we're going to see something like that with the Destiny. I hope that the Destiny has some of those longer itineraries as well and hits the ground with everything working right away. [00:26:24] Speaker C: Yeah, so that's a great topic to switch us to since Brian hasn't joined us back. So I can't pull up the artwork right now. But let's switch to talking about what itineraries we think that the Destiny is going to sail. Let's put this out there. We have no information from Disney as to where the Destiny is going to be sailing from, sailing to and what itineraries she's going to be doing. So let's just guess. CT was trying to put on his tinfoil Mickey ears. But CT, tell me, if you had your druthers, where would the Destiny be sailing? And even if your wishes aren't answered, what do you think she's going to be doing? [00:27:13] Speaker A: So I'm going to take a leap on this one, and I think it's time to make a boat, a full time Pacific boat with a wonder. Now, I don't know if the new ship will go there, but the new ship may take up what the dream is doing and they move the dream to the west coast. [00:27:29] Speaker C: That's a good prognostication. I like that. I'm going to say I hope they do that, but I'm going to guess they're not going to do that. And I'm going to guess that the treasure. Sorry, treasure. I'm saying the destiny. I'm going to guess she's going to take over the wishes rotation, and the wish maybe will move down to Fort Lauderdale and take over what the dream's been doing. I do think it's possible we could get a dreamer fantasy on the west coast. I think it's more likely we would get magic on the west coast, but I think it's possible. Dreamer fantasy, as we talked about in the other night's show, is there's some issue with the height of the dream and the fantasy of her mast, and so they may have to do some. I mean, maybe they'll do that in dry duck. I have no idea. But I think we're going to see the destiny take over the wishes. Three, four night sailings, and then wish rotates to like a, it's like a four, four, five schedule, and then some sort of random different lengths of cruises. Like it might go down to San Juan and do some southern caribbean stuff, but what the magic was doing and now the dream is doing out of Fort Lauderdale, that's just my guess. [00:28:49] Speaker A: I think that getting a second ship over to the Pacific is in Disney's interest because I think there's still a market to run Southern California as an itinerary when the ship goes to Australia. And I think that there is some neat flexibility in maybe doing some California coasts by having a second ship out there when one is headed north and doing Alaska. So Vancouver south instead of. I just. I think Disney's always been really good at adding itineraries and ships to do more for their customers and creating more customers and more locations. Not. Whereas some of the other cruise lines will just take a boat and depart every day from the same port, do the same four day itinerary, and there's just a relay going of four boats and they're in different spots on the four different days or three different days of a four day set. I like this ship maybe not being on the west coast but creating an opportunity for there to be a second boat over there. [00:29:52] Speaker C: Yeah, I love going to. I'm going to read the comments. I can't bring them up because I don't actually have the control over the stream right now. But basically Steve E. Is saying shorter sailings and the treasure maybe takes over for the three, four night wish. Sonia is also agreeing with you hoping for west coast. But as just to be clear, what CT and I are prognosticating is not that the new ship is going to the west coast, just that it creates the opportunity for West coast. And Ashley's agreeing, that would be great. Josh Daily MTB rider is saying, I'm going to say they'll keep the wish and treasure out of Port Canaveral, but this one will go somewhere else. He doesn't think they'll make a full time west coast ship as it seems to be a tough market. And then. Sorry, Steve is saying, I don't believe a new ship saved for the adventure would ever be anywhere but Port Canaveral. And I'm agreeing with really, the new ship is going to be out of its flagship, Port Canaveral. And that's why we'll see them move around other ships to accommodate different ports. And Josh is also saying, again, I think more likely five night cruises out of Fort Lauderdale, New Orleans and Galveston. I think that's a possibility, but again, I think that's a possibility. More for the wish. If the destiny takes over the wishes itineraries right now. All right, well, let's move topics since Brian is back. Brian, the only thing we covered with. [00:31:30] Speaker B: That I don't get to comment on itineraries. [00:31:33] Speaker A: Where did we land? [00:31:38] Speaker B: Where did you land on three four night versus seven night? [00:31:43] Speaker C: My prediction is three four night cruises out of Port Canaveral and wish rotates to, I mean, and NCT agreed with me, but we're both hoping that what this does is free up one of the other ships, whether it be the magic or dream or fantasy, to head over to be sort of full time on the west coast so that when the wonder goes across and does the Alaska season or goes across and does the South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand sailings, we still have a ship