June 21, 2023


Ep. 324 - Bonus - Sleight of Hand: More on the Magic's Upgrades

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Brian Sam
Ep. 324 - Bonus - Sleight of Hand: More on the Magic's Upgrades
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 324 - Bonus - Sleight of Hand: More on the Magic's Upgrades

Jun 21 2023 | 00:41:43


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We're chatting with Dan and Renee who were onboard the Magic for her first sailing after her recent dry dock.  What did they think about the upgrades to the Concierge Lounge? Was the Soul Cat lounge the addition to the ship they'd been hoping for? Was the Magic "show ready" or should Disney have take more time to complete the finishing touches? We discuss all of this and more on this week's bonus show!

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Episode Transcript

00:00.95 dclduo Welcome back. Everyone to another bonus edition of the dcl duo podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel I am your host today Sam ah Brian is unable to join me for this recording. But I'm super excited because I have 2 fabulous guests who I actually met through social media. Um, just this past week as they were on the Disney magic on its first sailing post dry dock and I asked them if they would be willing to come on the show and talk about their experience. They sailed in concierge on this cruise and there of course were some upgrades. Across the ship but there were some specific upgrades to concierge and I am happy and excited to welcome Dan and Renee to the show. Welcome guys. Yeah, thanks so much. Um, you know I really appreciate I was telling you all ah before we started recording I really appreciated. 00:44.19 Dan and Reneee Thank you for having us. Thank you. 00:55.92 dclduo How much you shared with us while you were on the cruise thought it would be great for you to come on the show and share some with our listeners. Um, but you shared with me a ton of pictures from the various spaces that were upgraded, um, some pictures of some maybe not so great stuff that was going on the ship as well. Um, so we're gonna you know we're gonna talk about all of it today. But before we get dive into that topic I need to hear your Disney Cruise creds because I think our listeners will be interested interested to know how many times you all have sailed disney why don't you tell us. 01:30.59 Dan and Reneee We've sailed our first cruise was in June of 2007 when I was burned out at work and 1 of my partners took my credit card and and they booked the cruise for us. So we we were on the ship and we were hooked ever since. 01:41.94 dclduo Ah. 01:47.78 Dan and Reneee So this is up to our twenty first cruise you know the this was our eights on the Disney magic. 01:50.22 dclduo Oh my goodness. Wow That's amazing and um, they hooked you They hooked your kids as well. It sounds like is that right. 01:59.27 Dan and Reneee Yes, they grew up. They were let's say I'll tell you a story for ill I'll let Renee tell you the story of ah the the camp counselor the very at very first. Oh yeah, our first camp counselor. Um mean it was yo yo on the wonder. 02:07.24 dclduo Oh. 02:13.47 dclduo Nice. 02:15.81 Dan and Reneee And our kids just fall in love with them. They had a great time. We took pictures and everything and then when we saw him they get on the fantasy last year we yeah, he recognized us. We showed in pictures and he's just like you took my camera was showing all the casts and everything. So and then my daughter. Yeah, and then I yeah, they yeah they were 7 years old now they're 24 yeah yeah so and enhance he was all excited. Yeah. 02:37.21 dclduo Oh my goodness you probably couldn't believe that they're like adult now that's awesome. Well, that's really cool. Um, now are you all park goers and Dvc members and all that too. 02:51.95 Dan and Reneee we're we're I yeah we're definitely park goers. We we actually became during covid we actually took the opportunity to buy a place actually right outside the parks in Hunters Creek so we're no more than ten fifteen minutes from the parks. So. 03:02.61 dclduo Oh not? Oh nice, Awesome! Oh Wow I'm jealous where we're were quite far away. Ah. 03:10.26 Dan and Reneee All of you ever want to visit come along by in know we were we were. You're always walk. We were able to get um when they open the passholders back up now more passholders too. So that's great. 03:17.91 dclduo Oh awesome. Fantastic! Yeah,, we're just ah, we just got those actually renewed I believe because we already had our pass. We had our passes previously. So we're able to keep them because of the renewal opportunities but I know the new passes were. Were quite difficult and resident passes of course are ah a better deal. Yeah yeah, yeah, we can't dvc doesn't get you for anyone who's listening Dvc ownership does not get you resident pass rates or resident cruise rates either. You actually have to like. 03:36.18 Dan and Reneee Um, yeah, unfortunately we qualified as residents having deed property. 03:51.78 dclduo Really own property and live and not own like a doorknob of a resort. 03:52.80 Dan and Reneee What what they did do with the most recent release for dvc is they can get the sorcerer pass. They don't have to get the top level pass I have a lot of friends that are Dc sure. 04:00.65 dclduo Right? right? That's right? Well yeah, well let's dive into this cruise um, tell me first. Ah Renee why did you all book this cruise in particular. 04:15.15 Dan and Reneee It was a different artinerary. We've done you know, eat westerns and easter numerous times and this is out of state Juan so this is something totally different for us. Yeah, actually was one of the stops. Um last year or yes it was last september on the fancy but it was just to stop. 04:20.45 dclduo Um, yeah, had you ever been to San Juan before 04:30.89 dclduo Right? Yeah, yeah, well I have never been to San Juan but I hear it's beautiful. We are supposed to yeah yeah. 04:32.68 Dan and Reneee It was a stop and same one that was it so before that no, but but all the it was an very nice. It was very very nice. We had no issues very friendly. The people were great. No issues whatsoever in San Juan 04:48.24 dclduo Awesome now. Tell me when you boarded the ship in San Juan um where did you go first because I know you were aware that the ship had just come out of dry dock at a free port bahamas and. Everyone was I think a buzz about yeah what was going to be updated I think we all knew that concierge was going to have updates because they were selling rooms that had previously been non-concierge rooms as concierge's rooms. Um, there were all kinds of speculation about the lounge and then of course there was speculation about the promenade lunchge where. And you all head first. What were you most interested in seeing. 