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Ep. 387 - Bonus - Royal Caribbean's Ultimate World Cruise (Part One): Life Onboard a Once-in-a-Lifetime Cruise with Jenny from Dr. Jenny Travels

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Brian Sam
Ep. 387 - Bonus - Royal Caribbean's Ultimate World Cruise (Part One): Life Onboard a Once-in-a-Lifetime Cruise with Jenny from Dr. Jenny Travels
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Ep. 387 - Bonus - Royal Caribbean's Ultimate World Cruise (Part One): Life Onboard a Once-in-a-Lifetime Cruise with Jenny from Dr. Jenny Travels

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We are so excited to bring you an update from Dr. Jenny Travels who came to us remotely from Royal Caribbean's Ultimate World Cruise!! This cruise, a 9-month trip around the world aboard Serenade of the Seas, has garnered a ton of social media attention and turned some of its passengers into overnight celebrities. Dr. Jenny is one such passenger. We couldn't wait to hear what it was like onboard, all the of the logisitics surrounding a 9-month cruise, and some of the highlights! We're labeling this episode "Part One" because we hope to have Jenny back in the near future for a mid-cruise update!!

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Episode Transcript

00:00.00 dclduo Welcome back. Everyone to another episode of the dcl duo podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and as you can tell you are hearing my voice. It is Sam I am hosting solo today Brian is unfortunately sick and thus able unable to join me for this recording. But i. Um, so lucky because I'm talking to what I am going to categorize as an internet celebrity right now. Ah she is currently on the serenade of the seas in the middle of the chilean fjords and is talking us from the middle of the ocean basically welcome to the show. Dr. Jenny Travels Jenny welcome to the show. 00:41.50 Jenny Hunnicutt Hello Sam thank you so much for having me. 00:43.80 dclduo It is so great to talk to you Jenny we have been following along with you on Instagram your posts and your stories are just so fun to you know, follow along with you for those who don't know who you are. I'll just give a very brief intro in that you are one of the passengers on the serenade of the seas which is a royal caribbean ship that is currently doing a nine month world Cruise and so before we get into the topic of today's show which is talking about how one even plans for a world cruise. 01:18.57 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah. 01:19.41 dclduo And what you've done thus far like a month in um, tell us like what are your? what's your cruising background or cruising experience I know you are an avid traveler but prior to this world Cruise how many cruises had you been on and what lines. 01:33.51 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah that's a great question. So yeah, my husband and I I'm here on the ship with him for the full nine months we are full time travelers. So when we're not on a nine month cruise we're back in the us where we're from and you know living out of our rv traveling around the west. And so prior to this world Cruise we had been on I think 5 cruises so not a whole lot our very first cruise ever was on carnival and we did a big family reunion I think there were 12 of us on board and that was my husband's first time ever cruising and we had such a blast. And I I figured he was either going to love it or hate it and he happened to love it and so that's really what started it all and then we just kind of happened to start sailing with rural caribbean we did a couple like unique cruises like ovations inaugural crews in Alaska. 02:14.54 dclduo Me. 02:31.54 Jenny Hunnicutt And then we did um, actually we did a world cruise test run on the serenade in the same cabin which we can talk about later ah, which was yeah a western caribbean cruise was kind of it's done it before but this specific time last February was like a one time cruise where they went all the way down to cartageia. So. 02:37.41 dclduo Oh Wow I. 02:50.64 Jenny Hunnicutt We really enjoy those kind of unique, um one off type cruises and this nine month cruise certainly is one of those. 02:55.60 dclduo And oh my god absolutely this is I mean this is a we joke that a world cruise is like our bucket list cruise but for Brian and I we talk about like doing our bucket list cruise like when we're retired. So. 03:10.65 Jenny Hunnicutt But yeah. 03:12.73 dclduo What made I mean you and your husband are are young people. Ah what made you choose to do a world cruise at this stage in your lives and at this stage in your careers. 03:23.15 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah, so we used to years and years ago we've been together for 12 years We used to just lie in bed and just kind of dream about traveling the world like I just we just want to see the world and we had heard about world cruises before and again we had just kind of started getting into cruising and. We just kind of fell in love with the idea of it like what a great way to see the world. We totally recognize. You do not get to spend a lot of time in each poor or country. It's it's hard to immerse yourself in one day. But what a great way to just see the world and so I think we had already started to make some changes in our lives. Um toward. Full-time travel and toward remote work which we can talk about more as well and when royal caribbean announced their world cruise we we first saw way across my husband's Google newsfeed and it was the day they announced it on Google and we called and we had a few questions like ah if if. 04:02.66 dclduo And. 04:21.82 Jenny Hunnicutt They don't include internet. We won't do it or something like that and 1 by 1 they answered all of our questions and we booked it and put down the deposit that day and it was Halloween of 2021 I remember it so clearly. 04:31.91 dclduo And oh wow wow that's like a good amount of advance planning I mean most people when they're cruising are doing you know advance planning a year in advance. That's two years in advance. Um, and and this thing. And did did it sell out right away or I mean I know you've got like a a full ship I know it's about but 2000 a little over 2000 passengers is a full ship correct. 04:54.98 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah, so we actually are not at full capacity and royal caribbean specifically did not put it to full capacity either which is really nice. Yeah, but the world crews actually didn't sell out and so then what they did was open it up to 4 large segments and then. 04:57.31 dclduo Um, okay, ah. 05:11.42 dclduo Ah. 05:13.83 Jenny Hunnicutt Beyond that they opened it up to 17 mini segments so this world cruise is actually made up of 17 mini segments and anyone can join still. My parents are joining when we get to the italy segment we have friends that are going to be joining us in the norwegian segment segment. So it's pretty cool. 05:28.92 dclduo Oh that's so cool. Yeah, well and they can bring you I guess you know stuff from home If there's something you need. Well let's let's talk. 05:33.12 Jenny Hunnicutt That will be having people come on off and on as well. 05:41.48 Jenny Hunnicutt Um, yeah. 05:43.45 dclduo A little bit about the logistics of of this and remote work is obviously a ah big and important factor for for those who aren't retired right? So I know on this ship right now you've got for people who are doing the world cruise the whole nine months I mean um, rather than doing one of these shorter segments I mean. Are most of the people on board retired or most of the people working and and how do you and your husband I know you do remote work. So how are you and your husband able to work on the ship or at least part of the time I imagine. 