January 23, 2024


Ep. 385 - Bonus - Scooter Parking Only: Sailing with Disabilities on Disney Cruise Line

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Brian Sam
Ep. 385 - Bonus - Scooter Parking Only: Sailing with Disabilities on Disney Cruise Line
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 385 - Bonus - Scooter Parking Only: Sailing with Disabilities on Disney Cruise Line

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Danielle joins us on our bonus episode this week to share her experience sailing Disney Cruise Line with a disability. Danielle is mobility impaired and rented a scooter for her DCL sailing. Come hear what she thought about the accessibility of Disney Cruise Line. You can also follow Danielle's advntures on her YouTube channel if you want to hear more of her experiences and insights traveling with a disability. We are so thankful Danielle came to share her experience with us, so we could help raise awarness on this topic in the DCL community.

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Episode Transcript

00:00.00 dclduo Welcome back. Everyone to another bonus episode of the dcl duo podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel I am your host today sam I am so low in the sense that I do not have my other half Brian with me. He's not feeling well today. So. It will just be me but I am lucky because I have a wonderful guest with me I have Danielle from daniellaates which I love her her blog and the vlog name is amazing, but welcome to the show. Danielle. 00:32.57 Danielle Thank you so much. Very happy to be here. 00:37.10 dclduo Yeah, I'm so happy that you reached out to us. Um, we the the show topic that we're going to talk about today is 1 near and dear to our hearts. We've been hoping to get a guest who has more experience in this particular topic than we do ourselves. Um and we're. We are so excited to talk to you about it because you are a I would say a model and an example in the disability community in talking about accessibility and specifically talking Disney Accessibility so yeah thanks for coming. 01:08.52 Danielle Yeah, thank you so much for having me and excited to dive right into it. 01:14.43 dclduo Yeah, so before we of course talk about cruising with disabilities and when I say disabilities we're going to focus today on physical disabilities. Um, there are of course many the variety of disabilities is ah wide. Ranging. Obviously we talk on our show about our son's disabilities which are you know autism and adh d um, but not having experienced ourselves with physical disabilities or mobility type disabilities. We really have been wanting to talk about this but before I said before we get into that into the topic. We've got to hear your Disney creds. Um, and I want you to tell our audience a little bit about your vlog. 01:56.65 Danielle Okay, yes, sounds good. Um, so ah so I was like a 90 S Kid so I grew up in one of the you know golden eras of the Disney movies had the nice Vhs collection. So um, so I really enjoyed going to the Disney parks like well Disney World was like the only 1 and I've been to. You know? Um, but I I went about 3 times when I was younger than once in high school and then when I was an adult with my own money now I've been twice. So um, so it's like a different experience each time but um, but if anything my love for Disney is just. Strengthened over the years um so yeah so I'm definitely a disney adult proud Disney adult. Um, and I um, so like as far as the vlog goes it actually the idea where it started after my first adult vacation. So. Um, so I I you know I was familiar with the concept of vlogs and I always just as a hobby liked editing videos. It was just kind of started when I got a digital camera for Christmas in like fifth grade. Um, but you know it wasn't part of my day job or anything like that I'm more I'm more work in like business and marketing. But when I took my first. Adult vacation with friends I had rented a mobility scooter for the first time before that when I was younger I was way younger, pushing the stroller and then when I was a little bit older pushed in a manual wheelchair because on a day-to-day basis. I. 03:24.19 Danielle Um, do walk on my own but I have a muscle disease a muscle disease of unknown origin that I've had since birth. Um, so I do get fatigue and weakness. So and so Disney you know I'd probably make it to 1 attraction and then I'd be done so I um so so in this. 03:38.36 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 03:43.78 Danielle Ah, vacation isn't done I got a mobility scooter and it was like it was like a a whole new world not to already at a po. But um, it was funny because like the first day we went to animal kingdom and and I like before we even made it into like beyond the the ah park sign. I said like this is the first time in my life I've ever said this. But if I'm going too fast. Just let me know because I was just like zooming along at a yeah, just real power trip just being at the front of the line. Yeah. 04:14.95 dclduo Yeah, leaving your friends in the dust. 04:18.61 Danielle Absolutely yeah, yeah, and then I had just no empathy at all just because I've always been a straggler in the back. So I'm like and this is my time to shine. Um, and then of course you know you do shine too in the group when you have a disability that requires you know the Ds pass Um, which I do um and. 04:34.11 dclduo Right. 04:37.75 Danielle As a clarification you know because because I when people in like disability like traveling groups online talk about Disney like I'll say like oh definite I get the ds pass and a lot of which stands for a disability access pass and a lot of people correct me and say like well just because the person's in a wheelster doesn't mean they you know. 04:53.25 dclduo Sure. 04:54.82 Danielle Automatically qualify for the past and I'm like yes yes, you're right I need to clarify that. Um, but because like for me I have temperature intolerance with heat and cold and a lot of fatigue and stomach problems and all that. So um, so I do qualify for the past. So. 05:01.38 dclduo See see. 05:13.76 Danielle Um, so that helps a lot you know, um for me to enjoy the whole day and then you know the the non-disabled people in the group certainly benefit as well. You know? So ah so yeah, so after that trip I was like you know I would definitely it gave me a lot of confidence in traveling because. 05:16.15 dclduo Um, with me. 05:20.80 dclduo Oh yeah. 05:32.67 Danielle You know it was my first trip was like without my mom and I was like you know I can do this you know and I had a lot of fun and I didn't get run down I was able to you know maintain and you know hydration and all that and not saying I wasn't tired but you know that's the sign of a good Disney trip. You know if you're not tired. You're not. 05:45.80 dclduo Sure yes, you're exhausted and you're going from like 7 a m to maybe midnight right? So yeah. 05:50.95 Danielle Doing it right? You know? So so then I was yeah yeah, absolutely yeah I mean I don't typically get out I'm not like a rope dropper you know because I I I am just like a little bit sleepy in the morning but I sometimes describe myself to new doctors as like an old computer. You know. 05:59.37 dclduo Then. 06:10.49 Danielle Takes a while to get started. But once I do I get the job done. You know so ah, but ah, but then after that I was like oh you know I definitely want to travel more do more adventures and so then when I got home I got my own Mobility scooter and then I started recording vlogs. 06:14.71 dclduo That's. 06:24.97 dclduo Awesome now your first trip to Disney World as an adult you rented a scooter then from one of the the local companies. 06:35.65 Danielle Yes, so I believe it's called scoot around um or no, no, no, no, no, it's called Scooterbug I believe yeah scooterbug I'm like 90% sure so they're like the only ones that will drop it off without you there so that was like a big thing for me because it's like. Um, so so you if you're if I didn't get the name right? if you look up whoever is the official partner of Disney World um because if not you have to like meet them and stuff and it's hard planning with the plane and all that. so yeah so I did rent it and they dropped it off right at the yeah hotel lobby. 