January 16, 2024


Ep. 383 - Bonus - Trekking to Hawaii: A 10-Night Westbound Hawaii Cruise on DCL

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Brian Sam
Ep. 383 - Bonus - Trekking to Hawaii: A 10-Night Westbound Hawaii Cruise on DCL
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 383 - Bonus - Trekking to Hawaii: A 10-Night Westbound Hawaii Cruise on DCL

Jan 16 2024 | 01:09:31


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Brandon and Jen from The Tourist Trek Vlog join us this week to share their Disney Cruise Line experience sailing the Disney Wonder from Vancouver to the paradise that is Hawaii. Come hear about all the fabulous stops and port adventures in the Hawaiian islands and what Brandon and Jen did to have fun on the long trip across the Pacific to Hawaii. From onboard entertainment to food, shows and so much more, we're covering the Aloha lifestyle on DCL on this week's episode. Watch out for Stitch!

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Episode Transcript

00:00.00 dclduo Welcome back everybody to this week's episode of the DCL duo podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and Sam as always. It's review time again. 00:12.59 Sam Woohoo I am ready I have my favorite ever refreshment sitting in my hands right now for those who don't know that's Topa Chico we are not sponsored by Topa Chico but I wish we were because of the amount that I spend on dontpu chico but I'm excited. Yeah I'm excited to hear another review. 00:25.27 dclduo I think our neighbors would look at us funny if a topo chico truck started backing up like once a month with your your cases of too Chico but let's head over to the listener review. So this 1 comes from burn v b who writes a listening from the school car loop that's something I'm familiar with. 00:41.84 Sam Yes. 00:43.33 dclduo Just discovered the dcl duo podcast a few weeks ago after putting a final payment on my family's summer wish cruise I am working my way backwards through the episodes. This podcast is really helping me make it through the long days until our cruise I love listening to it in the car loop while waiting to pick up my kiddos from school. It is a special treat for this disney loving mom. Thank you for making the daily grind so much more fun congrats on 300 episodes so that was ah I was back when we had 300 episodes. What I think we're at like 360 something now. So ah, but but we appreciate the review nonetheless and as I said very familiar with listening to podcasts in the car loop waiting to pick up my son. So. 01:05.39 Sam Yeah, that's a while ago. 01:11.48 Sam Yeah. 01:20.82 dclduo Good review Cm Good review. 01:22.82 Sam Yes, excellent review. Thank you for that. Thank you for the feedback and keep listening in the car loop as we do. Ah. 01:26.83 dclduo Yes, and if you are out there listening and going how do these reviews get on the air just head over Apple Podcasts leave us a 5 star written review and we will read on the earth at the top of the show as a thank you? But Sam we got some great guests today and a fun topic. You want to intro our guests. 01:41.10 Sam Absolutely I'm super excited. These guests are no stranger to Youtube they have their own vlog their own channel with lots of subscribers. They cover all kinds of travel and including cruise travel and Disney Cruise line of course our favorite way of traveling. And so I would love to welcome to the show the tourist trek which is Brandon and jen welcome guys. Good. We're so excited that you joined us for this show. You guys went on an amazing ten night cruise from Vancouver to Hawaii. 02:04.52 Brandon _ Jen Hey everyone? how's it going. 02:20.46 Sam There might not be a better itinerary out there. Especially for those of us on the west coast. Ah ok, fair. Is it. There is a lot of really good itineraries that are like tied for first, let's put it that way. Um, but before we dive into your honeymoon cruise. 02:22.33 dclduo I don't know on a Norway Norway was a pretty good itinerary Sam Norway was a pretty good itinerary. 02:23.21 Brandon _ Jen Um, brave. Yeah. 02:29.82 Brandon _ Jen That. 02:40.50 Sam We've got to give our listeners an idea of your cruising background disney cruising background Disney background. But we also got to tell our listeners about your Youtube channel and what kinds of stuff you guys put out. 02:52.68 Brandon _ Jen Yeah, so we are the tourist trek. We have our channel. It's called the tourist trek. Um, it's basically theme parks cruising Disney cruising mostly Um, and yeah, we've been going on some pretty cool adventures lately. Ah, we started the channel like four years ago and it's just kind of blossomed into what it is but it's always cruise vlogs that tend to do the best on our channel. We've covered the fantasy the wonder the dream. Um. I mean all all the ships of this was wish yeah I actually proposed to her on the wish and that was on the channel as well. So um, yeah, it's it's ah it's been a fascinating journey the wonder was the only one that wasn't covered until now on what a perfect ah momentous occasion to do it if. 03:27.72 Sam Oh. 03:33.60 dclduo A. 03:36.81 Sam Yeah, that's awesome. You guys so how many cruises have you all been on on Disney Cruise line and have you ventured into any other cruise lines. 03:46.29 Brandon _ Jen So I'm at what 9 Yes, yeah, you just finished your 9 She actually went on the wonder prior to us meeting. Ah years ago back when the wonder was out of Miami. Yeah, it was yeah Miami Cosamel Castaway and then she ah she got me hooked on. 03:59.71 Sam How nice. 04:03.61 Brandon _ Jen Disney cruising and now I'm at 8 So she's got one up on me but the one ship I hadn't been on was the wonder so we it was her return to the wonder and then my fifth ship to go on so is it was a cool occasion. Yeah. 04:04.70 Sam Um, yeah. 04:16.41 Sam Wow. Have you guys tried any other cruise lines or are you strictly Disney when it comes to cruising. 04:23.39 Brandon _ Jen So prior to us meeting many years ago I did go on carnival out of Jacksonville and I mean if you've never been on a cruise before then it's you know a tow in the water but it was ah yeah, it was a complete. 04:27.87 Sam So. 04:34.14 dclduo If. 04:39.91 Brandon _ Jen Change when we when she took me on a Disney Cruise and I was like okay this is this is the level that we're looking for and to be quite honest I haven't ventured out to another cruise line. She hasn't ventured out to another cruise line because we just have too much fun on the Disney Cruise we thought about it. Yeah, but we just haven't. 04:44.50 Sam Ah. 04:55.33 Brandon _ Jen On it. Yeah I'm sure we rolled down the road being that Port canaveral is not too far from where we live. So. 04:55.39 Sam Yeah, yeah, now you guys are a young couple you live in the Orlando Florida area. What made you choose going on in Disney Cruise for your honeymoon and what made you choose. Going out of Vancouver nonetheless I mean you had to go all the way across countries ah got across to the pacific northwest and up to Canada to take this cruise. 05:13.81 Brandon _ Jen Um, yeah. 05:24.23 Sam Why not cruise to the caribbean why not cruise to the Bahamas and go someplace an hour away from where you all are. 05:30.51 Brandon _ Jen Yeah, good question so we we actually did the western caribbean cruise on the fantasy that itinerary we did the eastern caribbean um, and then we kind of were like let's let's go out and adventure out some new areas. You know we've always gone out of portrk canaveral. We did go 1 time out of Miami. Um, but we said let's let's try something different and there was the cruise that popped up. Um and we're like let's let's look at look into this and and she always wanted to go to Hawaii that was always a dream for her so we're thinking. Okay Hawaii honeymoon right? after the wedding. Like literally yeah, right after the wedding and then Disney Cruise line so get a little cruise out of it a Hawaii vacation out of it and Vancouver I've heard nothing but nice things about so I was like I want to check this out and you know and and I just. It lined up perfectly. It really did so we we had to jump on it. Sure. 06:23.15 dclduo So did you will skip ahead for a second I understand did after the end of the cruise. Did you spend some time in Hawaii was the cruise really your exposure to Hawaii as well. 06:31.86 Brandon _ Jen So we did spend some time in Hawaii so the crews ended in Honolulu and we did spend 2 nights at the alani resort which was another dream of hers. Yeah yeah. 06:40.29 Sam Of course you did. Of course I was predicting this was coming by the way. 06:46.78 Brandon _ Jen You know what's crazy is we were not the only ones to think that there was a lot of people we saw at alani that were on our crews. So um, here we are thinking Oh this is kind of a unique thing but I mean everybody was doing it. There was a lot of people doing exactly what we did and then then there were some people that stayed at alaunie. 06:50.67 Sam No. 07:02.10 Brandon _ Jen And then boarded the crews down to the Southern henosphere so it was kind of both ways. But yeah, we we had to check Alaunie off too while we were there. We couldn't like pass that up that just had to happen. 07:04.37 Sam Yeah. 07:11.31 Sam Absolutely so Jen tell us where did you get married and then how did you venture from wherever you were to Vancouver. 07:21.89 Brandon _ Jen Um, so we got married down here in Florida at the Brevard zoo. It's in Melbourne. Um, it's my favorite zoo. So a lot of favorites for this wedding so we got married and then our parents took us to the airport the next day we were absolutely exhausted. 07:25.38 Sam Oh cool. 07:39.70 Brandon _ Jen I Barely remember that flight because I was asleep like the whole time. So. 07:40.54 Sam Um, yeah, oh my goodness now did you fly direct to Vancouver did you fly through Seattle what was you know how did that work. 07:49.60 Brandon _ Jen We did Seattle yeah, that way. So we we gets confusing like all the layovers that we did. Yeah, we stayed in Seattle for like an hour and then boarded a smaller plane and just a quick jaunt up to Vancouver. 07:54.99 Sam But. 08:01.67 Sam Nice and did were you leaving I imagine you? Well you couldn't have left that very day on the cruise because that would be impossible with the time difference and and. 08:08.71 Brandon _ Jen Oh I couldn't imagine. 08:09.52 dclduo Yeah I've I've seen the vlog Sam I've seen the vlog I know they spent some time in Vancouver they would have eat motem poles in the aquarium I saw it. So yes, he did spend time in Vancouver. Yes, yes. 08:15.47 Sam Um, yeah, yeah, that's what I was going to ask? Yeah so you had some time in Vancouver where did you stay in Vancouver people are always asking you know for different I I know Brian I know that. But. 08:16.79 Brandon _ Jen Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. 