06:14.82 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah, so most of the people on this ship are retired I would say the average age is older adult we but there are quite a few people who are remote working. There are quite a few young people as well and just to share I'm I'm 34 I don't mind sharing my age and. So what? what my husband I did um over the past several years is we got a little bit burnt out in. We were both working big time jobs corporate America and I was working in academia I have my ph d in health and rehab sciences and was a clinical researcher for seven several years so we started to make some changes in our lives and we both really we both kind of already had experience with remote work which I think really primed us well for the major changes that occurred with the pandemic in 2020 and during that time. Yeah, we both left. 07:02.81 dclduo Yeah, absolutely. 07:08.24 Jenny Hunnicutt We had. We had actually had left our jobs before the pandemic and so we were already on our way to starting our own businesses and for me personally I always had 100% remote work in mind and. 07:18.53 dclduo A. 07:22.22 Jenny Hunnicutt That way it both afforded us the time the freedom and also the money to travel full time and it took us a little bit a while to get there but slowly and surely we we made changes in our lives and eventually sold everything and moved into a rv. 07:35.26 dclduo Wow! Yeah, so for you, it's a probably ah a little bit of a different transition than for somebody who's going from like apartment or house living right? because you probably already had to downsize. You're belonging significantly to move into an Rv I imagine. 07:50.79 Jenny Hunnicutt Yes, we were totally prepared for living in a I think this cabin is like a little over two hundred Square feet it is a tiny home. Yeah, and so our Rv is actually a little bit bigger. 07:57.87 dclduo Oh my God is like a tiny home on land. 08:09.29 Jenny Hunnicutt And this crew we're we're in an interior cabin. Yeah, it's a little bit bigger than this interior cabin and so we we had already. We are very familiar with small living you know, tiny home living and also being in close proximity to 1 another at all times. Ah. 08:17.31 dclduo You. 08:24.26 dclduo Ah, well then the cruise ship must be a bit of a luxury because in addition to having of course your stateroom you've got other areas on the ship that you can go. For example, you can eat in other places on the ship you can probably even work other places in the ship other than your cabin. 08:39.88 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah I've actually called it a mansion like I feel like we feel like we're living on a mansion because we have our cabin which is kind of our our our you know little comfy home like where we can go for we where we know it's quiet. But also there are just there are endless places that we can go. Hang out or be a part of community or meet people on the ship and so that's that's been really fun compared to ah rving out in the middle of nowhere. 09:02.53 dclduo Yeah, absolutely well, how did you sort of plan for something like this for I'm thinking of sort of just logistics of like how much clothing do you bring? what? if you've got prescription medications and normally you can only fill prescriptions for I don't know like thirty days like how do you get mail while here on the the ship. These are these inquiring minds. Want to know how does this work Jenny. 09:28.13 Jenny Hunnicutt Yes, oh my gosh. There are so many logistics and these are so many good questions and um I have I have been having a lot of fun answering some of these questions over on my Tiktok. Um at Dr Jenny travel same handle as my Instagram and and and Facebook and because so many people are asking these questions. And um, with with my medical background I've kind of had a fun, fun bit niching myself into some medical related questions like prescriptions and what happens if you get pregnant. So yeah, yes, yes, twenty three weeks it is but these are. 09:52.51 dclduo Yeah, yeah, I yeah I mean after a certain point I'm guessing they make you leave the ship. Yeah that that makes sense I think that's what Disney Cruise line does even just for regulars even for just a short sailing. It's. 10:06.16 Jenny Hunnicutt Real yeah. 10:10.94 dclduo Think after it's like 23 or twenty four weeks you're they do not want you on the ship. 10:14.71 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah I think that's a a cruise-wide kind of policy but these are real considerations. We had to plan and prepare for and fortunately with Rv living we're already kind of used to being out on the road. So for mail specifically we have trusted family members. 10:26.49 dclduo I. 10:33.81 Jenny Hunnicutt Back in our home state of Florida that we trust with our mail and most of it is digital but you know occasionally tax documents and things come in on paper and so we we trust them to manage our mail for us and then um. 10:35.52 dclduo So right. 10:48.99 Jenny Hunnicutt You know I'm fortunate to not have to take any prescriptions but this was a long and lengthy process where people had to fill out a survey and work with the royal caribbean medical team and ideally you would have gotten nine months of your prescription but that is not always feasible depending on the beds. 10:57.20 dclduo Um, ah yes. 11:00.77 dclduo Bright. Yeah. 11:04.91 Jenny Hunnicutt And the the situation right? So the next ideal situation would be to get um, ninety days of meds and then it would be since this is a nine month cruise it would be 3 more scripts of your 90 day meds from there and so then you would work with the medical staff and they would hold your meds. 11:08.70 dclduo So. 11:22.81 Jenny Hunnicutt They would have your med supplied on board and when you were ready to get your next round of 90 day meds. You would go to them and they would fill your prescription now there are so yeah, yeah, and then there were some unfortunately there were some class a substances and and medications that just could not do a nine month type type of prescription. 11:27.20 dclduo Oh Wow. Right. 11:39.73 dclduo Right. 11:40.92 Jenny Hunnicutt No matter how you did it so that people would have to work that out or you know not be able to come. But yeah it and it was a very much individualized kind of process. But. 11:47.51 dclduo Yeah I imagine for like a controlled substance prescription that would be quite difficult and I say this because you know our our son has a Hd and 1 of his a hdmedications is a controlled substance and so. We cannot get more than thirty days at a time at least not on land I wonder if there's ways that they can make exceptions and do like a ninety day script or something like that. But it's you know it's obviously very difficult but that's great that the cruise line medical staff. 12:11.51 Jenny Hunnicutt And here the her. 12:18.94 dclduo Has been able to make arrangements or or at least attempt to make arrangements for people with ah prescriptions and and I'm also thinking of the fact that you've if you've got a lot of older folks on the ship. There's a lot of older folks who are on regular medication. So this is probably. 