on the west coast anyway. So that's really the issue. And Steve is bringing up a great point, which is theme is bigger than location or theme is greater than location. They can justify demand initially and then rotate out. Right. So you don't need to have your newest ship at some really cool destination. You put her into your Nassau castaway rotation because the stuff on the ship is the draw, not the port. And so that's what it was with the wish. That's what's going to be with the treasure and that's what it'll be with Destiny. [00:32:51] Speaker A: So there's a Facebook user that just popped in there that said maybe the maiden will sell out if the Destiny replaces the wish. I think that's a really good point that those high priced maiden voyages do very well if it's a three or a four night, as opposed to being a seven night, like the treasure is trying to get people to do right away. I think there's a really good. [00:33:10] Speaker C: Although the maiden for the wish was a five night. [00:33:13] Speaker B: Yeah. Five night. Yeah. Typically they do a little longer sailing as like a bonus. [00:33:18] Speaker C: Yeah. My guess is even if she takes over the wishes rotation, it's not going to be a seven night maiden, but it would be more like a five night maiden or perhaps a four or six night. Right. It's probably not going to be a six night, though. Or seven night if she's taking over the wishes. Three, four rotation. So that's true. It'll be a lower cost slightly. Now we got to talk theming. [00:33:41] Speaker B: Let's talk theming. Yeah, let's talk theming. So look, we know Hercules and Hades are going to be central to this ship. I think based on even how the little video played out. I mean, the real battle was Hercules and Hades. So Chris you had absolute gold on our show. We did recently with wes with some of your suggestions. So I just want to hand the mic over to you for a minute. Let's talk atrium character, stern character, atrium, that kind of stuff. Go for it. [00:34:11] Speaker A: So if Disney wants to go the distance, I love it. Hercules the musical with Hercules as the main show on that ship, they haven't done it in about 15 years. It'll be about 17 years between March 2008 when it stopped on the wonder and when this one sails. But I like Hercules, and Hades is such the villain of villain. Yeah, I love Hades being the star, the advancement of the puppetry, and all the things we've seen the Disney theater company do over the past 1517 years with beauty and the beast and kind of what we're seeing out of Moana and what they've done, even with Maximus. Can you imagine Pegasus on that? [00:34:53] Speaker C: Pegasus, I would die. Ct. First of all, I love Hercules. Like the movie musical, right? It's fantastic. The music is mean. Who doesn't love Megara? But Pegasus is the star in my mind. And you're exactly right. Maximus in Tangled is done beautifully, and all they got to do is add wings to him and he's Pegasus. So like the puppetry. I mean, they might have to add a second puppeteer to deal with the wings. That's the only thing. But it would be phenomenal. I could totally see them doing it. You're right. The advances are crazy, and they just need to bring back the old show with maybe some other. Yeah. The other stuff that people are saying, and I saw this from multiple people online, and I know Tracy, saying it right here in our chat, is the return of villains tonight. That's another show that was retired by DCL. You have that in your notes, too. That doesn't surprise me. Yeah. So that was a show that was beloved by DCl fans. I've seen it only on YouTube. I never saw it on the ship. Same with the Hercules. But I think both of those really, I mean, how do they not fit, right? Plus, like, maybe a heroes unite deck party. [00:36:14] Speaker A: I have one other show because most of them carry two shows. Yeah, but I have what, you know, with the tinfoil hat and I have what I think will. [00:36:23] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:36:23] Speaker A: What I want is I would love to see Snow White. The timing is perfect. They're going to have a new live action movie. [00:36:29] Speaker C: Oh, yeah. [00:36:29] Speaker A: Just like they did with Beauty and the Beast when they launched it on the dream. It was synergized with the success of the live action, Beauty and the beast that was done around that time. And I think there'll be new songs that will come from the movie which will drive some excitement for it. But I think in reality, they're probably going to dust off the little mermaid and put it on the ship as well, because Ursula is also a very powerful Disney villain. [00:36:55] Speaker C: Well, and they have little mermaid on the could just. That could be the second show. I think you're right. I think it would be very easy to put little Mermaid as the second show on the Destiny, but they've got to have a new show. But they could recycle an old one, but just update it. And in my mind, that would be a new show. [00:37:16] Speaker B: But, yeah, hold on. I don't want to cut the theming discussion short here. I want to get right back to it. But there's been a couple of comments here in the thread about whether Fort Lauderdale can support LNG fueling. And I'll just say I quickly sort of went over and was looking, and it seems like they have plans to support that in the very near future. And so Port Everglades and Fort