July 08, 2023


Ep. 329 - Can We See Some ID: First Time Adults-Only Cruise on the Disney Fantasy

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Brian Sam
Ep. 329 - Can We See Some ID: First Time Adults-Only Cruise on the Disney Fantasy
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 329 - Can We See Some ID: First Time Adults-Only Cruise on the Disney Fantasy

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In this episode, we chat with Lyndsey and Vincent, a couple who decided to try Disney Cruise Line for the first time, adults only (no kids). They share their experience sailing on the Disney Fantasy, from the food and entertainment to the ports and activities. They also reveal some tips and tricks for making the most of your DCL cruise if you are traveling adults only - from adult dining, adult entertainment and more. Tune in to hear their stories and find out why they think Disney Cruise Line is not just for kids.

Lyndsey is a travel agent with Wanderlust Journeys, you can find her via on the web or email her at [email protected]

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Episode Transcript

00:00.73 dclduo So I'm curious the booking a cruise last minute I actually think we have a show coming up or we're going to be talking about this with somebody but I kind of want to understand like what's what's that experience like I I can't even imagine booking a Disney Cruise like a month before it sail. Ah you know or a few weeks before it sails. But. Is there anything different in the process you had to navigate booking at last minute. 00:22.43 Lyndsey _ Vincent I think just being prepared to learn quickly right? like I I had sailed on with with Disney before but it had been several years and it was post covid. So I I was trying to refresh my my memory as a travel agent of. 00:33.69 dclduo Okay. 00:40.23 Lyndsey _ Vincent What are we telling our clients right now and quickly download the app and check in is tomorrow and all of the things. So I guess just being flexible was was an and like 0 expectation was the best way to go I'm also kind of used to traveling last minute though which my wife my wife just. 00:45.00 dclduo Yeah. 00:53.18 dclduo So so we have. 01:00.15 Lyndsey _ Vincent Absolutely hates So to me I was like oh yeah, this is great. This is way too much time still to be so prepared. 01:08.34 dclduo Um, so wait how far out did you book it then you said, check it like so like a month out or less than a month. Oh Wow Okay, all right. 01:11.26 Lyndsey _ Vincent Thirty one days we booked it thirty one days and then like 24 hours after we booked I was up at midnight checking in on the app. 01:20.50 dclduo Okay, and I don't think we've said like which which ship and itinerary did you end up booking. Okay. 01:27.34 Lyndsey _ Vincent So we were on the fantasy. It was the second full week of February western caribbean pixar day at sea and it was the super bowl week and it was valentine's day and it was the week that ant man quantummania released all in this one crazy week. Um on the show. 01:32.85 dclduo Ok, first. 01:41.83 dclduo Wow. Okay, okay, so so you book the cruise you got check in the next day did you try to do any like activity booking or anything like was anything left that you wanted to do or you were you just like wearing gun the ship or go with the flow. Yeah. 01:45.30 Lyndsey _ Vincent Yeah. 01:48.66 Lyndsey _ Vincent But. 01:57.65 Lyndsey _ Vincent I that's little bit of yeah, but little of both I prepped Vincent I said listen there might not be anything so we're gonna we're just gonna see what happens right? And so the first thing that I was able to book was the hey howdy breakfast because that was available at. The checkin point and I could book that and I um, we also booked in incredible meet and greet for for Pixar day at z um, and then a couple weeks went by and I just kept refreshing the excursions just to see if anything would open up and we did book an excursion in Cosimo and i. 02:27.54 dclduo So yep. 02:32.75 Lyndsey _ Vincent Then was eventually able to get us one night at pao dinner and then a week before the cruise a champagne tasting opened up on valentine. So I grabbed that too right? So it was just kind of being open and zero like I said I got 0 expectations was the way to go. 02:40.47 dclduo So nice. 02:48.50 dclduo All right and Dan it sounds like this approach um or sorry Vincent I said Dan ah Vincent. It sounds like this approach jives with your own travel. Ah like you're you're okay with it. Ah so. 02:57.31 Lyndsey _ Vincent Yeah, yeah. 03:03.17 dclduo Was this this was your first Disney Cruise let me ask Vincent was this your first cruise ever or had you been on a car. Okay. 03:05.82 Lyndsey _ Vincent First one? No so I had I had been on a cruise actually for my fraternity. Ah so yeah, yeah, and and it actually it was ah like a very professional leadership cruise. Ah. 03:15.52 dclduo So a different kind of crews. But yeah, ah. 03:22.10 dclduo Yeah. 03:22.66 Lyndsey _ Vincent Where you know 600 fraternity brothers across the nation all came together and you know spent ah about five days learning all these and incredible leadership skills and communication. All all all of the things and of course got to have some fun as well. But um, that was with carnival or no. 03:40.78 dclduo I was just going to say was that with Carnival Cruise line yeah ah okay yeah. 03:41.92 Lyndsey _ Vincent Was it? no it was royal royal caribbean I'm sorry it was royal caribbean and then the next cruise about like a year or so later two years maybe was with celebrity. So again, it had been a while since I had done any cruising or anything like that. But I am definitely used to sort of last minute travels. So really ever since Linz and I had started dating I had to start breaking that habit just because again being a single bachelor and most of my travels were for. Obstacle course racing which is what I I kind of do for for fun and recreationally and notoriously Lin's will always tell people like how basically the the bottom line in the last straw was when I planned a trip to worlds in London england. 04:14.98 dclduo O. 04:33.69 Lyndsey _ Vincent Like two weeks before like he flew out there and was like I'll figure out where I'm staying and I was like I can't so I just like I conveniently ran into one of my friends at the airport and I was like hey man are you going to worlds and he's like yeah I want to tag along and I was like. Yes, perfect. Ah so I got to like hang out with him for a little while and then met up with some other teammates and then just basically stayed out of hostels for the rest of the week after the competition he came back and I said never we're never, you're never doing that again. 05:01.25 dclduo So I I think the shortest we've ever planned at Disney vacation was I don't remember what put it in my head but we discovered that like you know galaxy's edge was opening at Disneyland it was the last weekend for previews then the first weekend to open it was like. 05:14.40 Lyndsey _ Vincent M. 05:19.76 dclduo The week of it was like Tuesday and in the week that was the next weekend and we we we use our travel agent and she booked it for us. But we like we left on Friday we were Saturday Sunday um, and I mean. 05:33.41 Lyndsey _ Vincent And love it. Um, yeah. 05:35.89 dclduo Lucky that we even got in right? So I was pretty excited about that. But yeah, yeah, um, we lost Sam again all right? Um, okay so I'm curious what kind of room did you get on board was it like a. I don't even know like that close to a cruise. Is it a gty automatically or did were you able to get a room. Yeah. 05:53.92 Lyndsey _ Vincent So yeah, it was a guarantee but and and and once we finally were able to secure one on the phone with the with the person we spoke to it was a standard inside stateroom and ah but before I had cruised with ah with a veranda state room with my family. 06:02.90 dclduo Okay. 06:10.72 Lyndsey _ Vincent And I did have like a bit of a snob moment where I looked at Vincent and I said is it worth it like is it worth it to sail in an interior and he looked at me and gave me the like pretty serious um and I had said yes, it's going to be worth that and and it actually was like we we really enjoyed. 06:24.90 Sam I. 06:29.41 Lyndsey _ Vincent Sailing in an interior probably about the best sleep we had gotten in a long time. The room was so dark. Yeah, it's just pitch black. You know didn't hear our neighbors. It wasn't like the waves kind of just lo you to sleep permanent. Actually that's great. 06:30.74 dclduo So We have heard that we've heard that from so many people yet. I can't I can't remember do the inside state rooms on the fantasy have the magic portholes or no yes. 06:45.65 Lyndsey _ Vincent Yes, yeah, that was really really cool. 06:49.78 Sam And yeah, some of them I think some of them do I don't know that all of them do. 06:54.41 dclduo So nice. 06:54.50 Lyndsey _ Vincent Ours broom dead for sure and there were little little pixar animations that happened throughout the whole yeah because of course it was still like themed just like that which was a really cool touch rustle along with the balloons coming by and like. 07:06.33 dclduo Guys. 07:11.27 Lyndsey _ Vincent Dash with Zoom on the water and it yeah was was really really fun. 07:13.33 dclduo So Lindsay how far apart. Do you sail Disney Cruise line once before like how how far prior to this cruise had that had that been. 07:24.61 Lyndsey _ Vincent So that Cru was in July excuse me June of 2015 so before the fantasies dry dock little refurb there so before sweet on you. Um, yes, 7 8 years yeah 07:37.00 dclduo So like 7 years almost ah but ok so been quite a while been quite a while. Ok all right? Well you roll up to the ship. We always like to start you roll up to the ship and sent your first look. 07:42.19 Lyndsey _ Vincent Been been significant. 07:51.21 dclduo At a Disney Cruise line ship I think ah you know where you like I'm I'm I'm excited to get on board or like what was what what was going through your mind as you roll up, you see the ship. You're you know going through the terminal that kind of stuff you getting excited. 07:53.68 Lyndsey _ Vincent Um, yeah, yeah. 08:03.53 Lyndsey _ Vincent Yeah, ah yes, so like leading up to it. Ah we were maybe cutting it close a little bit with our our timeframe of ah our ah arrival to the port. So we we flew in the day before but you know because we booked it so late transportation through Disney was already. 08:15.26 dclduo Ah. 08:21.80 Lyndsey _ Vincent Pull it wasn't available. We said again problem we stayed one night at Saratoga Springs and we called an uber to take us to the court I totally forgot about and then uber pulls up and it's a tesla and we're like uber right style right? we get in the tesla. 