12:35.27 Jenny Hunnicutt Yep. 12:35.45 dclduo You know a common issue for Them. You know to deal with what about receiving packages or mail. Let's say like a tax document comes in and you've got to actually take care of it right? like you've got to sign it or something like that is there a way for your family at home to send something to you be it a package. Be it a letter. What not. 12:54.87 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah, so we have 3 more opportunities to get mail. So um, the next the the most ideal one would be our next big hub which is going to be la in the United States 13:07.14 dclduo Okay, ah oh yeah. 13:08.77 Jenny Hunnicutt So that's when we switch from the Americas segment to the pacific and Asia segment remember those 4 segments I was talking about. Yeah and so then after that the next big hubs are Dubai and Barcelona so we do have opportunity to get mail. Ah, at those spots for us being americans it would certainly make most sense to try and get packages or mail when we hit L.A. 13:29.43 dclduo Yeah, that makes sense and now you guys have been on the ship for about a month as am I right about that wow and where did you all where did you embark from where did the crew start from. 13:37.24 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah, a month going on a month and a half 13:45.85 Jenny Hunnicutt We left from Miami. 13:48.46 dclduo Ok, so he's an American port and then where have you where have you been thus far I know I know right now where you are and I know where you just came from but why don't you tell our guests where have you sort of where did you sail to and we don't have to hit obviously every port but. 13:55.59 Jenny Hunnicutt Um, yeah. 14:04.59 dclduo An idea of where in the world. You all have hit. 14:05.44 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah, yeah, so we left Miami and headed south and one of the nice things is we kind of. We did the caribbean but we did more Southern Caribbean which is which is cool because um, you can cruise there from from Florida. 14:13.41 dclduo So. 14:21.17 Jenny Hunnicutt Ah, pretty easily. But it's not as popular as some of the more central or Northern Caribbean so we went down to the Abc islands and then headed west towards Brazil we had 3 stops in Brazil 1 being rio we then made our way down toward Argentina we had 3 stops in Argentina. 14:27.22 dclduo God Love this. 14:41.30 Jenny Hunnicutt And then ah we went to actually we were supposed to go to the falkland islands but due to bad weather. We had to skip them and that's when we headed straight through Drake passage sooner than expected to Antarctica and that was amazing and then back up through Drake passage. 14:50.52 dclduo Amazing. 14:58.40 Jenny Hunnicutt Um, which is where you saw my my recent post it it. It got me the second time I got a little seasick the second time going through and then we went to Cape Horn and through Magellan straits and are now currently in the chilean fort fjords. 14:58.13 dclduo Yes, but. 15:10.40 dclduo Wow, that's amazing now the places that you've been. We've got hot weather. We've got cold weather. Well actually let me ask a question before I get there but where were you all for christmas. 15:26.58 Jenny Hunnicutt We were at c for Christmas which was really nice because they did a lot of onboard activities for Christmas and then um, new year's e we were actually in rio and that's a huge. 15:33.74 dclduo Oh fun. 15:38.90 Jenny Hunnicutt Ceremonious place to set like they really go big on New Year's and so we got to see the fireworks show at copa cabaana beach from the ship out in the harbor there. Yeah. 15:44.17 dclduo Ah, wow! Oh that's fantastic. So the question I was going to ask that I stopped myself. But now I'm going to ask it is yeah you're in hot weather at the very beginning um out of Miami and then in the caribbean but then. Going all the way down to the very tip of Argentina and you know schwaa and then you're headed to Antarctica how does 1 pack for all of the different weather that you guys are going to encounter across this nine months 16:13.45 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah, so you bring up a good point because you know you can hop on a flight and go from complete summer to complete winter right in a matter of 12 hours if not less but this has been so strange because we have gone from I mean I could. Barely even stand barefoot on the pool deck when we were near the equator. It was just so hot to being rigid in Antarctica and so ah, when we were planning for this again, we booked it a long time ago and and they they you know prepped us well but they they told us that we're chasing summer around the globe and we are which is super cool. 16:34.21 dclduo And. 16:48.97 dclduo Um. 16:51.60 Jenny Hunnicutt By them saying that that kind of makes you think like oh maybe I just need summer clothes. But no I'm so glad we brought our heavy duty winter coats because it was so cold in Antarctica and it's even it being summer down there right? So to speak. So. 17:00.74 dclduo Oh yeah, yeah. 17:07.72 Jenny Hunnicutt My husband brought he was wearing his Ski jacket and all of our most extreme winter clothes because it was that cold. 17:12.49 dclduo Yeah, how many days of clothes. Did you pack if that makes sense I mean like when we think about if I go on a two week Cruise I'm probably not packing two weeks of outfits I'm probably packing about a you know, five days of outfits and planning to do laundry on board. 17:24.25 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah. 17:30.24 dclduo Obviously you're planning to do laundry on board because you're on for nine months but about how many days of clothes. Would you say each of you brought. 17:34.37 Jenny Hunnicutt Um, yeah. 17:41.45 Jenny Hunnicutt Um, well okay, so remember as well. We also live in our out of our Rv so our closet is not very big to start with. Um so we we kind of just brought our entire wardrobe and the reason why is because we drove to Miami. 17:42.91 dclduo Right? yeah. 17:58.52 Jenny Hunnicutt And therefore because we weren't flying. We weren't super limited by checking bags and having to pay pay for them and so role creepibbean kind of gave us a loose maximum of 6 bags like 6 big suitcases so we brought that many. 17:58.84 dclduo And ah by luggage. Yeah. 18:11.88 dclduo So right. 18:17.56 Jenny Hunnicutt And we certainly did not need that many. But since we were driving um and you know we didn't have to maneuver our luggage around too much. We just figured why not so we basically just brought our whole wardrobe. So just you know, keep in mind our wardrobe is not very big to begin with. But um, we brought 6 18:31.95 dclduo You sure? yeah that makes sense so that means 4 for you and 2 for your husband basically right? ah. 18:35.30 Jenny Hunnicutt Big suitcases with us. 18:40.75 Jenny Hunnicutt Um, exactly. 18:41.82 dclduo Ah, well you know we need all the less women. We need all the different shoes we need different jackets. We need. You know we need a lot of things. 18:49.80 Jenny Hunnicutt We do I brought you can look at my pictures and see that I'm wearing or at least the pictures I'll post soon and see that I'm wearing multiple different winter Jackets. So I did not skimp. Let's say I did not skimp but I will say having lived on this now for a month and a half. I would say you could probably get by with two weeks worth of clothes plus the winter clothes like the layers. Yeah, um, yeah because that's like a whole suitcase in and of itself. But we yes and and we do get included. 