Lauderdale are gearing up for LNG because some other cruise lines have some ships coming that are based out of there that are LNG. So I don't know that they have the capability today, but by this time in 2025, I suspect they will. And that may be part of the agreement that Disney struck with the port of Fort Lauderdale, Dale to build their new terminal. There is. You will need to support lNg if you want us to move out of Miami. So I just want to call that out. It may not have it today, but we know they have a poor commitment to have one of these large ships down there, and they're all going to have to. [00:38:08] Speaker C: The wish class is to be class. So wish, treasure, and Destiny will all. [00:38:13] Speaker B: Be LNG fueled on the theming side of things. Can I knock out just one thing that I think is just guaranteed based on this hallway slide? We've got. [00:38:26] Speaker A: I have one. [00:38:27] Speaker B: And Black Panther. We have Spider man and Black Panther. Can I just call it now that Marvel's restaurant is going to be on the third ship. And I was right. It is the animator's palette of the wish class ships like that done. [00:38:42] Speaker C: I agree. [00:38:43] Speaker B: No other explanation. [00:38:44] Speaker C: It's so funny that we all had that same thought. Yeah, I totally agree. [00:38:51] Speaker B: Hey, DCL duo fans, you know, we get the question all the time. Should I use a travel agent to book my next Disney cruise, or should I just book with Disney directly and I'm going to tell you, if you have that question in the back of your mind right now, you should stop what you're doing and head over to slash Dcl duo. The folks over at mypath unwinding provide an amazing service. 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[00:40:00] Speaker A: Can I hit a quick one on the doorshare? Yeah, that's a fun one. I think we're going to see Edna mode in the form of her having a fashion design studio that replaces bippity boppity boutique. And they're going to make kids superheroes on this ship. [00:40:16] Speaker B: I love that idea. [00:40:19] Speaker A: Princesses. They can still do pirates just like it does today. The opportunity to look like Mickey. [00:40:26] Speaker C: Yeah. If they're not doing this and they are watching, they need to do this because I think this is not just gold. This is like Benjamin's. Okay. This will bring in the Benjamins for. Yeah. Superhero costume. [00:40:43] Speaker A: It'll probably be a tea shop, though. [00:40:45] Speaker C: Yeah. Don't say the way. [00:40:47] Speaker B: By the way, Sam, can we get this on a t shirt for you? [00:40:50] Speaker C: No. [00:40:50] Speaker B: Steve is saying Brian. Brian is correct. I think he's referencing the Marvel prognostication I just gave. But in general, I think that's an accurate statement. [00:40:59] Speaker C: Thank you, Steve. [00:40:59] Speaker A: The marvel, the 1923, I think are give ins. [00:41:02] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:41:03] Speaker A: The design of the buffet, it's really. [00:41:06] Speaker B: What the cocoa restaurant is going to be. Right. [00:41:08] Speaker C: That's really going to be the question. Yeah. And what is going to be pirates of the Caribbean themed? I think that's the other. [00:41:14] Speaker B: Well, I like. [00:41:15] Speaker C: Big question. [00:41:16] Speaker B: I like the suggestion from Tracy that would the pirate on the door. Be the, like. When we talked to Wes, we talked to Wes recently, he was saying how much he'd love it if one of the pubs was like Pirates of the caribbean kind of themed, or one of the bars was. I think it's a smart theme for a bar, for sure. Could they do. Let me just throw this out there, though. Wild speculation. Could they do a pirates of the caribbean state show? It's a pretty popular franchise. [00:41:41] Speaker C: No, it's going to stay. It's still going to be. No, because I don't think so. I think because we're going to still have a pirate night and a pirate deck show. Right. We're going to have a pirate deck party. Pirate night. It's going to be like the one on the wish. But I think Wes's dream is going to come true, which is. I agree with Tracy. I think we're going to have a pirates of the caribbean bar. Steve is saying, I like Barbosa's lounge. [00:42:07] Speaker A: I have in my notes. [00:42:08] Speaker C: Oh, I love. Yeah, that's a great idea. Yeah. Pirates bar, where al encompasses. Agreed. So it's going to be like. Or like. What is that? Is that the periscope pub on the treasure? Yeah, that's the one I'm thinking is the one that's kind of prime for pirate theming. Yeah. [00:42:27] Speaker A: Can we finish talking about some of the pubs and lounges that we think are going to be around the ship since we're on that theming already? [00:42:33] Speaker C: Yeah, I love that. [00:42:36] Speaker B: Can I ask you a very specific question on that point, Chris, which is haunted mansion. Do we think that the symbol of the haunted mansion on this door means they're going to repeat the haunted mansion bar on the. I would be very disappointed if they didn't differentiate one more time. Right. They have Star wars hyperspace. They have haunted Mansion bar. Okay. [00:42:55] Speaker A: I think it'll be. I don't think it's going to be a bar. I think we didn't see a lot of repeated venues between when it came to lounges, between especially the major ones. Agreed. If