05:24.14 Dan and Reneee Ah, we ended up like once boarding at lumerres for lunch at the concierges lunch because we were concierge and then after after that I think we visited Soul cat after yeah, we like yeah well yeah, went to Soul cat and then. 05:27.27 dclduo Here. 05:41.27 Dan and Reneee Which was absolutely that's beautiful that upgrade was a yeah was a huge hit. Yes, it was because I've been through what used to be Promenade lounge there used to be just usually maybe a few people sitting in there. 05:44.58 dclduo Oh good. 05:51.64 dclduo You hear. 05:53.75 Dan and Reneee That place was packed all the time. There was always people there and they had some really nice boosts to sit in and everything and yeah it was really great. We were I was impressed with that. It was very well done. 06:01.70 dclduo Oh awesome I love hearing that I was I'll have to say I was a little bit disappointed that there was no snuggly duckling I think yeah yeah, but when I saw the pictures and some videos of the Soul Cat Lounge I was 06:09.74 Dan and Reneee Um, we too I can relate to that I can relate to that. 06:18.96 dclduo Pleasantly surprised I hope that I will be when I am on board the magic in I think September is the next time we'll be on the magic but it's it's nice to know that you all were pleasantly surprised as well. Um, now did you get a chance to spend any time there and did you taste the zepies. 06:33.85 Dan and Reneee No, we're not. We're not real drinkers. No there' ze least that's I looked up that's on yeah I I didn't even know about it till after the cruise. Well I know I know that that that it's. 06:38.62 dclduo No, there's they're like a Ben Ya Ah bummer. 06:47.70 Dan and Reneee It's It's sort of like the binies but then no now I didn't know about it till after the cruise and we would order it or I would have ordered them I'm so I know I was upset. 06:52.34 dclduo Ah, ah, all right? Well well next time next time you're on the magic I guess I'm guessing you have I guess you just have to book another cruise on the magic and but. 07:01.72 Dan and Reneee Um, yeah, well that will definitely even after what we went through. We're definitely yeah, but we definitely go back and we know what it with what it was like. So. 07:07.47 dclduo Nice. But so so let's let's dive into um the updates to concierge. Um first and then I want to start talking about um some of the mishaps that happened. 07:15.69 Dan and Reneee Um, okay. 07:22.10 Dan and Reneee Um, okay. 07:22.34 dclduo And that you're aware of within your own room and also in concierge a little bit more generally. Um, yeah so tell us what? what did you notice as far as upgrades. 07:31.81 Dan and Reneee Well, it's let's start with the ah with the good part which was the concier lounge that was very well done. Yeah, used to be only this the use only. Ah, if you ever been The concier's lounge in the magic before very those very small. It's basically it's that is its that space again. It set. It's been redone. But. 07:39.75 dclduo I I have yes. Okay. 07:49.77 Dan and Reneee Totally to the left what they did is they they took out part of the deck and made that an indoor on the left side was an indoor area with the bar full bar full bar reflects full full refrigerator lot of nice another coffee makers to the sound. There's 2 coffee makers and then 2 08:03.47 dclduo Oh nice. Yeah, because that coffee maker gets busy in the morning. 08:09.40 Dan and Reneee Yeah, ah it was a very nice addition in a large for on the right side they took what was a partial little sundeck out there and fully enclosed it in except they put some air holes in there and so it's still open to the outside. So it's not in our condition there we thought that and even if one of the crewmen said. 08:14.81 dclduo And here. 08:20.86 dclduo Right. 08:27.42 Dan and Reneee On our very hot August day could get a little hot in there because we asked. Well why didn't you put fans in there and they said because the way the wind will come through there. It's a safety issue. 08:29.22 dclduo Right. 08:38.39 dclduo Oh interesting, interesting now when you all were at sea. Um, did you spend any time in that sundeck and if so did it get some air circulation from just the movement of the wind and the ocean and whatnot. 08:49.10 Dan and Reneee Ah, a little bit but you can see it when it was windy because it was definite wildy and in the in the Abc islands. Oh it was definitely wind because even you could definite see the wind coming and through and it was it was comfortable. So in the wind. So when you're at sea. It's probably comfortable with the wind coming throw. 09:00.54 dclduo Yeah. 09:05.94 dclduo Yeah. 09:08.16 Dan and Reneee Because we could even see one time we were actually actually down date down the pullback and you could see the chairs rocking the wind was coming rocking chairs were rocking. It was fun. Yeah. 09:14.16 dclduo Ah, more nice Now. Did you talk to the staff in the conciers lounge whether the host or the other staff and did you hear anything from them about. Why they did this partial enclosed sun deck because we we've heard through the Rumor Mill and I don't know if this is true that they're in the next dry Dock. They're actually going to fully enclose that space and they're going to build the sundeck on top of it like more similar to the wonder. But I'm curious. 09:40.52 Dan and Reneee They didn't mention that they wouldn't really go into it but I suspect the answer to your you to your inquiries. Yes, they will but they just didn't have time. They didn't even have time to finish what they did what they were trying to do on this dry dock. So I suspect that that's. 09:45.10 dclduo Yeah. 09:50.24 dclduo Yeah. Um, yeah. 09:59.59 Dan and Reneee Probably going to be set for another dry dock. Yeah because there's no concier sundeck right now. Yeah, right, right? right? Yes, it's It's covered over it's covered. It's covered over. 09:59.68 dclduo Yeah, right, right? It's because it's a I mean it's It's open air. So It's sort of a sundeck but there's no sun right? Yeah yeah, whereas at least on The. Wonder part of the space is covered and but most of it is uncovered right? So you can. There's some shady spots with a little bit of coverage and then there's some open sun deck spots but it's really fully open on the wonder. Um, so it'll be interesting to see I Wonder if they'll I wonder if they will do that. But. 10:32.33 Dan and Reneee Just I hope so you know I mean it's it's still it was a very nice addition compared to what we had before last March you know it. 10:40.71 dclduo Yeah, anything in that space that didn't appear to be done or that they were still working on while you were nice. Okay, yeah. 10:47.70 Dan and Reneee No I think that park and that was completely done there. There were no issues and on in that part of the ship you know which was great. Yeah I mean we had some place to go? Yeah yeah, actually now. Okay. 10:59.21 dclduo Yeah, now was the air conditioning working in the concierge lines because I heard that air conditioning in a lot of spaces were not working. 