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Ep. 390 - Bonus - Royal Caribbean's Ultimate World Cruise (Part Two): A Different Perspective with Leslie from Point My Soul North

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Brian Sam
Ep. 390 - Bonus - Royal Caribbean's Ultimate World Cruise (Part Two): A Different Perspective with Leslie from Point My Soul North
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 390 - Bonus - Royal Caribbean's Ultimate World Cruise (Part Two): A Different Perspective with Leslie from Point My Soul North

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Leslie joins us for an extra special bonus episode direct from Royal Caribbean's nine-month Ultimate World Cruise aboard the Serenade of the Seas. We loved hearing about this cruise and getting Leslie's thoughts on the sailing as a different perspective from our prior guest, Jenny. We're chatting about planning, logistics, staterooms, shore excursions, ports, onboard activities, crew, and, of course, food. We're hoping to check back in with Leslie (and Jenny) in a few months to see how their experience has evolved.

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Episode Transcript

00:00.10 dclduo Welcome back everybody to this week's episode of the DCL duo podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and Sam it's mail time again. We have mailtime review time. 00:10.50 Sam Yay! I'm excited for mailtime I'm also excited that you're back here with me the last couple of episodes I recorded myself because you were sick with Covid and that was very sad. 00:18.98 dclduo Yes, it was very sad. It was also my birthday so covered plus flu plus birthday I'm like it's it's been a month people. It's been a month but let's hear from one of our ah lovely listeners who left us a review so this 1 comes from s a reiner who writes I was referred to this podcast from a I have to say that again. This one comes from s a reiner who writes ideal for Disney Planning enthusiast I was referred to this podcast from another Disney planning Patreon group and I'm so grateful that I follow through with their recommendation. We are about to take our first ever Disney Cruise and it will be our children's very first cruise ever. Disney planning can be complex but some of us take great pride in understanding all of the ins and outs and nuances to go along with it. Thank you dcl duo for both entertaining and extremely useful content I feel much better prepared for this last-minute summer cruise and even more excited after listening to a variety of your episodes keep up the fabulous work. 01:10.37 Sam Why thank you Ryan and thank you to essay? What was it writer riner all right? Well thank you essay reiner for that. Awesome review which brings us to our show today which will planning I know. 01:10.92 dclduo Keep up the fabulous work Sam. 01:16.71 dclduo Reiner Reiner 01:22.73 dclduo I was going to say speaking of speaking of planning complex complex things. Yes. 01:29.12 Sam The the show topic today is something that Brian and I thankfully or unthankfully have never yet have not yet had to plan for um, un thankful I know I know but we're super excited to welcome to the show. Our guest who is currently sailing. 01:34.64 dclduo I think I think unthankfully because this is on my bucket list. This is on my bucket list. Yeah. 01:46.39 Sam On the serenade of the seas which is a royal caribbean ship on its world Cruise a nine month cruise around the world. So welcome to the show Leslie yeah, thank you for agreeing to be on the show while you are. 01:59.90 Leslie Um, hi. Thank you Thanks for having me. 02:05.80 Sam At sea way off the coast of Peru is that right. 02:09.32 Leslie That's right, we are literally rolling into Peru to leave tomorrow for Machu Picchu yes 02:12.84 Sam Oh my God Amazing Amazing! That's that's so cool. Well how long have you been on the ship now. 02:21.97 Leslie So let's see it's about 4 we left December tenth from Miami so about 47 days ish. 02:31.81 Sam Oh my goodness that's amazing. Ok well before we dive in and start talking about this amazing world. Cruise 1 of the things we love to ask all of our guests is what is their cruise credentials. Meaning what kinds of cruises have you done how many cruises and which lines and have you sailed on Disney Cruise line 02:54.25 dclduo I'm I'm really actually hoping that the answer here is this is Leslie's first introduction to cruising but I have a feeling that's not the case. 03:01.60 Leslie Yeah, but not too far off. Actually I mean I cruised I've never cruised on Disney but I have cruised on royal um, some celebrity and carnival um not a huge ton I don't know maybe. 10 cruises in my life. Um, surprisingly with royal um, they collect and maintain the number of days you sail and when we booked the cruise we were surprised to see how many days we had already sailed. Because if you sailed at least thirty days with royal over the time they record your days. Um, you're considered platinum in their crown and anchor status which afforded us extra things on the cruise that we can talk about if you're interested. 03:50.64 Sam I oh yeah I love that why don't we why don't we start though with why you book to this cruise. Um, and what made you decide that nine months on a cruise ship was a good idea and I mean that in the best of ways because actually Brian and I are. 04:05.34 dclduo Yeah I think it's a great idea I think it's a great idea. Yeah. 04:07.20 Leslie Um, but. 04:08.18 Sam Jealous. Yeah, but I know there are some people out there who would just like say you're you're nuts right? and then wouldn't understand. 04:14.73 Leslie Yes, yes, and a lot of people have said that um and it remains to be seen because we still have you know two hundred and twenty seven days to go? Um, but um I am a huge traveler have been a huge traveler and seen a lot of the world. 04:22.18 dclduo Yeah. 04:32.56 Leslie Um, we had talked about doing a world kind of something and when this came up october of 2021? Um I saw it advertised and said I'm going I will be on that ship I had no idea how I had no idea who would go with me I had no idea how he was going to pay for it. Had no idea how he was going to be gone for nine months I had no idea but I set my sight on being on the ship and it was released I think on the twenty first of October and I put a non-refundable deposit down and said I'll figure it out and. I can't even begin to tell you we don't have enough time to tell you all the things that had aligned in the craziest way to get me on board in December on the tenth we left from Miami. 05:22.42 Sam It amazing! Amazing! Well I think a big question. Everybody has is like how does 1 do something like this. Well I let I remember wine ask who's it who's in your sailing party who did come with you on this cruise. 05:39.55 Leslie So I have a partner. Um, but who who we have talked about say ah doing the world stuff for a long time. Um, interesting story there he was actually my ex-husband and we travel really well together and so we start. I put it out there because I had no idea if he would be open to it and then we spent 2 years Obviously we didn't leave until December Twenty Twenty three and we booked October Twenty Twenty one so we spent that time. Um, you know, making sure that we were going to be okay to be together for nine months in 179 square foot cabin. 06:04.26 Sam Hello. 