08:24.43 dclduo I Know the answer to this due years. 08:28.71 Brandon _ Jen Ah. 08:31.72 Sam And are not all of all of our listeners are going to know the answers to these questions Brian so where where did you guys stay in Vancouver and was it convenient to the port. Ah, um. 08:32.87 dclduo Ah. 08:39.13 Brandon _ Jen So we stayed at the panpa pacific it was very convenient. It's just a little dated so that was the first thing we noticed is that the you're paying for the convenience of being right there at Canada place. Um, the hotel is is a little bit on the dated side and and we told ourselves you know being that this was our first time. 08:51.15 Sam This new. 08:58.33 Brandon _ Jen Vancouver you know we wanted to make it as seamless as possible. Um, and then maybe the next time when we do an Alaska Cruise which will end up happening eventually. Um, we can venture out around the city and try different hotels and stuff. But yeah it was it was we were paying for the convenience by going there. 09:02.78 Sam Um. 09:13.15 Sam Absolutely tell us some of the highlights for you all in Vancouver I know Brian already knows this but but tell us yeah tell us some of them. 09:19.92 Brandon _ Jen Ah. 09:24.48 Sam But we won't talk about everything you did in Vancouver because if if you there's a ton to do obviously. But what were some of the highlights in Vancouver for you. 09:25.77 Brandon _ Jen Oh yeah, yeah, so my big highlight. It's gonna sound silly but Florida doesn't get fall and I got to see fall colors. So like it's so silly but like I was like so happy. 09:34.58 Sam Me but I love that. 09:43.41 Brandon _ Jen Yeah, she was very enthused with the trees turning leaves and the colors but Canada leafs and the Canada maple leaf. Yep yeah yeah, we don't get those down here. So and then of course I wanted to see the totem bulls that was something I'm more of I like the history side of things. So I like to learn learn up on different cultures of that nature. Yeah. 09:48.82 Sam And oh the mebel leaves. Yeah, but. 09:57.60 Sam Yeah, well and people don't realize that totem poles are actually specific to the tribes of the northwest there are not and people think that they are you know all indigenous native american tribes and they're really not. They're really specific to the northwest both in Canada and the United States but 10:05.62 Brandon _ Jen Um, yeah, and. 10:16.78 Sam Um, yeah, so I love that I think that's awesome. Okay, tell us about ah you know boarding to embarkation day. How how do things go when you I mean you're literally at the port when you're there your hotel but how do things go with the. Boarding process. You all are obviously very familiar with how boarding goes in. Let's say Miami and Port Canaveral the other places that Disney you know most often and sails out of although now obviously Fort Lauderdale how would you compare the processes. From Disney's sort of more regular ports to Vancouver and. 10:49.32 Brandon _ Jen Um, I would say that obviously port canaveral was a well-oiled machine like they've got it down to a science. Um and I would say that this one was slightly more chaotic than port canaveral. But that's come to be expected if it's not something that they do all the time. Um, but. Getting on the ship was not an issue. We were one of the first boarding groups to get on. Um, yeah I mean it was. It was generally smooth. I would say that it was probably smoother than our time in Miami which I felt like Miami was a little bit more chaotic because they've made us park at another terminal and buss us over and we skipped over that hole. Process obviously being directly above the port. But um I would say it's it's you go to appreciate like ah port canaveral and their streamlined ability and I'm hoping that fort. You know Fort Loterday will be the same so I feel like they needed just better signage where to drop your luggage off. Um because we. 11:39.84 dclduo Oh. 11:43.90 Brandon _ Jen Had no idea where to go and they had to like tell us at 1 point we looked to go down the elevator. Go this way we we were the only ones holding our luggage and we're like wait I think we've missed a step somewhere. But yeah, correct they probably knew. Yeah. 11:54.83 Sam Ah, yeah, well because you guys came from probably inside and other people came from outside right? So right? Yeah, they probably just saw that you know the like luggage drop off signs were probably outside and pointing. Yeah yeah, that makes sense. 12:03.90 Brandon _ Jen Yeah, and I think we skip that stuff. Yeah. 12:09.90 Sam Well, how was um, you know you get onto the you get it through your security check-in and all of that you go across the gangway you're into the beautiful atrium of the disney wonder Brandon what did you think of the disney wonder you had been on the the magic before but not the wonder your first time. Ah, initial thoughts of of her. 12:29.18 Brandon _ Jen I like it I mean it. It's it's It's very my first ship was the Dream. So I've always been very passionate about the dream class ships. Um, it's like home to me I know where everything's At. The magic was a big departure from that but in a good Way. It was more intimate and of course the wonder felt the same way just with a different feel to it a different style different theming. But yeah I mean it was it was exciting because then it's like okay this is our place for the next 10 nights. This is this is gonna be nice and yeah it was a great Experience. Overall. 13:01.89 Sam That awesome now Jen what kind of state room. Did you guys book and how did that work out as far as you know your choice of staterooms. 13:12.46 Brandon _ Jen Um, so we got a veranda um I will only want to sort of um, go on Veranda cruises. Um the ocean view is not bad. We've never done inside. So veranda was perfect. It works out well because sometimes he likes to sleep in. 13:15.47 dclduo But. 13:29.13 Brandon _ Jen So I'll just go out on the veranda and like chill read a book. Yeah, read a book. So yeah, yeah, veranda's the way to go now. Yeah, we're going to Hawaii. Yeah yeah. 13:35.45 dclduo Did did you make much use of it in Alaska because I feel like I know you sorry you're move to Hawaii so you're out, you're out in the im thinking Vancouver Alaska on the pacific. Yeah yeah. 13:36.65 Sam And awesome. 13:42.74 Sam But out in the pacific but out in the yeah but out in the pacific did you act did you make make much use of it because you had a bunch of sea days. Of course as we're going to talk about in a second you your crew starts off with a bunch of c dayss and then ends with the consecutive port days right? It's difference. 13:50.64 dclduo Um, yeah. 13:51.93 Brandon _ Jen Isn't. 13:56.29 Brandon _ Jen Yeah, yeah. 14:00.66 Sam Kind of cruise then if you're sailing in the caribbean or the Bahamas in that way. Did you find you used the veranda particularly when you're out at sea in the pacific. 14:09.32 Brandon _ Jen Think it was like day three ish that I started actually using it the first few days I don't like the cold. That's why I live in Florida like so um i. 14:12.34 Sam So. 14:19.71 Sam Ah, fair. 14:20.81 Brandon _ Jen Didn't use it too much until like day three ish yeah because it it was rather chilly and then as each day of sea passed it got warmer and warmer and then the sun started coming out so it was more inviting on the veranda. 14:28.20 Sam Right. Yeah, that makes sense now this is this is in September or october. 14:37.90 Brandon _ Jen So this was in October first week of october. 14:41.96 Sam Okay, yeah I couldn't remember if it was like the last week of September the first week of October that that she sailed to to Hawaii. Okay, so yeah, the weather's not warm in Vancouver then it's not freezing but it's nothing nothing like Florida it's real fall weather. As. 14:54.23 Brandon _ Jen Ah, no, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. 14:57.60 dclduo Oh they had. They had the umbrellas out on the vlog it was raining so one. Why? Yeah yeah. 15:00.17 Sam As you mentioned from the trees right? Oh you know and you're out at seat in the Pacific and I think what people don't always realize the Pacific is ah colder and a little rougher than the atlantic typically speaking. It's also quite a lot bigger than the atlantic. So. 15:09.60 Brandon _ Jen Um, correct. Yes. 15:15.41 dclduo Yeah, how how were the sea conditions. We've heard from some other folks who've been on this cruise and it sounded like they were okay but did you find them to be okay. 15:18.37 Sam Yeah. 15:21.68 Brandon _ Jen Well, she's the one that gets seasick. Yeah on cruises I'll let you discuss I was fine I was so worried about like feeling sick because that's a worse feeling like being on vacation and then like feeling sick. So Um I was fine on this cruise which was I was. Really nervous about it. The the first two days were a little rocky to what we're used to in the Caribbean but it was not to the point where now and any vacations. Yeah. 15:50.20 Sam Yeah now I imagine you brought some or at least for Jen You brought some kind of seas stick Seasickness meds with you for just in case kind of situation. Yeah. 15:57.42 Brandon _ Jen Yep I took it every day just in case because I was not gonna get sick. 16:06.76 Sam I'm with you listen if if it's predicted to be rougher I take Madison preventatively as well I think that's actually a smart way to go if you're someone like you or I who get seasick and in rougher seas all right? Well we've got to talk about some of these glorious see days and I say glorious sea days because. 16:07.49 Brandon _ Jen In. 16:20.87 Brandon _ Jen A lot. 16:25.47 Sam I mean I Love you know Love see days. We're not going to go day by day because that would be I think like we could do you know as you did on your vlog multiple episodes that would take multiple episodes of this podcast of course. Um, but I'd love to hear you know some highlights from your C days. 16:32.00 Brandon _ Jen Oh yeah. 16:43.83 Sam And in particular anything special that was done on board for you know this itinerary because it is a unique itinerary of course Disney does it um and has done it in the past, but it's still it's done. You know twice a year once there and once back really. 