06:58.61 dclduo Yep. 07:06.65 dclduo Yeah, you know they used to let you who have like any it was the same with strollers with strollers and screweders like any company you could rent from and they could drop it off with like the bell services at your Disney World hotel right? And then they change it now they have like 1 preferred provider for scooters and I believe 1 preferred provider for strollers and it's essentially the same thing they let them drop it off with ball services but all the other companies if you want to rent from them you can but you have to be there to meet them which is. Of course a pain but well let's transition topics over to talking about. You know, cruising what made you decide? Ok, you know I've done the parks and I'm a Disney adult I don't I'm not traveling with children. Um, but I want to go on a Disney Cruise 07:58.42 Danielle Yeah, absolutely so the the idea of like a cruise was something I always was like do I want to go on a cruise. Do I not like you know, just the being out in the open sea. You know. Um, and then also for me because I do have a chronic illness you do hear like some of the horror stories about norovirus and stuff so that um you know was the 2 of the big factors for me. But but then when I saw like how like luxurious it looks I'm like well I'll give it a try and then I didn't realize like how. They do have I so I went on like the three night which I really feelish is like a sample you know? so I so I was able to like sample you know Cruise life and all of the ports were like pretty close to the Mainland. So like an emergency you know, not too far. 08:36.60 dclduo And absolutely yeah. 08:47.57 Danielle Um, you know, not out at sea for like long periods of time so I was like Liz this is like a good sample and I went during the summer so not like peak flu season. So I'm like you know it was all I'm like what what can go wrong. You know, but then after I was like you know now I'm like a cruise like convert you know in a. 09:03.18 dclduo You yeah, you're hooked now right? I love that well I will tell you we just got back from a cruz and the episode just came out this week or just a couple days ago and of course there was an outbreak of norovirus on the ship that we were on was a Disney ship. 09:06.41 Danielle Yeah, absolutely yeah yeah. 09:18.72 Danielle Oh geez. 09:22.73 dclduo And this is the first time where we experience like seeing the protocols change on board right? like they. It went to sort of I'll call them covid like protocols. The cast members weren't wearing masks but they started you know crew serving food instead of us serving ourselves in cabanas which is. Similar to Marceline Market but um marcelene market actually does have a lot of already cru served areas but in cabaana as it used to like essentially almost all of it was self-serve right in the buffet and so yeah, but anyway. It's I digress but it it is still a thing unfortunately that cruise ships sometimes deal with we were lucky in that we one washed our hands quite a bit like everywhere we went um and we were lucky that we did not catch it. But I think that is you know a valid concern for anyone cruising and for anyone with any. With any particular you know chronic health conditions because it might affect you more so ah more it might impact you more so than it does you know the average person right. 10:24.22 Danielle Yeah, absolutely and I was impressed like with the like prostige like you know I start like they're handing out wipes before everyone ate and they had like sinks in you know the dining area. So. 10:33.95 dclduo Um, sure right in marceline. Yeah. 10:38.75 Danielle Yeah, so I was like impressed and even on Castaway K I noticed like white white bottles and stuff so you know I do feel like they do their part and I I honestly didn't feel like I was closer to strangers than I am on like any other vacation. So um, so I definitely felt that I was safe but also before the trip I. 10:52.26 dclduo Yep. 10:56.73 Danielle I looked you know what happens when people go to like the medical center if they do get sick. So I just like packed my own supplies that were the equivalent so like the pedia li and then I got zo fran from my doctor that I already had like on an Asnita basis and I was like kind of joking with her. I was like yeah it costs like I don't I don't know like the exact cost. So I don't want to say but it could be expensive you know and then I was like as a joke I was like oh yeah, you can do a side business like on a cruise ship you know with these groups kids but um, but but then I was like yeah I'm not going to tell people I have these but ah yeah, it was so I was like. 11:16.74 dclduo Here. 11:30.64 Danielle Ready but thank and then got all the anti-nauseous stuff but I didn't have to use anything so it was great. Yeah. 11:33.89 dclduo Oh that's great. Yeah, so let's let's talk about the preparation side of things Now you all you said you own your own Mobility Scooter now is that right? and is this something You don't use it on every day basis I take it or you don't need to really. 11:43.30 Danielle Yes, yeah. 11:51.50 Danielle Correct. Yeah, so um, so yeah, it's one of those things that um, you know if if I had like a ramp like you know the next place I move I Definitely want like a ramp outside my house. But. 12:00.77 dclduo E. 12:03.34 Danielle Even like transporting in the car you have to like take it apart. You know so there's a lot of factors involved and I can't even lift the pieces. So so that's something um that that I show in one of the vlogs because we did do the parks for three days before and we stayed at. 12:15.50 dclduo So. 12:20.53 Danielle 1 of the Disney Spring hotels but then we ended up using uber a lot so that made me have to have everyone else take the scooter apart. So so there's a lot lot to it. Yeah. 12:27.70 dclduo Right? Yeah now were you able to you know in advance like talk to someone from Disney Cruise line I know they have a service I can't remember what they call it in special services something like that. Um, and were you able to talk to them and and did you need to get sort of clearance for any kind of you know for either the scooter or any kind of medical devices. 12:52.35 Danielle Yeah, um, so I did leave it up to my friend who who came with me who's also a travel agent but she she works for an accessible travel agency which is ah great. Ah so I was the one who like when she was. Getting back into the game and like oh why don't you work for you know, adventures by Jamie so she she did so pm who was my friend and travel agent also a Disney adult she she worked at Disney too back in the day. So I you can see why we became friends at work. But so she was the one who like handled all of that but um but I know that I did she did like say that I had the scooter because you know on this one. There wasn't anything like special I did like go um you know up the ramp and it was fine. Um, and but like on some of the ports I think there's different. Ways to get on and off I think if you have wheelchairs I can't say like specifically. But um, but we did she did register it and we were in like 1 of the first boarding groups. So I don't know if that like affected it either. But she definitely did register it. Yeah. 13:57.79 dclduo You know, interesting. Yeah yeah I you know it might be that you got in a early boarding group because of coming on with a scooter or it might be if if your travel companion if they have a higher status right? That's the other. 14:12.58 Danielle I know I know yeah. 14:17.70 dclduo So that that sometimes can make the difference as well as far as your your boarding group. But that's yeah, That's really interesting to know now I know that with um, the special services If you do have things like and I I know you don't have this but Oxygen or you need distilled water for cpap machine or you know any. Kind of um things that are essentially medical devices. Let's put it that way. Um, you tell them ahead of time because that way they don't get confiscated when you're coming in although distilled water is one thing I know they provide for people. Um, but I think Oxygen and stuff you have to take on Board. Any. Did you have any experience in sort of looking into those kinds of details or figuring any of that out. 15:01.80 Danielle Um I didn't specifically but I know what you're talking about because I did see it on the option list. Um, and I know like like when I take my scooter on a plane I have to like fill it a whole list because like certain types of batteries. Um, so I don't remember I actually had to do that for the cruise but like if it's. 15:03.97 dclduo Okay. 15:10.76 dclduo Here. 15:16.76 Danielle Lithium You know there, there's certain like rules. So I know like Oxygen kind of falls under that same category as well. But um, but yeah so I certainly like kept all my medicines with me um, instead of like having them. Um, you know like go with the other bags. 15:25.82 dclduo Right. 