06:15.57 dclduo Oh my. 06:16.79 Leslie Um, and and it and it has literally been flawless. We're having a blast and so yeah, he said yes and we paid for it full in January and we're in whether we liked it or not and we've loved it. So it's worked out. 06:31.20 Sam Ah, wow, that's awesome. Well kudos for having such a great relationship with an x I think that's kind of amazing. Well so let's talk about how 1 is able to arrange to go on something like this I mean. 06:38.36 Leslie Um, yes, yes. 06:49.90 Sam I Assume you have some kind of job to be able to afford a cruise. Are you able to work on board. Are you a remote worker like how are you just on leave from a job. How is that working out. 07:01.93 Leslie So that's kind of a 2 wo-part thing so he is retired I so knew I was going to close my business but it was incredibly lucrative and so I had to time it and so when I booked the crews. I also had to renew the lease on my office and so coincidentally the office said we'll renew your lease but you can only renew 2 through December Twenty Twenty three so I was like all right, that's another moon aligning for me that that's yeah that that's going to be it. 07:33.18 Sam The sign. 07:38.80 Leslie So I was in the mortgage business and so in July of 2023 I decided I needed to wrap it up early to make sure that my clients were protected and I closed my business and I had been prepared to do that and so it was just perfect timing and it all lined up and the real estate world. Um, changed so much that it worked for me and so it was good and he's already retired so we were ready to go. 08:05.76 Sam Oh that's awesome. That's amazing. So are you now like officially retired or are you planning on going back into the workforce when you return from this cruise. 08:16.21 Leslie No honestly returning from this cruise I'm not even sure how I'm going to be able to return because it has been so life altering that it's going to be very difficult to go back to you know like our world. Um, but no I won't be going back to work. 08:24.26 Sam A. 08:33.20 Leslie The second part of what I was going to say is there are people working on board because the internet connection is impeccable. We have been in the remotest parts of South America and have never lost our internet connection and we're super grateful for that. And so there's a much younger crowd than you would. You'd be surprised and there are a lot of people working conference calling multiple people on calls zero issues. 09:01.99 Sam I that's amazing. That's that sounds fantastic for for those who are you know, still in the workforce and having to work whether that's you know, part time full time. That's that's pretty amazing. Well, let's talk about some of the the technical side. How does 1 pack for a cruise like this I mean. How many suitcases did you bring of just your stuff. Not your partner stuff and I imagine you have to pack for all seasons. 09:30.84 Leslie Yeah, so that was an incredible journey by itself because you have no idea what you do on a daily basis until you start writing it down and so I say that because the packing not only is what you're bringing. But you also have to accommodate for your life for nine months while you're away so in November of 2022 I started making a list of every single thing I could think of I was going to need to your point about the different seasons different events. There's all kinds of theme. Ah, nights on board. The formal nights you know all of that. Um, and also making sure that I knew that I could leave my life and not miss anything and so I just backed it up by ah like almost like eleven months and just started making a list and I had 175 things on my list and 1 by 1 by one. We just started marking off all the things that we needed to do and everything we needed to pack royal um put gave us a lot of guidance. 1 of the things with packing was that you could bring as much as you wanted. There was no restrictions on what you could bring but you had to be able to store it in your cabin or you had to surrender your bag. So if you brought on multiple you know 5 10 15 pieces of luggage I don't know why you would do that because there's not enough room to put that stuff in your cabin. Even if you emptied your bag. There's not enough room. But. 11:00.99 Sam So right. 11:06.80 Leslie You could and then you just gave them your luggage and they would store it in the hole or if you kept it in your cabin. Um, they also put risers on our beds. So the bed was lifted up off the ground so that we could put all of our luggage underneath the bed. 11:09.20 dclduo M. 11:21.62 Leslie So I personally brought 2 of the largest hardback pieces they sell and then I had a carry on and a backpack and so those 2 hard back bags were checked on. And we flew first class royal included first class flight from where we live in Arizona to Miami and the airline obviously restricts how much those how big those bags are and how much they weigh and so first class you can have £70 and my bags weighed 70 point. 0. 11:56.47 Sam Ah, well I hope you didn't buy any souvenirs Leslie. Ah. 11:58.34 Leslie Well, but you know why they weighed so much is a lot of it was a lot of storage stuff so we can get into that if you want but in the cabin we needed to make sure we maximized every inch of space and wall space and storage space. 12:04.91 Sam Yeah, he. 12:16.11 Leslie So there's a I brought a lot of cubbies. A lot of um hangers a lot of anchors for the hangers and magnets and things that I won't be returning with and so all have lots of extra space. 12:33.23 dclduo That Sam did we lose you. 12:38.10 Sam I Like oh sorry I was unmute so like hanging shoe racks and and things like that. Um, yeah, yeah because the storage I Imagine there's. 12:42.35 Leslie Um, yes, yes. 12:48.80 Sam I mean not the storage is bad on a cruise ship the storage just probably is fine usually for like a weeklong cruise. But for nine month cruise it's ah a little bit different. 12:55.77 Leslie It is yeah and you know you have just a lot of stuff and so you know the shoe organizer on the door has been a lifesaver because part of it too is supplies. We need to have you know four tubes of toothpaste that you wouldn't normally need and. 13:07.36 Sam E. 13:14.13 Leslie You know there's obviously stores along the way. But it's not what we're used to and so we brought a lot of supplies and a lot of cubbies and um the the walls you know as I mentioned the cabin's only 179 square feet right? So you have to be very. 13:16.96 Sam Right. 13:28.74 Sam Um, yeah. 13:32.30 Leslie Organized and have storage for everything in order to just not drive each other crazy stepping over things and the the walls are all magnetic so we have at tons of stuff hanging from the walls on supermagnets and you know ah lots of stuff under the bed and. 13:43.59 Sam Even here. 13:51.83 Leslie You know? So yes, so but that yeah those are things that we won't necessarily need to bring home and so we can have space for souvenirs. Not huge souvenir buyers. We're kind of into the experience. Not this stuff but you know. 13:53.44 Sam Um, very very smart. 14:01.10 Sam Right? Yeah I'm amazing. 14:07.21 dclduo Did did they offer if they offered to like ship stuff for you home if you need to like if you bought souvenirs. Yeah yeah. 14:11.10 Leslie Yes, yes, yes, they also offered to ship it to royal so there were some people who may be overpacked but that shipped from home packages to Miami to have them load on the ship for them and then on 3 of our. 14:24.24 Sam Okay. 14:30.59 Leslie Stops they will ship it back home. So um, you know if people buy buy things you can have it shipped home I will I'll tell you too that royal has a standard policy obviously with alcohol and bringing alcohol on board and typically you can only bring 1 bottle of wine on board. 