19:08.82 dclduo Um, right right? right? You need not counting your winter coat because that's or or winter coats and some yeah. 19:23.54 Jenny Hunnicutt Wash and fold laundry 3 times a week so now that 3 times a week yeah yes yes, it's so nice. 19:24.68 dclduo Um, 3 times a week wow and they do it for you. You don't have to sit in the laundry room. Oh my goodness. That's amazing. That's amazing. Speaking of included. Um. Inquiring minds. Of course want to know what all is included in this world Cruise like you know specialty dining alcohol excursions like what what is part of the sort of package versus what are like add ons. 19:55.94 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah, so with the with the full world cruise it actually came with a lot of benefits so we have the drink package. So all you can drink. We have the typical like dining pack dining right? So um. But buffet in the main dining room are included I believe maybe that's similar on a Disney Cruise and then specialty dining restaurant dining restaurants. We get 50% off which really lowers the price to a very reasonable amount if we wanted to just change it up and go get sushi or whatnot. Yeah. 20:18.80 dclduo Oh. 20:27.47 Jenny Hunnicutt And then we also got the wash and fold laundry that I had mentioned for 3 times a week which is more than enough and then we also got internet for the full nine months included yes 20:31.39 dclduo Um, yeah. 20:37.61 dclduo Ni is nice I I feel like that's really the only way you could do it I mean if you had to sort of pay per day or per you know, megabyte or whatever like especially if they you know if Royal wanted anyone who actually who has a ah. You know a current job right on Board. You just kind of have to do it that way. 20:53.70 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah, and one of the nice things they did as well is update the internet on board to starlink which is what my husband I have used for the past two years in our out of our Rv and we have found that it works. 21:01.63 dclduo He. 21:11.58 Jenny Hunnicutt Better. We get better internet speeds when we're out in the middle of nowhere boon docking like out in the desert of Nevada versus being like in the city of Las Vegas for example and the fact that I'm sailing through the chilean fords and we're sitting here talking on a podcast is just amazing. 21:17.20 dclduo Wow. 21:26.79 dclduo yeah yeah I mean we're recording this all over an internet platform called Zencastr and we have no I'm having no issues hearing you I'm having no interruptions. It's pretty amazing. Um, so obviously the starling is working really really well. Wow. 21:29.85 Jenny Hunnicutt Yes. 21:43.37 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah, yeah, and then I'll add as well. Um, for those that were in terms of what was included in the world. Cruise this was a big cell point and for those that were platinum status above which is basically you have had to have sailed thirty days thirty nights with rural caribbean. I don't know what the Disney equivalent of that would be but 30 nights with world caribbean at that status you received excursions to the 7 new world wonders of the world totally included. Yeah. 22:10.20 dclduo And wow wow that's I mean so what are the what are they calling the 7 new wonders of the world that I think is is really that's really interesting. Wow. 22:21.60 Jenny Hunnicutt Yep, yeah, so the the 7 new wonders of the world are we've already been to chichan ita in Mexico and Christ the redeemer in Rio brazil the next one we have is Machu Picchu 22:26.92 dclduo Right? wow. 22:36.73 Jenny Hunnicutt Which is actually a three day overnight two two night overnight excursion that we're going on so we so we leap. Yeah, we leave the ship we get on a flight. We take a shuttle. We have a nice dinner. We stay in a hotel. 22:40.13 dclduo Oh Wow So you like going to be camping out there. Basically. 22:52.74 Jenny Hunnicutt We go see some of the sites around Machu picchu and then we're we're taken to Machu Picchu we stay another night in a hotel and then fly back the next day meeting the ship at the next port. Yeah, and so yeah, we're that one's coming up really soon. So we actually went to a talk about it today. So we're very excited about that one. 23:00.27 dclduo Oh cool. That's amazing. 23:12.80 Jenny Hunnicutt And then further we have let's see if I can get them in order. Um, we have the great wall of China in beiing or near Beijing we have the colosseum at Rome we have ah petra at Jordan and oh which one of my. 23:17.49 dclduo Wow. Oh Wow yeah. 23:31.93 Jenny Hunnicutt think I think I named 6 wait hold on I have my list here. Oh dot the Taj Mahal in India. 23:33.51 dclduo Just one more. Yeah and that's pretty good Jenny ah. 23:42.62 dclduo Oh amazing. Yeah, that's wow. That's so cool. So some of these being probably full day excursions some of these obviously the Machu Picchu being ah multiple day excursion and probably some of them being just you know a ah few. Power excursions depending upon how close the ship is that's really cool now. Are you guys? Um, are you trying to sort of work while you're at sea and vacation and tour while you're on land or what it's what's your sort of strategy for for you and your husband specifically. 24:00.56 Jenny Hunnicutt Is it is it. 24:17.33 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah, so for both of us when it comes to work. We both said that work will never interfere with our time at ports. So that was kind of our one of our non-negotiables with each other and also with our clients. So I'm I'm very lucky to have some. 24:24.82 dclduo Yeah. 24:36.70 Jenny Hunnicutt So just so just you know what I do I own a writing consulting business. So I do own my own business I work for myself and I have a a group of core clients that range for anywhere from businesses to research teams and I help them with anything from academic manuscripts to grant writing to um. 24:37.11 dclduo E. 24:53.98 dclduo Ah. 24:55.89 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah, like Fda medical devices. There's a lot of kind of writing and regulation and compliance that goes into that that work so all of my clients know I travel which I'm so fortunate of like I can hop on a zoom with them and they say where in the world is Jenny today and. 24:57.49 dclduo Right. 25:11.91 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah, so I have a really good working relationship with these clients and um I am not I'm not carrying as full of a load as I would if we were back on on land working and I'm so glad I did not take on more because I'm learning that even on sea days. There's so much to do. 25:19.49 dclduo Sure. 25:30.20 Jenny Hunnicutt I'm sure you know I'm sure that's the case with Disney cruises I've I've never been on Disney Cruise but there's shows. There's events. There's dining. There's activities and on this cruise, there's a lot of like immersion and enrichment kind of activities as well. So as we travel around the world. Yeah. 25:42.89 dclduo Oh wow. Yeah, so yeah, tell us about that in particular this the enrichment activities are we talking like naturalists and anthropologists and and you know giving talks about where you're going in the world or what kinds of things are they doing on board I. 25:57.10 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah, exactly. That's part of it so we have lecturers come on board and teach us about the countries and the ports that we'll be visiting soon. I personally love to dance and so I've been so pleasantly surprised to participate and and do so much. Dance. So for example, when we were around Brazil. They brought on carnival dancers like dancers actually from carnival who taught us how to samba yeah, so they had music yeah musicians and dancers so they had all the drums and the the fast pace they had the headdresses the every I did I did I did it was. 26:19.31 dclduo Oh my God Amazing. Ah. 26:27.27 dclduo And I was going to say I Wonder if did you get to wear the costumes because those are fantastic. But. 26:35.65 Jenny Hunnicutt So much fun and then that was also complemented with a lecturer who taught us about kind of the more of the history and the like um ethnic kind of influences in somba music and dance and then for example in Argentina we had argentinian. Dancers on board. So tango musicians and tango dancers a couple different groups came on board and um, they come and go which is super cool too because they get to be a part of of this for a few days. Um, if not more and I love love love seeing the shows and taking the dance classes. 