February 23, 2023


Ep. 291 - Manhattan Clam Chowder: A Disney Cruise from NYC to Canada

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Brian Sam
Ep. 291 - Manhattan Clam Chowder: A Disney Cruise from NYC to Canada
DCL Duo Podcast: A Disney Cruise Line Fan Podcast
Ep. 291 - Manhattan Clam Chowder: A Disney Cruise from NYC to Canada

Feb 23 2023 | 00:58:46


Show Notes

Tracey joins us to share her recent Disney Cruise Line sailing from NYC to Canada aboard the Disney Magic.  We were so excited to chat with Tracey about this sailing because DCL sailings to Canada are few and far between; and some ports are now restricting large cruise ships from visiting. We wanted to hear all about the ports and the unique aspects of this sailing, including the iconic sail out of Manhattan. All that and much more on this episode of the DCL Duo Podcast!

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Episode Transcript

00:00.00 dclduo Welcome back everybody to this week's episode of the Dc L Duo Podcast brought to you by my path unwinding travel and sam you are clearly safely ensconced in your green room Mickey pillows. 00:14.86 Sam Yeah I've got everything. Yeah I've got no I I wish they were full of popcorn right now. They're all empty. Um, but I have a lot of popcorn buckets. My favorite ones right now are probably from the um, the main street electrical parade. 00:15.22 dclduo Popcorn Buckets the whole thing. Yeah are the Popcorn Buckets full of popcorn is that where your snacks are housed or. 00:32.20 Sam Pop. Well, it's a popcorn bucket and then it's the the little Snail Zipper cup guy. Yeah. 00:36.86 dclduo Yeah, well and you've got Mr. Toad's wild ride on its way hopefully soon courtesy of Mr Chad pennycuff yeah Yeah yeah, well 00:40.19 Sam On its way. Yes, add to my popcorn. Yeah to add to my hubcorn bucket collection I Love it. Yeah. 00:51.11 dclduo Popcorn buckets aside we are excited to welcome our guests to the show this evening and start by welcoming Tracy to our show. Welcome Tracy hi. 00:55.21 Tracey Um, hi off. 00:57.50 Sam Hey yeah, well and it's funny Brian you say this evening but everybody can see if they're watching you on video that it's actually the middle of the day time as we're recording. 01:09.43 dclduo It's hey it's daylight savings time so you know we've got longer a little longer the sun. It's actually much later here than they know. Ah, we're also north you know shorter days. But anyway anyway, yes I I talk in terms of evenings, not mornings and afternoons. But yes, um, well. Tracy we're going to be chatting about a cruise you took out of New York to Canada which we're excited to talk about but before we get there. Can you tell our listeners a little bit about your experience with Disney Cruise line before that sailing or just up until now and maybe even if you've sailed any other cruise lines. 01:45.00 Tracey Um, yes I did sail once before on a Carnival Cruise many years ago and then um, my first Disney Cruise was in 2013 and this one that we just completed to Canada was our first platinum number 11 01:59.40 dclduo Oh wow. 01:59.10 Sam Oh Yay Congrats That's awesome. What other kinds of itineraries have have you all done. 02:06.97 Tracey We have only done Caribbean So this was a really nice change. 02:10.72 Sam Oh Wow and have you done Eastern and Western or and and do you have a favorite between them. 02:10.86 dclduo Nice. 02:18.52 Tracey Definitely eastern. Um, we've done most of the western ports I've never been to Jamaica but. 02:23.72 Sam Um, yeah, we haven't been to Jamaica yet either. That's one we were supposed to go on one of the cruises and then itinerary change. 02:28.65 dclduo Yeah I don't think we've ever been I don't think we've ever been slated to go to Jamaica we had 1 We're supposed to go to key west and that got changed and shifted over to Mexico but I don't think we were ever supposed to go to ah to Jamaica but it's on our list. It's on our list. Um. Tracy what what ships have you been on with thisykers line. 02:49.44 Tracey Ah I just got off the wish on Monday so that was all 5 Yay yeah. 02:52.99 dclduo Oh fabulous. 02:54.99 Sam Oh my goodness hey so so you just did ah wish Bahamas you know regular three or four night crews 03:02.72 Tracey This is actually special itinerary I don't know where it came from but it was a three night that didn't stop in nassa we got a c day that it was scheduled to be that way. It wasn't you know like a last minute change. 03:13.14 Sam Oh awesome, Awesome! That's even better just castaway and see time I Love it. Oh awesome. 03:14.98 dclduo Okay, fun. Yes, so you've completed your grand slam and now you're fab 5 I take it. Ah so there you go? Yeah yeah, we have that. 03:19.00 Tracey Um, yes, yeah, it was fantastic. 03:24.25 Tracey PS. 03:28.40 dclduo The treasure coming out. We got to figure out what the 6 ship is going to be in 7 the 7 dwarves I think is what I'm going for although that that denotes website breakdowns and things for Disney so maybe not a great idea now. Um, well let's ah yeah, yeah. 03:36.14 Sam Ah, never dar west site. But yeah, seeing those 7 dwarves is not a good thing typically if you're on Disney Cruiselines web website. Ah. 03:37.24 Tracey Ah. 03:47.38 dclduo Well let's talk about this exciting cruise out of New York Tracy what prompted you you said you did mostly caribbean sailings what prompted you to pick a sailing out of New York to Canada. 03:58.39 Tracey Ah, it was very last minute we booked it like a week before we left because we were already going to be in New York I actually had had my heart set on um, a longer itinerary. 04:01.90 Sam No wow. 04:10.23 Tracey Ah, and then we had a scheduling conflict conflict so that wasn't going to happen so we were already going to be in New York that week and they just happened to have a sailing on the magic leaving on Monday October tenth and we were going to fly out of New York on Tuesday the eleventh but I was like oh let's just do this instead. 04:25.44 Sam Awesome! Awesome now was go ahead. 04:25.76 dclduo Um, yeah, and whereabouts in the country. Oh go ahead. Tracy. 04:28.73 Tracey And I had I'm sorry I had found out. There was a change in the schedule anyway I had off of work the whole week and one of my kiddos had off of school the whole week and another one had off half the week so I was like we have to do it. Yeah. 04:40.91 Sam Oh my goodness. Yeah now the itinerary did it go was it to and like back and forth to New York or did it end someplace else like was it a repositioning. Oh awesome. Yeah. 04:53.20 Tracey No, no, it was ah in and out of Manhattan. 04:56.10 dclduo Okay, and and where were you coming to New York from Tracy Ah that's right, that's right, yeah that's right we've had Tracy on the show before sam you're giving her the whole pre-work spiel but Tracy's been on before I talk about New Orleans I'm yeah yeah. 04:58.56 Tracey New Orleans 05:02.10 Sam Um, ah, New Orleans 05:09.26 Sam Um, oh I forget I'm sorry. Ah. 05:13.73 dclduo I thought I thought I was going to remind folks that she had been on to talk to us about sailing out of New Orleans before and yeah, you were given her the pre-show spiel like she was new so I just went with it but no Tracy's been on this show before um, all right? Well you flip from New Orleans you were there. You took the cruise you said you've done a lot of caribbean cruising. But. 05:18.22 Sam That's right. 05:32.93 dclduo Cold weather cruising That's a big difference too I feel like where you ah how that go for you. Overall yeah, how that go for you. Overall. 05:35.60 Sam Yeah, especially October yeah. 05:39.27 Tracey So it went fine. The weather was actually beautiful and perfect. But we way overpacked like we had we probably had like 3 coats each you know where we don't know I'd like to give people some perspective when. 05:51.82 dclduo Ah, yeah. 05:56.11 Tracey It gets below ° here my kids schools they that's when they stop outside recess. But. 06:05.20 Sam Ah, yeah, we would if we had um that happen here in Seattle that would be kind of a problem because the kids would never be outside but actually always joke like if if they canceled things for rain here in Seattle like we would be stuck inside like all the all winters. So. 06:05.48 dclduo Ah. 06:12.40 Tracey Space. 06:20.96 dclduo Yeah, yeah, no for sure for sure. Well, you were in New York ahead of time which I think is probably a good thing right? You get to experience New York City before you get on the cruise. Um. 06:23.15 Sam That's hilarious. 06:32.39 dclduo What was the situation like getting from where you were staying in New York to the port was that a fairly easy transfer for you. 06:38.32 Tracey Oh so easy. It's really close I was surprised like um, we we stayed maybe a block or 2 outside of times square because we're seeing a lot of shows. Um, and then when we took the uber from the hotel to the port I mean even with traffic it was. 06:47.38 Sam Um. 06:53.80 Tracey Maybe like a 20 minute ride it was weak if we didn't have a ton of luggage. We maybe could have walked but who wants to do that right? um. 06:56.50 Sam Oh my goodness. 