15:32.52 dclduo Ah, with your checked bags. Yeah, oh yeah, that's a great great. Great tip when you get to the port and you are sending stuff with the porters onto the ship right? You're sending your we'll call them checked bags like like you I'm I'm using the word the airport words because. 15:33.52 Danielle Yeah, yeah, so. 15:45.18 Danielle Yes, exactly. 15:47.98 dclduo We don't really have any other words for the cruise ship. But yeah, you send your bags onto the ship medicines medical devices and liquids. Um, you need to carry on with you and that's for 2 reasons 1 they go through a different security check right? But 2 in case, something happens right in case, something happens to your luggage you you need to have your I mean we carry our own medicines on as well. I mean I'm not going to send my kids prescriptions you know through in the check luggage that it's just not not smart. Yeah. 16:17.76 Danielle Exactly Yeah, just better to have them on me even though I if I sound like suspicious rattling through the the the way but it's okay, you know it's better to have them. You know it creates an air of mystery with the fellow guests. You know. 16:33.48 dclduo I love it. I love it. So tell us you know why? the wish? um and why the three night cruise was it. You know as you mentioned um, being closer to port canaver obviously a cruise that's in the Bahamas doesn't go that far. And Nasa is a major port with of course medical care if if there is an emergency but was that the main reason for choosing you know this itinerary. 16:57.73 Danielle Yeah, and um, we did like book it kind of late. Admittedly, so um, the wish was something that was available and it was brand new so I was like oh like Brand new like that sounds cool and then and then I also saw it like it was very big so that was like a factor for me because I hadn't. 17:11.10 dclduo Is it. 17:15.43 Danielle Tested the seasickness thing yet. So I was like in my mind I was like okay, the bigger I don't know if that's I real. Ah, but then okay. 17:18.18 dclduo Um, ah that is it is real. It is real so the um I don't know if it's the biggest difference. Among Cruise ships. Let me put it that way so when we're talking large scalele scale cruise ships I'm not sure. There's a huge difference between the 2500 person ship or 2500 passenger ship like the wonder and the magic as opposed to the wish and you know the dream. The fancy is like 4000 passengers I'm not sure. There's a huge difference in the. 17:28.33 Danielle Yeah. 17:47.68 dclduo Um, but in general the bigger the boat the less likely you're going to have seasickness because they have these amazing stabilizers right? Cruise large cruise scale cruise ships have stabilizers. So even though you're out in ocean waters. In general they will be better for seasickness now I want to give a caveat there to people who are listening and say there you occasionally you will hit rough seas on a cruise and that can't be helped but as Danielle mentioned like summertime usually pretty good at least. Prior to August August can get kind of rough because you're at the very beginning of hurricane season but early summer calm season in the atlantic going to the caribbean the Bahamas that's actually probably your best bet. So. 18:31.32 Danielle Yeah, absolutely and then what there was one night that we hit a bit of rough seas like the pirate night show was canceled um and then it kind of continued into the night 18:34.22 dclduo Is this. 18:42.10 dclduo Um, ah wow. Yeah. 18:42.91 Danielle But um, but I thought it was like fine actually like you know I because I do have some like sort of like dizziness on a regular basis like standing so I was like am I like because I was ah none of us needed something but I was like am I more prepared you know for this because I know. 18:48.26 dclduo M. 18:57.22 dclduo Ah, you're used to being a little dizzy. Yeah. 18:59.45 Danielle Yeah, yeah, because like because I was asking everyone else. So like yeah, it's kind of like when you stand up fast and I was like well I've never stood up fast. So I don't know what that's like ah so I was like well this is kind of like something I already experienced so I was like I'm prepared for recalibrating so I was like you know it it was It was fine like you know you felt it a little bit but it was. 19:12.74 dclduo Yeah. 19:19.27 Danielle So I was like ah because I didn't like let myself get anxious about it. So so I I kept it under control you know and it was I never experienced nausea either and I'm prone to nausea so I was like you know this is where I'm like yeah no, the cruises are really for me because you know I I was made for the the so Ah, but yeah. 19:25.83 dclduo Um, either. 19:31.86 dclduo Yeah I Love I Love that. 19:37.30 Danielle Yeah, so yeah, so it it worked out and um, yeah, none of us had any issues. 19:39.69 dclduo Awesome! Well let's talk stateroom I'm assuming you got a handicapped accessible stateroom but tell us what kind of stateroom you got and what you thought about it and you know how accessible was it did it work for you. 19:56.90 Danielle Yeah, absolutely so it was like ah family deluxe I think that's what they're called like we know it can have like 5 um, so like the queen and then the um, the bunk fed that has like 2 on the bottom and then we just had a. Window we didn't have a balcony which was um, a choice because I don't like love height so I was like I'm I'm going to enjoy the balcony so it's just in the window to give ah to give a little bit of um, you know, ah that we can see out. But yes. 20:22.88 dclduo Light. Yes, you can have some sunlight and and some views. So yeah, the family deluxe ocean view as opposed to the family deluxe veranda. Yeah. 20:32.83 Danielle Yes, exactly? Yeah, so it was an accessible one and ah so it was great because I really felt they made use of all of the space in the room. You know they like I like so I haven't yeah reviewed. A ton of hotels on my vlogy yet but out of all of the ones that I have it does have the best ratings So That's why I'm like if a cruise ship can be this accessible then hotels really have no excuse because ah. 20:55.69 dclduo And wow. 21:05.45 Danielle I'll give my 1 factor that am like if a hotel room that's called successful doesn't have this. They'll never get like I don't have a a real scale yet I'm not like a 10 or excellent. So I guess I give my ratings all over the place. You know? so but no one will ever get like an excellent score unless they have an automatic button. Um, and the wish accessible room does because that's like a huge differentiator for me because if it doesn't have the button and I'm on my scooter I will not be able to get in and out of the room without someone so I really hate when rooms don't have that because it's kind of like. You're calling the room accessible but you're assuming someone's already going to always going to have someone with them and I I don't really love that assumption and I know it's really not an assumption. It's more like we don't want to spend the money on an automatic door. But but it it makes a huge difference because you know there was some point where I was like. 21:47.50 dclduo Oh oh. 21:54.00 dclduo Sure sure. 22:01.70 dclduo Who. 22:01.89 Danielle Just going to go back to the room and rest and it's all like I need someone to come with me and open the door. Um because hotel and um I never actually opened it but hotel room doors tend to be heavy. So yeah. 22:13.80 dclduo The cruise ship doors I was actually going to say that the cruise ship doors are quite heavy like so if I've got and you know ah 2 coffees that I'm carrying into the room and I'm trying to open the door and push it open right? I'll have what I usually do is I'll have ah 1 coffee in each hand. Then when I get to the door I will put one coffee in my like the crook of my elbow right on the same on my left on my left arm and I'm holding so I'm holding 2 cups of coffee on my left arm essentially and then I'll grab my key card scan you know the door and push you know, latch and push with my right. Hand but then I'm using my right shoulder