08:31.97 dclduo Um, oh no I already know where this is going. 08:39.79 Lyndsey _ Vincent The Tesla diver turns around and says I have to charge the vehicle and we looked at her we're like are you kidding us? We like we have a time constraint right? Our check-in is like happening very soon. Yeah, we had to unfortunately cancel that and then reschedule another one and there 1 and then and that guy was great. It was a normal gas tower vehicles. But the only time we're electric is inconvenient right? Yeah um, but yeah, yeah, getting there. So of course I've I've seen you know little clips of. 09:03.10 dclduo Yeah. 09:11.77 Lyndsey _ Vincent You know the the actual Disney port and not many other companies have their own specific isolated location and so it was it was pretty cool to to kind of see that and then walking in ah we felt a little rushed of course again, my wife kind of being like. Very I know I was regimented we like over late to our check in port arrival time because of the tesla unfortunately and then just to the traffic I mean every everybody just trying to get in on this trying to get into four hundreds of it's a mess but ah. 09:39.33 dclduo Yeah. 09:45.23 Lyndsey _ Vincent Everybody was so hospitable and just of course you know the the little kids just bring in extra joy because they're just so excited and you know you you just can't be a grumpy 30 year old. You know? Yeah with all these little kids around so you're you're just like starting to vibe off of their energy and then it started getting real. And ah, you know actually I so I coach ah athletes semi-professionally and so like I'm actually trying to watch a wrestling patch on my phone or a client and so I'm um, we're walking and Lindsay is trying to like anxiously and like very. Politely say like honey get the heck off the phone already. You're fun away and a magical thing is going. Yeah and and I'm like mildly getting annoyed you know because like my my athlete's about to be up here soon and then I'm like all right fine like we have time and I put it in my pocket and then you know we get asked by. They do the entrance. 10:41.23 dclduo Yeah, so. 10:42.66 Lyndsey _ Vincent Yeah, welcome the day that was that was really cool because of course you know this is like our first official trip you know outside of of course the the honeymoon and that was really sweet and and very nice and then we immediately just went and got drinks. Yeah as I I knew he needed to watch that. So I said look at the at tri. Okay, take my hand I mean went over to prelins I sat him down so just sit right? there? Yeah please so great. Great first introductory to it. 11:06.68 dclduo Yeah, ah well I'm glad to hear well I'm I'm glad to hear your comments about oh the kids bringing a positive energy because 1 thing I wanted to ask is did you get into the terminal see a bunch of little kids and go oh my god what if I got myself into for the next. 11:19.49 Lyndsey _ Vincent So we were in the terminal because by the time we checked in they were like well your number's been called, you can go Yeah and so we walked right on through took a second to look at the model there in the middle of the terminal and it was good. Yeah, and and honestly being around the kids I mean. 11:25.63 dclduo Ok. 11:35.86 dclduo What's. 11:39.49 Lyndsey _ Vincent Have to be a little open to being around children all the time and I go on it and I feel like most Disney adult fans have that childlike heart still and can respect like families and we're all there to have a good time together. 11:39.84 dclduo So sure. 11:48.54 dclduo Oh yeah, yep. 11:54.63 Lyndsey _ Vincent And we and we like to believe that we're pretty patient. So if there is like a little bit of screaming or ah, just just again pure screaming from excitement or or a little frustration. You know we're We're pretty patient with it. 12:03.46 dclduo Sure Sure sure so heading into the cruise like what were the things you were most looking forward to or hoping to do on the ship. Um, and you know. Did you get them? Did you get to do those things. Did you get to have those experiences. So yeah, maybe couple things that you were each looking forward to. 12:27.75 Lyndsey _ Vincent And so I know being a huge Marvel fan I was excited about the possibility because it's not guaranteed of seeing Antman as as a premiere so that was something that I was really looking forward to and our Cruise director. Ah, we had like seen her walking through the hallway and and we kind of like so subtly asked and and she's like you know, maybe hopefully you know and and we're like okay you know winkling you know? um. 12:57.85 dclduo Ah, ah. 13:02.66 Lyndsey _ Vincent But of course you know anything can happen because I from our understanding they actually deliver it in person. But yeah, we I was definitely looking forward to that the most and and it turned out to be the case and it was a great great showing and of course you have like. Again, raging fans around j so is ah a super cool experience. I having been on a disney show before I knew what to expect but I was just really excited to experience it with my husband as opposed to being with my my family. It's just a totally different experience right? It's like going to Disney. With your family as a kid and then going back with your friends. So I I was just excited to see the the new things that I hadn't seen on the ship and watch him experience it and relax because so many of the trips. We'd taken leading up to the wedding were about the wedding and about cleaning. Um. 13:53.41 dclduo Oo. 13:54.49 Lyndsey _ Vincent And because we had planned it. So last minute I didn't really get my hope that about anything because we didn't know what to expect? so. 13:58.17 dclduo Yeah, so I find when when Sam and I sail without Nathan we tend to spend our time differently on board. And in different places a little bit right? So when he's with us. We don't get to spend a ton of time in the adult pool area now that he goes the kids club a lot. We. We get some time there. But if it's just the 2 of us man main deck pool area. Forget it like we're the adult pool area 99% of the time. 14:11.00 Lyndsey _ Vincent And. 14:26.23 dclduo Did you find yourself gravitating to some of those adult spaces on the ship like the adult pool areas the adult area. The bars. Ah. Spa like that kind of stuff or you know you feel like oh no, we had a full Disney experience we and we hung out we watch Funnel Vision you know that that sort of thing like how did you spend your time on board. 14:45.70 Lyndsey _ Vincent As far as the pool. Yeah, we we exclusively spent the time in the adult section just because like if we're going to go to the pool like I'm going to relax you know? and ah, we're also very fair skinned so we need the shade and the most shade is at the. 14:52.91 Sam Yeah, yeah. 14:56.27 dclduo Yep, so. 15:02.82 dclduo Yes. 15:03.42 Lyndsey _ Vincent Up the adult pool and ah yeah, we just you know sunscreen is your friend. Um and and and we we also tried to stay busy the whole time right? like if we're going to go like let's let's pay attention to the schedule so we worked out most mornings but like we're also very, we're very active vincent works in. 15:05.62 Sam Yeah, yeah, you're right. 15:23.60 Lyndsey _ Vincent The fitness industry so we were yeah trying to take advantage of all the adult spaces. But I think we still got it and we still went on the water. Oh yeah, we still did it all. We still like popped over to funnel vision and and and and rode the aqueducc and and went to things in the D lounge but we also. 15:31.62 dclduo Sure. 15:42.22 Lyndsey _ Vincent Ah, full advantage of the adult offerings too. 15:42.84 dclduo Nice, which which which ditter seating did you all have did you have late dining. Yeah. 15:49.65 Lyndsey _ Vincent Yes, and I actually I wanted that um because I I didn't want to eat dinner and then fall asleep in the show like because once I get full like it's sleepy so I wanted to be able to go to the show really and experience that and with my family before we had had late dining and I remember loving that. So. 15:57.44 dclduo Yeah. 16:04.52 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah. 16:06.64 Lyndsey _ Vincent And that was all that was left at thirty one days out so um 16:07.71 Sam I yeah so that that's a that's a great point though. I mean we always tell people who ask if they're if you're sailing adults only whether you're booking early or booking late I would highly recommend late dinner I i. Honestly think it's a the show experience is usually a little bit better seeing the first show than the second show only because the theater is a little bit quieter as Brian mentioned on 1 of our recent shows. You know we had not so great of an experience in the theater when we had main dining because it was quite loud and we expect that right when we're on a ship we're on a Disney ship and there's tons of kids and lots of really little kids. We know that the early dinner with a late show. Is going to have a lot more young kids and so if you're traveling either with older kids or without kids I highly recommend late dinner. Um, and then if you're you're still awake I mean you just go to the adults only bars and stuff and go see. 17:12.52 Lyndsey _ Vincent I I do. 17:14.97 Sam Match your maid or whatever else is going on and in those spaces after dinner. It's kind of perfect. Go have a drink right? I mean there's plenty to explore. 17:17.50 dclduo I I Also love late dining and I've said this before too from the same point of I can stay by the pool a little bit like the pool clears out for main dining all those kids go and suddenly there's a lot of space in the pool in the pool area. You get like a couple. 