11:07.16 Dan and Reneee Oh ah, they yeah they lost it a couple times. Yeah, yeah, they did but it's funny one morning went in there and is frozen. Yeah it yeah, it was weird like there's like frost when we tried to get in the door like what's going on in here. Junior. 11:16.91 dclduo Ah. 11:22.26 dclduo Ah, oh my goodness. 11:23.58 Dan and Reneee Yeah, let's say temperature control was a challenge for the crew. Yes, the whole because from water to here in Dryi dot they replaced because I because I asked the guy flat out they took out the entire air condition air conditioning system and replaced it. So. 11:26.89 dclduo Yeah. 11:36.14 dclduo Wow. 11:39.69 Dan and Reneee I'm going to guess that when they probably put it back in on an old 20 year old ship. Not everything fit together quite the way they thought. 11:48.67 dclduo Ah, so let's talk about that. Let's talk about air conditioning Specifically what was going on ah within your experience and what you heard was going on with the air conditioning like where where was it working where was it not working. 12:01.20 Dan and Reneee It it was uneven. It was yeah it was uneven but mostly mostly in the end mostly in aft eight on the eighth floor was having yeah but there were definitely other areas of ship that we're having you and the elevators in the aft. Oh the elevator shafts were saun us. Yes, yeah. 12:14.98 dclduo Oh gosh Oh my good and. 12:18.80 Dan and Reneee There were there were only there were only 3 of the 4 elevators working in trust me long time the the entire cruise and the act. Yeah, yeah, exactly? Yeah, so yeah, there were somon I mean literally you went in here like yeah trying to breathe. 12:24.35 dclduo Oh wow wow at least there's 3 sets of elevators but still oh my goodness. Yeah oh my goodness. So let's let's talk about your room because I know that was ah. 12:41.52 Dan and Reneee Well, our first room the first the first room we knew we knew we were in trouble from moment one because we went up at one thirty when they said we could go in and like every other deck is letting in except for decade that. 12:41.89 dclduo There were a lot of issues there. Um, yeah. 12:55.18 dclduo Oh interesting. Oh my goodness. 12:58.38 Dan and Reneee Yeah, the roass were solo. Yeah, you could see the workers running up and down the halls and and contractors and maintenance. Oh my God All different color uniforms everybody and then finally and finally they finally they let us in and and we had one of the handicappped accessible rooms way in the back. 13:14.64 dclduo Right. 13:16.85 Dan and Reneee Way in the back. Yeah, they're a total of 4 of them and you couldn't even done to that area so we were denied entry so we went back to the concier. Yeah, we went back to sea sier lounge and wait to us a little up before three o'clock yeah Yeah yeah, 13:20.96 dclduo Wow. 13:28.50 dclduo Wow I've never heard of that long of a wait for rooms I mean in concierres you you can usually get in it like one I mean yeah. 13:35.47 Dan and Reneee Well well the rooms weren't done. They weren't done. Our roads weren't done that they were not done. There were ceiling tiles down wires hanging. Yeah. 13:44.61 dclduo Oh my goodness. So so at some point you're told. Okay, you can go to your room and then you had okay. 13:52.30 Dan and Reneee Yeah, they yeah see your team let us know when we could go to wherever yeah so so we went in there and it was okay. You know we had a runoff to thebu had a yeah Facebook meet and greet. Ah so we did that then we walked in it was it was beautiful. Oh yeah, yeah, it still. It's still a beautiful. The first carpeting they put in they redesigned those rooms the carpeting was the carpeting and made is that in room was this beautiful blue carpet really be yeah and I yeah think he's hidden mickeys were in there. The. 14:13.29 dclduo Yep. 14:23.18 Dan and Reneee But all the furniture was replaced all neighbors. Yeah I don't know whether were you ever in the 1 bedroom once they were had these beautiful woods in there and like wow they're all gone. 14:31.27 dclduo Yes, yes, so we we? Yeah, we've been on. We've been in the one bedrooms on the magic and the wonder but not the not the ones in not the handicapped accessible ones in the aft. Um, because but similar right. 14:42.60 Dan and Reneee Um, well they still had there. They also had the wood grain. Yeah, really nice. Yeah yeah, all those all those woods are gone all the woods are gone on all concierge. They took them all out. 14:51.11 dclduo Yeah, yeah, and I wonder you know I think about this and I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing I mean I think the woods were beautiful but I will say at night we found them to be quite noisy. Um, because the way that they would creak or that the doors would kind of. Sliding doors would kind of bang together and stuff. Um, so I don't know like what what was your thought on that I mean is that ah is that a positive or a negative to not have the the all that would. 15:12.70 Dan and Reneee Um, yeah. 15:18.88 Dan and Reneee Well they they they did put some back but the wood that they put back sort of look like particle board. So I mean I did talk to one of the officers and off the side he is like they did it really for maintenance which tell you truth I can if you think about it. 15:25.24 dclduo Yeah, fair. 15:37.72 Dan and Reneee Those all woods probably did took sanding and varnishing to get a mac and this is not with this kind of type of new stuff they put in there. That's not going to happen so I can yeah it's absolutely but I mean the room is still very well done and and that that type of stuff. 