16:51.80 Brandon _ Jen Isn't. 17:00.96 Brandon _ Jen Oh man I mean they they had so many cool you know, unique things and what we noticed is that there was a lot of um imagineers on the ship there were imagineers on the ship and I think they were testing different things out. Um. Leading into the new Australia so Australia sailings. Um, they were doing all sorts of I mean they did the incanto celebration which caught a lot of people by surprise because we didn't think that was going to be something that they were even going to do on the cruise because I had heard it was on the magic out of San Juan and that was pretty much it. 17:23.82 Sam Oh yeah. 17:30.20 Sam Yeah. 17:33.36 Brandon _ Jen Um, but they kind of surprised it. It just showed up on the ah the docket and we're like oh we got to check this out and when we were there a lot of the imagineers were hanging out in the back with laptops and just kind of observing and then we saw them auditioning some things around the the ship different shows where they kind of blocked different parts of the ship off so you know. People like us. We find that stuff fascinating because we're like oh a little inside scoop. Um, you know what's to come um and then they did ah 1 of the things I love and we haven't covered yet on the vlogs yet because we're still rolling the vlogs out was the stargazing. Oh yeah I don't know if they had done that on any other cruise but we did stargazing on the. 17:55.18 Sam Mm. 18:11.25 Brandon _ Jen Top deck and it was fascinating. It really was it was cool. He had a like a big laser. Yeah and he'd like point stuff out. It was really awesome. Yeah, and and we the whole time we're thinking. Okay, they're they're testing stuff out um in a new market and this was kind of the first step of that but super cool. Um, trying to think what else we. 18:16.85 Sam Oh cool. 18:24.36 Sam Mm. 18:29.51 Sam What time of night was that at was it like really late or was it. 18:30.70 Brandon _ Jen We got to go to our it was after dinner it was after dinner so you're looking at like I think it was 11 Yeah, it was pretty late. It was like 10 It was very dark and um, they were pointing out all the different constellations. Um reading up on like what what forms a star that sort of thing. Um, which. 18:38.41 Sam New. 18:47.86 Brandon _ Jen Once again, never did that on any of the caribbean cruises so we were kind of targeting the things that we've never done before so really cool and they had some really cool unique offerings for Hawaii. Yeah, um, we had the naturalist who was actually from national geographics and he gave presentations every day at sea. 18:53.80 Sam Yeah. 19:03.50 Sam Oh cool. 19:07.72 Brandon _ Jen Um, you know, taking care of the oceans that sort of thing and then um, the history and formation of Hawaii um, and then of course ah we had Hula dancing oh Hula dancing was so much fun I went like every day I love it. 19:19.20 Sam I Love it. Oh my God they had lessons like every day. 19:24.42 Brandon _ Jen Yeah, yeah, it was the same songs but I was still like all about it. So yeah, it was really cool and they also had ukulele lessons which um, not good at rather difficult. Um, but no, it was cool. They showed how to play the different you know notes on a ukulele and like. 19:34.24 Sam I Love that. Ah. 19:41.70 Brandon _ Jen We played the Volcano song ah from the yep lava can you really good. 19:44.94 Sam Lava yes I can play that one? Yeah yeah, oh yeah, I so I I I have had had been actually I stopped taking lessons recently. But I admit I had been taking ah Ukulele lessons for. 19:57.79 Brandon _ Jen Wow That makes sense. Yeah. 19:58.53 Sam I don't know a year and a half almost two years yeah and I love I love playing I I got hooked at all Lani yeah I got I got hooked at Olani in 2021 and I yeah and so I decided I wanted to take lessons. 19:58.80 dclduo Sam got hooked at Sam got hooked at alani. So yeah. 20:08.20 dclduo Actually to be fair I got hooked at Alani and wanted a ukulele because I was learning to play the guitar and the ukulele was so much easier and then we got home and Sam started taking lessons in. 20:17.12 Sam True and then I still yeah and then I stole the Ukulelean started taking lessons. Um and I still I The only reason I stopped taking lessons or have paused taking lessons is I'm just too busy with work and with the podcast. Um, but I love it and I can play lava. 20:27.80 Brandon _ Jen Yeah. 20:34.47 Sam Um, not perfectly but I can but I can play I have to look at the sheet music to play it I don't have anything memorized at this point. But yeah, the uuliles it's it's not it's easier than guitar because it's only 4 strings. Um, but it's not easy. Is you know it's not easy. 20:45.27 Brandon _ Jen Yep, no and I'm horrible with with musical instruments and I just was like this is see I'm just going to strum away. So. 20:53.61 Sam Ah I love it I love it. That's awesome. And yeah I saw that on your Youtube video I saw that. 20:57.54 Brandon _ Jen I Caught you not switching your fingers the one. Yeah I can't yeah I can't multitask at all. So so the idea of strumming and changing fingers is like no I can't do this not musically gifted in that sense. 21:10.79 Sam Well yeah, well and you've got it? Yeah yeah, it's the coordination between the 2 hands at the same time and yeah, it's it's it is not an easy thing to do I I give kudos to all the professional music musicians because this is like not something that is it's ah it's the extreme of multitasking and it's. 21:25.30 Brandon _ Jen E. 21:29.33 Sam Certainly not the easiest Well any other fun stuff. Did they do any any Hawaiian food types types of presentations or or any other local Hawaiian stuff. 21:34.41 Brandon _ Jen So that was yeah that was one of the things that we thought based on history that there would be more hawaiian flair dinner menus and things of that nature. We didn't see too much of that on there was none. Yeah, there was we didn't get a single hawaiian. Menu on any of the nights we had our traditional menus animators palette you know Tianas which that was our first time at Tiana's which is you know, nice for us. Um, but yeah, there was no hawaiian menu which when we did the research there was a lot of hawaiian menus that were used in the past and. I'm not too sure why that was but um, yeah, no, no specific hawaiian menus. We didn't really get a lot of hawaiian flare until we got to the islands and yeah, got off the ship and it tasted some of the food there. So. 22:22.88 Sam That awesome now. Did you guys have a pirate night on this itinerary or and and I can't remember if this would have been it but I know that some folks had I think it was on the pacific crossing maybe had the new Marvel deck party. Did you guys get a taste of the Marvel deck party. 22:36.10 Brandon _ Jen No marvel deck party. However Marvel characters appeared on the ship which threw us for a loop because we're used to the Marvel day at sea out on the East Coast and we're like wait is that Thor there like what's he doing here. 22:41.64 Sam On yours. 22:46.95 Sam Um, right. 22:53.47 Sam Um, yeah. 22:54.80 Brandon _ Jen But it did catch us by Surprise but we didn't get an official pirate night. No, there was no pirate menu. Um, no, it was like they did the stage showing. We didn't go to the stage show because we've seen it so many times. Um, but if it was fireworks we would have went. 23:10.90 Sam Um, yeah. 23:11.90 Brandon _ Jen Yeah, there was there was a kind of a I don't know how to describe it. It was like pirate night light. Yeah, it was it was it was there for people who wanted to and the characters came out in their you know pirate gear but it wasn't like a full blown I don't did they even play the pirate music. 23:17.23 Sam Right? right. 23:28.78 Brandon _ Jen On the show they didn't I didn't think they did like in the halls or anything like that. It was just to give you a flair because the the talk on our Facebook group because we followed a Facebook group prior to boarding was that there was not going to be any pirate night whatsoever. So the fact that we got kind of a version was actually kind of a plus and um, yes, so. 23:30.32 Sam Even. 23:40.88 Sam No interesting. Yeah did they do any fireworks at sea on your cruise. 23:50.74 Brandon _ Jen Ah, yes, the fireworks. So So it's actually we're laughing because we haven't discussed that part on the vlogs yet. But basically what happened was there was supposed to be a fire a firework night. What was a new show. It was a new show. It was a new show and. Once again, the imagineers were already on the ship for the incanto celebration and other things they were there for this new show. Whatever it was. We couldn't quite get a name from anybody of what it was going to be called Um, but they were saying it was a new exciting show that we needed to see and all that stuff so everyone came to the deck think it was on was it. Um. 24:15.23 Sam M. 24:24.63 Brandon _ Jen Honolulu night know like two days before it was ah helo kilos um, it was after our port day in Hilo. They said everybody to the top deck and then I guess there was some issue with the show. And they tried and tried and tried and they just couldn't get it to work so then they just brought a bunch of characters out and had a character palooza. Um, and then in the middle of the night on our last night after we had left Maui Caho Loe we we are want to say' like leap. 24:44.11 Sam Yeah. 24:53.77 Brandon _ Jen It was almost midnight and then like the fireworks just started going off because they have to disclose of the fireworks. So in the middle of the night The we're hearing like explosions and we're like what is going on I was like is that the fireworks that were supposed to happen a few nights ago and he goes you I go see him I said no but sleep so they they had to get rid of them. 24:56.30 dclduo And if. 24:59.56 Sam Oh my god. 25:12.84 Sam Right? Yeah, well we had heard some some information about how they had to load the fireworks on at sea instead of. 25:13.58 Brandon _ Jen But ah yeah, they did it in the middle of the night on the last night of the cruise. So. 25:20.50 Brandon _ Jen Living broken. 25:25.99 Sam You know at port because of so something about the rules in Honolulu or whatever about you know the explosives and that's probably why you're probably right? They probably had to discharge them before you all docked back into Honolu no, but but. 25:27.30 Brandon _ Jen Correct Yes Mm Yep and that's exactly what happened is is they did it in the middle of the night and it was just like well I guess you know and we're used to it is where we live. We're not far from the parks. So we hear fireworks all the time so it was natural for us, but it was just funny because we're like up there are the fireworks that were supposed to happen. 