17:29.19 Lyndsey _ Vincent Um, yes. 17:36.81 dclduo You know at least an hour if not a couple extra hours just sitting by the pool relaxing and what's still a really nice part of the day. So I I I really love that. Did you find oh go ahead. Sorry Lindsy did did you find yourself so like our MO. 17:44.90 Lyndsey _ Vincent Um, yeah, we I'm sorry just so we experienced that as well. 17:55.65 dclduo When we're sailing adults only like we we hang up by the pool then you know cm wants to go see the show I sometimes go people know I'm not like the Broadway person I sometimes go I sometimes go find myself a martini and then you know we love the little sort of I call you know the hour between show and dinner is great people watching so we love to do that have a drink. Um. Dinner and then we always found ourselves just like immediately especially in the fantasy and the dream where they have that like dedicated adult area like it seemed to bleed seamlessly into all the evening's adult activities like you'd head out you'd play a game. 18:15.31 Lyndsey _ Vincent Um. 18:28.89 dclduo Then the comedian or whatever act they we're going to have or you know it was comes on and it's just kind of like all ran together into 1 thing. Did you find yourself getting into those adult activities in the evening and you're on the fantasy so it've been the tube where did you did you take advantage of the tube. 18:41.95 Lyndsey _ Vincent Yeah, yeah, a couple times we did. We saw the there. There was an acapella show the the first evening until we did see the main show and then the next night during formal night. They had an adults a cape show. So we saw that one and we did the silent disco and that was super fun. Silent dance party. However, they call it highly. Recommended. Anybody fun of course on on Dc. But for anybody who ever wants to experience that it's hilarious. Go um, we. 19:03.89 Sam Yes. 19:09.57 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah. 19:14.66 Lyndsey _ Vincent Because we just naturally get up very early in our regular lives. We still ended up getting early sorry getting up early still going to bed relatively early. So we we kind of some nights we got sleepy unintentionally. 19:22.92 dclduo Okay. 19:29.20 Lyndsey _ Vincent And then there were a couple nights where we were up till like two o'clock when yeah, we have to go to bed now like there's another day happening. So yeah I was kind of both. 19:31.74 dclduo Yeah. 19:38.30 dclduo Nice, nice. Um I Want to ask about? you mentioned you did a short excursion in cosml and I wanted to ask as sometimes Disney does adult exclusive short excursions and so they'll you know they'll do. 19:43.19 Lyndsey _ Vincent To him. 19:51.55 dclduo 1 tour families and the similar 2 are just adults did you get to take advantage of of any of those and you know what did you think of the short excursion you did in cosmo. 19:58.72 Lyndsey _ Vincent I I mean I to start I think Casamel and any itinerary. That's a Western Caribbean Itinerary I think it's a good like starter itinerary right? You know like you get some good places to see but like you're not feeling a ton of pressure to. Like really experience the place right? that they're just sort of they're like good ports right? There are great ports and there are good ports. The bad ports and so we we did focus an excursion. It was the tequila chocolate and honey tasting and so we're thinking there were but probably going to be no kids not that we booked it because we didn't want to be around kids. 20:16.83 dclduo Yeah. 20:28.38 dclduo Oh. Yeah. 20:35.43 Lyndsey _ Vincent But we just figured there probably wouldn't be and there there were a few There were a few there was like a toddler and like a 4 year old um they didn't really understand what was going on which was fine but we were just no, there were like 2 younger maybe like elementary school. Yeah, maybe we we also kind of bled in and out with the several. Groups who were all doing that excursion. But it was a nice excursion I mean we saw a lot of the island um, got to try and and learn the history. Yeah, that was really tela making and the ceremonial history of cacao and honey. And yeah. Learn um about the bees save the bees. You know like that was it was really cool to go to the mime bee sanctuary. So I'm also a big fan of Tequila chocolate and honey. So I was expecting a little bit more of the samplings. Ah, that's just me but it was ah just enough you know to what your palate per se. 21:17.66 dclduo Nice, nice. 21:26.41 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 21:32.87 dclduo Yeah. 21:33.22 Lyndsey _ Vincent And you know I could have gone for a little bit more but that's about it. But it also wasn't a very expensive excursion I I think it was maybe $60 a person. Yeah, and for the fact and for the fact too that it was you know about with travel of course right? like actually at each. 21:41.49 dclduo Well, that's not bad. Yeah. 21:51.34 Lyndsey _ Vincent Point along the excursion. You know we we're there that long. But for the for the traveling and everything it was like over 3 hours yeah so I think it was almost 4 hours no but it it was I mean it was super reasonable blend of everything and by the time it was done. We were ready to get back on the ship. So. 22:06.50 dclduo So see had Cosmel as one of your stops. What was your other stop was it Gra Cayman or 22:10.65 Lyndsey _ Vincent Yeah, came in came in Jamaica Jamaica we we got off the shipping grand camey in and kind of walked around and said. Okay, yeah, because we didn't have anything planned for that day. Yeah, and and we didn't have any excursion in Jamaica either and we got up on the day. That we were in Jamaica and we looked off the ship and we said okay, that's Jamaica and then we turned around and went to trivia you know like we just we were more interested in what was happening on the ship for that itinerary I'd also that was the same exact itinerary that I had sailed with my family before so I kind of had remembered our experience. Um. 22:36.24 dclduo Written and. 22:38.16 Sam I Mean so. 22:46.69 Lyndsey _ Vincent And I I wanted to take advantage of the ship during those ports so that we could spend the most time when we were on the island when we were in Castaway key. Yes, that was interesting. 22:54.82 dclduo Grant Cayman is a tender port if I remember correctly is it is just well let me ask this first is Jamaica was Jamaica dock or a tender. Okay, so yeah, it's to. 23:05.12 Lyndsey _ Vincent It was a dog was a doc but the tendering and in the grand came in took like an hour to get and then even coming back was not as long like but was so quick though but to get there after the waiting and we. 23:11.91 dclduo Oh okay, wow. 23:24.30 Lyndsey _ Vincent Mind waiting in the in the theater because we didn't have an excursion booked and we understood we were going to wait and we weren't in a rush but it took a very long time. It seemed like there was some sort of miscommunication happening with the little tender boats. Um, so. 23:34.16 dclduo Well, it's funny because our experience in I think it's Cabo They would pull these big tender boats up to get people off the ship so it was pretty seamless and pretty fast. Even if you didn't have an excursion to just get on this like big boat. It You know would haul all the people to the dock but then on the way back it was like Royal got the big boats to haul everyone back to the ship and we were on these tiny boats. So like there was a huge line to get back to the ship and it took no time at all to get off the ship norwegian. Yeah, it was Norwegian Yeah, but yeah, it's. 24:02.34 Lyndsey _ Vincent Um, interesting. 24:07.37 Sam Yeah I think it was norwegian actually Brian I don't think it was royal yeah, but yeah. 24:12.87 dclduo It's It's so interesting Those tenders I I also look at it and go be if only there was a company that had developed a virtual queue system that you could just reserve a spot in line to get on a boat so you don't have to wait in a theater I I can't think of a company that's done that but um, oh well. So. 24:15.70 Lyndsey _ Vincent Um. 24:22.12 Lyndsey _ Vincent Ah, ah, that's a great idea Brian You should recommend to someone. 24:23.58 Sam Yes I. I. 24:31.40 dclduo Yeah I'm I'm full of them if there's any Disney execs out there listening we got tons of great ideas just roll through the back catalog. Ah so. 24:37.36 Lyndsey _ Vincent And so I. 24:37.57 Sam Yeah, yeah, and and apparently and apparently a lot of the other cruise lines by the way do a virtual queue for their tender boats. So it's not even no Brian's like joking when he says that this isn't a thing this is a thing they do it on other cruise lines. They just. 24:46.60 Lyndsey _ Vincent You're joking. 24:52.17 Lyndsey _ Vincent Um. 24:56.21 dclduo I mean I mean if if they'd also only developed a wearable piece of technology that you could use to um your door and charge things I mean no other Cru line has been doing that for years. So yeah. 24:57.45 Sam Don't do it on Disney. Um. 25:00.83 Lyndsey _ Vincent Um, is coming soon coming soon. 25:04.94 Sam I know? Yeah yeah, but no, but he's talking about these babies. He's talking about an Apple watch instead of having to do it on a Disney band right. 25:10.45 Lyndsey _ Vincent Um, ah, not to. 25:12.21 dclduo Yeah, well I I was I was referring to the band plus but yes dear Disney if you could light up the same experience. You give me at WDW onboard the ship with my Apple watch I would certainly love that better. But anyway anyway, ah I digress. So so. 25:22.51 Lyndsey _ Vincent Yeah, that's really cool. Yeah. 25:25.46 Sam Yeah, yeah. 25:29.27 dclduo You mostly stayed on board for the other two ports. Um, let me ask this since we're talking about kind of the adults only cruising. Um, what are some tips and takeaways you had sailing as adults like things that you're like don't miss this that you mentioned the. 25:30.77 Lyndsey _ Vincent And. 25:47.45 Lyndsey _ Vincent Oh God That's wonderful. Oh man. Yeah. 25:47.91 dclduo Champagne tasting I don't know how that how that sat with the 2 of you. So yeah, yeah, what are some of those experiences that you feel like these are adult only experiences you you sort of ought to try to have on board a Disney Cruise 25:58.83 Lyndsey _ Vincent I think I think leaning into your interests right? You know like don't get too caught up and trying to experience everything unless you want to. But if you lean into what you know you already like then you're going to probably have a good time right? and we really love champagne. Something that we've fallen into not in angelling. We're just kind of our now champagne lovers. It's not like an issue though. No no, we have our favorite brands and you know and and when that when that tasting popped up I said oh it's on Valentine's day like how romantic you know and of course I wasn't aware like i. 26:23.10 Sam Same same I'm with you. Okay. 26:36.00 Lyndsey _ Vincent Was not aware that I was yeah he was like sure book it I was like you know? Yeah, um, but it it was great and and the the crew member that that hosted was phenomenal. She's super educat educated the sume for Pao and Rammi I think she's both. Um. 26:38.80 Sam It that it was valentine's day. Ah, of course. 26:54.16 Lyndsey _ Vincent And and because it was valentine's day we got an extra glass of like a yeah frozen La Champagne and like chocolate straw and yeah and it was very sweet, really great. Um, and so we enjoyed that because we like champagne and and then we went to trivia with the topics that interested. 