to push the door open because I can't like without more of my body force with just one hand I can't really push to and hold that door open while I've got 2 coffees on the other hand It's just an example of ah ah you know. 23:02.83 Danielle Yeah, no yeah I'm I'm I'm like picturing that have you ever had a disaster with that method yet. Yeah I think it's I don't want to Jiings you and say it's a matter of time but it it does sound Risky you know? ah. 23:07.97 dclduo Yeah I I have not had a disaster but I have had a close calls. Yeah. Yeah, it is. 23:21.31 Danielle Um, but yeah, so ah, no yeah, that's definitely a well. It's a good feat. They are undefeated so far in that method and ah they are yeah. 23:26.73 dclduo And but the doors are really heavy is my point like I I have found the the doors really heavy and I'm walking on two legs I don't have a scooter with me I don't have any mobility issues personally so I can only imagine I never thought about the. Automatic button it did would not have occurred to me. Um, but it totally obviously makes sense as soon as you said it I was like light bulb you know moments? Yeah, like how I don't know how somebody in a scooter or wheelchair or even with um, a walker or crutches or something I don't know how they would be able to open. From either the inside or the outside be able to open and push through to get into the room without some kind of automatic device. Yeah. 24:11.15 Danielle Yeah I mean I've seen people do some you know tricks. But it's not. It's not the way it should be. You know what? I mean especially if Rome is called accessible. Um, but but yeah with me I Definitely could not um, no matter how much I've tried and I did I have tried in other hotels and that I ended up needing like. 24:13.68 dclduo Looks for? yeah. 24:28.10 Danielle Someone waiting for someone who's bringing towels around um to help me in but ah, but yeah, so that is like when I always like give a show out to the wish when I and go to another hotel like well the wish can do it on a boat then you know, but um, so they do get some? Oh yeah. 24:28.55 dclduo Right? right. 24:42.51 dclduo What about the what about the bathroom. That's always I think a question right? like. So um I know that in the standard staterooms on all of the Disney ships. Not I will say not all of the staterooms some of them have single bathrooms but a lot of them have a split bathroom and for those who have watched. Ah, Youtube videos ah with Disney bathrooms on the cruise ship often. You've got a sink and a toilet in 1 bathroom and then you've got a sink and a shower or tub or or shower tub combination in the other bathroom. I am imagining the handicapped accessible rooms are not like that. But yeah, tell us what the bathroom looks like. 25:19.54 Danielle Sure so I describe it like a square where everything is in 1 room. Um, so when you walk in the toilet is on the left and it does have like the grab bars all around and they also have like um, emergency pull cords all around the bathroom which is great. Um, and they put put them in. 25:24.37 dclduo I think. 25:38.53 Danielle The right spot which is like on the floor. You know sometimes you'll see people say like why on Earth Will you put an emergency poke cord like near the ceiling. You know what? I mean like it's but people don't yeah. 25:41.80 dclduo Um. 25:44.37 dclduo Right? If you've fallen. You can't reach the emergency pull cord that's on the ceiling. 25:51.43 Danielle Yeah, and so many of these design things would be solved by like just simply interviewing a disabled person for 5 minutes but you know people don't do that but ah, well they should. But um, but anyway so then um in front of the t toy is the sink and they do have like a um pull under sink for people who are in wheelchairs full time. 25:55.89 dclduo Right for. 26:10.41 Danielle And then um it that a good level and everything you know where the tissues and all that and then the sinks I don't know. Ah how to compare it to a regular room but they were easy like to maneuver and all that and then to the right of the sink is a shower and I did opt for a. Um, roll in shower. Um, So there's no um, like it's a seamless entry. Yes, yeah, yes, So there's like drains all around So The whole bathroom doesn't get flooded and um. 26:34.90 dclduo Um, no lip or edge right? Yeah, you just can roll like you could roll a wheelchair directly into the shower. Yeah. 26:46.38 Danielle And then there's a shower bench built right into the wall on the left and then it has a detachable shower head and very easy to Maneuver um, like levers and stuff and all the you know shampoo and all that at a great level. So I Really love that bathroom and and it's funny because even one feature I'm like I don't know if this is just me in my head but I was like. But I was walking on the um, the floor after I'm like the floor just like and whatever material they you like for the floor like didn't feel like super slippery which was like I maybe even'm giving them credit for like nothing. They even thought of but it it was just like it felt really safe in there. Um, so that was. 27:13.56 dclduo Oh wow. 27:20.53 dclduo With this. 27:23.62 Danielle Really good, especially if you could kind of feel the motion you know, Um, while you were in the shower That's like a tricky spot but it it felt very safe. Um, so I really like the bathroom a lot. 27:30.90 dclduo Sure Yeah, what about the? um I guess maneuvering within the stateroom right on your either on the scooter or off the scooter like how did you find that. 27:42.95 Danielle Yeah, like I definitely felt like there was plenty of room. Um, so I'm like kind of like an inconsiderate Parker I'll just like okay I'm done and then I'll this park in in the middle of the room and then ah but you do have to like charge the scooter so I did have the like um. Find a spot for it. But but it it didn't feel like it was taking up a lot of space which is I think a really good feature of the room that it it didn't feel like I was like you know everyone's bumping into the Scooter. You know what? I mean like I felt like like I said they made really good use of the space with like the way they um. 28:11.36 dclduo Um, right. 28:18.46 Danielle But like the storage of the you know the drawers and all that um so I definitely felt like it was a good size. Yeah. 28:22.43 dclduo Um. 28:24.80 dclduo Awesome. I will say I have been inside. Ah some of the handicapped accessible rooms on various ships in particular I went on one I went into one um in the wish. Um, thanks to Vanessa and her son Andrew I'll give them a shout out. Um, and ah. I thought it was beautiful. It was humongous. The one that I was in and hers was ah is sort of I think all the way aft on the ship. Um, and yeah it was yeah it was a ginormous room and ah oddly shaped only in the sense that it wasn't ah most of the rooms are these like. Very simple cookie cutter rectangles right? that just sort of you can see. They're exactly the same as every room next to them. This one was a you know, slightly different shape. So and but yeah, beautiful room as I mean all the rooms are beautiful, but really nice with all of this extra you know space to maneuver. 29:15.10 Danielle Yeah. 29:20.62 dclduo And her son uses Andrew uses an electric wheelchair and so you know obviously also needs extra room to maneuver around as well. Yeah. 29:26.89 Danielle Yeah, yeah, so it was great and everything like I could tell like the details like even the light switches like all good levels easy to use. So I thought they did a great job. 29:38.23 dclduo Awesome! Well I feel like we need to talk accessibility more generally. Ah you know, getting around the ship elevators hallways like those are really important things for accessibility for folks in a wheelchair folks Crutches. Walkers scooters all that kind of stuff. What did you feel about that on the wish I will tell you we've heard criticisms that the wish is not as good as the other ships with regard to that issue. 30:06.31 Danielle Okay, yeah, so that's very interesting to hear because I didn't run into anything specific. But again it was like my first cruise and you know I was having fun so I didn't like it unless it was like a glaring issue I wouldn't have noticed it. But um, but some people did ask me like how are the hallways. Um, and. I got through fine you know it's not like something where someone could have been walking to either side of me I did you know take up the the full lane I'd say yeah you know if someone could get by me if we you know if I stoped moving. So um, you know and then like the towel carts. You know it was like 1 of those things where. Someone would wait and then I'd go but it didn't feel like I was going to scratch the walls in between you know? So so I thought that was fine because that's something people have mentioned as a concern with people asking me that use like wheelchairs and whatnot. 