December 11, 2023


Ep. 372 - Bonus - A Kiwi Sails DCL: Cruising the DIsney Magic from Auckland

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Brian Sam
Ep. 372 - Bonus - A Kiwi Sails DCL: Cruising the DIsney Magic from Auckland
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 372 - Bonus - A Kiwi Sails DCL: Cruising the DIsney Magic from Auckland

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Bailey joins us all the way from Auckland, New Zealand this week to share her experience sailing Disney Cruise Line "down under." Bailey recently experienced one of Disney Cruise Line's Australia/New Zealand Magic at Sea sailings, and we couldn't wait to hear all about the experience from a local's perspective. From cost to booking, onboard experience, shows, food and so much more it was a blast hearing about Bailey's first ever experience with DCL. We even learned some fun cultural idiosyncrasies that Bailey experience onboard her sailing. All that and more on this week’s extra special bonus episode!

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Episode Transcript

00:00.33 dclduo Welcome back, everybody to this week's episode of the dcl duo podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and Sam is unfortunately not with me today. She had to be in court today I think many of you listeners out there know we are both lawyers but Sam is the kind that occasionally has to put the suit on and head down to court. Courthouse and so she is in court today but that will not deter me from recording a show and I hope it will not deter you from listening to this show because we've got a really fun show coming but even in Sam's absence I'm going to read one of our reviews on the air and I'm sure that maybe I can force her to go back and listen to it later, but this review comes from. Schools 42 who writes. Thanks Brian and Sam Brian and sam do a great job covering all aspects of dcl they are entertaining and handle differing opinions with authenticity and grace while remaining positive in the aggregate I love listening to the wide variety of guests sharing their stories and experience. Thanks dcl duo for all, you do? Well thank you for that review. We really really appreciate it and for all of you listening out there if you'd like to hear a review at the top of our show that you have written head over to Apple Podcasts hit those 5 stars leave us a written review and we will read it at the top of the show. Of course you can always just hit the 5 stars anyway and not leave a written review and that is still helpful to us. But. With that I am really really excited for this episode because we've got a couple people lined up but Bailey here our guest who I'm going to introduce is 1 of the first that we're going to be talking to who took. 01:25.18 dclduo 1 of the cruises on the Disney wonder down under in Australia and New Zealand and so I want to welcome Bailey all the way from Wellington New Zealand to our show. Welcome Bailey. 01:34.22 Bailey Kyota. Thank you for having me. 01:35.50 dclduo I am so I can't tell you how excited I am about this because so I don't know that we're going to get a chance to experience these cruises ourself. Definitely not this year probably not next year but I am so curious. What the perspective is of folks who live in Australia and New Zealand on Disney Cruise line in the Disney wonder and and all of these great sailings. But. Before we dive into that we always like to get folks' cruising background so bailela I'm curious if you've been on cruises before had you sailed Disney Cruise line before had you been to the you know the parks either over there in the region or in the us before what's your what's your background. 02:08.30 Bailey Well my cruising background is very minimal I have not cruised before and have not Disney cruised before. However my Disney background is reasonably extensive I used to be a cast member I was on the international college program back in 2017 02:22.70 dclduo No fabulous. 02:27.86 Bailey And I worked at the contemporary resort at Wal Disney world um I actually ended up being recruited it in recreation but I ended up getting my american boater's license and taking ah fireworks cruises around the seven seas lagoon so I had. 02:40.10 dclduo How fun. 02:42.85 Bailey Yeah, it was amazing. Had to go to Disney University and learn all the Disney history and the Disney future which kind of started the Disney addiction and since then I have been back to Disney World multiple times have been to Disneyland and have also been to Hong Kong Disney with plans to do the other 3 pretty soon. 03:01.18 dclduo Fab I Hong Kong Disney is still a pretty good hike for you in New Zealand right I mean it's it's ah it's not a short distance. 03:06.70 Bailey Yeah, yeah, it's definitely not sure. But um, if you know any other new zealanders or australians we travel a lot. We like to get out of our little corner of the world. So we actually went to Hong Kong Disney on the way to Vietnam and Singapore. 03:13.12 dclduo Yes. 03:22.82 dclduo Oh fabulous. Yes, we we had 2 friends who lived literally just up the road from us our sons ah godparents and they moved to New Zealand the husband was a kiwi and moved to New Zealand and so ah, yes, we we have some friends who live over there. We keep hoping to make it over to visit them. But. 03:34.86 Bailey E. 03:39.33 dclduo The the trek is a little daunting for so ah well Bailey I'm curious. Ah what made you decide to take a Disney crus was it the fact that they headed your direction and you wanted to see what the experience was like or what what piqued your interest to taking a Disney Cruise 03:39.81 Bailey It it is It is a long way. Yes. 03:57.81 Bailey Um, well I guess working for Disney. Everyone always said that the Disney Cruise line is like the seventh park. You know so I um had always had a ah big interest in heading the cruises most likely I had pictured myself getting on a. 04:02.76 dclduo E. 04:13.51 Bailey Cruise around the caribbean out of port canavea close to Disney World on a Disney world trip. However, um I saw the advertisement of it coming to Australia New Zealand and thought that's a whole lot easier. So it just kind of made sense to get in there and I got also got married earlier this year so I just 04:13.87 dclduo A well. 04:31.22 Bailey Pretended that this was another honeymoon and I was allowed to have three honeymoons in 1 year 04:37.60 dclduo Yeah, well well congratulations and I don't see why a reason why you can't have four honeymoons in a year so there you go? ah but um, well so you you booked this cruise on the wonder out of I believe you said Auckland off the air. Ah three night sailing 04:40.70 Bailey Thank you so much. 04:55.80 dclduo Um, most of the sailings that are being offered down there I think are 2 3 maybe four night sailing so um did did anything about this particular Cruise peak your interest or is it just like a good time to go on vacation. 05:06.53 Bailey Realistically I wanted to so there was the short the cruises were really short around Australia New Zealand I know there was some that were 2 nights. There were some that were um, maybe the longest was a six night but that was when it came from Australia to New Zealand 05:09.12 dclduo M. 05:19.92 dclduo Me. 05:21.72 Bailey From brisbane to Auckland um, and the one I picked realistically was because it was within the school week and I thought that it may deter families being just my husband and I have no children yet. So I thought it might be a bit more ah quiet I was wrong. First of all, um. But it was really just that timing and being from Auckland was was easier for us than obviously going all the way to Australia and having to fly that way as well. 05:41.83 dclduo Um. 05:48.33 dclduo Yeah, yeah, that makes us what what is the well I guess you're going out of auckland so how far is it for you to get from where you are in Wellington over to Auckland. 05:56.92 Bailey Auckland is only an hour flight max but we actually decided to do a little road trip and I think it's if you did it one day auckland dwellington is maybe eight nine hours and it's the hot that's half of our country covered. Basically. 