26:59.52 dclduo Nice. 27:09.43 Lyndsey _ Vincent Like we're a huge Marvel fans so we went to marvel trivia and we did a Disney trivia and um, yeah, oh the drawings. So I yeah I think we both have a a very creative side I would like to say and so being able to go to some of the drawings as a classic. Yeah, that was. 27:25.10 dclduo E. 27:27.90 Lyndsey _ Vincent Really, really fun again. Definitely felt like a little kid again. We did that for Pixar on Pixar day at sea and we we like we got to draw Mara that was fine. Yeah I like men cook so we did that anyone can cook There was also that was great. I don't know if you want to it was great. It was great that the chef from from remy was very personable and very knowledgeable and he interacted with the kids so beautifully and that's something that we really love is is watching relational. Things happen and and so it was fun to watch him cook but it was also really fun to watch him engage the kids through that. So. It's kind of like a double show because they're like what's your favorite food and he's tough and he's talking it to them like they're adults right? like like he wasn't he's like do you do you like cheese sandroches. You know, like like gro cheese and it was really. Yeah, it's great was cute and then I was gonna say I can't I can't remember I hope I hope you do but 1 of the there was a cast member. Ah, ah oh the the the it wasn't an imagineer but she was a producer. Oh that's right I know I forgive me I forgot to look up her name I thought about this I was. I actually listened to your Pixar day at c episode and was like okay, don't talk about these things because they've been discussed but um, if. 28:43.30 dclduo Oh you should you should feel free. Yeah episodes a little while ago now. Yeah, if there's if there's some things you want to highlight from Pixar day please do because we are Pixar fans ah to take? Ah yeah. 28:50.46 Lyndsey _ Vincent I'm sort. It was. It was a phenomenal. Yeah, it was phenomenal and my my dad's a huge Pixar fan. So the whole time I was like trying to document for him but she she that this lady was a producer and she worked on several films. Pars 3 included and the last project or most recent project she was working on was dog days and so we got to see all this behind the scenes stuff from Doug days. Yeah. 29:15.14 Sam I love I love doug days for anyone who has not watched it on Disney plus there are shorts involving Doug who and Mr Frederickson from up and they are like the little vignettes just about Doug. And a little bit about Mr Frederickson I don't unfortunately think they're going to make anymore now that um the actor who voiced Mr Frederick Nan has passed away. Um, but they were brilliant like just so fun and sweet and that's that I can imagine that would be awesome just hearing from her. 29:35.70 Lyndsey _ Vincent Correct. Yeah, so. 29:47.86 Lyndsey _ Vincent It was she spoke with such a different perspective right? because I while I was not that her presentation was was less than I was hoping for an animator to get that creative perspective that it was really cool to hear from a producer from like. 29:52.81 Sam Wow! yes. 30:06.31 Lyndsey _ Vincent Like almost an administrative and structural standpoint of like this is how yeah these things have to flow and a timeline and like as a planner I Loved that I loved hearing about planning a movie essentially and like that comes together. The coolest thing was now that you say that it was seeing her timeline. Oh and it. It's basically just all these little dots and lines just trying to connect and all these colors coded things like the movies were like us detectives trying to figure out like what's going On. There's red string from picture to picture. Yeah, yes. 30:37.61 Sam So right solving the murder and holy here's all the strings of. 30:40.90 Lyndsey _ Vincent Yeah, it looks like but like even crazier and and so that was really cool to hear her talk about that and and and hear her experience of producing movies through Covid and how they worked virtually it was It was a really was really really Experience. So I was so fortunate to get to hear that. Um. But yeah, definitely definitely follow your heart with any activity you choose. 31:01.47 Sam So so you guys yeah when you guys were sailing. Did you? You know you were your fitness buffs um and vincing you said works in that industry I I want to. 31:10.49 dclduo They said they said Sam that they they worked out in the mornings it and hey you're Sam Sam hold on hold on hold on your mic is still really hot. Can you just turn it down a little and then you can ask your question sorry there you go. 31:17.95 Sam No No I know I know that I heard that but away when I wanted to ask because you are yes Ok, ok, ok so because you all are fitness enthusiasts I'll say. Did you spend a lot of time in the gym I Know you said you worked out every morning but did you did you do that in the gym or were you like running around the deck and did you get any time in the spy I Feel like that's you know that sort of goes hand in hand you know when you work out and you you sometimes need a good massage right. 31:49.40 Lyndsey _ Vincent Um I agree. Ah and so actually at that time was still relatively the beginning of my marathon training so I had actually just completed one of my first marathons officially a couple weeks ago and so at the very beginning you know I'm doing these long runs ah relatively long on the treadmill and it's stifling in there. They need to lean to work on the air that that was my only request and and so you know of course it's beautiful with the with. 32:18.71 Sam Um, yes. 32:22.31 Lyndsey _ Vincent Windows and the sun is coming in but the sun heats everything up very quickly and of course you have all of these electrical treadmills just going around and so I was drenched like within like 5 minutes so besides that that was a fun unique experience. You know to still have. Access to like high quality equipment. So if anybody is familiar with techno gymm it's a ah, very reliable company and and everything very durable equipment so that was enjoyable and you know they also do have some ah professionals on board too. You know so. If you're mildly novice. You can definitely connect with 1 of them and and they'll be able to show you around a little bit. Ah but we didn't really take advantage of the spa ah hundred percent but because we had just visited the spa. You know? and yeah, most amazing experience. So not not that I was thinking it was going to be less than. On board I mean it's really hard to try and top. All Lanie have you guys been to awani yes, it is heaven right? yeah. 33:22.94 dclduo Yes. 33:25.30 Sam And yes and that that the outdoor rainforest area I'll call it I don't even know if it's called the rainforest but that outdoor area is so is so wonderful and you can spend time there if you're getting a spa treatment before after as opposed to in the spa on the cruise line. 33:43.87 Lyndsey _ Vincent No. 33:44.80 Sam Have to pay separately to get access to the rainforest room so it's a little bit less I think less enticing when you're paying that extra amount. But yeah, you're right I mean it is the alani spa is a lovely spa I will say I think senses is lovely as well. But I can understand opting to skip. Massage on board I'm curious Vincent Did you do any? you're running out on deck four on the on the promenade deck. 34:08.64 Lyndsey _ Vincent Yeah I I tried ah but so it was really windy when we went here Cruise was it was really windy almost violently windy some days like I like the the one time we were even just walking and we're like drifting you know. 34:17.75 dclduo Me. 34:24.87 Lyndsey _ Vincent And and the boat wasn't really, it wasn't wasn't the boat spoiled or anything you know it was just the wind. Ah so yeah I I kind of stuck to on the treadmill and then of course just walking around I mean every single day you know from one end to the other end ah of the ship. 34:27.39 dclduo And so. 34:42.80 Lyndsey _ Vincent You know you can definitely accumulate a couple thousand. It's not nearly meant as many steps maybe in the parks but still a decent number. But I think the the coolest thing was being able to run the little 5 k off. Ah. 34:49.12 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 34:56.40 dclduo Oh and castaway. 34:59.59 Lyndsey _ Vincent Off the island. Yeah, that was really really fun. So I of course in merit marathon training. You know I had to get closer to nine miles ah so ah, yeah, yeah, did a couple laughter. Yeah, right? Yeah, so. 35:11.51 Sam So you did 15 k basically instead. 35:15.30 Lyndsey _ Vincent That was that was really Fun. You know and and of course from my understanding it was a little bit more formal I guess before but now basically you just go and show them like your watch or your phone or even if you're just. Clearly drenched and sweating you just say hey I ran a little bit here and and they'll give you a really nice medal and you know something to celebrate. 35:31.70 dclduo Oh yeah, we we joked last. We joked last time that um because we ran. We ran the 5 k but it turned out to be closer to like two point. 8 ight miles that we ended up running or something and I said well if the trams get to operate on island time then I'm operating on island distance. So ah, and yeah, we were just standing there clearly we were in running gear and just sweaty and they're like here's your metals and so yeah, no for sure. 35:52.37 Lyndsey _ Vincent Ah, fix that. 35:57.40 Lyndsey _ Vincent Ah, yeah, exactly. 35:58.81 dclduo What did you think Vincent of Castaway key overall was it an enjoyable stop for you. 36:02.41 Lyndsey _ Vincent Oh my gosh that was that was amazing. Just first first off the attention to detail you know and I can definitely appreciate things I feel like a little bit more so again for anybody who has Disney plus. Lynz and I have fallen in love with the imagineering mini docu series this the 6 episodes there and so just being able to understand that you know there was so much thoughtfulness that went into like every single placement of even just a little anchor or. Just even like the stroke of a paintbrush to make something look like as if it were weathered or something like that that was really fun and of course being able to explore the island a little bit more from the running aspect of it. You know going into different areas that maybe not everybody would be going into is really neat. Ah, but yeah, overall was just. Amazing. The food was delicious as well. The service I feel like they they deserve a metal for just like trekking through the sand and bringing drinks and with a smile on the face the whole time I would fall over like trying to carry that in the sand that's a. Sport in itself just carrying the cocktails around. Yeah, but yes, yes. 37:17.57 Sam Ah, it is did you did you guys spend a lot of time at sereity bay or did you spend your time at the family beach or or both I feel like there's there's obviously some stuff over at the family beaches like the snorkling reef. Or pelican plunge that are not over a serenity bay so sometimes people will kind of split their day. But obviously when you're adults only you can go over to Serenity Bay and you can eat the delicious steak that they have at the Serenity Bay barbecue that they do not have at cookies or cookies to just a tip for those little thing. 