15:38.10 dclduo Oh yeah. 15:44.68 dclduo Right? Well and they can just replace it if it right? Not expensive to replace if they need to. 15:55.68 Dan and Reneee The only ah the only interesting thing we found was well. We went into the but into the bedroom area and this blue carpet became this brown carpet that we wondered. Yeah, how did that clash with the blue like who who chose this particular color scheme. So we we wondered about that. 16:13.43 dclduo Yeah, yeah, the closet I think and I had a picture that I put on our Instagram and I'll probably try and share it again when this episode is out but the closet in the in the master bedroom area was. 16:15.48 Dan and Reneee And then and then the walking closets were all gone. 16:31.87 dclduo Baffling to me. Why don't you tell our listeners. What why? why? it was like I mean was completely nonfunctional in my opinion. 16:34.90 Dan and Reneee Learn a oh yeah, it was nonfunctional it. Um I had a t-le dress it didn't you you couldn't even hang the T-leng dress up. you couldn't hang a t-shirt up, you couldn't hang a t-shirt up there wasn't there wasn't clearance for a t-shirt. 16:48.48 dclduo Right? It was like you could put like a kid's maybe a kid's princess dressed. 16:51.63 Dan and Reneee It master em me a kid. Yeah kids yeah a grade school of kids short. My daughter had a full length gown. No place to put that we actually had ah what pierre the hotel manager they they gave us a clothes rack is there was enough room. So yes, yes so in a beautiful 1 bedroom. 16:58.34 dclduo Oh. 17:08.45 dclduo Um, well. 17:11.61 Dan and Reneee Place We have a clothes rock sitting out in the middle of the bed says out in the middle of the living room with our luggage. Yeah, get with a light. There was no place to put luggage. 17:16.42 dclduo That's crazy and and to be to be fair. Yeah yeah, to be fair. There was a different ah longer closet by the front door. Um, but it was small. 17:24.58 Dan and Reneee But it yeah yeah, it was small and it had 2 It has 2 um rides instead of only 1 ride and my daughter's dress was big so it wouldn't fit in there. Yeah, you had to go up and over the second in the middle. 17:31.70 dclduo Oh I didn't even see that right? Yeah, over the second rod yeah. 17:40.21 Dan and Reneee Yeah, or gown is like I said it you know it poofs out so that way it couldn't fit it in there I'm not sure what they were thinking on that one now right? Yeah yeah, no, no yeah. 17:46.89 dclduo That's crazy. So even the 1 longer length closet had was not functional. Yeah, that's crazy. Yeah well and with with a 1 bedroom you do I mean sure there are some couples who get a 1 bedroom for just 2 people. But a 1 bedroom typically fits like 5 people. Um you know, depending on which you know which ship and which which arrangement it it is so you to kind of expect you have enough shelf and closet space for everyone. 18:10.50 Dan and Reneee Um, yeah, all this is. 18:18.66 Dan and Reneee Um, we we did have a lot of like oh we had a drawers we yeah we have drawersers I sat for the ones where after they put out the bed. You didn't have enough space to open up the drawers for that sofa there when my daughter was she couldn't access that one. 18:30.90 dclduo Ah, ah. 18:31.48 Dan and Reneee Or it opened the door and then once the door was wide open. You could you had to slide the drawer out which you couldn't do yeah funny the funny part when the concierge host was trying to help me. He opened it up and goes point right into the bed he goes. He just looks 70 I'm like yeah. 18:33.75 dclduo Oh my goodness That's hilarious. 18:46.39 dclduo Yeah, ah yeah, so some non-functional stuff going on in the 1 bedroom now. Um we we also I also saw some pictures you sent me of your balcony your veranda which was. 19:00.67 Dan and Reneee Oh oh yeah, yeah I was huge. Absolutely huge. That was one of the reasons we picked that room. 19:01.69 dclduo Huge to be fair I mean it was an accessible sneeze. Um, but it had a ramp that was not actually attached to the ground. It would clearly was like yeah and it was this weird blue lightwood. Yeah. 19:11.36 Dan and Reneee No, no, no that plywood. It was a couple piece of plywood they threw on the ground and and the the worst part about that was they when they replaced all the veranda doors and what we never realized until at night. 19:19.92 dclduo Crazy. 19:28.40 dclduo Um. 19:31.15 Dan and Reneee Was that yes it closes and quote and seals to the side but it didn't seal on the bottom so we had a howling noise coming through all night long 19:38.65 dclduo Oh my goodness. 19:45.66 dclduo Oh my goodness. 19:48.83 Dan and Reneee And so yeah, yeah, the next morning when I visit the concierge host I was like okay I'm sorry I'm grumpy I got about 2 hours sleep last night 19:56.42 dclduo Yeah, ah gosh now at some point um that you did get moved rooms. Why don't we talk about that a little bit tell me why? why did they move your rooms and when did they do that. 20:02.88 Dan and Reneee Um, yes. 20:12.55 Dan and Reneee Well, we kept running into these small issues and then the ah pierre when the head of the hotel things was visiting us. You know I mean because the other officers were there and he comes to visit. 20:15.81 dclduo And here. 20:22.80 Dan and Reneee And he was very nice showing. oh yeah, oh yeah he is very nice. They were all trying to help. Yeah I don't want to criticize a crew. Yeah, the crew was awesome. The crew right? They were trying their best to resolve any and all issues like the verandda door I showed the 1 guy could hear the he and and literally within like 30 minutes there's like 2 carpenters up there fixing it? Yeah and that was fix. 20:26.20 dclduo Um, yeah, absolutely yeah. 20:39.50 dclduo What. 20:42.24 Dan and Reneee So but he's like he came up and goes and then Rene goes because we noticed the room across from us. They took the people out of there and moved them and so well that room was ripped up but we saw it well now it because they finished that finish that room so Renee goes well how about that room over there. The guy goes you want to move over there. 20:55.27 dclduo Ah. 21:00.41 Dan and Reneee And he goes. Yeah. 21:01.46 dclduo Nice, nice now and that was another 1 bedroom just a different configuration right? yeah. 21:04.73 Dan and Reneee Yes, yeah, yes, just a little bit. It was still in the back it was is the room next door. Just the one back from there but we actually we were in that room. Basically the we were in that was eighty one hundred. We were an 8600 basically the mirror equivalent for our March cruise. So but that room was great. 