25:43.52 Sam Right? yeah. 25:51.73 Sam Well, that's hilarious. Well I think that this is the perfect point for us to transition to talking about the ports right? because obviously you you know we say you know when you're in Europe the ports are the star when you're in the caribbean the ships are the star I feel like you have the. 25:57.41 Brandon _ Jen Yes. This is. Yeah, yeah. 26:09.25 Sam Combination where both are the star right? because of course you've got all these c days in a row and then you've got all these amazing ports. What was your first port of call in Hawaii. 26:19.97 Brandon _ Jen Well we so we docked at Hilo. Um, and that's the big island so we did all sorts of research on the hawaiian islands and how I did all the yeah exactly she did. She did all the research because we wanted to be on our own for the most part we didn't. 26:32.69 Sam I Love it. 26:36.11 Brandon _ Jen Do any through Port Port Excursions we love port excursions through port adventures. But this time being that it was in the United States you know we could easily get an uber we you know we can navigate pretty fairly easy. Um, so we kind of went on our own gender did a lot of the planning of what we were going to do and we found that we had way more freedom. We were able to do a lot of things that we wanted to do and we weren't handcuffed to an itinerary. You know a lot of freedom at at play which was nice. Um, we went to volcano national park. I made it a goal that like the 1 thing I wanted to see was a volcano I wanted to see the volcano and we went to Killauea Summit oh so cool I would geek out card. Um I loved every minute of it and I think it had erupted like a month prior yeah you were really mad about it I was like you could have waited one more month um and and we spoke to the park ranger and they're like oh yeah, even when it erupts we still have people come and visit all the time they just close down certain parts of the park for safety. But um, that was fascinating. Yeah, probably of all the ports it was the most fascinating of all of them. 27:27.51 Sam Oh Wow. Ah. 27:36.25 Sam In. 27:43.20 Sam Lot. 27:43.77 Brandon _ Jen Very neat. We went to go see the sulfur fields where yeah I mean it was just it's like a alien planet like the plant life that grows there is fascinating. It was just really cool. Yeah, really, we don't get volcanoes in Florida so it's it's not something we see. 27:51.64 Sam It is. 27:58.28 Sam Yeah, ah did you did you find it was easy to get around on your own I mean without a port excur. Obviously it's the United States so everybody speaks english. 28:04.20 Brandon _ Jen The up here. 28:09.49 Sam 9 ages all in english and all of that the laws are the same. You know the same generally speaking right? but did you find it was you know relatively easy to get around. 28:14.82 Brandon _ Jen Ah, yeah, so we rented a car on every island so we could go on our own and we could use our Gps which was great that was the big car day wasn't it. Yeah, we got like as um, graded us to a massive SuV and I was like okay well and takes up the whole road but that was all scary. Yeah. 28:19.53 Sam E. 28:31.25 dclduo The. 28:33.39 Sam Yeah, yeah, yeah. 28:34.82 Brandon _ Jen But that was probably the scariest part of the entire thing but um, yeah I mean it was very easy to navigate. She had done great Planning. You know knew exactly how long it got from the port to get to this spot and listed out all the different food options that we can go to um and then you know. How much it would cost on average for gas I mean she did some amazing planning and made things a lot easier you know and then I'm more of gonna spurt of the moment type of guy So when she gives me the plan here's your options you okay, let's do that that and that and we just made it happen. 29:04.00 dclduo Or. 29:04.60 Brandon _ Jen Was not going to be a port runner So like no pure running peer runner. Yeah no, no pure running. No no, absolutely not absolutely not no will what we cover people doing that not us. 29:08.58 Sam Ah, you didn't you don't want to be on one of those videos that somebody else post on Youtube but showing you running? Yeah absolutely yeah, ah that's right now Jen what. 29:18.86 dclduo Um, yeah. 29:22.65 Sam The tools that you use to kind of do all this planning because it sounds like what you did was you know pretty extensive figuring out different places you might visit figuring out you know food you might eat and of course how much time everything would take that sort of a thing. What what are the tools that you like to use when you're doing this kind of. Planning. Yeah. 29:40.51 Brandon _ Jen Google I only use Google um, and then I did like I even like looked at like how much an uber would be so I used the uber app to like fake make a uber and didn't you know, go through with it. Um, and then I use like. Yelp and Tripadvisor to see like the food reviews because if we're going to Hawaii we're going to like eat good food. But then I also had to be conscious of him because he's really picky so I had to make sure there was like something in there for him I don't well I don't eat any seafood so that kind of ruins some things that she would want to do yeah she loves. 30:04.13 Sam Yeah, yeah. 30:15.54 dclduo Um, that's tough Pacific Northwest and Hawaii oh man, that's rough. 30:15.71 Sam Ah, ah, Brandon you're killing me. 30:17.62 Brandon _ Jen I Know I know I don't eat seafood I know and I know I know she loves seafood so I was like how can we like do where she can get a little bit of seafood and it's not you know and there's something. Yes, yeah, exactly exactly exactly? yeah. 30:26.97 Sam Yeah, yeah, and there was a hamburger for Brandon to eat. Yeah or a piece of pizza right? Yeah, but. 30:35.82 Brandon _ Jen So but no, she did it. She did a great job of planning it all out and we we booked our cars through Costco travel the car rentals so and which was great because you didn't have through them. You didn't have to pay until you got there so we kind of knew how much it would be and. 30:43.33 Sam Um, and you. 30:48.16 Sam Oh that's nice. 30:52.60 Brandon _ Jen By the time we got there then we paid. So yeah and we could cancel at any point. So if something happened and we had to stay on the ship or whatever we didn't feel like going out. We could always cancel with no penalties. So. 31:02.99 Sam Awesome! So you have a ah full day in Hilo driving around seeing the beautiful volcano to Brandon's heart's content um what was your second port of call. 31:11.21 dclduo Um, with. 31:14.86 Brandon _ Jen Then we went to Honolulu Honolulu went to Honolulu which was cool. Um a wahu the island of awahu. Um, basically it felt like ah l a in the middle of the pacific ocean there is a big city I mean. Nothing wrong with that I mean there's it's kind of a breath of fresh air after what is it like seven days at sea to be able to say I can go to anywhere and get you know we went to raising kanes. We've never been to raising Keynes before so I know well you're the reason why we tried it so we. 31:37.70 dclduo Yeah. 31:41.95 Sam We love raising Kings and we ah I didn't know they had them in Hawaii. Wow. 31:46.00 Brandon _ Jen They had him there so we was skipped on my seafood. Yeah, they have them in Hawaii and um, they ah we did not go to the alani side though. 31:47.35 dclduo Yeah sam is speaking note of this by the way because we're leaving in like a week and two days we're going to. We're going to munich for an abd but we're yeah yeah, but after. 31:56.74 Brandon _ Jen Ah. 31:58.82 Sam Oh that's right, they did open 1 near Al Lani in cappa a I think right? ah ah ah yes because we don't that's right I just want. 32:03.70 Brandon _ Jen They did. That's so that we went to that one too. Ah. 32:07.30 dclduo After our abd we will be in Honolulu at Alani for a week and so I guarantee Sam is going to want a ah ah 3 a 3 finger combo. Ah yeah. 32:13.54 Brandon _ Jen Of. 32:18.52 Sam Put this out there. We don't have them in Seattle. Okay, so that's why I need to go to I need to get that in Hawaii. So so. 32:19.56 Brandon _ Jen Wow they opened one here didn't yeah they opened 1 in Orlando not too long ago and there was like lines out the wazoo to to go there and I was like well we just had it in Hawaii. Yeah, oh yeah. 32:29.95 Sam Ah, yeah, listen when they opened chickfil-a in the Seattle area there there were lines and there still are like even yeah, it's still so. 32:39.13 Brandon _ Jen Oh yeah. 32:42.30 Sam If Keynes came here I feel like it would be the same. It would just you know I Just they just haven't yeah exactly how awesome. 32:44.00 Brandon _ Jen It's just one of those those franchises that people love and they flock to. But yeah, we did that we went to diamondhead visited diamondhead which was really Cool. We Actually we had a Jeep Wrangler that day. They they gave us a Jeep Wrangler They knew that we were on our honeymoon. They're like we're going to bump you up to this because this is just a way more fun vehicle than what you booked? Yeah and we had a Jeep Wrangler and we went to a diamond head and we felt you know after so many days at sea we had to walk off all the weight so we decided to go to Diamond Head crater climbmed all the way up. It was that was really cool though. I mean it's It's kind of surreal when you're sitting in the crater knowing that this was back to my volcano nerdology I'm looking around going. Oh my gosh to think what this would have been like many many years ago when this was formed Really cool. Very neat, Great view of a wahoo too. Yeah, it was beautiful. 33:15.13 Sam Ah, well. 33:28.39 Sam Um, yeah, ah yeah, did you travel around a wahu then I mean a while who is a big island. It's not as big as the big island but it's it's quite large and and going around the Island can take hours if you're stopping in a bunch of places. But yeah. 33:38.34 Brandon _ Jen Um. 33:42.32 Brandon _ Jen Correct. Yeah, we so we wanted to we kind of prioritizeed the lit so she had compiled some things that she thought would be very interesting and we kind of prioritize it knowing we were gonna be back here in a few days we had told ourselves. Okay, let's get the stuff we want to get done now and then whatever. 33:46.80 Sam What did you guys? do. 34:02.15 Brandon _ Jen We can push over to when we're staying at a launie we can do that and we chose to do diamond head and then um after diamond head which that was on the eastern side of the island um past Waikiki um, we ended up going to ah Pearl Harbor now Pearl Harbor was most of the tours were closed at that point because it was later on in the afternoon but we just wanted to make a presence there at Pearl Harbor I think you can't go there and not visit it. It was one of those things we had to. We had to go visit it and see it such a huge part in history and of course we love I love history. Um, and then we even went and we had a malisada. 