14:36.35 Sam Yeah. 14:36.94 dclduo Now. Yeah. 14:50.31 Leslie And they have released that requirement for us world cruisers because we're going to be all over the world with wine from all over the world. So they have allowed us to bring as many bottles of wine that we could fit in our cabin which is amazing I Know it's amazing. 14:56.99 Sam Yeah. 15:03.45 Sam Wow That is amazing. Wow But that's also a lot of schlepping because wine is heavy but but but that's. 15:04.44 dclduo Yeah, Wow. Yeah. 15:14.70 Leslie Well and a lot of it. A lot of it were were um, drinking on board they are. They do have a salman yeah on they're bringing somemanettes from all over the world on board. Um and bringing wine from all over the world. But it's just fun to try different. 15:15.10 dclduo Let's see. 15:18.80 Sam Right. 15:29.87 Leslie Wines and you know when we're at a winery on an excursion getting a bottle and then bringing it back and drinking it on board. 15:34.65 Sam Yeah, that's fantastic. 15:38.14 dclduo Let's say I'm curious. You mentioned the the first class airfare being included I'm and I'm wondering so Disney Cruise line fans are used to kind of most things being included and then you know we disney doesn't do drink packages the way royal does. Ah you know they've got some up charges for some adult. 15:43.91 Leslie Or. 15:54.72 dclduo Dining on Disney but a lot of stuff is just kind of in the um in the cruise fair itself royal on the other hand you you tend to have to you know there's things you buy. Ah you know drink packages things like that. What did they include did they include anything in the world Cruise that was different because I'm imagining the drink price for a nine month 16:03.30 Leslie Yes. 16:12.52 dclduo Drink package price for a nine month cruise might be a little exorbitive but do they include some of that stuff in the world cruise fare for you. Okay. 16:17.13 Sam And and also the the and let me just piggyback on that and also if you could sort of differentiate. What additional stuff you got when because you're platinum cruiser. 16:17.56 Leslie Um, yes, yes. 16:26.11 Leslie Yes, yes, so if you booked the entire full world cruise for the full nine months they included first class airfare if you wanted it some people obviously already lived in Florida and did not need to fly first class. So if they chose not to have it. They were credited a portion of their total charge back to them. But we flew obviously first class that was included. We stayed 2 nights in Miami before the ship left. They had a huge party so that was included the hotel and the party. Um and then on board. 16:48.20 dclduo Who. 17:01.49 Leslie There is ah the gratuities are included. The drink package is included. Um, we have laundry service 3 times a week which is super helpful because that can restrict how much we needed to bring and pack. Um and the internet is included. So. 17:13.82 dclduo O. 17:20.50 Leslie Um, those are all part of the cruise fee. Um, as long as you're on for the full world. 17:29.42 dclduo Okay, what? What about the? um, the onboard dining. Sorry if you mentioned it and I just missed it in there. But what about the some of the onboard dining where there's like a set fee or things like that I I can imagine folks will want I want and want to know. Are you getting bored with the food yet and how they're doing with sort of the rotating menus but did they open up any of that onboard dining for you know, reduced fee or no fee. 17:48.62 Leslie Yes, so 2 things on that. What's interesting is is that food has been incredible. They have brought chefs on from different parts of the world. So we're eating food. That's very culturally specific to where we are along with the wines of course. 18:02.20 dclduo Who. 18:05.78 Leslie Um, but the food in the main dining room has been so incredible that the specialty dining restaurants have actually had limited reservations because everybody's happy and hasn't really ventured out. Um they they keep the menu. 18:16.13 dclduo Who. 18:20.47 Leslie The way it's designed basically is a twenty eight day menu so we're not repeating anything for a full month which when you think about what you eat at home. You know you're repeating way more than that. So that's been great. 18:28.80 dclduo Sure. 18:33.60 Leslie Um, and then they've been throwing specials in that are very culturally specific. So each night there's a special thing and so that's been great. Um, and then as far as the specialty dining they read for the full world cruisers. They reduce the fee of the restaurant by 50% so you know you can try the restaurants and you know mix it up, but we just haven't needed to do it. We've done it for a couple of special occasions. But otherwise we're super happy with the food like super happy. 19:07.29 dclduo And and do you have a sense you you know you mentioned I know you can book this cruise in segments ah not doing the full nine months do you have a sense of how many people on board are doing the full nine months as opposed to you know they're just doing a segment of the cruise. 19:18.77 Leslie Yes, so we know for sure that there's 665 full world cruisers or there was and we did have one of the passengers have to leave because he heard his back and then I don't obviously know maybe what has also happened with anyone else. But. 19:29.35 dclduo Oh. 19:36.50 Leslie Um, for the most part 665 full world cruisers and then there are segment people that are on and off. 19:41.95 dclduo Ok how how many total on board. Do you do you recall. 19:45.44 Leslie Well each so each segment is different right? So there are some people that are getting off and on. But for the most part we've probably run somewhere between maybe 131700 so far. 19:49.76 dclduo Who. 20:00.42 dclduo Oh wow so almost a third you know third of the ship then is is doing the full thing. Yeah well. 20:03.11 Leslie When we when we yes, yeah, which is interesting too because we're all now we all know each other we see each other and I was a little worried about that to be honest because I didn't know if you know that there were people I might not want to see all that fun. Um, but it's ah it's actually look that good. Everybody's kind of found. They've all found their people and we've found our people and you know it's just worked and it's been good and then they as they come on and off you know you can see on each of the legs. There's a little bit more.. There's a little bit less. Um, but. 20:38.19 dclduo Oh. 20:41.13 Leslie When we hit l a ah, that's the end of this current leg. Um, then the next 2 so segments are supposed to be considerably more ah full. 20:50.00 dclduo Ok, you mentioned something about the passenger had to Disembark which sparked for me a question about did they require you to get any sort of like health insurance like I'm just so curious about you know, just yeah or or yeah, did. 20:59.72 Sam Or medical clearance. Even yeah. 21:04.29 Leslie Um. 21:05.22 dclduo Yeah, or just you know are they providing medical care on board. You know those sorts of things like if you you know? Yeah yeah. 21:07.50 Leslie Yes, yes, a yeah, a couple of the passengers have had to have root canals. There's a dentist and a hygienist on board they brought on specifically yeah they brought on specifically for us. Um, they have a whole medical team. Um, there's a chiropractor who's actually a. 21:15.10 Sam A wow. 21:15.28 dclduo Well. 21:25.73 Leslie Passenger a full world Cruise Passenger who's offered chiropractic services for free to the world cruisers which is amazing. Um, and no, they didn't require any kind of health checks or um requirements. Obviously everyone's travel insurance and it's all recommended. But. 21:33.36 Sam Um, wow. 21:41.62 dclduo Who. 21:41.69 Sam Here. 21:43.83 Leslie Everybody's on their own we had um, we have travel insurance of course, but it was. It's each individual passenger to decide what they wanted to do royal gave us huge guidance and provided tons of information. Um, and but it's up to each individual. 