06:09.10 dclduo Ok, ok, all right? um and I'm also curious. So ah, who was with you on the ceiling was it just you and your husband or did any friends join you. 06:21.74 Bailey Yes, it was just just Matt and I disney doesn't have the same following in New Zealand that it does in America and all my friends think I'm like a disney crazy. Um, so ah. 06:31.17 dclduo So that's what I was I was Goingnna I was going to ask you like what? So if you told your friends you're going on a cruise. Did they think you were just nuts ah for going on a Disney Cruise 06:36.24 Bailey What I think is also people don't understand the selection you can have as a Disney adult of how much Disney you really get into you know whether you are going to meet characters or you're going full-themed cos play. Whatever so I don't think people kind of understand like the subtle art of Disney that. That they do so well for adults. 06:58.86 dclduo Okay, yeah, that makes sense. Um, it is it it so is Disney have just kind of a I doubt it has a bad reputation but it just doesn't have much of a following at all is kind of what you're saying. 07:11.37 Bailey Yeah, totally it definitely doesn't have a bad reputation. It just um people Yeah people don't really people don't really see the the fun in it. They think it's just for kids I guess. 07:21.94 dclduo Yeah, well I was right there with them about about five or six years ago so I can appreciate that I can appreciate that. Well um, how did so. You're our first guest on who has done one of these cruises. You know who lives locally there in Australia New Zealand so I'm curious about a couple of things that we might otherwise not ask folks. Ah, first we want to ask you about was just ah pricing I don't know when you take a look at a price for one of these cruises there you know locally. If you're like oh my gosh this is just out completely out of control like how did the pricing for these cruises kind of strike you as compared to other vacations. You might have taken with Disney. 08:01.29 Bailey Well I guess with Disney when you think of New Zealand um obviously if I was flying to l a or flying to Orlando that's at least $2000 each just for the flights and then you're adding in obviously everything else. Um, so for me, it wasn't really that much of a comparison for other people when it was leaving auckland it seemed like a lot but the main issue with pricing and this was onboard and when booking was the exchange rate. Ah the new zealand dollar is terrible compared to the ah us dollar at the moment. So we basically. If it said $3000 on the website. That's basically 6000 New Zealand dollars 08:33.40 dclduo Say so say wait say that one more time. So what? yeah see the pricing piece 1 more time. Make sure I understand this. 08:38.79 Bailey Yeah, you know what? that's okay so the the main issue with the pricing is the currency exchange rate because the new Zealand dollar is a lot less than the Us dollar at the moment. It's not normally this bad. But I think. 08:46.86 dclduo Okay, yeah, yeah, okay. 08:56.40 Bailey When it was listed on the website. We got a um veranda stateroom I think it was just under three and a half thousand newest dollars but when you tret when you convert that that's about 7000 New Zealand dollars so it's a lot of money for a three and a half day holiday 09:10.24 dclduo Oh wow oh wow. Yeah, we go. We'll compare that to me like what? what? what is like um you know in the past you've gone to Disney World or you know one of the Disney parks like what what is that? How does that compare from a total trip cost perspective. Free I mean I'm sure the flight is 1 thing but um, I'm just curious how it starts to compare. 09:32.95 Bailey Um, yeah I think it would appear actually hold on Brian sorry can I ever just redo that again. So I just realized I totally doubled that wrong. So okay, the price thing let me just do that again. So so. 09:41.80 dclduo No, no go ahead. Yeah, go ahead, go ahead. Yeah. 09:49.50 Bailey The problem with the pricing in New Zealand compared to Australia and the us is the new zealand dollar is not great compared to the us dollar where it's basically ah double so I think on the website it was listed at about two Thousand u s dollars 10:02.78 dclduo But. 10:04.79 Bailey Um, which causes to be about a 4000 New Zealand dollars that's just for the booking let alone when you're spending on the ship as well. You're doubling everything there so cocktails become $35 10:11.10 dclduo Right? right? right? for sure. It. 10:19.86 dclduo Like gosh all right? Yeah that's I mean we see those prices occasionally on some of the other cruise lines but usually not on Disney Disney's a little more reasonable once you get on board. Um, but but how does that start to compare to you or for you to other kinds of Disney Vacations you've taken is it is it on par ah from sort of a you know. New Zealand dollars perspective or is it coming clocking in much more expensive. 10:40.81 Bailey I think if you take away the flights because obviously that's a big extra extra cost. You have to put on top. But if you're thinking of just you know four days at a park. How I would do parks. Um, it's probably similar to be honest, um I guess you know obviously the food and things at parks are. Ah, outrageously expensive and that's the beauty of Disney cruising is that it's free, but um, but yeah I would say it's probably on par. 11:04.84 dclduo Okay, all right? And how how was the booking experience for you I mean did you book it direct. Did you go through some sort of travel agent and and how was that experience where you just even booking the cruise. 11:17.74 Bailey Well I've I've listened to to you and Sam for a long time. So I know you guys understand the Disney tech issues. Um, and the tech was terrible. They decided to release all the New Zealand australian cruises all at once. Um, and it was. 11:22.12 dclduo If Okay, yeah. 11:32.75 Bailey Also at the same time that a cyclline I'm not sure which one was going through Orlando so the delays were outrageous. They actually ended up moving the open window 2 hours 4 which was about 5 am in New Zealand which just sent me into a overdrive when I realized I was 2 hours late um and I tried to use the Disney website but that kept crashing and there was one new zealand travel agent who was partnered with Disney for it. So I actually ended up going through them. Um, and I just did a gty room because it was it was too hard to try and pack it just blocked out every time it was terrible. 12:10.38 dclduo Oh Jeez Oh Wow So you ended up booking what kind of room on the cruise then Verandas near Ok all right? um and so all right? So booking was a little rough. 12:12.64 Bailey A veranda stateroom guaranteed. 12:21.45 Bailey Her. 12:23.51 dclduo Ah, since you're first Disney Cruise you are you know you're at the kind of the the activity booking layer which is their lasted line. Ah, but I yeah I don't know for these cruises that that's as big of a disadvantage because I'm I'm assuming that there's like lots of first time cruisers on many of these ceilings. So how did the activity booking. Go was that also plagued by tech issues. 12:44.81 Bailey Um, no, it wasn't I think I also have to preface this bit is that a lot of new zealanders. This would have been their first Disney experience in general and from being a cast member and being a Disney Park sgoer I know that prior preparation is key. 12:51.59 dclduo Yeah. 12:58.63 dclduo Yes. 13:00.84 Bailey So I had done a lot of obviously listening to you guys and other cruise podcasts I'd watched a couple of Youtube videos. Um, so I kind of knew what I was in for I knew what my booking window looked like the importance of getting on there early and I think a lot of new zealanders and australians wouldn't have known that. Ah, so I actually didn't have too much issue I used the app on my phone to book. We also had no port adventures these cruises most of them don't have stops. You're just on the boat. The boat is the vacation. Um, but I got a Palo brunch booking I got all them. Alcohol tastings that we wanted. Um, so I actually didn't have too much issue there at all I was quite lucky. 