21:19.79 dclduo Yeah, oh okay. 21:23.64 Dan and Reneee Yeah, no issues the air conditioning work. Great No issues was I know I think we sent you pictures of the bathrooms of the marble work on these bathrooms was just atra that was definitely a big upgrade. The bathrooms definitely needed an upgrade and and they said they actually did it while in dry dock. 21:29.52 dclduo Yes. 21:37.53 dclduo Oh yeah, Wow Yeah, yeah, absolutely now and this one because they were the handicapped accessible. They don't have a bath. 21:43.10 Dan and Reneee Which is amazing. Yeah, but that Craftsman must have been just incredible. The cuts were perfect. Yeah. No. 21:54.60 dclduo But they do have this like very large beautiful shower that of course if there's a wheelchair you can roll the wheelchair like directly into it suit. Yeah yeah, looked really really nice and new toilet and new think a new vanity and all of that kind of stuff. Yeah. 22:00.90 Dan and Reneee Yes, oh plenty your room. Absolutely yeah, Absolutely absolutely oh,, It's gorgeous. Oh yeah, Oh yeah, absolutely math ba and they changed all like like instead of the old steel type pictures. Ah, they put in some nice gold ones. Oh Very nice, Very nice with it end has a rain get of the rain shower. Yeah,, there's a rain and then a handheld. Yeah, it looks more like the fantasy and the dreams like German type engineering Stuff. You'd see there instead of the instead of the old Magic Wonder italian. 22:20.84 dclduo Oh cool. 22:29.93 dclduo Yep, yeah. 22:35.47 dclduo Yeah, Oh nice, Nice. So Let's talk about some of the other sort of issues around ah around the ship because we of course heard that there were you know as you said there were issues with the air conditioning in the aft of the ship and and even in other places around the ship but sort of inconsistently. What were some other issues that you noticed um or experienced that happened of course. 22:58.43 Dan and Reneee Well ah the best the best 1 Yeah that that I remember was was ones was one that a another guest who we're we were. We were friends with told us about that because because she helped them out. They were actually on the sixth floor. They're now. 23:11.27 dclduo Is it. 23:14.85 Dan and Reneee What we didn't know was they put a brand new speaker system in the bu of vista theater with a much better bass sound. Yes, the people on the sixth floor were rocking to guardians of the yeah guardians yeah galy lady night. 23:19.95 dclduo Um, oh no. 23:32.52 dclduo Oh my goodness well because yeah, the the last showing of some of the movies in the bu avia theater is usually like 11 something Eleven forty five yeah so they go until if you're talking about a guard guardeds the galaxy or ant man and the wasp k quantum media you're talking a 3 hour movie right? so. 23:34.31 Dan and Reneee Long ten forty yes midnight yeah Yeah, Eleven twelve nine yeah yeah exactly yes you yeah oh yeah, does the those. 23:52.20 dclduo She but. 23:52.88 Dan and Reneee Anything was they were so this person I saw it. It's like yeah they were so nice. They wouldn't say anything So opposite said I'm a T a I'll go down there I'll take care of business and she you took them down there down and and but they said they were very slow and and getting that you new turn now. 24:07.62 dclduo Wow Yeah Wow I can I can't even imagine. Um, ah yeah, some of the upgrade. Well, that's that's you know a big thing right? Unintended consequences of upgrades right? like. 24:11.25 Dan and Reneee I Guess that was one of the unintended consequences. 24:21.43 dclduo Sounds like there was some flooding that happened that maybe. 24:21.94 Dan and Reneee Oh in in a lot of the other conci we did not have this but we heard in a bunch of other concierge rooms suspect especially in concierge rooms. The bathrooms like actually took a shower. They flooded the rooms that happened in a couple of them. We heard. 24:27.80 dclduo Nothing. 24:35.45 dclduo Oh my goodness. Wow Yeah, yeah, so a lot a lot of a lot of issues and then we did hear that um soda machines and. 24:39.75 Dan and Reneee So. 24:43.84 Dan and Reneee Oh oh the ice. Oh would avenue you first. My husband loves the soft serve ice cream machine. It was it was closed for two days sacrilege and he yes he would count how many we'd have a day by the end of the week how many soft serve. 24:51.40 dclduo Ah, oh my goodness is that. 25:01.97 Dan and Reneee Cream cons he had so that put a dent in. Yeah they were you could if if you owe was that we heard room service. Yeah room service of service. They said a week you can get a mickey barthroom room starts. We can't guarantee how long it will take. 25:02.30 dclduo Ah I I Dan I hear that you know I hear that they were running low on mickey bars because of this is is so with you. 25:20.60 Dan and Reneee Ah, so many people were doing that. Yeah, everybody else on same idea we did yeah question is water one and as bad idea. 25:20.91 dclduo Um, well yeah I well I will say though I'm with you Dan though it doesn't replace the soft serve I prefer the soft serve to a mickey bar not that I don't love a mickey bar every once in a while? Yeah, but I still but I want like i. 25:34.90 Dan and Reneee Um, oh yeah, we have to still love Mickey bar. 25:39.34 dclduo Really love when they have that like ah the the fruity like flavors like the pineapple flavor or the yeah banana I Love the banana. 25:45.80 Dan and Reneee Um, strawberry and and I didn't see and your pineed Apple I didn't see I honestly pineapple the face. 25:52.19 dclduo Yeah I've had like it's like there's like 1 I've only had it on one of the ships on I can't even remember which one it was like a pineapple coconut one. It was delicious. Yeah, but I do love the banana. My son loves the chocolate vanilla swirl. So I mean yeah, just the old favorite right? I mean the old sandby. 25:56.99 Dan and Reneee Oh no. 26:04.32 Dan and Reneee Um, all have I'm big on that one just. 26:09.10 dclduo Okay, so 2 days with no ice cream then there were soda machine issues as well. 26:11.48 Dan and Reneee Yeah, yeah, that was on the deck on deck fortunately wasn't a horrendous issue for guests because they just opened up cabanas. Yeah, and and you know the magic. It's about ten feet from that that that machine way in the back took kaban and so. 26:19.23 dclduo Um, bright right? It's right there? yeah. 26:28.12 Dan and Reneee It was a little inconvenience to people but not the end of the world you know, but I Yes yep, Yep, unlike. 26:29.80 dclduo Yeah, yeah, well and it's more of a staff issue for them right? because now they've got to let people into cabanas and have a staff member there instead of just the pool day. 26:42.13 Dan and Reneee Unlike the unlike the fantasy and the dream where people know naturally go through Caba is closed. So but you know was yeah so the the the other issues that I think we saw was you know. 26:45.41 dclduo Right? right? Yeah, it's not a walkthrough area during most of the most of the day where where there. 