06:58.70 dclduo Oh wow yeah well, especially through the streets of New York yeah I think walking with luggage is my least favorite activity there. Um. 07:03.24 Sam Yeah, before we get to the cruise can I ask you what your favorite show was that you saw while you were in Manhattan this is always the most important thing for me. 07:11.86 Tracey So we really love theater. So like the sole purpose of going. Um for that trip was ah into the woods. 07:18.90 Sam Oh I'm so jealous because I that's one of my favorite musicals of all time and I loved the ber itette Peters version of it where she's the witch and I would have loved to see that production on Broadway and I heard it was fantastic. 07:20.98 dclduo Ah. 07:30.51 Tracey Um, same. 07:36.75 Sam But as good as you expected it to be. 07:40.24 Tracey Oh it was so good I I like booked um, when they had the original cast I don't want to get to off topic. But when they had like um Brian dararcy James Sarah Barlles Philippa suou but like as soon as I book they changed cast but they were still fantastic. There were still just. 07:49.19 Sam Yeah, yeah. 07:56.95 Tracey Stephanie J block as the Baker's wife and the baker whose name escapes me and the 2 princes. Oh my god I have never seen anything so funny. 08:02.20 Sam Oh awesome I Love it. Love it. 08:04.30 dclduo Nice, nice. Well you arrive at the cruise terminal. We just actually talked to somebody last week about sailing out of New York and I think they described a portion of the cruise terminal as befitting a Halloween movie or so said said the said that said. 08:19.73 Sam Not not not the terminal that you all sailed out of the 1 right next door. Yeah. 08:24.18 dclduo No, no, they one next door. Yeah, but but they did they the cruise terminal was a little industrial rustic New York Chic ah and so I don't know how did how did you find the cruise terminal. 08:24.72 Tracey Oh. 08:36.87 Tracey I mean it was fine. It's it's not port canaveral. But I mean we sat out of um Miami New Orleans and Galveston also so I mean it was fine I don't I guess I didn't wasn't paying a ton of attention because I don't care about. Um. 08:42.13 Sam E. 08:51.25 dclduo Yeah. 08:55.00 Tracey But it was it was definitely like when we got dropped off. We were kind of like are we in the right spot. Ah, we kind of had to find our way a little bit. It's not. It's not the organized. You know Disney Run procedure that you're used to a pork can averal but it was fine. We got where we needed to go quickly. 09:06.97 Sam Yeah, and it's not that I feel like. 09:07.21 dclduo Yeah I I find that's the part you need to I find that's the part you need to pay attention to is is how well organized it is to get from outside the terminal to in the terminal and through security and all of that I mean so was it was it a fairly smooth boarding process Once you sort of figured out where you needed to be. 09:13.51 Sam Yes. 09:24.60 Tracey Yeah I would say so especially because um I didn't have my you know the little qr code that they scan I didn't have it downloaded in my phone so I would have to give my stateroom number every time but we didn't have any problems. 09:33.99 dclduo Nice. 09:34.20 Sam Oh good. Yeah I feel like no port is sort of as ready to go as port canaveral is but they still figure it out. You know it's not like it may not be as as. Mickey Smooth as port canaveral but it'll be it'll all just end up fine right. 09:51.68 dclduo Yeah, yeah, well as long as you make it into the ship. 09:52.25 Tracey Yeah I actually I would say I prefer it over Miami I've done Miami twice. 09:57.14 Sam E. 10:00.39 dclduo Okay, well you get on board. Ah you are on the magic. It must have been yes, the magic out of New York there was this this was not your first time aboard the magic though number 3 ok. 10:13.19 Tracey Um, no, this was number 3 Um. 10:14.31 Sam Awesome. 10:17.34 dclduo Ah, do they have you board the ship into the atrium like they do and most of the other terminals some terminals it just depends on waterline and a whole bunch of other stuff where you get on but did you board into the atrium and get the whole and family announcement and all that sort of stuff. Nice, Ok um, how was. 10:28.50 Tracey We did. 10:32.00 Sam It's so fun. 10:35.50 dclduo Sail away because sail away is a fairly iconic iconic sail away out of New York harbor and so how was that. 10:42.62 Tracey It was so beautiful. Um, you know we you leave right around sunset you go out, you're going to go past the statue of Liberty and Ellis Island um you get to see the manhattan skyline. Um, and the. I went said the deck was crowded. There was plenty of room. We got a chair but I mean there was a lot of people out there enjoying the saile away. My two kids didn't want to see it like we didn't we specifically did not go to the statue of liberty as like we're going to see it on the way out the youngest 1 is 7 she. As soon as like the sail away party was over. She's like please check me in the kids's club the the age where she is kids club obsessed does not want to leave ever. Um and then the oldest one just decided she was going to explore the ship on her own. She's 12 so um. 11:19.26 dclduo Ah. 11:21.56 Sam Yeah. 11:30.63 Sam Ah. 11:32.31 Tracey Yeah, my mom and I got a glass of champagne and we enjoyed it so much. Um I actually did a time lapse video. Ah that came out pretty good and it's very short if you want me to share with you. 11:39.44 Sam Oh awesome, awesome. 11:41.32 dclduo Nice yeah, you will. We'll throw that up on the Facebook page if you share it sure I'd be great. Um, what ah but was were there other ships in port. When you got on or was it just ah just Disney. 11:55.69 Tracey Ah, no, there was another ship in Port Norwegian was next to us and I think there was another ship. Um the weirdest thing ever ended up happening the Norwegian ship that was next to us had. 12:01.16 dclduo Okay. 12:12.10 Tracey Ah, very similar itinerary and my mom who sails with us rent ended up like they posted on Facebook right before we're leaving that they were on the shit. The norm region ship next to us then we ran into them at the port in New Brunswick 2 people from New Orleans like what are the odds it was so I mean if I didn't know. 12:25.71 Sam Um, wow. 12:26.51 dclduo Ah, yeah. 12:30.55 Tracey From Facebook that they were going to be there. Um I don't know if I would have even made the connection. But that's that was really weird. But yes there were other shifts there. 12:36.80 dclduo Yeah, so is it was a five night sailing I think you set up front where where did it where did it stop new brunswick obviously but where else 6 nights. Okay. 12:37.58 Sam Awesome. 12:46.39 Tracey Yeah, it was it was um, six nights we had a we had a c day then we went to bar Harbor Maine then st john New Brunswick then Halifax nova scotia and then another lovely sea day and the sixth morning we've devarked 13:04.30 dclduo Gotcha got you? Well I'm I'm very curious to hear about the port Stops street before we get there What kind of room did you get on board the sailing this time. Perfect perfect all right all right. 13:11.90 Tracey Standard inside Stateroom always. 13:16.16 Sam Listen Everybody's got their preference right? and I feel like you go with your tried and true, whatever works and people love it people and people love those inside state rooms especially for sleeping because they have no sunlight got beking in in the middle of the night. 13:18.27 Tracey Um, right. 13:20.29 dclduo Yeah. 13:30.80 Tracey Um, oh good. It's pitch black. It's a cave I Love it. 13:30.33 dclduo Yes. 13:34.83 Sam Yeah, they get them so people get the best sleep of their lives on a cruise ship I think in general. So even you know the rocking darkness all of that and combined awesome. Also yeah. 13:37.53 dclduo Um, yeah. 13:41.64 Tracey And. 13:42.75 dclduo Well, let's talk ports for a few minutes because I think that's the really unique thing about this itinerary the ports it stops at and so Maine bar harbor main how I have no idea what bar harbor main looks like but. How was that as a port and did you get off and do anything in bar harbor what what was the port experience like there. 14:05.29 Tracey Ah, it was fantastic. It was so beautiful It I mean I've seen lots of pictures and they don't even do it Justice We were there at the times when the leaf chain the leaves change also like foliage I mean that was amazing for me because I don't know I've never seen foliage before like. 14:10.26 Sam M. 14:22.50 dclduo Ah. 14:22.25 Tracey Where I man there's there's mostly green and sometimes brown like it's dead. There's no like changing colors with the season. 