there was one they were going to repeat, it would have been. I don't see if Disney's willing to abandon hyperspace from ship to ship. They're definitely willing to abandon the Haunted mansion. And I think Gaston's bistro is one we're going to see. Right. It's a french brewery style kind of. [00:43:23] Speaker C: I think that's a great idea. [00:43:24] Speaker A: And then I actually like Mr. Toad's pub as the Disney deep cut. Like they did 20,000 leagues under the sea on the treasure. I like a good british pub, and it's themed after, like, Mr. Toad's wild ride and some of the characters from there. And they're done in classic, like, gold or brass statues around in the pub. [00:43:44] Speaker C: Oh, I would love so. I would love Mr. Toad. Yeah, that would be amazing. I'm not so much with you on the Gaston, but I think the Mr. Toad is a great idea. [00:43:59] Speaker B: So how do we think haunted mansion figures into this? Because I have to confess, at first glance, I'm looking at that going heroes and villains. I guess the haunted mansion has. I just don't see it as a traditional hero and villain kind of story. And so I'm trying to figure out where it goes on the ship. Any ideas there? [00:44:21] Speaker A: That's a tough one. Maybe more in a smaller venue, like a nightingale type venue. I don't know if the piano bar is quite the right place to put it, but I just don't see them repeating that bar, especially with no data on how much people go into it. Right. It's a little early to commit unless it's a good corner to cut and design costs. Right. There's a monetary reason to do it, but from watching. [00:44:48] Speaker B: It doesn't fit the theme. Hold on. Tara's asking if they announced the Nightingale's bar on the treasure. They have not, actually, when I saw that there was, like, Disney news breaking today, I thought, oh, maybe they're going to announce a final bar existing ship. No, let's give you a whole nother one. There you go. [00:45:07] Speaker A: I looked through the treasure stuff right before this to see if something changed. [00:45:11] Speaker C: So Josh is saying haunted mansion stateroom designs, question mark. I think not. I'm just thinking, like. So you don't necessarily know what your stateroom design is going to be when you book your stateroom. And I think that there's probably some parents who would be a little not happy if they had very young kids and they were in a haunted mansion themed room. Not that haunted mansion is really scary. It's not. But maybe for the really little ones, they might thematically, if there's kids staying up. [00:45:46] Speaker B: Yeah, exactly. [00:45:47] Speaker C: You get the eyes. [00:45:48] Speaker A: I don't think it happens in the atrium or happens off the bow of the ship. Can we agree? Or the back of the ship? [00:45:56] Speaker C: Agreed. [00:45:57] Speaker A: You're not going to see the hat box ghost back there. You would see them somewhere else. I think we can also agree that the Luna Sarabi is not a location for that as well, right? [00:46:08] Speaker C: Probably not. Because whatever that space is can't have that intense level of. And, like, there's not even room to put, like, wallpaper, and you got to have the haunted mansion, like, wallpaper. Right. [00:46:21] Speaker A: Is it a theme for the teen club? [00:46:24] Speaker C: Oh, that's a great idea. That's actually a great idea. They could definitely be that. I'm not sure it would be in the younger kids spaces, but I think in the teen or tween clubs, that definitely could be. There could be featured. Yeah. Or there could, frankly, like, one of the cafes. [00:46:46] Speaker B: Can I go on a limb here? So, I want to figure out what we think the stern and atrium characters might be, because I don't know if we've landed on think. I wonder if we might get a stern of Hercules and Pegasus. [00:46:59] Speaker C: Isn't it the bow? The stern. [00:47:01] Speaker A: That's what my stern characters were. Hercules and Pegasus. [00:47:03] Speaker B: The opposite, Sam. Opposite. Bow is the stern is the back. [00:47:06] Speaker C: Bow is the front. Oh. Stern is the back. Okay, sorry. I screwed that. You said, who did you say it was going to be, Brian? [00:47:13] Speaker B: I think it could be Hercules riding Pegasus. [00:47:16] Speaker C: Riding Pegasus. [00:47:17] Speaker B: Hercules riding Pegasus. Yeah. [00:47:18] Speaker C: I don't know about riding Pegasus, but I think we could see Hercules and Hades on the back of the ship. You don't think they'll put a villain? They put captain. [00:47:29] Speaker B: No, I wanted to know if they would put a villain as the atrium character. I agree. Ct shaking his head for those who are listening to this after. I agree. I don't think so, but, man, that would be kind of cool. I mean, it'd be a stake in the ground of the real battle of heroes and villains. Could they do something cool with the atrium, where the characters change to reflect whether the ship is being a heroes versus a villain's moment? Right. That could be interesting as well. [00:48:01] Speaker A: Or changes for a night. That's villains night on the ship, and they swap it out when. Know at night when they're. That would be really cool. [00:48:08] Speaker C: That would be cool. But I don't think they're going to do it because the atrium statue is not going to move. So I'm going to go out on a limb and say, I think we're going to see