1 thing like maybe if I had to guess what the the issue was was the elevators like some of them went to certain floors only and then like so there was more of a weight for the elevators. Um I didn't find it something that we were waiting like too long for um. So I didn't think it was like a big inconvenience and ah I um yeah I am a little bit surprised by that because I felt it was generally good and then they also had um the lift that goes up to the aquamoles which was great. So I um. 31:32.34 Danielle Didn't have to try to because I can go upstairs but um, definitely don't want to go up slippery stairs so I didn't want to try to go up. Um those so I did use the lift to get to the main level for the aquamos. Um, so that was good. They had that. Yeah. 31:46.74 dclduo That was smart because honestly those stairs up to the Aqua mouse because they're people who are wet coming up from the pools and waiting in line. Um, yeah, they can get slippery and then of course you're then waiting on slippery um, ground in the line as well. So yeah, probably safe. 31:52.93 Danielle Ah, yeah. 32:00.18 Danielle Yes. 32:04.66 dclduo Safer to do it with the lift. Yeah. 32:05.00 Danielle Yeah, absolutely and then once you do get on like my 1 thing is um, is ah it's funny I well because you're because you're back on his loss. So this is kind of like a funny story I have so you know how I don't know you like Disney they won't. Take any like ideas from people because I get it like they don't want to someone saying? Well you're like me like I gave you that idea you owe me money you know? Yeah yeah, right? So but like I I was thinking like well I have this idea for accessibility like. 32:25.12 dclduo Yes. Right? You owe me money right? Of course is now it's my idea you got to pay me for it of course. Yeah. 32:41.80 Danielle There's no money to be made on it. What's the harm but like so I I like messaged a few people on Linkedin like hey like I'll add it as a pdf like you don't have to open it. Let's see how far we can get it up to like Disney but I did get end up getting a letter from like their legal team like we did not open your email. Um, so I was like ah. 32:58.39 dclduo Yes, ah, bummer. 32:59.85 Danielle I so I was like oh well, it got up far enough that they know who I am now but but my idea I was like because I I again, there's no money to be made. But there's like so with the aquamos you know and I think this could be applied to some of their boat rides in the parks as well. But the aquamos you have to get on the. Float like there's no way around it like and it's low. So for me, it's kind of really plopping down and I need definitely like 2 people to help me up. They do let you go twice so it is worth it. You know once you get on. That's a nice little bonus. Yes, yeah, yes, yeah. 33:30.85 dclduo And oh that's nice. They let you go twice. That's really nice. Yeah, that way you don't have think do you that way you can do it twice without having to like get up and down multiple times that yeah, that's really good right. 33:40.60 Danielle Yes, yeah, so I think it's it's a win-win for everyone involved too because they also have to stop it? Um, ah the the moving conveyor belt but but I'm like because there are like lifts like Hoyer lifts for people that are transferring out of wheelchairs into bed or onto a coach or something and I'm like. 33:56.90 dclduo Ray. 33:59.77 Danielle Why can't they just like implement these here you know like where you're just like lowering someone down into the yes exactly yeah like it's basically that same exact tech. It's like I say technology but it's barely technology I'm like. 34:02.78 dclduo Um, yeah, right? they have them know by the pool. One of the pools don't they too? Yeah, yeah. 34:13.56 dclduo Right? right. 34:15.89 Danielle I Don't understand why I don't use this because it would move things quicker too like you know it would be good for everyone Involved. So I've tried to get that message Across. There's no money to be made I have no investments in these lifts but I because I think it's a simple fix I can't think of any cons. Why. But they don't have it right now. But maybe they'll listen to this podcast and um, they'll they'll know you know? Yeah, okay. 34:33.64 dclduo Maybe they haven't taken our suggestions yet Danielle so I have to tell you that we have made many suggestions on our podcast to Disney if they are listening which I will tell you I don't think they're listening but we've made many suggestions and. Thus far. Well I have to say you know we wanted Mowaana as a stage show and we're getting mojuana as a stage show on the treasure. So maybe they are listening I'm not sure I'm not sure. Um, exactly exactly. 34:53.88 Danielle Oh yeah, yes, well if if we're 2 for 2 then we know they are so yeah because that's a really good suggestion and that was making me want to go on the new one for that. So. 35:08.84 dclduo Yeah, ah ah the treasure I Love it I Love it. Well let's talk about um the theater that's another place where accessibility obviously is an issue You can't go up and down the stairs on a scooter right? I mean the. 35:13.27 Danielle Yeah, yeah. 35:25.37 dclduo The theater is like most theaters. Um, that have you know an incline and so so that people can see better of course. But that means lots of stairs. So how is it that you get in and out of the theater like what and what part of the theater. Did you? you know come in into I should ask. 35:41.84 Danielle So I will say I toured around and I saw the theater but my biggest regret from the cruise was I didn't catch an actual show because I yes I love musicals so much. But we did get out like at. 35:52.39 dclduo Ah. 35:58.51 dclduo Okay. 35:58.67 Danielle Nasa I castaway k so like the timing of it didn't align. Um and ah, but next time I'll be like I'll pass on nasau because you know one to see it once you've kind of seen it? Um, but ah but I did go into the theater and um I did see like. 36:12.38 dclduo And then. 36:17.70 Danielle Bos I believe like this is a little hazy so I am I'm not like the best but but there was one point when I because I think I went it at night where I was like whoops I didn't even like see the stairs there and like so I was like that was like 1 thing I'd say to be careful like it like I that like made me like turn the speed down on my scooter because I was like whoa I could have almost psy you know. 36:17.85 dclduo Um, sure. 36:34.16 dclduo Ah, oh going to tip down. Oh no, oh yeah, so I will tell you from what I have seen and not experienced myself but from what I've seen in the theater is that you can either come in the back of the theater and there's some handicaps. 36:36.38 Danielle Yeah, and that would have been a whole different type of show for whoever's in there. Yeah yeah. 36:49.65 dclduo Um, accessible seating right? where they've got spaces for you know, wheelchair scooter. Whatever um, and then of course seats next to those areas like in a movie theater right? and then the same goes for the front of the theater so there are some spots at the very front now I'm not sure what deck you have to get. Go down to in order to get 1 of those front spots though because I believe you actually come in I'll call it a hidden entrance but it's it's not 1 of the main entrances to the theater because the main entrances to the theater are. At the back of the theater not down in front. So but I as I say I know there is I know there is when I just don't know I don't remember what deck it's on but I do know that it's um, on the wish the concierge guests get to go into the theater early and I think that's the same entrance that they have. 37:21.94 Danielle Yeah. 37:29.49 Danielle Um, yeah. 37:38.41 dclduo Ah, folks on wheelchairs and scooters come into. 37:39.62 Danielle Okay, that would probably be my guess as well because like in general like with theaters. It's like top or the bottom like those are pretty much the only 2 options. So so yeah I would have have seen from the top that that's the one I didn't see but that's good to know for the future because it depends you know people like different spots. You know. 37:45.00 dclduo Yeah, but. 37:53.36 dclduo Um, yeah, absolutely well and on you know on um, the dream and the fantasy you've got 2 different levels. You can actually come into the theater on and so because there's a balcony level and then there's like an orchestra level so you could actually go into either of those. 