14:26.60 Sam Yeah, new england yeah new england in New York and then new england I would say in the fall is just beautiful I mean all the different. All the different tree colors like like everything from like yellow to deep reds and browns and I love I mean I grew up and you know outside of New York city and la fall fall it also happens to be when my birthday is but fall was always my favorite season because of all the colors and just how pretty it is and leaf peeping I've never heard that. Ah. 14:54.35 dclduo What do they? What do they call it there. It's leaf peeping you go leaf peeping I think is what they call it I've heard leaf peeping all right? Well someone can correct me out there and they me well so what? what kind of excursions did Disney offer. 15:02.46 Tracey Um, yeah I read that too I'm like leaveaf deeper That's a bit offensive but okay I Guess that's what I am ah. 15:09.99 Sam Ah. 15:13.43 dclduo For Bar Harbor like what sorts of things Could you do. 15:16.77 Tracey Um, they had several different ah Acadia National Park um excursions and a couple different ones that went out on a lobster boat I'm trying to remember all of them. Um, we did do Disney excursions in every port and we booked last minute so availability was pretty limited. Um, we booked. 15:30.34 dclduo Here. 15:34.12 Tracey And Acadia National Park Bus Tour and they had 1 where you get off for a while like you take a bus there but you spend a lot of time walking around all I was able to get was the one where you you get out for like 20 minutes at the summit of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park I mean those those views were beautiful, um, but it's it's not it wasn't a super long tour. 15:44.38 dclduo M. 15:53.52 Tracey I wish we could have spent more time in the park. Ah, but you know it just didn't work out that way. But it's a tender port so we got off and we got on shore probably around 11 um, and once you get off the port I mean it's it's beautiful like a postcard the minute you step off of the. 15:54.36 Sam 6 16:11.63 Tracey The dock. Um, there's a nice little park there. We walked a few feet um up to a restaurant called Galens and we had his delicious meal with um clam chowder lobster bisque main lobster blueberry cobbler you know all kinds of. 16:12.66 dclduo Um, yeah. 16:29.80 Tracey Local food that I thought was excellent. 16:31.96 Sam Ah, you speak in my love language I have a beautiful lobster roll and some and some new England Clam chowder. Yeah I be looking for the I Actually really like the Connecticut Style Lobster roll up I'm going to put this out there as a it's. 16:35.90 dclduo You say Sam would be looking for the lobster roll lobster roll and. 16:45.62 Sam Butter instead of mayonnaise you can either. You know the may the traditional main style is is is mayoies but the traditional Connecticut style is with butter. Yes, so I'd be looking for. Yeah I mean they're both good but I'd be looking for the Connecticut style but that cup of Clam New England Clam Chowder there is like no but I'm sorry Manhattan Chowder fans 16:52.10 dclduo I I like them both. 17:04.93 Sam It's just not where it's at Clam New England Clam there are there are ah well and Seattle is it's funny. Seattle is actually a place where new england clam chowder is like a plenty as well. It's even though we're obviously the northwest not the northeast. 17:06.40 dclduo Are there are there Manhattan Clam Chowter fans if so ah, please please let us know because I if if you if if you're not a fan in new england clam chowter I mean I guess the lactose dollar but. 17:21.94 dclduo Is iors iors claimhowter not a sponsor of this show. But once again, if you'd like us to ho your clownhowter. Let us know, um well and I'm so I'm curious if was it a how long were you in ports and we we were in Norway these are like. 17:24.32 Sam But yeah. 17:38.88 dclduo Pretty substantial port days. You could do an excursion you could wander around town and and I guess how long were you important how big was bar Harbor was it a place where you could sort of I don't know tour around the ah the main part of Bar Harbor pretty easily on your own or would it require an excursion. 17:53.96 Tracey It was definitely walkable. Um, after we had our lunch. They have a very nice ah paved area that you can walk. Um, ah it goes along it goes along the coast. So you're walking along the ocean hallway and then on other side is some beautiful grounds of the bar Harbor Inn um and if you follow it all the way down to the end you end up just in like a residential area. Um, and you get to see some of those beautiful victorian homes. Um, and then you you know you walk out and you walk like maybe 1 or 2 blocks and then you're in another little town area so we stopped at a coffee shop. Um, we went to a bookstore. 18:11.64 Sam Nice. 18:28.50 Tracey And then we know we just walked in the bookstore and then we ah we passed an ice cream spot that had fresh blueberry ice cream. So of course we had to eat that which was also delicious. 18:37.94 dclduo What's the what's the souvenir from Bar Harbor What what are they? What are they trying to get you to take home with you. 18:43.60 Sam Ah. 18:43.59 Tracey Ah, you know nothing really sticks out I guess I'm not ah I'm not a big like souvenir person. So I didn't really notice I guess right. 18:45.12 Sam Yeah I think it's. 18:47.63 dclduo Yeah, yeah, I figure you can't be taking home lobster. But yeah. 18:50.70 Sam Yeah I think it's the no but the food is yeah but the food is what they're known for. It's really yeah, the lobster and the blueberries obviously are what they what? they're really known for. There's a lot of antiquing I feel like in that area those kind of pork. 19:05.87 Tracey Um, yes. 19:06.62 Sam Hounds are really famous for the in the north in New England in general but not even in the broader Northeast Yeah, there's I feel like antiquing is kind of is really really big. But obviously if you're getting on a cruise you're probably you might get like a small thing the small antique something or other but I'm not sure you could. 19:10.11 dclduo No. 19:24.99 Sam You know you're not going to like carry a table and chairs on the cruche. Ah. 19:27.20 dclduo Tiffany Lamp I mean you'll get that home easily I'm sure. Yeah, ah well so Tracy after bar harbor Maine you're headed to I think you said St John's New Brunswick did I get that right? Oh yes, yeah. 19:36.33 Sam We wait? Yes, but I want to ask how what how long they were in port until yeah, but what what time or approximately what time was all aboard because you're able to get off right? You said about 11 a m right. 19:39.51 Tracey Um, great. 19:47.86 Tracey Right? I I can't remember but everything that I just said we did all of that before our Arcadia Bus tour at three o'clock yeah so then we went and yeah we had to have been there until at least five thirty or six 19:54.33 dclduo Oh wow okay, well if the buster starts it if the buster starts at 3 or they're pretty a pretty decent amount of time. 19:54.52 Sam Oh Wow yeah. 20:03.87 Sam A. 20:05.75 Tracey And we were taking the tinder boat back to the ship. Um the sun was setting and it was so beautiful and now bar harbor has just banned cruise ships over a thousand people like you west. So yeah, yeah, maybe they'll I mean maybe they'll come back when they notice. 20:10.78 dclduo Nice. 20:10.86 Sam Oh so nice. 20:16.92 Sam No. 20:18.37 dclduo Ah. 20:24.78 Tracey I Guess the economic impact but you know who knows key West never did change back. So oh have they? um. 20:27.58 Sam Oh my goodness. 20:29.41 dclduo Actually key west ah has changed back now but not of their own not of their own choice. the the governor signed a bill into law that overrode the vote down there. So Virgin Voyages has been going back to key west unclear if unclear if Disney will ever go back. You know, just for local relationship. 20:42.66 Tracey Um, ah. 20:45.33 Sam Well and it wasn't and it wasn't a a common port for them Anyway, just like and about like bar Harbor Yeah, a bar Harbor is not a not a super common port They go there. You know maybe only on the magic really you know and well it might be the dream next year. But. 20:46.33 dclduo Reasons and that sort of thing. But yeah, now they stop there once or twice as season. Yeah. 21:01.97 dclduo Well and and some of these towns that have banned large Cruise ships have actually seen better tourism dollars coming in because you know they become a place that the cruises aren't stopping and so people come for the quieter experience and end up. 21:04.10 Sam Yeah, they only only a few a few sailings a year 21:19.12 dclduo Staying and spending more but so who knows who knows how the economics work who knows if people change their mind down the line. Ah well, that's sad to hear though that's sad to hear what what was the I guess as you progress along the trip. What is the weather like Tracy as folks are thinking about sailing to Canada oh in the seas. Yeah, what were the sea conditions in the weather like. 21:21.00 Sam Yeah. 21:31.89 Sam Um, oh yeah, and the seas. 21:37.28 Tracey I Don't remember any any particularly rough seas but I'm not sensitive to that. So um, you know I'm I'm not going to notice as much as probably someone else. Um, the maybe the last C day. 21:41.26 Sam So. 21:53.23 Sam Right. 