13:40.17 dclduo All right? Well, that's that's good. Did you book any did did you say you booked adult dining. Did you book anything with Palo or anything like that. Okay. 13:48.36 Bailey Yes, so we got Apollo Brunch booking. Um, which was incredibledible and we did a tequila and margarita tasting as well. Just for something fun. 13:58.70 dclduo Nice it would I've seen that we haven't done that one I bet that one would be fun. Um all right? Well so you got you got your you got your bookings. You got the Cruise book got the room you needed drive to the ports. Um. So how was it. You're showing up in Auckland and obviously the Disney wonders sitting there in the harbor. Ah, how was that first view of the Disney wonder when you arrived. 14:19.83 Bailey It was pretty amazing. It's like what everyone says there was another boat I think it was royal caribbean was in the dock at the same time and the difference of the look from the outside and the cleaners and is how immaculate the wonder was was pretty ah significant. Um. So we it was the the other thing there is in comparison that I think is quite funny compared to the american ports the auckland port was not ready for the Disney onslaught and the disney families who were just waiting to get on. I'd seen on some of the Facebook groups that the pattimes were being completely ignored. Um, so it was just carnage. It was crazy outside. It. 15:02.67 dclduo Um, ah so did they have it so here in a lot of the ports outside of Port Canaveral they'll have like lines kind of queued up outside by port arrival time so that they'll sort of enforce like you know we've got. 4 of those times set up from eleven to noon if you're at two o'clock we'd recommend you go find some place to sit and have a cup of coffee come back kind of thing were they trying to enforce the port arrival times or is it just complete chaos. 15:29.10 Bailey Ah, they were so there was the outside bit and that's the other thing is that the pre-port areas all just fully outside. Luckily it was a nice day and so everyone's luggage was just kind of sitting around outside. And then people would just try and get into the port and then from there they would try and put you into lines but it was already too bottlenecked that it was yeah it was crazy but they tried we got eleven forty five so I was again pretty onto it and check in because of. 15:51.63 dclduo Jeez Well what? what? port arrival time. Did you have nice. 16:00.41 Bailey You know, listen to a show. Um, we were pretty lucky to get the first one was eleven thirty so we were eleven forty five 16:05.71 dclduo Okay, and I should have asked did the online check in process. Do that go fairly smoothly I mean there's like uploading photos and then for us in the Usbb Passport documentation things like that did that did that run smoother than some of the other stuff. 16:20.25 Bailey Yeah, that was that was fine. Um, and yeah, we just used our passports as well because because we didn't have to because we weren't technically you know going in and out of 2 countries but I just did just for ease. 16:28.83 dclduo Um, and and so that raised a good point. So this is a three night sailing I know some of the sailings are like 3 nights that just leave kind of circle around and then end in a different city. What was the itinerary for the sailing. 16:40.91 Bailey So it was like that. But even more basic we left Auckland we went out and literally just did laps like I looked at it on the cruise mapper it was crazy that is the laps of the small island off the coast of New Zealand and international waters. Obviously. 16:55.94 dclduo Yeah, all right? So so like no port stops. This is all ship time. Basically at this point all right, all right and I had a question in there somewhere I was going to ask to to ah all right I'll come back to it. 16:57.91 Bailey And then they just came straight back in where they left all ship time. Yep. 17:15.71 dclduo Um, well you make it through the you know the port process. Ah you you board the fabulous disney wonder one of our favorite ships by the way we are both excited for all of our friends in Australia and New Zealand to get to experience that ship and a little bit sad because it was our west coast base ship that we love so much here in the Us but ah. Ah, so you get on board walk into the atrium I hope and maybe get announced and how is the boarding process for you. 17:41.97 Bailey It was so funny. This. So this is that this was what I really wanted to see the difference. Obviously I've seen a lot of american families who absolutely love Disney and love all of the pixie dust of disney magic um, but when we were lining up to get. You know, announced on board I actually hadn't told my husband that that was happening because I wanted his raw reaction but all of all of the families were like what is going on. They didn't. 17:59.21 dclduo Ah, yeah. 18:08.40 Bailey People People did not buy into it. They were like this is very odd. Why are these people clapping us onto this boat. 18:16.88 dclduo Ah, is it I'm curious. Is it a cultural thing that like you know they're a little more reserved and quiet. They just don't want that energy? Yeah yeah, okay yeah. 18:21.40 Bailey Yes, yes, Absolutely yeah, yep, everyone. Everyone's very much you know a big thing before um before getting on the boat people had heard that you can be put on shared tables for dinner. 18:32.58 dclduo Yeah. 18:34.47 Bailey And everyone was really not happy about that that really goes against like New Zealand culture 18:38.67 dclduo She Well the family of the day must have been mortified that so assuming they did one of those but yes Wow all right? Well Well, how did you find that getting announced I mean you knew it was coming. So maybe you were prepared for it and a little more receptive to it. But how did you find that process. 18:54.46 Bailey Oh my gosh I was so excited I couldn't wait and I was just looking at Matt's face my husband's face and he was just kind of laughing like what is going on and then goofy was up in the stairs and he was waving at everyone. So I loved it. But I know it was it was it was my first reconnection with um disney magic and. 3 years because of covid I wasn't able I haven't been able to go to ah Disney park in a long time. So for me, it was you know as they say welcome home. It's really what it felt like for me. 19:13.85 dclduo Yeah. 19:21.58 dclduo Yeah, now that that that would be fabulous I mean I remember we we lost. Ah you know Disney for a couple years Disney Cruise line for about eighteen months or so and yeah I remember when we stepped back on the he was the dream was our first ship back but when we regardless when we stepped on board and they announce her name I mean I was. Practically going to break down in tears. My son has never seemed happier. So yes I can only imagine that's a great emotional moment. Um Lisa back can ask you your your husband ah presumably has also not cruised before what did he think about this whole idea of going on a Disney Cruise 19:47.22 Bailey Um, is um. 19:56.54 Bailey So he had cruised once um, he had he lived in America for a little but actually at the same time I did we weren't together but he did camp america which is like a really big thing here. New zealanders go and work at summer camps so he had um, traveled around the country and gone to the in a caribbean cruise on. 20:06.37 dclduo Ok. 20:14.11 Bailey I think it was royal caribbean something very basic and it was um him and 5 other boys in an inside stateroom. Ah, and yeah, it's it sounded like ah quite a different experience to what we had um, but he 100% noticed the difference of. 20:15.19 dclduo Make. 20:21.38 dclduo Wow. 20:27.35 dclduo Yeah. 20:33.66 Bailey The staff, the food quality the spaces. Um, yeah, so he he thought it was ah immaculate on Disney compared to his experience. 20:43.58 dclduo All right? Well, that's good. Did you have to was there any arm twisting to get to get to get to do this or was he pretty receptive to the whole idea. 20:52.83 Bailey There's the beauty of Matt he goes along with anything I tell him he's gone to Disney World Disneyland and Hong Kong Disney or les birthday prisons over the years so he doesn't complain too much. He enjoys it. 21:01.37 dclduo Nice, nice, all right? Well you get on board where he headed first bailey. 