Hercules and Hades on the back of the ship. I think we're going to see in the atrium. [00:48:29] Speaker A: I actually think it's simba and maybe Timon and Pumbaa off somewhere. Off to the side. [00:48:34] Speaker C: Yes. Timon and Pumbaa off to the side. Like the mice. I totally agree with you. [00:48:40] Speaker B: We haven't. We haven't talked about Ursula or Maleficent, who are, like, the ultimate villains and aren't even in the IP artwork as of now, which I've got to imagine they both are going to figure prominently at some level. Disney is hitting hard on Cruella Deville these days. I know the Cruella movie. I love the Cruella movie. Let me be very specific. I love that movie. But she's here in the artwork. How do we figure 101 Dalmatians is going to fit into this whole exercise? [00:49:10] Speaker A: Do I have spot of tea? I have spot of tea left to spot the puppy. [00:49:15] Speaker C: I think that would be cute. Yes. I agree with you, though. I think it could be, like, a little cafe or something, because we've got those two different coffee bars, the cricket. [00:49:28] Speaker A: One, and what's the other one? [00:49:30] Speaker C: I can't remember. Well, on the wish, it's Pinocchio wishing star and sword in the stone, and then it's hey, hey, and cricket from Mulan on the treasure. So, yeah, definitely 101 Dalmatians could fit, or it also could play into uncharted adventure. They're going to throw a bunch of different IP into uncharted adventure, possibly for this, as well. [00:49:59] Speaker A: So to go back and answer Brian's question, I actually have that they're going to do a villains character meet and greet, like they do the princess greeting in the to go and see, and they'll be Gaston, cruella, jafar, hook, and the evil queen are all easy characters that Disney has done before that play. Well, maybe even the stepsisters coming through and bickering. [00:50:22] Speaker C: And Cruella is another possibility, too, for that. [00:50:26] Speaker A: If I had my wish, but I won't get it. They'd also have Madame Mim in there. [00:50:31] Speaker C: I don't think you'll get Madame Mim, but I totally agree with your list. I would just add Cruella as another rotational one tonight. Yeah. [00:50:43] Speaker B: Steve's prediction, which I love, is atrium statue hero. Go full. Jack Sparrow. I think he's more of an antihero than a hero. [00:50:49] Speaker C: He is an anti. [00:50:50] Speaker B: I'm not quite. Ooh, this is a great one. We've got Cruella. Champagne bar darling. I like it. [00:50:59] Speaker C: That's a good idea. Yeah, that's a really cute idea. [00:51:02] Speaker B: And it would play into the piano thing, because who's the male character or the dog owner whose name I'm forgetting? It's like Richard Darling or whatever it is. He plays a piano, right, and writes music so he can have a little piano bar on. [00:51:19] Speaker C: He that every adult. [00:51:21] Speaker A: Will be humming the dalmatian plantation on the way back to the stateroom at night. [00:51:27] Speaker C: Or they'll be humming. I think I like Taryn is agreeing with the villain meet and greet. I love that idea. Ct. I think that would be fantastic. And it doesn't even have to necessarily replace the princess meet and greet. It could just be like an additional one as well. [00:51:49] Speaker A: But it'll be one of those ticketed meet and greets that you catch as you're fighting Disney. It. [00:51:55] Speaker C: Yes, exactly. [00:51:56] Speaker A: Which is also will be a part of this. [00:52:03] Speaker C: Right? [00:52:05] Speaker B: Yeah, but they recycled the kids club between the last two ships. Like, do we really think they're going to do something different this time around? [00:52:11] Speaker C: I mean, I'm just saying, if they don't have another place that Marvel's going to be besides the Marvel restaurant, it's going to also be in the kids club. Right. They just might rotate which characters are more prominently featured. That's the only thing I think if. [00:52:25] Speaker A: They don't do the Edna mode bippity boppity boutique, they'd be crazy. But also, I have down that Edna mode would replace the Mickey and Minnie Captain deck area to potentially do that same thing with the kids because incredible. And makes the costume that matches the hero. And kids can pick what their superpower is, and that would be a really great space for them in the kids area. But to Brian's point, they haven't changed that between the other two ships. So you'd be betting against the odds to predict that they would change it. [00:53:01] Speaker C: I just. [00:53:01] Speaker B: I want to put this comment up really fast. I can't find the original comment from Captain Disney, but Josh McHenry is saying, at Captain Disney, I like your haunted mansion restaurant idea. It could be like the ballroom scene I love, and it would just be kind of a natural expansion of what they're doing with the bar. It could be really interesting. I just don't know the show aspect of it. Right. That's the part where I struggle. I mean, if they could get a hat box ghost onto this ship at dinner, part of a, like, I think people would lose their. [00:53:31] Speaker A: Rush for that restaurant. I actually either have asian cuisine with a mulan theme or Mulan does a show, and she is definitely a yes. When you talk about Disney heroes and there's definitely villains in that one and then the other one