26:59.76 Dan and Reneee Usually after dry dock. They paint everything nothing was painted when we got on that ship yet. We even saw whole marks. It's like wait a second isn't that why you go into dry dock in the first place. Yeah, we did. 27:00.50 dclduo Yeah, oh interesting. 27:11.50 dclduo But and and you sent me I think pictures of little dots ever ever I. 27:18.44 Dan and Reneee Oh oh yeah, yeah, yeah, on the um L yeah where we saw orange Sh especially on the aft. Um elevators. Yeah, we saw and we seen other through dot thread played. That's what we saw the most of the orange dots in each dot. 27:24.53 dclduo Yeah. 27:31.67 dclduo Yeah. 27:31.76 Dan and Reneee Something that someone needed to fix so we'll give an example like like like you know on the on the elevators where they show you what floor the elevator is on. They have a mickey hand. 1 of them didn't have a mickey hand. 27:41.90 dclduo Yes, yeah, Ah so for those who don't know what I'm talking about when I'm talking about Dots. Um, so they're like sticker dots and they're used by in construction. Um, when you've got they call call it a punch list. The little things that aren't. Done are on a punch list and the way that the contractor or the subs know you know what areas need to be finished is they often stick these little colored Dots. You know, basically to say ok this is an area we need to go back to and finish and so it's funny that you all saw them while you're on the ship and I mean to be fair I know it wasn't. I Know they said it was full but it sounds like it probably wasn't actually full of guests it was because there were a lot of contractors on Board. So that was by maybe it was quote unquote full. 28:22.89 Dan and Reneee Yeah, yeah, well there were no kids on the show. They said the most ad rose were yeah were very few kids they said there was 2000 oh 78 which is low for the for the magic. 28:33.70 dclduo Um, yeah, okay yeah. 28:39.65 Dan and Reneee But there were very because it was may early in may so just about there's no school system that's out and we're at a Puerto Rico so besides a little tiny kids and there were very few very few on the ship. So it's like every room was 2 people you know instead of like I could good up because we're on the fantasy back in february. 28:43.26 dclduo Right. 28:50.68 dclduo Um, yeah, oh interesting instead of 5 28:59.46 Dan and Reneee And the fantasies capacity is 4000 we had 3997 that was that that was a Disney plus deal deal. Yes, that filled that step. 29:02.85 dclduo Right promotions. Oh yeah, yeah, and and there are a lot of schools that have like a midwinter recess in February as well. So that makes a lot more sense than early early in may is. 29:13.40 Dan and Reneee Um, oh yeah, oh yeah. 29:19.64 dclduo As you said Dan no school system is is out by early may oh even more. So. 29:21.22 Dan and Reneee And it was a Pixar day at sea. Yeah, and this and this one was this one was to say I guess one off type itineraries down there. But I love the itinerary. Oh yeah, you know the Abc islands or something that I think everybody should if they get the opportunity to go. There's so much nicer. 29:31.20 dclduo Yep. 29:40.21 Dan and Reneee Then you know I mean some of the other aisle and it's a different change of pace. You don't get the same pushy type vendors down there much more laid back. Ah different atmosphere and it's it doesn't get to ° down there. It was like yeah it was low eighty s I had a nice wind I always had a nice win. 29:46.81 dclduo Um, yeah. 29:57.10 dclduo Oh that's awesome. Yeah, we did the the Eleven night Southern Caribbean in 2019 that it it left from from port canaveral but it went down to that area and back and so we did we did hit. Um. 30:06.58 Dan and Reneee Um, yeah. 30:11.83 dclduo I'm trying to remember I know we hit Aruba I just can't remember if we we didn't we didn't hit Curris out. We did hit barbadoses I think I think so we we hit 2 of the 3 But. 30:12.86 Dan and Reneee Car saw. Okay, yeah, we did well we did what say the 2017 version it was a ten day we did car sal and Aruba we did not do bonena. 30:24.24 dclduo If if. 30:31.62 Dan and Reneee So this is our first time to bone air. We love bone air bone air was actually you that was probably a very pleasant and very great surprise it was it was sort of an offbeat island I don't think it's that visited till you go there and there's no like the pushy vendors. Not a one and. 30:32.90 dclduo Um, oh nice, nice, awesome. Yeah, oh awesome. 30:44.86 dclduo Um, yeah, yeah. 30:47.99 Dan and Reneee And you just got out of the port a little bit and there's all these nice boutique shops. Not the souvenirs. You know one side with the suies the other side with diamonds international and hands it was so nice. It was such a pleasant Island we all and I saw on the ah. 30:51.96 dclduo Right. 30:57.63 dclduo I Love it. Yeah. 31:04.67 Dan and Reneee On the Facebook page. Everyone loved that island. 31:06.71 dclduo Oh awesome I Love hearing that so I want to talk about another maybe good upgrade that you all experienced on board which was the incanto celebration. Yeah, so why don't you tell us what that was um and that way are those of. 31:16.60 Dan and Reneee Um, yeah, oh that was very nice. Yeah, that was very nice. 31:24.24 dclduo Those of you who are listening and haven't heard about this. It's just a new experience exclusive to the Disney magic. 31:31.48 Dan and Reneee Um, um, basically it was it was set up and they had um, two hosts there when you when you first walked in they had 2 craft you could do and you could um, a step by step instructions for each one. So um, making flowers and making butterflies. So we. And taken those they hadd set up the d lounge and decorated it um with an a conto theme which was really nice. He had a bar set up where you could get um incanto themed drinks different kind of um spanish bes I guess from Columbia because that's where um, flat compto is. They um, had like singalongs and they had like trivia questions it was done really nice. Yeah, they they really involved the crowd like they came into the crowd to get to get some of the kids. Yeah, that was so I thought they did a pretty nice job of that and then they did a sing along of the inconto songs that was kind of was neat. 32:07.26 dclduo No fun. 32:22.30 dclduo Yeah. 32:24.90 Dan and Reneee And and then they brought out. Um, oh they Mary Bell Mary Bell and then they had someone else whose name will not be met. Yes, a a for forgot. Yeah yeah, we brought up bruna and then then people could take pictures with them I will give it I will give a tip. Ah for for people out there. 