27:04.90 dclduo And. 27:11.50 dclduo Oh That's Fantastic. So It was curious as to you know the stuff that the onboard crew is putting on like are they putting on shows or is it more bringing on performers. Um, because obviously it would be a lot for the crew to have to sort of learn new performances. Like every few weeks in order to keep things new and fresh. 27:31.54 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah, so the onboard entertainment staff. So the singers and we don't have a lot of I don't think we have any main onboard dancers. We do have ah ah a ballroom couple on board that teach classes but the onboard entertainment there. 27:39.82 dclduo And. 27:48.25 Jenny Hunnicutt With us for the full nine months which is pretty cool because not all not all crew is with us for the full nine months but they are with us and they basically what they did was they debuted. Oh I don't know the number but a so a couple number of shows on the first segment so when we went from Miami to Buenos Ayres and and ah. 28:02.30 dclduo And. 28:06.72 Jenny Hunnicutt That was like big deal because it was they were not only debut day interviewing one but I think it was 4 shows across four weeks time yeah I best I guess it was 4 so what we're seeing is about a show from royal caribbean staff once a week and so we saw all of them for the first time that first segment and now that we're on the second segment. 28:09.41 dclduo Oh wow. 28:26.49 Jenny Hunnicutt We see some of them again. Um, which is fun if you wanted to see it again but also nice knowing I already saw it So I'm not missing out if I don't go to it again. Yeah. 28:31.70 dclduo Right? right? Wow What? what other kinds of onboard activities. Do they do they have going on like on a C day. For example, you know are we talking you know trivia Um, or or what. 28:47.25 Jenny Hunnicutt Oh my gosh. There's so many So I you know I Really love the kind of health and fitness side of things. So I I participate in a lot of like the gym classes or the dance classes. Um, they have they have Zumba and it's like right now. It's very Latin focused because we're in a lot of you know. 29:01.43 dclduo Um, ah, fun. 29:06.42 Jenny Hunnicutt Hispanic yeah or spanish speaking places so that's been super fun and then um, but I've participated in like a scavenger hunt I know a lot of my fellow cruisemates are doing like art classes like watercolors and um, just today there was ah a puzzle competition like a. 29:17.37 dclduo Oh fun. 29:25.70 Jenny Hunnicutt I think they had a world map type puzzle and this was ah this was a big deal today. It was going to be a competition who could finish it first and so just I'm sure Disney has some like a bunch of different things like this too like all kinds of different activities. Yeah. 29:28.28 dclduo Oh cool? Yeah, ah. 29:37.49 dclduo Yep, they yeah they they but they get new people every you know 4 to 7 days depending upon and so they can do the same stuff over and over again whereas with you all royals got to keep it somewhat fresh. Obviously you've got. 29:46.50 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah. 29:51.66 dclduo As you mentioned you've got some people who are joining for some of these shorter legs. Some people who are joining for these um sort of medium length or our quarter legs and then you've got some people for the full nine months and so I imagine you know they do have to change up some stuff. Um, do do you find? there's you know. 30:07.56 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah. 30:10.81 dclduo You know too much to do too little to do or sort of just write. 30:15.87 Jenny Hunnicutt Oh I kind of feel like there's too much to do and I ah, you know the the cruise line roll carving they they're tasked. They're tasked with a difficult task because just like you said they're having to cater to people who are on here for nine months like we're living our lives on here like it. It's not for my husband and I it's not necessarily like a vacation for us. This is like life right now and then there's people who are on vacation and then there's also people who are on here for three months um for one of the large segments and that's a significant amount of time too and so I kind of feel like it's too much. But I think that's only because they are. 30:33.47 dclduo You right. 30:43.26 dclduo Yeah, so. 30:50.72 dclduo Right? right? Oh sure. Sure yeah it makes sense I mean if you're trying to work at least some of the time when you're at sea then you can't go to all of the activities and there might be other folks who are who are either retired or as you said completely on vacation. 30:51.24 Jenny Hunnicutt Catering to those who are here on vacation as well. So I mean I can't really complain about that. 31:05.65 Jenny Hunnicutt Um, no. 31:09.43 dclduo And they can go to everything or or at least a lot more than what you're you know, able to go to now I mean 1 thing folks definitely want to know and something I want to know is you know food. 31:14.57 Jenny Hunnicutt Right. 31:23.86 dclduo Um, because you have ah a buffet and main dining that you can go to and then as you mentioned there are specialty restaurants that you're getting 50% off but are you sick of the food you've been on for almost a month and a half now. Yeah are you sick of it. 31:39.85 Jenny Hunnicutt No I'm not sick of the food. The food has been really good and another thing they did was they actually had new a new menu every in our first segment which was twenty eight days from Miami to Buenos Iras They had a new menu every single night. 31:56.98 dclduo You wow yeah yep, yep, you'll get like 7 menus and even those menus you'll have some items that are available like every day like a plane. 31:59.20 Jenny Hunnicutt And that was pretty unique in my and minor standing because typically rural Caribbean will will repeat their menu every week for your typical kind of week long sailings and so. 32:14.39 dclduo Steak or plain chicken breast or something like that. 32:14.52 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah, yep, yup and they're also um, immersing us with the food as well. So for example, my husband's favorite dish that that he's had so far was the Chilean Sea bass. 32:20.71 dclduo So. 32:28.30 dclduo Oy ya. 32:28.93 Jenny Hunnicutt And he went and asked them if they're going to be bringing it back and they were like well yeah, we're about to be in Chile. So it's coming up stay tuned and so we're really looking forward to having chili and c vas again and they're cooking it like you know, traditionally here and so um I'm not a huge foodie but it's been really cool to like kind of learn a. 32:47.82 dclduo And sure. 32:47.86 Jenny Hunnicutt I'll I'm not picky but I'll eat I'll try anything once but it's been really cool to like learn about different foods through the food on board and how it's been changing. Um, but yeah I'm not I'm not getting bored of the food Sometimes I'm like oh breakfast. But um I. 32:54.54 dclduo Awesome. Yeah, Oh yeah, breakfast is probably really the same right? every day. 