21:53.54 Tracey You know when we're probably moving a little bit quicker to get back I feel like maybe I felt a little bit more motion but um, no other than that it was. It was pretty smooth I feel like. 21:55.56 dclduo Um, okay. 22:01.69 Sam Go. 22:03.36 dclduo And how is well I going to say the indicator say again. So the indicator on board if you're experiencing rough seas at least we found this out in Norway they start to put the the I'll put I'll call them doggie bags out in the bathroom. So ah. 22:14.88 Tracey Um, okay. 22:15.86 Sam Ah, yep. 22:16.79 dclduo So so yeah, those those go out in the bathrooms. But yeah, if you didn't see those. It was probably smooth sailing. Ah and what was the weather like as the trip progressive I mean how cold did it get ah during the trip. 22:27.91 Tracey The weather was beautiful like I would say in the afternoon it might have hit ° it was sunny. Um, yeah, it would it would be cold to us in the morning like in the fifty s that would be cold to us. Um, so I I did bring all 3 of my sweaters that I own and um. 22:30.76 dclduo Oh wow. 22:31.37 Sam Wow! yeah. 22:36.51 dclduo Um, yeah. 22:44.66 Sam Ah sorry I have to laugh because you own only 3 sweaters but it totally makes sense because you live in like a hot human New Orleans but in the pacific north right? sweaters. 22:50.84 dclduo Yeah, meanwhile I have a collection of sweatshirts sweaters over shirts coats. Yeah exactly Wow Yeah yeah. 22:59.68 Sam Right? Yeah hoodies you know, like just my sweatshirt collection. Yeah, that's just quite me. Yeah, yeah, yeah, no, it's just funny. 23:03.33 Tracey Yeah, the weather the weather is pretty much identical to Orlando in New Orleans 23:10.59 dclduo Did did you or the kids get up to any swimming because we did notice in Norway that you you could swim in the pools they were heated and I'm just curious. Ah did you get up and to any swimming while you were sailing. 23:20.89 Tracey Um I did not but my 2 um crazy water loving children. Ah the oldest one did the aqua dunk a number of times. Um, and the little one. Yeah, she she got in and out of the hot tub repeatedly. 23:27.55 Sam Love it. 23:35.70 Tracey You know watching funnel vision on the last C day. 23:35.66 dclduo And as I say pro tip if you're an Aqua dunk fan is to do these cold weather cruises because I it was me a little kid a little boy and a little girl that were just doing circles around. Yeah, go up, go down run back up. Go up, go down and. 23:36.78 Sam Nice I love. 23:44.33 Sam Um, there's no line. Oh yeah. 23:51.39 dclduo I talked to the one of the I think the little boy's dad at 1 point and he said yeah, he's gone on like 25 times so yeah 23:52.41 Sam Yes, yes, both him and that and that little girl Brian because when I was filming you that I kept seeing them come down and it was like crazy. They each had gone I think they each ended up going more than like 50 times in like one day and I think personally that that. 24:00.59 dclduo Yeah. 24:05.98 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 24:11.61 Sam Slight is terrifying so I just can't imagine but they they seem to love it. So I love that? Yeah yeah, and I do think Den Northeast was having unseasonably warm weather because I know that in New York in particular they were having like a very warm october this year so I imagine that. 24:13.40 dclduo Well, let's. Fair. 24:30.23 Sam Sort of even north of New York was was having such beautiful weather as well. Which is amazing I mean that kind of weather in October is fantastic. Yeah. 24:40.39 dclduo Yeah, well let's head up to ah St. John's New Brunswick again a port I'm not familiar with and many of our listeners probably won't won't be familiar with so what was that like were you tendering in or doced and yeah, what was it like. 24:55.58 Tracey That when we docked. Um it had a very industrial look to it. Um, in fact, where we went to see so the next two ports very heavily ah featured the Bay of Fundy for us something I didn't really know anything about before this cruise. Um I will try not to talk too much about it. 25:10.64 dclduo If. 25:12.93 Tracey Because I really like geeked out hard learning about it. It has the highest tides in the world. Um, in St John Ah, they have something called the reversing falls where the. 25:15.61 Sam Cool. 25:24.70 Tracey They afund the tide like on average is between forty and fifty feet it'll go all the way out and come all the way back in and so at some point when the tide empties into the river it's like higher than the river and will reverse the direction of the St Johns river twice a day so a big like yeah high point to go see is where that reverses over the falls and you can kind of. 25:37.97 dclduo Um, oh um. 25:43.67 Tracey See the River flowing Um Upstream I Guess it was very cool to me. Yes, um so that was. 25:46.29 dclduo Yeah, that is real how big is how how meat was think how big is St. John's in terms of I mean is it a sizable city or. 25:46.88 Sam That's so cool. Yeah. 25:56.34 Sam Or a small town. 25:58.88 Tracey Oh um, wouldn't call it a small town. Um I guess medium size I don't really know it's hard to tell because like a lot of these places. Um, well I think say John's and Halifax have a pretty good year round resident but ah. 26:02.90 Sam So. 26:14.26 Tracey Like where we were in bar harbor I mean think it's kind of like those alaskan ports where like probably 60% of the population. Don't even live there year round and everything shuts down at the end of October we were told. 26:19.64 Sam Right? Yeah, they're there for. 26:21.43 dclduo Yeah, yeah, and and what kind of ah what kind of excursions could you do in St. John's 26:30.79 Tracey Um, okay so again because we both last minute we the excursion that we got was not the one that I wanted so we ended up. Ah I want to say yeah we lost an hour between bar harbor and st john so I you know I went to port adventures the first day couldn't get it. Um. The next morning I got up like to go meet in the lounge where if you were taking excursion like this time change is going to get somebody. Somebody's going to mess up and somebody did because nobody had canceled but by the time they were ready to go someone hadn't shown up. Ah and that's how we got on. 26:52.79 dclduo Can you. 26:52.85 Sam He. 27:04.81 Sam Wow Ok, this is a brilliant pro tip I would never have thought of this tracy for those of you listening that is so smart for an early morning excursion I am sure that there are people who miss those early morning excursions because they like get. 27:06.52 Tracey That port adventure. Yeah. 27:24.36 Sam You know they maybe drink a little too much the night before going to match your mate and oversleep oh my goodness brilliant Tracy. 27:29.72 dclduo Well you you should have thought of this tip samy because wasn't it the day that we had a time change that you were I mean you're ready to go an hour early everywhere like yeah, so yeah. 27:37.18 Sam An Hour early. Yes, yes, because not so I thought that my my my phone had updated because it had updated the day before when we had an hour change and it but it didn't. Actually and so I was going around to try and do like open houses and I went to like open a door and it was locked and I was like huh and that's how I realized it was the wrong time. But anyway yeah I'm I'm an early riser. Um, that is probably because our sun has made me into an early riser. But yeah, yeah I could totally. I could totally snag. Someone's spot. But yeah. 28:12.37 dclduo So how how was the excursion ended up doing Tracy did you enjoy it. 28:18.16 Tracey Yeah, we really enjoyed it. Um, where we met ah there oh the others because we did an irving nature in the irving park nature hike which is like a nature preserve around there. Um, some of the other ones they had were whale watching wildlife photography. 28:29.30 Sam E. 28:33.16 Tracey Ah, they're all up on that they're still up on the Disney Cruise website for now so we went to um, irving nature park. You walk around you see like a ah salt grass marsh. Um, and then you take like a. Hike through and a nice little force I wouldn't really call it a hike like you guys did in Norway I mean it's a walk but the ground is is really uneven, um and then at the end you do up a bit of an incline. Um I mean it was fine. It wasn't too challenging but it was. 28:53.15 Sam E. 28:55.33 dclduo You're right. 29:03.30 Tracey You know one of the steeper climbs I've ever made because everything is like inverted or flat here. Um yeah, um. 29:09.15 dclduo Um, the city that sits below the River Yes, Ah yeah. 29:13.20 Sam Um, ah ah, right, Everything is low, low sea level below sea level not above sea level. That's how they measure things in corans. 