21:53.55 dclduo Oh. 21:59.32 Sam E. 22:00.36 dclduo And how did you pick the stateroom that you got on board I mean was that driven primarily by price or you you mean? how did you land on the state room that you decide to book. 22:08.36 Leslie Well, we were for sure knew we had to have a balcony and that's for a couple reasons but mostly because obviously it's a small space and so just having the balcony and having windows and and all of that is important but it has deemed to be way more important. 22:11.59 dclduo Okay. 22:27.80 Leslie Because so much of the experience is in sailing or sailing into the port or selling out of the port and just being able to see um our captain is incredible. So every time he sees anything cool. He announces it. 22:30.65 Sam A a. 22:44.15 Leslie Okay there's a huge pot of dolphins off of the port site. So Thaty runs to the portrkside or there's you know blue whale on starboard side that everybody runs to the starboard side and so it that being on your balcony and knowing and being able to see and see the ports and see all of it has been. I will never not have a balcony ever again. 23:03.90 Sam Yeah, yeah, now speaking of your your stateroom are you sick of it or do you not spend I mean you've been there for a month and a half so are you sick of your stateroom or do you not spend enough time in it. 23:04.57 dclduo Yeah. 23:13.27 Leslie Um. 23:21.24 Sam You know to get sick of it. Obviously you know having a balcony and you know being able to see outside matters of course, but it's still a small space and it's filled with all your your stuff and your partner's stuff like is that hard. 23:32.64 Leslie No, you know we had no idea like how is this going to go and my biggest thing was is we just need to make sure everything has a spot and gets put away so that we're not stumbling over each other and stuff and it has been absolutely perfect. We love the cabin. We. Love the location. We love the space. Everything's got a spot. Um royal has added about 300 movies to the ship so that we can see different movies. A lot of documentaries on the areas we're in or movies that just happen to have the areas we're in. 24:06.83 Sam Now cool. 24:11.39 Leslie But then they also did Royal flicks where we can um, patch them for lack of a better word into our cabin so we can have a movie night in our cabin and watch any of the movies that are available on ship. So that's cool. Um, the way we kind of equate it is. It's kind of like your bedroom at home I mean you're not spending your whole day in there. 24:17.93 Sam No call. 24:28.23 Sam Right. 24:29.97 Leslie So when we're in here we like are in here and then our living room and kitchen and you know family room are all the whole rest of the ship and so what we are in here for and the way that it has worked in the way it's set up. We are happy is slamped. 24:36.70 Sam Yeah. 24:44.91 Sam Oh awesome. Let's talk a little bit about the rest of the ship. What kinds of amenities are on board I know that the serenade is not the newest or the biggest of the Royal ships. It's actually quite small in in the Royal fleet because Royal obviously has. The largest ships of of all the cruise lines. Um, you know what would you say as far as like what are the the amenities that you and your partner take advantage of. 25:11.61 Leslie So that's funny because a lot of people have had a lot of opinions about serenade being small and that there's not not a lot of amenities and for me personally I um I'm not huge into a lot of all the extra stuff. And to be honest, if there were extra stuff I don't even know when we would get to it. Our biggest problem right now is having enough time downtime to get the things done that we need to get done because life still happens whether we're at you know in the middle of South America or not um and so we don't have a lot of time. 25:39.66 Sam And. 25:46.80 Leslie There's just confidently things going on and so um, yeah, it's that what is available is everything that you can imagine right? The fitness there's a huge gym. Um tons of activities of the same you know Cruise. Kind of activities that you're familiar with um and then there are a lot of yeah, all ah, all of it. All of it. All of it. Yeah yeah, yeah, cool stuff going on theater stuff going on the movies. There's a cinema on board. The fitness stuff. There is a lot of very specific things for us. 26:05.10 Sam Yeah, Trivia towel folding all that stuff. 26:09.30 dclduo A 50 26:20.40 Sam E. 26:22.60 Leslie Because of being in different parts of the world. So like I said about the movies. There's a whole enrichment series so they bring someone on board that is very so very familiar with South America and they talk about South America and like the places we're going to see and their experience or stories or whatever we've had talks with the Captain. We've. You know there's all that all the entertainment. Plus we have a group of people we've now become friends with and so we do a lot of things with them and games and so yeah for me personally, it's plenty. 26:57.70 Sam Yeah, sounds sounds like like you said, almost too much going on that you can't really do everything Um, now. Yeah. 27:02.49 Leslie No, you definitely can't do everything and we do have to be very strategic about what we're going to do and when we're going to do it because it just doesn't feel like there's ever enough time. Um, but that's good. That's a good problem to have. 27:12.58 Sam Yeah. 27:15.70 dclduo Can can I ask you've mentioned you mentioned about the you know you've met passengers on board are going to be with you throughout the Cruise. What's the crew situation like because you're spending more time with crew you know than they're probably used to seeing the same passengers right? have you.? Or yeah,, What's the how are the crew and and what's the situation like for for them. 27:32.36 Leslie Um, yes. 27:35.90 Leslie Yeah, so the crew's been a cool thing because you're right? They don't they usually are like you know Leslie who after seven days so now they know you they know they know me they know what I drink they know when I drink it they know where I go I know the. They know me I know the bartenders I know the weight staff you know we see them in different parts of the ship and they know your story and we've just become kind of a little you know family and it's it's kind of cool because you you know experiencing the world these this. The crew obviously is on contract so they're all different some are staying for the entire nine month some are on contract for 2 and coming back. So they're all different. But um, when we were in Antarctica like that's a podcast for itself. But there was just some incredible moments. And a lot of which none of us have ever seen including the captain and so to see the experience feel it for ourselves and then see it through the crew's eyes too of being so excited about what they're seeing and sharing it