37:44.90 Lyndsey _ Vincent I Got like be last steak actually ah and and I didn't even know what? what do you expect? and then um I saw somebody else walking around I was like hey man is is that where is that and and he's like. 37:50.61 Sam Ah. 37:59.20 Lyndsey _ Vincent Give me one second and they pulled one more out and he's like you're the last one I was like oh my gosh this is amazing. Thank you so that was that was really good. Yeah, we spent ah our entire time at Serenity Bay um we just we just wanted to and I I had done some research and. 38:05.92 Sam And nice. 38:16.38 Lyndsey _ Vincent Did that that's was just probably where we would want to spend the majority of our day and the the water at at both beaches but especially Bay is so Turquoise blue that we got some beautiful pictures there. So good. Um, and vincent learneds. The value of sunscreen. 38:18.75 dclduo M. 38:31.99 dclduo But. 38:34.86 Lyndsey _ Vincent I did put sunscreen on when I went running he did not but I didn't reapply I Even what after my I encouraged gently you know can't make him um and then and then swam in the ocean and then. 38:44.86 Sam So you sweat off all your sunscreen and then did not have anyenscreen is basically what Lindsay is saying oh. 38:52.61 Lyndsey _ Vincent Like just what any just like waited in the ocean I mean like when it was. It's not murky. It's clear crystal clear and it's and so it just reflects even more. Yes, he was. He was almost purple and and ah it was He was almost purple. 39:04.75 dclduo Yeah. 39:09.90 Lyndsey _ Vincent And that wouldn't go that was the nights we ate at pallo right? So we are yeah dressed clear I mean and I a little pink too but not known anything compared to Vincent right? Yeah thankfully Apollo there's so much red in the theing like in the upholstery and in the light so like the photos we took. He just looks. 39:26.50 dclduo But. 39:28.24 Lyndsey _ Vincent Like the red has is like reflected in in reality but nobody knew it was burned to a grit. Yeah, and again, we're we're fair skinned and and I'm a ginger as your friend kids everyone listening. 39:40.97 Sam Ah, um. 39:45.40 Lyndsey _ Vincent And I always tell myself you know like my I have some family lineage and in from from Italy and so I'm like ah you know all eventually false tan and that is not true. It's not. 39:58.15 Sam And ah, um, yeah people forget like that Bahamian or Caribbean son is quite fierce and. 40:04.44 Lyndsey _ Vincent It is yeah so. 40:09.14 Sam Even if you're wearing sunscreen that is waterproof sunscreen waterproof sunscreen does not mean that it does not eventually come off your body through sweat or water. You know. Particularly if you're swimming around in Salt water or chlorinated water. So yeah, where sunscreen like mom always dead wear sunscreen and reapply that sunscreen. 40:22.69 dclduo Yeah, well, what? yeah, we've so we've we've talked around it a bit but you got talk food. So what did you think it, you know Obviously why? how do I Want to say that. 40:23.63 Lyndsey _ Vincent Reapply reapply friends. Yes. 40:30.95 Lyndsey _ Vincent Oh yeah. 40:39.97 dclduo Um, um, so lindsy it been 7 years for you. So I don't know what memories you had of the food vincent your first time with Disney Cruise line let's start with main dining was it good or just ok. 40:51.50 Lyndsey _ Vincent Um, right. 40:55.12 Lyndsey _ Vincent I think there's plenty of great options and then plenty of good options right? and and I listened to 1 show where one of your one of your guests had described it as. 40:57.96 dclduo Okay, okay, okay. 41:09.12 Lyndsey _ Vincent Like basically catering food and that's essentially what it is right? like they have to mask produce it somehow to be efficient and so we went in understanding that and so there were some things that we were like that's tasty I don't want it again. You know and then there were other things that were really great. Yeah, a lot of the seafood was just too good. 41:10.17 dclduo Right. 41:28.55 Lyndsey _ Vincent It was was so good. Amazing so good. Um, we we did not go to dinner on the night of Pixar day at sea because ah that day the water was incredibly rough for the. 41:42.24 dclduo Okay, oh. 41:44.40 Lyndsey _ Vincent Like really chopping and like twenty foot waves like lots of people ended up just like yeah not going to so we just had soup I had soup in my room. Yeah because I was like I have to lay down. Um, but it was everything else all the room service was great. We ordered the cheese plate several times to the room. 41:56.75 Sam Yeah, yeah. 42:01.31 dclduo Nice. 42:04.00 Lyndsey _ Vincent Um, as far as yes that she's the all hands on deck cheese plate as far as rotational dining I I remembered going to rotational dining and and I remembered really loving it because you get to see so much right? and and we ended up with really great weight staff. Oh my God and of course of course. 42:04.89 Sam Yes, all ands on deck. That's that's called yeah. 42:21.68 Lyndsey _ Vincent All of the marco and I oh my gosh. It's okay, it'll come to me I know it was Marco one of them was Mark. Our main server was um, the ah they they really make it. The crew does you know like you could have a great dinner. But if your crew isn't so great. 42:37.72 dclduo Yeah. 42:40.36 Lyndsey _ Vincent Like it's gonna kind of spoil dinner. But I've I've never had bad experience with any Disney cast member and I think the the crew on board. The ships are just a even of different breed right? like they so want to be there and they so want to be Noist. Hobby knovi was our second server there goes friends. 42:58.28 dclduo Um, nice, any was it ask any? um Vincent any standout dishes for you anything you remember you're like oh next time I'm on board I got to get one of those again. 42:59.34 Lyndsey _ Vincent And yeah, we had a great time though. The food for formal night was especially great. Oh yeah. 43:09.20 Lyndsey _ Vincent Yeah I mean of course I'm I am yeah absolutely so I am most certainly a carnivore eater being a fitness professional. So I recommend definitely getting. 43:13.15 Sam Or more likely next time I'm on board I need to get 2 of those. 43:22.66 dclduo Yeah. 43:28.24 Lyndsey _ Vincent Ah, few fillets. The the fillets were just top notch that was amazing and then I think the other things that I would recommend is getting multiple dessert options so that that way you know you and your partner can share. Ah. You know and and not just limit yourself to like 1 thing or the other I mean the crembberle typically was really very good on trying to say all the souffles were great. We. Also yeah yeah, yeah of course, yeah. 43:58.86 dclduo Well there you have it there there you have it a fitness professional recommending dessert I like it. Ah I'm going to show this clip to our trainer and say we're Vincent's our new guy. Sorry ah but I love it. 44:04.50 Sam I I know and more than and multiple desserts I mean this is is you know what? I think I think are. 44:07.11 Lyndsey _ Vincent Oh pleased. 44:12.74 Lyndsey _ Vincent Ah, hey and not a ninety ten percent ninety ten percent but then when you're on vacation. Fifty fifty yeah great 44:19.93 dclduo Um, yeah, yeah, okay well we got to talk? Yeah I I train to eat I don't think that's the same thing though. Um, so so. 44:20.74 Sam All all bets are off now my dietitian would disagree with you. There are Vincent. 44:26.50 Lyndsey _ Vincent As long as you're training and eating. You know it it all adds up. 44:31.96 Sam Um. 44:34.92 Lyndsey _ Vincent Who. 44:35.89 dclduo So I got to ask ah Palo dinner. Um, but but let me just ask this question really fast before we get there which is you mentioned you you know look when you book this late you had sort of some things that you could and couldn't get. When you got on board is that when you got your Palo dinner or did you get it through stalking the app beforehand I'm just curious when you got on board. The ship did you get? did you say oh we want to go on a palow brunch. We're going to go to the desk and see if they have 1 available. Did you do anything when you got on board. 44:53.56 Lyndsey _ Vincent No I. 45:02.00 Lyndsey _ Vincent And no I but I booked it through the app I It was like six a m one morning I woke up and like furiously refreshing I really wanted it get a Pao brunch. Um I obviously didn't I got pala dinner and I I booked it for the last night of our cruise because it was sort of a special sendoff. You know. 45:06.59 dclduo Wow. 45:21.87 Lyndsey _ Vincent And thing I was again just happy to get what we could get.. There was actually plenty available and or so it seemed but the app was kind of Glitchy. So I don't I Almost wonder if there wasn't availability and the app was reflecting that there was and so people were going to try to book and it wasn't going through. But happened to me a couple times. Um, so. 45:40.78 dclduo So so pre Cruise I Think what's going on is that they don't put out a full inventory for the restaurants figuring that they will hold some inventory back both for folks who get on board from Conciers you decide they want more or less of something. 45:56.88 Lyndsey _ Vincent Yeah. 45:59.30 dclduo But then also just for everyone else getting on board because you know if you're a first time cruiser your chances of pre-booking Paulo or like very slim. Um and I'm suspecting they hold some amount of that back I will say we've been in pao you know, many nights and the restaurant never seems. 46:08.56 Lyndsey _ Vincent Um, who. 46:17.74 dclduo Full or oversubscribe. So my guess is if you want a dinner when you get on board. You can do it. The other tip that I've learned you know in addition to asking when you get on board if you book a dinner earlier in your cruise and you have a nice meal and you. 46:20.22 Lyndsey _ Vincent Um I can agree. 