34:27.60 dclduo In here. 34:40.33 Brandon _ Jen Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, we did because that was a longer port day. It was yes, had to get back on the ship at like ten P M which I've never had yeah that was. We're not used to that we're we're used to having you know, getting back on the ship and having dinner while out at sea. So it was weird to have dinner. 34:42.10 Sam Woo. 34:50.13 Sam Um, a wow. 34:53.64 Sam Yeah. 34:59.44 Brandon _ Jen At the port but it led to 1 of the most iconic memories I think we're going to take away from the cruise was when we were at port. Oh yeah, this is great. Yeah, and we actually were were on our veranda. It was nighttime and we're kind of looking out at the city and. 34:59.72 Sam Yeah, still docked. 35:17.98 Brandon _ Jen I I hear someone say Mr Brandon and I kind of look over I'm like who's calling me and it's our room state sat or yes sat our room hostess I guess that's what they're called what but yeah say room attend. Thank you. 35:29.74 Sam Stateroom attendant. 35:30.97 Brandon _ Jen And he was on the next veranda over cleaning their room and he he and I just had a long 20 minute conversation just talking about Hawaii and talking about where he's going next and and jen you had just come out and you're like who are you talking to and then sat was there and his name was sat and we just had this whole conversation on the veranda. 35:39.41 Sam Oh awesome. 35:49.98 Brandon _ Jen Um, you only get that on a Disney Cruise and and like you're not going to get those memories on additional cruises out there so it was just one of those magical moments where you're just kind of sitting there and we talk about his life and his family where he's from and it was just it was cool. It was a really neat experience. Really cool. 36:04.16 Sam I love that that that is one of the magical things about I think Disney cruising is the the cast members are just so genuine and interested in talking to you about your lives and their lives and yeah, that's that's part of the part of the disney magic of course. 36:07.69 Brandon _ Jen O. 36:23.36 Brandon _ Jen Yes. 36:23.92 Sam Um, quick question about the Malisaddas which are donutts by the way for people who doesn't don't know what a malasada is um, they are yeah they're they' they're actually portuguese they were brought to the hawaiian islands by the portuguese who were colonizers and so um, they're delicious donughuts. They come sometimes filled or. 36:28.93 dclduo Loosely loosely. 36:31.14 Brandon _ Jen Nothing. 36:43.21 Sam Filled or plain but the fillings tend to be um, like guava and other things that are you know very island flavors. Did you go to Leonard's for your maasadda or someplace else. That's my important question. Yes. 36:51.55 Brandon _ Jen We did. We went to Leonard's but it was the food truck so it was the food truck version that we went to because I think they actually have a brick and mortar store closer to the main city but we stopped at the food truck. Yeah exactly. 36:54.81 dclduo Yes. 37:01.90 dclduo They they do? Yeah, they do? Yeah yeah and the lines are shorter. 37:04.20 Sam Yeah, because the food truck is not too far from Pearl Harbor that's the one that we always go to as well because it's much closer. Yeah, and it's also much closer to al lani. So if you're saying it o lani. There's a pro tip for people saying at olani. 37:09.67 Brandon _ Jen Yes, yes. 37:19.23 Sam If you're going to go to Leonard's from all asadda go to the food truck one that's not too far. 37:20.53 dclduo Yeah, there's there's 1 in basically like a shopping mall area like ah like almost like a strip mall area and yeah, they've got a bunch of food trucks there. 1 of them's leards the line is almost always like maybe 3 people we hear the store line in the morning is especially like around the block and they sell out quickly and blah blah blah. So. 37:26.40 Brandon _ Jen Um. 37:38.89 Sam Um, yeah. 37:39.15 dclduo Yeah, did you try any shave ice. That's the other thing I wanted to know. 37:41.69 Brandon _ Jen Ah, yes, so we actually did have some shave ice what island was it helo that we had it allow yeah that was one of the locations that she had listed as like 1 of the things we need to try and it was on the island of Hilo. So when we came back to the ship we did stop and get some shave ice there which was fantastic. 37:46.62 dclduo Okay. 37:56.67 dclduo Nice. 37:59.68 Brandon _ Jen Remember I had the lava shirt on yeah and they started playing the song when I was in there and yeah like she had she had the at the local business. She had the lava shirt ah like the my lava you and they had played that song while we were eating shape ice which was really really kind of fun. 38:09.71 Sam Oh. 38:16.98 Sam Oh. 38:18.10 Brandon _ Jen Um, but yeah, that was on the island of helo. So yeah, we we had to try that because we had to get the local. You know we we didn't have a lot of Hawaiian stuff on the ship. So we're like we need to go out and experience some of this stuff when we're there. 38:28.67 dclduo So well. So so here's the question condense milk or no condensed milk on the shave ice. Ah. 38:31.89 Brandon _ Jen Oh we did not have condensed. We shared it and I didn't know if you would want it. So I said no so we played it safe. We played it safe for Brandon's palette but I would have done it. But. 38:39.43 Sam Yes, ah. 38:40.19 dclduo Ah, all right, all right? It does I will say this I will say this it makes it. Ah so like I was totally against it and I think it makes it so good. Anyway, yeah. 38:49.67 Brandon _ Jen Well, the next time we go got you. 38:52.66 Sam It's really if you like it more creamy versus if you like it like more icy and fruity right? I I like the icy fruity no condensed milk and Brian likes the creamy flavor of the condensed milk. Um, yeah. 38:57.25 dclduo Life. 39:02.67 Brandon _ Jen We'll have to try it next time. Okay noted. 39:06.96 Sam All right? So you're on who ah you you finish it on Hawa Oh ahu that day. Of course you're going to be back at ah on a waho in just a couple of days. But what's your third port of call. 39:14.10 Brandon _ Jen So then we went to nawili wheelie which is on the island of Kawa which is the oldest island and that was the coolest part of this whole island hopping thing is that um we met locals that had never left their own island. 39:19.97 Sam E. 39:21.29 dclduo Um, ah. 39:30.60 Brandon _ Jen That they say they've got everything they need like the uber drivers that yeah had and like the local locals and the restaurants they were content with their island. They'll tell you how great their island is and how it's the best out of all of them and Kawa was the oldest one but had the most nature. Um ah, very fascinating. We ended up going to. Um. 39:44.33 Sam No interesting. 39:48.97 Brandon _ Jen Wimea Canyon which was funny because it was very expensive through port excursions or the port adventures to go there and we just rented a car and drove there on our own we got to stop and take pictures whenever we wanted to on the side of the road. Um. 39:49.17 Sam E. 40:03.86 Brandon _ Jen Really fascinating island it was it was um, not the most touristy so you know coming from Honolulu where you've got everything you need at a wahoo. Um and then going to this island was very I don't want to say remote but there were remote patches on the island where it's just you and the road and very it felt like um. Very country in some areas like on one side of the island very lush with trees and the other side very dry and barren. It was very you know once again like the nature side of you know the island was really fascinating how they're so different so remarkably different. But why may a canyon was gorgeous. Yeah, it really was I mean it was the. They call it the grand canyon of the pacific but it's obviously much smaller than the real grand canyon but I've never been The Grand Canyon to I got the new but compare it to it was cool. I mean it was when we were there and we covered it in our videos that will eventually be out when we get the chance to edit them down. But. 40:47.49 dclduo Yeah. 40:58.95 Brandon _ Jen It is truly remarkable like how that's out in the middle of you know the Pacific ocean. It's really cool. It was. It was a neat little area. Um, but yeah, like like we said probably the least touristy of all of them. 41:10.11 Sam Yeah I feel like people love kawai for that reason we hear you know a lot of folks from the pacific northwest go on vacation to Hawaii and many of them have been to. You know owahu the big island and Maui like so many times and so they start to sort of venture to Kawa that that seems to be um, like the trend I guess I hear a lot of people because it's less hearsy than maui for example, um, but speaking of Maui I assume that maui was your. 41:25.31 Brandon _ Jen Yeah. 41:31.16 Brandon _ Jen Yeah, yeah, yes. 41:44.14 Sam Final port of call before of course docking in Honolulu at the end of the the um the cruise. But yeah, tell us about maui. 41:53.44 Brandon _ Jen Yeah, so we ported at Kahalui which is the northern side of the island. Um, and out of all the islands I think they were the most welcoming of any type of tourism. Oh they were so excited to see us. Yeah, they were all out on the port waving at us. And um, something that was really cool that we saw that we had that we got the opportunity to witness is that the Disney volunteer program had gone out with all the crew members and they they gathered it had to be gosh like thirty forty people crew members um wearing their disney volunteer shirt going to help ah laheina. 42:28.55 dclduo Who. 42:30.29 Brandon _ Jen So they ah they all got together and um and they did like a big photo and then they all went while at port and that was a late port day as well. Um, so we were a letter pm we were there to 11 pm and they had gone to go help out the the victims of laheina we chose to stay on the eastern side and the southern side of the island. 42:37.38 Sam Unit. 42:50.30 Brandon _ Jen Um, so we chose we I actually worked with someone who lived on Maui for 20 years and told me all the cool places to go and he said you got to check out the lava fields on the southern side of the island so we went to the lava fields and if you've never been there. It felt like an alien planet. We also had the. 42:56.38 Sam He. Oh yeah. 43:07.10 dclduo Nothing. 