with them. It's pretty cool. 28:48.56 dclduo Nice. 28:51.82 Sam I Now for um sea days versus port days. How does this work like are is it typical. Is there any kind of pattern to it like sea day port day sea day port day or is or do you have you know strings where you're at sea for several days. And then strings where you're at ports for several days. Is there any kind of sort of pattern to it. 29:11.99 Leslie No pattern but it just kind of depends on where we're at so you know it can be what you said, but you know c day port day and then there's other times that it's four or five days um 29:13.16 Sam Okay. 29:23.24 Leslie We had an issue when we were turning the corner from mehua going up South America our next stop was going to be in Punta Arenas we got there. They closed the ports the wind was really bad and we had already been on the ship for seven days so now you know we're sailing some more and hadn't gotten on land. So. 29:32.28 Sam Me. 29:42.51 Leslie You know it can be several see days in a row. Um, but even then all those see days I can tell you I still didn't get everything done that I wanted to get done so are seen or participated in or whatever. So um, we appreciate the see days. But when we get onto the last leg in Europe it's literally we have. An eighteen day segment that it's a different port every day for eighteen days and then we have a c day and then there's another like fourteen days that it's every day is a different port. 30:04.12 Sam Wow. 30:13.00 Sam Yeah, now. Do you all do excursions like at every port that you're at or do you tend to explore on your own like how does that work I mean you're going to so many ports across this ninety day or sorry ninety day ninety nine month um cruise it's. I imagine it would be quite expensive if you did a port excursion at every single port. 30:36.33 Leslie Yeah, and you know some people have um, two things about that We um were very strategic about the ports that we knew we had to see the thing so we had to book it because if we didn't see it. We would be really disappointed. Um, so we booked those? Um, or there's some areas that we maybe didn't feel super comfortable like exploring on our own. We booked some things but out of 174 ports. We probably had 25 excursions booked because we're huge explorers and were so. 31:09.54 Sam He. 31:13.23 Leslie So far. We've been super happy because the things that we've seen and the immersion in the communities and with the people in the ports has been so cool that if we had been on a bus. We would not have been anywhere near as heavy. So for us, the excursions aren't all. Aren't the majority of the time the way we would want to do it. But other times you know one of the stops we were in Brazil we went to uwazi falls which meant we had to fly to aguazu off the ship. We flew spent the day in a guazu and flew back. 31:35.15 Sam It is. 31:48.86 Leslie And that's the kind of excursion that um we knew we we couldn't miss and so we booked that and yeah, they're not cheap. Um, but yeah, this is a once in a lifetime gig So there was no thinking about that just we're going. 31:52.60 Sam Name. 32:01.30 Sam Yeah, yeah, and until you you know, book your next world Cruise obviously less since it's out since it sounds like you're not going to. You might not be ready to go back to regular life after this whole thing now. 32:10.22 Leslie Um, right right. 32:13.43 Leslie No no. 32:19.83 Sam Yeah, now, let's talk about um some of the the highlights I guess I mean I I do know from talking to 1 of your fellow cruisers about a week ago that you all had um you have 7 excursions included like the 7 modern wonders of the world right. 32:37.96 Leslie Yes, so that is what you were referencing earlier about being a platinum member if you're at least a platinum if you have platinum status with a crown and Anchor program with Royal Caribbean or higher you were eligible to um, have included in your crews. 32:40.31 Sam Yeah. 32:55.44 Leslie The 7 world wonders um, the other thing I was going to say if we can rewind one second is about the excursions another super great thing that we did is all the world cruisers joined together on a closed Facebook group because we're all in this ship together right. We're all trying to do the same thing. We're all wanting to go the same places and so we shared information and one of the greatest things that was a part of that there were thousands of things in that group but 1 of the great things was um, these this is an excursion I'm interested in who's interested. So then people would. 33:24.80 Sam Um, meeting. Um. 33:30.53 Sam Um, ah. 33:31.66 Leslie Add themselves to a list because then we could do a a excursion with 15 people instead of 2 It's a way cheaper. Everybody's somebody coordinates it and books it and pays for it and then we're all on that excursion helped with the expense a ton. So yeah. 33:36.70 Sam Right. 33:49.70 Sam Oh that's great. What what a smart wave. Yeah, whoever started that group is is brilliant. Ah. 33:51.28 Leslie So yeah, we're all doing it. We all want to see. Yeah, we all are doing it. We all want to see the same thing. Some people wanted to go here some wanted to go there but you know we could just add it to the group. Um, and then if other people were interested just help reduce the price. And what happened is the excursions that got you know a lot of response then we had group 1 we group 2 we got group 2 3 so there were there's some excursions. there's there's fifteen twenty groups that are going to the same on the same excursions but their private excursions. We booked separately from royal. 34:25.44 Sam Yeah, very smart because all of the cruise lines up charge you know because they're doing the coordination so they they take a little cut out of it and um, frankly, the vendor probably makes less money on those excursions too because of they're taking a cut out of you know both ends of the deal. What what have been. 34:38.32 Leslie Um, yeah, yeah. 34:42.48 Sam And some of the the highlights I know you went through the the drake passage already and you mentioned you're you're off the coast of Peru but what would you say? Um, if if I don't know maybe 3 highlights thus far I know there's you've done a ton already. But um, yeah, thus far. 34:57.30 dclduo 3 I can't believe you're only giving her 3 saying oh my gosh. 34:57.22 Leslie Um, yeah, yeah, it's yeah I know? Yeah, ah yeah, yeah, it's come up several times. There were people have asked like what's your favorite and it's so difficult because. 35:00.65 Sam I don't know well if you want to you know if 5 if you want I don't know I'm just I was just picking a number you know it's hard. 35:13.82 Leslie There's so many areas that you know for this reason that one was amazing and for that reason this one was amazing and so it's very difficult. Um I think for me number 1 for sure is Antarctica that is anyone listening. Needs to absolutely right now go if ah look up antarctica planet trip. It is just beyond being able to describe this trust me and do it. Um, so that and then we went to Uruguay which was a huge surprise. Mountavi in Uruguay was just such a huge surprise and beautiful and we loved it. We went to a winery that was amazing. One of the things that royal has done is they've um, created a folkloric series where they're bringing on the ship a local talent. So dancers and singers and comedians and acrobats and magicians and everybody to support the local communities and so when we do these excursions through royal they're also bringing on local bringing in local artists. So at the winery they had a. Tango dancers and that there was a tango dance that I will never forget. It was unbelievable. So that was really cool. Um, we loved? um Argentina and we were in uhuaya the end of the world and I mailed myself a postcard from the southernmost. 