46:31.54 dclduo A little generous with the tip and you sort of offhandedly mentioned we really wanted to do a pallo brunch but we just couldn't get 1 You will be surprised how fast it made it to be what time would you like to come tomorrow morning. so so so yeah so I would always say just. 46:39.44 Lyndsey _ Vincent That is an excellent tip. So. 46:47.30 dclduo Ask repeatedly and a lot of times a little magic can happen there. But what did you think about Paulo dinner and what did what did you have like we inquiring minds. Want to know. 46:52.49 Lyndsey _ Vincent Pull up ah pull up exactly what we ate. Um it. It was wonderful and and on my family's cruise before my parents went to rummy and. And we as a family did not do specialty dining so I didn't have any expectations there I didn't I I had seen photos you know, but didn't know exactly what to expect it was it was lovely I think ah the thing that set the tone was walking in and our server pulling out the table so that we could get into the booth. Yes, we have to like. Awkwardly scoot and I was like like that that is yeah thank you? Well because I I was kind of like you know lit Linz is in a tighter outfit you know and and you know I'm also. 47:30.50 dclduo Ah. 47:32.30 Sam I love the visual there vincent by the way for those not watching this the visual that Vincent just gave us was quite funny. And. 47:45.20 Lyndsey _ Vincent Remember remember this folks is like I'm burned So then I I was like oh man this is gonna really hurt. Yeah like like scooting in a suit in like again, very clingy. Ah yeah so I was very grateful that you know they were. They're very professional and. 47:53.70 Sam And that's right, You're a lobster I'm imagining you as a lobster. Ah. 48:03.50 Lyndsey _ Vincent Like polite went to the table. But yeah, and yeah, that was great. 48:05.50 dclduo Um I I always love a little touch when you walk in they were like will not allow you to carry your drink through a restaurant on Disney Cruise line like even in main dining they will go get a tray and put your drinks on it and escorrt you through and I'm like but I want to just drink my drink while we're walking. Ah, but yeah, that's a nice olduch that they do. 48:05.67 Sam They they are great. 48:10.61 Lyndsey _ Vincent Yes, yes. 48:21.57 Lyndsey _ Vincent Ah, yeah, we started with ah lemon lemontinis little lemon martinis. Um, and then we had the the little unus boost that they give you but like singular n Yachi is so lovely I had the capra a salad. 48:22.74 dclduo All right? So what did you have? What did you eat. 48:32.50 dclduo E. 48:39.57 Lyndsey _ Vincent Which was and like it's simple right? It's mozzzella and it's tomatoes. But there was something about the quality of the balsamic and the quality of the olive oil that they use it just was like a different experience combined with all the bread on the table. 48:51.18 dclduo M. 48:54.20 Sam Yes, that ball stomachic. Yes, that ball stomach like is so good and the mozzarella that they use they're using a barata specifically and it's just a such a high quality. Well I I you're speaking my love language Lindsey I'm like i'm. 48:59.19 Lyndsey _ Vincent Yes. 49:08.90 Lyndsey _ Vincent Cheese. Yes, yeah, and I I so I would spread the cheese the brada on the um, the like it looks like none but it's not. It's that it's like kind of Triangle shaped spread. It's got all that pesto on the top. 49:13.53 Sam I'm imagining it like eating it right now as we're talking because I love it so much. Yeah. 49:21.92 dclduo E. 49:26.38 Sam Yeah, gets the pizza crued. Basically yeah yeah. 49:27.42 Lyndsey _ Vincent Yes, yes, but it comes out so warm and steamy and it like just melted so beautifully with my salad I was like you know I used all my self-control or not lick the plate to to finish it off and vincent had the calamari. The calamari was excellent. Great Excellent. Yeah yeah. 49:41.22 dclduo Oh so good. 49:46.40 Lyndsey _ Vincent And then I had right? The the tims hurt the Temppora shrimp was huge. Yeah, but again, delicious so good and we we both had the arugula salad with a big sheets of peyormon on it. So good. 49:47.73 Sam And with the largest shrimp you've ever seen in your entire life. Yeah. If I. 50:03.70 dclduo Parbo John yeah 50:06.28 Lyndsey _ Vincent I Had the salmon and vincent had the steak of course. Yeah, another fillet. Yeah yeah, and then I had a chocolate soothing. 50:10.57 dclduo Nice, nice, nice. Well if we if we get you back on there if we get you back on there for dinner Vincent I got I got to highly recommend the oso buco because if you're a carnivore. Oh man that thing just. 50:14.40 Sam And perfect. 50:24.37 dclduo It gets bigger every time we go and I don't know how that's possible, but it just falls like it's fork tender. It just comes right off. Um, it's just still is just. 50:30.63 Lyndsey _ Vincent Ah, sounds great. Sign me up. 50:34.45 Sam I I don't know I I prefer I prefer the beef tenderloin which is this probably the steak that you had um at Apollo um, but I were like a real steak I don't actually like the falling off the bone meat that Brian likes so that's. 50:48.17 dclduo It's okay, you can ah ah maybe ah, but you know you can just be wrong in your wrongness over there. So um. 50:51.30 Sam Just I'm more I'm actually more the carnivore in our relationship. Ah. 51:00.37 Lyndsey _ Vincent Ah. 51:01.37 Sam Ah. 51:01.45 dclduo See ah so dessert I'm assuming you mentioned souffles earlier so you must have had the souffle and Palo. 51:02.89 Lyndsey _ Vincent Yes I did I had the chocolates who play and it was fantastic. Fantastic. Vincent had did you also have no I think we just shared. That's we yes, we only had one yes to fly. We controlled ourselves that night know how he was also pretty uncomfortable from the burn I think that was it I think I I was like all right I'm just going to get 1 yeah, but. 51:24.00 dclduo That's impalo you have to in Palo you have to like? yeah I mean those? Oh yeah. 51:25.23 Sam And enough. 51:34.63 dclduo Well. 51:37.10 Sam We We usually actually do the same with if we get a souffle. We do also share the souffle but that's because we save our calories in our stomach room for a pasta course in between our. 51:46.20 Lyndsey _ Vincent Who. 51:53.34 Sam Yeah, our salad and are you know main we because I I can't go to an Italian restaurant and not have pasta. So I highly recommend on your next cruise fit in a pasta course because it's just so good. 52:00.80 dclduo Yeah, well and I have to say my new favorite Palo dessert is on the wish and it's the carrot cake that they have in Palo which is. 52:01.62 Lyndsey _ Vincent Sounds good. 52:09.76 Lyndsey _ Vincent Um, ah beyond. 52:10.92 dclduo Unbelievably good. So I why will not knock up Palo souffle but that carrot cakeke and the Palo steakhouse version on the wish is amazing. 52:19.20 Lyndsey _ Vincent Brian you mind if I I share something about the the carrotcake real quick because ah I I personally am so grateful to all of the cast members on being so considerate of allergies I have. A wicked allergy to legumes and peanuts and um, various tree nuts and they are so attentive to that and so flexible and so if anybody has any allergies out there listening like please just know that they will always work around with whatever special considerations. You have. Even if even if it's not just like an allergy but just again just a personal preference of something they are so flexible. It's amazing. They would bring the menus for the next night to us and Vincent would like pre-pick and would ask questions so we could talk about how to substitute or how to work around something. It was yeah and you know you get that in the Disney parks. But it just felt like another layer of service and I think that again that just comes with the crew on board. The ship. That's what they really want to do to serve and just speak into sam's comment about a pasta course I did try the truffle per sets at Animator's palette um unfortunately mine were tepid so they were good and I am sitting I literally was like Sam would be disappointed in these truffle for his house they were they were good. 53:33.64 Sam Ah, ah oh right? But not great. I would be you know I like them hot. You know they have to you know I'm not saying they're not. Good when they're tepid but they're not special. They're not if they're hot. Yeah they're just okay when they're when they're not hot when they're hot. They're really good I feel like so we know Josh is listening and he'll disagree. But you know. 53:50.88 Lyndsey _ Vincent Um, so the same. 53:56.25 Lyndsey _ Vincent I know. 54:03.26 dclduo Ah, well yeah, yeah, Jo Josh is on a west coast repositioning cruise right now and I meant to message him to say whatever you do Josh don't eat any more truffle per sets. We know you don't like them. You've had enough. 54:07.80 Sam It is what it is. 54:13.29 Lyndsey _ Vincent Well and and he is in es cargo battle right? like he thinks we all Caribbeans Ss cargo was better. Okay, the s cargo that I had on that ship was divine I don't know there was it was just a good plate. It was piping hot. It was also formal night and on formal night. 54:19.61 Sam Yes. 54:27.71 Sam Um, ah so good. Yeah. 54:32.73 Lyndsey _ Vincent Going to come back to what it's like to cruise as adults only you know they hand out the to ranks before the show. There was this one crew member that just kept coming by and he kept handing me glasses of champagne and I'm like standing around all of these children like triple fisting unlike this doesn't this isn't. Good look you know so by the time we got to dinner we were having an excellent evening and so I'm like this is the best SCar go I've ever eaten. So yeah, it was it was great it probably would have been great without the champagne. Ah. 54:55.51 dclduo Nice, Yeah, ah. 55:02.39 Sam I like I do I do think if if you can um, choose for your dining rotation and some people like to and some people like to just sort of leave it to chance but I actually do really like being in. Royal court or royal palace or lumieres or tritons which are all basically the same restaurant on on formal night because then you get that menu that's got the escargo that's got the chateau beyond and it's just it's just. Ah, little bit more of an elevated formal menu to choose from and so it feels like it just fits especially if you're going to get dressed up if you're not going to get dressed up and you're gonna wear shorts and a t-shirt. It probably doesn't really matter but I kind of like the a little bit of that formal menu with the formal dress. So. 55:49.15 Lyndsey _ Vincent Yeah, it it went it fit beautifully. It. It fit beautifully. Um, we we did request to have a table for just the 2 of us a private table and I prepped Ben I said this is a request like we're really late to the game and we did receive ah a table for just the 2 of us which was really nice. Um, we had some interesting dinner neighbors. Yeah there yeah, their their table started out as a table of 4 and then became a table of 2 I think because so their guests and some their neighbors weren as to be responsive maybe move locations. 