32:30.30 dclduo Oh yeah, with someone who we don't talk about but. 32:41.93 Dan and Reneee Because when they do it at the incanto. There's no shutters photographer so you're just taking your own pictures and there's usually a line if you go we actually had another session to meet with Mary Bell and and Bruno the day before with shutter photographers. 32:50.35 dclduo Ah. 32:56.84 dclduo Um, ah ah so ok, oh nice. Okay, so good to know that there's more than one opportunity and it sounds like they did. 32:59.15 Dan and Reneee So that was ah that was a good that was a good experience to actually get pictures so you were not rushed and you got you got the professional shutters pictures. 33:12.58 dclduo Um, the incanto celebration may be twice on that day. Yeah. 33:15.23 Dan and Reneee Yeah, yes, it we yes, they they did 1 at two o'clock at 1 at four o'clock went for for our particular. Yeah, we went to the first one? Yeah, unfortunately it wasn't well. Ah for us we didn't even know about it till we got on the ship we started seeing social media. 33:19.66 dclduo Yeah. 33:28.86 dclduo Yep. 33:28.87 Dan and Reneee And must have been announced like the day we got a ship. Yeah, which I knew nothing I turned to Rene I'm like what what we this? they're talking about. Yeah we didn't know what it all. 33:33.47 dclduo You are correct. It was not publicized ahead of time we saw it I think the day you boarded or the day before and we posted about on social media but we couldn't find much we couldn't find hardly anything about it all it was we knew was that there was going to be an inconto celebration. 33:51.74 Dan and Reneee Um, yeah. 33:51.98 dclduo And that there was going to be an opportunity to meet Maribelle and Bruno but we didn't know that it was going to be a singalong. We didn't know that it was going to have decorations or crafts or you know any of that I think it was odd that Disney didn't actually do any publicity for it until it after it launched it. Maybe maybe. 33:57.52 Dan and Reneee Um, now yeah. 34:10.17 Dan and Reneee Um, yeah. 34:11.24 dclduo Weren't sure to let's let's give them the benefit of the doubt and say maybe they weren't sure they were actually going to be able to pull this thing off on that cruise right? Yeah so it sounds like there were a lot of contractors on board still doing work. What what kinds of things Did you see. 34:16.29 Dan and Reneee Yeah, they were well. They were busy. Let's say the the crew was busy before very busy. Yeah I Yes, yes, they're mostly doing that the contractors mostly doing the electrical and air conditioning I think the the biggest thing I think they're trying to do was. 34:31.00 dclduo Around the ship being done. Ok. 34:40.80 Dan and Reneee Figure out because you had some areas that working and wasn't working which meant the censors the condition. Yeah, they were trying to find the sensors they were. They were majorly working on wiring to try to figuring out where the sensor you know I mean where it's being lost or gained so there were a bunch of them. They were the big big European deal. Oh yeah. 34:52.81 dclduo Ah, gotcha yeah gosh that that that sounds like a needle in a haystack kind of job that's like when you have the strand of Christmas lights. 34:58.30 Dan and Reneee They were all yeah and they were everywhere special decade. Yeah. 35:06.95 dclduo And you got to figure out which one is out in order to figure out why your strand is completely out. Yeah, ah oh my goodness. Yeah yeah. 35:11.26 Dan and Reneee Yeah, yeah, and this is a 20 year old chip. Yeah, who knows what's from their original designs who knows what's changed God Bless them. They worked hard. They were there a lot. Um, but yeah, a lot. Yeah I mean even after we moved out of our room the next morning that room was torn up. It took all the ceiling panels down all the yeah they but they they put like Saran wrap on all the Floors. So I didn't damage any on the ground but all the top stuff was gone Well we were near I think I think an intake and air Intake. So I think that that was influencing things. 35:28.81 dclduo Um, Wow Oh my goodness. Wow That's um. 35:45.10 dclduo Gotcha Oh interesting now. Um is there anything that we've missed as far as like issues on the ship or upgrades to the ship I don't want to I don't want to miss anything while I have you all. 35:45.40 Dan and Reneee Yeah, off the back there's I think there was an air intake. 36:00.00 Dan and Reneee Upgrades Now we talked about Salt Yeah, talked about So okay, the boy in a vista theater that yeah concierge lounge I think you've hit everything. Yeah. Yeah, because I mean I think they were I think what happened was one of the things we did here one of the reasons why they got put behind was that when the contractors cut a pipe above the atrium and you can imagine what happened next water it wasier through the chandelier or water flooding everywhere. Yeah. 36:23.80 dclduo Oh no, oh no, so but not during the sailing but but right, but but during Dryda but that oh my goodness I can I you got. 36:33.92 Dan and Reneee Yeah I know this was during dry Dark. So I I think that set them back a lot. Um, yeah, yeah, yeah, we felt for the C crew you they were. They were so nice. Yeah I mean we can tell you a lot of the C Crew Definitely like they're like yeah we were really wondering whether this sail was going to happen even up to almost like the day. 36:42.29 dclduo Feel for him at that point right? I mean it's like it. Yeah. 36:57.52 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah, you know we did hear from our ah the other guests that we talked to that was on your sailing she had asked I don't know who it was that she was talking to but she said that I guess the ship. 37:00.44 Dan and Reneee Because there was so much not done. 37:15.34 dclduo Crew had asked Dcl whether or not they were going to cancel your sailing and it was a call the call was made by shoreside The call was not made by the onboard crew which is not surprising I mean let's be honest, like those are corporate decisions right? um. 37:26.73 Dan and Reneee Um, Wow Yeah right. 37:33.59 dclduo But it sounds like some of the crew maybe thought the ship wasn't show ready then it sounds like it. Yeah, and yeah. 37:38.56 Dan and Reneee Um, you know? yeah they agree? Yeah, but I mean we still love the magic I mean I don't know what we' stated on this particular show just it just we felt sorry for some of the we noticed the difference we felt sorry for some of the new people. 