21:10.18 Bailey Well this was contentious I'd you know I'd heard lots of mixed things around what to do? Um, but we were actually hungry so we went to Kobana's um and it wasn't too bad obviously because we got on so early so that was pretty easy did that um you know got reconnected with some. American Classics I hadn't had in a few years um and then after that we went straight to the adults only area um got offered a drink of the day Matt and I had a rule that if we got offered an alcoholic beverage. We had to say yes, um. 21:42.76 dclduo Yeah, but that's it did you end up with wine package then I'm just getting ah. 21:44.35 Bailey We we almost ended up with this Disney Cruise line bearer cooler thing that we absolutely did not need. So luckily we said no but we ended up with a drink of the day and there was absolutely no one in the adults only area so we went and sat in a so. 21:53.30 dclduo Ah, yeah. 22:02.80 Bailey Bar by ourselves for about an hour 22:04.91 dclduo Nice that that adults only area on the wonder is one of our favorites for sure. Ah yes, and we we have 3 of those 3 of those Disney coolers at home different ones. So ah, you know your your self-restraint is better than ours. So ah, you got that you definitely have that go for you? um. 22:07.47 Bailey Amazing. 22:21.40 dclduo All right? Well I mean that's a that's a really great way to start your crews off I think just hanging out by the pool in the adult area. Um, how was the weather overall for the Sa It's summertime there for you all right? So was it was it pretty decent was it pretty decent weather. 22:31.19 Bailey It is summertime. Ah yeah, well our summertime is different to your summertime or especially Florida summertime. It's not nowhere near as hot. But um, the weather was great and I actually think they drove um that's terrible Cruise term um they sailed. 22:39.55 dclduo Right. 22:45.93 dclduo If yeah. 22:48.97 Bailey Towards good with it. Um, in the waves of water conditions as well as the sun. It was beautiful. Beautiful cloudless day every day. 22:58.57 dclduo Nice, nice. Did did you get a sense was the sailing pretty full. Ah, you know did you hear anything about what the capacity of the ship was like for the sailing. 23:05.92 Bailey No I didn't officially hear anything I would say that it felt pretty full. Um I'm pretty sure I went on I did try and convince someone a week out to come with us and I'm pretty sure there was only a like a few. 23:08.84 dclduo Look at. 23:18.63 Bailey Inside rooms and maybe concierge level was the only ones that were left to book. So I'm assuming it was pretty full. 23:24.19 dclduo Okay, yeah, it's interesting that conciers are still available in the us here that would be 1 of the first categories to go so but I based on what you told me about price and the ah the ah the trade exchange for the the New Zealand Dollar that's probably also not surprising. Um. 23:35.65 Bailey Oh yeah, yeah. 23:40.99 dclduo So let's so let's break this up into categories as opposed to going day by day here for a second. Let's start with them start with just the stateroom overall so you booked of ran a stateroom. What did you think of the state room on board. The the Disney wonder. 23:52.89 Bailey It was amazing. It was it was bigger than I thought it would be um, the the living area I don't know what the correct term is for that was such so good and be we had it actually I made a mistake. We had a navigator's veranda. We had the 7 a we had 7 a category. Um. 24:06.96 dclduo Um, okay, okay. 24:11.89 Bailey So we had one of the little white verandas but it was actually amazing because it had 1 loose seat at the coffee table and it had a bench seat built into one side. It was amazing I wouldn't I would highly recommend it. Um and everything was clean and beautiful and. 24:19.68 dclduo Yeah. 24:28.96 Bailey Fantastic. Yeah I I couldn't complain about the room at all. 24:30.66 dclduo And where were you on the ship sort of deck and forward aft. 24:34.35 Bailey We were level sex aft. They're the only ones that are navigation I think on the wonder is aft. 24:39.11 dclduo Ok, ok, and and how'd you find So some people find the a to have a little bit too much vibration for their taste was it okay for you and your husband. 24:49.92 Bailey We actually were're not. We weren't sure if it was the ah alcohol policy that we had of never saying no or the amount of food we ate but or the vibration but we slept credibly. 25:03.38 Bailey And I think it was something to do with the little rocking and the vibration of the ship. 25:05.82 dclduo Nice, Nice. Yeah I Love the rocking of the ship for sure for sure. So I take it you and her husband aren't have any issues with like seasickness or things like that nice all right? Well, that's good. So the seas were pretty calm Anyway, I'm assuming. So yeah, that's pretty nice. Awesome. 25:13.34 Bailey Now I had sea leagues just in case we were both fine. 25:22.10 Bailey Yep. 25:23.84 dclduo All right? Well apart from the veranda. Ah what kinds of um kinds of activities. Did you two get up to on board were you just kind of like relaxing by the pool or did you try out some ah try out some of the activities on board. 25:36.42 Bailey Um, we were pretty good at going to some trivias just for something different. Um, we went to a Disney Parks trivia that I a hundred percent thought I was going to win did not I think we might have got fifth. Ah so there was still some more Disney crazies around there just like me so that was good. 25:39.44 dclduo Okay. 25:50.56 dclduo Yes. 25:53.70 Bailey Um, we went to all the shows we went to. Oh they had a diamond and Jim Stones talk you know 1 of those online shopping kind of things that was a lot of fun or something different. Um and we went to all the or the nighttime spectaculars as well. Which were. 25:59.51 dclduo Yeah, yep. 26:10.73 dclduo Did you find like they had a or do you feel like they had a a good amount of activities on board or did you find parts of the careers were like I wish there was something to do but I didn't have anything to do. 26:10.77 Bailey And credible. 26:23.11 Bailey No I think men and I also went on it to be pretty relaxed So I don't think we were necessarily seeking out lots to do. They had lots of options for families I would say um in the in the kids clubs as well as you know and the D Loungerer and stuff they had a lot of family friendly things. 26:38.62 dclduo E. 26:40.58 Bailey Um, and for adults there was a lot of stuff in the crown and fin was probably the the main hub of of things to do there. But no I didn't think we needed anything extra to do I felt pretty pretty busy the whole time. 26:54.16 dclduo All right? How did the you mentioned the margarita tasting you signed up for the tequi and margarita tasting how that go. 27:00.00 Bailey It was awesome. We actually did it and I didn't realize this it was actually on the bar it signals in the outside bar so it was like yeah it was a really cool atmosphere and there was 2 um Bahman who took it and 1 was from Mexico so he was kind of talking through the whole process of. 27:05.74 dclduo Oh nice. 27:18.60 Bailey What can be classes as tequila and what can be classes in agabe and all those kind of things. It was a lot of fun. It was a lot of alcohol in a short amount of time. Um, but it was it was very cool and it was run really well and the best part was being at signals. It was nine thirty to ten thirty and then they had the marbles unite show at ten thirty so we got great spots for that because we just kind of jumped straight over there. 27:44.78 dclduo I so nine thirty or nine thirty ten 30 at night that well would have to be at night. There's no way they would do that morning. So yeah, yeah, okay, all right? Ah well I want to hear more about that show in a second but sounds like you had a fabulous drink tas I've never never heard them doing the one of those at the outside bar. That's that's that would be fun. Um, what a. 27:46.60 Bailey Yes, serious is. 28:02.69 dclduo About ah some of the other spaces on board it. It sounds like you got to hang out in most of the bar spaces. But what did you think about? ah the french quarter lounge if you got there the Cadillac lounge like what did you think about some of those adult bar areas. 28:16.50 Bailey They were incredible. That's what I think um I explained to Matt quite well and he was quite excited for so we spent a lot of time in those crown and Finn was probably our least favorite just because it almost was very similar to what. Um, pubs look like here. You know it didn't feel like anything super different french quarter. We only went to a couple of times we had a cocktail there before dining at Tiana's place just to kind of really get into the scene. Um, and they had some live music that was amazing. 