56:22.87 dclduo We. 56:25.10 Lyndsey _ Vincent So we kind of had like entertainment every evening watching what was going to happen next door with this mom and her daughter like how what? what? what behaviors were going to occur and what choices were going to be made food wine and comments. So we yeah. 56:39.23 Sam Ah, interesting. 56:42.71 Lyndsey _ Vincent Was it was fun. 1 little little dinner drama but like we're flexible. But again that is money like the adult drinks just light mood light in a mood they lighten. The mood is funny. 56:49.88 dclduo Well well speaking of drama and to in entertainment Sam will not allow a show to happen without discussing the Broadway style shows on Board Disney Crews line. So what'd you think? what'd you think of the shows did you make it to the shows. 56:53.14 Sam Ah, wreck. Ah. 57:03.24 Lyndsey _ Vincent Um I love them I love them I had no clue what to expect of course. Ah, and honestly that was truly I feel like of course besides the Ant man movie. 57:06.35 Sam That's right. 57:08.22 dclduo Yeah. 57:19.54 Lyndsey _ Vincent That was my favorite entertainment. Yeah on the on the entire ship. We went to every show that we could because I grew up with a music background and so I wanted to go you know and and vincent think hey goodness appreciates the arts and so yeah, we we really enjoyed all of them. Um, frozen. Especially. Because frozen fell on a day at sea. They added an extra matinee an afternoon matinee. It was so well I think they did it because of the ant man premiere so we went to the 1 PM matinee and it was packed. It was. 57:45.46 Sam I Love when they do that? yeah. 57:53.54 Sam Oh none. 57:54.88 Lyndsey _ Vincent Packed every you know all the little girls had brought out their elsa dresses which was adorable and they're all singing along when I just my heart melts right? and I love how they do the show I don't want to spoil too much about how it's done but the way that they portray a and elsa's children and olaf is so perfect and I did so creative. Hu. You know it was a surprise to me very creative, very well done and then then Aladdin Aladdin was amazing and you know believe for a man in his flower is just so so wonderful. 58:29.50 Sam Thank you for? Thank you for using the way the old I call the old man in the flower but it is just it's a dad in the flower. So yeah. 58:31.59 Lyndsey _ Vincent Yeah, man in his flower it. It. Yeah, it's it's a great show and I'd seen it before but they'd updated it since since I'd seen it and and that was really fun I love all the pop culture references. Yeah as well. I just think it's it's so funny. Jimmy was great. Our genie made it. Yeah, that was really cool too. But for yeah. 58:57.52 Sam And I feel like Jeanie Jeanie makes or breaks Aladdin for sure and genie can also elevate believe because he's in that show also so it it is ah how funny that either of those shows are how good either of those shows are can really be. 59:02.90 Lyndsey _ Vincent You know. 59:14.62 Sam Very tight very closely linked to how good your genie is and whether or not the pop culture references. They do whether they you know whether they hit it on the head or whether it just goes want want right? like it's it's It's really. 59:26.56 Lyndsey _ Vincent Um. 59:31.48 Sam It can go 1 of two ways. 59:31.50 Lyndsey _ Vincent Yeah, it in it. It worked beautifully. Um and and then we got to experience that ant man in the wasp premiere and I mean I love marvel and I've really come to love it even more because of vicent and his. Crazy love for Marvel like we'll go see the movies or watch any of the shows and then we're immediately on Youtube watching the breakdowns of like piecing all together know the easter eggs and we love that and so I knew like we needed to get a good spot for this and so yeah. 59:54.51 Sam Right. 59:59.90 Lyndsey _ Vincent 2 hours before the show was to start I was like okay, we're going to the theater. We're gonna start flying. He was like you're crazy I said no because they started a line for the super bowl 2 hours before the super bowl started on Sunday so we're going to start the line and then sure enough it was a packed house. We started the line so I literally in the hallway like. On the ground I'm like and like sudoku pluto comes over he like fun. Do you do it? Yeah're like are you the line where the line get in the line we are the line like he is here and it was it was great. Really fun. We got dead center seats which is what we wanted and we brought our popcorn bucket and so that was. 01:00:28.30 Sam Ah, ah. 01:00:38.67 Lyndsey _ Vincent Also fun. Little fact I lost it so we had purchased it specifically in rings in in sir yeah, that Sarah arriving and so we had a little fiftieth bucket with us and then I misplaced it I think I was just like oh my gosh did you see that part and this happened in the movie and so I just like. Totally forgot it and then went to guest services and they were so sweet. They're like hey we didn't find yours but we found this one and they gave us a ah ah new hundred hundredth and anniversary one. Yeah, so yeah yeah so again like they they just the the customer service just is. 01:01:11.35 Sam Oh that's so nice. 01:01:18.13 Lyndsey _ Vincent Unmatched. It's unrivaled with Disney truly yeah and it's consistent. So again if anybody's like first time cruising considering like oh well does it actually feel like Disney like it 100% felt like Disney and it and it it just truly felt like an extension of the park again. My first time being on there. I I felt like it we didn't even miss a beat from the entrance right? because you walk out and you're like it smells is it's sort of like the beach club but it's different. It's its own smell and then Vincent was like smells like we're in a Disney hotel as like technically we kind of are like it's just large I'm in the water. So no. 01:01:55.91 Sam It exactly it is a it is a luxury resort just at sea. That's exactly what it is. Yeah I think though you know the only difference I feel like with sort of cast members is you get this international flair right? You get. 01:01:57.19 Lyndsey _ Vincent You know? Yes, that's true. 01:02:08.23 Lyndsey _ Vincent And. 01:02:13.28 Sam You have cast members from all around the world as opposed to not to say you don't have that in the parks. Of course you have that in epcot. But in most of the parks. Um Disney World and Disneyland it's mostly american cast members versus on the cruise line. It's a mostly international. Um, you know cast members. 01:02:28.25 Lyndsey _ Vincent Um. 01:02:32.31 Sam Did you guys have any, um, any particular. Um you know interactions with cast members that were I mean you talked about your stat your dining room weight staff were there any in particular cast members um or roles that made sort of the experience just that. 01:02:46.30 Lyndsey _ Vincent Our stateroom host Ma was the sweetest man and I had remembered having a really great stateroom host with my family before but it was just something special. He he knew our names immediately I don't say so it's daddy or like. 01:02:49.69 Sam Much better. 01:03:04.45 Lyndsey _ Vincent It's like when they find out who's going to be in what rooms like they just know it right? He was so kind even always checking in with us. He would remember what we were doing that day. Um I'm certain that everyone got the same tawel animals that we did but it just seemed like ours were like just that much more special and. On valentine's day they had extra gifts for I don't know if it was everyone but we got an extra gift There were yeah little all ah the ah tons of rose petals all over the bed in their little heart and there were swans and they were kissing and there was rose petals on the swans and then there was like this soap on a rope thing and yeah it was. 01:03:37.29 dclduo No. 01:03:40.16 Lyndsey _ Vincent It was impressive and a box of chocolate and a box of chocolates. Um, yeah, it was very very sweet. Yeah, it was really lovely. 01:03:45.52 Sam Oh. 01:03:47.12 dclduo All right was I wind us down here because we have to do a rapid fire around I want to just ask 1 question. Are you going back? Any plans to Sail Disney Cruise line again. Did you get a placeholder. Yeah yeah. 01:03:59.20 Lyndsey _ Vincent Um, of course. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we didn't we didn't get a placeholder because we we are sailing in December but we are sailing with Virgin Voyages so one extreme to the other. Um, we're really excited to sail that. 01:04:13.53 Sam Lu. 01:04:15.39 Lyndsey _ Vincent Yeah, yeah, we'll be on valiant lady sailing out of Miami. Um, we yeah, excited about about that see how different that is. We're really big food sops and um, ah dining is very different on on virgin and so we're excited to see how that goes and and what that looks like. But nothing I think will match Disney as far as overall experience. So. 01:04:42.92 Sam I don't know we did have um Karen on our show and she talked about virgin voyages and how much she loved it. We're hearing amazing things. We're hearing that there are a lot of the virgin Voyages folks actually are former Disney Cast members and so we're hearing honestly that as far as service and entertainment and stuff that they may be the only ones to rival Disney of course it's going to be different. You're not going to have the Disney shows right. 01:05:03.83 Lyndsey _ Vincent Right? right. 01:05:11.50 Sam But we're hearing amazing things and Brian and I ourselves are looking into sailing on virgin Voyages maybe sometime next year so we'd love to hear about it when you when you get back from that because I think it's a I think it's a real competitor at least in the adult only space of course. 01:05:14.54 Lyndsey _ Vincent Ah, wonderful. Nice Yeah, right. 