33:04.69 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah, yeah, but I eat the same thing every day back home and so you know eggs and just your your typical breakfast. So I get bored back home like I expect I'll probably get a little bit bored of breakfast. But that's no no different than being back home. 33:18.68 dclduo Yeah, sure is it hard? Yeah well I was going to say is it hard to not be able to cook for yourself like are there any moments where you're like I Really wish I could cook I don't know like my. 33:22.39 Jenny Hunnicutt And I'm not cooking it. So. 33:33.16 dclduo My mom's chicken soup or what you know something that you really like to cook at home is is that ever an issue or have you found that to be an issue yet. 33:42.80 Jenny Hunnicutt Well I Certainly miss my mom's home cooking in case, she's listening Mom I Always I always miss her cooking. But um, you know we don't we're We're not really used to like and when you live in an ah rv. 33:44.73 dclduo I Hope she is I mom. 33:59.30 Jenny Hunnicutt You can cook but it's not quite the same like living at a home. So for me personally I don't miss like being able to cook on a dime but I will say I think some people on board are missing that and I doesn't surprise me um I more miss kind of just like the art the way we can be in America is have anything on a split second right. 33:59.67 dclduo And. 34:05.77 dclduo Yeah. 34:15.22 dclduo Right? right? Uber eats. 34:18.69 Jenny Hunnicutt The access I will say sometimes I've missed. Yeah I've missed a little bit like um, being able to get I don't know like my my favorite junk food is peanut butter eminems and those are nowhere on board and just you know, just something like that I guess I missed that a little bit but. 34:26.22 dclduo Oh yes, yeah. 34:35.40 Jenny Hunnicutt If you're craving something sweet. You know you can just go get a cookie. There's ice cream all the time like it it. It fails the void for sure. 34:43.71 dclduo Yeah, how long until you're in L A and can go pick up some peanut and butter eminems. Ah. 34:47.89 Jenny Hunnicutt But we are in l a in February February Eleventh Yup there we go there. We go? yeah. 34:53.51 dclduo Okay, so ah, less than a month you you have like 3 three weeks and you can get some peanut em and m peanut butter eminem's when you when you get to l a can find a convenience store or or a grocery store and and get a big bag of um. 35:07.55 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah. 35:09.55 dclduo Speaking of that are you able to bring you know food on board at all. Um I Obviously I would know you wouldn't have like a kitchen to store it in but um, you know I know on most short Cruises. You can bring you know, sort of prepackaged. Foods like candy or something like that on board are were you allowed to bring stuff on board like that prepackaged foods. 35:33.43 Jenny Hunnicutt Yes, so for example I brought speaking of candy I brought on um I'm originally from Charleston South Carolina and so I brought on um little charleston shoes I have like a little card I give to people sometimes with with just my. 35:39.60 dclduo Um, ah yeah. 35:48.29 Jenny Hunnicutt My name and my social media handles my website and stuff and then I'll give them like ah a little charleston chew as well. They're not really originally from Charleston but just something named after my home named by my hometown. You know it just here's a little piece of my home. It's just a fun thing. So I brought those on board and we can bring stuff on board. It just can't be like. 35:58.22 dclduo Yep. 36:08.80 Jenny Hunnicutt Fruits and vegetables and we can't we also can't take fruits and vegetables offboard. But I've brought I love chocolate this is this is a theme. Ah I love chocolate and so I got some chocolate from ushua I got some alpha horse from other ports we went to in Argentina which are like there. 36:08.67 dclduo Right? right? Ah I Love it. 36:27.11 Jenny Hunnicutt Super sweet little traditional chocolate I don't even know how to describe them like little chocolate cookies and oh man So good. Yeah, so we can We can bring stuff on. 36:30.87 dclduo Um, Well yum. Love it. Love it now. I'd love to hear how you know interactions are with the crew as you mentioned some of the crew is on Board. For the whole time. Some of the crew is is will change over at some point ah tell us from I Guess the first let's talk about the logistical side. What crew is on board for the like the whole time and and what crew is sort of changing over and if you know. At what point do they change over and is it sort of sporadic. 37:05.21 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah, so I already shared the the the singers like the rural caribbean singers and then also the royal caribbean orchestra I do know they're on board for the entire nine months I know that the entertainment staff so think of like your people who lead the group activities who lead some of the um. Dance classes things like that they are on board for almost the full nine months and I believe that they're working on getting them extended those extra two months yeah to be on board for the nine months and then yeah, yeah, exactly yeah I know some crew are trying to some crew. 37:27.30 dclduo I oh wow yeah, oh so they have like a seven month contract or something like that and they want to try and that makes sense. Yeah. 37:40.20 dclduo <unk> 37:41.23 Jenny Hunnicutt Love to travel right? So they're trying to do the full nine months to say that they did it but most crew are it all depends on their contracts before so some of them have been on the serenade already for six months before this world crew started so they're ready to go home like they're they're almost done with their um. 37:53.79 dclduo Ah, yeah. 38:00.46 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 38:00.87 Jenny Hunnicutt 7 eight month contract whatever it may be and then then others just started with us it. It just all depends some came from other ships. Um, so but it just all depends on what their preexisting contract was. 38:09.42 dclduo Um, gotcha that makes sense so they didn't sort of start everyone on contract at the same time. It's more just a ah mishmash of what it normally is on on any sort of cruise ship. It sounds like. 38:21.73 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah, and one of the cool things is some of them are leaving us but then coming back so that will be super cool to see them again after five months or however, long you like until they join us again. Yeah. 38:25.17 dclduo Yes, oh I love that. Yeah, well so speaking of that like you, you're on this ship for such a long time It's not like when you're on a one week Cruise and you might get to know you know a couple of crew members and sort of develop relationships with them I imagine you have gotten a chance to develop relationships with a lot of. Of crew tell us tell us about that experience. 