28:32.14 dclduo Yep. 28:45.96 Bailey And then the Cadillac lounge we didn't go too too often either. But it was beautiful when they had a beautiful singer. Um, and I had heard and again another thing I think people hadn't prepped for kiwis and australians is I um used the somalilias bin there and got some in credible. 29:01.11 dclduo Yes. 29:05.37 Bailey Wine because I think the barman had um, not been asked for it the whole time he looked at me and almost started laughing and so he started searching through I said I can I have a red and a champagne and he started searching through and he said oh this would normally be. $50 a glass. This would normally be $45 a glass like he was excited to be how to do it for someone I was I was awesome. 29:27.51 dclduo Yeah, that that is a good tip Sam has mentioned on the show a few times but way back I don't know if she's talked about it recently? um, primarily because I think since she started sailing conciers. She gets her drinks from the concierge bar. But um, that been so most of the bars on these ships or on the Disney Ships have the somali ben. And I will tell you the best 1 that we found is on the dream class ships in the bar meridian bar but I would bet Cadillac lounge would have a great one as well. But they're basically just yeah, they're open bottles of wine. Um at some of them. It's like open bottles from the adult dining that didn't get fully poured. Ah, you know, not that someone bought a whole bottle but they bought a glass and they had to open a bottle and just didn't get fully poured and yeah, there's some great deals to be found in that bend I know Sam has had some really nice champagnes out of the pen for for a very inexpensive burglass price. Yeah, um. 30:11.82 Bailey Yeah, it was amazing. 30:18.47 dclduo What what about did you do any of the adult nighttime activities like you know, like match your mates pretty popular over here. Um, did did you make it to any of those. 30:26.24 Bailey They only did Metri mate once and we didn't end up going. Um I'm not sure why. But no, we didn't do. We didn't do Metri Ma we didn't do Bingo either but that was pretty popular on the ship I think m. 30:38.86 dclduo Oh yeah, the Bingo's popular here too and people have to line up way in advance. Um I should have asked you what what dining rotation did you get I mean what sort of what time did you main dining or late dining. 30:50.38 Bailey We did main dining purely because once I told my husband that he could get buffalo chicken wings any time of the day or night I think he ate them at maybe Eleven thirty p M every night in and the room so he wanted to have a good space between ah. 30:58.94 dclduo Nice. 31:03.93 Bailey Main dining and his chicken stop. 31:08.37 dclduo Ah, um, were there a lot of kids on board should have asked that too. 31:09.94 Bailey Yes, there was so that's why I thought we we went Tuesday to Friday so I thought and it's still school time here. 31:23.55 dclduo Ah I know. 00:00.85 dclduo So Bailey one thing I forgot to ask I'm curious about is were there a lot of kids on board this ceiling. 00:08.46 Bailey Yes, there was so I booked purposefully on a Tuesday to Friday sailing to try and avoid um, kids as possible. Not that I love don't love kids. But you know it's just a third honeymoon you know, um. 00:19.62 dclduo Yeah, ah. 00:22.75 Bailey So there were still a lot of kids. A lot of families. Um I don't think I really noticed until I think it must have been maybe day 2 or 3 we were um in the adults only pool we went around to go get you know a pizza or a cheeseburger or whatever and the noise difference was just insane. 00:36.60 dclduo Right. 00:42.65 Bailey There was so many kids there was ice all over the floor like and and people were obviously trying to clean it up, but it was just carnage in those kids pools. 00:49.90 dclduo Yeah, yeah, it yeah it what? what amazes me on a Disney Cruise because you probably spent most of your time in the adult area ah is that you can't hear all that stuff going on the adulter. Yeah, and yeah, you walk around the little barrier and suddenly it's like you're in a totally different world. 01:02.20 Bailey Um, I know I know it's amazing. 01:08.37 dclduo Was the adult area oversubscribed to or was it fairly light because there were so many kids on boards of the parents were kind of spending time with them. Okay. 01:16.19 Bailey I would say it was fairly light. Um I mean you I don't think we ever couldn't get a um, ah sun lounger the spars obviously got pretty packed um throughout the day and things. But. Everything else was fine, but my favorite thing about the adult only pool area was when people's kids came to you know, ask their parents for something or show them something and the parents' faces like pointing them out getting them up the stairs. That's so funny. 01:44.80 dclduo ah yes ah yeah well um all right? So it sounds like ah you found the pool deck to be sort of accessible for you and you know you had a good time in the adult area there. Um, ah, let's talk Sam would kill me if I didn't talk shows for a few minutes. So ah, what hear what you thought about. 02:00.33 Bailey Um. 02:02.48 dclduo The shows on board. Let me start by asking like what shows did they have. 02:07.20 Bailey So we had 3 shows 3 nights so there was our first night was the gold of mickeys um, then second was frozen and then third was Disney dreams a Disney dream. Whatever it's called so. 02:08.56 dclduo Okay. 02:19.32 dclduo Okay, well the Golden mickey should have taken you right back to your time as an considering it probably hasn't been updated since that time. But ah yeah, what? So what did you think about the Gold mickeys. 02:31.50 Bailey The go to Mickey's was very cool I really liked that it had you know some of the classic songs and movies and things that um, ah, ah more my time you know? um, ah, but we really really enjoyed it I think it was a good a good starter a good warmup for the. 02:46.39 dclduo And and what about the other two shows on board. What did what did you? What did you think of them did you have a favorite. 02:46.74 Bailey For the cruise. 02:52.73 Bailey Well um, this might be blaphsemous to say but Matt has never seen frozen so he was watching frozen as a movie like he wasn't didn't know what was going to happen. He didn't know if if who was the true kiss the true loves Kiss you know, um. 02:56.26 dclduo Okay. 03:02.66 dclduo Yeah. Amazing. 03:10.38 Bailey Yeah, yeah, yeah, so that was kind of funny. Um I frozen isn't my favorite I think it's mostly because I worked at Disney World when frozen was absolutely crazy and so I got a little bit tainted from it but the disney dream um was absolutely my favorite. It was amazing. The set was amazing. 03:19.69 dclduo Ah, but yeah. 03:29.90 Bailey Yeah, it was very very cool. 03:30.11 dclduo very cool. very cool well what an interesting opportunity to see frozen for the first time is a stage production on Disney Cruise line it's like abbreviated frozen. Did he come home wanting to watch the movie or was he was he good. Well just remind him. There's frozen to. 03:41.39 Bailey Well, he said that and yet we still haven't watched it. So. 03:49.86 dclduo You know, frozen 3 I think they have to announce frozen 3 and frozen 4 are coming so there you go? Um, well that's fabulous. That's fabulous. Um, well we got to talk about dining. We can't talk Disney cruising without talking about dining. Ah. 03:52.19 Bailey If yeah. 04:02.92 dclduo Talk to me about your rotational dining experience. How did you find the 3 rotational dining restaurants nice that you took a three night cruise because you got all 3 of them. But how did you? How did you find the restaurants and the food and and that sort of stuff in main dining. 