01:05:24.80 Lyndsey _ Vincent yeah yeah I I I really want to get us on the wish. But I think the only way I want to do it is on a back toback sailing I just I don't I don't want to get on a ship and get off three days later like that's just not knowing enough time for me and I have clients that that do the shorter cruises and it works for them. But like if i'm. 01:05:35.88 Sam Um, yeah. 01:05:42.58 Lyndsey _ Vincent On a crus like I want to go on the cruise right? So I'm looking into backto back ceilings on the wish for us and maybe going with my family because my I I know how much my parents would would enjoy that ship and how different it is or we could just wait till the treasure you know and then just do another gauntlet type deal. 01:05:43.86 dclduo Yeah. 01:06:02.33 Lyndsey _ Vincent And think that's also another great point too that I was maybe not expecting was just how accommodating they truly truly are to every age group like truly never just othered like we we went to visit the kids club on open house day. We ended up being the only people in the Marvel area. And the doctor strange spent so much time with us with Vincent I'm recording the whole thing right? because he like became like little kid Ben right? and I guess so yeah, it was it was great. It's really cool. 01:06:31.13 Sam Um I love it. So. 01:06:32.87 dclduo Well I think we have reached that point in the show where I need to hand you over to Sam for some arbitrary questions some arbitrary rules in a dash of judgment or the round we call rapid fire so sam take it away. 01:06:48.43 Sam And white. Thank you Brian all right? Lindsay knows about this but Vincent there. You are new to our show. So I'm going to ask you a couple of Disney favorites. General Disney favorites and then I'm going to ask you your Disney Cruise line favorites and because you've only been on this 1 cruise you have to limit your answers to things you've personally experienced yourself so not something that you've seen on Youtube right? Ok so. Who is your favorite Disney or Pixar character Lindsay we're going to start with you. Nice vincent, nice all right? What is your favorite Disney or Pixar movie Vincent. 01:07:17.55 Lyndsey _ Vincent Alice in Wonderland buzz buzz Late year 01:07:31.12 Lyndsey _ Vincent Oh ah, toy story got to got to keep the theme going. Mine's mine is Ratatouy Rat Dutyy Yes, thank you you. 01:07:36.79 Sam Ah, like it. Oh yes, Lindsey you've already won I'm sorry the games over all right? Well we're going to keep going though. So Lindsey what's your favorite Disney song. 01:07:52.35 Lyndsey _ Vincent Um, oh um, probably Lafestin from ratatoui we had our bridal party walk into our ceremony with that song. So yeah, played on an an acoustic guitar. Um, yeah. 01:08:04.10 Sam Oh I Love that. 01:08:08.45 Lyndsey _ Vincent That's probably that I love trains and so nothing citizen this nothing can stop us now that's a song. We walked out of our ceremony to from from Runaway Railway if you if you've did not ride. yeah yeah I should sit that. 01:08:23.29 Sam I Love Yes I love it. Ah, those are great songs. Both of you Good job I have to congratulate you both. But now we're moving on to the cruise. So from the cruise line favorite stage show. 01:08:29.97 Lyndsey _ Vincent There. 01:08:37.51 Lyndsey _ Vincent Ah, Aladdin frozen frozen for sure is this like whose line is it anyway though where the points are made up and they don't matter or what is this? Okay, okay, okay, all right just checking. 01:08:38.93 Sam Vincent Ah Lindsey yes lindsy you're you're winning you're still winning Lindsay all right exactly that is exactly right. The only winner at the end of rapid fire is me ok all right favorite bar space on board Lindsay. 01:08:58.32 Lyndsey _ Vincent Um. 01:09:05.22 Lyndsey _ Vincent I am going to say ola la because I like the fluffy couches. Oh man I like the fluffy couches. But I I have a judgment personally, why did they have to pick the curls empty font. To spell out the ola la signage like it just reads very like limited 90 s like word or thousand like I can't with that's such a silly judgment but everything but the font is what I I love that space. Ah I love england. 01:09:38.98 Sam Ah, ah, vincent I. 01:09:41.60 Lyndsey _ Vincent And so girls. Oh well? Yeah, okay, yeah, go all see I was I was singing the tube. Okay, but yeah both I guess here sure I met the tube. But thanks lind you. 01:09:46.79 Sam Yeah, the Tuber O get or or ogills experience. Yeah, both all right? Thank you? but. 01:10:00.61 Sam Ah, okay, favorite space on the ship other than the bar we just mentioned. 01:10:07.45 Lyndsey _ Vincent Good I really love satellite falls I think it can be so quiet and serene up there but you still get good sea views. So um, yeah, that that space of the adult duck area. Ah I like. The not the atrium is it the atr. Yeah, the main? Yeah yeah, like I I just love that how open it is. It was really cool when we went it was Pixar day at sea and so like the little green army men are like crawling around. So that was really cool that was like my favorite space because everybody is just super interactive and happy and excited. 01:10:45.64 Sam This awesome. Okay favorite activity to do on board The Disney Ship vincent. We'll start with you. 01:10:51.19 Lyndsey _ Vincent I was going to say we should probably just say it together because I feel like I know it. But maybe I'm wrong again. Trivia I was going to say trivia? Yeah, yes, closely followed by napkin folding. Oh I really enjoyed napkin fold now was good and. 01:11:03.00 Sam They they. 01:11:09.98 Lyndsey _ Vincent <unk>c member party that was that was a fun time. You was nice was cute. Yeah, ah they they were it was It was fun. There were a lot of kids in hours. So it was fun to like experience the kids answering all the like. 01:11:15.70 Sam And you don't hear that quite often I will say I mean the free drink is good but I don't want to hear their spiel. 01:11:28.83 Lyndsey _ Vincent Questions and everything. So. 01:11:32.32 Sam All right favorite rotational dining Lindsay. 01:11:34.98 Lyndsey _ Vincent I am going to say I'm going to say animators palette for the experience. It's not my favorite in terms of day work. It's really busy, but but I think overall experience is animators palette yeah, that was really cool like just. Listening to crush I'm going to echo that I I ditto we he did not experience animation night though because that was the night we went to pao so his he's only experienced crush. That's okay. 01:11:59.77 Sam All right. 01:12:06.36 Sam Oh that's okay, crush is fun but now that means you definitely have to go back because you have to also experience animation Magic Okay favorite. 01:12:10.62 Lyndsey _ Vincent Yeah I'm sold. 01:12:21.20 Sam Sweet item and then the next question will be your favorite savory item. So food item on the ship favorite sweet item vincent. So. 01:12:28.57 Lyndsey _ Vincent Oh goodness. Ah oh the little pops like the little the cake pops. No okay, the turra or no, not the Turro pop are ah the little cake pops would be the sweet and I. Don't know if this would actually count as savory. But I Just really like a good espresso and so I'm gonna just throw that in there unless there was a drink question coming up I Hope I didn't spoil that but ah, that's that's what I would go with. 01:12:59.68 Sam No, no awesome. 01:13:02.88 Lyndsey _ Vincent My My favorite sweet item is like all of the ice cream in gelato at sweet on you that was I'm just an ice cream person like I Really love a good ice cream that was so Fun. We got way more than we were anticipating as far as a savory item. I think the barata Salad Apollo I could eat that all day all day. 01:13:26.56 Sam It so good. So good. All right? You guys last question of rapid fire. Ask the same question to everyone. What is your bucket list. Cruise you could go anywhere in the world on Disney Cruise line it doesn't even have to be some place that Disney Cruise line currently sails. 01:13:43.81 Lyndsey _ Vincent I mean I need a minimum thirty night around the world tellinging like it needs to be multiple continents I need at least a month away on a ship and I'd really like it to be on a tri and claw ship just for the like new vibes. You know. 01:13:45.62 Sam Where are you going Lindsay and. 01:13:48.42 dclduo No. 01:14:02.38 Sam Love it. Love it all right vincent. What about you. 01:14:03.21 Lyndsey _ Vincent I wouldn't mind going over to Hawaii yeah I'd be great exactly well exactly coalina here we come get to the land and sea that way you know. 01:14:12.69 Sam I oh yeah, and and maybe a stop at Al Lani for a couple days. Yeah, but that's um, we we had a guest who did that Jonathan we have a show with him. He sailed he flew to. Hawaii did a few days at Al Lani and then did the sailing that left from Honolulu and had a fabulous time so it is definitely You can do a land and sea with Hawaii now. Um and a lani is pretty much other than a cruise ship. The best place to be on planet earth in my opinion. So. 01:14:31.16 Lyndsey _ Vincent Well. 01:14:42.85 Lyndsey _ Vincent Yes, yes you won. 01:14:48.27 Sam Well thanks for playing you guys as I said um, you both win but I really win so who knows it doesn't matter who wins. We had fun. 01:14:53.71 Lyndsey _ Vincent Um, yeah. 01:14:55.87 dclduo Can you tell she's competitive folks. She wins somehow in this rapid fire round where they guests answer the questions or ego all right? You know what? I'm gonna open up an appeal path going forward. You can appeal to me Sam will always lose. So yeah. 01:15:02.17 Lyndsey _ Vincent This. 01:15:03.25 Sam Every time. 01:15:11.70 Sam No, it doesn't matter because then after you appeal to Brian guess what I am this the supreme court too so you have to appeal to me. 01:15:17.70 dclduo We're going to bring on nat and Nathan will be the final arbiter of of all challenges in the rapid fire round. So Lindsay you are a travel agent yourself and we always love to ah let our travel agent friends plug their ah their. 01:15:21.73 Lyndsey _ Vincent Um, so that's really funny. 01:15:30.84 dclduo Businesses. So do you want to let folks know how they can reach you if they want to book their next fabulous Disney Cruise 01:15:36.55 Lyndsey _ Vincent Yeah, yeah, I work with wanderlist journeys we are an independent travel agency based in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania but only a few of us actually live in Pittsburgh I I don't we we we don't um and you can follow me on Instagram at the wanderlust lens spelled l y. And ds or you can find us on our website wunderlistjourneysdot net. 01:15:58.28 dclduo And we will be sure to link to those in our show notes. So folks need to find them later. They can head there. But for now Lindsay Vincent really great having you on. We absolutely want to have you back to talk all things virgin voyages after that sailing so we can get that fun compare contrast between your 2 experiences. But for now. 01:16:12.27 Lyndsey _ Vincent Smart. 01:16:17.55 dclduo We'll just say Thank you so much for coming on and sharing your experiences with our listeners. 01:16:19.60 Lyndsey _ Vincent Oh my gosh. Thank you guys. This was super fun. 01:16:23.56 dclduo Are Louis hits.

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