38:53.97 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah, it's been so it's been so amazing as I'm sure you know and I'm sure Disney is no exception. The crew are always so amazing on cruises they're just they work so hard they they are so nice and. Um, always so welcoming so being on here with them for more than just a week long cruise is is a really really cool experience and so we do get past the just like hey how are you? you know, just the nice to meet you go you know how are you from? Oh cool. Um I actually have learned a lot about other people's countries. Ah, just because we've talked more than just those initial kind of you know, hellos and how are yous and um, for example, 1 ah, one of the the servers. She's from the gombia and I did not know much about the gombia one day we sat together. In the the dining in the ah buffet area and just she showed me on a Google map her home in Africa and I was like oh my gosh I think I need to put this on my bucket list. So that's just 1 example of the many amazing interactions we get to have with the crew. 39:57.97 dclduo And I love that that's amazing. No do you have I imagine there's a a cruise director and Assistant Cruise director and obviously you've got the officers. Do you get to? you know, see them around a lot and interact with with them as well. 40:12.29 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah, we see them around a law. It's quite amazing How they they always seem to be everywhere or multiple places at the same time. This is no exception. They're all there. 40:16.48 dclduo If but. 40:24.37 Jenny Hunnicutt Ah, we have a cruise director and then you know, ah, ah so a so Assistant Cruise director and they're always introducing the shows leading activities. There's several kind of parties or theme nights. So I mean the big ones were Christmas and New Year's and um, or in the initial first sailing we had a big ball drop and balloon ball drop and. 40:34.31 dclduo Right. 40:44.22 Jenny Hunnicutt Ah, dance parties. So they're always all of them always there leading those parties and that's super fun. So yeah, we do see them around quite a bit. 40:50.27 dclduo Awesome I love that what let's talk a little bit about the places you've been I would love to know what were some of the highlights from well I'll call it this first segment or this first segment that we've. Been able to were you know able to catch up with you on. So this first month and a half. 41:10.41 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah, so this first month and a half. Oh so many I will say rio was just absolutely amazing. We went to the the famous Christ the redeemer statue and went to have um a steakhouse as well. A brazilian steakhouse and it was just. The vibe. There was just so much fun and I like I already shared I fell in love with somba dancing and so I kind of put it up there on my bucklet bucket list to go to Rio again and ideally for carnival that would just be so fun and I'll say this the way my husband and I are looking at this is like our our world sampler. 41:38.60 dclduo Oh My God yeah. Yeah. 41:46.96 Jenny Hunnicutt So we're trying to build a list of places that we want to go back to one day and so yeah, we've got ah got quite a few of them already. Ah I'll say Antarctica was by far the biggest highlight I mean it was. 41:58.77 dclduo Um, yeah. 42:03.51 Jenny Hunnicutt So surreal I feel like my brain still has not processed what we just saw a few days ago. Um I kept actually calling it Alaska just a slip of the tongue like I would say like oh my gosh we made it to Alaska because I feel like that's what all my brain could understand in that you know in the moment and so. 42:10.60 dclduo Left. 42:16.59 dclduo E. 42:22.80 dclduo Oh my God sure. 42:22.13 Jenny Hunnicutt Surreal was the best word I have to describe that now we didn't get to step foot in our Antarctica like many cruises we were above 500 passengers and therefore could not port and step foot. So I do also kind of feel like that needs to be added to our bucket list to actually step foot in there. 42:33.47 dclduo Um. 42:37.17 dclduo Yeah, you're gonna have to do one of those expedition cruises I will tell you Jenny we've got a couple of episodes that we've done on expedition cruising to Antarctica where folks can get off and go see the bluefooted boobies and all of that stuff and so I will. 42:38.81 Jenny Hunnicutt In Antarctica. 42:52.00 Jenny Hunnicutt Oh. 42:53.38 dclduo After Ah, after the recording I will direct you to a couple of those episodes that we've done Um, but it's really yeah, it's so I haven't done it myself, but it sounds like a definitely that's another bucket list of lay on the on the list of many things. Yeah. 43:00.88 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah. Yes, I would love that. Yeah I would love that because I and while it's fresh on my mind like who I'm definitely thinking I got to do an X We got to do an expedition cruise here one day. Yeah. 43:16.60 dclduo Yeah home. Yeah I Love your thought process though about this being sort of the taste of the world though because I imagine that you as you mentioned you're you know some of these places you're you're only in for like one day. Um, you know import. In maybe like a major city or an important like place in the world right? and so you're able to get a taste of that place. But it's not the the deep dive that you know some people might want to do? What are what are the places on your list. Um that you're like I mean you've got a ton more to go. You've got. 43:41.60 Jenny Hunnicutt Great. 43:50.17 dclduo Seven and a half months left of this world Cruise what are the places that you are really most looking forward to getting that taste of. 43:57.43 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah, so exactly as much as I want to tell myself we can. We can immerse ourselves. You just cannot in a day so it's all about kind of that feeling I get somewhere that undescribable feeling. Maybe you you have felt it too. Just. 44:03.63 dclduo Yeah. 44:14.92 Jenny Hunnicutt When you just fall in love with the place and it might be a place that you did not expect so some of the places that I'm I'm really looking forward to are in Asia I'm looking forward to Vietnam my husband and I did our first big international trip like ever. We went to Southeast Asia for the Asia we went to Asia for the first time and. 44:15.41 dclduo Um, yeah. 44:25.99 dclduo Um. 44:28.39 dclduo If. 44:33.60 Jenny Hunnicutt Um, we just fell in love with Vietnam and we specifically did the north and central parts of Vietnam we spent a month there. So I do kind of feel like we got to immerse ourselves there and yeah, yes, and we specifically saved the south. 44:40.92 dclduo That Oh yeah, that that's definitely immersing. Yeah yeah. 44:49.86 Jenny Hunnicutt South Vietnam for this cruise. So we're going to Hochemine City and notch strongng on this cruise and so I feel like after getting to go to those places we'll kind of have completed a tour of of um north to South Vietnam which I think is really really cool and special. So we're looking forward to going there and then also I'm so excited for Norway I we're we're going 6 to 6 different places in Norway and so again while we can't necessarily immerse ourselves in any of those like each of those places like we get to go to 6 different places feel the vibe of 6 different. 45:06.99 dclduo Oh yes. 45:12.86 dclduo Oh you're going to love Norway. 45:24.75 Jenny Hunnicutt Cities and locations there and I just having being sailing through the chilean fords right now is just so beautiful I cannot wait to see those in Norway. 45:33.84 dclduo Oh my god you you're going to love Norway so we did a Disney Cruise just Brian and I for my Fortieth birthday so that tells you I'm I'm a few years past forty now we actually did it last not this past year but the year before um. 45:43.56 Jenny Hunnicutt Filip. 45:49.30 dclduo It was 2 years delayed because of covid of course and so we did a cruise through the norwegian fjords it was out of Dover. It was on Disney Cruise line we went to four different port stops in Norway and we just fell in love like it is the most magical place. I've ever been to. It was yeah amazing. You're going to love it. Um I highly recommend doing ah the big hike ah to I can't now I'm forgetting the name of it Pulpit Rock yeah it's terrifying. Yeah, it's terrifying. 