29:20.59 Tracey Yeah, yeah, but our guide was really fantastic. Um, you know Disney always does a great job finding people like that. Ah she educated us a lot about you know the city and the the bay of fundy and um, then we got birdseed and you just had to stay in real still and. You know, hope that the birds would fly up to you and take some out of your hand and both of my kids that that was like a big deal for them. So um, you know that did happen to each of them at least once because if you if you have 2 and 1 gets it and the other one does it oh goodness, be ready for some years. But. 29:52.10 Sam Um, ah, ah, not yeah, not me. 29:52.66 dclduo Yeah, we did that some place im turn where we did I got I got some birdeed and put it in my hand and and you were trying to figure out how to get I was like you just hold your hand out the birds come. So yeah. 30:02.10 Sam No, no, not me that wasn't with me whatever you did that it wasn't with me because I would not do that I do not want birds. Yeah oh I know what it was we were It was at a zoo and it was like you and he and I think your dad was with us I can't remember where we were. 30:08.89 dclduo Ah, Nathan was Nathan was definitely there because I got him to do it. So yeah i. 30:20.20 Sam But you you went into like the aviary and you were hold it and I stayed out of yeah and I stayed out of the aviary because I don't I don't like hate birds but I don't want birds touching me like living me but in the like not yeah birds birds aren't real. 30:21.46 dclduo Oh that's right. 30:34.25 dclduo Hashtag birds aren't real birds aren't real. Yeah there you go? Ah um, well and so did did you get a chance to tour around St John's as well like you did in bar harbor or was it. You know a more compact day. 30:41.53 Sam Ah. 30:46.91 Tracey No, no, no. Um so yeah, after we did the little hike ah fed the birds by the way. Um on the bus when the guys said we would feed the birds somebody on the bus of course went. Up in a bag and she's like the guy is like what I'm like we're Disney people. We can't help it like don't it's okay, um, it wasn't it wasn't anybody in my family that time but um, right? Um, so and another. 31:04.72 Sam Yeah, of course I'm sure the whole everybody was singing the rest of the ride probably and. 31:18.73 Tracey Cool thing that they had there was ah like they called it a forest maze which is like a a tree maze I again had not seen anything like that before um, my kids got in and out of it fairly quickly I'm like wandering around like where are you? what's happening. They're like it's this way Mom come on and ah then they had a. 31:23.80 Sam Me. 31:31.70 Sam I Love that I'd be I'd be the lost one too. 31:38.17 Tracey Right? They had a really nice playground at the end I mean it was like a it was a park where you could tell locals would come in stuff. Um, it was very nice. Not that you something you really need to see on your cruise. Yeah, so that was only like maybe a 2 or 3 hour excursion in the morning. So then we did um we did go back to the ship and. 31:41.65 Sam Hidden. 31:55.93 Tracey My youngest wanted to go to the kids club. So um, we wanted to stay and explore the port I was like oh am I going to do this I was like all right I'm going to try it So I left her on the ship and we went walked around but I wouldn't go anywhere where I like couldn't see this ship like. 32:02.94 Sam E. 32:13.82 Tracey Like I felt like I could run back to it anytime I needed to um, we ate out a little. Ah well not a little. We ate at a local place down there I mean the food was good and we got lobster rolls there and we did ask for it. Ah I had not I wasn't familiar with the term Connecticut style. Um, it was the mayonnaise based version on the menu which is good I like it. But um, we asked for the butter and it was pretty good. There. Ah their clam chatter was pretty disappointing though. Um, yeah. 32:40.62 Sam Ah, bummer Yeah, not yeah I mean listen not all not all chowder is made equal right? I mean some places are going to be good in some places are not going to be great and it's yeah, ah. 32:45.54 Tracey Right. 32:50.75 dclduo And and some are going to make Manhattan style and then no one's going to eat it. So ah, ah well it sounds like a fun day there. Um. 33:00.66 Sam I I want to say I'm real proud of you Tracy for leaving the kid on the ship I have we have not done that we've left the kid at home. But we have not loved the kid on the ship. Ah, while we've done an excursion the closest we are or sort of walked out on port the closest we ever came to doing something like that was. Leaving Nathan at Scuttle's cove on Castaway when we were eating pellow brunch on the ship but that I feel like is like way safe because it's Disney's property and Disney's ship right? versus being split between you know, just a port and and the ship. so yeah so good what good on you I I feel like we're gonna. 33:31.99 Tracey Right. 33:37.66 Sam Probably I I'm going to want to do that. At some point we just we just haven't had it happen because like I said we left him at home The last cruise Yeah, that's true there. Yeah. 33:44.30 dclduo Well well we have to we have to try out some nanny land time perhaps a Disneyland or our next Disney world trip. So yeah, yeah, yeah, well Tracy up next is halifax and so that's probably is is as far north as you got was halifax that was probably the northernmost port right. 33:44.98 Tracey You are. 34:02.59 Sam Yeah. 34:02.70 Tracey Um, yes I should say so. 34:04.10 dclduo Yeah, and and so what was halifax like tendered or docked and how long were you there. What kind of excursions that they have. 34:12.69 Tracey So halifax was docked but we booked an all day like get off the ship First last one's back on. Um and this is not something I would normally do because it required a 90 minute bus ride each way but I just like it. 34:18.62 Sam Need me. Oh wow. 34:24.48 dclduo Well. 34:27.19 Tracey It appealed to me so much it was called explore the bottom of the ocean floor again. This is like another area of the bay of funding more northern. Um, where the tide goes out and you're in a bird coat head park um in Nova Scotia 34:39.29 dclduo Okay. 34:43.83 Tracey Ah, we had a wonderful guide for that 90 fit minute bus ride. He educated us so much and because I have acadian ancestry that came from Nova Scotia it was super exciting for me. Um, and he also told us I did not realize this um when the Titanic sunk. 34:52.76 Sam Oh cool. 34:54.67 dclduo Very cool. 35:03.28 Tracey Ah, the closest land was Newfoundland and I I guess there's not a lot there but many of the um people retrieved from the water were brought to halifax and buried there. There's a whole cemetery of um people who passed on the titanic. Yeah that we drove past I didn't know any of that. Um, prior to this port excursion. But anyway. 35:15.26 Sam Um, well. 35:16.60 dclduo How well. 35:22.50 Tracey The event. The port adventure was explore the ocean floor so where it went out like normally when it's high tide that would be 40 or fifty feet deep and there's a whole marine environment and you can go walk on the bottom of the ocean floor. Um and see like you know, seagrass beds and ah. 35:30.40 Sam Mean. 35:39.64 Sam No cool. 35:41.66 Tracey Marine life that gets left behind and ah it I mean it moves really fast like we stood in 1 spot and um, because this whole process only takes like six and a half hours so like where you were standing in six and a half hours that was going to be under forty feet of water fifty feet of water. Yeah yeah, ah. 35:54.80 dclduo Oh Wow yeah. 35:55.50 Sam Wow. 36:00.74 Tracey When we got home I was like nerding out watching documentaries about the bay of funny and everything it was really cool to me. Um, yeah, um, yeah, so and you could see I think in Halifax like the really popular. Um. 36:03.34 dclduo Um, yeah. 36:04.41 Sam Yeah, that that sounds awesome. 36:16.41 Tracey Excursion is a lighthouse called Peggy's cove I wasn't familiar with it but we got to see there was a lighthouse there. Also um, it wasn't peggy's cove. Um, and then you know it it was like super muddy. Obviously you're walking on something that's normally under that is underwater half the time. Um, but ah. 36:17.25 Sam So. 36:29.89 Sam What are yeah. 36:29.99 dclduo Are. 36:34.48 Tracey My kids and I we we loved it. Yeah, we. 36:34.95 dclduo Nice, nice. 36:35.10 Sam Oh that sounds awesome I would I feel like that's something I would want to do like see yeah I mean the fact that you can see that much ocean floor while the tide is out and then it's going to be covered by forty feet of water later that day that's like incredible I can't imagine. Yeah. Ah, love that. 36:53.91 dclduo Yeah, did let's go back on board for a second Tracy did they? Um, they do anything special on board for the canadian cruises and was this a since it's october was this a halloween on the high seas cruise for the magic. 37:06.44 Tracey This was Halloween on the high seas and I don't know where people are going but we did trick or treat I mean it wasn't much was like 3 or 4 tables but we did get to do it. 37:15.54 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah. 37:17.22 Sam Yeah, nice. Did they did. They have any? ah um, naturalists on board I mean I know they do this on like Alaska cruises and they do this on some other itineraries but I feel like there is probably some specific wildlife and and. Yeah, or or just sort of natural features that you're going to see in the bay of fundy did they have anybody on board doing any of these kind of like nature talks or anything like that. 37:42.96 Tracey Not that I know of and I think if they would have had something like that I would have you know, found out about it that would be something that yeah um, it's I mean it's definitely sorry. Go ahead. 