36:35.70 dclduo Woo. 36:48.39 Leslie Post office in the world and that was really cool seeing Tira Del Fuego and you why was really cool. We had a like michelin star meal. There is overnight so that was really cool and so yeah I could go on and on because everything has been really special I've actually started a list of. Extra adjectives to get out of incredible and extraordinary and awesome and because I've used them so many times but authentically just true for my heart I don't know how to describe it. It's really been beyond anything any of us would have expected. 37:09.89 dclduo Yeah. 37:25.90 dclduo What's the port that you know coming into the cruise you were most looking forward to and have or or ports like what? what? what are like the top 3 to 5 ports that you were most looking forward to visiting. 37:37.12 Leslie So unfortunately number one was Israel and of course given the current conflict of things Israel's off the list. Um, which you know me not going to Israel is the least of the worries in the grander scheme of things very disappointed. But so that was number one I'm super excited to see. Um. 37:42.11 dclduo Yeah. 37:55.14 Leslie Ah, Vietnam so that's to come um and Egypt Greece. So um, you know those obvious ones those were on my list the top 5 um. And so we started with the top 5 and we are keeping track of just how that list may morph by the end to because obviously Antarctica wasn't even on my list and it is absolutely number 1 so far and it'll be hard to be Antarctica was interesting because we um. 38:14.76 dclduo Who who. 38:21.31 Sam Wow! yeah. 38:32.72 Leslie We kept coming out of Antarctica which was amazing in and of itself we went into the chilean fjord um, and our captain has never sailed on this side of South America so it's super exciting for him and so he's just as excited as we are. And so going through the chilean fjords we um with punnta arenas being canceled. We had a whole day of extra time and so he just took like litter like license or this the wheel and. Took us through the fjords in a way that we would have never seen and um, that was really special for all of us that was when the crew was at the window like oh gosh we're seeing that we're seeing that we saw in a glacier that. 39:13.28 dclduo Oh. 39:19.61 Sam Um, oh. 39:20.74 Leslie They couldn't find the glacier on the chart and so the captain announced since we can't find it. We're going to name it the serenade. It's just moments. You know like there was a glacier at the end of a dead end that honestly if any I'm sure explorers have seen it I'm sure ships have seen it but certainly not cruise ships. 39:26.99 Sam Yes, ah. 39:36.87 Sam E. 39:39.60 Leslie Because it was at a dead end and he just took us down there and turned the whole ship around. Um he took us around um icebergs so that we could see the iceberg from all angles. Yeah, it sounds like I'm making it up I'm really not. It's really been crazy. 39:54.71 Sam Yeah, that's amazing. That's amazing. 39:56.52 dclduo Yeah, what let's say I'm curious. Is there anything you know you've been on the ship now for forty seven days. So maybe you're not quite there yet but is there anything you miss from home at this point. Ah. 39:56.94 Leslie Ah. 40:08.50 Leslie Yes, my dog. Yeah, we both have puppies. But um, both of them are in perfect places and we're now starting to tell the caregivers that that they're coming home. Don't think. 40:10.75 Sam Ah, ah. 40:17.46 Sam E. 40:26.25 Leslie You're going to keep them because they're totally living their best lives with their caregivers and they're happy and we face time and we get videos and we get pictures So the dogs for sure I think our families you know would wish that we were home and we're face timing calling our families and. 40:40.30 Sam Yeah. 40:44.98 Leslie Sharing our journeys with them. But um, but otherwise you know I think maybe having a kitchen. It's nice to just go into your own kitchen in your own refrigerator and get your own stuff. Um, we have we have purchaseing exactly and if I want to eat cereal at Eight o'clock at night I can 40:51.31 Sam Yeah. Yeah, and make your own scrambled eggs right. 40:56.34 dclduo There. 41:04.75 Leslie Um, but we have fridges in our room and we can store stuff in our fridges but it's not the same. You know I think just the normal comforts of home but they replaced all the mattresses on the beds replaced all the pillows replaced all the towels and it seems like troubling your bed either is bad or the shower is bad. 41:08.74 dclduo E. 41:23.80 Leslie The bed's amazing. The pillow is amazing. The shower's amazing. The hot shower. It's strong. Um, so we have 0 literally zero complaints. 41:33.52 Sam Yeah, are any of your family or his family coming on board for any leg I know I was talking to as I mentioned another guest or another passenger I should say um, you may or may not have met her Jenny ah, she's she's Dr. Jenny Travels on Instagram. 41:49.63 Leslie Um, yes, yes, yes. 41:50.59 Sam Yeah, super super nice. Um, she was mentioning that she's got family that are coming on board now they're not coming on board for the long legs right? which are there are I think 4 long legs that you can sort of take that aren't the whole nine months but they're coming on for some of those like shorter legs that are you know a week or two weeks or something like that. 42:02.74 Leslie Um, yes. 42:09.57 Sam Ah, do you guys have any family coming on board. 42:10.50 Leslie We don't know but we do have a lot of our friends and other people on board that we have heard our our having family come and and go throughout the the journey so it kind of changes the whole dynamic of things even having the passengers come on and off is changing the dynamic. So it's fun. 42:22.69 Sam Yeah. 42:29.37 Leslie It's cool and to be able to share it with them is fun but we personally don't. 42:33.38 Sam Yeah, but you've got people watching the dogs. You've got people ah assume ah, presumably got somebody checking your mail. Ah you know. 42:38.74 Leslie Yes, Yes, yeah, yeah, we have everybody at home. That's like managing you know our lives and taking care of you know things and and the dogs. So yeah. 42:52.67 Sam That's awesome. That's amazing. 42:54.55 dclduo What's been the most unexpected thing for you taking this cruise so far. 42:58.36 Leslie Well to be honest, yeah I I think it's difficult to know what living on a cruise ship is going to be like like who can prepare you for that. You know short of this crew and the crew lives a life. 43:14.80 dclduo E. 43:15.49 Leslie Working so who lives on I don't know anyone that lives on a cruise ship and when you think about people living getting an apartment and people rent an apartment for six months or nine months on a lease. So this is literally living here for nine months so like preparing to live on a ship is impossible to prepare for. And so it has been very surprising how comfortable we are um how the cabin has been very accommodating to us and not feeling like we're cramped, but the food has been so amazing and that we aren't like saying you know how when are we going to be. Here when's the knock stop to be able to get off or you know just when are we going to be home or we're actually more concerned about the clock taking down and that we drop below the two hundred days and we have a 1 in our number is is just feels devastating to all of us. 43:58.20 dclduo Oh. 44:13.20 Leslie And ah and a one in our number still got one hundred and ninety nine days I mean it's just craziness but we just don't want it at least right? You know we're only forty five days in so we're realistic that that obviously can change but with so much going on and so many stops and so many things and so many experiences. Um. You know it's I think just surprised that it has been as extraordinary as it has royal has rolled out the red carpet on every level. It is crystal clear that. 44:42.26 Sam Either. 