43:07.80 Brandon _ Jen Most wrong carf that they gave us a convertible which we wanted a convertible but then it was so like low and then but it would have been good with the G wrangular yeah would have been better with the cheap range. The roads were very rocky because this is an old Laval field from from. 43:17.49 Sam Um, oh yeah, yeah, yes is rugged. Yeah. 43:22.99 Brandon _ Jen Gosh I can't remember the year that the volcano erupted there was many years ago and it's you can't build on it. It's just lava rock and it was really cool though. The the waves made the waves crashing on the lava fields made a really cool picturesque view of maui um, and we we just kind of enjoyed that for a little bit. 43:27.90 Sam You mean. 43:40.25 Brandon _ Jen Ah, there was not as many tourists there because I don't think that was even a port excursion to go see the lava fields and then we everyone did the road to Hanna They wanted to do that so that was where a lot of people chose to go. We ended up visiting a small town along the road to Hanna so after the lava fields we went back north. 43:44.22 Sam So. Yeah. 43:58.00 Brandon _ Jen Passed the ship past the dock and then did about I would say a quarter of the road to Hanna yeah, stopped in ah a small town had some souvenirs from the souvenirs wanted to help out local businesses that was one of the things that we were really pushing for and then yeah ended up going back to the ship. It was a weird night to the beach first. 44:11.27 Sam Um, yeah. 44:16.57 Brandon _ Jen That's right, we didn't go to the beach. Um, we visited the Maui Beach um really it was beautiful out of all the islands. Yeah and they all say that that Maui was probably the most western culture that there's very little hawaiian culture left there. It was developed really quickly. Um, and we saw that that. 44:32.50 Sam Well, it's a very big purist destination. Of course. Yeah. 44:36.17 Brandon _ Jen It is It is yes whereas on like the big Island There was still I mean everything was written in Hawaiian you know they're very attached to that culture. So it was really fascinating to see the different islands and their unique personalities and yeah, the beach was beautiful. It really was yeah we watched the sunset. 44:43.88 Sam Um, right. 44:53.91 Brandon _ Jen Yeah, and then I got cold and we had it point back to the ship. Yes, it does. 44:54.17 dclduo Will again. 44:58.53 Sam Um, listen it gets cold at night I people don't realize off the pacific it doesn't like even in California if you're in Southern California you might it might be in like the upper eighty s or low 90 s during the day and then it drops down into like the 50 s at night like it's. 45:12.59 Brandon _ Jen Over. 45:13.21 dclduo Cool. 45:16.34 Sam These swings of temperature people I think especially from on the in the Southeast don't necessarily aren't necessarily prepared for that. It's like you. Yeah yeah, do you guys? Just don't really have the I mean of course it gets cooler at night when it's dark, but. 45:18.71 Brandon _ Jen No permanent summer. Yeah. 1. 45:31.63 Sam I don't know I mean when when we were in Florida in August and we had to get up to do runs and it was you know ° during the day so it felt like it was like 120 we got up at like five o'clock in the morning or six o'clock in the morning. It's still pitch black and it's still ° outside and and 100% humidity and. 45:37.80 Brandon _ Jen Oh my gosh. Oh yeah. 45:46.92 Brandon _ Jen Um, yeah, living on the surface of the sun Sometimes yeah. 45:50.94 Sam Like what is this? yeah it is I was just like flabbergasting because I'm like isn't it supposed to be cooler when it's dark out but no it really I mean it is cooler just not not ° or ° cooler like it should be but anyway okay see right. 46:04.34 Brandon _ Jen Ah, yes, yeah, exactly like yeah stick your head in the oven like yes, kind of what feels like no but do not do that. 46:05.39 dclduo It's cooler like when your oven is cooling down after baking something? Yeah, but wait wait wait a second kids don't try that at home all right? ah. 46:10.31 Sam Right? right? right? Well okay, so you you guys ah finish in maui what a fantastic way to to sort of end your your port stops. Um, how is docking into Honolulu and and disembarkation. 46:30.45 Brandon _ Jen Yeah, so we went back to the same port that we were at at Honolulu which was near alohaalohatower which was cool because they said that that is not a port that they typically port at it was a busy day at port we had a royal caribbean ship there. There was. I can't remember the other one. There was another ship there using the main port so we went back to aloha tower which it's my understanding that's kind of a touristy area. It's like ah a revitalized area it's not an area that um that typically sees cruise ships but it was really nice I mean the port was very nice. Um. Getting off the ship was rather chaotic because it was a lot of people being dumped all at once in the area and because it's kind of an older area that's going through a revitalization process. Um, there was a lot of taxis. There was a lot of ubers and we just found that it was a lot easier to walk toward. Wikiki beach for probably a few blocks and just pick up an uber there which is what I would suggest. Everyone was kind of huddled there and they didn't know is this my uber was this this person's uber like we couldn't a lot of people couldn't figure out who's. Who's so we just went away from the traffic and away from everybody else and just picked up an uber there and then that's where we ended up going to alani. Yeah, we avoided that on the first time at Honolulu because we wanted to leave some surprises for the end but that's when we went to, we actually stopped at the airport to pick up a call. Yes. 47:48.26 dclduo This. 47:59.41 Brandon _ Jen But before that remember our luggage was hard to find it was so like there's not enough room for everyone's luggage. You know like you put the tag on there and they take it off so like the building you get out of didn't have enough room for everyone's luggage so we had to go to the building next to it minor luggage. It's all it would almost be easier just to. 48:16.80 Sam Oh wow. 48:18.94 Brandon _ Jen Take it off at that. Yeah, we we thought about that afterwards we said you know what it probably would have been better to just take our own luggage off because I think that terminal that Cruise terminal wasn't built to handle I mean it was an older cruise terminal that's been going through revitalizing but um, it was not able to handle the volume of luggage that was coming off that ship. 48:37.56 Sam So sure. 48:38.24 Brandon _ Jen So we had to leave and walk to an adjacent building where they had ours set up for us. But we got all our luggage. It was just it was different from obviously port canaveral where it's It's just you go to appreciate that the streamlined effect of but but we went to the airport. 48:42.70 Sam Is a. 48:52.43 Sam Um, oh yeah, yeah. 48:54.76 Brandon _ Jen And we decided let's make this fun. Let's get a tesla rental this was his dream. This was another dream of mine. So we rented a Tesla um, never driven 1 of those before and then we yes. 48:58.90 Sam Oh. 49:01.92 dclduo Um. 49:05.61 Sam Did you have to learn how to open up the door handle because I'll I'll I'll feel freely confessed I got into an uber and I was I ordered an uber in Southern California just a few weeks ago. 49:12.49 Brandon _ Jen If. 49:18.98 Sam And a Tesla rolls up and I literally could not I would not figure I mean I'm I'm a passenger. Thankfully the driver came out and showed me how to open I literally couldn't figure out how to get the grab the tour and oh ah. 49:20.53 Brandon _ Jen So yeah. 49:28.53 dclduo Okay, it's ok Sam also can't figure out most of the settings on her Iphone which I understood was designed for a two year old so there you go ah anytime honey anytime. 49:35.91 Sam But thanks bragg. 49:40.79 Brandon _ Jen Yeah, the tesla it was a little bit of a learning curve. But I found that it was very easy after a while to drive that. But yeah, we we drove the Tesla and we're like let's have fun. Let's do let's check something else off this list. Um, and that was a big thing for me I wanted to always drive a tesla so we drove a Tesla and went to alani. 49:42.62 Sam Um, yeah, he. 49:50.76 Sam Me. 49:58.31 Brandon _ Jen Um, and it's something that I didn't think about when we got the Tesla though is that they said so so funny you asked that so we actually when we checked the car out. They told us it's at 70% battery you have to return it at 70% 50:02.21 dclduo This is exactly what I was going to ask I bet they didn't have charging stations at all on e. 50:08.17 Sam No. 50:16.84 Sam So. 50:17.84 Brandon _ Jen And then immediately I was like oh wait I don't have a home to charge this in how am I going to charge this and she said well there's one supercharger on the island and I was like well that doesn't help me out at all like am I going to be waiting in line for this supercharger she goes well, there's malls that have charging stations there too and I was like well okay, we'll give it a shot. 70% lasted the entire two days we were there and actually our last day there. We found that there was a charging station at a launie in the top deck of their parking lot and we and it was the amazing part free to charge. 