37:47.54 Sam Um, yeah, you would have been tuned in more. Yeah no I agree you'd be I was just say I know I I agree I feel like you you would be somebody tuned into that because you were obviously those were the kinds of excursions you really sought out on this trip and and it sounds like those are some of the highlights. Ah that. 37:48.27 dclduo Nice. 38:05.52 Sam That would be awesome to kind of learn more about. But I guess that I guess what I guess Disney probably figures. Oh you'll you'll figure that out and you'll get that from your tour guides. Maybe. 38:16.63 Tracey Ah, yeah, um, we didn't get to see a whole lot of wildlife you know, um like some spots they're like oh sometimes you'll see seals here and we didn't see any seals ah on either excursion. Um. 38:25.76 Sam E. 38:28.59 dclduo Yeah. 38:32.57 Tracey Because that would be very exciting for me. We got to see oh we got to see some really pretty birds though. Sorry I mean imaginary birds. What. 38:37.19 Sam Cool birds aren't real. Yeah, we like ah. 38:41.46 Tracey Um, this. 38:41.69 dclduo Um, ah birds aren't real. Um, so I just rewind for a second about the kids club because you mentioned you know this was your first try it. Leaving your daughter in the kids club and then going off the ship was there anything special required at the kids club for that. Did you I mean did you tell them you were leaving the ship and you know did they say well give us your cell phone number or something or or anything like that. Okay. 38:54.98 Sam Oh yeah, good question. 39:02.96 Tracey Yes, yes, they did um and we gave them I think we gave them 2 different cell phone numbers in case, one wasn't working but um, everything was fine I I was on a Disney Excursion so would they have left without me I don't know. 39:08.50 dclduo Okay, yeah. 39:08.61 Sam And see. 39:19.69 dclduo Ah, probably not probably not and they probably yeah yeah yeah, maybe that's the workaround for maybe that's the workaround for private excursions leave your child in the kids club and then the ship will not leave without you. Um, yeah, not recommended by the dcl duo. But yeah, um. 39:20.25 Tracey That was I mean they have my child. 39:22.71 Sam So yeah I mean. 39:31.25 Sam I Don't know. Yeah yeah to get. 39:37.52 dclduo I want to talk I want to talk food for a second Tracy I know like magic is the magic. It has the rotational dining did they have any special menus on board for this canadian cruise at all or did they trot out anything special for the Canadian Cruise 39:51.76 Tracey No, um, but I will say that on pirate night we were in animators right? Um, there was no, there was no pirate menu which will be glad to know, but there was also no pirate like imagery in any of the things it was like the standard what was that night 39:59.97 Sam Law. 40:09.90 Tracey Oh that was our second animators nigh second which means it was animation magic I guess that's why we didn't have any pirate imagery because you know usually they have like you know, cool tips and stuff you know? Okay I guess that's why yeah. 40:15.11 Sam Um, oh interesting. Yeah yeah, Miss greens. Oh interesting. 40:17.66 dclduo Interesting. Yeah I'm surprised he didn't do ah I was surprised they didn't do frozen night for a Canadian sailing like they do for the Northern European ones instead of ah yeah, yeah. 40:26.71 Sam Yeah, they don't I don't know Yeah I don't know why And yeah. 40:30.15 Tracey Yeah I wish they would have because I have one daughter who is super into frozen I know the reviews on the deck party have been lukewarm but I know she would have enjoyed it. 40:37.90 dclduo Yeah, yeah, yeah. 40:39.63 Sam Yeah, did they have fireworks. Um, you know I know certain areas of the world because of either the wildlife or restrictions from. You know, lands they can't do fireworks. So for example in europethey don't do fireworks in Alaska they don't do fireworks but obviously they do it in the caribbean did they do fireworks up in up in Canada out in the Atlantic. 41:03.24 Tracey They did we I think we were still because when you go from Maine to St. John's so that was pyro night. We did have fireworks and we were still I guess maybe we're still in the bay of fundy I don't know because you do we did sail into the bay of fundy. It's huge and then you sail back out to go to Halifax. 41:15.94 Sam Yeah, cool. Well, that's awesome. That must have been fun I mean pirate night like you said pirate night. The menu is not our favorite but the yeah but the fireworks are always a treat I Love that? yeah. 41:20.71 dclduo Grace. 41:33.90 dclduo How was ah you you mentioned the ah candy ah the trick or treating was a little sparse but how was Halloween on the high seas did they do like the full pumpkin tree lighting and have some activities on board or was it more streamlined. 41:35.99 Sam Trick or treating. 41:49.31 Tracey No I would say though 1 other halloween on the high seas I did was in 2018 and I would say it was a it was about the same you know, um I don't I feel like. Well no, that's not right. We had the deck party. We had the trickor-treing I think the only difference is that last time the trickort treating was inside the atrium free covid and I I guess it was a little bit more offensive with the characters in costumes like around why you're trick or-reating. We didn't have that up on deck but we I mean we saw the deck party. We saw the pumpkin tree lighting on the. 42:05.22 dclduo Yeah. 42:05.48 Sam M. 42:18.97 Tracey On the first night you know when they do the story and everything. Um, so yeah I would say we got the full experience. 42:21.69 Sam Nice. Did you all did you all dress up of course and if so what were the was there family themed costume or anything like that. 42:33.28 Tracey Um, I would say we dressed in theme we didn't necessarily wear. Costumes. 42:36.48 dclduo Good. 42:38.20 Sam Ah, like bounding style Disney bounding style or. 42:41.63 Tracey I have I have a really cute maleficent dress that I got from the main street dress shop that I love to wear um and my youngest she made she brought 2 different pirate costumes because she wanted to be a pirate for Halloween and for pirate. 42:45.46 Sam Love that. 42:51.96 dclduo A. It works works. 42:56.79 Sam Ah I love that. Ah. 42:58.82 Tracey We we have an overpacking problem in my family like it is just how it is. 43:03.62 dclduo Ah I think everyone who cruises has an overpacking problem. But if anyone out there has cracked the ah packing for a cruise without overpacking question then ah, we'd love to hear from you I suppose our friends who are over. Ah. Ah, friend Steve over at the dcl podcast since he's a pilot. He knows how to pack efficiently but everyone else out there I've yes yes. Yes. 43:19.79 Sam Yes, and his wife is a and his wife is a flight attendant. So I feel like they are probably some of the best packers out there but I feel like I've gotten better. Don't you think Brian I I know I used to overpack a lot more and I still overpack not like I used to. 43:36.26 dclduo Um, I think next next cruise we should do the other thing where it's like anything that you wear. You know you take the hanger off and everything that you don't you do and we'll see we'll see how good the overpacking problem has gotten. Ah, although maybe not for a Christmas Cruise maybe that's not the time to give that a shot. 43:38.49 Sam Give me some credit. 43:46.24 Sam Yeah, ah yeah I don't think that's the time to test it. 43:50.61 dclduo Um, ah yeah tracecy I'm curious on board if they had any like special character outfits or meets or anything like in Alaska they get making mini dressed up in their like warm weather parkas or their cold weather parkers I should say like anything like that on board. 44:03.49 Sam Um, like sweaters you mean like fun sweaters. Brian. 