I have. If not that, it's a good opportunity to do a moana show with Moana and Maui, and then the room gets dark. Representing Fidi later is another great opportunity for them. And they match up cuisine really well. Whereas with haunted mansion, it's stale bread and not to go down on that idea. But how do you lend in cuisine with that theming? Because they did it so well with. And they did it so well with frozen. [00:54:14] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:54:14] Speaker B: I'll give you a roadmap for it. I think there's a way to take what they did on the Galactic star cruiser and the food that they did there and kind of play around with the colors and textures and presentations to be like, this is the food of the dead kind of thing. Now, it might not look appetizing, which could turn off a larger audience who's not into it. So maybe not. I love the Moana theme. I wonder if I always thought it would be great to have a luau at sea and do something with Moana. I'm not sure they'll do it, though, because they're going to have the Moana stage show on the. So, I mean, while an easy extension, I'm just not sure that that's where they'll head. And I wonder about the Mulan restaurant because I think that would go naturally on the adventure. Right? [00:55:01] Speaker A: Yeah, that's fair. [00:55:03] Speaker B: There is some cross when we look. [00:55:05] Speaker A: At like frozen on one ship and the frozen adventure dinner show on another one. But all I'm going to say about the haunted mansion cuisine is thank God for those Mickey chicken tenders. Right? The kids are not going to eat off that menu in that restaurant. [00:55:24] Speaker B: They won't get that adventurous. They just won't. A couple of comments. I want to throw up some good ideas here. I love this activities to choose your destiny, whether hero or villain. I love that. If there was some gameplay aspect on board where you were playing for the heroes or the villains. I mean, maybe an extension of the uncharted adventure game that they have on board already. I love this. Yes. Big hero. Say hero is in the name. Hero is the name of a main character. I love this. I would love this even if it was like. [00:55:55] Speaker C: But he died. [00:55:56] Speaker B: Fireworks. Yeah. No, not hero. Hero doesn't die. And Bayman. [00:56:01] Speaker C: Oh, sorry. It's the brother. It's the brother. I'm getting the names mixed up talking about. [00:56:06] Speaker A: I have him riding on the robot's back as a secondary atrium character set. [00:56:11] Speaker C: I like that. Or actually I love that as hanging off the back of the ship. I love Baymax with Hero on his back. I kind of love that. [00:56:24] Speaker A: Dumbo fits. [00:56:25] Speaker C: Baymax fits exactly well. [00:56:27] Speaker B: And I love the idea of maybe having a hero and villains fireworks show. They're already at Disneyland doing Baymax flying. Mean, I just wonder if they could get Baymax on the zip line that cuts across the two funnels. Know, do something with be. That could be really fun and kind of interesting. I'd love to see. [00:56:45] Speaker A: They already have the red and blue color palette on the deck of the ship lit up at night. And every time I'm out there, I wonder, why hasn't Disney done a Star wars deck show? Yeah, why hasn't there been the red and blue lightsabers in the night and the fireworks going off? [00:57:02] Speaker C: They did do that. Yeah, they did it for Star Wars Day at sea. They did have one. But let's talk about Star wars, because they do mention in one of the statements, they do mention Star wars. Well, Star wars is going to be. [00:57:19] Speaker B: Let me set this up for 1 second. I also just wanted to say JD has a good comment here about the hallway with the doors. Does it mean that each floor will be themed? I think irrespective of the doors, that's how they've done the treasure and the wish that alternating, there's like three or four different themes and they alternate them by deck and there's like one theme dedicated to concierge. I don't know that they would do to the earlier comments that we had. I don't know that they'll do like Spiderman themed rooms. I just don't know how they pull that off in a tasteful way so much as they tend to pick like a movie. [00:57:48] Speaker C: Like a little bit. [00:57:53] Speaker B: Yeah. To your point, Sam. So there was some suggestion, because the press release and some of the other materials don't mention Star wars, that maybe they were abandoning Star wars for this ship, which people were disappointed about, because Star wars is frankly, the ultimate heroes and villains movie at some level. And so I want to quell some of that, thanks to my buddy Steve, who's been commenting throughout the show, who found on Disney's website, under sale with Disney, there is now a page for the Destiny. If you go there, they expressly mention Star wars as one of the IPs. So Star wars will figure into this ship in some way. How that's done, we don't know yet. I'm fingers crossed it's not a repeat of the hyperspace lounge, but I don't know. Chris, did you have any ideas around Star wars on this ship? [00:58:43] Speaker A: You know, just the deck show. I thought the deck show. And they've got a. Has already laid out. Give us Leia, Minnie, and Mickey back, you know, to be there and appear in that show as well, because they've already done that. That's all