37:58.97 Danielle Yeah. 38:12.55 dclduo Um, So if you decide to you know, change it up which with ship you go On. There's a different couple of different options. Um the other area though I think that is perhaps less accessible than other areas is main dining and I say that because main dining on the wish I know from being on the Wish. It's some tight spaces like those tables are kind of smushed together. Um, how did you find you know main dining getting in and out and and did you leave your scooter like at the front of main dining like a lot of people do or did you bring it into main dining. 38:45.99 Danielle Yeah that's a good question and when you say that now it's like coming back to me like yes, it is very crowded and I did leave the scooter I probably I do tend to leave it when I go to like a restaurant unless it's like unless I was in like a. Park and it was just like a quick dining where I just it's easier to to park right next to the table. Um, but but yeah dining when you say that now it is pretty crowded like even the first day I noticed that at Marceline Market um with um, you know because it was. 39:06.59 dclduo My head. 39:15.54 dclduo He. 39:20.78 Danielle Everyone was looking to eat at once that day and um I I did kind of like tell everyone else like okay, you go like get your meal I'll go and then of course I'm like trying to vlog at the same time. So I'm like trying to like get behind people like you know, like in between them to try to like show a little bit like even on the vlog I'm like. 39:20.94 dclduo Oh yeah. 39:39.65 Danielle I Don't know what any of this is like just try to figure it out for yourself. But yeah, um I did highlight the dessert section because that's priority. But um, yeah. 39:45.26 dclduo Absolutely did you have the Oreo cheesecake because Oreo Cheesecake on embarkation day is really phenomenal. 39:53.40 Danielle Okay I didn't someone else did that I was with and they loved it. Um, so yeah, so I So that's good that it's um, so well-known like that. But ah, but yeah so I and so not to be a bomber but I just in case, anyone else can relate. 39:55.80 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 40:01.48 dclduo If fine. 40:10.64 Danielle Um, I'll bring it up now. But so um I have like a very sense of stomach. So ah, you know 1 thing people love about cruises is the food. So ah I because people you know like a house a food house food and then I'm like of course it's. 40:14.47 dclduo Me. 40:27.56 Danielle Great that you know they have something for everyone. So So I say that because um for the Foodies. You know they have something for everyone really appeals to them. But for people with sensitive stomachs like myself that also is appealing because um, you know I. I would be more adventurous if it wasn't so and it's funny because like people go on vacation sometimes to eat and experiment with foods and I'm like well I don't really want to experiment when I'm on Vacation. You know what? I mean like so yes. 40:49.39 dclduo Um, sure right is you don't want to like derail your vacation you and make yourself s sickck. Yeah. 40:58.58 Danielle Yeah, yeah, one day I did um you know I was like well maybe day two I think it was like too many people like walking around like holding 2 ice cream cols I'm like I deserve at least 1 if they have 2 you know and I mean like ah, but ah, but yeah I did I did learn a little bit. but anyway but I was like okay I can't go as hard as these people you know, but um, but ah, but it's good like they really do have something for everyone so especially in like Marceline market. You know I learned that the first day I was like okay I'll be just fine when it comes to food after I saw that but. 41:16.37 dclduo Right? right. Yeah. 41:31.31 Danielle It is very true about the cramped quarters. So I did um abandon the scooter on multiple occasions and I'm not like super paranoid that someone's going to like take it. You know I take my keys with me and I'm like if anyone steals it I'm going to like find them you know, but. 41:40.10 dclduo Um, sure they're on the ship. But. 41:45.71 Danielle I Know exactly exactly I mean like outside of the parks I have to just like have faith and humanity that they're not but on the park. It's like more security like you know how far can they really get you know? Um, but ah, but yeah, it is a little bit unfortunate that you don't have as much of an option you know to and I. 41:54.52 dclduo For. 42:00.52 dclduo Yeah. 42:04.70 Danielle I will have to like check with my friend if they ever asked that about dining like are you going to be get I I don't think they did because you never asked me that like are you going to stay in your um, you know scooter or get out because in many placess that we sat it wouldn't have been feasible and to stay in right. 42:09.92 dclduo Hey. 42:19.20 dclduo Yeah, you couldn't have brought it in. Yeah and that's that's exactly what I was thinking. There's certain parts of um, you know the dining rooms that are just yeah, they're just not accessible. Um, yeah, so that's. Interesting. Well, it's smart probably that you were able well smart and lucky that you were able to leave the scooter behind for those? yeah. 42:35.92 Danielle Absolutely yeah, it's definitely a privilege that I have the choice but I always like that's how like I say with the button you need to like accommodate people who don't have the choice. You know. 42:47.85 dclduo Right? Absolutely now in Marcelene Market I'm this I'm an ask just a a Maybe this will be a dumb question but ah logistically how are you able to drive the scooter and carry like your plate of food at the same time or did you do that. 43:02.49 Danielle Ah, yeah, um I I believe one of my friends like met me and then like took the plate. Yeah because um I did put it on my lap for a bit and then that's when like the vlog took a hit um you know because I can't do it all you know, but um and. 43:05.50 dclduo Okay. Ah know I mean I'm trying to carry 2 cups of coffee and open a door at the same time too that I it's it's so I know it's hard to multitask of Course. Ah. 43:21.71 Danielle Yeah, yeah, yeah, Ah, yeah, and the funny thing is I had like an action camera in the parks. But I'm like I'm not using this in. Like the ship because I I just call it like the scooter cam because I like put it on the scooter but now' like I I need to start putting it on you know for those situations but ah, but yeah, so so I did you know, but the staff was great. Um I should mention that too. The staff would like come up to me like oh do you need me to take it. Um and I will say I feel like the staffer. 43:34.70 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah. 43:42.77 dclduo Oh here. 43:52.13 Danielle Very well trained um on disabilities because they really approach it in a good way like ah because you can really tell when someone's trained or not because like they may talk to the person next to you instead of you if you're in. Yeah yeah. 44:03.54 dclduo Oh instead of you all that would drive me crazy Danielle. Ah yeah, sure. 44:06.87 Danielle Yeah, yeah, so I've never experienced that in disney I can't like say no one has but I've never experienced that anywhere in Disney um, but it very much treats you like you're a child and like that you can't speak. Um, it's it's weird assumptions that come out really quick. So never experience that in Disney and also they're like respectful like they're not like. 44:17.21 dclduo Right. 44:25.89 Danielle Ah, let me take this from you like you know like some people will just like grab your plate. Grab your wheelchair and like you know there's none of that is like yes and yeah, they don't make assumptions. They're very like respectful and treat you with dignity while also offering the help. So it's always good to be. 44:26.17 dclduo Right? right? It's more can I help you and carry this for you. Yeah. 44:43.18 Danielle Have the offer and then you can say no so that's um so I Ed they were always very accommodating. 