50:38.28 Sam Oh wow. 50:48.37 dclduo Now. 50:51.14 Sam Um, oh yeah, um, ah, nice. 50:53.62 Brandon _ Jen So we actually charged the tesla from I think it was like at 10% all the way to 100 and it was completely free to do. It took a long time but we did it while we were sleeping at the resort. But yeah, it was something you don't think about because you know okay I always gas up the rental and then bring it back so you don't get penalized but they're saying that you gotta find a. 51:01.12 Sam Sure you. 51:06.84 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 51:12.32 Brandon _ Jen Charger Good luck and when you use the app on the dashboard It tells you Well, there's only one on the island. So it's like not the most convenient to get to. So. 51:17.18 Sam Yeah, wow. 51:17.88 dclduo So so this has been my hez its because I looked at renting a tesla in Orlando 1 time because I figured oh we'll drive it over to Disney that I know they have some charging stations at Disney and then we'll drive it out to the port. The problem was the port canaveral doesn't have any. 51:23.80 Brandon _ Jen Boom move. 51:33.96 Brandon _ Jen Ah. 51:34.70 dclduo Charging stations in the garage and I had read online horror stories of people because if if you let your tesla sit without it being plugged in. It's still making like ah you know, calls back to the central computer and all of this other stuff and so. 51:45.82 Brandon _ Jen Um, yeah, yeah. 51:47.25 dclduo The battery just slowly drains I thought we're going to get back after ten days and occurs and this thing isn't going to start. So yeah, yeah. 51:50.10 Brandon _ Jen Yeah, that no, it's just something you don't think about because if you've never driven electric car. You don't think about where am I going to charge this thing before I drop it off at the airport. It's just not some but it worked out for us. Thank goodness Alannie had ah chargers and they had quite a bit. it was like 10 charging stations um it was it was a 51:50.87 Sam Yes. 51:57.82 Sam Um, yeah, yeah. 52:08.49 Sam Um, ah wow. Yeah, how to plug it in. It's not just me plugging a computer. Yeah. 52:09.47 Brandon _ Jen Chore to try and figure out how to get the adapter to work on it like I I yeah well and it's funny because I made a joke because Jens she was born and raised in New Jersey where you couldn't pump your own gas. So I'm sitting here with the electric charger wondering is this what it feels like. 52:21.37 dclduo Yes, yep. 52:21.61 Sam Yes, you camp up your gas yes see yes I always love driving through New Jersey on my way to to school. So i. 52:26.67 Brandon _ Jen To not know how to charge my car. Yeah. 52:34.83 Sam Grew up in New York and I went to college in Baltimore and so of course you know most of that drive is through New Jersey I loved filling up in New Jersey because I didn't have to get out of the car because every other place every other state you you know actually to tell you though Oregon is the same way. You can't pump your own gas in Oregon. So yeah, can't pump your own gas. Yeah yeah, but it's nice. 52:45.90 dclduo Yeah I went to I went to college in Oregon can't pump your own gas and and you don't have to pay sales tax. Yeah, so. 52:48.41 Brandon _ Jen Um, yeah. 52:54.43 Sam You don't have to get out of the car. It's actually a lovely. It's a lovely perk I think um and it's not like the gas is any more expensive because I'll tell you gas in Washington is more expensive than in New Jersey but I digress anyway I got to hear I I feel like we've got to ask you about alonicsennt. Been there before. 53:01.21 Brandon _ Jen Yeah. 53:06.78 Brandon _ Jen Yes. 53:10.32 Sam Um, we love Allani we're obsessed. We ended up buying a contract a Dvc contract at a lani. But what did you guys think you were there for 2 nights that the was it the cherry on top of a beautiful honeymoon. Yeah, ah. 53:22.38 Brandon _ Jen I just want to be there right now like I just like I just want to be there like it's it was the best. Yeah, it was to. We only had 2 nights there which was clearly not enough but it was more just kind of like being able to say we did it because you know coming from Florida. It's not the easiest to get to. Um. It's a 6 hour time difference. So it was one of those things that while we were there. We wanted to check it out, but it clearly 2 Nices was not enough. You need you need more knights and a lani to really appreciate it. But it was really it was nice. It was absolutely gorgeous. The merchandise was you know we we lose our minds over the merchandise. Yeah, um. 53:46.60 Sam M. 53:57.82 Sam Right. 53:58.99 Brandon _ Jen You know all the different. Oh my goodness. It was very different and we have you know? Obviously we have the polynesian here and they have some crossover you know olu mill and stuff like that over here. But um, not to the like I was expecting more of that like some of the stuff that we see at the polynesian resort here in Orlando but. 54:04.42 Sam And. 54:16.11 Brandon _ Jen Um, no, they had some very unique merchandise at alani that you don't see anywhere else. Yeah, but yeah and the characters like is oh yeah, there's not enough jelaoneny though she she Jela Tony was her favorite and you know yeah obviously you're not going to. 54:20.73 Sam Yeah, coffeeffy and all of his friends I mean I Love Gulatoni Yeah olu Mal is a Lu me is my favorite but that's because he plays the ucaleally. 54:34.32 Brandon _ Jen Yeah, yeah, there Yeah, go see I like oluel too. He's just like very chill but now it was It was gorgeous and we had a ocean view room. Yeah um, which I'd heard you know sometimes Ocean view might be you know, just a little bit of the ocean from your balcony. But no, we had a kind view of it. Um, yeah, it was It was. 54:35.41 dclduo That. 54:39.97 Sam Yeah, yeah, yeah. 54:50.85 Sam Nice. 54:51.95 dclduo I think it I think it's so depending I'll just say this about alania I think that ocean view designation really does depend. Yeah because like we've we've stayed in 1 bedroom ocean views before and it's really that the room is facing the pool area and if you're out on the balcony and turned left. You can see the ocean. Yeah, so it's not. 54:53.24 Brandon _ Jen Beautiful and everyone was so kind. 55:04.85 Brandon _ Jen Yeah, no. 55:09.77 dclduo Yeah, you shouldn't arrive expecting to like look out your balcony and be like Disney Cruise line where there's just so there. 55:12.28 Brandon _ Jen Yeah, yeah. 55:13.49 Sam Well and so and sometimes if you're on the Awa Tower which is the dvc side where we stay if you're on the back of that tower and you're overlooking the Lu Al you actually might well currently you you actually get an ocean view because they haven't built. 55:22.63 dclduo The little Wow yeah. 55:28.90 Brandon _ Jen Yeah. 55:31.65 Sam Tower that's supposed to be built next to Alan eventually if if something gets built there. It will not be an ocean view but it is actually just a distant ocean view so you can get a great view at olannie sometimes and not paying for an ocean view for a garden view I think they call that or something like that. So. 55:41.24 Brandon _ Jen Yeah, you're right really all the views on it are like just in general. It's just gorgeous I mean you got like the the even just walking through the garden area where the pools are in the lazy River We just we found ourselves walking and just kind of. 55:50.48 Sam Yeah, yeah. 55:59.89 Brandon _ Jen Scratching the surface of it. We just we loved it and we told ourselves like the next time we come and we'll go back there at some point. Um we we're just gonna make that the focus whereas this was kind of like Cruise Vancouver um, alani a little bit of everything kind of bundled into one big trip. We we want to make a designated trip out there next yeah cause it was. 56:17.75 Sam Yeah, of course I love it So good. 56:19.25 Brandon _ Jen Definitely worth it. We went to monkey pod one out of the nights which was amazing. Fantastic! yeah, it was. It was a beautiful, beautiful, great way to kind of end the whole cruise because it was just go go go every day but did have 1 more adventure that day the wild that's right. All day at Alania yep, the full day we we couldn' decide on our last day on Hawaii if we wanted to spend a day at alani or go around and maybe check one of the things off our list from a wahoo that we didn't do the first port day and that was ah kualoa ranch. 56:51.61 Sam Oh nice. 56:52.64 Brandon _ Jen On the northern side of the island. Yep So she's a huge fan of it was. It was absolutely gorgeous and there was a um, a port adventure that took you there but it booked up so quickly. Um, so we told ourselves you know. 56:52.83 dclduo Ah, the place that has completely eluded us now for several trips. Ah yeah. 56:59.60 Sam Ah. 57:05.51 Sam Okay. 57:10.55 Brandon _ Jen The one last day we have we will make a dedicated trip to that side of the island and she loves Jurassic Park so like and and I love movies. So it was like a match made in heaven to go check it out. It was so cool. No it was like I'm here like where are the dinosaurs like so cool. Yeah. 57:18.80 Sam Um, yeah. 57:28.28 Sam Ah. 57:28.45 Brandon _ Jen So it was it was a really cool experience and it was a long experience but it went by quick. Yeah, it was just a long experience so it is um we did I forget the exact tour we bothassic park experience something like that. Yeah because they have multiple tours that. Yeah yeah, yeah, Jurassic World locations 57:33.33 Sam Yeah. 57:41.90 Sam Yeah, where they show you the filming locations and all of that. Yeah, you know they have a bunch of different ones where you can ones where you can ride you know ride in like 4 by fours and things like that too. Yeah h. 57:48.17 Brandon _ Jen Um, yeah, yeah, it was it was gorgeous I mean they they shot lost there. The tv show lost Jurassic world kong King Kong um and then jamanji the recent jamanji yeah live action or not live action. But the um most recent one with the rock. 58:06.47 Sam So. 58:07.64 Brandon _ Jen Um, there was all sorts of really cool movie locations and I like that sort of stuff. Um, so it was really cool to kind of check. Yeah out that was a good way to end it too. Our tour guide was awesome too like he was so passionate about it like and then he played the music as we went into like Jurassic Valley and I like lost it. It's so cool. 58:24.98 Sam Yeah, ah 9 58:26.59 Brandon _ Jen Yeah, so that's how we spend our last day on a wahoo. Um, and yeah, and then we went back to alani and then you know very sad to leave alani because then we knew the next day we were spending the entire day traveling which when you're coming back from Hawaii to the East Coast you pretty much lose half your day. So. 58:37.28 Sam Right. Right? You have a twelve twelve hours plus you lose 6 hours so 12 hours of flying basically plus you lose 6 hours and of course you have a layover because you can't fly direct from Hawaii to the East Coast so yeah 58:49.63 Brandon _ Jen Yo correct correct. No yeah, we had our layover in lax um, which is always a journey at lax but such a long walk to the. Second plane. Yeah, like we we got off the plane and then it was like a ten fifteen minute walk to next one I was like oh my gosh I almost wanted it I in the back of my head I was like man how hard would it be to go outside to in and out burger because. 59:03.89 Sam Oh yeah. 59:18.27 Brandon _ Jen I lived in California for 7 years and I miss in an out burger and I was like it can't be that hard right? and I was like no I'm not gonna chance it. But that's what I raising cannes in and out. Yeah. 59:19.34 dclduo Um. 59:19.99 Sam Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah, ah, that's right. We love it. 59:25.40 dclduo You You're hitting all of our highlights for ah for food. Never we go to Socal those are the places we tend to hit up. So yeah, yeah, yeah, well overall it sounds like you had an amazing trip end to end. Ah. 59:34.48 Sam Those are those large. 