37:51.22 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 37:53.66 Dan and Reneee Didn't seenn's glory because there were still marks from dry dock. You know, mean on the decks and the painting not done that we know that will get done over the next few weeks if you return to magic in probably 3 four weeks 38:01.36 dclduo Right. 38:07.59 Dan and Reneee You You would never know it. You would never know what happened and everything would be back to normal. Yeah, ah nice. You tell you the truth I think they will do something I'm hoping I think yeah I suggested a pocket door. 38:10.17 dclduo Yep, yeah except maybe that closet. Ah. 38:15.83 dclduo You think I hope they do yeah. 38:23.79 Dan and Reneee Make it s slide. They of his foot or I or at least I got one of the rides seek that yes, that would be nice and I don't think I don't think a woman was consulted. 38:29.72 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah, reads yeah, but that's a good point Renee you know what? because men's clothes are more generally more foldable. Um, except for maybe you know dress shirts right? And so yeah. 38:44.43 Dan and Reneee Um, yeah I'm taking a no comment. 38:47.76 dclduo I love it Dan Hilarious now I I do know we talked offline that um Disney did give you some compensation for the fact that your cruise was impacted by obviously the first room you had no air conditioning lots of unfinished issues. Um, did you feel satisfied with you know how Disney handled the situation given what you experienced and what other people experienced. 39:13.61 Dan and Reneee For our experience I say yes, yeah I mean I think they did yeah know I mean a good job I mean fortunately you know the crew was great to us. Yeah I mean they they definitely tried. Yeah, every time you poured something they were there within the hour you know and I mean trying to fix things. 39:21.48 dclduo Yeah. 39:27.80 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 39:32.33 Dan and Reneee So and then the compensation was you know I mean was was good for us I mean I'm not complaining at all. We never asked for anything now be quite honest with you. They I never asked and we you know so it is We know some of the other people that were moved also got something. 39:34.40 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah. 39:42.42 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 39:48.42 Dan and Reneee I'm guessing you had to have the more serious you had to move issues. 39:49.25 dclduo Right? right? I'm sure. Yeah I you know it. It sounds like really the issue is is mostly communication right and being responsive and if the crew does those things and I think i. I kind of compare this with what happened on the wish just a couple weeks ago. They had a mechanical issue. They ended up um, stuck in Nasa and they gave people compensation through ah partial refund and future cruise credit. And I know that a lot of people were not really happy with that I thought it was actually reasonable. What the compensation was um, but it so it seems to me like the communication was what made people more upset than actually the compensation and it seems from talking to you all that. You know the communication was good despite there being significant issues and the responsiveness was good as well. Yeah. 40:40.92 Dan and Reneee yeah yeah I would say I mean they worked with us I mean constantly between the concierge house. We had junior David and yeah favia look fabio. Yeah so they they were very good. You know I mean they were always responsive you know and the crew. 40:52.25 dclduo Oh nice. 41:00.60 Dan and Reneee Because because back as they were still working on those rooms. The officers were there all the time. So all I do is grab and show them that hey a a this tile is like halfway on the ground. Yeah oh you have? Okay, oh. 41:03.83 dclduo Oh yeah, yeah, ah well I'm in a shout out to Pierre I don't think he listens to our show but we've met him on board. We yeah and we adore him. He is a lovely person. 41:18.68 Dan and Reneee He's great. 41:20.11 dclduo Um, yeah, he's ah he's just ah, a real nice guy and and clearly a good manager and I'm glad to hear that he was one of the people on board because you know that he would be on it and trying to be responsive and trying to deal with people's concerns. So I Think the big question is. When are you sailing again or are you selling again? ah. 41:39.62 Dan and Reneee Um, won no we're we're definitely selling. Yeah selling. Yeah we got the yeah now we've been this is our 20 that was our twenty first cruise where we have not sound disney wish so we're gonna give it a shot. We're gonna give it a go. But. 41:52.32 dclduo Oh nice. Oh I'm excited I'm up awesome. When are you all headed on the wish. Um because I would love to hear your review after you get off now that you you know you've sailed on on all the other ships and so the wish is very different. 41:55.31 Dan and Reneee So but we're gonna try pocierres there on on the Disney Wish so. 42:05.92 Dan and Reneee Um, sure that's I that's said that's where that's our mindset we're going take everything we know, throw it out and just go with the way it goes we're are we're doing a very merry in November but. 42:09.35 dclduo So yeah. 42:16.82 dclduo Absolutely Oh Awesome! Fantastic! Oh friend. Awesome! yeah. 42:24.40 Dan and Reneee And then next year we have the wonder for Alaska we're going coming your way cross the across the pond get get across the states there out to Vancouver. 42:34.53 dclduo Absolutely just a few hours north to our our neighbors in British Columbia it's it's a beautiful place I'll I'll send you some recommendations of places to eat in Vancouver as well. Um, but anyway, thank you so much for coming on the show. We really appreciate it. Thanks again for sharing all the pictures and information. 42:41.72 Dan and Reneee Um, that'd be awesome. 42:54.30 dclduo You know as a play by play while everything was going on during the ship that it really was ah invaluable to be able to share that with our audience and and the greater social media world. So thanks again for being on the show. 43:03.29 Dan and Reneee Um, yeah, no, no thank you for having us I just want to leave us 1 thought that you know even though we had challenges. We still love the magic we will sell in the magic again. These issues will be resolved and we'll be back. No doubts. 43:13.90 dclduo Awesome! Absolutely awesome.

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