44:47.78 dclduo Awesome! What other you know areas did sort of accessibility come up like did you have any issues getting in and out of you know various spaces Some of the spaces are you know, quite crowded and so I imagine that can be an issue but I don't know if you do you know? Trivia or. Some of the various game shows in you know, different spaces on board. Did you you know, find that there were issues you know in getting in and out or getting to you know a seat or something like that. 45:15.87 Danielle Um, ah for the most part. No like you know and then it was in again because I have the choice of like whether I want to get in or out I may not notice you know where some of the issues may arise. Um, and um I did feel like it. It was um. You know, um, as Accessible. You know as it could be. You know there was some you know crowding and then I just kind of chalked that up to being on a cruise you know, um and like certain instances where it comes up. Are you know, like when you get off the port and come back in like you go to like a. 45:43.20 dclduo Yep. 45:50.23 dclduo Oh sure. 45:50.58 Danielle Bit of a different scanning process you know because I need to like check the chair and then you but they're very like respectful um of that and even 1 thing that really stuck out to me I because it's funny I know how you asked for like things that maybe could be improved but I'm I I guess you know. The more I went on I'd probably notice more things. But 1 thing that stuck out to me that was like a real positive and you might be able to provide feedback whether you've noticed this or whether this is true across all cruise ships because it was like very striking to me because it felt like the first time in my life I was actually accounted for and. 46:09.92 dclduo Sure. 46:26.59 Danielle Ah, fire drill because you know how they have you go out to the drill in the beginning. Yeah, and then so I always have like a bad attitude at those things like even I was telling people I'm like I'm not even paying attention cause no one even like cares like because like um in school like growing up I was always assumed to be the last one on the building. 46:28.89 dclduo Yeah, for the muster. Yeah. 46:44.76 dclduo Oh my goodness. Yeah. 46:45.88 Danielle And like my mom was very disturbed by that. Yeah and it was just like one of those things where at like the school told her like this is the way it has to be like you know because she can't hold up the line and um I get it from like a logistical standpoint but it's like disturbing on like a human level where it's like you are. 47:01.46 dclduo Absolutely. 47:04.87 Danielle Absolutely going to be the last one out and so year after year every drill I was always last one out the whole school is out so it does like a weird thing to your psyche. Um, so then like you know with the drill on the ship I was like slightly bad attitude. Not really I was still on a Disney Cruise um but then when they said you know like if you. Um, have a disability I believe they said like you know someone will meet you at the elevators and they'll help you get escorted off I was like well like that was like the first time of my life I've ever felt like someone planned for people with disabilities in a drill. Um, and it did mean a lot and that was like made me feel even better being on a cruise ship because. 47:27.42 dclduo Smith. 47:41.11 dclduo No. 47:43.94 Danielle Yeah, yeah, so I was I was very impressed by that and you know it's the way things should be everywhere. But you know you hate to feel grateful for something that should be like the bare minimum. But I yeah but it was it was reassuring nonetheless. 47:50.15 dclduo Um, yeah, universal right now I love that I love hearing that I mean that's you know, having not experienced that for you know. The years in school I can't imagine as you said what it that does to the the psyche. That's that's just an awful feeling. But I'm I'm glad that Disney does it the right way. Yeah, the way it should be yeah, any any. 48:12.41 Danielle Yeah, yeah, absolutely yeah. 48:18.34 dclduo Sort of tips or or feedback that you would give to you know, somebody who has a disability that affects their mobility and in going on ah a cruise and any sort of you know Preparation. You would tell them. Um you know. In advance of you know what to expect or or what to plan for. 48:37.85 Danielle Yeah, um I definitely like after this experience understand why a lot of people vouch for cruising like in the disability community like a lot of people are like yes, it's like the main way to travel like for me like the chronic chronic illness component was what was kind of holding me back. Um. but um but I do feel like it's super accessible like I felt like I was able to have a full day without really getting exhausted because I was able to just like zip around you know from like shopping to you know like different entertainment options in the cruise and eating and it's like all right there? um. And then like even if you need to like go back to your room like it's just a short little trip. You don't need to go on a buzz the monore you know or whatever to get back or even you know uber if you're somewhere non Disney but um, so it's like it's very, um, it's very good for like. 49:19.49 dclduo And of course. 49:29.67 Danielle And like feel like you've done a lot and you're not exhausted and you know like I said it's easy to like eat and drink and all that like it's very um, right. There is great and there's something for everyone too like you know the activities you know for like the kids they have like the different. 49:41.98 dclduo And. 49:46.23 Danielle Um, you know activity rooms and stuff with like the basketball like hoop and all that. But but there's just like something for everyone. So it's not like I felt like oh I can only do like half of the things like I felt like I could really do most of them and the other ones were more or less my choice not to you know like. 49:57.12 dclduo So yeah. So. 50:04.32 Danielle There was some things like the akamos like I said that could be more accessible but for the most part I thought they did it like a really good job like and um so I definitely recommend people giving it a try and like if you're on the um, if you're I you're not sure I really feel like the way I did it with the you know the three night and like. All the destinations were really close to you know the main land um was like a good way to sample and give it a try. Um, where it was like ah you know it was you you like it. There's not like a ton of like major disasters. You know that they couldn't be like. 50:38.20 dclduo Sure but you're yeah, you're thinking lower lower your risk level essentially right like and it's a shorter cruise. So if you have really bad seasickness. It's only for a couple of days right? like all of the if you if the food really doesn't agree with you. It's only for a couple of days if there's a medical emergency. There's close by. 50:41.79 Danielle Um, exactly exactly? Yeah yeah yeah. 50:57.23 dclduo You know one thing you mentioned about the ports is of course these are both docking ports castaway and Nasa um, you know you didn't choose a cruise that has tender boats a port where the the ship can't you know can't dock in and I mention that because. 51:08.42 Danielle Um, yes, um. 51:15.69 dclduo I will say I'm not sure how accessible um tender boats are for folks in wheelchairs or scooters or otherwise I don't know I can't save one way or the other I I've not actually you know seen someone. Roll onto the tender boats like because the tender boats come right up to the ship you're out in open water. Um, you know off off of the port by quite a bit and they're moving a lot so you know I would just caution anyone to look into that if you're considering you know going some place where there's a tender port. Ah, you might want to look into whether or not you can actually get off at that port Now if you don't care about that and you want to stay on the ship Anyway, no big Deal. You know? Um, but. 51:58.28 Danielle Yeah, yeah, absolutely and I was like familiar with that and I've had heard some like mixings I think like generally you need to be able to like transfer probably into like a manual wheelchair. Um, so like for me, it would probably work. Um, but um, like if someone's in a power wheelchair. I'm not saying like there's none but like definitely less options and so I have like been really like I'm not like actively planning it. But I Love the sound of like a River cruise but I have heard that's like a a con to it like some of them. Um, so that's like you like you said, definitely something to keep in mind that. 52:28.13 dclduo So. 52:35.11 Danielle Um, one I didn't have to experience on this one but 2 you know if you do experience it. You know you do want to have a ship that has enough on it that you're like well I'm not im just doing something alter alternate like an alternate activity. So see ya. 52:50.30 dclduo Yeah, you know I forgot to ask you about Castaway. Um, because you did get to go to Castaway and um I am curious what you thought of castaway and what you know and were you able to get down to the beach I know they do have those beach friendly like wheelchairs right? they're they're manual. Um, I but I know you can also walk and and not use your you know your scooters so I'm I'm curious how you felt about you know the beach accessibility. 