44:49.20 Leslie We are world cruisers they are here to provide the most incredible experience and what is that? What do you need? What can we do? How do we get it? What do you want? when? do you want it at at on any level and there's literally no no. 44:55.35 Sam E. 45:06.73 Leslie We've asked for a lot of things and they've not said no and it's crazy stuff like we want to watch the super bowl in the theater instead of having it be at the pool right? and we want food in the theater so that we can have a traditional super bowl party and we want drinks in the theater and we want. 45:09.46 Sam Wow. 45:15.64 Sam Right. 45:24.89 Leslie You know pizzas and wings because that's what you do for super bowl parties and they're like making lists okay somebody wanted hot sauceus at dinner the other night and the head chef came out said I got this hot sauce on on at port one day for me and he poured it into a dish So here I'm gonna share it with all of you like just. 45:25.98 Sam So right. 45:44.21 Leslie Drinks and different drinks and wine. Yeah, just no nose. That's for sure. 45:45.64 Sam Awesome wow! What's like the 1 thing that you didn't realize like you you brought it but you weren't we didn't realize how useful it would be and now it's something that's like really been useful on board. The ship. 45:48.20 dclduo Well. 46:05.35 Leslie Ah, that's a good question I think I knew that this that specifically the magnets I knew would be useful I don't know that I knew they would be as useful. Um because I'm a minimalist So everything has a drawer and nothing's on the counters which obviously here isn't possible. 46:12.58 Sam Here. 46:23.80 Leslie So that has been super helpful. The other thing I think that I brought and I'm really glad I brought and maybe didn't surprise me but I in Ski sounds silly but I brought magnetic frames and I printed a bunch of pictures of our puppies. So our room is covered in pictures of our puppies. Yeah, and you know we have pictures of our. 46:34.89 Sam Oh I Love that. 46:41.81 Leslie Yeah, we have pictures of her family and you know so it feels like home um brought a bunch of stuff that i't even know what I was thinking so I have a big list. Yeah, and yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. 46:43.73 Sam E. 46:49.13 Sam Yeah I actually was going to ask you that like was there anything you brought that you're like this is useless I should I could have left this home. But. 46:59.50 Leslie Yeah I have 7 pairs of black pants sam I don't even know I don't even know I don't even know I can't explain it I don't I knew I had them I had a minister I don't even know so that is bizarre and. 47:10.57 Sam Yeah, well because you know you have your like 1 favorite pair that you wear all the time but you're like but I have to bring all 7 of them because I might need them right? but. 47:16.51 Leslie Right? right? Yeah I prepared for all the theme nights but I don't know now on board I'm like I don't know if I'm really gonna you know, dress up as a cowgirl right now. So I have all that staff but it's minor things. Um some things that forgot and I'm. 47:30.53 Sam Yeah. 47:32.76 dclduo Me. 47:35.40 Leslie I had a list but I changed bags at the last minute. So my um Apple my Macbook charger is on my counter at home. So you know some some challenges. But um, we've worked through all those challenges and you know we're not on the moon. So we can shop and you know still get things and. 47:42.92 Sam Yeah. 47:49.79 Sam Right. 47:54.76 Leslie Um, we've accommodated and the other thing is there's 665 people that have what I need so if somebody has a charger I just get their charger somebody has that's another thing that we did is everybody storage stuff. We all brought way to much storage stuff. So one of the Facebook chats is a swap in exchange. 47:58.11 Sam Right. 48:01.23 dclduo Yeah. 48:12.28 Leslie So I have a laundry bag. Oh I need a laundry bag. Well I'm in this cabin come and get mine and we've just shared and swapped things so that I'm not having to store stuff I don't need and if you need it kind of get it and I want it anyway. 48:22.20 Sam Yeah, oh that's amazing I didn't even think about that. That's super smart. Yeah, like I mean we have like a in our local town. You have a buy nothing group for hate and so it's like a buy nothing group. Yeah, it's like I don't. 48:30.70 Leslie Yes, yes, yeah, or like somebody brought their razor and forgot the charger for it so they just posted. This is the call. This is the type of razor I have does anyone have the power cord and within seconds I have one come and charge it in my cabin. So I. 48:46.60 Sam Yeah, so every couple days they just stop by their neighbor to charge their razor I Love it. 48:48.18 Leslie Yeah, everybody's been. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah until we can get to l a in l a everybody has a plan that's another thing is royal's talking about getting us buses to have buses kind of like an excursion to get us to to Walmart Target when we're in l a so we can we can so it keep. 49:03.12 Sam I Knew you were going to say that? yeah. 49:04.66 dclduo Yeah, ah. 49:07.27 Leslie Yes, and we can re um, supply and like how brilliant is that like they're not going to I don't think they're going to charge us for it. But I would pay for that as an excursion to get on a bus and go to Target for a couple of hours I'm going to pay anyway right? Yeah, whatever it is. 49:16.73 Sam Yeah I mean like twenty bucks or something or thirty bucks or you know or you know? Yeah, ah, it's like an uber ride right? and pay to get your uber to to and from target so you can get. 49:28.67 Leslie So right? yeah. 49:30.96 Sam You know so you can get your your shaving cream or whatever you know that you need to restock. 49:33.37 dclduo I I will also flag for everyone that if you haven't been in sonata has a huge Walmart near the port too. So yeah, there's also one like I think within walking distance and incinnata. So yeah, yeah, yeah. 49:41.13 Sam That's true. Ah. 49:43.85 Sam Yeah, his definitely. 49:44.29 Leslie Yeah, you know what's funny is we were just in. We were just in eureka um chile and they have a you know, kind of quote unquote Walmart there and so a lot of people were going and just resupplying there the ah that reminds me too that. Royal's been very strategic about where we are when we are so we celebrated New Year's eve in rio de janeiro at the carnival at Copca Mount of beach I mean you know, really, that's when you just say yeah I I I fully lived in this moment. It was incredible. 50:07.15 dclduo Now amazing. 50:17.52 Sam Imagine that. 50:19.47 Leslie Took us to Christ the redeemer that day and then we celebrated New Year's eve and it was incredible. Um I thought of it because we were in eureka they have the largest carnival in eureka for the country of Chile Peru and Bolivia combined that the biggest carnival and we were there yesterday and that was. Incredible. We were on the street with 16000 dancers and band and a celebration that was endless and it was incredible. 