59:42.14 dclduo Anything that sort of struck you as I don't know ah different surprising something you weren't expecting. Ah you know any constructive feedback for Disney across ah this sailing or all onnie. 59:55.86 Brandon _ Jen What would you think just Hawaiian menus. Yeah, that was the only thing that we were surprised by the lack of Hawaiian flair and you know that sort of thing like the dinner menu was fine. Um. 59:58.88 Sam Yeah. 01:00:08.80 Brandon _ Jen But it we were expecting some sort of like Hawaiian menus. Um, and it just didn't happen. But yeah, you know it is what it is um, other than that I mean I thought the activities were I mean there was always something to do every single day minute of the day there was plenty of characters. We never felt like we were. 01:00:09.20 dclduo Yeah. 01:00:10.70 Sam Me. 01:00:20.92 Sam Yeah. 01:00:26.98 Brandon _ Jen Running out of character experiences I almost felt like there was too much to do because I wanted to do everything and then I was like like get so tired like yeah, there's there's lots of cool, unique experiences like the incanto celebration. The uuleli lessons. You know there was a lot of unique. Um, even the entertainment was great on the ship. And we had ah Matt Baker who's a comedian performer juggler act he was amazing. We had Taylor Mason the ventriloquis was on there. Um, which we've heard that he's been on your show before I listened to it. Yeah, that's like oh my. So I mean that lot of. 01:01:01.51 Sam So he's so fun. Such a fun guy. 01:01:02.75 dclduo Um. 01:01:04.60 Brandon _ Jen Lot of familiar faces. Big acts. Um I would say the only thing was the the lack of Hawaiian menus. Um I don't know what I would have eaten on it but but I would have been happy there. You go something. There's there's got to be something on there that I would have enjoyed but. 01:01:14.92 dclduo Um, you probably would have enjoyed some Kalua pork. Maybe yeah yeah. 01:01:17.14 Sam Ah, yeah, yeah. 01:01:22.30 Brandon _ Jen Um, yeah, that was probably the only only thing but unique itineraries are unique. Um, because this was our first kind of unique itinerary. Yeah, um, because they've always got the caribbean ones down here and the bahaman ones. But yeah, we we it was it was a cool experience. It really was. 01:01:30.81 dclduo Yeah. 01:01:39.69 Brandon _ Jen Really was. 01:01:40.63 dclduo Yeah I think Disney misses an opportunity I was really hoping on the treasure I know um, was it Milanana is the stage show. We know that now correct. Yeah maana is a stage show I know Coco's a restaurant I know that's what everybody wanted but I would have loved to maybe seen those reversed and had a. 01:01:44.62 Brandon _ Jen Oh. 01:01:48.10 Sam Yep. 01:01:53.22 Brandon _ Jen Yes, that would be cool. Yes, that would be cool that would be a really good idea. 01:01:55.34 dclduo Luow at sea I thought that would have been so fun. So fun. Ah, and I think hawaiian food is very accessible to most palates like it. You know? Yeah so I think that that could have been fun. So dear Disney you got you got 1 more ship one worship I guess you got. 01:01:56.21 Sam Yeah, that would be fun. 01:02:03.66 Brandon _ Jen Yeah, yeah. 01:02:11.78 Brandon _ Jen 1 more? ah that would be cool. 01:02:12.44 dclduo You got to but I'm not going on the adventure as far as I know so you yeah we got 1 more chance here. Disney let's let's's get hawaiian food at Sea year ah anyway well Brandon Jen why don't you take a minute to remind folks and we talked about the top of the show about where they can find you and you know follow your adventures. 01:02:16.30 Sam And then ah. 01:02:30.80 Brandon _ Jen Yeah, so we are on Youtube ah, the tourist trek t r e k the tourist trek. Um, and we have Instagram ah Twitter x formally known as Twitter but I've actually so. 01:02:44.86 dclduo Um, what. 01:02:45.47 Sam I See the same thing then. 01:02:47.78 Brandon _ Jen So that was one of the things. Um that they improved on the ship at the dry dock was the internet speed. So I tested that out by tweeting out a lot of some of the events that were going on around the ship and the internet speed was actually very it was improved over what they were using even the crew members said so but yeah, the the. 01:02:51.31 dclduo Um, yeah. 01:02:54.19 Sam Um, oh yeah. 01:03:04.60 Sam Me. 01:03:06.47 Brandon _ Jen Um, Twitter and then yes I mean we we're kind of all over the socials at this point but ticktock too. Oh yeah, um, but yeah, we do you know think parks. No, we're not on well actually we're wheeled throughs you were. But then it's more like. 01:03:15.70 dclduo Threads are you on threads you on threads. Ah. 01:03:22.50 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 01:03:23.90 Sam It's attached to your Instagram basically right? So yeah, same same I don't know how to do the Twitter or that I don't know how to do the Tiktok really either. But. 01:03:23.68 Brandon _ Jen Yeah, think like she's the Instagram or I don't I do the Instagram he does the Twitter I don't know how to do the the x stuff like I just don't yeah yeah. 01:03:36.97 Sam Yeah I do the I do the Instagram most of the time and he does a lot of it too. Yeah yeah, ah awesome. 01:03:37.33 dclduo Um, the most important the most important part about Twitter is knowing where the block button is that's like that's the one feature that is essential to that platform right now. Yeah, exactly exactly. 01:03:45.34 Brandon _ Jen Ah, mut and block. But yeah, it's it's ah we're kind of all over and we cover you know theme parks universal Disney Sea world Bush Gardens all that stuff around Orlando and then some attractions in Orlando as well. And then of course Cruise is and of course the most popular that all our fans and subscribers. Love our cruise vlogs they're already asking for more cruise vlogs even though we haven't even gotten out all the Hawaii ones yet. So yeah, that's that's I guess what we're known for when you get spotted in the parks. It's always you know what's your next? Yeah what's your next cruise take. 01:04:18.42 Sam Who is your next cruise. Well while speaking of that when is your next cruise who. 01:04:20.84 Brandon _ Jen I don't know we win. Let's let's book it. Ah so we actually don't have 1 booked at the moment you have 1 booked. Oh I'm sorry yes we do we do? It's not for a while. It's the treasure. We have the treasure book for an inaugural sailing. Um, and then we. 01:04:28.52 dclduo No. 01:04:39.56 Brandon _ Jen But that's for 2025 so this next year we have blocked out some schedules in our work schedule where we kind of are foreseeing a possible cruise we we tend to book guaranteed a lot just for the financial reasons and then when her job is allowing her to get off work and I and mine. 01:04:50.41 Sam H. 01:04:58.35 Brandon _ Jen Um, I'm a retail manager so it's hard to kind of get my schedule around the holidays is why we haven't really gone on a you know Christmas merry you know merry time and see so we whenever our schedules align we will book it but we were. We're trying to narrow down some we want to do an Alaska Cruise 01:05:13.86 Sam Me. 01:05:15.00 Brandon _ Jen Um, I'm open to a european Mediterranean cruise I think that would be really cool. Um I even thought about man I'd be cool to do an Australia Cruise after this? yeah but yeah, it's it's ah yeah I would say that they are they are yeah worth it. It's crazy that we are actually um were able to book. 01:05:22.45 dclduo Being on. 01:05:23.27 Sam Nice right? The flights you're kind of pricey. 01:05:34.85 Brandon _ Jen Ah, was it the was it the western caribbean or Eastern Caribbean I can't remember it ended up being like cheaper than some of the wish options out there right now and I was like all right? Well I think we're we're gonna go with the with you know, whatever gives us the most exactly exactly? yeah. 01:05:44.34 Sam Um, oh yeah, with a seven night instead of a four night yeah Yeah, absolutely 01:05:50.88 dclduo Well, it has been an absolute blast Brendan and Jen talking to you getting to know you a little bit better hearing about your amazing cruise experience I will say you know let your viewers know if they need more content to carry them along. We're here. We're here. 01:06:05.70 Brandon _ Jen Ah, absolutely absolutely very good. Very good. 01:06:06.59 dclduo Hoping to make hoping to start making a few more videos ourselves at times if ah, if so yeah, but the yes. 01:06:07.19 Sam Ah. 01:06:09.77 Sam But but we are super impressed with your pace of videos because we know or I should say Brian knows from doing Youtube videos ourselves that just video editing video content is just a huge undertaking and takes a ton of time. So for. For every minute of video that you're putting out. You're talking you know on multiples of that to edit that video and put it together so we we totally get that and yeah and we and you're doing a great job of it. So ah. 01:06:34.75 Brandon _ Jen Yeah, no I appreciate that. Thank you. 01:06:37.68 dclduo It Yeah it it could just be also same that I'm doing it wrong. So we'll figure that out but ah. 01:06:45.47 Sam Ah, well you know it wouldn't be the first time so but. 01:06:46.94 Brandon _ Jen Editing is a huge undertaking and honestly it's it's probably the 1 thing that when we post something we we make it a point you know if it takes us a little bit longer to get it right? We're for that. You know not about rushing stuff out and you know as much as I'd like to have all ten twelve videos that we have out for this cruise you know. 01:06:54.68 dclduo Yeah. 01:06:56.37 Sam Yep. 01:07:04.71 Brandon _ Jen We're trying to get it just right because it's something that I want to look back on. It is our honeymoon. Yeah I want to be able to look back on it and be like that's that's our honeymoon. Yeah, you know we we share the burden. So like I'll pre-edit like the get the the basics out of the way and then he'll do all the other stuff fancy stuff. The polish. 01:07:09.77 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah. 01:07:11.50 Sam Yeah. 01:07:19.81 dclduo You you hear you hear that um you hear that Sam They share they share the editing burden ah, ah, all right? Well thank you so much. Both of you for coming on and sharing your your adventure with us and. 01:07:22.83 Sam Fancy stuff I love it I love I heard it Brian I heard it? Um, yeah, that's right. 01:07:25.47 Brandon _ Jen Ah see I Yeah but edit that part out. 01:07:36.82 dclduo For all of you out there listening definitely go check out the Youtube channel there and we just super super appreciate it. Thank you. 01:07:40.46 Brandon _ Jen Yeah, thanks guys appreciate it.

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