44:07.37 dclduo Just fun character outfits. Yeah. 44:10.58 Tracey Ah, no I don't remember noticing anything like that we had the Sanderson Sisters 44:15.16 Sam Oh yeah, yeah for Halloween it seems like that's the big thing this year at least everybody on every halloween on the high seas and actually they were in the parks too for the um for the whatever they call the park Oogie Boogie and I think even for the. 44:15.29 dclduo Ah, cool. Yeah yeah. 44:33.10 Sam The one on Disney World what is Mickey's not so scary, but the original but the original announcement was it. It was only going to be on dcl and then of course they expanded because everybody wanted to see clarabel and Daisy and Minnie I think am like getting the characters right? I hope so. 44:36.90 dclduo Mickey's not so scary. Ah. 44:50.10 Sam But wanted to see them dressed as the Sanderson Sisters yeah I think that was that's pretty fun. 44:53.70 dclduo Fun. Well Tracy what else did you want to be sure to share about this Canadian Cruise adventure that you that you had anything that we haven't talked about that really stood out for you. 45:07.47 Tracey Um, let's see oh um, the magic ah I was on it in April and I would say like it's ready for that dry dog like they highlight they highlighted the chandelier on the art of the theme show tour. That's what I did um. 45:16.37 Sam Yes. 45:17.10 dclduo Yeah here. 45:24.92 Tracey On the last seaday and it has a spot where it's in need of repair and that like somebody somebody just posted like where it says magic on the marble like close to the Captain Mickey Statue like a letter was missing at one point I don't know just things that the ship was very clean but it wasn't um. 45:28.80 Sam Oh yeah. 45:42.63 Tracey It was not at top Disney standards I'll say. 45:43.87 Sam Yeah, she needs some tlc I think you're right about that. It's it's April I think yeah, it's either April or may I can't remember I can't remember which one but it's definitely spring of 23 45:45.56 dclduo Um, yeah I think she still got months before that dry dock though right? Sam isn't it like yeah. 45:50.75 Tracey Yeah, because we're going on it one more time. 46:00.95 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 46:02.79 Sam So we're talking five or six months away from now. But yeah I mean she needs some she needs some tlc in some places. Um like I've said on yes out of your homes out of your home city Tracy we were supposed. 46:07.57 dclduo Yeah, we were so we were supposed to be on and we were supposed to be on in February but we just we just canceled that cruise. So ah yeah i. 46:19.98 dclduo We're still, we're still going to New Orleans we're still going to New Orleans we're just not going on a cruise. So yeah I kind of want to wait till the magic gets dry docked before we go back on again because I'd like to see what the dry dock does for that ship because it definitely showing its age definitely showing its age. What. 46:21.65 Sam Still going to New Orleans yeah 46:32.73 Sam Yeah. 46:33.51 Tracey Well I wasn't going to go and then they when they released that Disney plus promotion I was like I can't pass this up because the itineraries are not great. Let's be honest. 46:40.46 dclduo Yeah, yeah for sure for sure. 46:40.53 Sam Yeah I know yeah. 46:48.84 dclduo Yeah, the magic is when when not in Europe the magic I just feel like gets the short end of the stick in terms of its itineraries. Although ah, be making its way out to the West Coast next year so that I guess we'll get a chance to be onboard the magic right? Sam at some point we we're going to Sail West Coast itineraries again. 47:01.62 Sam Yeah, well, we'll still have the wonder the wonder'll still be out here for part of the year as well. It's just the the the magic's gonna be out here you know because obviously the wonder. Yeah yeah, so. 47:06.44 dclduo Ah. 47:14.83 dclduo Run the holiday time. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, well anything else Tracy that you wanted to be sure to highlight for folks. Ah yeah before we I subject you to Sam's ah torture. 47:26.81 Tracey No I just the cruise overall was absolutely fantastic. I'm so glad that we decided to do it because ah they don't they don't have anything like that available in on the website anymore. I mean I don't like bar harbor isn't taking Cruise passengers I think they have 1 canadian sailing that stops in St John which was probably our least favorite of all 3 ports and it's a fortnight and that's it and then it's just ah Bermuda I think. 47:49.30 Sam Um, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, they don't have like like we said at the top of the show. There's not that many itineraries that hit Canada on the East Coast in general and if they and they change them up a little bit and so. 47:49.70 dclduo Yeah, yeah. 48:05.31 Sam Yeah, that was I feel like you got a really amazing itinerary and especially getting a sixth night oftentimes those canadian itineraries are shorter and so you don't get as many port stops and um I think yeah I think you got probably 1 of the best ones out there. So. 48:20.28 Tracey I agree. 48:20.55 dclduo Well if you really want to go back to Canada I will say we had our 2 friends of our show mikale and Dan from the sometimes sailing blog on not too long ago and they did that main windjammer. 48:32.96 Sam Oh yeah. 48:37.96 dclduo Cruise I think it was I'm looking it up here episode one thirty all you can eat lobster on a schooner and maid with Dan and mckayle and so oh yes, this is not yeah. 48:43.90 Sam But yeah, this was a so much much. This is a small ship. This is not like this is not big ship cruising. This is not quite expedition. Well it's closer to expedition cruising I'd say than than large ship Cruising. It's kind of somewhere in between. But yeah, much small, very small ship with not all the amenities and of course no characters unborn but lots of seafood. 49:03.18 dclduo Well nighttime entertain nighttime entertainment includes one of the crew members playing the guitar as I recall. so yeah so yes a very different style of cruising. But if you really want to go experience Canada Main those sorts of places now that. Sounds like ah bigger cruise ships are going to have a tougher time and disney doesn't sail there a ton to Tracy's point there are other options to get up there and see those ports but yeah, well Tracy as we round out the show. It is time for that part of our show where I hand you over to Sam for some arbitrary questions and some arbitrary rules. And just general arbitrariness on Sam's part including arbitrary judgment or the round we like to call a rapid fire so sam take it away. 49:45.17 Tracey Um. 49:46.90 Sam Why thank you Brian Tracy the last time you were on the show. We was a bonus show that we talked about New Orleans so we did not do rapid fire with with you as if my memory serves correctly. So I'm going to do our classic rapid fire I'm going to ask you for some your general Disney favorites and then your Disney Cruise line favorites. And I love that you have been on all 5 ships at this point. So now you can choose from across the fleet when I ask you your favorites. Okay, all right? So favorite Disney or Pixar character. 50:13.95 Tracey Um, okay. 50:20.60 Tracey Um, it's Elliot from pete dragon I've bought that main street electrical parade popcorn bucket and the turtle sipper that goes with. 50:21.55 Sam Oh I Love more. 50:28.86 Sam But that's hilarious literally that I was just talking about yep and they're right up there I don't know. Yeah, they're just you can see the turtle sipper on the screen I'm not sure if you can see elliot awesome all right? What is your favorite Disney or Pixar movie and is it pete dragon but. 50:46.64 Tracey Um, it I I think it is Peach dragon. 50:48.50 Sam Awesome! That's such a great one. You know I feel like I feel like now I have to go back and watch that because I haven't seen it in years and years and it's so it's just so good. Yeah, all right? Your favorite Disney song. 51:05.53 Tracey Ah, want to be like you from the Jungle book. 51:08.27 Sam Oh yes, jungle book. Yeah, love it all right? King Louis ah your favorite Disney Cruise line stage show from. Ah. Cross the fle and I I'm going to have to trust you Tracy because I know yeah as a big Broadway fan I feel like this is a really important question. 51:26.70 Tracey Um, who um man I loved the little mermaid I thought it was great I don't know if it's better than see the adventure. But that's a tough one but the like the wish is fresh in my mind and the entertainment was like 2 levels above the performers. 51:35.99 Sam Yeah. 51:43.45 Tracey On the magic. So I guess I guess I'll go with seize the adventure. 51:47.70 Sam Awesome! Yeah I thought it was great too and I thought little mermaid was great I would I'm going to still say beauty and the beast beats them. But I think they're fan. They're all fantastic shows on the wish and I feel like the shows on some of the other ships need some freshening up. Um, so love it. Ok, your favorite bar space onboard any of the 5 ships. 52:10.47 Tracey Um, who again I was just on the wish. Um, but does the buy you beat the French Quarter lounge. Maybe. 52:19.45 Sam I don't know it's really close right? Those are it's a really good competition right? there though because they both have the beers and cafe ola and yeah, they're both princess and the frog themed o that's a really tough 1 52:34.26 Tracey You know what? I'm gonna go with I'm still going to stick with the French Quarter lounge because I love the cards that are like the coasters that they put out and the Bay you doesn't have it and I don't eat those biages that's sacrilege to me. But yeah. 52:43.61 Sam Yes, Ah, That's right, That's right I All right fair enough. Okay I but I actually have to agree with you I would have picked the French Quarter lounge as well except I do eat is but all right favorite. Onboard activity favorite thing to just do when you're on an on a ship not including obviously port stuff on the ship. 53:07.88 Tracey Um, the just hanging out on the deck like the pool is the the I think the pool set up on the wish is so great I Think it's absolutely fantastic like there are many levels of pools that you can hang out in and watch funnel vision or it's so easy to see your kiddo. 