04:11.45 Bailey Um, yeah, um, we were very pleasantly surprised I mean I think reality of cooking for that many people we thought it may be um. 04:25.11 Bailey You know, slightly cold or maybe not quite as high quality but it was actually it was actually great. We had our first night was at Tritons which I thought was a good start and probably the best food that we experienced. Um, but I think and I think this would probably be everywhere. We kind of talked to our server a little bit about it. The first night we were going. Oh no, we shouldn't have. 04:25.79 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 04:43.96 Bailey Who many mains we shouldn't have too many appetizers. Um, you know you're not really in that cruise gluttonous way of thinking yet. Um, so we had some amazing food at Tridens who really enjoyed that um es cargo was great. 04:50.71 dclduo Um, yeah, ah. 05:01.29 Bailey Um, and the baked brie was home my favorite and then the second night we were at animated his palette. Um, and I had the the pasta proces that I've heard so many things about um' I'm a big pasta gal I wouldn't say it was my the the best past I I've ever had in my life. But. 05:18.99 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, no, that's fair. That's fair. 05:21.24 Bailey Was fine. Um, yeah, and we had we kind of got more into our groove of ordering um 3 entrees and 4 appetizers and 3 desserts there. You know we were really getting into it. Um and then and the drawings and all that stuff was was a lot of fun at animator's palette. 05:32.11 dclduo Nice. 05:39.13 dclduo So you you had it. You had you had animation magic then so drawing and then it Yes, yeah, okay, fabulous. So yeah, what? what did you? What did you think about that. What' your husband think about that. 05:40.81 Bailey Um, and then yes we did So we had the animation magic. Well he wasn't really concentrating and so he was you know all the different screens show different drawings for the different tables that are closed so he actually missed his own drawing. 05:56.55 dclduo Um, yeah. 05:59.71 Bailey Which was which was devastating but um, but it was cool. It was. It was really different and I actually put a video of of Matt drawing um on his piece of paper and then another one of it being shown on the screen on my Instagram story and that's been a lot of my. Nondas and New Zealand friends were like wowa. That's so cool. You know is that while you're eating dinner. So that that god picked a lot of people's interests peaked. Um, but it was very cool and lots of kids. Loved it. Um animator' palate and then the last night we had Tina's face which I think is that. Perfect place to go on your last night because obviously it's a bit more lively and you know very heavy in the disney magic which was very cool. Um I did feel a bit sorry for um Tiana and ah the crawish crewers is that the name because because um. 06:49.78 dclduo Yeah, that's it. 06:54.58 Bailey There wasn't a lot of ah crowd interaction and I again I think that goes into the New Zealand kind of culture. Um, everyone was kind of just doing their thing and she was you know asking is everyone going to have a good time. Everyone's didn't ever respond to her the poor lady but um, but no was a lot of fun and that was some really good food there as well. 07:06.79 dclduo Oh. 07:13.70 Bailey Um, so yeah, it was awesome. 07:14.82 dclduo Nice, Nice. Um, did you know speaking of the you mentioned the crowd reaction there. So I'm curious as you talked to? ah. I'm assuming maybe not maybe culturally, this would be inappropriate but I'm assuming you may have talked to some of the other folks on board I'm curious. Did you get any sense of how folks were finding the cruise. Overall if if you talked to anyone. 07:34.42 Bailey We didn't really talk to many to too many people but you can kind of get a sense I think everyone absolutely loved it I think people got more and more into it. Especially people people with kids I would have been really interested to know how busy the kids clubs were because I don't know if that's a super. 07:43.89 dclduo Okay. 07:52.23 Bailey Kiwi kid kind of thing to do either do you know what? I mean? Yeah, so I'd have loved to seen what the um kids club staff cast members thought um then the numbers were compared to usual. Um, but I think I think a lot of people. Um. 07:52.70 dclduo Well interesting. Yeah yeah. 08:09.77 Bailey Who had that I'd seen with their kids coming in and out of the adult only area whose kids had bought into the kids club area were very grateful of like that kind of disconnective when you're in the kids club. Heres an adult only space for you I think that really resonated well with a lot of people. 08:19.77 dclduo Who That's so interesting because it's such the kids club here right is such like a huge benefit like parents are like oh maning drop my kids off at the kids club and I'm headed to the adult area. So it's it's interesting to hear that sort of cultural difference that maybe the kids club. You know it's possible. The kids club wasn't getting used as much so that that's just. 08:35.93 Bailey Um, ah. 08:38.65 dclduo It's interesting to hear. Um. 08:40.70 Bailey I think on I think on average new Zealanders are ah I think the right word is like introverted and a lot more shy than than Americans and in most aspects m. 08:48.57 dclduo Ah, ok, interesting. Very interesting. Very interesting. Um all right? Well, we've talked about food dining. We've talked about activities talked about some of the onboard spaces. Ah Bailey was there anything that ah you wanted to be sure to highlight from your experience anything that was either. You know, really exceptional or you know that miss the mark for you. 09:10.74 Bailey I don't think anything missed the Mark I think it was exactly what I was expecting and it was amazing. Um I guess for me, it was I was really interested to see how they would have the Disney Magic you know and the the. The way that Disney Controls atmospheres in such an incredible way in the parks on a cruise ship and it being twenty four seven do you know do you know what I'm trying to say um and so and I was not let down at all. Um I thought it was amazing I thought the cast members did a really good job I even I know when I um. 09:31.33 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah. 09:44.63 Bailey Worked at disney you know you would never see the wrong costume in the wrong land and I was wondering if they'd be able to hold those things in ah the cruise ships and they did and it was just it was just amazing. Um I guess the only letdown I would be the character. Meat lines were crazy There's nothing to do with Disney that's not their fault but um, that was ah obviously a big thing that new zealanders wanted to do with their kids. Um, so I I didn't end up doing any lines but it must have been night one. Um, we just come out of. 10:04.74 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 10:20.35 Bailey Of the golden mickeys and we were on I think we're on level 4 going down the stairs and um, we just rounded the corner and Minnie Mouse was just standing there with the with a character attendant and I and I just I could not believe it. So um I got a photo with her and had a little chit chat with her and her character attendant and that was. 10:29.57 dclduo The. 10:39.16 Bailey That was really cool seeing that they could still do those little moments like they have in the parks as well and then some kids came up and stuff it was. It was very cool. 10:46.85 dclduo Yeah, you you would probably absolutely love a longer careers on Disney Cruise line because then you get some more of those they they they just do some special touches with characters like goofy wandering the hall at night sleepwalking. Um, ah, Mickey and um and remember who it was Mickey and Donald. 10:53.52 Bailey O. 11:03.54 dclduo Mickey and somebody dressed up in athletic gear running up and down the stairs with the kids for exercise one morning right? kind of thing I mean it's just though I love those little opportune character moments that they have on board and I I totally get what you're saying about their ability to kind of maintain space in places I mean for me that that ah comments I made earlier about the. 11:06.38 Bailey Yeah, yeah, that's where I go. 11:21.34 dclduo You know you don't hear anything in the adult space because it's adult. It's serene. You know you just that's that's an a really amazing design I think that they've been able to to pull off I forgot to ask that you do anything with the spot. Did you try the spot Onboard it all. 11:23.31 Bailey Ah, ah. 11:30.00 Bailey Yeah, no, we were we were thinking about getting the rainforest room but it was um, we've poked our head in at 1 point just to see and it was crazy and you know people would put their stuff all over the lounges and. 11:40.89 dclduo Okay, yeah. 11:45.83 Bailey We were having a good a good time with um mixing up having relax time in our room versus by the adults only pool we thought our money and again that that was going to be about $200 New Zealand a day per person that we actually thought it would just be easier to spend their money elsewhere. 