46:19.96 Jenny Hunnicutt Pulpit rocks. 46:21.90 dclduo Um, but it's 1 of like the 10 best like hikes and sites like in the world they say for people who like you know, hiking. Um, it's not We're not like big hikers but you know you're I know you're in good shape I you do all these handstands on your on your Instagram so obviously um. You are a fit person you're into fitness and whatnot. Um, yeah I think you'll really really enjoy it something I highly recommend doing? Um, it takes a couple. Yeah. 46:49.74 Jenny Hunnicutt Thank you I'm literally writing this down right now because we we are pretty big avid hikers. So um, definitely and welcoming the recommendations. 46:57.40 dclduo Yeah, and it I mean it. It won't take you as long as it took us to go up and down probably because you're avid hikers. But really yeah, so it can be um, probably I would say between an hour to 2 hours hike each direct up and then down. Um. Ah, just depend. You can probably do it faster. We didn't do it. We didn't do it fast and it actually took us longer going down than up in part because it was raining so it was quite slippery and you have to be really, you know, careful? Um, but it's actually where ah part of um, what in the mission impossible movies where Tom Cruise is on like the face of a rock like rock climbing. That's where that's filmed like that's that's yeah, that's Pulpit Rock it's like yeah it's incredible it's just and the the the sights because you're you know, looking at the fjoorrds. It's it's just it's gorgeous. You're gonna you're absolutely going to love it. I'm so I'm so excited to hear after of course you go to Nore I'm very excited to hear what you think ah. 47:33.91 Jenny Hunnicutt Oh amazing. 47:52.87 dclduo I I wanted to ask this what I what might be sort of a weird question which is um, social media right? This has become ah ah, a big thing with this world. Cruise I'm I'm curious as to if you expected it to be. Um, and how it's sort of changed your social media presence because you had 1 before I imagine um, but I'm guessing you have more followers now than you did before and both Tiktok and on Instagram. 48:24.27 Jenny Hunnicutt Yes, it has been so crazy. Ah I have been as you yeah as you saw I have been posting on my Instagram and Facebook accounts. Um, since basically since we started full time traveling. 48:36.17 dclduo E. 48:39.90 Jenny Hunnicutt And so I have been posting about this cruise like when we did our world cruise test run when we would have um some planning meetings and stuff with world caribbean like I've been posting about it and so the fact that it has blown blown up on since you know we've been on board is just. Absolutely crazy like my tiktok I I think I reached 100000 followers in like thirty days I know it's so crazy. It's so crazy. But it's been really fun and I'll say the response has been like overwhelmingly good and I am so. 49:00.76 dclduo Oh my God wow. 49:17.52 Jenny Hunnicutt Please to find people that reach out to me and tell me that they're they're inspired by me and our travels and I get a lot of thank yous for for letting me live vicariously through you and that's what motivates me to keep going and keep posting and sharing because sometimes like I recognize that I am certainly. 49:21.53 dclduo Um. 49:27.76 dclduo Um, yeah. 49:37.14 Jenny Hunnicutt Privileged and very fortunate to be able to do this trip and I know it is never my intention to brag but sometimes of course when you're posting about something like this I just feel like that sometimes but the fact that people have responded so well and are inspired by me is what in turn inspires me to keep sharing this journey. 49:52.11 dclduo Oh I love that and I will tell you like we've been following along. We love seeing everything that you're posting and your fellow cruisers are posting. There's obviously a lot of folks on the ship who are posting on various social media platforms and I feel like we as the public can't get enough of it and maybe. Part of our like voyeuristic culture right? a little bit. Um, but it's I think really cool to you know to follow along. Um and I know from one of the things on our show. You know we we tend to highlight some of the sort of luxury end products in the Disney. 50:13.63 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah, yeah. 50:30.91 dclduo Ah, universe which is you know Disney Cruise line but also adventures by Disney which are um, sort of group tours around the world. It's also ah a luxury product travel product that Disney has. And we we find you know sometimes you know I don't know if people are going to not like this because we're covering a lot of things that are maybe not accessible for the average person but we've found most people are are still curious and to be perfectly honest, there's certain trips we won't ever get to do. There was a around the world. Ah, adventures by Disney trip that was I think a twenty three day or something like that um trip and it was you know $100000 a person and that's not um, feasible for right now for my husband and I and our son like you know $300000 for the 3 of us for like a month. Um. 51:17.68 Jenny Hunnicutt So here. 51:19.58 dclduo And so but I but we had someone on our show to talk about it because we want to know about it right? like it is.. It's so interesting these different these kinds of experiences that maybe not everyone will be able to access. But as you mentioned we'll be able to live vicariously. Through your experiences. So Thank you for sharing keep sharing please. Ah when you know I know it's I know from the perspective of of you know, being a podcast host and sharing stuff on social media ourselves. There are times where you just don't want to post and you just want to like live your life. Um. But there are those of us watching and we love it when you share. So Thank you for that. Um, speaking of yeah so speaking of that as we're wrapping up the show. Um, for today. Why don't you tell folks? Um, how they can follow along with you I Know you mentioned it earlier in the show but I want to make sure everybody. 51:59.35 Jenny Hunnicutt Oh thank you. 52:13.33 dclduo Heard it. You know you're ah where they can find you online and follow along with all of your travels. 52:18.78 Jenny Hunnicutt Yeah, so a couple different ways. So I'm posting on social media as we said with my handle at Dr Jenny Travels that's drjenny travels on Tiktok Instagram Facebook and then I also am doing a fun Gps tracking app called polarstep. Where if you wanted to see where we where we were in the world. Um, yeah, yeah, same handle Dr Jenny travels D R Jenny travels and um, that's that's super fun. You don't actually need the app you just need ah need to look it up and you'll see where we are. 52:37.81 dclduo Oh cool. 52:52.58 Jenny Hunnicutt Cruise has been in the worldwide attention and and you can look up where we are on Cruise mapper to you So I figured why not just show everyone where we are in the world. 52:58.76 dclduo But I love it. That's amazing. Jenny. Well thank you again for joining me as we chatted off the recording but I want to tell our audience if if if it's ok with you Jenny that we are hoping to have you back on the show. Maybe we'll do like a 3 episode series with you meaning today and then in a few months and then maybe at the end of your trip to kind of ah keep traveling or tracking along with you on this amazing adventure. Awesome! Well thank you so much again for joining me. 53:28.90 Jenny Hunnicutt Yes, I would love that that would be so much fun. 53:35.11 dclduo And with that everyone we will see real soon.

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