50:44.55 Sam Wow wow! That's awesome. You know one thing we haven't talked about and I talked about this a little bit with um with Jenny but. 50:46.13 dclduo Amazing! amazing. 50:54.82 Sam I'm curious what you would say is you know the demographic of the cruisers on board like ages. Um, you know, have you seen are there. You know have you seen any younger kids I Know there's not a lot of kids. But um, yeah, wow. 51:05.95 Leslie Yes, yes, yes, yeah, so we know for sure there's two just eighty seven so there's a two year old and then the oldest is 87 so um the 87 is from yeah she's from Arizona actually and she's amazing. Um. 51:15.66 Sam Wow. 51:23.27 Leslie And then we we know for sure. There's 60 kids. So at the 60 kids you know those are kids that are homeschooling. They're literally doing schooling on board. Um, and think about the education they're getting from traveling the world. So we know for sure there's 60 kids 87 year old the 2 year old and then. Ah, a lot of you know, like not a lot. Um I would say you know a significant number of the 20 to 30 year olds which I think Jenny's in that category so that was cool to see you know working online. You know younger group and they can. The internet is amazing. 51:52.97 Sam So. 51:59.42 Leslie And then I would say the majority obviously are probably you know 50 to 65 ish um and that's kind of the demographic of the ship not necessarily the world cruisers but to to kind of give me an idea. 52:04.41 Sam Me. 52:11.88 Sam Sure Wow That's amazing I mean it's It's a huge commitment to you know homeschool your kids and to do it while you're in the middle of traveling for that long of a period of time in particular. Is just ah yeah is amazing. Still. 52:30.31 Leslie Yeah, and you know what's cool about that too is that Royal put up a community board. So there's this huge Bulletin board where I teach I'm just using this as an example I speak French I can tutor child in French french. 52:44.13 Sam So cool. 52:45.94 Leslie Or I'm a math tutor or I can you know help with geometry or whatever right? and so people are posting or I need this help or you know because you know the dynamic Obviously sometimes the kids just need somebody else. Yep. 52:57.67 Sam Sometimes the parent is not the best teacher? Yeah yeah. 53:03.91 Leslie And so it's cool because they can kind of see who needs what and they can contact each other and um, connect with a friend of mine is a teacher in Arizona and she was going to tutor a kid math the other day she was having a blast. He was having a blast parents got a break. It was perfect. 53:17.94 dclduo Nice. 53:19.55 Sam Oh that's awesome I love that? Yeah, it's like well so you're not going to Israel but you're living like on a kibbutz. Ah, essentially. 53:20.85 Leslie Yeah, we're kind of our own little community year. It's kind of funny. 53:27.47 Leslie It? Yeah yeah, yeah, totally. 53:31.93 Sam Oh my God amazing. 53:35.69 dclduo Well Sam I mean I mean there's so much more we could. We could talk about and I think we should ask ah Leslie off air. She'll come back at some point so we can do a little check in on on what's changed and what hasn't changed what the new highlights are for her but do you have any more questions for Leslie before we wrap up here. 53:51.13 Sam Ah, you know I would I would love to know Leslie at this point who is your other than the captain who you mentioned has been great who is your favorite crew member thus far like what is their role like and have you got until they. Obviously you get to know them as you mentioned better than you do on like a week long cruise but I'm I'm curious who's like who's your favorite person. Is it your bartender is it. Your waiter is it. You know an entertainment staff member. 54:17.40 Leslie So funny story about that 2 things Captain St is a Nielsen I'm a niilsen we share his name. It's spelled the same way the whole thing so we feel like we kind of have an in with him. He's not quite there yet. But we'll get him there. Yeah. 54:22.43 Sam Yeah. 54:28.20 Sam Yeah, he's family. Yeah. 54:32.82 Leslie We'll get him there. He has to walk right by a cabin and so I I leave him notes on the cabin door of how much we love him and how related we are? um so there's that but then also I think it's probably says a lot about me but the bartender only because she definitely is has kind of taken it. 54:38.34 Sam But. 54:51.49 Leslie Um, personally to get to know all of us and what we like and ah, you know what we want and so um I I'll come around the corner and it'll already be sitting there waiting for me so she's special. She's got a daughter and so we've gotten to know her story with her daughter. We got her daughter a low gift when we were in eureka yesterday because she's. Leaving us in l a and so you know just there are friends like they've just become you know part of our friend group. 55:14.49 Sam yeah yeah yeah I mean it's it's it's different. They're part of the you're all part of a community as you mentioned and and they're part of that community in a you know, slightly different way than the other passengers but you really get to know them and in a. Super unique way. 1 of the things we love about cruising is getting to know the crew and of course we've never taken a cruise as long as the one you're on the longest we've taken I think was a fifteen night cruise um Panama Canal Cruise um and but it's incomparable experience for you know, being on for forty seven days of course so amazing. Well um, right. 55:53.15 Leslie Yes, um, this the security team too has been cool because we have to obviously go through security a good deal and so the security team um has been amazing because um, my partner forgot his glasses. So now every single time we go through security she says do you have your glasses. 55:59.82 dclduo Yeah. 56:12.64 Leslie And your classes and so they know us you know they know our names and so and they've you know they've kept us safe and um, we're super grateful to them. So yeah, it's just really cool. 56:22.23 Sam I Love that amazing. 56:26.43 dclduo Well Leslie we could as I said we could talk probably for hours about this cruise but we want to get you back to your c day and we just super appreciate you taking time from onboard a ship. This is ah. Not something we get to do often to talk to somebody in the midst of their cruise and so we just ah, really appreciate you taking time in the middle of your cruise to come chat with us share this with our audience and really really appreciate. It. Thanks for coming on. 56:49.73 Leslie Well of course and thank you thank you for having me and certainly if any of your listeners have questions when we meet up again. We can answer anybody's questions. Um, there's a million of them coming in and I'm certainly open to all of it. It's an incredible journey I want to share with everyone. 57:02.12 dclduo Yeah, and let folks know where they can follow you on Instagram because you've got quite an active Instagram presence too. So folks can head over there and follow you and I I presume ask questions of you that way too. 57:02.18 Sam Awesome. 57:10.84 Leslie Absolutely yeah I'm actually on all social media under the same. It's at point my soul north. 57:19.46 dclduo Great. Well, thanks again. Leslie. 57:19.85 Sam Awesome. 57:21.91 Leslie Thank you.

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