53:16.58 Sam Yes. 53:24.17 Sam Yes, totally and a hundred percent agree with you about the wish the best pool deck by far great setup watching funnel vision from a million different pools I love it all right. 53:24.59 Tracey Everywhere Yeah, hanging out on deck. 53:37.75 Tracey Oh in fact, um, on our CDay we we got a spot on one of those beds. You know that like accommodate 4 people. The kids just started go. They went to marsley market and started like bringing us desserts I was like this is great. 53:41.89 Sam E. 53:51.23 Tracey This is probably better I've never been in concierge but this is the closest I've ever got. Yeah. 53:54.23 Sam I Love it. Yeah, having your kids bring you dessert on a day bed. 53:56.57 dclduo I Mean how's this I mean they don't use. You don't use child labor in concieers. But yeah, it's a similar similar experience and. 54:01.96 Tracey Um, yeah. 54:07.96 Sam Ah, love it. Love it all right? favorite rotational dining and I'm really curious to hear now because you've been on all the ships and and you just got off the wish. So I'm curious as if if any of the wish beat out. I don't know like a Tiana's or a puzzles or something. Wow yeah yeah. 54:25.48 Tracey Ah, historically, it's actually been our animator's palette. But I think Aaron Dele takes the cake on this one I loved it. The food the entertainment was fantastic. The love musicians you know I I loved it. 54:28.73 dclduo Who. 54:39.39 Sam I Thought the food was really good there too I mean I thought the entertainment was great as well. I think it depended on your sight lines and stuff that made some of the difference but I thought the food in Aarondale was fantastic. Yeah, all right favorite space on. 54:49.74 Tracey I agree. 54:57.53 Sam Any of the ships. Besides the pool deck. Let's let's pick a different space but favorite space to hang out. Ah hang out in. 55:06.58 Tracey Um I I didn't get to stay in the row long. But ah you know, sailing out of pork cannnava is not the most exciting space but having those floor-toceiling windows in the chairs that face out. Um. 55:10.73 Sam Here. 55:22.52 Sam Yeah, oh yeah, we love the rose. It's beautiful I I think it's a really nice sort of replacement for Meridian It's you know it peels a little more upscale and yeah I love the windows as well. Awesome. Okay. 55:22.80 Tracey I Really enjoyed that. That's one I haven't mentioned yet. 55:24.11 dclduo Yeah. 55:41.28 Sam I need to ask you because we love talking about food favorite savory food item on Disney Cruise line 55:50.80 Tracey Um, that is a tough one favorite. It's probably the lamb that you get in. Um. 55:58.41 Sam Oh yeah. 56:03.00 Tracey Lumieres or ah tritons if I had to pick one. Yeah I know my like some people are not fan of the Brokeros because they're not real crispy but I the lamb I think is really good. 56:04.21 Sam Yeah, nice, That's a good one. 56:15.96 Sam Yeah Brian gets that a lot I would say as well. Um I'm more of a stake person than a lamb person but every once in a while all right favorite sweet food item on dcl. 56:30.10 Tracey Um, um, when it's at its best. The crembberlet is actually really good. Um, the krebrilet in April on the magic was outstanding and it wasn't as good this time I don't know why. 56:44.52 Sam M. 56:46.60 Tracey Um, but the lobster was much better. The lobster this trip on the magic was much better than any I've ever had in the Disney dining room. But anyway, um, the cre brulet is very good. 56:54.60 Sam Oh nice I have to tell you that I have never had good lobster tail on a Disney Cruise line ship I've had it multiple times and it's never good. It's always like overcooked and chewy and yeah, but I imagine you got plenty of good lobster. 57:12.96 Tracey Yeah I know I agree usually I think I don't know sometimes I think when you're in the Caribbean they use that Caribbean lobster but it wasn't cooked quite right on the magic last time but it was definitely a better lobster than I've ever had before on dcl. 57:13.14 Sam Ah sure Anyway, yeah, um. 57:25.66 Sam But nice all right Aqua duck versus Aqua dunk versus Aqua mouse. 57:38.34 Tracey Um, that's tough I'm not I'm not going to go Aqua du because that the bottom dropping out That's not for me, but ah um I don't know I guess. 57:42.22 Sam Um, right? Yeah I hear you. 57:52.52 Tracey Probably the aqua duck just because you know the first time I saw that it was so new and it was so amazing to me? The aquamos is very cool but I mean it is aqua duck 2.0 or a plus up version of that. 58:02.75 Sam Yeah, agreed. Yeah, all right second to last question favorite ship in the fleet now you've got 5 to choose from I am curious to know what. You know what? if you could give us even your rankings that might be even better. What's your favorite and then what's the order at beyond that even I would love to know that. 58:18.54 dclduo Oh. 58:25.36 Tracey Um, who um, right, right? now. It's the wish like the wish was just I thought it was fantastic. Um, then maybe the fantasy. 58:31.77 Sam I had a feeling. Yeah. 58:41.89 Tracey Um, the itineraries are great I love the fantasy. The food is probably was my least favorite of the across the fleet. Um I'm pining for the wonder I'm sad that it's not coming back to New Orleans because of all the New Orleans theming so I'll say number 3 on that. Um then I guess. 58:53.42 Sam In me. 58:59.71 Tracey The magic and then the dream I've only been on the dream twice in both time for 3 nights. 59:02.41 Sam Yeah, yeah, that's the you know the dream always falls to the bottom for us as well and I think it's it probably more has to do with the itineraries that it's been on for so long um than anything else. It's obviously it's you know it's a nice ship. It's. You know it's not that much different from the fantasy but that difference in itinerary makes a big difference in your I feel like in your perception of of what that ship is like so yeah, all right? My last question is as I always like to ask people. Your bucket list cruise you could go anywhere on the world on a Disney Cruise line chip. It doesn't even have to be someplace that Disney Cruise line currently goes. Where are you sailing to. 59:45.53 Tracey Um, I'm going to stick with the the long sailing around Hawaii I think there's like a nine or a ten night and then from there up to Vancouver for Alaska like a back to back. 59:56.44 Sam Oh I Love that? Yeah yeah, count me in I'm there. Awesome I know I'm there for not any not any. There are some yeah well like not I don't know if this one I. 01:00:00.52 dclduo Nice sam you're just there for any cruise it involves his he right? really really what Cruise name the cruise you would not do on Disney Cruise line 01:00:15.57 Sam Would not well. There might be you know if we were gonna be like out in rough wherever it was really rough seas like that would be Um, yeah, that would have be fine. Well yeah, I'm gonna have to drug myself up for an expedition cruise like. 01:00:16.70 dclduo Ah, da ah ah ah. 01:00:25.15 dclduo And yet you want to do an expedition cruise at some point so there you go. All right. 01:00:34.30 Sam Hardcore I I have to be like I'm have to be heavily heavily drugged up to be able to do an expedition cruises particularly going through like the drake passage to go to the Galapagos. Yeah, so ah. 01:00:45.86 dclduo All right? Well all the listeners out there here here first when Sam does her expedition sailing the title of that show will be what a long strange trip. Ah so there we go any grateful that fans out there will get that reference all right? So well. Tracy. 01:00:54.47 Tracey Um, yeah. 01:00:56.26 Sam And yet. 01:01:00.66 dclduo Really appreciate you coming on and sharing your experience with your canadian sailing with us and sailing out of New York it's so fun and we just don't get to hear about these ports very often. So just a lot of fun to talk to you about that and hopefully we'll see you down in the bayou here in February maybe we can find a way to ah have a biigner and a cup of coffee together with you would would. 01:01:20.30 Sam Yeah, or or maybe a hurricane or a hurricane or 2 Ah that is actually I just take a walk I just take a stumble over to Pat O'brien's and get me a hurricane to go. Ah. 01:01:20.47 dclduo Down in New Orleans but thanks so much for oh yeah, yeah, Hurricane Sam's daily afternoon hydration in New Orleans ah yeah ah but Tracy yeah yeah. But Tracy thank you so much for taking time today to come on and share your crews with us all right? Let me hit owe and Tracy remind me, you're not ah, you're not a travel agent right? You don't yeah, do you have an agency. Okay, all right I just want to make sure all right I'll hit stop now. 01:01:39.63 Tracey Oh it was my pleasure. 01:01:48.10 Tracey No none of those things. No. 01:01:51.39 Sam Yeah, ah.

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