53:18.70 Danielle Yeah, absolutely like at first I thought like it was like a very beautiful island that was like my first like real um like island experience like that like I was like amazed. Um, and so I'm like blanking on the name of it. But the the little like um the thing you go on that like drives you from 1 brought to the other. Yes, yes, yes, yes, um, so that was like very accessible. They had like a pullout ramp and then I just drove up so someone on using a power wheelchair. Could do that as well and they they strap you in It's a very nice scenic ride. Um, and then. 53:36.47 dclduo Oh yes, the um, the tram. Yes. 53:52.79 Danielle So yeah, so it's great because there's a lot to do too there. That's not just the beach but but I did notice they did have like those like you mentioned the beach wheelchairs and like the ramp down so that was a great option and then I did um like. 53:55.53 dclduo M. 54:07.51 Danielle Park You know I wish there was more of like a parking area for scooters because I didn't like leave it like in the like basketball area with the kids I was like I'm just going to leave this here. Um, they're like okay, um, and like um because it's I didn't because it's so hot like I don't want it to like like. 54:09.45 dclduo Or. I think. 54:21.63 dclduo Yeah, you want it to be shaded. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. 54:25.31 Danielle Melt or something. Yeah, yeah, so um, I don't know like what kind of damage can be done. You know, but ah so I did leave it there and then it was a bit of like not that much room walk but like I said it would be nice if they have like a little like shed or something like for people to park there. Um, so. Unk or whatnot cause I I didn't see any other people parking but I couldn't have been the only one unless they opted to stay on on the ship but ah, but I did notice a lot less scooters on the ship than I do in the parks which was interesting. So I think some people probably just. 54:46.15 dclduo Here. 54:56.54 dclduo Here. 55:02.74 Danielle Opt to use them in the parks because there's so much more walking and they feel more less needing to rely on on a cruise which makes sense because like I did do a little bit of walking without the scooter I mostly use it the whole time just because I didn't want to like walk too far and then get tired. But um. 55:03.23 dclduo Sure. 55:15.30 dclduo Right. 55:18.13 Danielle But yeah, so but then I did I did go in the um, the water a bit and it was good because it's like um, my mom is like afraid of the ocean. So she's like don't tell me if you go in like because she so I was like telling her I'm like no this is like the safest because they had like lifeguards like way out there. 55:37.39 dclduo Yeah, yes, it's very, um, it's they have got you know that sort of barrier reef thing that keeps really quite calm at least the the beach areas. Yeah, it's really nice. 55:37.65 Danielle Um, and then like there's barely any waves. Um, so I felt like it was yes yeah yeah, and then it was like I felt like they had so many like lifeguards and. Yeah, it felt very safe to me. Um, so so it was a really great experience. 55:58.73 dclduo Awesome I love that well you, you've caught the cruising bug right? So tell us you know what's next for you. Did you book a placeholder are you did you book another cruise like where what's what's going on for Danielle's travels 56:05.43 Danielle Um, yeah. 56:08.43 Danielle Is. 56:13.84 Danielle Yeah, yeah, absolutely like so I haven't booked anything yet. So it's like and it's funny because I think there's like I don't know if you've like ran this yourself, but like I I saw the like week of like Black Friday like Caribbean Cruise was like 1 of the top. 56:31.68 dclduo But. 56:32.81 Danielle Searches on like Google or whatever so because like ah when I was consulting my travel agent I was like oh like is it like because it was like a little less like availability like when like more like the caribbean ones and so. 56:44.72 dclduo Shimmer. 56:46.89 Danielle Um, and and I noticed like some of that because I was like do I want to do like the wish again I kind of wanted to experiment with the different like shifts and stuff but it was like trying to find like where they're going. So I I know like some of them are more like international right now. So um, so kind of in between and I have never been to Disneyland and that's like. 56:53.96 dclduo Um, sure. 57:06.55 dclduo Ooh. 57:06.76 Danielle Big on my list. So it's between a cruise and Disneyland so I'm probably booking in the next like two months but I am in between. 57:11.28 dclduo Ooh. 57:15.68 dclduo Ah, well, they're both amazing options. Um I of course would always opt for the cruise but we go to Disneyland all the time because it's only a couple hour flight from us I mean we're we're in ah in the Seattle area so we're at least on the West Coast so it's only a two and a half hour flight for us. So um. But I understand the dilemma because if you haven't been to Disneyland it's such an incredible place and of course you know being the original. It's it's some place you you've got to go but I I but I hope that you decide to venture out onto other cruises. Um, and of course please. 57:42.20 Danielle I Know yeah. 57:50.99 dclduo You know, keep us updated on your travels because we'd love to have you. You know come back on the show and talk more about this topic and and others of course. But why don't you tell our listeners where they can find you on social media where they can find your vlog. And how they can you know, follow along with your travels and your accessibility reviews. 58:10.94 Danielle Okay, yeah, great. Thank you so much? Um, so on Youtube I am ah the user named Danielle Ofate so the name Danielle and then vates um and. So I do have a full like Disney wish series and then we did a few of the parks before that. So that's all up there now and then I live in the Boston area so suffer around that area and I did go to San Diego recently so it did launch in may but I feel like I have enough to keep people entertained and. I know people like all different types of vlogs. These are more of like the longer type so you kind of if you you're into that. Um, even if you just like leaving something on doing laundry. It's good for that. You know so I do like try to capture everything so that's Youtube and I definitely include accessibility reviews throughout the. Um, the vlog and ah and if you have any comments with like people who have different disabilities to weigh in on other things I should look for I always welcome that as well and then on mostly Instagram but also Tiktok I post short form content where it's all about like elevating ideas about. Ah, disability and rare disease mostly through humor and education and and the adventures like I mentioned on the vlog. So um, so that's also Daniel Eva's but on Instagram there's an underscore in front of it because. 59:30.77 Danielle I'm not too official yet I'm still growing. So maybe next time I'm on the the podcast I'll get rid of that on his score. But for now I'm still you know, battling it out amongst another Daniel of eights person now. 59:43.77 dclduo Ah, well thank you so much for joining me today. Danielle I really appreciate it. It's been lovely having you and I love you know following along with your adventures and hearing what you think of some place that we love which is Disney Cruise line so thanks again. 59:57.53 Danielle Yeah, thank you so much for having me.

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