shelved intellectual property that they haven't used in forever. So that's the place where I fit Star wars into it, especially since I didn't think they'd repeat the bar again. The Luna, that place, there's a very specific way you've seen that that isn't conflicting with the rest of the ship and the flow of the ship that you got to be careful what ip you put into that place. So it feels like there's some love given to something, but it's not too much. So I just didn't find a place for Star wars other than that, because of the way the kids clubs are. [00:59:36] Speaker B: Rob wants the sublight lounge. Make it happen, Rob. I've said it so many times on the that just go gut the thing on the star cruiser and put it onto the ship. It would be a great, great thing. I personally don't want it on this ship. I think they should remodel the existing hyperspace lounge to be closer to sublight, in my opinion. I love this comment where it said in the video they went heavy with Hercules. Could we see a dining room where the muses perform and Phil teaches the kids to be heroes? [01:00:07] Speaker C: That would be a great alternative if they don't use Hercules for a stage show. I think you're right. That could be. Definitely. Could be a restaurant. I love both Steve and Rob were making comments about Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, perhaps dueling as an atrium statue. Right. Like, with their lightsaber dueling. I like that. I also kind of like the idea of them hanging off the back of the ship, so who knows? [01:00:36] Speaker B: Yeah, that feels weird to me. Like, why would they ever be hanging off the back of. [01:00:40] Speaker C: Why would any character be hanging off. Why would the back of the ship. [01:00:45] Speaker A: I could see Yoda with a green lightsaber. [01:00:48] Speaker C: Yeah. [01:00:49] Speaker A: Baymax. [01:00:49] Speaker C: Yeah. [01:00:50] Speaker A: Or not Baymax. Sorry. BB eight. [01:00:52] Speaker C: Yeah. [01:00:55] Speaker A: Usually something lovable you see off the back. [01:00:58] Speaker B: Yeah. Well, if anything about Star wars, like, the droids are the ones sitting outside the ships in space. Right? So I could kind of see that. And they usually do something tasteful. Right? It's not that the character is just there. They're usually doing something to the stern of the ship. So you could see the droids there repairing the back of the ship in some way. That could be kind of cool for sure. All right, well, CT, what have we missed? I know you took some copious notes of ideas for this ship before the show. I want to give you a chance to get through that. [01:01:27] Speaker C: Yeah. [01:01:27] Speaker B: Okay. [01:01:28] Speaker A: So I think for that Luna Saraba, I actually, like the mandrigal villa. [01:01:32] Speaker C: Oh, I love a little bit of. [01:01:35] Speaker A: Light theming that you see for the different rooms as you look up the wall. So Mandrigal Villa. Disney loves encounter right now. It's fans love encounter right now. I think that's a really good lay in for that. I also had black Panther heavy in the marvel dining experience, which is not going anywhere. I like a lion king themed splash pad for the kids on. You know, you get Timon and Pumbaa out there and a couple of grubs and the water shooting everywhere, and I think kids are going to eat that. Know, it's easy to slide down a lion's. [01:02:10] Speaker C: Be, but it could also be Moana, and you could have, hey, hey. And what's the pig's? Kind of. I. I like your idea, but I also think you could see it. Them do the same with Moana's sidekick characters. [01:02:27] Speaker A: And then just this kind of. I guess this isn't really ship specific, but it came to me. But I want to see Lorcana have more of a presence in the preteen area. I think that there's an age there that's digging that card game, and I would like to see them embrace it and create some opportunities for people to get together, I guess. [01:02:43] Speaker C: Even if there's a guy over here who's really embraced Lorcana as well. [01:02:48] Speaker B: I'm building decks, but, yeah, if anyone wants to talk deck building, reach out, because I need some pointers. But what I would love to see, given the Lorcana tie in, which I love, is could they somehow craft a space on the ship that maybe sells Lorcana carts? That would be a great opportunity outside of some of this high end retail that they have and has some tables where you can play Lorcana. That seems like a no brainer to me. [01:03:17] Speaker A: Even if they just take a venue and have where the table just is laid out as a Lorcana playset. Right. I've been playing with my nephew online. We've been playing over Facetime because it's an activity we can have together. So shout out to Zane. But he's been getting into it. But I see how it is when he plays, and the age group just loves it. I know plenty of adults that love it. I see some of that stuff online. So, yeah, make a Lorcana place. [01:03:49] Speaker B: I love this from Rob. What about a Jabba's palace villain themed atrium with Hansel? I would actually take this and say, what about a Jabba's palace villain themed that that could be interesting. That could be interesting. [01:04:02] Speaker A: And then the last one I have is just. They've talked a little bit about a fourth boat in this class. And if the adventure is successful, that boat will be built for