11:57.94 dclduo Oh wow. Yeah, yeah, yeah, the the rainforest room on those classic ships. It's okay, it's not my favorite. Um, but yeah, especially at that price I would say no um I forgot to ask you about Paulo Brunch though to completely slip my mind. 12:13.25 Bailey Yes, oh my goodness it was so wonderful. So I'd really prepped Matt I said you know there's a dress code we have to and this is gonna be lovely. Um, and we and Matt and I wouldn't say we're foodies. But um. 12:14.45 dclduo How did how was Paulo Brunch 12:30.21 Bailey We enjoy spending money on ah on our bellies. Um, so we were very excited to kind of come to see what that level of dining from a Disney American standpoint would be compared to New Zealand um and it was lovely and our server was amazing. We had. 12:49.56 Bailey So much food. It was ridiculous I think it was I think it's this podcast you guys really enjoyed the sticky buns. 12:55.80 dclduo Ah, yes for the dessert yet we I will say this the sticky Buns Pre Pandemic were better are better than what they have now but they're still delicious. Yes, this yes, but we enjoy. Yes, yeah. 13:00.90 Bailey It was delicious I got one of those just for you guys and um, it was amazing. Um, let me, um so we each had one of the soups and we didn't do any of like we' haded ah eleven thirty booking so we kind of treated it more like lunch. 13:07.62 dclduo Ah, what you have ah would you have for entrees you remember. 13:17.94 dclduo Yes, and yes. 13:20.16 Bailey Um, so didn't have any of the eggs or the waffles. Um, but we had the soups. We had a pizza that they um did half and half for us and we were we were cheeky and I knew you know working for Disney you kind of know that the customer is always right? but on a whole and other level. 13:37.16 dclduo And. 13:38.94 Bailey I Said to our server I said oh would we be able to take this pizza back to our room and she said oh you know we don't normally do that but but we'll do that for you and she'd put it on a plate and put a little cover on it and had it. She met us by the door so we could slip it out without anyone else seeing it was wonderful. Um, and then we had lasagna. We had. 13:48.22 dclduo Yeah. 13:59.17 Bailey Take we had? um oh my goodness I can't even remember but ah. 14:03.37 dclduo Which which kind of pizza Did you get did you did you manage to get that. There's an off menu graping gorgonzola that they'll sometimes let you know about and sometimes not but what yeah did you did you manage to try that one. Okay. 14:13.92 Bailey They didn't let us know about that and obviously listening to you guys I knew about it but when I suggested that to Matt he was like that sounds disgusting so that god they got thrown out real quick. 14:23.54 dclduo But ah, all right? Well if you ever make it back. Ah tell Matt I said I promise it's not great. Sam hates blue cheese and she loves that pizza. So um, it's it's actually really good. It's actually really good. Ah, but well there you go there, you go. 14:32.45 Bailey Yeah, maybe I ought to sleep in behind and go by myself next time. 14:42.50 dclduo Um, well the last question I had ah for you Bailey about the cruise was was really so you know we talked at the very beginning about kind of the disparity and exchange rate and the cost that occurs on stuff. Did you feel like you got a good value out of the vacation. 14:58.13 Bailey I think for me um, knowing how much I would spend if I was you know with my Disney love and addiction anything Disney is expensive. Um, so especially coming from New Zealand so I wasn't too worried about it Matt and I just knew that it was going to be. 15:15.27 dclduo Me and. 15:15.94 Bailey Expensive I think it was worth it in the value of of what I get from Disney um I think most people who are on the ship would say that as well I think you just can be more controlled about you know how many cocktails you buy or the um, the merch that is actually 1 thing I will say um, the. 15:26.57 dclduo Moving. 15:35.70 Bailey They didn't open the stores until nine thirty on the second days they weren't open it all the first night um and but know nine 30 a m sorry yeah and so at about 159 I said to me oh let's just go down and try and get close to the door so we can get in and out because. 15:41.92 dclduo Nine thirty at night on the second day or nine thirty in the morning. Okay, all right. 15:53.00 dclduo Oh I bet there was a line around I bet there was a line around the atrium to get in. 15:55.32 Bailey I don't know oh my goodness it was insane and so I was standing there thinking what am I going to do so then Matt walked around the other side you know by the theater entrance. He went that way and ticks me on the app. Come here, come here and we just almost walked straight in because it was all the backing over the 8 room as you say so we walked in it was crazy. Um got my Disney Crocs that I wanted. 16:15.36 dclduo Right. 16:25.40 Bailey Ah, but everything I would say all of the plushies sold out all of the um box toys sold out the badges. Um the spirit Jerseys I was it was crazy I I Obviously it's a little bit different in the parks when they're open all the time and they're restocked all the time. 16:32.60 dclduo Yeah. 16:44.41 Bailey I was not I was not prepared for that that was crazy and expensive as well. That was another place. You know some people I saw had like 10 lounge fly bags which were what are they $80 or eighty dollars americans that's over 150 New Zealand dollars per bag. Um, people were. 16:54.00 dclduo Yeah, wow. 17:01.38 Bailey Stockpiling for shores that was the way that I think people will spend a lot of money. But overall I think I think it's worth it I think um net and Ia what's the saying Dinks double income. No kids so you can you? you can spend you can spend your money a little bit freer and um. 17:15.10 dclduo Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah. 17:19.20 Bailey Got everything we wanted and and no regrets at all in the pricing. 17:21.70 dclduo Yeah I do wish Disney would maybe batten down a little bit on ah the like 10 lounge fly bags like there's and I mean maybe maybe because they're down there for the first time people are buying that is like gifts for you know, kids back home or something like that. But at the same time. 17:36.60 Bailey Yeah. 17:39.19 dclduo We see that behavior here. We're like okay, you're clearly getting off this ship and putting at least 9 of those on on on ebay. So um, yeah, and and it's tough because they're not shipping. They're not restocking the ship in port with merchandise based on what we know because they shuttered one of the stores on board outside of crown and fin. 17:43.56 Bailey Yeah. 17:55.98 Bailey Yes. 17:57.89 dclduo And turn it into storage temporary storage. So um, so yeah I I always get a little disappointing when I hear that because it means like people who come after have less of an opportunity to get the merch they want. So yeah. 18:07.28 Bailey So that was another thing with so they've restocked in Australia with food and beverage. So basically all of the beers on board were australian beers which are like absolute crap. You know like bud light level of beers. Nothing nothing good um and outrageous price for them. But the thing was that I was really disappointed and I again I don't think Disney necessarily could control this with it's a you know all you can eat order situation but they ran out of Mickey bars. Yes. 18:23.73 dclduo Yeah. 18:34.68 dclduo What oh that Oh man, that's that's that's that borders on the unacceptable my god. 18:40.61 Bailey I know I know so they ran out of mickey bars literally before they even got to New Zealand so they replaced them with magnums which is an I don't know if that's in America it's an australian ice cream. Yeah and I was like well that is just extremely disappointing. So yeah, no mickey bars for anyone from I think maybe a. 18:47.80 dclduo Yeah, yeah. Yeah. 18:58.80 Bailey Third of the way through the down under tour. 19:00.97 dclduo Wow, that's that's that is that is truly disappointing to hear because that is something special. You can get on board. Yeah for sure for sure. Well I I lied I have 1 more question for about this cruise which is maybe not about this cruise but it's ah so would you book another one. 19:02.28 Bailey I Know bad planning. 