Asia. [01:04:13] Speaker C: Yeah. [01:04:13] Speaker A: So enjoy this one, because this is going to be the one we get. Or they'll move one of these over there. Right. And the next one will come here. But that's all I had in my notes. So I think we've hit just about everything in there for sanding. [01:04:26] Speaker B: Well, I think we have just about exhausted our ability to prognosticate. And I'm going to go with. We probably are 80% wrong and we. [01:04:35] Speaker C: Will need to say 90%. I'm going to say we're 90% wrong. But I want to give a shout out to AJ, who's watching us from a delta flight. So it's pretty awesome that we can be streaming on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. I don't call it x, I'm calling it Twitter. And we have people watching on airplanes, so that's just like a testament to technology. Disney, maybe take a note on the tech. [01:05:05] Speaker B: Yeah. Good luck. Good luck. [01:05:07] Speaker C: And he did notice that I'm wearing my Disneyland half spirit jersey. This is the magic key spirit jersey from the Disneyland half. Yeah. I see you're wearing. Is that wine and dine? [01:05:17] Speaker A: No, the dream of Europe 2000. [01:05:19] Speaker C: Oh, the dream of Europe. Sorry, your shirt is small on my screen. [01:05:23] Speaker B: Yeah, sorry, one last question. Rapid fire. True, rapid fire here, because we actually have to go get our son from math. But Linda wants to ask prognostication on the tower suite. So, real quick, your guess as to theme for the tower suite? And I'm just going to go on a limb and say it'll be 100% wrong, because the tower suite doesn't seem to align to the theming of any of these ships. So, Sam, what's your guess on theming of the tower suite? [01:05:49] Speaker C: I'm going to go with Lion King. [01:05:52] Speaker B: Lion King. CT, what do you got? [01:05:54] Speaker A: He's thinking I'm going to do Zootopia. [01:05:58] Speaker C: Ooh, I love. [01:05:59] Speaker B: Ooh, I love that. I love that a lot. [01:06:03] Speaker A: Actually, those have been that way. I'm going to go Zootopia. [01:06:07] Speaker C: Yeah. Steve is saying Power suite is a. [01:06:13] Speaker A: Pipe. [01:06:13] Speaker B: It's the first escape room. [01:06:14] Speaker A: Caribbean. [01:06:15] Speaker B: Yeah. Oh, that's what I was going to say. I was going to say Pirates of the Caribbean. Pirates of the Caribbean, yeah. Steve says Tower suite is a prison. It's escape room. It's just you pay, you know, ungodly amounts of money. And then you got to figure out how to get out. [01:06:26] Speaker C: How to get out. [01:06:27] Speaker A: There'll be a spot where you can try to lure people into letting you out of your room over there by that. [01:06:33] Speaker B: Oh, you have a. [01:06:36] Speaker C: We do. We do have a comment from Kent there saying more Disney shops and less jewelry and watch shops. We agree with you, but DCl doesn't agree with you. So sorry, Kent. I bet we're going to see whatever we have on the wish, we're going to see on the treasure and on the destiny. Just exactly. Carbon copy. [01:06:56] Speaker A: Must be good returns on that. [01:06:58] Speaker C: They must make good money on those. [01:07:02] Speaker B: This is okay. We got to end the show on this. Steve says the SouR Sweet, you can check in, but you can never leave. All right, we got to leave it there. There will be many more shows about the treasure, about the destiny, about the adventure. And as we get more information, it'll be great to see what Disney supplies us with for now. I was going to say Ct, thank you so much. You jumped iN. We had these announcements this morning. I said to SAM we should try to do a live show Tonight. You reached out and said you'd love to wear the Tinfoil Hat and get on with us. And you just came on last minute. [01:07:36] Speaker C: I appreciate you killed it. [01:07:37] Speaker B: Ct taking the time. Love it. Love all your great ideas. I hope Disney is out there listening. But ThAnk you so much for taking the time to be with us tonight. Let me say that. And then for everyone out there watching, this is a special live episode. We will be back with our regular live episode this Monday at 05:30 p.m.. Pacific. 08:30 p.m.. Eastern talking sailing tips and tricks for sailing with kids on Disney Cruise line. We've got a real expert joining us. Trips with Tykes is coming on to Leslie from trips with Tykes is coming on to talk to us about that. So thank you out there for listening, everybody, and watching live with us, leaving your comments and questions if you enjoyed the show. It really helps us a lot if you hit the subscribe button and the like button on YouTube if you're watching there. Otherwise, we will see you next time and can't wait for the discussion then. So thanks everybody for, we super appreciate it. [01:08:32] Speaker C: See you soon. [01:08:37] Speaker B: Well, a big thank you to all of you out there for listening this week. We really, really appreciate it. Please be sure to subscribe to the podcast so you can keep getting great content from the DCL duo each week. We'd also love it if you'd head over to Apple podcasts and leave us a five star review. If you hit those five stars, that's great. If you leave us a written review along with a five star review, we will be sure to read it on the air at the end of one of our main episodes. 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