19:13.82 dclduo Are you are you interested in going on another Disney Cruise having gone on this cruise because I think part of the reason disney structured the you know sort of tour that they've set up here right? 2 three night cruises is to kind of whet. People's appetites get them interested in Disney Cruise line did it did it interest you enough that you'd look to book another one either. 19:26.24 Bailey Ah, her. 19:31.42 dclduo You know if the wonder returns back to Australia which you know she will or you know over here in the US. 19:37.45 Bailey I absolutely will book another one I would not book another one probably on the wonder just because I know there's so many others out there? Um, but I absolutely would book another one. Um, we're hoping to go to one of my actually Disney cast member colleagues. 19:43.60 dclduo E. 19:54.57 Bailey We'll be getting married next summer your time your summer. Um, so we'll do Disney world and maybe do a Disney Cruise out of port caneveroral. Um, then but definitely definitely would would like to tick off all of the cruise ships like I'm going to take off all of the parks. Um. 19:56.23 dclduo Me. 20:10.75 dclduo Nice. 20:12.92 Bailey But yeah, probably not go on to the wonder again and probably yeah, yeah, that's that's probably it. 20:19.87 dclduo all right? all right well fascinating stuff I'm really I truly was excited to hear your point of view here. So really glad you came on to share. It's ah but we have reachset point in our show where without Sam ah you will receive a less arbitrary less judgmental. 20:25.31 Bailey M. 20:36.80 dclduo Round of rapid fire from me and so we'll just do quick take answers here I'm going to use most of the same questions I think Sam would use but let's just roll right through it. So Bailey what is your favorite Disney character anywhere in the disney universe. What's your favorite Disney character. 20:53.74 Bailey Hercules. Thank you? Well this is a bit controversial but can you feel the love tonight. But it's actually I don't know if this is no one in America Disney has been making um the the. 20:54.75 dclduo Oh nice, that's a go I don't think we've had that before that's awesome. All right favorite Disney song. 21:11.40 Bailey Classic Disney movies in torio maori which is my indigenous language the indigenous language of New Zealand so it's actually called tadi tiadoha ah in in maori so that's my favorite Disney song. Absolutely. 21:21.18 dclduo Oh I'm I have to have you like email that to me because I'm going to look for it and we have ah for anyone out there listening to this who doesn't know we have a Spotify playlist and I want to add that to our Spotify playlist if I can find it. So yes, that would be I'd be great. All right? Um, favorite disney. 21:31.60 Bailey I Will do that. 21:40.49 dclduo Movie. 21:43.22 Bailey Favorite Disney movie. Um, probably toy story 2 21:50.13 dclduo That's a good one that is a good one all right? Um I'm gonna ask you something a little different that Sam wouldn't normally ask. But do you have a favorite Disney park that you visited. 21:58.28 Bailey I Do I would say it would ah this always goes back and forth. But I'm gonna lock an animal kingdom. 22:05.50 dclduo Oh that's a good the hottest park in the world I believe but still great. Great. Great park for sure. Great for park for sure. All right? Let's let's switch gears over to this cruise you took um, you already mentioned your favorite Disney show is dreams so gonna in a bypass that question but I am going to ask you what you are. 22:14.87 Bailey Yes. 22:20.63 dclduo Ah, favorite main dining restaurant was that's a good That's a really good one. Did you have a favorite savory food item on board. 22:21.82 Bailey Probably Tiana's place 22:31.37 Bailey Um, um, probably the 2 soups that we had at Palo brunch. They were incredible. Yes. 22:38.39 dclduo On it. You probably the tomato and the celery soup. Yeah, those are really good. Those are really good. What about a favorite dessert or sweet item on board. 22:48.75 Bailey Again, Palo Brunch um the panaccotta and it had those little strawberry spheres on them. Did you have you heard that. Ah, they were amazing. Yes, yes. 22:52.31 dclduo Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, the the like the strawberry pearls that like burst in your mouth. Yeah, those are those are great. Those are great. Yes, all right? Um, since you had this Ah I'm going to ask a different question than say what ask since you had this so we won't say no to a drink thing going on and did you have a. You find a favorite drink on board. 23:16.21 Bailey Um, I would say the fate my favorite drink of the day was the keline pie margarita that was very good and I think my other one I had a bosama grand at Palo brunch and that was delicious. 23:21.97 dclduo I Don't think I've heard of that one all right. 23:32.87 dclduo Nice, nice, all right? Um, let me think what else can I ask favorite shoe. Yes favorite character all right? Ah well I'm going to skip right to the end of you know Sam's Rapid fire here. She always loves to ask. If you could sail anywhere in the world on Disney Cruise line money's no object. It doesn't even have to be a place that Disney currently sails. Where would you like to sail with Disney Cruise line 23:54.61 Bailey Well I actually told Matt that I was doing this podcast and said he could answer this question for me and he said Antarctica on the on the newest and biggest Disney ship which doesn't know what that is but that's his answer. 24:02.19 dclduo Oh yeah. 24:08.96 dclduo But well it's it will be 2 different answers here shortly right says the treasure will be the newest and and and will be on part with the wish. But then you'll get the adventure which will become the largest ship in the fleet. Ah so yeah. 24:12.38 Bailey Yes. 24:19.32 Bailey I think will look we lock in the adventure. Even though we know nothing about it. 24:24.80 dclduo Well there you go if by the way I have I'm going to put this out there right now if if you and Matt head up to Singapore and sail on the disney of adventure. We want to hear from you because that that ship will be rare air for folks over here I think to make it over there to sail and um I would see I wanted to ask 1 more question but but oh i'm. I'm state that again, um, all right? Well Bailey I'm going to say you won rapid fire because I think everyone's a winner who who goes to rapid fire. Especially those of you who've done it with Sam because way to run the gauntlet. Um I wanted to ask you. We talked about whether you were going to book another cruise. Ah you mentioned that you want to try to go on all the ships like I'm curious like what ship. Do you think you want to try to go on next. 25:03.55 Bailey I think I want to probably climb the ladder of size. So I'm thinking the fantasy or the dream is probably next for me. 25:13.10 dclduo Those are excellent yeah excellent choices the fantasy is still one of our favorites. We haven't been on her and gosh it has to have been at least 2 years now. But we're excited. We'll be back on her next Christmas time I guess next new year's so yes, she's a she's a great ship I think if you like those larger ships you will love. Ah love the fantasy. Of course, if you're headed to pork and averal. You will have your pick of the wish and the treasure depending on when you're headed out there. So um, those are the big big ships. Ah, but yeah, so well. Fantastic Bailey I just super super appreciate you taking time all the way. 25:39.60 Bailey Even. 25:45.99 dclduo From New Zealand to share your experience with our listeners just really really appreciate. Thank you for coming on. 25:48.69 Bailey Thank you so much for having me I've really had a lot of fun.

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